Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 18 - Left-Handed Murder - full transcript

Just when Jesse takes a now unamused girlfriend yachting, the harbor master brings in a shark who swallowed an arm of rich stock broker Preston Michaels, presumably haven fallen overboard, plausibly drunk, but autopsy soon finds he was fatally poisoned with digitalis, the shark got a fatal heart-attack. Curious Mark condoles respectable widow Bea and learns from lawyer Raymond Bergman he is named executor of the estate; Preston on a posthumous video admits he was a bigamist having two younger wives in other states, fitness freak Heather (Florida) and Terri (Colorado) Michaels who was told he wanted a divorce; all wives deny to know about the others but lack alibis, while Preston's personal assistant, Susan Stimpson, says she managed his triple life. Raymond Bergman calls Mark to tell who he suspects but just then is killed by his pool. The firm's VP Evan Houston, now acting CEO, also was in the house and asks Mark $50,000 of Preston's capital for firm expenses. Steve finds Stimpson fully packed, with a one-way ticket for Bermuda and a fortune in cash, from blackmailing Preston. Mark keeps snooping...

So you're actually going
to sail the boat yourself?

It's only a 30-foot sloop.

Please, Lanni, I'm
from Elgin, Illinois.

Tractors, I get, sloops, no.

Come on, it's not like we're
sailing in the America's Cup.

It's just a little
cruise up the coast.

And you're sure you
know how to turn it around?

Look, Jesse, if you don't
want to go through with this...

No, no, no, no, no... I do.

And I've always
wanted to try sailing,

it's just I can't
get out of this...

I don't know, this
impending doom mode.

Excuse us, please.

Oh, now that's helpful.

What do you suppose is going on?

I don't know. Who cares?

I just want to go sailing.

Smell that? Isn't it great?

Actually, it smells
like dead fish.

Are you going to
act like this all day?

No, it's just I don't
want to end up like that.

You know, look, let
me check this out.

Jesse! I'll be right back.

Is there always this big
a deal when someone

pulls in a shark?
It's not the shark.

It's what he ate for lunch.

Oh, my gosh!

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Oh, my God.

I sure hope he
wasn't out sailing.

♪ ♪

Good morning, Dad. 'Morning.

There's coffee in there.

My beeper hasn't gone off yet.

I guess I've got time for a cup.

Well, make that half a cup.

Hey, how about that arm?

How'd you hear about that?

Well, Jesse called last night.

He was down in the Marina
when they brought it in.

And it was in the
paper this morning.

Page three, column two. Uh-huh.

For their "article
for the curiosity" file.

Well, it was a great
news day this morning.

What do you know about it?

As far as we can
tell, he fell off his boat.

We haven't found it, but
the harbor master thinks

it must have drifted.
What about the arm?

When we ID'd it late last night,

it was attached to
a guy named, uh...

Preston Michaels.

No, Preston Michaels
from the Palisades?

Yeah. Why, you know him?

Very well!

I took his gall bladder
out about ten years ago.

He's been giving me
stock tips ever since.

He's a very big broker...

Offices all over the country.

Oh, I'll bet Bea is a mess.

Bea? Yeah, his wife.

One of those, uh, "woman
behind the man" kind of ladies.

So you're treating
it as an accident?

Well, until we get
some more info.


Is that a "huh" that's going
to, uh, get me more info?

Yeah, maybe, I was just
thinking it wouldn't hurt

to go by and give
Bea my condolences.

Oh, all right, all right.

Yeah, I've got to go.

Do you mind if I take
your sports page?

No, go ahead.

Oh, there was an interesting
article in there about, uh,

DNA testing in athletes.

I guess it was a little
longer than I thought.

Never mind, I'll grab
a paper with my donut.

See you.

May I help you?

Yes, I'm Mark Sloan.

I'm an old friend of
Bea and Preston's.


May I see her?

Okay. She's out
back by the pool.


You want me to take you there?

Okay. Okay.

I'm sorry. I'm Susan Stimpson.

I'm Mr. Michael's
personal assistant.


Oh, I'm not upset.

I have a sinus infection.

Oh. Well, I'm
sorry to hear that.

That's okay.

Excuse me?

Mrs. Michaels?


Why does it take something
like this to get you over here?

Oh, I know. I'm
sorry, Bea. Okay.

Um, I'm going to get back
to the funeral arrangements.

