Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 6 - Murder on the Run: Part II - full transcript

Steve undoes Mark's gag, he tells Delany that George Karn jumped out miles back, then shows Jessie the car he hid the runaway in and brings him home to the beach-house, practically under Steve's nose, but has to sneak him incognito back in hospital and later to Jesse's flat. Now the sleuths examine George's theory his wife Margie was possibly murdered because of her law-suit against the nasty dealings of video producer King Bridger. Jessie joins to investigate the murder scene gym club, where Bridger enlisted Wendy Sawyer to make an alternative video to Margie's. Lietenant Mike Delaney threatens Mark if he finds him helping the fugitive. Amanda pretends to be a client to test Bridger's lawyer. Mark sees the club's new owner, checks out the roof, finds himself a target, is arrested after Delenay found Karn's bloody shirt in his trash but makes bail and soon unties the twisted knots after a last chore for eager Jessie and another crime put him on more tracks...

♪ ♪

Four... five...



Hold your fire.

Get back here, Sloan!

Is he here?


It's all over, Dad.

You all right?

I am fine and I am
very pleased to see you.

Where the hell's Karn?

Uh... he jumped off
about three miles back.

Jenkins, he's gone!

Get the men on the track!

We're gonna walk the
rails all the way back to L.A.

if we have to!

All right.

Let's start at the beginning.

Our train slowed down
and he jumped off.

He's hurt. How hurt? Damn it.

Knock it off, Delaney.

He's been through

enough for one day.

Day's not done yet.

I said back off!

You're through with him now.

Do you hear me?

You just earned yourself a
departmental hearing, hotshot.

Send me an invitation.

No wonder you
never get a promotion.

Don't you start with me.


Oh, man.

I knew I was
going to miss it all.

I had to hitch a
ride back to town

on this truck hauling bell
peppers out of Bakersfield.

Then I get back, there's
a ticket on my windshield.

Can you believe...?

You know, enough about that.

How's George?

Uh, you mean, where's George?

He escaped again, Jesse.


Listen, can you
drive me back home?

Yeah, no problem. Okay.

You going to be all right?
Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.

See you later. Bye. I
hope you're not in trouble.

Bet you can't wait
to get back home.

Uh, Jesse, have you
ever been to Oxnard?


Let's see, we were
one, two, three...

That's where we were.

Pleasant trip?

Not bad.

There were a couple
of tricky moments

crawling along the side
of the car with this arm.

You, uh...

Aren't you, uh...

Is he going to hit
me again? No, no.

Jesse's a healer, not a fighter.

Let's go.


What are we going
to do with him?

We're gonna kidnap him.

Only you could do this, Mark.

What? Only you could get grabbed

out of a hospital at gunpoint

and then return with the
guy as a new best friend.

We just had to get
to know each other

a little better, that's all.

So you came here for
your little get-together?

He would have died
out there, believe me.

Besides, you know,
with George missing,

whoever killed his wife
is very worried right now.

Worried enough to
make a bad move?

You have a devious mind, Amanda.

You're not looking
too bad here, George.

Yeah, well, you run
a good clinic here.

Well, it's just temporary.

George, the fastest way
to get you out of all this

is to start looking
for your wife's killer.

Look in that journal. Ah!

I'm telling you, Margie
wrote everything down.

She got killed

because she found something
dangerous out about our club.

A club.

You know something, Jesse?

You're getting a little
puffy around the middle.

I'll bet your cholesterol

is going through
the roof, isn't it?

So you think I should check
out some health facilities, huh?

That's exactly
what I was thinking.

All right.

What about this guy Bridger?

He's a greedy leech.

He makes Margie's
first three videos,

and then when
the sales take off,

he hires a high-rent attorney

and files suit for
50% of all rights.

He claimed the whole
thing was his idea.

Where does the
lawsuit stand now?

I have no idea.

Well, I can't let
Jesse have all the fun.

What's Bridger's first name?


Very unassuming.

Okay. That's two good
starting points right there,

but I want to look at the,
uh, trial transcriptions,

I want to look at
the police files.

Steve can help me with that.

But Mark, are you going
to tell Steve about...?

Well, eventually, yeah.

Hey, how eventually?

