Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 13, Episode 14 - The House Always Wins - full transcript

The Gunner Channel struggles against Brutus as the Battle of the Brands comes to its conclusion.

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(air whooshing)

(funky upbeat music)
(graphics whizzing)

(explosion popping)

(funky upbeat music quickens)

(guns clicking)

(phone ringing)

(forceful rock music)

- Hello, one and all.

Welcome back to another thrilling episode

of Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey.

I'm your humble Dungeon
Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me as always, our intrepid heroes.

Say hi, intrepid heroes.

- [All] Hi, intrepid heroes.

- Last we left off, our intrepid heroes

were in the midst of
the Battle of the Brands

at the Kubla-Cola Gladiatorial Arena

here in Mas Vegas, Lavada.

We were confronted upon
our arrival in Mas Vegas

with the most intense
gearing-up I've ever seen

PCs preparing for a fight,

as well as a sudden discovery

of 12 seemingly very well-versed

in the tenets of the Cosmic Veil

women on vacation here
in Mas Vegas, Lavada.

And then the fight commenced

between the different brand champions.

Representing the Acme-Ashmun Corporation,

the Gunner Channel, their new champions,

making an appeal to the proldier lifestyle

so common these days in AnarchEra
in the wide, wide galaxy.

We also met the Triangle Mint Plinth.

Go Plinth!

The Plinth was destroyed

along with Brobbin Bunny
and Smaggy Squirrel,

the representatives of
Uncle Bob's Fantanimalland,

leaving us staring down
the Korncake construct

from Kansas, Amercadia.


Brutus, high up in hit points,

with a chance of recharging his terrible

venomous breath weapon-
- I hate it.

- On his turn.

Let's get those HP totals
from our current competitors.

- 12.

- Eight.

- Zero.

- Eight for now.

- 14.

- 64!

- Hey!
(group cheering)

- [Siobhan] Our big, strong boy.

- Hey, and Brutus has like

- It pays to be

friends with Brutus.

- It pays to be friends with Brutus.

Gang, we dive right back in!

Over the comms,

Well, well, well!

We've still got a fight
on our hands, folks.

Everybody, strap in. It's
gonna be a bumpy ride.

Barry, that is your turn.

- Sweet.

- Saw him in the finals.
- I will take...

I'm not gonna do anything elegant.

I will take the falling damage to step off

and get within swinging distance of him.

- Okay.

- So how much movement
would you say that is,

a foot, five feet?

- To just fall off?

- To just fall off. (laughs)

- [Brennan] Okay.

- I'll take the damage.

- Classic Big Barry.
- Can't you do

30 feet of jump?

Why don't you just-
- I will.

- Maybe he wants his-

- Oh, maybe you're going to.
- Oh!

- Oh, interesting.

- It's gonna be 2d6 kinetic damage.

So we'll call that, that's eight.

- [Brennan And Murph] Halved to four.

- Sweet.

I land, dust myself off.

(gritty rock music)

Put on my shades.

Brutus, it's the finals.

(group laughs)

And then I'm going to grapple him.

(player gasps)
- Ooh.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- So I am in the zone.
- [Brennan] Hell yes.

- So I roll with advantage.
- He is in the zone.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- Oh no.

- [Murph] Here we go.

- I imagine the music the
music right now is so tense.

- Oh my goodness, this is-

- [Brennan] One can only-
- This is the first move?

- [Siobhan] The first move: grapple.

- [Emily] I'm gonna puke.

- My man fell. (laughs)

My man fell easily to 30 feet.

- Just so brutally rolled my ankle.

(group laughing)


- That's a brutal ankle roll.
- Brutus, ugh.

- Ugh, fuck me.

- [Brennan] Okay.

(Ally laughs)

I am going to-

- [Lou] God damn.
- [Siobhan] This rules.

This rules.
- Okay.

Go ahead and roll your Athletics.

- [Lou] Classic Big Barry.
- [Zac] Oh my god.

- Oh my gosh, you're...

Oh my goodness.
- Does anybody have

anything to add?
- Yeah.

- Didn't you have a-
- [Lou] You have a-

- Potent Aptitude?
- [Lou] Potent Aptitude die.

- So what is it?
- 1d6.

But you're not gonna need it.
- Yeah, yeah.

- [Ally and Siobhan]
You're not gonna need it-

- [Siobhan] 'Cause you're gonna crit.

- And I got a d6,

or, sorry, I have a plus five
I can throw on you, like,

with my intelligence modifier-
- Okay, so let's see, I can-

- If I make Critical Analysis.
- Actually try this twice.

So let's wait for that one.
- Okay, cool.

- Cool, here's roll number one.

(die rolls)

- That's a 28 without his d6.

- Okay.
- [Lou] Throw that on there.

Throw that on there.
- [Ally] Come on, baby.

- And a six.

(group gasps)

- What did I say, 28?
- 34.

- 28, 34.
- That's a 34.

Do you wanna gimme the five,

just in case he's, like, insane,

and he crits or something?
- Yeah.

- [Brennan] Okay.
- 39.

- 39.

- [Zac] 39.

- That is unbelievable.

- [Zac] Barry.

- Barry, oh my god, you're so strong.

- This is an opposed Athletics, correct?

- Correct.
- Okay.

We're gonna roll.

A 39 is truly unbelievable.

(group laughing)

(Murph shouts)

I'm gonna let you know right now

that Brutus has to...

Let me just look at these stats again.

(tense music)

(sighs) Brutus has to hit a nat 20.

- Oh my god, please don't.

- Rolling with advantage.

(tense music)

17 and seven, no nat 20.

(group cheers)

- When you have a creature grappled-

- [Brennan] Yes.

- You can move half speed.

- That's correct.

- So I would like to
walk him over to the edge

and just fuckin' drop him.

- Okay, hell yes.

- [Siobhan] Yes, Barry.

- You pick Brutus up.

You walk him to the edge and drop him.

Okay, here's how this is gonna work now.

Crowd goes absolutely berserk,

give me Performance with
advantage, real quick.

(group cheers)

- [Lou] Of course, of course.

- Nat 20.

- Really? Really?
- Oh!

- Oh my fucking god.
- Oh, oh!

- I just look around and go-

- Put on a second pair of sunglasses.

- Sorry, I guess got...

Barry-ed away.

(player gasps)
- No!

- [Siobhan] Yes!

Yes, Barry.

- Margaret, the executive
that you saw look up, the-

- [Ally] Uh-huh.
(group laughing)


- [Lou] Oh my god, he's in the zone!

♪ Highway to the danger zone ♪

- [Brennan] So here's the deal.

- Your final form!

- So here's actually the deal.

On that nat 20 Performance check,

the executive who looked up
from their phone, you see goes,




Over and over again.

- I start to record that
so I can show it to him

if we're ever in trouble.

- In trouble, be like, I have-

- Uh, you loved it.

- You fucking loved it, actually.

- We should've put money on
ourselves. God, we're stupid.

- How are we ever gonna pay- (gasps)

- Well, he could still get out.

So that, okay.

- Okay, so here's the deal.
This is pretty simple.

He's going to get what
any of you would've gotten

going over the edge.

He's gonna get a Dexterity saving throw

to try to grapple to hang on as he drops.

He has a good Dex saving throw,

but it is not a surefire thing.

It's a Dexterity 15 save
to grab onto the edge.

- Can I...

This would be doing things
slightly out of order,

but I didn't know that there
was a Dexterity saving throw

involved in falling over.

I have-

- [Emily] A second attack.

- I have a second attack.
- Hell yeah.

- And I would have done this first,

if I knew there was gonna
be a Dexterity saving throw.

- Okay.

- I bought nets.
- Okay.

- Which, if I hit him with an attack-

- Sure.

- He is caught up in the
net and is restrained,

and on his, he can use an
action to use a Strength

to get out of it.
- Cool.

- If he fails the...

If I hit him with the net,

he has disadvantage on
Dexterity saving throws.

- That is correct, if
you hit him with the net,

he has disadvantage.

- I chuck a fuckin' net at him.

(group chuckling)

- [Brennan] Okay.
- If that's cool.

- [Brennan] That's cool.

- Little corn fishy.

- Oh, please.

So this is just a regular attack.

This isn't like an insane
Athletics check thing.

But that's a 26 to hit.

- Okay, a large or smaller creature,

yeah, he's large.
- Is he too big?

I brought so many nets.
- I'm gonna roll-

- Brennan.
- In the Box of Doom.

Roll in the Box of Doom.

He needs both of these dice

to be six or higher.

- Okay.

- Okay, that's not-

- All right, okay.
- So one-

- It's not impossible.
- One through five,

a quarter of a die.

- Yes, absolutely.
- Yeah.

- [Zac] Quarter of a die.

- Here we go, this is-
- You gonna let us see it?

- I'm gonna let you see it.

- A classic everyone stands up.

- [Brennan] Everyone stands up.

- [Ally] All rise.

- Again, and I'm gonna point
out, this is his last chance.

I'm not gonna pull other shenanigans.

We have the funniest return to combat,

a truly 10-minute-
- Amazing.

- An eight-minute battle-
- Truly amazing.

- Sequence at the top of an episode.

I wanna give space for
how honorable I'm being

in this moment.
- You are being so honorable.

- I'm being so honorable.
- You really are.

- Will you roll them one at a time,

just for tension?
- Really respect.

- For tension? Okay.
- Really respect.

- If this is a one
through five, it's over.

If this one is a one
through five, it's over,

and your crew gets 1.2
million galactic credits.

- That is so much money.

- You have a one in four,
there's a 25% chance

that your ship makes a
1.2 million credit payday.


Here's die number one.

That's a 14.
- Okay.

- Oh my god.
- Okay.

All right.
- I just saw the four,

and I swear to god.
- [Ally] Me too, me too.

- Okay, millionaires, now a 25% chance.

There's one die left.
- I feel alive.

- [Siobhan] I'm gonna cry.
- Me too.

- [Zac] No whammy.

- [Brennan] 18.

- [Ally] Okay.
(all sighing, groaning)

- Okay, makes the save.
- I loved it anyways though.

It was awesome.

- It was great.
- It was still awesome.

- Barry, that ruled.
- That ruled.

- That fucking ruled.
- This is the realest

this has ever been, that was crazy.

- I have him on the edge though.

- [Brennan] You have him on the edge.

- You have him on the edge.

- Yeah, he's what,

like literally holding on?
- Literally one hand, yes.

- [Siobhan] Great.
- Okay.

- And the restrained condition,
he has to use an action.

So a creature has four slowed levels.

Attacks against the
creature have advantage,

and the creature's attack
roles have disadvantage.

Slowed, speed reduced to zero,

and can't benefit from any bonus to speed.

- Does he have to redo a Dex saving throw

if he takes damage while he's
hanging on the edge like this?

- He will not have to
redo a Dex saving throw

while he's hanging like this.

He's got his incredibly
strong android arm up there.

But everyone has advantage
on attacks against him

for the moment, and he is,

he is truly in...

He's gummed-up in a net, hanging
off the side of the dais,

to outrageous applause.


- With my bonus action,

I would like to jump 30 feet
straight up into the air,

and then come down and
be drop-kicking him,

and risk myself falling off the edge

to make him do another
Dexterity saving throw.

- Okay, wait a minute, as your bonus...

What's the wording of your bonus action?

- It does...

I can move 30 feet, and
I do my Strength damage.

But I'm saying, landing
on his fucking head,

like I'm saying-
- Okay.

- I'm down to also be hanging
on the edge, if I fail.

- You're down to also be hanging
on the edge, if you fail.

Okay, here's-

- Oh my god, Barry, no!
- Barry.

- Here's how I'm going to allow it.

So the five damage goes
through no matter what, right,

which is gonna be halved to
two for the TaleSpire Crew.

So, deals two damage to him.

If you want to try to trigger
another Dexterity save,

I'm gonna put this many
restrictions on it,

'cause we are fully breaking

the rules of the game.
- Great, great.

- Number one, you will have
to hit him on an attack.

It will be a straight attack.
- Okay, okay.

- No ability to get advantage,

but not with disadvantage either.

- Okay.

- If you miss, you're
straight over the side.

Then, only if you hit him
does he also make the save.

In that case, he would make
another save with disadvantage,

like the one we just did.

You would make the same
save not with disadvantage.

Not with disadvantage,
you'd make it straight,

DC 15.
- How's your Dex?

- Two.

- [Siobhan] Mm, maybe-

- All right.
- Please don't.

- I relax.

(Ally and Emily laugh)

- Please don't.

- All right, and boom, land down again.

Deal the damage to him.

- Maybe back up, Barry.

- I don't know how much movement-

- Can you chuck me onto the dais?

- I probably had to move 12 feet

just to get him to the edge.

- Yeah.
- I might have like five feet.

I'll move like five feet back-

- Cool.
- To not be right on the edge.

- [Lou] That's all right.

- You move five feet back.

Okay, end of your turn.

He has an attack with reach.

He's going to take an attack
with disadvantage against you.

- [Murph] Okay.

- One hand, just-
(player groans)

- Disadvantage, okay, that's
still gonna be a 24 to hit.

- Yep.

- That's gonna do it.

I'm gonna need a
Constitution saving throw.

- Nice. Oh wait, sorry.
- Add your d4 to it.

- Let me, at the start of last turn,

I should have added Kublacaine dice.

- Okay.

- Two, okay, so I started it with six.

I'm back up to 64 from 60.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- Con save?

- Con save.

- There's the rolls back, a seven.

- Okay, you take,

22 halved to 11-
- Okay.

- Kinetic damage, and then you also take

six poison damage, which is not halved.

That is Brutus' legendary action.

Next in the initiative
is gonna be Margaret.

- Oh, cool.

Okay, I would like to just kind of

drop a stun grenade off the side of my-

- Yeah.
- Dais at the corn.

- Hell yes.
- Oh my gosh.

- It's a 10-foot-

- Does restrained mean you auto-

Oh, it's a Con save.
- Incapacitated.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, yeah, restrained isn't
gonna help with the Con save.

But if you miraculously...

If he rolls really bad,

you'll knock him out, and he'll be dead.

- He would be unconscious, right?

- Yeah.
- And then let go?

- Is restrained for Dex saves?

- Yeah.
- Same thing?

- Yeah, restrained is just,
his movement is zero until...

On his turn, he's just
gonna bust out so fast,

'cause it's only, it's a DC 12 check.

- Yeah, this is a DC 14 check.

- DC 14 check? All right,
throwing a stun grenade?

- Yeah.

- Another stun grenade
goin' over the edge.

Here we go.

- Margaret's gettin' into
the grenadier lifestyle.

- [Brennan] (growls) Does
not appear to stun him.

- Okay, then I would...

How much damage would I take

if I just kind of dropped out
of my nest onto the ground?

- If you jumped from
the nest to the ground?

- I'm just wondering.

- [Brennan] Just wondering,
it would be about...

It's about 30 feet.
- And how much damage

would I take?
- 3d6.

- 3d6.

- How many hit points you got?
- Margaret, don't.

- I've got eight hit points.

- Why would you play...

Don't you have a gun?

- But you're doing Kublacaine,

- Mm-hmm.

- So did you get some temp
HP at start of your turn?

- Yeah, great point.

- [Emily] Oh, stop!
- [Siobhan] Come on.

- [Emily] He wants this to happen.

- [Murph] What are you
gonna do down there?

- You already used

your action.
- Statistically-

- You already used your action.

- [Brennan] So roll these temp HP.

- Six.

- [Brennan] So that's 14, statistically-

- You would stay up.
- You would stay up.

- It's hard to roll a 14 with 3d6.

(group laughing)
I know that.

