Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 3 - All American Murder - full transcript

While his blind beach-house neighbor Leo Pepper sees Vicki Fox just as a foxy jogger, Mark notices she seems to feel unsafe. Shortly after, Vicki makes an appointment to talk to Mark, but never shows up. The next morning she's found on the beach, Jesse -who has trouble storing his own surfboard without Norman reprimanding him- remarks the water was too flat for her head wound to be a surf accident. Soon an autopsy confirms she didn't drawn at all, a flat rock was the murder weapon, but 'Vicki' also was the result of plastic and intimate surgery on Victor Reinhart, a US Marines recruit, who was bullied by 'mates' till (s)he dropped out of boot-camp on the nearby base after three weeks. Murder motives may be found in the macho 'corps honor' or his/her love life...

Hi, this is Vikki
at my new place.

Leave a message,
and I'll call you back.

Vikki, are you there?

Pick up the phone.

Vikki, please. I need to talk.

Now, look, you can't
avoid me forever.

Are we going to
work this thing out?

Pick up the phone.

Okay, fine!

Hi, this is Vikki
at my new place.

Leave a message,
and I'll call you back.

Look, I know you're there.

Pick up the damn
phone and talk to me!

All right, fine.
I'm coming over!

I'm through fooling
around, all right?

If you think I'm just going
to let you walk all over me,

you're wrong... dead wrong!

Now pick...

♪ ♪

Come on!

Come on!

Spit it out, will you?!

Leo, hold up. Oh, damn!

I'll get it for you.

Oh. What the hell is this?

Ah, it's a little catamaran

Steve picked up
at a garage sale.

Oh, you're just trying
to make it impossible

for a blind man to
fish around here.

Um, Leo, I'm sorry.

They said it'd be all right

to beach it out here
in front of the house.

Okay. Hang on a minute.

Okay, fine. There you go.

Fine. That's fine.

Aah! Aah!

Anything else hanging
me up around here?

Uh... you got a jogger

and a surfer at three o'clock

that's closing in fast.

All right.

All right.

Let's get it clear. Clear.


How was that?

That could not have been better.

It's perfect.

How sweet it is. Uh-oh.

What? Here she comes.


New kid

on the block... Vikki Fox.

How do you know that?

Can't you smell it? Rose water.

I got a whiff of her the
other day while I was, uh,

gutting sea bass.

I just want to talk to you.

Get your hands off me!


flag her down!

Flag her down? Why?

You don't think I come
here just for the fish, do you?

Hey! Hey, Vikki!

It's me, Leo!

Hi, Leo.

Hi, Vikki, honey.

Hey, y-you all moved in?

I'm gettin' there.

Vikki, this is Doc
Sloan, the guy

I told you about.
His son's a cop.

Hi, Vikki. Hi.

You all right?

Oh, that.

That's just some creep
trying to hit on me.

You handled
yourself pretty well.

It wasn't the first time.

Is that shoulder all right?

I just think I
twisted it a little.

I can take a look at it. - Oh!

Doc's the best there is, Vikki.

I'm fine.

Really. Look, I got to run.

Look, Vikki, uh,

if that shoulder should
act up, here's my, uh, card.

Home and office
number there. I'll call you.

And if any of those
creeps bother you again,

my son the cop
lives right under me.

Okay, thanks.
That's good to know.

Bye, Leo!

Bye! Bye, Vikki!

Isn't she the sweetest thing?

Leo, she's afraid of something.

Afraid of what?

I don't know, but obviously,

she doesn't feel safe out here.

On the beach?

What are you talking about?!

It's the safest
place in the world!



Go over this

with a nurse. This is the
red code, not the blue code.

Not the blue code, okay?

I want the red code, and
leave it on my desk. Thank you.

Travis, w-what are you doing?


This is a hospital,
not a beach club.

Oh, I know. You know, I was
just going to put this in my locker.

No you're not.
Get it out of here.

But Mr. Briggs, I don't
have anyplace else to put it.

Fine. Why don't you leave
it with me? I'll take care of it.

You know, on second thought,

I'm just going to park
this back in my car.

Thank you, Dr. Travis. Yes, sir.

Jesse? Uh...

Is there a problem with
parking that in your car?

Well, you know,
the top won't go up,

and I didn't want
somebody ripping it off.


