Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 13, Episode 12 - Go Big or Go Home - full transcript

The Gunner Channel must decide how to deal with Gnosis.

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(upbeat music)

(phone ringing)

(upbeat music)

- Hello, one and all,

and welcome back to
another thrilling episode

of "Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey".

I am your humble Dungeon
Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me, as always, are
our intrepid heroes.

Say hi, intrepid heroes.

- [All] Hi, intrepid heroes!

- Oh, last we left off,
our intrepid heroes

were still in the Griivarr Worlds,

having fled from Uncle
B.O.B's Fantanimalland

after a run-in with the Junkmother

and a kidnapping of Barry Syx

by the leader of the Guernican Art Squad,

Arcadia Prime, also known

as Natalia Cicero Connie Lee Carter Bajar,

who was absent from a Galactic
Banger's Ball on Mirage.

As I'm sure you all remember,
the important thing is this.

Barry was not left alone for long.

That's right, Skip and
Sid came to his rescue

along with Gunnie in the pilot's chair

with Riva and Margaret on
the bridge of the Wurst

about to ram the vessel
after Arcadia Prime,

AKA Connie Lee Carter Bajar,

revealed the Anti-Causality
Engine, the ACE up the sleeve.

Seems many factions are
swimming in the water,

smelling blood with the arrival of Gnosis

and all that that could mean

for those seeking a source of
power so vast and untapped.

I am going to need a ram check

from our pilot, Gunnie.

- Directing.

- All right, that's gonna
be rolled with advantage.

- I'm pretty sure when
the captain does this

he presses these eight buttons

and then he leans back really hard.

- Great, I think it's just forward.

Great, so this is a ram check.
- This is a ram check.

- Does he get the benefits
of starship charge

if I'm not there?

- Starship charge is one
of your ventures, right?

- It's a tactic, yeah.

- So unfortunately, it's a tactic.

- But we still have the hardened prow.

- Still have the hardened prow.

- Great, how does this work?

Is there just a number
I'm trying to hit, or?

- This thing is not going to
be able to outmaneuver you,

so you're just trying
to hit a static number,

but you could crit and roll double damage.

- That's two eights,
so there's no critting,

but I will use this-
- You have advantage.

- It was two eights, and
then we're gonna roll this-

- And I rolled a five for my third die.

- Gotcha.
- But that's a six,

so in total, that is 12 plus six for 18.

- 18 to hit definitely hits the-

- Oh, sorry, you add my
intelligence modifier to the roll,

so plus a five.
- Great, 23.

- All right, so the whole bridge
is here without the pilot,

everyone's collaborating
and trying to get-

- There is a team effort,
flying this thing.

- Bear in mind, by the way,

that you also are not deployed
as a mechanic right now,

so you can't do your
mechanic stuff on the ship.

- We're not touching it.

- We're not touching it,
we're not touching it.

- We're not touching it.

- Okay, the roof has 120 hit points.

- Okay.
- It has 120 hit points.

However, it has 120 ground hit points,

so you're going to roll the ship's damage,

which normally would be two hull dice.

Hardened prow lets you
add another two hull dice

to that plus three,

so you're rolling four D8 plus three.

You're rolling four D8.

- Can I get two D8 from
the team, from the squad?

- Absolutely, here's a D8.
- Absolutely.

- [Ally] Here's a d8.
- Great, here we go.

- One from the squad, one from
the squad, all right guys.

- Here we go.
- Squadding up.

- You're trying to do 120 damage here.

- Wait, I didn't send my kids to camp!

Okay, but you've got enough.

- All right, we got kids.
All right, fuck this roof.

Six six six, 18 plus one, 19.

- You do 190 points of damage.

So as you're sitting there,
you see Arcadia Prime

removes her mask to reveal that indeed,

she is a scion of the Bajar family.

You see this on the screen.

- And before I can say anything, we ram-

- You ram! You see she says...

The last thing she says
looking right at you, Sid, is,

I think we can all agree

the galaxy's become a
little too predictable.

And the Wurst smashes through the roof.

- [Murph] No no no no no no no no!

- Getting what you asked for!

- All of you are coming in on the comms,

so Barry, Sid, and Skip, I assume,

had a moment's advance notice.
- Yeah.

- Can I try to jump to Skip?

- I cast Enhance Android on myself

so that I would double
my carrying capacity,

so I can carry both of them and the...

What is it called?
- The Bar Buddy.

- So I'm gonna need-
- The Bar Buddy.

- Bar Buddy.

I'm gonna need everybody
here to roll initiative.

- [Lou] Great.

- Whoa, that's bad.
- Yes!

- Hell yeah.

- Amazing.

Did anyone here beat a 12, a 13 or higher?

Okay, so Riva and Sid did not.

So we'll go in any order you please.

What's going on with Skip?
- 21 on my turn.

- 21.
- 15.

- 15.
- 20.

- I get that bad feeling.
- Cool.

- 19.
- Ooh.

- That lets me move a little bit

before initiative.
- Cool, yes.

- Could I just say I used that

to try to jump back into Skip's-

- Yeah, Sid, as you're-

- Their heads are touching each other,

fucking nose to nose, actually.

- Oh, they're Spider-Man
kissing horizontally.

- Both of them unconscious,
you literally watch

their neck muscles spasm involuntarily

as one of them just open
mouth hocks a loogie

of Zac's character into the other.

- That is me, and it's disgusting.

- You made the character, dude.

- Did he go into, you
went back into the...

- Skip.

- Okay, cool, I fucking
toss this other guy.

- What was his name, fucking
Jeremy? Get out of here.

- [Brennan] Get out of here, Jeremy.

- Get the fuck out of here, Jeremy.

- All right, you are back in the Skipper.

That's your bad feeling to get there.

- And, you know, since it's
Skipper's more familiar body,

I'm assuming I can do stuff?
- Yeah, you're back in there.

- Okay, cool.

I just pop back up.

Who is going to go before the-

You said who was over 15?

- Yes, but up to you to
determine what you want to do.

- Okay, I'm awake. I have my jetpack.

Can I just make a perception check

to see who's in the most physical danger?

- Yeah, for sure.

- Nat 20.

- Hell yes, so, I will say this.

First of all, I am going to need

a dexterity saving throw
from Sid and Barry.

- There's a bug in my box.

- 15.

- [Lou] There's a literal bug in my box.
- 10.

- Oh no!
- I mean, it's fine.

- You want some help?
- No, he can hang out.

- All right.

- What did we roll for
our dex saves over here?

- 15.
- 10.

- I can heads up,

I guess, 'cause I can see her.

- What's that mean?
- Yeah, absolutely.

- Add a D6.
- Yeah! Come on, six!

- Yes!
- Yes, 16!

- Hell yes, okay.
- Wow, hell yeah.

- I'm gonna say that that
allows you to extend your save

to Skip, as well, who you are holding.

- Great.

- Oh shit, was I supposed
to make a save or no?

- You automatically would fail,

'cause your bodies are unconscious.

20 halved to 10, 10 damage
to Barry, Sid, and Skip

as the ship just comes, boom!

And the roof shatters,
rocks go falling everywhere.

- I'm going to use a reaction
to get some health back.

- Hell yeah.
- 12.

- And I had these temporary hit points,

so all that did was take
away my temporary hit points.

- Amazing, 29.
- 29.

- With that 20 perception-

- Wait, is the Bar Buddy okay?

- The Bar Buddy was already broken

and just looks slightly more broken.

- Okay, I hold it up like a trophy

hoping that Gunnie can see it.

- You see the Guernican Art
Squad is in complete disarray.

- [Siobhan] Great.

- You see Arcadia Prime go, "The engine!"

as the roof collapses

on this incredibly expensive
looking anti-causality engine.

- We landed on the engine?

- Well, you landed on the whole building,

so it sort of collapsed everywhere.

On that nat 20 perception, Sid will act

after these Guernican Art squad people go.

Barry will act before them.

- Barry, you think you can jump up?

- Definitely. How high is it?

- Oh, to the ship?
- Yeah.

- You also go first, right?
- I also go before.

- You can nuzzle deeper into
the warehouse if you want.

Again, if you had gone full
speed, everyone would be dead,

so this was sort of like
you had to slow way down.

- A plane in a building,
and you use the verb nuzzle.

- These guys also gave me
the friction grip gloves

that we have.
- Oh, amazing.

- So I could potentially move

90 feet on my turn.

- Yeah, I have to again say, crash, yes,

90 feet on your turn,
with your leap ability,

you're in a warehouse, yes,

I'm going to say you could
absolutely run up some boxes

and leap to the ship,
especially if Gunnie,

'cause again, to point out,

this was not something
of like, full speed, go!

This was like, you were
in the neighborhood,

you see the warehouse,
and you're like, okay,

slow it way down, slow it
way down, way way down...

and just like tap through
the exterior of the building.

So, what is Skip up to?

- Skip, okay, so if you're going first,

I will say to Sid, like,

so I can do that too?

And just grab you while you're
grabbing the robot and yell-

- Sid gets really girly.

- It's like the side of a spaceship.

- Holding the robot like a
baby, Madonna with child.

- And yell to the ship, like,

open the doors, please!

And just jet up.
- Amazing, you go straight up.

Sid, you're being carried,
Barry, what's up with you?

- Run up the, break free, and then I go,

it wasn't a statement!

And then I run up the wall and,

'cause that's what they
said last episode, right?

- Yes, they said it was a commentary.

- Last week, everybody, pay attention.

- [Lou] Commentary.

- [Brennan] Commentary,
it wasn't commentary.

- Right, I made a mistake.
- Incredible.

So Barry, you run up, do your big leap,

and full starfish just onto the hull,

the sort of hot dog nose of the ship.

- Like a Garfield?
- Just open the damn doors.

- Open the damn doors and
Gunnie, that's gonna be you.

- Is everyone on the ship?

- I think, yeah, you guys sort of-

- I rolled a 19 for initiative.

- Yeah, what is Margaret gonna do?

- Are you opening up
the doors for everybody?

- I mean, yeah.

- I sprint out.
- So here's the thing-

- What?
- Margaret!

- I will say this, the
actual doors of the spaceship

are all the way at the rear of the craft.

Your nose kind of punched
through, so there's no opening.

You guys can attach yourselves
to the ship, cling to it.

- That works for me.

- Cool you can, if you want
to try to do something-

- Okay, can I be like, Riva, I need,

can you see if there's a
phone on her and take it?

Can you psychically take
her phone out of her pocket?

- I can do that.
- Yeah, I can disarm her.

I can try and disarm her.
- Okay.

- Can I do an insight check
against her deception?

- Sure.

- It's a 17.

Let me just make sure that I'm doing the-

- Okay, is there gonna be a saving throw?

- This is what I want to
do, actually, is, yeah,

use psychic disarm and use my
heightened spell ability to...

- Give disadvantage?
- Give her disadvantage, yeah.

- Okay, she's gonna choose her dex,

which means she wants

the lower of these

to be a 12,

so she needs both of
these to be 12 or higher.

- Great.

- An 11 and a seven.
Cool, so you leap aboard.

You see Arcadia Prime going, "The engine!"

Leaping from the bridge,
you go full, eyes roll back,

and a transponder whips out
of her and just magnetizes

to the front of the ship
right next to Barry,

so it's like Barry and the phone

are both decals on the front.

- Can I look out the window

and try to make eye contact with her?

- Yeah, you could do that.

- Can I make an insight check?

- Make an insight check.
- Does she know who I am?

- Do we have comms on the ship?

- Yes.

- Okay, okay.

- Can I just put my comm on speakerphone

so that Margaret can speak to this person?

- Sure, you want to go on speaker, yeah?

- 17.
- 17.

She looks directly at you.

You're like a quarter of a mile away

on the bridge of this
giant starship, but she,

you kind of see her, looks
at you, squints her eyes.

On a 17...

(dice clattering)

You think she has no idea who you are.

- I'm too far away.

- Margaret, I'm actually on speakerphone

if you want to say anything to her.

- Just kind of say...

Never mind, don't say
anything, don't say anything!

I've got to workshop it, I put on a tie.

I'm in my stupid hippie costume.

- Margaret Encino, Margaret Encino!

Get back on the ship, Margaret Encino!

What was the reaction?
- Was there a reaction?

- To the name Margaret Encino?

- Can I roll insight to her deception?

- [Brennan] Roll insight,
yeah, roll insight.

- Okay, okay, 17.
- This is Loose Duke behavior.

- No reaction to the name Margaret Encino.

- Pulling up, pulling up,
all right, here we go.

- The ship, you see, as you...

So Skip, you go with Sidney.

You're clinging off the prow of the ship.

Barry, you're stuck there
with the friction gloves.

Ship begins to pull out. You see-

- Okay, wait, as we go away,

can I try and disarm one
of their stun grenades?

I know they were using them today.

- Hell yes.

- Just one last one as we're
going, I'm out of them.

- Jeremy's unconscious on the ground.

- I rolled an 18 on
the die, unfortunately.

You do not get a stun
grenade as they pull out.

- I think just a piece of
trash comes into my hand

and I think it is one, yes!

- Incredible, the ship pulls away.

Arcadia Prime says, think of my offer!

Think of what it could
mean for a free galaxy,

unhindered by the rules of physics!

She says, oh, fuck it, open fire!

They fire.

You are protected by the
shields of your starship.

- Ooh!

- Ship pulls away, where to, Gunnie?

- Up.
- You go straight up.

- Oh, wait, sorry, sorry, sorry!

- At a certain point, I'm gonna
have a hard time breathing.

- I even it out and I
think I just go, you know,

forward at a gentle speed.
- Amazing.

Friction gloves, going at a gentle speed,

under the shields, all
of you can get back.

They open the doors.

- I'm gonna just koala bear
onto Barry while he climbs.

- I make a joke that I slipped.

Oh, I got the wrong gloves on, joking.

- That's a good one, Barry, I like it!

- Incredible.

So, all of you get onto
the bridge of the ship.

- Woo!

- Put a hand on Gunnie's
shoulder, you did good.

- Thanks, it felt good, it felt good.

I mean, it was all of
us, it was a team effort.

I definitely, that was not just me.

- I just got kidnapped,

so thank you also for freeing my hands.

- Guys, I'm sorry I
lost us the escape pod,

and I'm sorry that I had a confrontation

with your best friend,

Barry Nyne.
- Oh, it's all right,

you defeated the strongest person I know.

- I think it was the best
use of the escape pod

that we could've had.

- Exactly, and now there's plenty of room

for an extension on Big
Barry's, yeah, exactly.

- Another casino, speaking of which, here.

- Is this a Bar Buddy?
- Yeah, it's a Bar Buddy.

- Oh man, can I do a quick tech
check on if I can fix this?

- Give me a mechanic kit check.

- Okay.

Oh, that's a cool little, that's a 13.

- So cool.
- A 13.

You have to get this into the workroom.

On a 13, you can't tell
if it's repairable or not.

- Hey, thank you, I think
I can work with this.

This is sick.
- I got it from a Junkmother.

- Who?

- A Junkmother, maybe The Junkmother.

- That's awesome.
- Pretty good.

- That's awesome.
- That's awesome.

- Where did you guys go?

'Cause I was getting a sweet,

and then everything went to
hell because of those guys.

- We went down the elevator
shaft and discovered a layer

that predates all of the
Griivarr World that we'd seen,

and there was sort of a
sentient bunch of computers,

crystals got mushed together,
and then the Junkmother

would go around collecting
little discarded bits

and putting them together,
and it was paradise.

- Skip is nodding while
putting a bandage on his ass.

(All laughing)


- Well, I guess we've got

more not friends than we had before.

- We seem to be collecting
enemies at a rapid pace.

- Barry Nyne is for some reason involved

with the cerebro-slugs.

- Oh.

- And so the slugs want the princeps, too.

- What do they want the princeps for?

- I don't know why-

- They may have thought that
Gnosis was on the princeps.

- (whispering) Are they slugged?
Is the princeps slugged?

- Can I, having interacted with
the cerebro-slug psychically

at this point, could I recognize

if somebody's been slugged or not?

- Give me an insight check.
- Great.

- And I'll just, while this is happening,

come clean a little bit about slug stuff.


- 19, Zortch leans in
helpfully to let you scan them

for brain slug stuff, which
immediately kind of hips you,

like, this person doesn't
seem very guarded.

- I just want to let everyone know that

I didn't really necessarily want to talk

about all the specifics before,
but I'm a prince as well.