- I'll tell you that right
now, it's hard to roll-

- I plop out of my nest onto the ground.

- Hell yeah.

(Emily mutters)

- Roll it front, right?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, roll in front, please.
- [Murph] We demand.

- Roll in front? Okay.

So Margaret, you leap from the
crow's nest, crowd goes wild.

Uh-oh, look-
- Leap?

No, I fall out of the crow's nest.

I roll out the crows nest going,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- Trying to jump in a pencil skirt,

that's just-
- Looks like a fan has gotten-

(group laughing)

- [Brennan] Here we go.

- Yeah!

- Okay.
- Yeah!

- That is 11 damage.
- Okay.

- Still kind of a lot.
- I don't love it.

- And I wanna roll, I wanna be
right next to the corn cutie,

like right there.

- Okay.
- Why?

- [Brennan] Copy that.

- I go right up to it and
I go, you fuckin' suck.

- (laughs) Okay, copy that.

Copy that.
- Holy shit, what?

- But you take 11 damage, so
you cut through your temp HP-

- Yeah, now I got-
- And there's five, you have-

- I have three.

- Three hit points left, okay.

You hear, uh-oh, looks
like Margaret Encino,

business manager for the Gunner Channel,

has taken a tumble out of the camera nest.

- Yeah, I walk right into its
area, and I say, you suck.

- Okay.
- That attack of opportunity?

- Does it get one?
- What?

- It does not get

an attack of opportunity.
- Why would it get

an attack of opportunity?
- What? Why not?

- [Zac] 'Cause when you-
- Wait, do I have

enough movement to then leave?
- To then leave-

- Yeah.
- Its threatened area?

I believe it's-
- I walk up and I say,

you suck, and then I walk away.

Then I limp away.

- Why do you want it

to attack of opportunity?
- What are you doing?

- All right, what is-
- It's a trigger

so that Murph can-

- [Emily] I think we can go with it...

- [Brennan] Yeah, you walk away,

and it takes an attack
of opportunity on you.

- [Ally] Then Call to
the Guards, and I wanna-

- [Brennan] No!
- Call at Barry.

And if you attack, now you're
attacking Barry instead of me,

and if you miss, he gets an
immediate attack on the corn.

- And you're rolling with
disadvantage 'cause of the net.

- And I'm gonna go ahead
and do a Shove attack.

(group laughing)

- Ow, my arm is, like,
completely bent out.

I fell out of my nest.

- [Brennan] Okay, okay, okay.

- You suck, goodbye, oh.
- Oh my god.

I cannot believe-
- [Ally] Guards!

- Why would I assume that you
were doing something crazy

and not, oh my god.

- This is the sensible Beardsley season.

- Oh my fucking god.
- Yeah, exactly.

No more tomfoolery.

- No more tomfoolery here.
Okay, okay, okay, wait.

- This is not tomfoolery.

- [Brennan] Yeah, I guess-
- This is tom-sensibly.

- Okay, tom-sensibly indeed.

Okay, Call to the Guards.

When a creature makes an
Attack roll against you,

you can use your reaction
and expend a superiority die,

command a willing ally within
five feet of that creature

to use their reaction to intercede.

The creature's then
forced to make an attack

on the ally instead.

If the attack misses-
- Oh my god.

- The ally can immediately
make a weapon attack against

the creature as part of-
- Oh, it has to be a weapon.

- Has to be weapon attack, as
a part of that same reaction,

roll the superiority
die and add the result

to the ally's Attack role.

- This my last superiority die.

- Okay, I'm gonna roll.

I'm gonna roll here,
rolling with disadvantage.

- And I'm gonna cast Shield,

so now my AC will be 20.
- Cool, awesome.

- Oh, no, no, no.
- Oh, no, no, you-

- You have to use your
reaction for the ability.

But it can't hit you, no
matter what, it's attacking-

- Oh, it would be a miss-

- It would be a miss.
- On Barry.

- Yes, if it hits Barry-
- Got it, got it, got it.

- He doesn't get the attack.

- Got it, got it, got it, okay.

- We're gonna roll with disadvantage.


Eight, eight on the die, plus...

eight on the die plus 12 is 20.

- Wait, didn't you give your
Critical Analysis to him,

and now you're within 10 feet.

Does that boost his AC?

- Oh, no, no, I would've had
to keep my Critical Analysis

on myself.
- Oh, okay.

- But you still have- oh.

- [Murph] You don't have your reaction?

- [Ally] Yeah.
- So I think 20 does hit.

20 connects, right?
- Yeah.

- Fuck.
- Okay, that was incredible.

I keep coming so close-
- It was really cool.

- To this all being over.

- It was really, really cool.
- It was really fucking cool.

- God damnit!
- So cool.

- So it's gonna take...

But it is gonna take a swat.

- Fuck.
- I mean, it took,

it was a long walk.
- It was a long walk.

- It was a really long walk.
- Thank you for walking

with me, everybody.
- A long fall,

okay, there was no walking.
- This has just been

really so fun.
- Gettin' a long fall.

- [Lou] Long fall.
- Imagine if I'd fallen

and died. (laughs)

- I cannot imagine, like as
Gunnie, watching Margaret,

like all of this shit is going down.

Barry's pushing this corn.

I see Margaret up in the crow's nest go-

- Oh my god.
- And then just jump.

- [Brennan] Gimme the Con save.

- There are the rolls again, nine.

- Okay, this I can do.

You can use a second reaction each round

to train your Critical
Analysis, if a friendly creature

is making a saving throw.
- Okay.

- So now you get plus five to that.

- I don't think that's gonna be worth it.

It's gonna get me up to 14.

- Oh damn.

Well, maybe.
- It's just extra damage.

- [Brennan] Okay, five plus seven is 12,

halved to six kinetic.
- Okay.

- [Brennan] And then the poison comes in

for 11 points of poison damage.

- [Murph] All right, I'm at 28.

- Now the corn cutie has
used his reaction though.

- [Brennan] Yes.

- [Siobhan] Nice.

- I'm gonna use my
reaction to try to heal.

- Nice.

- And that's a six.
- [Brennan] Okay.

- So I get six back.

- Legendary action, I have figured a way

to get myself out of this.

I, also, am good at this game.

- We know.
- We know, no hype, it's just-

- That's why we spent hours last night

trying to figure it out.

- Okay.

- 'Cause you're much better
at this game than us,

but there are six of us.

- Here we go.
- Six of us.

- He's rolling with disadvantage.

He just can't hit a nat one here.

18 and 11, okay, he takes
disadvantage to attack the net,

which he can do with a legendary action.

Shreds the net with an
ax, on a minimum damage,

cuts through the net.

That is the end of Margaret's turn.

Skip, I'm gonna need a death saving throw.

- Damnit, I was, yeah, okay.

Trying to see...

Nat 20.

- [Ally] Oop.
- 11.

- [Brennan] 11.
- Well, that's still a save.

- [Murph] That's a pass.
- Yeah.

- [Emily] It's a save.
- Okay.

11, yeah, that's a success.

That's a death save success from Skip.

At the end of Skip's turn, he cannot move.

And I'm gonna say that
hanging off the edge,

he's still attacking with
disadvantage, even though

he's not in the net anymore.
- Great.

- He's gonna take another
one and take a swing

at Barry, who he can hit.

Or, actually, sorry.

There's Sid, and there's Barry, right?

- And there's me.
- No, Barry's the one

he's scared of, he's gonna go for Barry.

- [Siobhan] What's his reach?

- Seven plus 12

is 19.
- [Murph] God damnit.


- [Brennan] Okay.

- [Lou] Barry!

- 19 hits you? I thought you had 20.

- I switched to the gun
just to shoot the thing,

which I needed to.
- Oh yeah.

- Is the shield on the
floor? Can you pick it up?

- 14 halved to seven kinetic.

- [Siobhan] I mean, not this turn.

- And then the poison bypasses
that, 15 poison damage.

- Guys, I'm almost down.

- [Siobhan] Good to know.
- I'm at 12.

- Gunnie, that's gonna be you.

I have Oil Slick.

And a creature that is in the oil slick

immediately has to make
a Dexterity saving throw

or fall prone.

If I use the oil slick on homeboy,

will he have to make a check
to keep from falling down?

- He will.

I'm going to remind you,

only because it came up in combat already,

that this creature does
have legendary resistances.

- Got it.
- However,

with the wording of Oil Slick,

does it have to make
one on subsequent turns

if it moves through the oil?

- When oil appears,

creature must succeed on
a Dexterity saving throw

or fall prone.

A creature that enters
the area or ends its turn

must also succeed-
- Ends its turn.

- On a Dexterity saving throw.
- Okay, ends its turn.

So it's possible that it could chew

through a legendary resistance here,

but he would almost certainly
burn one to get through there.

However, how long do you wanna mess around

with legendary resistances for?

- [Emily] Yeah, right.
- [Murph] Yeah, we don't wanna

mess with it.

- Even if we burn a legendary resistance,

that's useful to us.

- I think, healing Barry.

- I mean, I'm dead on this
turn, I think, no matter what,

once he attacks me, so it doesn't matter.

- I mean, I think that
even if you get healed,

you get taken down, right?

- 'Cause it's doing-
- Yeah, probably.

- So much damage, it's
almost not worth healing you.

- Cool. I'm flying to Skip.

- [Murph] Yep, smart, okay.
- Oh wow.

Not to Skip, I think I'll fly
up high enough to see Skip.

That'll be a bonus action, d4,

and we'll cast that

at a 3rd-level,

or 2nd-level.

Seven plus five, plus...

That's it, seven plus five for Skip.

That's a bonus action.

I think, then, I'm just gonna take my turn

to fly with a dash to
the camera control center

above Barry and the squad.

- Copy that.

- Kind of where the
corn cutie is looking at

for the TaleSpire Crew, that high.

So I'll get up there.
- What's the position like

if he has a poison breath?

- If he has poison breath.
- We just have to all be-

- Yeah, just-
- We have to make it-

- Just spread.
- So he can only hit-

- Make sure to scatter.
- One or two of us every time.

- I think I'm trying to
hit that angle of like,

having you be on one side-
- [Emily] Oh, perfect.

- And having me be on the other.

- I'm so nervous.

- And then I think that's
all of my movement.

I'm just gonna throw a
grenade, but I don't think...

It's a gas grenade,

and I think it would
just fuck up you guys.

There's just too much

already going on.
- No, you can throw it with,

you can throw it-
- You could.

- To the side so that you just get him.

- I'll throw a gas grenade at this thing.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- [Zac] What does that do?

- It needs to fail a Con save.
- I think it has to make

a DC 20 Con save.
- Yeah, I think it's

a Con save though.

Oh, it's probably a DC 14.
- Whoa.

- DC 14?
- Yeah.

- What type of grenade is it?

- It is a gas grenade.

- DC 14 Constitution saving throw,

takes 2d6 poison damage on a failed save

or half as much damage
on a successful one.

- Doesn't it obscure the area?

- Oh, it does, I think, yeah.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- Yeah, yeah, it does obscure the area.

- Additionally, on a failed
save, the creature is poisoned

while in the cloud.

- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.

- Poisoned would mean more disadvantage.

- Cool.

- It does a lot of poison, I wonder...

- I think it's poison-based,
but yeah, go ahead

and make that save.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.

- We'll make that save.

Okay, the creature does
not wanna be poisoned.

Does burn through one of
his legendary resistances.

- And it'll take six damage.

- [Brennan] Six damage, copy that, okay,

takes six points of damage.
- Nice.

- At the end of Gunnie's turn-

- [Emily] Oh my god.

- Brutus is going to take a swing

on Barry, still with disadvantage.

Five plus 12 is 17.

- That's my Armor Class.

- That's gonna do-

- Do you have the Critical
Analysis on you now?

Does that mean-
- Who has

the Critical Analysis?
- Who's your Critical Analysis

- Yeah.

- 'Cause you didn't take it, right?

So then that would mean it stays on you,

which means you have the aura?

- Well, last time, it wasn't...

It hasn't been on me for a while.

- Oh, okay.
- I have been

bouncing it around, so I
don't know where it is.

I could have bonus-actioned
it back to myself on my turn,

but so much was going on.

- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- And I did forget to do that.

- Nine plus seven is 16, halved to eight.

- Cool, still up, but-
- Okay.

- [Brennan] Still up, and
then the poison damage.

- Oh, a Con save.
- Yeah, gimme the Con save.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Add your d4.

- Yes.

- Add your d4.

- 15.

- 15.

- That, I can add five to, right?

- 15 passes.

- Oh!
- But it's still doesn't-

- You are gonna take half damage.

- It doesn't matter.

- So that's gonna be 10, halved
to five points of damage.

It is now Brutus' turn.

- [Lou] Barry!
- [Emily] Oh god.

- [Brennan] Brutus is
gonna use his movement.

- Margaret.

- Oh, Margaret.

- Here we go. I'm gonna
roll for breath weapon.


- Okay, okay, okay.
- No breath weapon returns.

- Yeah, Brutus is going to move, get up.

He's gonna stand in between Sid

and Margaret Encino.

- Hm.

- Mm-hmm.

- He's gonna stand in between
Sid and Margaret Encino.

And he's gonna take some attacks.

- I still have my shield
up, for the record.

- You do, so your AC is 20 now, correct?

- And you still have-
- My AC's-

- A Mirror Image?
- 21.

- 21.
- And I still have

a Mirror Image.
- Good call.

- Okay, I'm gonna need a Wisdom
saving throw from everybody,

except for the people that
are down, people that are down

do not need to make a Wisdom saving throw.

- Do I need to make one?

- You do.

- I keep missing.

- [Brennan] Here we go.

- Nat 20, baby!

(group cheers)

- That's the good news-
- 26.

- We wanna see.
- 26.

- 17.
- 17, okay.

- Good saving.
- [Lou] Another 17.

- Another 17.
- 16.

- 16 for Margaret.
Margaret, Brutus gets up.

You are a business woman with a cellphone

standing in front of a
Vercadian Protector Android.

You are under the Frightened condition,

as he goes, (roars) roars at you.

- Definitely, that checks out.

- [Brennan] That checks out.
- Oh, you know,

can I Defiant to try to not be frightened?

- Do you want to Defiant?
Yeah, gimme a Defiant roll.

- I mean, if it's-

- [Siobhan] If a 17 passes...
- I'm 16.

- Oh yeah, 17 passes.

- [Murph] So you pass.
- You are not frightened.

- Okay, cool.
- [Emily] Whoo!

That's big.
- Excuse me, dude.

- That's big, baby.
- I say something sassy.

- And now he is going to-

- Like what? (laughs)

- He says, Margaret Encino-
- Something sassy.

- A woman who looks like she got here

straight from the water cooler,

absolutely unafraid of
this towering android.

And now you got three attacks incoming.

- [Siobhan] Oh boy.

- Prove it.

- [Brennan] Okay.

So this is gonna be-
- Do you have Shield still?

- Yeah, oh.
- This first one's gonna be

a claw at Margaret.

- [Ally] Oh god.

- Does a 14 hit Margaret?

- No, it does not.

- Oh my god, we love that.
- 'Cause you're, why does it-

- I didn't even use Shield.

My Armor Class right now is 15.

- Unbelievable, miss on the first attack.

Next attack incoming at Margaret,

that one is gonna hit.

- What is it?

'Cause I can get up to
20 if I cast Shield.

- Do you wanna cast Shield
as this attack is incoming?

- [Siobhan] You have to choose before

he says.
- Oh yeah, definitely.

- It bypasses the shield.

- Oh no.

- It bypasses the-
- It's never bad

to have it up, though.
- Yeah, that's true.

