Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 1, Episode 17 - Shaker - full transcript

A relatively severe earthquake causes a mess, including in Community General, many people crash given the state of their homes. Mark finds the crushing by a massive armoire of Martin Garfield -who earlier mistrusted his much younger bride Ruth's fiancé- was staged after the quake, given the dust on his corps. Mark finds Ruth with her studly 'jeweller' Henry in boxer-shorts, not aware of her prenuptial. At her advice he checks out Garfield's antiques business partner Stuart Westlake, who would be embezzling. He again points to Garfield's son-in-law, sculptor Rick Bennett, who is in gambling debt with a loan-shark and has a broken finger. Jack and Amanda tail a man who was snooping in Garfield's home, who goes sell to dodgy Bobby Rebetta a lumpy gold bar, the reshaped murder weapon...

Ladies and gentlemen,

I should like to
make a toast, if I may.

First, of course, to
tomorrow's bride and groom,

to Becky and Phil.

Becky, you're lovelier

than you were the first
time I met you at my office.

Of course, the first time
I met her in my office,

she was six months
old and had the sniffles.

To the bride and
groom, Becky and Phil.

Hear, hear.

Cheers, hear, hear.

Uh, Martin, the
first time I saw you,

you didn't look so pretty.

I had pneumonia and
you were tapping my lungs.

The beginning of a
beautiful friendship.

To the father of the bride,

my good friend, Martin Garfield.


To Daddy-in-law Garfield,

the most generous father

two lucky daughters
could ever have.

Rick, please.

Daddy, this has been lovely.

Oh, Becky.

Listen, you know
you're both very welcome

to stay the night. We
have plenty of space.

Sure. Ilene and I
only take up one room.

Rick, you're a jerk.

Phil has some last-minute
packing to do before tomorrow.


I'll get that, sweetheart.

Oh, look at the time!

I have to stop by the
hospital on my way home.

I'm going to walk
you to your car.

You really are rude.

It's not the right
time for it, Stuart.

I plan to deposit my...

Stuart, what are you doing here?

I brought a present
for the bride.

You're drunk.

I tried to stop him, Martin.

And you forgot to send me

an invitation to the
rehearsal dinner.

Martin, your own partner!

What were you thinking?

I think you ought to leave.

For you, sweetheart.

Something... Oh, I'm sorry.

Something expensive
from the shop.

You say what you will

about my business sense.

I have exquisite taste.

And now, I will go home.

Martin, he's in no
condition to drive.

Is there someplace
he can sleep it off?

Uh, the downstairs bedroom.

Come on, Stuart.

Well, I thank you for your
graciousness and hospitality.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

Rick, you'd better
put that on the table

with the other
gifts in the parlor.

Becky, I'm so sorry.

You can't make
everything perfect, Dad.

We'll see you tomorrow.

Big day tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

He's down for the night.

Good night, Ruth.

Good night, Mark.

I'll check on the
other people here.

See you tomorrow.

Uh, Mark, your son Steve,

is... is he still
with the police?

Yes, why?

Uh, I may want his advice.

What are you talking about?


Never mind.

Uh, Becky's getting
married tomorrow

and I think I'm just
feeling a little old.

You know... Forget it.

Some useless advice
from your doctor,

get a good night's sleep.


Take it easy.

Take it off.

You two okay? BOTH: Yeah.

What happened to him?

Don't ask.

He, uh, broke his leg trying to
get a patient out of the elevator.

Elevator stopped between floors,

the patient started

Eddie did whatever he had to do.

I'd say he was a hero.

Hey, good man, Eddie.

Do me a favor, Sal,
take him to orthopedics,

all right? Eddie,
I'll talk to you later.

Why isn't he in ER?

This is the ER!

We lost our lights when
we lost our main power.

We're on generators
but the lines to the ER

and half the operating
rooms were cut.

This place is a mess.

Um, Dr. Friedland's
using your office

as an emergency maternity OR.

He had a mother in full delivery

when the quake hit.
Can you believe that?

Dr. Sloan!

Amanda, come here.

You're going to need a new desk.

Oh, great.

Donna, listen, move
the patients in 104...

This man's in shock.

Nurse, I need some blankets.

I need his legs
raised immediately.

Give him one milligram
IV Atropine, stat.

