Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 2, Episode 16 - A Blast from the Past - full transcript

Steve gets a 'friendly' visit from Eddie Gault, a wife-killer he put away, who just finished his prison term, now on parole, and hints he's after vengeance on Steve and his family. So Steve moves back into his memories-riddled old room with dad, who has a hard time with a new alarm system, making the Sloan beach-house a regular false alarm destination for the security firm. Smooth talker Eddie, a skilled electrician, takes an easy but low-paid job as orderly in Community General, making a good first impression on everyone; even when told about his record, Norman can find no valid excuse to fire him. Gault even gets a restraining order served to Steve, who warned Eddie's new wife, met trough correspondence in prison and already beaten. Gault proves he can get past the Sloans' alarm and a Labrador retriever guard dog; warning him off only gets Steve suspended. Gault picks on other targets too...

(garbled police
radio transmission)

I am a cheap, flashy
tramp and it's all your fault.

Come on, Carrie. All I did
was unleash the real you.


I've been walking Hollywood
Boulevard for the past three weeks,

and still no sign of
the prostitute killer.

Maybe I'm not his type?

Well, give it time.

You nab this guy,
you're going to be a hero.

Yeah. If.

In the meantime, these
fishnets are killing me.

I get home at night and
my feet look like waffles.

EDDIE: Lieutenant Sloan.

Remember me?

Eddie Gault.

Go get 'em, tiger.

Have a seat, Eddie.

What's on your mind?


Just stopped by
to shoot the breeze.

I know most cons don't visit
the cops who busted them,

but I just wanted to let you
know... no hard feelings.

Well, I'm glad to
hear that. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I'm not like some of
these cons who lay awake nights

figuring out ways to get
the cop who busted them.

You know, hurt him,
maybe even kill him.

No, life's too short to hold
onto all that negative energy.

Don't you think so, Sloan?

Well, what do you know?

A killer with a
positive attitude.

Now I had a cell-mate once,

hard case.

This guy told me...

when he got out, not only
was he gonna go after the cop

but he was gonna
get the cop's family.

You believe that?

Stop by again, Eddie.

Yeah, thanks. I will.

Oh, listen, uh...
how's your dad doing?

Still practicing medicine?

He's in good health, I hope.

You never know,
a man that age...


Hey, Chief! Get him off!

Don't go anywhere
near my father!

Get him off me!

What the hell's the
matter with you?

I come here to say hello

and he goes nuts on me.

Get it together, pal.

What was that about?

STEVE: He said
something I didn't like.

Well, he's a con!
Cons will do that.

Come on, shake if off, Steve.

(heart monitor beeping)

(heart monitor flatlining)

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

HOST: For all spring-flowering
bulbs... (knock on door)

the sooner you
plant in fall, the better.

For one thing, the weather
is more pleasant then.

And dedicated though
I am to gardening,

I would much
rather work outdoors

on a sunny September
day than on...

Hi, Dad. Hi, Steve. What's up?

Sorry about the short notice.

They're painting my apartment.

I thought I'd bunk with you for
a few days, if you don't mind.

Yeah, you can use your
old room, if you want.

That lock is old. You're
gonna have to replace it.

Well, uh, yeah. I'll fix
it when I get a chance.

(TV host speaking indistinctly)

Dad, that back door
needs a dead bolt.

Anybody can break in there.

Steve, what is going on?

Dad, I'm a cop. I
bring my work home.

Since when?

I should've checked
those locks a long time ago.

You're lying.

Well, I didn't
want to worry you.

You remember a guy
named Eddie Gault?

Yeah, you sent him away
for killing his wife, right?

Yeah, well, he's out.
Paid me a visit today.

Seems his plans include
revenge against me.

Well, that's nothing new.

Yeah, well, he
mentioned you, too.


Yeah, he's twisted, Dad.

Well, he made threats,
you could arrest him.

Well, no one else heard him.

It's my word against his.

So you can't do anything
unless he does something.

No, it won't come to that.

I'll keep an eye on him.

Sooner or later, he'll
do something stupid,

and I'll pick him up
on a parole violation.