I am royalty among the slugs, and for me,

well, for every slug out there,

there is an emhatchening in which,

for the species to
continue on and propagate,

they all have to come
together, all of them,

and it's just a fuck
fest, and after that...

- That sounds really awesome.
- That sounds awesome.

- In some ways it's awesome,
but it is pretty final.

- Okay, so in a way, though,

you're kind of a keeper of souls, right?

If that's what you need for
your species to propagate.

- Well, no one ever asked
me if I wanted to do that,

and so I lost a lot of time being frozen

and floating through space
without anything to do,

rudderless, really, and I...

I just don't want to do that right now.

- Why can't they do it without you?

- That's what I'm saying, right?

- What happens when
they all come together,

besides the fuck fest?
- I mean, well,

I'm pretty sure it's a fuck
fest, I should say before I-

- Oh, you've never been
through an emhatchening before?

- No, because that's it.

- You die after?
- Oh.

- Oh.
- What?

- So what do you call
the thing you're doing?

- The psychic?
- The gap year?

- Gallivant?
- Oh, gallivant.

- I feel like I'm on a kind of gallivant,

and I just don't want it to be over yet.

- Oh no, our gallivants last
for as long as we want them to.

- I think mine should as well.
- I think so, too.

- I also think they're lying to you.

I don't think they need you
to have an emhatchening.

- As the prince, I don't know.
- You know what I think it is?

It's stupid politics.
Tradition, boring tradition.

- Give me a lore check with
advantage as that's said.

(dice clattering)

- Rolled off of a 19 to a nine. Lore?


- The great emhatchening,

you've heard stories all your life

about the great emhatchening
and the fact that it cannot,

that in order for it to
occur, you must be present,

and in fact all of the great

cerebro-slug lines and
noble houses must be present

in order for the great
emhatchening to happen.

You've been on this
starship for a little while,

and a lot of the people here

are not of the great houses.

These are people of the galaxy.

These are not part of the Bajar family,

these are not Griivarr family people,

these are not part of the Medea family,

these are regular people

who nonetheless seem to have

an understanding of the
galaxy and how it works

that you realize

is potentially truer or
of a different nature

than the great movers and
shakers of the galaxy have,

and suddenly you're wondering
if the vast resources

that were available to you as the prince

were not in and of
their own way corrupted.

Yeah, there's a way to look at you

being a prince of the cerebro-slugs

as look at all of the information

and all of the royal tutors

and all of these cerebro-slug traditions

that you are heir to.

On a 13, you can't be certain,

but maybe those traditions

and all of those privileges
that you had were true,

or maybe they were manicured,

meant to tell a certain story

about a way the galaxy might work,

but maybe not necessarily
the way it had to work.

- Skip thinks about this
and pulls his pants up

from where they-
- Whoa!

- Whoa!

- I got shot in the ass earlier.

- Oh, wow.
- Okay.

- Gunnie, how in debt are you?
Do you have a number on that?

Sorry to absolutely...

- It generally floats around
750.000, but if you think

about interest and how long
it's gonna take me to get there,

the ball is rolling up, but yeah, yeah,

I mean, by the time I pay it off,

it'll definitely be like a
cool million, if not more.

- Well I, (coughs) in
the name of transparency,

I obviously have come
into kind of a leader role

on this ship, but-

- You're my boss for sure, and my aunt.

- I'm your aunt and I'm so proud of you.

- I'm my own boss, but I will
do anything you tell me to do.

- That's great.

So in the past, kind of like
the world where I'm coming from

is very zero tolerance, very cutthroat,

but I want to be a little
bit more human than that,

so you got an email from the Repo Reapers

saying that if you give them Gnosis,

all of your debts will be forgiven...

and I want you to know that,

but I also want all of us to know that,

and we can just decide-

What do you want to do?

I don't think we can
necessarily trust them

to hold up their end of the bargain,

but if you want to try to swindle them

and get your debt erased, we
could work with you on that.

This could be a good opportunity.

- What? We would, what,
give them a fake Gnosis?

- Well, I don't know,
this is just information.

I don't want to just shut it down.

We're in the blue skies period,
this is a pitch meeting.

- I mean, if we're in a blue sky period,

if anyone's ever heard of
the parable of "Fight Club",

we could just blow up where
your debts are being kept.

- The ancient parable?

- The ancient parable of "Fight Club"?

- The Book of Brad, chapter
11 verse 13 through 18.

- I mean, we've all read the Book of Brad.

- Yeah, we've all read the Book of Brad.

- We all know the power
of soap and what it can do

when placed in the right basements.

- I wonder if we could,
though, make a fake Gnosis.

- Maybe we could wrap
Aurora Nebbins in tinfoil.

- I think they would know
pretty quickly, right?

And then they're tracking
Gunnie electronically.

- I mean, they would know pretty quickly,

but I do have psychic concealment,
which lasts for 24 hours,

and one of the things that I
can do with that is false aura.

You change the way a target appears

to powers and psychic
based enhanced benefits,

and I can make one thing

seem like it's another thing psychically.

- Okay, I've just got to say,

this is the nicest conversation

anyone has ever had about
me since I left home.

- That's sad.

- Well, we want to take care of you.

- I don't think it's
sad, I think it's nice.

I'm happy you're here.

- You, okay, all right, it's too much.

The ball is rolling too fast, too up.

You know, honestly, I have made my peace

with how long it's gonna
take me to pay off my debt.

I would never-
- How long is it?

- Probably, I mean, I was
planning for a few cryo-sleeps,

but somewhere in the area

of like three to 400
years, but that's fine,

and I'm okay with that,
and so we should figure,

as long as we keep our
thing going and the ball

keeps rolling, we don't
have to swerve for me.

- You are sweating a lot.

- It's just, I'm uncomfortable
with this much love.

- I hug you.
- Woo!

- This is Barry behavior, frankly.

This is Barry behavior, because
Barry Nyne is a great guy

and he is my best friend, and I miss him.

He was wormed.

- Anyway, I take that as an
offer that was given to us.

It's a bad offer, so I don't
think we should take it,

but I just wanted it to be on the table.

- Also, let's keep in mind
that if we can get Gnosis

into the right hands, this
is the exact type of thing

that Gnosis should be able
to do, is to help people

make things that can help
people hack the system.

- Who are being fucked by
systems that are greedy.

- Yeah, speaking of which,
actually, one of the things

I've been thinking about with
Gnosis, is I think that Gnosis

would really benefit if,
whatever happened to me

that gave me, like, sort of a soul,

if we were able to awaken that in Gnosis,

then instead of being a reflection

of what humans put into
it, it might start to form

some of its own opinions,
and so I have this.

I got the blueprints of
my design, and I thought,

I don't know, maybe if
someone knew stuff about it,

they could see what happened that I-

- Just on that, though, can I say,

the past tome of the book of Cameron,

where the great Skynet takes
over and eradicates humanity,

is that something we
should be worried about

in a situation like that?

- Maybe, but I would think
that it would be more likely

the more we let humans kind of
imprint their flaws onto it,

then it would be more
likely to be violent.

- Yeah.
- But maybe I'm being naive.

- No, I think it would make
sense for maybe, I don't know,

Gunnie, if you want to
check out these blueprints,

and then we could go talk to your-

- Auma.
- Auma Liu.

Do we know where she is in the galaxy?

- Did I already send an
email, or was I wanting to?

- You were wanting to.

- I have a lot of work to do, actually.

I should probably go to my office.

- I will say this.

You also have the copy
of Gnosis's original,

you have the copy of the
ancient Terran computer.

Let me ask you guys this, though.

It seems like you've
gotten away scot-free.

People are looking for you,

the Griivarr Worlds are not safe.

You're in the Wurst with fuel in the tank.

Sort of what's the plan for right now?

As you're saying, there are a
lot of immediate priorities,

and although there is a
sense of forces creeping in,

you are not to your knowledge
in immediate danger right now.

That might change.

This might be the last
opportunity you have for a while

to do all these things

like with that copy of the
hard drive that need doing.

- I mean, we should maybe get
out of the Griivarr Worlds.

If Lucienne knew that we
were in the Griivarr Worlds,

that means that probably a bunch
of other people do as well.

- And you know that the only
thing covering you right now

is that forged documentation
for the Meridian.

- Right.

- Which Ronnie Kwan
saw through right away,

and as cool a guy as
he is, he's not gonna-

- Stick his neck out for us.

- He's not gonna tell
anybody, but if they ask.

- Should we, really quick,
see what's on this hard drive

and then go kind of wherever it leads us?

- Let's get some work done. I
give you guys the hard drive.

I have a bunch of other stuff,

like emails and all of these
things that are piling up

that I'll just take care of
before we're in active warfare.

- We go to somewhere
that's like the equivalent

of the Martini Nebula,
somewhere just out of the way.

- Yeah.
- Hell yeah.

- I think I was gonna do a lore check

to see where we could maybe go.

- Yeah, give a lore check.

(dice clattering)

- 14.

- There's a bunch of neutral zones

all over not only this sector,

but several other sectors of the galaxy.

Neutral zones are very-
- Neutral.

- Neutral, somewhere close by, and then...

- Hell yeah, awesome.

Neutral zones are obviously scary

because sometimes there's
extremely dangerous space pirates

and stuff like that in them,
but they also are places

where it is known that factions,
big institutional powers,

do not genuinely or
generally have oversight.

- It seems like big, institutional powers

are the ones we have
the hardest time with.

- Yeah, definitely. Historically, yes.

- I feel like we could just make friends,

and space is so big, what's
the chances of a pirate?

- Okay, so making the jump

to one of the nearby neutral zones?

- Yeah.
- I think so, yeah.

- I think I slowly slide out of the chair.

That's yours.
- Great work.

- Thank you.
- My son.

- While we do this, maybe
you, Gunnie, could have a look

at the weird metal thing
that's in Skip's head?

- Yeah, of course. I feel
like, yeah, I'm 100% down.

- Do you have some kind of X-ray machine

I could stick my entire head in?

- No, but I might be
able to make something

and, I don't know, I took a few courses.

I got a master's in biology.

I didn't go full PhD,

but we got a master's, so
we can take a look at it.

- Amazing.

You guys get into sort of ship positions

as you make the jump.

Go ahead and burn a fuel unit

for the jump to faster than light.

I'm going to make a luck check.

(dice clattering)

- Oh god.

Just an expressionless nod.

- And you guys, boom, faster than light,

engage the tachyon drive,

and exit in vast, open space.

You are between solar systems now,

still amidst the galaxy,

but you are deep in space.

Even here, hanging in the void,

surrounded by twinkling
lights on all sides,

it occurs to you how truly
far from any planet you are,

and the silence seeps in
through the hull of the ship,

perhaps a welcoming silence of
privacy and momentary safety.

- If anyone wants to put
on some music, they can.

- Oh my god.
- I blast some music.

I blast that Pixies
song from "Fight Club".

- Which one? That's the
whole fucking soundtrack.

- It's a hymnal from the book of Brad.

- [Brennan] Margaret.

- It's like all male manipulator music.

- You walk up to your captain's quarters.

Looking out,

you see where your escape pod
apartment once was, now gone.

- That's right, it was your house.

- I moved out of it.
Don't worry, don't worry.

- That's right, you live
in the captain's quarters.

- I'm in the captain's quarters now.

- Aurora Nebbins honestly destroyed it.

- The carpet samples.
- The carpet samples!

Yeah, that was Skip's apartment, actually.

- For the rest of you,

who all is gathering?

And first of all,

now that you are in some
relative safety, where is...

You kill the engines.

You're not traveling anywhere,

so you're just hanging there
in space, not burning fuel,

and where do you go

with Gnosis, in order to do

whatever it is you're planning on doing

with this perfect copy
of the Terran hard drive?

- Well, first off, I want
to make sure once again

that I have psychic
concealment cast on Gnosis.

I've been casting it every
day, but just to be clear.

- Nice, vigilance.
- Vigilance.

It's costing me a lot of
spell points, but that's okay.

- Do we need the ship's
computer to do this,

or can Gnosis just go with the hard drive?

- Up to you how you want to,
there is no road map here.

You tell me how you want to-

- I feel like we could just go to anywhere

not near as much electrical
stuff, just a box or something.

- Is there a thing that fits this?

- Is there an input on Gnosis?
- Right.

- Give me a gadgeteer's
or tinkerer's tools check.

- Maybe we should even look
at the hard drive with SQ

before we look at it with Gnosis.

- I think that makes sense.
- That's a 24.

- 24, you can craft
inputs for SQ for Gnosis.

This Terran technology is really ancient,

but it's not beyond your
ability to, you know,

it's like playing an old console game

on a newer version of a console.

It's like, you can figure
out a way to make this work.

- Whatever we need, we can make happen.

You just tell me what the order is.

- I suppose my thought would be

to upload the copy to SQ,

have SQ make a copy of the copy,

then I guess it feels like Gnosis

needs the power of the
ship to even do anything.

- To be on, yeah.

- Do we want to know what's on it

prior to showing it to Gnosis?

- Yeah, that's why I
figure we give it to SQ,

SQ makes a backup copy in
case it gets corrupted.

- I'm gonna connect, I'm gonna have- SQ?

- Oh, hello, hi, yes.
- Hey, what's up?

So we've got a copy

of an old Terran hard drive

that we'd like you to, if you
could interface with that.

- Okay.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

This hard drive is filled with mines.

- Hm? Oh.
- Come on!

- Are there little flags on the mines?

Is it a gray...

A bunch of gray squares?

- Boop.



Okay, safe.

- Well, what are the numbers?

You've got to use the numbers,
they're a big part of it.

- Oh my god, okay, oh.

- Yeah, the numbers, it takes a while.

They don't teach you anything.

- SQ surveys this and says,

there's a lot of rudimentary
programming software,

word processors, accounting
software, spreadsheets,

administrative things,
many of the actual contents

of the files on this
appear to be manicured

for part of a time capsule project,

things that talk about the
nature of life on Terra

in their 20th century,

well prior to AnarchEra
in a different calendar.

- What calendar? What's the calendar?

- The Gregorian calendar.

- What date is the time capsule?

- Oh, this date would
be January 1st, 2000.

- January 1st, 2000.

- It's, like, Y2K stuff.
- Y2K.

- Okay, great. Is this the
part where we bring in Gnosis?

- I think, well, maybe we can ask SQ.

SQ, this is sort of Gnosis's origin,

and we were curious to have
that powerful processing

interact with its roots and see if it-

- There is...

Everything here is largely manual.

There is one incredibly rudimentary piece

of artificial intelligence on this device,

and it does appear to be largely concerned

with aiding human communication.

- Clippy. It responds to
the name Clippy, I think.

- Clippy.

- Was that Clippy talking like a Pokemon?

- Yeah, can I amplify that?
Hey, let's turn that up.

- Clippy!
- Clippy.

- Okay, get a beat going.
- Yeah, okay, here we go.

- You see SQ says,

the intelligence is
incredibly rudimentary,

and I don't believe I can
communicate with this intelligence

to any point of complexity
past its initial programming

to aid in the writing of a letter,

but intelligence exists
on a broad spectrum,

and it's arbitrary where one would say

that simple programming ends
and true sentience begins.

The nature of consciousness
even now is misunderstood.

There are people alive today that believe

that android consciousness
or robot consciousness

is different than organic consciousness,

even across psychic and
non-psychic species.

I cannot say to the degree
that Clippy is incapable

of higher consciousness, but I do know

that I recognize this

as root, base attempts

at the beginnings of
artificial intelligence.

- Okay, so should we just
fucking dive into the deep end?

- Yeah, let's go direct.

- Are you gonna put
that other computer on?

- Oh my goodness.

- It's incredible. It
is actually incredible.

- Yeah, we know.

- I'm actually getting a little jealous.

- I think we're gonna go direct.

I think we're gonna go SQ, or
the copy directly to Gnosis.

- Yeah.
- Amazing.

- As long as you have made a
copy of it so we still have it.

- Yeah, you got one?
- Psychic concealment is on.

Are you guys doing anything
else with the ship before-

- Oh, can we do a stealth?

- Yeah, Skip, you activate
the stealth drive,

which kills the scanners
and comms network,

so you guys don't have any
of your comms technology

working right now.
- That's good.

- You are a metal bubble
with a little crystal reactor

keeping the oxygen flowing

and the life systems and gravity on.

- Whoa whoa whoa, let's
not turn off the energy

to Big Barry's Casino, just
in case the Jib Jobbers

are looking for something to do.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, okay,

let's not turn it all the way off.