Because I think that's
him coming up the stairs.

Amanda, get George
in the laundry room.

Roll up your sleeve.


Yeah? In here.

Hi. Hi.

Hey, Jesse, what
happened to you?

Oh, just a few cuts and bruises

from jumping off the train.

Where's Amanda?

I saw her car outside.

There's something in my throat.

Any word on George Karn?


They did a five-mile
grid, but, uh...

he slipped.

How's Delaney taking it?

How do you think?

You know, Steve,

I spent the better part of a
day glued to George Karn.

He didn't do it.

He didn't kill his wife.


Why not?

Because the minute

he escaped, he went
straight to the one thing

that he thought would
prove his innocence;

this journal and
whatever's in it.

I don't think he did it
and I'm going to prove it.

Well, I learned a long time ago

that nothing I can say is
going to change your mind

so I'm going to bed.

Yeah, why don't
we call it a day?

Good night. Yeah.

Sleep well.

Oh, and if you want
to help George Karn,

you better step on it.

He's probably three
states away by now.

Mm. Amanda. Good night.

More like three rooms.

Yes, Chrissy, what is it?

There's someone here
to see you, Mr. Bridger.

A young lady.

Oh, yeah? How's the face?


She, uh, positively glows.

Ooh, no kidding? I like that.

Stu and I'll be right out.

And that is how you get

to see Mr. Bridger.

Is he always like this? Mm-hmm.

It's knee-jerk with him.

He'll hit on anything moving.

Wait till he gets a
load of me. Hmm!

How do you do?

I'm King Bridger and this
is my lawyer Stu Havlik.

And you are...?

Amanda Livingston.

Yes, well, let's
get right to it.

I have a great idea
for a maternity video.

Not really my line.

The script's all
written. Yeah, well...

And $300,000 from investors.

And I have to tell
you they were thrilled

to know that I was
coming to talk to you.

Because let's face it,

you are the king
of self-help video.

Oh, you are absolutely right.

However, there is one concern.

What? What concern?

Yes, we understand that you
ended up suing Margie Karn?

I don't like talking
about the dead,

but Margie was an
ungrateful little witch, okay?

She was nobody
when she came to me.

Those videos... That
was pure Bridger:

the makeup, the costumes,
the sets, even the exercises;

that whole

leg-kick thing, that was mine.

You see, Mrs. Livingston,

there was, unfortunately,
no formal contract,

which led to a great
deal of confusion

about rights and royalties.

I see.

So, would the
lawsuit be ongoing?

Oh, absolutely.

Do you expect to win? Mm, yeah.

Well, maybe Margie
Karn's death helped.

I mean, with the president
of Karn Enterprises dead...

Mr. Bridger's case might be

less vigorously
contested, that's correct.

Listen, I got to run.

Set up an appointment
here with Havlik.

He'll show you the
standard contract.

Chrissy, where's my camera bag?

It's right over there.

Oh, thank you.


God, my damn
shoulder is killing me.

I can hardly sleep at night.

Free weights, pool,
and spa are on the roof.

I noticed you guys have a lot

of security cameras around here.

Oh, holdover from the
people who built the place.

They were a little paranoid.

Oh, Margie Karn, right?

Considering what happened,

I guess she had a
right to be paranoid.

Yeah. Poor Margie.

And I was her manager, too.

Really? Hey, I noticed
that you guys decided

to keep the name "Karn Power
Health" even after her death.

Well, the new owners
thought they should stay

with the name recognition.


All that'll change soon.

Hi, I'm Wendy Sawyer.

Hi. Jesse Travis.

What's going to change soon?

The people are going to forget
that Margie Karn ever existed.

I'm working with King Bridger.

Got a video coming out myself.


Well, I look
forward to seeing it.

You won't be disappointed.

You a new member?

Yeah. No.

I mean, well,

I haven't decided.

Oh, good.

A cute guy like
you will love it.

Is everything ready

for the video shoot tomorrow?


Come on by if you
want a better look.

See ya.


Not one bit shy, is she?

No. No, she's not shy.

Well, don't let the sex
kitten stuff fool you.

There's Dracula
under all that mascara.

Hey, is she one
of the new owners?


