Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 7 - Love Is Murder - full transcript

Steve's new girl-friend, traveling reporter Lynn Conklin, shoots another lover, uniformed LAPD officer Tom Ames, trough the head, stages it as suicide but he was still wet after a shower. Mark suspects a connection with a similar recent cop suicide and undisguised cop killings in their own homes; indeed autopsies confirm three didn't fire the fatal guns, all had sex with a blond woman just before. Steve gets the case and similarities start piling up, such as her perfume or a bar they all attended. That all fits Lynn, who is already preparing to 'deal with' Steve, who realizes she fits the psycho - and forensic profiles too well, even her professional itinerary corresponds. She attacks Steve, who gets blinded, and her car explodes...

I wish you didn't have to go.

Well, what can I say?

When duty calls...

You don't really want to go,

do you?

Are you kidding?

It's the last thing
I want to do.

But I caught the overnight.

Lousy shifts come with the job.

Hey, you don't want
to fool around with that.

It's loaded.

I know.

Hey, Steve, somebody's
waiting on you, Sloan.

Sorry I'm late.

It's okay. I just
got here myself.

I missed you today.


I missed you, too.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Okay, fresh-roasted
beans in the grinder.

"Do not overfill."


"Press espresso grinder...

"after placing
cover on grinder."

Good morning, Dad.


How's the, uh, new coffee
machine working out?

It's coming along, coming along.

Good. I could use a cup.

Well, you just give
me a minute here

and I will have
this machine, uh...

grinding, blending,
steaming and frothing.

Not all at once, I hope.

You were out late
again last night.

Sitting up again, were we?

No, just curious.

Another date with Lynn?


You don't have
to tell me about it

if you don't want to.

Dad, there's not much to tell.

We've only been
out on a few dates.

Uh-huh. All right,
it's going well.

It's just too soon to tell.

Well, I'm glad it's going well

and it's still too soon
to tell me anything.

What'd I do?

It's okay. It's okay.

Just a little valve here
that shouldn't be open.

So, do you want to meet her?

Well, if you want me to.

Okay, we'll do it soon.

We'll go to dinner.

Okay, I'm ready.

Name your pleasure.

Well, just a regular cup
of whatever you've got.

I don't think it does regular.

Ask for something else.

Oh, okay. How about
a double-double decaf,

nonfat grande
latte, hold the froth?

Coming up.

Dad, I'm kidding.

You don't think I could do it?

This baby does everything.

Dad, you know what?

I think I'll have a cup of tea.



Sloan here.

Tom Ames?

You did?


All right. I'm on my way.

What was it?

A uniformed officer
from our precinct.

He's been found dead.

What do you got?

Ames was a shift no-show.

His partner came looking
for him and found this.

Gun in his hand,
single shot to the head.

No sign of forced
entry, no struggle.

Far as we can
tell, self-inflicted.


Unless Homicide says otherwise.

Has CSU been called?

Coming in the door.

Weird, isn't it?

Last week, a guy from
the 27th ate his gun.

Now Ames.

I knew Tom.

This just doesn't seem like him.

Excuse me.

Uh, size seven?

I wish. Eight and a half.

What's up, Dad?

Oh, find anything?

It looks like he had company;

a blond.

We found blond
hairs on a pillow.

Well, that's hardly
a match for Ames.

We also found
blond hairs on this.

Nice perfume.

Was Ames seeing anybody?

Hanover checked
with his partner.

As far as he knew,

Ames hadn't had
a date in months.

So it could be anybody.

Anybody that's blond.

And wears a size
six-and-a-half shoe.

Well, maybe seven.

Don't tell me she left
a glass slipper behind?

Not quite. Look
at this bath mat.

Hey, Norman, where's Amanda?

I got a stack of lab samples...



Amanda's in Hawaii.

Colin was given

a three-day leave,

so I gave Amanda a
three-day leave as well.

You actually let her
go? I mean, just like that?

You know, you think of me

as nothing more than
a heartless bureaucrat,

don't you, Dr. Travis?

Well, I'll have you
know that my staff's

well-being is very
important to me.

Amanda needed to
be with her husband.

I'm, I'm sure. I
just can't believe

you let her go like that.

I insisted on it.

I don't suppose you'd
insist that I go to Hawaii, too?

Norman Briggs, extension 125.

Excuse me. I have a phone call.