How busy is the morgue?

Well, I may have, uh,
one or two vaults open.

Is it okay if I
stow it in there?

Well, it's not going
to fit in your locker.

That's for sure.

I mean, you don't mind?

When you're on call,
I want you thinking

about medicine,
not about surfboards.

Well, look, Doctor, I promise.

I'm never going to
bring this to work again.

Just get it out of
here by tonight.

Okay. No problem.
Thank you. Yeah.


Do you think you're going to
enjoy teaching interns again?

Oh, yeah. Oh.

Jack's advice was right.
It's where my heart is.

Mm. He called the other day.

Really? How's the private
practice treating him?

He is crazy about it. Yeah?

And he asked how you

and the new husband were doing.

Yes. Well, Colin just got
orders for extended duty.

No! Yeah.

He may not be
home until Christmas.


Mark, please don't say anything.

I knew what I was getting myself
into when I married the man.

I knew that he had
a career in the Navy,

and I knew that
there was a possibility

that he wouldn't be coming
home before the baby's birth.

I just didn't realize it was
going to be this rough.

I... Don't say anything.

I don't want to talk about it.

I think you just said it.


Yes, this is Dr. Sloan.

Hi, Dr. Sloan.

This is Vikki Fox.

Oh, hi, Vikki.

How's that shoulder?

It's fine.

This might sound kind of weird.

What's the matter?


I really don't want to
take this to the police

or anything like that.

Take what?

Listen, I can't talk now.

Will you be home tonight?

Uh, yeah. I should be
there in about an hour.

Is it all right if
I just come by,

and, off the record, tell you

what's going on?

Yeah, that's fine.

Are you sure you're all right?

I think so. I just need to...

talk to you about
what I should do.

All right, I'll see
you in an hour.

Great. Thanks. Bye.


Do about what?

Where are you, Vikki?

It's been two hours.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


I don't care.

Okay, fine! It's over!

Leave me alone!



I don't even want to see you!


I'm sorry, Dr. Sloan.

I didn't mean to be
screaming out here.

Are you all right?

I'm fine. What happened?

It's kind of complicated.

Oh, I'm pretty good
at complicated.

I'm fine now, really.

Uh... I guess I was feeling...

I don't know... Kind
of paranoid today.

But that's behind me now.

What's done is done. Yeah?

Sorry I freaked out out there.

No. Don't be silly.

I'm glad you worked it out.

Yeah, I think I did.

Well, the least I can
do is walk you home.

You know what I really need

is a nice, long run
on a quiet beach.

You want some company?

Ten miles sound good to you?

Oh, why don't you stop by
for coffee on the way back?

All right, I'll do that.

Thanks, Dr. Sloan.


Oh, my gosh, it's
morning already.


Hold on. I'm coming.

You know what? I-I
parked in your driveway.

Is that okay? Jess,
what are you doing here?

You know, I just got off a
double shift at the hospital,

and I thought I'd
ride a few sets.

Here's an idea. Why
don't you go to bed?

Yeah, but this helps me unwind,
and I sleep so much better.

Okay. Surf!

Thanks. Thanks.

Hey, where are you going?

Out for a jog.

I thought you hated to run.

Well, I do hate it
on a, uh, hot track

in the Valley, but
for some reason,

it just doesn't seem
like work out here.

Uh-huh. Uh, could
that be a couple

of the reasons there?

Got to go.

What is it?

I don't know.

There's something
going on out there.

I'm not writing it
off as an accident.

I'm just saying
it's a possibility.

Well, it is a possibility.

Surfers get whacked by
their boards all the time.

If she was alone, she
could've accidentally

knocked herself out and drowned.

No, no way.

But, I mean not today, anyway.

And why is that, Sherlock?

Well, rigor mortis has
barely set in, right? Right.

Which means she's only
been dead less than five hours.

So, she's been dead
less than five hours.

Look at the water.

Lifeguard says

it's been flat all morning.

Yeah. How do you fall down

and knock yourself
out in calm water?

Well, let me know what
the autopsy turns up. Yeah.

What the hell do you
think you're doing!?

Hey, Doc!

Are you up there?

Yeah, be right there, Leo.

Dad, get Leo out
of my crime scene.

Steve, the man is harmless. Dad.

You know, as a matter of
fact, he could be very useful.

