Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 2, Episode 7 - You Can Call Me Johnson - full transcript

Jack asks Mark as a favor to operate on his godfather, mob don Alfredo Bartolo aka Alfred 'Al' Bartell, who checked into hospital as Mr. Johnson with his entourage. Alas 'Al' dies on the operation table, apparently from an improbable switch of clearly differently colored suture types. Al's son and heir Vinnie Bartell blames and implicitly threatens Mark; according to Steve's FBI contact agent Gayle Wheeler, Vinnie was looking to take over the 'family business', while Jack believes family is sacred even for that murderous scum and finds out a suspicious cleaning lady in OR was fake. Mark's rental car (after an ordinary accident) is blown up by a bomb...


You take good care of her, Gus.

New paint job, Doc?


It was either that or a
trip around the world, so...

Now, if she only ran, right?

I tell you,

these old cars are just
like a mistress, you know?

Yeah. Very fickle.

Is that a scratch?

Morning, Gus.

Good morning, Lieutenant.

Thanks for picking me up, Steve.

How else am I gonna keep
an eye on my inheritance?

Mm. Is that a new paint job?

Yes. Isn't that beautiful?

Yeah. It looks expensive. Well,

I'll call you as soon
as I get a chance

to look under the hood, Doc.

Okay. Thanks, Gus.

All right. See you.

You know, Dad, you really ought

to consider buying yourself

an old-fashioned,
reliable, American car.

Well, I would but how else
would I spend your inheritance?

You got a ding here.

Oh, God!

He's back!

I'm not here.


Glad I caught you.

Dr. Sloan.

What a pleasant surprise!

Car in the shop again?

How did you know?

Wild guess.

Let's see... subcompact,

daily rate, unlimited
miles, no insurance.

Will there be
anything else today?

Uh, yeah.

Do you have anything in red?


A ding right there.

That's dirt. No, that's a ding.

Mark it down.

Are you sure you don't want
the extra insurance, Doctor?

It's only $5.75 a day.

No, no, thank you,
David. I don't need it.

I'm a very meticulous driver.

So you've said.

(camera shutter clicking)

(heart monitor beeping)

(heart monitor flatlining)

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(elevator bell rings)

Oh, excuse me.

Excuse me.


You're late.

Car's in the shop again.

Then you won't be needing this.

The guy who's been
stealing cars from the lot?

Yeah? He's back again.

Oh... Listen, be
careful of that.

Poke your eye out.

(people murmuring)
What's going on in there?

Honey, the people are upset!

I can hear that.

Oh, Dr. Sloan, just the
man I wanted to see.

You have to do something
about this Mr. Johnson.


He and his entourage have
commandeered this hospital.

We are under
siege. That's right.

Johnson? I can
handle this! Excuse me!

Mark, if you don't do something

about those oversexed
bozos out there,

I'm gonna have to take matters

into my own... Hold,
hold, hold just a minute.

Will somebody tell
me what's going on?

ALL: Mr. Johnson!

Who's Mr. Johnson?

JACK: My godfather.

Your what?

How very Catholic.


Mark, can I talk to
you for a minute?


Excuse us, ladies.

Do you mind telling me
what's going on, Dr. Stewart?

I need a favor.

I'm listening.

My godfather is suffering
from aortic aneurysm.

I did the initial workup,
but I'd like your opinion.

No problem.

I think he needs surgery.

I want you to do it.

Oh, Jack, there's any
number of qualified surgeons

in the hospital who can
handle that procedure. Mark.

He was my father's
closest friend.

I want him to have the best.


Thank you.

Okay, we're all set.

Dr. Sloan agreed
to do the surgery.

That's the good news

you were gonna bring me?

He's the best, Al.

You couldn't be in
better hands, believe me.

I told you I ain't
havin' no surgery.

Pop, if Jack says
you need the surgery...

What is this?

You two punks look
like you're waiting around

to dance on my grave.


Look, Al.

I've known you

my whole life.

You were the
toughest guy I ever met.

What happens in
that operating room

is not gonna change that.

It's okay to be scared.

I would be.

I ain't afraid.

JACK: Let me help you.

I want to help you.

Trust me.

You always did have a way

of getting me to do
things I didn't want to do.

I'll be there every
step of the way.

It's going to be okay.