Look, there's no real danger.

Then why are you
moving in with me?

MAN: I'm almost ready to
test your alarm system, Doctor.


You could launch a mission
to Mars with that thing.

Nah, it's really very simple.

When you get home tonight, I'll
teach you the system in five minutes.

Oh, I can't even set the
timer on my coffee machine.

Hey, and come
straight home from work.

Oh, straight home?
I was going to stop

and play stickball
with the guys.

(country rock music playing)

Hey, Eddie Gault.

What a surprise.

Oh, what are you doing, Sloan?

Are you following me?

What is your problem?

Hey, take it easy, Eddie.

I just came to get a beer.

Relax. Have fun.

Can you believe this guy?

He's a cop.

He's following me around.

It's your tax dollars
at work right here.

(patrons laughing)

MAN 1: Hey, come
on, Eddie, let's play.

MAN 2: Yeah. You've
got next game, right?

Come on.

All right, who's next?

Coffee, please. You got it.

(indistinct conversations)

(over P.A.): Resident On-Call
to E.R. Resident On-Call to E.R.



I'm new here. I don't
know where anything goes.

Oh, well, just give those
to me and I'll show you...

No, no, I'll do it.
I'll do it. Thanks.

Okay. All right.

Uh... the towels
go on this shelf.

Bed sheets on this one.

Okay, hold this
one for me. Sure.

Thank you. Towels
up here... Mm-hmm.

Bed sheets here. Got it.

You're going to
be fine. Don't worry.

Everyone's first day
is very confusing.

I can remember my
first day. I was totally lost.

But everyone helped me
out. Everyone's very nice here.

Oh, good. I appreciate
it. Yeah. Oh, here you go.

Uh... thanks, Doctor...?

Bentley. Amanda Bentley.

I'm Eddie Gault. Uh-huh.

It's nice to meet you.

This job is very
important to me,

so I really appreciate
your understanding.

Yeah, well, you're going
to be just fine, Eddie.

Are you...

are you this nice to everybody?

Uh... yeah.

If you're nice to
me, I'm nice to you.

You brighten up
my day, perhaps I

brighten up yours. It makes life
a lot more pleasant, doesn't it?

Yeah, I guess so.

You know, I think if...

No, I'm sorry. I was
way out of line here.

No, go ahead. What
were you going to say?

All right. I was just thinking

that if I'd met a woman
like you years ago,

my life might have
been very different.

I'm-I'm sorry.

No offense.

And, uh... none taken.

See ya.

See you tomorrow.

WOMAN (over P.A.): Dr. Colvin
to Pathology, Dr. Colvin to...

Thank you.

EDDIE: Mr. Briggs?

Yes? How you doing?

Is there a problem in linen?

Oh, no, no, no.
Everything's great.

In fact, I just
wanted to tell you

that I've worked in a
lot of different hospitals,

and I've never worked in
one as well run as this one.

Thank you.

That's very nice to hear.

Your name?

Gault. Eddie Gault.

Eddie Gault.

Name tag.


Carry on.


Hi, Mark. Hi.

You were right.

Cause of death, hepatic failure.

Excuse me. I'll just
put these away. Okay.

Hi, Delores.

So, nothing unusual, huh? No.

Can you beat that?

I was so busy laughing at
the new delivery man's jokes,

I forgot to ask him
for an extra lab coat.

Funny guy.

Eddie Gault? Eddie Gault.

Huh... that's funny.

He struck me as being shy.

Did you say Eddie Gault?

today's his first day.

Do you know him?

No. No, just the name.

(door closes)


Hi. I'm, uh, Lieutenant Sloan.

Is Eddie here?


Is something wrong?

May I come in?

I guess.

Eddie should be here any minute.

Can I get you something?


No, thanks.

Are you Mrs. Gault?

I'm Eddie's fiancee, Lily


Nice to meet you.

Want to sit?

Thank you.

You known Eddie long?


I mean, yes.

I corresponded with
him while he was... away.

Almost a year.

He sent a letter
to the newspaper

asking for pen pals, so I...

Is Eddie in trouble?