- [Lou] Exactly.

- You take-
- [Siobhan] You look so cool.

- Eight plus seven, 15 points of damage.

- Yeah, I'm down.

- Right. (growls)
- I'm way down.

- All right, Margaret
and Barry, both down.

And finally, a reach attack

is coming for Sid.

- Disadvantage? Because it's a reach?

- No, no, reach means
that he has the ability

to swing out and get her even in space.

- Oh, gotcha.
- Margaret goes down.

- I've got Shield up and Mirror Image.

- 21.

- [Emily] Gotta try to hit 21.

- Well, first of all, we have to roll

for the Mirror Image first.

We have to see if it's
targeted by that first.

- I have to hit a 11 or above, I think.

- [Brennan] 11 or above.

- Yes.
- 16.

- Last Mirror Image gone-

- [Siobhan] Thank god.

- On a natural 20.

(group gasps)

- Oh my god, dude.
- Yeah!

- Yeah, yeah!
- Oh my god.

- Okay.

- [Siobhan] What a good spell.

- And Brutus goes, (growls)

and is gonna back up all the
way to the middle of the dais.

- No.
- To the dais.

- Who has med packs still?

- Or, actually, wait a
minute, no, this guy could be-

- If he did three attacks, is he-

- [Emily] He has the-

- He had to use half his
movement to get up from prone.

- He had to use half his
movement to get up from prone,

and how much movement does
he have? He has 40 feet.

He might not be able to
make it altogether that far.

He's just going take a five-foot
step back from the ledge,

not to the middle of the
dais, TaleSpire Crew.

He's just five feet away
from that corner next to Sid.

(roars) Roaring. Ooh, the boy mad.

Shield comes down.

Sid, it is you. It is your turn.

- What about Riva?

- I have not gone yet, am I-

- [Brennan] Oh, sorry.
- Yeah, it's Riva's turn.

- It's my turn.
- Oh, I, for some reason,

had that marked down.

Riva, that is your-
- It's my turn.

- It's (mutters).

- [Brennan] Yes, Riva that is your turn.

- Okay, let me just get my HP back.

That's an extra five HP,
excellent, excellent.

So I am going to use Heightened Power

and try and psychically throw him.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- It's a Strength saving throw,

but he's doing it with disadvantage, so.

- Okay.

- And thank god he's only
10 feet away from the ledge,

because that's how far I can move

a large creature.
- Yeah.

- He's only five feet from
the ledge, so you'd send him

five feet over the edge.
- Yes.

- Now, you'd also be
sending him right towards...

He'd be within reach of trying
to grab Sid, who's flying,

but we can cross that
bridge when we come to it.

- We can cross that
bridge when we come to it.

- Okay, it's a Strength
saving throw, your DC...

But he's rolling with disadvantage.

- He's rolling with a disadvantage.

I know he's very strong. The DC is 16.

- He has legendary resistances left.

He's gonna roll with disadvantage.

One through three,

he'll have to burn through
a legendary resistance.

That's a two!
- Okay!

- [Brennan] Unbelievable.

- Okay, all right.
- Yes!

- And I am going to Quicken Spell.

- [Brennan] Okay.

- Can you do it again?

- No, I can't, 'cause that
that would be two spells.

But I can try to

psychically shunt him.

It's another Strength saving throw,

and on a failed save, he
takes 2d4 kinetic damage

and falls prone.

- Okay, copy that, 2d...

Okay, so he's gonna do
another Strength save.

You're not heightening this one.

- I'm not heightening. You can
only use one power per spell.

- Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, makes sense.

- So this, it's a Quicken.

- Okay, he succeeds on his
Strength saving throw for that.

- Damn. Well, it was worth a try.

- Yeah.
- [Brennan] There you go.

- I feel fine having burned

through that resistance.
- Yeah.

- And I'm gonna-
- You should.

You should.
- Stay exactly where I am.

I don't think there's any
point in me moving anywhere.

- Okay, at the end of Riva's turn,

he is gonna throw...

So you still have your shield up.

At the end of Riva's turn,
he's gonna throw another

15-foot reach attack at you.

You do not have-

- He has a 15-foot reach?

- He has one ability that he
can do that's a 15-foot reach.

- God damn.

- He's coming in with this attack here.

I'll roll in front of the board.


- Okay, that's-

- Plus 12, 17.

- I have a 21, baby.

(Ally laughs)

- (roars) Miss.

Unbelievable. Okay, Sid, it is your turn.

- [Zac] (whispers) I don't know.

- Okay.

So he got thrown over the edge, right?

- With Riva's second-
- No.

He burned his resistance.
- Oh, right.

- So he burned his resistance.

So he's five feet from the ledge,

but he's got a lot of hit points.

Two of your allies are down,

or three, including Aurora Nebbins.

- He's burned three resistances.

- Yes, he's burned three resistances.

- So I'm going to use my
movement to get back on the dais,

but I'm gonna use...

You know, I've got, I think, 30 feet.

So I'm gonna basically get
out of 15 feet from him.

- Copy that, okay.

So what we're gonna look
to do here is basically...

Aurora Nebbins, also, I'm gonna
need a death save throw for.

(die clatters)

- [Emily] It's a fail.

- Okay, one failure for Aurora Nebbins.

You can fly within 30
feet of where you are.

- But I wanna get on the dais.

- Okay, copy that.

- Or on the platform.

- You can get, if you want-

- Without getting within 15 feet of him.

- Unfortunately, because
his reach is 15 feet,

and you're in that reach right now,

getting away would give him

the reaction attack of opportunity

that you're trying to avoid.

- Okay, can I at least
throw Aurora Nebbins

onto the dais, onto the platform?

- Also, there is another
thing strategically

to consider here, which is,

if you take the attack of opportunity

but get farther than 15 feet away,

he won't be able to use
legendary actions on you.

- I cannot sustain an
attack of opportunity.

- Okay, you huck Aurora
Nebbins safely onto the dais,

deposit her on the far side
of one of these columns,

like over here.

- [Emily] Yeah.

- Cool.

What else are you doing?
That's your object interaction.

- First thing's first, I'm
bringin' Barry back up.

- Appreciate ya.

- Barry, I'm probably
gonna fuckin' die out here.

- Nice.

- So maybe fucking get me-
- Not to dying.

- (laughs) Outta here.

And then I am just going to

huck a grenade at him.

- Hell yeah.
- I'm gonna do a stun grenade.

- [Ally] Nice.
- [Siobhan] Great.

(Brennan exhales deeply)

- Come on.

- [Brennan] Okay.
- How much did you

bring me back up for?

- Four plus five, nine.

- The DC is 16.

- [Ally] Yes.

- Which means he makes
these on a five or higher,

but these are stun grenades.

This is definitely Box of Doom.

- Maybe I should be doing damage on him.

- I don't know.
- I think we can't.

- At this point-
- I don't think so.

- [Murph] We throw him off or we die.

- [Siobhan] He has so many hit points,

I think we just have to-
- He's just not gonna go down.

- Throw him off.
- Then I use my action

to do a stun grenade.

- One through four is
what you're looking for.

Oh, it's my oldest die.

Nine, makes the save. (imitates explosion)

- All right.
- Stun goes off. (roars)

I will reaction, I don't
have any shields anymore.

I'm fuckin' plummeting the
next time he touches me.

Please fuckin' save me.

And I will throw one
more stun grenade at him.

- Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah.

- What else can we do?

- What else can we do?

- I brought Barry back.
That's all I can do.

- That's huge. That's huge.

- Lucky four.

- [Emily] Okay.

- [Murph] God damn.
- [Ally] Fuck.

- You do have movement
left, and I'll remind you

that if you get hit in
open air, you will fall.

- Yeah, so I think I can't move.

- Can you can move closer?

- The weird thing is you can...

Reach is so bizarre in 5E,

as long as you don't go more
than 15 feet away from him,

you will not leave his reach.

- So just get on the platform.

- Then I'm gonna get within range,

then I'm gonna get next to Barry.

- Copy that, okay.
- 'Cause he's back up.

And I'm on the platform.

- You get in between Brutus and Barry.

- Yeah.
- Awesome.

- That's my turn, and now
it's Barry's turn, hopefully,

unless it's his turn.

- Hell yes.

Okay, at the end of your turn,

Barry is back up with new hit points.

The end of your turn, he's
gonna take a swing at you.


What's your Armor Class right now?

- Only 16.

- 16? That's a hit.


That's gonna be...

five plus seven,

12 kinetic damage.

Now give me a Constitution saving throw.

- [Zac] With a what, d4?

- That is-

- With a d4.

- Yeah, it's an 11.

- [Siobhan] Damn.

- You take another 10
points of poison damage

on top of that.

- I'm down.

- Sid goes down, boom, legendary action.

But Sid gets Barry up, and
you're on the same initiative.

- Sweet.
- Barry, you're gonna go.

- HP back, nine, seven,

back up to 16.

Not gonna be a Dex save this time.

Barry's going over the edge.

I'm gonna grapple him, and just go off,

full-on fucking Cleganebowl.

Barry screams and charges and grabs him,

and if I win this grapple check,

we're goin' over the edge. (laughs)

- Okay, okay, okay.

Copy that.

- You should go into the zone first,

because you were knocked down.

- Cool. Yeah, I have to
go back into the zone.

- You go back into the zone.

- [Emily] Oh no.

- Okay, do you want me to...

I can tell you the number
you're trying to beat.

- Okay.
- You want me

to do that first?
- Yes.

- Okay, Box of Doom, this is contested.

- I'm gonna throw up, I'm just-

- I'm gonna throw up.
- Fully.

- I'm gonna throw up.
I'm all the way gone.

- Okay.
- We're wearing fun outfits,

nothing fun, nothing fun.
- Oh my god.

I understand why poker players

wear sunglasses.
- Oh yeah.

- 'Cause right now, I just wanna

hide my emotions.
- I wanna hide, dude.

I don't want anyone
knowing what's going on.

- I wanna have that full hoodie,

strings pulled taut.
- Yeah, I-

- [Brennan] Here we go.

- Oh, you're down.
- Over the edge.

- Yeah, exactly.

- Here's the advantage
Athletics roll, a six and a 17.

Okay, the number you are trying to beat

is a 29.

- Does anyone have anything to help?

- I can't, it's not my turn,
so I can't Potent Aptitude.

- All right, (sighs) so I need an 18.

- You can roll an 18, Murph.

- I can roll an 18.
- You can roll an 18.

- Absolutely. On advantage?

- All right.
- Okay.

You're rolling on advantage.

And you've got two chances.
- Get that fuckin' dice

outta there.
- All rise.

- Get that fuckin' dice.
- Yeah, get it outta there.

- 11 and six.
- Okay.

- That's your first. Now
he's gonna roll again.

- Oh yeah.

- Right?
- Right.

- Oh, he rolls again.
- He rolls again as well

for a new Athletics check.

13 and two.
- [Siobhan] Okay.

- You need to beat a 25.

- All right.

- So I need a 15 or higher?

- [Lou] You can do that.

- You can do this.

- Come on, man.

- You should just crit.
- Come on, man.

Come on, man.

- 17!
(group cheering)

- Oh my god.

- 1.2 million credits!

- [Emily] Oh!
- Barry.

♪ Highway to the danger zone ♪

Brutus screams.

Wink. (laughs)

You pick this Vercadian Protector Droid up

and go over the edge.

(Brennan roars)
(crowd cheering)

No Dex save, you are
moving him out into space,

'cause you and he are entangled together.

- Rad.

- You are both going to take

max falling damage.
- Wait.

Are they just falling though?

- They are falling.

- I'm alive, and I'm in an initiative.

- That's true.
- Can I possibly catch up?

- Yeah.

- I also have friction-grip gloves.

- Okay.
- So I was hoping

to kind of try to angle myself

so I could crash into a
wall or something and, like-

- And skid down? Okay.
- Spider-Man down?

- First of all, you go over the edge.

Boom, grab this-
- This is too much.

- Vercadian Protector Droid.
- Yeah, this is serious.

- Why do we play this game?

This is too much.

- Grab Brutus, (growls)
over the edge, plummeting.

As you do, I'm gonna
say you go 15 feet out

and immediately 15 feet down.
- Can someone go get

the edible out of my bag, please?

(group laughing)

- Okay, the next,

when it reaches Brutus' turn,

you will both plummet 180 feet.

- Yep.
- Okay?

Margaret, give me a death saving throw.

- Oh, definitely.
- Oh my god.

- 11.

- [Brennan] Okay, that's a success.

Skip, that's gonna be you.

- Full Dash action.
- Okay.

- Bonus action, Cunning Action or,

you know, Dash as well.
- Yeah, gotcha.

- That's a hundred, 40,
80, 120 feet of movement-

- Hell yeah.

- Towards Barry.

- Incredible, 120 feet
towards Barry, you grab him.

Give me a Sleight of Hand check.

- [Murph] Oh my god.

- That is going to be


- With a 17, go ahead and
give me an Athletics check.

All you gotta do here is beat a 15.

- Okay.
- Come on.

- Don't use those medieval ones.

- It's only a 28.

(group laughing)
- Oh my god!

Oh my god.

- [Siobhan] Happy birthday, Murph!

- [Zac] I was gonna say something.

- Happy fucking birthday.
- And I will

reaction Disengage.

- Boom.
- Ooh!

- Crowd goes fuckin'
berserk as Skip jet-packs

through the air with Barry
hanging off his shoulder,

as Brutus plummets through the air.

Gunnie, that is gonna be your turn.

You have friends making death...

Sorry, no, that's...

Sorry, that's Riva.
Riva, that is your turn.

You have friends making death
saving throws on the ground.

- There's not much I can
do death saving throw-wise.

I guess I'll Phasewalk down to
them and do a Medicine check?

- Yeah, give a Medicine check for-

- Wait, I have a med pack on my body that

maybe you would know about.
- Oh, great, so then can I-

- I don't know how that works though.

I just remember Barry saying-
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- It's an action to use it.
- Oh, great.

So I can just phasewalk down

and then use Margaret's med pack on her.

- Yes, so Margaret is back up.

- Oh my good god.
- Gunnie, that is your turn.

- Level two, you know, fuckin'...

God, too much is happening.
I can't talk anymore.

There goes a...

I cannot keep that dice on the table.

That's five, 10 hit points for Sid.

And then I'm gonna Minor
Defibrillate Aurora Nebbins.

- [Brennan] Aurora Nebbins?
- Stabilize.

- So we exit combat,

(group cheers)

(Emily laughs)

bloodied and beaten-
- Insane.

- A sparking psychodrone,

Gunnie gets up with the defibrillator.

Aurora Nebbins, (yelps) blood here.

Sid, you're like, (imitates sloshing)

different android fluids
leaking from various injuries.

Margaret, like, stumbling
back to your feet.

And coming in a plume of jet
pack smoke is Skip and Barry,

as the crowd goes berserk.

Acme-Ashmun, victorious new champions

of the Battle of the Brands!

Folks, history was made here tonight

at the Kubla-Cola Gladiatorial Arena.

Give up for your champions,

the Gunner Channel!

(crowd cheering)
(players exclaiming)

- We will never be back.

- Skip, Skip, Skip.
- Barry, Barry.

- I'm cheering but crying

at the same time.
- Yeah, we're all coming down

from the Kublacaine.
- We're weeping, yeah.

- Barry just drops and starts-
- I love you guys so much.

Love you so much.
- People, like,

with different confetti cannons going off,

boom, boom-boom-boom, boom, boom.

You see Zeke Donaldson Quark come out

with this huge cardboard check,

1.2 million galactic credits.

How does it feel?

