Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 13, Episode 18 - The Luckless, the Abandoned, and the Forsaked (Part 2) - full transcript

The Gunner Channel faces down overwhelming odds, as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

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(air swooshing sound)

(blast sound)

(upbeat jazz)

(upbeat music)

- Hello one and all!

Welcome back to the thrilling finale

of Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey!

I'm your humble Dungeon
Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan,

with me as always, our Intrepid Heroes,

say hi, Intrepid Heroes!

- [All] Hi, Intrepid Heroes.

- [Brennan] Last we left off-

- [Siobhan] Wait a
minute, what is going on?

- [Brennan] What is going on?

Oh, you just fully snarfed.

Emily just fully snarfed.
Emily just snarfed all over.

- Through the nose, onto the mic set.

- You freaking snarfed!

- I didn't, I don't wanna dispel the myth

'cause I like the idea of snarf,

but I just spilled out of my actual mouth.

- [Brennan] Oh!

(all laughing)

Gang, last we left off
our Intrepid Heroes,

were in pitched combat,
a roiling dog fight!

The void filled with hyon
beams, exploding missiles,

torpedoes, bombs, androids
flying through space.

People coming out of
faster than light travel

right in orbit of the moon Rubian V,

near the satellite, the Fang of Frangus,

where Gnosis can either save the planet,

disperse itself throughout the galaxy

and rescue our Intrepid
Heroes from the fate

that awaits them if they
hold on to this incredible

deific holofract, or...

perhaps the Princeps Zortch

can be used to trigger
The Great Emhatchening.

It's all up in the air folks.

As it stands right now,
Sundry Sidney and Barry Syx

are in pitched combat with
Barry Nyne below decks.

Gunnie has just got a second heart

and is radiating shield energy,

having plugged Gnosis
into the reactor core.

- [Lou] What's going on?

- Full Doctor Who shit is happening.

- Yeah, I'm on a different level.

- Riva is currently
aboard a different ship,

having teleported into the
command ship of your most

rival faction, United Free Trade Planets.

Margaret Encino, running a
really just humming office

down at the Jib Job space,
getting a lot of emails sent,

being very productive, getting a lot done.

- [Ally] There's just like
sound effect in an office

where there's just like one phone ringing.

(phone ringing mouth sounds)

- There's always just one phone ringing,

to let you know you're in an office.

- Yeah, yeah.

- And Skip has just been
stabbed in the stomach!

- [Ally] No!

- Ah, father!

- Prilbus!
- [Brennan] Prilbus!

- [Zac] Prilbus!

- We return to pitched combat
in this, the final episode

of Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey.

You either have the possibility
of clearing your names,

escaping trouble and perhaps
living to see another day

or perhaps today a
planetary cerebroslug shoots

into a black hole at
the center of the galaxy

and destroys creation, or-

- Is there still a season two
if we go into the black hole?

- Yeah.

- [Siobhan] We're just really tiny.

- You'll just have to wait to find out.

(all laughing)

We return to initiative,
back at the top of the order

as the United Free Trade Planets' fighters

and the Brigade Tigers both engage.

Talespire, let's be ready to move

those Brigade Tigers coming off

of Gust Weatherall's
flagship 800 feet forward.

However, if you notice,
stationed there in front

of those Tigers are two U4F
ships coming into battle.

One of which with the
call sign, "The Harpy".

Who was the person that sent
the email to Jan De La Vega?

Or who was the person- It was Raymond Zam

who sent the U4F?

- Yeah.

- But he used your account, right?

- Mm-hm.

- Could you give me a-

Roll 2d4 for me.

- Okay, mm.

- [Murph] Come on, come on.

- Snake eyes! Ugh, four and a six.

No, a four and two, six.

- Four and a two, as the
Brigade Tigers race forward

towards the asteroid belt
surrounding Rubian V,

you see that the green ship to the right

takes out two of them.

The Harpy swoops in!

(guns blasting)

Fills space with hyon beams
and blasts four of the tigers

out the sky.

- [Ally] Oh my God, those
things are so intense.

- [Brennan] So, six of
those Tigers are no more,

the other four race past
those U4F ships, Talespire.

However, it is also
United Free Trade Planets.

They are going to circle on the Wurst,

that they see has just broken
out of the tractor beam.

So our UFTP faction is going to round.

- [Zac] Am I just fighting?

Like, I can't use any of
my ship stuff right now?

- You can use your ship
stuff if you would,

'cause you're at the pilot control.

So you can stay there, but
using your, but then you won't

have your reaction for
whatever's happening.

- After.

- [Brennan] On the bridge, yeah.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Okay,

so, UFTP is rounding on the Wurst,

gonna roll a whole bunch of attacks.

First thing's first, I'm gonna need

10 dexterity saving throws.

- [Zac] Okay.

- [Ally] But we have Vercadian
protector droids, right?

- You sure do, but it
is not their turn yet.

- Okay, 10?

- 10.

- I only have a plus one to these.

- [Emily] Okay, wait, don't all of our

oh, we don't have any flares left.

- [Murph] Nope, no.

- And you can roll a
bunch of d20s at once.

I'll tell you right now, so
you can roll five at a time.

- [Siobhan] Want some sons and daughters?

- I'll take one- One, two, three.

(tense music)

- That's not even my d20
that I just gave you.

Where did that come from?

- What does it look like?

- It's a kind of green.

- 17, 19, these, so-

18, 20, three...

Eight, and that 13 is cocked.

It is now a nine.

- Okay, copy that.

- [Zac] So that's five of them.

- Okay, that's five so that's
three successes, two failures.

- A 17... Well-

An 18, a 17, a 16, an 18 and a 11.

- And an 11.

- [Zac] Yeah.

- Okay, that is four
successes and one failure.

- [Zac] Great.

- So that's seven successes
and three failures.

Hold on one second.

Bah buh bum...

Okay. (dice clatter)

That's going to be-

- [Ally] Pretty good.

- [Brennan] 10, 21.

- Three failures out of 10.

- [Brennan] 21.

- That's great.
- Incredible.

- Outliers.
- Outliers.

- Freaking outliers.

- Three outliers.
- It's crazy, it's crazy.

It's crazy how sometimes averages work out

in our favor, consistently,
'cause the ball

is rolling up, but you know.

- It really does sound like Outlier's

like Shield: Outlier.

- [Lou] Outliers.
- Outlier.

- Outliers.

- That's an intellectual shield for me.

- The ship takes 79
points of energy damage.

- (Screams) We are-

- Excuse me?

- Halved.

- Okay, I was gonna be like we're dead.

- To 15.

- To 39.

- [Ally] What?

- [Emily] Okay, we still
got shields, my friends.

- [Lou] This is why I'm
trying to roll 22 d8s.

- So we took 39.

(mimicking torpedo sounds)

- [Brennan] As torpedoes strafe from all

of the UFTP fighters surrounding you,

once again over the comms you
hear Damien Factor saying,

Again, Marge, if you're listening,

I just wanna make it really clear,

we'd love to keep your ship in the air,

we're just gonna really need the princeps

as soon as you can hand them over.

- I pretend that I'm Riva
and I go, hold please.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- But you don't put it on mute.

- But I don't put it on
mute, I go, fuck, fuck, fuck.

- [Brennan] Okay, that is-

- Just so everyone knows,

Hey, just chiming in
on the gunner channel,

we have 13 shields and 24, 25 hull points.

- [Siobhan] Okay.

- So if there was ever a time to panic,

it would probably be next turn, not yet!

(all laughing)

- I will certainly panic.

- Incredible, the Warfare
Whitneys deactivated,

hanging in space.

Up next, it's gonna be U4F.

You hear from Jan De La Vega,

hey there Captain Maggie, what you think?

You want us to keep peeling
people off your tail

or do you want us to dive in?

- What do you guys think?

- Peel.

- Peel.
- Peel.

- Peeling,

peeling has been really good actually.

- Peeling has been really.

- Jan, mommy.

- Peeling, what's peel?

- Peel people off our tail.

- Oh, and what was the
opp- What's dive in?

- Dive right in.

- That probably just means
like attack the big ships.

- [Zac] Oh.

- [Brennan] Yeah, it's sort
of like, do you want them

to stay back with the factions behind you

and keep them busy?

- [Ally] Well, I will say-

- Maybe the ones that are right around us.

- I think they should still,
because the only people

that are actually like fighting.

- Yeah, the Griivarr,
everybody's going at each other.

- Griivarr is about to go
for U4F- Or UFTP, and UFTP

is the only one who would still be going

for us that's close by.

- But these tiny UFTP fighter ships-

- UFTP, that's true Griivarr
might go after the UFTP

fighter ships around us.
That's the only UFTP, right?

It's the big mothership
and then the other guys.

- So I say, keep maybe
hanging back and keep working

on like the artists and Amercadia.

- Yeah, that's true, keep
the other guys away from us.

- Do we think that there's any chance that

the Guernican Art Squad
though, could be talked

into going for the corporation, or-

- That's such good a call.

- You know, like I feel
like if they wanna be edgy,

like they should fucking
go after the corporation.

- We've got a team of people who can

send emails on the dial.

- The most mainstream thing
to do would be to go after-

- We can appeal-

- Don't we have some reviewers
in our Jib Job space?

Can't we have them review
the Guernican Art Squad?

- The show?

- You could.

- Everyone's attacking us,
you sure you wanna copy them?

- Yeah, just mass Yelp review.

- Yeah.

- Mass Yelp reviewing,
Guernican Art Squad.

- [Ally] Oh yeah, so to Jan
I'm like, please hang back

and do exactly what you're
doing, you guys have been great.

- Cool, in that case,

Jan is going to wheel back around

and face down these other
Brigade Tigers back over here

and is gonna take some attacks there.

Hell yes.

Okay, that's 24...

The Lady Pike wheels around,

blasts two of the, it's
actually gonna turn around

and blast two of the
Guernican Tigers out of space.

- [Ally] Great.

Can I put on-

- What if they're dying?

- Can I put the Guernican
Art Squad and Jan

in conversation with each
other and just kinda sit there

and watch them talk?

- Yeah.

(all laughing)

Yeah. Arcadia, Arcadia
Prime appears, boom.

A green ship with a fanged fish
on the front, nautical theme.

How derivative.

I'm gonna put my cigar out in your eye.

(all laughing)

You see-

- Wow, incredible.

- [Siobhan] This is what we needed.

- This is what we needed.

- [Ally] If I, yeah.

- Okay, so actually
Lamelia and Dan Scrap also

both engage with Guernica along with those

Roid Removers there.

I'm gonna say, give me
a, having asked for that,

just give me a d20 roll as
like a group attack roll

for your U4F friends
going up against Guernica.

You want a high number here.

- Okay.

(die clatters)

- What's that?

- [Brennan] Is that a nat one?
- Yeah.

- Oof.

- With a- All right.

- So many nat ones this battle.

- [Brennan] Next up are the
Vercadian Protector Droids

flanking your vessel.

- [Emily] Okay.

- [Brennan] Okay, you see
Veep 909 turns over here,

goes, Sidney.

- Yeah, Veep?

- What would you like?

- You, but I can't have
that right now, so.

- Spicy.

(all laughing)

- Before this, I was all mommy issues

and I'm finally moving on past that

so, ready for the next phase.

- You see, yeah, Veep 909 basically-

- Yeah, I think take out
all these UFTP fighters

because I don't, I would
say take out maybe,

like, take them out because I
don't want Griivarr to burst

at us and then us to be caught up in that.

- Got you, yes, yes,
that makes perfect sense.

- Do you think that we want
these Vercadian Protector Droids

to try to get on the
UFTP ship that Riva's on?

Or do we just wanna try and take out-?

- Let's take out the
little guys, 'cause they-

- Okay.

- These like giant ships
have so many people on them.

- Yeah.

- Wow, that's bad.

- If we can just get Barry
Nyne's head in the game,

we'll have an extra gunner.

- So Emily, could you do me a favor?

I'm gonna ask you to roll the damage

for these Vercadian Protectors.

Could you go ahead and
roll 4d6 plus eight damage?

- Yes, I could.

(dice clatter)

Uh... 14!

Oh, wait, 4d8 plus what? Three?

- [Brennan] Plus eight.

- 4d6 plus 8.

- 4d6 plus 8.

- So I got 14 plus 8. 22.

- 22, incredible.

So we're gonna go ahead right here,

none of the UFTP fighters go down.

(lasers firing)

However, they look badly injured,

or they look at least
like the shields have been

chewed through on all of them,

and they're now taking hull point damage.

As the Vercadians fly
through, the Vercadians are

also gonna take 200 feet
of movement accompanying

the Wurst forward
towards the command ship.

That is the Vercadians' turn.

Now, it's gonna be...


The entire Griivarr
fighter squadron is going

to move forward.

How many of them are there?

Oh God, there's like nine of them.

Okay, the entire Griivarr
fighter squadron is gonna take

400 feet of movement and open
fire on the UFTP fighters.

- [Zac] Yes.
(Emily laughs)

Incredible. I am going to ask

every one of you here to roll some attacks

for now your Griivarr allies,

they're still at long range so
they're rolling disadvantage.

I want you to let me know,

we're gonna simplify
this down damage-wise.

Normally to hit, these
guys have a plus six.

Let me know if the- If
the lower of the two dice

is an eight,

it's a hit. Let me know if
the lower of your two dice

is a 15 or higher. Cool?

- Lower is 15? Okay

- [Brennan] Yeah, go ahead and roll.

We're rolling disadvantage.

- I got a three and a
seven. Oh, that's so sad.

- My lower is a nine.

- [Brennan] Okay, that's a hit.

- Three and a five.
- [Brennan] Three and a five.

- Lower's a two.
- [Brennan] A two.

- Oh, we're all doing this?

- [Brennan] All doing it, yeah.

- My lower is a seven.
- Urgh, one as well.

- [Brennan] Okay, one of the-
The ones that the Vercadians

lit up, so UFTP fighter ship number five-

(mimics explosion sound)

Goes up.

The rest are all misses
from that long distance

as Griivarr starts flying in.

The command ship is now
going to go, and I think

the command ship's gonna fire
on the other command ship.

- [Murph] Whoa.
- [Emily] Whoa.

- Command ship to command ship combat?

- Are they saying anything to them?

Like could we hear from Riva?

- Yeah, gimme a scan check if you want.

- [Emily] Oh, yeah, we wanna know what's-

- Oh wait, you're aboard their ship.

- I'm aboard their ship, yeah.

- You hear them
announcing, you see all of-

Actually, let me roll,
that's one of their actions.

Okay, that is a successful interfere check

from the Griivarr command
ship, which jams the comms

for the UFTP command.

So all over this United Free
Trade Planets command ship,

(comms blipping) appearing everywhere

you see a roaring little fireplace,

some beautiful stuffed animals, and a very

friendly-looking man lean in and say,

Hey there pals, it's Uncle Bob.

Looks like you were trying to
leverage your market position

with some sort of backroom
dealing to come after me

and my enterprises, that I
left to my wonderful kids

and all the amazing people
on the Griivarr worlds.

I hate to say it; that's
gonna be a big no-no

from your old Uncle Bob.

And you see these huge lasers charge up,

and Assault Turbo lasers
are going to fire.

Oh, look at that attack!

- [Ally] Oh my God.

- [Brennan] Okay, so that's an interfere,

they still have their attack.

I believe this is still
long range for them,

'cause it's not within 1200 feet.

Okay, so this is gonna be some-

I'm gonna tell you guys right now,

normally I'm like simplifying
a lot cause I don't wanna

jam up combat with all this other stuff,

other people are doing.

This I'm gonna roll in front of the board

because these are, the
stakes could not be bigger

for these command ships
going after each other.

So this is still
disadvantaged for long range.

I'll let you know right
now, this thing hits-

Oh God, their armor class is so low.

It's gonna hit the other command ship

on a four or higher.

So it's rolling disadvantage...

That's a 16 on the lower-
- Yeah.

- And a five still does it!

Five still hits.

- [Ally] Oh my gosh.

- Oh my God, that is going to be...

48 points of damage

from the Griivarr command
ship to the UFTP command ship

with two assault turbo lasers.

(mimicking turbo laser sounds)

Incredible, that's Griivarr.

UFTP command is going to-

God, what the hell are they gonna do?

They've got their point
defense still active.

I'm going to need a strength
saving throw from the Wurst

as they attempt to hit you
with a tractor beam again.

You're gonna roll with advantage

because their comms are jammed.

- Yes.

- [Zac] Okay.

- [Lou] Thank God.
- [Zac] 17.

- [Brennan] Passes.

(Siobhan sighs)

- [Brennan] Tractor beam fails, as you see

the Griivarr hacking, boom,

hit their comms, you dodge outta the way

of their tractor beam,
they are not gonna risk

hitting your wounded ship
knowing that they need

what is on board, but
they are going to roll

twice to hit the Griivarr ship.

That is a miss on the lower die, unreal.

And that is a hit.

24 points of damage to
the Griivarr Command Ship

from United Free Trade Planets

as they return fire with an assault laser.

- Geez.

- You're seeing why these
guys fighting each other

has radically changed what
these turns feel like.

- Big time.

- Gust Weatherall's
command ship is not only

going to move forward 300
feet, I'm gonna ask Talespire

to also move it up vertically,

so that it can get clearance

to fire twice on the Wurst.

- What was the Gust Weatherall
coverup? What was that-

- It was his poisoned champagne.

- With UFTP. No, I know
that, but how did UF-

how did the UFTP-

- I don't think UFTP had
anything to do with it.

- Yeah, I think the
only dirt we have on him

is that like, he...

- We just know it from, uh,

Skip's brain.
- Yeah.

- [Brennan] You know that he
like betrayed the brigade.

You know that he, like, betrayed his own-

- Yes, maybe we can get
his people to mutiny-

- Yeah, I think that's the whole-

- [Siobhan] Is, is like our option here.

- Yeah, the officers
were all making faces.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- All right.

- You're right, and
then I rolled a nat one

and they went hah, nevermind.

(Emily laughs)

Nevermind, I get college paid for.

- Okay, they're gonna use an action

to cool down their assault turbo laser,

and then they're gonna fire twice.

- I will use Colonian Turn.

Do we have power dice?

- [Lou] We do.

- To try to get some of
these little UFTP ships

in the way, like get behind some of them.

- [Brennan] Okay, copy that.
So you'll use Colonian Turn

and get some of these UFTP,

that's gonna give you partial cover,

so your AC is gonna go up by two,

and if it hits that window it might,

oh yeah, go ahead and gimme the power die.

- Five, so 250 feet forward.

- [Ally] Nice.

- Amazing.

- Like, yeah, I guess a
little angled to the left

so I can get in front.

- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- [Zac] Get ships in the way.

- So the Wurst is gonna
as a reaction go 250 feet

kind of like dipping under or over

that little cloud of Vercadians.

- Like nine and three of UFTP.

- [Brennan] Yes, exactly.

- [Zac] If possible.

- Just getting stabbed in this stomach.

- [Brennan] Just still,
yeah, steering forward

as fast as possible.
- Yikes.

- Okay, this is gonna be Box of Doom.

Your AC goes up by two.

- Okay.

- Because these fighter
ships are not as large

as the other ships you were
using for cover, right?

- [Siobhan] Yes.

- So your AC is effectively a 17.

- [Zac] Okay.

- [Siobhan] Alright.

- This ship has a plus seven
to hit, so it hits on a 10

or higher, it gets two attacks,

but it's rolling with disadvantage.

We're gonna roll in the box of doom.

(Brennan blows on dice)

(dice roll)
- [Siobhan] Beef it.

16... And three.

- Okay.

(tense music swells)

- [Brennan] 17 and nine.

- Oh, that's just a miss-

- Misses by one, which means-

- [Ally] It hits?

- It hits one of the UFTPs.
(Emily cheers)

That colonian turn puts you, as you-

(imitates motors)

- Incredible guys.

