Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 13, Episode 16 - Jailbreak! - full transcript

The crew orchestrates an escape from the brig of Myrmidon Station.

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(funky music)

- Hello one and all!

Welcome back to another brilliant episode

of "Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey."

I am your humble dungeon
master, Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me, as always, are
our intrepid heroes!

Say hi, intrepid heroes!

- [Together] Hi, intrepid heroes!

- A lot of drinks at the table today

and we're feeling fun.

- Feeling fun.

- [Brennan] And we're feeling fun.

Last we left off, our intrepid heroes...

- Ah!

- Were in the clutches of
United Free Trade Planets.

A wholly owned subsidiary
of Crown and Scepter Ltd.

Aboard the brig of Myrmidon Station.

However, all hope is not lost.

Indeed, great revelations were made!

The nature of the great Emhatchening

and the cowardice of King Prilbus

who had sacrificed his
only son, Prince Valdrinor.

- Father!

- Father!

On the sacrificial altar
of the Great Emhatchening.

We learned about the secret plan

for the United Free Trade Planets,

the only faction that seemed uninterested

in capturing Gnosis and why?

Because they stand to make
more money if Gnosis dies.

Five quintillion credits deeded over

to United Free Trade Planets.

Foul play is afoot.

However, we also heard through morse code

and psychic contact from our allies,

UFTP doesn't seem to be able
to track down where they are.

How strange, given that
you left them on the ship.

What could it all mean?

But we know that Gnosis has a plan.

A plan that the only thing they need

in order to enact this
plan is a way to interface

with their planetary
corpus while maintaining

in contact with the
galactic satellite grid.

If just such a satellite exists, however,

such a satellite would be exactly where

King Prilbus needs the
Princeps Zortch to go.

The Fang of Frangus in
orbit over Rubian Five.

A lot going on and, as of this episode,

increasingly little time to solve it all.

Also, Lucienne and Margaret made out

and I won't, and that's pretty big too.

- We hooked up, okay.

- Just two friends who hook up.

- Up!
- In prison.

- Yeah, I am a big fan of her, okay.

She's very cool and finding out

that she's actually been completely lying

about being engaged to someone

and made up the whole thing, that's cool.

When it was like, what
about when I called her?

It was like, you called me, you mean?

And I was like, touché, you're hot.

- Touché, you're hot.

And that's the mantra of the season.

We are going to go to TaleSpire.

Once again, thanks to all
of our incredible crew

at the art department.

TaleSpire and Hero Forge

for this amazing prison block here.

We see a guard traipsing
down the hall here,

coming in to do a little checkup.

We are not going to enter initiative,

because as of right now, no
initiative has been rolled.

However, we do have a little android hand,

with a little slug riding on top of it.

- It has a little calculator watch on it,

if you wanna...

- Do some math?
- Like, play.

- Do some calculations.

- Write the word boobs upside down.

- Zero, zero, eight.

- So notice where your
characters are in this place.

There's an aquatic cell
over in the corner.

Across from that is Barry.

Gunnie, sort of caddy-corner
to Riva and Barry's cells.

Sort of in a split cell
here we have Margaret.

And now, once again, Norman Takamori.

- Oh no!


- I didn't kill him!

- Aw, poor guy.

- Norman Classic.

- Norman Classic.

And we also have Sundry
Sidney over by the door here.

There are some other
cells here in the block

as well as a guard,
other prisoners as well.

However, we're gonna go to Handy Annie.

What is Handy Annie doing as you drop

onto the metal plating of the station?

- I think Handy Annie is
just like stealthing along.

Like now, I basically told her, like,

basically she's listening
to orders from the slug now.

- Oh, perfect.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- Great.

- So you can kinda just pilot her,

because you're a pilot.

- I am going to, well,
that's very interesting

because there is no brain
for you to interface with

on Handy Annie, I'm afraid.

- If that was the case, I was telling her,

like go look for our
spell casting focuses.

Look for the control pad to stop it.

So she was on a mission
to where people would be.

- I'm gonna say, give me a piloting check

with disadvantage on top of this hand.

- Yeah, could I just
like tap whatever finger

as a direction, you know?


That is going to be a 15.

- Okay.

You don't have anyway to
glean sensory apparatus

from this hand, except for tactile.

So you can feel when the hand,

you can feel the movement of the hand,

but none of your cerebro-slug
senses are going off

like there's a brain nearby.

There's something I can latch unto.

So this is just a piece
of machinery moving along.

- So I don't have eyes?

- You don't have eyes or ears.

You right now are on,
you're along for the ride

on top of a hand.

- Okay, then she's just heading

to try and find where the guards,

like where she could
maybe turn off the system.

- You are, I will say, like obviously,

much smarter than this hand.

It's just that you're very limited

in your sensory information.

So you can feel the hand moving.

You can feel it turning.

You can feel air on your body.

You have a sense of the dryness

of the area that you are in.

But you also don't
necessarily have a means

of communicating with this hand,

other than you wriggling on top of it.

- Okay.


- So, yeah.

Limited, limited here.

Amazing, so Handy Annie is gonna go off

in search of...

Oh wait.

- Is there any way to like...

- Make another, sorry.

- Can I talk to Margaret?

Or can I talk to Riva, who
can talk to Sid to talk to...

- Riva is partially drugged,

but actually, you could
use Riva's latent...

What's the range limit on your telepathy?

We don't know?

Let's find out.

- Let's find out.

- [Ally] I love that we're
all in these little pajamas.

- Yeah, I feel like Gunnie's playing

a harmonica right now.

(Lou mimicking harmonica playing)

- And they're like,
where did you get that?

- A freebie as part of your skeleton.

[Emily]You just break it out.

- Yeah, it just comes with it.

- Okay.

So, yes.

Riva, go ahead and give me
insight with disadvantage.

- 19.

- Okay.

You can connect, again hazily,
but right in front of you

you see the hand kind of skitter by.

You can connect mentally with Riva.

And Riva can connect mentally with Sid.

- I need to find one of their bodies

that is incapacitated.

- Oh, well there's this guard.

There's this guard.

- [Zac] Is he asleep?

- [Siobhan] Oh, he needs to be asleep?

- He needs to be incapacitated.

- Oh, okay.

- I can't just like, yeah.

- You can't just, okay.

- Oh, it needs to be incapacitated.

- [Zac] Yeah, so is there
like a guard rest area?

- So no one has any other?

Yeah, so I think it's like,

so I guess I'll tell Sundry Sidney

to look for an asleep guard.

- Okay.

- Can I maybe use my psychic abilities

to see if I can hear any like?

- Feel nearby?

- [Siobhan] Weird like delta waves,

or whatever, sleep waves.

- Yeah, go ahead.

Give me a perception check this time.

Still with disadvantage.

My perception is not as good, that's a 12.

- Okay.

In the humming of the
station you are having

a hard time picking up anything nearby.

- Mm-hm.

- But as you were being moved here,

you did feel dreams, but you can't pick up

if that's how far or close away.

So you can't pinpoint location,

but it's not necessarily a bad idea.

- Okay, so there might be
somebody sleeping here,

but I'm not entirely
sure where, I'm sorry.

- That's okay.

- So as you communicate that from Riva,

Handy Annie, I'm going
to need a stealth check

from Handy Annie.

- If I have pretty good stealth,

is there anything I can
do to help that, or?

- I mean, couldn't we all, in our cells,

start making a ruckus?

- Cool, if Riva communicates to everybody

to start making a ruckus.

- Everybody start making, Phil,

I have some questions about your life.

Phil, come here.

- You hear, yeah, Phil turns around

to walk over.

So yeah, the guard was gonna
be coming back down the hallway

after Handy Annie comes over

and goes, hey, any
questions, what's going on?

- So, what's your deal?

Are you like, in a relationship?

I'm not coming unto you,

I'm just interested in your life.

What's your deal?


- I am in a relationship.

- That's great, who?

What's their deal?

- With our Lord, Zed.

- Oh my gosh, that's great!

I just start screaming.

That's so good to hear!

- Who is Zed?

- Well, Zed dangled so
that we could all be free.

- Praise Zed!

- Dangled!

- Um, wow.

- So is this enough of a
commotion to give Handy Annie?

- You will have advantage on stealth.

- She doesn't even need it, she crit.

- Ah!

- If I crit twice.

- Oh my god, if you crit twice.

- If I crit twice, what does it mean?

- It means we just move to the next map.

- Oh, I didn't.

- Oh, okay. Cool, cool, cool.


I'm gonna say on a nat 20,

Handy Annie skitters forward.

Also, on that nat 20,

Skip, you touch the GoPro

that is like embedded in Handy Annie.

As you do so, this GoPro,

I mean this is not
necessarily how GoPros work

but this is the future.

This obviously has the ability

to record sound in it as well.

Because you're touching a speaker,

the sound becomes tactile for you.

And so at the very least--
- Oh, like tremor sense?

- Yeah, you can tell if
there's people talking.

You can tell like, if there's sound

or something like that
it's being picked up,

it vibrates a little bit more

and you can tell that you're closer by.

(skittering sounds)

[Brennan] Hand skitters forward.

- Yes, she does.

- You completely stealthily move forward.

You are in this next holding area

with a sealed blast door.

You see the stairs going to either side.

So, Handy Annie scoots up.

And how far away, it's
100 feet, right, before?

- Yeah, 100 feet and then
I lose contact with her.

- Let's actually see.

Because it might not be 100 feet.

Let's find out.

You're here.

[Brennan] That is more than 100 feet.

Okay, so Handy Annie's just up
in there purposefully hidden.

There is a sealed door

and there are a couple of
guards in here in the station.

- [Zac] Do I seek any minds that feel?

- Oh yeah!

You feel minds near you.

Yes, there are prison
guards all throughout here.

- So for that ability to work,

they have to be incapacitated.

- [Ally] I mean, there's
a whole room with beds.

- [Siobhan] Yeah, you just have

to get through these blast doors.

- Yeah, so I'm hearing
there are guards in here.

I'm trying to decide what if anything,

do I feel more minds beyond this door?

- You do, yep.

- Okay, well I would like
to communicate that to Riva.

- I think I'm out of range of her.

- [Zac] Gotcha.

- You kind of just have to be.

- So where we're at now is it's basically

just Handy Annie and Skip,

this lonely little slug riding on a hand.

- And can I just like point towards that

for Handy Annie?

- Yes, absolutely.

So, you tap.

So, Handy Annie feels a
tap from the slug on top

of like, off in a direction.

Handy Annie heads off.

You get to the top.

You are hidden in the shadows.

No one has spotted you.

Handy Annie is perfectly stealthy.

With those blast doors in front of you,

you have a decision to make.

Obviously, these people are active.

The blast door right now is closed.

It's a button on the console right

in front of them to open it.

However, doing so would almost certainly,

you know, they would be looking at a hand

walking across a thing
and tapping a button.

Or you come up with some other way

of getting into the blast door.

There is no puzzle here.

This is simply how this prison works.

- I wanna communicate to Riva.

I think we need a big, big distraction.

Whatever y'all did earlier,
something like that but.

- I have a gun for an arm,

so I'm just gonna start shooting my door.

- [Brennan] Clunk, clunk, clunk.

And you just start shooting the door.

- I can feel my psychic
powers coming back to me.

Any moment now.

You better watch out, everybody.

- [Ally] Gnosis is here!


- Give me deception.

- Okay.

Oo, that's a lot!

That's like, 16 plus...


- Hell yes, the blast doors rocket open

as prison guards, about
like six prison guards.

So those three in the
station right in front of you

and then another three from beyond them

all rush down and say,

Hey, stop shooting the door!

Stop getting your psychic powers back!

- I am so sorry, it malfunctioned.

Usually my powers help
me keep it under control.

- [Zac] I'm tapping Handy Annie.

- I whisper in their heads,

it's too late, I'm already in here.


Oo, I'm in your little brains

and they're disgusting.


- Incredible.

Go ahead with this enormous distraction.

Give me another stealth
check with advantage

as you rush to the next
into the next room.

- 21.

- 21.

Handy Annie skitters into the next room.

Many of the guards in
here have momentarily left

to rush past.

So you wait, as they
rush past you sneak out.

Again, brightly lit in here.

But it's a space station.

There's not vermin running around.

You know, it's like no one's looking down

for a little thing that
skitters out of sight.

You are hiding.

- Can I make a perception
check in here now?

- Yes, go ahead and make
a perception check for me.

- Pretty good.


- 24.

One of the doors on the right hand side

has sleeping, has
incapacitated people behind it.

- Tap on Handy Annie.

- Tap on the right side of Handy Annie.

- Like a horse pull.

- Your weird tail is like, pop, pop.

- Incredible.

You arrive.

Which of the doors do you go to?

The near one or the far
one on the right side?

- On that 24 would I have a sense

of which room, it was just on the right?

- Just on the right is where you felt,

you can just sense.

- I guess the first one on the right.

- [Brennan] You go to the nearest door?

- [Zac] Yeah.
- [Brennan] Cool.

You are camped out, sort of
under the lip, out of sight.

By the way, that invisibility
to cameras thing.

- That only lasts 10 minutes.

- Okay, copy that.

- Dang.

- So, you are not only making.

You, in effect, are making
these stealth checks

even if there's nobody
present in the room.

Because there's always
someone watching, right?

You camp out underneath
the lip of this door here.

You have gotten past this
incredible checkpoint.

However, a new problem arises.

Which is, now you're outside of this door.

It doesn't look like,

it looks similar in make,

but obviously is not locked
like that giant blast door was.

But the problem is this,

there's no ability to create

a distraction for someone
to wanna open this door.

- Yeah, because you want
them to stay asleep.

Do you have anyway to make smells?

You could make the smell
of fresh brewed coffee.

- I don't have that ability.

- [Ally] You don't want
them to wake up, right?

- [Siobhan] You don't
want them to wake up.

- I don't have that
ability, unfortunately.

I have two things I can do.

I can do my body thief thing,

but I can also use consume mind

to maybe make them go to sleep, I guess.

The target is stunned.

Is stunned different than incapacitated?

- Yeah, stun is different
than incapacitated.

- Okay, so that won't help
me take over a person, right?

- Yeah.

- Can I go into their mind
and sing like a lullaby?

- Unfortunately, no.

- Really soothe them.

- That'd be wild.

I recently watched Inception.

I was impressed by how
quickly people fell asleep.

- [Siobhan] I know!

- Okay, so I this door in front of me.

I can detect that there's like a mind

or something behind.

- That's so funny and a decade late.

- [Brennan] Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely.

- Ew!


- How could you not finish something--

- That's you.

- Ew!
- Oh!

Wait, that's how big he's been all along?

- [Lou] That would be
unreal if it was that.

I mean, pfft.

- That's not, yeah, horrifying.

- He would be crushing Handy Annie.

- [Brennan] Incredible.

- All right, so it's
like an airtight door.

Can I--

- Could be a waiting game.

- Are there still people in this room, or?

- Yes, you sense awake people.

Awake and alert people.

Actually, pretty highly alert right now

because of the ruckus.

You know, you open the
door but at the cost

of like a very alerted
group of guards now.

- God, can I make like a sleight
of hand check or something

to try to open this door?

Or like a stealth and sleight of hand?

- Or maybe Handy Annie could also make

a sleight of hand to open the door.

And then whoever, comes.

Oh no, because you need.

You don't wanna wake anyone up.

- You absolutely can
make a sleight of hand

to open this door.

In order to do so, you
will have to scale the door

going to eye level with
the rest of the guards.

Very risky, but a possibility.

- Okay.

- If you guys crawled
up and just unlocked it,

it might be like quiet enough

that it would creak open

and only someone who
was awake would notice.

- Right.

I think, yeah, I think
that is generally what--

- Wait, but you know
like microwave popcorn?

- Sure.

- Could you make that smell?


- What a really soothing
lavender and chamomile?

- Can we go through like the
air ducts that we know exist?

They would be perfect for that.

- Yeah, Loose Duke it.

Can we Loose Duke it?

- Very specifically was told

there aren't air ducts.

- [Ally] Oh really? Oh, fuck, oh.

- Well there are air ducts here,

but it's about finding them connected.

It's about finding the
air ducts being connected

in a way that's helpful for you, right?

- Is it just crazy to just
say you can wait it out?

Wait for someone to come out, right?

- But then I don't know if that means

they'll wake up on the inside.

- You think there'd be multiple people.

- Yeah, right.

- There are a lot of people in there.

- You got a 24, right?

- [Zac] Yeah.

- You do sense multiple sleeping people.

- Okay.

So I'll just wait for a sec.

- Cool.

That is absolutely the right move.

We're going to roll a die.

You want a high number here.

- Nat 20.

- 19!

- 17.

- [Lou] Woo!

- So, you hide.

Handy Annie just goes flush to the wall,

straightens fingers out.

- And the slug is like on top?

- [Brennan] Yeah, like on top.

Just looks flush to the wall.

- Just random goo.

- And it's a long wait.

There is a very long wait.

But like you say, there's
this rush, rush, rush, rush.

But you go, hold on.

This could blow the whole fucking thing.

Let's just be patient for a moment.

It's a good 20 minutes.

They come yell at you.

