Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 1, Episode 13 - Lily - full transcript

In Community General Dr. Jack Stewart runs into Sandy Hoyle, who knows from high-school, and sends her for examination to Dr. Mark Sloan; her bruises testify to repeated beatings. When Jack follows her, he finds out she's a call-girl and plans to 'retire' thanks to a tape she can blackmail prominent clients with, the details of which are also kept 'in Lily's head'. After she does so, Mark who came to check up on her is found bend over her corps by Steve's LAPD colleague Detective Andy Ruggio; although no arrest is made, the headline is enough for the hospital board to 'recommend' him taking a vacation. Snooping in her house with Jack turns up the burned tape and black book, cigar traces and the identity of presumed blackmail victims from her late phone-calls, hot motives, so Mark goes check them out. First is new age guru brother Charles Simmons, next contractor Michael Davis whose company is about to go public, then rancher politician Joseph Talbot. Trough Sandy's ex-colleague Connie Stockwell, whose over-protective husband Max throws Jack in the pool just for talking to her, he and Amanda find out about 'madam' Elaine in whose brothel Bambi tells Mark about Sandy's mother Lily, or is she not the right trail after all?

You hurt me.

Sandy? Hey.

No way.

Hey, it's me, Jack Stewart.

Oh, my God! Jack.

You look great.
Thank you. So do you.

Thank you. What're
you doin' here?

I'm just visiting a relative.

Oh, is everything all right?

Yeah, yeah. She was just
having some dizzy spells.

They're checking
her out. She's fine.

Oh, hey, well, you came
to the right hospital. Good.

Which way you
goin'? Uh, this way.

Yeah. I'll walk with
you. Come on. Thanks.

What's it been, like 10 years?

Oh, God, let's see,

last time I saw you
was the senior prom.


You were punching out Ken
Delany, remember? Oh, man.

Yeah, I do.

He said something to my date
that he shouldn't have and...

Yeah. Well, he apologized.

Right. But, um, so what...

What's wrong with your arm?

I, uh, I ran into a door.

Can you believe that?

It's okay, though.
It's... It's fine.

No, you're not okay.

Look, Sandy, as if you
couldn't tell, I became a doctor.

I can't believe it.

The same Jack Stewart
I used to boost cars with.

Hey, hey, come
on. I did that twice.

I didn't make a
career out of it, okay?


No, but seriously, I'd...
I'd, um, like to look at you.

First time you said that
to me we were both 14.

You remember? Good memory.


All right, if you won't
let me check you out,

let me refer you to a
friend of mine. How's that?

You don't give up, do you?

Did I ever?


Do I have a choice
here? No, you don't.

Okay. All right.

Who's your friend? All right.

Mark Sloan. He's a good guy.

Real good guy.

Never boosted a car in his life,

but, uh, don't hold
that against him.

Hurt? Yeah.

That's a nasty bruise.
How'd you get that?

I ran into a door.


A revolving door by
the number of bruises.

Who's been hitting you, Sandy?

I'm gonna need
something for the pain.

Look, if you're in trouble,

my son's a police officer.

I'm used to handling my
own problems, thanks.

All right.

If you change your
mind and you want to talk,

my phone number's right there.

I really appreciate this.

Can I get dressed now?

Sure. Take your time.

Thank you.

Does Amanda have a hobby?

She never mentioned one.

Hey, Mark, how's Sandy?

Multiple contusions in the
clavicle and scapula areas.

Somebody's hitting her, Jack.

Oh, man.

I'm gonna go talk
to her. Good idea.

What were we talking about?

Amanda. And just because she
never mentioned having a hobby,

doesn't mean she
doesn't have one.

Well, great, if I go ask
her what her hobby is,

she'll know what we're up to.

This is driving me nuts.

I know, what do you get
for a girl who has everything?

How about a box to put it in?

Mark, she's gone.

Did you get an address
on Sandy Hoyle?

Sure. Here.

All right, listen, I'm
gonna finish up my rounds

and drop by her place, okay?

Good. I'll see you later.

Let me know.

Jack, I... I wanted
to tell him, too.

Wanted to tell him what?

I hate parties,

I don't need any presents
and I don't like surprises.

Amanda, what are
you talking about?

