Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 9 - The Pressure to Murder - full transcript

After watching him play rugby, Amanda sees intern Troy Sommers crash to his death with his motorbike from a cliff after a few head-nods- it was hypoglycemic shock from a dozens Triptezine tablets in his healthy sports drink. Norman and hospital staff in general worry because Community General has a computer virus. A painful rugby undercover teaches Jesse that Troy had eager rivals among interns, not just in rugby and for a girl but for a really hard to get heart surgery resident-ship at St. Victor's hospital, including ball-bully Billy Marco: its famous chief Dr. Nathan Harding's academically less gifted son Kyle, Troy's roommate, whom Jesse catches at a potentially fatal medical error; his dad won't even listen to Mark about it. A note 'ABADCAD' in Kyle and Troy's room is solved by Mark to unmask a surprising motive with a dangerous complication...

Hey, let's go.

Here we go. Here we go.

Come on!

Come on!

Come on, Kyle! Push it!

Take it all the way!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

What are you doing?!

That's my son.

I get a little worked up.

It's that kind of game.

Back off, man.

Hey, what's the matter with
you, Billy?! Just play the game!

Hey, I'm playing
the game, all right?

It's called rugby. Why
don't you try playing?

Congratulations. Good game.

Good game, good game.

We'll get 'em next time.

I've got a whole cooler
for you, buddy. Yeah!

Troy, Troy.

I need to talk to you.

It's over.

Troy Sommers.

You just got your
butt kicked royally

by the Santa Monica
Old Boys. What now?

Well, I think it's obvious.

My cousin comes to
her first rugby game.

We play like a
bunch of old ladies.

I think the only logical move
is to destroy the evidence.

You must have
been bored to death.

Bored? I was too
confused to be bored.

Not to mention
scared for your life.

What do you guys
have against helmets?

Who needs helmets?

We have beer.

You've been drinking?

Oh, no way.

One beer and I'd pass out.

I pulled another
18-hour shift last night.

Are we complaining?

Are you kidding?

That internship's the best
thing that could have happened.

Thanks for the letter. Mm-hmm.

You deserved it.

You glad I came?
I'm glad you came.

You're good.

I really appreciate it, okay?

So you want to come
to the rugby party?

Uh... I don't think so.

But this little guy is having a
rugby party game of his own.

So maybe some other time, okay?

Mandy, come on.

I'll buy you a soda.

Come on, we'll
sit back. We'll chill.

Well, will it be safer
than the game?

Well, that depends. Now if
anybody asks you if you want

to be rugby queen, just say no.

I can handle that.

Where's the party?

Just up PCH.

Follow me. All right.

Oh, Troy. Stop showing off.

Troy, watch out...!





Somebody help me!


Amanda, we couldn't
hold on to him.

I'm sorry.

Oh, Mark.

You know, when I
saw him lying there,

I knew.

But I didn't want to believe it.

I know.

I'm sorry, Amanda.

Thanks, Steven.

I, uh, got a copy of
the accident report.

It sounds like he just
took the turn too fast.

That's not what happened.

Well, you know that PCH.
You hit a patch of gravel...

He didn't hit a patch
of gravel, Mark.

Something hit him and
I don't know what it was.

But his head nodded
a couple of times,

and then he lost
control of the motorcycle.

Well, we're going to find out

exactly what happened to him

for sure.

Right now, I want you to go home

and I want you to take it
easy and get some rest.

Steve, can you
drop her off? Sure.

I'll call you later. Okay.

Thanks for being there.

Why is it doing that?

I have no idea.

Where did Mrs. Goracio go?

I don't know.

Well, she's supposed
to be in suite 345.

Every time I type in a patient's
name, it comes up empty.

That can't be.
This is a computer.

It's supposed to be
full of information.

I think we have a
virus. Don't say that.

Look at this: Mrs. Johnson
in 410 is having six steaks,

pork chops, two pounds of butter

and a lemon custard
pie for breakfast.