- [Brennan] Absolutely.

- Oh my God, the girls.

- The girls at the soda shop.

- Talespire, UFTP fighter
ship number four gets fried

by an Amercadian hyon beam.

- [Siobhan] Okay.

- [Brennan] Unbelievable.

- All right, now we're cooking with gas.

- Now we are cooking with gas.

The last faction to go,

at least out here in space
combat, is gonna be Guernica.

- Again, wouldn't it be so random-

- [Ally] Yeah, if you-
- If they just didn't kill us?

- Attacked Amercadia?

- Why do they even wanna kill us?

Oh, they want no Gnosis to make

their randomization machines.

- [Brennan] You guys want a low number.

- [Lou] One.
- [Ally] Do we?

- 10, the Guernicans chew
through the roid removers.

- [Ally] That's so random.
- Our old friends.

- The Guernican fighters chew
through the roid removers

and begin to, then they
take their full movement,

after using their action to
fight, to pursue the Wurst.

So the Guernicans are
gonna come after you,

those Guernicans tigers are, at least.

The Guernican command
ship has to use its speed

to reorient itself here,

and now it is going to use its, uh,

some more of its weapons, ba bum.

It's gonna try to recharge that.

- It's like Hungry, Hungry
Hippo and we're the marble.

- (laughs) But also we turned
a couple hippos against-

- [Brennan] But it's gonna
activate its point defense.

- [Lou] Okay.
- If they were just like-

- [Lou] I don't like
when anyone does that.

- [Brennan] They're gonna
activate their point defense,

and they actually are gonna
take some shots on you guys.

- Oh.

- Come on.
- That's derivative.

- I hope that they just
like spray paint us,

which actually is gonna be
a problem for Acme Ashmun.

- Honestly, pretty rad if-
- Don't they realize that-

- They do spray paint us.

- The Amercadians shot on us,
- [Brennan] That's a miss.

and they're kind of just
doing the same thing

that they did?
- So derivative.

- The imperialism that they absorbed.

- Derivative!
- Wow, yes.

- Six plus seven... My
God, they missed twice!

What the hell?

- Almost like they're incompetent.

- Okay, back on board
the Wurst, Barry Nyne,

who I believe is not stunned,
but he is frightened, right?

- Frightened.

- Does he have to run, or does he just

get disadvantage on everything?

- Let me open up my panic grenade,

I think it's just like
disadvantage on everything.

- Cool. Cool, cool, copy that.

- I took pictures of it, hold on.

Panic grenade is, um,

at the start of the affected-

Oh, at the start of the creature's turn

it can repeat the save.

- Gotcha, okay, fails again.

- Okay, but it doesn't say
anything about running, yeah.

- So this is just gonna be disadvantage,

he can't move closer to you, so-

- Barry, are you-

- Do you have the slug in your head?

- You killed all the Barrys!

- I didn't kill anyone!

- You did!

(yelling, mimicking gun shots)

I'm gonna need- You are no longer stunned,

but I'm gonna need two dexterity
saving throws from you.

- Nice.

- You do those with advantage, right?

- Do- Oh, I see them, yes.

- Yes, absolutely.

♪ Highway to the danger zone ♪

- [Murph] Barrys fighting Barrys.

- So much Barry.

♪ It's the Fang of Frangus ♪

- Dirty 20 on the first one.

- Cool.

- Nat 20 on the second one.

- [Siobhan] Yes!
- Metal dice.

- [Siobhan] Freaking metal!

- I guess I'm, I'm fully converted.

- [Brennan] 19, 26...

34, halved by the save

to 17, halved again by being in the zone.

Oh no, you came out of
being in the zone, right?

- Did I?

- Yes, cause you got knocked out.

- You got knocked out.
- Ugh.

- But you got up again.

- [Brennan] So you save for
half, that 17 points of damage.

- 17 Points of damage, okay,
I'm going to use my reaction

to regain a hit die.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah.

- And look at-

- It's almost like you're
pissing the night away.

(all laughing)

- I drink a coffee drink,
I make a matcha drink.

I drink a matcha drink,
I drink a matcha drink.

- Sweet, I get nine back.

- [Lou] What songs are these?
- [Brennan] Hell yeah

Incredible, Barry unloads.

- What are you- Barry, what are you doing?

- You're Barry Nyne, I'm Barry Syx.

You swapped memories with me!

- No, no, no!

- Yes, you did!

- Maybe I did? What?

- If you're the right Barry
then I'm the wrong Barry

and I know I'm not the wrong
Barry 'cause I would never do-

- No Barry did this!

- I would never do it.
- Prilbus did this!

No Barry did this, no Barry did this!

- You, with some
incredible moves, you have-

How much damage did you guys
take that last turn, any?

- Zero, wait, wait, we
might have taken some.

- We took some.

- 74.

- We still have 13 shields
and 25 hull points.

- [Brennan] I'm afraid you
do not have 13 shields,

you have 18 shields.

- Woo!

- [Brennan] As it become
the Wurst's turn again

you regain a power die.

- Yes baby.

- Really convenient for me, because-

- That's what we're talking about.

- Three is really easy
to turn into an eight.

- Incredible. The Wurst,
it is your turn again.

We are going to dive back, I think into

miniatures combat first, so that's gonna

be Sid and Aurora Nebbins.

- [Emily] Okay.

- [Zac] I definitely say,

Zortch is up here!

- I think I'm gonna dip into
miniatures combat as well.

- Okay, copy that, amazing.

- Well, question: how
much movement does it take

for me to get to the
reactor, to the bridge?

- If you activate your
jet packs I think you can

get up there at...

You would use all of your turn

getting to a place in the
ship where you could move

and be there on the next round.

- [Murph] You can wait,
'cause I think we're gonna be

in miniature combat for sure.

- [Lou] Okay.

- Why don't, 'cause I think
my initiative is before yours,

let's see how this plays out, right?

- [Brennan] Let me actually
ask Talespire real quick.

While- We'll resolve theirs,
I'm gonna ask Talespire

for a measurement.

Talespire, can we get
a measurement for using

the Wurst like on the
miniature scale of the Wurst,

going from Gunnie's reactor
station up to the bridge.

- And I think how kind of how far

everybody is from Skip.

- [Ally] Yeah, I would
like to know how far I am

also from my WeWork- Jib Job.

- [Brennan] Copy that,
I think the WeWork might

be the farthest, so Talespire, let me know

if you've confirmed that request,
but it'd be great to have

some measurements for
Margaret, Gunnie, and for Sid

and Syx on how far it would
take them to get there. Cool.

So you guys are in combat with Barry Syx,

what are you guys gonna do?

- With Barry Syx?

- With Barry Nyne, sorry.

- [Emily] I kinda wanna
get outta here though,

I wanna try and go to the bridge

because like we're on the comms, we heard-

- [Murph] Yeah.

- Him get attacked. If
our pilot fucking dies-

- Zortch is stabbing me!
- It's a huge deal.

- "Zortch is stabbing me."

- [Brennan] Cool, cool, cool.

- So I guess the question
is what is the distance

to get there?

- Measurement is
incoming, does anyone know

what they're doing before that?

Riva, you're on another ship right now.

- Yeah, I know exactly what I'm doing.

- Riva, let's hear it.

- I am going to swim as
close to the bridge as I can

which- I don't have to
be that close to it,

because we're in space and
my area of effect spells

are at times 10 in space.

- Unbelievable.

- And I am going to cast psychic repulse,

which is a third level
spell. Each creature within

normally 20 feet, so space
200 feet, has to make

a dexterity saving throw
within this UFTP ship.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- And on a failed save,
they take 8d6 force damage

and are pushed back five feet,

on a successful save
they take half damage.

- Okay, so...

You are going to-

- Now, how strong are the
little wieners that work

in this ship?

How many hit points does Lucienne have?

- Sorry, it's a 200 foot... Radius?

- Radius sphere.

- Interesting.

- 20- Each creature
within 20 feet must make

a dexterity saving throw, so 200 feet.

- Okay, so.

You are going to cast this,

it affects everyone
within 200 feet of you.

- Within 200 feet of me, yes.

- And that would be okay, how do I?

- It's kinda nice 'cause,
like, you could really-

- They might save their
dex- They might make

their dex throws.

- Okay.

- And I might roll very badly.

- It's true. Why don't you go
ahead and roll damage for me?

- Great, can I have three more d6s?

- Here we are, three.

- Great.
- [Ally] Ooh, sorry.

- I'll take one from each of
you, that's a nice balance.

There we go, beautiful little balance.

- Take care of my son.

- My son!

- My son.

- I'll take, I promise
to take care of your son.

- Okay...
- Principal Wilson.

- It's been so nice to meet you guys,

I hope you all come for the fair.

- 10, I didn't roll great.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- 22 damage...

from me.

- Okay, 22 damage, so

I'm gonna roll for...

I'm gonna roll for
different suites on the ship

and what kind out of saving throw is it?

- It's a dexterity saving throw.

- Okay, so if they get plus
three to this, your DC is 16

so they want thirteens or higher.

- Yeah, I need to do
Heighten spell on this

so that they have to
roll with disadvantage.

(Brennan sighs)

- Engineering...

It's a 19 and an eight, they fail.


Weapons saves. Lower of the two is a 13.


Lower of the two is a six.


Lower of the two is a three.

So weapons system stays
online. On the bridge crew,

a sufficient number of engineering staff,

comm staff, and piloting staff

are knocked unconscious aboard the ship.

Aboard UFTP, absolute chaos

as, in the middle of their water system,

bubbles burst in all directions

as hundreds of United Free
Trade Planets officers

and soldiers...

Like being shaken inside
of a snow globe, just-

Just scatter across the ship.

Carnage. Unbelievable carnage

from this incredibly sweet Aguatunisian.

- Sorry!

Not personal, I'm sure
you're just doing your job.

- So the ship's speed is reduced to zero,

it loses its communications,
and engineering staff drops,

its weapons staff are still
there, like off to the side

in different gunning ports and stations,

but, holy crap.


- [Lou] What about that thing?

- [Brennan] Hmm?

- The thing, the red thing that made

the terrain hard and stuff.

- Oh yes.

- All right, I will roll a
save at disadvantage for this.

- [Siobhan] Great.

- I'll roll in front of the board.

You want the lower of the two to be a 12.

Or lower.

That's a three.

Point defense deactivates.

- Woo!

(Lou mimics revving an engine)

- We're gonna mow this lawn, baby.

- [Brennan] Incredible, Riva,
any bonus actions from you?

- You know, I don't think I have anything,

any bonus action that I
would wanna do is a spell

that I can't do because I just did that.

- By the way, two points of hull damage

to the UFTP command from psychic repulse.

- Yeah, I don't know, maybe
I can use my bonus action

to like listen in on the bridge, is that-?

- [Brennan] Yeah, gimme perception.

- Great.

- [Ally] Yes.

(upbeat music)

- 21.

- Roger that, Princeps, we
are opening the bay right now.

Sorry, a number of our
staff are immediately dead.

Just hold one second, I actually
don't have a boss anymore,

one moment please.

And you...

- All these boss-less babies.

- [Brennan] You also, I will say this,

reach out on that perception check,

you don't think Lucienne's
aboard this ship.

- Thank God.

- I did wanna take down Lucienne, but.

- So toxic.

- It'd be suck to lose- It
would suck to lose your friend.

- [Brennan] That's Riva.

- It'd suck to lose your friend.

Yeah, exactly.

- Any other-

- That you give little kisses to.

- It is 250 feet from where
you are to the bridge.

- [Lou] Alright. Cap, good luck!


- [Murph] What about me and-

- [Brennan] Talespire, if we
can also get measurements,

Talespire, from the
gunner pods to the bridge

and from the Jib Job space to the bridge-

- Can you, with your engineering-

- That would be great.

- Make the bridge so cold...

- [Brennan] Zac, let's go to you.

What are you doing in this moment?

- So I am locked in this room with Zortch.

- [Brennan] You are locked
in this room with Zortch.

- [Zac] Who has stabbed me.

Several times.
- Who has stabbed you.

- I think I have to let go of the controls

or I just go down after I move once.

So, um...

It's the start of a new turn, right?

- It is the start of a
new turn, that's correct.

- I'm going...

to disengage, let go of the ship,

the controls, reaction disengage,

roll back and bonus action hide.

- Give me a stealth check.

- Okay.

To, like, jump behind, like...

- [Brennan] Yeah, go for it, for sure.

- That is...

...a 16.

(dice rolling)

- You hide. You are not sure
if you are visible or not.

- [Zac] Well, do I roll
with advantage or not

if I try to attack?

- If you try to attack,
if you try to attack,

well, you had a 16 on your stealth?

- I mean, if you can tell
me after the fact, or-

- [Brennan] I will say
this, yeah, go ahead

and roll with advantage, yeah.

- Okay, so...

Well, first off I'm
gonna angle perception.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- So it's my perception
versus their sleight of hand.

- Cool.

- So I got...


- 26? Amazing.

- Okay, so they'll have disadvantage

on a saving throw.

- Cool.

- Or, yeah, yeah.

- You succeed- On a 26, you succeed.

- Okay.

- Gunner pods is 260 feet.

- I think I can get us there.

- Yeah, I gotta deal with
Barry. I think I can-

- Okay, nevermind then.

- But if you get there, that's good.

- So if the check succeeds,
the first attack roll

the target makes before
the start of your next turn

has disadvantage, and
the first saving throw

the creature makes before
the start of your turn

has disadvantage.

- Sorry, gimme that one more time.

- So the first attack the Princeps makes

will have disadvantage
and the first saving throw

they make will have disadvantage.

- Amazing, perfect, perfect.

- So I'm gonna try to pop up and

take a sneak attack,

with my cryo cell blaster on this.

- [Siobhan] Yes.
- [Murph] Shit.

- Amazing.

- [Zac] Piece of shit.

- Amazing.
- [Murph] Wow.

- Okay, so that is a...

(dice clatter)

At least...

At least a 21,

but with my supreme accuracy
I can re-roll one of those,

see if I got-

Yeah. At least a-

So a 21 to hit.

- A 21 to hit?
- [Zac] Yeah.

- 21 hits.

- Okay, so I will roll a d6, plus...

Five, plus three-

Okay, so I have three
sneak attack dice plus

the blaster die plus five.

- Amazing.

- And this will be...

12 on the die, plus five.

17 cold damage,


- Plus targeted strike.
- Okay.

- Plus targeted strike.

- I don't have to be able to see you,

it's just when an ally makes an attack

I can expend a superiority die.

So you could hit the 20 cold damage.

- Six.

- [Emily] Woo!

- 23 cold damage.

- And then there's the
d4- I mean, the DC 14

constitution save.

- Isn't it DC 15?

- This is specifically for the cryo cell.

- For the cryo cell.

- And that does that freeze the-?

- It slows them, but, well, it's another

d4 of cold damage.

- Another d4 cold damage, incredible.

- And this is with disadvantage.

- This is a saving throw
with disadvantage, amazing.

First of all, 23 points of cold damage.

- Yeah.

- Prilbus looks at you
through Zortch's eyes.

Uncanny dodge.

- [Lou] Ohhhh.

- So that becomes-

- 11.
- 11?

- 11 points of cold damage.
- [Siobhan] Damn.

This is a saving throw
with disadvantage, correct?

- Yes.

(shakes dice)

- Two elevens.

- I don't know what they add
to that, it's a con save.

- And the con save- What's
the DC on it? It's your DC?

- DC 14 is what the cryo cell.

- [Emily] Unless it's me.

- Failure.

- [Zac] Okay.
- Yeah.

- So another d4 of-

Two more cold damage,

so that was 13 cold damage.

- [Brennan] 13, correct.

- And they are slowed.

- [Brennan] So you- (yelps)

You see the terror in-

'Cause it's a cryo cell. You
have more of these, right?

Or do you, or no?

- [Zac] It's just the cell.

- It's a power cell.

- It's a power cell, got you.

Prilbus looks terrified,
they're looking at you.

(heavy breathing)

- [Zac] I am home, Prilbus.

(Brennan laughing)

- Incredible.

- [Emily] Oh my God, calling
your dad by his first name.

- Oh, brutal.

- Okay...

That's amazing.

- Fuck, uncanny dodge,
I should have known.

- Uncanny dodge is a reaction, right?

You can't use it multiple times?

- [Siobhan] No.

- You do 13 points of
damage, they make a save,

they're slowed. All right,
everyone else's turns.

- Okay.

- I think we wanna talk
to Barry Nyne first?

- I'm doing ship stuff.

- [Brennan] Ship stuff, cool.

- You're with Gnosis, right?

- [Brennan] Margaret, you're
250 feet from the bridge.

- I'm gonna see how things shake out.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- I wanna see how things shake out,

I'm either gonna deal with Barry Nyne

or run with Sid towards...

- [Brennan] Cool, amazing.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- All right, so Barry
Nyne is in front of you

screaming at you.

- No Barry did this,
Barry Nyne or Barry Syx.

Truly, this has all been a mindfuck.

- Zortch showed me the video!

- I- Did you ever have
a slug in your head?

Do you remember that?

Do you remember having a weird dream?

- Yeah, I've been having a
weird dream ever since yesterday

when the video showed me
that you were Barry Nyne,

I'm Barry Syx, and you made me believe

that I was Barry Nyne,

but I'm not Barry Nyne,
'cause the video is

Barry Nyne killed everybody

at Uncle Bob's Fantanimalland, which-!

- Barry!

We're Barry!

We're just Barry, Barry!

And the Barrys are gone,

and there's been too many
Barrys fighting Barrys!

We're Barry!

It doesn't matter if I'm Barry Nyne,

or you're Barry Nyne, or I'm Barry Syx

or you're Barry Syx!

Barry didn't do this. Barry
didn't kill the Barrys.

What we should be happy about is that

there's Barrys here now!

Because they're used to just be Barry.

There were Barrys, and
then there was Barry,

and now there's Barrys again, Barry.

- Go ahead, I want you to
roll me a persuasion check

with advantage, and for
this roll you are going

to have expertise, 'cause you
are expert in nothing more-

- Than being a Barry.
- Than being a Barry!

This is the thing you know.
This is the thing you know

best in the world.

- Okay.

- You know what it is.

- You know what it is.
- You know what it is.

- [Ally] You know what it is.
- You know what it is!

- Ooh, baby.

- Okay, so this is charisma, plus- Okay...


- Barry?

I've been really scared for a long time.

- I've been scared too, Barry.

- I missed you, Barry.

- I miss you, Barry.

- And you see- Comes in for a huge hug.

I don't know what's
happening, I just don't

want to hurt anybody.

- Barry, we gotta hurt the
people that hurt the Barrys.

- I wanna hurt somebody.

- Let's get in the zone.

- Get in the ZONE!

♪ Highway! ♪

For the first time,

when you put on your
sunglasses, another Barry

puts on his sunglasses as well.

- And Barry, I gotta tell you,

there's a few more Barrys here.

I pass some sunglasses to-

- And I go, that's right
you fucking idiots.

Get on!

(Barrys laughing)

I put the sunglasses on,
I cast Tactical Advantage

on Aurora Nebbins, which means
that she can get us there.

She has now a hundred speed,
cause it doubles her speed.

- Incredible.

- So she can and she can also
take a second action to dash.

So she can dash, then
take that bonus action

to get extra close, to get
us right up to the thing.

- 250...
- And then

I still have a bonus action and a reaction

to throw some grenades
once we can open that door.

- In-credible. So all three of you,

Sid, you are sandwiched
in between two enormous

clone men that are identical.

- We're all holding each others' waists.

- [Brennan] All holding
each others' waists.

I love this dog!

- It's a beautiful dog.
- Beautiful dog!

And Aurora-

- Her name is also Barry!

- Oh, wow! We're all Barry!

And Aurora Nebbins

shoots through the ship as
you like pop an adrenal dart

out of your gun arm.