Saturday, my birthday.

Saturday's your birthday?

Like you didn't know, Mark.

Look, I don't want any fuss.

No fuss. Okay.


See you later. Okay.

You think she meant it?

Oh, right. Give me the catalog.

What do you think?

I think he'd be very grateful.



What's the matter,
honey? Did you...

Sandy, what's going on?

Go away, Jack.

I'm not leaving till we talk.

Now, we can either do it out
here where I'll embarrass you,

or we could do it inside.
What's it gonna be?

Be my guest.

This is, uh...

This is very nice.

Thank you.

Want a cigarette? No.

Thank you, I... I
quit that years ago.

You're a hooker, aren't you?

We're uptown now, Jack.

I'm a call girl.

Oh, please, Sandy, come on.

Hooker, call girl,
what's the difference?

Oh, about $500 an hour.

I can't believe it, Jack.

You're actually shocked.

Yeah, I am actually shocked.

I'm also worried. Sandy, look,

if you keep this up,

it's going to get much worse
than... than getting bruises.

Look, Jack,

I know you have really
good intentions, okay,

but there's nothing
you can do for me.

Sandy, I just don't want to see you
ending up in some emergency room,

you know, with
your ribs all busted,

or worse, dead.

I'm going to get out
of this life, Jack. Yeah?

Yeah. When?

As soon as I talk to
a couple of people.

Then I'll have all
the money I need

to go far away for
a long, long time.

What're you talking about?

I have three really
good customers

who wouldn't want
this little tape played

for any scandal
sheets or TV reporters.

You're talking about blackmail.

They can afford it.

All right, let's... let's just
say, for arguments sake,

what if these people decide
that they don't feel like paying you

and they come after
you? What do you do?

Hey, no guts, no glory, Jack.

Please. Hey, remember?

Besides, I have insurance.

My first madame
used to always tell me,

keep everything
important in your head.

I'm keeping a
copy in Lily's head.

Who's Lily?

And what's to keep her
from taking off with the tape?

Lily won't go anywhere
without me, Jack.

I'm covered.

It's probably just
my housekeeper.

Hi, Maureen.

Why don't you start on the
upstairs bedroom first, okay?


Look, Jack,

don't worry about me, okay?

I'm a big girl now.


If you change your
mind, or if you, um,

get into some kind of trouble,

need some help, call me.

I know what I'm doing.

No, you don't.

So, how's business, Reverend?

I told you not to call me
that. I'm not a minister.

Oh, right. No, you're a, um...

What is it called?
Spiritual facilitator, right?

You're a con artist, Charles.

But you're a damn good one.

That retreat center you have
really rakes in the bucks, doesn't it?

Is there a point to this, Sandy?


I'm relocating, Charles,

and you're going to
finance my new life.

Now, why would
I want to do that?

Because the alternative is this.

Headline in the tabloids.

"Ex-Beverly Hills
call girl exclaims,

"'Brother Charles
Simmons, guru to the stars,

"'was my favorite client.'"

Snappy, huh, Charles?
What do you think?

I am so proud of you, Michael.

According to The
Wall Street Journal,

you're taking your
company public.

You read The
Wall Street Journal?

Well, you know, a
girl's got to keep up.

I'm going public, too.

What does that mean?

Who's going to buy stock
in a company whose CEO

charges call girls off
as a business expense?

You're blackmailing me?

Well, I prefer to think of it as you
contributing to my retirement fund.

I'll want the money within
48 hours in cash, okay?

You know, Joseph, I
read your paper every day.

I should work there.

Your job, my dear, is to
keep the publisher happy.

I don't know.

I... I think I could be a
really good reporter, too.

After all, I'm sitting on
this really great story.

It involves sex, call girls

and the publisher of a
very large daily newspaper.

I see.

And I suppose you
expect me to buy this story?

Well, if you don't, I'm
sure someone else will.


Have you seen Jack?

No, he just signed out. Why?

Well, there's a message for
him, but his pager's on the fritz.

Sandy Hoyle.


I knew she was in trouble
when I met her this afternoon.

Maybe I ought to go by
her place on the way home.

You have her address?

Let me check her file.

Gift catalogs.

Consider it homework.

Miss Hoyle?

Miss Hoyle?