I promise.

Okay, Jackie, okay.

Now get out of here.

I gotta take a nap.

So, uh, who is this guy,

this Dr. Sloan?

I told you.

He's a friend.

Your father's in good hands.

That's not what I'm asking.

What are you asking?

A simple question.

Who is he?

Can he be trusted? That's all.

You're the same.

You haven't changed a bit. Hey.

You gave my father your word.

You know what that
means, don't you?

Vinnie, I work here.

Don't make me go nuts.

Let go.

MARK: Gus, it
can't be the points.

I just had them replaced.

No. Plugs, too. Dad...

Electrical system?
What do you mean?

Well, that's...

How much?


No, I'll be here. Let me know.

They may have to replace
the whole electrical system.

Dad... I know it. I
should have gotten rid

of that albatross
years ago but...

Dad, I'm not here
about your car.

I'm here about one
of your patients. Oh.

Albert Bartel?


That doesn't ring a bell.

Aka Alfredo Bartolo,

aka Al "the Bomber" Bartols,

aka Mr. Johnson.

Ooh, you mean Jack's godfather.

Well, he's not only
Jack's godfather,

he's everybody's godfather.

As in organized crime.

Mr. Johnson is a don? Uh-huh.


And he's also the subject
of a murder investigation.

Well, do you wanna say anything
to him before he goes under?

I'm gonna operate
on him right now.

They're ready for you
in surgery, Dr. Sloan.

Dad, why are you
performing this surgery?

Jack asked me to.

Are you sure you
want to get involved

with these people?
You know how they are.

You do them a favor and
they never forgive you.

Steve, I'm a doctor.
I'm not a hit man.

I'll be all right.


Need anything? Guys okay? Yeah.

MAN: Hold it!

Hey, take your hands off
me. I gotta pat you down.

How'd it go?

Like I said it would.
No problem at all.

When can I see him?

In a couple hours.

He's in recovery.

I'm calling security
on those gorillas.

They are under foot
and they are frightening.

They are frightening
everyone around here.

Let me see what I can do.

(whispering): I'll
be right behind you.


I'm going to have to
ask your associates

to use the waiting
room like everyone else.

Nice try, Doc.

This is a hospital, Mr. Bartel.

Your father is
perfectly safe here.

Or, if you prefer,

I can call the police and have
them escort you downstairs.

Come on.

Thank you.

Well, I resolved
that problem, didn't I?

(heart monitor beeping)

Can I help you, Doctor?

Yeah, where's Mr. Johnson?

Recovery room. Bed three.

Excuse me?

What are you doing here?

Miss White? I'm, uh...

I just came in to
empty the trash.

What happened to those men
outside my godfather's room?

I pulled them off.
On whose authority?

Back off, Jack. No! I want
those men back outside

the door now! Oh yeah?
On whose authority?

Look, Steve, you don't know...

Dr. Sloan! Dr. Sloan!
They need you

in recovery right now!

What's going on?

crashing. Vital signs?

BP 80 over 40.

Pulse is weak and thready,
respirations are labored.

Increase oxygen 100%.

I.V. wide open.

Yes, Doctor.

Negative, BP is unresponsive.

We got to get him to OR.

He's in ventricular

Get the defib. One
amp adrenalin, IV push.

One amp, yes, Doctor.

Okay. Clear!


Check pulses.

No pulses. No respirations.

A 100 milligrams of
lidocaine, I.V. push.

Let's shock him again. Let's
shock him again. Still no pulses.

NURSE: Let's get it in there!

(rapid beeping)

Come on! Clear!


Come on, Al.

Damn it. Come on.

NURSE: We lost
him. No! Come on, Al!

Come on. Jack...

Jack, it's no use.

He's gone. He's gone.

What happened?

What did you do to my father?!

STEVE: Bartel, that's
enough! Take it easy.

You said this was
a routine surgery.

You said he was the
best man for the job.

Mr. Bartel,

your father came through
the surgery just fine.

His condition was stable

less than five minutes
before he died.

So what are you saying?
Somebody whacked him?

Well, I'm not jumping
to any conclusions

until I've seen
the autopsy report.

Your father had a
lot of enemies, Bartel.

Let's just leave
it at that, huh?

Yeah, and some of
them are in this room.

I mean, look at this.