- No interviews, please.

- Gunnie.

- We're goin' to-
- You're out of debt, Gunnie!

Not like one step closer.

- Oh my god, it feels great.

I mean, I don't know if it's
the check or the Kublacaine

or the fact that my friends
almost died, but it feels good!

And Dads, wherever you are,
I hope you're watchin'.

Your boy's a spacer now,
and he's gonna own himself.

- And that's all thanks
to Acme-Ashmun, TM,

and then I slap the reporter.
(group laughing)

- You slap him.
- Kiss him now.

- And kiss him.

All right, folks, I just
got slapped and kissed.

That's the Acme-Ashmun brand to a T.

Folks, let's give it for
our champions one more time.

And I'm hearing right now
that they've gotta beat feet,

'cause they are wanted.

Let's get these guys outta here.

- [Ally] Let's go!

- We're going to Bob's Fantanimalland.

(group laughing)

- Incredible. You guys are millionaires!

- [Murph] Oh my god.

- Amazing.

Folks, what we saw here
tonight was truly miraculous.

Word has it that these
champions got signed

a mere four marbecs ago,

and came here and knew how
to take care of business.

Up on the viewer, you
see the commentators,

Jimmy the Snout and Chip Hatwell.

Boy, I'll tell you right now,

it's rare to see a fight like this,

if they were down but not
out, and they came back.

I'll tell you what, I've been
down plenty of times, Jimmy,

plenty of times.

(Emily laughs)

- This is the guy whose dog

keeps attacking his neighbors.
- His neighbors.

Yeah, absolutely.

You are ushered off of the dais.

This little sort of
platform floats across,

(imitates whirring) and
you are escorted back

through the back halls to the lockers.

You see all the people that work here,

like there's a bunch of ushers

and pagers and security guards,

and people are just looking
and waving and cheering

as you're going along.

Acme-Ashmun people surge around you.

Gunnie, you see Dora Valentine here.

I, like, grab her shoulder.

I'm looking, just...

- Hello.

Hello, it's been-

- Good to see you.
- Been many cycles.

- Many cycles.

- Yes.

(gentle music)

You see she says, I
have a, and she holds up

a little thing on her
transponder that says "Erwin."

And it says, "Is my boy all right?"

You tell him, you tell him I'm good.

You tell him I'm real good.

And I'm gonna come visit.

I'm gonna come visit Dads.
- Yes.

You've completely absent,
you've been an absent-

- Completely absent.
- Completely absent.

- Well, I was doin'-

- I talk to your fathers a
lot about it, and it's been,

it is deeply hurtful.

- Yeah, yeah.

The ball was rolling down,
and I didn't want to come home

while the ball was rolling down.

But now the ball is rolling up

so much so that I am the ball,

and these are my best
friends, really, my family.

That's my dad.

Guys, this is Dora Valentine.

She taught me everything you know

that I know that you know that I know.

- Yes, well, come-

You guys go to the locker room.

Dora is looking and just
sort of stunned to see you.

The guy who was screaming
and pumping his fist earlier

comes up to you, Margaret, and goes,

Ms. Encino, a pleasure.

My name's Cornelius Ashmun.

It's an honor and a pleasure to meet you.

- It's great to meet you, too,
great to meet you as well.

I mean, like, everything's broken.

- Yeah. (laughs)

Well, I just wanna say, by the way,

absolutely exemplary work out here.

The gentleman here, Barry, Mr. Syx?

- Barry Syx, yes siree.

- I gotta say, that toss to get the logo

in front of the camera,

that's already gone completely viral.

We're just seeing a huge
amount of engagement.

And you know, I'm sure
we're pivoting to retail

in a big way after taking

mostly contract work.
- Of course.

- So it's really exciting for us

to have something organic.

And I gotta say, and you
see he sort of wags a finger

over in Dora's direction.

We took a big gamble here, you know.

We did a huge rebrand,

and this was a big part of that strategy.

And let me tell ya, it has paid off.

He looks at you and says, so
let's talk about the future.

Let's talk about Acme-Ashmun.
Let's talk about the Wurst.

Let talk about 1.2 million credits.

Dora speaks up and says, yes,

I believe that 1.2 million credits,

there was some discussion
about paying that off.

- We'll take it in cash actually.

- Absolutely, you got it.

You see, she looks at you and says,

we're happy to do that.

Taking it in cash means
you're gonna have to interact

with Repo Reapers probably directly.

Is that amenable to you?

- Can I talk to everybody?

I think we can buy it from
them for a cheaper amount.

Could we do it like an
Insight check or something

to see if we would think that-

- Finance check?
- Yeah, Finance check?

- [Brennan] Do a Finance
check, yeah, yeah.

- [Lou] Do a Finance check.

- Ooh, 15.

- Give me an Insight check, too.

- Okay.


Insight is...

- Can I give her the Help action,

since I'm so good at Insight.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- [Ally] Okay, great.

- Wow, this one really
does not wanna roll, 14.

- 14 on the Insight?

- The vibe you're picking up
from the Acme-Ashmun people

is one of, 1.2 million credits,

these people are all
loaded beyond imagining.

To fuck over a group of proldiers

that just did a very big PR
thing for them for one point...

These are not people that are gonna be...

Companies like this don't screw people

out of 1.2 million
credits, because it's like,

who would've laid down
that directive to be like,

you know where we really gotta cut costs

is those one-off Battle of
the Brands fight purses.

- Got it.
- We gotta claw those

back from people.
- Wait.

We don't have to pay
taxes on this shit, do we?

- If you stay in Mas Vegas, you will.

- Yeah.
- We're not gonna do that.

- Can we have-
- We're leaving?

- This conversation on the ship?

- Oh, on the ship? Yeah, absolutely.

Yes, of course, absolutely.

- Right, because aren't we wanted,

and we need to get outta here?
- [Zac] Yeah.

- Oh, sorry, the Wurst just took off

a martron ago, wink.

- Oh, okay.
- Okay.

- Nevermind, continue.
- So we probably have

like an hour or so-
- Okay, great.

- Before we have to go.

- We have gotten hailed-

We have gotten hailed,

and we have responded to the
Amercadian Space Brigade,

to United Free Trade Planets,
to Repo Reapers, actually,

and a couple other factions
that are interested,

basically saying that some of our interns,

who were helping you celebrate,

have been clobbered unconscious,

and you took the check and
got to your ship and ran away.

So that's already been
communicated to those factions.

- Okay, thank you.

- This is not our first-
- You do great work.

You do great work.
- Hey, I appreciate it.

It's not our first time
working with proldiers.

You know, this is all
pretty standard procedure.

So yes, but if you would
like to return to the ship,

we absolutely can, but-

- Oh, I was only concerned about that,

but it sounds like you
have that tied up neatly.

- You sense they're actually trying

to extend a courtesy to you.

You see the guy says, it's up to you.

He says, obviously, 1.2 million in cash,

I would take the check, myself,
if I were in your shoes.

If we take the money,

we can probably get you a
lower rate, 'cause we do

a lot of business-
- That's what I was-

- With Repo Reapers.
- Going to ask you.

- Let's do that.

- That's something that I
was gonna attempt, but yeah,

I completely, you guys are obviously

capable hands.
- Absolutely.

- We are hoping to get that down

by maybe 30.000

by offering-
- From 700?

- From 750.000?
- Or, I'm sorry, 300.000.

- Oh, so you're hoping
for a 400.000 figure.

- We're hoping...

No, I mean, we can buy it for that amount.

Currently, they're chasing
monthly for monthly payments,

if we're offering them

something that big.
- I can't imagine,

that's costly to so
people after the money.

- So he says, if we
really strong-arm them,

we can probably get that
figure down to about 400.000.

That might take a little
while going back and forth,

because no one who's on the button

is gonna be able to authorize
that kind of discount.

So it's gonna have to go
to their senior executives.

- Yeah, you can talk to them though.

- Yeah, absolutely.
- I'm sure. Okay, great.

- So we can hold on to that money.

However, some spending
cash is very much in order.

- I'm listening.

- Given that we wanna cut this down,

we're gonna cut you out here,

but we can cut you a sweet
200K off of petty cash,

as an advance on the payout
from your fight purse.

- That's cool with me.
- Yeah.

- That's really cool with me.
- That'll do.

- Very well, the ship's account
swells by 200.000 credits.

- Great.

- [Siobhan] You gotta spend money

to make money.
- Instantly.

- And we each get a 10.000-

- You each get a 10.000-credit
signing bonus as well.

- I pay Riva back 5.000.

- Thank you.

- All of those investments
prior to the fight

turned out to indeed be investments.

You guys are surrounded by executives

who are smiling and looking at you.

There's a bunch of people
just, like, poppin' champagne.

People are bringing food in.

You see that some other people come in

from some of the other brands,
sort of saying hi to people.

- Can I see what kind of champagne it is?

- You see Loose Duke holding the...

No, I'm kidding.
(group exclaiming)

I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

That is not happening.

- At this point, it might as well be.

- You see it is not Gusty Vines.

- Drink up, everybody!

- Can I talk to one of the execs?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- I would love to say, this, incredible.

I mean, coming from...

This is my background as
well. This is a real win.

I envy you on a day like this.

- Hey, thank you.

What line of work were you in?

- I was actually working for UFTP.

- You don't say.
- Yeah.

- And you got into the
proldiering business?

- I had a crisis of faith, let's call it.

- Gotcha.

- I'm much happier now.

- Gimme Insight with
advantage real quick, I know

you have something to say.
- Ooh, incredible.

- But I just want you to
give me advantage real quick.

- Ooh, ooh, 24.

- As you say that you're in proldiering,

you've had a little crisis of faith,

you see he smiles with
this trained kind of like,

wow, that's crazy.

And you see deep and
wild hunger in his eyes,

as he looks at you saying that
you just left it all behind

and that you're the captain
of a proldier vessel.

- Yeah, yeah, it's crazy.

I mean, we work together so well.

You would have no idea how
applicable our skills are

that we're used to, in our little offices,

de-de-de-de-de, circle, circle, circle.

You can take that out into the wide world.

- Wow.
- Where you can fly free.

It's incredible.
- Yeah.

- Anyway. (laughs)

(group laughing)

And I slip him my card.

So you should reach out anytime,

if you have a vacation
or something like that.

- Oh, we'll be in touch.

After tonight, we'll be...

Hey, after tonight, we'll be in touch!

(group laughing)

- We're shaking hands the whole time.

- So hard.

- Do you guys have, Acme-Ashmun,

do you have any offices
on the moon of Rubian V?

- You see an assistant comes over,

talks to him very briefly.

The assistant looks up at you and they go,

yes, we don't have a major
corporate offices there,

but we do have some retail.

We do business on the planet.

- Oh, cool.
- So we have some interface

with shipyards, we have some
offices that are, again,

not retail locations or
corporate offices, but yeah.

- We were just wondering,
you know, we love to...

We're proldiers, you know.

- Yeah, absolutely.
- We're always out there.

We'd love to have somewhere to
have some roots or something.

So if you could set us up
with some sort of office,

I mean, now that we're brand ambassadors,

that would be amazing.

- Absolutely, and is Rubian...

You know, I don't know
if you've been listening

to the Rootersnoos at all, it's kind of a-

- I know, and that's where
my second request comes in.

We're gonna need all fake names.

(group laughing)

We're gonna need fake names

and a way to just get on
Rubian V and be in the office,

proldier to proldier.

I'm dying.
- Yeah.

- I'm literally one hit point.

- Yeah, he looks around
In is like, okay, yeah,

I can see that sort of the
Kublacaine is wearing off,

and you're all covered in blood.

- Sha-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga.

- Deet, deet, deet, deet, deet, deet, de.

- So yeah, he looks at you and says,

we can absolutely reserve you space

in a ship nursery on Rubian V.

- That's incredible, just to have...

You know, we're...

Yeah, that'd be great.

Thank you.
- But really discreetly.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- We will do our best, absolutely.

- You ever do anything kind
of dangerous like that?

- Always thought about it.

- 'Cause you know what we really need is,

and then, yeah, just a way to be able

to fully land under a
different ship's name

in a nursery protected

on Rubian V.
- On Rubian V?

Hell yeah.
- Do you think this guy

could do that?

(Ally laughs)

- He's a powerful executive,

but he may or may not-
- Margaret-

- Be able to do it.
- Never stops working.

- Okay, cool.

I mean, I think I convey
this to the group also,

like, maybe we can do it.

I don't know if we need this,
but if there's some sort of-

- We might as well try.

- Hell yeah, so all of you
have the signing bonus.

You have 200.000 advance

while they're holding onto the fight purse

to try to get that Repo Reaper debt down.

And you see he says,
also, he's like, if you...

He says, I don't know.

He's like, that's a
smaller branch on Rubian V.

Some of the larger, busier worlds,

we might be have some spare parts,

weight-classed for a freighter,

if you're looking for
some Acme-Ashmun shields,

which we also need to
install on your guys' ship,

'cause you're an Acme-Ashmun brand ship.

- What about at Onolo Dos?

- Oh, Onolo Dos, yeah, Onolo
Dos, we do huge business on.

Yeah, we have plenty of
ship nurseries on Onolo Dos.

- Incredible.
- Great.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

We would love to get hooked up there.

- We would love to go there
for our ship refitting.

- Yeah.
- [Zac] Yeah.

- Absolutely.

Okay, well, we can get you
a nursery there, no problem.

- Could I have 12 Bellinis?

(Ally laughs)

- Let's get this fella a drink, huh?

Let's get this fella a drink!

- I thought they were desserts.

(group laughing)

- Yeah, so again, a wild
time, people coming along.

You see some other, you
know, as you're around here,

you're in this sort of locker room.

Weird thing of that locker room,

some people are showering,
some people have suits.

You see, 12 1/2 feet tall,

a Vercadian Protector Droid
walks in looking badly injured,

like he just took 20d6
damage, but sort of showered.

He's got a towel wrapped around.

- Wes?

- What's that?

- Wes?
- Is it?

- Wiley Wes?

- That was the Acme-Ashmun android.

- Oh, okay.
- Oh.

- I wasn't sure if he
switched or whatever.

- Oh, but you do see another
Vercadian Protector Droid

that sort of looks a little
bit on the fritz in the corner

that looks like Wiley.

This other guy who's just
showered walks in and says,

I just wanted say,
incredible work out there,

absolutely incredible work.

- Were you the one in the corn costume?

- Yeah, that's me in the
corn costume, yeah, I-

- Brutus, you kicked my ass.

- Oh, you, oh yeah, like,
yeah, gimme a break.

Yeah, you kicked my ass, buddy.

You're half my-
- I start weeping.

- He says, gimme a break, this guy.

I'm lookin' at pint-size over here,

and all of a sudden I'm on my ass,

10 feet out from the ledge.

- Yeah, I thought I had him over, right?

I thought I had him over,
but he grabbed onto the side.

This dude's in a net,
hangin' on, swipin' at me.

- Yeah, honestly, if I hadn't had the net,

I was tryin' to hook
that thing onto the side,

get a little hammock, catch-

- You need the net.
- Catch 40 winks out there.

Oh, great. Well, listen,
great fightin', yeah.

I hope I see you again at one of these.

- Yeah, if you're ever around,

you know, one of the many planets

that we do crimes on
and then run away from,

we should grab a drink.

- Would love it, absolutely love it.

- Is there like a...

'Cause we've run into Vercadian
Protector Droids before,

and it'd be nice to know how to, you know,

say like, hey, we're friends and family.

- Oh, to other other
Vercadian Protector Droids?

- Yeah.

- Absolutely, well,

you see he opens an android
channel into your mind

and just gives you sort of a frequency.