Phil the guard says, Gnosis is here?

- I was having a dream.

- And standing up.

- I have a dream too.

- Hm?

- A dream about our Lord Zed.

- That's--

- Praise Zed!

- Tell me everything about that.

You should tell me everything about that.

- You see--

- Can I see Big Barry from my cell?

- You can see Big Barry, yeah.

- Hey, you wanna play
rock, paper, scissors?

- Let's put some money on it.

- [Brennan] Okay, we cut from this.


- 20 minutes.

- 20 minutes.

- You guys are not allowed to play games.


- [Brennan] During that
20 minutes, by the way,

do we see Norman Takamori
in his cell just.

- [Zac] Like the bolt
is out of his brain now

so that he remembers the
champagne explosions.

- [Brennan] Yeah, exactly.

Just like with a soft
recently surgery-ed head.

- Oh god.

- Who's close to him?

- Oh also, you've had a cerebro slug

in your body that hasn't turned on

pain receptors in like weeks.

So you are just--

- Ah!


- Yeah, just like weird blisters

and like chaffing and stuff.

It's just like, oh this body

hasn't been super been taken care of.

- [Lou] Yeah, there's no
moisturizing going on.

- [Siobhan] Oh chaffed skin.

- [Ally] Talk to me, Skipper.

- [Zac] Huh?

- [Ally] What's going through your mind?

- [Zac] I don't know you that well.

- Yeah, that's true, that's very true.

- Why am I in jail, it wasn't my fault.

- If you have any questions
I'll help answer 'em.

We know it wasn't your fault.

- Where are we?

- You guys see.

So 20 minutes elapses.

And sure enough, it's
a shared sleeping area.

Someone who is showering and
getting ready for their shift

walks out of the barracks, door opens.

- Can you see their butt?

- Go ahead and give me
another stealth check.

This one you're gonna roll straight.

Unless you have a way of
getting advantage, but.

- I have expertise in stuff.

Is that helpful at all?

- You could, if you wanted to,

depart from Handy Annie here.

- Do You have expertise?

- [Zac] Yeah.

- You'd be better at than Handy Annie.

- Yeah, maybe I'll try that.

- Yeah, why not?
- Go for it.

Okay, go ahead and give
me a stealth check.

- Sheesh.

- Slither.

- [Zac] Okay, so that is not a great roll.


- [Emily] Okay.

- But I get a.

So that is a 14.

- And I check the passive
perception of these guards.

- Of a sleeping guard?

- You can defiant, right?

- I already used it.

- Okay.

- I already used it.

- I mean come on, it's just
a little snot on the ground.

- Cool.

- Brennan, he's going like this.


- You move into the room.

Handy Annie, you're
outside, you're recording.

One of the guards in the
barracks turns around,

steps right over Skip and
out the door, it closes.

- Oh!


This is gonna be great for the reel.

- [Ally] Yeah.

- Skulk, skulk, skulking along.

You cannot see or hear.

You can only feel.

You can sense the psychic
warmth get closer and closer.

Like a distant candle
in the darkness of night

that grows larger and
larger as you approach

the mind of a sleeping creature.


Grows closer.

You feel your body
uncomfortably drying out

as you realize you are probably moving up

some kind of cloth.

Sapping the moisture from you.

A blanket closer, you
touch something very warm.

A neck.


- Are you doing little kisses as you go?


- Skip, you find a warm
and welcoming nose.


- [Ally] Fuck that up.

- Your character pitch,
you did this, not me!


And you feel yourself
entering, gah, a brain.

- Is it contested intelligence check?

- Yeah, so go ahead and
read the power to me.

- So it's body thief.

There's a lot going on here,

but as far as actually
taking over a body it says.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- The cerebro slug initiates
an intelligence contest

with an incapacitated humanoid
within five feet of it.

If it wins the contest
the cerebro slug burrows

into the target's brain, and takes control

of the target's body.

While inside I have total cover against

attacks and other effects ranging from

outside of the host.

Cerebro slug retains its intelligence,

wisdom, charisma scores,
as well as its telepathy

and its traits.

- Incredible.

- I otherwise adopt the
target's statistics.

- Amazing.

Contested intelligence.

Rolling it from the board.

- Should I throw it up in the air?

- Oh actually, this is
definitely Box of Doom.

What am I doing?

- [Players] Yeah!

- Okay, Box of Doom.

- Also, one point of business.

I casted like sage advice for everyone

and I was supposed to pick a thing

and I think I would have
picked persuasion as my--

- Cool, so everyone has that plus

to persuasion right now, amazing.

- Great, okay.

- Okay.

- Do I throw it in there?

- I'll let you know what
you're trying to beat.

You're trying to beat a...

That's a 14 on the die, minus one, for 13.

- All right, okay.

- You need to beat a 13
contested intelligence.

- I have a plus four to intelligence.

- Okay, so nine or higher.

- Nine or higher.

- [Zac] Come on.

- [Players] Come on.

- Let's go, doctor.

- [Brennan] 13.

- Yes!
- Woo!

- Okay, okay!

- [Brennan] Hell yes, incredible.

In the sleeping body
of this prison officer,

you feel once again, light.

You attach to a brain stem

and a very familiar body
comes online for you.

- Very familiar?

- Same species.

- Oh.

So I'm feeling like a
little more used to it,

a little less like I came
from the cold depths of space.

- Correct, yes.

- Do I make a piloting check, or?

- Give me a piloting check.

- 15.

- You awaken.

- [Lou] My man is up.

- Guy turns around.

So this body is coming online
way faster than Skipper's did

but it's still brand new, right?

- Okay.

- So I see another guy is also getting up

over in the corner, turns around and says,

hey there, Slim.

How's it going, man?

Another day, another dollar, am I right?

- Right on.

- Right on, man, right on.

Hey, you were knocking
'em back last night, man.

It was good, you know.

I gotta say, I've never seen
you play darts like that.

The spirit moved ya, I guess.

Ha, ha, ha.

- Fill 'er up.

- Right on, right on, brother.

I dig it, man.

I'm always really excited
to come to work with you.

It's really nice.

I feel close.

- Kiss him.


- Slap him, kiss him.

- Kiss him and slap him.

- Yeah, a good handshake between friends.

- [Emily] Kiss him, I think
something happened last night.

- Wow, oh, feeling my arms.

They're great, great, great, great.

- [Ally] Kiss him!

- Well, another day, another
dollar. Back to work.


You see.


Cool, you're in his body.

- [Zac] Okay.

- [Brennan] What happens next?

- [Zac] I'm looking around
and I'm seeing a room.

- Yes.

- I'm, yeah getting out
from under my covers

and ready to work.

I want to sort of just take a step out

into that main area that I just came from.

- Put Handy Annie in your pocket.

- Yeah, I'd just like to make a,

yeah, just another perception check

as I go into that room.

- Cool, give me a perception check.

- That is gonna be a 16.

- Hell yes.

Okay, so 16.

You see everything you
can see in that room.

There is a kind of comms,
a larger comms station here

in this room than in the chamber past it.

This sort of chamber is a little bit more

of a security station,
whereas this middle desk here

has paper work and there's
clearly like closets

and sleeping areas.

You can see they're working

on some consoles here or computers.

It looks like there might be
some other cellblocks nearby.

You're sort of in one block
of cells in this space, right.

- I wanna look for two things.

- Yes.

- First I wanna look for if there

is anywhere nearby where
people's stuff would be.

- You see a couple doors
that seem probable.

I'll do a little luck check right now

to see if any of them
are open as you step out.

I rolled a 19.

Immediately across from you,

you see that there is a storage area

right across from you that is open.

And there are other doors that might have

stuff in them as well.

- [Emily] Oh shit.

- [Ally] There are some lockers

in that room with the beds too.

- Yeah, you see there's like an armory.

There's like blaster rifles upon the wall

in the bedroom that you're in, right?

So there's like some standard issue stuff.

That place with the
closets across from you,

they have locks on them, but
that does look like a locker.

It looks like some kind
of vault across from you.

- I wanna see if I can like remember

in the mind of this guard.

- Yeah, give me another piloting check.

- That's better, 22.

- You remember a door code to open

that vault area,

but not the vaults themselves.

The vaults themselves need
a supervisor's keycard.

- Okay, I'm gonna look around and.

So, would I use this guy's stats for like

a sleight of hand thing?

- Yes, you would.

- Okay, how am I feeling?

- By the way, did you grab Handy Annie?

- Not yet.

- Okay, whenever you do, she
can give you help actions.

- Okay, yeah, I'll look for Handy Annie

and grab Handy Annie if that's fine.

- Yeah, you step next to Handy Annie

and Handy Annie crawls up the pant leg.


- So, in this order.

Well, I wanna lean over to where

this supervisor is and say,

hey, uh, sorry about how
fucked up I got last night.

And slap him on the shoulder

and try to do a little sleight of hand

to grab the keycard.

- Okay, give me.

First thing is give me a persuasion roll.

- Okay.

- I mean, you're gonna krill this.

- And I can add krill to this?

What's that persuasion?

- Oh yeah, plus you just get
your proficiency added to this.

- Okay.

- Krill this dude, krill this.

- Fuck.

- Krill it.
- I'm krillin' it.

Oh, a 17 plus three.

- Krilled, dude.
- Dirty 20.

- So you see the supervisor
looks at you and goes.

I'm really happy to
hear you say that, man.


It's uh, you know, we're
all worried about you, man.

You know?

- Right.

- Because this is a hard job

and you know...

we all know that things

with Sara didn't go as planned.

Marriages are hard under
the best of circumstances

and you gotta contract on a space station

way out here in the boonies and.



You see, he just embraces
you and starts crying.

You're in the open air of the place.

This is the first step, man.

Okay, this is absolutely
the first step, okay?

And I'm here for you.

If you need anything, okay?

- Right on.

- While this hug is happening,

can Handy Annie try to pilfer

something else off of this dude?

- Yeah, give me a sleight of hand check.

- Would that also be a plus six?

- Yes, that also would be a plus six.

- [Emily] 11.

- I'm gonna need a stealth
check from Handy Annie.

- Uh, 10.

- Okay, you see Handy Annie sort of

crawls into this guy's pocket.

And you see he goes, what the hell?

And grabs Handy Annie.

- Wait, what is that?

What is that?

- You see he says, is this yours?

- Why would that be mine?


You just pulled it out of your pocket.

What's wrong with him?

- Give me a deception.

- [Ally] Oh my god!

- [Brennan] Give me a deception.

- Yeah, probably not.

Oh, nat 20!


- You see he says, it's not mine!

And you see a dude behind him takes

the butt of his rifle and clocks him over

the back of the head.

And says, he's got the android's hand!

He's helping them!

And these dudes just.

- I grab and pretend to
fight the Handy Annie.

- They just start wailing on this dude.

Get him! He's helping the prisoners!

- Can I sleight of hand grab the keycard?

- Do it with advantage,
given the distraction

of everything going on.

- 19 on the dot, plus 11, so 30.

- Yeah, you grab the authority card.

They're like, we knew you were working

with them the whole time!

And they drag him off.

- Oh, this sweet man.

He was just trying to help his employees.

- And I'm gonna look for the
button to release prisoners.

- Give me an investigation check.

You also have Handy Annie again.

But in the chaos, people are
gonna look for this hand.

I'm gonna say that in two rounds,

people are going to start
looking for this hand, cool?

- Okay, I am going to in that case,

can I sleight of hand
hiding Handy Annie on me?

- Give me sleight of hand.

And Handy Annie can help
you with this as well.

- Cool, that is going to be a 19.

- Okay.

- And then I'm gonna look for that button

with a perception, investigation?

- Investigation, yup.

- Okay, cool.

- And you're doing this
with your proficiency

but this person's stats.

So you might add a little bit less to it.

- Oh, but I keep my
intelligence and stuff.

- Oh great, in that case,
yeah, you're good to go.

Yeah, yeah, go for it.

- I have a plus seven to
this with Handy Annie's help.

- [Brennan] Mm-hm.

- So that's a 12.

- Okay, you're looking at the console

and having a hard time remembering.

There's not a big button labeled like,

release all prisoners.

It's in fact, you think, probably

there's a sequence that
needs to get punched in.

- Hm, hm, okay.

- So, getting the door
open and the equipment out

is gonna be way easier.

- Okay.

- But there's maybe a harder.

Like, you either need to do
like a hacker's kit check.

You didn't find the thing
you were looking for.

So it's either a hacker's kit check

or some other way of getting
those cells all opened.

- Can I intermediary either Gunnie or Sid

into the brain of Skip

and have them look?

- Yeah, because we both have
proficiency with hacker's kits.

- With your disadvantage still,

give me an insight check.

- Oof, two twos.

That's a 13.

- 13, okay.

Here's what we're gonna need to do then.

You can create that channel,

but we're gonna need Skip to hit a,

basically like a sleight of hand check

and either Sid or Gunnie are gonna have

to hit a disadvantage on whatever mechanic

or hacker thing they're doing.

- Got it.

- Cool?
- Yeah.

- Okay, so this is a DC 15
sleight of hand right here.

- With advantage from Handy Annie?

- Sure, in this case you
can get advantage, yes.

- I'm trying to hit what?

- 15.

- Nine plus seven, so 16.

- Okay you hit it, so you
form the connection, Riva.

And so we're asking for
a hacking check from.

- Hacking should be Sid, right?

Because Sid has, or do you have?

- I have expertise in both.

- Oh great, then Gunnie.

- Okay, so Gunnie you hear.

Riva, what is Gunnie hearing
in his mind as you're there?

- Gunnie there's a computer thing.

- Uh-huh.

- There's a thing with computers.

I don't, just look at the thing.

I don't know.

There's a button.

- Uh, yeah.

- So like the operative and the engineer

are having like a complex discussion

only through what this completely

high psychic can communicate.

- With a minus one to intelligence.

- Okay, a lot of this is purple,

and it's not normally
purple, but okay, yes.

- These buttons might
be red and I don't know.

- What are the buttons?

- Okay, yeah, all right, here we go.

- Okay, it's disadvantage.

You need to hit a DC 20 to find this.

- Oh, what do you have?

- I get plus 11 to both of these.

- Both of them have to be over nine.

- [Brennan] Nine or over on both.

- First one is six.

- So, no.

- Second one is 10.

If I defiant.

- On a three or a four you'll get that six

to where it needs to be.

- Big money, big money.

- [Ally] Big money, big money.

- Kiss the die!

- I missed.

I'm nervous!

Okay, I'm gonna go again.

- [Ally] The metal one?

- Yeah, the metal.

- [Siobhan] All right, no.

- That was your mistake!

The metal, don't do the metal dice!

They don't play.

- That's a one.

- Okay.

- What is that, 18?

- It's an 18.
- All right.

- Cool.

- I'm sorry, it's just.

The color is a big part of it for me.

- Okay, I will allow you
to attempt that again.

You have one more round before

they come looking for that hand.

You can have that again,

it's just now it's deception

because you're fucking
around on a computer

doing complicated stuff
in front of everybody.

So, give me a deception check.

For this next round,
the deception is only,

we'll call it a DC 12 in this first round.

It's gonna get higher.

- And is Handy Annie helping me, or?

- I don't think Handy Annie
can help with this roll.

- Got it, okay.

Do I add, still add that plus three?

- That's persuasion.

- Oh, geez yeah.

No, I didn't get it.

- Okay, you see that one of
the guards next to you goes,

Slim, what's up, man?

What do you need help with?

- I'm fucked up.

- Are you fucked up at work, man?

- I'm fucked up.

I'm fucked up, man.


- You're fucked up at work?

- I'm fucked up.

- Okay, you have one
more shot to make this.

To make this.

Just the deep sadness
of this guard's life.

Totally incidental to all.

You're just trying to get out of this.

- Poor man, can we take him with us?

- Yeah, let's take him with us.

- I feel like he would be
a great crewman, honestly.

He just needs a chance.

- [Brennan] He just needs a chance, okay.

- Although he's got a really
good support system, so.


- [Brennan] Very supportive coworkers.

- They turned on their
other friend so fast.

- Yeah, it's a vicious.

There's a lot, it's a high bar.

Okay, so that's gonna
be, you get one more.

Again, you need to hit the
15 sleight of hand here.

You can do this with advantage.

- Okay.

- Yes, for sure.

- Okay, amazing.

DC 20 rolling with disadvantage.

- Here we go, one at
a time, one at a time.

- One at a time, one at a time.

The first one's a 15.

- [Ally] Okay.

- [Brennan] Here's the next one.

- Easy, easy.

It's easy.

- [Murph] No.

- [Siobhan] No.
- No.

- [Emily] Is it a crit and you're
being hammy? - It's a six again.

- Okay, okay, that's fine.

- Oh, I could train my
critical analysis on him.

- Okay.

Yeah, absolutely.

- You add my intelligence modifier

to one attack ability
check or saving throw.

- This is an ability check.

- You add plus five.

- That's 11.
- Woo!

- That is 11.

- Plus 11 is 22.

- Woo! Okay.

So you're sitting there talking.

So Margaret, in the middle of this thing,

like you can hear Gunnie
sort of like muttering

because he's talking in his head.

But if you like join
the channel with Riva.