Wendy just acts like
she owns everything.

Actually, she's
one of our trainers,

but her agenda
is to be a lot more.

She hovered around the
edges of Margie's career

just waiting for her
chance at stardom.

You could practically
hear her drooling.


So, did George Karn sell
his shares in the club, too?

Yeah. Had to.

For legal fees, I hear.


Who owns it now?

Some conglomerate.

Don't worry about who owns it.

It's the best gym in town.

Come on. I'll show you the roof.


I've got some nice thick steaks.

I can do 'em rare. I
can do 'em well done.

Anything in between's
a little shaky.


What happened?

Oh, I-I fell...

My breathing's not so good.

George, you are burning up.

Well, you know something?

All things considered,
you're in pretty decent health.

X rays look good, lungs healing,

arms stable, got
those ribs taped.

That was the fastest
physical I ever had.

Fastest one I ever gave, too.

Now all we've got to
do for the next few hours

is get you quiet.


What are you doing?!

Why are you running
down the hall?

I wasn't running.

I was walking briskly.

You know what's
happening, don't you?

What's happening? No! What?

You don't know?

Listen to this.

I was told a Mr. Klosterman
was in Radiology,

but he wasn't.

Then I was told a
Mr. Binder was in the lab.

He wasn't.

Then apparently
a Mr. Rittenhouse

was supposed to report
to Physical Therapy.

And he didn't. No.

So what's happening?

They don't exist.

I checked with admissions.

We don't have a Klosterman,
Binder and Rittenhouse.

It's that woman.

What woman?

Dr. Cohen to Radiology.
Dr. Cohen to Radiology.

Young man, I believe
we are under a spell.

Voodooism is hanging
over this hospital

like a black curtain
and I'm the curtain rod.

But that's another story.

Are you all right?

Of course not.

Why, do I look all right?

Is there anything
I could do for you?

Yes! Yes!

But this is in the
strictest of confidence.

Not a word.

To no one! Never.

I want you to be my
eyes and my ears.

Check out these
phantom patients.

Together we can solve this
and lift this curtain of doom.

Right. I'll do what I can.

Definitely the curtain rod.

Hey, Doc!


Norman's on a witch hunt.

He's looking up
all those aliases

you made up for Mr. Karn.

I'm done with the exams.

I just need a room
for him. Okay.

Boy, I swear, just
when you think that guy

can't get any weirder,
he's now convinced

that some voodoo
woman has put a...

a jinx or a curse
on the hospital.

Of course.

That's where we'll put George.

It's absolutely Norman-proof.

Mark, I'd like you
to meet someone.


Maya? Hi.

This is Dr. Mark Sloan.

Ah, your friend.

How do you do?

She's crazy about you.

Well, the feeling is mutual.

You're searching for something.


A murderer. Ah.

Well, you must
look up, not down.

I'm sorry. I don't
quite understand.

Well, often I don't either.

It's just something I feel.

That's great. Hmm.

Hey, Doc, can I tell you
what I found out today?

Oh, me too. Yeah.

Excuse us, please.
Bye-bye. 'Bye.

I'm first.

Okay, this King Bridger
is a real character,

a slice of heaven.

It's a serious ego problem,

not to mention a libido
problem, too, I gather.

Anyway, he's still suing.

He expects to win.

And his attorney
as much as admits

that Margie's death
might help the case.

Hey, let me check
him out some more.

He's shooting a video for
someone who is, and I quote,

"Going to make people forget
that Margie Karn ever existed."

The name is Wendy Sawyer

and I heard that she cannot wait

to jump into that
fitness queen void

created by Margie's death.

Understudy kills star.

It could happen. Now
how do you expect

to get close to a video shoot?

Wendy said I was cute.

Ah, well, then
that's a done deal.

It's a good start.

And then I'd sneak in.

Hey, by the way,

they sold Karn's, uh... place.

It's new owners, but
the same managers.

Well, that was
quick. Who bought it?

I don't know, some
group or something.

Public record.

I can get those
at the courthouse.

We got company.


You hear we didn't
find George Karn?

I did.

You sure he jumped
off that train, Doctor?

Why, where else would he be?

Well, that's what I
was asking myself.