Just thought I'd ask.

Here you go, Mr. Briggs.

Thank you, Rosie.

Norman Briggs.

The Saperstein?

That's a big honor.

And the hospital, too?

Surprised? Absolutely.

Mum's the word.

I'll make certain.

Oh, and put me down
for an entire table.

Yes. Thank you.

The Saperstein
Award has finally come

to Community General.

Hey, Dr. Sloan,
how's Mrs. Martinez?

Oh, the gastritis is
healing very nicely.

Appetite's back,
eating normally.

Hey, with our food?

You call that normal?

Well, that's not
all. She likes it.

Hey, so what's the
latest on that cop

that died last night?

Oh, right now it's
down as a suicide.

Uh-huh. There it is: the tone.


The tone.

The "I think there's
something more to this" tone.

What's bothering you?

Well, it's just a feeling,
but something doesn't fit.

The officer who was killed

took a shower just
before he shot himself.

He was still wet
when they found him.

Well, why bother?

I mean, especially if
you're just going to...


You know, Steve said

there was a similar
incident last week

over in the 27th precinct;
officer named Tony St. James.

You think there's a connection?

Well, I don't know,

but I think we
ought to find out.

Are you scheduled
for surgery now?

No, had barbecued
ribs for lunch.

Well, you didn't
talk to the partner,

the first cop on the scene...

I talked to the
primary PI officer

and I got an advance
copy of the prelim report.

So in other words,

you got what they
wanted you to have.

I got what they
wanted me to have.

Look, you want some advice?

No, of course you don't,

but you're going
to get it anyway.

Coming up.

They're all liars...

even the nice ones.

Do your own
digging, you'll be fine.

If you listen to them, honey,

you'll be out on your
butt in less than a week.

Oh, geez, here comes Barons.

I'm going to finish
my drink elsewhere.

Be nice to him,
huh? You'll need him.

Penny. Hey, Barons.

Introduce me to your new friend.

What do I look like, huh?

Your dating service?

Frank Barons, Homicide.

Lynn Conklin, Ocean Tribune.

Heard the name.

Penny's out of here,

and you get the
beat all to yourself.

Well, not till next week.

Better drink up.

Hey, Steve.

Yeah, maybe some other time.

Nice meeting you.
What's the hurry?

I thought maybe I
could buy you a beer.

Sorry, got other plans.


You sound like
you don't like him.

Nah, he's okay.

And obviously very lucky.

No pressure.

But if your plans change...

Hi, there.


All right.

I guess this isn't the
best place to do this.

I could think of a better place.

What about dinner?

Suddenly I'm not very hungry.

Shall we?

You're a romantic.

That obvious?

That obvious.

Only one thing missing.

Tony Bennett.

Oh, I have the whole
collection on vinyl.

I knew it.

You have a nice place.

It feels like you.


So's yours.

No, it's not very homey.

You know, I move around so much,

I never really get a
chance to settle in.

You move a lot?

A few times.

But I like moving.

It suits me. New
people, new places.

I feel trapped if I'm
in one place too long.

Is that why you left San Diego?

Something like that.

So, you and you dad
actually live here together?

Uh, well, not actually together.

He has the upstairs unit.

Mm. Is he up there now?

Uh, I mean, I just thought
if he were, I could meet him.

Believe me, I want
you to meet him.

But, uh, even if
he was up there,

now is not when I'd
want to introduce you.

Are you... are you
gonna get that? No.


Hey, Steve. Hey, sorry.

Jesse, what are you doing here?

I'm s... I'm sorry.


Y-Your dad wanted me to
come down here and get you.

Those autopsy reports
are in, a-and he thought

you might want to
take a look at them.

Couldn't it wait?
Maybe I should go.

No. Look, you don't have
to. No. I might as well.

I've got some things to do
before work tomorrow. Come on.

Hey, I-I-I'll be upstairs
there if you need me.

It's your job; I understand.

I'll quit.: You're crazy.

I got to go. Mm...

All right.

You didn't.

Yeah. Well, you
said to go get him.

I didn't know he had
somebody with him.

- What was she like?
- Well...

Let's just say I
wouldn't be too happy

if you guys interrupted me.

All right...

This had better be good. Sorry.

- Well, it's kind of important.
- We've been

going over the autopsy reports
on Ames and Tony St. James.