Well, maybe she's a big eater.

Who had liposuction
and her jaw wired shut.

Oh, my God.

We have a virus.

I've never had a virus before.

What do we do?

We call the computer guy.

That's good. That's good.

Let's not let this get out.

Because I don't
want anyone to think

all hell is breaking loose.

Between us.

Yes, Dr. Harding.
It's right down there.

Dr. Harding.

And what brings you
to Community General?

Hello, Norman.

I'm afraid it's
not a social visit.

Do you still have your
post-op down in the basement?

It's still there.

This way is much shorter.

Running as efficiently as ever.

Oh, by the way, I have
an article coming out

in the Harvard Medical
Journal next month

on hospital efficiency.

You might want to review it.

A very good article.

Thank you.

Is it gone yet?

Dr. Dylan, call
the page operator.

Dr. Dylan, call
the page operator.

Excuse me, sir.

This area here is restricted
to medical personnel only.

And what do I
look like, a janitor?

Well, maybe a very well
dressed one, but, uh...


What are you doing here?

Trying to get past
your medical personnel.

This is Jesse Travis,
one of our new interns.

Jesse, this is Nathan Harding.

Dr. Nathan Harding?

Oh, my God. I am so sorry.

I didn't... Obviously.

I've read all your articles
on balloon angioplasty.

It's incredible stuff.

You're an intern?

Yes, sir.

And you're reading

my material on angioplasty?

Yes, sir.

I wrote that for specialized
cardiovascular surgeons.

Jesse's one of our top interns.

You know, if he decides to
go into cardiology, Nathan,

he could give you a
run for your money.

I'll watch my flanks.

It's very nice meeting you, sir.

I didn't know you
had patients over here.

I don't.

My son called me.

His friend was in an accident.

Troy Sommers?

I thought I could help.

Troy just died, Nathan.

We lost him on the table.

Why didn't they bring
him to St. Victor's?

We've got the most advanced
neurosurgery unit in the county.

Well, I doubt if it would
have made much difference.

He had multiple traumas.

I can't believe it.

He was just playing rugby
a couple of hours ago.

This is going to devastate Kyle.

You know, that new crop of
interns seem pretty close-knit.

I have a feeling it's going
to hit them all pretty hard.

♪ ♪

Hi, Mark.


You know, for a lady
who just went home to rest,

you don't look very rested.

I pulled an all-nighter.

Talking to the family? Mm-hmm.

I spent the night in the lab
overseeing Troy's autopsy.

I couldn't go home
and do nothing.

Here you go.

Well, point-zero blood alcohol.

That's a relief.

He was in hypoglycemic shock.


I checked his renal tissue

and I discovered that there
was something definitely wrong.

So I ordered a sample
of his spinal fluid.

His glucose was incredibly low.

Well, you know that's
natural after exercising.

He was playing rugby.

Try nine milligrams.


He was losing
consciousness on the bike.

So it seems.

How could his blood
sugar level get that low?

Mark, he downed an entire
sports drink right after the game.

Did you look at his
stomach contents? Yeah.

I went through the alphabet
of hypoglycemic agents.

And I stopped at "T".

He was full of triptozene.

Was he diabetic?


That's why I don't understand
why he would have taken it.

There's absolutely
no logical reason.

What happened to that bottle?

Hey, Amanda, how are you doing?

I'm okay.

Hey, I'm sorry
about your cousin.


I got a chance to
work with him last week

and he was really good.

Yeah, well... that's all
that he wanted to be...

was a good doctor.

You looking for something?

Yes. Some of Troy's
personal things.

You want a hand?
No, I've got it. Thanks.

Troy worried whether or not
he'd be able to cut it as a doctor.

Don't we all?

Are you worried?

Well, sure.

Because I care
about what I'm doing.

And if I'm doing it
the best that I can.

He didn't even think he'd
get through med school.

He graduated with honors.

Hey, Amanda, if
you want me to, uh...