IV Atropine, stat!

Mark, that's...

Thank God you're here.

I'm calling a meeting of all
department heads in 20 minutes.

Good. I'll be there.
Are you okay, Norman?

I can't reach my mother.

The phones in the
valley aren't working.

My sister Maria is driving over

if she can't get through.

I'm sure she's all right.

How is your son?

Well, his watch commander called.
Said he called to say he was okay.

I'm sure he has
his hands full now.

As do we all. But we
have things to do here

and that's what I
have to think about.

I wish I could reach my mother.

Nature is humbling us.

God bless.

Have the nurse page me
when you get him to the floor.

Mr. Briggs. Hey.

Oh, my goodness.
Look at those shoes.

I've never seen
those slippers before.

How did you do that?

Oh, that's, uh, that's nothing.

Uh, I know how it happened.

Jack tried to get in the doorway

when the earthquake hit

and he forgot to
open the door first.

Don't listen to her.
That's not what happened.

What do you mean
that's not what happened?

You panicked.

I did not panic.

You did too panic. I did not.

Big time panic, panic, panic,
panic... Why don't you stop?

Okay, come on, you guys.





They, uh, they happen
after earthquakes.

Yeah, we know.

And according to Cal Tech,

they could go on for months.


Uh, next time
you duck for cover,

save me a little room
under there, will you?

You got it.

All right. This
shouldn't hurt too much.

Here we are.

It'll be fine. Just
a little scratch.

Excuse me. Ruth?

Oh, hello, Mark.

Ruth, are you all right?

I was just looking...

Rick and Ilene were here.

Ruth, where's Martin?

I don't know.

Is there a phone?


I have to call
Henry, my jeweler.

Look, my necklace
broke. I hope he can fix it.

Oh, oh!

There you are. We've
been looking for you.


Your stepmother's
apparently in shock.

Where's your father?

What? He's not here?

No, don't you know where he is?

No, we... we all got
separated in the quake.

I mean the house practically
fell down around us.

And... And the police came
when we were climbing out.

They... They brought us here.

Yeah, we were
lucky to get out alive.

What about Martin?

You know something,
I think I saw him go

with Stuart Westlake in
another one of the police cars.

Yeah. I mean,
everything was so crazy.

I'm sure he's all right.

I need a telephone.

Where do I find a telephone?

Ruth, um... Wait!

Orderly, would you take
care of that woman, please?

Hey, Dad.

Steve, I tried to call you.

Me, too.

You're all right? Yeah.

Tired and smelly but
I'm okay. How about you?

Oh, I need a long, hot bath.

Yeah, ditto. You got hot water?

I haven't the foggiest
notion. What about you?

No hot water, no cold water,

no heat, no light, no apartment.

Mind if I crash at
your place tonight?

If you don't mind
sleeping on the couch.


Stuart, let's have
a look at you here.

Are you all right?

Oh, yes, I'm fantastic.

Where's Martin?

I don't know.

Didn't he leave
the house with you?


Well, where is he then?

I told you, I don't know!

Something up?

You know, I'm not sure.

You mind making a
stop on the way home?


No one has seen Martin Garfield

since before the earthquake.

Flashlights, batteries,
candles, water.

Look at the devastation.

This place took a beating.

This must have
been the epicenter.

Yeah, you haven't
seen my place yet.

Watch out for that.

He's not still in there?


Oh, Lord.

Look at this.

What a wreck.


Oh, what a disaster.

If only my place
looked this good.



Maybe he went to
another evacuation center.

Oh, I sure hope so.


Oh, no, Steve.

It's Martin.

He's dead.

He must have come
down during the quake,

made it halfway down the hall,

then the armoire fell on him.

I'm sorry, Dad. I know
he was a good friend.


The earthquake didn't kill him.

What do you mean?

It was no accident.

Martin Garfield was murdered.

Steve, I don't think
you should report this

at the coroner's
office as an accident.

Come on, Dad, people don't
murder each other during earthquakes.

I don't think it happened
during the earthquake.

I think it happened
before the earthquake.

Look at this.

Covered with plaster and dust.

Meaning what?

Meaning he was
knocked to the floor

before the earthquake hit.

The armoire knocked him
down. We saw it ourselves.

Yeah, but don't you see?