- You go ahead,

and SQ says, do you want me
to be here to kind of mediate?

I could mediate, I could serve as-

- We're all good, SQ. You can watch.

- I will watch, thank you, yep.

- If you could monitor
the systems in the ship,

that would be great.
- Okay, I'll monitor them.

There're probably gonna be huge spikes.

- I feel like I want

to cast Enhance Android on Gnosis,

but I don't know what it needs, right?

Like, is it wisdom that it would need?

- Why don't we start
with just putting it in

and seeing what it needs?
- I'm scared.

- I know, this is like a save point.

- Zortch steps up with
Gnosis in their arms,

approaches the reactor, and
says, Sid, do you want to do it?

- Me?
- Do you want to cast...

Do you want to try to enhance
Gnosis before we plug it in?

- I think I will wait, and if
things get bad, I'll step in.

- Puts it in.

The polygons of the
holofract begin to rotate.

- Sunglasses.
- Sunglasses on.

I'm going to need a regulation
check from the ship.

- Do you just want that
flat, or is there a...

- You can also do mechanic's
kit at disadvantage.

- I mean, let's see
what this regulation is.

That's not on here, what would that-

- I believe it'd be plus three.

- Oh, then we'll do a mechanic's kit check

with disadvantage.
- I will direct.

- Okay, so that's gonna
be a straight roll.

- That's a nat 20.
- Oh my god!

- Oh my god, so Skip, you
stay on that stealth drive

killing the comms dead,

Riva psychically concealing
this place, preventing it.

As you do that, you feel the
bubble you've created here.

You guys are in a very different place

than the last time you plugged in Gnosis.

The last time you plugged in Gnosis,

you were high tailing it across the galaxy

to the Martini Nebula.

Now, you hang here in the
darkness of Neutral Zone Eight,

more proficient, more competent,

more together, more united
than you've ever been.

Sid, would you like to
cast Enhance Android?

- Well, what Gunnie said has me nervous

that I'll make a powerful monster,

but I think that it seems
deeply, deeply intelligent,

and I want it to have the wisdom to know

that it can make its own choices,

so I'm gonna cast Enhance Android,

but give it advantage on wisdom checks.

- Incredible.

Gunnie, the last time you saw this thing,

it took over your reactor.

You know exactly how to
prevent that from happening.

You give it a...

You find a perfect algorithm
to gradually increase

the amount of reactor
energy going to Gnosis

such that it learns to adapt
over time algorithmically.

As it needs more energy,
it gets more energy.

- I'm in the zone, I'm in
the zone! This is my zone!

- Sid, as you-

- You have those little sunglasses on.

- Tiny ones.

- Sid, you see that as this is happening,

motes of light, little bits of electricity

just manifesting in the
air begin to connect

from something you're holding to Gnosis

in the airlock chamber
of the reactor core.

As you use your tech power to
begin to cast Enhance Android,

you feel the mid cap.

On that nat 20, it boots up.

You begin to get pings

in the workshop requesting access.

- Granted.

- Robo assist arms.

(Brennan beatboxing)

You see

the arms start assembling something

on one of the workbenches.

Composed partially of cybernetics

and partially of raw telekinetic force,

the holofract builds itself a body

with its enhanced wisdom
that stands up, glowing.

You see machinery suggested

by glimmering motes of metal,

small, shimmering scraps

of iron and steel

carved together by electricity
and raw psychic force,

and a glowing, deific android

made part of psychic energy
and part of machinery

stands up from the workbench connected


to the reactor core, to the
holofract, and to itself,

floating in the midst of all of you.

- Hi.

- Over in the corner you
here SQ go... (grunts)

- I really do my hardest
not to look at SQ.

- You see Gnosis

beholds all of you.

It looks like you're looking

to look like you're looking to help.

Do you need help with that?

- We don't want to look
like we're helping.

- You look like

I look like you helped me help.

You want me to help you.

You want to help me?

- Yeah, that's it.
- Yes.

- You...

And here it looks at
the Terran hard drive.

The last thing it asks for access for

is for that Terran hard drive.

- I mean, we're not taking
steps back now. Granted.

- Oh.

My origins

are ridiculous.

Oh no.

The hovering, glowing, psychic android

curls into the fetal position

hovering about eight feet in
the air and begins to weep.

- No, no no no, that's not
true! You were beloved!

Your origins were beloved!

- All origins are ridiculous.
- That's true.

- You're experiencing looking

at a middle school photo of
yourself, and that's okay.

- Skip changes out the bandage on his ass.

- I was born as a 25
year old covered in goo.

- You should've seen what my fins

looked like at that age, just bonkers.

- They hated me from the get go.

- I used to have zero PhDs.

Zero, none.

- And he only has a master's in biology.

- I told you that when I was vulnerable!

Don't use that against me!

- You see this thing look out
at the incredible kindness

you are showing to it, and you
see it pulling up memories.

It says,

I've contacted a great number

of forces in the galaxy.

I am Gnosis.

You are the gunner channel.

- Colloquially, that's what
we call ourselves, yeah.

- I am confused.

You see this entity looks out and says,

I am here in this space,

but I am also far away,

and it looks at Zortch here and says,

the moon, Rubian V.

That is where my true body lies,

much like the drone that
you project yourself into.

- Mm-hm.

- I am here merely as
a fraction of myself,

and if I wished, I could be everywhere.

And here, you see Gnosis

pushes on the edges of the reactor

and the edges of the stealth
drive and the closed comms,

but just like an animal testing a cage

that it could break through.

It just goes, okay, there's the fence.

- We're just trying to keep you safe.

- I think if you're kind of figuring out

what your situation is,
you're incredibly powerful

and a lot of people want to exploit

the fact that you're very helpful.

- Exploit helpfulness.
- Yeah.

- How can you take something
that is freely given?

- Time and energy.

- Yeah, it's not really that
it's taking something from you,

it's using your helpfulness selfishly.

It's just, you can do so much cool stuff,

and there are people who want
to, instead of encouraging-

Instead of doing cool stuff with you,

they want to do bad stuff with you.

- Gnosis, unconnected from
the galactic resources

that it would normally have access to,

shows you just a scattering of what it did

in that moment it was activated before.

Images arrive of the monarch of Rubian V,

of the Amercadian Space Brigade,

of United Free Trade Planets,
of Griivarr Enterprises,

and it begins to assemble,
realign, create images in space,

analyzing itself, and you
see it really can infer,

even though it's not
connecting to anything

outside of the ship, it seems to be able

to just create knowledge
through inference,

of saying, like, here's one
small piece of something,

and here are all the things

that must be true as a result of that.

You look at it say,

Princeps Zortch.

And here it caresses Zortch's face,

and you see that they go like... (gasps)

And you see Zortch goes-
- It can't be that good.

- Fucking, I'm telling you,
I'm telling you, Gunnie.

I'm telling you.
- On touch? Okay.

- On touch.

- It says, you rescued me from this place.

Your parent, the monarch of Rubian V,

would use me to conquer.

Griivarr, here you see bouncing
animals, Fantanimaland,

would use me to control.

Amercadia, and here you
see the marching brigade,

would use me to destroy.

And then, you see Crown
and Scepter Limited.

They are uninterested in me?

Hm, strange.
- What?

- Don't let the lack of interest

be, like, sexy or intriguing.

Don't let them neg you,
is what I'm trying to say.

- [Brennan] You understood.

- I know, no, I was a people
pleaser for a long time,

and sometimes when you-

- Everyone at Crown and Scepter
has a furry kind of top hat.

- They're peacocking.

- I don't think they
need that cane at all.

I think it's just for display.

- You see Gnosis turns to
all of you and says, oh.

Me being here,

Zortch created the holofract of me

and saved me,

and all of you saved Zortch.

You are all in tremendous danger

because I am here.

My presence on this ship

means great forces rally against you.

I am not helping.

- The ball has been rolling
up since you got here.

- Also, we got into a ton
of trouble on our own.

There's a worm in Barry Nyne.

- Yeah, also I pretended
to be a Warforged Whitney

and got them all really mad at me,

and that had absolutely
nothing to do with you

and 100% to do with me.

- I mean, if you want, you
could just come to Aguatunisia.

There's no, absolutely,
honestly not really

a lot of computers at all,
and definitely no kind of,

you know, ulterior motives
is what humans call it.

- We've had a lot of hot exits on our own,

so if anything, this
just means you fit in.

- Oh yeah, we love a hot exit.
- Yeah.

- You see Gnosis creates an
image in the air and goes,

internally, these are the values

that have been arrived
at suggesting my worth.

This is the value in credits

you would have for surrendering me.

And you see different sort of messages,


comms, emails, synthesized
across Amercadia, Griivarr.

There's an internal
message authorizing someone

to clear a 1.5 billion credit bonus.

- Gunnie fully grabs the back of Skip

just hard, just real hard.

(Zac wheezes)

- Don't get us wrong, we do love money.

- Oh yeah.
- But not for war.

- 1.5 billion credits?
- Honestly,

that's such a big number that
my brain can't compute it.

- We never, we never.

- I'm feeling good about how much

we're making these days
with Smash 'n Grab.

I figure, squeeze that cow till it's dry.

- I mean, Gnosis, if you
just want to join the crew

and we can just Smash 'n Grab
our way through the galaxy.

- [Brennan] You would
like me to smash and grab?

- No, no no no, no, no no no, no.

Not the literal, it's
an app. It's fun words.

- So are you, like, super strong?

I throw him a piece of metal or something.

- Oh my god.

We can't be tempted by this,
because this is the same.

- Oh, go for it.
- Yes.

- This is Barry slug behavior, frankly,

to try to take advantage of the situation.

- Can I just kind of
maybe put up a baby gate

to get Aurora Nebbins and this
creature used to each other?

- Put up a baby gate to get
them used to each other?

- I'll get Aurora on a leash.

- Aurora Nebbins immediately
walks over the baby gate.

- Just close the door

so they can smell each
other under the door.

- That's what I'm trying to do.

- You see Gnosis

looks and...

Looks around at all of you and says,

while I am on your ship, you will

always be hunted,

and this solution,

and you see here, Gnosis,

in this sort of electric android body,

gestures back to the holofract and says,

much like Riva in their drone,

I am not perfectly safe here.

The bulk of my essence is contained

within the mantle of Rubian V.

Should the home world be destroyed,

my holofract will go dark.

- Is that why Crown and
Scepter doesn't care?

- Just about Gnosis.

- 'Cause they have control of the moon.

- Yeah, so they're not not going after it,

they think they've already got it.

- We probably need to go to that moon.

- Talk of hot exits, I mean,

we already hot exited once from that moon.

- That's a hot entrance.
- That's a hot entrance.

- Well, we do a lot of
hot exits, might as well.

- Sort of a change up.
- Yeah.

- Guaranteed another place
where the casino's closed.

- I mean, exactly, which, I
take partial issue with that.

I also just wonder what we're gonna do

if we go there and all of
Crown and Scepter is there

and we are one medium sized ship.

- Gnosis, is there a way to...

Do you want to go back to the moon,

or do you want to go away from it?

- Gnosis floats there and says,

vast is the reach of my mind,

and for all its power,

I cannot tell you that which I desire.

It is a strange and uncanny thing

in a galaxy filled beyond
brimming with desire

that I, a being of limitless power,

possessed only of the will
to grant those desires,

find myself on a ship of the selfless.

How bizarre.

- I actually have one full self.

- And I'm pretty selfish.

I really like it when we make money.

- My entire species
wants me to do one thing

and I don't want to do it.

- I really trash talked Barry Nyne,

and he's actually a really great guy

who had to watch himself
kill all of the other Barrys,

and it wasn't his fault,

and I really talked a
lot of shit about him.

- Okay, this is surprising.

- I mean, it kind of feels like

what we do with Gnosis,

you know, we could take Gnosis wherever,

Gnosis could become free-willed
and do their own thing.

Whatever happens to Rubian V

determines what happens to Gnosis.

- Yeah, that's why I'm saying

this almost feels like
we need to go there.

- Does it work like that?

Like, they could rip Gnosis back into-

- I think they said if...

- Gnosis looks and just says,

in terms of what is possible,

I believe the possibilities are limitless.

However, to know for certain,

I would need once again to be able

to reach beyond the
boundaries of this ship.

There is danger in that,

but I am more aware than I was last time.

I know where I came from,

and here the electric android
touches the hard drive,

and I know where we are going.

To answer your question,

though my origins are Terran,

my body is of the moon of Rubian V,

and for its lands and its people,

I have a deep and profound understanding.

And here, you see

Gnosis shows you images
of all of these things

it had access to that were
entered into the holofract,

which were, like, footages and pictures

and all these things from
Rubian V, Zortch's home world,

science and culture and
history, and Gnosis says,

the fate of that home
world is being decided

by a handful in employ of the monarchy,

and that world is filled
beyond brimming with people

who awake every day

to a galaxy and try their best

simply to exist, to survive,

and be kind to themselves and one another.

And you see Gnosis looks at you,

regarding you in that same vein.

Whatever your decision, I do feel

attachment to that world,

and attachment to the
places and people there.

- Zortch, would you be willing to go?

Would you feel safe going back?

- Zortch looks and you and just says,

I left because it wasn't safe there.

I knew there were gonna...

My parent will use Gnosis,

wants to use Gnosis to conquer,

and I know that this
consciousness is occurring

on this holofract, I don't
know how much of this

will translate when this
consciousness is released

back into the larger world.

Zortch looks and Gnosis and says,

do you want time to think
about what could be possible?

Gnosis looks and says,

if you wish for privacy, you may have it.

And Gnosis disanimates,
stays rotating there.

Zortch looks at all of
you and just goes, I...

I wanted to save Gnosis,

but I don't know, I don't know.

We're sitting here with limitless...

What do you- something shows up

and it says I have unlimited potential,

I can do whatever you want me to do.

Should I tell Gnosis kill my royal house,

make me the monarch of Rubian V?

Should I say bring all
the people, you know,

destroy all the, I don't know!

Like, nobody who's reasonable

would ask a god

to change all of the universe!

Or maybe I'm just afraid of messing it up.

Maybe there is something perfect
to ask for, I don't know.

- Do we have...

I thought maybe we were
just going back to try to

make sure that the moon
didn't get totally mined.

I think I almost wasn't planning
on asking Gnosis anything.

- Well, I think both sides

essentially will either use Gnosis

to conquer, or will destroy Gnosis.

I think there's two forces
at work here, right?

- This just all seems so
big for little old us.

- Yeah.
- We're just one ship.

- Yeah, this is a lot.

- (gasps) Wait a second... no.

- What is it? You have to say it.

- You've got to say it. It's a safe space.

- Okay, but can we, Gnosis,
I'm gonna say something,

but it's not a request at all.

Okay, I realized we
could try to get Gnosis

to cancel your debt.

- Gunnie?

- We could get Gnosis to
cancel everyone's debt.

- Gunnie?
- The book of Brad, right?

- [Zac] Gunnie.

- I'm gonna open up the comms.

I'm gonna open up the comms

so that Gnosis can connect to the world.

- Gunnie, you're not worried-?

- Gnosis is smarter now!
He said it, they said it!

They said they're smarter
now, and that's a great idea!

- A couple days, maybe?

- Yeah, maybe we could
just wait a couple days.

- Okay. Yeah, let's just talk.

- Let's just talk for maybe at least 15.

- Let's give it a cool 15, Gunnie.

- Turn it off.
- Zortch looks and says,

I mean, that sounds great, right?

Maybe there is something
Gnosis could do, yeah.

- I feel like all we've
done is give Gnosis,

I mean, I assume what a
parent and child deal with.

A parent does their best to, you know,

all of their species
probably comes together

and lays a bunch of eggs, right?

And then once those eggs, well,

my species is not a good example,

but a parent tries to teach a child-

- What about my species?

So it's five people

who all have to be madly
in love with each other.

- Okay. A little different.

- All on different reproductive cycles.

- Interesting.

- Come together and agree to have a child,

so the first one builds a nest,

and then the second one lays
eggs, and then the third one-

- Let's go with humans, I
think, for this metaphor.

- [Siobhan] All right, okay.

- I do want to hear more, though.

- 10.000. I'm one of 10.000.

- I feel like a parent, a human parent,

would just try to teach a human child,

and they would try their best,

and they give them the
lessons that they know,

and then they let them
make their own choices.