No. This is a routine visit.

Miss Carmichael,

does Eddie keep
a gun in the house?

I've never seen a gun.

But you can ask Eddie.

I'll do that.

Do you know why Eddie

was in prison?

His wife died.

And everybody blamed
him, but it was an accident.

She attacked him,

and he pushed her away.

He beat her to death.


There wasn't much left of her.

What are you doing here?

LILY: He's a policeman.

I know who he is, honey.

He's the guy who
sent me to prison.

Recommended a
life sentence, too.

He went a little nuts when

the jury didn't agree.

Did he bother you, Lily?

'Cause if he said or
did anything to you,

you just tell me. No.

Why don't you
give it a rest, Gault?

You follow me...

you come to my home...

you intimidate the woman

I'm going to marry.

I haven't done anything to you.

Why are you doing this to me?

Nice performance, Gault.

Miss Carmichael,
if you ever need

any help, give me a call.

(door closes)

(thud, clattering)

Why'd you let him in?

He's a policeman.


Don't do that again!

(sobbing): Okay.



(alarm blaring)


(keypad beeping)


(telephone rings)


Who? Lockwood Security?

Who are you? Oh, yeah.

I, I know it went off,
I can't, I can't stop it.


What, code word? What code word?

Oh, code word!

Yeah. Uh...

Geez, it's a six-letter word.

Steve picked it out.

Steve's my son. It's, uh...

I can't remember. What is it?

What, I have to tell you?

I, I ca...

Wait a minute, I think it's...

it's written down on a
piece of paper somewhere.

Uh, oh, geez, it's right
on the tip of my tongue.

Uh... I can't remember it.

(knocking on door) It's...

Hang on a minute.


It's a phone. Just a
telephone. STEVE: Guys.

Guys, it's okay.

He lives here.

Thank you for the quick

response. No problem.


(alarm continues blaring)

You all right? Great. I almost

got killed in my own doorway.

Now, watch this.

Four, four, seven, seven, nine,

enter. (sighs)

Four, four, seven...

you're not gonna like this.

Eddie Gault is delivering
laundry at Community General.

Why doesn't that surprise me?

Dad, he's gonna
make a move on you.

I can smell it.

Well, I'll just be
careful, that's all.

Yeah, and I'll be your shadow.

Want some coffee? Yeah.

I just poked it, Dad.


This is like old times.

You eating peanut
butter sandwiches

and doing your homework.

Yeah, and about to
flunk my first midterm.

You've never flunked
anything in your life.

Mostly because your
mother always quizzed you

on your tests. Yeah,
and then when I passed,

she acted like she
didn't help at all.


I guess it's my turn.

Here, I'll quiz you.

Oh, thanks.

(doorbell rings)

I'll get it.

(keypad beeps)

You Steve Sloan?


And you are?

Martin Selner.

I represent Eddie Gault.

It's a restraining order.

You're not to come within
500 yards of Mr. Gault.

Good night.

What was that all about?

I've been following Eddie Gault.

Now he's charged
me with harassment.

Can he give you
that kind of trouble?

He just did.

Well, then you'll
have to back off, huh?

And just let him come after us?

It's what he wants.

(dog barking in distance)

STEVE: Look.

MARK: Is that Eddie Gault?


Stay here.

(dog barking)

He must have followed you home.

I should have
spotted him. Yeah...

Now he knows where you live.

Yeah, right.

Hi. Hi.

Dr. Sloan in?

Uh, not yet. May I help you?

Uh, I just thought I'd drop by.

We have a-a mutual friend.

Oh, really. Who's that?

His son, Steve.

He's a great guy going
through a hard time.

I just, uh... I thought
maybe I could help.

Uh, Steve Sloan doesn't

need any help.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

BRIGGS: Excuse me.

Delores, where's Mark?

He's not here.

Mr. Gault?

Mr. Briggs. Hello.

Everything going well?

Ah, it couldn't be going better.

Thank you, thank you
very much. Listen...

why don't you
just tell the doctor

that I stopped by, okay?

I'm, uh... I'm going to go.