You know, he actually thought

that I'd pulled a bunch of
strings to get him an internship

here at Community General.

The fact of the matter is just
about every hospital in L.A.

offered him an internship.

Well, if there's anything
I can do to help...

No. The family's coming out.

Everything's pretty
much taken care of.

Well, not everything.

I, uh, I talked to Dr. Sloan

and he told me
about the triptozene.

Pretty mysterious
how it got there, huh?

Maybe not.

Listen, um, would you
take the rest of these things

to my car, please?

Yeah. Hey, wait a minute.
Are you on to something?

I'll get back to you
in a couple of hours.

Wait. You figured it out?

I said I'll get back to
you in a couple of hours.

And in the meantime,
tell Mark I found the bottle.

Wait a minute.

What do you mean, tell...?
What bottle, Amanda?!

Why am I always the last one

to find out what's
going on around here?

Having any luck?

Hi, Mark. Yeah, we
have a new blend.

Lemon-lime and triptozene.

And in this case, just
as good as a bullet.

And a lot harder to find, too.

You know, whoever did this

knew what they were doing;

that it wouldn't show
up on a routine autopsy.

People might assume
you took a curve too fast.

Or hit some gravel. Mm.

Unless the person is
an expert pathologist.

I'll call Steve.

It's in your upper memory.

Oh, my God.

It's wiped out your
allocation tables.

You're kidding.

And it's eating away
at your boot sectors.

This can't be.

And I have no idea
what you're talking about.

In layman's terms,
you're screwed.

That computer
runs this hospital.

I thought you did.

I do, and I need
billing statements,

patients' records, inventories.

Everything on that
computer, I want it back.

That's the problem
with you people.

You think we're gods.

You think we can
just wipe this thing out

with a wave of our hand.

You think we can take
an infected hospital

and turn things
around overnight.

You have got a deadly
virus on the loose.

It's out of control.

Now, I'm going to
do everything I can.

Don't expect miracles.

This hospital is
in serious trouble.

Good morning.

And are we checking in?

Hey, Norman.

Have you seen my dad?



Norman, you feeling all right?

I have a virus.


Green tea, vitamin C, and,
uh... maybe a shot of scotch.

Somebody took

a dozen triptozene tablets...
700 milligrams at least...

Dissolved them in water

and injected the
solution into the bottle.

Hey, guys.

Hi. What'd you find out?

Well, no prints on the bottle

other than Troy's and Amanda's.

Yeah, that figures.

Did you happen to see
where Troy got the bottle?

Yeah. He took it
out of his knapsack.

Was anybody hanging around
the knapsack during the game?

Steve, I was there
to have a good time.

I was not looking
for murder suspects.

Look, the only time
that I saw the knapsack

was when he started
towards me after the game.

Amanda, I'm sorry.

We're pushing you a little hard.

It's okay, Mark.

I just want to know who did this

and so does the family.

Can you think of anybody
who might have had it in for him?


I mean, everybody loved Troy.


What about back home?

Maybe an argument from
the old neighborhood?

They use guns.

They don't use triptozene.

You know, whoever did this
had to know all of Troy's habits.

They had to know
about the drink.

They had to know
about the motorcycle.

And that's a lot to know,
so I'd better get on it.

I'll call you later.

See you.

You know, that
wouldn't be a lot to know

if you were a regular
at those rugby games.

Well, that narrows things
down to about 40 people.

So we'll make a
list. We divide it up.

I know that they're going
to have a memorial service

for him tomorrow at the beach.

We can get through
half of them in one shot.

Let's do it.

This is a pretty good turnout.

And not bad-looking
coleslaw, either.

That looks like
Troy's girlfriend.

And she's getting
ready to leave.

Listen, um, I'll be
back in a little bit.

Mark, would you get
me some of everything?


Hey, there's Kyle.
Let me go talk to him.

Do you want a
little bit of whatever?

Yeah, thanks.

Yeah, I need the other pitcher.

See ya later, Kyle.