If the armoire had fallen
on him during the quake,

it would have protected him

from all this
plaster and debris.

Well, maybe all
that plaster and dust

were just kicked up around him.

Well, maybe, but
not on top of him.

I think the armoire
was pushed over on him

after the quake was over.

You're saying the
armoire didn't kill him.


I think that somebody
hit him in the head,

Martin fell. Go ahead, fellas.

Then the quake hit after that

and he used the quake to
cover up what he had done.

But we didn't find anything
that'd look like a murder weapon

anywhere near the body.

Yeah, I know.

I mean, no metal
rod, no iron poker,

no loose bricks, nothing.

It has to be there somewhere.

We'll have another look.

Well, that may be a
problem. He just red-tagged it.

It's condemned.

I guess I should call
Ruth and Martin's kids.

Yeah. I think I'll go
back to the office.

You know, Steve, Martin
was worried about something.

He said he wanted
to talk to you.

Now he's dead.

Look, Dad, we've both
been up all night and all day.

We're both exhausted. I
can't even think straight.

Why don't we just go
home and get some rest?

We'll talk about this later.

Good idea, maybe everything
will make more sense

after a shower and
a good night's sleep.

Who is it?

Steve, it's me, Jack.

Oh, Jack, I can't
open the front door.

Go to the front window.

Jack, you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You need a place to stay?

Oh, yeah, I do.

Come on.


Oh, this place got
beat up pretty bad, huh?


How's your place?

Don't ask. How about yours?

I don't know. I can't find it.

I think it's in the garage now.

Where should I
sleep? Right here?

Well, anywhere's fine.


What a day, huh?

Tell me about it.

How's your father?

Well, he's all right.
He already went to bed.


My dad's got this thing
about Martin Garfield's death

being a murder
instead of an accident.


I mean, I know his...

His hunches are
good and everything,

but with all that's going on,

I don't know how we're
going to deal with it.

Of course, that could be just
what the killer's counting on.

Listen to me. I'm beginning
to sound just like my old man.

Yeah, I bet you he's
sleeping like a baby right now.

How can anybody
sleep after all this?



Jack, you left the window open!

It's the earthquake!

It's okay. It's all right.
Easy, easy. Aftershock.

It's all right. It's all right.


Did you get any
sleep last night?

Not a whole lot. How about you?

Ah, some.

You know, you've been
here since before dawn.

I got a few more
patients to see.

But your eyes are starting
to look like old garment bags.

Go home.

Yes, Delores.


Hey, Delores.

Hi. Well, the next time you
guys decide to camp out,

don't forget to
invite the girls.

Don't tell me your
apartment was trashed, too?

No, actually my
apartment's just fine.

I just lost a flower pot.

That... That's a shame.

Wait a minute! It was a
very special flower pot.


Oh, Jack, I'm sorry.

It's nothing like losing
your whole apartment.


What's with Briggs?

I... I shouldn't laugh.

I think he's
living in his office.

What about his house?

Nobody knows. Any time
somebody tries to ask him about it,

his eyes fill up with tears
and he changes the subject.

Oh, poor Norman.

You know, ever since he
found out his mother's okay,

I think he's just beginning to
realize what happened to him.

Speaking of that,
did you find out

where Ruth Garfield's staying?

Yeah. She told the
Red Cross people

that she was taking a
room at the Hotel Bradbury.


I think I'll go by there
on the way home.

Mark, you need to
go home and rest.

I can't go home till I find
out who killed Martin Garfield.

Whoever did it was in that house

when the quake
hit, Ruth Garfield,

and Ilene, Martin's daughter,

Rick Bennett, Ilene's husband,

and Stuart Westlake

who is Martin's
business partner.

All house guests.

I thought you said you and Steve

couldn't find the murder weapon.

It's got to be in that
rubble somewhere.

I'll help you look.

I'll go, too. You're
too tired to drive.

And you, too.

So if you want to meet
with this Ruth Garfield,

we'll be happy to drop
you off at her hotel, okay?

Okay. I'll go get my car.

You guys meet me out front.

All right. Bye.

Do you know she told me

that she slept eight
hours last night?

Her nerves are like steel.

What's wrong with her?

Nothing. People react
differently to stress, that's all.

Come on in, door's unlocked.

Just put it on the table.