So it's like, Margaret and Gunnie

are both trying to get Riva
to communicate really hard

computer programming stuff to Skip

on the other side of this prison block.

- I'm fucked up.

- What is he talking about?

What is he talking about?

- Press the square button.

The other square button!

I don't know!


- It's a keyboard.

- [Brennan] It's a keyboard!

- You're so smart.

- I know, I'm fucked up, though.

- No, you with the person
are not actually fucked up.

- All right, on a 22.

Every single cell block opens.

(imitating electronic beeping)

Cells open.

- So I am still in my orb?

- So you are in--

- Is that orb transportable?

Or am I in a different orb

than the one that they
were transporting me in?

- I'm gonna say that,
let me actually check

with our TaleSpire crew real quick.

- If not.

- [Brennan] Mm-hm?

- The aqualung breathers
that I got for everybody.

- [Brennan] Yeah?

- The language of it is,

it says you can breathe
in either air or water.

- Or water, correct.

- So, if we can get our stuff.

- You can walk.

- I can breathe.

- You can breathe.

Your gills will have it.

Yes, so that bulb is not moveable.

So, you're gonna have to hit air.

Either hit air or assume
that your psycho-drone

is nearby and that someone
can bring it to you.

But you're also messed up.

You need to get out of it.
- I mean, even then

I need to get my body out there somewhere.

I can't leave my body on this prison ship.

- For sure, absolutely.

All right, so all of those released

I'm gonna need immediately an a DC 20

intelligence saving throw from Skip.

- 20?

- Yes.

- Intelligence saving throw.

It's a 19.

- One away.

Hold on, gang.

- What happens?

What happens?

- Handy Annie does have a fly speed.

- Okay.

- So if you get ejected from this body

she can just fly up.

- Something comes on.

You open the cellblocks.

22 gets the cellblocks open.

Wha, wha, wha, wha.

Big alarm begins to sound over the prison.

Everybody, roll initiative.

- Ah!

- Oh god.

Oh, okay, nine.

- I guess I don't know
what this guy's dex is, or.

- I can...

- Barry, you look so small.

- Yeah, Barry you without
your clothes is...

- [Brennan] Oh, dex is plus three.

- Everyone relax.

- [Zac] I got a nine, then.

- Okay, we're gonna go around

and I want everyone here
to give me your initiative.

So Gunnie?

- 17.

- Gunnie is 17.


- 11.

- Skip?

- Nine.

- Margaret?

- 12.

- Nine.

- Also 11.

- We are clustered.

- I got this, guys.

- Gunnie, it's all down to you.

- Me, no weapons, just sprinting.

- The door is open, but
I continue to be drugged.

- Yes.

- The alarms go off.

There are guards everywhere.

All the cell doors open.

Gunnie, you are first to act.

- Okay, Gunnie's gonna peak his head out.

I see that there don't
seem to be any guards

other than Phil who's talking
to Riva in the hallway.

- [Brennan] There are
more around Sid's door.

- [Emily] Don't worry about me.

- You got it.

Can I make a perception
check for anything,

for any sort of thing that might

be connected to the alarm
system in this space?

- I think you can tell that there

are some control panel areas.

Probably within movement
of wherever you are.

So for example, near this area here

there are some controls here.

Now obviously, nothing
is gonna have the ease

of like a grid, like at
the master control station.

But there are interfaces to work with

the security system.

- I would love to go,

I wanna try and turn off the alarm.

- Awesome, let's do it.

All right, Gunnie you
rush out of your door

over to this comm station right here.

That's definitely within movement

for you to be able to get there.

As you do so, so Gunnie shoots over here.

What, so there's two ways you
could try to go after this.

- Okay.

- There is a,

and I think they're probably
the same roll for you.

So it's basically just whatever
Gunnie would attempt to do.

- Yeah.

- You can go hacker's kit

to try to go into the code, or try to deal

with the computer in some way.

This is not setup for you
to be able to do that.

So that would be with disadvantage

to try and make a hacking
check here, right?

- Okay.

- It's not setup to do that,

but if you did it, it
would make this seem like

a weird, momentary blip
or something, right?

The other way of doing it would be

to just do a security kit check.

Which means that you are going in just

to jam it and shut it down.

There would still, in other words,

it would be getting rid of
just the lights and the noise.

So that alarm signal would still

be in the computer somewhere.

It would just be that
the human beings here

in the block would see it go away.

- Okay, I'm leaning toward the latter.

I just had a crazy idea,

and I wanna run it by you.

Is there any way I can
get the VO to come on

and suggest that there's been some sort

of airlock breach and everyone needs

to evacuate immediately?

- Okay.

- Can I tap into that alert or thing?

- Here's the deal.

There is a very simple,
low DC security check

for you to tap into the comms system.

Because these guards need to be able

to communicate with each
other up and down the line.

So that is a functionality that
this system absolutely has.

It's just a deception check.

- I'll go for those.

- Cool, give me--

- What about a persuasion?

- What about a persuasion check?

- What about a persuasion?

For your lives, please evacuate.

- If you blow a hole in
the side of the station,

it would mean there'd be an airlock breach

and then it would be persuasion.

But as of right now it is deception.

- So what do you need first?

- What I need first is we're gonna do

a low DC, call it a DC
15 security kit check.

- So it's not a four.

- Oh no.

- Come on.

- It's a three.
- No!

- Oh no.

- Defiant.

I can use it if I can see you.

- Okay, I will say in
that case, you can use it.

Go for it.

- So we just need a one.

- [Brennan] You just need a one.

You make the check.

- Great, I got a one.

I'm embarrassed.

I'm very embarrassed.

- [Ally] That sucked.

- He's not used to not
having his data pad on him.

I just, I don't feel like myself,

but we're getting it.

- Okay, now comes the deception check.

I'm gonna say that all
the alarms going off

normally mean bad things
with the prisoners,

however, it is very plausible,

no one's had an airlock
breach here before,

but it's plausible.

So this is neither
advantage or disadvantage.

You're just rolling a
straight deception check.

- Great.

- [Ally] Okay.

Which dice are you using?

- You have good charisma, too.

- I have a plus three to this.

- That's not a metal dice, right?

- This is not a metal dice.

This is the dice you
gave me earlier today.

- Oh, cute.

- Oh no.

It's an eight.

- Plus what?

- That's a five plus three for eight.

- Does he still have your
critical analysis, or what?

- [Lou] It's deception.

- [Zac] Just once?
- Yeah.

- It's just once, yup.

And it would have been on...

- [Brennan] Intelligence.

- Yeah, I would just be
adding a five to that.

- Okay, okay.

- Gunnie, you've gotta admit your dice.

- [Lou] I, hey.

- You gotta see who's rolling hot.

You gotta see who's looking to play.

- I mean, I wasn't showing up.

- Okay, so you rolled an eight.

- Wait, that was?

- That was deception.

- That was the first one this, okay.

- I'm gonna roll.

This is an opposed roll.

It's insight versus deception.

- What do they get?

- Minus three, is what I actually--

- You know what, you'll know right away

whether it works or not.

So I'll let you know right now.

They get a plus two.

So if they get a five or lower.

- [Lou] Please, please.

It was a good idea.

- It was a good idea.
- Please.

Please, dice! Please!

- That's a 16.

- God damn it, that was
like really good success.


- Not even for a second.

- Cool, any bonus actions from Gunnie?

- Uh, I look over at Big Barry and I say,

hey, kick some ass.

And I'm gonna give you a potent aptitude.

- Yes!

- So you have a D6 to use as need be.

That's one of my bonus actions.

- Woo!

- With my other bonus
action, which I now have.

- Sid and Barry.

You in that jump suit, you look...

- Gosh.

- The jumpsuit is so big for you.

- [Emily] Yeah, it looks baggy, so baggy.

- Are you blue?

- You look like you've
been famous for a decade.


- I think I'm gonna call it there.

- Cool.

- And then...

- So you get on, what do you
say over the comm system?

- I just like, there's
been a breach of airlock.

Get the hell outta here

or you're gonna die with the rest of 'em.

Everyone's allowed to leave.

It's every man for himself!

- I think the guards hear,
everyone's allowed to leave.

- [Ally] Everyone's allowed to leave.

- Gunnie, do you wanna get in my cell?

- Yeah, let me run down to Barry's cell.


And then yeah, I'll dip
into Big Barry's cell.

- Incredible, hold on.

Let me just see here.

Okay, that's 23.

Yeah, you can go another 10 feet

to get towards Barry's cell.

- Oh.

And then can I.

Riva, can you link me with Skip?

Not, actually Norman, the real man.

- [Siobhan] Skip, though.

- [Emily] The real Skip.

- [Lou] Yes, the real Skipper.

- Yes, I can but he's not gonna be happy.

He's gonna be so mean to me.

Yes, I can do it.

Let me, like I have to roll insight again?

- Yeah, give me an insight again.

- Oi, it's a 10.

- I mean, he's right there, right?

- Yeah, you can see him.

You link up with, it's very muffled.

- Hey, Norman.

- What?

- This is that idiot, Gunnie.

- Yeah, I know.

- Hey, there's been a big
old breach in the airlock.

We gotta get outta here.


- [Emily] Everyone is allowed to leave!

- So just stick with us, okay?

- No!

- We fucked up, it's our fault.

It's 100% our fault.

- You idiots.

- Yeah, I know.

- Everyone is out to get me killed.

- No, we're trying to
save your life, idiot.

You're the idiot.

- No, you're the idiot.

- You're the idiot.

- All right, that is Gunnie's turn.

You begin to sprint away from there.

Ugh, the dice, what are you gonna do?

- The dice.

- Our various prisoners
are all going to sprint

out of their cells down the hall.

Estrea and Jasmine are
each gonna go 90 feet.

Shawna's gonna go 60
and then Kilogram and--

- Mother fuckers.

- Who are these names?

- And Krang are gonna go 60 feet.

- Will you please just
give me a quick snippet

of your life story?

- We are smugglers, so hello.


- I throw 'em a business card.

- I take, thank you for this.

And heads off.

- Miss Margaret, I think I
made a good new connection.

- Incredible.

- Where the bloody hell are
those bloody girl guides?

- You see the alien looks and says,

oh, nice to network with ya, thanks.

And sprints off down the hall.

- What no business card in return?

- You see he goes, wha-ka,
and three business cards

thud into the wall behind you.

- Ah!

- Cool.

Margaret, it's gonna be your turn.

- Okay, I come out of my cell.

I just run and then I say,

what's your guy's names?

Jasmine and Estrea?

What are you guys getting up to?

I just kinda wanna run with them.

Are you related, what's the deal?

- You see that they're sprinting.

They're like, you see that the
younger of the two, Jasmine,

looks and says, yeah, yeah, we're related.

- Oh, that's so cool.

What are you in here for?

- Um, parking ticket.

- I don't believe that for a second.

- Hey, hey, I don't know you!

- I don't believe that for a second.

- I don't know you, though!

- I understand.

- What's your deal?

(heavy panting)

- So yeah, we're just like
catching up and chatting.

- Amazing, okay.

So you are gonna be able to move I think,

because you've used, that's
an action to use that.

Force of personality, right?

- Yeah, it was.

- So you moved 30 feet.

Margaret after your turn, Riva and Barry

act on the same initiative.

Any bonus actions from you, Margaret,

or are you all good?

- Um, I will use my bonus action

and put my critical analysis on Gunnie.

Can I see him?

- [Brennan] Yeah, you can do that.

- [Lou] Thank you.

[Brennan] Cool cool.

- I think, I do have my gun.

So if you hold your turn I
might be able to shoot you out.

- But I won't be able to breathe.

- Yeah.

- We don't have our gear.

- But can I maybe be like be.


- [Brennan] Actually, I
will say this right now.

I will say this, Riva, uh, Riva

you will be able to hold.

You can effectively hold your breath

similar to like drowning rules.

And also, once you're out
of that drugged water, you,

well, I don't know, yeah.

But the point being, it is possible

for you to like, hold
your breath, effectively.

- Okay, great, yeah.

Then I'll hold my turn until.

- Yeah, unless someone
else has another plan.

- Does this glass seem
like it's shootable?

- It looks pretty bullet proof.

A lot of the stuff in here
is pretty bullet proof.

- [Emily] Oh, okay. So
maybe that's not an option.

- Is there a way to get me out of here?

- Yeah, there's a console next to it.
- [Siobhan] Is there a button?

- Yeah, there's--

- I was doing stuff on the console

that wasn't related to you, but I could
do stuff. - Okay, so nevermind then.

Maybe, well.

- You can send your turn down the order

if you want to like hold off.

- Maybe Gunnie can, I mean
maybe Barry can do it, though.

- Yeah, I think I'm gonna
beat up some guards.

- I mean.

- I'm gonna long shot it.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- Phil.

I'm very interested in dangling Zed

and everything that he can do for me.

And if you let me out of here,

I promise to faithfully study,

genuinely look into it.

- Give me persuasion.

- Great, with plus how many?

- 10.

I'm sorry, just your proficiency bonus.

- I think it's more than that,

because you've got sage advice, right?

- This is...
- It's your modifier, right? Plus 5?

- Yeah, the first time that I use it.

- It's your intelligence modifier

and your proficiency, so
I think it's a plus eight.

- Yes, you're right.

- Great, so I have a plus 16 to this roll.

- [Ally] Incredible.

- And I did roll a nat one.

- [Murph] Oh my god.

- [Ally] Oh my god.
- [Emily] Oh my god!


- He looks at you, and you see, he says,

now's a good a time as any to learn.

- Subtle control, I wipe his
memory of that happening.

- Okay.

- Completely.

- Incredible.

- Oh, he has to do a wisdom
saving throw to do that.

It's a DC 16.

- Okay, I think maybe I have a way

I can try and help you.

- Okay, so you do take your turn.

He fails the wisdom saving
throw and forgets that

and says, sorry, what were you saying?

- What?
- What?

Okay, that is your turn.

Barry, that's you.

- Sweet, I.. bah, bah, bah.

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and

I can't,

can I have bo-

Can I have gone into
the zone before combat?

- No.

- Okay, cool.

Then I'm just going to jump out.

I use my movement to,

I use 20 feet of my movement

to get out into the hallway here.

Do bonus action 30 foot jump
in the middle of those dudes.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- And do five damage to all of 'em.

And then I'm gonna just gonna start

hitting 'em with my fists.

- Hell yeah.

All right, so immediate five damage

to all three of the
guards right in this area

as Barry leaps out of there.

So you're not in the zone.

You're using your bonus action to...

- [Murph] Yep.
- Cool, cool.

Hell yeah, you have action left,

go ahead and make your attacks.

- Sweet.

Oh, baby. That's a,
yeah, natural 19, so 27.

- That's gonna hit.

- Aw sweet.

I'll just do all my attacks at once.

So I'm gonna do, so my
fists are D6 weapons.

So I'm gonna do two attacks

and then an off hand.

Oh wait, I can't do an off hand attack,

that's a bonus action.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- Another 19, two 19s.

- Hell yeah! There it is.

- [Brennan] All right,
you hit twice, baby.

- Yeah, dude.

- [Siobhan] Save some of those
rolls for the rest of us - [Lou]
Let me get some of those rolls.

- All right, so here's
damage on the first attack.

- Okay, so damage on the first attack.

Seven damage.

- Seven damage.

- [Brian] So 12 total.

- 12 total, okay. Still not down.

- 10 damage on the second attack.

- Damn, Barry.

- So, Barry, you rush out of your cell.

Rah! Leap forward.

Bam! Hit the deck.

All of the guards fly up about
four feet off the ground.

You grab one of them.

Do you wanna spread your attacks out

to two different people
or do them both on one?

- I think do them to one dude.

- All right.

And you grab the one
that's right next to you

and as you're coming down,

slam him, like, full King Kong.

Just boom, boom!

Like ragdoll body, guy is toast.

Other two still badly, still have taken

five points of damage each.

- Sweet.

- That is going to, that's
your action and bonus action.

Now we're gonna move down.

Sid and Skip, you're acting
on the same initiative.

- Do you have an opinion
on if you wanna go or what?

- I was gonna spend my turn trying to get

the stuff and try to get to you guys.

- Yeah, that sounds awesome.

Let's do that and see how far you get.

- Okay.
- Cool.

I'll tell you right now, like the amount

of equipment you guys are talking about

is a staggering amount of equipment.

- Oh god, yeah.

- So like carrying all of it

may prove to be quite difficult.

- I wanna get...

- I mean if you can even
get a couple of guns

and Gunnie and Sid's focuses,

Like that's huge - Yeah, I'm gonna
prioritize their focuses and like.

- Cool.

- A couple of guns.

I wanna put on my jet pack too.

- Hell yeah, great, great, great.

Okay, so first off.

You're just gonna walk, keycard
immediately opens the door.

So you take 30 feet of
movement from the station

and 30 feet is gonna get you all the way.

So in just one movement,
you swipe the keycard,

that's your object interaction.

You now have a bonus action and an action

standing in front of these vaults here.

- Okay.

What kind of check do I
need to make for that?

- Oh wait, no, I said the
keycard was for the vaults.

- Yeah, you just remembered the codes.