A do-gooder doctor
operating on a reputed don.

You don't get opportunities
like this everyday, do you, Doc?

You're wrong, Vinnie.

Am I?

You know what I think, Doc?

I think maybe you botched
the surgery on purpose.

Young man, I'm a doctor.

Your father was my patient.

Whether or not I approved
of what he did for a living

had no bearing in this
room, you understand?

All right. Take off, Bartel.

We'll let you know how
the autopsy turns out.

Yeah, okay. I'm going.

Let me tell you something.

A friend of my father's
went horseback

riding in Central Park one day.

The horse got spooked...
Threw him, broke his neck.

Died instantly.

Next day, the men who worked

for my father's friend
went to the stables

and killed that horse.

You understand?

A colorful story.

Did it mean what I,
uh, think it means?

It means somebody's going
to pay for what happened here.

I've got a bad
feeling it's you, Dad.

Well, then, in that case, we
better find out what happened

before Vinnie comes
back here with a saddle.

NORMAN: Watch commander?

Your name?

All right. You'll do.

You see, a patient
using the name Johnson

died a little time ago.

When you're through
being amused,

I will tell you why I am
calling you about this.

Johnson's real name
was Alfred Bartel.

Alias Alfredo Bartolo.

Oh, you're, uh...
you're paying attention.

That's good.

He died after an operation,
and from everything I've heard

and read about his
people, they're very vengeful

when one of their own
bites the dust, as it were.

So, therefore, I am asking...

Requesting... for some
protection for my hospital

and the staff who
operated on him.

No, no, no, no. There
were no threats made.

Well, not overtly.
The threat is implied.

It's implicit.

Wait, wait... are you
telling me you're refusing

to provide protection for
my hospital and my staff?

W-What are you talking
about, your hands are tied?

This is your job!

Well, as we say in the
hospital biz, break a leg!

Well, fancy meeting you here.

Nice camera, Wheeler.

Who taught you how to use it?

You want your picture taken?

What, and end up on the
FBI's ten most wanted list?

No thanks, Wheeler.

Then move it.

Some of us have work to do.

You can put your
lens cap back on.

You've taken your last
shot of Alfred Bartel.

He's dead.

Nice try.

Would I lie to you?

You're not, are you?

How'd he go?

Died in the recovery room.

Damn it!

That son of a... Can
you believe that?

Actually, I wasn't that
unhappy to see him go.

But not like this.

It's too easy.

Did he suffer, I hope?

Well, apparently not enough.

Alfred Bartel deserved
to rot in jail, Sloan.

Then, he deserved to die.

Slowly. Horribly.

Tied to a little chair
with a big fuse box.

Ooh... you do get testy
when you miss a photo op.

Carry on, Wheeler.

WOMAN: Then and only then

would you be allowed to make

a request to the
Personnel Director.

Now, shove off.

I don't want to see those
bloodshot eyes again.


Well, I suppose you're here
to waste my time as well.

Mrs. Groviak, right?

I only go by Elizabeth Taylor

when I'm on TV.

(laughing): Elizabeth
Taylor. That's funny.

What do you need, Doctor?


And I was told you were
the person I should come see.

I'm touched.

I have a couple of indigent

patients who could use a job,

and I'd like to sponsor them

here in the hospital.

You're kidding?

I know it's a rather
unconventional request...

Unconventional? It's unheard of.

Well, I take it you've
never heard of doctors

going out of their
way for their patients.

This would be a first.

Well, it may surprise
you, Mrs. Groviak,

but some of us
are actually human.

A human doctor.

Well, that would be a surprise.


(pager beeping)

Oh, will you excuse me?

I need to use your
phone for a second.

Is that okay? Thank
you. Oh, sure. Go ahead.


you know what, Mrs. Groviak?

These are going to be
some delicate test results.

I need a little privacy.

Well, you can take it in there.

She's out to lunch. Great.

I'll get your job aps
together for you.

Thank you very
much. I appreciate it.

Thank you, Delores.

You are punctual
as you are beautiful.

Talk to you later.

Two, zero, zero, two Arroyo.


Well, you know the old saying,

"What goes up must come down."

Now, the trick is to be
there when it goes up.

That's right. Okay. I'll
be up in a little while.


Oh, I've got this patient.