Dad. Get him out
of your crime scene.

Thank you. LEO:
Get out of my face!


Is there anything
else I could do?


Yeah, as a matter
of fact there is.

You can get me a cup
of coffee and a doughnut.


Oh, that poor thing.
What the hell was it?

Robbery, assault, what?

Well, we don't know.

It doesn't look like it.

What can you tell
me about her, Leo?

Not very much, really.

We talked some about, uh...

how she missed the beach.

She'd been gone for a
couple of years, I think.

How much she loved her work

and the people she
worked with, that's it.

Did she mention
where she'd worked?

Yeah, some bar up the coast.

You didn't get a name?

No, what do you
think I am, nosey?

Hey, where're we going?

Who's that?

Oh, Jesse Travis, Leo Popper.

Jesse's taking his
internship at the hospital, Leo.

Well, what are
you doing out here?

Why aren't you interning?

I just got off a double shift.

Why aren't you in bed?

And miss all this fun?

Sounds like you, Doc.

So like I said,
where are we going?

Uh, we're going
right over there.

This way. Over here.

Four steps, Leo.

Okay. And a threshold.

Are we clear, Leo?

Yeah, nobody here.

You sure? Mm-hmm. Oh!

Wait a minute.

Do you smell it? What?

Rose water.

Nose and ears work overtime
when the lights are out.

Here's a chair over here, Leo.

Sit down a minute.

I'll go to have a look. Okay.

This is her place, all right,

unless somebody
else is getting her mail.

I'm sorry.

I just thought a
little light might help.

Don't be so enthusiastic, Jesse.

So what have we got?

Well, it looks like your
basic moving-in mess.

Oh, I'm sorry. It's okay, okay.

Ooh, don't be sorry.

It looks like, uh,

she knew a few Marines.

Oh, I'll say.

Ooh, intimately.

Check this out.

♪ ♪


What a rock.

There are no messages
on the machine.

But look at this: the
phone's got redial.

So? So let's see
who she talked to last.

Ooh, don't touch the phone!

Why? Prints!

Sorry. Ah!

Jesse, try to
think of this as, uh,

exploratory surgery.

You know, take your time,

use your head and
keep your eyes open.

Sorry, sorry.

So did you find
anything in the back?

Ever hear of Estradiol?

Yeah, that's a
menopausal drug, isn't it?

Oh, wait a minute.

You guys are ruining
my whole picture of Vikki.

Why would a young,

healthy woman be on that?

Hello? Yeah, uh...

do you have someone
working there named Vikki Fox?

No, just a friend.

I wonder if she
was working today.

Oh, she did?

Yeah, okay. Thanks.

Barracks Bar, only
she quit yesterday.

Any particular reason?

Maybe she was getting married.

No. No.

Well, there was an awful
pretty engagement ring

I found on her dresser there.

Where's the fiancé?

Why don't you take a
little trip to the Barracks Bar

and see what you can find out?

No problem. Excuse me.

Hey, what are you
guys going to do?

I think I'm going
to pay a little visit

to our uniformed friends.

What's that?

Rose water.

How're you doing?

All right. What can I get you?

Well, how about a hand grenade?

You sure you want
to park it in here?

Oh, yeah, I feel right at home.

You know, I used
to have this little

GI Joe when I was, like, six.

Had the kung fu grip.

How about leaving him alone

and giving him a beer?

Are you macho enough?

Make it a warm one.

So, uh...

pretty amazing stuff going
on down that beach, huh?

I mean, about
that girl they found.

You guys did hear about
the girl they found dead

on the beach? She
was my ex-roommate.

Oh, God, I'm sorry,
I-I didn't mean...

Hey, Coz, set us up.

No alcohol when in uniform.

You know the rule, Hansen.

Yeah, yeah, fine,
just something wet.

So Donna, when do
you get off tonight?

Don't you ever give up, Hansen?

I see something
I like, I go for it.

Yeah, you're the...

stud of boot camp, aren't you?

Why don't you come
outside and I'll show you?

She's working.

Yeah, well, get
Vikki to cover for her.

Very funny.

What's her problem?
Her problem, Hansen,

is that Vikki's body was found
on the beach this morning.

She's dead.

What are you talking about?

I just saw her. Yeah.

Well, I'll tell you,
she was a sweet kid.