Also I was asking myself

why a man matching
your description

and a young blond guy were seen

at a railroad siding

in Ventura County.

Well, I have no idea.

You're nosing around, Doctor.

Nosing around?

You've got your Scout
troop out asking questions.

Well, let me ask
you one last question.

Are you familiar with
obstructing justice,

harboring a fugitive?

Those are felonies.

That they are.

And if I find out you're
involved in either one,

we're going to have
ourselves quite a dance.

Can you hide him
for a few more hours?

Yeah. Then what?

Well, then George
takes another trip.


Cut! Cut!

Cut! God!

Wendy, what is this?

The elephant march?

I mean, can't you even count?

And while I'm at it,

who is the idiot in blue?

Everybody, take a break.

And, Wendy, get over here.

Dr. Livingston, I presume.

You've probably
heard that one before.

Ah, once or twice.

Thank you.

So you've decided to
use Mr. Bridger, hmm?

Uh, actually I'm not sure
that's going to work out.


Uh, second thoughts
on your video?

I'm having second thoughts
about a number of things.

I found out that your firm
did the incorporation work

for, uh... Sunlight Enterprises.

And they bought Karn's
Power Health, I believe.

They did.

I know it well.

Uh, Mr. Bridger

is currently
involved in litigation

against the Karn estate.

I know. I find it terribly

confusing, because your firm

is representing
Sunlight Enterprises

and is also suing

the company that
Sunlight bought.

Sounds like a tangled
web, doesn't it? Sounds like

conflict of interest.

No, no, not at all.

The case that I'm
overseeing for Mr. Bridger

is only targeted at the late
Mrs. Karn's video assets.

The sale of her other assets

are being handled by
a junior partner here.

It's a completely
separate matter.

That explain that?

No, not quite.

Who is Sunlight Enterprises?


it's a law firm-client
relationship, you know.

Just like the doctor-

patient relationship, I presume.

Well, let's see.

I could always petition
the Secretary of State.

It is public record, after all.

SECRETARY: Yes, sir?

Would you have Mr. Mathis
bring in the Karn file, please?

Right away.

It'll save you

the postage.

Why, you certainly are thorough

when you begin a
business venture, huh?

Actually, I'm looking
for a murderer.

A... uh...?

One more. Come on.

You can do it.

That's it.


Okay, one more.

That's it. Great.

Thanks, give it to me.

That was good, Chuck.

At home, work on
those squats and leg lifts.

Excuse me.

Yeah? Are you Didi Harris?

Yeah. Hi. Can I help you?

I'm Dr. Mark Sloan.

Oh, I could use a
doctor after that session.

Six sets of dumbbells,

six three-minute
rounds and then pull-ups.

Well, you sure look
great after doing all that.

Your hair...

it's still neat.

Fitness secret: it's not real.

Oh, I see.

You know, I'm kind of surprised

you still conduct
these sessions,

personally, I mean.

You own the place
and everything.

What are you after, Doctor?

As a matter of fact,

I'm with the police department.

I just need some information.

Seems like you have
quite a bit already.

You know I own this
place, at least part of it.

But you, uh, you call yourself
the manager, don't you? Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I'm an owner-manager,

and I do both jobs
better than the last group.

Oh, George and Margie Karn?

Margie, mostly.

As far as I'm concerned,
George was deadwood.

When Margie died, I
wanted to keep the club going.

So I found a few
investors and bought it.

This place is doing twice
the business it used to.

You know, I gather
you're doing well.

Oh, I noticed a big Mercedes
in your spot when I drove in.

You don't miss
much, do you, Doctor?

Hi, Didi.

Just checking the layout
for the shoot tomorrow.

Is that Wendy Sawyer?

The one and only.

She work here?

I let Wendy use the
facility as a home base.

A place like this needs
a face, a personality.

So let her have the limelight.

She can chat up the
customers, the press.

Me, I'm just an
old weight lifter

trying to turn a buck.

Oh, I've got a 3:00.

Any more questions, Doctor?

No. Do you mind
if I look around?

Oh, have a ball.

Let me know what that
keen eye of yours picks up.

♪ ♪

She would have
weighed... 125 pounds.

She would have
been struggling, too.