Temperature's going up
and down, up and down

like a yo-yo.

Mrs. Groviak, thank you.

What they say
about you is a lie.

You forgot your job aps.

Chocolate milk and toast?

Mm-hmm. It's a
delicacy in Indiana.

So, you were saying?

I was saying that the FBI
has an attitude problem.

You mean we're
good at what we do?

I mean that, uh...

we work together and you expect
information from us, but, uh...

when's the last time
you ever heard of an

FBI agent sharing information?
You know what I think?

What? I think you're jealous.

I am not jealous.

I struck a nerve,

didn't I? What?

Just eat your toast.

Oh, no. Not that
little boy pout.


All right. Okay. What
do you want to know?

Who stood the most to
gain from killing Bartel?

No comment.

See? There you go.

I ask a question
and you clam up.

I gave you an answer.

It's not my fault
if you don't like it.

Listen, Wheeler.

If I don't find out
who killed Bartel,

his kid's coming
after my father.

If you have anything that can
help me get him off the hook,

I would appreciate it.


I can give you the names
of a couple of politicians.

All right, and there's
always the rival dons.

I happen to know a few
basketball players, too,

who have a good reason
they'd want to see Bartel dead.

But if I were you,

I'd look real close at his son.


Yeah. He's been
chomping at the bit

to take over the
family business.

But the old man
refused to retire.

They didn't exactly
see eye to eye.

Now, Vinnie knew he could
never survive a power play.

But his father dying in
the hospital after surgery?

That's manna from heaven.

What? What's the matter?

I don't know. It's just...

what kind of son could
kill his own father?

You know, Sloan,

for a homicide dick, you
lead a very sheltered life.

(doorbell rings)

Well, now. Ain't you
a long way from home.

Excuse me, ma'am. I'm
looking for a Mrs. White.

What can I do you for?

Oh. I'm sorry. I'm looking for

Mrs. Agnes White that works
at Community General Hospital.

Oh, that's me, sugar.
What happened?

I win the lottery or something?

MARK: Doc, you
see, the problem is

we don't have anyone
who speaks Swahili.

I can give you Vietnamese,
even, uh, Spanish, Japanese.

I might even have a Lilliputian.

(laughing): But we...

Well, you know, Lilliputian.

Gulliver's Travels.


No, it's a joke, Doctor.


Norman Briggs
is on three, and...

Call back.

And there's somebody
named Gus on four.

Uh, Doctor, someone
has just stepped

into my office.

Could I call you back?

See you soon.

Gus, old buddy.

What's the diagnosis?

"Nobody" as in nobody
makes the parts anymore, right?

Oh. Custom?

Sounds expensive.

AMANDA: Excuse me, Mark.

Mr. Johnson's autopsy report.

Oh, hold on a minute, Gus.


Uh, you have bad news

and worse news.

Give me the bad.

Well, you were right.

Mr. Johnson was murdered.

What could be worse?

Looks like you did it.

It isn't possible I
could have done that.

Mark, I know you've done
this surgery a hundred times.

I know you could
do it in your sleep,

and there must
be an explanation.

Well, we've lost a patient,

Jack's lost a godfather,

and I'll probably
lose my license.

Listen, how about if I
keep this autopsy report

under wraps for a while?

Probably a good idea.

All right.


Hi. Anything new?

Well, we just got the
coroner's report, and it says

that Alfred Bartel died
from internal hemorrhaging.

Natural causes.

That's good news, right?

Hey. No, no.

It looks as though, uh, Mark
used dissolvable sutures

instead of non-dissolvable ones

to stitch the patch
to Bartel's artery.

Patch blew,

Bartel bled to death.

You wouldn't make a mistake
like that... someone must have

switched the sutures. Oh,
not only switched... doctored.

Doctored? How?

AMANDA: Well, the
dissolvable ones are white,

the non-dissolvable
ones are black.

It's impossible to mix them up.

So all we have to do is
find out who had access

to the sutures.

someone who has a lot

of medical knowledge
to know using

the wrong ones would be lethal.

STEVE: Shouldn't be too tough.

MARK: Steve, there
are a hundred people

on this floor alone who know.


I think the
cleaning lady did it.

What cleaning lady?

Mrs. White.

Or somebody pretending
to be Mrs. White.

