Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 13 - 35 Millimeter Murder - full transcript

While high-pregnant Amanda's hormones turn her into the most unreasonable spoiled bitch, father Colin -a USNavy pilot- still being on his way, so the term delivery applies more to poor kind, far too obliging Jesse then to mother-to-be and baby, Mark's fishing photos got mixed-up at the developer's with Vic Slovak's film. Trying to switch, Mark finds Vic, a paparazzo, tied up locked in his closet by goons after the film, about a party and the crucial shot, of a girl kidnapped into a limo at gunpoint by ex-cop Don Blaine, who is however found shot dead in his own home. Vic proves hard to shake, dodgy but crafty and on crucial occasions helpful, for starters to use the hospital's digital enhancement equipment to identify the kidnappee from a Medwatch tag as Darlene Mix, an escort girl from Wisconsin. They find her just in time to save her from goons, which they trace to mobster Eddie Alcala, who threw the party where Darlene saw a man bloodily kill another escort girl, Barbara Lake. However Alcala is also killed during his arrest, more digital enhancement and a secret file Steve pulled explain why...

Please don't do this.

I swear I won't say anything.

You know I didn't do anything.

I don't know
anything about it, lady.

But you can't just kill me.

I do what I'm told.

Get down on your knees.

Please... Get down!

Put your hands
behind your back...

and stay quiet.

All done?


Get us out of here, huh?

♪ ♪

You alert Dr. Billings.

She's fine, no vacations,

and then Dr. Wallerstein...
You know, it's funny.

I never thought
of taking a camera

on a fishing trip before
and I'm glad I did.

Now, for anesthesia,

I was thinking
Dr. Haskell or Dr. Fung.

They're excellent doctors.

I don't know which one you like.

Oh, my God, look at that trout.

That is seven pounds,
but I've got a bass in here...


Guys, I'm pregnant.

This is my third trimester.

This is the end of the road.

I could have the
baby any minute.

Well, of course,
you got it covered.

I do, Mark, not that
you were listening.

Of course I was.

All right, what was I saying?


How many bass did you get?


There's one in here

that's a monster.


My baby is second to... fish.

Dr. Cohen to radiology.

Mark Sloan, I'm just
going to let you know

that you are dangerously close

to losing your godfather
status to this child.

Amanda, I'm sorry.

I know you're excited
and you're anxious.

I just want to make sure that
I've prepared for everything.

Well, you have.

You got a great
ob-gyn in Dr. Billings;

you're in perfect health;
the baby is in great shape.

And when it's showtime,

I promise you I'm going
to be all over that delivery.

Oh, it's just that I'm so close.

Well, Amanda, you know
how iffy those due dates are,

especially with the first baby.

Oh, I know.

I thought about all
that, but I'm just nervous.

You know, I'm so
worried about Colin.

I mean, I don't know if
he's gotten his leave yet.

He's halfway around the world.

Military runaround.

Don't worry. He'll get it.

What are these?

You went fishing

at the hotel? Wait a minute.

I didn't take these.
Oh, there, there, Mark.

You know, we could go to
the tanks in the hospital lobby

and get you a big, fat goldfish.

You know, you
got the wrong film.

That happened to me once.

I was expecting my
friend Jimmy's stag party.

All I get is this kid
Lenny's bar mitzvah.

Victor Slovak.

Who's Victor Slovak?

Well, a man who is probably
right at this moment wondering

why he's looking at a
picture of a ten-pound bass.

Sentinel Avenue.

That's great. I'll just go
and swap pictures with him.

You're going now?
Well, it's the biggest fish

I ever caught.

I got to see it.

Dr. Livingston, you're going
to be fine, and I promise you,

no matter when your
baby decides to be born,

I'm going to be there
with you to greet him.

Or her. Or her.

Will Colin be there?

Count on it.

Oh! Kid's a real kicker.

Remember those due
dates we were talking about?

Yes, they're a rough guideline.

The delivery is often late.

Or early.

Mr. Slovak, you here?

Hello, Mr. Slovak?

Trout pictures.

I don't know where
the pictures are!

All I got were fish!

Please don't kill me.

Who are you?

I'm a doctor... Mark Sloan.