Yes, thank you, Susan. Okay.

Am I interrupting something?

Not at all.

Raymond Bergman,
this is Dr. Sloan.

Oh, yes, of course, Dr. Sloan.

We spoke about a year
ago concerning Preston's will.

Oh, yes, you're his lawyer.

Yes, and you're the
executor of his will.

I am?

You didn't know that? Well, no.

He mentioned it in
passing some time ago,

I didn't know it was final.

Oh, it's, uh... finalized.

And he's asked for a
special reading of his will

after I recover certain items
from his safe deposit box

and contact several individuals
he wanted to be present.

So, please, consider
yourself contacted.

The reading will be

tomorrow morning at
10:00 in Preston's office.

Fine, I'll be there.

Dr. Sloan, Bea. Thank you.

Um, excuse me, Bea?

Yes, dear?

I have to get back downtown.

Miami and Denver
offices are in chaos.

Thank you. You can go.

And, Evan, thanks
for jumping in.

Well, it's... what I'm here for.

You might want to
talk to your gardener.

I noticed your roses are

infested with aphids.

Nothing in my garden
gets past you, does it?

Oh, I'm sorry! Do
you know Dr. Sloan?

No, I don't think we've met.

Evan Houston.
Evan's vice president

of Preston's firm and
quite an avid horticulturist.

Oh, yeah, I saw you
examining the plants over there.

Force of habit.

It's my one passion.

Do you garden,
doctor? No, all thumbs.

And none of them green, either.

Be happy to give
you a couple of tips

I'll take some tips on stocks.

That way, if they do well, I
can always buy more plants.

Well, I've got to be going.

Nice to meet you, doctor.

If you need anything,
Bea, just call.

Evan's a godsend.

When Preston started traveling

to the other offices
around the country,

Evan really became the
corporate anchor out here.

I didn't know Preston
was traveling that much.

Oh, yes, he was gone
almost six months of the year.

In either Colorado or Florida.

I'm gonna miss the old guy.

Mm. Bea...

anything I can do.

Maybe a little antihistamine.

You got it.

Lanni, trust me.

Please, those were
screams of excitement,

screams of joy.

No, I called you
Captain Blye as a joke.

As a cutesy little thing

as the ship was
about to tip over there.

No, it wasn't
funny, I know that.

Page Oncology,
I'll be right there.

Was that it? What?

The arm... yes,
I'm listening, Lanni.

The arm, I heard that Dr. Sloan

had it brought over here
from the coroner. Uh-huh.

No, I did not purposely
let go of the rope.

Sorry, the "halyard."
Hello, what's going on?

Ask her... no, not you.

Yes, that was the arm. What arm?

I just did X-rays.

I'm now on my way to toxicology.

Toxicology? Why, what
area you looking for?

What arm? You suspect foul play.

What arm? Hang on.

Talk to her. Hello?

Norman Briggs.

The aft is the back.

The bow is the front.

Port left, starboard right, why?

I'd love to. Who is this?

Okay. Right.

Do you know how long, you
think? About another ten minutes.

Good morning. Good morning.

Hi. Am I late?

No. Raymond's
not even here, yet.

How are you doing?

Oh, remarkably
well, considering.

Come, sit.

And the hotel's
all taken care of?

Yeah, yeah, it
should be fine. Okay.

Excuse me. Just a minute.

Cool digs.

Anybody you know?

I haven't the slightest idea.

Heather? Hi.

But then again, I didn't know

half the people who
worked for Preston.

We'll be getting
started in just a second.

She must be from
the Denver office.

Well, his employees
were loyal, if nothing else.

Preston always brought
out the best in everyone.

So, what have you found out?

The autopsy.

Was he intoxicated? An accident?

I assumed that's how
he ended up in the ocean.

Uh... we're checking.

Was he in the habit of always
taking that boat out alone?

Preston? He was no sailor.

I don't think he
ever took it out.

We just went down there

once in a while for martinis.

He loved his martinis.

Sorry I'm late,
ladies and gentlemen.

But it looks as though
everyone is here,

so let's get started, shall we?

Hello, everyone, and, uh...

thank you for coming.

I know where you all are.

I wish I could tell
you where I am,

but that's one of the
problems of being dead.

Suffice it to say, I'm off
to a better place, so, uh...

dry your eyes or
stifle your curses

and let's get on with it. Is
this his idea of a living will?