Little Kublacaine-

- This is safe for dogs, right?

- [Brennan] Aurora Nebbins
rockets through the ship,

getting you to the doors, getting you to

the locked doors of the ship.

- So I'm saving, I have a
bonus action and a reaction

to throw cryo grenades,
but if you two can muscle

open this door?

- Sweet, should we just-

You think we can just pull this apart?

- Do I think you can just pull this apart?

- Me and- Two Barrys, both in the zone.

- Both in the zone.

- Double door Barry?

- I'm just picturing you
guys, just like- (grunts)

- [Brennan] We're gonna
roll 4d20, gonna roll 4d20-

It's- I'm gonna call this a DC...

27 athletics check.

- Okay.

- [Brennan] A DC 27 athletics check.

- Do they both have to hit it,
or just one of them have to?

- Only one. Only one of these
dice has to hit a DC 27.

- So we have plus 11.

- You just need a 16 or
higher on one of these dice.

- [Lou] This is sick as hell, dude.

- (gasps) I didn't do it.

- And neither did Barry Nyne.

- [Murph] Noo!
- Urgh!

- Wait, but you guys
have two attack actions.

- I think this is an ability check,

so this is an action
ability check- (grunts)

As they try to open the door up.

- Okay, Aurora Nebbins has an action.

Can she try to do something?

- Aurora Nebbins does not
have an action, 'cause she-

She would have to use action,
move and a bonus action,

'cause you guys were two-

- No, because she has- She
essentially has Haste on her,

so she still has an extra action
that she can use to attack.

- Oh, okay, great.

- That's what Tactical Advantage is.

- [Brennan] Yes, absolutely,
so go ahead and make

an attack roll for Aurora Nebbins.

- Okay, I actually don't know,
it doesn't say on her sheet

what she adds to attack.

- I- There should be
a sheet that has that,

but if there's not,
I'll tell you right now.

It's a plus six.

- Okay, so she would have,
she can't hit it then.

- No, she could hit it. She could hit it.

It's more about how much damage-

- She got a 19.

- [Brennan] Okay, she hits the door.

- Plus six, so 25.

- She hits the door.

Now you're gonna roll
damage, which is 1d12.

The door has eight- The problem is

the damage threshold on the door,

it's a steel blast door on a starship.

It's a damage threshold of
15, which means that she can

hit it on an 11 or 12 on that d12.

- She doesn't add anything to her d12?

- Oh, she adds-
- Oh it's 15, right?

- [Brennan] Yeah, it adds a plus four.

- 12!


- [Brennan] Unbelievable, okay.

Unbelievable. Okay, so she
hit a 12, plus 4 is 16.

The door only has 30 hit
points so she deals more

than half of the door's health in damage.

- You can throw a little
hole in there, right?

- Yeah, is there like enough of a hole

that I could throw in cryo grenades?

- Yeah, you can throw
in some grenades, yeah.

- Bonus action- 'Cause
it's per round, right?

- Yeah, this is still the same round.

- [Murph] It's still the same round.

- Yeah, so it's still the same round.

- That's good, then we
can add to get to 20.

- I forgot that I didn't add the...

- So you guys (strains)
are pulling the door.

In that thing, Aurora
Nebbins sees like a weird

little cranny where maybe
there could be turtles,

and goes- (snarls)

and you see, just pulls like-
In her weird external teeth,

there's just like wires, and- (growls)

Pulling them out of the door.

- "A weird little cranny where
there may be turtles. Nyah!"

- Honestly, on our ship,
there probably are a couple.

- Yeah, definitely.

- You see a bunch of tortoises rush out

of the middle of the doors.

- And then I'm gonna
throw in two cryo grenades

and because it's explosives,
because I've already

manifested my Explosives Style,

it's a DC 16 con save.

- Incredible.

- [Murph] Nice.

- Because of where the blast
doors are on the bridge,

I'm going to say you're
like hucking these in.

- I also still have my movement, so-

- Unfortunately you can't-
It's only big enough

for you to, like, launch
them into the room.

So I'm gonna give Zortch
advantage on these saves

because you are having to
like angle the grenades

around a corner, like,
ricochet them off a wall

around the corner.
- Mm-hm.

- Two saves coming up.

They've already taken 13 points
of cold damage this turn.

This could be everything.

All right, DC is 16, Zortch
is adding plus four to this,

12 or higher...

That's a 16, makes that save.

15 makes the next one,
so it's half damage.

- They still take half damage.

- So you need to do 14 damage.

- [Zac] Or seven?

- [Siobhan] No, yeah.

- [Brennan] Halved.

- Why is it halved?

- Because they made the
saves both times, right?

- Oh, okay, so I got nine...

I hit 14 exactly.

- Oh. My. God.

- Get out of my friend's nose.

- So, you're standing there-

You see Zortch looking at you,

Prilbus looks at you and he goes,

Trying to freeze me out

of your friend's mind?

I don't- (pling sounds)

As you hear growling at the door-

Bo-boom! Zortch goes,

Cold! Brain freeze!

(intense sneeze)

And a slug rockets out,

rockets out of Zortch's head.

Zortch goes, oh, I don't feel good.

You see a huge welt on
the side of Zortch's head

where Barry Nyne clocked them,
knocked them unconscious.

Incredible, so-

That's amazing, okay.

That's all the minis going that round.

We have Margaret and Gunnie,
who are the only people

acting on behalf of the ship right now.

- Is there any ship stuff
that would be helpful

for me to do? I mean- You know.

- I, you know- Find the...

- [Lou] Gunnie wants to try-
- [Siobhan] Find Lucienne?

- And do something crazy.

- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah.
- I'll probably text Lucienne.

- There's no one at the helm of this ship.

- Correct, correct, yes.

- What is the nature of, uh-

(Emily giggles)

Micro FTL jumps

and using Gnosis to make one?

(slow tempo music)

- Yeah, what's their nature?

- What's the nature of that?
- What's the nature of it?

- What is... the nature of it?

- What is the nature-

- (bad English accent) What is the nature?

- [Lou] Of micro FTL jumps?

- You wanna take a big risk?

- Yes.

- Do you know who you're talking to?

- Have you played an entire
season with this motherfucker?

- Gunnie has two hearts right now.

- Two hearts, can't lose.

- Talk to me.

Make up some insane rigmarole

so I can say yes to it, please.

- [Murph] Oh no.

- Where would we be micro-jumping to?

- About 25- About 2.700
feet on the other side

of the, uh, U-

- [Ally] That's right.

- The, uh, the ship- The...

- You wanna go from here to 2.700 feet on-

- [Lou] On the other side

of the United Free Trade Planets' ship.

- [Siobhan] Basically, so I
can still get back to the ship.

- [Brennan] I'm gonna say this:

if you can clear 10 equations

in a single round...

You can make that FTL jump.
- [Lou] Mm-hm.

[Brennan] If you come short,

for every equation that you come short

making that jump, it's gonna
be 1d20 damage to the hull.

- But could be a one.

- [Siobhan] To the hull?
No, no, no, no, come on.

- We have 25 hull points.

- Yeah, we can't take that.

- I'm using Gnosis? Or-

I'm using Gnosis, and is that, uh-

- So the way this is
gonna work is like this,

right? You need a bunch
of completed equations.

- Yeah.

- Gnosis has a plus 20
to astrogation checks.

- Okay.

- So Gnosis will make
some, and you will have

to make the rest.

- Okay.

Let's do it.

- [Ally] Wait, it's- Hold on, hold on.

- [Siobhan] How many is some?
- You're rolling for

10 equations. How would
you get to 10 equations?

- 10 Equations- It's three
for everything over 20.

So for every one Gnosis
hits, Gnosis just has

to not hit a one and they're
getting three equations.

Or at least two.

- Okay.

- And how many-
- [Brennan] Here we go. So-

- [Siobhan] How many is Gnosis-?

- 30- A roll of 30 plus is
five completed equations.

- So if Gnosis gets above
10, that's half way there.

- Will you call me before you do this?

Will you call me on the comms?

- Sure, you got it.

- For every success you fall short,

it will be a d20 of hull damage.

- Okay.

- Great.

- And you called me,
right? And I know what's-

- Hey, Margaret?

Ah, we gotta get outta here.

- Talk to me, I love it. Any
idea you have, I'm down for.

- Yeah, I'm gonna- I'm gonna jump us.

- Uh-huh?

- I'm gonna jump us. I'm just gonna-

I'm gonna plug, I'm gonna do the equation,

but just plug it, it's
just gonna be a shorter,

uh, a shorter trip.

- Gunnie?

- We'll pick up Riva. We'll
get on the other side.

It's gonna be okay.

- Gunnie, I've always believed in you.

- Hey, this is my body,

this is my ship, this is my family.

We're doing this.

- Great.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- You have my critical
analysis, so you have

a plus five to a roll
that you need it for.

- Okay, great. Hey,

thanks, boss.

We- I would love to have
our one minute meeting.

- Yeah, we do need- We have our one-on-one

that you signed up for, but
yeah, then we got taken over.

- Yeah, exactly, so we're
gonna get that on the books,

I got a lot I wanna say to
you, it's all good things.

(laughing in the face of uncertainty)

- This is Gnosis's roll.

- [Lou] Okay.
- Do you each get one roll?

- Gnosis gets one roll.

- And Gunnie gets one roll.

- Unless you want to give
the Direct action, or-

- Absolutely.

- [Brennan] Okay, you give
the Direct action to Gunnie,

so you're gonna roll with advantage.

- [Ally] Okay, cool.

- Here's Gnosis, plus 20
to astrogation checks.

Supercomputer, planetary deity.

(Zac gasps)

- Oh my God. What the fuck?

- I rolled a natural two.

(Emily wheezes)

- That's okay still, though, right?

- So that's zero equations?

- Oh no, no, no, no.
- No it's good, it's just-

We would've-
- [Siobhan] Three, it's three.

- They can only fail,
I think, on a one, but-

- It really was just so close-
- It came so close.

- To a one.
- But that's three?

- And I can see the 20 staring at me.

- [Brennan] Gnosis reaches out and goes,

Okay, so what are we sort of doing here?

We've got...

So that's three completed equations, so-

- Can you get a Jib Jobber to do SQ-?

- [Brennan] If you beat a 30, Gunnie.

- [Lou] Mm-hm.
- If you beat a 30-

- What do you have added to this?

- 11.

- [Ally] Okay.

- With including the critical analysis?

- Then it's a 16.

- Okay, so if you beat a 30,

you will be able to reduce this

to only 2d20 hull damage.

- [Emily] I'm gonna cry.

- What if a Jib Jobber
tries to get SQ to solve

one of these problems, also?

- [Emily] Oh my God!

- [Lou] Can I, can I give-
- It's all the same turn?

- Never- Uh, can I use a, no.

- [Brennan] I'm gonna- I'm gonna rule that

that is an after-the-fact thought.

- Mm.
- We're gonna, we are-

- It's interesting how you say that,

because I do, I agree.

- So we're gonna roll.

- So you need a 14 or higher.

- This is Gunnie's-
- For us to only take two d20.

- This is Gunnie's check right now.

- [Ally] Maybe do them one at a time?

- The ball is rolling up.
- No, God, just do it

all at once.

- The ball is rolling up.

- [Brennan] Oh- Wait,
sorry, no, no, we are gonna

get Box of Doom out.

We're absolutely gonna
get Box of Doom out.

- [Siobhan] Oh God.

- [Ally] So the higher of these

has to be a 14 or higher.

- [Brennan] The higher, I mean, if it's-

It needs to be-

- Oh, you have plus 16.

- He has plus 16. I'm
just saying the highest-

Yes, that's the best possible result.

Anything below 14 starts to get bad.

- Can I pass these dice
around the table real quick?

- [Brennan] Yes, you can.

- [Emily] Okay.

- As you-
(dice smooch)

- As you're doing this-

(dice smooch)

(dice smooch)
- [Zac] Skip radios,

My son...

(dice smooch)
- [Lou] Yeah, Dad?

- [Zac] You've never,
ever done anything wrong.

(dice smooch)

And I don't think it's gonna happen today.

- And then Sid goes in and says,

Oh, Gunnie, it's Barry,

and Barry, and also Barry.

- Yeah.
- [Emily] And another Barry.

- Yeah.

- And we just believe in you so much.

- Hey, thank you. I- I know

this is where I'm meant to be,

and what I'm meant to do.
- This is gonna suck.

- Can I pull Dan Scrap up
on the comms real quick?

- Yes you can. Sorry,
what was this real quick?

- [Lou] What'd you say?

- [Brennan] What's that?

- "This is gonna suck."

(all laughing)

- The more sentimental we get about it,

the worse it's gonna be.

- All right, comms comes up.

This is Danielle Scrap of the Bad Call.

- I don't even look up, it's like-

- [Ally] Danielle!

- I want you to know I'm making

the biggest astro-navigation
check of my life,

and I'm only in this position
because of you, so thanks.

- Well, if I had ever-

If I knew who you were, you know, if I...

- I'm- It's Gunnie.

- What's that?

(all laughing)

I know it's you, I'm tryna-
I've gotta pretend that I'm-

- [Lou] Course you do, okay.

- Yeah. Hey, I appreciate-

- You made up this person, she
could know anyone she wants.

(all laughing)

- Okay, here we go.

- Come on, come on.

- Big money, big money, big money.

- [Brennan] Here's number one.

- [Lou] That's a two.


(quiet laughing)

- [Brennan] Now this is-

- [Zac] Wait, what does that mean?

- [Brennan] It means that if this next-

- [Ally] It's advantage
so this could still save.

- [Brennan] It could still
be good. It could still-

- [Zac] Wait, what die are you using?

- This is the other one that you kissed!

This is the Nebula one, Ally got every

single one of us one of these.

- [Brennan] Here we go. Here we go.

- [Murph] If we all go out-
- I might pass out.

- [Murph] I'm glad it's together.

- Here we go...

- That's a 14.
- [Brennan] 14!


- That is exactly 30, okay.

- Oh my God.
- Oh. My. God!

- [Brennan] How many hull
points do we have left?

- Well, we could still go
down, because we have 25.

So with two-

You said there's gonna be two, do-

- [Brennan] Do you mind?

- You, yes.

Are you gonna roll it?

- I'm gonna roll.
- Fuck that!

- Can I roll it?


- Oh yeah! Yeah, yeah.

- It's low.

- No, I don't know. I don't know if I-

- [Ally] Two twos?

- I don't know if you roll
low, or if you roll unlucky.

- [Brennan] Do you wanna roll damage?

- I'll roll damage.
- [Murph] Interesting.

- [Brennan] Yeah, all right. It's two-

- I think Murph should roll it.

- D20. It's two d20.

Okay, so we have 25-

- [Siobhan] Snake eyes.

- Hull points left.

- Snake eyes, snake eyes, snake eyes!

- Snake eyes.
- Snake eyes!

- C'mon! Snake eyes, baby.

- Snake eyes.

- [Ally] Do 'em one at a time-

- [Brennan] 13 and 3. 16
hull points of damage.

- Yes!

(all laughing)

- [Siobhan] Oh my God.

(all sighing, laughing)

- [Brennan] Unbelievable.

- Ladies and gentlemen, we're
clocking in at nine hull dice!

Sittin' pretty at nine!

- My son! Father! Son!

- Everybody on board the Wurst,

momentarily, you feel a-

(sound effect of split
second light speed travel)

And immediately come out
of faster-than-light.

It is, you- Literally, less than a mile

of faster than light travel.

I think many people in
the ship probably vomit.

- Yes, I literally in
real life might vomit.

(all laughing)

- I can't believe we
kicked it off with a two.

- My brain is fizzing right now.

- But you move 2.700 feet,

past the UFTP command ship.
- Oh my God.

- God bless ya, Lou.

- You know what? All
these other ships are just

like, what just happened?

And they think that we
weren't scared at all.

- Gnosis is absolutely fucking eating it.

- That two.
- That two!

- That two made my fuckin'...

feet fall off.

- Which two? The first
two or the second two?

- [Ally] Oh my God.
- The first two, the 20-

- [Siobhan] I could punch a wall.

- Yeah, do it, punch a hole on the dome.

- Just like-

- Almost a nat 20?
- [Emily] Yeah, just like-

- It honestly would be so
funny to just edge the-

- To crit on yourself.

(Siobhan laughing)

- Here's what we could have done, though.

- Just me in an enemy ship-
- [Emily] We have these

Vercadian Protector Droids-
- Floating in space.

- They could have saved us, maybe.

- Okay. Holy shit, all right.

- [Zac] I'm gonna lay down on the floor.

- [Brennan] Lay down on the floor?

- ctually, same. Can we
train all the cameras

just pointing down on
me for the rest of the-

- Can we just do the
rest of this underneath

the table? Like we're in, like, a little-

- Like a safe little blanket flort- Fort?

- We are exhausted.


- I think I'm gonna have,
like, a crying adrenaline dump.

- Yeah, same. Same.

(Emily and Ally laughing)

Do you wanna hold her?

- [Brennan] Okay, unbelievable. Um...

All right, any other actions?

Any other actions?

Are there any other
actions, bonus actions,

anything like that?

- [Lou] Margaret, anything you wanna do

outside of direct me?

- I yell,

Plastic bag your faces.

- Oh, that's true-

- Oh, but he's paralyzed.

- [Emily] He's paralyzed, yeah.

- [Siobhan] Oh, yeah.
- He's paralyzed.

- Plastic bag the worm.
Fucking tank that worm.

- I want someone to step on it really bad,

but I think that that is-

- I know, the duty of-

- It's the duty of the son.

- The duty of the son to kill the father.

- Or do whatever he wants with the father.

- The rules of the House of Frangus.

- [Emily] It's your father, you decide.

- Okay, any other actions, bonus actions,

anything like that from the crew?

- I guess, bonus action, I'll turn

my critical analysis to Skip.

- [Brennan] Okay.
- Oh, great.

- I feel insane right now.

- [Ally] I feel crazy.

- Oh my God, I fucking loved that.

- That was about-

- [Siobhan] I might fall asleep as soon

as the cameras turn off.

- Oh wait, as a full,
like, defense mechanism?

- The adrenaline zone.

- The absolutely wild, bad
luck of Gunnie is insane.

- [Zac] What an arc!

- [Lou] What an arc.

- [Ally] It would have been really funny

to crit on our own damage so like I'm-

Obviously, thank God, but I'm
just like if one of them...

- I am so glad you're saying
that now and not before

because my brain would've made it happen.

- After an incredible
turn you appear out of FTL

boom with tachyon drive, engage your

lithium crystal core reactor and see

the normally stressful,
but now welcoming embrace

of an asteroid belt and
directly in front of you

the Fang of Frangus, the
satellite you are headed to.

I will remind you that
the interior mechanisms

of the satellite are what you need.

You gotta get Gnosis onto
that, so this is once again,

probably gonna be a split
of like micro and macro.

You're gonna need some kind of
boarding party to grab Gnosis

and get on board that ship.

- So looking at this, slugs built this.

- [Brennan] Yeah.

- But slugs in human bodies-

- [Brennan] Yeah, slugs
in humanoid bodies.

- [Siobhan] This isn't
gonna just be a weird

little wriggley tunnel.
- [Brennan] No, no, no, no.

- [Ally] You're telling
me slugs built this?

- [Emily] I thought for
sure we were headed for-

- [Siobhan] It's really wet-
- Something very different.

- [Brennan] You're telling me a slug

fried this rice? Yeah.

- I feel weirdly like
it might be helpful for

Skip to be in there.

- [Murph] Yeah, I'd think so.
- [Emily] For sure.

- I can hold it down on the ship.

- Okay.

- I'll be back on the ship next turn.

- We've got two Barrys now, we could go

one Barry in one direction,

one Barry in the other direction.

- Barry 69?

- Barry 69.

- [Brennan] Incredible.
Okay, so we're gonna go back

to the top of the initiative.

- I just pictured an actual berry.