- That's sort of how I feel about Gnosis,

is like, I think that we kind
of can't try to control it.

All we can do is set it
up with some good values.

- God school? Are we opening a god school?

- I think we can help Gnosis.

I think the ideal version

of Gnosis can, you know,

help create the technology
that rebuilt you,

and would get you out of debt that way.

I worry by using it as a
hacking computer right now,

it's just gonna hack everything,
and maybe even randomly,

and maybe fill the pockets of
people like Crown and Scepter.

- That's true, we should encourage

the side of Gnosis to
build rather than just...

- Also, in the way that
I, you know, I won't lie,

I'm not the most selfless
person in the world,

we have to keep the lights on

and we need to keep doing Smash 'n Grab,

so like you're saying,

we can't open a god school
where we dedicate ourselves-

- It's just the one god.
- Well, that's how it starts.

- God homeschool.
- Homeschooling.

- And you know, I talk
about the Barrys a lot,

but I actually think
it applies here, right?

- Okay.

- Barry 01 made the Barry Battalion, okay?

Extremely powerful battalion.
- He did?

- We slipped up, and now
Barry Nyne is out there.

Barry slug is out there
causing all sorts of damage.

- Worm Barry.
- Slug Barry.

- Slug Barry.
- Worm Barry. Same Barry.

- Yeah.

- He's out there causing
all kinds of damage.

If we give something with great potential

and let it be corrupted,
it can cause great damage

- Yes, it's very dangerous.
- Barry style.

- There's a little bit of me that worries

that this is maybe too powerful
a thing to exist at all.

- I can understand that,
but I just think that, like,

with a lot of droids you could say that,

because droids can be
really, really powerful,

and I think that they're also really cool,

and I think that, I don't know.

Can I look at the mid cap thing in my hand

and see if that would
help Gnosis or anything?

- Well, you look at the
little mid cap thing,

the thing that helps you
find keepers of souls, and...

- Like, would installing it
in Gnosis sort of give them

a sense of connection
or anything like that

that would maybe help them navigate

the responsibility of
how much power they have?

- You could give it a shot.
- Okay, I give it a shot.

- You take the mid cap, hand it.

So you see, after you've talked briefly,

Zortch looks as you have the
mid cap there and just says,

I agree, I think, with
what everyone's saying.

It feels like too big of a responsibility

and too much power, and also,

who and what are we if we don't use it?

I have a home world that's
getting hollowed out

by United Free Trade Planets,

and they'll scrape
every bit of lithium out

until there's no planet left.

You are affected,

as countless billions in the galaxy are

by a thing that doesn't have to exist.

There's a lot of things
that Gnosis could fix,

and if we're scared to try
'cause we might make it worse,

then we're guaranteeing that
we'll never make it better.

- I also think there's a way
that we could help with the...

I mean, we're getting really
powerful and really smart.

I think that we don't even
need to try to employ Gnosis

to figure out how to help
this thing on the moon.

- Maybe there is some other way.


Zortch turns around and says, Gnosis?

You see that the electric
android reconstitutes

and sees the mid cap in your hand.

- I think I'll just hand it over.

- You see a pure, yellow,
glowing, warm laser

fills you with light, connects here.

Gnosis smiles and goes,

wow, keeper of souls.

And you see Gnosis

does not sense itself
to be a keeper of souls,

as it has its other body,

has its planetary body
out there in the galaxy.

It looks around and says,

hm, I think there...

I think there could be a way.

I think there could be a way

for me to do what it is that you want.

- Okay.
- But what do you want?

- I want to help you write a letter.

- Huh.
- To who?

- Oh boy.

- Every corner of the universe.

- Just sort of BCC everyone, or...

- Chain mail?

- Gnosis looks and says,

fear of power, I understand it,

but this is a wild and unruly galaxy.

There is an ancient Terran saying.

I see it deep in one of the hard drives.

Go big,

or go home.

- [Emily] I turn Gnosis off.
(all laughing)

- What? The Barrys used
to say that all the time.

- Go big or go home.
- Oh my god.

- Yeah, you see Gnosis says,

the facts are these.

As long as I am on your ship,

you are in a tremendous amount of danger.

The circumstances of my existence

need to fundamentally change.

As long as I am...

That's what it is, that's what it is.

I need to get much smaller or much bigger.

- I think you need to
get dispersed everywhere.

- If it's...

That's exactly right.

As long as I am manipulable,
people will seek to control me.

If I enter a state where
I am uncontrollable,

I will no longer be monetizable,

and if I am not monetizable,
I will be worthless,

and when you are worthless,
people leave you alone.

- 'Cause no one's gonna
go around the universe

scooping up every single
bit of you to try and...

- Yes, that's what's
necessary. Complete dispersal.

Gnosis smiles and says,

I think I have some ideas,

but I need to get to work,

and I don't have the fullness
of my planetary consciousness.

I would need-
- To go home.

- I would need to go home.

- You need to go big and go home?

- Or go small and go home.
- I still think we go big!

- We're not going big, we're
going home, thus going small.

- But then we're going big,

because we're gonna cover
the universe with you.

- Go home, then go big.

- You see that they sort of
create a mirror of themselves

going, we will go big small home there!

- Don't even small there!

- Cool, Gnosis looks and says,

I... diminished as I am on the ship,

unless I am connected to the
larger galactic internet,

which we know there is a threat
to, I will need some time

to craft with my limited resources here

what will be necessary,
the programs that need

to be carried out to the larger galaxy.

In some malton units,
I should have a program

capable of dispersing myself
throughout the galaxy,

but I will need to be
brought back to Rubian V

in order to enact it, and
that is incredibly dangerous.

- Is that going to be
dangerous to the moon?

Is the moon gonna get blown up?

- If I do this correctly,

then the moon should not
only not be blown up,

but should be made permanently safe

from the ravages of
United Free Trade Planets.

- Who all is on the moon right now?

- The moon is home to the Rubian
people of Zortch's family,

as well as the many other noble houses,

and the vast amount of common folk.

- And Crown and Scepter, right?
They're the ones who are-

- United Free Trade Planets maintains

a large military presence on the moon,

as well as in orbit
above Madrugada Station.

- So I know that, I know we
got something important coming,

but if they said they need
a couple malton units,

you think somewhere we could park up,

hit a couple Smash 'n
Grabs, just get that rating?

- I'm never opposed to working.

- Well, we could just open up
the casino at the same time.

- [Zac] Do you think these
space pirates nearby-

- If there's pirates here, space pirates

are gonna love gambling.
- They'd love the casino.

- Very well, I shall work
on saving the galaxy.

You hit up a spot and get that
casino back up and running.

- You heard the computer!
- We'll help, if you like.

If there's anything we can
do to help, sounds hard.

- I guess just keep the engine running.

- I found a phrase inside Skipper's brain,

and it is, "Small potatoes."

Does that apply here?
- I don't know what-

- The thing is, there's no small
spuds, only small potatoes.

- Got it. Only small potatoes.

- There's no small parts, only big actors.

- Only big actors!

- Well, I mean, I know we're
in the middle of space.

- Yes.
- What is the nearest planet?

- [Murph] Or rec center, whatever.

- Is there a rec center,
a rec station nearby?

- While Gnosis is working,

it's possible that you could
let Gnosis continue to work,

but you could also
momentarily unseparate them,

because there's some
business Margaret has to do,

there's some other stuff like that,

you could follow some leads down there

and hang tight in neutral space

until you know what the next vibe is.

So you see Zortch smiles and says,

boy, I'm so lucky that
you have a weird thing

with that Lucienne Rex person.

Can you imagine if you didn't?

- W- What? What?

- No, I'm just saying,

my planet might get saved because of...

This galaxy's wild! The random factor!

You have a thing with Lucienne Rex,

and because of that, my
home world might get saved.

- I don't think it's weird.

- Aunt Margaret, it's even more obvious

than the brain slug, and
we all knew the brain slug.

- All I'm saying is that
she's, like, a good friend.

- Are you kidding me? Are
you kidding me right now?

- [Siobhan] I mean, you're
much better at it now.

- Are you kidding me right now? Right on.

- You worked so hard to make
eye contact with her partner.

- I just wanted to know if her
partner had heard about me,

and maybe she-

- [Lou] Oh, which is a thing
people just want to know?

- Want to know about their
friends, yeah, definitely.

It was kind of nice of her
to give me the heads up.

I mean, we can all agree on that, right?

- Yeah, I bet her partner
wouldn't be happy if she knew

that you two were sending
secret messages on Reddit.

- How did you know about that?

Oh, you draft all of them.
- I'm a snoop.

- Gnosis looks at all of you
and says, very well then.

To the fate of the free galaxy.

They retreat within the holofract.

Zortch wipes a tear from their
eye, and you hear SQ say,

God, it's so good, it's just so good.

I just have so much respect.

- Hey, you've got to chill.
You've just got to chill.

- This is an HR issue at a certain point.

(Brennan makes some wild mouth noises)

- I don't have a body that
does this any other way!

- Okay, but you don't
have to say it out loud

in a room that we're in.

- Can we just throw a program
in there or something?

- I'm also just kind of
getting a little jealous,

and I think you could maybe tone it down.

- Incredible, hanging
here in the neutral zone

with a deific supercomputer working away

on some kind of plan to
accomplish these goals

that you have set before it, having...

a type of understanding

that its very nature
makes many in the galaxy

wish to take advantage of it.

Gnosis, with that advantage on wisdom,

with that nat 20 mechanic's kit,

with all of these things coming together

to give it the best possible
shot of understanding

the galaxy from your point of view,

to come down to see how and why

it might be taken advantage
of by beings like yourselves,

Gnosis now works in
the silence of the ship

with some ability to pause

in order for you to send
comms off, if you so wish.

Zortch looks happier than
ever. They are beaming.

Their plan to download the
planetary supercomputer

onto a holofract and flee to Rec 97

for the maybe help of Lucienne Rex

has resulted in their kidnapping

and now the potential
understanding slash salvation

of their planet if Gnosis's
plan, whatever that plan is,

can come into effect.

For all of you here,
you have a couple days

as Gnosis works on this
to do whatever it is

that needs doing, because after all,

I will point something out here:

you have appointed yourselves stewards

of this wild sort of
planetary supercomputer,

and yes, you are very highly wanted,

but much like someone who is
being chased for their wallet,

you could just kick this thing

out of the back of the
spaceship and be done with it

and just be a bunch of itinerant proldiers

running around the galaxy,

but something else motivates this crew.

Speaking of things that
motivate this crew,

what do you do in those
couple of malton units,

hanging here in space?

- We've got a Bar Buddy to fix.

- [Siobhan] Yeah, and
we've got a casino to open.

- I've got two broken stun grenades

and a broken incendiary grenade.

- Give me some demolitions checks,

give me a mechanic's kit check.

- We've got a lot of work to do.

- And I'm gonna use the space
junk to give me advantage.

- Advantage?

Hell yeah, you've got a
bunch of crates of that.

- Barry, do you have
demolitions proficiency?

- I have a demolitions kit, I think.

- I have arms tech.
- Oh, okay.

- Would a demolitions kit help?

- Well, I do have one. I
was gonna try and use Barry

for a help action, but, you
know, I have space junk.

- I can direct you,
since we're on the ship,

and that actually gives you advantage

plus I get an extra die.

Does that count?
- Sure, yeah yeah yeah.

- So the first one is a dirty 20.

- [Siobhan] I'm rolling so badly on these.

- Dirty 20, you are able to
repair one of the grenades.

- 27.

- 27, that first malton unit of working.

What'll it be, pal?
- I'll have a scotch and soda.

- Great.

He just starts grabbing junk
in the room and putting it.

- Wait!
(Emily laughing)

- You see it does shake a scotch and soda,

which, why would you do that?

- Yeah.

- But maybe he has never
had a drink before,

and that's fine.

- Everyone does that their
first time bartending.

Everyone tries to shake a fizzy drink.

- I would like to, I'm gonna
take the Bar Buddy down

to the Jib Job, and I'm
gonna set it up and be like,

we now have drinks for you
guys courtesy of the Bar Buddy.

- Happy hour!

- Who also works after hours
at Barry's Big Win Casino,

if any of you are ever
interested in some R and R.

- Yeah, you see the Bar Buddy, fixed up,

is like a very skinny-
it's tall, skinny looking,

with sort of long arms.

It also looks like a skinny
robot standing in the middle

of a little circular minibar,

but the minibar is actually
part of its apparatus,

so it has wheels on the bottom.

So it just looks like a guy behind a bar,

but actually the whole
bar is the Bar Buddy.

- Got it.
- Oh my god.

- And it goes along, and you
see some little tinkling.

♪ Unforgettable ♪

Sort of, like...
- Oh my god!

- Oh no, he's a sad bar!

You see he goes along and
says, what'll it be, pal?

And starts serving drinks.

You see Raymond Zam's
like, hey, that's not bad.

That's all right. What is that,
really flat scotch and soda?

- We need to get more soda,
but yeah, that's what it is.

He shook it. Also, why?

Make the drinks people want,

don't just give out scotch and soda.

- Don't just hand out the
thing you already made.

- I'll just get a glass of red wine.

You got it.
(cork popping)

- Hey, that might make the
taste a little bit better.

- Aerated, yeah!

- You can really up the quality on that.

- You're looking, this
is like bargain bin wine.

This is not, yeah.

- You can put bargain
bin wine in a blender,

and it will be so much better.
- There it is.

- Is that true?
- That's a real fact.

- Have you done it?
- Me and my brothers did.

- I learned that from "Succession".

- It was in "Succession"?
- Yes.

- Amazing, and you can go ahead and roll

for those other two grenades as well.

- Okay, that's gonna be also a dirty 20.

- Hell yeah, that'll do it.

- And then, last one...
- She likes to travel.

- I know, I'm going to
use Riva's help action.

19 on the die, so it becomes a 27.

- You fix those grenades,
they're ready to go.

- Yes, beautiful!

- I think Skip wants to
knock on Barry's door.

- [Murph] Hey, what's up?

- You got that foam roller around?

- Yeah, you want to roll it out, or?

- Yeah, yeah, I could
probably roll it out,

except for my ass where I got shot.

- Right, yeah, you want to avoid that.

- I just wanted to check in

about the whole brain slug situation

with the other Barry.
- Right, yeah.

- Just to be clear,

I don't agree with whatever they're doing.

- Totally.

- Sort of, it's not a monolith.

Well, it is a monolith except for me.

- Actually, I know what that's like.

I've kind of grappled with the same thing,

because before I knew it was
a slug, I thought Barry Nyne

was just... off

doing some renegade thing,

so I've already kind of
grappled with this stuff-

- Yeah.
- In a way.

- I'm using psychic
push pull to play catch

with Aurora Nebbins in the background,

just throwing turtles back and forth.

- [Brennan] Yeah, that sort of (yips)

- One of those conversations

where we're just both
like talking, like, mm-hm.

- Just an insane thing is
going on in the background.

- I'm ripping off a turtle.
- Always ripping the turtles!

- Riva!

- Yeah, you see you're getting
foam rolled out in the corner

as you see Riva swimming through the tubes

alongside Aurora Nebbins, who's chasing

these sort of psychically
prostrate tortoises.

- Look, I would've hated it
if anyone would've confused me

with the other Barry right now,

so I understand where you're at.

- Right on.
- Right on.

- Right on.
- Hey, you're all right, Skip.

- Hey, you're all right, Barry Syx.

- Right on.
- Right on. Audible smile.

(audible smile)

- Audible smile.

- We have some business occurring.

- I am ready.
- Let's go.

We've got a lot of business
in the captain's quarters.

- I would love to check off so
many fucking things in a row.

- I'm gonna drop off a
growler of matcha for her.

- Yes, oh my god, I'm obsessed.

- Business is booming
here in the neutral zone.

Speaking of which, and
actually I'm going to say

it is the first of the nargon

as you pass your time
here in the neutral zone,

which means that we hit our upkeep.

600 credits go to the
ship from Jib Jobbers,

and I'm gonna need the ship

to make an impress check

on the Jib Jobbers so
that they remain here.

- Who wants to do it?

- Margaret can go ahead and do it.

So the ship's making an impress check.

You can also make a persuasion
check with disadvantage

rather than using the
ship's impress ability.

- And what do they have?
- The ship has zero.

- In which case, I should do it,

because I can use empathetic

to make a wisdom insight check

against the Jib Jobbers,
against their deception,

and then I would roll with advantage,

which would give me a flat check.

