Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 1, Episode 11 - Flashdance with Death - full transcript

Shortly after he had a shouting match when his partner Sammy Garrett, who lacked the money to buy him out now he decided to sell and buy a ranch in Montana, Dimension dance studio partner Roland Spear dies when a short circuit in the lighting prop cane gives a light discharge, which arrests his pacemaker fatally. Dr. Mark Sloan had taken Sammy's place as Roland's tap dance partner in the annual benefit the fatal cane act was being rehearsed for, and snoops in the studio. Steve has no choice but arrest Sammy, his basketball partner, who hurt his ankle at the game. While Mark snoops in the studio circles and some suspects' private lives, Jack examines the repair shop where Sammy picked up the cane, as Mark things the tampering was done there. So various persons' motives and opportunities are examined till he knows enough to set a trap...

Five, six, seven, eight.


Three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

Three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

And walk.

Turn, hands down and up.

Feet, five, six...

three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.

Walk, two, three and kick

and five, six, seven,
eight and one.

Good, okay.

Uh, it's a little better.

We got to work on
timing next class, okay?

George, you have to concentrate.

You were a beat
behind, just a little bit.

Oh, Shannon, very nice job.

Thank you. See
you tomorrow. Bye.

You can't do this to me, man.

I am doing it.

I have put everything,
everything I have into this place.

You know, this argument has
grown increasingly pathetic.

Forget it, man. I'm out of here.

Why don't you just buy me
out and the place is yours.

I can't buy you out. I
don't have the money!

Then I'm selling it!

You can't sell this
place! You hear me?

Give me that.

You're one lousy,
selfish son of a gun. I...

Get out of my face!

Why don't you make me get
out of your face? Come on...

Will you both shut up?

Do you want the dancers
to hear you and quit?

And then what will you have?


Some audition.

The producer's girlfriend,
the director's girlfriend,

and me.

Guess who's not
going to be lead dancer?

Your little wife.

You can't do this to me.

I have put my life, my life,

in this business
for over 10 years.

Then you pack your
life with your shoes

and dance your way out of here

because I can force
a sale, and I will.

Read our partnership
agreement, Sammy.

Over my dead body.


Make that over your dead body.

The sooner, the better.

Hello, gorgeous.

That's my line.

Want to get something to eat?

Yeah. How about a steak?

No, I'll have a salad. Okay.

But first, um, can we make
one little stop at the shoe store?

More shoes? You
dancers buy more shoes...

You don't mind, do you?

Nope. Can't have too many shoes.

My keys.

What's up?

Guy in his 40s came
in by ambulance,

said he had a blackout.

Did you get a history?

I can't get him off the
damn phone. Look.

What are you saying?

W-W-What do you
mean you cut velvet?

Who told you to cut velvet?

Excuse me, Mr. Talbot.

Never mind what I said.

Rayon. I said cut rayon.

Okay, forget it. Just...
Just stay where you are.

Don't cut. Don't move.

I'm on my way over
right now, okay?

Look, this blackout you had,
can you tell me what happened?

Not now. I've got
40 women downtown

sewing bustiers out
of the wrong fabric.

I got... I got to
go. I got to go.

Let me guess.
Type "A"? "A" plus.

Mr. Talbot, get back here!

What do you want?

Mr. Talbot, this
could be serious.

Serious? At ten bucks a yard?

This is a disaster. I got
to... I got to get out of here.

Any, uh, preliminary diagnosis?

Velvet upsets him?

Well, I'm going to talk to the
paramedics that brought him in.

Amigo, Stewart... Doctor.

You have a patient,
Seymour Talbot.

He's in emergency.
How is he doing?

Uh, Mr. B, he got a phone call

and ran out before
we could treat him.

How can he do that?

What am I going
to tell my mother?

About what?

My mother plays bridge
with Seymour's mother Minny.

No kidding?

Minny called my mother
and my mother called me

and she told me to take
good care of Seymour.

Oh, that's nice.

Norman, you know,
you're a good boy.

Now I have to call my mother
and tell her that Seymour left.

What is my mother going to
tell Seymour's mother Minny?