Hey, Kyle.

Hey, what's up, Travis?

How're you doing?

I've been to better parties.

I'm sorry about Troy.

I know you guys were
really good friends.


More like war buddies

after four years in med school.

Did you hear about
that police investigation?

That they drugged him?

Yeah, I heard,
but I don't buy it.

Who in the hell would
want to kill Troy?

I guess the same person
who slipped him the triptozene.

Who? What?


They found drugs
in his sports drink.

Did he bring that from home?

Uh, you know, I
couldn't tell you.

He was already gone by the
time I got home that morning.

Did you see anybody hanging
around his knapsack at the game?

What are you doing, Travis?

What do you mean,
what am I doing?

Why all the questions?

I'm just trying to figure out

what happened to
your friend, that's all.

What happened is he died.

And guess what?

You're an intern, not a cop.

It was nice talking to you, too.

I see you're taking
advantage of the buffet line.

Actually, I'm helping some
people that I came with.

You know something?

Let them help themselves.

You keep eating that fried food,

you're going to
end up in my office.

Oh, well, at least I'll
be in good hands, huh?

I didn't realize you knew Troy
well enough to be at his wake.

No, I'm just helping the police
department investigate his death.

What's to investigate?

Well, it seems he was drugged
right after the rugby match.

It's what caused the accident.

Who pulled that
out of their hat?

I would love to say that I did,

but Troy's cousin is a
dedicated pathologist.

Incidentally, how
is Kyle taking it?

As well as can be expected.

I just hope his
work isn't affected.

How's he doing?

I really haven't had
a chance to look

at the interns on
the new rotation yet.

Kyle's a good kid.

Well, if he takes after
you, he'll be a star.

Look, I know we don't
exactly see eye-to-eye

on our approach to medicine.

I just don't think you
have to be in the headlines

to be a good doctor.

I don't write the headlines.

I take chances, experiment.

If Dallas Memorial wants to
dedicate a new wing to me,

that's news, isn't it?

Well, yeah, I'd say so.

And if I can keep
the patient alive

a few years longer on
an experimental heart,

then that's news.

Do you have a
problem with that, Mark?

No, no, not as
long as the patient,

and not the news, comes first.

Excuse me.

I can't believe

what you're saying.

Who would want to kill Troy?

I just know that you
were close to him.

My mother used to say
when you find a good one,

don't let him go.

Troy was the best
guy I ever met.

Sometimes I couldn't believe
he felt the same about me.

I'm so sorry.

Yeah, me, too.

You know, we're going
to get through this, okay?

And we're going to
find out who killed Troy.

Thank you.

Hey. What'd you find out?

Well, they're out of shrimp

and everyone loved Troy.

Would you believe

not one person remembers seeing
anyone around that knapsack?

That's it. It's a conspiracy.

It's a cover-up.

They're all in this together.

Are you free-associating or
do you have some evidence?

Oh, I am free-associating.

I'll shut up.

Look, think back.

What was the last thing you saw

before he took the
drink from the bottle?

Okay, uh, I remember I
was standing next to Harding.

Uh-huh. And then...

he left.

And somebody called Troy.

And I turned around

and then he just started walking

into frame with a knapsack.

Into frame? Mm-hmm.

You had your camera with you?

Back off, man.


Did you want to do that?

No, I just want to...

Stop it, will you?

Yeah. Here.

Lock in! Lock in!

Come on!

Right there, see?

Yeah, he's taking a cheap shot

at Troy.

Hey, what's the
matter with you, Billy?

The guy looks like a pit bull.

I remember him.

He-he had big attitude
with Troy at the game.

Troy, Troy, I
need to talk to you.

Who's that?

Brenda. She was
Troy's girlfriend.

Can anyone read lips?

Uh... "I'm


"Foot odor."

No, it's something.




"O... over! It's over."

He's telling her it's over!

Well, that's not
what she told me.

She said that they were
headed toward something serious.

Yeah, a train wreck.