You-You have a good
afternoon, Ms. Mitchell.

Nice guy.

Sound judgment.
He's going to go far.

Well, let's hope
it's back to prison.

Prison? What prison? Listen,

Mark told me he's an
ex-con Steve sent to jail,

and he's been threatening

both of them.

I don't believe that.

Don't believe what, Norman?

That Eddie Gault is a criminal.

DELORES: He was just here

looking for you.

Gault's out on parole, and
he's made some threats.

He hasn't done anything, yet.

BRIGGS: This is terrible.

What can I do?

Just watch out when
you're around him,

both of you.

I think it's about
time I met Mr. Gault.

Mr. Gault?


I'm Dr. Sloan.

Well, it's an honor
to meet you, Doctor.

I've heard so many
great things about you.

You seem to hear a lot
about everyone, Mr. Gault.

You wanted to see me?


(coughs) Listen...

about that restraining order,

I'm not trying to
give Steve trouble.

I-I just want him
to leave me alone.

Believe me.

I'd like to.

Could I ask you a question?

Sure. Shoot.

Steve tells me you're
a skilled electrician.

Why would you take
a job delivering linen?

Uh, well, that's following the
advice of the prison chaplain.

He told me, "Eddie, when
you get out, take your time.

Don't put too much
pressure on yourself."

One day at a time, you know?


Believe me, Doc, this
job is zero pressure.

Hmm, makes sense.

You know, Mr. Gault,
you strike me

as a laid-back kind of a guy.

Hard for me to believe
you killed your wife.

But you did, didn't you?

Well, I was tried and convicted.

You mind telling me
why you killed her?

If anybody else asked
me that question,

yeah, I think I might mind.

But... you're a healer.

You're a student of
human nature, so...

no, no, I don't mind.

(sighs heavily)

She tortured me, Doc.

Tortured you?

I mean, I'm a patient man.

I'm even a... even
a tolerant man.

But-But she was always taking
advantage of me, you know?

She was always doing
things to provoke me.

Everything she did,
she did to provoke me.

I mean, I could tell her a
hundred times how to fold sheets

so that they would tuck under
the mattress smooth and strong.

But she'd just shove them
under there, you know,

and they'd come out.

But she would
do it deliberately.

All that stuff, she
did it just to get at me.

You know, I mean, she
was always twisting the knife.

You understand what I'm saying?

Yes. Yes, I do, Mr. Gault.

Yeah. I thought you would.

I mean, there's
not a man on earth

that hasn't been
had by some woman.

I'd like to talk to
you a little longer,

but I have a patient.

Oh, and I'm just sitting
here bending your ear.

Well, listen, it was
nice of you to drop by.

It was nice to get to know you.

And tell Steve...

hang in there, huh?

Yes, I'll tell him.

(door closes)

(alarm beeps)


Where are you?

(alarm blaring)
STEVE: I'm in here.

Oh, I forgot!


Uh, four, four...


Four, four, seven...

(telephone rings)

(alarm continues)


(alarm stops)


Uh... clowns.

Well, that wasn't hard.

I gave the password
and he hung up. Clowns?!

The password is "circus."

They're going to think
you're being held hostage

and you were trying
to tip them off. (mutters)

No, Dad, it's too late for that.

They're probably already
here. (knocking on door)

Oh, gee, they're here.

What are you going
to do, hold them off?

Dad, open the door!

Okay. Put your hands up.

All right. Look, I
talked to Eddie Gault.

I think he's a very sick man.

Dad, he's a killer.

Stay away from him, please!

Hi, fellas.

Remember us?

Laurel and Hardy?


I thought you were studying.

I just thought I'd get rid
of some of this old stuff.

Oh. When did you get neat?

About an hour ago,
when I finished reading

Fundamentals of Law and
realized I didn't remember a word.

You're not throwing away
your old cleats, are you?

Think of the touchdowns
you almost made with these.

Hey! Hey! I made a lot of
touchdowns! A lot of touchdowns.

What's this?




Your bronze star.

You ought to
polish that thing up.

It's something to be proud of.

(sighs): I am.