Police! Freeze!

Hey, Steve.


You know, it's not every
day a vice cop gets to

bust a fellow officer's old man.

Andy, you didn't.

No. But I was tempted.

Your dad and I had a
talk. Everything's okay.

No problem.

Who was the girl?

Local pro.

Heard she was moving
with the rich crowd,

so I had an eye on her.

Thought it would lead somewhere.

My luck, she OD'd before
I could make a case.

Well, she wasn't an addict.

I gave her a checkup
this afternoon.

If she'd been on drugs,
I would have noticed.

You run any blood tests?


Then what you're going on

is the fact that she looks good

so she couldn't be a junkie.

It was more than that.

Dad, Andy's a smart
cop. He'll handle it. Yeah.

Come on, I'll take you home.

Uh, could you look
this way, please?

Look at this. The tabloids now.

When the chairman
saw this, he hit the roof.

Sloan, pending a full review
by the ethics committee,

the board is
recommending a vacation.

You're not serious!

That's what I
said, but they are.

Listen, amigo, I
am on your side,

but the board insists.

Norman, if the
police suspected me,

would they have let me go?

That's what I said,
but they don't care.


I think they're embarrassed
because, you know,

she's a lady of the evening.

Mark, you like to
fish. Go fishing.

I don't need a vacation.

But you just got one.


"Passion and lust are
the killers of the soul."

Leonardo da Vinci.

You'll hear from me. Trust me.

This is crazy.

Well, crazy or not, you
better cancel my appointments.

Uh, shift my caseload
over to, uh, Dr. Anders.

You going home?

Not on your life.

I'll bet you 50 bucks
da Vinci never said that.

Mark, listen to me.

Sandy was not an addict

and she did not kill herself.

I know. But that's
what the police think.

So, officially, the
case is closed.

What about unofficially?

Well, Steve's going to get us
a copy of the autopsy report.

Something you don't
know about all this.

You're with the
police department.

Yes, medical advisor
with the police department.

Uh, my tenant isn't
sick, she's dead.

Well, that's the
worst kind of sickness.

Thank you for your help.

The tape was right over here.

Oh, no. Oh... Look at this.

Here's the tape.

And here's the phone book.
I don't believe... We're dead.

We got nothing, Mark.

There's no way now
we're going to find out

who she was trying to blackmail.

Pretty thorough.


Bet he was a cigar smoker. Why?

You don't see a match
burned down that far

unless it was used to
light a pipe or a cigar.

That's what I
smell. Cigar smoke.

Yeah. You know, you hold a match

and draw on it until
the cigar is evenly lit.

Well, you don't think
Sandy was a cigar smoker.

You think maybe
the killer dropped it?

It was under the body.

I wonder when this
place was cleaned last.

Wait a minute, when...

When I was leaving yesterday,
the maid was just coming in.

Well, it's a good bet that
Sandy's killer smoked a cigar.

Let's have a look around.

I wonder who she
was trying to blackmail.

What are we looking for?

Well, anything that will help.

There's mail.

Bills. Bills.

Oh! How about this
month's phone bill?

Look at there.

She called those three numbers

at least a half a dozen
times last month. Hmm.

Well, let's see who answers.

Center for Psychic Harmony,
Brother Simmons' office.

Brother Simmons?

That's Brother Charles
Simmons, that, uh, New Age guru.


Michael Davis Construction.
This is Mr. Davis' office.

Michael Davis Construction.

He just announced he
was going to go public.

You've reached the
voicemail for Joseph Talbot.

If you care to leave a message,
speak as soon as you hear the...


Hey, doesn't his
family own the, um...

The Herald Express?

I just heard this guy's gonna be
running for governor soon, too.

Mark, any one of these
guys could lose a lot by, uh,

being associated with
a call girl, you know?

You know, without Sandy's blackmail
tape, we have no proof of motive.

Wait a minute, Sandy
mentioned that she gave a copy

to somebody named,
um... Oh, damn it.


Now, I don't know if that was
a... a friend or another call girl.

I don't know.

Well, we have to find her.

Let's see what's on the box.

Hi, Sandy, it's Connie.

Did you get those travel
brochures I sent you?

I haven't heard from you.