What, the suicide in the 27?

Just a hunch, we
thought we'd go over them.

Well, obviously,
you found something.

What we didn't find is
what makes it interesting.


Okay. There was no powder
residue on either firing hand,

and there was no blood spatter

on either firing hand,

no indication of cadaveric
clutching spasms,

and no gunpowder smudging
on or near the entry wounds.

They didn't fire their guns.

You get an "A" in
forensic science.

And if they didn't...

It means they were murdered.

I take it your plans changed.

Do you mind being the new plan?

St. James, Ames and now Barons.

You say there was no attempt
to disguise it as a suicide.

Well, then we don't know if
this last one's connected or not.

No, there are way
too many similarities.

Each was killed
with his own weapon

in his own home after
a sexual encounter.

There was no sign of a
struggle, no forced entry.

Double latte says that the
lab test'll turn up blonde hairs.

I think you'd win that bet.

We got a cop
killer on our hands.

Serial cop killer.

You know, I think there's
somebody you ought to meet.

All right, I'm on my way.

As a group, serial killers
are a very tricky thing.

Each one has their own pattern,

their own ritualistic behavior.

I think you have a very
interesting case here.

Uh, do you know
that only ten percent

of these kinds of
killers are women?

Why is that?

By and large, it's a male
phenomenon based on APDs.

Personality Disorder.

Yep. Generally speaking,
they're all sociopaths,

even though they appear to
be as normal as you and me.

And that's what makes
them so dangerous.

Basically, the motivation
for these killings

come in four categories.

The first is the
pleasure seeker.

Uh, these people,
they kill for fun.

They don't care who it is.

This one seems to
care very much who it is.

So I understand.

Maybe yours is what
they call a visionary.

They claim to hear
a voice from God,

and in their mind, they're
working for a higher goal.

Or maybe yours is a purger.

This group feels
that it's helping

by eliminating one
element of society,

one that they think
is unacceptable.

Like police officers.

Authority figures
are often targets.

However, I think
that your killer

most closely fits
the last category.

That's the category
of the controller.

This person seeks to have power

by controlling the victim.

In your case, having sex before
the crime is the act of control.

Do you think we're looking
for a control killer here?

I wish it were that easy.

There are, however, two factors

that are common to
just about all of them.

One is they crave
celebrity status

for their killings.

And the other is they
don't seem to feel any guilt

uh, for what they've done,
even after they've been caught.

They don't realize what
they're doing is wrong.

That's because
in their mind it isn't.

You know, she changed
her pattern on the last one.

That's a bad indication.

You mean, because she didn't
try and hide it as a suicide?

The fact that she
didn't try to cover up

shows that she's getting bolder.

Does that mean more dangerous?

I think that her compulsion
to kill is getting stronger.

My guess is

that she'll strike again
and probably very soon.

Come here.

Four feet.


Three shelves and
recessed lighting.

And you have those plans
I drew up, right? Good.

Dr. Travis, a moment of
your time, please. Yeah.

I've taken you off
rotation for Thursday night.

You have? Yes.

Wow! I've been trying to
trade that night with everyone,

even interns from County.

You have?

No, not really.

Well, good. Yeah, I'll say.

See, there's this girl.
Her name is Molly.

Oh, she's amazing...
And I been trying to get

a date with her
for, like, weeks.

Finally, she says yes,
but only on a Thursday.

See, she's got
class or something.

Well, you'll have to rent a tux.

It is just a first date.

Well, you won't
be going on a date.

You'll be attending

the Saperstein Benefit Dinner.

And why would you think that?

Because I have already
bought you a ticket.

You'll be sitting with me
and Dr. Sloan at our table.

What about my date?

Oh, you can take her if you
want. Are you kidding me?

Either you go to the dinner,
or I put you back on rotation.

Goodman Formal Wear.
Tell them I sent you.

Oh. Excuse me.

Doing some remodeling,
Norman? No. Why?

Well, there's a carpenter there

measuring the wall. Go away.

You know, you have to
keep your eye on everything.

Oh, speaking of which, the Saperstein
Benefit Dinner is the day after tomorrow.

I took the liberty of buying
us all tickets. All of us?

All of us. Oh, Norman,

I hate those things,
especially the Saperstein.

Some pompous doctor getting
an award he doesn't deserve.

It's not my kind of evening.