- So you punch in, you
remembered the code.

You have the keycard.

You can swipe those vaults open right now.

- Okay, great.

- So.

- Is that an object interaction or?

- Already used yours to get to the door.

So you're gonna have to use either,

you're either gonna have to choose your

bonus action or your action
to open the vaults up.

- I'll do bonus, yeah
either way, it's fine.

Take your pick.

- Cool, grab that.

Give me an investigate
check as you're rummaging

through these vaults.

- Okay, can Handy Annie help with this?

- Yes, she can.

- Oo.

- 19 and a natural one, so thank goodness.

- Woo!

- Investigation, sorry, would be 23.

- Okay, I'm gonna say for
each five point above 10

you grab something.

Gunnie's gadgeteer harness you grab

and Sid's wrist pad you grab.

Tech focus.

- Yeah!

- And that's all I could get on that one?

- On that roll, that's all you can.

You see all the other stuff,

but this is what you're like
shoveling in unto your person

to be able to carry.

- Okay, I'll grab those and maybe try

to throw on a jet pack
with the bonus action.

- Yeah, if you wanna do that, great.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Give me, we have bonus action,

or use the bonus action
to open the vaults up

because they were closed and sealed.

- Oh okay, object interaction,
bonus action, action, done.

- Done, yes.
- Okay.

- So you have the focuses and
you've used your movement.

So that's the end of your turn

as you're grabbing that stuff.

- [Zac] Okay, did not get to go very far.

- [Brennan] That's going to
move, that's gonna be Sid.

- Okay, as my bonus action I will activate

my ideal of the agile.

So opportunity attacks have
disadvantage against me.

- Cool.

- And then I'm just gonna shoot
the people in front of me.

- Cool, you move out into the hall.

They're both badly injured by Barry.

Go ahead and take some attacks.

- Okay, my first one I
get to roll advantage.

Does a 15 hit?

- You know it does.

- 15 hits, that's correct.

- Yeah!

All right, that is 12 damage.

- Down.

- Gonna spend a tech
point to add to my speed.

That's a five.

So now my speed for this turn is 50.

- [Ally] Nice.

- [Brennan] Woo!

- And then my second I'm gonna
just take my second attack.

- [Brennan] Go for it.

- Does a 11 hit?

- 11 does not hit.

- Oh, targeted strike.

I can use my reaction to roll

a superiority die, D6 that adds

to the attack roll and then
the damage roll if it hits.

- Go for it.

- So it's an 11?
- Yeah, yeah.

- 11.
- Come on.

- Two. 13?

- 13 doesn't do it.


So good, so good you
remember, but there it is.

Okay, one guard left.

- Okay, and then I have
these 50 feet of movement.

Let me see, does 50 feet get me to,

I guess Riva doesn't need me.

You know what?

I'm gonna use my movement
to run down this hall

and get some cover from these guards.

- Okay.

- Knowing that I'll
still be attacking them.

- So yeah, it takes 20 feet to
get where you are right here.

And then another 50 will get ya,

pretty much around the corner.

- Yeah.

- Great, so Sid's gonna
move around the corner

and is now in the lead, roller
skating fast as lightning.

- I'm assuming you can
be the damage sponge

and then I can just.

- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Attack of opportunity with disadvantage

as you move past that guard.

- Like Apollo Ohno
going around the corner.

- [Emily] I only have 16 right now.

- Only have 16 right now.

That is gonna be a hit.

So that's gonna be.

- I have temporary hit points, so.

- You take nine points of damage

as this crackling ionic baton.


Wait, do you take double
damage from ion stuff or no?

- I don't think so, because I'm a wren.

- Oh yeah, that makes sense.

- That's my background.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
you're good, you're good.

So yeah, lightning baton deals
nine points of damage to you.

And you are scooting down the hall.

Bad guys are gonna go.

- Praise Zed, Phil. Praise Zed.

- Can I say I closed the door behind me

when I went in there?

- [Brennan] Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Because it needs a
keycard to open, right?

- [Brennan] Yep.

- The die was like...

- All the juice.

- This is embarrassing
for you, don't do this.

- [Brennan] Barry?

- Yeah, a good question.

Would Norman have gone on my turn as well?

- Uh yeah, I think so.

Probably just like
sprinting down the hall?

- Yeah, I guess so.

- After all of the yelling we did at him.

- Yeah, yeah, I think he's
just sprinting down the hall.

So we can move Norman a full 60,

or actually a full 90 down the hall.

- [Zac] Oh my god, yes.

- [Brennan] Bonus action dash, yeah.

- [Zac] Perfect, perfect.

- Norm's gonna move 90 feet down the hall.

Four damage as one of the prison guards

cracks you with the ion thing here.

This guard over here.

Bah, bah, bah.

- I've been saying praise Zed a lot.

- [Brennan] You have been
saying praise Zed a lot.

- I'm clearly a follower.

He wouldn't you know, turn
the other cheek and all.

Yup, that's right, that's right.

That's the measurement you wanna make.

- [Brennan] Exactly.

This dude's gonna take
double move and flank Barry.

Cool, TaleSpire crew,
they stop beating the crap

out of this other, out of their captain.

They are going to seal
this blast door here.

- [Ally] Ugh.

- That closes, ka-chunk.

And are going to all take cover

and ready actions behind the,

behind this over here.

So, they're gonna be behind the desk

with weapons readied in cover.

So in all of our little
side bunk areas here.

They're gonna be like,
escape, there's an escape!

That is going to be their turn.

And we're gonna go back to Gunnie

at the top of initiative.

- I'm gonna realize Big Barry
is now doing violent things

and turn back around and
run back to the console

from which I came and
try and get Riva out.

- [Siobhan] Thank you.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah, go ahead

and give me a security kit check.

- Come on, come on, come on.

- [Emily] Ugh.

- That's a 23.

- Hey, amazing.

- Better than anything
else we've had today.

- Okay, Gunnie, you hit and you see

that the bulb

swivels and an opening

tilted up, opens as the water recedes.

There is just a open port in the bulb

with a little bit of air
going down to the surface

of this like drugged water.

And there's Riva inside.

- Riva are you gonna climb out?

Is that, are you good with that?


Okay, it's clearly not good, but...

You just, you give a holler
if you need any help.

I'm gonna hit you with a potent aptitude.

- Oh, thank you.

- Just to have.

- Just to have!

- And Gunnie's gonna run.

I'm gonna use my full movement.

- Riva, is anyone going to?

Will you be able to?

- I have a movement of 10 outside water.

- So I think, Gunnie, if you're not able.

If someone's not able to carry Riva,

Riva's gonna be bringing up the rear.

- I can actually misty step over to Barry.

- [Brennan] Oh, incredible. Cool.

- [Lou] In that case--

- [Ally] You just appear
around Barry's neck, great, ah!

- While I'm still on this console,

can I, is there anything I can do to fight

the actions of the people
down at other terminals?

- Yes.

So you've used an action there.

With a bonus action, I will let you take

a disadvantage hacking check

to try to mess with one
mechanical element of the prison.

- I'll take that.

- [Brennan] Cool.
- I'll take those odds.

Thank you.

15 and an 18 for a 26.

- Woo!

- Nice.
- Yes!

- Okay, 26 is enough for you to fuck

with one mechanical element of the prison

from where you are as you're getting Riva.

- They can't close that blast door.

- You guys, so you're in the other room

and you hear, close the blast door!

And you just hear, that console,

you hit the button and
just go see something.

Da, da, da, da.

And you just set.

You log into a control panel

and hit something and
that blast door, blah.

It's like an elevator
door that scarily doesn't.

It looks like it's about to close

and then recedes and about
to close and then recedes.

That door is jammed.

- Uh-uh-ah.


I'm gonna take, I'll take my movement.

I'll 30 feet down the hallway.

- Cool.

Gunnie grabs Riva in his--

- Riva's gonna misty step.

- [Siobhan] I did misty step.

- Cool, cool, cool, amazing.

So Gunnie, you take off 30 feet.

That's gonna be the prisoners.

Shawna, the two smugglers,

and the Martinez siblings
are gonna continue

to sprint down the hallway.

Characters they were made,

and they, you know,
they have personalities.

There's stuff going on,
but what are you gonna do?

- [Siobhan] I will see 'em again.

- I definitely, I flip
them all business cards.

- You see--

- The Wurst business cards
with Sundry Sidney on 'em.

- Incredible.

- And a small headshot.

- [Brennan] I love it.

- Just a small one.

- Like a real estate agent.

- It's you in front of a brick wall, like.

Wearing glasses we've never seen before.

- Margaret, it's gonna be you.

- Full dash action, please.

- Cool, Margaret's gonna go
60 sprinting down the hall.

- [Ally] I train my
critical analysis unto Riva.

- Amazing, so you've
got potent aptitude now

and critical analysis?

Great. Riva, that's gonna be your turn.

- Okay, I'm gonna phase
walk over to Gunnie.

- [Brennan] Or phase walk
over to Barry, or no?

- To Barry, sorry.
- Cool.

- And then I say to Barry,

Barry, would you prefer a weapon

or one of these guys knocked to the floor?

- Oo, knocked to the floor, please.

- Great, I will psychic shunt.

It's a cantrip.

- [Brennan] Mm-hm.

- It's a strength saving throw

and I will heighten spell

to make them have that with disadvantage.

- That is a failure.

- [Ally] Woo!

- And they also take a small amount

of damage that I will roll here.


Three damage.

- Boom! That guy hits the deck.

Yeah, Riva, you come out
of this drugged water,

pull yourself up into the air.

Which again, feels clawing on your skin

but you take a big, deep breath of water

before you come back up into the air.

And for a second are able to like get

a little bit of clarity.

It's like almost this sort
of like drying weirdness

of the air gives you
clarity to phase walk,

ba-yung, and suddenly...

- The equivalent of going into a bathroom

and splashing your face with cold water?

- Yeah, psh, splashing
your face with cold air.

And you, boom, are with Barry,
phase walked over there,

shunt a guy to the ground.

That is your turn.

Barry, that is going to be you.

- Sweet.

Elbow drop on the guy on the ground.

- Go for it.

- Whoops, oh yeah.

25 to hit.

- Yeah, that's absolutely gonna do it.

- Oh my god.

Oh wait, I can.

Oh wait, no I can't re-roll that.

That's my fist.

Six damage.

- Boom, with that extra
three you elbow drop,

crush this guy's wind pipe.

There is one person left.

- Sweet, I will take a
second attack on the...

You know what?

I'll go reckless, why not?

- [Zac] Yes!

- Wow, we're living dangerously over here.

We're not afraid.

- And it's a good thing I did.

Dah, dah, dah, 21 to hit.

- 21 hits.

- Nice.

- Seven damage.

- Okay.

- And then bonus action off hand attack.

- Okay, seven damage and then roll again.

Roll for this bonus action.

Hits, 27 to hit.

- Yep.

- Come on, I'm gonna stop
rolling these so bad.

- Ba, ba.

- And then an extra nine damage.

- You turn around and Phil's
running up to you and says,

hey now, come on.

- [Murph] Back breaker! Ah!

- Zed! Blam.

- Sorry, Phil.

- Phil is part of the
prison industrial complex.

Now Phil's gone.


You see, so yeah, you just fucking

shatter this dude's spine.

I had a whole thing! Klam!

- Can I object interaction to see

if anybody has like
keycards or like anything

in case things get closed on me?

- Give me an investigation.

Yeah, absolutely.

- [Ally] I also am gonna have to pass.

- 14

- [Ally] I think maybe we can ll do those.

- Okay, good.

- But I also have a, Gunnie,
did your thing get passed on?

Can I still use my D6?

- You can use your D6 whenever.

- Oh sweet.

Maybe I'll save it.

- What'd you roll?

- I got a 14.

- You see, keycards elude you at moment

but you do see all their batons and stuff.

I don't know if that's...

- Sweet, I'll grab
some, I'll grab a baton.

- Yeah, grab a baton off one of them.


That is going to be, that's Barry's turn.

Skip, it's gonna be you.

- [Zac] I'm gonna continue
to grab stuff that's in here.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah, give
me another investigate check.

- Cool, and this might
be my object interaction

or is this like...

- Now this can be your object
interaction, yeah, absolutely.

- Nat 20.

- Nat 20, incredible.

Tell me...tell me,

You can grab an item
for everybody from here.

- Okay, I wanna get the breathers.

- Cool, I'm gonna say you
grab a whole bag of breathers.

You grab all the breathers.

- I forget if you had
anything that you want.

- My phone.

- Can I grab some grenades
and maybe use one of them?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- Okay, I'm gonna--

- You should grab all the grenades.

- Yeah, grab all the grenades and--

- Your jet pack.

- Yeah, I think I grabbed the
jet pack last turn, right?

- Now you grab it this turn.

- Yeah, I grab.

- So you throw the jet pack on.

So here's what, on that nat
20 you grab your jet pack,

you grab a bunch of, you
grab all the grenades.

You get Barry's gun.


- [Zac] The breathers.

- And the re-breathers.

- What about my phone?

- And Margaret's phone.

- And Margaret's phone, great.

So now I still have my
action, bonus action.

How far away is everyone from me, I think.

It's like, still a good bit, right?

- [Lou] Yep.

- Mm-hm.

And I'm gonna say on a nat 20,

as an object interaction, I'm gonna say

that like hoisting all of
that stuff unto yourself

is all on that nat 20,
one object interaction.

- Holy shit, okay.

- So you still have an action bonus,

action, and movement left.

- Okay, I'm going to throw a stun grenade

into that pod of men.

- Ha, ha!
- Yeah, baby.

- Hell yeah.

And what's the radius on those again, Em?

- I think it's everyone within 10 feet.

- Okay, let's see here, hold on.

- Oh wait, his might be different.

So he can throw it as far as 30 plus

his strength modifier times five.

So whatever your strength
modifier is times five.

- [Brennan] But it's a 10 foot radius?

- But it says, let me get
the exact wording for you.

But it's...

- 30 is like directly in the
middle of those guys, so.

- [Brennan] Yeah.

- As an action you throw a grenade.

Each creature within 10 feet

must make a DC 14 con save.

- That is literally
every single one of them.

- [Ally] Yes!

- I thought I was being so fucking slick

with all those guys behind cover.

Okay, I'm gonna roll six.

And what's the normal D?

It's constitution.

What's the normal DC on that?

- Normal DC is 14.

- 14, okay.

- [Ally] Okay.

- You're rolling six?


- Rolling six, DC 14, here we go.

Let's see what happens.

- [Emily] Wait, let me.

- Let's see what happens.

- Okay.

- Oh, I do have stun grenades.

I was worried that I didn't
have any left for a second.

- The stun grenade goes off.

The two guards right in the middle closest

to the stun grenade go out.

Full stunned, unconscious.

Has anything happened on a success, or no?

- I think with stun grenades,

because I think it's like--

- No, if you succeed you succeed, yeah.

So two of them are out.

So you throw that.

Pling, pling, pling, pling, pling, boom!

And then you have a bonus action, I think.

- Looking at this, I was trying to see

if I could get to the, out
of this door over here.

Kind of closer to my team.

But I think it would just
put me in the doorway

so I would get shot up.

- Yeah.

- Probably, so I might just stay in here.

- Hell yeah.

- With the door closed.

- Hell yeah, absolutely.

I'll also point out, it's a bonus action

to activate that jet pack.

- Okay, I'll activate
the jet pack, yeah, yeah.

- Cool, you just like
raise up a little bit

off the floor after throwing that grenade.

Incredible, that is your turn.

Sid, that's gonna be you.

- [Emily] Okay, is anyone still standing

amongst these guards?

Or has Barry cleared out the situation?

- [Brennan] It is cleared out.

There are no guards left in
the prison block with you.

- Great, then I will bonus action,

activate my rocket boots.

- Woo!

- And then I will just,

I mean it looks like there's,

I think I'm just dashing.

- Hell yeah.

- I don't have anything else I can do.

- Rocket boots give you a speed of?

- It's the same as my speed, yeah.

- Same, okay.

Yeah, you activate that.

- So I go 60 feet.

- So okay, Sid's gonna charge
60 feet forward, amazing.

Hell yeah, action and movement.

That's Sid.

Baddies are gonna go.

- Wait, I thought there
were no baddies left.

- [Murph] They're in the other room.

- In the other room.

- Okay, good, good, good.

As long as I didn't like.

Because you guys aren't getting

any opportunity attacks, right?

- Uh-uh.

- Okay, cool, great.

- Okay, those two guys are out.

Skip is back in this other room.

Bah, bah, bum.

What was your roll on that check

for the doors at 22?

- 15 plus 11, 26.

- 26, okay.

- With my movement,
though, can I nestle myself

behind these people and
essentially use them as cover.

- For sure.

You see one of the guys
looks over at you and says,

I appreciate the business card.

I am Kilogram Demitrius.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

- It was so good to meet you too.

And what a fun situation to--

- I'm Krang Voltro!

- Whoa, hi, Krang.

Krang and Kilogram.

- We partners, we smuggle.

We are caught as criminals here.

They put us in jail.

Are you responsible for this jailbreak?

- Absolutely, yeah, yeah.

My team is absolutely doing that.