Hope you haven't forgotten
lunch tomorrow at my place.

12:30. Don't be late.

Monday, 6:15 p.m.

That call was made last night.

So, that means her lunch
date is right about now.

Here we go. Connie Stockwell,
1414 Bloomfield Street.

I'm gonna go check
that out, all right?

Maybe she knows who Lily is.

All right, I'll talk to these
three pillars of the community

and see what their
alibis were last night.

Well, I really
didn't want a tour.

I just wanted a word
with Brother Simmons.

I'm afraid Brother
Simmons doesn't see anyone

who hasn't been elevated
to a level five harmonic stage.

A level five what?

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
expected you to understand.

We here at the Center
for Psychic Harmony

strive for higher levels

of psychic harmonic convergence.

I see.

What are they doing?

Candidate members of the center

all undergo an aura
evaluation session

with the harmonizer

to assess their level
of psychic evolution.

Looks like an EEG Machine.

Oh, this is much more sensitive.

These electrodes can pick
up psychic reverberations

in the inner cranial cavity.

Oh. May I?

Oh, sure. Thank you.

Kind of like tapping
the old melon

to see if it's still ripe. Huh?

I'm sorry. It's fascinating.

Some of this may seem frivolous,

but not to the thousands who
have gone through the center

and successfully reached new
levels of psychic awareness.

You know, I'm just awfully dry.
Might I have a little glass of water?

Of course.

Thank you.

Thank you so
much. I appreciate it.

Something wrong?

Uh, I'll be right back.

Brother Simmons wants
to see you immediately.

Really? Well, imagine that.

Right this way.

This is an honor, Doctor.

Please, have a seat. Thank you.

I've never met anyone
who registered level 18

on their first encounter
with the harmonizer.

Well, you still haven't.

I cheated.


I work with EEG
machines at the hospital.

It was easy to fix the dials.

I wanted to talk to
you about Sandy Hoyle.

And who might that be?

She's a call girl
you know very well.

Brother Daniel, send
security to my office.

You're seriously
mistaken, Doctor.

Sandy was a call girl

who was trying to
blackmail several rich clients,

and now she's dead.

You're rich, you have
a public reputation,

a lucrative business to protect

and your office number appeared

several times on her phone bill.

Now, it doesn't take
a level 18 psyche

to make the obvious connection.

Well, anyone can call my
office. That proves nothing.

Where were you last night?

Why should I tell you?

Well, you have to tell someone
sometime. Like the police.

I was right here.

And quite alone, I'm afraid.

You and your, uh, inner self.

Oh, uh, by the way,
what's your favorite cigar?

I never touch them.

Show him out.

Oh, don't give the
guard a hard time, Doctor.

He's only level three.

That's not bad.

I don't know anything
about your murder.

Sorry I cant help
you, Dr. Sloan.

How did you pay for,
uh, Sandy's services?

Did you take it out
of company funds?

You didn't answer
my question, Mr. Davis.

I might have paid her out
of petty cash once or twice.

It's my company. Who cares?

Well, the Securities and
Exchange Commission might.

I've got nothing
to hide, Dr. Sloan.

Well, you announced
that you were going public

with, uh, Michael
Davis Construction.

Now, that means you have to
open your books to the SEC.

I don't know what you're
talkin' about. Goodbye.

Mr. Davis...

Mr. Davis!

What if you doctored your books

to hide your payments to Sandy

and she threatened to go public?

Now, that's a good
reason to want her dead.

I didn't kill her.

Where were you last night?

Working on blueprints
in the trailer. Alone.

You got a bad cough
there. You, uh, smoke?

I quit six months ago.

My doctor says it wasn't
good for my health. Goodbye.

Good. Try a little cider
vinegar and honey.

Excuse me. Connie?

Are you Connie Stockwell?

How did you get in here?

Take it easy. I... I rang the front
doorbell and nobody answered so...

Who are you?

I'm a friend of Sandy's.

Please leave me alone.

Look, if you could just
give a minute, okay?

Connie, from what I
understand you and, um...

You and Sandy were
in the same line of work.

Nobody knows me
that way anymore.

That part of my life is over.

Well, Sandy's
whole life is over.

I know this is a bad
time for you right now,

but I just need
some information.