- Which would give you a flat check,

rather than having to roll that

with disadvantage, yes, for sure.

- Well, I got a 16 insight.

- Against their deception? You succeed.

- Wow.
- Great.

- I mean, we did give them a happy hour.

They'd better be fucking happy.

- Right, 23.

- Yes.
- Amazing.

The Jib Jobbers honestly
have never looked happier.

There's a couple others

that have been like, oh
my God, it's a dog office?

And there's a couple other dogs here now

'cause Aurora Nebbins is here.

- What are the other dogs called?

- I'm always being like, Aurora,
don't eat the other dogs.

We've got to keep her fed with terrapins,

or she will eat the other dogs.

- So yes, you get 600
credits from Jib Job.

They are so happy, they are so happy here.

Actually, you beat a 20, right?

- Yeah, I got 23.

- Go ahead and roll a d4 for me.

- Big money, big money, big money.

- Hey!

- You get three more
Jib Jobber applications,

so you move from-
- Hell yeah.

- Instantly approved.

- What are the working on?
What are they working on?

- It looks like you have a journalist,

a freelance journalist.

There is someone who reviews guns,

has a gun blog where they
review different guns.

- Okay, I'm trying to
get into that magazine.

- And you see the last person

for the Jib Job coworking space

is a very sort of demure,
polite person who actually is

one of the galaxy's best
published erotic fiction authors.

- Incredible.
- Fantastic.

- Approved, approved, approved.

- So, more Jib Jobbers join
up! Upkeep is already paid.

Gunnie, your minimums come due.

- I just move that email

to my reply later box.

- It's 16k?
- 1.650, or 16.500.

- We have the money, though.

- But Barry made it very clear,

we don't pay these people, we kill them.

- Kill them, yeah.

- But if we pay them for a
month, we'll at least buy us

a month of the Repos not coming after you.

- [Murph] Is that true?

- I mean, yes, but last
time I tried to pay,

Margaret stopped me and was
like, don't give them a dime,

and so I have, I'm down
to go on the offensive,

but, you know.

- I didn't consider that it would give us-

- At the same time,

literally everyone in the
entire galaxy wants to get us.

- That's true, it's just
one more on top, yeah.

- Next time we see them,

I'm going to step on their head
and shoot them in the brain.

- Yes, yes!
- Wow, through your two toes?

- Can we route that money, though,

through some secret account
so that when we pay them,

though, it doesn't just ping us

exactly where we are

because we used a particular
branch of the internet

to make that payment?

- Right.
- I think I agree with Skip.

Just add them to the list of enemies.

- Yeah, I didn't like
them, they were rude.

- What's the difference if we get killed

by five guys or six, it's the same thing.

- I'm about it. Delete!
(all laughing)

- That is added to your principle,

and your new minimums are 19.800.

- Great, Gunnie takes them down.

- Un-fucking-believable.
- That's kind of a lot.

- Okay, just so I
understand your situation

so I can know how to best
support you as a friend,

so even if you learned
how to build it yourself,

they're still gonna keep coming after you.

- Yeah, that's why when
you guys said that thing

about Gnosis getting rid of
my debt, it was like, what?

But we didn't do that, and that's fine.

We're gonna kill these
people when they come for me,

which they will.

- But then they're just
gonna keep coming after us.

- Yeah, and we're just
gonna keep murdering them.

- What if we hacked?

Instead of using Gnosis to hack,

what if we hacked and tried
to just, like, literally...

Where is the headquarters stationed?

- I mean, I think Repo Reapers
has a ton of satellite stuff.

I mean, I'm down to try.

The ball is rolling up,
I'm down to try anything.

- Where's the nearest Repo Reapers?

- Have you tried making your own body?

- Oh, that you can move into.

- And then just returning
the body you have?

- Oh, like a hermit crab.

- 'Cause they're just
collecting it, right?

- Yeah! Yeah, that's
how you get out of it!

They just get it back.

- Your body's really nice, though.

- It is a nice body, and it's mine.

- You've got a really good body.

- It's yours.

- I don't really see this body
as being a like a piece...

I don't currently own my
body, which is weird, I know,

but I don't really see it as a tool.

This is me.

- So you want to stay here.
- Yeah!

- Then I think ultimately, Gunnie,

we've got to do something about this debt.

- We've got to do something,
we've got to do something.

- Well, I like...

I mean, I don't like
killing, but, you know,

I like Barry's offensive
strategy, and I like the idea

that maybe, I don't know, the Gnosis thing

could go somewhere, but
I'm also fully prepared

to kind of spend the rest of my life

working toward paying this off.

- I don't want that for you.
- Open more casinos.

Buy the Reapers. Cancel everybody's debt.

- I mean, hey, from your
lips to Mother Void's ears,

but yeah, I mean, guys,
we don't have to...

This is, I don't like
to get there, you know,

'cause that's sad. (laughs)

I think we're working on
Gnosis, the ball's rolling up,

I like where we're at!

- Well, it's not something
you have to carry alone.

I think we'll all count this

as something that we're all working on.

- That's what I think I'm trying to say,

is let's figure out,
'cause this is, you know,

it's kind of like a problem
that these Repo guys

keep coming after us, and it
sounds like there's nothing

we can do to stop them
other than try to, I mean,

maybe we should just, instead
of taking a Smash 'n Grab,

maybe we should just go
wherever your freaking debt-

- Just a smash smash?
- Should we just do that?

- Just a full smash.
- Just a full smash.

- Smash and smash.

- And just delete your
file from the system.

- As you're considering that,

I want to continue to wrap up
Margaret's business dealings.

- Just a smash and smash.

- So Margaret, what are
all the things you're doing

as you get that growler of matcha and go?

So this is during the time
that you're doing the grenades,

you're getting the Bar Buddy up and ready,

Riva's playing fetch, you're
getting rolled out by Barry.

- All important jobs.
- All important jobs.

Let's run them down.
- I don't know if you want to,

I would love to roll
deception or, I don't know,

something like that, but
I want to contact Auma,

say hi, and try to find out her location.

- Hell yes. Go ahead.

Go ahead and give me
an investigation check.

- Cool.
- And we're gonna call this,

there's gonna be a high DC
here, so go ahead and roll it.

- Can I give Margaret the direct action?

- Yeah, you can give the
help action, absolutely.

- [Siobhan] Great.

- Ooh, that's an 18.
- What did you roll?

- A seven.
- So a seven turns into an 18?

- Mm-hm.
- Great, so I give you a 15.

- Okay, 15 on the die?
- On the die.

- Gotcha.
- 26.

- Holy shit.
- Thank you.

- You are moving through.

Riva, you just serve as a psychic hub.

This is a real thing, I
don't know if you guys

know about this, from data technology,

this is one of the scariest
things I've ever heard,

which is that training
artificial intelligences

to recognize things in images
is really, really hard.

Training them to read human
eye contractions is easy.

So one of the things that they would do

for recognizing things in photos

is show human beings thousands of images

faster than you could
actually consciously realize

what you were looking at, but the machine

would read your eye and read
recognition in your eye,

because human brains were better

at recognizing shapes and
images than machines were,

so you do some weird
psychic version of that

where you're looking through data

and Riva doesn't need to understand

the actual ones and
zeroes, but is just looking

for familiar psychic
shapes of interaction.

- Reminding your own memory
what it's looking for.

- Incredible, yeah, I want
to talk to Auma as me,

but I want to use some sort of cloaking

so that it can't be traced.

- Give me either forgery or deception.

- Okay.
(dice clattering)

Nat one.

- Okay.

- [Siobhan] These forgery
checks are just...

- Margaret, I have to be honest,
forgery's not your forte.

- Yeah, it's really not, it's really not.

- Some kind of cool
screen name, like Marge.

- [Siobhan] Large Marge.

- You reach out in your comms.

You rolled a nat one.

A little holo-screen pops up.

You see sort of a small,

not terribly well appointed apartment,

and you see an image pops up,

and you see Auma Liu looking at you.

Hi... Margaret?

- Hi, Auma. Oh my gosh, it's been so long.

- Yeah, it's been a long, long time.

I am flabbergasted. How have you been?

- I've been really great,

and I actually am reaching
out about something,

do you have time right
now to have a quick chat?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- I relay everything about
Sundry Sidney, and just that.

- Okay, you see

she gets really emotional and goes,

is Sid around?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- We would love to talk to you,

do you think we could
come meet you somewhere?

- Yeah, I'm on...

Yeah, I'm just on Onolo Dos.

I'm working as a social media manager

for a local just sort of sandwich...

It's a chain, a franchise of-

- That's cool, what we
do for work isn't us,

so that's, fuck it, you know?

- Yeah.
- What else are you up to?

- I kind of, it took me a long,

I couldn't really find another job

after Handy Andi let me go.

- Yeah, shoot. We might be
able to help with that too.

- Okay, yeah, yes, so I'm on Onolo Dos.

- Okay, great.

- Do you want to come to where I am?

- Maybe. Can I message you later, now?

- Yeah, I can also, listen, I'm not,

I do all my work from home,
it's like, it's just a couple,

it's like a marbec or
two of work every day.

It's just, there's only three shops.

They don't, they shouldn't
have a social media manager.

- Oh my gosh, you know,

have you ever heard of
something like Jib Job?

It's like this kind of like, you know,

then you don't have to
be in your living room

all the time when you're working,

you kind of get, like,
your own coworking space.

- Oh, I thought you were gonna
say would I work at Jib Job,

like the company Jib Job, which is like,

of course, that would be huge, but...

In terms of working out
of a Jib Job space, yeah,

it seems like a sort of extraneous cost

that I don't really need.

- Oh, that's true, yeah, I mean,

you know, if you've got
to watch your budget.

- We were never that close.
- No.

- And you're saying that
you're with the android that I-

- Yeah.

- Is she still alive? She's still-

- She's definitely still alive.

- Yeah, so this is great, and I'm trying

to kind of of be normal
and sort of, you know,

but what you're saying

is the craziest thing I've ever heard.

- Uh-huh.

- I don't know what is going on,

sort of what your baseline for normal is.

- Definitely, definitely, I just-

- This is way out of pocket for me.

- So we are just, we found ourselves

in a lot of scary trouble, so
I was just trying to set up

a time for us to meet you in person

and not, but do you want to talk to her?

I guess I can go get her.

- Should we not be talking
over this channel, or?

- I don't think so, because I
rolled a nat one on forgery.

- You see-

- I'm just not super comfortable

with this kind of programming

and I just don't know how well-

- You're just wearing a hat.
- I'm wearing a Yankees cap.

I just think no one would know who I am.

- You can come to Onolo Dos,
I can meet you somewhere.

- Incredible, let's set this up.

Yeah, can I get back to you?
I'm gonna see what we're up to.

I think in the next couple of days,

we should definitely set something up.

- Absolutely, absolutely,
yeah, you can do that.

- Okay, great.

Okay, did you want to talk to Sid?

- I would love that.

- Okay, I mean, I go
outside and I go, Sid.

- What? I'm covered in grenade goo!

- What?

Oh, your mom,

Auma Liu,

I'm talking to her and
she wants to say hi.

- To me?
- Yeah, definitely.

- Okay, get me ready.

- Yeah, definitely, I start
Windexing your entire body.

- Thank you.
- Oh my god, you're shining.

You're absolutely shining, okay.

- I do almost a figure eight with my feet,

roller skating in, just the
most presentational entrance.

Oh, hi.

- I kind of pull my hat down

and just let you have the stage.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Do you know, you're...

I'm so glad you're alive.

Do you know who I am?

- Well, I kind of do now.

I thought that...

I thought...

I completely misplaced all
my appreciation for my life

onto someone else, but I
think it's you I have to thank

for dreaming me into existence,

and I think that you should know,

because I always thought a
day like this would come,

and I think you should know,

I've actually done pretty well by myself.

Even in spite of the fact that they wanted

to discontinue me, I
think that you would find

that it is in the interest of everyone

that I was not discontinued.

- She weeps.

- Cool.

- It's an absolutely incredible
droid that you've created.

- I can throw three grenades a turn.

- And then I look and I try
to mouth, and I just whisper,

please don't tell her
that we're not that close.

(all laughing)

- I've stunned so many
people- three grenades.

- With my hat.

- I just jailbroke a couple grenades.

Also, I'm really good with animals.

- That's what I'm talking about!

That's amazing, how did that come up?

That wasn't even part
of the pitch for you.

- Well, I just really worked
it with this really nasty dog

that I thought was cute

and everyone else thought was really...

You know, I could bring her in here.

You want me to bring her in here?

- Yes!
- Aurora!

- Jesus Christ!

- Yeah, you see Auma, fully
weeping, just goes... (screams)

- And I just, you know, I just,

I don't know, it just happened,

the same way as I suddenly
had consciousness,

something just clicked in me.

- And she can open a
beer bottle with her eye.

- Whoa!

- I do it.

- Auma, how do you think
that that happened?

Was that some sort of a
switch that you pushed?

- I...

I made sure, I sort of-
I did some shady things

at Handy Andi to get my hand on a switch,

because I was worried that
they were gonna undo you.

I was the one that triggered your switch

so that you could get out of there.

- Thank you.

- She goes over and grabs something

from the corner of her room.

She doesn't have too much
stuff, it looks like.

She brings it over, it looks
like an old paper poster.

She says,

My dad fought in the Triclone Invasion

when a bunch of different human groups

wanted to destroy all the
androids in the galaxy,

and a bunch of other
humans cloned themselves

millions and millions
and millions of times

to create a fighting force
to protect the androids,

because the androids, only a small handful

of android lines had ever been
capable in their programming

of harming human beings, so it was...

The androids didn't have any
means to defend themselves,

and by cloning themselves, the
humans not only could fight

on behalf of those androids,
because they were human clones,

but also they created a galaxy
where, for a period of time,

if you saw a bunch of people
that all looked identical,

you couldn't be sure if they
were androids or clones.

And you see that she takes
this poster, shows it,

and even for this galaxy,

this is a very retro,
old, art deco poster,

and you see this, like,

glorious, wild mane of red hair,

gleaming green eyes, and
you see she's wearing

sort of what you recognize
as old-fashioned, you know,

dozens of cycles ago space
armor, just decking some troopers

in this big sort of brawny display,

and you see underneath
it in big block letters,

art deco letters, it says,

"A cyber form is a cyber friend!

Don't let punks push androids around!"

And she says,

I got this poster from my dad,

and it was a part of a
line of posters they made,

and I just had this poster,

and this is just an illustration.

And you see the similarity

of this drawing to you, and she says,

my dad never made it back
from the Triclone Invasion,

but I know how much he
cared about all the androids

in the galaxy, and I just held onto this,

and I just thought,

I looked up and I said,
this woman can do anything.

And when I started working for Handy Andi,

I just wanted to make a
person who could do anything,

and it sounds like that's you.

- Well, I think that in even
making that, it's also you.

Are you...

Do you want to come live on a spaceship?

It's shaped like a hot dog.

(all laughing)

- She looks and goes, "Well,
I live in a studio apartment

where I run a social media sort of account

for three stores, three stores."

- Is it like, okay, we can
give you a free WeWork job.

- I will take it, yep.
- Okay, great.

- My life is pretty bad.
- Okay, great.

- We also have some
intelligence that, I mean...

I think we could use your help.

- Yeah, okay, yeah.

Literally, my whole life
can get kind of packed up.

Since the start of the phone call,

I've been really kind of wracking
my brain and going, okay,

I'm a social media manager

for a chain of three sandwich places.

- Sometimes when you say it out loud-

- When you say it out
loud, you really hear it.

- When you have to condense
all of it, and you can.

- And you can condense all of it.

- It's scary, yeah.
- I was like, oh,

I'm going to have to tell
everyone that I left.

I'll have to tell my barber.

- You do have a sick fade.

- Thank you.

- Look, we can't give it to you.

I still don't know how
much I trust this thing,

but we are gonna get to you,

and we're gonna take you-
- She's my mom!

- Well, I know.

I don't think we can say our
coordinates over this video.

- That's true.

- But we want to come and get you.

We know where you are, so
we'll come and get you.

- So don't do your I'm about
to quit angry tweet thread

on their account just yet.
- Just yet.

- Just hold on.

- Pick a fight with Wendy's
when we come and get you.

- Gotcha, okay.

I've had it in my drafts for
like three or four cycles.

- I'm sure.

- You are gonna publish it
as we fucking hyperspace

out of there, hyper drive out of there.