I came for my vacation pictures.

The fish?

Yeah, that's me. That's my fish.

Thank God.

You must have scared them off.

Look, do you mind, huh?

Oh, no.

Scared who off?

The maniacs that
ripped my place apart.

I can't believe it.

They were going to kill me
just for some pictures I took.


These pictures?

No, please.

Y-You're handling a keg
of dynamite there, okay?

What the heck are they anyway?

Nicholson, Stallone, Jim Carrey.

Mel Gibson had a
birthday bash last night.

You're one of those
papa... papa... Please,

I don't like to
use the "P" word.

Look at these.

Look at this.

Not one shot of a face.

I was going to sell
these for big bucks.

They were going
to kill you for these?

I know, I don't understand it.

It's not like I...

I got Mel Gibson sunbathing
in the nude or anything.

Do you have a magnifying
glass around here?

Why? What do you see?

Well, maybe a reason
somebody didn't want you

to look at these.

You know, normally I
do my own developing,

but, you know, I ran
out of paper this morning

so I had to take it to
the fast photo guys.


Look right there.

What do you see?


Some rich guy with his date.

Look at the girl's face.

What do you see?

Like somebody
who's not very happy.

She looks kind of scared, huh?

Mm-hmm, and
there's the reason why.

Look at his hand.

Oh, my God. It's a gun.

Right in her back.

This is great.

This is like really
Hard Copy stuff.

Excuse me, Victor,
but that's police stuff.

She's being abducted.

It explains why someone
didn't want pictures taken.

Yeah, but this
happened last night.

What can we do about it now?

We can go see my son.

Yeah, I think

you're right.

Gun, force,

probable kidnapping.

Can you get out a
description of the girl?

Yeah, I'll check
with the hospital,

missing persons, and the morgue.

The guy with the gun,
though, I don't have to ID.

I know him.

You're kidding. Nope.

Name's Don Blaine.

He's an ex-cop.

He was with vice
for about five years

and then he, uh,
up and resigned.

The stories were going around

that he got a little too chummy

with some of the guys
he used to be after.

Better pay on the
other side of the fence?

Yeah, something like
that. Can we talk to him?

After seeing this, I
guess we'd better.

What are you doing?


Oh, I'm just browsing.

If you want to
browse, go to a library.

I-I thought, you know, I might
come across an arrest record

of a TV star or something, so...

Hey, hey, hey, it's
a living, all right?

Mm-hmm, so is arresting people.

Look, Mr. Slovak, you're a
material witness in this case.

Now, if you like, I can provide

police protection for you
during the investigation.


You mean like being
locked away and everything

when I'm sitting on such
a big buck story like this?

No way. I'm in.
Give me my pictures.

You're out and I'm
confiscating these pictures.

Now, either you're free
to go until we need you

or you can accept
custody here now.

All right.

I'll just, um, I'll
just mosey on.

Okay, Mr. Slovak?

Yeah? If you notice
anything suspicious,

please give us a call.

Oh, you'll be the first.

Let's go.

We can get Blaine's
address from Records.

Unit 3, has the
area been secured?

You sure this is
the right address?


Sloan, what are you doing here?

I was about to ask
you the same thing, Bill.

We came to see Don Blaine.

You're just in time.

There he is.

Hold on, guys.

He was shot?

Twice in the heart.

Nice, neat little job.

Lieutenant, do you have any idea

who Blaine went to work
for after he left the force?

Not a clue.

Oh, hospital.

May I use the phone in there?

Be my guest.

Thank you. Mind if
I go with him, Bill?

The more the merrier.

You know what you could use?

You could use a, a wider lens.

You'd get the whole thing in.

You see what I see?

I'd know that shirt anywhere.

And you know what? Get
up off the knees, okay?

It looks bad for the profession.

Oh, hi, guys.

How's it going?

How'd you get in here?

I used my pass.

What pass?

Um, the one from the,
uh, the mayor's office.

How'd you find this place?

Just like you did, from Records.

You know, I-I kind
of said that we were,

like, working as a... as a team.

The mayor of Guatemala City?

Oh, y-you know him, too, huh?

Listen, you.

I'd better call in.

You know what?

There's a phone right over here.