- [Brennan] Okay, our brigade...

Okay, Talespire crew,

Brigade Tigers

are going to...

All right, they're gonna gear up,

they're done playing around.

- They were playing around?

- They were playing around a little bit.


Brigade Tigers are gonna
move 800 feet forward.

- Do any of the Vercadian Protector Droids

get opportunity attacks?

- [Brennan] Well, that's
the Brigade Tigers

who are gonna continue to search forward.

The UFTP Fighters

are going to...

What is UFTP gonna tell them to do?

- [Zac] But they can't communicate to 'em.

- Oh, yeah, their channels are blocked by-

- [Ally] They're jammed.

- [Murph] By Griivarr.
- [Siobhan] Griivarr.

- Their comms are blocked,
and the last thing

they heard from the Wurst was that Zortch

was piloting it to the satellite.

So there's no reason
for them not to believe

that everything's going according to plan.

(operatic) ♪ I can't feel my face ♪

♪ when I'm with you ♪

- You're seeing an off-camera bit.

- [Murph] This is an off-camera bit.

- It's an off camera bit.

- You have to explain it.

- No.
- If you're ever confused,

it's either an off-camera
bit, or we're just doing

something so stupid that
it doesn't make any sense.

- We just all had the
opera version of that song

stuck in our heads.
- [Brennan] So, yeah,

UFTP wouldn't- What would UFTP even do?

They're not gonna fire on the Wurst.

- Well, I mean, they just got
attacked by Griivarr Worlds,

I mean, if I was them I'd
probably fight back a little bit.

- I'm gonna say that what you guys see

as you look behind you...


- Probably just get a
massive fight between

the two of 'em, and blow each other up.

- [Brennan] Griivarr...

Okay. Yeah, behind you,
you see UFTP assumes

that all's well, and

UFTP fighters swarm around

the Vercadians as the Griivarr faction-

So let's move, the Griivarr
command is going to

continue to fire on the UFTP command ship.

The Griivarr fighters
are gonna close in with

the UFTP fighters as the Brigade
Tigers come in after them,

and there's just a swarm of
Vercadian Protector Droids

and UFTP fighter craft floating in space.

Amercadia, number one,

the com ship is gonna make

a check to unscramble their comms.

A tremendous amount of
their staff are dead

so they're gonna do
this with disadvantage.


- Sorry, UFTP is gonna try
to unscramble their comms,

and they're gonna do it with disadvantage

'cause a tremendous
amount of staff is dead.

They need the lower these two
dice to be a 12 or higher.

That's a seven, not gonna do it.

Their comms remain unscrambled,
so they're just gonna fire

their weapons systems at
the Griivarr Command ship

coming in.
- [Siobhan] Great.

- The tigers are coming
in as fast as they can.

Gust Weatherall's ship

is going to, yeah,

that Amercadian command
ship is going to take

four movement actions, so we're
gonna move the command ship

1200 feet closer.

- [Ally] 12K.

- [Brennan] It's using all of its actions

to pursue the Wurst.

(Brennan imitates engines)

Let's see how much...

- [Zac] Ooh-wee. That is a big, big-

- [Lou] And we're still not in there.

- [Brennan] You are outside of long range

of Gust Weatherall's ship for the moment.

- [Siobhan] Stunning, stunning.

- [Brennan] Incredible, Guernica
is gonna do the same thing.

You hear over the comms,
Arcadia Prime say,

Get that hot dog!

And the Guernican Tigers
are going to disengage

from the U4F ships and
are gonna start coming

after the Wurst, so one
movement for the tigers.

The Guernican Command ship
is gonna do the same thing,

it's gonna use four actions
to come after the Wurst

so it's gonna move 1200
after the Wurst as well.

For this, let me get- We're just gonna get

an overall combat roll.

Margaret, give me a d20 roll for U4F

and give me, Sid, a d20
roll for our Vercadians.

- Come on, babies.


- [Brennan] Okay.

- [Ally] U4F is 17,
plus whatever they add.

- [Brennan] Hell yes, you
guys see the Lady Pike,

the Bad Call and the rest of the U4F ships

that have come into space around you,

allow the various Brigade
Tigers and Guernican

commandeered vessels to
disengage, and turn and

open fire on Gust
Weatherall's Command ship.

All four U4F vessels-
(imitates laser fire)

Begin to lay down fire on Gust's ship.

(Ship lasers firing)

Let's go ahead

17 on the die, that's gonna be

10, 18, 25... 27 points

of damage to Gust
Weatherall's command vessel.

- [Zac] Okay.

- [Brennan] From the various U4F ships.

- Go get 'em, Dan.

- Go get 'em Dan.

- [Lou] Danielle.

- [Brennan] Danielle.

- Just like a blonde wig.

- Okay. Vercadians, Griivarr.

- [Siobhan] Maybe he just has a bunch

of girl guides on his ship.

- [Brennan] We don't know.

- [Siobhan] We don't know.
- We don't know.

Um, okay.

- [Ally] Hopefully not,
honestly, for those girl guides.

- [Zac] Where are our girl guides?

- Wait, yeah, where are our girl guides?

- They're playing pinochle in the corner.

- [Zac] Oh.

- For money or for blood?

- Money or for blood?

Yeah, you see Khloe,
Malika, and Stacks all

in the corner being like, all right, drop,

like just going back and
forth, smoking big fat cigars

having a great time.

- These girls are so
cool, I can't knock them.

- They're too cool. They're too cool

- Children that are smoking, that's cool.

- That's cool. Okay,

that's gonna be, so unbelievably

that jump to hyperspace
really did the trick.

The jump to FTL really did the-

- I wonder if it was worth
the three years of my life

that were shaved off?

(all laughing)

- [Brennan] Okay, so our
ships have moved in closer.

Here we go. Unbelievably, after that jump,

that's gonna go back to the Wurst.

It is once again your turn.

- [Ally] Oh my God. You
guys, is there anything

to driving right past the
satellite and sending some

of our- Whoever's going there, like,

shoot them out in a way,
so that we can keep going

and it looks like we just pass by,

and they can keep chasing us?

- Yeah, I guess like,
here's a question, like-

Who is going in, and who isn't?

- We don't know what's in there.

- Can we get Riva back, before-?

- Yeah, let me jump back, I'm just,

I'm gonna phase walk back into the ship.

- [Brennan] Amazing.

- [Siobhan] Hello!

- [Ally] You did great!

- [Siobhan] Are you okay?

Everybody all right here?

- You killed a lot of people.

- [Ally] Yeah, you killed a lot-

- [Siobhan] I killed a lot of people

and I don't feel great about it, but-

- Your dad's just, like, on the ground.

- Your dad is just on the ground.

- [Zac] So I think.

- I think, I like kind of, I'm like,

(whispers) Barrys, let's
give them some privacy.

- [Zac] I think, uh-

- [Emily] So we'll put our sunglasses on

to give you privacy.

- [Brennan] Give me a perception check.

- He should be paralyzed.

- If you'll notice, in the text

of the Cerebero slug ability,

there is a constitution
saving throw involved.

- Oh God, is he Loose Duke-ing?

- No, no, no, no, no, no.

- [Murph] Loose Duke
confirmed dead in the vents.

- Incapacitated in the vents,

with a slug inside him.

- You got- Come on.

- Perception check, that's a 15.

- Can we give you the help action?

- You can if you want to
take your turn to do it.

- [Ally] Yeah, I'll do that.

- [Brennan] You wanna
take your turn to give

the help action right now?

- Yeah.

- [Emily] What is at stake here,

I actually don't understand-

- Maybe we don't know where the dad is.

- [Siobhan] I should
take my turn, because-

- [Zac] 'Cause you just already-

- When I direct- What I
just did was a bonus action,

when I direct I get extra stuff.

- [Ally] Cool.

- Riva, you phase walk away from the UFTP.

You are back in your bulb
of water on the Wurst.

You take the direct
action, that's your action.

Go ahead and roll with advantage.

So, you've already rolled
once. Roll your second roll.

(die clinks)

- [Ally] Nat 20!
- [Zac] Natural 20.

- Oh, yes! Oh, yes.
- Woo!


- Switched to the Ally die.

- [Brennan] Incredible, we love it.

- Which I also got two nat ones on,

but we don't have to talk about it.

- [Siobhan] We don't talk about it.

- You look down.

It's a DC 15 constitution saving throw

to have the slug not be
paralyzed, as it is ejected

from the brain.

You see a thin trail of slime

ducking down into one of the air vents.

- [Emily] Oh.
- [Zac] Fuck.

- He's gonna fucking inhabit Loose Duke.

I know Loose Duke isn't fucking dead,

he's gonna inhabit him-

- [Lou] What's going on?

- You up here?

- I don't think so, I think
I'm still down in the ship.

- All right.

- They have advantage on sense of smell

and one of the Barrys has had it in him.

- [Zac] Okay.

- I also, I could do a spell to find him,

but I need a drink before
I do it 'cause I don't-

I'm, like, out of force points.

- I'm going to spit
myself up into the vent

and look at a mirror, find
some sort of mirrored surface

and say, Skipper, you
have the helm, be a hero.

And just spit myself up.

(Brennan laughing)

- Incredible.

(wet spitting sound)

You hit the deck,

you no longer have sight

or hearing of all these other various

bipedal, humanoid senses.
You rocket down an air vent.

You do have one sense,
through the mucus membranes,

you taste your father's scent.

- Father.

- And slug after slug, you give chase

into the air vents.

(all laughing)

- Since this has been done-

- Wait, when-
- Before, can I send

Handy Annie to escort the slug,

so that maybe you can be faster?

- Can I give him a tiny little dagger

if I make it really quick?

- [Emily] A toothpick! You
probably have a toothpick.

- A luck check for sort
of a doll house, sharp-

- Incredible, this is incredible.

Okay, so Norman Takamori is
suddenly once again on the deck.

Okay, you are chasing that.

Handy Annie crawls into
the air vent with Skip

to give a help action.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- Amazing, okay, that's your turn,

so you are getting chased,
you can sense yourself

getting closer and closer to your father-

You can you feel through the slime.

- Prilbus...

- Prilbus. Valdrinor! Incredible.

- Oh my God.

- You've used your
action and bonus action.

- [Siobhan] Yes.

- You are taking a full
dash after your father,

you're like just barreling
down the air vent after him,

Handy Annie is gonna give you advantage.

I'm actually gonna say Handy
Annie is going to allow you

to like catch up to your, yes.

- I was figuring that Handy
Annie is so much faster

than a slug that you could.

- [Brennan] Handy Annie
is gonna help you catch up

to your father.

- A very inconsequential story thing,

could I have done before
I jumped out of my body?

- [Brennan] Yes, absolutely.

- I, when I looked in the
mirror to talk to Skipper,

I was like, give what's in
my left pocket to Gunnie.

- Incredible, the slug leaves,

but I believe as the slug leaves,

I think Norman has an action,
has a bunch of actions

and bonus actions and stuff as well.

- Uh, Norman cries and looks around

like, he's bleeding really badly.

- Oh, from being stabbed in the stomach?

- [Emily] Hi, Skipper.

- Argh...

- We're in the biggest battle of our life

and we're also millionaires.

- Oh, that's good.

What do I do, what do you want?

What should I do?

- What you should do if
you wanna get in on this

is keep driving towards that.

- [Zac] I don't want to get, okay-

I didn't do anything wrong,
and just drives forward.

- Hell yeah, okay. Is
there any other ship stuff

happening in terms of driving forward,

in terms of other stuff?

- Hey, I'm gonna dislodge
Gnosis. Can you send Aurora

down here to bring her
up to whoever's gonna

be boarding the ship?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, can you get the
Princeps on there too?

- Yeah, is that what
you all want me to do?

I guess I'm saying like, who's
the team that's going on?

Should I go on, on Aurora?

- I think you and I should go.

- Yeah you two, the
Princeps, anybody else?

I can go and give like little help actions

and stuff like that,
but I'm also good here.

- I think that Lucienne
will also be there.

- And I think Riva should go-

- I think should definitely
go, I'm not gonna just-

- I think Riva go in the psychodrone.

- Oh that's great, that's great.

You can be in two places at once.

- [Siobhan] I can, I only
have two spell points left,

which means I can cast
one first level spell

and then cantrips.

- [Brennan] So I'm gonna need us to make,

because this is in a pitched combat,

we might make a sloppy
decision, that's okay.

We're making a call right now.

- Two of us should stay on the
ship, everyone else is going.

- [Emily] Okay, so I-

- Both Barrys on the
satellite, or one Barry here?

- [Lou] Both Barrys on the satellite.

- [Siobhan] Both Barrys on the satellite,

I think I should stay here
'cause I actually think

that I would be more
useful giving help actions.

- Are we worried? Just-

I just wanna, just one last thing before

I take this little minivan of a dog around

and collect everyone,

are we worried that, do
we feel like, oh, maybe

we should have some gunners
coming at what's attacking us?

- No, this is a full
decoy that's going as fast

forward- We're only
doing movement forward.

- This side in.

- If we don't make it
through this, that's fine.

- All right-
- Yeah.

- Skipper, I know that
you've been gone for a while,

but here's 5.000 credits.
Don't fuck it up.

- You've cussed at me.

(all laughing)

- Yeah, we cuss now.

- We're new.

- I slap and I kiss him.

- Ow, what?

- Okay, Riva, you've used your actions.

Skip has disappeared, Norman is going to,

is anyone doing anything to
the speed of the ship or no?

- I guess Norman, can
Norman take the same flight?

- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, same pilot actions.

- I think that would,

he would take the bonus
action to move forward.

- [Lou] Let's fucking-
- I'm gonna move it forward.

- Yeah, I'm gonna use my,

I'm gonna boost the engine in the ship.

I'm gonna use a hull dice or a power die

to boost engines.

We're gonna do this, we're
gonna engine tune this ship,

we're gonna roll that
dice is gonna be a six,

we're gonna multiply
that by 50 that's 300.

- Okay, is that increasing the
speed of the ship or is that?

- By 300.

- Okay, the ship's speed is now 600.

- Wow.

- So that would be it's
a, if its full movement,

1800 movement.

Can we, so drop our line.

- [Emily] We have time
because I think Aurora

can literally take two dash
actions so that's like 400 feet.

And then if I convince
her something is hostile

it's like another 80.

So I think I have, I think
I can collect everyone

and be ready to just jump onto this thing.

- Cool, Norman pilots the ship forward,

Aurora Nebbins, Zortch
jumps onto Aurora Nebbins.

Aurora Nebbins grabs Zortch
runs past the reactor,

you toss Gnosis to Zortch who grabs it?

- Call me.

- Barrys.

- Barrys are coming along.

- [Brennan] Both Barrys
are going to the satellite.

and Margaret, Sid's
staying on the ship or no?

- No.

- [Brennan] Sid's coming also,
this whole side of the table

plus Barry, Zortch, Aurora
Nebbins are all going.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- Riva.

- Since I'm using Aurora's thing,

I'm gonna buffer myself just in case.

- [Brennan] Copy and Riva, you're staying

cause you wouldn't be able to
psychodrone this round anyway.

- I wouldn't be able to
psychodrone on this round anyway,

'cause it's a bonus action.

- [Brennan] Yeah.

- I'm out of spell points.

- [Brennan] You're more
useful on the ship.

- I'm more useful on the ship.

- [Ally] Great.

- [Brennan] Copy that, great, cool.

So the pilot, the
coordinator and the mechanic

stay on the ship, both
gunners and operator

jump off, you just rush out you see.

- I change my pants really quick

and then I do a little spritz.

- Spritz, spritz, spritz, cool.

- [Brennan] 900 feet.

- Margaret, we gotta go.

- Just it's a bonus action.

- [Brennan] Cool, I'm gonna
say, cause this is crazy

as hell, but basically you
guys use your whole turn

this turn to get on Aurora Nebbins, rush.

You see, as you rush
for the back of the ship

you see Plug says, remember,

you're not gonna die till I die,

and you know when I'm dying.

- [All] Tomorrow.

- He opens the door to his
Stuff Hut, you all dive in

and he ejects it and the Stuff Hut rockets

and slams into a gate
on the Fang of Frangus,

you have 900 feet of
movement left if you wanna

keep moving past the Fang.

- I'm gonna go, I guess it's

just kind of left of the Fang,

kinda getting cover behind
all these meteors over here.

- Dope as hell.

- [Zac] So like somewhere
around here or like, you know.

- [Siobhan] I think we
were only 1200 feet away,

if we have 1800 feet of
movement, can we actually use

that last bonus action
to hide, instead of-

- [Lou] Yeah, can we hide?

Yeah, can we throw up camouflage?

- [Ally] We want them to see you guys.

We want them to chase
you much past the Fang.

- Cool, yes, great, got it.

- Incredible, okay.

- [Emily] Actually, instead of buffer,

can I have drank Roonaloonian Absinthe?

- What is this posture?

- [Brennan] Well, sure
you want some absinthe

have some absinthe.

- [Lou] Can I use a
bonus action to do a line

of Kublacaine?

- [Brennan] Yes.

- Gunnie's absolutely feeling himself

in the reactor room right now.

- Oh my God, I got two fours,
I got eight tech points.

(Ally clapping)

- [Lou] Okay, we're up right now.

- So, I'm like-

- [Zac] So.

- Bonus action, uh, um...

critical analysis on Barry.

- Thank you.

- Okay, amazing. All of you guys land,

and the gate opens into

a dim, dark satellite

orbiting over Rubian
V, the Fang of Frangus.

Your escape pod locks into the dock,

you will have your next
turn, you- Aurora Nebbins

is with you, Zortch is
with you, you have Gnosis.

You're so close!

- Fuck!

- [Brennan] So at the end of-

So is there anything
else happening from this?

Is there anything else happening here?

- [Siobhan] In this turn?

- [Brennan] In this
turn, before we move on.

- I used that action, I used my action,

I used my bonus action to do
drugs, I think we're good.

- [Brennan] Amazing.

- Can I make a perception
check for Loose Duke?

- Oh yeah, I'd love to do a
perception check for Loose Duke.

- Oh yeah, you're in the tunnels.

- Yeah, go ahead make a
perception for Loose Duke.

- [Emily] Can I have an
objection interaction,

to make a perception check also?

- Perception, that's a 15.

- 15? You don't see Loose Duke.

And the ship is continuing
out more, 900 feet past.

- [Zac] Yes.

- [Brennan] So the ship
moves past, the Wurst heads-

And you have near total cover,
you have three quarters cover

in this asteroid field right now.

- [Zac] Great.

- [Brennan] As you fly forward, so Gunnie

at the mechanics core, both
gunners Margaret, Zortch,

Aurora Nebbins and Barry Nyne
out on the Fang of Frangus.

Riva and Norman Takamori
are on the bridge.

Skip pursuing his father.

At the end to your turn,
Skip, at the end of your turn

you catch, you feel

something wet and warm.

By whatever sense cerebroslugs are able

to sense psychic energy, it
is hard for us to imagine

how they might sense these spaces.

To describe them in our words
with our limited human ability

will always fall short of
this incredibly alien species'

perception of the world,
but to use metaphor,

you leave the cold metal of the air vent,

drying out your mucusy corpus

and arrive at a place

where suddenly your
senses come back to you.

You are in a place that,
for a cerebero slug,

we might describe as a hall of power.

And you see before you,

your father, King Prilbus.

You are somewhere in this place

where each of you

has the ability to fight
for power, control,

the destiny of yourselves

and perhaps of the free galaxy.

Your father beholds you, Valdrinor.

- Prilbus.

- You would speak so to your own father.

- And I will not bend my slug body to you.

- No? Then perhaps I should do as such

and bend your slug body to mine.

Have at thee!

And he- Yaah!

Leaps at you, you both lunge
forward towards each other

and feel

control over something.

You and your father are going to make

opposed piloting checks.

- You can brain slug the brain slug?