- Crazy, we hit the jackpot.

Nice to know you, thank
you for this jailbreak.

- So I mean, we're actually trying

to get outta here and we're
kind of the masterminds of this.

So, if you see an opportunity to like,

attack someone, and help us get to,

because we're really good with computers.

- Oh sure!

- If you see any time to
help us get to computers.

- Great!

- It's gonna mean that you get out.

- Yeah, you take lead, we fall in behind.

You know, if we see an opportunity

to club a head, you know, or something.

- Yeah, absolutely club some heads.

- Yeah, for sure, okay.

Yeah, not our first rodeo,

but very happy to sort
of follow your lead here.

- I give him another business card.

- Wow, two, okay.

Same information, great, yeah.

Okay, bad guys are gonna go.

One of the bad guys is gonna try to beat

that 26 to close the door.

- I also do wanna encourage them

to go to our casino.

- A seven's not gonna do it.

Cannot undo whatever Gunnie has done.

You see one of these
dudes is gonna run out

to go get help from another
part of the facility.

Is gonna get all the way to the door.

You see one of them is yelling at him.

Go get the Vercadian!

- [Zac] Ah.

- Another one here is
going to take an action.

Oh wait, can they?

They can use an action
out of unconsciousness,

but then they're still stunned, correct?

- I think someone else
needs to take an action

to get them out of, let's see.

- Unconsciousness.

- On a failed save a creature
is unconscious for one minute

until it takes damage or
until someone uses an action

to shake or slap the creature awake.

- Okay, so these two awake
guys are going to slap

the two asleep guys and get them back up.

So pap, pap, pap.

- [Ally] Okay, okay.

- Hey, you bought yourself
a round of not getting shot.

Okay, so now we once more
have four guards up and ready.

I'm sorry, we have actually five.

There are five guards up and
ready behind this counter here.

Okay, and what's their line of sight like

I wonders to myself.


- They did just use their actions, right?

- [Brennan] Yes, they did.

Okay, continuing on in the order.

Gunnie, that's you again.

- [Lou] Double dash.

- Hell yeah, okay Gunnie is gonna move 60.

Yeah, Gunnie moves
another 60 down the hall.


- Just really dreaming.

Dreaming of having my stuff back.

- Woo.

All right, Gunnie you are all
the way around the corner now.

Bada-boom, great.

Margaret, that's gonna be you.

- I'm holding my turn until after Riva.

In case I wanna move the critical
analysis to someone else.

- Okay, so you're gonna extend
your turn after Riva, gotcha.

Riva, that's your turn.

- [Siobhan] How close
am I to my psycho-drone?

Pretty close?

- Oo, interesting.

I think we said 100 feet, right?

- Yeah, I think.

- [Zac] Is your psycho-drone with me?

- [Siobhan] Yeah.

- [Zac] In that stuff?

- [Brennan] Yes.

The psycho-drone is
amongst the stuff there.

- [Zac] Oh.

- [Brennan] You are not
within 100 feet of it.

- All right, is Barry carrying
me, a medium sized creature?

Considering Barry doesn't have

his extremely large guns on him.

- He is a medium sized creature, yes.

- Great, then I will psychic throw us.

- Yes!

- 30 feet.

- Hell yeah.

- Then am I within 100 feet of the?

- No.

- Ah.

- Do you want me to go?

Don't we go on the same?

- Yeah, Barry can go first.

- Do you want me to go first and dash?

- Yeah, if you do that.

Because I've gotten you 30 feet.

- Sweet, then I will.

Yeah, okay.

So I'll go first.

I'll do, I believe--

- Wait, if you do your bonus
action in dash does that?

How far?

- If you can get us 30 feet
and I dash, that's 90 feet.

And I believe that gets us
into this room with the stairs

that we can get some cover.

- Great.

- And be closer, would
that get us to the drone?

- Let me see if that's
within 100 feet, hold on.

If you can get into that
room, that's within 100 feet.

- Great.
- Okay, great.

- So why don't we?

Okay, so in that case, I will dash 60 feet

and then I'm gonna bonus
action go into the zone

so that I can eat some damage.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- And then that is my turn.

And you can push-pull us
and then go into your drone.

- Great.

- Hell yeah, okay Barry is
gonna move 60 feet down dashing.

Go into the zone.

And then Riva, you're
gonna push another 30 feet.

So you guys just clear into this chamber

with the stairs here.

- Great and then I will bonus action

jump into my psycho-drone.

- Um, boop.

Okay, TaleSpire we're gonna
have that psycho-drone

activate in the room with Skip.

So Riva, you hurl
yourselves down and go limp.

As you do, I'm gonna need a
constitution saving throw.

- I'm not good at those.

- You have all those buffs on you.

- Oh, but I did get an 18.

Is that enough, because
if not use one of these.

- 18 is enough.

You close your mouth, lean your head

into Barry's chest and
as you catatonic to warg

into your psycho-drone,
you keep your gills

covered basically so
you're not taking big,

drying breaths of air.

- Okay, great.

- Okay, yes.

That is going to be, that's after Riva,

it's gonna be Margaret.

- Right, full dash action

and then I'm gonna move my
critical analysis to myself.

And anyone within 10 feet gets a bonus

to their AC of...

Three plus.

Yeah, three.

It's small.

- But it's mighty.

- It's small but it's mighty.

- Hell yeah.

- It's me and you coming up the rear.

- Yeah, absolutely.

- Me, you, and Skip.

- Okay.

Margaret, you're gonna take

another 60 feet of movement here?

- [Ally] Yes, please.

- Okay, Margaret's gonna go
another 60 down the hall.

After Margaret that's gonna be Skip.

- Do I? Okay, so this guard.

- Yeah.

- Does he have any rogue features at all?

Like, could I take--

- No.

- Okay.

- I wanna stop that guy from getting

the Vercadian protector droid.

Because that feels pretty fucking bad.

But I don't really know what this guy adds

to any sort of shots and things like that.

- Cool, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Has he noticed?

Do they know that Skip is not Skip?

- They saw a stun grenade
come out of that room.

- Ah, right, yes.

But they're stupid, right?

They're kinda dumb?

- You got more grenades.

- Yeah, yeah I do.

- Is there a way to give them disadvantage

and then throw a stun?

- I can only do that to one person.

- Oh.

Well, I mean there's one like sergeant.

- You could do that to the
Vercadian protector droid.

- But they're probably past that, right?

- Yeah.

- He has like legendary resistances.

- But the Vercadian protector droid

did burn one legendary resistance today.

- Well there were two of them.

We don't know which one it was, right?

- Is there any way, can
you use your jet pack

to essentially get in the doorway

and block their way and attack them?

- I actually don't think I see

the guy who's going to get it.

- [Brennan] He's at the door.

- Oh.

Like what features does this guard have?

Do I think I have any sort
of guard-esque abilities?

- You, in this body,
you can make an attack.

You get one attack per round.

I mean, I don't know if
you can drop this dude

in a single hit.

- If you guys grapple,

you guys probably have the same stats.

- Yeah.

- Probably it's just a 50-50 shot.

And we have things, or other people.

- Well, Riva's in here now with the stuff.

- Yeah, I'm in here now with the stuff.

- So you could be throwing stun grenades

if you wanna go out and grapple.

- Yeah, okay, so I will.

I guess I'll hand you this.

- Oo!

- I have a lot of stun grenades too.

So it's not just your three.

- Oh you do?

- Yeah, so there are a lot in there.

- [Brennan] So what's the move?

- So I'm gonna fly past everyone

and just tackle that guy.

- Hell yeah, give me a grapple check.

- [Ally] Come on.

- Can Handy Annie help with that?

- Huh?

- Can Handy Annie help?

- Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Yeah, she can poke him in the eye.

- Grapple is, what do
I add to that, sorry?

- Full.
- [Emily] Pew!

- [Zac] Should be athletic, right?

- Strength is plus one and
then you add your proficiency.

- Okay, so that's a 17.

- 17, okay.

You got a 17, I'm gonna
roll in front of the board.

This guy adds the same
thing, it's a plus one.


(players groaning)

Thwarts you, gets you off of him.

But you are there on top of him.

So we're gonna move that
other guard there with you.

- [Zac] I should have
thrown a grenade at him.

- [Brennan] All right, that's Skip.

Sid, that's you.

- Okay.

How far away from Handy Annie am I?

- Now that Handy Annie is with Zac,

you are still more than 100 feet away.

- Okay, but am 130 feet away?

- Let's find out.

Yes, you are more than 130 feet away.

Actually, but not if you move.

If you were to move.

- Well, no, because I need to be.

I was thinking of being
within 100 feet of Handy Annie

and then trying to have her use,

like see through her to
basically hack the controls

to keep that door closed.

- Gotcha.


If you move you'll be within range.

- If I move I'll be within 100 feet?

- You'll be within 130.

Oh, but you're, yeah.

- No, no, I need to be within 100.

Okay, who is within?

Like, if I ran into this other room

are there people for me to shoot

to get people out of the way?

- You'd have to move in to find out.

- Okay so, I move in.

- What's your speed right now, 50?

- No, my speed right now is just 30.

- Okay, you sprint in there.

You look around, you have
an action and bonus action.

You see no people here
that are firing at you.

So no one in here that you can see.

- There's no one here?

Okay, then I just, you know,

I just keep dashing.

There's nothing else to do without spells.

- Hell yeah.

- Just keep running.

- All right, so.

- I dash but I'll look
for cover wherever I land.

- Hell yeah.

Sid's gonna move 30 feet and
get to the top of the landing.

Okay, so you're not gonna go
in front of the open door.

You're gonna like hide behind.

- Right, I'm gonna hide
behind the open door.

- All right, so Sid ducks for cover

behind the open door right here.

So we'll put Sid right there.

Bad guys are gonna go.

Five dudes turn around and open on Skip.

Here we go.


Five guys turn around, open on Skip

and the other guy's gonna
swing with a baton as well.

So the baton comes in.

That's a hit with the baton.

- Okay.

- Five blaster rifles coming in.

Okay, that's...

Those are misses, misses, misses.

That's bizarrely a miss too.

Okay, so the first one.

Is this actually gonna fucking work?

- Are they all gonna miss?

And just, obviously destroy
this guard next to me.


- [Ally] Luck check!

- Okay, eight damage from
the guy right next to you.

- Okay.

- You have five hit points left.

- Okay.

- [Emily] Oh god.

- You're a wiener.

- If this is a one or
a two, you're still up.

- [Ally] On a D8?

- On a D8, one in four chance.

That's a four.

Skip, you go down.

You have the jet pack on,

but the rest of the
equipment is right here.

- Great.

- So Skip, you are down.

But that was all the bad guys attacks.

So, top of the order, Gunnie, that's you.

- [Lou] 60 feet.

- Gunnie makes it all the
way into the next chamber.

Prisoners are all gonna
move as far as they can

but also behind that door
waiting for Sid to do stuff.

Riva, that's you.

- If I psychically throw this guy

who's in front of the
door at the other guys.

- Yeah.

- Will that knock anybody prone?

It seems like...

- Sure.

- If I had a man thrown at me

I would probably fall over.

- Your honor, yeah, absolutely.

Yeah, go for it.

You wanna throw him?

- Yeah, I do.

- That guy that was
hitting me with the baton.

- Yeah, it's a DC 16
strength saving throw.

- Okay.

He succeeds.

- I do it with heightened spell.

- Okay.
- Disadvantage.

- He fails.

- Great.

- [Ally] Hell yes.

- So yeah, I throw him at all

of these dudes behind the desk.

- Bam, cool.

What's the range on that?

How far can you throw him?

- He's medium, right?
- Yeah.

- So 30 feet.

- Yeah, you throw him
right into those dudes

and I'll have someone
else make a strength save.

They fail.

One of those dudes goes prone.

Do they take damage?

- Hang on, yeah.

Yes, 2D8 force damage.

- Wow.

- Wow! Okay.

- Nice.

- And both he and the
thing that it hits take.

Oh, actually there is rules in here.

If the end of this movement

the creature or object strikes

another creature or object

they both take 2D8 force damage.

- Hell yeah, go ahead and roll.

- Great.

So they take five damage.

- [Brennan] No! All right.

- [Siobhan] I'm off with my rolls today.

- Bam!

You throw a dude into another dude.

Woof, dealing five points
of damage to both of them.

So both that dude and the one guy he hits

take five points of damage.

Barry, that's you.

- [Brian] Sweet.

Can you shine a light
on where our gear is?

- [Brennan] Gear is all right here.

- Oh, it's in that room.

Oh, I see it.

It's in that other room, okay.

- Oh, it's in that room, okay.

- Can I, with 30 feet of running

and then 30 feet of my
jump can I get there?

- Oh maybe, can I have object interaction

to grab Gunnie's gun
and step into this room?

- Barry's gun?

- I keep on doing that today, Barry's gun.

- You have all of the equipment.

If you wanna just take 30 feet of movement

and walk into the doorway, you can.

- Great, yes, I will do that.

- Cool, so pyscho-drone
walks right next to Sid

carrying all of the
equipment that Zac described.

So right here in the
doorway is the psycho-drone.

- Great.

- Riva-claus.

- Sweet.

- Riva-claus!

- Okay, so then can I?

So then, without even doing my jump yet.

- [Brennan] Cool, you
have 30 feet of movement.

You can get right next to it,

object interaction, grab your gun.

- Sweet, I grab my gun.

I would like to shoot
a burst at those dudes

that are all bunched up.

- Hell yeah, and that's
a 10 foot cube, right?

- I believe so.

- Yeah, you can hit three of those dudes.

You wanna target the injured ones,

or just uninjured ones?

- You know what, let's do.

Let's go crazy.

Let's go uninjured ones.

- That's crazy, bro.

- You're crazy, dude.

- [Brennan] Go ahead,
they're rolling reflex saves.

How much damage did you roll?

- My burst is two, right?


13 damage.

- Okay, you deal 13 damage
and if they got the save

they take half, correct?

- I think they do.

On a burst do they just not get hit?

Is that how it works?

Or do they just--

- Oh, on a burst they just don't get hit.

That's exactly right.

Okay, so two of these guys
riddled with hi-on beams.

- [Brian] Yeah, nice.

- [Ally] Amazing.

- [Siobhan] Amazing.

- And now I would like
to second burst attack

at a different little assembly of dudes.

- Cool.

You go for another group of two.

They fail their saves,
go ahead and roll damage.

- Oh, we roll that too.

That one is 13, 15 damage.

- So Riva, you, fwoom, throw that guy,

step into the doorway
with arms full of gear.

Barry, in pajamas you
leap into the doorway and.

(imitates gunfire)

- [Murph] I still look
ripped in my pajamas!

- Wow it really is morning.

- Four of those guys have
dropped in that one attack.

- Is there anyone left?

- There's one person standing.

- I'm going to jump on
them with the bonus action.

With the five damage.

- Five is exactly what we needed.


Boom! That whole guard station goes up.

There is one dude still in the doorway

about to go get the Vercadian.

Barry, you've cleaned
out this guard post here.

Skip is dead on the ground,

but Margaret it is your turn.

- Wait, didn't you throw the guy

who was gonna get the Vercadian?

- Oh, you did! He's dead.

Yeah, he's gone.

- Full dash, baby, dash.

- Okay.

- Okay, but there is one.

In that case, you just dropped this five.

No you, I had to roll an extra save.

There was another dude
in that 10 foot area.

That guy also is dead.

Yeah, all the.

Dude, Barry has killed all
the guards in that room.

- [Siobhan] Incredible, Barry.

- Margaret, full dash.

And actually, at this moment we are going

to come out of combat initiative.

- And I just keep running.

- All you guys keep sprinting.

(heavy panting)

- I strap one of the aqua
breathers to my unconscious body.

- So you are now carrying yourself

and strap a breather to yourself.

Give me a wisdom saving throw

to just sort of deal with

the existential weirdness of that moment.

- Okay, well I do roll with advantage

for wisdom saving throws.

So that is a 13 plus eight which is 21.

- Woo!

- I'm fine!

- Yeah, this is just a
wonderful moment of self care

as you attach an aquatic
re-breather to yourself.

- I get out Handy Annie and
try to find Skip a new body.

- Yeah, Norman Takamori's
just running through.

- Can I knock out?

- Can we close line him?

Can we hold our hands
together and run at him?

- Bam!

Slug back in Skip.

And you, chair's still warm, baby.

- Right on.

- Incredible.

- My nose.

- Oh my god.

- Can someone heal this
guy that I inhabited?

I feel bad for him.

- Oh yeah.

- No!


- Let's take him with us.

- Incredible, so that's.

So all of you rush into that room.

The stuff you grabbed is
what you were able to grab.

The alarm system is still going off,

but now you see you are
at the guard station here.

You got your gadgeteer
harness on, tech focus.

You have the re-breather on.

So there's this little
sort of bubbling chambers

of water on a collar over Riva's gills.

You will be completely
fine from here on out.

- Great.

- So, that's going to.

Guns back, da, da, da, da.

- Grenades back, oh it's good to have you.

I'm like a chicken with
her eggs with my grenades.

- So this is the end of the fourth round

of the alarms going off.

Do you do anything in the fifth round?