You know, on second
thought, get rid of these.

(dog barking in distance)

(alarm beeping)

STEVE: The fire extinguisher?
MARK: In the pantry.

I'll call 911.

Thanks, guys.

You sure you set the
alarm? Yeah, I think I did.

Maybe I turned it off.

Gault did this. He
was in the house?

Why didn't he kill us?

He wants to play with us first.

Set the alarm
and lock the doors.

I think I know
where to find him.

Where are you going? Steve!

How...?! Wait! How...?!


447... 44779.

(rock music plays)

MAN: Now, remember,
I play the loser.

(indistinct conversations)

You're a freak, Gault,

you know that?

A sick, twisted freak.

Well, if it isn't the cop
with a screw loose.

If you want me, Gault,
you take your best shot,

but if you come
near my father again,

I'll kill you.

Aren't you standing a
little close to me, Sloan?


CAPTAIN: You know

better, Sloan.

You're too good a cop

to have let this
creep get to you.

Captain, the guy broke
into my father's house!

I know, but you
don't have evidence.

You don't have proof.

And you violated
a restraining order.

I have no choice.

30-day suspension.

And stay away

from Eddie Gault.

Come on, Steve,

give 'em up.

JACK: Look, Norman, you've
got to call this linen company

and get this guy
Eddie Gault fired.

Give me a reason.

Tell me he's done
something, anything.

Well, it's nothing we can prove.

BRIGGS: My hands are tied.

If I get him
fired, he'll sue us.

Do you see what's
happening here?

Gault has won!

He got you suspended.

We're living in a
fortress over there.

He still got inside the house.

We haven't slept all week.

I'm walking around
looking over my shoulder.

As far as I'm concerned,
if he kills me, he kills me.

This is out of control.

WOMAN (over P.A.): Adele
Kaufman, please call Social Services.

Adele Kaufman, please
call Social Services.



I was just around the
corner, so I thought I'd drop in.

You busy?

Uh, well, actually I do have
dinner plans this evening...

Do you mind if I
ask you something?


You got a lot of guys
chasing you around, right?

Rich guys wanting to marry you?

Not really. Oh, come on.

Sure you do. With your looks,
you could have any guy you want.

But you do this.

You're a doctor.

You're special. You know that?

Thank you. Now I
really must be going...

No, I just...

I said I really must be going!

I just wanted to say,
"Have a nice dinner."

STEVE: Carrie!

Oh! I heard.

I'm sorry.


Do me a favor?

Do I have to dress
up like a hooker?

Only if you want to.

Spend the night with me?

dribbling at the top of the key,

no-look pass to Williams,
slam dunk! Beautiful!

Hi, Dad! Hi!

Dad, I'd like you to
meet Carrie Foster.

We met in Fundamentals
of Law class.

Oh, hi, Carrie.

A pleasure to meet you.

Well, it's been a long time

since Steve brought
any school friends home.

Hmm, well, it's a pleasure
to meet you, too, Dr. Sloan.

Dad, could I talk
to you for a minute?

Sure. Make yourself
at home, Carrie.

Excuse me.

Listen, uh... we
finally got a break.

Eddie Gault left town.

Oh, that is great news!

Now maybe we'll finally
get some sleep around here.

Well, uh, you sleep.

I'll celebrate.

Carrie's really
something, isn't she?

Yeah, very, very attractive.
Are you guys going to study?

Well, uh...

I'll go to my room.

STEVE: Carrie, I... Shh!

I thought I heard something.

What is it?

I don't know.

Does your neighbor have a dog?

A Labrador retriever.

Oh, that's it.

What were you saying?

Oh, I just...

Carrie, I shouldn't
have asked you

to do this.

I shouldn't have
misled my father.

Why don't you just
go on back to work

and I'll tell my
father the truth.

No, don't do that.

Why not?

I like your father.


you should let him sleep.

What about your killer?

I'll get him tomorrow.

Look, bottom line is
we're buddies, right?

And you'd be there
for me if I needed you.

Why don't you give that

to me before you
get into trouble?

Why don't you just
pretend you didn't see this?