Why don't you have
your mother tell Minny

to tell Seymour
to come back here,

so we can treat him?

I can do that.

Or I could wait for
my mother to call me.

Too good, no good.

And we think we have problems.

Give me this.

He cracks me up. He really does.

You've got a patient and a
relative. Both complaining.


Easy. Okay.

Sammy, what happened?

He did it.

You come in for a lay-up,
you expect me to step aside?

He tripped me.

Oh, I blocked him. He's
got a sprained ankle.

Oh, thank you, Doctor.

Yeah, well, see,
this is the thanks I get

for introducing you to Cindy.

Hey, you wanted to
learn basketball, right?

Sammy, I'm sorry.

I'm just trying to
cheer you up, okay?

You're in good hands,
so I'll see you later.

Thanks. See you.

Okay, let's have a look here.

You know, I'm not
really mad at him.

I didn't think you were.

Well, we'll get an x-ray,

but I'm pretty
sure it's a sprain.

I can dance tomorrow, can't I?

Hmm. More like two weeks.

No, no, no. Don't say that.
Tomorrow night's the benefit

for the Free Clinic
on Hope Street.

I... I was going to do
my dad's old routine.

The "me and my shadow" thing?


I know that dance.

You know, your dad taught
me that for the high school follies.

Your dad was a great dancer

and a great teacher.

Yeah. Yeah and a great father.

You know, every year I do
this routine in Dad's memory.

I have to drag my partner
kicking and screaming

but he goes.

He likes the publicity.

And the clinic needs
the money, too.

Okay, before I take
you down to x-ray,

what is it you need
cheering up about, my friend?

Steve and his big mouth.

Roland Spear, my partner.

He's decided he
wants to sell the studio.

Why does he want to
do that? Is business off?

No. Business is
actually doing very well.

You see, Roland wants to buy a
ranch in Montana and raise cows.

The funny thing is

he doesn't know which end
moos and which end gives milk

but he's gonna be a cowboy
and I'm out of business.

Why... Why don't
you just buy him out?

I don't have the money.

See, he wants to
force a sale mark

and there's nothing
I can do to stop him.

I'm sorry, Sammy.

You've got a lot on your
mind. I wish I could help you.

Well, there is one
thing you can do to help.

Name it.

You still have tap shoes?

Hey, big guy. Hi.

You can wear that anytime.

No, it's just work clothes.

Dr. Sloan, it's so nice of
you to step in for Sammy.

No, Cindy, I'm happy to
do it. Where's Sammy?

Oh, he's picking up the props.
Both canes needed repairing. Oh.

So, you want to see the
rest of the place, huh?

Uh, maybe... maybe later.

No, go ahead, big guy.

Big guy?

Well, if you put it that way, why
don't you, uh, go break a leg, Dad?

Thanks, Son.




We are going home.

Dad, don't...

And I will deal with you later.

Come on.

Hey, Doc.

Oh, hi. Hey, I thought I
told you to stay off that.

Yeah, I know. Listen. I had to
pick these up from the repair shop.

This one here lights up.

Come on, I'll introduce
you to my former partner.


You look like a wreck. Why
don't we forget this whole thing?

No. You are going
to do this thing.

I am?

Yes, you are.

You can break your own
promises. You're good at it.

But I'll be damned if you
are gonna break mine.

Uh, excuse me.
I'm Dr. Mark Sloan.

On behalf of the Free
Clinic I wanna thank you

for taking the time
to do this benefit.

Hello. Barbara Spear.


I can't wait to see the number.

All right. Let's get
this over with then.

Here. That's mine.


That's yours.

Okay, I'm the shadow,

so I'm kind of
behind you, right?

It's been a while since
I've done this. I'll follow you.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!


Roland. Roland?

Call 911.

Tell them we have a
male, approximately 40

in full cardiac.

Steve, clear the airway.

Is he gonna make it?

I don't know.

Dad, I examined
Roland Spear's cane.

The tip had been pried off

and the lighting switch rewired.

A deliberate short-circuit.


Still, there wasn't
enough voltage to kill him.

Here's the preliminary
autopsy report.