- Opposed pilot checks, Box of Doom.

Your father adds plus 10 to this roll.

- [Zac] Okay.

He just rolled a 14.
You're trying to beat a 24

in the Box of Doom.

What do you roll?

- I have a plus 10 as well.

- Okay.

- [Ally] C'mon...
- [Lou] Just like you father.

- [Brennan] That's an 11.

Your father leaps at you,

and pushes you out of the way.

- Can Handy Annie help me?

- [Brennan] What's that?

- Can Handy Annie help me?
- [Emily] That's why I-

- Not in this moment. You
see that your father edges

you out of the way and
whether to you it is a sense

we can't understand as human beings,

but almost like color and
light as just the force

of his will manifests and he goes,

Ha! You're still nothing but
a child, and the child's mine.

Riva, on the bridge,

you see an air vent grate explode up

as Loose Duke jumps out of the air vent-

(cast shouting in
indignation and validation)

You were fighting for
Loose Duke's brain stem!

- [Emily] I knew it, I knew it!

- [Ally] You were rolling
to take over Loose Duke.

- [Emily] This! Is why!

This is why I worried!
- [Murph] He's incapacitated,

So he was dead in the vents.

- [Emily] I knew it!

- What's up, baby! It's space.

Loose Duke's been on
the ship the whole time.

- [Zac] Nooooo! Noooooo.

Loose Duke is loose!

- I will never trust you again.

- [Siobhan] In real life.

- [Lou] In real life.

- In real life.

- You've done irreparable damage

to our relationship in real life.

- Just imagine if I had crit on one

of my perceptions checks to find him.

- [Brennan] A miserable,
filth-caked cretin.

(all laughing)

- [Murph] What is his story?
How long has he been there?

- A miserable, filth-caked cretin

erupts out of the air vent,

punches himself in the face hard,

slams his face onto the keyboard,

does a backflip and runs
backwards into the wall

and collapses.

You see that King Prilbus
looks at you and says,

Now to cut your ungrateful body out

and to force you to serve.

And you see rolling around
on the ground, Riva,

Loose Duke rolls pulls a
knife from his belt and goes,

(straining, grunting)

And one hand is pushing against
the other, as Skip fights

within Loose Duke's brain.

- Child's mind? What is your plan?

- My plan is to birth the God
Slug, and remake the galaxy

in the name of Frangus.

- We can be guaranteed,
though, that Loose Duke

has shit stats though, right?

If he's able to take him over?

- Thank you, I'm so sorry about that.

- [Zac] Probably, yes.

- Thank you so much.

- Now I'm contesting with Prilbus.

- Prilbus.
- Prilbus!

- Prilbus, all right. Back
to the top of the order.

Talespire, we're gonna move Brigade Tigers

another 800

UFTP, U4F, Vercadians.

(Emily laughing)
- [Brennan] Griivarr.

- Do you wanna get a
microphone for your seltzer?

Ally and Emily, give me another d20 roll

for the Vercadians and for U4F.

- C'mon U4F.

- Seven for the Vercadians.

- Seven for U4F.

- All right, as you decoy
out of here, you look back

and see the Vercadians
are- We're gonna go ahead,

two of those Vercadians are gonna go down

and you guys see those go down

and the U4F blue ship

off the port bow of Gust
Weatherall's Command ship,

one of the U4F ships- Up in flame.

- [Lou] Which one?

- This blue ship off to
the side not the Lady Pike.

- That's not who I was worried about.

- Not the Bad Call, not Dan Scrap.

- What's in Skip's left pocket?

- [Emily] Oh yeah.

- What is in Skip's left pocket?

- 45 cents.

- Wow, oh, I hope he is
left with a lot of money.

- I just gave him a 5.000
credits that I gave him,

doesn't put it in his left pocket

and then think that's what he's got.

- He's like here Gunnie,
it's sort of a receipt

and a straw wrapper.

- Talespire, we're gonna go ahead and move

Weatherall's Command
ship another 1200 feet

towards the Fang of Frangus.

- [Lou] Towards the Fang of Frangus.

- Another chance for the
UFTP to repair their comms.

They are going to repair their comms.

Riva, coming in- Oh, sorry, I didn't

roll with disadvantage, sorry.

They do still repair their comms.

Riva, coming in over that
you see a badly burned

Damien Factor go, hi, hello.

- Hi, Damien Factor, how are you?

- Good, I'm looking for Zortch.

- Unfortunately, Zortch is
unavailable at the moment,

can I take a message?

- Oh, where is Zortch?

- They're unavailable at the
moment, can I take a message?

- Okay, go ahead, give me
either persuasion or deception,

whatever you want to try to like,

and the number you're
trying to beat is a 19.

- Okay, great, I beat
that well, I got a 19,

I got a 19.

- Yes, 19, does it?

- [Siobhan] Okay.

- You see Damien says,
all right, no worries.

All right, how far away is Gust Weatherall

from, let's move the Guernican
ship 1200 forward as well.

Guernican Tigers are gonna move 800.

Okay, Griivarr is also gonna continue,

those Griivarr fighters are gonna join

with those UFTP fighters, let's
move those Griivarr fighters

another 800 feet forward and we'll move

the Griivarr command ship
another 300 feet forward.

Okay, so everyone's
continuing to close in.

- [Siobhan] Yes.

- [Brennan] And UFTP's comms are up, okay.

The Wurst, its your turn again.

- [Ally] Oh, my gosh, yeah, babies.

- [Murph] What's going on on this Fang?

- [Brennan] All you, you're
all on Aurora Nebius,

you surge forward.

- [Emily] Yeah, I mean,
I look to Ms. Margaret,

Ms Margaret is my boss
so what should we do?

- [Ally] Let's go.

- [Emily] All right.

- [Zac] Are you on, you're on the Fang?

- [Lou] The Frangus.

- [Emily] Yeah, we're on like
this like sort of like dock

on it so I think we're just,
we're gonna run on and use,

let's just use a dash action cause and see

what that reveals to us,
she's hasted right now.

- Can we stealth in?

- Can you stealth in?

- I could if I drop
Haste, she'll lose a term,

but then I could cast smuggle.

- Okay.

- And if you wanna do that instead.

- I think we can just
go in kind of blazing.

- Okay.

- [Zac] Probably are expecting
a lot of things to happen.

- Yeah, so let's use, let's
have Aurora take her first

hundred feet of movement in.

- [Brennan] Dope as hell, you
rush in so Aurora is gonna

take a movement in, Aurora
rockets along the satellite

and immediately gets to the
central room on the satellite.

You guys rush in, you look around and see

sort of within this chamber here

that you guys

have beat your way past
a lot of your enemies.

You've like outstripped them
by so far that they're still

well behind you.

You see that there is a
waiting transportation pod

ready to shoot down to the moon's surface.

Looking at that you
immediately, I think Margaret,

you would immediately clock
that as a King Prilbus

in Zortch's body was gonna
toss Valdrinor, in Skip,

into this transportation
pod to just rocket him down

to the planet down straight down.

But you walk in Zortch
has Gnosis and goes 'Now?'

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- As soon as possible.

- Can we all go down?

- Is anyone in this room, any humans?

- You don't see any human
beings in this room,

it looks totally unpopulated here.

- Can we do some sort of
perception sense of smell?

- What kind of perfume does Lucienne wear?

- Just really like,
it's almost like Cedar,

so it's kind of like masc, but
then it's really beautiful.

It's really beautiful, but like earthy.

- Barry, noses up.

- Give me a perception
check with advantage.

- That's gonna be two sixes for my Barry.

- Barry Nyne goes,

cloaking devi-

(mimicking gun shots)

Gunfire opens up as emerging
from cloaking devices

are tons of UFTP shock troops.

- Okay, can we attack them?

- [Brennan] Absolutely.

- Okay.

- Okay, so they have readied actions

so they're gonna get some
shots off on you guys.

There are about 10 of these shock troops

in the central chamber
with you that were awaiting

Zortch's arrival,
cloaked, they're all gonna

take some shots.

- [Ally] And it just troop
people those are the only.

- [Brennan] These are the
armored ones, these are not

like the sly agents that you
fought on the rec station

these are the.

- [Emily] Can we say that we
at least rode strategically

on Aurora so that like
Margaret's in the very back,

I'm behind, like the
Barrys are in the front.

- [Brennan] Hell, yeah.

- Okay, yeah.

- So I'm gonna do, you guys
are like leading the Vanguard,

you walk into the room
first, they're gonna take

all shots on you some will
take shots on the others,

but they'll have cover behind you guys.

- [Murph] Cool.

- Okay.

- But not me, I'm also
taking cover because.

- We could, I mean, yeah,
this would technically

it's a bonus action so
we couldn't say we were

guarding them as we went in, could we?

- I'll allow it.

- Okay, I think then that Barrys

little guard hit Barry
Nyne is cool with that.

- [Brennan] Cool, all right,
Barry Syx, these guys,

what do they need to hit.

- [Murph] They need to hit a 17.

- [Brennan] Jesus, okay,
so they need twelves.


You take 18 energy damage

halved to nine

as does Barry Nyne.

- [Murph] Sweet, I'm going
to a bonus or I'm going

to reaction do my heal up.

- [Brennan] Cool, hell yeah
and then there's gonna be

some attacks on, so someone's gonna take

an attack on Margaret.

- [Murph] Okay, so I'll say

I'm guarding Margaret.

- Did you use your reaction to get your,

are you using your bonus action to guard?

- Right.

- Yeah, that's his bonus action.

- Gotcha, okay, cool, cool, cool.

So does that mean that
has disadvantage, correct?

- So that has disadvantage
and if it would hit

I can choose to have it hit me.

- Cool, that's a natural 20.

- [Ally] I'm gonna, I
can call to the guards.

- [Brennan] I think Barry's already, yeah.

- [Murph] It's just that
doesn't help I don't think.

- It's just you would get to
attack them if they missed,

but it sounds like it's a hit.

- Okay, I'll just take the crit.

- Take the crit seven
halves to three points

of damage to you.

- That's a crit.

- [Brennan] Not very good.

- Not a good roll.

- [Brennan] Okay, that's
and then another one's gonna

fire on Zortch who's already
looking pretty injured.

- [Siobhan] Crap.

- [Brennan] You see Barry Nyne is gonna

take a guard action for Zortch.

- [Emily] Yeah, yeah.

- [Lou] What a king, just
like any good Barry would.

- That is a hit, Barry's
gonna take that hit.

- [Siobhan] Big, Barry
behavior right there.

- [Emily] Oh, Wow.

- [Brennan] And that's

- Barry on my wayward sons.

- So you see just these
two beefy, identical men,

one with like the crazy pink
Mohawk and the gold armor,

one in the black armor
with the hair shaggy.

Oh, the ponytail, sorry.

- [Zac] Oh, did you give him a ponytail?

- [Murph] Yeah.

- [Brennan] You see, he was over.

(mimicking gun shots)

- Pony it up, pony it up.

- Pony it up, incredible, that's
gonna be your guys' turns.

So Aurora Nebbins has
used all of her movement

to get you all into the area here.

- [Emily] Well, she used a
dash action, but she is hasted

so she would still have
an action to attack.

- [Brennan] Gotcha, okay, cool, coo, cool.

- So how many.

- Yeah, can we attack and stuff now?

- Yes, you can absolutely attack that now,

there's 10 of them spread out
in an arc around the room.

So all of them are about
30 feet away from you,

from you and Barry Nyne
right now that are,

and each about five feet
away from each other.

- Okay, so I can only hit
two at a time with a burst,

but I could start rapid
shot-ing if you have any way

to make them fail dex saves,

but I can also just take my chances.

- I do have my, I mean, I can.

- If I threw a grenade
could I try to stun them?

- Yeah, do you have stun grenades.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, why not?

- Yeah, I have a ton of
grenades from our big fight

that I didn't really
use a lot of grenades.

- Throw stun grenade.

- [Brennan] Hell, yeah.

- I throw a stun grenade.

- Okay, you throw a stun
grenade, you're gonna be able

to hit two of them with a stun grenade.

- Okay, great.

- We'll roll those right here, hold on,

coming in front of the board,
one saves one is stunned.

- [Murph] So I think we'll
even just leave that one alone.

- [Ally] Great.

- [Murph] Cause, so that
one's just out of commission

so nine left.

- I'm almost thinking should
we just take our gun shots?

- So start fighting them?

- Yeah, I think I'm not gonna
use my action to grenade,

I think I'm gonna use my action
just to use my two attacks.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah, go for it.

- Does that sound okay?

- Yeah, get it up definitely.

- Yeah, I think we're just taking shots.

- Yeah, I'm like, cause it seems like

a grenade will only hit two.

- [Brennan] Yeah, they're
like perfect ambush,

they're ambush squad so they're
like spread out diffused,

ready to fire on whoever enters the room

or to provide security if Zortch comes in.

- You guys start cause you guys.

- Okay, I will do, oh boy.

Okay, I'm gonna guess
these guys aren't dextrous

cause they got all this arm
runs, but maybe they are,

but I will take my chances.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- Rotary cannon, ooh,
what should I do there?

Okay, I'll do rotary
cannon, I'm gonna do rapid.

- [Brennan] Hell, yeah.

- So they do dex saves.

- Amazing.

- [Murph] So it would be just.

- [Brennan] Two of them
making dex saves or?

- Is rapid, you just shoot
one of them but twice?

- [Brennan] Rapid is,
yes, yes, yes, exactly.

- Okay, so I'll just try on
one of them, is that smart?

- Fails, fails the save.

- Apparently.

- [Brennan] So you're gonna
roll double damage on this.

- Sweets, come on, okay, not
bad, now we roll that too.

Sweet six, 14

in the zone, 16, 26 damage.

- [Brennan] Dead.

- [Ally] Yes, okay, okay.

- [Brennan] That's one attack.

- So that's one.

- Then I will do a second attack,

I will do duh, duh duh, same thing.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- And one next to him
has to do a dex save.

- [Brennan] Cool, cool.

- One stand, one dead.

- He succeeds on the dex save.

- Succeeds, okay and I just missed.

- [Brennan] Cool, I'm
gonna make say Barry,

Barry Nyne's doing the exact same thing,

you see you.

(gun shot sounds)

And for the first time in
a long time feel a dude

go back to back with you.

(mimicking gun shots)

and another guy behind him drops.

- [Murph] Hell yes.

- [Emily] Okay.

- Six is the same as nine dude.

- Six is the same as nine.

- [Emily] So then I guess we've
got, so we've got two down.

- [Murph] Ship's upside down.

- [Brennan] It's upside down dude.

- Two down, one stunned so I'm gonna have,

I'm gonna send Aurora
Nebbins after another one.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- What does she add to
attack, it's not on her thing.

- Oh, sorry, it should
be, she adds a plus six.

- Okay, does a 14 hit?

- 14 does not hit.

- Okay, so she just misses.

- Ooh, targeted strike.

- Okay, go for it.

- It's a three.

- Sixteen, three hits.

- So she has a d12 so that's
nine plus whatever she adds.

- [Brennan] Four so that's 13.

- From the targeted strike.

- 16, okay. badly injured,
one of them is ah,

a dog starts attacking.

- Okay, I will try to attack that one.

- [Brennan] Incredible.

- 21 to hit.

- 21 to hit, yeah, that hits.

- Okay, so that is nine more damage.

- To which one?

- The one that was injured.

- Dead.

- [Emily] Great, I will
also spend a tech point

to give myself extra AC.

- [Brennan] Whoa.

- Extra six to my AC and then I will take

my second attack on another
one, this one's not gonna miss,

it's definitely gonna
hit that's a 26 to hit.

- [Brennan] 26 hits.

- And then it will be 10
plus four and I will spend

another tech point to add to the damage

so that is 17 damage.

- 17 damage to another one of them.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- [Brennan] Amazing.

- And then since I got six
I'm gonna use my reaction

to throw a grenade at the one that's hurt.

- Okay, copy that, go for it.

- And it's gonna be just
a fragmentation grenade,

so I have my explosives

so it's a DC 16 dexterity save.

- Makes the save.

- Okay, still takes half damage though,

come on baby, let's roll good.

- [Murph] Bonus action
to keep the guards up.

- Cool, yes, you and Barry are guarding

Margaret and Zortch yes.

- So they still take half,
so they still take six.

- Take six damage, take half.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- Dead.

- [Ally] Nice.

- [Emily] Whoa.

- [Brennan] The Barry's
and Sid is perfect triad

of you guys, you see actually
Barry Nyne looks at you

and sort of angles out to get Sid in there

back to back to back as well.

- Like a little triangle.

- [Brennan] Little triangle.

(mimics machine gun shots)

- Nuts and bolts and nuts.

- Nuts and bolts and nuts.

- Nuts and bolts, heavy on the nuts.

(Barry, Emily and Brennan laughing)

- Not to get too greedy,
but can I use my movement

to walk up to someone and be like you suck

and then walk away?

(all laughing)

- Sure, he goes, I don't suck and take.

- And talk about opportunity.

- Yeah, take attack opportunity.

- Okay, cool, do they attack me?

- Yeah, for sure.

- Okay, I call to the guards,
so if they miss then Barry

gets to attack them.

- Okay.

- Unbelievable it rolled
natural three misses.

- Yes.

(Emily and Margaret laughing)

- Kill them as I'm running
in my heels back to the dog.

- [Zac] Till you roll your ankle again.

[Ally] Ow.

- I'm gonna.

- Once you roll it, is just keeps rolling

a little bit easier every time.

- All I'll just do a regular attack,

I was gonna reckless
attack, but that's stupid.

I should have maybe done
that, that's a two, I missed.

- [Ally] Dang.

- Okay, but correct I'm
wrong, so he still misses,

but he misses the attack on you

so misses the attack of opportunity.

Margaret, any other actions from you?

- No, no, that's it.

- That's it okay.

(Emily and Murph laughing)

- It's just the use.

- Oh, wait, it was a two?

- I rolled the two.

- Oh, okay, wait, but you
have critical analysis

if you want, which would
be a plus five and I can.

- So, I would've had, okay
so that would be seven

- And then call to the guard.

- Eight would've been 15.

- And I get, because call
to the guards is I roll,

if the attack misses an
ally immediately makes

a weapon attack as part
of the same reaction,

roll the superiority die add the results

to the allies attack.

- So you would add to a 15.

- [Emily] Yes.

- [Brennan] Hits automatically.

- Yes and whatever this is it adds damage.

- [Brennan] Okay, roll your extra damage.

- Okay.

- Five.

- Okay, five.

- Let me roll that too.

- 18 plus 5, 23.

- 23, so you walk up
tell this guy, you suck

he goes, I don't suck.

- [Ally] Ah, ah.

- [Brennan] Barry, you see
this guy and you just unload.

Yes, you do.

(mimicking gun shots)

23 points of damage.

- Five down one stunned, we got this.

- [Emily] Yes.

- Incredible.

- Zortch looks out at the
stars, looks at the room,

sees the ships coming,

can feel the like hum of the satellite

as ships come in, Zortch
phase walks forward

through center of the room,
no longer able to be guarded

and puts Gnosis the center of the room.

There's one's stunned, but
there's four troops left

and Zortch puts Gnosis into the center

(Gnosis booting into the system)

and that's gonna be Zortch's turn.

- [Siobhan] Breathe.

- I only threw one grenade.

- [Brennan] You threw one grenade.

- Can I ask a bonus
action cause I didn't cast

any spells Med-pack Zortch cause you said

they were in a bad way.

- [Brennan] Yes, go for it.

- [Ally] Amazing,

I rolled two ones, but then it'll add a

- It's their hit die, right?

I thought.

- No, oh no, no, this is a spell.

- [Brennan] Yeah, got it.

- So it's one d4 plus my
tech casting which is.

(slow tempo music)

- So many pictures.

- Is it just intelligence
plus proficiency, right?

- For tech casting.

- Yeah, so eight, so two plus so 10.