You know Preston,

always a flair for the dramatic.

First, I guess
introductions are in order.

Bea, I know you are
sitting front row center.

Would you stand, please?


Bea, please.


Raymond, uh, freeze
this until she does.

Oh, this is ridiculous.

Terri, you're next.

Up like a flash, I'll bet.

Heather, dear.

What? What'd I get?

He wants you to stand up.

Oh! Okay.

Ladies, I wanted
you all here today

for the reading of
this will, because...

well, you all have
something in common.

I'm married to each one of you.

Son of a bitch!


Is she all right?

Yes, she's coming around.

Mark, tell me it's a dream,

a very bad dream.

I'm afraid not, Bea.

Shall we proceed?

Bea, I'm going to miss you.

The prefect society wife.

Nobody could plan a dinner

or run a charity
benefit better than you.

Take care, Bea.

And Terri, oh...
fire in the fireplace,

gingham curtains... I know
we had our differences,

but I'm glad we also
had our Big Sky romance.

And, Heather...

sweet, obvious Heather.

It was a seller's market
and I was buying.

For everyone's modesty,
I'll leave out the details.

But I think you can
all guess what I'll miss.

You have fun, darlin'.

Oh, and try and save a
couple of bucks, okay?

Okay. BEA: Stop it!

Stop the tape.

Stop it immediately.

This is some
terrible joke, isn't it?

I, uh...

I'm afraid it's all legal, Bea.

I-I mean, the will part.

Shall we proceed?

By now, you've all, uh, met
Mark Sloan, my executor.

Uh, Mark,

here are your, uh,
marching orders,

short and sweet.

The marriages, uh,

may not be legally binding.

Just do what's right.

Take care of my wives.

Oh, and, uh,

ladies, until this
is all sorted out,

I want you to stay at the house.

I think if you get
to know each other,

you might understand
why I loved each one of you.

Well, that's about it.

It has been... great!

I'll, uh, see you all

on the other side.


it-it was some will!

Well, I'm speechless.

I mean, what was
Preston thinking of?

I'm not sure thinking had
anything to do with it, Bea.

It's for you, Mark.

Oh. Excuse me.

Uh... Sherri, isn't it?


Oh, right.

Well, Terri,

I don't know who you are,

or who put you up to this,

but you're not getting a thing.

And that goes for you, too.

Obviously you
weren't listening, Dee,

but I was married to Preston.

Who wasn't?


bigamy is still
illegal in this country,

so any rights you think you have
to Preston's money, think again.

Money was the last
thing on my mind.

I came here because
I lost someone

that I loved very much.

Really? And just how
long was this love?

A week?

A month?

Six years.

Well... I was married
to the man for over 30.

I can't believe he's gone.

I mean, we were only
married for two years,

but the whole time, it
seemed just like a fairy tale.

Hansel and Greedy?

Ladies, excuse me.

I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Well, I don't think this
day can get any worse.

As executor

of Preston's estate, I'm afraid

I'm going to have
to freeze his assets.

On what grounds? Murder.

Murder? Preston was killed?

That was the
hospital on the phone.

Toxicology reports
some, uh, poison

turned up in Preston's body.

That part of his
body that we have.

So until the crime is solved,

I'm afraid his
estate's in limbo.

Oh, my God!

I don't believe this. Murder?!

Do they have

any idea who could have done it?


What about the shark?!

Bea, I promise you,

we'll do everything in our power

to find out who
did this to Preston.

Mm. Well, they
might not have to look

any further than this room.


If the shoe... or
the thong fits...

I don't have to hang out
here and listen to this.

Me, neither.

Excuse me, ladies.

I must remind you of the
caveat in Mr. Michael's will

that you remain at
the residence until

this is all settled.

Oh, Raymond, we don't...

Raymond is right, Bea.

Well, I guess I was wrong.

This day can get worse.

I'd, uh,

better go run interference.

Hi. Hi.

This is all my fault.

I knew one day
this would happen.

What? This?

All of this.

If anybody should be
blamed, it's probably me.

I arranged
Mr. Michael's entire life.

I even arranged the weddings.

Sent the invitations.

I should have
spoken up years ago.

How-how was it that Preston
got himself in all this trouble?

Well, he thought he was safe.