Besides, with you here,

how could I get in trouble?

(dog barking)

(water running)


Gault's here.

I can feel it.


In the kitchen.

She's on the job.

MARK: My God.

(door closes)

The alarm!

I told you.

He's an electronics
expert, bypassed the circuit.

Stay with him.


WOMAN (over radio): you
really have difficulty with intimacy

and making a commitment.

Have you had a problem
with this in the past?

MAN: Well, with my first
wife, it was very short-lived.

We got married
soon after high school.

WOMAN: Uh-huh, how
long did the engagement last?

MAN: About two years.

What are you doing?

I found this present
in the closet.

I know

I shouldn't have
unwrapped it, but...

I couldn't help myself.

It's so beautiful...

Oh, you're so sweet.

It's not for you!

You got it dirty.

What are you
going to do about it?!

Wash it.

Yeah, you're going to wash it!

Don't you understand anything?

This is going to put Steve Sloan

where I want him!

You're trying to ruin it!


Yes, you are!


(Lily gasps softly)

Where is he?

He's gone.

All right. Don't move.

I'll call an ambulance.

All right, last one.

I know it hurts,
Lily. I'm sorry.

It's okay. All right.

You got to press charges, Lily.



Lily, look at yourself.

He did this to you.


Eddie didn't mean to hurt me.

I aggravated him.

Aggravated him!?

Lily, what did you do?

What could you
possibly have done

to deserve being
beaten like this?!

Um, Steve, can I talk
to you for a second?

I'm sorry, Lily.

Look, man, I know how you
feel, but you got to back off.

Yeah, I know. Look,
I'll get out of your way.

All right. Talk to
her, will you, Jack?

Okay. I'll talk to you later.

WOMAN (over P.A.): Adele
Kaufman, please call Social Services.

Adele Kaufman, please
call Social Services.

Lily, you know, guys
that do this to women...

they don't change.

They apologize

and they just keep
on doing it, you know?

This won't happen again.

How do you know?

He promised.

You know that cop that's
been chasing Eddie?


Yeah, what about him?

(voice breaking): Tell
him to leave him alone.

That's all he has to do.

Just leave him alone.

Lily, you know something
you're not telling me.



oh, my God, look at you!

Oh, I just heard
about the accident.

Yeah, right.

Come on, baby.

I'm going to take you home.


Tell him, Lily.

I want to go home.

That's my girl.

Come on.

Thank you, Doctor.

(whispers: All right?

(glove snaps)

Why'd you go
down to the hospital?

The cut on my forehead
wouldn't stop bleeding.

I'll bet Steve Sloan
was there, wasn't he?

For a little bit.

Trying to get you
to press charges?

Eddie... I wouldn't do that.


You see, I know what
I'm going to do with him.

I'm going to fix
him... Permanently.

Eddie, let it go. Please?

You made me look bad, Lily.

After all I've done for you.

You have no respect
for my feelings at all.

(phone ringing)


Sure. The Carson report's ready.

I'll bring it right up. Bye-bye.

WOMAN (over P.A.): Dr. Thomas, call the
pharmacy. Dr. Thomas, call the pharmacy.

WOMAN (over P.A.): Dr. Thomas, call the
pharmacy. Dr. Thomas, call the pharmacy.

Dr. Pevin to pathology.
Dr. Pevin to pathology.

If we just had proof that
this guy Gault set the fire.

Well, the way it is,

Eddie can claim that Steve
set it himself just to blame him.

This guy's deranged.

He's sick.

More than sick.
He's a psychopath.

And from what I know
about psychopaths,

they love playing
this kind of a game.

Yeah, and then when the game
is over, bang, bang, you're dead.

Mark, Jack...

Take a look at this.


(whistles) AMANDA: This appeared

in my lab a couple
of minutes ago.

"For a special lady.

If I can't have
you, nobody can."

Eddie Gault.

He-He came to
my office yesterday.

He just wanted to talk.

He told me I'm special.

All right, that... I'm
going to go find this creep

and I'm going to shove this thing
right down his throat! Jack, wait.

We can't prove he sent it.