It's funny... I never
really considered

a weight rack to be
particularly scary before.

Well, thank God
you're all right, Mark.

Your theory's right.

Oh, somebody is very nervous.

When exactly are you
going to tell Steve about this?

Uh... later.

Oh, that's exact.

Oh, but you know,
it doesn't matter.

Because this thing is over.

Bridger's got the hair trigger,

and he's also got the motive.

Margie Karn's videos sold

over four million units
last year at $29.95 a pop.

So, you know, you do the math.


Is somebody here?


It's me.

And I brought a friend.

Say hello to my buddy,
Mr. Search Warrant.

Guess what we found
out in your trash can?

Look familiar?

Uh, no.

Maybe you'd better look again.

George Karn's shirt.

Where is he, Sloan?

I have no idea.

Jenkins, cuff this man.

Yes, sir.

You can't just...

No, you can.

Mark, don't worry.

We will get you out of this.

Better stop by the bank.

Bail is going to be
steep on this one.

Mark Sloan, you are under arrest

for aiding and abetting
a fugitive from justice.

Jenkins, read him his rights.

You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up this
right to remain silent...

What size are those shoes?


Got a cigarette?

Cig...? No.

Not me. I'm a doctor.

You're better off without
one, you know that.

You know, I could get you

one of those, uh,
nicotine patches.

Did I ask for a patch?


Just a little free
medical advice, a habit.

That... like that, um,

mark there on your
arm, for instance.

That's probably tinea corpus.

What's that supposed to mean?

Ringworm. Worm?

Well, I could for instance,

get you some of that
anti-fungal cream.

Fungal? Uh...

Bail time!

Oh, thank God.

Jesse, that's good.


Here's your stuff.


I had Steve do a little
run on Mr. Bridger.

Come up dirty?

Oh, like a coal miner's pants.

History of temper problems.

And get this: three assault
charges, all on women.

And this is the guy
who hated Margie Karn

for cutting him
out of the fortune.

And the guy who hung
around her health club.

Still does. Want to meet him?

Oh, absolutely.

I can't believe Delaney
throwing you in this pit.

Well, I did have George's shirt.

Although, technically,
you didn't have George.

No. Uh... we need to talk.

How big is your apartment?

All right, cut! Stop! Stop!

Damn! This is ridiculous!

I am getting a flare
off Wendy's face!

What did you use for makeup?


All right, take a break.


Oh, my shoulder!

Excuse me. May I
see you for a moment?

Oh, what now?
Well, I'm a doctor.

I noticed you had
a little pain there.

I thought maybe
I'd take a peek at it.

Ow! Get away from me.

How long have you had that?

A year.

A year?

Ow! Don't

touch me again. Sorry.

We should have brought Steve.


Why? Because of Bridger.

He's the murderer.

He didn't push
anybody off any roof.

Not unless he had a winch.

He's got a torn rotator cuff.

He's had it for
quite a while now.

Probably has trouble
picking up soap in the shower,

much less lifting a 125-pound
woman over the side.

You know, Jesse, all of
the witnesses at the trial

were from the
street... From below.

Hey, isn't it odd

with all those office
buildings up there,

that somebody
didn't see something?

You know, maybe
Amanda's priestess was right.

You want me to do something.

Yes. Right away, sir.

What did you want me to do?

Norman! Mr. Briggs!

Norman, I'm so glad I found you.

I have a couple of messages
here from Jesse for you.

It's regarding the
mystery patients.

That was in the
strictest of confidence.

Well, you know Jesse.

He told you our
whole conversation?

Yeah. About being your
eyes and your ears. Yeah.

Anyway, apparently,
Mr. Klosterman

and Mr. Rittenhouse were
walk-ins... friends of Mark's...

So they weren't
registered. And Mr. Binder

was a typo at Admitting.

It's Mr. Winder, and
he's in room 313.

Oh, that's it then?
Well, that's it then.

No. Actually, I'm curious

about your curse.
How are your hands?

Never better.

They still bother
you, don't they?

Here. This will help.

It's just an aloe cream.

Why are you so frightened of me?

You think I practice what?

Black arts?

Never crossed my mind.

Well, I do
sometimes feel things.