Apparently, somebody
didn't think so.

Hey, you didn't even
know her, smart-ass!

All right, she was a good girl.

Guys would come
in here all night long

trying to hit on her and every
night she'd go home alone.

I wouldn't put her up
on a pedestal, Coz.

She didn't always
come home alone.

Did she, Hansen?

Old news.

And now it's your turn to
take a walk on the wild side.

Let go of me.

Hey, you heard
the lady. Hey, Coz,

I'm working here.

Don't stop me now.
I'm going to stop you.

Now let her go.

All right, what's
the matter, man?

I'm just having a little fun.

Well, you have your fun outside.

All right? When you can learn

to behave like a Marine,
you'll be welcome back.

Now, get out of here.


♪ ♪



Are you aware you're
in a restricted area?

Right, I know that. I'm sorry.

The weapon, please. Yes, sir.

Uh, General Winchester
said it'd be okay

if I just kind of poked
around in here a little bit.

I'm looking for a
Master Sergeant Baker.

I'm Baker. Right.

General Winchester
personally issued this pass?

Yes, old friend of mine.

I've been treating his
arthritis for years now.

What can I do for you?

Well, I'm Dr. Mark Sloan.

I'm working for the
Metropolitan Police Department

right now on a homicide.

Here on the base?

No, down on the
beach, a young girl.

We found this picture
in her apartment.

Now Winnie says you've
been a DI around here

longer than anybody; you
might be able to help me

recognize these men.

A lot of Marines in the world.

I can't say I know them all.

Of course not.

But these I think
you might recognize.

You see that gym bag
at the man's feet there?

That's our base insignia.

Right, so these guys probably
trained right here, huh?

It's a possibility.

Do you see anybody
there you recognize at all?

Not offhand.

But I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll pass this picture
around to the DIs.

Maybe we can stir up some names.

Oh, that'd be great.

Sergeant, thank you.

Appreciate it.


How're you doing? Fine.

Where have you been?

I was just up the
coast checking out

where Vikki Fox used to work.

Did you find out
anything interesting?

Um... well,

I met her ex-roommate
Donna Fletcher.


Yeah, Donna kicked her out.

How come?

Well, apparently they
had very different lifestyles.

Donna was like a
nun compared to Vikki.

Really? Oh, yeah.

A real party animal.

Had a bunch of
guys fighting over her.

And in fact, I was at this bar

and the owner actually
had to take out a gun

to keep order in the place.

I don't think so, Jesse.

Oh, no, I'm being serious.

Okay, did this Donna
Fletcher give you any leads

as to why someone
might want to hurt Vikki?

She didn't have to.

But I picked up a few names.

Are you, uh...

going on a break
soon or anything?

Jesse, why, why are you here?

Why am I here?


As in my pathology lab.


I know that you didn't
put something in...

here. What do you mean?


Huh? Yeah.

What? Let me see...


Ah... nice.

I know.

And I told Dr. Sloan that it
would never happen again.

But I swear to God,
I was in such a hurry!

Would you just get it out
of here right now, please?

You won't say
anything to anybody?



This just came for you.

Thank you.

Why are you standing
there like that?

Like what?

Like a child who is
hiding his surfboard

in the morgue vault.

Do I look like that?

You look like that.

I'll get rid of it.

Sorry. I'll watch you.

Have a nice day.

Bye, Norman. Jesse.

Oh, dude.


Mark? Amanda.

Yes, I suggest that you get
back here as soon as possible.

I just got Vikki
Fox's autopsy report.

Oh, yes.

It's very interesting.

Oh, my goodness.

Not a bad job, huh?

I would say so.

Sorry I'm late.

What's going on?

Have a look for yourself.


No water in the lungs?

She didn't drown.

I was right.

It wasn't a surfing accident.

Well, you're almost right.

Why don't you look at
the whole picture, Jesse.

What do you see in here?

What do I see?



a 5'8" female.


head wound.

Massive hemorrhage to the brain.

Now take a look at the trachea.

Okay, a little prominence
on the thyroid cartilage.

Pelvic bone.

Oh, wait a minute.

I think he's getting it, Watson.

Wait a minute.

I think he's got it.

She isn't a she, is she?

Dr. Travis, you are
looking at a miracle

of modern medicine.