Roland Spear had a pacemaker.

At his age?

He had congenital heart disease.

Pacemaker was
what, 10, 12 years old.

Well, that explains a lot.

The newer models
are better shielded.


Still a shock could
have killed him.


Yeah, right here. It's for you.


Would you take that
pacemaker down to cardiology?

I'd like to get a
report on its condition.

Sure, right away,
Mark. See you later.

All right. Thanks.

Bad news, Dad.

They're gonna arrest Sammy
Garrick for Roland Spear's murder.

Sammy? You're not serious!

I wish I wasn't.

On what basis?

Motive: Roland
wanted to sell the studio

and Sammy wanted to stop him.

Means: That
short-circuited cane.

Opportunity: Sammy picked
up the cane from the repair shop

and no one else touched it
till he handed it to Roland.

All right, but that's
just circumstantial.

Well, that's not all.

My guys at the scene
opened Sammy's locker.

They found a wire splicer
and some electrical wire

that matches the
wiring in Roland's cane.

I don't believe it.

They have no choice.
They have to arrest him.

Mark, I didn't kill him.

I've known you too long to think
you would want to kill anybody.

Oh, thank God. Thank
God, somebody believes me.

You knew that Roland
had a pacemaker.

Yeah, sure. I found out when
we got, uh, partnership insurance.

Who else knew?

His wife, Barbara, I suppose.

Anybody else?

I... I don't know.

You know that cane was
deliberately short-circuited, Sammy.

Yeah, of course. I know
they're saying I did it, Mark.

All I did was pick it
up at the repair shop.

What about that repairman?

Did he have any
connection with Roland at all?

Listen, Mark, everybody at the studio
goes to him with their props and shoes

but I don't know of any
connection to Roland.

Who else knew that that
cane was in the shop?

I don't know.

Why? What are you thinking?

Well, I'm thinking if you
didn't tamper with that cane,

somebody else in
that studio sure did.

Don't worry, Sammy.

You're not gonna
be in here long.

Talk to you later.


So the shock from the cane

stopped this guy's pacemaker.

It looks like it.

You do realize it's
gonna take a while

to get the results
on the pacemaker?

Oh, yeah.

After you get off shift, Jack,

will you go check
out that repair shop?

You got it.

Oh, right now, for one
of my very favorite things,

sending a well
patient home. Right.

See you later, Mark. See you.

Uh, Jack, I'm off.

That's nice.

I'd be real curious to find
out who killed that man.

Well, good. What?

You can drive. Come on.

Mrs. Spear?

Dr. Sloan.

It's a little late for a
house call, isn't it?

I'm all done here, Mrs. Spear.

Great. Change
the locks downstairs

and I'll see you
when you're done.

You bet, Mrs. Spear. Thanks.

You're very busy.

Yes. Unpacking the files.

When Roland decided to
sell, I had everything boxed up.

It's going to take me a
week to put everything away.

Then you're not
going to sell the studio.

No. Why would I?

Oh, I thought you and your
husband wanted to go to Montana.

Do I look like a cowgirl to you?

I'm a professional
dancer and a good one.

And with any luck,
I could be a star.

I will be a star.

And a sole owner of the studio.

That's right.

Don't misunderstand, Doctor.

I miss Roland but
I'm not a hypocrite.

I won't miss his
meanness or his selfishness

or the way he
tried to run my life.

So now you can do
what you want to do.

And I will.

Mrs. Spear, how angry
were you with your husband?

Why do you ask?

I don't think that
Sammy killed Roland.

I think that whoever killed him

was angry with him,
knew he had a pacemaker,

and knew that that electrified
cane was in the shop.

And you're looking at me?

I'm looking for Roland's killer.

Well, I wish you the very
best of luck, Doctor, but...

If you want to know who else
was as mad as hell at Roland,

you might ask Cindy Martin.


Oh, yes.

That sweet little thing had
a lot more reason than me

to want Roland dead.

Really? Why don't
you tell me about that?

Well, I'd love to.

Like I told that cop, I
didn't know the dead guy.

But that other guy, his partner.

What was his name?
Uh, Sammy Garrick.