Excuse me?

You're not room service.
Who the hell are you?

I'm sorry. they must've given me
the wrong room number downstairs.

Honey, did they bring the ice?



Oh, my God.

Who's he?

Um, Dr. Mark Sloan.

Martin's doctor.

This is Henry, um, my jeweler.

He just came by
to fix my necklace.

Oh! Well, that's nice.

A jeweler who makes house calls.

Oh, what difference does
it make now, anyway? Uh...

Henry and I have been
having an affair for months.

Did Martin know?

Oh, God, no.

We're in love.

She was going to leave him.

Must be love

if you were willing to leave
Martin and lose everything.

What do you mean,
lose everything?

Henry, get dressed.

In the bathroom.

Apparently, uh,
Henry didn't know

about the prenuptial agreement
that Martin made you sign.

I'm surprised you do.

Well, he asked my advice about it
when you were planning to get married.

He wanted you to sign
a prenuptial agreement

that would completely cut
you off if you ever got divorced.

And you told him to do it.

No, I, uh...

I said if you love
her, trust her.

He didn't take my advice.
I guess he was right, huh?

Martin just wanted to make sure

that I wasn't marrying
him for his money.

I wasn't. I loved him.

But when he made me
sign that piece of paper,

I had to start to wonder what
was more important to him,

his money or me.

After a while I decided
it was his money.

So you stopped loving him,
but you couldn't divorce him

without losing all that money.

That's right.

Now Martin's dead.

You'll inherit everything.

Lucky me!

Martin's death was
an accident, Mark.

Was it?

Ruth, I think that he was
killed before the quake hit.

Where were you
just before the quake?

In my bedroom, asleep.

With Martin?

No, we'd been sleeping
apart long before I met Henry.

Um, I don't know where
he was, but I didn't kill him.

Ruth, that leaves
you with a motive,

but no alibi.

Can you think of any reason

that Martin would have
thought his life was in danger?


Talk to his business
partner Stuart Westlake.

If anybody wanted
him dead, Stuart did.

So did Rick Bennett,
his son-in-law.

But why?

Why would they
want to kill Martin?

Look at this place.


Well, that's that.

That's what?

The house has been
red-tagged, Amanda.


What do you mean so?
It's unsafe. We can't go in.

Jack, if we don't go
inside of the house,

then we can't find
the murder weapon.

No, no, if we don't
go in the house,

we can't get killed

when the whole place comes
tumbling down on our heads.

Jack, the earthquake is over.

And anything that
was going to fall, fell.

I'm not going in.

This place is a deathtrap.

Jack, I know that the
earthquake was traumatic for you,

but you really
must get over this

and get on with your
life. Now, come on.

Hey, is that another aftershock?

Jack, there's somebody in here.

Come on.

I'm not going in.

Would you stop being
such a baby? Come on!

I'm not going in. Amanda,
I'm not going in the house.

Why do I have to
go in this house?

What am I doing?

You with me?


Hey! Amanda, wait a minute!

Get in the doorway.

You're hitting me?

I wanted to go in the house?

Oh, be quiet.

You all right?

No. Yeah, I'm fine, how are you?

That's the last time you
go in a red-tagged building.

Don't you know what
red-tagged means?

It means if there's
another earthquake,

the whole place will
come tumbling down.

Oh, really? Yeah.

Well, the more earthquakes
you're in, the more you'll know.

I don't...

I don't need to be in any
more earthquakes, okay?

I'm a quick study.

What the hell could you
possibly be laughing at?

Look at yourself,
you're hilarious.

Who, you or me?

Yeah, look at you.

Oh, my hair.

Hey, that's him.

What? Go!

Did you sustain much damage
during the earthquake, Mr. Westlake?

We were quite lucky, actually.

It looks worse than it is.


Uh, most of the, um, important,

uh, items were in,
um, locked cases

and much of the rest I
can repair in my workshop.

Oh, I see.

Please, please. Oh, sorry.

Look, do try and
be careful, will you?

None of this is insured.

None of it?

No, it doesn't pay
me to insure antiques

in a retail market, Dr. Sloan.

Why is that?

Ah, no static inventory.

There's too much turnover.

Oh, I see.

No, no, no, please, please.

Look, I, um, I really...
I... I do have work to do.