You know, maybe I should
have another talk with Brenda.

She works at Saint Victor's.

Good idea.

Look, why don't you try
and find out what slugger

was so worked up about there?

You know, that's a good idea.

I've always wanted to try rugby.

You're an animal!

Why didn't you
let go of the ball?

Because I was... and the...

Are you sure you played before?

Oh, yeah. In college.

In fact, I even won
the Oldenberg Award.

The what?

Hans J. Oldenberg Award.

It's for sportsmanship.

It's pretty obvious why
you never heard of it.

It's not a nice game.

Oh, tell me about it.

I heard a guy you played
against last week died.

Hey, come on, Billy. Let's go!

Come on, man.

Go for the ball, all right?

Ice it down.

I don't think I'm
going to make it

past this initiation committee.

You met Billy, huh?

He's a real animal.

Tell me about it.

I saw him play last week
against the Westwood Blues.

What the hell did he have
against that Troy Sommers guy?

Oh, they were rivals.

It had nothing to do

with rugby, though.

They were applying for
the same job or something.

I thought that Troy had a job.

Yeah, he said he was up for
some position at Saint Victor's.

What? As a resident?

Talk about insane.

They only have two
slots a year in cardiology.

Yeah, and like a
hundred applicants.

Try a thousand.

But talk about ego.

Billy said he knew
he had the gig.

He didn't even
apply anywhere else.

That's confidence.

It's insane.

Excuse me. I'm looking
for Brenda Arthur.

I'm sorry. She's still out.

Still out?

At least until next week.

Can I help you with something?

Yes, my name is Amanda Bentley.

I'm with Community
General Hospital.

I don't know if I
should say this,

but I wanted to let her know

that there's a
position opening up.

Isn't that a little odd

to be going after her now?


Oh, honey,

that'll come out in the
wash. It always does.

They told Brenda to stay
home during the investigation.

Oh, for heaven's sakes.
Is that still going on?

When drugs end up
missing on your shift,

they get pretty thorough.

You don't actually think

that Brenda lifted
those drugs, do you?

Sometimes she'd leave
her shift a little early

to go to one of those
12-step meetings.

Now, she claims she's been clean

for five years.

Was she acting a
little high that night?

She was a bit flaky,

but we wrote it off
to personal problems.

Just another love affair
headed down the tubes.

You wouldn't happen to know

what kind of drugs
were missing, would you?

Now that's the funny thing.

Nothing narcotic.

Weird stuff.

Like triptozene? Yeah.


You can't get high on it.

What's left, selling it?

You know, where I'm from,
it's baseball, baseball, baseball.

By the time I was in fourth
grade, I was so sick of it.

That's why I love
the idea of surfing.

The idea or the actual sport?

Well, I'm still working
on the mechanics of it.

But I think that rugby is going
be a really good backup for me.

I was starting to catch on at
the end of that practice there.

Right up until I
heard that snap.

Have you ever considered golf?

Well, I don't think I have
enough plaid in my wardrobe.

Okay, I think I
found the killer.


Wrong. It's Billy.

I've already told Dr. Sloan.

No. It was Brenda.

She is under investigation
for stealing the triptozene.

What do you need,
a signed confession?

Well, a reason for killing him

would be helpful.

Mark, you saw the way my cousin

blew her away on the tape.

Now, she couldn't
take the rejection

and this is her way
of getting back at him.

I'm telling you, it
wasn't about love.

It was bigger stakes.

Different stakes.

It was about cardiology.

I called Saint Victor's.

They told me that Troy was up
for the same residency that Billy got.

Why would Troy want to work

at Saint Victor's?

Well, Harding's built up

a great department over there.

Everybody wants to work for him.

Hey, not everyone.

Thank you.

Mark, I know
you're trying to help,

but we've been
running around all day.

You're still on
the sports drink?

Well, I keep coming back to it.

You know, in order to
get the right concentrations

of triptozene in the bottle,

first you've got to
withdraw two syringes full

of the sports drink, and
you've got to get rid of that.