Use your object interaction to grab stuff.

Do you do anything at
this guard's comms station

or do you continue to just move through?

- I would love to get on
the comm system and say,

this is Gnosis.

- Okay, you go ahead
and say, this is Gnosis.

What do you say as Gnosis?

- I say, this is Gnosis.

Help us flee and I will
do what ever you want

on Rubian Five, Lucienne.

- Give me a deception check.

- Okay.

Oh, fuck.

- 14.

- Dope.

- Plus.

- That is a 21.

- Okay, and you're just broadcasting

that out over the comms.

- Yeah.

- Cool.

You broadcast it over the comms.

Lucienne hears that.

Sort of wheresoever that is.

You see... ba, ba, bum.

- Can I hack, or no, it's her turn.

- Yeah, no, no, go for it.

- I wanna turn off the alarm protocol.

- Okay, go ahead and
give me a hacker's check.

You see that one of the younger siblings

comes over to you and says,
let me give you hand with that.

And gives you the help action.

She seems very proficient.

- Hey, sorry, what's your name?

- Oh me? I'm Jasmine Martinez.

- Well, that didn't help much.

That's a 19.

What sort of help will that do?

- She is going to give
you potent aptitude.

- [Ally] Oh, shit!

- Oo!

- Jasmine, you really know your way

around one of these things.

That's a one.

- Dirty 20 is gonna get the job done.

- Oh, thank god.

Can we look in these lockers

and see if there's anything
cool in them that's not ours?

- If you wanna take
time to do it, you can.

- No, we gotta go.

- Let's go.

- You've got one turn while
everybody's doing this.

We might as well have a look.

I'm not doing anything right now.

Oh, I should contact Gnosis
and tell him hot exit.

- Yeah, so you're gonna
send out this psychic alert

of like, hot exit, we gotta go.

- Should I cast smuggle on us?

Are we stealthing our way outta here?

- Yeah, maybe.

- Yeah, should I put on a guard uniform?

I have a disguise kit.

I don't know if we have
time for that, but.

- I think we should all
put on guard's uniforms.

- Yeah, everyone should take
off their little lime clothing.

- Can we get the prisoners around?

Jasmine, would you and
your friends be willing

to put on prison guard uniforms
and escort us out of here?

As if, you know, we were
being led away or something?

- Yeah, you see.

They're, yeah--

- We've got a platoon's
worth of people here.

- You see the other
prisoners all take a second.

They say, uh, yeah we can do that.

Yeah, you see that there's a.

So Kilogram and Krang both start getting

into prison guard uniforms
and undressing the guys.

You see that the Martinez siblings,

the other one introduces themself

and says, hi, I'm Estrea.

- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, as well.

Okay, you're Acme Ashman, right?

We watched the fight, it was great.

We got arrested earlier
this morning, yeah, yeah.

- For what?

- Oh, we're hackers.

We're incredibly dangerous hackers.

- Oh, very cool.

- Yeah, yeah, for sure.

So you see another
woman who's escaped here

that you haven't interacted with yet.

Grabs one of the lieutenant's
things and puts it on.

You see, she's a young black woman.

Has like these hot pink locks
tied up around her head.

Turns around and says, okay,

is it okay if I'm the supervisor?

- Yeah.

Here's some stuff about being

a supervisor, potent aptitude.

- Cool, great, got it.

I did community theater for
a long time, so I get it.

- Very cool, what's your name?

- I'm Shawna, nice to meet you.

- Shawna.

- I'm not a hacker, I'm
a non-fiction author.

But it's nice to meet you.

- Oh wait, why are you locked up?

- I wrote a sort of essay about
United Free Trade Planets.

I'm a political dissident.

- Oh great, we have a
JibJob station in our ship

if you need a work space.

- You know, I actually am not.

I'm banned from JibJob.

I wrote an article about--

- We get you, we'll get
around it, don't worry.

- Oh, I wrote an article
about Mr. Moon Jones.

- Oo!

- We would love to read it.

Our ship is a hot dog,
you're always welcome there.

- I give her a business card.

It's a limited edition one.

- Thank you.

I don't have a business card.

I can give you a link to my blog?

- Very cool.

- Absolutely.


- So, they get dressed up.

- I take it and immediately forget it.

- Okay.

- H-T-T-P, colon.

- You guys head into the... next.

- This is a pretty solid plan, I think.

I think we look legit, you know?

- [Siobhan] I think so.

- Oh my gosh they all switch

into guard uniforms so perfectly.

- Oh, I love it.

- Amazing, amazing.

The doors open.

All of you guys step
out into the next area

and you see a number of
guards in the next area

and then two armored shock troops

and a giant Vercadian protector droid

in the next area.

As you all step out, the.

You see the sort of masked
UFTP shock troopers go,


And hold up the guns.

You see Shawna steps up and goes.

These prisoners engaged a hacking
protocol within the prison

and that prison is suspect.

It is a bad prison.

- It is really shining through.

- It is a bad prison and
it doesn't work, okay?

There as Gunnie mentioned when he did it,

because he broke it, he hacked it.

- I was the man who hacked it.

- So we have to, what we have to do

is get all of them to a better prison.

And we gotta do it right now.

And I work with you.

It's my first day, which
is why you've never met me.


- Let me go!

And I fake fight.

- Knock it off, and I've had enough!


I'm prison guard and the last thing I need

is a prisoner trying to escape.

- Riva is rapt by the performance.

- So at the end of the day, bottom line,

we should all, as UFTP
employees, work together

to get them to a better prison, now.

- Boo!

- Boo!

- I wanna stay in our old prison.

- Shawna's gonna roll deception.

- Can she have advantage from just

the spectacle of it all?

And then she's got a D6
from potent aptitude.

- Let's see what happens.

- [Ally] She does.

- Okay, she's gonna add a plus two.

- [Ally] Come on, baby.

- That is a six.

- Disengage, fly past.


- Incredible.

You see...

- It's my first day.

- Okay, so you go to
disengage and fly past.

Shawna says that.

Yeah, the shock troops look around.

The Vercadian looks at you, Sid.

- I wink.

- Give me persuasion.

- Okay.

- Come on. Come on, baby.

- Oh, can I add?

- Mm-hm.

- Okay, I only have a plus one.

But I get to add a five.

- Mm-hm.

- You add an eight.

- I add an eight?

- Yeah, yeah, you get to add an eight.

- That's a 25.

Because I got 16 on the die.

- Android channel opens up in your head.

Now work's done.

(laser firing)

This Vercadian just incinerates all

of the UFTP soldiers in this space.

- Wait, the UFTP soldiers
that were dressed up?


Can I? Can I?

- I would think the droid
would be able to do--

- The siblings, no!

- She did truly so bad on her.

- I'm gonna roll the insight
for the protector droid.

Eight, that's high enough
to see through Shawna.

- Okay!

- Thank god.
- Yeah.

- But just Shawna or?

- Oh no, he can tell the
whole thing is a lie.

- Poor guys.

- Oh my god.

- So just the UFTP people here.

(mimics gunfire)

- This guy's huge.

- [Brennan] Lights them up.

- He's gorgeous.

- Welcome to the gunner channel.

- You see he.

You see that this
Vercadian protector droid

walks over to the comms station,

holds out a hand, inserts
something into the comms,

downloads something.

You see his eyes flicker

with something that
seems totally unrelated

to anything having to do with any of you.

- Great.

- And then, retracts it.

Walks over to you, Gunnie, and says.

I believe you have the ability

to control droids against
their will, is that correct?

- Uh...

- I'm actually a droid and
I'm like his best friend

and he uses it real responsibly.

- Yeah, it's very, it's only
in specific circumstances.

- Now would seem like such a circumstance.

- Okay.

- I would like some of
the tech you would use

to perform such an action.

- Uh...

- You have like darts
and little tracer bullets

that you would use to like fire a...

- Scramble, yeah.

- Yeah, to like a scramble interface.

- Yeah, it's fine.

- Can I owe him?

- I can give him, I'll
give him an ion grenade

because it makes things need to reboot.

- He looks at that and says, perfect.

He takes your little thing and stabs

it into his android flesh, pft.

Takes the ion grenade and says,

everyone take a few steps back.


Sets it off in himself

with a little bit of char
on his face and says,

funny how competent those prisoners were.

- Ha, ha, ha!

All right, let's fucking roll.

- Let's fucking run!

- I think I dip him and I kiss him.


You are my favorite droid I've ever met.

- You see, yeah, he's.

Yeah, kisses back and goes,

you can keep my soul anytime.


- I like really waddle.

- You waddle!


- Well, guess I better be going.

- That's your one allow in skates.

- A roller waddle.

- Vercadians are hot, there's
just no two ways around it.

They're hot droids.

- Okay, you guys dip out of here.

As you all quickly exit from
this sort of prison block

you're immediately back in
the halls of Myrmidon Station.

Which again, the difference between public

and private spaces in this space station

is kind of a misnomer.

It's all private spaces.

Parts of it are made to look like a city,

because that's the right
look for that hallway

or that part of the station.

But it's all just a big
corporate hub, right?

You get away from
Vercadian protector droid

who remains stationed at
that part of the sort of,

that prison block.

As you escape and move your way out,

you see Kilogram and Krang.

Kilogram says, well, it's
very good to work with you.

We going to flee, but hope
I run into you, goodbye.

And they sort of rush off.

You see that the Martinez siblings

both look at you as well as Shawna Waters.

And say, hey, we, it's,
you have to forgive me,

but it seems like you
guys are wanted for things

that are so extremely above the pay grade

for what we got caught
for, maybe this is...

- Oh, we got arrested for trespassing.

- Oh, well that's not so bad.

What was that about Gnosis?

- Hm.

- At that point I did think we were just

on a tiny little ship that
we had already taken over.

But you're letting know that it's

a whole space station city
that I broadcasted that to?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure.

- So is it too late to be
like, oh, I didn't do that.


I didn't even make that
roll and I didn't do that.

- 35 minutes later.

- Look, um, I'm.


- I will say, that went
over the prison block.

- Gorgeous, we love to
hear it, we love to say it.

- So, pretty much everyone else.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Well, Jas, you know.

I mean you can run off, but
we should hang out sometime.

We could do--

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You see that she like taps your wrist pad

and goes, boop-boop, and a
little contact slides over.

- Yeah, we should do pleasure
sometime or something.

- Do pleasure?

- Oh my god!

I push.

- I grab Gunnie and I just--

- Subtle control on Jasmine!

Subtle control.

- That other girl, it
seemed like she liked you.

- That was weird that it worked.

- You see Shawna, the author looks over

to you and says, I'll remember.

And she disappears.

- Bravo, Shawna, bravo.

- It worked last time!

- Am I right about this?

She rushes off.

Cool, so.

- They all have our business cards.

- Yeah, I've been giving out

all my limited edition business cards.

All Sidney's in all sorts of positions.

- I want those, actually.

I want like playing cards of us.

- Yeah, I wanna collect 'em all.

- Of these characters.

- There's 52 of them.

- So, here's what I'm
gonna need from all of you.

What are you doing?

You have grabbed, again,

the gear that Skip mentioned
has been grabbed, right?

But you--

- Oh god, we forgot
something huge, didn't we?

- The gear that Skip
mentioned has been grabbed.

All of you take off.

As you are rushing to the hallway,

is there anything you do
as you approach the hangar?

- I mean, are we trying to stealth

or is that a foolish idea?

- I think they know this
prison break has happened.

We probably should get the.

- Just run to the--

- Prioritize speed over.

- Run to the dog.

- All right, then.

- What about Auma?

- Is Auma here?

- Well, she's on the space
station still, isn't she?

- Can we get in touch with her?

- I feel like she has a lot of money.

- We could reach back out.

- We can reach out.

- That is a lot of money,
150 million credits is a lot.

- Sid, what do you think?

- I mean, I figure, you know,

she made 150 million dollars

and then we can reach out to her

to do business again in the future.

- Yeah.

- That's very forgiving of you.

- Why?

- Hm?

- I think what she did was
totally understandable.

- I hold hands with Sid, it's okay.

- And there's no part of
me that feels slighted,

or jilted, or anything like that.

I think Mommy is nice.

- Some oil is coming out of your nose.

But yeah, definitely.

- Mommy is nice.

- Mommy is nice.

- I love my mommy.

Anyways, let's get fucking going.


- Yeah, let's get fucking going.

- Starting to cry.

- I'll race you, Sid.

And I just start sprinting.

- I'll race y'all back.

- Can I do a perception check
on like the surroundings?

Is someone within view?

- Yeah.

I'm just gonna cast a
few things on the run.

- I'd also like to connect with Gnosis

and the Princeps to see where they are.

- Yeah, you send that connection.

- Oh yeah, where are Princeps?

- Yeah, you see.

Now that you are no longer befuddled,

you perfectly connect with Zortch.

Zortch reaches out to
you as well and says,

hey, we're at a betting station.

- For?

- [Emily] What is a betting station?

- What is a, what?

- Well, I was making a special order.

I was making french toast.

- Oh my god.

- I was making french toast
for Malika and Chloe and Stax.

You know the girl guides?

- Yes.

- And they mentioned they knew

a horse that was a sure thing.

- Oh.

- And they bet Gnosis.

- No!

- Um.

- No, come on!

- They bet Gnosis.

And they made two million credits.

- Yes, come on!

- They won?

- Yeah, so we're just on
the way back to the ship.

- Okay, great!

- I should have told you.

- Yes!

- Wait, but you're on
your way back to the ship?

- Yeah, and they have Gnosis.

Gnosis was sort of a down
payment, a collateral thing.

- Okay.

- But they won the bet.

- Well...

- Who was the bet against?

- [Brennan] What's that?

- Do they remember who
the bet was against?

- Who handled Gnosis in this?

- [Brennan] What's that?

- Who handled Gnosis in this?

- Oh, Stax.

- Oh, okay.

So it wasn't given over to someone else.

- Temporarily it was held
in sort of a pawn area

at the betting station.

- It's been copied, for sure.

- No, why would they?

No, let's just get back to ship.

- Yeah, let's just get back.

- We can figure out that stuff later.

- Okay, I also let Stax
know that we need to hurry

because we're at a sort of
cigar emporium right now.

- Oh my god, these girls.

- Absolutely, pick me up a bunch.

- I'm gonna psychically
connect to those kids

and say, you are in so
much trouble, young ladies.

I promise you 100.000
credits if you helped

to rescue us and you
absolutely did not do that.

Your place on this ship, young ladies.

- You see, you psychically hear Stax say,

ah, put a sock in it, ya can of tuna!

- I don't have to put a sock in it.

I can talk to you with a sock in my mouth,

you silly little brat.

- I'm gonna kill ya!

- No you're not.

- You see, cool.

They have been alerted and
are rushing back to the ship.

Did you guys say you
were casting some stuff

as you were running?

- I'm gonna cast sabotage charges

and bump my jet pack once we get close.

- Can I do an insight check to see

if we're fucking forgetting something?

- Lucienne and I mean Barry Nine.

Are they around?

Do we see them anywhere?

- No, not that you can see.

- Can I psychically feel
them around anywhere?

- I mean, I have all my gear right?

I have all my gear.

- Mm-hm.

- He very specifically said,

we have what I grabbed.

- Yeah, just what Skip grabbed.

- But all they would have taken from me

was my grenades and my
tech casting focus, right?

- Yeah, exactly.

So you have your grenades
and your tech casting.

- We have money and everything, right?

- Did I get my boots?

- Money, yeah. What was that?

- My boots that shoot straight out?

- Yeah, whittled some, made sure--

- I'll say your boots, yeah,
you guys have your boots.

- I'm assuming that my boots
were on my pyscho-drone.

- Your boots are very special

and we have to preserve the boots.

- I haven't used those boots yet,

and if I don't use them
by the end of this season

I'm gonna be really sad.

- That's up to you.

- I'm trying!

- Do we have our comms?

- No, I don't think
you grabbed your comms.

- I'll buy us new, comms are cheap.

- All right, cool, great.

So, you've casted whatever
spells you're gonna cast.

As you approach the hangar
are you doing anything

or are you just booking it?

- Perception check.

- I guess we might as well stealth

if we know we're waiting for Zortch.

Because now we're not
doing a super hot exit.

- Should we meet him somewhere else?

- I mean, what is?

- We gotta get in that ship.

- It's all a UFTP planet.

We can't really re-land.

- Let's stealth to the ship.

That will get us there around--

- Wait, can I cast probe mind?

So, as we're outside the ship.

- Are we? Are we back to the ship?

- Nope, not yet.

- So, as we go, you know, it
will take up to one minute.

I can just sense everybody around me.

- Cool, what's the range on that?

- It's 30 feet.

- So everywhere around me I can detect

the presence of a creature.

- [Zac] 30 feet?

- Any creature that's
within 30 feet around me.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- Apart from androids and constructs.

- Cool.

You are heading out to the hangar.

I'm gonna give you guys,

go ahead and give me a group
stealth check, real quick.

- I give Handy Annie back to you.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna go into a rage again,

just in case anything bad happens.

- I'm going to cast smuggle
on us, so everyone add 10.

- A natural 20.

- [Brennan] Natural 20, baby.