Well, I hear the Saperstein
family made some changes.

Maybe the dinner won't
be so bad. Mm-hmm.

Jell-O salad. Dried-up
chicken in a mystery sauce.

Cold rolls. I don't
think so, Norman.

And if he's not
going, I'm not going.

He's going. We're all going.

Thursday night,

Bel-Air Ballroom, 8:00 sharp.

We'll have a
wonderful time together.

Okay? Be there.

Want to come with
me to get a tux?

I already have one. Thank you.

So does this mean that
our killer is pregnant?

I've isolated a
synthetic element

from each of the
officer" clothing swatches

and tested for
similar reactions.

And the perfumes match?

Right down to the
phenylethyl oxyacetalhyde.

It's a synthetic rose fragrance.

I knew that.

Hi, guys. Hey. Hi.

Got your message. What's up?

Well, we've come
up with a definite link

between two of the
crime scenes. Which two?

Ames and Barons.

I noticed a distinctive perfume

on the clothing of
each of the victims...

Was Ames' robe
and Baron's shirt.

Chemical analysis proves
it's the same perfume.

Unfortunately, the
third victim's clothes

had already been
cleaned and boxed.

Well, that's something.

Well, we have
considerably more than that.

Jesse and I have been working
on a kind of a profile of the killer.

Great. Let's hear it. We
have a Caucasian female,

5'5 " to 5'9", between
110 and 130 pounds,

shoulder-length brown
hair, probably middle-class,

making around $25,000
to $40,000 a year.

How's that?

It's, uh, remarkable.

You don't mind if I ask a couple
of questions, do you? Shoot.

5'5 " to 5'9"?

Hold on just a moment.

Angle of entry of the bullet.

Uh-huh. And the bath mat
imprint and the shoe size

gave you the weight,
right? That's very good.

But then you lose
me. Brown hair?

Ah. Well, uh, bottled

blonde, really.

Be Your Best #102.

Uh-huh. Well,
that doesn't exactly

eliminate a lot of
suspects in this town.

Hardly any. Mm-hmm. How'd
you come up with the income?

Well, there's the over-the-counter
hair dye, for one thing.

Yeah. Either too poor or
too cheap to go to a salon.

And the perfume is called Adore.

It's an inexpensive rip-off

of Passion #7. You
wouldn't happen

to have an address
on her, too, would you?

No, I'm awfully sorry.

A little profile
is all we can do.

The rest is up to you. Mm-hmm.

Pool shark, too, huh? Steve!

Thanks, Jack.

Hi. Hi.

I never figured
you for an Irish cop.

Beer for lunch?

Oh, no, actually I'm,
uh, here to talk to Dino.

I'm hoping he could
help with the investigation.

Anything new?

I wish I could tell you.

I know. I just thought maybe
you might like to leak something.

Like maybe what your evidence is

that connects
the three killings?

How'd you know it was three?

Supposedly, that's,
uh, confidential.

I am a reporter,
remember, and a good one.

I have sources.

All right, one last
question... then I got to go.

No. This source has,
uh, "no comment."

Well, are we
still on for dinner?

You've got Baron's address?

Yeah. I'm... I'm
doing the story on him.

I can't believe he's dead.

You know, I just met him
yesterday... here, as a matter of fact.

Steve, don't worry.

He was the one doing
the flirting. I wasn't.

So, tonight?

Yeah. I'm looking forward to it.


And this time,

we'll remember to lock the door.

See you. See ya.

Hey, Dino.

Steve. What can I do ya?

Dino, you know these guys?

That's Tom Ames,

Frank Barons...

This other one I don't know.

I've seen him in here
once, maybe twice.

Tony St. James...
He's with the 27.

Dead? Mm-hmm.

Dino, have you seen a
woman around here, uh...

5'5 " to 5'9", blonde,
110, maybe 130 pounds,

talking to, uh, Barons or Ames?

Come on, Steve.

That's half the women
that come in here.

Even that girl you're seeing.

Lynn? Sure.

She and half the girls in
L.A. match that description.

I'm sorry. I-I can't help you.

That's all right, Dino. Thanks.


Hi. Hi, Steve.

Busy? No, I'm
just getting ready...

Look, something's come up,
and, uh... I've got to cancel.


I'm really sorry. No.
Sure. I understand.