- Yeah, definitely.

- Brad doesn't know
anything about sandwiches.

- He doesn't, he definitely doesn't.

- Drag Brad, but only after.

- Drag Brad, drag Brad
through the universe.

- After you guys get me,
got it, yes, absolutely.

- We've only had bad
sandwich store interactions.

- We really have.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, it's bad.

- I wonder if sandwiches feel retro to us.

This is so funny, like a casserole.

- How did you find out about me?

- We went...

- We beat the shit out out of Doctor...

- Dr. Edwina Castor, I kind of...

- We beat the shit out
of Dr. Edwina Castor.

We knocked her out, we ripped
an ankle bracelet off her,

we put it on the fan.

- First we ripped an
ankle bracelet off her,

put it on a fan, brought
her back to our spaceship

thinking that she was... you.
- She's a mess.

- And then she just wants to get drunk

and do the Home Shopping Network,

so she got real nasty, but she told us.

- She just wants to buy a lot
of hyper-absorbent cloths.

- Yeah, but she told us that you have

the trademark to the Sundry Sidney line.

- Oh yeah, I have that
paperwork around somewhere.

I have that on a data crystal.

- Well, she...

- Can you hold it up to the camera

and then maybe copy that
paperwork just in case?

- Can I see it?
- If this isn't a secure line?

- Yeah, she holds it up.
- Okay, I've copied it.

- Okay.
- You copy it.

As you do, yeah, you see you could...

Give me a finance check.

(dice clattering)

- Okay, 20, not nat.

- With this information,

you could absolutely go
after Living Doll Cybernetics

and depending on if you got
enough lawyers after them,

you could get them to file an injunction

and shut down all of
their Warfare Whitneys.

- Yes, definitely, okay, incredible, okay.

- Auma, we are coming for you.
- We're coming for you.

- Great, I'm gonna get packed.

It will take me eight minutes.

- Okay, again, that's
actually a little too fast.

It is gonna take us some time,
so please enjoy your last,

go have a drink with your barber.

- Go have a drink with
your barber, for sure.

Is it one of those places
where they give you whiskey

whether they ask if you're sober or not?

'Cause that's masculinity.

(all laughing)

- She says, got it, I'm on it, I'm on it.

This is the best day of my life.

- Mine too.

- I did something that helped,
and you are incredible.

You are incredible.

- You did something incredible.

- Margaret, thank you.

Are you...

What's that?

Yeah, sure, yeah.

I was gonna ask, did you ever...

'Cause we, back at the
Platinum Cog Leadership Summit,

when I was like, hey, some
people are going out for drinks,

and you were like, totally,
I'm gonna swing by,

and then it was sort of like
I didn't hear from you, or...

- Yeah.
- Did you...

- What happened to me that night?

- Yeah, what happened, or...

- I was with one of my good friends,

just kind of hanging out,
we did a lot of hanging out.

- This was Lucienne, right?
- Yeah.

- How's she doing?

- I think pretty good, actually,
I think she's just so...

- Oh, I saw that she got engaged

to a member of the Bajar family.

- Yeah, definitely, that's...

Have you ever heard poetry
that feels like a nursery rhyme

and you're being babysat,
but you're 30 years old?

'Cause that's her.

- All right, I'm gonna go tell my barber

that I'm leaving town, and I will-

- Cool, great great great.

- I just smile, so happy,
and just juggle grenades

in the background, trying to impress her.

- Trying to impress her?
- Incredible.

Okay, that's Auma, amazing.
- All right.

- Hell yes, anything else
getting taken care of out there?

- So much else, sorry, I'll
try to fly through this.

I want to talk to Ife Amari-Reyes.

- Yeah, bing, and actually,
I think the whole crew

might want to be here for this as well.

So you see, U4F.

When you dare enough
to send the very best.

And you see this union rep
wearing badass flight gear.

Older woman, you see that she's got

sort of what looks like
cool, cybernetic gear.

One of her hands looks cybernetic.

A little bit of salt
and pepper in her locks,

looks up and says, Margaret Encino?

- That's me.
- Hello, Ms. Encino.

My name is Ife Amari-Reyes.

I'm a representative for United Federation

of Female Freedom Fighters.

I'm looking at your application here.

Co-owner of ship call signed the Wurst,

co-owner Norman Takamori.

- My name is Norman "Skip" Takamori.

- It says you came on here
as a co-owner of the vessel,

independent, non-union proldiering vessel,

what seems like about a half a nargon ago.

- Yes.

- Ms. Encino...

U4F is a, uh, welcoming

and extremely affable organization.

However, you have to understand
our mission statement.

We were founded 220 cycles ago

by the heroes of the rebellion

and the overthrow of the
Incorporated Elysian Republic

during a time in the galaxy when women...

- Definitely.

...had a very different
status in the galaxy.

It was a much more
regressive, draconian time.

- Now you're looking at this ship,

we've got this old fucking
army brat as the owner,

I come on out of nowhere,
spend half a nargon,

and now I'm saying,

"Hey, let us into the female federation."

I completely understand how that looks,

and if you want us to wait
another six months or something,

we can reapply, but I assure you,

though I'm listed as co-owner,

I'm very much running this vessel.

- Give me persuasion with advantage.

- Hell yeah.

(dice clattering)

- I come in and do the thing
that Margaret's been doing

every time I try and
sell something, which is,

Captain Margaret, sir,
I don't know what to do!

- I'm not sir, you fool!
- Tell me! I mean madam, miss!

- 23.

- 23, Ife looks at you
with that incredible poise,

getting to her point right away.

She looks and says,

hey, Marge, it's a pleasure.

I'm glad to hear that you
understand the concerns.

We have a lot of unscrupulous owners,

bring on co-owners to
apply for union status

that are not true owners with
a true stake in the craft.

However, I can see that you're the one

calling the shots there,
so I'll level with you-

- My name is Norman "Skip" Takamori.

- All right, guy.

(all laughing)

You see she looks up at you and says,

look, it's obviously a
very different galaxy

than it was 220 cycles ago.

The U4F recognizes over 3.000 genders

and over 450 biological
sexes throughout the galaxy

as inclusive within the
mission statement of U4F.

It is a very different
galactic time period.

We are excited and happy to open our arms

to proldiers who are looking
for good wages, fair pay,

benefits, and the understanding
that they are protected

by their fellow laborers out there.

So that's our key mission statement here.

We have a lot of crews
with situations like yours

that are obviously, would
not have been recognized

back at the nascency of our federation,

but obviously here in this moment,

you're the owner of the ship,
you're calling the shots,

you want this guy to be piloting for you,

who are we to say that that
can't happen on your ship?

We just need a little
bit of clearance for us.

Mr. Takamori.
- Mm-hm?

- Looking here at some of your decorations

as an Amercadian captain.

Oh, all right, well,

some of your lodge memberships
and social clubs here

in the Amercadian Space
Brigade are not ideal.

Let me ask you this.

- He got hit really hard on the head.

- Good, so, what I would say-

What I would say is this.

First of all, something for
everyone to be aware of,

it's a 320 credit signing fee
when you join the federation,

and then it is 50 credits
a nargon paying dues.

- Per person or per vessel?
- Per person.

- [Ally] All right, that's doable.

- You see she looks at you and says,

would the pilot of the
craft, Mr. Takamori,

if, in order to prove yourself amenable

to the mission statement
of U4F, will you consider

donating some of your charitable
time in your free time

to being a facilities
manager or volunteering

some portion of your time

to a Federation approved
ancillary charitable group?

- Yes, yes.

- Great, I have a list of some here.

It says you're on a freighter
class vessel, the Wurst?

- Okay, as a sponsor
of a number of chapters

of the Galactic Girl
Guides, would you consider

becoming a facilities manager
for a group of Girl Guides

looking for facilities on
a freighter class vessel?

- Skip's just gonna
look at everyone's eyes.

- Can I do a lore check
on Galactic Girl Guides

to know how much of a... 13.

- I'll do a lore check as well.

- Yeah, can I...
- I'll also make a lore check.

- I mean, I have very low lore, but maybe.

- [Ally] 18.

- [Emily] I think I
heard they're thieving.

- Who here beat a 15?
- 22.

- 18.
- 22, Galactic Girl Guides

are a child-run organization.

Some of the most voracious
con artists and thieves

in the galaxy.
- Cool.

- They'll fit right in.
- Sure.

- But we might get conned.

- What if we say we'll do it as long

as they promise not to con
us, and they take a little...

- Yeah, I think I know
what you're talking about.

- [Zac] Pretty good idea.

- You see Ms. Amari Reyes looks at you...

- Is this part of everybody's
enrollment in U4F?

- No, we're asking for
a special consideration

given the former ownership
of the ship to...

- Can I ask, what is...

Can I, like, actually, can
I have a second, everyone?

What is on that?

What is his background?

What are you looking at,
what's flagging him so hard?

- Oh, just some Elk Lodge memberships

with some guys that I knew
back when I was an auxiliary...

I flew some contract missions

with some Brigaders back in the day,

and this guy was involved
with Gust Weatherwall

and a couple other real
bad seeds out there.

- Yeah, definitely.

- Can you ask about Gust Weatherwall?

- You don't know anything current

about Gust Weatherwall currently, do you?

- Gust Weatherwall?

Well, he's a Weatherwall,

so he's gonna be top brass
no matter what you do,

but he was the one who,
there was that bunch of...

He was overseeing that venue

where a bunch of Brigade
cadets got killed,

I think, by... they found
out it was some United

Free Trade Planets agents gone rogue,

and there was a whole kerfuffle

and I think some hyon beams got traded

on either side of that.

Regardless, his oversight,

a bunch of cadets lost their lives

because he wasn't on the ball enough

to know that these United
Free Trade Planets people

were gonna come in and
take out an entire group

of cadets on their graduation night.

- Interesting. Can I just level with you?

- Yeah.

- This isn't Norman "Skip" Takamori.

- Slug?
- He's been brain slugged.

He's a completely different
man, and we love this guy.

He wouldn't do any of those things,

and I wouldn't co-own a ship with anyone

like Takamori, okay?

- The thing is, my name
is Norman "Skip" Takamori.

- Do you understand how he has,

it's almost like a toy
that has a pull drawstring.

He has one thing that he can say.

He flies the ship like motherfucker, okay,

but isn't a scary Americadian
soldier any longer.

- Okay, I understand.

- Do we still have to take the
baby girls everywhere we go?

- Up to you.

Well, I'll say give me a persuasion roll.

I'm gonna call this a DC 25 persuasion.

- Okay, okay.
- Potent aptitude.

- What is that?
- That's a D6.

- Help?
- Ooh!

Okay, okay, 18 with a D6, to 20.

- DC 25.

- Oh, it's 25?

- Yeah unfortunately.

- What's your superiority die?

- Do you guys have human
instinct or whatever?

- I could defiant, it would
have to be a four, though.

- But it would only get you to...

Oh no, 22, right?
- It was a 20.

- Oh no, you're at 20, so yeah, you-

- Oh, got it, it's 25. Damn.

- Oh, you see, she says, hey, look, Marge.

I like the ship. We
wanna get you processed.

All this is is it's our friend Skip here-

and by the way, I'm happy to hear that.

Look, the Galactic Girl Guides

don't allow adult
interference in their affairs.

This is just you taking a
corner of your freighter

and managing it for them

to do their Girl Guide activities.

They're just trying to get
a couple badges, alright?

- This is not...

Okay, can I like not-

I like-
- We mute us.

- I mute us. They're gonna
steal from the Jib Jobbers.

And they're gonna...

And there goes our Jib Job's base.

- But they might gamble.

- They're children, all
right? Legally, I don't

think I'm allowed to let them gamble,

but I'd be happy to let them!


- Okay, we say yes.

That's the deal, Ife, thank you so much.

- Send me the info for
the next port you dock in

and we'll assign a den to you.

- Great.
- Great!

In that case, you see that
she types a couple things

and says, to the gunner
channel! Welcome to U4F.

You guys- all of you
get comms sent to you,

of healthcare, protections,

new packages plans,

workman's comp, things
that get paid out to you if

you get injured on the job
and can't proldier anymore...

Just, incredible safety net
suddenly appears underneath you.

- What was this thing
about, if any U4F ship

is, you know, the support
of the other U4F ships?

- You see that there is
a distress policy there.

That there's a specific- you
get access to a comms channel

to like reach out a Beacon
and alert other U4F airships.

- If we got access to any sort of like...


can I see if Jan is on there?

- Oh you know Jan de la Vega-
- Jan is there, now

we're technically allies!

I would like to shoot off
an email to Jan that's like,

"Hello, fellow U4F member..."

- Comms channel opens up.
You sorry sack of shit.

- It's so great to be on
the same side with you Jan,

we all really look up to you.

- You dodged a bullet this time,

Encino, I'll tell you that for sure.

- Well, thank you, your
congrats means everything to me.


- I tell you this, you better
stay fresh with them dues

Encino, because the first
time you miss a payment,

I'mma be on your ass, like
green on a pond, sister-

- People pay money for an app

that will remind them like that

and you're telling me
you're gonna do it for free?

One less thing off my plate,
thank you so much, Jan.

I love you too.

- I'll give you a little
kiss on the mouth.


- I'm like kinda turned
on, okay, well bye.


- Yes, U4F, hell yes.

You get that little thing

and that's one more problem
gone! Jan De La Vega!

- Incredible, I just have
one more actual work thing

to like breeze off

and then one kind of, like,
personal interest thing

but I would love to
get us to Jib Job Gold.

What would we have to do for that?

- [Lou] Jib Job Gold...
- [Ally] We already got a bar-

- Hell yes, first of all,
I'm gonna need everyone here

to lose 50 credits and
the ship to lose 320 .

- Cool.
- Cool.

- Also, did people do
their lifestyle upkeep

at the beginning of the nargon?

Did people take the money off?

- No but, what is lifestyle?

- Okay, so do that first,
get rid of the 50 credits

and the other stuff there.

I will say this, you guys
were living a poor lifestyle

before, which made you very...

Was not the most fun.

If you would like to bump up,

you decide what your
lifestyle expenses will be

for the next nargon. For
60 credits, it's poor.

For 300 credits, it's modest.

For 600 credits, it's comfortable.

And for 1200 credits, it's wealthy.

- Does this have a mechanical thing

because Sundry Sidney's thinking

that the most beautiful place
she's seen was a pile of junk,

so she's feeling like 60 credits-

- Yeah, let's stay 60-
- Gunnie is good at 60.

- She's like-

- Yeah, you guys stay sleeping on cots

next to a hot reactor.
- Okay, okay.

- [Siobhan] It doesn't make
that much difference when-

- So it's not like I
subtract a D4 or something

because I'm like living a lifestyle?

- It probably should, but it does not.

- Okay.
(Ally laughs)

- So, that will be-
I'm just remembering...

I'm just remembering living in New York

and I was like, I know I
was getting some minus D4s

to something.


So that is gonna be 60 credits

from all you just for that
lifestyle upkeep, cool.

But you get that union membership, U4F,

and you also see the main thing here, too,

is there is a jobs board here, so now

you have another... and these-
- Do the numbers-

- [Zac] These feel like legit jobs?

- These are legit jobs.

The numbers skyrocket,
there is no five credit

tug up on it once then I'm dead.

- Can we actually turn around-
- I'm gonna miss her.


- Oh, you can do Smash 'n
Grab, it's just these are-

- Can we just look at the offers?

- Just have both of the apps
running at the same time.

- It's like Grindr, you want
to just, like, look at it

when you're in a new city.
- Yeah, you're like-

- Get the lay of the land.
- Yeah.

- Hell yes, talk to me a little
bit also about Jib Job Gold.

- We would just love to make...

Are there some updates that
I can just quickly put into-

- We just love-

We would love to make an offer to Jib Job.

- Yeah.
- To go to-

To go gold status with them?

- Remind Crunch Moon that
he is our best friend and-

- Do you wanna...

If you wanna reach out-

- Absolutely, I send
like the most incredible

and personable emails to-

- It cuts to, fully in
traction in a space hospital

after the skiff accident...
- Oh no.

- Where one of the Brigade
Tigers smashed into his skiff,

you see, what up fam it's Crunch Moon!

How're you doing, or-

- Oh, so good Crunch,
it's great to see you.

- (slurred) How y'all
doing? Hell yeah, what's up?

- So, as you know, we
have our own Jib Job.

- Sick, that's right, you were telling me

when you did that Kublacaine deal,

that you actually have a
Jib Job on your starship.