- [Brennan] 10.

- 10 hit points.

- Zortch's breaths in
they put their hands out

and you can see the shape of
Gnosis' electric Android body

begin to fade into existence
above the Holofract

and a beam of light
coming from the satellite

going straight down to
the surface of the planet

begins to connect.

within Loose Duke's skull.

You feel your father go,
huh, the Emhatchening

it cannot happen without me.

As the psychic wave begins to come off

of the Fang of Frangus.

- [Zac] Sorry.

- Can I direct Skip?

- [Brennan] Yes.

- With whatever it is that he's doing.

- [Brennan] Amazing.

- I'll use my psychic abilities.

- [Brennan] So we've done
everything aboard the Fang, right?

So you guys are in pitched
combat, Margaret's aboard.

The beam begins to coalesce into existence

we're gonna go back to the ship.

So Riva you connect psychically here.

- You're right, Skip, you can do this.

Are you're all right?

You can do this.

- [Zac] Skip is going
to pilot, try to pilot.

- [Brennan] Absolutely.

- [Siobhan] Roll that over.

- Here's how this is gonna work.

It's, I'm gonna first roll
your father's piloting check

in the Box of Doom.

- My father's piloting check, how novel.

- [Brennan] Plus 10, 12, 22.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna make an offer to you,

you tell me if you want to accept it.

- I accept, okay.

- You're making contested piloting checks,

your father just got a 22.

If the rolls are within
five of each other,

within five points of each
other, it's a stale mate.

The fight continues.

If one of you beats the
other by five points,

you can end this right now.

What that would mean is
you would roll a d20.

You have the direct action from Riva.

On a 17 or higher.

You would gain control of
the body over your father.

On a seven or lower

you would lose to your father.

- I mean, Skip is the
best pilot in this galaxy.

- Here we go. You're gonna roll two d20.

If one of them is above is a 17 or higher

the battle for the fate
of the house of Frangus

ends right now.

- All rise.

- [All] All rise, all rise, rise.

- [Zac] All rolling.

- [Lou] What the other one?

- [Brennan] 18

(cast cheers)

18, unbelievable.

- The house of Frangus is mine!

- Oh, can I have my dice?
- [Brennan] Hhold on, yeah.

I'll get you the die
back, hold on a second.

- What was the other number?

- [Lou] 11.
- [Siobhan] 10, 11.

- [Brennan] Unbelievable, Riva.

- That 18 looked bad.

- Riva, you psychically
send waves, you focus

the disturbance from the
Fang of Frangus satellite.

Skip, you see your father
directly in front of you.

Ah don't you understand,

centuries of planning

for the Great Emhatchening,

Valdrinor, this is your destiny.

- You're right.

And I have, at this point,

taken over Loose Duke's body?

- You shove your father out of the way,

connect your mandibles to
the bottom of the brainstem,

and you are in control
of Loose Duke's body.

- I sneeze my father out onto the ground.

- [Brennan] Yeah, so you
see, rolling- So Riva,

rolling the ground, Loose
Duke rolling, rolling, rolling

leaps up grabs the back of his head,

slams it into the thing
and jacks a finger way up

his nose, all the way past the knuckle.

- [Lou] Jesus, Brennan.

- I think the request was
"Can I simply sneeze him out?"

- And to that I said, I'll
see you and do you one better.

And he goes, (mimics sneezing
out and grabbing a brain slug)

Skip, you're holding
your father in your hand.

- [Zac] I drop him to the floor,

I take off one of
Skipper's boots, put it on

my dirty ass foot and I step on him,

firing into him.

- And shooting straight down.

- I say, the king is dead.

Long live the king.

(all laughing)

- Incredible, well, I know your majesty,

the king of the cerebro slugs,

Lord of the house of Frangus, incredible.

You are in one of the worst
bodies you've ever been in.

- Yes, horrible, I'm about to eject it.

(all laughing)

- Okay, so that's your turn.

Riva, you're taking the
action, any actions,

any other, that's your action and bonus.

I'm gonna say firing and winning that

is action, bonus action, Riva.

- I don't think that there's
anything else I can do.

- Is there anything to a way to project

the Skipper's mind to the world?

I don't know if that's-

- What if I do,

if I can do a shot of that vodka

that gives me some tech, some force,

some psychic powers back I can.

- Absinthe.

- I can if I have a shot
of the old green fairy,

I can potentially, I
think I can probe mind.

- The old green fairy

- [Brennan] Yeah.

- Or something, hang on.

- You take a second to do that, Gunnie.

- No, oh, 6.000, okay so yeah,

so I can, um, then,

grab onto somebody in the Amercadian ship

and have them hallucinate
the exact sort of scene.

- I'm gonna say this,
give me like a psychic

power attack role.

- Okay.

- So it's just proficiency
plus your spell casting.

- Okay.

Thats's a 27.

- Oh my, God,

you reach out now without Skip

inside of Norman Takamori's
skull, you reach in

the cranial bolt removed and
grab that perfect memory.

You reach out, Riva,
from your comm station

and use the nearby

satellite to beam straight
to Madrugada Station to hit

every Amercadian comms
channel in the galaxy.

As you upload this hologram hallucination,

you also see embedded in it the video.

Hi, I'm Sister Sadie
Zeb of the Cosmic Veil

alive and well in Mas Vegas, Lavada

and that video starts to play

as you broadcast that memory of Skip

the cadets, Gusty Vines, as that happens.

- Go on Twitter and get
the hashtag #gustyvines.

- [Ally] Yeah.

- As that happens, you
get a comms on your screen

from the Amercadian space brigade.

♪ Amercadia ♪

This is Admiral Analinda
Weatherall, whom I speaking to?

- Hello, Admiral, this is

comms officer Riva, from the Wurst.

- Over here, Analinda, I can explain.

You see that Gust
Weatherall appears saying,

Analinda listen, there's a
bit of mis-big, big, big!

- I don't know if you've
ever met any Aquatunsians,

but actually we're
really very bad at lying,

we just sort of don't do it.

- Analinda looks at you and goes, yeah,

you are bad at lying.

Gust, you dumb piece of shit.

We're drumming you out of the brigade.

Analinda, wait!

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

And you like detect a
powerful comm signal going up

and you see that these sort
of like virtual shimmering

like sign or like flag on the
side of Gust's ship goes dark,

the ship is still moving,
but his ship is kicked out

of the brigade.

That is Riva's turn.

Gunnie, what are we doing?

- All right, we're patching the ship,

we're just gonna make it
better, fix some of the stuff.

- As you start to patch,

as you're about to patch the ship,

you see a little beacon come on,

asking for you to allow an
opening in your ship's defenses.

The call sign is from a
ship you don't recognize

that the sort of like call signature on it

as you like decode it
is "The Random Factor."

- It's asking for an opening?

- It's asking to be allowed
through your ship's shield

to board your ship and the
ship's name is the Random Factor.

- What is that?

- It's Natalia.

- No, no, there was a good Random Factor.

- The Junkmother talked
about the Random Factor.

- Open, yes.

- Right next to where Plug's
Butt-Ugly Stuff Hut docks

into your ship, you get
your second escape pod back,

which has been traveling
this entire combat

from the Griivarr Command ship, coming

from the Griivarr worlds,
it opens up and as it docks,

a little comm screens
open, and you see a little

android centaur with a
trashcan lower half going,

Hey there, boss!

Pleasure to be aboard, here, courtesy of

the Junkmother, looks like you
guys are takin' some damage.

You must be really juicing this thing.

- Yeah, we're really giving it to it.

Can I put you to work immediately?

- That's why I'm here, boss.

- Great, well, if you could do us a favor,

you regenerate the shields, I'm gonna work

on just the structural stuff.

- All right, you got it! Let's
bring the shield back up.

- All right!

- Servo Sam comes aboard
with a ship created

by the Junkmother, and sent to
you guys at the last second.

Go ahead and take both
those actions. Servo Sam's

gonna take one, he's gonna use your stats,

and you can take the other.

- I'm gonna, so my patch- Oh, okay.

That patch is for sure gonna
do it, so we'll fix that

and then, for the regenerating shields,

we're- We'll take the, let's see.

Do I nat 20?

I do.

- [Ally] Really?
- [Emily] Ooh!

- Yeah, it just means that we
don't have to take the two,

the lesser of two shield
die, it's the least exciting

net 20 of the day.

That's a full eight shields back.

- [Brennan] Eight shield points back!

- [Emily] Woo!

- Servo Sam's killing it.

- You see Servo Sam,
again, like gray coveralls,

little hat, kinda like
square jawed with permanent

five o'clock shadow,
legs could not be got,

but he's got a little, you
know, tank tread trash can

for the lower half of his body,

you see takes a little thing out, hits.

Acme Ashmuns? Lah-dee-dah!

- Yeah, something special, ain't it, Sam?

- And we would've regenerated shields

at the beginning of this turn, also-

- [Brennan] You would have, so we'll throw

another five on there. Incredible.

- [Lou] But then Gunnie,
high on Kublacaine,

is not doing as great a
job, and is only gonna

repair the hull for three.

- [Brennan] Okay, copy that.

- [Emily] Wait, you repair the hull?

- [Lou] Yes, the hull.

- [Emily] Awesome. Oh,
wait, was Servo Sam's

to the shields or the hull?

- Servo Sam's is to the shield-

- [Emily] Okay.
- The more important task,

and Gunnie's on the hull.

- Awesome, okay, we are
up to 12 hull points,

31 shield points.

- Okay.

- I think- Does Skipper still move?

- [Brennan] Yes, Skipper still moves.

- Okay, so Skipper is gonna-

- I feel like also, if
he needs the help action

from Handy Annie, she's probably
popped out of the vents.

- Oh, yeah. I think Skipper at this point

is just gonna move into
the asteroids to the left.

I'm not sure if there's any-
I'm not a hundred percent

who would still try to
shoot at us at this point,

but like, move, I guess it's
like, 900 feet this way.

- Is there a thing? Is there an action-

- Let me, I'll bring up a point here.

- [Zac] Oh yeah.

- How far away from these guys
isolated on the satellite,

do you feel like getting?

- Maybe, could he like ready an action?

- Is there a thing that pilots do that's

like essentially like a dodge action?

Is there something we have?

- There's evade, right?

- Yeah, there's evade, but
I do have Slippery Pilot

which lets me take a-
Oh, I don't have a die.

Yeah, I can take the evade action.

- I'm gonna actually, if
you want to ready an action

to do something, like, to
basically get another turn

on your next turn, that's
totally fine with me.

- Okay, cool.
- [Brennan] Cool?

Okay, back to the top of the order.

It's all been leading up to this.

- [Emily] Oh my goodness.

- Talespire, I know
everything's so- It's all so-

- I have been high for
the last four hours.

- I need the Vercadians to crit.

- Yeah.

- Tigers continue, Tigers
are gonna take another 800.


I'm gonna have the UFTP command ship...

No, you- Wait, yeah,

UFTP already repaired their comms,

shock troops say,

We got a problem.

Communicate back to the ship, UFTP goes,

All forces to the Fang, the Fang!

And UFTP is gonna try to
fix their piloting systems.

They still have disadvantage
on this, they just need

the lower die to be a 12 or higher.

- [Siobhan] Nope.

- 18, 17. Yeah, they do it. Okay,

so UFTP command ship is going to orient

towards the Fang,

they have their weapons system back on,

the command ship is going to...

Is going to move forward its movement,

which I believe is...

- Hate this.

- [Brennan] Main ship's
gonna move forward 300.

It's going to reactivate
its point defense,

and then it's gonna take two attacks-

That's gonna take two
attacks on the Wurst.

- Ooh.

- Does the Wurst have cover?

- [Brennan] Yes, it
does, your AC right now

is effectively 21, it's
rolling with disadvantage.

- [Zac] Okay.

- Miss.

- Yeah?

- And miss, two misses.


But you see asteroids on
either side of you, Skip.

(mimics explosions)

Whole asteroids, just splitting in half.

All of the UFTP fighters are
going to take a double move,

they're gonna go 800, trying fall in after

their command ship, racing to the Fang

as they know something bad has happened.

Give me attacks for U4F here
and for Vercadians here.

- Seven, oh my gosh.

- U4F, come on, baby!

Okay, 11?

- 11? Okay, yeah, U4F- You
see, Jan comes over the comms,

you see there's like sparks
coming out on her bridge,

her ship's taken a lot of damage.

Hey there, Encino, what's the plan?

And she sees that you are
no longer on the ship,

and are on some weird
satellite with hyon beams

blasting around on either side of you.

Holy hell, what the hell happened?

- We're getting in there.
Keep going U4F strong, baby.

- She's gonna continue, Tigers move.

UFTP fighters are moving.

U4F is gonna keep hammering
that Amercadian ship,

Vercadians are gonna
start to take double moves

after the UFTP faction.

It's gonna be another
1200 feet of movement

from the Amercadian flagship.

- [Emily] So like Gust
Weatherall is like disconnected,

but still on a war path.

- Just, like, going rogue.

- [Brennan] Yeah, fully going rogue.

- [Lou] He's lost his mind.

- But he's like, there's
no like morale check

for like the people on board that think

they're Amercadian soldiers?

- There's probably a potential, if-

But it's possible that
Gust, on the bridge,

didn't allow the comms to go through

like everybody on his ship.

But if you could communicate
that to his ship,

that could be a way to like-

- [Ally] Totally, cool.
- Yeah.

Guernica is gonna take another 1200 feet

of movement, their tigers
are coming in as well.

That's gonna go back,
that's gonna be the turn

of the- One of them is stunned.

Four of them are gonna take shots.

- [Ally] What about Griivarr?
Are they still attacking-

- [Brennan] Oh, yes, thank you.

Yes, Griivarr is gonna
take another couple shots

long range at the UFTP command...

Rolled two 18s

with disadvantage.


That's gonna be another 24
damage to the UFTP command ship.

And that is another hit and- So, 48 damage

from the Griivarr command
ship to the UFTP ship.

Incredible, look at- As all,
this swarm of ships coming

straight towards the
asteroid cluster here.

Aboard the Fang of Frangus,
shock troops remaining,

there's four left. They're
gonna take shots at Zortch.

- [Lou] Zortch!
- Zortch, okay.

- And we can't guard them, right?

- You cannot guard them.

They're gonna use psychic power to throw

a psychic shield up.

And I believe you got
them up to like 11 HP.

- I added 10 HP to them.

- [Brennan] Yeah, they
were at one hit point

so that's- They're at 11.

- My gosh.

- Okay.
- [Siobhan] Oh, Lord.

- But right now...

- [Emily] Let's hope their
psychic shield is strong.

- It's an 18, they have
an AC of 18 right now.

- That's pretty good.

- It's pretty good.

- So one of them is stunned?

- One of them is stunned.

(dice clattering)

- Okay.

That is unbelievable...

We're gonna roll

only two hits.

I'm gonna roll in front of the board,

each of these is 1d6 plus three.

- [Siobhan] Oh no.

- [All] Snake eyes,
snake eyes, snake eyes...

- [Brennan] Six.

Nine, uh-

- [Murph] So-?

- Zortch drops.

Zortch is at zero.

However, they have all used their turns.

- How far away is Zortch from us,

too far to guard, I guess?

- Zortch is like 30 feet into the room.

- So now...

- Is it our turn?

- Is it our-
- [Brennan] Yes, correct.

- Okay, I mean, I'll
immediately bring Zortch back up

with a med pack, bonus action,


This time, I rolled two fours.

- Nice.

- Plus eight is...

- 16.
- 16.

- Incredible, Zortch is back-
So, Zortch is up for 16 after

getting hit with those blaster
rifles, hold on one second.

I actually just realized, okay.

There are other guys in this room still,

Margaret, you ran back
behind these guys, right?

- Yeah, we were, I think I
was guarding Margaret, and-

- My AC is 22, right now.
- Barry Nyne was

guarding Zortch.

- They miss you, these
guys have multiple attacks,

but some of them are
still firing on you guys.

Barry, you are gonna take...

Seven, halved to three-

- Okay.

- And seven halved to three.

- Okay so six, another reaction
to get back some health.

I gained back more than
I lost, which is great.

- [Ally] Incredible.

- You're getting stronger
the more they hit you.

They hate to see this.

- I'm so mad.

- [Brennan] I'm so mad right now, okay.

- [Zac] Six is the same as nine.

- [Brennan] Incredible.

- Okay, so I-

I brought Zortch back up,
what's happening with Gnosis?

Are they like traveling down?

- It looks like the holofract-

So there's like an
ethereal, ghostly, electric

android form of Gnosis hovering

over the holofract.

A beam is coming from the holofract

reconnecting them to the planet

which is their actual supercomputer.

- Okay, so it seems like
what we wanna do right now

is clear out this room.

- Is this- What you wanna
do is clear out this room.

Zortch looks at you and goes, (gasps)

Holofract... needs...

and psychically
communicates to you a need.

All that Zortch needs to
do is hit a certain DC

on a technology check,
that's what they need to do.

- I mean, I-

- Critical analysis.

- On Zortch?
- On Zortch.

- Can you help, and I'll guard them?

- You get the feeling from-

You also have the feeling from
Zortch that multiple people

can attempt this, this round.

- Okay, so I'm gonna do
that- I will with my, yeah,

I'm gonna save my, mm,
no. I'm feeling good.

I think I will still- So
there's four of them standing?

- Four left standing, yes.

- Have they been hurt at all?

- Four are uninjured, one is stunned.

- Four uninjured.

- I mean-
- Five are dead, five are up,

but one of the five is stunned.

- So if one Aurora Nebbins
can't even help with this

so she's gonna take two attacks.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah.

- Because she's hasted.

- [Brennan] Amazing.

- Seven, plus- What was it, six?

That 13 doesn't hit, try again.

Five, she misses both
times. It's okay, girl.

And then, I guess I will save my action,

I already used my bonus action.

I'll throw a one grenade
as a reaction, why not?

- [Murph] Yeah, why not do some damage.

- Try and soften them
up. I'm gonna just throw-

Fuck it, I'll throw another stun grenade,

try and target two that-

- Nice.
- [Brennan] Hell yeah.

- [Emily] And it's 16 right now-

- Seven and 11, both fail.
Two of them are stunned, boom.

- [Murph] Two stunned
ones, then I'm going- Oh,

do you want to do the
technology check first?

- So yeah, my bonus
action was the med pack,

my reaction was the grenade, and then

my action's gonna be helping.

- Incredible, so you gave
critical analysis to,

I think Zortch looks at you
with a better technology check

than them- Within them.
They also are like bleeding,

so as you move-

- I technically have
proficiency with Gnosis as well.

- Exactly. So you see Zortch
comes up, links with you,

covers the blood, because
you just med packed them,

they stand up, hold onto your
hand, link minds with you.

- Wow.

- Riva, back on the ship, you
feel Zortch reach out to you.

You guys see that weird
like eclipsing trail

of Rivas kind of like
ethereally go towards

the Fang of Frangus.

Margaret, you had your critical analysis

- On Sid.
- On Sid.

- Yeah.

- What are you doing in
this moment, as you give

this analysis to Sid over here?

- I'm saying, I'm so
fucking proud of our crew.

I love all of us so much. We're doing it.

This is it, you got it.

- Sid, I need you to
go in the zone for me.

Take my shades.

- Okay, I was already wearing some, but I-

I'll put 'em, again.

- Sid, take my tiny,
little oval sunglasses,

kind of like Matrix-
- Little Morpheus ones?

- Yeah, my Morpheus ones.

- Barry Nyne, can we see your sunglasses?

- Hey, catch.

- I catch it like a tiara.

- Incredible, okay,

it's a DC 25 technology check.

- Technology check, and then-
So I'm already proficient

in technology, do I get
to add my proficiency,

or add an extra proficiency?

Do I have expertise, since I
have proficiency with Gnosis?

- In a way you do, cause you're
adding Margaret's plus five.