Like your friend, Dr. Sloan...

He's on the right track now.

He should stay on the hunt.

I'll... I'll tell him.

And you. You have
some financial concerns.

No. A tax audit.

Ah, yes. You will win.

I will?

Slam dunk.

Use the cream.

Is she usually correct?

I'm writing a book.

A book? How interesting.

I thought you were
here about insurance.

How much collision coverage
do you carry, by the way?

Oh... none,
actually. Just liability.

Not good.

Actuaries show
that drivers under 30

are most in need of collision.

Well, excellent. Thanks.

So, about the
book you're writing?

Yeah. It's uh...
a sort of a cross

between In Cold Blood
and Reversal of Fortune.

I call it Fit to Die: The
Margie Karn Story.

Oh. Terrible tragedy.

She was way underinsured.

So, how can I help you?

Uh... well, actually, I'm
trying to talk to anybody

who might have seen
something that day.

And you're #87.

Well, I don't have
anything new, you know?

Just what I told the police.

You spoke with the police?

Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. I gave them

a full statement.

I gather I was one
of the few people

working here on a Saturday.

I was going over
one of my accounts...

Mrs. Fenner's
term life. Beautiful.

Now, there's something you
should look into. Term life.

Term life? Term life.

Excellent. Um... yeah.

Would you mind reviewing
that statement with me?

Nothing really.

I gather it didn't figure
in their investigation.

You know, they caught the
husband right at the scene.

Did you see Mr. Karn?

No. Actually, I saw
someone else leave

before Karn got there
and, uh... You know.

Can you describe him?

Yes, I can.

But, uh... just a glance,
and from this angle.

I was looking straight down.

What I saw

was the haircut. The haircut?

Mm-hmm. Short and blond.

Like mine?

Oh, no, no, no. Really blond.

Light, light blond.

Light, light blond. Mm-hmm.

Well, thank you very
much, Mr. Alfredson.

You have a beautiful smile.

You know, I could put you in
a whale of a dental program.

You put him where?

Dad, I'm a police lieutenant.

You can't hide a convicted
felon at my house.

I know that. That's why
I took him to Jesse's.

Have you considered
the consequences of this?

Uh... public disgrace, loss
of my medical license, jail.

Yeah. Yeah. Those are the ones.

Steve, have you ever
believed in somebody so much...

Or something so much... that
you'd do anything to help him?

You'd walk out on the ledge?

Yeah. All I'm saying is
when you're out on that ledge,

it can be a long fall.

You know, the trick
is to look up, not down.

What does that mean?

It was something I
just heard recently.

Hey. Come on in.


Uh... Lieutenant,
thank you for coming.

Mr. Karn, I am not
even here, okay?


So how do you
like my place, huh?

A lot of love
here. A lot of love.

I was going to take down
some of this stuff, but I, uh...

Didn't have the heart?

I didn't have the time.

Who lived here before anyway?

Mary Hart, I think.

Okay. Let's see what Jesse

found out.

She was Karen Valentine.

Jesse and I went
through the transcripts,

but we didn't come
up with anything.

Yeah. Nothing. Not a
single word from anybody

about a person with short,

very blond hair. That
description doesn't match anybody

that we're looking for,
unless they're wearing a toup.

George, you remember
that picture I asked you about

in Margie's studio?

Yeah. It was taken a couple

of years ago. Right.

That's it. Jesse,
I could kiss you.

Why? Because you just
found Margie Karn's killer.

That's why. Come on, Steve.

Let's go.

See ya.

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be out
taking care of this?

And, next time, knock before
you come into my house.


Where have I seen
those things before?

Trouble just follows you
around, doesn't it, Sloan?

Yeah, both of you.

You can take a hike.

This is a homicide, Delaney.

My area. My case.

You can call
downtown if you want to.

Delaney, how did
you get on this?

My father and I found
the body and called it in.

She's officially listed as
a part of the Karn case.

She should be. She
murdered Margie Karn.

Really? She also shoot herself?

Where's the gun?

My bet is George Karn did this.

You tampering with evidence,
Doctor, or you just born nosy?

Leave her things alone.

What have we got?

Single shot. No shell.

Looks like she put up a
struggle before she got killed.