I'm sorry.

I wanted to talk about
Martin Garfield's murder.

His what?

I don't think it
was an accident.

I think somebody killed him.

Who would do that?

Well, a number of
people have a motive.

You, for example.

Me? Mmm.

I heard with all this,
uh, turnover here,

you thought it
might not be too hard

to cover up a little

And then the story
is you got too greedy

and your partner,
Martin, found out about it.

Who told you that?

Ruth Garfield.

As a matter of fact, she said Martin
was going to have you arrested

the first thing Monday morning.

Martin was upset.

He overreacted.

I mean, I'm just... I'm
not good with accounts.

Uh, I'm sure that
once we'd discussed it,

uh, he... he would
have understood.

I'm sure he would have.

It's just too bad
somebody killed him first.

And you think I did?

That's insane.

Where exactly were
you in the house

when the quake hit?

I don't remember.

I passed out.

The first thing I knew
there was a rumbling.

I fell down, it was pitch black.

I barely made it to the street.

I don't suppose anyone could
corroborate that, could they?

Why don't you ask Martin's
dead-beat son-in-law

where he was.


Oh, yes.

You know, that's funny.
I was just going over...

Oh, please!

Just headed over there.

And not a moment too soon.

Please, allow me.

Have a nice day.

It's too late for that.

I didn't do that.

What's taking this guy
so long in the bus station?

I don't know.

Maybe he's got
something in a locker.

What if he's taking the bus?

Well, then we'll
have to follow him.

Well, I still think he's
taking too long, Jack.

Amanda, we are...
We are on a stakeout

and sometimes it
takes a little while.

This guy'll be out
sooner or later.

Stay there and
stop aggravating me.

Aggravating? You should've seen you
in the earthquake. You were no help...

There he is. I wanted to go...

See him?

Uh-huh. Good. Now we can go.

Are we going around in circles?

First Martin's house, then
the bus station, now here.

Hey, I know this
place. This is Rebetta's.

Yeah? How's the food?

It stinks. It's a front.

Come on, now. Come on.

Come on, I got
a business to run.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

See the heavy set guy with
the suit and the glasses?

That's Bobby Rebetta.
He's a real sleazebag.

Heard a lot of bad
things about him.

He launders money
through this place.

Heads up.

Job went okay?

In, out. Easy, Mr. Rebetta.

No trouble picking up
the payoff afterwards?

It was in the locker, just
like you guys said it would be.

Jack, that's gold.

So that's what he took
out of the bus station locker.

How you gonna pass that off?

I got a guy coming from
San Francisco tonight.

A metallurgist named Carmody.

What's he gonna do?

He's gonna let me know if this
stuff is good. Help me get rid of it.

All right, Mickey. Good work.

Maybe Rebetta did a job
for whoever killed Martin.

Yeah, but what
job, we don't know.

And that gold bar is the payoff.

Let's get out of here.


Very good.

That's right. It's me.

They're all me.

Well, so they are.

Rick believes that
art isn't really art

unless it's authentic.

He's lucky to have
such a lovely model.

Would you like
some coffee, Mark?

If I have any more coffee today,
it's gonna burn a hole in my stomach.

Make it black.

That's just the
way Rick likes it.

Where is your husband, Ilene?

Out foraging groceries if he
can find an open supermarket.

As long as we're
camping out in his studio

we're gonna need some food.

You've been living with
your father, haven't you?

Uh, for the last
couple months, yes.

Can't afford a place
of your own yet?

Well, Rick hasn't exactly
cracked the market yet,

but he will.

I have faith in him.

Did your father?


If you couldn't add it up
and earn interest on it,

Dad thought it was
completely worthless.

He thought that Rick
should find a real job,

as if Rick's work wasn't
actually more important

than all Dad's
investments combined.

Doc Sloan, what
a pleasant surprise.


Feel like working, hon?


Um, there's more coffee
on the hot plate if you want it.

Fine, thanks.

You know, Ilene doesn't show it,

but she's, uh...

She's pretty shaken up
over her father's death.

Murder, you mean.


He was murdered, Rick.

Maybe by somebody who was afraid

he might get cut off
from Martin's money.

You're talking about me?

I couldn't care
less about money.

Well, this studio,

all this equipment
must be expensive.