I mean, Terri lives in Denver,

Heather in Florida.

The chances that they
would all be in the same place

at the same time were impossible

until last week.

What happened last week?

Well, he found out that
the impossible was possible.


Tell me, did you keep records

on all three of Preston's lives?

Oh, yes.

Very detailed files.

I'm going to be needing those.

Certainly. I'll get
them right away.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

Dad called and said you
have something for me?

Oh, yes. Well, my able
assistant here and I...

We discovered some
very interesting things

in your buddy's arm.

It was loaded with a glycoside.

I guess digitalis.

In English?

Oh. Medically-speaking,

digitalis is a heart stimulant.

It comes from a substance
in nature called digitalin.

It's a very deadly,
very potent poison.


Did, uh, Preston
have a heart condition?

Well, it wasn't in his records.

Do you know the time of death?

Well, lividity would put
it at about eight hours

before the, uh, Jaws incident.

The Jaws incident.

Amanda wanted me

to find out how long the arm
had been inside of the shark.

Now, according to Jaws's
digestive system, the bite,

taken out of Preston,
was about an hour

before the fish died.


Well, of a heart attack.

Can a shark have a heart attack?

Oh, this one did.

I'm telling you, this is

getting weirder by
the minute. Poison,

sharks, three wives
in three states,

all of whom have been here
long enough to have killed him.

It's okay.

I figured I'd have
to talk to the police.

Or someone sooner or later.

So, don't be coy, Amanda.

So, go ahead, ask.

Okay. What brought
you out to L.A.?


Preston and I had some things
that we needed to talk about.


Preston wanted a divorce.

Said he didn't
want to, but had to.

Now I know why.

You knew about Terri?

Not Terri specifically,

but I knew Preston
was fooling around.

I hired a private
detective who confirmed it.

But you didn't actually know

that he was married
to someone else?

Oh, God, no!

Not a clue.

Are you kidding?

You must have been upset.

That's one way of putting it.

I was furious.

Aah, what the hay.

Listen, I know
what you're thinking.

He was old, I was young.

He was rich.

I wasn't.

But you loved him?


Damn straight.


When I met Pressy,

I was an aerobics
instructor and nutritionist.

His B.P. was high,

his HDLs were through the roof.

Wait, wait, wait a minute.

Are you talking about blood
pressure and cholesterol?

Yeah. You're a doctor.

I thought you knew
about that kind of stuff.

No, I do. I just... I just
didn't think that you...

Think that I would know it.


You see, that is the difference

between Pressy and,
well, all other men.

Anyway, I changed his diet,

altered his amino acids.

He called me his
fountain of youth.

I called him Rambo.


was the kindest, brightest,

most gentle man
that I have ever met.

We shared a life
together, Amanda.

After we were married,

I worked nights till he
got his broker's license.

Trouble was, the more
successful he became,

the more he played around.

It must have been tough to take.

So tough, you
think I killed him?

Well, I suppose I could have.

I mean, after all, I wasn't just
two-timed, I was three-timed.

Was I hurt

when he wanted a divorce?

You bet. When I

found out that he
was lying to me? Sure.

Could I have killed him, then?


I never

said I didn't like
Pressy's money.

But if you ask me,

Bea or Terri had more
of a reason to kill him.

They didn't understand
him like I did.

If anyone is

capable of murder,
it's that cowgirl, Terri.


She couldn't take
his playing around.

Any more questions?

Not for now, but...

Oh, I know.

Stay in touch, stay in town.


that's the whole sordid story.

Let's go to lunch, shall we?

I have a standing reservation

at the Four Seasons.

You know, you could
use some toning.

How about a run?

How about I grab a cab,
and I'll meet you later?

Detective Sloan.

Hi, Steve.

Oh, hi, Dad.

I've got Amanda and
Jesse on the other lines.

Hold on while I
conference you all in,

and you could fill me in
on what happened today.

Can you do that?

Well, I hope so.

Anybody there?




Ha! I did it!

Okay, who wants to start?


Okay. Heather is a 27-year-old
fitness freak who loved Preston,

but openly admits thinking
of him as a walking wallet.

She also knows her
way around chemistry.

So, I rest my case.

Oh, not so fast
there, Counselor.

Terri is a woman with
enough of the Old West in her

to hang a cattle rustler.

And she was threatened
by divorce from Preston.