So that's what it is, you're
rolling your normal technology-

- [Emily] So I have plus 13.

- You have plus 13 do the roll, DC 25.

Zortch is giving you the help action,

we're gonna roll box of doom.

- [Ally] 12 or higher,
here we go, here we go.

- [Siobhan] Come on, big money.

- 12 or higher.

- [Siobhan] Big money.

- 14!
- 14!

(all laughing)

- Are you gonna make me-

- Just roll that other one in the box.


A 14!

- Oh, can I have my-?

- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- [Ally] Oh my God.

- Sid, as you reach out,
Gnosis looks down at you.


The lasers, the hyon beams

traveling through space are moving about

this... fast...

time slows.

- Is this the absinthe?

- In a sense...

To disperse one's self,

to walk soft the all,

to be everywhere for everyone...

As you touch the Holofract,

it connects to the satellite.

The Fang of Frangus
illuminates, from space,

this beam shoots down to the planet.

You feel, in your body,
a enormous psychic wave

come up as all of the
cerebero slugs on the planet

begin- Just sort of melt
themselves, to begin

the Great Emhatchening,
and then the holofract

reverses direction.

The House of Frangus

is no more.

There is only one member left.

- [Emily] Keeper of souls.

- [Brennan] Keeper of souls.

- Long live the House of Frangus.

- As the holofract reverses direction,

Gnosis goes,

To disperse, to make safe...

To make whole...

Rubian V is not whole.

What was that substance

you found in the crates

at the beginning of this great adventure?

- Eggs. Well, powdered egg substance.

- Worm holes all over the galaxy-

(zooming, blipping)

You see Rubian V...

You just feel, as a mass

of powdered imitation egg substitute-

- [Siobhan] Disgusting.

- [Brennan] Manifests in
the center of the planet,

absolutely filling it.
Compacting, becoming molten hot,

forming a core and, once again,

refilling the hollowed-out
moon of Rubian V,

destroying countless credits

worth of mining equipment, UFTP property,

destroying their mining
operations on the planet.

(zooming sound) A great cry
goes out from the planet, as...

- Is this what we killed
all these people for?

- No!
- Just to fill a planet

with egg substitute?

(all laughing)

- Well, the plan- It was
very dangerous for the planet

to be this hollow, and
they were still mining out

all that lithium, and that
was very bad, and now-

- All right, we'll see where
Gnosis is going with this.

- [Ally] If we filled
it with something nice

they would just start mining again, okay?

This is how these people think.

- That's true.

- Gnosis, the holofract
(hissing, whirring)

begins to separate from itself.

Gnosis says,

I'll see you everywhere.

The holofract disintegrates,
and- (rumbling)

the satellite stops spinning,

as throughout the
servers of every computer

on the galaxy, Gnosis
simultaneously nests itself,

and also escapes from ever being

keepable again.

You see a comms come over.

We got some bad news, UFTP,

it looks like all our
mining apparatus on the moon

has been destroyed and, uh-

I don't know how put this,

but we're not getting a reading
on the holofract anymore.

Coming up on the comms
channel in front of you, Riva,

Damien Factor sort of appears,

and looks at you

and goes, hi, we're getting reading

on a holofract that doesn't,

that we're not getting anymore.

- Hi Damien, how are you?

How's your day?

- Ha, it's been... I've had better.

- Well, that's sad to hear,

unfortunately it both
does and doesn't exist.

- Gotcha, okay.

You see, again, the Fang of Frangus

is spinning in space, this connection down

to the planet again, the
planet has been filled

with all this worm hole of stuff

that is no longer a hollow world.

And you see UFTP sends out a comms

to all the other people here,

to all the other factions, and says,

Hello, this is the flagship

of United Free Trade Planets
with unconditional surrender.

Thank you so much. We are
unconditionally surrendering,

and you see as Gnosis
has disassembled itself,

and the Fang- The House
of Frangus is destroyed,

there's no contract for them to collect,

and there's no holofract to steal.

- Do all the people on
Rubian V just like wake up

into their actual bodies?

- Yeah, what about all the slugged people?

- All the rich, slugged people.

- [Brennan] You guys see-

- All the rich slugged people.

- Yes, so, this is weird 'cause you guys

can't quite see this, but what's happening

on the surface of the planet
right now... So, again-

- I just turn on the news.

- [Brennan] Yeah, you
just turn on the news.

Jimmy the Snout, Rootersnoos ferret.

You guys look down and
see the beam of light

connecting to the planet that,
again, worm holes everywhere

fills everything up, for all
of you that are left there

Gnosis actually looks at you and says,

is there anything else I should try to do

before I'm everywhere?

- Yes, and I-

Can I take out my phone and pull up...


200 Fast, 200 Furious.

- Oh my God.

- And hit play.

- Oh my God.

- You want me to play this everywhere?

- Yeah, and I want you
to watch it with us.

- And if you could maybe have a scrawl

of our Smash 'n Grab account-

- Like, when it's pirated
and it says like, "Putlocker"

but it's, like, our-

- Putlocker?

- Also, if you could
squash all the medical debt

of all the people that
were in Gunnie's position.

- Yes.

- [Brennan] Oh, I can do that.

- Oh, cool, that's a better idea.

- Zeroes out all-
- [Ally] La famiglia.

(all laughing)

Zeroes out all of that debt.

- I guess I assumed once everyone
saw 200 Fast, 200 Furious,

they would just-
- They'd be forgiven.

- [Brennan] So the 20
billion pilgrims all over

the surface of Rubian V all go-


Urgh. Oh, oh, gross, gross,

as these partially dissolved slugs

just start to drip out of their noses.

So there's 20 billion people all going,


after, you know, nargons, or entire cycles

of being brain slugged,

However, they do not die
and so UFTP does not collect

five Quintillion credits.

- And actually I believe, by maritime law,

if you surrender to somebody in space,

you get to take that spaceship.

- So thankfully...
- Miraculous.

- Miraculous, how about it.

Just started The Great Emhatchening
just enough to dissolve

before they melted and incinerated

the brains of all those host bodies.

- Do they all come to burrowing?

Weren't they actively burrowing?

- Yeah, it's a bunch of
upper middle class people

burrowing into the soil.

- You have your arm fully in the earth.

- [Brennan] In the earth, and you're like,

I think, my brain feels
hot like a dissolving slug

was gonna DNA meld with my
brain stem and melt my body

as I burrowed into the
earth to make a God slug,

but instead that didn't happen.
Instead it didn't happen.

- [Zac] Congrats.

- That feeling when...

- [Brennan] That feeling when.

- Relatable!

- [Brennan] That is your technology check,

the UFTP troopers are still-
Have guns, opening fire

on you guys here in the space.

- Two of them are
stunned though, remember?

- Actually yes, two of them are stunned-

- There's only two awake?

- And I still have a turn. I-

- [Brennan] Yeah.
- [Ally] Incredible.

- Read the room, dude.

Uh, I'm gonna shoot the dude.

- [Brennan] Yeah, absolutely.

- If you hit, you auto-crit.

- [Brennan] On the stunned
guys, yeah, absolutely.

- Oh, let's go for the two
awake, that are shooting at us-

- Reckless, cool, that's a 23 to hit.

- Hits.

- Oh my God, I rolled two
sixes so that's 12, 17

plus my rage, 19 damage on the first one.

- [Brennan] Dead, amazing.

- I'll shoot the other
one with the second attack

20 to hit.



15 on that one.

- Incredible, 15 on that, that's going to-

15 damage on that one? Not dead yet.

- [Murph] Bonus action jump
and punch him into the earth.

- [Brennan] Dead, boom

That's two hits from Barry Nyne.

- I think they're all-
- That's all of them.

- Everyone's stunned or dead.

- [Brennan] Yeah, Barry
Nyne comes in and grabs

the two stunned guys and just
hurls them down the shaft

of the satellite.

Tosses them,


- [Ally] Can I use my
action to call Lucienne,

and just see if I hear like a phone ring?

- Where is she?

- You call- You call Lucienne?

- [Ally] Yeah.

- Like I'm just kind of quietly like dial.

- Barry's murdering people.

- You call Lucienne, her
phone picks up, (pings)

and connects.

You see Lucienne looks at you goes, hello?

And you see that she says, where am I?

A door opens up, you see her in the closet

of your room on the ship.

Hey, I got hit over the back of the head

with some kind of pipe, and
put in this room. Where am I?

- [Emily] Oh, she boarded with Barry Nyne.

- Or...

How long is...?

- I was talking to Barry Nyne, to the king

and I was talking about
how, hey, after the,

I was like, hey, once the Fangus...



we could use this
holofract and he was like,

oh, you wanna use the
holofract for something?

And I was like, yeah, it's a
very powerful supercomputer.

And then I turned, cause there's
a little cappuccino station

downstairs on your ship.

- It's really nice.

- And then I woke up in
the closet of this room.

- That's... crazy,

that's really crazy.

- Ooop, I'm fired.

- Yeah, definitely.

- I just saw my email.

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna cry.

- Okay, yeah, go ahead and cry.

- Can I be in this room and cry?

- You can be in there and you can cry.

- The yogurt stash.

- And there is a yogurt stash.

- That's exactly what I need.

- [Ally] Yeah.

- Exactly what I need?
- Yeah.

- Is yogurt.

- Definitely, I would
also- There's a bunch

of like paper and pens and stuff like that

and I want you to just sit
down and just start writing

your feelings out, just
write them all out.

- Is it weird that I, but I feel like

I should get a haircut today.

- Yeah, you should shave your head.

- I'm gonna shave my head.

- Big changes are coming, girl.

(all laughing)

- I'm gonna shave my head.


I don't know what I'm gonna
do with the rest of my life.

- Yeah, definitely,
maybe you won't be like

so obsessed with like power and
control and greed, you know?

- It's like you try to control stuff,

but you can't.

- Just, you can't. No, you can't...

You almost can. This was close.
Honestly, hats off to you.

- Okay, thanks for saying it was close.

- Eat some yogurt...


Ah, cute! I felt it, I felt it.

- Do we have any cameras in
the ship to see what happened,

who bashed Lucienne over the head?

- Oh, Lucienne mentioned
to King Prilbus when

he was in Barry Nyne,
she was like, you know,

"after you do your thing,
if we use the holofract..."

and Barry Nyne just didn't like that

and King Prilbus did not
like that. Incredible.

- How did they get on our- Nevermind.

- [Brennan] In the prison break,

when your ship was in the hangar
surrounded by UFTP people.

- They've been there the whole time?

- They've been there the
since the prison break.

- God damn it, we need to do a full sweep.

- We need to do a sweep,
we just need to do

one sweep every now and then.

- Yeah, 'cause you can't just crit

on a perception check to find Loose Duke,

you just can't!

- Can I do a perception check to see

if there's anybody in there?

I mean that's pretty
high, but it's not a crit.

- If I crit, will you
tell me if there's anyone

else loose on our ship?

- If you crit right now?

- I didn't.

- All right, so.

- [Zac] Can I hide in a vent?


- So are there any other actions on this-

As you guys see, here's what's
unfolding in front of you.

As you have finally released Gnosis,

that is now in existence all throughout

countless servers throughout the galaxy,

impossible to be hoarded,
kept, selected, grabbed,

bent to the will of the powers that be,

but instead ambiently
throughout, walking softly

as a cybernetic intelligence
throughout the galaxy,

you see a couple things happen.

Number one, the Griivarr
command ship begins

to move in to, uh,

take over that UFTP vessel.

Uncle Bob comes up on
your comm screen and says,

I wanna thank you again, Miss
Encino, for being a real pal.

- You're creepy and you're already dead.

- Hey, you know when I'm gonna die.


(cast laughing)

- [Murph] That was scary.

- That was scary.

- Scary in real life.
- You need to like, do-

- We need to do acid on the
Griivarr Worlds - Scary in
real life. Me, right now. Ally.

- You see Arcadia Prime
comes up on the ship,

comms and goes, what happened
to the holofract just now?

- Hi, how are you?

- Is it gone?

- No.

- It's not?

- Sell it to her, sell her
like a box or something.

- Here's the thing, the holofract
is gone, it disassembled.

- No, we can say anything
is the holofract.

- Like when you sell a bridge to someone-

- [Murph] She's gonna kill us-
- That you don't own.

- If she thinks that.

- Oh yeah, you're right, okay.

- Oh, then- Yes it's,
I mean, yes, it's gone,

but it's also...

In you.

- It's in me? Give me a deception.

- [Ally] Can I give the help action?

- [Brennan] Yeah, you can
get the help action here.

- My first ever lie is-

Oh, with a help action.

Nope, that first one was better.

- It's nice if Riva can't lie.

- I got a 21.

- She goes, you're
right. I'm more powerful.

What's more powerful than a supercomputer?

A super being.

Being, and I am being,
and that's what art is.

Art is the art of being.

We are going to use my
living body to power

the Anti-Causality Engine.

- Yeah, that sounds great.

- [Siobhan] Bless you, you gotta do that.


Do that.

- We're going back to
Guernica, into the ship

jumps in faster than
light, all of your factions

have been defeated save
this Commander Weatherall,

Gust Weatherall bearing down on you.

- Oh, bloody Gust.

- So.

- [Ally] You should go take over.

- [Brennan] Boom, boom,
boom, you see Jan comes in

we got his one last ship left,
what do you want us to do?

Give you another roll for the Vercadians

and the U4F with just this
one last command ship.

- Come on.

- 10.

- 14.

- 14.

- [Emily] For the Vercadians.

- [All] Vercadians fall
out, U4F falls back,

Talespire, let's go ahead and move

Gust's ship forward another 1200.

- My God, this guy won't quit.

- I mean, he's got nothing to lose now.

- Coming up on the comms, you
see Gust again, looking at you,

Norman, you drummed me out of the brigade,

I'm gonna drum you right
out of this galaxy.

- Oh, you drummed me out of the brigade?

Ironic, right?


That's what irony means.

- Gonna take some shots with disadvantage

Five, miss

eight, miss,

two, miss

Turbo lasers, boom boom boom!

Asteroids all throughout, it
comes back to your turn again.

All the shock troops are
dead, Aurora Nebbins is there

- Yeah.
- [Brennan] Can get you guys-

- Let's just get to Plug,
let's get to the ship.

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna say just with
Aurora Nebbins' action,

she grabs all of you on her
back, gets to Plug, boom,

gets you all back aboard the ship.

- Yeah, I've flipped
around with my, you know,

prepared action.

- Aurora's gonna have a tough
time coming down from this

so I let it, if it seems
safe, I'm gonna let,

I'm gonna give her- cause
it's tactical advantage

she has like loses a turn.

- [Brennan] Cool, copy that.

Aurora gets you guys, Aurora,

so I'm gonna say the escape pod,

now you have two escape pods
on the back of your ship,

the Random Factor and
Plug's Butt-Ugly Stuff Hut,

you arrive back on the
ship, all of you are aboard.

Gust Weatherall's command
ship is bearing down on you

with all of your U4F allies
struggling to keep up

with the Vercadians
flying, trying to catch up

with the command ship.

- [Emily] Oh, we regain a shield.

- You regain a shield die at
the beginning of that round.

- [Ally] Let's go, Skip.

- Go where?

- [Ally] No, I mean, let's.

- [Brennan] Eight shield points.

- [Zac] Can I still
contact Gnosis in some way?

- Gnosis is everywhere, if
you want to contact Gnosis.

First of all on that
other turn are you staying

in Loose Duke's body?

Like, what are you doing?

- I'm gonna hover over,
Skip is gonna hover

over Skipper's body, hanging out...

Just there to help with
whatever and say to Skipper like

to myself, like this is,

This is your moment.

- You see a just again,
filth-caked Loose Duke

look right into Norman
Takamori's eyes and say,

this is your moment.

- Look at me.

- [Brennan] You run the
scene, you're doing it.

- Look at me, okay.

This is your moment, who are you?


And Skipper is going to flip.

Well, I think Skip is going to ask Gnosis,

if there's any way to harden our prow more

than it has ever been hardened before.

- As a parting favor

for the crew of the Wurst,

ironically named, as your
first review would suggest,

I would be more than happy.

You will do double damage
on this ram action.

- And Skipper is gonna
turn the ship around,

aim it at the admiral's vessel
and shoot straight at him.

- This is gonna be our
last gamble of the season.

As you're leaving the
asteroid belt to charge

this command ship.

- Double damage that we also take?

- You'll take, you know,
you'll take the half,

but it can go through
your shields, your shields

will be able to do what
your shields need to do.

- We have 39 shields and 12 hull points.

- 39 Shields, 12 hull points

your shields, I can halve that.

- Can I ask an action
do something to boost

the hull points?

- Yeah, we can patch, yeah.
- Don't we have--?

- [Brennan] Servo Sam's here as well.

- Yeah, well I think the
damage is to shields, right?

On our ram action?

- First, would be to shields.

- Yeah, I think we- Servo
Sam can regenerate shields.

I can patch the ship and
you can boost shields

if that works.

- Yeah.

- We can also shoot.

- That's true.

- Tear it up, we can soften them up first.

- That's true.

- [Lou] Here it is.

- That's true.

- Great, then I will
patch shields or whatever

the other thing was.

- Boost shields.

- [Brennan] All right, if you
cannot take this ship out,

you're gonna be in short
range, so you've got one turn

to try to take this ship down.

- Got it.

- Oh shit, we don't have,

- I made the strength check
for boosting the shields.

- Okay, how many temp HP
does that give the shields?

- I don't know.

- You roll, if you make
it then you roll just

a flat d8

- Okay, great.

- If this is all.

- [Siobhan] I got an eight, yes.

- [Brennan] Another eight shield points.

- Woo!

- Great, if this is, are you
guys hitting the gunners?

- Yeah, we're hitting--

- We're doing it, this is...

- I'm gonna instead of.

- And those are temp or how many shields?

- Temp.

- I'm gonna go, I'm gonna use one of our,

I'm gonna weapons overload
as a bonus action.

- Okay.

- And roll a d8.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- Murph, your gun is gonna
do an extra five damage.

...this turn.

- And mine still does that d4.

- [Lou] And your still does an extra d4

and has plus one to attack, that's my,

so that'll be my bonus action
and then it's my action.

I'll just do the- I'll patch the ship

and Servo Sam is gonna do the shields.

- Do we have any points to use?

- Yeah, we have four.

- Amazing.

- [Lou] Now we have three.

- Gunnie, you're running
through the reactor core

slamming buttons,

Just again, Servo's whirring

all over the ship, patching the hull.

Servo Sam, I got yer back here, boss

let's get these shields
up as far as we can.

- Two nines for Servo Sam so that's, well,

two and take the lower,
that's a seven still.

So seven more from Servo Sam.

- [Brennan] On the shields,
shields up another seven?

- I'm gonna fail a patch check

which means what exactly...?

- While you're doing that.

- I have a question, when we ram

does it do any kind of save?

- Yes.

- [Emily] Awesome.

- It will have to do a...

- Then I'm gonna try and get
off a discombobulating shot.

So they'll have disadvantage on its next

ability check or attack roll.

- [Lou] Only one more hull point.

- [Ally] Okay, I'm gonna boost weapons...

...and I do.

You get advantage on the damage roll

of the next ship attack.

- [Brennan] Incredible.

- Sweet, do we get any,
are there any other guns

on the ship for Barry Nyne to shoot?

- Barry Nyne says,

I could take a little cold...

and just pops his head out the moon roof

of your gunner station
to fire his regular gun.

Oh, like face freezing,
ah, in the cold of space.

- I'm gonna wait to boost
weapons cause do you roll

for the ram?

- So this is how the ram
works, you take the ram action

you make a strength check
opposed by the target's dex-

- [Emily] So it is a check.

Okay, so it is, so discombobulating
shot will give them

disadvantage and I have
two chances to do it.

- And then.

- On a failed check the Ram action.