Him. He was always stopping
by dropping stuff off to get fixed.

Props, shoes, tape players...

Stuff like that.

Roland Spear's cane? Right.

Well, here's our problem.

Sammy Garrick says the
cane never left his sight

after he got it back from you.

That means whoever
tampered with the cane

must have done it while
you had it here in your shop.

You saying I did it?

Did you?

Whoa, whoa. No,
we're not saying that.

What we're saying is, maybe
somebody broke into the place

last night and did it.

How's your... How's
your security here?



Listen, do you, uh,
keep records on people

who drop things off
and pick them up?

Yeah. The file's over there.

Uh, could we see
the record for when

Sammy Garrick
picked up that cane?

Yeah, you know what? That
would help us tremendously.

Don't touch anything.

Oh, no.

Here's that card.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, where's your friend?

He went to put some
money in the meter.

So this is Sammy Garrick's file.

Yeah, see? "11:30,
Sammy Garrick pickup."

Uh-huh. Here it is.

Here it is. 11:30...
Ooh, $333.95.

Get him out.

Yeah, there it is.

We done here?

Oh, you want me to leave?

That's the general
idea. I'm hungry.

I'd like to get something to
eat if that's all right with you.

It's fine. It's fine.
Then I'll leave, too.

There's no reason
for me to stay.

I'm done with you. You're
done with me. We're both done.

So then I'll leave, okay?

I'm gonna leave. I'm gonna
back right on out of here.

Right now I'm
going. Beautiful shop.

You know, I have some friends
in the entertainment industry

and I'm gonna tell
them about your shop.

I'm going. I'll go. See you.


You're kidding me.

Excuse me, where
might I find Cindy Martin?

Oh, here she is now.

Oh, thank you.

Do you have the time?

Uh... Oh, I'm sorry.
My watch stopped.

Oh, that's okay. Bye.

Oh, Dr. Sloan. Hi. Hi, Cindy.

It's nice to see you. Uh, are you
looking for Steve or something?

No. As a matter of fact,
I thought we might talk.

Oh, great. You know. I'm...
I'm auditioning for a music video.

Would you mind helping
me with my routine?

No. What you want me to do?

Oh, great. Here.

Just... Sit, okay?


Cindy, this is a little bit,
uh, awkward, but, uh...

I've been hearing rumors
about you and Roland Spear.

Boy, you're limber, aren't you?

What kind of rumors, huh?

Well, I... Of course I
know he was your boss

but weren't you
two also... What?

Listen, would you like to
take a break? I could use one.

Oh, no, no, no.

I did this routine
for Steve last night.

He loved it. I'll bet he did.

Look, Roland was
a very hot dancer.

He taught me some moves. Hmm.

Then I taught him a couple.

Yes, we were lovers
for a while, but...

I didn't take him seriously.

Well, that's strange.

I... I heard that you turned
down a Broadway play

just so you wouldn't
have to leave him.

Who told you that?
Uh, Barbara Spear.

Oh, her. Huh.

Well, she also said that you
were... you were devastated

when he stopped seeing you.

What do you expect
her to say, Dr. Sloan?

That her husband's girlfriend
stopped sleeping with him

when she found out
he was a jerk, huh?

Steve is just the opposite.

I mean, he's funny,
smart, he's kind.

Ooh, is he ever sexy.

Isn't the blood rushing
to your head, darling?

Cindy, I think that someone
tampered with Roland's cane

while it was still
in that repair shop.

What, someone besides Sammy?


Did you know that
Roland had a pacemaker?

Yeah, yeah. He kidded
about it all the time.

He said it came with
batteries included.

I mean, I knew about it

but so did Shannon
Thatcher's father.


Shannon. The... The pretty girl

you were talking to
when you came in?


Her father used to
be Roland's doctor

and they had some
kind of falling out.

Dr. Thatcher hated
Roland, you know.

Maybe you should talk to him.

Yes. Yeah. Maybe I will.



Listen, that's a
wonderful routine.

Oh, thank you, thanks.

You're a very good dancer.


That's fine. I'll practice up.