Let's not forget about
the woman scorned.

She was married
to the philanderer

for nearly 40 years.

She's openly hostile,

and she's become very
accustomed to her wealthy way of life.

Oh. So who did it?

Whoa. Hang on. I
have another call.


Dr. Sloan? MARK: Yes.

Raymond Bergman.

Listen, I've been
going over some things.

I think I know
who killed Preston.

Mr. Bergman?

Mr. Bergman?!

We've got

trouble. That was
Preston's lawyer. He says he

thinks he knows who killed him.


I don't know.

The line went dead.

Is this where they
found Bergman? Yup.

What happened?

Looks like he was hit
on the back of the head

with the ever-popular blunt
object and dumped in the pool.

Pool man found him
about 7:00 this morning.

Anybody see or hear anything?

I was just about to
ask the, uh, wives.

Care to join me?

Yes, I would.

You know, I think that there's
a pattern developing here.

Every time somebody gets
killed, they end up in the drink.

So maybe, this killer
has a thing for water.

All right, that's good.

He's inside...

It's just a theory.

Oh, Mark, I'm so
glad you're here.

My God, first Preston,
now Raymond.

I know, I'm sorry, Bea.

I didn't know you smoked.

Oh, I know, I know,
it's a filthy habit.

Well, I enjoy it.

At least I'm honest about it.

Well, I usually

only smoke afterwards,

but with all these
men dropping like flies,

I am completely weirded out.

Okay, uh...

I'm going to have to ask
you all some questions now

if you don't mind.

Uh, Bea, do you remember
why Mr. Bergman was here

last night at about 11:30?

I haven't the foggiest idea.

I thought he left with Evan.

Wait a minute, Evan
Houston was here, too?


he stopped by to see Raymond

and Miss Stimpson.

She was here, too?

Yes, Evan needed

something notarized, so
she came by with the stamp.

Is there anyone who wasn't here?

Yeah, you.

Did you hear anything at all?

Unusual, strange
voices or arguing?

No, I took a sleeping
pill and went to bed,

but then again, it's
very difficult to hear

anything above the noise
coming from Heather's room.

I was stressed so I hired a
private trainer to work me out.

It helps me to
relax and to sleep,


She's been so upset

about her husband's passing

that she's had to relax
two, three times a day.

We all mourn in
our own ways, Terri.

Don't we, though.

And where were
you last night, hmm?

Out on the last round-up?

You certainly
weren't in your room.

Where were you?

I couldn't sleep either, so I
went to the Palomino Club.

You can check
with the bartender.

I was there till closing.

Hello. Oh, hold on, please.

Detective Sloan, it's for you.

Thank you.

Sloan here. You have a thing

for water?

As a nutrient?

All right, thank you.

Dad, they found Preston's
boat drifting around Ensenada.

The Coast Guard's
towing it in now.

Want to take a look?

Oh, I wish I could,

but I've got to get back
to the hospital. Oh, hey.

I'm free.

I got nothing to
do, nowhere to go.

All right, if you promise
not to touch anything.

Hey, I'm a professional.


Scotch, gin, vodka, bourbon.

Jesse, I told you

not to touch anything.

I didn't touch anything.

How'd the cabinet get opened?

Well, that I touched.

Mm-hmm. Put your
hands in your pockets.

Was this guy a bartender
or a stockbroker?

Well, let's just say

that old Preston really
enjoyed his cocktail hour.


Hey, Steve?

Don't touch.

Look at this.

Get this to Amanda
and have her check it.

Let me know what
she finds out, all right?


Feeling all right, Jesse?

You look a little green.

Oh, green's not good.

I think I'm a little seasick.

We're still tied up to the dock.

We're still in water, though.

All right, come on, Popeye,
you'll feel better on deck.

You all right?


All right, breathe deep.

You'll be okay.

Let me ask you something, Jesse.

Do you think just one person
could handle a boat this size?

How would I know?

Well, if not,

somebody must
have taken him out.

And, uh...

had a little champagne.

Well, there's a news flash,

considering this whole
boat is a floating bar.

It looks like a glass stem.

I want to get this checked out,

see if there's any poison
residue or fingerprints on it.

Are we through here?

You are.

Come on.

Okay, the lab's checking
out the glass shards.

Did you do anything

with that cigarette
butt Jesse brought in?

Uh... yeah.