Let me show you, okay?

Oh, look.

What are you doing?!

There's a message
on the machine.

Victor, it's a crime scene.

You can't go around
pushing buttons.


I'm here where
you told me to go.

I'm scared to death.

Please come and
get me out of here.

Um, I'm just going
to go wait over there.

Did you hear this? Yeah.

Yes, extension 1207, please.

Dr. Travis.

Hi, Jess, anything wrong?

Oh, hey.

Nah, it's just Amanda.

I guess, uh, I guess it started.

"Just Amanda"?

Tell him I'm
contracting, I'm in labor.

Hey, you hear that?
She's contracting.

It's labor, all right.


Everything going okay so far?

Oh, yeah, piece of cake.

Piece of cake?!
I got it covered.

You going to drop by later?


Yeah, I'm on the way.

Tell Amanda to hang in there.

Okay, bye.

He says hang in there.

What, is it genetic with you?

You just naturally nosy?

That's why I'm
good at what I do.

Well, you can go do what
you do someplace else

because this is a police
homicide investigation now

and you're not a
part of it; is that clear?

Clear, yes. Fair, no.

Hey, look, it's my photos
got this whole thing started.

I'm the one that got locked
in the closet and tied up

while they trashed my place.

Now when you smell a
juicy story like this one,

you've got to land on your feet.

You've got to be like
a panther. Vic, that's it.

I'm locking you up. Wait a
second. You can't do that.

Watch me.

Wait a minute.
There's no need for that.

Vic, you don't want
to go to jail, do you?

Of course not. Then why
don't you do what Steve says?

I'll take him with me.

Where are you going?

We're going to Community
General Hospital.

Oh, no! No, I don't
want to go to the hospital.

Just for a moment, and
then I'll drive you home.


who do you want to go with?

Okay, okay, okay.

All right, and stay put.

I'll check that
answering machine tape

and try and find out who
Don Blaine was working for.

I'll be at the hospital
if you need me.

Let's go, Vic.

Yeah, I got him.

He's with this other guy.

Look, if he said anything,

the cops would be
all over you by now.

Okay, okay. Calm down.

I'll keep in touch.

If it looks like he's
getting closer to anything,

I'll make sure he doesn't.

Calmest labor I ever saw.

Yeah, it sort of... went away.

False alarm.

Dr. Billings just left.

Nothing but a jolt or two.

Yeah, still... early onset.

Early, early.

Hello. Hello?

Sorry, a lot of static.

Give it here. That's Colin.

Hang on. Come on, Jesse.

Colin? Hi.

Yes, I can hear you.

Yes, it is coming.

No, we have plenty of time.

I don't know.

A day, three or four
days, I don't know.

Please tell me
you got your leave.

He got it.

In an hour, he's on his way.

Yes, honey?

He wants to know if you
know a Rear Admiral West?

Uh... gall bladder a
couple of years ago.

I called him.

You son of a gun.

Yes, honey, I'm here.

Dr. Sloan to Radiology.
Dr. Sloan to Radiology.

I don't have
anybody in Radiology.

I miss you, too, honey.

Stay close. Oh, it's kicking.

When the real thing hits,
she's going to need you.

I'm here. I'm ready.

It's cool.

Excuse me, I was
paged to come in here.

Wow, take a look at this.

I told you to wait in the lobby.

How in God's name
did you get in here?

Oh, did I happen to mention
that I was also a cardiologist?

What else have you got in there?

Oh, the usual.

Assistant DA,
licensed contractor,

uh, you know, fire marshall,
rabbi, tools of the trade.

Steve's right. You're dangerous.

You should be locked
up. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Come here. Look at this, please?

Come here. It's called
digital enhancement.

I thought that they would have

the equipment
here and I was right.

Well, I'm normally right.

Anyway, I put the photographs
on this flatbed scanner,

and converted
it to a digital file.

Vic, this is not your
equipment. This is illegal.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, most
things are in my trade anyway.

So anyway, the hospital

has this photo computer program.

I put everything through
an unsharp mask.

And now the pictures are
as clear as a bell, and look.

With the press of a
button, enlargement.

You can see a fly crawling
up some guy's nose

with this thing.