We'll do something tomorrow,
okay? Yeah. See you tomorrow.

Okay. Bye-bye.

So that's what cafe
restrando is, huh?

He's not in.

I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to startle you.

No. I just didn't expect to see
anyone come from up there.

You must be Lynn. Yes.

He was right.
You're very pretty.

You're his father.

That I am. Mark Sloan.

He told me you two were
sharing the beach house. Yeah.

Listen, you could come
upstairs and wait if you'd like.

Oh, no. No, I can't.


but is he okay?

Well, as far as I know.

Should I be worried
about something?

Well, he's just...

been working so hard
on this investigation.

Oh, yeah. He was up half
the night on the case files.

Did he find anything?

Don't know.

Look, are you sure
you don't want to wait?

He's probably just out
for a jog somewhere.

Oh, you know, I'm
already late for a meeting.

But I'll stop by the
precinct later. Okay.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Lynn was here looking for you.

She's worried.

Now I think I'm getting worried.

Did you get a good
look at her, Dad?

Yes, I did.

Very attractive.

Besides that.

What else did you see?

I don't follow.

5'9", 115, 120 pounds.


She fits the description.

Well, so do a lot
of other women.

Do you think Lynn was connected
to those killings somehow?

Four cops were killed

in Santa Mera in '93.

Four more were killed
in San Diego last year.

Same MO. All unsolved.

Guess who recently
moved here from San Diego

and who works
around cops every day?


What about Santa Mera?

Do you know if she lived there?

I don't know what to
feel on this one, Dad.

My heart's saying

she couldn't possibly have
had anything to do with this.

But my head, my instincts...

I don't know which way to go.

You know I'll do
whatever I can to help.

I know.

I'm just going to have
to deal with this myself.

What are you going to do?

Investigate my
leads like a good cop

and hope the hell
they prove it's not her.



You got a minute?

What did you have in mind?

I need to ask you
some questions.

Hmm. Well, that
is usually my line.

Mind if I borrow it?

Is this about your case?



It's a shame about Frank.

It was just like him
to get killed by a Betty.

Dumb SOB.

I'm really going to miss him.

So, what do you need?

What can you tell me
about Lynn Conklin?

You think she's involved?

Look, this is just
between us for now, okay?

Yeah, but when it's
over, I get the exclusive.

When I say so.

All right. One big last
bang before I go. I like it.

So, what do you need to know?

What do you know about
her work in San Diego?

Not much.

Only that she used another name.

Um... O'something.

O... O'Hare, I think.


I thought she was
running from an ex.

What makes you
think she was running?

She's cagey, you know?

Never reveals
anything about herself

and gets very
tense if you ask her.

What about her other jobs?

She work anywhere else?

She's been all over the place.

I've seen clippings
from Fresno, uh...

Santa Barbara, San Francisco.

You'd think she was
a travel correspondent

with a resume like that.

What about Santa Mera?


But not for work.

No, she went to college there.


Go ahead. You tell him.

Uh.. Norman, we've
been discussing

that dinner tomorrow night.

Yes, it should
be quite an event.

I... I... we...

As in neither of us.

Norman, we don't want to go.

What are you saying?

I think what we're saying
is that we don't want to go.

Well, you have to.

Th-that's all there is to it.

You just have to attend.

Norman, you know
how I hate those things.

Do you think I like them?

I have to go to dozens a year.

You just have to go to
this one. Well, no, I don't.

Oh, yes, you do.

Look, Norman, next year. Huh?

I'm with him.

No. Next year won't do.

If it's money, I
gave a donation.

Do you realize how prestigious
the Saperstein Award is?

What it means to
the doctor who get it

and for the hospital
that he's associated with?

Well, of course I am, but what
does that have to do with me?

You're getting it.

Are you happy now?

I wasn't supposed
to say anything.

I'm getting the Saperstein?


What are you getting it for?

For his outstanding
lifetime body of work,

greatly furthering

the discipline of
internal medicine.


That's quite an honor.

I don't know what to say.

Well, since it's tomorrow night,

you should have plenty
of time to think about it.


Every time I try to pull
off a surprise, it's ruined.

Well, at least you could try

to look surprised.



I think that went pretty well.

Yeah. The Saperstein.

Lynn, it's Steve.

Are you here?


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Like it, Steve?

It's one of my favorites.


Just turn around.