I have a preliminary report
around here somewhere.

Um, did you find
out anything new

with Raymond Bergman's murder?

N-Not yet.

Uh, Steve's checking
the ladies' alibis right now.


Okay, here we go.

The cigarette is
a Berkshire Light.

The lipstick on the filter is a
Belle Amour Pale Crimson.

Mm. I got a really
nice lip print off of it,

but I, I don't know how
long the cigarette was there.

Got it.

I got 'em all from Preston's
house, all three wives.

Oh, great.

Okay, this one belonged to Bea.

I got it out of the kitchen.

This one was Terri's and
this one was Heather's.

I snuck up into her bedroom

after one of her
afternoon workout sessions

with the trainer and took it.

Why would a personal
trainer let her smoke?

You're so young.

Anyway, none of
these match mine,

not in color or lip prints.

Ah, let me see.

Mine neither.

So whose is it?

I don't know.

You know, I have a feeling

that whoever killed Preston
killed Raymond Bergman.

See you later.

Wh-Where are you going?

You know, Evan Houston
was there last night, too.

I'm gonna pay
him a little visit.

What do you suppose
he expects to find out?

I don't know.

Maybe what lipstick he wears.

Excuse me.

Oh, Dr. Sloan.

This is a surprise.

Uh, there was nobody out there

so I just... came in.

Oh, yeah, sorry,

it's Miss Stimpson's day off.

Well, come on in, sit down.

Thank you.

Wasn't this Preston's office?

Yes, uh, it is, but, uh,

since I've been handling
the day-to-day operations,

I... thought it'd be easier if I
just moved my stuff in here.

Look at the lovely things
you're growing in a...

window box. I have

a whole garden that
looks like Death Valley.

There's not much to
it, really, just a little TLC

and water. Mm-hmm.

Actually, um, I
was meaning to talk

to you today. Oh?

I talked with Raymond

about a little financial
matter last night

before he was, um...

Well, anyway, um,

he said that I should talk
to you as you're the executor

of Preston's estate and you're
controlling the purse strings,

so to speak.

Anyway, uh, we need

some money.

I beg your pardon?

Well, like a lot of companies,

we play things pretty
close to the financial vest,

and each month Preston
would infuse some capital

into the company

to cover our expenses, so...


So I need you to cut
me a check for $50,000.

Well, that's quite
a vest, so to speak.

Uh... yes, it is,

and the sooner the better
would really help me.

So, um, what did you
want to talk to me about?

Oh, Evan, I just
wanted to ask you, uh,

do you remember last night
what time you left the estate?

Um... about 11:00, I'd say.

Did you see anybody
when you left?

No, I...

drove Miss Stimpson home

and then I went
straight home myself

and to bed.

She left with you?


My gosh, that's
a beautiful boat.

That was Preston's, wasn't it?


I tell you, if that was my boat,

you wouldn't see
it tied up to a dock.

I'd be half way
to Bimini by now.

I know what you mean.

I would, too.

Okay, thanks a
lot for your time.


I'll get right on that check.


So, thanks again, Dr. Sloan.

If you would, leave your number

and I'll have Miss
Stimpson call you

and tell you where
to send the check.

Okay, fine.

Good to see you.

Nice to see you.

♪ ♪

Steve, there's someone
you should talk to.

Miss Stimpson?

Who are you? I'm,
uh, Detective Sloan.

I'm, uh... I'm kind
of busy right now.

I'd like to ask you a few
questions regarding the death

of Mr. Michaels.

Oh, you know, I don't
know anything more

than what I already
told the police, okay?

Look, I understand, I just
need to clear up a few things.

Okay. Can you make it quick?

Miss Stimpson, uh,

when's the last time
you saw Mr. Michaels?

Uh, that would be,
uh... before he died.

Uh... Thursday.

On board his boat?

No, at his home.

Did Mr. Michaels
seem, uh, nervous

or afraid of something
or someone?

Uh, no. Not that I remember.

I mean, aside from, you know,
his meeting his wives and all.

Excuse me?

What are you doing in there?

Are you going somewhere?

Why do you ask?

Oh, I don't know.

Packed bags, sheets
on all the furniture.

Just a lucky guess.

My mother's sick.

Does your mother
live in Bermuda?

Yes, as a matter
of fact, she does.

This is a one-way ticket.