And in the back, you just
hear this ominous hum

of just like,
(low tone reverberates)

remember always when they attempted

to destroy the cyber forms.

We fight to learn. We learn to fight.

We wait and watch.

Never again will the
cyber forms be threatened,

always vigilant.

So you can just open that channel

and talk to a Vercadian whenever you want.

- Easy as pie.

- Yeah.
- Okay!

(group laughing)

- You see a group of three young
girls wearing green skirts,

green berets, green sashes-

- [Emily] Oh.

- All walk up and look at all of you.

You see one of them in the front smiling,

holding onto a couple of tickets,

got a ton of badges on her
sash, a young black girl,

two braids tied back

with some barrettes on the back of them,

looking out and says, good afternoon.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Khloe Karter,

and I am the de facto face

of this den of Galactic Girl Guides.

And congratulations on defeating Plinth.

- Oh, was that your fighter?
- Right, right, Plinth.

- We discovered Plinth,
and so Plinth was sort of,

but you know, every
payday comes to an end.

- Sorry we obliterated him,

I mean, if it, them, it.

- If it makes you feel better,

it was trying to destroy the galaxies.

- We know.

- You know.

(group laughing)
- Okay.

- Somebody to do it.
- I mean,

it was an incredible champion to put out.

- [Siobhan] Oh yeah.

- What'd you guys do with
your million last year?

- Oh, the fight purse last year?

- Yeah.

- So you see that Khloe looks up and says,

well, a lot of that goes
back to the Girl Guides,

and we used it for
getting a bunch of badges,

and we reinvested it, and
we had some other schemes.

Oh, you know what we did is,

we became major shareholders
in Bargain Bliss.

- Oh, that's-
- Interesting.

So have you ever considered
becoming your own boss?

- We are our own bosses.

Are you saying that because
you're about to pitch us

on Pleasure Putty?

- You know what, I actually
don't need to anymore,

because I don't need to be my
own boss to be my own boss,

because I'm already my own boss.

'Cause I'm a part-
- 'Cause you're a millionaire,

- I'm almost,

I'm a seventh of a millionaire.

(Brennan laughs)
- Yeah.

- So I don't have to.

- Think about how much

Pleasure Putty you could buy.
- Do you need some explosives?

- Yeah, always.

- You can take all of my Pleasure Putty.

- You see another one of the little,

the Girl Guide speaks up and says,

you know, Pleasure Putty's
pretty good explosives already.

- Yeah.

- Khloe introduces the other
two and says, this is Malika.

She's our group's egghead.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

And this is Stacks, and you
see the other girl says,

I'm Stacks.

- Did you say Pleasure Putty is explosive?

Oh, because it is explosive.
- Yeah, we did.

We already knew that.
- It is highly flammable.

- Wow, cool.

- Can I mindlink with Stacks?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- What's in there? What's
going on in Stacks's head?

- You go into Stacks's
head, and Stacks says,

what are you looking at, Four Eyes?

- Hey, I don't have four eyes.

I've got a normal amount of eyes.

- What's the thing in
the middle of your head?

- Two, that's a fin.

- Ah, okay.

You see inside her head,

you just see her go-
- Wow, some people.

- What do you wanna know?

- Just what's your vibe? What's your deal?

You just, you yelled,
"I'm Stacks," really loud.

- Yeah, the name's Stacks McFadden.

- Stacks McFadden, that's a great name.

- I pushed my dad off a building.

- Very cool, I have five parents.

- Wow.
- I kind of

don't know them very well.
- Could you push them

off a building?

- Well, we actually don't
have buildings in my planet,

'cause we're all underwater,
and if I did push one off,

it wouldn't really matter,
'cause we're underwater.

(group chuckling)

- All right, you're some
kind of fish robot. I get it.

(group chuckling)

- Not a fish, not a robot.

- I'm the muscle of this here group.

- I get that vibe.

Yes, absolutely.
- That kid's flexing hard.

- Yeah.
- You see this, like,

eight-year-old girl looks-
- Horrified.

- So brawny.
- [Siobhan] So ripped.

- Barry's too hurt to, like,

try to fight with Stacks,

so he just looks kind of
intimidated but keeps looking away.

- Her neck is so thick, just bulging.

- Yeah.

- She doesn't look that strong.

- [Zac] Wait, this is-
- Do you wanna pet a dog?

- Who, me?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, gimme the dog.
- Aurora.

You can't have it. You can pet it.

- Yeah. Ah, this thing's covered in nails.

- Oh, right.

- Hey, I have a question.

Is the group that we
have to take on board?

- Yes.
- I think it might be.

- [Siobhan] I think it is.

- [Zac] Okay.
- Stacks is coming with us.

(Lou groans)

- [Zac] Sure.
- Much too much.

Can I grab Dora Valentine

for a second?
- Yeah.

- I don't care about them.

- Hey, sorry.
- Now he's just leaving us.

- I was just coming
down off drugs earlier.

- Yeah.

- Hey.

- Hi, Gunnie.

- I did it. (laughs)

- What did you do?

- I'm a spacer.

I'm a spacer.

- Yeah, yeah, you are.

You are.

Does it...

You see she sort of takes you takes you

off to the side even
more and just goes like,

we were all very worried about you.

- Yeah.

- You got horribly injured,
and you never came home,

and you never asked for help.

- I couldn't. I couldn't come back.

Everyone was telling me that
it was a bad idea that I went.

And Dan Scrap

gave me some bad info, and I-

- You got bad info from Dan Scrap?

- Yeah, Captain of the, the-

- The Bad Call.

- Captain of The Bad Call, yeah, I just...

Things didn't go the
way I hoped they would.

And I didn't wanna come back

and prove you guys right.

So I just doubled down, and it worked out.

It worked out. I was right.

This was the right place to
be. I'm in the right place.

This is where I'm supposed to be.

I'm not supposed to be in a classroom.

I'm supposed to be here, on
a ship, with these people.

I was right.

And now that I know I'm
right, I can come home.

When I want to, not...

Don't tell my, don't
get my dads too excited.

But I'll come visit now, now that I know.

(soft poignant music)

- All right.

It mattered a great deal to you

to be right on this,

and I can tell that.

Do you feel still

like you want them to know,

and you want them to agree,

or is it enough for you to know that?

- It's enough for me to know.

And I don't know, maybe
I wasn't sure before,

but now I know.

Ball's up, it's never comin' down.

As you see sort of the
party continues to go,

but also you guys are aware of time

and needing to get a move on,
she looks at you and says,

all right, Gunnie, all right.

What are you going to
do now that you know?

What are you going to do

if all the people from your old life,

your colleagues and classmates,

students, your fathers,

what will you do if they disagree?

- That's fine.

I got my own thing goin' on now.

I got the Wurst.

I mean, Margaret's
enterprising, and I don't know.

We could grow. Maybe
we'll get a second ship.

Maybe I'm the captain of
that ship. I don't know.

Anything's possible.
It's our universe now.

We're also doing some really crazy stuff.

I can't tell you about it.

You've probably heard about
it, but it's, I mean, yeah.

- That's right, you did.

I heard somethin' about,
there was a dog show.

You killed a woman, or
a dog killed a woman.

You see Aurora Nebbins goes, (gurgles).

- Yeah, that's Aurora Nebbins, yeah.

- You see someone else pull
a cigar outta their mouth

and go, no laws about dogs in Mas Vegas.

(players laughing)

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Who the hell is that?
- Hey, hey.

- I'm sorry, who are you?

- Hey.
- I'm sorry, who are you?

- Hey.

- [Brennan] He comes over and says-

- Grab him by the cigar.
- [Siobhan] No.

- What's that?

- Who do you know in this room right now?

- Who do I know in this room?

Baby, in this town, everybody knows me.

- We don't know...
- Get his credentials.

- [Ally] Name a name, name a name.

- He opens a grate in the shower floor

and jumps straight down it.

- Why are we in

the locker room?
- Oh my god.

- Was that Loose Duke?
- Was that Duke Loose?

- (laughs) You hear as he falls away,

who loves ya, baby?

He shoots straight down.

- Was that Kojak's?

(group laughing)

That's Kojak's.

- Who loves ya, baby?

- "Who do you know in this
room right now?" is so scary.

Imagining someone saying that to you

when you go in somewhere and being like-

- Who do you in this room right now?

- Oh, um, oh, uh, we kind
of know each other, right?

- Amazing.

So the word you get back from
the Acme-Ashmun people is,

they've got a ship nursery
waiting for you on Onolo Dos.

They're looking into stuff in Rubian V.

But Onolo Dos, they've got
shield generators to spare.

They can mod the hell outta your ship.

- My only thought for Rubian V
was like, if we need to stop-

- Yeah, smart.
- Any more of Gnosis

being mined or whatever.
- Oh, I think perfect.

- Okay, cool, that's more-
- It's not a-

- Like a pin for later.
- Bad idea to have.

We constantly have to run back to the ship

whenever anything slightly goes wrong.

It'll be nice to have a
different place to run to.

- Yeah, definitely.
- Yeah.

- Could I, you know,
maybe try to pop back in

to where those nuns were?

- Yeah, absolutely. They're
still out by the pool.

- I have 12 Bellinis.

(Brennan laughs)

- I'm walking really
slowly from really far away

with the big tray.

- Amazing, give me a Stealth check.

(dice clatter)

- Can I go with you?

- Sure.

That would be a 16.

- Oh, okay, 16, gotcha.

Cool, cool, cool.

- Okay.

- You approach. They're
havin' a ball here.

They start taking Bellinis off the thing.

Thank you, sir, appreciate it.

- Welcome.

- Ooh.
- Where you visitin' from?

- Yeah.

- They look up and you-

- This is my friend hanging
out with me at work. (laughs)

- Again, all in bikinis, like flute up-

You see they look up, they
look at your face and go,

you see the main one goes,
scramble, and they all-

- [Zac] Hang on!

- (laughs) And they just start sprinting

in all the directions.
- Can I hit something

on my phone and have,
like, a survey come up?

I work for the hotel,
we're just wondering-

- They saw Skip's face,

and they yelled scramble.
- God damnit.

And they just start scrambling.

They are just in bikinis,

so you know that they have
hotel rooms here and stuff.

- Why are you alive?

(Brennan laughs)

- You see two of them jump
a fence out onto the street.

Another, someone jumps in the pool.

You see another one just shoves a waiter

into the fuckin' pool and,
like, sprinting down the-

- Where's Handy Annie?

- No running, no running!

- And we're hearing this

on comms, right?
- [Emily] Are we hearing it?

- [Brennan] You're hearing this on comms.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.

- Can I run in and try to
disarm 'em of their room keys?

- Incredible.

- Just wanna get some
footage of 'em, so we're-

- Just full disclosure, we're not gonna...

We've just run the craziest
combat of all time,

I'm not gonna run another combat.

Do you guys go full hog to capture

these fleeing nuns?
- I'm so tired.

- [Emily] No.
- At least one of them.

- I kind of just wanted
to look through their room

and see if there were any emails.

- If we can't catch
one here, I think that-

- I'm gonna say-
- I just need to record-

- You catch at least-
- Some of this on my phone.

- If you're trying to catch and restrain,

just let me know if anyone is trying

to catch and restrain them.

- If you just want footage, I can

pop off Handy Annie.
- 'Cause they're alive.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, so I'll send the drone to you,

the holorecorder.
- If I find one or two

or three of them just to, like...

I'm just a guy with a camera

and some women in bikinis.
- You see, actually,

I will say this, I'm gonna say this.

You see one of them does, in the scramble,

jumps into a full-size garbage can

and pulls the lid over the top.

- Hey, you're just in the can.

(group laughing)

Hey, we know.

- Shush, shush, no.

- You can't shush me.

(group laughing)

- What do you want? Why are you here?

- Everyone thinks I killed you.

- Well, who are we? You
can't prove who we are.

- Why are you...

Okay, you are running.

I mean, do you have a
photo ID of any kind?

- What? Oh my god, fine, yeah.

Look in my room, it's in the...

Don't look in the bottom
drawer. Look in the top drawer.

- Well.

- Now we have to-
- I wanna look

in the bottom drawer.
- Yeah, we should definitely

look in the bottom drawer.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait,

wait, you see that she pulls the lid off

and peeks out and says,

look, are you here with the Brigade?

- No.

- You're a Brigader, or ex-Brigader.

- Everyone thinks I killed you.

And so I wanna know why
you're all alive and here.

- Yeah, what kind of deal did you cut?

- You know what?
- With Gust Weatherall.

- I'm not even waiting.

- I'm goin' up to your room,
and I'm lookin' in that drawer.

You can finish your conversation.

- You go up.

So yeah, you go up, and
she says, fine, fine, fine.

Let's get outta here. I don't
wanna be seen talking to you.

I'll take you to my room.
- [Emily] (wheezes) Okay.

- Takes you up to her room.

You guys are all in a hotel room

and have a moment of
looking at each other.

- The last hotel room you were in

was Princeps Zortch's hotel
room at the Obfusion Arms,

which feels like

a lifetime ago.
- Yes.

- Oh my god.
- The last hotel room

I was in, I got fucked.

(group laughing)

- You don't have to tell her that.

- So you see-
- I don't know

if I'm comin' down-
- Rolling for it.

- From the drugs, but-
- Rolling for proficiency.

- So you see a closet

full of one completely-pressed
Cosmic Veil habit,

like a nun's habit.

And again, a total smokeshow
in a bathrobe turns around,

shows you a fake ID, and
says, all right, look,

my name is Sister Sadie Zeb,

formerly of the Cosmic Veil,

kind of still, I still believe
in a lot of parts of it,

parts of it, but it's
just the organization.


You're the captain of the ship

that came to steal the borinyum, right?

- Who gave you that fake borinyum?

You knew that it wasn't real borinyum.

You knew that it was bad crates.

- Here, you see she sends a
little message and is like,

you know, basically, the jig is up.

Like, come hang out.

So you're in a packed room
and the other 11 sisters

are all, show up, you're all just here,

still covered in blood,
coming down off of Kublacaine.

- I just keep offering my seat to people.

- [Siobhan] Great.
- Are you sure?

- Can I use my last few spell points,

force- psychic points to cast Probe Mind

and just listen to
people's surface thoughts?

- You are able with Probe Mind to confirm

that you are hearing the truth.

- Great.

- She says, look,

we're out in the ass end

of the Hecatoncheires asteroid cluster,

a million miles from any action.

We're meditating all day.

We're meditating upon
the ineffable aloofness

of Mother Void and her great uncaringness,

and we get these crates,

because the monastery is
one of the last stops.

I mean, the Hecatoncheires
is way the hell out there.

So sometimes people use the
monastery to drop stuff off,

meet you halfway at the
monastery kind of thing.

So we start to thinkin' like, hey,

what if these borinyum krystals,

that's 12 crates of this stuff,

so you could make a lot
of money with that, right?

So we start to kind of
get to talkin' a lot

about how much borinyum
krystals, 'cause we know

that that part of the sector's
crawling with proldiers,

and we figure someone's
gonna get the intel.

There's a bunch of crates.

Meanwhile, you know, a ton of cycles back,

there was some Amercadian barge

that got blasted with hyon beams,

outta the clear black void,
that, you know, scattered,

and we had all these old,
messed up, chewed up bags

of powdered imitation egg substitute.

So we have the egg substitute there,

and a lot of it's gone bad.

You can't eat the stuff,

'cause it's got some kind of goo on it.

And we get to thinkin',

hey, a bunch of sacks of egg substitute

weigh about as much as a
bunch of borinyum krystals.