I only wear it on
special occasions.

Reminds me of that night.

You know what I'm talking
about, don't you, Steve?

Come on.

Let's go for a little drive.


Move, or I will just
shoot you right here.

It's your choice.

You know, I wasn't even sure

you were going to
be one of the four.

But now...

you've really left me no choice.

Are you by chance
heading into town?

No, I'm not.

Okay, sorry if I bothered you.


Not a thing.

No sensation to light at all?


What's going on, Dad?

You said the bullet
didn't cause any damage.

Well, it didn't.

Except for that
surface wound there.

When you went
through that glass,

you somehow took a hard
blow to the occipital lobe.

It caused some swelling in there

that's impairing your vision.

That sounds bad.

No, it isn't.

It could have been a lot worse.

The CAT scan showed

absolutely negative

So the insult couldn't
have been too traumatic.

You wouldn't be saying
that if this was your head.

I've given you some
cortical steroids.

It should help take
the swelling down.

Then I'll be able to see?

Well, it'll take a few
days, but you'll recover.

Can I go home?

You feel up to it?

I'd rather be there.


Hi, Jess.

Is something wrong?

I, uh...

I just got a message through
the front desk for Steve.

Um, there was an
accident and, uh,

they found Lynn dead.

What happened?

Well, her car smashed up
on an embankment on PCH.

And, um... there was a big fire.

The coroner just
made the preliminary ID

about 20 minutes ago.

Give us a second, Jess.


You want to talk about it?

What's to talk about?

She's dead.

Just like St. James,
Ames and Barons.

You cared for her, Steve.

Dad, I didn't even know her.

Well, you did know what
happened to her when she was a kid.

Apparently, having
those officers acquitted

was too much for her.

It doesn't make it right.


Maybe it helps explain the why.

I just want to put it
behind me, okay?


Take me home, Dad.


I'll get the car.

She looks good, doesn't she?

Very nice, Norman.

She'll look even better
with your award in there.

Norman, look, an awful
lot has been going on lately.

I was just wondering,
would you...

would you mind accepting for me?

You mean you won't be
there for the Saperstein?

Well, if it's all
the same to you...

Dad, I'm really glad
you're going to this.

Believe me, I wouldn't,

but I've had all of Norman's
whining and crying I could stand.

This is your big night out.

Now don't worry
about me. I'll be fine.

Are you sure you
don't want to come?


Well, you've been
through a lot, Steve.

Which is exactly why I need
to spend some time alone.

You'd be very impressed with
how sharp your old man looks.

Well, why don't you
take me a picture?

I'd like to see it. I
don't look that sharp.

Uh, I'd better get going.
I don't want to be late.

Last chance. No, thank you.

Now you call me if
you need anything. I will.

Now go get your
award. All right.

Ladies and gentlemen,

an honor like this
leaves me speechless...


You should watch
where you're going, Steve.


Is anybody there?

You know it's me,
don't you, Steve?

I've come for you.

Poor baby.

Let me help you up.

What's the matter? Aren't
you glad I came back?

What do you want, Lynn?

To finish this.

It's time it all ended.

You were different, Steve.

Everything with
you was different.

Not like with the others.

Like the cops in San
Diego and Santa Mera?

They're all the same everywhere.

Except you.

I'm glad you found out.

I'm tired, Steve.

I'm so tired.

And now that it's over...

we can be together.

I know now that's why you
didn't die back at my house.

Because we're
supposed to die together.

I wasn't always like this.

Those cops did this to me.

Those men.

They laughed.

They laughed...

but they're not
laughing anymore.

I wouldn't have
laughed at you, Lynn.

I would have stopped them.

I know.

That's what makes
you so special.

Why are you making this so hard?

We're meant to be together.

I didn't want it
to be like this.

Lynn, no!

Come on, Dad, you're going
to blind me with that thing.

Well, your eyesight's back.

Looks like a hundred percent.

That doesn't mean I'm
not still worried about you.

I'm going to be all right.

Are you?

I'm working on it.

I just keep
thinking if I'd known,

I could have gotten her help,

could have done
something for her.

It didn't go that way, Steve.

You never had that chance.

You know, if anything
ever happened to you,

I don't know what I'd do.

You know, I feel
the same way, Dad.

Hungry? Yeah.

Oh! You all right?

Just kidding.

You clown.