Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 5 - Murder on the Run - full transcript

George Edward Karn is arrested, having been seen looking over the banister of the high-tower gym roof his wife Margery -they were separated, not divorcing- was pushed over to her death by a masked man, and innocently convicted to 30 years maximum security. With broken ribs, among the victims brought into Community General after a bad accident during prison transport thereto, George manages to steal a gun, escapes with Mark as his hostage and accepts to leave Amanda just locked up, she reports he's likely to collapse soon. Jessie saw and tails them in his own beetle, without radio or phone access, and manages to sabotage their sports-car. Grumpy police lieutenant Mike Delaney, who originally arrested Karn, barely tolerates deadly-worried son Steve on his manhunt detail. Mark soon believes intelligent George only desperately tries to prove his innocence and decides to help find the real killer. They suspect video producer King Bridger and find Margery's hidden journal, then escape on a train, Jesse gets on and knocks George down, Mark wants him to jump off again, the police finally catches up...

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


My wife has fallen
over the edge!


I'm telling you, she's over...
I want to get downstairs!

All rise.

George Edward Karn,
this court finds you

guilty of murder in
the second degree

for the killing of your
wife, Marjorie Ellen Karn.

You are hereby sentenced
to no less than 30 years

incarceration in this state's
maximum security facility

at Vacaville.

No, I didn't kill my wife.

I didn't do it.

I did not kill my wife.

I... I did not kill...

♪ ♪

Her name's Margarite Toulon

and I've become quite
fascinated by this case.

I think she's
about 11 years old.

Her family's from Saint
Lucia in the Caribbean.

Are they, uh...?

Yes, Norman, they're insured.

Good. Anyway,
she's got us all baffled.

She checked in running a fever.

She had respiratory difficulty.

She had a severe headache.

And Dr. Barton
and Dr. Millenberg

examined her over
and over again.

I ran at least a
dozen tests myself

in the past couple
of days, and nothing.

She's remained stable,
but she's not improving.

That is, until last night.

And then out of the clear blue,

she just seemed to turn around.

Well, that's why our staff
has the reputation they have.

No, Norman, you
don't understand.

We didn't do anything.

Well, who did?

Well, according to the family,

it was the bruja.

Brouha? What, was there a fight?

No, no, not "brouha"
as in "brouhaha."

Bruja. B-R-U-J-A.

It originally meant "sorceress."

Oh, okay.

Yeah, it's, um...
it's a cultural thing.

You see, the island
people will put their faith

in the native healers.

And now it means more
like a, uh, a "priestess."

"Priestess"? Yeah.

She performs sort of, uh,
things like rituals, yeah.

What kind of rituals?

I don't know.

Hello. WOMAN: Hello.

I'm Dr. Livingston.

Hello. This is our
administrator, Mr. Briggs.



You should leave.

Leave? Now.

It's not good that you're here.

It's a feeling I
have, a strong one.

But I run this place.

Then you should go and run it.

I'll drop by later.

It's voodoo.

This is remarkable.

I can't explain it,
but it's happening.

The same antibiotics

that she's been
taking for the past

couple days and
not responding to,

she seems to be improving on.

Well, she's blessed now.

And so are you.

Your baby is strong.

Thank you.

You may wish to see me again.

Sometime soon.

I'll be here.

All available
personnel to E.R...

Excuse me. Surely.

We have Code Alpha.

All available personnel...

What is it?

I don't know, auto accident.

Multiple injuries. Okay.

I'll take this bed over here.

He's not going anywhere.


Michaelson? Yes, sir?

Stay on your man, please.

Officer, can we get these
shackles removed, please?

All of them? Sure.

Dr. Sloan?

Apparently two squad cars

were chasing some
guy in a stolen car.

They blow through
this intersection

and hit a prison transport van.

So we've got prisoners,
we've got guards,

we've got wounded pedestrians.

Okay, let's get focused. What
have you been able to see?

Okay, all air
passages are clear,

but we've got some
that are losing blood,

and I mean fast. Okay.

Dr. Sloan, we have
a chest wound here.

All right, intubate this man.

Yes, Doctor.

Dr. Sloan?

Dr. Sloan, take a
look at this man.

Okay, all right, we're
going to need an I.V.,

type, cross match.

Yes, Doctor.

How's it going, Amanda?

This man needs a
Pehr traction splint.