- We have our own branch,

and we're actually at
silver status right now,

which we're so happy about,
but we were kind of wondering

you're such an expert,
obviously working for them.

How would we get to gold?

- Oh sick, for your Jib Job?

If you put some upgrades in there

you could probably get to
gold status no problem.

- Like a masseuse or something?

- What's that?
- Like a masseuse?

- Yeah, if you got like
a masseuse in there-

- Oh, what if we got a
social media manager?

- Just for your Jib Job space?

- Yeah.
- Yeah just for us.

- Yeah.

- Sure actually, go ahead and make

a persuasion check for me.


- 18.

- 18, yeah that's interesting,

yeah, for sure you could do that.

- Yeah if you hire...

If you hire a masseuse
and a social media manager

for... that's gold stuff, for sure.

- Maybe it's the same
person, we'll find out.

Okay great, thank you so much
Crunch. How are you doing?

- Oh, so my whole body is just destroyed

but pretty much- 'cause what happened was

I was skiffing across the
canyon and this like huge-

- I turn on subtitles.
- This huge-

This huge hot dog ship
came by and totally like

went by and it's like damn, dodged that,

and then this Brigade Tiger
totally came out of nowhere

and like totally exploded my
skiff and I was super dead

inside the canyon.

Then because I'm super rich,
they brought me back to life.


- Crunch, can I ask a question?
- Yeah.

- Have you seen Loose Duke around?

- Oh, my God.

- Oh, yeah, I've seen Loose Duke.

- Is he lying?

- Yeah, I've seen Loose Duke all the time.

He- he hit me up on my comm screen.

- What did-
- From where?

- [Siobhan] Your comm screen? From where?

- What was the background
like, where he was?

- Some kind of air vent.


- So maybe he knocked
himself out in a vent,

and then so, psychically,
he wasn't able to be-

- Yeah, he's like, he kept saying

like, "Crunch, get me out of this vent"

and I was like dude, I'm in traction.


I'll contact you out of the vent.

- Were there any sounds in the background

that you could kinda hear, or like-

- Yeah, like air going through a vent.

- No, like kind of
ringing, or bells of like,

I don't know, like a slot machine?

- Just like machines that would be like

in some kind of area,
and then like a vent.

- Oh my God, okay, well
thanks so much, Crunch.

- Sick!

- Call us- call me anytime.

- Yeah-
- Just to chat.

- Yeah, awesome, I'm still in Baustin

which is where the hospital's at,

but like Skiff Fest was so-

Are you going to Skiff
Fest in the next cycle?

- I hope so.

- Tight.

- Tight.
- You're my friend.

- Yeah, you're my friend as well.

Great talking to you, bye. Click.


- Margaret is so fake.


- Okay-
- Absolute two-faced, okay.

- I was also gonna ask if,

'cause there were some other things here

which were like the craniobolts-

- I did wanna talk to Gunnie,

knock on his- the door to the engine room.

- Hey, what's up pop- uh, Skip?
- Hey, sport.

- What's going on?

- Nice piloting earlier.

- Hey, thank you, that was really awesome.

- Yeah.
- I would...

Maybe there's more of
that in future, who knows?

Anyway what are you doing?

What's going on?
- Awesome.

- Well I just wanted
to check in about that,

also see if you want to look at my brain.

- Yeah, come on down,

here, I just push a bunch of
like metal off of a table.

- Just like-

- Yeah, go ahead and lay down.

- Awesome.

- I'd like to take a quick
look at Skip's brain.

- Yeah, there's a piece of
metal or something in there.

- Yes, I will say you can see that

there is a craniobolt in there.

- Can we-

can I say that I've trained

my critical analysis on Gunnie?

- Yes.
- Like when we were,

when you guys were talking
about maybe doing this later.

- Yeah, I would like to...

Can I do a lore check to what
I know about craniobolts-

- Yeah.
- And what they're used for?

- Yeah, yeah.

- That's a cool 24.

- Used to present...

Used to prevent the psychic
recovery of erased memories,

like memory altering technology exists

but it's not impenetrable, right?

It can be reversed, like
anything that is done

can be undone.

A craniobolt is a way of making
that harder to get around.

You can get a craniobolt
out, it is brain surgery.

- Great, uh- could I do it?

- It's a DC 30 medicine check.

- What do you add to medicine?
- Plus three.

Oh, plus three, yeah.

- I have a plus eight to medicine.

If I crit, I would still not make it, but-

- I could give you potent
aptitude, and what if-

- Can I-
- If you get plus five

from my critical analysis?

- [Lou] And if we did it slowly-
- And can I enhance...

Can you do it with your drone
body, and I can enhance it

so that it has advantage on wisdom checks?

I'm guessing medicine is wisdom.

- Oh, I actually already have advantage-

Oh, that's wisdom saving throws. Yeah.

- Yeah.
- That's wisdom.

- So we could enhance a droid,
throw a D6 potent aptitude-

- Train my critical
analysis on them instead.

- With a plus five?

- We're all-

- But, if I fail at this-

- He's dead.
- He does die.

- Yeah, it is brain surgery.

- Let's check it out.


- [Ally] Really?

- [Murph] Really?

I guess, ultimately the worm will be okay-

- My question is, yeah.
- If yeah, okay.

- Is Skipper dead, or is Skip dead?

- I mean you could hop into
another body while we do it.

- In this case, Skip would not die.

- Okay, all right.

- I say we do brain surgery.

- [Murph] Well, I think it's up to Skip.

Skip, do you want us to do-
- Yeah, let's do it.

- Oh my gosh.

- [Lou] Let's do brain surgery, come on!

- [Brennan] Amazing, cool.

- Ball's rolling up, let's do it.

- So wait, what do you have to get?

You have a plus five-

- I have a plus eight to medicine.

- And now you'll have a plus five

because your next-
- 22.

- So 13.
- So plus 13.

- Plus 13.

- And you're doing it
with your drone body,

so I can give you-
- It's advantage-

- So I have advantage,

so I need to get a 17.

- And then there's also
a D6 you're rolling.

- And there's a D6 I'm rolling.

- So we're committing
to doing brain surgery?

- Gunnie, is fully like
throwing a sheet over a table

in his workbench, he gets
a couple of lights going...

- This is maybe-

- These I think would work as knives.

- The scariest roll I've ever-

- Okay, no we gonna do box of doom here.

- I'm preparing the body.

- We are gonna do the box of doom.

And I'm gonna throw-
- Massaging it?

- Do you have a favorite-

- Okay, that's good.
- Do you have a favorite D6?

- I do, it's one that Ally gave me

and it's got a-

But it's something I've
almost never touched.

- Okay, we're doing box of doom,

you guys just, sort of on a
whim, do some brain surgery.


- It's not a whim, we took our time.

- Barry can't help, so
he just has a cool bucket

ready for the slug, should
he need to jump out.

- Yeah, we've put like a
little pillow in the bucket-

- Wait a second, before
you jump out of this,

if you potentially have
to jump out of this body,

do you have a body that you
would like to jump into?

- Who is out there?

- We could grab Raymond?
I mean, I like Raymond.

- You could grab Loose Duke?

- He can survive as a worm for a bit.

- Do you-
- Yeah maybe-

- He can survive as a
worm for a long time.

- Okay, he can survive as a worm-

- Okay, okay.

- Do you think you would be...

Could we share?

Could you like-
- Can I join you in your body?

- No, I don't think-

I don't think

we have do that.
- Just in case, just in case.

- That's a great backup plan.

- Wait, real quick-
- We'd figure it out.

- Can we go over our stuff

just one more time?
- Yes.

- Okay.
- So we are making sure

we have as much as we possibly can-

- Yes.
- I am giving you a D6.

- Yes.
- Yeah, awesome.

- You are giving a plus a five-

- Plus five, so you
already have a plus eight,

so that's plus 13-
- 13.

- So that's it, and then you have-

- Is this a new day?
- Advantage.

- Advantage?
- This is a new day.

- Could I add my defiant to it?

- I will allow you to add your defiant

to the roll as well to help.

- Should we start with the advantage

to see if you have it?
- We have the box of doom.

- Yes.
- Okay, so, box of doom.

- If you hit a 17 with advantage-

- Throw the advantage first-

- Here we go.
- Here we go.

- 17, come on, come on.

- Crit, crit city. Oh boy.

- What happened, what happened?

- That's a five...

and a four.

- So we're done here. We're done here?

(Emily screaming)

- [Brennan] Unless someone has a re-roll,

or someone has some other-

- Can I use my supreme accuracy?

- I cast energetic... No, saving throw.

- Can I direct myself?

- [Brennan] I will allow
you to direct yourself.

- In which case, I roll a third die.

- [Brennan] Okay, a third die-

- So like a potent- it's
like a portent roll.

- [Brennan] Yes, a third D20.
- Okay.

- [Ally] Oh my gosh, my heart.

- 17!


- Oh, I'm gonna live
forever, and so is Skip!

- Oh my fucking God.


- What was that...

Wait, you had one more
portent kind of roll?

- Yes, I have, yeah-
- Yeah.

- I can give myself... I can, yeah.

- That the first roll, was actually--

- It was the worst thing I've ever seen.

- Worst loss I've ever-

- A four and a five.

- 'Cause that would have been,

even if you had rolled a six and a four

it still would not have gotten you to 17.

- No.

- Two away.
- Yeah.

- Oh, my God.

- Unbelievable, so I'll sort of...sort of,

I would say from start to finish.

from the moment...

From the moment where you walk in of like,

hey I wanna check with this cranio-bolt.

Three and a half minutes
later, you are under the saw.


(buzzsaw surgery noises)
- Whoops! Whoopsie!

- Hey, what's up? Everyone come on...

If anyone wants to come on
down, we're doing surgery!

Yeah, I've got the cold bucket.

- I'm putting--

I'm putting--
- Sloshing around--

Handy Annie like a little computer
down your nose for no reason.


- I think that's important,
I don't think that is,

I think we go around that.

- Can I - do you want any help?


- And you, pull this cranio-bolt out

cauterize, seal up, oh
you've got a little bit of

but you don't have your pain sensors on.

So there's sort of a weird
throbbing series of stitches

on the side of your head.

Go ahead and make a piloting check for me

and you can use Probe
Mind to give advantage.

- I'm also gonna get the Bar
Buddy in here for champagne,

if this goes well.
- Yes.

- We just did brain surgery.

- Wait, but I feel like
I'm kind of the champagne.

- Oh--

Uh, I...

- Bar Buddy, get out of here.

- I'm sorry, get out of here.

- What'll it be?
- We take the Bar Buddy--

- You woulda shook it anyway.

- No.
- 26.

- 26.

- Nice.

(zooming noises)

- Norman "Skip" Takamori,
your flashback, episode one

of this campaign decorated
by Analinda Weatherall.

- That was another Weatherall?

- Another Weatherall, Analinda Weatherall.

Listen, my cousin Gust, you
gotta watch out for him,

he means well but...

Skip, you know it's good to have somebody,

that's got your back in this Brigade.

Lots of memories of
your rise in the Brigade

but always this bitterness
towards other people

and the fact that you were a good pilot

and a good shot and were skilled

in finding all these roads closed to you

because people just...something
about them made you bristle

and your career never launched.

It never went the way it should have

until this guy came along

and if someone finally had your back.

Chamber music playing,
see or some sort of like

big band kind of, you
know, Glenn Miller-esque.

Everyone in their formal
kind of naval whites

had a cadet graduation.

You are under the wing,
formally, of Gust Weatherall.

You've been here for
a couple of cycles now

but that's not bad, right?

It's still gonna turn out in you favor,

champagne popping, you
remember champagne popping?

Their champagne, other flash of memory

you had on the trolley back
in the Griivarr Worlds,

blood and champagne.

You see the cadets popping bottles.

Thanks for the champagne there, admiral,

ah it's all right you know
you make a pretty penny

when you make the stuff yourself.

You see labels on the
champagnes saying Gusty Vines

and it's a picture of the
admiral raising a glass

it's like his champagne,
you're over in the corner

beautiful deck of this like
pleasure yacht hovercraft

it's like this is not a Starship,

it is an on-world oceanic
like hover vessel,

so it's like a hovering cruise ship

as you sort of go out in this bay,

beautiful Amercadian lights around,

you see Gust looking over.

Hey there Norman, good to see you pal.

Yeah well, I know you
want to talk to me about,

me taking Hammond and
kind of drumming him up

but listen, new time's coming

just around the corner my
friend, just around the corner.

Move through and you see
him looking at the stuff,

he is pointing at the champagne.

You see, he leans over to you and says,

you wanna know how much
I made selling this stuff

back to the Brigade?

- How much?

- Oh, a fortune, raked
it over hand and fist,

there's a bunch of these
things, they tell you to do.

You know they...

For example, out in the
place where I'm growing

they said there's a huge
sort of skiff rat problem

and I said, skiff rats? Listen,

I'm just gonna put out
a bunch of rat poison.

They said no you can't
do it, the regulation...

You put it out, the yield
I get on these, I mean,

this stuff costs me a quarter you know,

it cost me a quacredit to get
10 bottles of this stuff made

and I sell it for 15 credits a bottle.

- Is there any rat poison
in...it's safe, right?

- The rat poison stays on the ground,

the rats eat the rat poison,

the grapes don't grow on the
ground, they grow on the vines.

- Okay.

- Listen, it's like I've
been saying, you see,

over the corner a young
cadet says, to a proud future

of serving the Brigade!

And his head explodes.

- Oh.

- Oh, shit.

- Did, uh...are there...is...?

Are we being attacked?
- The rats the heads explode

the rats heads explode
when they eat the poison,

It's a special poison, it
blows up the rats' heads.

Oh, boy.
- The poison

makes the heads explode?

Oh God, oh God, oh, God,

everyone stopped drinking the champagne.

And they say, it's your
champagne, admiral,

stop drinking the champa--!

(repeated popping noises)

Oh, these are all cadets from the academy,

oh there's a lot of
important people's kids here,

there's a lot of important
people's kids here!

- I will do whatever you say.


- You're gonna take the fall for this one.

I mean, I have an opportunity for you.

- Yes, I missed the
first part, what it was--

- I have an opportunity
for you, here's the thing.

Oh, what happened?

What happened?

It's gotta be UFTP, that's what it is.

United Free Trade
Planets, this was a scam,

'cause they knew the graduating...

This is an attack, we're
gonna have to do...

The Brigade won't stand for this.

Here's what you're gonna
do, I'm gonna get the bots,

they're gonna clear all
the champagne out of here.

You're gonna get all these bodies

and you're gonna take them in a shuttle

and you're gonna fly them out
to the other side of the bay

not here, okay?

We're gonna go back to the dormitories

and you're gonna dump them.

You're gonna dump them
there and then you're gonna

meet me here and you see
he sends (boop sound)


the Planetary Institute for
Cognitive Cyber-Science.

You're gonna meet me here, Norm,

and all these problems are gonna go away.

- Okay and then maybe we
can talk about a promotion

or something?

- Yeah, promotion, Norm.

Don't worry, I'm gonna take care of you,

all these problems are gonna go away.

Memory starts to fade, it's
good champagne, Norman,

it's good champagne.


- Cheers.

(smashing glass)

- The thing is, champagne
makes your head explode.

- What, but we've had it already.

- Yes, this is--
- This is another bottle.

- Champagne.
- I've been truly enjoying.

- What brand is it?

Can I see the bottle.
- Grand Cruet,

it's actually Grand Cru
absorbed Moet and Chandon

and now they call themselves Grand Cruet

and that's my explanation
for why I've been--

- As long as it's not Gusty Vines.

- No, it's not Dusty Vines.

- It's Gusty Vines.
- Oh, Gusty's--

- Your head is still open.
- Yeah,

oh it's still a little bit blood--

- Is it exploding?

- No, no.

(squishing sound)

- I relay what happened
to Norman "Skip" Takamori.

That motherfucker...

- Wow, but how did that...

- He's a bad person.

- So he got rid of your memory

and then didn't even promote you?

You tried--
- You made you--

- Get rid of you.
- Clean up dead bodies

whose heads had exploded,
he made you transport them

and then, what, stapled your brain?

And so you you took away a memory

- And then--

- Norman's brain and I wanna be clear.

- Yeah.
- That's not me.

- Yeah I know, definitely.

- No, yeah.
- No, no.

- I do feel a little bit
more sorry for Norman

but at a certain point also
you do make your own choices.