Do you know anybody named Lily?

Max, this guy is trying
to sell us insurance

and won't take no for an answer.

Now, come on.

Do I look like a moron to you?

Turn around. Let's see.

How you doin', Max?

It's a real pleasure
to meet... Whoa!

You understand now?

Beat it.

No problem, Max.

Nice throw.

Ah, see? I knew you'd show up.

You've been undressing me
with your eyes for so long now,

it is unbelievable.

All right, A.B., here you go.

Here's what you're dying to see.

A treat for you.

Jack, I'm a pathologist.

I see dead bodies every day.

That was funny.

Hi, guys. What's up? Hey.

Uh, Steve just sent
over this autopsy report

on Sandy Hoyle.

She definitely died
from a heroin overdose.

Self-administered or forced?


The preliminary reports show
no sign of chronic drug use.

However, we won't have the
full chem test back until Friday.

So now what?

Well, neither Simmons or Davis
had a decent alibi for last night.

Maybe I'll have
better luck with Talbot.

I still think that Connie's
our best lead to Lily

and Sandy's backup tape.

Connie the call
girl? Ex-call girl.

You know, her
husband doesn't know.

The... The guy is like unbelievably
over-protective. He threw me in a pool.

I'll tell you later.

Connie might lead
us to Lily, Mark,

but she's not
gonna want to talk.

I might be able to
change her mind.


I have an idea.

Hey, where you goin'?

A.B. She worries me
when she does that.


What are you doing here?

I work here, Norman.

Not while you're on vacation.

It isn't me, Sloan.

It's the ethics committee.

They're worried that
you might have been...

Well, you know
what I'm saying...

Norman, Miss Hoyle was my
patient, like any other patient,

despite her profession.

Exactly. I told them it
was an outrage, ridiculous.

You're a doctor, for God's sake.

Besides, your private life is
your own business. Comprende?

Thank you, Norman.

Forget it.

I'm behind you 100%.

Just stay out of
sight. Trust me.

He's a big help, isn't he?

You know, I don't know
which worries me most.

Being discussed by
the ethics committee

or being defended
by Norman Briggs.

Hi. You must be Connie.

Do I know you?

No, but Sandy told
me all about you.

Terrible thing that
happened to her, huh?

Yes. It is.

What did Sandy tell you?

Oh, relax, honey. I'm not
here to give you any grief.

Thing is, I just got
in from Chicago.

Sandy was supposed to set
me up, but girlfriend is dead.

So, I was thinking
you might want

to put me up here
for a few days.

You know, until I get connected.

I can't do that.


I'll be right there, honey.

Is that your husband
with the sexy voice?

Go on.

Oh, he doesn't know about you?

Look, if you need
money for a hotel...

No. I couldn't ask that of you,

but maybe you
could help me find...

What's her name?


The person you want to speak to

is Madame Elaine.

Oh, thank you. You've
been such a big help.

I love this place.

I hope I am as successful as...

Whoa, Nellie.

She doesn't seem
to want me to ride her.

How long since you've
been on a horse?

Well, if you don't count the ones that go
up and down on a merry-go-round, never.

I don't understand.

Well, your secretary told me
where I could find you, Mr. Talbot.

Excuse me?

I'm Dr. Mark Sloan.

I'm a medical advisor
to the police department.

I'm looking into the death
of your friend Sandy Hoyle.

I don't know the woman.

Well, I... I have a phone
bill here of Sandy's

that proves that she knew you

because she called you five
times on your private line last week.

Doesn't mean I spoke to her.

Well, I mean, one of those
phone calls lasted 40 minutes.

You know, it's not too
good for your political career

to, uh, be seeing a
call girl, is it, Mr. Talbot?

I was introduced by a lobbyist.

I was an idiot to
get involved with her.

Where were you last night?

Preparing a speech for a
fundraiser this weekend.

Uh-huh. Alone?

Of course.

I didn't kill her, Dr. Sloan.

Do you smoke, Mr. Talbot?

No. It's a filthy habit.

Well, so is accepting
introductions to call girls

from politicians.




Hey! I got a deposit on you.

Hey, horse!

Are you sure about this?

Connie Stockwell said if
anyone knew where to find Lily,

it's Madame Elaine.