Okay, uh, get him
in number three.

Okay. Yes, Doctor.

Let's go, stat!

This man needs a chest tube.

Oh, Norman.

Look, we're going to
be really shorthanded.

Would you see if you
can get Dr. Baker, please?

We're going to need you
to monitor the blood supply.

All right? Oh, and, uh,

call over to Franklin Memorial.

See if you can get me
one more thoracic man.

Right, Mark. Thank you.

Oh, Susan, would
you get a crash cart

to number six,
please? Right away.

Now, let's see.

Have a look here.

Okay, trauma... right radius.

Yeah, yeah.

Sternum... ribs.

Let's get an X-ray, we'll
check him out. Right away.


Just try to take it easy.

Yeah, and you do the same.

Now, Doctor, we're
leaving this hospital.

Do you understand?

Well, I do, but do you?

There are policemen out there
and there are more on the way.

And if they don't stop you,
those internal injuries will.

Either I leave here
with you beside me

or I leave with you
dead on this floor.

Now do you understand me?

I do.

Hand me that robe.

I'm going to need some clothes.

Well, I, uh... lockers.

Doctors' lockers down the hall.

Ah, that's very good.

You keep this attitude up

and we might just
get through this.

I want you to lock the door.

All right, sit down.

Sit down right there.

You know, there's
probably a fracture there.

Yeah, so I noticed.

Your chest hurt?

You've got broken ribs.

My guess is you're
bleeding internally.

You know, Doc,
why don't you save

the "you're endangering
your life" speech?

I just got sentenced to 30
years for something I didn't do.

So the way I see it,

I really don't have much
of a life to endanger.

Karn, you're George Karn.

Your wife was murdered.

You've been watching
Court TV, huh, Doc?

It was a big case,
she was famous.


Ah, nice move, Doc.

No need for anyone to get hurt.

Besides, there's a
few things I need here.

Forget it, this isn't
a shopping trip.

Things for you, George.

Things to take the
pressure off that arm.

George, no!

Close the door and
give me the keys.

Amanda, stay calm.

George, I'm not going to run.

I'm not going to
challenge you in any way.

You have me, you don't
need another hostage.

We can lock her in here.

Amanda, you'll give George
and me time to leave, won't you?

Yeah, yeah.

George and I understand
each other, don't we?

We should leave now.

Dr. Sloan?

Dr. Sloan?


Somebody help!



Norman, Mark's been kidnapped.

Let's get the police! Security!

No, no, no, no,
you're driving, Doc.

We got a make on
this doctor's car yet?

They're still working
on it right now.

All right, let's seal up
as much as we can.

Airports, docks, train stations.

Check the car rental places.

I want stolen car reports, too.

Get a squad out to monitor
his friends and relatives.

You Delaney?

Steve Sloan. Metro Homicide.

The hostage is my father.

Yeah, I got a call
you were coming.

You're welcome on this detail,

but I need you to
stay clear of ops.

He's my father!

And the man who's
got him is my fugitive.

Sorry, Sloan, but if anyone
gets emotional in this,

we blow the drill.

Sergeant Wyatt,
get the choppers up.

We can start road blocks...
Maybe ten-mile radius.

Look, Delaney, I know
you know what you're doing,

but if you go World War III
on this and panic the guy,

you can get my father killed.

Spending any more time
on this can get him killed, too.

Excuse me.

Scott, over here with me.

I want a status report
every half hour...


Oh, Steve.

I know. Oh.

Look, Amanda, is there
anything you can tell me

about this guy
that took my father?

Medically? I didn't really
get a good look at him.

Everything happened so fast.

Well, best guess.

High-speed collision victim.

I noticed that his, uh,

right arm was
giving him a problem.

There could be
internal injuries.

It's all on
speculation. I'm sorry.

But he's not in good shape?

No! And will only get worse
if there's internal bleeding.

I suspect that the man's going

to collapse sooner or later.

All right.


Steve, we've got to find Mark.

Don't worry. We will.

Let's try this again.

I know you're worried.

You have a right to be.

I have a personal
history with George Karn.

I arrested him.

The reason I'm
running so hard on this

is because the book tells us

your father's already dead.

Karn probably
put a bullet in him

a couple of blocks from
the hospital. I'm sorry.

So, what am I supposed to do?