I don't believe I'm
in the mood for that.

No, but you'll want to see this.

Remember a couple
shots of the girl

had that bright light
bouncing off of her wrist?

See? Yeah, a bracelet.

Ha, ha. That's
exactly what I thought.

You know, a jewelry flare.

I thought it was her
ID bracelet, but look.

I can see it.

Can you...? Sure can.

It's one of those
medical dealies.

It's a Med-Watch tag.

She's allergic to something
or has a medical condition.


No name, though.

I can make out the last
digits on the ID number there.

Eight and a six.

Yeah. That could be enough.

There we go,
Med-Watch subscribers.

There must be a
million names there.

Yeah, first we'll get rid of
the one we know don't work.

We'll just ask for the ones

whose last numbers are 86.

Okay, now the women only.

Hey, I love it.

Okay, now women

over 20, under 40.

There's what we need.

Attending physicians.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to talk to doctors

give a description.

If we have any luck,
we'll get a name.

Yeah, they're still in here.

Now if he comes out,
you'd better take him.

Because there have been
enough screwups in this.

It's just been pure blind luck

that we're still
walking around as it is.

It was luck that we spotted
that jerk with the camera.

More luck that I
made you go back

to look for that girl's
body in the desert.

No corpse.

I should have
never hired Blaine.

He's a double-crossing bastard.

Well, he's sure no
problem anymore.

Ah, and neither
is the other broad.

She's buried so
deep, no one'll find her.

So, what about the doctor

who's been running
with that camera jockey?

Well, now what do you think?

You ready to lose
some more money?

Hey, Walt, you're the
one who's going to lose.

Come on.

Tee time's in a half an hour.

Any problems? None.

Absolutely none.

She has a thyroid
problem, which is good.

She needs it every day.

So you got her name?

Yeah, Darlene Mix.

Doctor said she'd
recently moved to L.A.

Hello, yes, is this
the Danco Pharmacy?

Yes, this is Dr. Wardlow.

I'm calling with reference
to a patient of mine.

Darlene Mix.

Yes, thyroid, that's right.

Uh-huh, my nurse
called, I think a little earlier.


I gather that she has moved.

Mm-hmm, and the problem is,

we don't seem to
have her new address.

I really need to speak
to her. I was wond...

Yes, yes, I'll wait.

They delivered it, perfect.

Yes, I'm here.

Got it.

Okay. Thank you very much.

I appreciate it. Mm-hmm, bye.

Got her. Park Vista
Motel in West Covina.

Wait a second.

Dr. Wardlow?

And you got a
problem with my wallet?

That's different.

There's a girl's life
at stake here, Vic.

Yeah, I'll say.

And a hell of a story, too.

Dead ex-cop,
kidnappings, girls in hiding.

Hey, this is half a
year's income right here.

No. No, no, no.

You're going to
stay put right here.

You know, even if Steve hadn't

ordered you off this thing,
those men at your place,

they could be tailing you
right now for all we know.

Hey, they could be
tailing you right now, too.

I mean, we've been joined at
the hip for almost a day now.

Think about it.

Good point. Good point.

Uh... I'll go out the back.

I'll take Jesse's car.

You stay here. Okay.

I just said...

I'm sorry. I was, um... thirsty.

I need a soda.

All right, one soda.

Stay put, all right?


♪ ♪


Darlene Mix?

Look, I know you're
probably very frightened.

I'm here to help you.

I sort of know about, uh,

Don Blaine.

The man in the
limo with the gun.

Darlene, I am a doctor.

I work for the police.

I'm here to help you.

I know you're in trouble.

Did he send you?

No. He's dead, I'm afraid.

No, he can't be.

Darlene, open the door.

I promise you.

I'm just here to help.

I know there's a lot
of explaining to do...

on both sides.

But Darlene, I think
we should leave here.

I have been so scared.

It's all right.
It's all right now.

Are you all right?

I'll just get my
medicine. All right.


I thought I told
you to stay put.

Hey, take it easy.

I was careful, all right?

Everybody get down!

I once got out of
Streisand's house like this.

Did she have two
goons with guns, too?

No, just a couple
burly hairdressers.

Dad, you should have called me.