Then you have to
inject two syringes

of the triptozene solution.

You know how long that takes?

75 seconds.

Now what are the chances
of your not being seen

for that long in the
middle of a rugby game?

The killer had to
switch the bottles.

He or she knew

what drink Troy
was going to bring.

Which means that someone

had to have access
to his apartment.


Not Kyle.

What did Kyle have against Troy?

They're very good friends.

I don't know.

But, Jesse...

keep Kyle kind of busy
around the hospital, will you?

I don't want him to see that we're going
to be snooping around his apartment.

No problem.

Maybe I will try
that golf thing.

Looks like his things
are all packed up.

Yeah. That's strange.

I wonder who did the packing.

I don't know.



syringes for darts.


I'd better get these things
professionally cleaned.

What does that say?

Hyd... hydrocordolin.

Do you think Troy was
suffering from migraines?

No, but maybe Kyle was

and maybe one of these needles
was used as a murder weapon.

I'll be right with
you, gentlemen.

Thank you.

What are we doing?

Oh, I'm trying to
find a lab report.

Is this system still down?

Didn't you get the memo?

Yeah. You said it was
a temporary shutdown.

It is. That was yesterday.

How temporary is temporary?

We're dealing
with a virus, Travis.

You never know
with these things.

Just check your charts.

Walk to the pathology
lab for test results.

It's not like hospitals didn't
exist before computers.

You're young. You're very young.

Okay, now squeeze
three times and make a fist.


Hey, Dr. Harding,
you got a minute?

Just a second. I
have to take some...

No, Dr. Harding, this
is kind of important.

Please. I'll see you outside.

I'll be right back, Mrs. Paxton.

What are you doing?

I was taking some blood.

What's it look like I'm doing?

Did you look at her chart?

I've got her tracked
on the system.

When did you last
check the system?

When I got in.

Look, what's your
problem, Travis?

The system has been
down for two days.

You ever see one of these?

I'm just taking
ten cc's of blood.

She was put on
heparin sodium last night.

I wasn't here last night.

Do you know what
heparin sodium is?

Do you want to remind me?

It is a blood thinner.

You poke an artery and
she starts bleeding... heavily.

Well, I guess I didn't
see it on her chart.

Didn't see it or didn't know
what you were looking for?

Look, I don't have to
take this crap from you.

Wrong. You're on duty
for another four hours.

My watch is fast.

That's strange.

Well, I'll say.


Hmm. It's either a
code for something

or very bad poetry.

Have we got any of
Troy's handwriting?

Uh... let's see.


Oh, yeah.

What are you doing here?

Uh, we were gathering
some of Troy's belongings.

Well, why was Troy moving out?

What do you mean?

Well, I just wondered who
packed all these boxes.

I did.

Oh, you did?

That's interesting

because all the labels
are in Troy's handwriting.

And all the stuff's organized

as if whoever packed it

owned all this stuff.

So he was moving out.

We weren't getting along.

Why not?

Rent... bills.

Look, he wasn't
good at paying up.

I was getting sick of it.

If he owed you money, why
did you write him this check?

And why didn't he cash it?

I owed him money.

And you tell me
why he didn't cash it.

Look, I've got to lie down.

Little migraine coming on?

Actually, yeah.

Okay, we'll get out of your way.

Oh, uh..

Feel better.


♪ A... B... A... D... ♪

♪ C... A... D. ♪

♪ A real bad cad ♪

♪ I've been had... ♪

Is that the beginning of
some Wynton Marsalis?

No. No, I just took the letters

off that scrap of paper
of Kyle's we found.

I'm trying to
transpose them. Okay.

Can I make a suggestion? Yeah.

Don't give up your day job.

Hey, you guys won't believe

what I just saw.

What happened?

Well, I walked in
on Kyle Harding

about to take
blood from a patient

on heparin sodium.

What? Yeah.