Just walk away and
start planning his funeral?

That's not going
to happen, Delaney.

Now, I don't know what
book you've been reading, but

we don't know
anybody's been harmed!

You may know this Karn,
but you don't know my father.

And you sure as
hell don't know me.

I'm in, and I'm staying in.

Don't get in my way, Sloan.

Then don't make me have to!

We all do our job right on this,

we get my father back safe.

Take a left up here.

You're a brave man, Doc.

What you did in that supply
room took a lot of guts.

I don't know about brave.

Practical maybe.

Which is something you
should start being, George.

You're not going to get far.

They probably already
got a description on this car.

They've started using
aerial search grids.

Probably have my credit card

numbers put out in
case we hit an ATM

or try to buy supplies.

They'll be monitoring
mobile phones everywhere.

How do you know all that?

Well, crime's

kind of a hobby of mine.

My son's on the force.


A hospital full of people,
and I snatch a cop's father.

And I, uh... I consult

for them once in a while myself.

Oh, even better.

Take the next right.

Come on, Doc, pull over!

Tell him you're out
of gas or something.

Does it feel like pressure's
building up in there?

I've got to look at those ribs!

Doc, we had this talk.

Take a left at this light.

Where are we going?

Anywhere in particular?

Yeah. 1318 Waterford Street.

Any reason?

To find some proof
that says I'm innocent.

You, Miss, in the muumuu!

I got to use this phone.
It's an emergency.

So do I. That's why I'm on it.

Please! Please! It's an
emergency! So is this!

Well, if that's an emergency,
how come you're talking to me?

Because you won't leave!

All right!

Hey, buddy, what are you doing?

I hear you! Geez!

Move it! All right!


Oh, that's great.

I run a red light, and for once,

there's not a cop
around to see it.

Finally, you're pulling over!

Where are we?

This is Margie's
old video studio.

You sit down right there
where I can see you.

Margie Karn, the
Queen of Fitness.

Those tapes must have sold well.

I've seen them everywhere.

Yeah. Over three million a year.

She was bigger than
Fonda and Crawford both.

Damn it. It's got
to be somewhere.

What are you
looking for, George?

You know, you ask a lot
of questions for someone

on the wrong end of a
gun. Why don't you shut up.

Maybe if you'd talk a
little bit, I'd just listen.

Well, why do I have

to tell you anything?

You don't.

Dragged me out of the
hospital at the point of a gun,

run me all over half this city.

For all I know,

you're going to kill me.

I mean, what's a
little conversation

going to hurt anything?

So talk.

What are we looking for?

It's a journal she kept.

It's all I thought
about in that cell.

I was sure it was here.

Hey... wait.



Come on. Pick up.
Pick up. Pick up.

Well, surely, somebody
looked for the book.

Yeah. My crack

defense team.

I doubt they ever believed me.

Anyway, they couldn't find it.


the DA convinced
everyone I was stalling,

and they got on with the trial.

But that book's real.

What did you
expect to find in it?

The last time

I talked to Margie...

she told me she was
worried about something.

She wanted me to

come down to the club and talk.

You two were separated?

Oh, yeah.

The prosecutor
jumped on that, too.

My motive.

A rich couple's nasty divorce.

There wasn't going
to be any divorce.

We were separated. That's all.

We had a...

a bunch of fights
about business,

but that... that happens.

I'm telling you, we
loved each other.

We would have worked it out.

What about the phone call?

She called.

She... told me something
was terribly wrong at the club.

That's all she said.

You went to see her?

And when I got there,

someone told me
she was up on the roof.

I went up, but the area was...

was clear.

I, uh...

I heard a noise from
the street. I looked over.

She was lying down there.

I turned to run
to her, but, uh...

the cops were there.

They arrested me.

Witnesses on the street said

they saw me
leaning over the rail.


Motive and witnesses.


Well, you know how it ended.

Trial took all of two weeks.

You never found out
what she phoned about?

It's in the book. I know that.

Maybe I could help look?

Are you crazy?

No. Actually, I'm a doctor.

You've got to let me
use it for just a second.

I swear I'll pay
for this call. Hello.

Yes. I have an address
on that hospital kidnapping.

What kidnapping? Right.

He still has the gun. What gun?

Oh, sir, you won't believe
what's going on here.

Stop. Stop. 1318
Waterford. It's a warehouse.