I'm still here, pal.
Not going anywhere.

Sit. Good boy. Attaboy.

Jack, you in there?

Hey, yeah, Amanda?

I'm over here by the
window. Come on.

All right, hang on.


Jack, Jack? Yeah.

You need to get
out of there, okay?

No. I... I thought I'd kind of
hang out here for a little while.

This guy Crocker's got a dog
wants to eat my shorts for lunch.

I can't get past it.

I guess his security's as tight as
he said it was. Right, tell you what.

Spray some of this
in the dog's face.

I promise it won't
hurt the animal.

I'll meet you out front, okay?

Yeah. See you.

Come on!

Hurry up.

This stuff worked.

Good, get in the car.

What is it? Mace? Uh-huh.
Better than that. Hair spray.

So, how are we
feeling... Mr. Talbot.

Mr. Talbot!

Dr. Sloan, that
patient just passed out

and then he woke
up and ran away.

He left these pills behind.

Oh, thank you very
much. Check those out.

Mark, Mark, we checked
at the repair shop.

We found that the owner's
name is Andy Crocker.

I'd say he's a real
charm school dropout.

You get anything good?

One thing is for sure. Nobody
got in that place last night.

Why not?

Well, there's a huge Doberman

just dying to say hello to you.

Well, somebody
had to get in there

and tamper with the cane.

Any idea who?

Well, here's what I got so far.

First, there was no love lost

between Roland
and Barbara Spear.

And she was going to
inherit everything, too.

That includes Sammy's share.

And Cindy Martin and
Roland were lovers.

Till he dumped her.

I don't know, somehow
he derailed her career.

And then there's
this Dr. Thatcher.

Now he knew that
Roland had a pacemaker

and somehow he
was mad at Roland.

Something to do with his
daughter. What, I don't know.

There you are.

I see any less of you
and you qualify as a rumor.

You've got all these
insurance forms to fill out.

Yeah, I'm glad to
see you, Delores.

I need you to call
Dr. Charles Thatcher's office.

Make me an appointment
as a new patient.

It's about time I had a checkup.

Mr. Sloan?

Is there a Mr. Mark Sloan
here to see Dr. Thatcher?


The doctor will see you now.

Thank you.

Please come this way.

The doctor will be in shortly.

And you can take off your jacket
and tie and hang it up on the rack.

Thank you.

Running a little
late, are we, Doctor?

No, not really.

So how are we feeling today?

You look a little tired.

Well, actually if I
stay here much longer,

I'll be completely rested.

Thank you.

Anything bothering
you specifically?

Well, actually I
wanted to ask you

about one of your
other patients.

Really? Who?

Do you know Roland Spear?

Excuse me?

Roland Spear.

Roland Spear was a
patient of mine, yes.

He's not anymore.

Well, I know. He was murdered.

His partner killed him.

Well, I... I'm not
so sure about that.

Well, if he didn't, who did?

I understand that Roland
Spear was good friends with you

and with your daughter.

Doctor... Doctor...
Doctor, just a moment.

Roland Spear was
nobody's friend!

Now who are you, Mr. Sloan?

Actually it's Dr. Sloan.

I'm a medical advisor
to the police department

and I'm investigating
Roland Spear's death.

I saw you arguing with
him just before he died.

What, was that
about your daughter?

Were she and Roland lovers?


If only he had cared
that much for her.

That no-good creep
corrupted my daughter.

Oh. Now get out!

Get out!

I just said I was
from 60 Minutes.

Dad, can I see you for a
minute? Yeah, come on in.

I just heard from Cindy.

Steve, all I did was
talk to her. Now that's all.

She complained to you?

No, as a matter of fact,
she thought you were cute.

So why are you treating
her like a murder suspect?

Steve, I'm not.

I... I wouldn't
embarrass you that way.

But Barbara Spear pointed
the finger right at her.

I had to ask her a
couple of questions.

So what did you find out?

Well, did you know that Roland
and Cindy were lovers at one time?

Lot of people have ex-lovers.

That doesn't make
them murderers. Huh.

Well, Roland damaged
her career in some way

and then he dropped her.

So technically,
she's got a motive.