I caught her standing over
Al's bed just before he died.

And I thought it
looked suspicious,

so I went through personnel
and I checked her out.

It turns out that the woman
that was standing over his bed

was not the real Mrs. White.

That is great.

Where do we find her?

STEVE: Oh, we'll find her.

And when we do, I got a feeling

she's gonna lead us
right to Vinnie Bartel.

No way, Steve.

Jack, I've talked with the FBI.

Vinnie was trying to take over
the family business for years.

I know, Steve, but you have
to understand something.

Vinnie might not be the
nicest guy you ever met,

he may even be a killer,
but the family is sacred.

Jack, he had access,
he had motive.

He didn't do it.

All right?

He's taking this hard, isn't he?

Well, he feels
responsible, Steve.

Well, he shouldn't.

Well, but he does.

Well, if you need me,
I'll be back at the precinct.

All right.


So, where does that leave us?

Well, I think you and I
have a little leg work to do.

(whispers): Ow.

WOMAN: So I'll see you tomorrow.

All right. Or the
day after that.

Bye. Bye.

(locker rattling)

We keep the key
to the surgical carts

on a hook back here.


So, technically speaking,
anybody can have access.

Anyone and everyone.

(phone ringing) Excuse me.

Surgical unit.

Mark, anyone could have
switched those sutures.


Wait a minute.

Steve's, uh, FBI lady.

What about her?

She's been out there
for the last few days

taking photographs of
everything that moves.

Do you think maybe we
have our killer on film?

It's worth a shot.

Look, make up a list of
everybody in the surgical unit

who might have seen the killer.


See you back in the
office. All right, good.


It's okay, I'm a doctor.

I've seen this before.

Look, the less I find out
about this cleaning lady,

the more convinced
I am she's the killer.

All right.

I'm at a dead end.

(phone ringing)


Oh, could you tell him to hold?

I'll be right with him.

Thank you.


All right, Jack, I'll
run the prints for you.

Really? What makes you think

this cleaning lady is gonna
turn up in the computer?

'Cause I think
she's a professional.

Maybe even hired
by another family.

And if you're wrong?

You mean, if you're right?

Yeah, okay.

If I'm right.

Vinnie's not going anywhere.

Thanks, Steve.

Hey, Dad. What's up?

WHEELER: I don't know
if I should feel flattered,

taken advantage of or insulted.

Well, I could always

get a court order.

I just thought that, uh...

What? That we were beyond that?

Aren't we?

You've got some nerve, Sloan.

Oh, excuse me.

I don't want to get

in the middle of anything here.

I just thought that...

What? What did you think?

That a federal
agent would turn over

highly confidential evidence

because you have a
hunch that Bartel's murderer

might be on the film?

Stick to medicine, Doctor.

Watch it, Wheeler.

I've seen him beg. Believe
me, you don't want to see it.

Dignified man like
this, with his knees?

Not a pretty sight.

I don't believe I'm doing this.

All right.

I want them back as
soon as you're done.

I never saw them.

Mark! Someone just
ransacked my office!

Dr. Stone, he just
barged in here saying

if I knew what was good for
me, I wouldn't call Security.

I didn't know what to do.
I'm so upset I... Delores,

it's all right.

You did the right thing.

Stay here.

Delores, call Dr. Stewart,

and get Security
up here right away.

You're in trouble, Mr. Sloan.

That's Doctor Sloan.

Not for long.

You got malpractice
insurance, Doc?

I hope so.

Because I'm going to take
you for everything you're worth.

And then you know what I'm going

to do to you?

If you were smart,

you'd get your affairs in order.

Mark, are you okay?

So far.

DELORES: Mess with
him and you deal with me.

Yeah. What happened?

Vinnie Bartel got his
hands on the autopsy report

and just threatened Mark.

If anything happens
to Dr. Sloan,

if he catches a cold,

if he gets an hangnail,

if he gets a rug burn, if
he nicks himself shaving,

I'm coming after you,
you hear me, Vin?

You're out of your league, Jack.

Way out!

Hey, Doc! Thanks.

For what?

My hiccups are gone.


That's what we're here for.

I just had a little
talk with Vinnie.

My car!

That man, that
man's stealing my car!!

Hey! Get back! Hey!

Hey! Hey!