Please hurry.

He's armed and should be
considered very dangerous.

He's already taken a hostage.

Who may or may
not still be with him.

Point is, he could
try to return here.

If he's spotted,

don't approach him.

Just call this number.

Didi, what is it?

George Karn escaped.

Oh, God bless

L.A.'s finest... A bunch of

incompetents paid
with my tax dollar.

You finally catch one,
you let him escape.

Who are you?

King Bridger.

You know Karn, Mr. Bridger?

Oh, hell, yes.

Knew his wife, too.

Used to be her manager.

Oh, I made Margie.

Did all her videos.

Wendy here

is next.

Can't you stop selling
for one minute, King?

They're after a killer.

Lieutenant, we got
him. He was spotted

in the building on Waterford.

Nobody makes a move till I
get there, you understand?

Let's do it.

Hey, Doc, just don't
go near the door.

I gave my word, remember?

Yeah. So'd my attorney.

This Margie?

Yeah. Couple of years ago.

That's, uh...

That's Didi Harris,
our club manager.

The club's how Margie and I met.

I owned the building that
was perfect for her facility.

Real estate deal
led to our marriage.


"To my golden goose.

Love, King"?

King Bridger.

Sweet sentiment, huh?

What a jerk.

He made her videos.

He got paid for his services.

Then he turns around
and sues for half the profits.

Sure a lot of tape
machines in here.

Yeah. It's her work bay.

Of course,

a couple of those machines
were set on permanent programs

for her soaps.

Oh, she was an addict.

She would tape
them during the day

and watch them at night.


Enjoyed seeing
his name, didn't he?


You should watch it.

He even takes half
credit on the music.

You know, I wish you'd
let me take a look at you.

Ah, no, no, no,
no, no. I'm all right.

I guess it isn't in here.

How, uh, big was that journal?

I don't know.

Six by four, maybe.

Is it black?



Ah, you found it.

All yours, my friend.

We've got to get out of here.

Doc, uh...

take that lab coat off.

You look too much

like the Good Humor
Man dressed in that.

Right. Come on.

I don't understand it.

It's brand-new.

Okay, let's go. There's a bus.

Move into position.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Move it. Move it. Move it.

Damn it.

The car is abandoned.

Someone's jimmied it.

Get some foot patrols
out in this neighbor.

If you see him and he
even blinks, drop him.

Around the back.


you're giving the order to fire?

The man's got a hostage.

I'm bringing George
Karn in, Sloan.

And what about my father?

You going to drop him, too?

We know what we're doing.

Yeah, you're looking

for a headline and
a press conference.

You're not going to do it

by putting my
father in a crossfire.

I'll do it any damn
way I please.

You want this animal
taking more hostages?

I know this man, Sloan.

You don't.

I was there.

I saw his wife's body

when he threw her
off a ten-story building.

And why?

Because the marriage went sour.

A hell of a way to
end a sticky divorce.

And that's what
we're dealing with.

Well, you see me, Delaney?

'Cause I'm what
you're dealing with, too.

Why don't you start
acting like a cop.

Why don't you stop worrying
so much about your perp

and start considering
the man he's with?

Yeah, I'm a cop, Delaney.

But I'm a son first.

And I'm telling you,

you keep acting like a cowboy

and get my father hurt,

the next guy going down is you.

You better damn well
not threaten me, boy.

Oh, what are you
going to do, Delaney?

You going to report me to IA?

You going to bring
me up on charges?

You want my badge, Delaney?

Take it.

I'll see you when this is over.

This doesn't turn out right,

you're going to wish
you never saw me.

Can I have a look?

Why not?

Neither one of us knows
what we're looking for.

We've got a problem here.

No, thanks.

I'm good.

Hello. Oh, hello.

How's she doing? Uh, very well.

Well enough to want
some rock and roll.

Well, let's see here.

Oh, white count's down.

Fever's gone.

Whatever she had she's beaten.

I just don't understand how.

You're a good doctor.

All we added was faith.

Margarite will be fine.

But you're troubled.

Who's this man that you care for

so much?

Your father?


Not my real father, but I care

about him as much.

Yes, I know.

And this man's in danger.


And I'm here helpless,
unable to assist him in any way.


Thank you.

Tell me about him.

His name is Dr. Sloan.

Mark Sloan.