So how's Cindy supposed to
have tampered with his cane?

Well, you don't have to be an electrical
engineer to short-circuit the cane.

Well, Cindy couldn't have
gone off and rigged the cane.

She was with me. All night.

Oh. Oh.

I got to go. I'll see you later.

Okay. Look, I'm
sorry if I upset you.

You made a mistake.

Look, just forget it, okay?
I'll call you tomorrow.

Mark Sloan.

Hi, Amanda.

You're where?

Put that out.

Well, what is a nice girl like
you doing in a place like this?

I... I can explain.
Following him.

Why are you following Thatcher?

Actually it's Jack's idea.

And I thought it was
complete nonsense

but it turns out
that it's not, Mark.

Now, Thatcher came here right
after work about half hour ago.

He's had at least
four or five drinks.

Seems to me he's
waiting for someone.

Who could he be waiting
for in a place like this?

Where's Jack?

Well, he was right
here when I beeped you.

When I got back, he was gone...

Wait a minute. There he is.

Look at him.

Keep an eye on Thatcher.

Hey. What are you
doing back there?

Hey, well, besides
hanging out with her,

I... I... I found somebody that
you should talk to, Mark. Come on.


I'll be right back.

Miss Thatcher?

Oh, great.

My father send you?

Uh, no, but that's... I want to
talk to you about your father.

Is there some place
we could do it privately?

Why don't you all
just leave me alone?

Miss Thatcher, if you
could just give me a minute.

How you doing? Let's go.

I heard that. Mark, uh...

Daddy can be a real
head case sometimes.

He... He really went after
Roland that time at the studio.

Were you and... and Roland
Spear... Were you lovers?

You're kidding, right?

Roland had to be 40 at least.

I mean, he was my
teacher. That's all.

Well, then why was
your father so angry?

'Cause Daddy didn't want
me to take dance classes

and he wouldn't pay for it.

So Roland got me a job.


Yeah, well, pays for my tuition.

No one hassles me here.

I'm an adult.

I can do what I want.

And if Daddy doesn't
like it, that's tough.


Come here!

What are you doing?

Take your hands off me!

Let go!

Man, somebody really tagged you.

Hey, nobody tagged me.

The lights went out and I
got hit by a flying stripper.

Wouldn't be the first time.

I'm just glad we got out of
there before the cops came.

Yeah. No kidding.

Roland Spear was a real gem.

I mean, what kind of guy would
talk a young girl into stripping

to pay for her dance
lessons? It's disgusting.

Hey, come on. I know
a lot of guys like that.

They're always hustling. Oh.

Is something wrong, Mark?

You distracted
the repair shop guy

so Jack could sneak in.

Yeah. Yeah. So what?

Well, how do we know somebody
else didn't do exactly the same thing?

Hey, no way, man.

I had nothing to do with that.

Come on, Andy. Somebody
tampered with that cane.

Yeah. The best chance
they would've had to do it

while it was here in the shop.

So, maybe it happened this
morning before Sammy came in.

How do you figure that?

Well, I notice that when
you're at the file card cabinet,

you can't see into
the repair shop.

Anybody could sneak in there.

Yeah, maybe. I...

When do you normally
go to the file cabinet?

People drop off
stuff for repair,

I fill out a file card.

Uh, you know maybe somebody
stopped by this morning

dropping something
off for repair

and while I was
doing their card,

they messed with the
canes or something.

Well, let's look at the filing
cards for this morning, okay?

Yeah. All right.

Whoa! Is that legal?

Put that down.

All right. Here.

Here it is.

She was here this morning.

Dropped off a pair of
dance shoes for new heels.


Barbara Spear.

I told you Cindy didn't
have anything to do with this.

Now there's no check mark on here
indicating the shoes were picked up.

So they must
still be here, right?

Let me see.

Yeah. I got them.


What's the matter, Steve?

Hmm? Uh, nothing.

Look, why don't I, uh,

drop you back at the hospital?

Then I'm gonna have a
talk with Barbara Spear.


Thanks, Andy. Mmm-hmm.

Hey, Mark. Mark,
a couple of things.