Get outta there!


Hey, you!

Hey, you can't steal that car!

That's a rental!



I'm glad that kid
wasn't in that car.

It just came over the
radio, Dad. Are you all right?

Well, as long as I don't
have to do any surgery.

At least I don't have to waste

a lot of time
trying to figure out

who did it. Steve,
just stop and think

about it for a minute.

Think about what?
Bartel planting a bomb

in my dad's car? Yeah.
But why'd he do it?

Because he wanted to kill me?

No. For revenge.

Mark, if, if Vinnie
killed his father,

you think he'd be
coming after you?

Ah, come on, Jack.

Well, wait a minute,
Steve, I think,

J-Jack's right. I know I am.

Let's just put a
pin in Vinnie Bartel

for a minute. Right now

I'm putting you in
protective custody.

You mean, I'm going
to sit in a jail cell

for God knows how long now?

I got a better idea.


Just, look, Mark, just ride
around for a little while.

You'll get to see how
the other half lives.

Jack, I got a lot
of paperwork to do.

I'll take care of it.

I've got patients
waiting in the office.

I'll take care of them, too.
I'll take care of everything.

Dad, it's either that
or a cold gray cell.

I hate to be out of
the loop like this.

I know, I'll talk to you later.

All right. Where are you going?

To find Vinnie Bartel.

No, Steve, you can't do that.

He tried to kill
my father, Jack.

Look, Steve, if you so
much as wrinkle Vinnie's suit,

his lawyer's are going to
bring you up on charges.

That's not going to
protect your father

or find the killer.

(sighing): All right.

You're right.

For now, we'll just
try and locate Vinnie.

In the meantime,
I'm going to check out

that cleaning lady
of yours. All right.

Yeah, I'm going
to locate Vinnie.

You're damn right I'm angry!

Last time I called

I was practically
laughed off the line

by some Watch Commander.

Well, it's not funny
on either side now

and I am demanding
you give my hospital

and my staff protection.

Two officers patrolling
the parking lot?

That's good.

Patrol car sweeping
through the area

every 20 minutes, that's fine.

And I want to thank
you, Mr. Commissioner,

for your swift
action in this matter.

Believe me, sir,

it won't go unnoticed
when I speak to the press.

You owe me, Sloan. Big time.

You remembered. It's a delicacy

in Indiana.

Okay, the cleaning lady's
prints were classified.

Were you able to get a name?

Well, I had to call
in a couple of favors.

Hannah Krueger.

She's part of the Witness
Relocation Program.

Next you're going
to tell me she's got

something to do with
the Bartels. Not her.

Her husband. He was helping
them launder their money.

He came to us,
agreed to testify,

but only if his
family was protected.

What happened?

One day he got in his
car and was blown all over

the greater Phoenix area.

Courtesy of Al
"The Bomber" Bartel.

Well, we couldn't pin it on him,

but it had his
smell all over it.

I'm going to have to arrest her.

Here's her current address.

Wheeler, you are good.

By the way, this toast doesn't
even begin to make us even.


I'll get back to you on that.

♪ ♪

What you got there,
Doc, family photos?

What? I said what do
you got, family photos?

No, these are just...

Wait a minute.

Family, that's right! That's it!

Gus, you're a genius!

Hey, that's why I'm
a tow truck driver.

Dr. Sloan. Hi, Dave.

What is that?

That is a, uh...

red 19...

Oh, give me that.

Thank you.

Oh, man. We're
supposed to clean this?

(phone ringing)

Rentals, David speaking.

How may I help you?

One moment, please.

Were you expecting a call

from someone named Irv?

Irv! Yes, thank you.

Irv, Dr. Sloan.

Listen, my car insurance,
does that cover rentals?

Oh, good. Uh, no.

No, not exactly a fender bender.

Describe it?

Blown up.

(dogs barking in distance)

(door creaking)


Police! Don't move!

Get your hands
where I can see them.

Come on.

You're under arrest for
the murder of Alfred Bartel.

I didn't do it.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you...

I don't care. I didn't kill him.

I planned to. I went
to the hospital to,

but a doctor caught
me before I could.

Well, if you're innocent,
why are you in such a rush

to get out of here?

Because someone's
trying to find me.

It's not safe here anymore.

Look, you believe me, don't you?