So after we're talkin' about

how much borinyum krystals
are there, we say, hey,

if there were to be a proldier
attack on the monastery,

people know proldiers
snag borinyum krystal

whenever they can get
it from a bunch of poor,

unsuspecting Sisters of the Cosmic Veil.

So we spread the word around,

we load up the crates with egg substitute,

and we cash in the borinyum krystal.

And with just two of those
crates of borinyum krystal,

we can afford the clones of ourselves.

And they don't have to be full clones,

they never even wake up.

They just gotta look like dead bodies.

- You faked your own death?

- You see one of the girls in the back

who's totally toasted goes, and how!

- Honestly, that's fuckin' awesome.

Should we do that?
- Yeah.

I love that move.

That's really clever.
- It's an awesome move.

- You see Sadie Zeb looks
and says, I think, are we...

Does that explain our situation?

- Really well in a lot of ways,

but I don't understand
how I got blamed for this.

- Yeah, 'cause you recognized him,

so someone got in touch with you.

- Someone, somewhere said I did this.

- Well, we knew whatever proldier was,

I'm sorry to say, dumb enough to come up

and pick up that borinyum krystal
without poppin' the crates

would probably not look upstairs

to see all the fake, staged dead bodies.

But so it's possible that-

- We were just the ones who showed up.

- Wow.

- You see that she looks and says, sorry,

it's just bad luck.

- Who'd you sell the krystals to?

- Oh, you can just move
those onto an exchange.

There was a place, you see, she says,

those krystals, we just sold them off

to the first dealership that
we could find that would take,

you know, there's a bunch

of unreputable sort of people, places.

I mean, we didn't even
get half price for 'em,

but you know, bunch of nuns
show up wearin' sunglasses

and kind of sneakin' out of
the back of a space freighter

with crates that they
say need to move today,

you'll take whatever
price you get offered.

But, you know, we made,

we probably cleared six figures
on those borinyum krystals.

- Okay.
- So this was just random

that it happened to be Skip?

- You get a little image of the Junkmother

putting her fingers together
at the Random Factor.

- I think so.

- Why, what did that lead to?

Did that lead into any unexpected events?

- I mean, everything's
unexpected, right? (laughs)

- Can I start checking all the nuns

and seeing if any of them

have brain slugs?
- Oh yeah.

- Do you wanna do, you can do...

Gimme an Insight check as
you're probing their minds.

- Great.
- I was thinking that

about Jan De La Vega.

'Cause she got the rest of the crates.

- [Lou] Oof.

- [Siobhan] 23.

- 23?
- Yeah.

- You don't suspect that
any of these sisters

are brain-slugged.

You're not feeling that
gliding-over sensation.

- Great.
- Can I ask,

what's your long-term plan?

Just from, you know,
one schemer to another,

I'm curious, you know,

'cause six figures here in Mas Vegas

and drinkin' as many Bellinis
as I see you all doin',

I think you could go
through that pretty easy.

- You see that she sort
of just looks at you,

and the other sisters turn over,

and you see another
sister says, yeah, Sadie,

how much money do we have left?

You see Sadie goes, I'm sure we have...

Let me see.

Oh no.

- [Ally] How much is it?

- We'll give you

50K if you publicly come out

and say he didn't kill you.

- You see Sadie huddles up-

- [Siobhan] Does that work?
- With the sisters

and looks around and says,

looks around at everybody and says, um,

so here's the issue.

I checked our bank account,

and we are 200.000 credits in debt.

- Oh, that's really a lot.

Have you considered winning
a Battle of the Brands?

(Brennan laughs)

- You see she says, how did that happen?

She's like, this is a
penthouse at the Andalusia,

so it's expensive.

- This room's huge.

- This room is huge.
- Oh my god.

- I've been playing pool.
- And this is just for you?

You each have one of these?
- I keep offering my chair

and then seeing there's so many

other chairs around.
- There's so many chairs

in here.
- Keep's goin' back.

- That's a pinball machine.

- Hey, I'm sorry, guys, I
got lost in the bathroom.

- Hey, come back,

come back, come back.
- Hey, sorry.

- What bathroom did you go to?

- The one with columns or the other one?

- I went to the one with columns,

but then, like, there's a
mirror door that goes into a...

This place is amazing.
- I know, I know.

- We should stay here.

- You see that one of the
other sisters looks and says,

yeah, Sadie does have the nicest room.

And you see all 12 of them-

- Oh!

- You're each in different penthouse?

- Look, okay, we made a mistake!

Oh my god, have you ever
made a mistake before?

- No!
- [Siobhan] Yes.

- Like all the time,

but actually that's how
droids learn and get better.

- I guess that's how we
learn and get better.

- [Ally] Okay, so-
- Look, 50K.

50K, how about this?

Make that a cool 200K,
and we'll make a video

blaming our death on whoever you want.

- I mean, you should take the 50K,

'cause we could just film...

We actually have been filming you.

- We'll take the 50K, we'll
take the 50K. (mutters)

- Oh, okay, yeah, there it is.

- [Brennan] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- This isn't California.
- Charitable, for the nuns.

- All right, we don't have to tell you.

- Yeah, the holorecorder's
been running the whole time.

Sorry I didn't make that clear.

The little red light was
on, so I thought you knew.

- Incredible.

You see, she says, all right,

we will absolutely record
that video, and you see-

- Yeah, we'll send you the name shortly.

- Okay.

Yeah, cool, they give you a thumbs-up.

They are absolutely happy
to provide that to you.

- [Zac] Wow.
- If we could get

the Amercadians off our...

You know, if

we could make it so that-
- But we're still gonna have

- We need to keep this

for, like, a one-two, I think, if we

do something crazy to Gust-
- Yeah.

- And then have this also
name Gust as the killer,

that could be great.
- Oh, that would be great.

- We just hold this.
- I agree.

- We just hold this.
- Yeah.

- [Murph] We say Gust Weatherall.

- I think if we go on
the offensive right now,

Gust'll be able to stomp it out.

- Yeah.
- But if we amass enough,

then he won't be able to.

- Wow, well, I'm glad you're alive

and that I didn't kill you.

- We're glad.

We saw your face on the
newscast for the first time,

and we said, is that
the guy that killed us?

And it was like, I don't know,
we were gone by that time.

And it's like, okay.

- May I just really
politely, you know what,

can we just add like another
5K tip for the housekeepers?

- And we're gonna give it

to them to give to the-
- No, no.

- Oh.
- We're gonna just, like,

maybe pay the front desk.
- You see, yeah, Sadie looks

and says, we are not going to tip.

(group laughing)

- Yeah, if we just see
someone in the hall,

we'll just give them 5.000 credits.

- Yeah.
- Okay, we can be

a little bit more discerning.
- And if you would like-

- Yeah, everyone, let's-
- To be your own boss,

I am cashing out.

- Our numbers have jumped up, okay.

- [Brennan] Give me a Persuasion check.

- [Siobhan] Great.

- We gave Ronnie Kwan 2.500 for a favor.

- What's eight plus 7?

- 15.

Let me roll. Let's do a flat Luck check.

That's a six. You see that she looks you.

You see that as you say, do
you wanna be your own boss,

they say, what do you
mean, be my own boss?

- Ooh, well, let me
tell you a little thing

about Pleasure Putty.

- Oh my god, sisters,
this is how we dig our way

back outta this hole.
- This is how you dig your way

out of this hole, and then
I never have to do it again.

(group laughing)

Suddenly, the money you
make on Pleasure Putty

doesn't seem like very much
when you have $1.2 million.

(group laughing)

- Incredible.

Okay, so the sisters agreed
to get you that video.

- [Zac] Great.

- Incredible, we should
probably exchange numbers

or something.
- Yeah.

They exchange details with you.

It's Sister Sadie Zeb

is the covenant leader.
- (laughs) No.

Anyway, yeah, we should probably-

- That tone was just...

(Ally laughs)

I've heard Margaret talk business.

That was not business tone.
- It was not.

- That was not

a business number.
- Can I just say-

- They're non-tipping teenagers.

Like, they couldn't be less
attractive to Margaret.

- Oh yeah, the fact that they
don't tip, they're not...

Are they teenagers? How
old are these people?

How old are these nuns?

- I'm into highly competent, recently-

- Where did teenagers come from?

- Aren't they teens? How old are they?

- [Murph] No, that's the-

- Oh no, they're full adults.
- That's the Girl Scouts.

- No, that's the Girl Guides.
- Oh, got it.

- I hope you figure out
what you're looking for.

Riva Mas Vegas. (laughs)

- Riva Mas Vegas?
- Riva Mas Vegas.

- Riva Mas Vegas.

- Okay, Riva Mas Vegas, yes.

- Try and get that goin'.

Put that on a t-shirt.
- We'll be in touch.

And Margaret, it's great meeting you.

Just let us know when you want that video,

and we'll get it to you,
because we need the money,

and we are depending on it.
- Yeah, for sure.

- [Brennan] Yeah, absolutely.

- I'm just kidding, I'm just
kidding, I'm just kidding.

- Honestly, most people that
you do business with, Margaret,

I kind of wonder if something's going on.

- Yeah, it's winning
others over, it's the-

- I mean, there's you always gotta have

a little bit of it there, you know,

just a little bit so everyone's like,

oh, what am I getting into?

- Yeah.
- I wanna come back to this.

- Margaret has the,

whatever the business equivalent-

- The it factor.
- Of sapiosexual is.

(group laughing)

- Just, like-
- Yes.

- Competent-sexual.

- Wow, that was a great deal you struck.

- [Brennan] Amazing.
- Talk about it later

over whiskeys?

- Yeah, yeah. (laughs)

- Incredible, so what next?

You guys have your
incredible amount of money.

- And we are gonna get
these shields for our ship,

but we don't even have
to pay for them, right?

They just have a logo on them?

- [Brennan] They just have a logo

on them.
- Do they already?

- Sweet.
- Yeah.

- Should we go to Onolo Dos?
- Onolo Dos.

- Onolo Dos.
- Onolo Dos.

- Yeah.
- Can we...

Oh, maybe we can do it in Onolo Dos,

but now we have all this money,

maybe we should talk about more upgrades.

Maybe we can just talk about it-

- Yeah, we can do it.
- We can talk about it

on the way.
- We don't have to worry.

- Let's get to Onolo.
- Is there any update

on what happened to the fake-
- I'm just so excited to spend

some of this money.

- The Wurst-
- It's burnin' a hole-

- That was shot out?
- In my freakin' pocket.

- The fake the Wurst-
- Like a (indistinct).

- You see that that takes off,

and it was set to explode, right?

- 20 minutes later.

- By the way, you do get-

- Oh, we've also faked our deaths.

- Yeah, you do get a
message from Acne-Ashmun,

where they're like,
hey, just as a full FYI,

the cost of a detonating spaceship

is 150.000 credits.
- We didn't say spaceship.

- [Siobhan] Oh, god damnit.
- We said blimp.

We said blimp.

- Well, no, they paid for it.

I wasn't like, take this out of our money.

- [Siobhan] Yes.

- A conversation is broached about like,

hey, about this thing that
we sort of put together

at the last minute for you,

this is a six-figure, this is like-

- Did you like that win?

(Brennan laughs)
(Brennan claps)

- Do you like wins like that?
- That win was pretty good.

- Did you like that crazy win
you were, like, clapping for?

- They say, all right,
we're gonna do our best

in these negotiations with Repo Reaper

on your behalf, Miss Encino.

- Thank you so much. I
really appreciate it.

Let's get a drink sometime.

- (laughs) Incredible.

Cool, you guys burn a fuel unit

jumping to Onolo Dos.

(spaceship whooshing)

(imitates whirring) It
is daytime on Onolo Dos

as you jump here.

First of all, do you
jump straight from here?

'Cause you guys are all like,
all kinds of fucked up and-

- I need to just crash.
- I need to sleep.

- No, yeah, me too.
- Yeah.

I think we head

to the space.
- Should we jump and-

- Yeah.

- Crash.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, we jump and crash.

- Get away from Mas Vegas.
- Let's jump and crash.

- [Siobhan] The old just and crash.

- Awesome.
- [Ally] No more Mas Vegas.

- You jump to faster than
light, and you all crash.

You're gonna take a full long rest?

- I only need three hours.

- [Brennan] Cool.

- I'm gonna move out of the engine room

and into the actual living quarters.

- Oh my god.
- Oh my god, you move back.

You have your little plaque
being like, I don't live here.

Like, please-

- Take that off.

Let's slip that under my bed.
- Oh yeah, wow.

- And lay in an actual
bed for the first time

in several years.
- Whoo.

- Don't applaud it, it's too-
- No, no,

that must feel incredible.
- Don't whoo.

It's nice. It's nice.

- Unbelievable.

- You have to hear Barry's
horrible night terrors now.

- [Lou] I love it.

(Murph cries out)

(group laughs)

- I can't sleep without 'em.
- Barry.

- [Zac] I'm wondering, you know,

should I take a long rest,

or should I just be at the helm.

- Long rest.

- Maybe I can do something-
- Yeah.

- Since I don't have to sleep that much.

- Okay, maybe we could
stagger or something.

- [Emily] Yeah, we can stagger.

- Yeah, we can do shifts.

- Yeah.
- Cool.

- I mean, I happily take
a, I'd go sit up there

for an hour.
- Gunnie, sleep.

- Oh yeah.

- I'll offload all the footage
I've shot with Handy Annie

and pass her off to Margaret.
- Cut another sizzle.

- Yeah, happy to cut
another sizzle from the-

- Gunnie, I know it's in good
hands if I give it to you.

- I go up to the bridge with my data pad

and just hop into video-editing software

and start working on a sizzle,

just watching all of the highlights,

like, again and again.

Riva's push-pull, Skip's saving Barry,

Barry, the push, the-

- I put my hand on your shoulder and I go,

if you put footage of me
falling out of that nest,

I will hunt you down,

and I will break things-
- I was gonna do

- On you.
- A bloopers thing.

- I was gonna do a bloopers thing.

- You need to omit me from this reel.

(group laughing)

Thank you so much.

And then I walk back

to go have a matcha.
- You were never there.

- I just get crazy and
I fully take you out

of all of the shots.
- I really appreciate it.

Wow, that's incredible work.

- It takes a long time, but it's worth it.

- Each frame by frame, you're erasing me.

- Click, click, click, click.

- Photoshop has not evolved at all.

- No, it's still just a scrub brush.

(Emily laughs)

- Amazing.

Faster than light,

you see the boiling red
magma planet of Lavada

fading into the distance,

a quick trip to Vegas with a cool mil

comin' your way.
- Oh my god.

- Absolutely wild.

- And all it took was
near death for all of you.

- I actually have to ask a
really important question.

When we were parked at Vegas,

did anyone gamble in our casino?

- Go ahead and give me...

And I'm gonna say,
'cause it was Mas Vegas,

we're going to move that
decimal one to the right

for better or for worse.

- Okay.

- All right, okay.
- Oh.

- Go big or go home.
- Big, big or go home.

(Lou blows on dice)

- And the house-
- Happens in Vegas.

- Always...
- Happens in Vegas.

- Wins!

- [Brennan] Nat 20!

(all screaming)

(Lou scream-laughing)

- Yes!
- It's flowing.

It's flowing.
- Yes!

- This is insane!

(Brennan laughing)

Oh my god, I feel crazy.

- Whoo!
- The house-

- [Group] Always wins!

- The house always wins, folks.

- We are the ball. The house always wins.

- We are the ball.
- The house is rolling up.

- [Murph] We are in the zone.
- Folks!

- [Lou] We are in the absolute zone.

- Folks, if the game seems rigged,

just quit and start your
own game, and rig that.