Is that why you owe
money to the loan sharks?

Loan sharks?

Yeah, loan sharks
tend to break the fingers

of clients who,
uh, don't pay up.

Besides, your mother-in-law...

Why believe her?

Did you ask Martin for
money and he told you no?

Absolutely not.

But didn't Martin tell you
that if it ever happened again,

that he'd disown Ilene and
throw you to the wolves?

You know, I don't have
to listen to this anymore.

So why don't you just get out?

You owe any
gambling money, Rick?

I said get out.

You have quite a temper.

Where were you
just before the quake?

He was with me.

Mark, Rick's got
to go to work now.

Would you care to watch?

Uh, no, I have to get
back to the, uh, hospital.

Thanks a lot.

Good luck with
the, uh, sculpting.

Right this way, Mr. Carmody.

I'm sorry about this place.
We're still digging out over here.

Quite all right.

Uh, so how was
your flight anyway?

The flight was exhausting.

Exhausting? It's
a one-hour flight.

Well, the flight from Frisco
has a lot of turbulence.

Ah, good. Now let's
get right down to it.

How good is this stuff?

That depends.

On what?


What impurities?

That's what I'm
about to find out.

Are you for real?

I'm a professional.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I need complete quiet,
please. Thank you.




Well, what are you
trying to say here?

I'm not saying anything
till I'm absolutely sure.

Where did you get it?

From a friend of a friend.


Hmm? What is with
these "hmms" all the time?

What the hell was...

Hey, Anthony,
what are you doin'?

I told you guys I didn't
want to be disturbed.

I'm trying to do
some business here.

Start in the kitchen. You got
plenty to do in there, all right?

Now scram. Unbelievable.

Who is that?

That's some worker, cleanin' up.

In my business, you
can't be too careful.

Mine too, pal.

How well did you know
this friend of a friend?

I didn't know him. I
never met the guy, why?


Let me show you something.

What the...

I'm afraid you've been taken
advantage of, Mr. Rebetta.

I have a plane to
catch. Thank you.

I've been cheated?

I'd say so. Good-bye.

Wait a minute. Mickey!

What's going on, Mr. Rebetta?

That's what I'm
going to find out.

I'll... I'll tell you. Steve!


Hands up.

Friend of mine.

You're under
arrest, Mr. Rebetta.

I got to get a new bag.

Jack, I thank you for doing this

but don't do it again.

You could have got hurt.

I was keeping an eye on him.

I got the evidence, didn't I?

Gentlemen, this gold bar

is the murder weapon.

All right, thanks.

The DNA tests came
back from Forensics.

You were right
about that gold bar.

That chunk of gold
was the murder weapon?

I just wish we knew what it was

before the killer
melted it down.

But it wasn't melted down.

We don't know
what it was originally,

but it was pounded down
and reshaped into a bar

after it was used
to kill Martin.

Wait a minute. If the killer
pounded down the gold,

how do we prove it's
the murder weapon?

Martin had a deep
wound across his forehead.

So I had Steve ask Forensics
to run a spectrographic analysis

of the gold just to see if there
were any traces of blood in it.

Along with the 24-karat
gold, the analysis found blood.

DNA typing matched the
blood to Martin Garfield.


That's big news.

Yeah, but it's a dead end.

The gold bar, or
whatever it was originally,

was used to kill Martin Garfield

but we can't connect it
to any of our suspects.

And any one of them could
have pounded down that gold.

Ruth Garfield's boyfriend Henry,

he's a jeweler.

Uh, Stuart Westlake,
he has a workshop

where he restores antiques.

Rick Bennett sculpts in
both clay and in metal.

What about Bobby Rebetta?

He won't tell you who
he got the bar from?

Rebetta's not talking.

Hey! All right, finally.

All right. We're out
of the Stone Age.

Life just got a little easier.

Well, let's see what's
going on in the world.

You know, I just
wish we knew what

Rebetta's henchman was
doing in the Garfield house.

If we knew that,
we'd have the answer.

The President cut short his
weekend at Camp David...

Mark Sloan.

Hi, Mark, it's Becky.

Hi, Becky, how are you?


Mark, I have some news.

Phil and I got
married this morning.

Oh, that is news!

Well, after what happened,
we didn't want a big wedding.

But we did want to get married.