That's not up to me.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law...

Surprise, surprise.

Take out your gun
and put it on the floor.

Did you honestly think that
you could clip my father...

(gunshot, glass breaking)

That was for Mark, you...

Nice timing, Jack.


Sit on him till I get
Hannah, will you?

A pleasure.

(engine cranking)

Nice try, Hannah.

Out of the truck.

I've still got to take
you in. What for?

You've got a lot of
questions to answer.

Where was I? Did I get to
the part about the lawyer?

No. All right.

You have the
right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
one will be provided for you

free of charge before
any questioning if you wish.

Hey! You got the Jag back, huh?

Yeah. I was at Gus'
when you called me.

Is she beautiful, or what?

Absolutely. How's it running?

Oh, like a dream.

You look like you
can use a paint job.

Take a couple of
days off. Nah, I'm okay.

You know, it's funny Mark.

You get to a point in your life

when you think the past
is behind you, you know?

And then one day you wake up

and it's right in
front of you again.

Thanks for being there.

No problem.

I have a question. How
do you think Vinnie knew

where to find the cleaning lady?

Well, he, um...

(police radio indistinct)

VINNIE: You must
think I'm stupid.

I'm going down the
road, Jackie Boy.

Nothing I tell you is
gonna change that.

But it might change
how long you're gone.

What are you saying?

What's he saying?

He's saying, if you cooperate

we'll put in a good
word with the D.A.

Look, Vinnie,
nobody's asking you

to rat any of the
guys out, okay?

Just tell us what time

you got to the hospital the
day your old man had surgery.

That's all?

That's all.

11:30, thereabouts.

Who else was with you? Nobody.

Just Dino and a
couple of the guys.

Vinnie, one more thing.

How did you know where
to find the cleaning lady?

This is becoming a regular
inquisition here, Jack.

What can I tell you?

We're doctors.

We were born with

questions in our mouths.

WHEELER: That was absolutely
delicious, Sloan, thank you.

Well, we have
a lot to celebrate.

Bartel's dead.

His heir apparent is
going away for a long time.

And we've demonstrated
the local law enforcement

and the FBI can
work hand in hand.

Aha, I get it.

You're going to bill the
department for this dinner.


Uh, but desert is on me.

I know this nice little
place on the beach

that serves a
mean piece of toast.


Well, listen, I have an
early morning tomorrow.

However, um...

I do have a really nice

bottle of port that's
going to waste at home.

Maybe we could squeeze
a couple glasses out of it.

I'll follow you.

(cell phone rings)


It's for you.


I'm sorry, son.

Not as much as I am.

(engine starts)

What's going on?

Dr. Sloan?

How did you get my
car phone number?

Well, that's the
interesting thing.

You know, it seems that
someone called Vinnie Bartel

and told him the whereabouts
of one Hannah Krueger.

Also known as

the cleaning lady,
suspected of murdering

his father. The problem is,

aside from me, only one
person knew where she was.

Surely you're not accusing me

of making that call?

Well, I wouldn't have
believed it myself

except for a little thing
called a call-back function

that Vinnie Bartel
had on his phone.

You know, it's amazing.

You push a button and
it gives you the number

of the call last received.

Say something, Sloan.

Show her the pictures, Dad.

Or maybe we should
say, the no photographs

of Vinnie Bartel and
the family showing up

for the don's surgery.

There's quite a gap

in the sequence of
photographs you took.

Just about enough time
for you to sneak inside

and switch the sutures.

Assuming I knew that
the switch would kill Bartel.

You know.

We checked your background.

You went to medical school

before being
recruited by the FBI.

When did it become personal?

Sam Krueger wasn't the
only one that was killed

that morning when
the car exploded.

My partner was with him.

He lived just long enough
for me to promise him

that I would make the Bartels
pay one way or another.

Your revenge almost
cost my father his life.

I'm sorry, Steve.

I'm sorry.

(indistinct radio transmission)

All right, let's roll.

You going to be okay?

Yeah, I'll be all right.

Well, at least one of us is
going home with something.

Yeah, it looks great, Dad.

Doesn't it, though?

Talk to you later.

(engine grinding)

Oh, no. Here we go again.


Oh... (chuckling)

Nothing like a good
old-fashioned American car.

(engine sputtering)

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