And I suppose if I were
to have a second father,

it would be him.


The friendship is that close.

It is.

He's a teacher to you.

Of medicine.

But in many ways,

he has more wisdom
outside of my father

than any man I've ever known.

A wise friend.

He should be cherished.

And he is.

I think it's the warmth
that pulls you to him.

His sense of humor.

His caring.

This feeling of...

whatever you decide is right.

He gives you a,

a sense of confidence

and courage you
never knew that you had.

Well, he sees it in you.

So do I.

And you need that courage now.

I know,

but he's been kidnapped
and I have no idea where he is.

Still, we can protect him.



Steve called.

They almost caught that maniac

who has Mark.

Almost caught? Yes.

They had him in a
building, but he's...

He's gone.

Still running with
the other man.


I cannot have this type
of thing in this hospital.

What type of thing?


I mean, w-what's next here?

Crystal balls? A séance?
Some goat dance?


excuse me.

Norman... excuse me.

Norman, this is a
set of old beliefs.

It's no different

than people bringing flowers

to wish a patient well.

She's a witch doctor.

We have to get her out of here.

She's a nice person.

And she knows things.

I know things.

And one thing I know
is that shrunken heads

and chicken bones
don't mix with hospitals.

I want her out. Norman.

I will go if you insist.

But you...

may regret it.


Well, how?


why don't you let
her stay, all right?

I have to run.

What do these mean here?

Where? All these little

notations on various days.

There must be more
than 20 of them in here.

They seem to have
started a couple of months

before her death.

You see that? "Nick and Sharon


"Edmund and Maria 126-214."

I have no idea.

And their names come
up in here again, too.

They might be clients.

I certainly didn't
know them all.

Her, her journal
is very private.

You know, even at that

she took extra precautions
to write it in some kind

of a... code.

DRIVER: Rail Plaza.

End of the line. Everybody off.

It looks like the last stop.

Nope. Not for us.

You're not going to
get very far on foot.

Well, then we won't.

Come on.

In there.

We'll go in that car long enough

to go through the journal.

If you last that long.

Look at yourself, George.

Look at your shirt
on the left side.

You took some gauze, right?

We can rewrap it inside.

Another bandage
isn't going to help that.

A second opinion's
mine on this one, Doc.

Keep walking.

Oh, sh...

You can't use that arm, huh?

You're going to have to trust me

on this one, George.

That's what this situation
is all about, isn't it?

Each one of us
hoping the other one

doesn't do something stupid.

I don't intend to.

Okay, Doc.

Make yourself comfortable.

Jesse, no.

Let's go. I got him.

I got him. You
may have killed him.


Jesse, we've got to move fast.

We're going to
operate. Operate here?

Geez. We're moving.

What do you got?

Cracked rib. I think...
I think you broke it.

Yeah, it's punctured his lung.

Okay. Uh, Jess,

he's got a water
bottle in his pocket.

Get it, will you?

And, uh, strip the tubing
off this stethoscope.

Have you got a, uh, knife,
scissors, anything like that?

I got a, uh... pocketknife?

Okay, that'll do fine.

His windpipe's blocked.

He's got all the symptoms.

Tension pneumothorax.

Correct diagnosis.

Now let's save him.

You want... you
want to operate here?

We could... We
could kill this guy.

If you do nothing,
we're going to kill him

for sure. All right, Jess,

there's a, uh, ballpoint
pen in my pocket there.

Unscrew it, take
out the ink cartridge.

Put the tubing on the large end.

We'll use the, uh, sharp
end for the, uh... introducer.


Now, uh... punch two holes
in the top of that water bottle.

Get the free end of
the tubing through

and down below the water line.


Now tape it up
really solid on top.

We need a water-seal drain.

Good. Where's the knife?

Okay. I'm going to go in
through the third interspace.

We're going to make
a one-way valve.

We've got to release that air
escaping into the chest cavity.

And then it gets stopped
by the water, and we restore

negative pressure.

We're going to try.

Okay, steady, George.

All right.

Easy, George.

It's releasing out.

Okay. Okay.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Next couple

of breaths ought
to reinflate now.


Jesse, you just
saved a man's life.


It's incredible.

I mean, it's why I
wanted to be a doctor.

Me, too.

Great feeling, isn't it?


Oh, oh, look at me.

I'm cursed.

Norman, what are
you talking about?