She's a complete,
perfectly constructed


I just can't believe this.

I can give you a detailed list

of all the work that
was done on her.

Spare me.

You mean him.

Mark, where are my pickles?

Did you eat them?

Uh... top shelf.

Behind the lymph node specimens.

Dad, this Vikki was, uh...

having intimate

relationships with men.

Hmm. Marines.


A transsexual can do anything

except have a baby.

You're kidding. AMANDA: Too bad.

She doesn't know
what she's missing.

You got enough
sandwich going on there?

I'm eating for two, thank you.
- You know,

I should have gotten this
just from the bone structure

and the hormone
medication she was taking.

That's me.

So what are we
talking about here?

I mean, how long
would it take to, uh...

Make the change? Right.

Three, four operations.


and at least two years
of psychological therapy.

Three years minimum.

Uh, Sloan here.

Nothing, huh?

All right. Thanks.


Well, we did a DMV search.

NCIC ran her.

And we've got nothing on
her past May of this year.

That's because she didn't
exist until May of this year.

Yeah, but she had
to exist to somebody.


Why don't we find out who.

Dr. Forrest, dial 118, please.

Oh, Marko!

How's it going?
Oh, I'm fine, Morty.

I'm sorry to interrupt here.

The nurse said come right on in.

It's no problem. Come on.

Uh, I think that about does it

for today, Miss Wilson.

Uh, we'll see you next week then

and just stay on
that medication.

I'm sure everything's
going to turn out just fine.

I don't know what she looked
like before she came here,

but you have got to be one

of the most gifted
cosmetic surgeons

in the world.

Oh, I haven't done
anything to her yet.

She thinks her nose is too big.

Is she crazy?

Just low self-esteem.

In a week

I'll have her talked
out of any surgery

at all.

Who are you?

Oh, sorry.

Dr. Travis, this is
Dr. Morty Frieberger

and, yes, he is the
best plastic surgeon

in the world. Aw, geez, I...

I enjoy my work.

Now what is all of this
about some reverse surgery?

Oh, nice job.

Looks like mento,

a little blepharo,

definitely mammo...

She used to be a guy, right?

This guy is good.

Do you think this idea'll work?

I don't know.

You got a list of
everything they did.

Oh, yeah.

This is every microscopic
scar from the autopsy report.

So Mark,

want to sit in
the driver's seat?

Really? Oh, come on.

You've been drooling
over this computer

ever since I got it.

Yes, I have. All right.

Now we might as well, uh,

start with the obvious first.

So type enhancement delete.


Here we go.


Now hit the right arrow.


Now Alt-F5.


Well, look what I did.

Nice work, Doc.

You know, Morty.

I think we'd better
focus on the face.

Yeah, I think, um...


Uh, what do you got?

Okay, uh...

A six-inch scar

between the ears.

That's a face lift.

Just reverse that.

I get the feeling this is
going to get real depressing.

All I need is his name.

Victor Reynard.

Are you sure?

I was the kid's DI.

Yeah, I'm sure.

I knew I'd seen him before.

I just wanted to be sure.

Is this

the same guy?

It looks like it to me.

What can you tell me about him?

Oh, he was memorable.

Out of camp in three weeks.

What happened?

Reynard didn't belong...
if you know what I mean.

I think I do.

Did you drum him out, Sergeant?

We don't do that
in the Marines, sir.

Any man that can make
it is okay in my book.

Whatever became of Reynard?

I never saw him again

after the day he
walked out of here.

You know, as a
matter of fact, you did.

Victor Reynard became Vikki Fox.

Is that a fact?

It's a fact.

Yeah, one that's going
to go down around here

like a two-ton Scud.



I'm Jesse Travis.

I met you at the
bar earlier today.

Oh, yeah.

Hi. Hi.

How are you? Good.

What are you doing here?

They wanted me to pick
up Vikki's personal effects.

Oh, well, I can help you.

They're probably in the morgue.

Come on.

How well did you know Vikki?

We were pretty close...

for a while. Yeah.

So you knew about the, um...

I mean, you knew
that she had her, uh...

How close were you?

She told me about the operation

if that's what you mean. Yeah.


I guess I didn't
take it very well.

I... freaked out.

I can imagine.

I mean, it puts a
whole new prospective

on being casual
around the house.


We were really good friends.

I wish she hadn't told me.