You know those pills that guy Talbot
dropped in the emergency room?

Yeah. What were they?

Caffeine. Pure caffeine.

That's interesting.

Not half as interesting as this.

I just got this report
from the cardiology lab.

Oh, the report on
Roland's pacemaker. Yes.

According to cardiology,

Roland's unit was in a
severely weakened condition.

So the electrical
shock from the cane

was enough to shut
it down completely.

Severely weakened, how?


Roland Spear's
pacemaker was magnetized.

Of course!

Good! Okay, good.

That's better. Go home.

I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

Hey, hey.

What's going on with Barbara?

We were questioning
her about Roland's murder.

Really? Hmm.

Turns out she had access
to tamper with his cane

and she lied about it.

She also had an
excellent motive.

Oh, I don't believe it.

There's just one other
thing I wanted to clear up.

These dance shoes that
Barbara dropped off for repair,

they look an awful lot like
the ones you bought with me.

Steve, they're the dancer's.
They all look the same.

Where are yours?

At home.

Oh, at home.

Look, why don't we
go back to my place

and I'll let you look at them

or even if you don't
want to look at them

we could still go
back to my place, huh?


Hi, Dad.

I have an idea how we can prove

that Barbara Spear
murdered her husband.

Dad, not now. Please.

But this is important.

All right. Look,
I'll call you later.


Excuse us, Cindy.

I think she left another
piece of evidence

in this studio

possibly with her
fingerprints on it.

Now we're gonna
have to check her office.

Oh, come on, Dad.

Look, I figured it
out when I realized

why my watch
stopped this afternoon.

Why don't you tell me
about it on the way out.

You know why it
stopped? Magnetized.

Bye, guys.

See you guys later.


That's right, Barbara.
You changed the locks.

That had to be it.

An electromagnet.

Like the ones your father
sells in his electronics store.

I guess it's how
you got so handy

rewiring electrical devices or,

perhaps I should say,
short-circuiting them.

Dr. Sloan, what are
you talking about?

You know, my watch
stopped this afternoon

at exactly 2:24. See?



Well, that was when I was in
this room talking to Barbara Spear.

Now what can make a watch stop?

Well, among other things, exposure
to a very strong magnetic field.

Uh, I... I don't understand.

See, something in this room

had to give off a magnetic field

strong enough to stop this watch

and also to damage
Roland's pacemaker.

And that was it.

I've got to go.

You put it there, Cindy.

You bought a pair of dance
shoes just like Barbara's.

You signed her
name to a file card

at Crocker's repair shop.

And then you rewired his cane

to give just enough of a
shock to stop his pacemaker.

You hated him so
much that you killed him.

Well, without this
you can't prove it.

I'll take that.

Steve, it was a mistake.

I just wanted to pay
him back for leaving me.

I didn't mean to kill him.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to talk to an attorney

and have him present
during any questioning.

If you can't afford an attorney,

one will be appointed
free of charge

to represent you.

Do you understand these rights
as I've explained them to you?

Book her.

Sorry, Son.

Thanks, Dad.

Looks like you
got a new partner.

Yeah, I guess so.

Thanks, Mark.

What's going on here? Your... Your nurse
told me that you're refusing to treat me.

Well, I can't treat a patient who keeps
getting up and running out the door.

What am I supposed to do
about all these blackouts?

Well, I'll tell you
that's up to you

but those caffeine pills
you're taking are not helping.

Now you can either stay here

and let me try and
get to the bottom of this

or you can get up,
run out the door.

But if you do it again,
don't come back.

Is that a way to
talk to a patient?

I mean, there's got
to be a better way...

Seymour, how are we...

Oh, my God, is
he... He's asleep.


What's going on, Sloan?

Well, my initial
diagnosis is narcolepsy.

Makes people
drop off just like that.

Is it serious?

Well, of course, I'll
run some other tests,

just to rule out
other possibilities.

But if it's just narcolepsy, we can
treat it very easily with medication.

Then I can tell my
mother we cured Seymour?

In time, yeah.


It's my life.

Thank you, amigo.

I have to go. Yoga class.


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