You're lucky this
paparazzi here didn't...

Ah, ah, ah, I prefer
candid photographic artist.

Well, what's done
is done, I guess.

Anyway, this "photo artist"
and you found her at least.

Who is she?

Name's Darlene Mix. From?

Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Sorry, I had to get
out of that dress.

No problem.

Okay, okay. Hey,
what's this all about?

What happened last night?

Excuse me, Vic.

Excuse me, but do you mind

if I play the police
officer here?

Yeah, but you know what?
I ask really good questions.

Well, ask yourself this.

How would you like
to do three months

for stealing my father's car?

She's all yours. Ask away.

Thank you.

Um, well...

Okay, I was, I was at work.

You work at the hotel?

No, I have a temporary job

until I can get settled
out here, you know.

A friend of mine gave it to me.

What do you do?

I'm an escort.

I'm not a hooker!

All right, maybe
some girls, you know.

But, hey, I swear, all I ever
did was dance and pour drinks.

Mostly, it's pretty boring,

you know?

Sitting around looking pretty,

listening to old guys tell me

how their wives
don't appreciate them.

What happened last night?

Well, about, uh...

ten other girls
and I went to a...

a party at a big
suite on the top floor.

The usual stuff: music, drinks.

Anyway, um, at
one point I had to go

to the powder room and, uh...

well, I didn't know where
the bathrooms were.

So I just...

I just opened one of
the doors and, um...

it was the bedroom.

It's all right now.

Go on.

There was, um, a guy in there

and one of the girls in the bed.

He was talking to her
kind of drunk, you know,

saying he was sorry
that he had hit her.

That they were just
playing, you know?

She was dead.

Are you sure?


She wasn't moving.

She had this big bruise
on her cheek and it was...

there was blood
everywhere and...

she wasn't breathing.

Then what happened?

Then they shoved me downstairs

and into this, um, limo.

And God, I swore
I was going to die.

It's all right. Just
take it slowly.

Well, they drove
me out somewhere.


toward Palm Springs, I think.

Then they stopped.


God, don't do this.

The bodyguard pulled me out
and walked me into the woods.

Get down!

He pushed me on my
knees and pulled a gun.

I was crying.

And when I thought
he was going to shoot,

he leaned in and handed
me the address of that motel

and his phone number.

He said he didn't know
what had happened either,

but that we could talk
later when it's safe.

Then he aimed the gun into
the ground and fired twice.

Well, after the car drove away,

I ran to the highway and
hitched a ride back to the place

and called him.

But I didn't hear anything

until you guys showed up.

The rest you know.

A murder.


And she saw the killer.

Who threw the party?

I don't know. We never do.

Was it the guy in the bedroom?


You'd never seen him before?


And I only saw his
face for a second, but...

I could recognize him again.

Who do you work for, Darlene?

Starlight Escort Services.

I know 'em.

Run by a lady named Mindy Brian.

I'll go see her,

find out who the host was.

Wait, wait a second.

Was that Brian
or Bryant with a T?

Hey, those are my notes.

They are...

Vic, I'd like to solve
this one before I read

about half of it

at the supermarket
checkout counter.

Well, why don't we
get going then, all right?

Dad, would you keep an
eye on both of them, please?

Especially Geraldo here.

Thank you, Darlene.

Amanda, your pulse is racing.

You've got to relax.

You know, I'm
about to have a baby.

Do you know that
cats actually purr

when they deliver?

Oh, that's just fascinating.

You try carrying a
baby for 38 weeks

and see if you don't
get a little bit crabby

when you think the baby's
coming and it doesn't.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I just think that you
should go home tonight.

Home?! Are you crazy?

I'm about to have a baby.

Not tonight.

Oh, and you
know that for a fact.

I know that there's nothing
going on in the Babydome.

Look, go home.

Kick your feet up.

Have a little tea.


Sleep in your own bed tonight.

I really don't think
I should leave now.

I really don't.

I really don't.

Look, I'll drive you.

As a matter of fact, I will
chauffeur through all of this.

Just go home.

You call me if anything happens.

You think?

I do have a few things packed.

I have a new peignoir.

Ah, there you go.

Come on. Come on. Get up. I do.