Steve, why don't we leave
these gentlemen to finish their job?

Let him kick me off a
crime scene? No way.

First intelligent thing
your father ever said,

and you're ignoring it?

Hey, Lieutenant, those
news guys want a statement.

Tell them to wait.

Margie's video studio.

That's where I've seen
these tapes before.

And the writing's the same.

Very neatly printed.

What I can't figure out

is why would Didi
have Margie's tapes?

Two women hooked on soaps.

I am, too, you know.

You're a soap junkie?

I dabble a little bit.

Oh. Guess who.

With an escaped
felon still at large,

we're looking into
that possibility.

So do you think George
Karn killed Miss Harris?

It's possible. Anything further

would be speculation.

Now what Margie's got here

are names.

Nick and Sharon

then 324-420.

They've got to be clients.

No, no. Not clients, characters.

Nick and Sharon are stars on
The Young and the Restless.

But the numbers... I don't know.

- Tape counters!
- Tape counters!

Oh, George, you
were right all along.

It was in the journal.

What do you got
in there? Y and R?

Go to 324.

Okay, now, this Sharon and Nick

stuff is really good.

You see, Nick loves Sharon.

He wants to marry Sharon.

Except Sharon was hooked
up with this real lowlife Matt.

Now Matt's doing all he
can to keep those two apart.

In fact, recently Matt got shot

and he's telling
everyone Nick did it.

Nick did not do it.
Everyone thinks Nick did it.

- He may have to go to jail.
- Okay, 320... play from there.

Do you want to be with me?

This has nothing
to do with that.

Is that Sharon?

Yeah. Isn't she pretty?

She's a poor girl.

She has a lot of problems.

Wrong side of the tracks?

Shh. This is a really good
scene. I want to see this.

You say you're worried

about going back to jail.

So you're going to run
off? Run away forever

and you won't let
me go with you?

Oh, this is it. 324, this is it.


Oh, God.

It's a porno flick.

Uh... worse, worse.

I think that's real.

Hey, Amanda, you
shouldn't be watching this.

Get out of the way.

Yes, do.

Stop that.

I meant, freeze it.

Holy cow.

That's Didi.

Who's that guy?

Oh, my God.

It's Havlik.

Uh... Bridger's lawyer.

But where are they?

It looks like they're
in a doctor's office.

That's a massage table.

Our club.

The security cameras.

Amanda, I think maybe you
should go see Mr. Havlik again.

Well, I think I've seen enough

of Mr. Havlik this
evening already.

Mr. Havlik, may I have a
minute of your time, please?

I'm sorry, I'm... It'll
only take a second.

If you don't mind,
we can talk here

if you don't mind your
friend knowing about you

and your dead sex partner.

She's a joker.

Hey, could you just
give us five minutes?


Are you crazy?

Come here.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about
tapes that I saw

of you and Didi Harris in the
health club massage room.

Gave new meaning
to "personal training."

There are tapes?


VHS. Extended play.

Where in God's name
did you get them?

Margie Karn's video studio.

Yeah, I guess she recorded
them off of her security cameras.

Oh, God.

I told Didi it wasn't safe.

But, uh...

so, how much is this
going to cost us, huh?


Oh, please. Don't
play coy, Dr. Livingston.

Obscene tapes.

You know very
well who's on them.

Did you recognize
a few of the faces?


Yeah, I sure did.

Yeah. Congressmen,
movie stars, sports figures.

A lot of very high-profile

people stand to be
ruined by what you've got.

You'll make a
fortune in blackmail.

I guess that's why
Didi kept them.

No. No, I'm here
purely about her murder.

Her... her murder?


Oh, no. Oh, my
God, woman, no, no.

I didn't kill her.

No, I guess not.

If this is the first you
knew about the tapes.

Ah, and there were so
many others on them.

Excuse me. I have
to talk to Mark.

Come on in.

Where's the tapes?



Well... you... gone?!

The whole box.

They're not at
Didi Harris' house

and they're not in
the evidence lockup.

Delaney's the only one
who could have taken them.

So now we know who killed Didi,

but how are we
going to prove it?

I went back to the
news footage last night...

Delaney's press conference.

I got some blow-ups.