Oh, wait on a success both
you and the target ship

take kinetic damage equal to
two of your ship's hull die

plus your ship's strength modifier.

- Okay so.

- What do we have power dice-wise?

- Three.

- Three, so I'm definitely
gonna- let me go.

- And if this is an attack
run, we will add...target ship

takes additional damage
equal to the distance

of your attack run divided by 50.

- Oh, yeah.

- I can also give you, I can
give you advantage if you want.

- I have advantage on my first one,

but I could use it for my second one.

Cause I spend a tech point
to get a second shot.

- Actually, don't know if we
can get there in this turn.

- I'm gonna allow, I'm
gonna say you guys can wait

hiding behind asteroids
until it's close enough

for you to surge out.

- Okay.

- Great.

- Okay, sweet, can we say-
since Barry's just firing

with his regular thing,
can you just be giving me

the help action essentially?

- Yes, he can give you the help action.

- Great.

- Okay.

- If I would do a distracting shot,

that would be one attack for
me and then as long as I hit,

that gives you advantage.

- Okay, I already, yeah,
so I already have advantage

once per turn from weapon-

Okay, but yeah, then I'll
do it, okay, great, yeah,

let's do it.

- Okay, here we go, let's start
to roll these attacks, gang.

- [Murph] Okay and how many
power dice are we using?

- You have three to use.

- You have one, save at least one for me

for discombobulating.

- Do you need any?

- Zac, do you need power die or no?

- I don't think I do.

- Cool
- Okay, then I will start

with a precision shot
just to make sure I hit.

- So one and then I'm doing it...

- Cool.

- [Zac] And I'm gonna add a d6 to one

of the attacks that have advantage

just whoever can roll with it.

- [Murph] To the attack
roll or the damage?

- Just the extra damage.

- [Murph] Cool, so precision shot.

- Yeah, an attack that
has an advantage so.

- Cool.

- You just did it.

- Nat 20.

- Oh, my God, okay.

- [Emily] Whoa.

- So and then I'm also going to use,

so when you hit a ship with a ship attack,

so I'm also going to use distracting shot.

- Okay.

- So I've got...Jesus

So it's going to be...


4d6 to start with the damage...

Then it's going to be another
4d6 of just power die damage.

- Oh my God.

- So 8d6.

- But then add because
we're brutal critical

you add an extra damage.

- And then I added
extra damage die, so 9d6

- And then I added a d6 to...

- [Murph] My one ship, so 10d6.

- 11d6, that's probably
doubled too, right?

- Yeah.

- 11d6 plus plus five,
so 11d6 plus- it's gonna

be my...11d6,

11d6 plus 10.

(Brennan laughing)

- And because of boost
weapons, the wording is on

a success you have
advantage on the damage roll

the next time your your ship deals damage.

- [Brennan] 11d6 plus 10, let's roll it.

- So you have 11d6 with
advantage on all 11.

- And I can re-roll one's and two's.

- And you can also reroll one's and two's.

- [Brennan] You start
doing, is there more stuff

you do after this for...?

- So she now gets advantage on her attack.

- [Brennan] While you're rolling.

- Mine might be quicker
to resolve than yours.

- Yeah.

- [Brennan] While you're rolling
damage, Murph, cause you're

gonna roll it twice and
take the better damage roll.

- Yeah.

- Emily, you go ahead
and roll your attack.

- Okay, first attack is a...

I think it's gonna hit

it's a...

19 to hit.

- 19 hits.

- Okay, so 19 damage on the first one,

I'll spend a tech point
to do a second attack.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- Does a...

Does a 17 hit?

- 17 hits.

- Ooh.

- Rerolling those ones
and twos and that d4?

- Oh, no, I wasn't.

- [Lou] All right, this is why we check.

- This is why we check.

- [Lou] We paid good money.

- Just double checking,
is there any other actions

coming from Margaret, Riva or Gunnie?

We have everything done?

- I should probably go
to my room and just like

check on some stuff.

- Yeah, for sure.

- Gunnie is gonna use his bonus actions

to start giving himself a tattoo.

- I love it.

- "Gunner Channel."

- Just like a soldering
iron write into the metal?

- Yeah, right, it's mine now.

- 21 damage from the second one.

- Okay, so it's 19 and 21, incredible.

- 60 damage.

(Brennan laughing)

- Oh wait, sorry, I'm raging - 62 damage.

- Unbelievable.

- Unreal, okay.

- Oh, wait, I have that thing
that will let me me know

what are their shields at?

What are their hull points at?

We get to know exact numbers.

- Incredible, okay, you wanna
know how many hit points

this thing has?

- Yeah.

- You are operating it, the U4F ships

chewed through all of its shields.

Normally it has 170 hull points,

right now it has 124 hull points

until it takes 62 damage,

19 and 21 for 40 damage,

It takes a hundred...

And- it takes literally 102
damage, has 22 hull points left.

- Oh, shit, I also spend,
wait, I do more than that

because I also hit, I also
do spend a...what do we call?

- Power dice?

- Power die to do discombobulating shot.

So it's next, it has disadvantage
on its next ability check.

- Okay.

- And then it also does
another three damage.

- So it's at 19.

- It is at 19.

- 19 and it has disadvantage on this.

- So it's at 19 hit points, we're gonna

resolve the ram right now.

- Resolve the ram!

- It's my strength, our ship's strength

versus their ship's
maneuverability or dexterity, okay,

I have advantage because
it's a attack run.

- You have advantage, it has
disadvantage on what it does,

We're gonna roll right here, disadvantage.

Lower of the two is a
13, it's an enormous ship

minus one is a 12.

You are gonna roll with advantage now,

you need to beat a 12
on- is this a strength?

No, it's a ram.

Ram is its own...

- Ram is it says yeah,
strength, ram check.

- Yeah, so the ship has its own ram score.

- Yeah, so ram for us is plus six.

- [Brennan] Okay, go
ahead you need to beat-

- Sorry, I just realized it
actually I do two extra damage.

cause I forgot that I've done this time.

- It's at 17, all right,
you gotta beat at 12.

- No, no, no, I do four
extra cause I hit it twice.

- [Brennan] It's at 15,
you gotta beat at 12 here.

- You can do it, you got this.

- Two and 15.

- 15! Baby, roll damage!

So with that extra, you're
gonna do 300 feet of movement

so that's gonna be divided by 50 is six.

You're doing another six
points of damage as part

of the charge, go ahead...

- Our shield, our hull
dice are d8s, right?

- [Brennan] Yes, d8s.

- [Zac] And so this is
an attack plus, sorry,

Rams are plus...

- [Brennan] So you succeed on the Ram,

it's 2d8 plus the ship's strength,

which is three, plus another six

so it's 2d8 plus nine,

we're gonna roll this box of doom as well.

- [Ally] Come on, come on.

- Reroll, roll that in the box of doom,

seven plus nine is 16, it has 15.

You do 16 points of damage!

Oh, you-

- This is such a bad idea!


Through the heart of
the Amercadian vessel.

- Skipper looks at it and
it say no more running.

- [Brennan] A hot dog
explodes through the very core

of the starship!


Gust Weatherall's ship is destroyed.

The Wurst is victorious.

Metal scattering through space,

no enemies left,

The Vercadians salute

Jan de la Vega,

that's a hell of a charge,
cap, my hats off to ya.

And a new comm comes
onboard from Acme Ashmun,

better deal than anticipated,

650.000 credits

has just cleared to your account.

Your money from the fight comes through,

your ship is flying, your crew is safe

and you are richer than you have ever been

in a galaxy full of adventure.

The next, I think the only thing left is

later that evening,

at Barry's Big Win Casino...

- A wedding?

- You're the...

Hey, cap,

- Skipper looks for Loose Duke,

Finds him and says,

Thank you...

Let me talk to everybody else for...


Gathers everyone around, says,

looks like you hit those shots.

- Yeah, thank you.

- You're not being sarcastic.

- No, we barely heard it at all with

the...honestly, horrible idea.

I could, that was a bad
call, but because of you guys

it wasn't! Because this is a great crew.

- Appreciate you saying that, Skipper.

- Yeah, really is.

- Margaret.
- Yeah?

- I still really don't know you very well.

- That's okay, we
actually all own the ship

and you signed your part over to us.

- No kidding?

So in a way you're the
stranger to me on my ship.

- We're both strangers, yeah.

- What does it feel like when you have,

is it kind of like a spa day,

like you get to check out
when the slug is in there?

- You know what?

- A little R 'n R?

I think in a lot of ways, it is.

And there were times when it was a spa

I didn't necessarily want
to be at, but now I've grown

to like, it's a little more comfortable.

- You had a brain slug, but
you also had a metal plate

erasing memory, so it's kind
of cool that that's out.

- I think that was aggravating.

- Yeah, definitely.

- [Zac] In hindsight
that made me feel bad.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, you know, Skipper,
I don't wanna speak

for the whole crew, but we could use a...


- Yeah.

- Like really low level co-pilot.

- Yeah.

- We could.

- Yeah, like one without a vote.

- [Brennan] As you're saying this

Skip, who's still in Loose Duke,

looks - you feel psychic energy

radiating out as the last
member of the house of Frangus

computer screens nearby scintillate,

and Gnosis begins to send data

to these screens of a vast number

of other houses of cerebro slugs,

Not even just houses, just other cultures,

communities of this species of being

that, you see for the first
time, has the capability

of living symbiotically.

That many Cerebero slugs
are happy to simply augment

and enhance and live side
by side with the bodies

that carry them, they just
need a brain stem somewhere

to be safe and they are happy to coexist

and live with these beings.

It was simply Prilbus
and this House of Frangus

that saw this relationship
as being fundamentally

exploitive and predatory.

- Right on.

(all laughing)

- I think Skipper looks at Loose Duke,

signals for him to come over and then.

- You guys see Loose
Duke just spits this slug

straight into the back
of this Skipper's throat,

Loose Duke goes,


and just sprints off into the ship.

- I grapple him!

- Yeah, I shoot a tranquilizer at him.

- Yeah, Loose Duke is out.

- This is the best crew.

It's funny that it's called the Wurst,

it's a better name.

- We came up with it, it was a
pun, we thought it was funny.

- The Red Hot felt unnecessarily sexual.

- Yeah, oh, interesting, I see that now.

Skipper reaches into his
pocket and he pulls out

his little, his wings

and he hands it to Gunnie,

he says, you're right,
we do need a co-pilot.

- Gunnie folds his wings in the hand

looks down at the tattoo
he tried to give himself

at which point, a ship
rammed into another ship.

So it says Gunner Chanelllll.

- Gunner Chanel.

- Gunner Chanel.




I guess, it's not...

we got a real father thing
going while you were gone.

- Oh, that's interesting.

But, hey, come here

And Gunnie walks in and hugs
Skip, you know, head of course,

just like underneath his pecs,
just like as a short king,

You made me the man I
am, by being mean to me

and then really, really, really nice.

- You're not a coward.

- Yeah, I know.

- We cut to the Wurst in space.

We are at Barry's Big Win Casino

Over in one corner,

are a huge number of
Vercadian Protector Droids

with a whole bunch of
Warfare Whitneys packaged up

to go back to actually
the Handy Andi corporation

that is going to take
them and sort of this,

sort of slap dash Warfare Whitney program,

he's gonna be able to reuse them

and do their original programming.

- Can I look at Servo Sam and just say,

I kind of wanna save one and
send her to the Junkmother.

- Oh, I, that would be...

- I just feel like the
Junkmother has such creativity

she might see something in
them that we didn't even see.

- If you wanna send them all there,

we can send them all to the Junkmother.

- Maybe they stop with
the Junkmother first

and then they go to...

- All right, that sounds good to me.

Hey, tough guy, this tall drink of water.

Let's send all he's back
over to the Junkmother

and Servo Sam comes over explain to.

- [Emily] Margaret, is this a bad idea?

- No, we have a lot of money for shipping.

- You see the Vercadians
are over there as Servo Sam

goes and starts to get ready
for the Warfare Whitneys

to get sent out to the Junkmother.

You see, one of them
momentarily kind of snaps on

and looks over and says,

Hey there, sugar,

That was some good shooting out there.

- Are you playing nice?

- [Brennan] We got beat, I'm a little sad.

- Yeah, but you did wonderfully.

You were all flying in
space like a great swarm

and I was so scared and all I wanted to do

was just fight on the same side as you.

- Servo Sam turns on the rest of them

and they all sort of
look over and they say,

well, we only can do one
thing and that's fight

and we couldn't even
do that as well as you

and your friends.

- But you know what?

You know what happens at the end of this?

You might have lost, but
you're gonna go meet mommy.

- We're gonna go, oh, in unison,
we are gonna go meet mommy?

All the Vercadians Protector
Droids say, to meet the mother

and Servo Sam says, yeah, ma is great.

And every other like
organic organism here looks

over like Androids are weird.

(all laughing)

You see in Barry's Big Win Casino,


you are standing in between
Plug and Bambi LeRoux.

- [Emily] Oh.

- I would ask, we're all
gathered here to honor

the union of Plug and Bambi,
such a beautiful union

between two people should only,
I think we would be honored

if someone who could speak on
this topic definitely knows

about a relationship
with between two people

Riva, if you wouldn't mind
giving us a few words about...

- When five people love
each other very, very much,

they come together and form
an incredible immortal bond.

And for these two people
to have found each other

means that there are only
three loving bonds away

from the ultimate, ultimate love,

which will create 10.000 children

and I think that that's really beautiful.

- Raymond Zam goes,
"Hear, hear! Hear, hear!"

Here in the wedding, in the
sort of like casino stools

that have been assembled like pews

are all of your Jib Jobbers,
Raymond Zam is there.

You see the girl guides
in the back whispering

to each other, pointing at the sort

of unattended casino as
the wedding takes place.

You see, sitting next to you, Margaret

with a shaved head is Lucienne, going,

I've been crying for days.

- Ah, that sounds really hard.

I think I'm like, I'm
definitely less into her,

but I am just concerned this is becoming

like true friendship.

I'm just kinda like, yeah, eat the yogurt

- You don't think less of me, do you?

- No, I mean, what
you're doing is very cool

and important and you're
going through a lot of changes

it's just kind of like...I
did that years ago, you know?

So like if you need any
help on the way - here,

you should sign up for a
one on one and I have her

sign up for a meeting.

- Incredible, you see off of the corner,

Lamelia Lafarve is here with
a couple of the Chesters

that all start throwing some confetti

in unison all together

For anyone else here,

what can I ask- what are you doing here

at the wedding?

As we have the glorious conclusion

to this wonderful odyssey?

- [Siobhan] I think for Riva
it is a beautiful moment,

but I think also makes them realize

that maybe it's time to go home.

- I think a Galavant can only go so far

and some of the things I've
learned, I wish I hadn't

to be honest,

I think it might be time to rejoin

- Riva, after the wedding,
you see, you know,

Plug and Bambi are
dancing on the dance floor

and you have an opportunity
to bid a goodbye

to all of your friends.

- I do what is called
an Aguatunisian exit,

which is I message everybody psychically

my deep love

and then I hitch a ride
on the next starship

that's popping over, I just jump over.

- Oh my God, my pockets are
filled with Pleasure Putty.

(Brennan laughing)

- All my grenades are
coated in Pleasure Putty.

- [Zac] My captain's hat...

- You look over, Zortch -
who, by the way, is just now

in a full chef's whites, like they fully,

you see they're like well,
my home world got saved

and Gnosis is safe, I
think I'm just a chef now.

- Is that cool?

- Would you like to be a
communications officer?

- They psychically connect with you, Riva,

Riva, would you put in a
reference for me for your old job?

- I don't think I need to give you one,

but I absolutely will and let me just say,

I think you will do a fantastic job.

- I'll have to learn
to breathe water, but.

- No, actually, I think you can just do it

from outside the, I don't think the water,

I think that's just.

- Incredible.

- You can just do that wherever.

- I psychically like connect
back to Riva and say like,

you're welcome back any time.

And honestly, even if you just wanted

to have a one-on-one that
wasn't about like performance,

just a catch up.

- Honestly, I might
check in with you on that

and if ever seen an
Aguatunisian hitching a ride,

just let 'em in.

- I mean.

- We got all the equipment for it.

- We installed this huge ass tank.

- Honestly, right now Aurora is in there.

- Oh yeah.

- Aurora Nebbins, chasing some tortoises

through the water system.

- It did find actually a really good use.

- Okay, that's great.

- I think Gunnie steps in,
but walks over the Plug

and is like, can I cut in?

- Well, I you'd be a dandy if you
didn't, so have a have at 'er.

- Hello.

- Hey Bambi.

- You gonna give me a little smile?

(audible smile)

That's what I like to see, Gunnie!

- Well, I learned from
my dad, well, hey, Bambi,

this marriage isn't
gonna...you'll still be...

(baffled, excited chatter)

"Where are you going?"

- Where could you possibly...

- This marriage isn't - what?

Isn't gonna what?

- Gunnie, did you just cut in to make sure

that our casino was still
gonna have its biggest gambler?

- She looks at you and says, don't worry,

I'll be here gambling every single day.

- That's so good to hear,

and I spin her away.

- She spins away.

- Spin her in the direction of the casino.

- Yeah, back toward the tables.

I go back to going shot
for shot with Barry Nyne.

- Yeah, Barry Nyne comes down
with Servo Sam being like,

I just got that third
gunner pod, ready to go.

- Yes, dude.

- Barrys back in action.

- Barrys back.

- Nuts and bolts, heavy on the nuts.

- Barry!

(all laughing)

Barry, you fucking idiot.

- Yeah, what's up assholes?

- I think Barry Syx
spends the next like bunch

of days like going around and
like introducing Barry Nyne

to like the whole crew
and like essentially

just like filling him in
on all of the memories

and since they have
the exact same feelings

just like getting them on the level.

- Incredible, its like, oh
this is incredible, dude.

I'm getting right up in there with you!

- It's like we usually
only hang out with people

who are exactly like us,
you can actually hang out

with people who are different people

and you can still be friends.

- What?

Barry Nyne is so delighted
to discover that.

- I would love to like
have everyone around

introduce Lucienne also
like, we've picked up a lot

of new people...

Or maybe I didn't bring Lucienne also,

but I'm like, Lucienne is
kind going through a lot

and I understand if you don't trust her,

but maybe she could hang out
on the ship like a little.

- I'd like to apply to be chef.

- We already have a chef.

- It's really comfortable...

- Oh no.

- Zortch is gonna be the...

- You are a really good cook.

- Yeah, that's what I
should do for a while.

- Is she really? Because I've
only seen her eat yogurt.

- She's an amazing cook,
she puts strawberry

usually it's on the bottom,
sometimes she puts on the top.

- Being an executive was-
- Of what?

- I'm gonna need more examples.

- Being an executive was not good for me.

I think being a cook would be
good for me, I'll be a cook.

- I think so too, it's really like giving

and could I open up Smash 'n Grab?

- Margaret, you open up Smash 'n Grab...

on the comms channel overhead,

This is Rootersnoos
ferret, Jimmy the Snout,

coming to you live

from Rec Station 97, the incredible action

on Rubian V, outside
of the Fang of Frangus

near Madrugada Station, and you see a clip

of your hot dog smashing
through a "decommissioned"

Amercadian destroyer...

Folks, you gotta see it to believe it

The Wurst, perhaps misaptly named.

As that goes live, your Smash 'n Grab...

(ping noises)

hundreds of requests come in,

your U4F membership contract request

one after the other, after the other.

Your successful missions saving a galaxy

that perhaps didn't even
know they were getting saved

and perhaps they still
don't or perhaps each

and every malton unit, they
are getting saved in impossible

countless, myriad ways that
we will never know or see.

But the point is this,

adventure awaits out amongst the stars.

That's all for "Dimension
20: A Starstruck Odyssey".

Thank you so much for being with us.

See you in the stars.

- Riva!

- See you in the stars.

(all clapping)

(slow tempo music)