Help me swing my legs
around. Swing 'em out.

Thanks a lot for
talking to me, Mindy.

Actually, I'm glad you're here.

I've been worried.

What time is it?

It's about 7:45.

Oh, that late?

Almost time to get to work.

Why didn't you call this in?

Look, we don't have
to play games here.

Some of the girls get...

engaged for longer
than the actual party.

It's not unusual to
lose track of them

for a while.

So why are you worried?

Well, for one thing,
it wasn't like Darlene.

You met her, right? Mm-hmm.

She's not a pro.

And the other girl
should have been in today

if for nothing else
to pick up her check.

Give me her name again.

Mmm. Lake.

Barbara Lake.

5'7", dark hair, thin.


You've said it yourself, Mindy.

We don't have to play games.

I'm not here

to bust your chops
about your business.

But I do have to ask.

The question we
never answer, huh?

Who ordered the girls?

You being straight
with me, Lieutenant?

Between you and me.

I'm not working Vice, Mindy.


It was Eddie Alcala.

Eddie Alcala is
throwing parties?

Very private parties

for very public people.

He's been doing it a lot lately.

Spreading his dope money around.


Peddling influence.

Look, you didn't get
any of this from me.

The fact is, I don't
care about Eddie Alcala.

I care about my girls.

So just find Barbara Lake, okay?

You know, you
better watch that thing.

You don't want to burn.

Hmm, you want to stick around

and rub a little
lotion on my back?

Sorry, I, uh...

I'd better go. Huh.

Just like a man.

You working Eddie Alcala?

Yep, as of last night.

So I heard. You
might enjoy this.

It just came in.

A girl's body?

Where'd they find her?

Angeles Crest Forest.

See the lab work?

You can be Cisco.

I'll be Pancho.

He's mine, Bill.

Mine, too.

Remember our dead ex-cop?

Why are you mad at me?

I'm not mad at
you. Yes, you are.

You haven't said anything
to me the whole way here.

What's to say? Oh, I don't know.

How about, "Good morning, Jesse.

"Thank you for picking me up.

I slept wonderfully in
my own bed last night."

Would you knock it
off? That's it, isn't it?

What? You're mad at me

because you didn't
have your baby last night.

I am not. Yes, you are.

I told you you weren't ready.

I told you to go home.

I was right. All
right, you were right.

Fine. You're still mad at me.

I am not. Yes, you are.

No, but if you keep
this up, I can go there.

All right.

I've got a lot of work to do.

You call me when
you need a drive home.


All right, baby, another day.

Just promise me that
when you decide to come,

you'll come while I'm
here at the hospital.



Eddie Alcala?

You're under arrest.

What are you talking about?


A girl named Barbara
Lake. Remember?

You buried her in the woods?

Never heard of her.

That's funny, Eddie.

We thought you
knew her pretty well.

We took a nice print off one
of her patent leather shoes.

Your print.

Keep your hands up there.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Yeah. Yeah. Save it.

Huh, .22, Eddie?

I'll bet you've never
heard of Don Blaine either.


Well, he's dead, too.

Shot with a Saturday
Night Special just like this.

Ballistics should
prove interesting, Eddie.

Cuff him.


He almost had me, Sloan.


Sorry you have
to do this, Darlene,

but this should
be the end of it.

This is the guy
that threw the party.

His gun matches the
one that killed Don Blaine.

We just need an ID for
Barbara Lake's murder.

It's not him.


Darlene, this is the
man who threw the party.

His prints were on
Barbara Lake's body.

Well, he might have been
there, but I am telling you

this is not the man that I
saw in the room with her.

It's not him.

Blaine never quit the force.

His bad rep was put
out by the department

to help him go undercover.

It got him his job
with Eddie Alcala.

After he got inside,

didn't he get stuff on Alcala?

What? Do you live here now?

No, no, no. I just
came over for a coffee.



Look, how come Blaine
didn't bust Alcala, huh?

Because he wasn't after Eddie.

Apparently, Blaine
was on to bigger fish...

guys that Eddie was romancing.

People that Eddie
invited to his parties.


Important people, I gather.

types that were willing to, uh..

Peddle influence and offer
protection to a dirtbag like Eddie.