- My expertise makes it 31.

- Jesus.

- Everyone add a 10.

- Everyone add 10.

Is that a 41?

- That's a 41.

- I got a 31.

- I also got a 31.

- 25.

- 15.

- What, we add 10?
- 10.

- 21.

- The lowest was a 15.

- Okay, the latest.

So the lowest of those is a 31, correct?

- 15.

- I got a 21.

- Oh, 21. But I mean, the top three.

41, 31, 31.

So as a group check you
passed a 31 stealth.

- Yes.

- You know.

- So.

What I'm gonna say is this.

- Just putting pockets of
air under Margaret's feet.

- Okay.

- Under my little heels.

- Yeah, Margaret's got really loud heels.

That's why she's bad at stealth.

- They usually click, and
also, that's a power move

and I like that about
myself right now, thank you.

- Yes.

- Hell yeah.


So, let's move to the board.

With that 31 stealth,

here's what I'm gonna say.

That's so good.

- Just for the record, I
did slip a business card

behind the Vercadian
protector droid's ear.

- Hide it a little bit more,
hide it a little bit more.

- Okay, I'm gonna say
with that smuggle check

you guys are able to
go into a dead sprint.

You go into a dead sprint.

I'm gonna let you start.

Anywhere on the--

- [Zac] Oh my god.

- [Brennan] Yeah, here's the hangar.

- [Lou] Oh, it's still loading for me.

Oh okay, there it is.

- [Emily] I'm not seeing anything.

- [Siobhan] Oh my god,
where the fuck is the ship?

- [Lou] Oh, another
Vercadian protector droid.

- [Siobhan] Oh god, we're so far away.

- [Zac] That feels not
good in this scenario.

- [Siobhan] Yeah, there's
another droid here.

- [Lou] That's not fun!

- [Emily] How do we even get to our ship?

- [Siobhan] There's like
a lot of UFTP security.

- [Lou] It looks like we can go up top.

Or we could go across this catwalk here.

- [Siobhan] We can go across this catwalk.

Is there, oh god.

- I'm gonna let you guys start

at any point on this map.

With that 31 stealth, you can start

at any point on this map,

starting this encounter completely hidden.

You just cannot be on
the actually hangar bay.

So, you can be, in other
words you can be down below.

You can be up on the mezzanine.

You can be coming from one of
these entrance things here.

You can even be up in this
crazy patchwork over here.

Like, off in the corner.

- I feel like if we could come
out of this door over here.

Can everybody see that?

- [Emily] Yeah, I can see it.

- [Lou] Can we drop down a level?

- What if we started
like in this little area.

Like, oh whoops.

Like over here.

- [Siobhan] Yeah, can we start over there?

- [Brennan] I'm not gonna
let you start right there

but what I'll say is this,

the closest I can get
you to there is you guys

can start in this weird.

You see where my little
flashlight is going around?

I'll do a little measurement tool.

- [Zac] I don't see it.

- [Siobhan] Oh, up there?

- [Brennan] You guys see up here?

- [Zac] Yeah.

- [Brennan] It's up there,
partially hidden from everything.

- [Ally] Oo!

- [Brennan] That's the
closest to that point

you were point out, Zac,
that you guys can start

and get on that 31 stealth check.

- Wow, incredible, guys.

- I already used so many of my spells.

- I am actually, I'm good for spells.

Well, we do have smuggle on us.

We could just keep trying to...

- Yeah.

- Stealth it until we get caught.

- Oh, yeah, because three
of us can fly, right?

- Yeah.

- And then Barry can jump 30 feet.

- I can just jump.

- And you can misty step.

- I'll probably take some damage.

- Margaret can send some emails.

- Yeah.

That sound effect is like,
(whooshing) you know?

- [Brennan] So you guys are perfectly

hidden up on that ledge.

You've snuck through
some air vents, got here.

You see your ship and the
place swarming with soldiers

and a Vercadian droid.

What's the move from that ledge?

- Do we get a sense.

Can Riva tap in and know if
Gnosis is back on the ship yet?

- Riva.

- Yes.

- Hidden in the shadows, on the
other side of the hangar bay

are three galactic girl
guides, an alien royal,

and Gnosis pinned down because the place

is crawling with UFTP security.

- [Siobhan] God damn it.

- [Brennan] They are gonna
have a short run to the ship.

Their run is only 125 feet to the ramp.

- [Ally] Oh, okay.

- [Siobhan] Oh, they're right here.

So they just have to get
up this ramp, basically.

- Yes, and you see some
JibJobbers down there as well.

- Okay.

Oh, these are the JibJobbers
and then the others are...

- Yeah, also Aurora Nebbins is out

on the ramp waiting for
you guys to get back.

- [Siobhan] Aurora!

- [Ally] Aurora needs water.

- I feel like we stealth
for as long as we can.

- I think so too.

- I almost think like, if we can,

if we're stealthing and maybe--

- Stealth through the air!

- And maybe if, I mean,

the more we can create
distractions behind us.

You know, not like necessarily
shooting a gun but like.

- [Lou] Yep.

- This is a large hangar filled with,

not just like prison guards.

This is like UFTP shock
troops and that Vercadian

who is not the one that
had flirtatious banter

with Sidney earlier.

- Mm-hm.

- More than flirtatious banter.

- We could also do slippery
puppet operation mark.

Because I've still got two
psycho-drones back on the ship.

- I only bought one of those.

I only bought one of those
charts, one of those.

- No, no, no, but I can run
off and be a distraction.

Is what I'm saying.

- Right, that's true, yeah.

Because we have so many.

- Just like a slippery puppet.

- Oh you could just go down?
- Yeah.

I can draw them all to me, maybe.

- Well, have we?

I mean, we can just try
to get through the air

with all of our flying right now

and if something goes wrong

then we have a backup plan.

- Then we have that as...

- Like, because we don't really.

No one's really seen us yet.
- Yeah.

- And we're so close to the ship.

- Do we like, is our flying gonna be loud?

- One of the things to consider too

is that you guys might
be able to fly through

and you could have that smuggle on,

but if you guys come those girl guides

and Zortch don't have any cover

for their approach to the ramp.

- So we probably like.

- Oh we're gonna, I
think like Han Solo style

we're just gonna have to
be shooting from the ramp

once we get there.

- Another issue too is that like,

what you could also theoretically do

is the ship needs to get started up

and ready to go.

So you could split up.

You know like, in other words,

it's gonna be helpful to have a pilot

in the pilot chair by the time people

are getting on that ramp.

- Question, do we have any kind

of tractor thing or anything?

If I just start shooting from
up here and start a fight,

could I get picked up by the ship?

- With like a tractor?

- You guys don't have a
tractor beam on the ship, but.

- I mean, I do have something that could.

- I mean, I could jump 30 feet.

- If you were within 90 feet.

- [Zac] I could give you my jet pack.

- Oh, dude!

- And I could just run.

- Do you guys just wanna go to the ship

and I'll just--

- Well, but you should be

in the ship as quickly as possible.

- Yeah, consider someone
to fly me over there

and I give Barry my jet pack for now.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, let's do it.
- Sweet.

- All right.

- You swap off, give
your jet pack to Barry.


- This was Hog's.

Treat it well.

- [Brennan] This was Hog's!

- Little Hog.

Why don't you guys separate
from me, then I'll go.

- Yeah.

- So everybody goes
before me, I'll go last.

- Is there anything to me
staying with you, though?

Because I can buff you.

- If I have the jet pack.

I mean, can you fly?

- Yeah.

- Then...

- Well, I'm trying to get
there quick as possible.

So, I need someway to--

- Who is gonna fly?

- I think Gunnie needs to be back anyway

because Gunnie needs to start doing.

- Okay, so me and Sid can stay.

- I have ways to move us, too.

- How do you fly, is it the boots?

- My boots, yeah.

- Can I put them on and then.

Oh no, because you need that.

- Is it helpful to have one of the gunners

in the gunner seat, though?

- Oh, to be shooting
from the gunner's seat.

- Yeah, why don't I just?

I feel like with the jet pack and stuff

and I have rage, like I'll take
the least amount of damage.

- All right, cool.

I was gonna try and cast--

- Riva could also stay with you with the.

- With the drone.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, let's do that.

- So, Barry and Riva, you
stay poised on the ledge.

Yeah, Riva psycho-drone and
Barry stays poised on the ledge.

You've given your jet pack to Barry.

Sid, you've got Skip.

Gunnie, you've got Margaret.

- Wait, where is my body?

- Oh no, you've got the body.

Yeah, so I don't know
how Margaret's moving.

- Margaret could just fully hide

and get full cover and not
be within range to get like,

because they'll probably
throw insane shit at me.

So Margaret can just be somewhere where

she can't get hit by like
a grenade or something

if they throw it up at me.

So if you're up here, but when we leave,

I can grab you, I can jet pack up.

And you can also, if you
have any kind of reactions

or anything that you can help us with

then I think that's a solid plan.

- I'm gonna cast energetic
burst on Margaret just in case.

10 temporary hit points and
add D4's to your saving throws.

- Gunnie, Riva, Sid, and
Skip head to the ship.

Give me a group stealth check.

- Under smuggle or no?

- Yeah, with smuggle.

Smuggle's still going.

I was gonna cast haste
on what's his face, but.


- 29, 20.

- 18.

- 25.

- [Brennan] 25, 29.

- 20.
- 20.

Okay, no noise.

Just small, you guys have
your thrusters dimmed

all the way down to just like

a tiny little iridescent blue.

- Can I focus my critical
analysis on Gunnie?

And that's a 25 now.

- Hell yeah, you can do that.


- I'm gonna burn a hit
dice if that's okay.

Just to do like a short, just
to get myself back up to full.

- Great.


Your thrusters on your
boots again are like,

there's no orange to them.

It's just low burn,
iridescent blue, quiet.

You're flying so slowly right now.

- That's gotta feel insane.

That drop is wild.

- You move through this space.

You make a stealth check.

Gunnie with Riva's body and Sid and Skip.

Do the smartest thing you can think to do

which is instead of going
out sideways at eye level,

from that ledge you guys go straight up

another 200 feet to the ceiling.

Tall ceiling of the hangar.

And where there's railings and pipes

and all kinds of things, you
move across the hangar slowly.

And get to the last strip of lights

on the far side of the hangar.

This whole process takes a painstaking,

sweat dripping down your nose, minutes.

Hiding behind the row of blue lights

alongside, literally just
keeping a force shield

to keep the cold vacuum of space out,

you begin to drop down.

And when you have total
cover from the soldiers,

only then do you guys drop down.

And fly to a side port entrance.

The passive perception of the Vercadian

with that heightened stealth roll

gets all of you to the ship.

You are aboard the Wurst.

- What was the passive perception?

- I think it was 22.

- Oh, thank god.

Thank god.

- You are aboard the ship.

You get aboard.


- [Siobhan] Yeah.

- [Brennan] Your psycho-drone,

you can even, active in your psycho-drone,

you can feel Riva's body being deposited

back into the water.

- Oo, my scales are so wrinkly
from being out in the air.

- Skip, your in the ship aboard.

Now you can see, as you
are here aboard the ship,

you hear some finishing
touches of the mods.

There's like a lot of Acme
Ashman people on board.

You hear one of them down in
the brig talking, being like,

yeah, yeah, I get it.

I understand that they're being detained,

but we're happy to keep working.

And you hear a UFTP person
down below in the ship be like,

obviously, yeah, the word from on high

is that we're planning to release

those prisoners at any time, so.

Just you know, make sure that all the mods

are to specification.

It sounds like some work is
being completed on the ship.

You hear off in the distance as well.

Oh, three bars!

- It sounded like auto tuned.

- Uh, Gnosis.

You get in the ship.

Riva, you're still in your psycho-drone.

Gunnie, where are you
moving to on the ship?

- I think I am gonna go
to this gunner station

on the left, the side of the ship,

so that I can keep an
eye on what's going on

in the hangar.

- Copy that.

Sid, where?

So, you're moving to the
further gunner station.

- Oh well, you're here.

Sorry, I forgot you were here.

I guess I'll go downstairs and
start preparing hyper drive.

- Start getting the hyper drive.

Actually, if you wanna go
on and start doing some FTL.

- No!


Oh, disadvantage.

That's gonna be--

- Oh, you have Handy Annie, though.

- Oh, great.

- She's for you when
we're doing ship battles.

- That's a nat one.

- Oh boy.

- So you're just getting started on those.

Sid, where do you go to?

- Is there, I mean, is
there a gunning station

that I can shoot people in this room?

- Yeah, there is.

- Then that's where I'm going.

- You get to a gunning
station up aboard the ship.

We are now going to.

So, Margaret, Barry, Riva.

- I also will, can I?

I'm gonna drop our smuggle
and we have new guns, right?

- You look and see brand new

Atomotorch particle blasters installed

with the collido-connect
telescoping targeting system.

- So I will--

- Acme Ashman shields,
the whole nine yards.

- We're all in, so I'm dropping smuggle

and I'm gonna cast tactical
advantage on myself

so I have an extra action
to be cooling down my guns.

- Amazing. Copy that.

- How close are the girl guides and?

Have they moved closer?

- Yeah, as you guys log
back into your ship's comms

you get a thing from Zortch saying,

I can make a run for
it whenever I need to.

Sid, as you get into the gunner's station

you see your little comms thing

on the gunner channel has a message.

In like a message thing for you.

- Oh, I'll listen.

This is probably not the
right time, but I'm curious.


- Auma's face appears.

And looks, crying, and says,

I'm sending this to you.

This is a prerecorded
because I wanted you to know.

Number one, they assured
me they had no intention

of harming you at all.

And number two, if you're getting this,

I want it on the record, prerecorded,

that I think you're watching this

having already gotten
the hell outta there.

And I wanted you to know
that I was betting on that,

without needing proof of it.

Because you can do anything.

And I know you don't
have to like what I did,

but I hope, I hope I can
make it all worth it.

- I know she can't hear
this back, but I say,

ugh, maybe bargain for my safety

but you put all my friends at risk.

So, I still feel pretty
frickin peeved at you.


But I also know that you're a millionaire

and I'm hoping that we can reconcile

and build an amazing company together.

But right now I'm really peeved

and I know you can't hear

and that's why I'm speaking so candidly!

And I punch the screen.

- Amazing.

- I'm the gunner channel, uh, what?

- Whoa!

Nothing I wouldn't, sorry.

- Is everything okay?

Is there someone in there?

- All that talk of
Shawna's community theater,

I felt like practicing a monologue.

- Barry, Margaret, Riva, what's up?

- Oh boy.

- Marge you wanna separate
so you don't get shot

if we get hit?

- Yeah, I'm gonna walk back a little bit.

Or maybe like duck down here.

Anywhere where I can get complete cover.

I'm just like--

- [Brennan] Cool, you just go fully back

on the ledge, hell yeah.

- [Ally] Great, great.

- May I also, in my gunner channel,

in the gunner pad, can I pop a moon roof

so I could hypothetically throw a grenade

if they're in a good range.

- Yeah, I'll allow that, for sure, yeah.

- Can I do one more?

- Yeah.

- As you do that, I've been working

on the ship a little bit.

Just because I know we're not
gonna have to move as much,

I'm gonna reroute power
to the weapons system

so they will deal double
damage at this time.

- Oh my god.

Okay, Riva, yes.

- Can I grab a couple of
grenades from Margaret?

- Sure.

- And I'm like, we need
a distraction, right?

We need them to be
focusing somewhere else,

rather than us.

Are there people below us?

There were people below us before.

- Yeah, there's a ton of people below you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure.

- Will it get far enough with your throw?

Or will it just go straight under us

and then they'll look up from where the.

- Here's my plan.

I jump off where we are,
I shoot my rocket boots.

I bonus action, go into my body.

As I drop the grenades drop.


Seems like a big distraction.

- That's pretty rad.

I guess I'll hold my reaction to see if.

- I'll tell the Princeps.

- You can only do one grenade,

because it's an action to throw a grenade.

- I'm just gonna drop it.

- Or you're just pulling
pins on them, or yeah.

- I mean essentially, my
plan is I will go unconscious

halfway through my fall.

They will just roll out of my hands

as I hit the floor.

- And I will watch Riva.

And if this pulls away,

if this gives cover to the Princeps

and the girl guides,

then I will just stay
hidden and let this work.

If I see that they look
like they're in danger,

I'll start shooting at people

that would be looking at them.

I'm just looking straight
where the guides are.

- Hell yeah.

- I'm in the pilot seat.

I relay to the Princeps, like,

as you soon as you hear
shit go down, climb aboard.

- Oh my god, he's so cool now.

- Incredible.

- He's seen the world.

- So, Riva, your courageous psycho-drone

steps out, fires two rockets straight down

and falls spinning through
the air as you, wha,

appear back aboard the ship.

And your psycho-drone falls and woom.


Explodes, huge explosion,
everybody roll initiative.

- [Emily] Six.

- Okay, just raise your
hand if had an above an 11.

Cool, Margaret, Skipper, and Gunnie are

gonna go before bad guys.

Everyone else goes after bad guys.

What are we doing as this begins?

Skip, you just relayed the message.

Zortch says, got it, we're running.