Besides, I hear she serves a
mature, respectable clientele.

You fit half that
description anyway.

Thank you.

Which half?

You're respectable.

Yes. Madame
Elaine? I'm Mark Sloan.

Oh. References?

References? Who
gave you my name?

Oh, Connie Stockwell.

I don't know her.


Wait a minute. How
about Sandy Hoyle?

Yeah. Terrible tragedy.

I'll miss her.

Sit down.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Had you been seeing Sandy long?

No. Actually, we'd just met.

Mmm-hmm. Such a sweet girl.

Did she tell you to see me?

No, really. I wanted to ask you a
couple questions about Sandy if I might.

Just who are you?

Oh, I'm Dr. Mark Sloan.

I'm a medical investigator
with the police department.

Good night, Doctor. Ramon?

No, I'm... I'm not
trying to close you down

or anything like that at all.

A... A friend of mine
was very close to Sandy.

We want to find out if she was
murdered, and who... and who did it.

I can't talk here. There's too
many ears. Will you come this way?

Thank you.

Excuse me.

They're clean ears.

I'm sure.

Wait in there, precious.

I'll be with you as soon
as I tend to my other clients.

All right. Thank you.

Hello. I'm... I'm waiting
for a Madame Elaine.

I know. I'm Bambi.

I thought I'd come
and keep you company.

Madame Elaine didn't
want you getting lonely.

Oh, I'm... I'm not lonely.

"It's not so rare and curious
a thing as people think."

Thomas Wolfe.

No, I'm never lonely. I'm
always with my patients.

Oh, you're a doctor?
Yes. I am a doctor.

Great. Well, then
I'll be the patient

who desperately needs an exam.

No. That's not what
I meant exactly.

Relax. This is on the house.

Compliments of Madame Elaine.

Yeah, w-w-well, what the heck.

Now you're getting
the hang of it.

Madame Elaine isn't coming
up to meet me at all, is she?

In fact, she's trying to
tape us right now, isn't she?

No. You've got it all wrong.

Look, Bambi, I just came
to ask Madame Elaine

some questions
about Sandy Hoyle.

Did you know Sandy?

Yeah. I knew Sandy.

Do you know Lily?


Lily is her mother.

She just lives a couple
blocks from here.

Sandy bought her the house.

Of course.

Of course.

Hey, listen, I'm gonna
get in a lot of trouble

if Madame Elaine just
thinks that I only talked to you.

I mean, I was supposed... I know
what you were supposed to do.

Look, don't worry
about it, Bambi.

Nobody will ever know.

You, uh, undress and lay
down on the bed and I'll, uh...


All right.

Feeling better, Doctor?

Oh, Bambi, amazing,
wonderful girl.

All right. Police! Freeze!

Come on, ladies.
Let's go. Let's go.


Detective, we're going to
have to stop meeting like this.

Well, Steve warned me you
like to play detective, Doc.

Well, I like to look into
things once in a while.

Well, next time, try
not looking into things

in the middle of
a vice raid, okay?

On that you have my promise.

What were you looking
into in there anyhow?

Sandy Hoyle was blackmailing
her three best customers.

She had evidence
against them on tape.

You have a tape?

No. The killer burned
it the night she died.

Yeah, we think that Sandy
gave Lily a copy to memorize

'cause she said that all the blackmail
information was in Lily's head.

Any idea where we can
find this Lily character?

Lily is Sandy's mother.

Sandy was trying to protect her.

Right, and she bought
her a house nearby.

Here's the address.

Mind if I tag along?

Ah, I think I can handle
this one on my own, Doc.

Well, I've seen it this far.
I'd like to see it to the end.


Well, I guess this way I can
keep an eye on you, right?

But just you, Doc.

See you.

See you two back
at the hospital. Okay.

Sandy's given me quite a
few things over the years.

Well, we're trying to find
the man who killed her.

Sandy didn't give you any
information to memorize or anything?


Did she give you
any papers or tape?

Audio tape, maybe?

Well, Sandy was always
giving me so much.

There's, uh, this house.

A car, a boat.

Uh... I don't
remember any tapes.

Why was she giving
me these things?

I'm sure because she
loved you very much.

Oh, uh, thank you.

Just trying to help.