She's very sick.

Miss Stimpson,

let's just cut to the
chase, shall we?

You know, I really don't
know what you're talking about,

but I'm afraid I'm going to
have to ask you to leave now

because I'm in a
very, very big hurry.

Miss Stimpson, you sure
there's not something you want

to tell me, like, what's
in the bag maybe?

No, it's fine.

I never like to use
traveler's checks.

She what?!

You heard me.

Sweet, loyal Miss
Post-Nasal Drip

was blackmailing
Preston Michaels.

I don't believe that.

Well, actually,
in her own words,

she was receiving
bonuses regularly

to, uh, keep from
spilling her guts.

Better add her
to the suspect list.

I'll get it.

So, uh... where are we now?

All three wives had a motive

for wanting Preston dead.

But Heather was the only one

who could have
sailed that boat alone.

And from what you say,

knows the toxic
effects of digitalis.


But Bea,

with her heart condition,

also knew how to get her
hands on the medication and

knew how to use it.

But then Terri is someone who
you don't want to make upset.

Especially with divorce papers.

Now we have Miss Stimpson.

Maybe a blackmail
scheme gone south.

And Evan,

Evan can sail a boat, but...

as far as I can see, doesn't
have any motive or any access

to any digitalis.

So like I said, where are we?

All right. Thanks.

It was the lab.

They found traces of poison

on pieces of the
glass and a partial

print on the stem.

It's got to be one

of the wives!

Only one way to find out.

Fingerprint them.

Shouldn't be a problem.

Absolutely not!

I'm not going to
be fingerprinted

like some criminal!

It's the only solid
lead we have so far

to find your husband... well,

all your husband's killer.


I for one have nothing to hide.

Which explains
half your wardrobe.

This should prove to all of
you that I did not kill Pressy.

Couldn't have.

I loved him way too much.

Yeah, about seven mill worth.

Is that my cut?


that got someone's attention.

How about it, Terri?

Okay, fine. Print me.

I don't care.

Come on.

Move it, move it, move it.

So, I, I guess you
did your homework

on Preston's estate, huh?

I used to be a financial
analyst at another brokerage firm

before I met Preston.

I knew his portfolio.

Including the huge cash
flow drain in the last two years.

Is that why you killed him?

So you'd stop the flow and
have more money for yourself?

If anyone was a
drain, it was you.

You didn't earn a
penny in your life,

but you sure could
spend it. She probably

killed him when she
realized she was losing him

to a younger woman.

By younger, I presume
you mean Heather?

I mean, you're way past young

and into my-doesn't-

for-a-woman-her-age. Oh!

Try not to ruin my manicure.

If I had meant Heather,

I'm sure I would have used
the words "cheap and taudry."


Now, ladies...

I am not cheap!

And... whatever.

Good God!

And with Preston out of the way,

you can keep yourself looking...


For your information,

"Aunt" Bea, Pressy
liked the way I dressed.

Hmm, but then again,

what could he tell with
the lights out all the time?

Why don't you go rope something?

Well, I can see

that everything is
under control here.

So I'll, uh... I'll
just let myself out.

Let me give you a
little fashion tip, Gidget.

Thank you. That mole.

Doesn't work.


I don't know what Preston saw

in either one of you.



Delusions of grandeur?

And I don't mean Preston.

All I know is that
I didn't kill him.

When they found Preston...


When they found Preston's arm,

my world collapsed.

When he died, a
part of me died, too.

I tolerated his fooling
around because...

I loved him so much.

Oh, maybe too much.

I-I don't know,
but I couldn't...


What is so funny?

Take a look.


I look like Charlie Chaplin.


Oh, now I've got it
all over your hankie.

Hey, don't worry about it.

God made dirt

and dirt don't... Dirt don't...


Did Preston say
that to you, too?


And it drove me
absolutely insane.

Hmm. Along with the other one.

No guts

no glory. No glory.

What does that mean, anyway?

I don't know. BEA: You know,

you were lucky.

At least you didn't have 30 of,

"It's not the dog
in the fight..."

"It's the fight in the dog."

I thought if he said that one
more time I'd strangle him!

Oh, figuratively
speaking, of course.

Did you guys ever notice
the way he ate corn?

Never around.

Always across
in neat little rows.

Dr. Bellows, page operator.

Hey, what's up

with you?