- Turning the ship on.

Getting ready to possibly exit,
making moves with the ship.

I would like to, once
they're fully on the ship,

possibly do something.

But it seems like that will take a couple.

- Hell yeah.

On your turn, Zortch, the girl guides

and Zortch holding the
holo-fract of Gnosis

sprint halfway, so.

- Can Aurora help them?

- Yeah, I was gonna send Aurora to.

- Oh, I'll say.

Yeah, in that case, Zortch
is riding Aurora Nebbins

with Gnosis, ha!

And the girl guides start sprinting.

You see Stax has a huge cigar in her mouth

with this big bundles of credits and says,

scram, everybody!

We're getting the hell outta here!

And just makes for the ship.

- You took physical credits?

- Yeah, I like 'em physical!

I want cold hard cash on a barrel head.

And that's, okay, Margaret and Gunnie.

- Great, I'm gonna,

just because we're really
getting buck nasty,

I'm gonna weapon enhance
Sid's gun as well.

So that's a one plus to attack rolls

and an extra D4 of fuck
it, lightning damage.

- Woo!

- Nice.

- And then I will, that like juiced up,

I'm gonna start doing calculations.

- [Brennan] Hell yeah.

- With Handy Annie.

That is a 14, 24.

- Hell yes, that is three
completed equations.

- Woo!

- Amazing, Margaret, from you.

- I guess since we're getting buck nasty.

I'm actually gonna hold my.

- Hold you initiative, great.

- Yeah, I'm just completely hidden.

But I would love to just kind of like,

glance down at my phone like,

do I have any messages, or like?

- You check your messages and see nothing.

- Yeah, I was kind of like.

Though the phone was probably
off for like a long time.

- Incredible.

As you, so Margaret you hold your turn.

All UFTP looks over.

They're gonna make a perception check.

I'm gonna need new stealth
checks from Margaret and Barry.

- Do we have advantage?

Because I'm fully, like, covered.

I'm fully, like.

- Oh yeah, you're fully.

- Yeah, I think we're fully covered.

And actually, I'm just waiting to see

if anybody attacks, tries to attack

the girl guides or Zortch.

- Okay, this round.

I'm gonna roll a luck check.

You just don't want a one or a two.

17, great.

Yeah, everyone looks
at this wild explosion.

For TaleSpire crew, all
of our UFTP people orient.

UFTP people orient themselves towards

the explosion that's gone off.

Weapons fire, everyone says.

Under attack! Under attack!

The prisoners have escaped!

The Vercadian takes off and moves.

- Where is the Vercadian?

- The Vercadian's over in the crow's nest.

The Vercadian takes off in flight

and begins to move down
the catwalk this way.

Prisoners, return your cells
and you will come to no harm.

- [Ally] So scared.

- That is going to be post initiative.

So Margaret, you're gonna
join the rest of your crew.

But Barry and Riva and
Sid, that's gonna be.

- Now Brennan, we're in a space station.

- [Brennan] Yes, that's correct.

- So, we're in space?

- Sure.

- And I'm on the ship?

- Yeah.

- So I have improved
grade to space casting

now that I'm back on the ship?

- Yeah, that's for sure, yeah.

- That's correct?

Great, so I will cast calm emotions.

- Cool.

- So, normally that's a 20 foot radius.

Now it's a 200 foot radius.

- Oh god.

- Anywhere within 6.000
feet of me, technically.

- What are the details of that?

Because you might wanna
do it after I attack.

If seeing a friend get attacked undoes it.

- Well, I can.

Where are you going to attack?

Because I feel like you wanna--

- I think I'm just gonna go right

for the Vercadian protector droid.

- Great, so.

- Because there might be something like,

if they see a friend get hit
then they become hostile again.

- Oh my god, that's 100?

- You can make a target indifferent about

creatures of your choice
that it is hostile towards--

- Riva.

- This ends if the target
is attacked or harmed

by a power or if it witnesses--

- Did you say 200 foot radius?

- Yes.

- You're gonna hit absolutely everybody.

- Great, I'll just hit
absolutely everybody.

- Unbelievable.


- And maybe we get the Vercadian
protector droid in that.

The droids are organic, right, so.

- They are.

They do have legendary resistance.

So, Riva, you hit this enormous.

So you're aboard the ship.

You send your psychic
energy through the ship.

I'm gonna roll.

How many saves is that?

Unbelievably bad saves.

- Great.

- A tremendous.

What is the image that
this UFTP soldiers get

as your psychic waves wash over them?

- Just like, less of an image and more

of just a feeling of like
lovey-dovey friendship.

- Incredible.

- And they just like, they're there,

and they see their
friends and they're like,

what are we doing?

- Ha, ha, ha.


I always thought it would be fun

to open a repair store.

Just a place where you could repair small

sort of hand held devices.

I just like to fix things.

You see.

- I mean, that sounds great.

- The Vercadian legendary resists

and orients towards the ship.

- Okay.


- [Emily] Is everyone cool
if I attack the Vercadian?

- [Lou] Yeah!

- [Emily] Then I'm gonna turn my gun

on to the Vercadian droid.

- You turn the ship's weapon
unto the Vercadian droid?

Okay, go ahead and do what you wanna do.

- I'm just going to, I
don't know what like,

it's new properties are, but.

I just crit.

- [Brennan] No fucking way!

- Oh my god.

- Quadruple?

- I'm gonna add a kinetic
die to that, for sure.

- And like, lightning damage?

- So the wording is double damage.

It doubles damage.

Doubles damage.

- So I do 2D6 already.

So then it's four, so it becomes eight.

- So she's gonna roll damage
and then we just double that?

- I think we just roll.

What is the exact wording?

- Weapons deal double damage.


- We're gonna multiply
whatever your roll by two.

- Okay, so I crit, so.

- And then you get 2D4 from me.

And it's, yeah.

- But then that becomes...

- 4D4.

- Well it's only, excuse
me, it's 1D4 from me

that's now 2D4.

- Okay, 4D4.

Here's my thing.

Can I get an extra 2D6 from you?

Don't give me the metal one.


The metal ones are terrible.

This is why you roll poorly,
Murph, you use the metal one.


- He was rolling poorly
before he ever bought

a pair of metal dice.

- So then, yeah.

And then, this is like magnified, right?

Because it's for.

- Because that's gonna
multiply everything by two.

So roll your crit dice.

All of your dice are double.

So you're rolling--

- Re-roll the ones.

- Re-roll the ones.

- Yup, that's also the new thing.

- Wait, if I roll one again?

- Yes, that keeps.

- These are fucking merciless.

Okay, so five, take it.



And that's cocked.



- Oh my god.

- I haven't rolled the D4s yet.

Two, one, okay.

- You can re-roll the two and the one.

- Oh, you're right!

- Oh my gosh.

- Okay.

Okay, plus six.

So it's 28 damage.

And then times two.

- 56.

- 56 damage, but isn't it amplified

because it's a space ship?

- Ship to ground is a
multiplier of times 10.

- So I do 560?

- 560 damage!

- Is that the record?

Is that the D20 record?

- That is the Dimension 20 record.

It's not only the Dimension 20 record,

it is the largest sum total of damage

from a single attack I have seen

in 23 years of playing this game.

In a single hit.

So, Sid.

- So you doubled and you
crit, and it's on a ship.

- I wanna understand but I don't!

- This Vercadian, whoop!


Throwing up shields.

(lasers firing)

Is tattered, ribbons.

- I want his face to like
fly up against the thing

so I can kiss it.

- [Lou] That's sick.

- Wow, a real addition to slap kiss.

- Yeah, a real addition to slap kiss.

- Waste away kiss.

- 500 and 60 points!

- Can we make like an
intimidation check on that?

- Yeah!

This feels very sheriff's head
on a cactus to me, Brennan.

- It feels pretty sheriff's head.

Let's do it.

Yeah, give me an
intimidation with advantage.

Go ahead and roll
intimidation with advantage.

- A two and a seven.


- Let's say I just pissed them off.

- It kind of does the reverse.

Instead of cowing them,
all of them go, ah!

And start firing wildly.

- I actually get a bonus
action to attack again.

- [Brennan] Go for it.

- Is there another
Vercadian protector droid?

- Nope, I just had the one.


- Then.

- Just blow up like a dude.

- Yeah, so I guess like who
is closest to our friends?

- Those are all workers, right?

- You can actually just start.

- Oh, those are workers.

- You can truly just start like

laying down suppressive fire.

- Okay wait, what if I use my bonus action

to do like a fireworks show?

To try and like persuade people that.

- That actually it was good.

And to stop shooting.

You could roll for that.

- The Vercadian protector
droid just exploded.

- Hologram a mission accomplished sign

across the ship.

- Okay, yeah.

I just wanna see like who,

so they're all going at us.

So I like feel bad going
after these workers though.

- Yeah, let's just get outta here.

Just run away.

- Okay, so I won't bonus action attack.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- That was so brutal.

- You could actually just use an attack

to like start laying down
fire in front of these guys.

- Yeah, can I almost make a wall of fire

protecting Aurora Nebbins
and the people coming on?

- Yes, absolutely.

- So, that's what I do with it.

- You just start laying
down suppressive fire.


Any other actions from people?

Like Barry and Margaret,

what are you guys doing as this wall?

- I guess I'll wait until they're flying

a little bit over head and then
I'll just shoot straight up?

Does that?

- Holding me?

- Can we go above you?

I don't know if that.

How high up is this?

- You could grab Margaret and start.

- And I just start going straight up.

- Start going straight
up, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So you grab Margaret.

You take off.

Go ahead and give me a
straight stealth check,

the two of you.

We'll make it a group stealth check.

So we'll take the higher of the two rolls.

- Okay, okay.

- Natural 20.

- You've got to be kidding!

(players cheering)

Forget it, forget it.

You did all the things right.

You did all the stealth.

Barry, you grab Margaret and.


And as (imitates gunfire)
this wall of fire.

The Vercadian is already gone.

These soldiers start to dive
for cover as fast as they can.

Even if they deal hundreds of
points of damage to the ship,

they are not gonna deal more than 800

which is the shield total of your ship.

So even if they start firing on the ship,

Barry is a fucking ghost in the rafters

with Margaret in your arms.

You take off.

The drone is gone, Barry,
you hit the top of the ship.

Aurora Nebbins and the girl guides

and the JibJobbers with Gnosis in Zortch

rush up the ramp.

Suppressing fire comes down.

You drop in.

Skip, as the engines go and
the completed equations hit,

Barry jumps in through an opening

in the top of the bridge.

- Are you getting this on your phone?

- With Margaret.

- [Emily] Handy Annie
is getting all of this.

- [Ally] Incredible.

- The ramp closes and more importantly

as the ship prepares to go
through the force shield,

all the UFTP people say, uh,

that's gonna be an airlock on the ship.

It's exiting to space.

And they start hitting
airlocks as this hangar

is about to drop force shields
for you to make a departure.


- [Zac] Sayonara.

- The Wurst, boom.

Zooms forward having escaped

the hangar with Gnosis on board.

- Whoa!

- Zortch rushes to the
bridge with Aurora Nebbins

and says, I'm sorry I let
the girl guides gamble

with the holo-fract.

They just seemed really sure.

- Hey, I get it.

- Well, they were correct.

- Ball's rolling up, you
wanna double down, I get it.

- They got a lot of money

and some of that money is ours

because they did gamble

- [Emily] with our collateral.

- [Siobhan] And they're minors
- Are you okay?

- Zortch says, yeah, I'm fine.

What happened?

- Well, we were arrested.

- You were arrested!

Oh that's right, you were arrested.

That's wild!

Were they looking for us?

- Yeah, yeah, how did you know to escape?

How did you know to hide?

- I wasn't hiding.

We just went to the betting track.

- You just happened to leave the ship?

- Yeah, the girl guides, we
just happened to leave the ship.

They just grabbed Gnosis
and sort of left the ship.

- All right.


- As you're standing there,

the girl guide you see, Chloe
takes a cigar out and just.

Uh, did it save your ass
that we took the holo-fract?

- I take the cigar out of her hand.

- Why though?

- No, we're not doing this.

I break it in half like a good mom.

That's very lucky.

And sometimes things are lucky

and sometimes they're not.

And we're happy for you
that this time was lucky.

- We'll just take the two million.

- You see that as the holo-fract,

or sorry, as you say, somethings
are lucky and some aren't.

You see there's a little
gift wrapped thing

on the coffee table.

You see it says, from
Lucienne, after your release.

- I open it.

- It's a little poster and there's

a little post-it on it
that says, for your office.

And you see it is an image of a silhouette

of a figure pushing a boulder up a hill.

Giving a little thumbs up.

With the words, hang
in there underneath it.

- She's so fucking funny.


She's so funny and cool and funny.

I rush right into my office
to go pick a place to put it.

- Wait, can I use telemetry to make sure

there isn't any kind of
tracking device on this post-it.

- Yes, you do a scan for it.

- Or anywhere on the ship.

- The ship bursts out of Myrmidon Station.

You have your completed equations.

Where are you setting course to?

- Rubian Five.

- Rubian Five.



As you are moving through
faster than light space,

Aurora looks excited.

Zortch is there with the holo-fract.

You've escaped.

You know what's happened.

Gnosis is ready to enact this plan

from the Fang of Frangus.

The only bit of a bummer is of course

like some power cells and other like

ancillary equipment left behind.

And you won't have an opportunity to shop

prior to emerging from faster
than light in hyper space.

- Okay.

- As you are on the bridge gathered there,

getting ready for whatever awaits for you

when you drop out of faster than light,

in the streaming wormhole
of tachyon travel,

knowing that you're out of equipment.

Knowing that you don't
have the ability to shop,

you see something spiraling
through the tachyon fields.

Little spinning, a spinning, rusty hovel.

Plugs Butt Ugly Stuff Hut.

(players cheering)

- What?

- Plug, is that you?

- I told ya.

I told ya.

I said, the first thing
I said when we met,

when you most need me I
will appear in my hut.

- Plug, did you make up the gambling?

- What's that?

- Did you tell the girl
guides about the big gamble?

- Ha, ha, you tell me.

And he holds up a little
miniature of a horse.

- I check it to see if it's real.

- All of this over the comm screen.

He says, there's something
I forgot to mention.

I got my stuff hut when I was
a younger man, for a song,

because it was sort of rusty
old hunk of junk escape pod.

Mind if I hitch a ride?

And you see the Stuff Hut hitches

unto the escape pod docking.

- It's incredibly
dangerous to do all of this

while in faster than light travel.

But I love you, Plug.

- He's an incredible pilot.

- Plug says, hey, you don't have to worry

about danger if you know
you're gonna die tomorrow.

- You guys.

- Well, this shop's open for business.

And he flakes, wings that open.

- We get all the JibJobbers
in there for a little tour.

- For a little tour.

Well, JibJobbers, Plug's
Butt Ugly Stuff Hut.

It's full of stuff,
but it's all butt ugly.

And he attaches, starts
throwing a bunch of gear to you.

You come out of faster than light travel.


Outside Rubian Five.

As you emerge from
faster than light travel

in orbit over the moon of this gas giant,

you are perhaps surprised to find

a fleet of Amercadian Space Brigade ships

with their guns trained on you.

A fleet of United Free Trade Planets ships

with their guns trained on you.

A fleet of Rubian Five Royal Guard ships

with their guns--

- Oh, are they trained on us?

Are they trained on us?

- Trained on you.

- Oh, okay.

- A fleet of Griivarr World vessels,

with their guns trained on you.

- That's gotta be it, right?

- It was another hot dog.

It was a completely different--

- A small fleet of Repo Reaper vessels.

- What, no!

- With their guns trained on you.

Floating in space, a squadron

of Living Doll Cybernetics
Warfare Whitney's.

- What?

- With their guns.

- [Together] Trained on you.


- Done, are you done?

- What else is trained on us, huh?

- Yeah, is the Artist Collective there?

Do they have their guns?

- Oh my god, don't do this to us.

We actually have to fight.

- With their paint brushes trained on us?

- What about if their guns are trained

on everyone else, because
it's so random, huh.

- Yeah, how about that?

- Maybe the most random thing.

- Gust Weatherall.


Surrender, surrender, surrender the ship.

Surrender the ship, surrender.

And you'll be allowed to survive.

I'm gonna need everybody
here to roll initiative.

- Oh my god.

- Just roll initiative.

- That's all for this
week on "Dimension 20."

Tune in next week for the
battle on Rubian Five.

See you in the stars.

- [Siobhan] What?

- Fuck.

- Fuck.

- Now, did we get a long rest?

- [Brennan] As Skip hits the engine, boom!

Gunnie, down below decks.

Bam, hits the thing.

Shields lower, you guys
feel the energy leaving

your Atomotorch Particle Blasters.

And you hear a rumbling and shaking.

You guys can hear chips
falling in the casino.

The engines have never burned this hot.

- Hold on, Bambi.

- You see Bambi goes, ah!

And goes off her seat and
Plug catches her in a dip

and says, oh sorry you don't seem

to have your sea legs yet, little lady.

- Oh my god.

- Why don't you give me a smile, mister?

A real cowboy.

- There you go, Plug, there you go.