I wish...

none of this had happened.

I know what you mean.

This way.

How are they biting, Leo?

I think they're all in bed.

Hey, do you want a drink?

No, no, thanks.

What are you doing
out here at night?


I've got too much on
my mind to think about.

I thought maybe the night
air'd calm me down a little bit.

Anything new about the case?

Well, forensics has determined

that the murder
weapon was a flat rock.

Well, just something they
picked up on the beach?


Which means it
wasn't premeditated.

Probably someone Vikki
knew, someone she trusted.

No sign of a struggle at all.

And she was walking
away from her assailant.

And just wham, huh?


I don't know, Leo.

I'm missing something.

What is that?

I say I think I'm
missing something.

No, no, no, no, no.

What? That sound.

That sound.

Now listen...

I don't hear...

The ears are even
better than the nose.

Just listen.

You know, that sounds like a...


Let's get off this beach.

Wait a minute, will you?

What's happening here?

I've got to get my stuff, for...


What the hell is going on?

You're not welcome
in Pellington anymore.


Well, you can take...

Leo, I don't think this
is a good time to argue.

Look, there's a lot of
dangerous equipment

on the base, Dr. Sloan.

We'd hate to have a
gun go off accidentally.

I would, too.

Well, then, I think
we read each other...

loud and clear.

I think we do.

Tell us where there's
a good spot, Leo.

I don't know. Just
keep on circulating.

This is ridiculous.

I ought to be flashing my
badge and asking questions.

You start doing that, you
won't get any answers at all.

Give Leo a chance.

Yeah, just give me
a minute, will you?

You guys think this is easy?

Lot of noise in here.

Over there?

No, no, no, listen.

Over there.

You got a table at nine
o'clock, table at 12 o'clock.

Just get me there.

Straight ahead.

He just sat there and waited.

The guy in the latrine, right?

He comes running out
screaming at the top of his lungs.

You got a problem?

What do you think, Doc?

I think we found our needle

in the haystack.

You sure?

What are you talking about?

He's the guy.

That your four-wheeler
parked outside?

Seems to be a lot of
four-wheelers parked outside.

There's only one with
sand on the mud flaps.

The one that tried
to run us down.

Is there a problem here, guys?


we had a problem...
earlier tonight.


if you're accusing me of
something, put it on the table.

All right.

How does attempted
manslaughter sound?

It sounds like you're
talking to the wrong guy.

You know, Leo is
pretty good with voices

and I can back him up.

He's the one, Doc.

Why the threats, son?

Look, I don't know
what you're talking about,

but I've got to get
back to the base.

Answer the question.

You heard him, soldier.

Answer the question.

Sir, I don't understand, sir.

You address me
at attention, boot.

Sir, yes, sir.

Now answer the questions.

Sir, you want this
out in the open?

Do I want what out in the open?

That practically every recruit

in this place was going after...

Sir, she was a freak.

He's dragging the Corps
through the mud, sir.


you are a recruit in the
United States Marine Corps.

As such, you are
responsible for your actions.

My actions, sir,

were to protect the
reputation of the Corps.

Or were you protecting
your reputation?

Answer the question, Private.

You had an affair
with her, didn't you?

That's crazy.

I don't sleep with freaks.

You wanted to keep
the relationship going.

She didn't.

That's what that fight
on the beach was about.

Look, I didn't have
any... A crime of passion.

You loved her and
you couldn't have her.

Shut up. You even bought her

an engagement ring, didn't you?

Shut up. At ease, soldier.

Listen up.

You got a bad temper, Hansen.

Did you lose it with Vikki
when she dumped you?


All right, I was angry,
okay, but I didn't kill her.

I couldn't.

Convince me.

Hey, for the record,

I didn't buy her an
engagement ring, okay?

Well, if he didn't,
who did then?

Oh... we've got some
loose ends here, Doc.

I would say so.

Come on, Leo.
I'll buy you a beer.

Whatever's fair.

It's a beautiful piece.

Is it from here?

The case didn't give you a clue?

Well, I know one would
think that, naturally.

It's just that I
couldn't imagine my,

my husband-to-be affording
such a beautiful ring.

What, do you think he
put a knockoff in my box?

Oh, let's just say
I want to be sure

I'm marrying the
man that I think I am.