Blaine was a good cop, Dad.

He saved my life.

Well, at least we got
the guy that killed him.

I've got to go.

Uh, enjoy your coffee, Vic.

Oh, thanks. See ya, guys.

So, we're back to
my mystery man.

We need to know who was
at Eddie's party that night.

Eddie can't tell us.

You know, I can't believe I was
there photographing all night.

I didn't get one shot of
anybody in Eddie's hotel suite.

You know, it's just...


You know, it is odd.

I mean, we know
that the limousine

in these pictures is Eddie's.

And that's the driver
that Steve arrested.

But the police accounted
for everybody else.

Like that guy
works for the hotel.

The police said that this man

is some shoe salesman from Iowa.

Vic, would you please
not mess with my stuff?

Oh, I'm, uh, sorry.

I was just, uh...

How'd you know I was snooping?

I saw your reflection
in the toaster.


We haven't looked at
everything, have we?

Photo echoing.


Have you ever heard
of digital enhancement?

Reflective surfaces
catch images,


Chromium, glass,
things like that.

So even though a person
isn't necessarily in the frame,

he could still be in the shot.


Dr. Sloan.

Mark, I'm in my car,

and I'm with Amanda.

And she's... she's...

I don't know,

but I'm in trouble.

Calm down, Jesse.

Have her contractions
started again?

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Would you get back here?

Mark! Mark!

I'm in the car and
the baby's coming.

Would you tell Dr. Travis... Oh.

Jesse, she's...

She's in labor.

She's delivering,
Jesse. Stop the car.

But, but I...

No, no, no, no. I...

Pull over now.

I called an ambulance

and we're only, like, a couple
miles away from the hospital.

They'll never get here!

I'll never make it!


Jesse, stop the car.

Pull yourself together.

Go to Amanda and
deliver the baby.

But I need to scrub.

I need instruments.
I need a nurse.

Mark, I need help.

Stop the car.

All right. I'm pulling over.

All right.

Okay, I've stopped.

Would you put the top up, Jesse?

I can't. It's stuck shut.

Oh, my God.

Never mind that, Doctor.

Just put the phone in the cradle

near you.

Now, we're going
to have this baby.

Okay. Yes. Okay.

Jesse, can you
hear me all right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can
hear you. I can hear you.

All right.

Can you see the baby's head?

Jesse? Maybe you'd
better take a look.

Oh, yeah.

Good, good. It's crowning.

Amanda, honey, you okay?

What could possibly be wrong

with this excellent
care I'm getting?!

Jesse, listen to me. Uh-huh.

You've been through this drill
more times than you can count.


You know it cold,
so just calm down

and do this. The
ambulance is on the way.

In the meantime, we're going
to bring this baby through.

Just catch the kid, okay?

Jesse, talk to her.

Okay. Hello, Amanda.

Okay, look, I got you, okay?

I got you. What we're
going to do is I'm going

to count to three.

And when I get there,
we're going to push, okay?

Okay. Thanks, Doctor.


One, two,

three. Push.

Oh. Oh, it's coming.

Okay, just give
me a couple more.

A couple more, okay?

Jesse, talk to me.

The presentation is perfect.

Still crowning.

Okay, go, Amanda.

Okay, just give me
one more push, okay?

We're almost there.
We're almost there.

Just one more.

Ready? Go.

No. Yeah, Amanda.

Mark, it's here.

It's a baby.

It's a baby.

What, what, what...?

Jesse, I think she wants
to know what "it" is?

Oh, it's a boy.

It's a big

fat beautiful baby boy.

God, he's got to be
at least eight pounds.


Mark, I'm fine.

Oh, he's beautiful.

The ambulance is coming.

Oh, good.

Jesse, bring her
in. Let her rest.

I will.

And Jesse, you just
did a wonderful thing.

No, Amanda did.

It's a boy.

Are you telling me that that
lady just delivered a baby

just like that over the phone?

She did.


Make this bigger.

Enlarge his face.

There. Look.

That's him.

That's the man in the bedroom.

You sure of that?


Do you know him?

Uh, not personally, but
then I don't get to court much.

Oh, Judge, over here.