Uh... Steve just called.

The, uh, fingerprints
came back negative,

just like the lipstick.

None of them match
the one on the glass.

We might be able to
brighten up your day.

We ran some more tests on
that toxin we found in Preston.

What'd you find out?

Well, the specific
glycoside was convallatoxin.

It has similar
properties to digitalis,

however, slightly different

in a raw form. Raw form?

Yeah. Nature.

It comes from the
Lily of the Valley.

Not the synthesized
drug, but the natural!

I've got to find
Jesse and Steve.


Dr. Sloan?

Oh, hi, Evan.

I hope you don't mind.

No, no.

Make yourself comfortable. I am.

I was being sarcastic.

Yeah, I know.


what's going on?

I stopped by Bea's on the way

and picked up Preston's copy

of the company's
financial report.

Uh, his wife, uh...

number two,

Terri, is a financial analyst,

discovered some
interesting things.

Mm-hmm. What's that?

Well, the company hasn't
been doing all that well

over the last few years.

Yeah, well, you
know, the stock market.

You're up and you're down.

Except for one, uh, special
client, uh, Marshall Industries.

Seemed to be a constant winner.

As a matter of fact,

in one two-year
period, they made

on their investments
over $250,000 in dividends.

Yeah, well, we've
been very lucky for them.

You know, it's a
shame they don't exist

as a functioning company anyway.

What are you talking about?

It's a front.

You, Evan, are
Marshall Industries.

You've been embezzling

from the company for years.

I think you killed Preston
to cover your tracks.

That's... that's absurd.

I'll show you their file.

You know, the, uh, police

found the, the
remains of the glass

that was used to
poison, uh, Preston.

There was a
fingerprint on the stem,

and I'll bet you
the fingerprints

on this glass match.

Well, that's uh...

not a good bet, Doctor.

The stakes might be rather high.

Gee, I hope that
was water in there.

I wouldn't want
to hurt your plants.

Lily of the Valley, isn't it?


You know, it's interesting.

Lily of the Valley
contains exactly

the same toxin that was used

to poison Preston.

I see one of the, uh,

stems has been
recently cut here.

You know, you're
just so very smart,

aren't you, Dr. Sloan?

Just like Raymond Bergman.

And we both know
what happened to him.

You killed him.

I had no choice.

None of this would have happened

if that damn shark hadn't died.

Preston would have
never been found.

Just another unfortunate
boating accident.

And until he was
ruled legally dead,

you'd have seven more
years to milk the company.


So to speak.

You know, it is such
a fine day outside.

What do you say
we go for a little ride

on old Preston's boat?

Sharks are probably
hungry about this time of day.


Let's go.

Drop it!

Did you get it all?


All on tape.

I kept the intercom on
your phone open, Evan.


Uh, Dr. Sloan, would
you look after my plants?

Those white ones
can be brewed up

into a real nice tea.

Thank you, Evan.


The white ones.

Lily of the Valley.


It's my favorite, uh...

Mark! I'm so glad Hi!

You could come by.

Well, your message
was very provocative.

You have something
that belongs to me?

Yes, I do.

What's this?

The keys to Preston's boat.

We wanted you to have it

for everything that
you've done for us.

Oh, no, really, I mean,

that's very generous,
but I couldn't possibly.


We all talked about it

and we agreed
that you deserve it.

So say thank you

and go enjoy.

Well, thank you.

And if you decide

you want to sell it,
wait until the spring.

Prices go up 20%

around then. Thank you.

I'll, I'll keep that in mind.

So what caused this outbreak

of, uh, friendliness?

Well, after Evan was
arrested by the police,

we got to talking,
and we all agreed

that different as we all are,

we do have one thing in common.

We all loved the old coot.

Each in our own way.

And frequency.

Well, that's, that's great.

That's great.

So what's next for all of you?

Well, I'm going
to teach Bea here

how to ride.

Oh, I said maybe if you'll sit

through at least one opera.

And if I do the opera thing,

I get to teach you both

high-impact aerobics.

That, that sounds, sounds great.

Just everyone... sharing.

Well, all this "sharing"
is going to have to wait

until tomorrow,
because I have a date

with a very rich
rancher. Me, too!

But mine's a doctor.


Says he loves sailing.

See ya!

Tomorrow, Bea.

Bye. Bye.


Love to.

Shall we?

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