I think you should be
happy you're getting married.


Oh, I'm ecstatic.

Is it real?

Yep. Are you sure?

I made it. Oh, I
can't believe it.

Oh, this is so incredible.

How much did he spend?

You sound just
like my third wife,

only interested
in what it's worth.

Oh, no, it's not that at all.

You see, we're just starting out

and I wouldn't want my fiancé

investing a fortune in a bauble.

Now, you're not returning it.

I already sized it. No, no, no.

I have no intention
of returning it.

I simply wondered if you could
tell me, you know, how much?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

What's your fiancé's name?

Reynard. Uh-huh.

Victor Reynard. All right.


"R," Reynard, Reynard.

No job order for a Reynard.

Oh, it was maybe two,
possibly three years ago.

You've been engaged
for three years?

Well, we like to
take things slowly.

Some things, that is.

Reynard. Mm-hmm.

Oh, okay.

Uh, $3,590.

I remember this guy.

Came in, ordered the ring,

then showed up a week
later before I could inscribe it.

Inscribe it? Yeah.

Inscribe it with what?

Uh, let's see.

"D.F. with love,



You have no idea how beautiful.



Oh, my, smell that coffee.

You want a cup?

I-I never touch the stuff.

Have we, uh, have we met?


the two of you were in here
the other night with the cop.

That's right.

Can't stay away
from the place, huh?

Well, we had a couple of
loose ends to tie up first.

Donna, were you ever engaged?

I don't think that's
any of your business.

How come you never had
that inscribed to yourself?

What makes you
think that's mine?

Oh, you didn't know
that he bought you a ring?

You know, it hit
me the other day

that when a woman
gets an engagement ring

and she wants to break
the engagement off,

usually she gives the ring back.

Is that so? Mm-hmm.

So why did Vikki still
have an engagement ring?

You wanted to get
married, didn't you?

You wanted Victor
Reynard to propose to you.

Am I supposed to
know a Victor Reynard?

Yes, you did.

You did.

He even went out
and ordered you a ring.

Are you having fun, Dr. Sloan?

No, I'm not, Donna.

Murder is never fun for me.

Do you think I killed Vikki Fox?

I think that your life fell
apart three years ago

when he left you.

You think too much, Dr. Sloan.

Leo, what do you think?

Sounds like the right girl.

He was out on the beach
when you two fought.

Was he?


sitting right on the dunes.

You must have
heard someone else.

No, no,

it was you and Vikki.

I just never put it all
together until the doc

got me going.

Vikki just broke the news
about her change that night,

didn't she?

She wanted you to know
the truth, who she really was.


I've got work to do.

I know it must have
been hard, Donna,

almost as hard as the night

that Victor told you he
was quitting boot camp

because of those
charges against him.

There were no charges.

Questionable moral conduct.

He loved me, Dr. Sloan.

There was no
questionable moral conduct.

For Victor there was.

They destroyed him.

Then they pushed him and
made him feel like nothing.

They destroyed
everything he was.

I loved him, Dr. Sloan.

Don't you understand?

Yes, I understand, Donna.

Give me the gun.

He left me three years ago

and then he, he
came back like that.

He wanted to be friends.

A friend.

I loved him, Dr. Sloan.

Don't you understand?

I wanted him back.

I couldn't stand what he became.

♪ ♪

All right, clear.

Hey, Leo, how long have
you been fishing this beach?

36, 37 years.

You ever caught anything?

Very funny.

Hey, I, I did all right
there, didn't I, Doc?

Yeah, I believed you were
out on the beach that night.

Really opened the floodgates
when she bought into it,

didn't it? Oh-ho.

You know, Leo, it's funny.

Vikki could have kept her secret

and gone right on
ahead with her life,

but she had to tell Donna.


Hi, guys.

How you doing? Ah.

Going jogging?

Oh, I don't know.

My knee's kind of sore.


What? Uh-oh, here she comes.

Patchouli oil, nine o'clock.

Hi, Leo.


Her name's Bridget.

Moved in last month.

Hey, do I look all right?

You look good.

Where are you going?

Uh, my knee's
feeling much better.

All right, Steve.

See you, guys.

Hey, w-w-what's happening?

Where's he going?

Give an old man a break.


Hey, come on back here.

Listen, this is the
last time I share

my beach with a Sloan.