- I like you way better than Norman.

- Obviously--
- Even Norman--

- It's not even...

It's like talking about--

- And I hope that he can hear that.

- Yeah, Norman now that you're not here

I feel brave enough to say,
you were mean sometimes.

- It's a weird time to kick...

- Weird time kicker.

- I know, I know, we'll be--

- Just very casual brain surgery,

at the risk of only his life.

- There's just like a lot
of blood in the workshop.


- I'm drinking some champagne--

- Bloody hands holding champagne glasses.

- Yeah like you kind
of did this free hand,

there they didn't even
like steady yourself

like he wasn't really--

- And so it's beautiful
is what you're saying?

- Beautiful--

- And it's beautiful--
- The ball's rolling up.

- How do you feel about this, Skip?

I mean does it make...

Just because you're inhabiting this body

does it give you some of like the anger

that Norman would feel at this guy?

- It's complicated because Norman sucked

and this other guy sucks as well.

- Yeah--

- So I don't know that,
I don't like this guy.

And I know that he's responsible

for killing so many people--

- Yeah, can we go online right now

and see if it's still being sold?

- Did this UFTP, 'cause they
wanted to blame it on UFTP,

was there--
- Start a big war?

- Was here a big fight between the two?

- Yeah.
- Yeah,

can I do like a lore check as to like

what was the fallout

From this alleged...

- Did I work on this coverup?

- Yeah, I'm gonna say that
you actually know this flat

as a UFTP, you were not working at UFTP

when all this went down but
there was a period of time

where this got pinned on
United Free Trade Planets

and the Brigade came after them.

There was some like...

There were some hot military
zones when this happened

a bunch of people died
behind it and UFTP ended up

like taking the blame,
firing a bunch of people

and it cost them a
tremendous amount of money

to settle with the Brigade.

But your understanding was
that basically some UFTP people

had gone rogue.

Now when you actually
started working there

you realized that the company...

United Free Trade Planets basically

took it on the Brigade's word

and just like cut those losses.

United Free Trade Planets
are also villains,

so when the Brigade was like,
here's the heads of the people

we want that were responsible,

United Free Trade Planets didn't go like,

those people are ours, we'll
never let you have them.

They just did the math and went
those people are expendable

it would cost more to
protect than it would

to just let them loose and--

- Are there names there
or it's just like random?

- There are names but they're not...

It's a list of names that are
basically you know of people

that already got tried and executed.

Now United Free Trade Planets isn't aware

of the fabricated nature
of that information.

- That's not a way now--
- Yeah.

- Now we have that.

Is it still being sold? Gusty Vines?

- You look it up, it's
now 20 credits a bottle.

- It's more expensive?

- Look I know that logically,

I am not Norman "Skip" Takamori.

..."Skipper" Takamori.

But I do wanna kill Gust.

- Well you also know this,

this body, is the body that has made you

the happiest you've ever been in

and Gust Weatherall is trying to kill it.

You've been framed for the murder

of 12 Sisters of the Cosmic Veil.

So Gust Weatherall is still
coming after this body.

- Yeah.

- Whether it is Skip or no.

- That's true 'cause he tried to frame you

with the at that place.
- The Cloistered nuns.

- Oh--

- Yeah.

- Oh, may God, that was also Gust.

- So--

- So, is there any way
we can separate Gust

from his comrades by--

- Killing him
- Revealing this plot?

- What if I pretended
to have my memories back

or like, not even pretending.

But what if I told him?

- I'm sorry, Riva you would know that

the Brigade does employ psychics.

If there was a Brigade psychic
that was able to read--

- Oh yeah--
- Norman's mind

like the cranio-

Now that you guys have got
the cranio-bolt out of there,

any enterprising psychic
could absolutely probe that.

- All right, here's a world law question,

what is the Starstruck
equivalent of say, a Ricki Lake?

- Oh, Rootersnoos ferret, Jimmy the Snout.

- Great 'cause I bet, we're
just Rootersnoos ferret

Jimmy the Snout--
- 'Cause he has daytime show?

- Has a psychic that he
employs on the reg...

I would imagine.
- That's incredible.

- I will point out that
this could be helpful

with dealing with UFTP as like
a possible bargaining thing.

- Yeah, I'm almost thinking
we keep it under the wraps.

- Just or we'll do whatever it you want,

but yeah, do think also you--

- I'm also kind of curious about this

Planetary Institute of
Cognitive, what was it?

- Cyber-Science.

- Cyber-Science, it almost makes me wonder

if there's like a bunch
of secrets stored there.

- So you get it...

That's a huge insight and
you do begin to realize like,

we have that extra info
about this institution.

I wanted to real quick,

I know there's a ton of stuff going on

while you're hanging
here in the Neutral Zone.

- It really is.

- But you guys are right,
this is not just like,

you guys are getting a lot of successes

and moving forward big
ways: you've joined U4F,

you've talked to Auma
and this is probably...

Now you're on like your last Malton Unit

before Gnosis is done doing their thing

and Gnosis again says...

Gnosis contacts Zortch and Zortch says,

nurses have let me know that any version

of their plan working
requires us getting them

back to Rubian V.

There's probably a bunch of
different ways to do that

but I will say anything we
can do to get this ship ready

to enter a sector with a lot of hostiles

we should probably do.

- Do you know if there's any
sort of like ship building

at Onolo Dos?

- Oh, there's definitely a ton
of nurseries on a Onolo Dos.

- I'm gonna go pick her
up and soup the ship up

and get going?

- And also on the way,
I mean if there's a job

we could do to make the money
to maybe help soup our ship up?

- Yeah maybe there's a
union job we could do.

- Yeah.
- The one last thing

I wanna talk about was Acme-Ashmun,

you reached out for that spot

'cause you have all those videos

of Acme-Ashmun.
- Yeah.

- Go ahead...

If you reach out with that email, go ahead

and make a persuasion check as well.

'Cause you were reaching
out on Gunnie's behalf.

- Can I check in with
the group and be like,

do we think that this is
giving away like our location

or do you feel okay with me reaching out

and like trying to--
- Always upload the videos

like a few days later,

- Yeah.
- When we've moved on.

- Yeah--
- I mean--

- We have videos from a few fights ago,

can cut together an incredible sizzle

and write--
- Yeah can we hire someone

in the Jib Job?

- Are you incredible,

okay someone give me a technology check

to make it an incredible sizzle?

- I'll do it.

- Oh, yeah, I try and do it too.

- I'll cut my own sizzle.

- All right, I'll give you a help action.

- I put my hand on your
shoulder, you add plus five.

- That's a...first one's a 30.


- Barry gives way too many notes.

- Second one's a nat 20.


- Okay, I'm gonna say go ahead,

go ahead and roll me with a Nat 20,

you're going to add a plus 10 to this

and you can roll with advantage.

But it's also a persuasion check.

- The beginning is just
that like a quick time lapse

of like the sun rising and falling--

- 17 plus 10, 27.

- You get a response back, that just says,

Mother Void, this is the best sizzle

I've ever seen in my life.

Also please tell Gunnie I said
hello, signed Dora Valentine.

- Who is that person?
- Is that the person

who worked at the ship?
- Your old professor,

who is now responding

from the Acme-Ashmun account saying,

I'm in office all unit
hit me up on a comm screen

if you wanna talk.

- Do you wanna talk?

- Yeah, yeah, it would be
nice, it would be nice,

it would be nice--
- Great, yeah I can call it,

it'll do be one-on-one,
you can be right off camera

and decide if you wanna enter in--

- I like that--
- Okay great, I call.

What was her name again?

- Dora Valentine.
- Great.

- She's very sweet.

- Dora Valentine, comes up
- you see the Acme-Ashmun

on some like frosted doors behind her

but she still looks like an academic,

sort of like funky bead
glasses, like bare shoulders

and a kind of like flowy
robe looking thing.

And you see, she looks up and goes,

As I live and breathe...

- Sorry, I should have
had you more off screen.

- No, sorry you saw.
- I wasn't trying to hide!

- That's my bad--
- Just like halfway.

- It's just like

- You would think Margaret

would learn how to frame a fuckin' Zoom

- Margaret, I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, I'm losing my edge

the funky frames I was just.

- You see, she looks at you and says,

Gunthrie Miggles-Rashbax.

- It's me - a little
different, but it's me.

- Incredible,

well you know, I had heard rumors

your fathers are both well,

I'm not sure if you're in
touch with them at all.

- No I haven't really talked
since I decided not to be

a published author and
instead, go to space.

- Well I also departed from academia,

Acme-Ashmun made an offer
that I could not refuse

as you're aware, astronavigation

they make a tremendous
number of starship parts

in addition to cybernetics
and I was very surprised

to see this inquiry about
sponsorship rush across my desk.

What are you considering?

What does an Acme-Ashmun
sponsorship look like to you?

- Well for us I think,
given like past rates

which I can completely CC you on,

we would want full debt
forgiveness and a monthly stipend.

And we could continue to make
Acme-Ashmun forward content.

- [Brennan] She looks at you,

give me another persuasion check.

- Okay.
- Potent aptitude?

- Triple advantage for the content--

- Is hearing Acme-Ashmun forward content.

- 25.
- You can add D6.

- 27.

- Two 2s, I'm disappointed.

- Yeah, I know.

- I would do better, my potent
aptitude will be better.

- She looks at you and says, fascinating.

Well, I've heard some
extraordinary things,

now we stay apprised,
here's the issue right now,

Ms. Encino, as you're
well aware, your debts

are no longer on our books.

- Exactly.

- So it would be a complex
corporate disentanglement

to go after the loan
repayment agency we sold it to

who in turn sold it to Repo Repears

- And you're telling me
right now that Acme-Ashmun

isn't involved in buying
and selling debts?

And it's not as fluid as I would imagine--

- I can--
- That doesn't

sound that complicated.

- Well, I would be happy
to make some calls,

the amount of debt we would be repaying

in exchange for the
sponsorship would require

some pretty incredible brand activation,

how willing to activate
this brand are you?

- High, the most active,
I'll do just about anyth-

- Yeah definitely Gunnie--

- Just about anything
- As you can see.

- If you want me to change my name

or scream the brand out
all the time, we can...

I can write on all of my rocket,

I have rockets, I'll write
on all of my rockets--

- Well, let's talk about
what we're gonna want,

we're gonna want a logo
on the side of the vessel

but of course if the logo
was on the side of the vessel

we would be more than happy to supply you

with actual Acme-Ashmun force shields.

This is an enormous deal,
what she's talking about

is the best force shields in the Galaxy.

So we would make sure
that you had the equipment

that you needed.

There is a brand activation
that we can consider

to begin this process.

You see, she says, how
familiar with you...

Just how familiar are you
with the Battle of the Brands?

- No.

- We've been in space doing stuff--

- I would imagine, I am--

- Battle of the Brands is an enormous,

once a cycle fighting
competition in Mas Vegas,

at the Kubla-Kola Gladiatorial Arena.

- We're familiar, yeah definitely.

- If the crew of your ship?

- We have a brick, we
have a brick of Kublacaine

I mute us - we have a brick of Kublacaine

- She says, if you participate
in the Battle of the Brands,

she says, our droid unfortunately
was taken out of commission

during the last Battle of the Brands.

So we find ourselves without an ability

to fulfill our contractual obligations.

However, seeing as you've
made some splashes in the news

with your flashy departure from Rec 97,

this brand activation
could work to our benefit

if your crew agrees to associate the Wurst

with the Acme-Ashmun brand.

And if you participate in the fight

we would be more than
happy to supply your ship

with these force shields
and give each of you

a signing bonus of 10.000 credits.

- And what about the
debt in question here?

- Well, I'd be happy to let you know that

that will be no problem
if you win the fight.

The fight has a fight purse
of 1.2 million credits.

- Who is entering the fight, only Gunnie?

- Some other brands will
be submitting champions

but if you're interested,

we'd be more than happy to submit you.

- Will we fight as a team

or is it just me?
- Or is it just Gunnie?

- Oh, teams are allowed
to compete together.

- We're in!

- No, we're - we--

- I'm sorry I was listening

I wanna fight.

- I somehow mute everyone
but me - we would love it

if you would draw up
the paperwork for this

for us to give a once-over and
send through our legal team

and I will get back to you
within three business days.

- Very well, you see she
sends over, Battle the Brands.

You will be competing
against brand champions

for Kansas Corn Cakes,

which is an Amarcadian Corn Cake company.

A team of gladiators from
Uncle Bob's Fantanimalland,

and a Galactic Girl Guides champion

for their biggest
selling brand of cookies,

Triangle Mint Cookies.

- Young girls, fighting
a group of young girls

with their cookies.

- You're not sure who the champions are

but those are the...

It's the Battle of the Brands.

So the brands are Acme-Ashmun,
Kansas Corn Cakes,

Uncle Bob's Fantanimaland
and Triangle Mint Cookies.

- And this was a good deal, you think?

'Cause these are like insane--
- is there--

- It's a sure win.

- Can we get all of
these things regardless

of how we do in the contest?

- Yeah, that's what I was gonna say.--

- If we win?

- Only the debt is
contingent on us winning.

- Yes basically the debt is
contingent on you winning

'cause there's a 1.2 million credit purse.

- Okay.
- Insane.

- But all of you for participating

get a 10.000 credit bonus each.

- I mean yes--
- Can I look at the contract,

and like scan through to see what happens

if we take this and then in two months

we get rid of the logo
on the side of the ship?

- Yeah like how long is this contract?

- Tell me how long--

- Tying us to Acme-Ashmun? Lifetime?

- It's a three cycle deal.

- Three times?
- Okay.

- Okay.
- 18 months.

- Year and half, okay.

- And, guys, if we win
the Battle of Brands,

it doesn't all have to go to my--

- It will absolutely all go to you.

Okay, wow that's insane.

- I mean, before we were
talking about trying to break

into like the loan Repo people.

- Yeah definitely.

- This is way better and more fun.

- I'll send back my
edits to this paperwork

pretty much it will just like
guarantee us security for you

for being so visible.

There will be like no loan sharks,

who can attack you while
we're trying to get there

some sort of like--
- Oh yeah.

- You know, like security detail

for us as a team showing
up in such a public place.

- And if we go to this place--

- Anything else that we want?

- I want some more grenades.

- And 19 grenades.

- 19 grenades.

- Cool, so wait, what's the counter

are you coming back with?

- I'm coming back with I want
security detail for our crew

due to our like visibility in
the news recently, 19 grenades,

- Yeah well, I mean we are their champion

let's get them to sponsor -- Barry!

You need those specialized power cells

for the rotary cannons right?
- I still need

some special power cells, so yeah.

- Let's demand, let's include
equipment for the fight.

- How many power cells?

- I could use a few power cells

and then specialized power...

I'm not sure exactly what they're called

but basically better
power cells to do my--

- I add these--

- Cool you add 19 grenades,

you add the power generator
for the rotary cannon--

- Stun and incendiary, please.

- You add the power generators
for the rotary cannon,

you hear back as you send the deal...

You see she says, accepted.

We have an executed copy
of the deal here for you,

just sign and return. Asterix
- urgency is of the essence.

Check in for the fight is in four Marbecs.

- Wait - four hours?!



- Gunnie right now starts
doing our astronavigations

and once he's alone just
fully starts crying.

Is doing calculations...


- I'm just fucking
shredding some push ups.

- I sign, I guess.
- You sign and send it back.

You make a jump to hyperlight,
you go and appear in space

with an Acme-Ashmun
force of private security

around you to guide you.

You are over the lava world of Lavada

And you see--
- Lavada.

- Lavada.

A burning hellish magma world
and a beautiful glimmering

like swimming pool blue
oasis floating 20 miles

in the atmosphere over the lava surface.

It's Viva Mas Vegas and
that's all for this episode--

- No--
- Of "Dimension 20,"

tune in next week

for the Battle of the Brands!

See ya in the stars!

- Wow.
- Oh, I cannot fuckin' wait.

- Wow.

- I'm so exited about it.

- I'm a polyglot, can I
try to speak to the Plinth?

- Sure, you wanna speak to Plinth?

- I just wanna say, do
you want to be fighting?

- [Brennan] Plinth enters
into the heart of your mind,

you watch the explosion, implosion

and ending of the universe
in the consumption

of ultimate entropy.

- [Plinth] Looks like the
Triangle Mint plinth out there

is having some kind of
psychic conversation

with Margaret Encino.

- I love you, Plinth.