I mean, I don't know
if this guy is just stupid

or if it's an honest mistake.

Well, maybe you should
have a talk with him.

I think I'd better have
a talk with his father.

You know, there may be
something going on here

I should know about.

You don't want Kyle running
around the hospital, do you?

Oh, I wouldn't worry about it.

He's off until Thursday. Good.

It could be a
blessing in disguise.


I'm sorry.

And then I'd recommend...

I'll call you back.

Mark, how nice to see you.

Hi, Nathan.

Is this a social visit?

No, I'm afraid not.

Nathan, I am worried about Kyle.

What's the problem?

I don't know how to say this.

Well, just say it.

We've been friends too long
to tap-dance around a point.

You know, you asked me
how he's doing at the hospital.

I'm worried about his
skills. He is not making it.

That's impossible.

Just look at his records.

He soared through med school.

I talked to Professor Young.

He said that Kyle
was inconsistent.

He's passed every
exam he's ever taken.

Did Young mention that?

Kyle almost cost the
life of a patient today.

Why didn't you give
him a couple of days off?

His best friend just
died, for heaven's sake.

He's preoccupied.

I believe that.

Nathan, I believe he
had something to do

with Troy's death.

Now you've taken
it too far, Mark.

Accusing my son of
murdering his best friend

is way over the line.

They had a serious falling out.

So what?

Have you ever had a
falling out with a friend?

Of course, I have. And
did you kill that person?

No, I didn't. Then stop

trying to fabricate a plot.

Let the police do their
job, and stick to yours.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I was in the middle

of an important phone call.

I don't have time for this.

Yes. For Sacramento, please.

Yes. The number for the
Board of Medical Examiners.

Thank you.

Yeah. Justin
Pearson's office, please.

Justin? Mark Sloan.

I'm fine.

Listen, can you do me a favor?

Oh, good. You're both here.

Well, yeah.

By the tone of your
voice, I flew over here.

Yeah. Me, too.
What have you got?

A motive, I think.

And I knew you'd

want to be the first to know.

All right, students, heads up.

"Which of the following
phenomena best explains osmosis?

Diffusion; B: friction;

Capillary action; or
D: Brownian motion?"


You brought us all the
way over here for a test?

Just bear with me, please.

Number two.

"Most plasma coagulation
factors are made

"in the A: blood vessel walls;

liver; C: bone
marrow; D: spleen."

What is B: liver?

You are correct, sir.

A bad cad.

And we have a
winner. Wait a minute.

These questions were
on the medical boards.

Exactly right.

This little scrap of paper
here was the answer key.

Well, then Kyle must have
gotten a copy of the test.

That's right.

And if Troy found out about it,

it could have cost him his life.

Hi. May we talk to
you for a minute?

Uh... Another
time, all right, guys?

I'm not feeling well.

You might try confessing.

That always makes
you feel better.

Confessing what?

Oh, yeah. It's a lot like rugby.

You know, you get taken down,

you always want
to let go of that ball

or you get mauled.

I... I don't catch your drift.

We know you were cheating
on your medical boards.

We found some evidence
in your apartment.

How do you know
it wasn't Troy's?

It came from your printer.

Troy could have used my printer.

You know something? He's right.

We'd better have
another look around.

Yeah. Not without
a warrant, you don't.

Kyle, I wouldn't make
it harder on yourself.

Troy found out you were
cheating on your medical board.

You tried to pay him
off with a $2,000 check,

and he tore it up, didn't he?

What happened when
he didn't take the bribe?

Is that when you
decided to poison him?


I told him he had to move out.

Geez, I didn't kill him.
I had no reason to.

What if he threatened to
blow the whistle on you?

Well, that's not what happened.

Where did you get the test?

All right. Have it your way.

We'll get a list of the
people who took the test.

And the ones who knew you...

Somebody will cooperate
with us. The only problem

of going to all
that trouble, Kyle,

is that it won't leave much
room for a break for you.

What kind of break?