Well, your father, I'm sure,
would be very, very happy.

We're going to have a small
gathering tomorrow at the house.

Just family and a
few close friends.

Will you and Steve come?

Of course we will.

Great, I'll see you then.

All right, bye.

Well, Becky and
Phil got married.

They're having a little gathering
at the house tomorrow afternoon.

Ah, that's great.
They're a nice couple.

Hey, look at that.
It's not all bad news.

Experienced during
this emergency.

Only six looters have
been arrested citywide

since the emergency began.

Wedding gift.


Are you sure Rebetta's man

didn't take anything out
of the Garfield house?

I'm not sure what
he was doing there.

Then we followed
him to the bus station,

where he took that
package out of a locker.

It doesn't make any sense.

I got it.

What do you got?

A wedding present.

Dr. Sloan, what...
what are you doing?

That's my wedding gift.

Are you talking about
this, Mr. Westlake?

That's an 18th-century
Bavarian falcon

from the collection
of Otto Von Bismarck.

That's real gold and
it's very, very expensive.

Would you please be careful...

Oh, my God.

Don't worry, Mr. Westlake.

Not your golden falcon.

It's just a fake.

Piece of lead
covered with gold leaf.

No, no, no, that
falcon was authentic.

Oh, I know. It was.

I'm a medical examiner

with the, uh, police department.

They loaned me
this for the afternoon.

This is your, uh, golden falcon,

at least what's left of it.

Well, what happened?

Martin Garfield surprised
one of his houseguests

trying to steal your
wedding present in the parlor.

This was just moments
before the earthquake.

They, uh, struggled.

The thief struck Martin with
the gold falcon, killing him.

And at that point the
earthquake struck.

He had the presence of mind

to tilt the armoire
onto the dead body

making it look like an accident.

Then later, the killer
made a fake falcon

and pounded down the original

destroying the evidence.

But how did that duplicate

end up with the other gifts?

Well, that all comes down to a
hood named, uh, Bobby Rebetta.

The killer hired Rebetta
to replace the gift.

He wasn't looting.
He was replacing.

This is absurd.

Now, Bobby's
payment for that, uh, job

was this gold bar,

what was the golden falcon
and the murder weapon.

However, it's the fake
gift that has the proof

that will identify our killer.

I don't understand how a
fake statue can prove anything.

Oh, not the... Not
the statue itself.

Actually the wrapping
paper and the ribbon.

You know, on this ribbon
there's a little dab of clay

in the shape of a fingerprint.

Kind of the same kind of clay

I got on my fingers
up at your studio, Rick.

Wait a minute.

I'm sure a police
expert would identify

that fingerprint as yours, Rick.

Oh, you're crazy.

You reshaped the original, Rick,

and you made that fake.

But most important of all,

you rewrapped the box.


No, that's not right.

I needed money and
he wouldn't give it to me.

So, yeah, I killed him.

How could you have done this?

You've had money
all your life, Ilene.

You wouldn't
understand what it's like

to want something and
know you will never get it.

Is that why you married me?

Because my father was rich?

If you're going to get married,

why not marry rich?

I don't know how
I ever loved you.

Let's go, Rick. You're
spoiling the party.

I'm, um... I'm sorry, Becky.

You were right about Rick.

Believe me, I wish I wasn't.

Come here.

Oh, it's going to take months

to get those charts reorganized.

Yeah, well, if you
think that means

I'm gonna let you out
of doing your paperwork,

ha! Guess again.

Great physicians
do not do paperwork.

Norman, are you still
living in your office?

Yes, Mark.

How bad are things
out at your house?

I don't know, Sloan.

I haven't been back
since the quake.

You haven't...

My friend, you've
got to go out there

and face the
situation whatever it is.

And get on with your life.

I know, I know. I will.

Just as soon as things
settle down around here.

I'm very busy, you know. Yeah.

Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Thank you, my friend, thank you.

Briggs is still shaky
after the quake?

It's been well over a week.
What's wrong with that man?

Well, it takes time to get over
a traumatic experience like that.

But what would you
know about that?

This whole thing
didn't even bother you.

Jack, that's because
I keep my head.

I don't overreact to every little
bump in the night like some people...

I see what you mean.

Put me down. Put me down.

I'll crack your back. Come on.

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