Look at my hand.

It's red. It's puffy.

There are little
brown spots growing.

Norman, it looks like

you're having an allergic
reaction to something.

It's that voodooess.

I touched her things,
and she put a spell on me.

I don't think so.


She put another pin in that
little doll she made of me.

What little doll? You know,
the one they make of you

after they cut the
chicken's head off

and-and condemn you
to eternal damnation.

Norman, what did
you have for lunch?

I don't know. A soup, a
burrito out of the cafeteria.

I would lay odds that's
where your eternal damnation

is coming from.

It's that woman. I know it.

She's going to make
my life a living hell.

You better stay away from me.

This is like a bad movie.

I don't believe in
this kind of stuff.

I don't...

What? What?

I'm fine.

I can deal with this.

I'm fine.

I'm c... I'm cursed.

I'm cursed.

No, Norman, you're just nuts.

How are you holding up?

I've got another

job for you. Anything.

Jump off the train.


I'll stay with Mr. Karn.

He'll be reviving soon.

You go find a way to contact
the police. No, wait a second.

Back-Back up to the part where
you said I jump off the train?


There's a sharp curve up ahead.

They'll slow down for that.

Oh, great. I get to kill myself
after I save my first patient.

Jess, I'm not asking you

to do something I
think would hurt you.

When you land,
just tuck and roll.

Tuck and roll?

Yeah. You know,

like coming to ground
after sky-diving.

I've never been


Uh... downhill skiing?


Did you ever fall down stairs?

Yes. There you go.

I almost broke my neck.

So, you've got experience.

I don't know.


you stay, I'll go.

Oh, no.

I'll go. Great.

Okay, curve's coming up.

Say good-bye to Amanda for me.

I will. I'll feed your
dog and your cat.

I don't have

a cat.

Nice tuck and roll.

What's going on here?

Where's Delaney? He's gone.

They got another fix
on Karn and his hostage.

I told him to notify me.

Take it easy. If this tip
is good, they got him.


He's on a train headed
for Ventura County.

Delaney took the
whole army with him.

I'm telling you, he'll
bring him back this time,

probably in a box.

Delaney issued a
"shoot on sight" order.

How long ago?

Maybe ten minutes.

What train? What's the number?

1043. Suncoast Southern.

Oh, God.

What happened?

Your lung collapsed, my friend.

We had to operate on you.


You're a lucky man.

I'm lucky to have you on board.

No. Don't move

that stuff.

Where's the guy that hit me?

I threw him off the train.

Ah, George.

You should have thrown
this away, too, Doc.

Yeah, maybe I should have.

Got interested in this
journal of Margie's, though.

Why are you so damned
interested in that?

Just maybe because you are.

You know, I'm not sure yet,

but there's something
in here, George.

All these little
entries are printed.

Not like everything else in
her normal fast handwriting.


Well, it means it's
important to her.

I'm a doctor, George.

I got sloppy handwriting.

And when it's important,

I do the same thing: I print it.

I'm telling you, there's
something in here.

Don't tell me you're
starting to believe me.

Well, maybe I do.

It doesn't seem like
anybody else does.

Not my friends,
not her employees.

Not even my own lawyers.

We're slowing.

It's the police up
ahead, George.

They're stopping the train.

It's the end. No, it's not.

Wait a minute.

In your condition,
even at this speed,

if you jump, it will kill you,

and that's not a guess.

Doc, I am not going back.

If it's going to end
here, then it'll end here.

What about me?

You're going to
shoot me, George?

You're not going to kill me.

You didn't then, and
you're not going to now.

You're not a killer,
are you, George?

George, I do believe you.

You've had a chance to
run. You didn't. You stayed.

You went after that journal.

Now that's the action of
an innocent man to me.

Give me a chance to help you.

Let me find out
who killed Margie.

I swear to you, I'll do it.

Third car from the end.
That's what the kid said.

Let's go.

What's it going to be, George?

I'm too close, Doc.

I've got Margie's journal.

I can't quit now.

Well, then, you
leave me no choice.

Open the door, Karn.

I want your hands in the air.

Let's move. Let's move.

Let's go.

It's over, Karn.

Train is being surrounded.

I repeat: come out
with your hands up.

If you do not
surrender immediately,

we will take the train by force.

At the count

of ten, we will
fire into the car.






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