How much did he
pay you for the test?

Answer the question, Billy.

I didn't get any money.

I was just doing
someone a favor.

Out of the goodness
of your heart.

That's right.

Who did you do the favor for?

I gave a guy an envelope.

Well, what's the big deal?

Somebody died because
of that envelope, Billy.

Whoa, whoa. No. I
am not part of anything.

Billy, Troy Sommers found
out about that cheating,

and he was trying to stop it.

Somebody stopped him first.

It wasn't me.

Billy, we're not just talking

about the end of
your career here.

We're talking about
jail time. A lot of it.

Now, who gave you the envelope?

I am really getting tired
of these spontaneous

visits, Mark.

I promise you this
will be the last one.

I'm starting to put it
together now, Nathan.

Kyle was cheating on his

medical boards, wasn't he?

What is it you have
against my son, Sloan?

This has a little
more to do with you.

We talked to Billy.

Now, you promised him
that you would get him

in Saint Victor's residency
program if he helped you.

And, if he said anything,
you promised to destroy him.

I don't make promises to anyone.

Since you were on the medical
board that drew up this test,

you didn't want Kyle to know

that you were the one
feeding him the answers.

So Kyle thought it was just
some other cheating student.

Kyle's had a tough year, Mark.

His migraines set him back.

You're standing next
to a life preserver,

and you see your son
drowning. Wouldn't you throw it?

Kyle was born to
be a doctor, Mark.

Oh, Nathan, if that were
true, you would not have

to keep bailing him out
over and over again...

to the point of killing Troy.

You think I killed Troy?

You know, I thought Kyle
did it to protect the secret.

But when I saw his
performance at the hospital,

I realized he was
not capable of it.

No, Troy must have come to you.

Now, if he went public
with that cheating story,

you knew it would
come back to you.

Your career, your status,
everything would be ruined.

Troy thought that, uh...
cheating would ultimately

hurt Kyle.

What did you tell him?

That I would do anything
to remove an obstacle

to Kyle's success.


you were on duty the
night the drugs were stolen.

You killed him, didn't you?




Call the paramedics.

Dr. Sloan is having a
heart attack in my office.

Of course, I killed him.

He was almost as
much trouble as you.

We'll just give it a
couple more minutes.

And then I'd recommend
an emergency angiogram.

Oh, don't worry.

You're in good hands.

Don't move.

I was beginning to think this
thing wasn't going to work.

Oh, it worked just fine.

I just shot you with five
cc's of amphetamine.

Well, actually, Nathan, it
was five cc's of saline solution.

You know, we did a pretty thorough
check of your office last night,

and I kind of thought you
might go for the amphetamines,

but then I realized it could
have been the potassium.

Or the insulin.

That would have worked.

All harmless
saline solution now.

Well, it looks like you're back

in the headlines again, Nathan.

Nathan Harding,
you're under arrest

for the murder of Troy Sommers.

You have the right
to remain silent.


Anyway, Mr. Briggs

wanted me to emphasize

that the computer system
in the hospital is not a toy.

Mr. Plargent, how did the virus

get in the system
in the first place?

Very good question.

Thank you.

I don't know.

Well, more importantly,

is there anything we can do

to make sure we're
not infected again?

You had a Monkey B Virus.

I've been finding it a lot
on this freebie program

off the WEB called
Max Force One.

It's a killer.

You mean somebody put this

Max Force into their computer,

and it burned up
the whole system?

You're all networked.

All your terminals are
hooked up together.

These viruses
breed like rabbits.

All right. Well, we're
up and running now.

Thank you,
Mr. Plargent, very much.

Ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you, sir.


I am very impressed.

You got this computer
thing nipped in the bud

before it became a disaster.

Thank you, amigo.

And I want you to know
that I'm here for you.

I promise you we will continue

to be the best hospital
west of the Mississippi.

I think you're right, my friend.

Thank you, Mark.

That's what I get for
trying to save a buck.

This is the last system
you'll ever infect.