It's typewritten. No signature.

It's another case of
his word against ours.

Well, what can we do?

First of all, you're
going straight home.

I'll spend the night with her.

Uh... Jack, thanks.
That won't be necessary.

I can take care of myself.

Besides, I have been
on duty since 6:00

and I'm way too
tired for any company.

Even me? Yeah, even you.

Look, Steve's on the way over.

He'll help us figure this out.

I know this guy is
obsessed with Steve,

but why me?

Amanda, this guy's nuts.
He doesn't need a reason.

MARK: Well, there's
some kind of a reason.

There's a pattern
in here somewhere.

Until we figure out what it is,

both of you be
very, very careful.

All right.


(pager beeping)

Yes, this is Dr. Bentley.

Do you have a message for me?


All right.

Thank you very much. Bye.

(phone ringing)

Amanda doesn't answer.

That's it. I'm going over there.

No, wait. She'd never
let Eddie in there.

Besides, her
building has security.

What if Eddie lured
her out somehow?

Maybe. Let me try something.

Yes, this is Dr. Sloan.

This is an emergency.

I need to know

if Dr. Bentley was
paged within the last hour.

Thank you.

You're sure?

Yes, thank you.

She was paged.

The message was
"Meet me at Drifter's."

And the page came from me.

I'm on my way.

You guys stay here,
in case she calls back.

It doesn't make any sense.

Yeah, we can't just
sit here and wait.

No, I don't mean that.

Amanda's right. Why her?

Gault's target has
always been Steve,

the cop who put him in prison.

He's been in and out
of my house. He could

have killed Steve
a half dozen times.

Who is the one
person who would know

what's on Eddie Gault's mind?


(dog barking in distance)



(Lily sobbing)

LILY: Don't hit me!

Oh, damn it!

Lily, it's okay. It's all right.

It's Dr. Stewart.
I'm here to help you.

Come on, get up.

This is Dr. Mark Sloan.

Take it easy, Lily.
You're safe now.

Oh, why didn't I listen to you?

It's okay.

I never want to see Eddie again.

I'll press charges.

Good. Good, Lily.

I'm going to call the police.

Lily, I think Eddie may
have kidnapped a doctor

I work with... a young lady.

Can you tell me
anything to help?

This isn't about her.

It's about your son.

(rock music playing)

You're really pretty, you know?

Eddie, don't do this.

If you touch me, you're
going to be in serious trouble.


What trouble?

I met you at work.

I asked you out.

You said yes.

We went drinking.

You got a little wild.

You couldn't wait to
get back to your place,

so we had a little romance
right here in the alley.

Mutual consent.

My word against yours.


You're just the bait.

Don't be afraid.



There he is.

You know, you really ought
to try her sometime, Sloan.

She's a wild woman.

Let her go, Eddie.

Then you'll hurt me.

Let her go or I'll kill you.

I'm unarmed.

I don't care. Steve!


MARK: Stop!

He's been trying to
set you up all along.

He wants you to rot
in prison like he did.

STEVE: Accidents
happen in alleys, Eddie.

I've got witnesses.

I don't see any.

I warned you, Eddie.

Stay away from my father.
But you wouldn't listen.

Now you've got your
hands on Amanda.

Oh, I'm not going
to hurt you, Eddie.

I'm going to blow you away.


(punches landing)

Are you all right, Amanda?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Steve, Lily changed her mind.

She'll press charges.

That's it for you, Eddie.

You've got the next 30
years to think about revenge.

Let's go.

What's that?

Here, take a look.

Oh, our big vacation in Arizona.

You were ten years old.

You remember how mad Mom
got when you gave me that dirt bike?


Then we couldn't get her off it.

How many stitches
did she get? About 30.


Hmm, hmm...

You know, Mom once told me she
was the happiest woman she ever knew.

Really? Hmm.

Thanks for telling me that.

There are those rose
bushes by the back door.


Is that where you want
to plant them? Yeah.

I'll help you.

Do you want to do it

first thing in the morning?

I've got to be at Gault's
arraignment in the morning.

Some things never change anyway.

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