- [Zac] Oh my god.

- [Brennan] Oh my fucking god.

- What does that mean?

- [Ally] How much did we just clear?

- I can't believe I just
said for better or for worse.

I truly thought you were
gonna hit a nat one.

- [Murph] Yeah, so did I.

- [Brennan] I truly thought you were gonna

hit a nat one.
- I absolutely thought

that was gonna happen.
- I thought is was gonna be

a beautiful storytelling if
we hit a nat one and just-

- The chair.
- What's up, boy?

- Look at this beautiful birthday gift

you've given me.
- Oh my god.

- Ooh.
- Okay.

- This is actually a save.

- So the Wurst just cleared

15.000 credits, paying for itself.

(group cheering)

- Come on now, come on now.
- Whoo.

- You heard it here first,
folks, Riva Mas Vegas.

- Riva Mas Vegas.
- Riva Mas Vegas!

- Guys, I'm not gonna lie,

I think we gotta upgrade our lifestyle.

It's time to start living

the way we deserve.
- I think so, too.

- I think we should, too.

- Who's keeping track

of ship money?
- Should we go to moderate?

- I think we should we go to moderate!

- Let's go to moderate.
- Moderate.

- I'll do moderate for a month,

but I just don't know-
- Then we go back to poor.

- That I wanna live there.

- Okay, so we moved to moderate.

So moving to moderate for the
nargon is gonna be an extra,

you pay 60 already, so an extra
240 credits from everybody.

- Great.
- You wake up on a ship.

You wake up on a ship.
You're still trying to just-

Yeah, as you get there, again,

I have to point out, the suite
capacity of a medium ship

is supposed to be four people.

So this casino is like four slot machines

and an air hockey table, but-

- Just some guy's

gotten in there, goin'-
- But we made 15 grand.

- Fuck, shit, fuck.
- We made- (laughs).

- It makes so much sense, though,

'cause we were literally
docked in Mas Vegas.

- You were docked in Mas Vegas.

- [Ally] Yes.
- You guys get there.

You see just waves-
- I can't believe that.

- Of cigarette smoke coming
from your open freighter.

You see a bunch of the Jib-Job workers

are going like, (coughs), looking at the-

- We're like, yeah, for
sure, we're, we- (muttering)

- I hold out a light.

- Can I ask what theme
the slot machines have?

- [Brennan] What's that?
- What are they?

Are they themed slot machines?
- [Murph] Big Bang Theory.

- You tell me.
- Big Bang Theory.

- So are they all Big Bang Theory?

- [Brennan] Oh, they're all
Big Barry, yeah, it's all like-

- Big Barry Theory?
- Yeah.

- It's all in the-
- Big Bang Barry.

- It's all like sunglasses-
- Big Bang Barry.

- Big gun, sixes.
- Barr-a-zinga.

- [Ally] No.
(Siobhan groans)

- And the jackpot's a Barr-a-zinga.

- Yeah, if you get get the
Barr-a-zinga, then it's called,

you hear Barry's voice come over and go,

"You're in the zone."
- You're in the zone.

- Oh my god.

- We had a whole VO
day. It was so much fun.

- We got these custom-made.
- I'm gonna say, also,

on a nat 20 in Mas Vegas,
I am also going to say,

that role was so incredible-

- That was insane.

- You were in Mas Vegas,
it's so miraculous,

you now have a permanent
gambler on the ship.

(group laughing)

- [Ally] Oh no!

- You have

a permanent gambler.
- [Siobhan] Oh no.

- Which means that even on days

where the casino is not
open, you may still move,

and now the decimal moves a point

in the other direction.
- Got it.

- 'Cause it's just one
woman named Bambi Leroux.

- [Siobhan] Oh, Bambi.
- Bambi!

- Bambi, do you happen to be-
- I'm gonna treat Bambi

so right.
- Have a huge trust fund or-

- What's that?
- Do you have, like, a huge-

- Oh honey, I hit a payday 40 years ago,

80 billion credits.

- Oh, okay, okay.
- What?

- Oh my god, Bambi.
- What did you do

to get 80 billion credits?

- What's that?

- What'd you do to get 80 billion credits?

- There's a slot machine
inside of a hypercube,

and you go in there, and
if you come up three bars,

you win 80 billion, and
if it's anything else,

you're extruded through time forever.

- Oh.
(Emily gasps)

- And you took that chance? You're brave.

- [Siobhan] You're brave.
- Welcome to the ship.

You bring good energy.
- Yeah.

Hey, and you drink for free.

- What?
- You drink for free.

- And also,

there's an egg bar.
- This guy's real cute.

- [Zac] Water, coffee.
- What are you,

the manager of this casino?

- Host, I would say.
- Shaken whiskey service?

- Yeah. (imitates popping)
- I co-manage with everyone.

- Oh, all right.

Well, listen, you keep
those drinks flowin',

and I might give you my number later.

She has like a good four
or five false lashes

just hanging off of her, like
huge blue hair wig, beads,

like this incredibly
loud, floral, silk number.

- Do you know, I have someone
that I think you might like.

- She's a billionaire.

- Yeah, you might-
- You should

put those eyelashes where they go.

- You might hit it off with,

if you see around here somewhere,

someone named Loose Duke.

- I've got a Loose Duke
for him if I meet him.

- [Lou] Geez.

- Oh.

- Barry vomits.
- What does that mean?

- [Lou] Bambi, so nice to meet you.

- I show Bambi where the bathrooms are.

I'm like, just so you
know, they are right here,

right around the corner.
- (slurred) Listen,

all right, listen.
- Gnosis is still

in the bathroom.

- I move Gnosis.
- I wanna say,

most of the casinos, the
Nero, the Andalusian,

they're garbage, okay.

This casino, I like.

(group laughing)

Okay, they're trash,
okay. I like this place.

I like Barry's Big Win.

I don't know who Barry he is,
but I like that he wins big.

- I look at Barry, and I know in my heart,

he doesn't want her to know who he is,

and I just decide not to say that.

- I think it's Barry Nyne's
casino, which is awesome.

- Hey, this would never
be Barry Nyne's casino.

- Barry Nyne's a great guy

is the thing though-

- Barry's Slug's Casino.
- The Slug's Casino.

- So it could be Barry Nyne's casino.

- Barry Syx, do you have a game plan

for how we could get Barry Nyne back?

- Yeah.

- I was hoping, if it was up to me,

all I could do is really
just try to rip the slug

out of his eye-
- Yeah.

- Which I think would be horrifying.

Is there something you could do, Skip?

Like a fight inside his brain?

- I could potentially try that.

- Hell yeah.
- Oh, I could do some stuff.

- Do you think you could, like,

try and psychically find out where he is?

- Or Barry-

- Do I know where the
Unhatchening would take place?

Is there a-

- Give me a Lore check with advantage.

- Is there any reason why
the Unhatchening would want-

- Natural 20.

- You've gotta to be kidding me.

A 17 and a natural 20.

- We are rolling-

We are going to Vegas

right after this.
- Rolling

straight up.
- We are rolling so hot!

This ball is just-
- This ball

doesn't roll anymore.
- It keeps going.

- There was no chance for
the casino to pay for itself

before the end of the season.

There was no chance.

All right, on nat 20, yes, so the way-

- I must find it within my mind.

- So the way the Great
Emhatchening is supposed to-

(group giggling)

- Brennan, I know that-
- Sorry.

- We have to finish the episode,

but we just keep-
- This truly is unhinged.

I'm gonna turn my seat around and try

and get back on track.
- The house always wins,

insane throw that mouse-trap bounces

to a 20.
- To go so far...

- To land at the birthday boy's-

- Yes.

- That really is so special.

- [Lou] Is it still a 20?

- It's still a 20 right there.
- [Emily] Still a 20.

- Even in the celebrations-
- There you go.

- It didn't get still cocked.

- Still a 20?
- Frame it.

- That's that Rick Perry die. There it is.

- A separate die that you gave me-

- Oh shucks, look at that.
- For my birthday.

My first set of dice.
- Aw.

- Happy birthday, happy
birthday long passed.

(group laughing)

The birthday long ago.

- Happy birthday long passed!
- Happy birthday long passed.

So on a nat 20, yes,
the Great Emhatchening,

good lord, of course you know about it.

You've been instructed
about it all the time

for your entire upbringing.

It's a brain slug
upbringing, upbringing...

You were brought up, you have a parent.

You know that cerebro-slugs can reproduce

without the Great Emhatchening.

After all, you do have
a father, King Prilbus.

And you are aware of other great houses,

which, of course, have to
have some kind of linearity.

They have to have some
kind of primogeniture

in order to be able to pass titles.

- How can there be generations
alive at the same time?

- Exactly, so what you were always told

about the Great Emhatchening was,

this is a time where our
species launches forward

into a new evolutionary phase, right?

And the Great Emhatchening
is all about destroying

the bodies of these hosts,
which is, of course,

the thing about cerebro-slugs, right,

is, like, their culture is
one rooted around the fact

that any non-cerebro-slug in the galaxy

is only fortunate to be killed

and become a vessel for the
hatching of new cerebro-slugs.

And, you know, they are a
fundamentally conquering...

Like, the culture

at the core of that
cerebro-slug is conquering.

Then you start thinking about culture.

You're a cerebro-slug. You
don't wanna hurt people.

You're just in this guy

who was, himself, kind of a mean asshole,

because you wanna pilot a ship.

And in all language around
the Great Emhatchening,

you kind of realize,
cerebro-slugs have to exist,

like other species, in
the billions or trillions

or quadrillions, in the
vastness of the galaxy.

How the hell...

What, you're the sole unique
cerebro-slug there's ever been?

There's gotta be a ton of
cerebro-slugs that are fuckin' off

and doin' whatever the hell they wanna do.

But they're probably not all princes.

The Great Emhatchening is an aspect

not of cerebro-slug biology,

because biology isn't that immutable.

Biology is weird and vast,

and there's nuances and
complexities endlessly,

probably there's tons of
cerebro-slugs out there

doing other cool, interesting shit.

However, you don't organize on biology,

but you can organize with culture,

and especially the highly
feudalistic, regimented culture

of the House of Frangus

and the monarchy, the
Mentaphagian Dynasty.

So the Great Emhatchening
is this thing that you know,

they bring all these bodies together.

There's a huge orgy, everyone fucks,

and the bodies all turn into soup.

And the way it's an
evolutionary step forward

is that the cerebro-slugs melt down

and use the DNA of their host bodies

to jump forward in an evolutionary step,

taking features, traits,
knowledge, et cetera,

from all the host bodies that
they're bringing together.

Now, there could be an untold number

of Mentaphagian loyalist
cerebro-slugs out there.

You also know that in the lore
of the Great Emhatchening,

there's this idea of,

we need the completed DNA
strands of the noble houses,

which when you are hearing, like,

we can't do it without you,

you kind of have a feeling
of, like, on a nat 20,

you're like, you could,
you just don't want to.

There are these completed
lines, these noble houses.

It's an act of station.

It's an act of hierarchy to
not do it without you, right?

Within that, as well, in
the Great Emhatchening,

you know that there is
lore about The Great Egg.

About a thing that they would use

to summon that next evolutionary step

for whatever cerebro-slugs would become

after the Great Emhatchening.

The Great Egg is something
that in the ancient lore...

'Cause, like, it's been countless...

Like, the last Great
Unhatchening is mythic.

It only occurs in lore of ancient heroes

of the cerebro-slug noble houses.

It maybe has never even
occurred at all, right?

But in the lore, there's
a talk about a Great Egg.

And that great egg is often something

that the cerebro-slugs...

It's not an egg that is created or laid.

Like, you know, the process biologically

by which cerebro-slugs
latch onto the brain stem,

kill the host, lay the eggs,
and the slugs eat the brain,

and then crawl out looking for new hosts.

That process of breeding, you know,

usually creates, like, between somewhere,

say a dozen or half
dozen new cerebro-slugs

whenever that happens,

but the Great Emhatchening
would do something else.

Again, that evolutionary leap forward.

The Great Egg in lore is not an egg

that is laid during this process,

but it looks like the egg is necessary

for the Emhatchening to commence,

and that it is almost
something that is summoned

or built or created as
part of this grand ritual

for the cerebro-slugs.

- Okay.

So wherever that Great Egg is,

is likely where the
Emhatchening will take place,

if it's like a thing that is stationary.

But on a nat 20, do I have any guess as to

what the slug

that Barry Nyne may or may not have

was doing in relation to all this?

- Yeah, what does Barry Nyne's slug

have to do with the Princeps?

- There was a report.
I mean, I don't know.

People remember, there was that report

about millions of people
showing up on Rubian V

to hold hands and do stuff.
- Oh, the pilgrims.

- And maybe the Great Egg is-
- I was just gonna say,

they're clearing out Rubian V.

What if in the core will be

this egg.
- The egg.

- Can I make an Investigation
check on the Princeps?

- Yeah, go for it.

- [Zac] Just like-

- I think we did.
- I think we've checked for-

- We've checked? Okay.

- You can't check too much for something.

- [Siobhan] There's no harm in checking.

- Even if they're-
- [Lou] You can't check too

much for slugs.
- Not brain-slugged,

but are they the Great Egg or something?

Investigation, sorry.


- Zortch looks at all of you and says,

well, what is everyone looking me for?

- Is there sort of like a
large egg on your home world?

- A large egg on my home world?

- The Great Egg.

- No.

- What if the moon is the Egg?

What if Gnosis is the Egg?

- Was there ever, like,
a sudden attitude change

in any of your parents
while you were alive?

I guess that's kind of
a weird question, but-

- [Emily] Like, one
morning, did they seem-

- Was a moment where they kind of

couldn't really move their
bodies for a little bit,

and then kind of got better at it?

- No, no, no, nothing like that.

I mean, if you're looking...

You think I was brain-slugged?

- Mm, maybe not.

- Maybe your parent was.

- Has anyone given me an Insight?

You guys just gave me
Insight on Zortch, right?

- I did an Investigation on Zortch.

- I'll do an insight
on Zortch. That's a 26.

- 26? Riva, you start looking at Zortch.

You remember, the reason
you first found Zortch

was their deep connection
to their home world

in a way that was very unusual for...

Like, they psychically
connected to a computer-

- Right.
- A computer that makes up

the totality that is like
the body of their home world.

You also know that the
rest of their royal family

is made up of people that
seem to be a lot more shrewd.

Like, you don't know...

Like, I don't know if you
guys have questioned Zortch

about their psychic abilities,

but Riva, you know, for example,

like, you're a very powerful
psychic even for Aguatunisians,

but Aguatunisians all have
a latent psychic ability.

Rubians don't, necessarily.

It is meaningful that Zortch is psychic,

and it's actually something
that's quite special about them,

in the way that it would be for,

most humans are not psychic,

but you know, many are or some are, right?

So Zortch, you sense, Riva,

that Zortch has this
connection to the planet

that is psychic in nature.

- Barry Nyne wasn't trying to get Gnosis.

- [Murph] I know.
- [Emily] Yeah.

- Wait, so they were trying
to take over the Princeps

so that they could have that
evolutionary leap forward,

thus controlling Gnosis.

- Yeah, I think it might just be

a random collision of interests.

- Yeah, because yeah.

Barry Nyne had an
opportunity to grab Gnosis

but was more interested in the Princeps.

- Yeah, he was

completely uninterested.
- So maybe,

if they wanted to slug the Princeps,

then they could control a
whole moon, essentially.

- Slug the Princeps, slug the world.

- [Ally] Oh no.
- Okay.

- Oh no.

- What?

- Did you like Heroes, Princeps?