Nah, forget it, Doc.

I still say the old lady
doesn't know a thing.

Jack must have misunderstood
what Sandy told him.

That happens.

RADIO: Dispatch to car 93.

Ninety-three. Go ahead.

Captain Hedley
wants your paperwork

on the raid at 902 Eastmont
within the hour, Detective.

Yeah, tell him I'm
on my way in. Over.

Well, if there is a
tape, we'll find it.

Thanks for your help,
Doc. Stay out of trouble.

I will. So long, Detective.

Delores, have you
seen Jack and Amanda?

They were just here.

It's hopeless.

What's hopeless?

I mean, what do you get a
woman whose father is rich enough

to buy her a yacht
for Christmas?




I mean there isn't anything she
couldn't have if she wanted it.

It's hopeless.

Hey, D. Yeah.

Mark, did Lily have the tape?

No. No, she didn't.

Listen, when Sandy told you about
Lily, what were her exact words?

She said she was keeping a
copy of the tape in Lily's head.

She seemed to think it
was some kind of joke.

It was a joke, and I
just got the punchline.

He can't even tell the difference
between a yacht and a boat.

I'm making this
tape for protection.

If anyone hears this,

well, it's probably
because I'm dead.

I'm planning to
blackmail three men.

Charles Simmons, Michael
Davis and James Talbot.

But none of them would
have the guts to kill me.

The only man who worries
me is this crooked cop

who's been giving me
protection the last year.

His name is Andy Ruggio.

All right, it's over.

Show yourself.

Uh, not quite, Detective.

You know, like I said, we
have to stop meeting like this.

All right, Sloan, you
just hand over the tape.

No, I don't think I can do that.

You know what I think?

I think that when
Sandy decided to quit

that you threatened to kill her.

So she made this tape, not
just to blackmail her customers,

but to protect herself from you.

You got nothing there, Doc, but
the rantings of a drugged-out hooker.

Well, I don't think
so. You know why?

I found a wooden match burnt
all the way down the end like that.

You know the way you burn a wooden
match down when you, uh, light a cigar.

Like the matches in the ashtray
of your car are all burned down.

And I found this one
buried in the carpet

underneath Sandy's body.

Now, that would put you at the
scene of the murder before her death.

So I think you killed her,
destroyed the blackmail tape

and, uh, thought
it was all over.

Oh, talk. Don't stop now.

Well, then you heard
about the... the second tape,

the one in Lily's head.

You probably thought it
was just another hooker.

I did. We all did.

Not until I saw that picture of
the boat in the old lady's house.

So then you knew that not only
was Lily Sandy's mother's name

but Lily was the
name of the boat.

You knew exactly
where to find that tape.

In the bathroom on
the boat, in the head.

In Lily's head.

Sandy's last little joke.

Yeah. Well, Doc, it looks
like you got it all figured out.

Except who gets the last laugh.

Goodbye, Doctor.

All right, Steve.

I'm not supposed
to fall for that, am I?

Ah, not you, Andy.

You're a smart cop,

so don't do anything stupid.

You're under arrest,
Andy. You know the drill.

Have you got any, uh, Dramamine?

I was on that boat a long time.

Oh, come on, we'll get you some.

Hi, Mark.


You know, today's Saturday.

And I wanted to make sure
you weren't planning any fuss

because I hate fuss.

I don't want any
fuss. Nothing, okay?


Are you really not
planning anything?

No... No presents,
no surprises, nothing?

Well, you said you
didn't want any fuss.

Well, right. I don't
want any fuss, nothing.


She's on her way.


Happy birthday.

We figured you
didn't want any fuss.

Oh! Oh, this is incredible.

I don't know what to say!

Listen, you have no idea
how hard it is to find something

for a girl who has
everything. Thank you.

This was Jack's idea.

Well, we all chipped in.

Thanks. You're so sweet, Jack.

You know, Amanda, I got
to tell you, the other day

I saw a side of you that I've
never seen before, you know.

And I'm thinking, in
fact, we were all thinking,

that maybe... maybe
that was the real you.

Maybe that was
the... the inner you.

You know, the... the secret you.

The you that you never knew.

So, go ahead.


Oh, go try it on. See
if it fits. We'll wait.