This was taken at the
scene of Didi's death.

What does this prove?

Well, I didn't get it either,

but then it hit me.

Everything we need
to know is right here.

Closed the book on Karn?

Back burner.

Perp's on the run, remember?


What about Didi Harris' murder?

That going on the
back burner, too?

Hard to do anything with all
the evidence that's missing.


Something missing?

A box of videotapes.

Proof of the sex ring that
Didi Harris was running

out of Margie Karn's gym.

It disappeared right after

we left her apartment.

It seems like a lot of things

are falling through
the cracks lately.

We've got a witness
in one of the high-rises

overlooking the health club.

It seems his
statement didn't make it

into the investigation
file either.

That's two of your cases.

I'd go real careful here
if I were you, Sloan.

If you were me, Delaney,

Didi Harris would be in
jail for Margie's murder.

Not dead.

You caught George on that
roof red-handed, didn't you?

But you were too good of a cop

to just buy it and go
home, so you kept looking.

Witnesses in the
high-rise took you to Didi.

So what happened?

Did she confess?

Tell you she killed Margie
to cover up her hookers?

Keep running your mouth.

Okay, I will.

You broke Didi.

Found out about the kind
of dough she was making

from her powerful clients,

and decided to
let the poor bastard

you already
arrested take the fall.

And then you became
Didi's new partner.

At what, a 60/40 split, maybe?

But even that wasn't good
enough, was it, Delaney?

You've got nothing but
mouth, Sloan. Nothing.

And if things are missing,
they're going to stay missing...


Meanwhile, the
story gets around,

it's just a bunch of
bull from a bitter cop

who got busted for interfering

with the capture of
a felon on that train.

See you at the IA hearings.

Can't wait.

Sloan here?

His old man's on the
phone looking for him.

Something about Didi Harris.

I'll take it.

Hello, Dr. Sloan. This
is Officer DeMarco.

What can I do for you?

Steve's not here at the moment,

but I can take a
message for him.

Okay, sure, I'll
have him come over.

Video Studio. 1318
Waterford Street.

Got it.

No problem.


Good evening, Doctor.

I was waiting for my son.

He couldn't make it.

I'll take whatever
you've got for him. Hey.

What have we got here, Doc?

What are you up to?

With an escaped
felon still at large,

we're looking into
that possibility.

So you think George
Karn killed Miss Harris?

You get it, don't you?

You're a clever man, Doctor.

No lapel pin when you
arrived on the scene,

but you're wearing
it before you leave.

Where was it?

On the floor, lost
in the shag carpet

near the closet.

Then you shot her.

It's a shame, too.

We had a good thing going.

It was you she was afraid of.

She started telling me I
was going out with her.

Easiest thing was to pop her
and pin another killing on Karn.

Now you... you're
a different problem.

Let's take a ride, Doc.

Funny, Doc, this is how it all
started for you in the first place.

If you try anything funny,
I'll kill you right here.


Take the gun off my father

or I'll take your head
off your shoulders.

You all right?

I am out of the professional
hostage business as of now.

Thank you.

Hi, guys.



Well, it looks like Jesse's
roommate is moving out, Dad.

I had to stop by and say thanks.

Doc, you saved my life
in more ways than one.

Both of you did.

Well, it was a life
worth saving, George.

You aren't thinking about
leaving with my sweater, are you?

The retrial's all set.

It starts next week. Good.

How about the
kidnapping charges?

Well, rumor has it

the prosecution has an
uncooperative hostage.

I simply felt like taking a ride
with my friend George that day.

That's all.

See ya later.

See ya. Take care, George.

All right, Marguerite,
you take care, hmm?

And you, Maya, I hope
to see you again someday.

I'd like that.

I may be around
the hospital, actually.

A new patient?

No. Sort of a job.

Hi. Hi.

Busy for lunch?



I've got some stocks
I'd like you to look over.

Oh, your treat?


The woman knows everything.

I cannot wait for the
goat dance Friday night.

Is Norman's rash gone?

Yeah. He used some
of that cream and poof...

it disappeared.

Oh, wow.

Well, maybe she
can invent a cream

where the rash
stays, yet Norman...

Stop that.

Oh... oh...

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