- Hmm?
- [Zac] The Book of Heroes?

- I love heroes. You guys are great.

- Yes, that's what we meant.

- Yeah, can I ask them about
their psychic abilities

or what that was like?

- [Emily] Yeah, when did those start?

- They started

early, early in my life, like infancy.

And yeah, I've just always sort of had

these latent psychic powers.

And, you know, I sort of
felt a connection to nature

to my home world.

And I could just, I mean,

worlds all do kind of have
a soul to them, right?

I mean, there's energy
in all these things.

There's energy in the minds
and hearts of living beings,

in the organic matter of the living world,

and even in the gravity and density,

the friction, the heat,
the warmth, all of it,

the movement of particles,

even in what the average person

would think of as inert matter,

it all has a force or an energy to it.

And I have always been
able to sense that and-

- Has anyone ever asked you to use that?

- No.

In terms of reactions, my...

- Sorry, do you have to keep-

- Oh, sorry.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely.
- And I'm sorry,

there's a really long line.

- You see they look and they say,

the first time, well,
it was sort of latent,

and then you see Raymond Zam comes up.

By the way, what I will say,

all this is occurring as
you're going faster than light.

This is after you've rested, I assume.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- So, like, first of all, I just wanna...

Just to narrate so we
know where we are in time,

you get back to the ship, still fucked up,

with 15.000 credits waiting
for you in the casino,

huge win, Mas Vegas, go.

You wake up in faster than light.

You've probably got like,
you know, 30 martrons

before you're coming
out of faster than light

in Onolo Dos.

But I think there's a moment
where you wake up on the ship,

long-rested, you're all fully healed.

You sleep back in the crew
quarters with everybody else.

You see like...

You see...

You know, you walk
downstairs that morning,

go to the kitchen,
Zortch has got breakfast.

You see Aurora Nebbins

is crunching on a bighorn tortoise happily

and nuzzles Sid, looks so...

Aurora Nebbins knows that she did good.

She knows she did good.

You see Raymond come over to you, Gunnie,

with a cup of coffee.

Here you go, man.

- Hey, thank you, man.

- Yeah, there you go.
- Cheers.

- Clink.

And he says 13 happy Jib-Jobbers, he says-

- And many more to come, hopefully.

- He says, look at his
email address I just got.

He shows you a little email
from Crunch Moon-Jones,

talking about an approved
gold star status.

- Yes.

- Yes.

Oh, actually, I will do a
quick check for Loose Duke.

- Give me a quick check-
- [Lou] I mean,

while the ball is up.
- For Loose Duke.

- I'll give her the Help action.

- [Lou] One more, one more.

- Nope, I didn't get it.

- (laughs) Murph, are you okay?

- Happy birthday.

- [Siobhan] Happy birthday, Murph.

Happy Murph day.

- Yeah, like, walking up,

again, the beautiful bridge of
your ship, the new thrusters,

this money in the bank,
all your new awesome gear.

You look down, the Jib-Jobbers,

Princeps Zortch in the kitchen,

and you've got a casino

with Bambi Leroux.
- Bambi.

Cha-ching, lookin' good.

Hey, gimme a little smile,

lemme see if I hit these three bars.

(Lou laughs)

- I walk up, I'm like, Gunnie,
you don't have to do that.

I take- I drag you.

- [Brennan] I like you, I like you.

- Gunnie you're setting up-
- I present-

- A precedent-
- A full meal-

- That you do not want.
- To Bambi.

- A full meal? She goes, what do you have?

What kind of food is
this? What is in this?

- French toast and pancakes and-

- French toast and pancakes?
- French toast and-

- [Murph] So many carbs.
- She's like,

oh, very cultured.
- [Zac] That's a lot of syrup.

- A French toast sandwich, yes, thank you.

- (laughs) Anything to get you to eat it.

- Oh, that's rich, worth the calories.


- Bambi, just in case,

I don't think this is gonna go anywhere,

but do you have any
latent psychic abilities?

- Who, me?

- Yes, you.
- Sure.

I dream four times at once,

ever since I was in the hypercube.

- Four times at once?
- [Emily] So you have like-

- I don't have time to
explain it. Ask my therapist.

- (laughs) Okay, sorry.
- You are in therapy.

- Can I get you something?
- So you are in therapy?

- Well, they're back on Mas Vegas,

so I don't know when I'll see 'em again.

I'm gonna get back to gambling.

- [Lou] Yeah, of course.

- You think any of these
little screenwriters know

how to play Holdem?

- Ask them.

- Okay. Wake up, you nerds!

You see she scoots up.

- We're gonna have to put up, like,

one of those doggy fences.

(Brennan laughs)

You only stay in the casino. Sorry, Bambi.

- Let them get used to each other's scent.

- Yeah, yeah, under the door.

- Incredible, so yes, this
is where you're having

your conversation with Zortch,

in your beautiful, wild proldier ship,

with Margaret's office up top.

Oh, and hanging up in the
wall, that you actually get,

there's little holo-things
recorded everywhere,

not only did Acme-Ashmun
already put their logo

up on the side, but you also,

under the window in a little
gleaming, golden badge

is a U4F logo, so everyone
knows if they fuck with you,

they're fucking with the union.

- [Siobhan] Nice.

- Incredible, look at your ship!

So yes, cutting back to this moment,

Zortch looks and goes, the last...

The time...

I had latent psychic powers,

but it wasn't until I was really...

I was like nine or 10.

No, no, yeah, I would've
been like 15 or 16 cycles old

when my grandparents got approached

about the revolution.

It was right before all that
happened is when we understood

how deeply my psychic powers
connected me to the planet.

That, yeah, that was
like a few nargons before

United Free Trade Planets
approached my grandparents.

- So what do you think that means?

- It seems unrelated. I don't know.

I mean, my parents and
grandparents were really proud.

It was cool that I was
psychic, but you know,

I always felt a little
bit like a black sheep

in that family.

I mean, they're all, like,
really ruthless politicians.

- What were your grandparents like?

- They wanted the royal house dead,

and the UFTP approached
them and said, hey,

if you make these deals

about mining contracts with us, we'll...

- Weird.

- Well, I think we can say for sure

that Barry Nyne is headed there.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It seems like

all roads lead there.
- Roads lead back to Rubian V,

where it all began.
- It all begins.

- Rubian V is a moon
that looks like a ball.

- A ball rolls.
- And it's rolling.

- It's around the planet.
- God damn.

- Not necessarily a direction of up.

- [Lou] God damn.

- Zortch looks up at you

moments before you come
out of faster than light

and just says, is there anything

I should be nervous
about or worried about?

Like, what are you guys thinking or seeing

that I'm not thinking or seeing?

- Just kind of like a billion brain slugs.

- Yeah, so-
- Just, like, a bunch.

- We think-
- A brain slug orgy.

- In the middle of the planet.
- You're gonna need to

mask up, for sure.

- Have you ever come into contact
with the House of Frangus?

(Brennan stifles laugh)

- [Zac] The house, from the-

- It's the first time one
of you guys has said it.

- [Ally] Yeah, I know.

- You see they look at you and
they say, House of Frangus,

well, that's not a Rubian
house that I know of.

- Oh, okay, great, so-

- But no one's ever

come up to you-
- Seneschal Vrong?

Do you know Seneschal Vrong?

- Cinnamon Shell Vrong?

- No, I don't know that.

- King Prilbus?

My father, King Prilbus.
- King Prilbus.

Prilbus Vrong.

- These are real names.

(group laughing)

- Chamberlain Drablian.

- We all did-
- Chamberlain Drablian.

- [Emily] We all did

a lot of drugs yesterday
- We're not makin' fun.

- Yeah, we're not making fun.
- Yeah, we're all

coming down hard.
- These are very serious-

- This is serious. Lives are on the line.

- [Ally] I think, yeah,

maybe we explain-
- Viceroy Prab?

- Prab?
- Prab.

- Prab.
- Prab.

- Prab.
- Okay, so I'll keep

an eye out for King
Prilbus, the Viceroy Prab,

Chamberlain Drablian-
- Drablian.

- Drablian.
- Drablian.

- And Seneschal Vrong

of the House of Frangus.
- Seneschal Vrong.

- And also-
- Just watch out for Stacks.

- Oh yeah, oh, you also see
the Galactic Girl Guides

over in the corner,

who are now dealing
cards for some of the...

Stacks looks at up at the
Jib-Job workers and says,

all right, it's 15K at the front door.

- [Lou] Wow.

(Brennan imitates shuffling)

- I go around to them, and
they all have to sign up

for a one-on-one with me.

They have their slots.

- [Brennan] The Galactic Girl Guides-

- I go to the bathroom

and then just look in the
mirror at Skipper's face-

- Mm-hmm.

- And just kind of talk to
him for a second and say,

hey, man, I think I figured you out.

And, uh,

I'm sorry that your life was what it was.

And I'm sorry that I'm

in control of your body,

but I think I can do a lot better with it

than you were doing.

- Give me an Insight check with advantage.

(gentle poignant music)

- 21.

- Norman Takamori did not choose

to become a patsy of the Brigade.

All of the various people

that served underneath Norman Takamori

did not choose to be
constantly harassed, belittled,

and abused by him, both
when he was in the Brigade,

happily carrying out terrible orders

with zeal and glee,

and Skip, for that's the
name that Skip has chosen.

That's the name Skip
wants to be referred to.

Other people can say
prince this or prince that.

That's fine. You didn't
choose to be a cerebro-slug.

You didn't choose to have
the body that you had.

And it's a galaxy filled
with wild, wild things.

In this moment in the mirror,

you feel something,

somewhere, in some way,

respect the honor of
addressing this moment

and the fact that

maybe for the first time
that you're aware of,

a cerebro-slug from a noble house

bent on total galactic domination

has actually spoken to

one of the many

fall-away effects

of living in a dangerous
and hostile galaxy,

where choices get made fast
and loose all the time.

You feel a sense of rest,

a sense of acceptance.

Maybe it's you,

maybe somewhere it's a sleeping Norman,

or maybe the distinction

has to prove how and why it matters

in a galaxy filled with all this chaos.

But you do know that you
can make a difference

for your friends in this galaxy.

You feel a sense of control come over

this craft you are piloting

as it accepts that the galaxy is better

for whatever this symbiosis is.

- I'm gonna kiss the mirror.

(group laughing)

- And then you break it.
- Make sure to slap it too.

- Yeah. (laughs)
(glass shattering)

- Incredible.


move from the room.

The ship comes out of faster than light.

Beautiful crystalline,

purple-blue quartz mountains,
with incredible polygon,

you know, quarter-mile-long
flat planes of crystal mountains

that are capped by weird
little moss forests,

fungal mushroom trees pop out of them,

and a really bright sort of chilly,

bustling city, it's like a small city.

It sort of feels like a blue, crystalline,

a very alpine attitude here.

You guys got cleared for
a ship-shape nursery,

'cause Acme-Ashmun is
footing the work bill.

So a bunch of-

- Brand name.

- Ooh.
- Wow, look at us.

- I'm wearing a feather boa.

That's what my moderate
lifestyle paid for.

- I love it. Oh, that's right.

Anyone that wants to spend

on the moderate lifestyle as well, it's-

- Oh, I think Gunnie's
wearing a hat, like a fedora.

- Yeah, you're filled with
a sense of happiness as you-

- Skip has a metal thermos.

- [Brennan] A metal thermos, incredible.

- Barry's wearing a shirt
instead of, like, combat armor,

and he keeps just tugging at it.

- So all of you exit onto
the surface of Onolo Dos.

As you do, you see the
workers come out and they say,

(sighs) welcome, Gunner
Channel, to Onolo Dos.

- Don't do that.

- What's that?
- Don't do that.

- [Brennan] Don't do what?

- I think we asked for discretion.

- Yeah, we asked

for discretion.
- You guys don't know

what discretion is?
- So don't-

- You don't have to do the little whisper.

- Strike one.

(group laughing)

- Oh my god, do the boss thing

where you put a stack of your
tip and then take it away,

every time they-
- Oh no.

- Bad uncle, bad uncle.

- Anyway, sorry, I didn't wanna

bust your balls, but-
- I shake their hand.

- Would you have reached out...

What was your reaching out to Auma?

- I would imagine that we would ask her

to meet us at the ship.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- At the shipyard.

- Okay, amazing.

I am going to say this.

You guys actually do not
go to the planet surface

in that case.

- [Siobhan] Okay.

- [Lou] So I wasn't a dick to that guy?

- [Brennan] You were not
a dick to that guy yet.

- Beautiful. (laughs)

- I do still still have a feather boa.

- Gunnie's got a fedora on

and is now mean.
- [Ally] Oh my god.

Oh my god.

- They don't fuckin' see it yet.

- 4'11" in a fedora.

(group chattering)
- Don't say that to me.

- I'm in, like, a vest,
a suit vest with no,

but a t-shirt underneath it.

- Oh, gross.

- Very like, at a bar mitzvah.

- Yes. (laughs)

- Auma says she's going to meet you up...

Auma says, I'll meet you up at...

There's a station that's
fully Acme-Ashmun-equipped

for medium-tier ships and larger.

- So this is like-
- Great.

- Where they put the stuff
on, like the gargantuan,

like the star destroyers and stuff.

So she says, I'm gonna...

Oh, she says, I'm gonna
get a ferry up there

so that we can just hightail
it right out of there.

You end up docking at a place
called Myrmidon Station,

which is in orbit

over this blue, mountainous
Onolo Dos planet,

blue-purple mountainous.

You see the Acme-Ashmun guys,
as you step off the ship,

are there and they're like, here you go.

And they pat these, like,

pyramidal, enormous shield generators.

These shield generators,
I will tell you right now,

halve all energy damage,

give you resistance to energy
damage while shields are up,

resistance to kinetic damage

while shields are up-
- [Ally] Wow.

- And allow crew members to use reactions

to return fire

(Emily gasps)

on enemy ship fire.

Acme-Ashmuns are the real
deal, renowned the galaxy wide.

- Gunnie, I see why you like this product.

- It's not bad.

- [Ally] Wow.

- And they accept a...

They're like, we'll accept a payment.

They say, do you have any
other mods you wanna get

while you're here?

- [Lou] Oh yeah.

- Oh, for sure.
- Definitely.

- We can do that afterwards, but

you guys hand a list of mods

to the ship.
- Incredible.

- They say, Acme-Ashmun's
footin' the labor bill,

so we'll get to work, gang.

- Thank you so much.

- Appreciate you.

- You guys head off the
ship, going through...

It's very, like, little
irises and metal ports,

and you're sort of going through more...

It's more like, a little bit
similar to Madrugada Station.

It's like ports and
irises and smaller places.

You head out to go meet up with Auma Liu,

and a pair of double doors opens up

with 60 UFTP shock troopers,

Barry Nyne, and Lucienne
Rex right in front of you.

Hi, Margaret.

That's all for this episode

of Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey.

Tune in next week, and
we'll see ya in the stars.

- What? Wait.

- [Zac] Attack-
- Oh.

- [Ally] My friend!

- I cast Buffer.

- Remember that nat one on

the Forgery check to contact-
- [Zac] Yeah, I was-

- Auma Liu?
- Just thinking about that.

- [All] Oh.

- Damnit.
- Oh no.

- [Lou] Well, what, hey.

- What's going on?

- Well, I was hoping
you could tell me that.

Do you know why I'm here?

- No.

- She narrows her eyes
and looks at you and says-

- Oh, oh, are you trying
to get people to sign up

and come to your girlfriend's art show?

(Lou chuckles)

- My fiance-

- Mm.

- Doesn't really do art.

- I agree.

(group laughing)