What is the meaning of this?

Oh, sorry. I just needed
a few more shots.

I'm doing a story on you.

It's going to be really
big. Now hold still.

Would you stop it! What story?

Oh, it's about you and a
girl named Barbara Lake,

you know? What? What?

Doesn't ring a bell?

You met her at Eddie
Alcala's party, okay?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Oh, come on. Yes,
you do. Yes, you do.

You're a smart fella.
You went to law school.

Look, think, think, think.

Beverly Hills three
nights ago in a hotel.

You were partying
with this girl.

She ends up dead? See?

See? A-ha. I told you it
was going to be a big story.

The kind of stuff that the tabloids pay
a lot of money for. Now one more shot.

Now you listen, you
miserable son of a bitch.

Hey, hey, hey. Watch your
language. I mean, come on.

I was nowhere near
Beverly Hills three nights ago.

Ah, ah, ah. Au contraire.

Look what I've got
here. Look at this.

Well, my goodness.

You know, I had to dig you out.

But you know, sure enough,

there you are plain as day.

Oh, look. The same concerned
expression and everything.

Now this is crazy.

This is a cheap
photographic trick

and I'm going to
have you arrested.

Cheap? Judge, I've got more.

I told you I had more.

Recognize her?

Your Honor.

What do you two want?

What do you mean,
what do we want?

What do you think?


Hey, if you party, you pay.

I say double what we can
get on the open market.

Hundred grand apiece.

You get to keep the negatives.

And I get lost.

I never... meant
for it to happen.

We were drinking.

It was... all in fun.

Then it got rough.

She... started to hit me

and said she wanted to go home.

But we were just playing.

It was...

just a game.

She... she couldn't go.

So I stopped her.


she started screaming and...

All I remember is
that I, I had to hit her...

again and again to
stop all that screaming.

I didn't even know her name.

Please, let me go.

Get help.

Go get 'em.


Oh, my God.

You saved his life, Vic.

There's the tabloid
shot of a lifetime, Vic.

I think I'll pass.

Uh, I got one: you
hanging onto the judge.

You did? I love it.

Now that I can sell.

Yeah. "Paparazzi Foils Suicide."

Ah, ah, ah.

We prefer "Candid
Photographic Artist."

I'll tell you,

it was pretty tricky
there for a while.

All cramped in like that.

But you managed.


I had to take charge.

I positioned him.

I got the shoulders just right,

slight pressure, eased
him out, you know?

I don't want to brag, but, uh...

I think that I'm
pretty good at this.

Now don't tell me you're
rethinking your residency?

I don't know. Could be.

I mean, once you've
got the instincts,

I think it's all in
the hands, really.

Ask Amanda.

Mark, can I have

a moment with
Jesse alone, please?

Yeah. Just leaving.

Jesse, have

a seat, please.

I, uh..

I think I know what
you're going to say.

You do?


It's, um... it's kind of a
thing with me, you know?

I get carried away a lot.

And I know what I
was just telling Mark,

making it sound like
I was cool, but, um...

Well, you were there.

So you know, I was, um...

Well, I was pretty uncool.

Actually, you were
pretty wonderful.

Oh, come on.

I was going to have a breakdown.

Well, you were nervous,
but that was to be expected.

But when it was
time for the baby,

you stepped right
up to the plate.



You know, Jesse,

the person that brings
your firstborn into the world

becomes a very special
and important person.

Now, Colin's going to be
here in a couple of hours,

but before he comes,

I'd like to discuss
something with you

that I've decided on.


you know, to commemorate
the baby's birth.


You want me to be

the godfather.

Uh... no, that's Mark.

Oh, right, Mark. Stupid.

Yeah, I, I wanted

to name the baby...


Baby Jesse? Amanda. Okay, Jesse.

You see, now you're doing

that carried-away thing again.

The baby's name

is Colin and the
middle name is Jesse.

C. Jesse Livingston.

Colin Jesse Livingston.

You know, a lot of people
end up using their middle name.

F. Scott Fitzgerald.

L. Ron Hubbard.

Stop. It's Colin.

F. Murray Abraham.

You can leave. G. Gordon Liddy.


F. Lee Bailey.

He's in jail!

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