Di4ri (2022): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Livia's mind works tirelessly thinking about the upcoming race and how to help Daniele. Giulio develops a crazy app for a class project.


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- Hey, Livia!
- Hey.

So Miss Perfect's
too good for an umbrella?

So funny.

Look over here.

What are you doing?

You don't even smile
for pictures?

- Why should I?
- For my tech project.

The project you're
presenting is about me?

Well, no, but it's about photos.

You know how in American shows,
the kids have yearbooks

with pictures of everyone?

Well, I'm doing the same,
but it's for Marina Piccola's website.

But that doesn't seem like a great idea.

Whatever. We can walk home together
and keep working on it?

This guy is relentless.

But he might be doing it because...

No, what? I can't.

Look. I can't help you
with your homework every week.

And, well... it's stopped raining. Later!

All right, forget it, then!




What is it with everyone always
asking me for relationship advice?

Like I'm some kind of an expert.


No! Go away! Don't bother me!

It's late. You have to get up.

We have to get Mom's surprise ready.

- Leave me alone.
- Eli.

It's always the same story.

I wish I could also sleep late and
wake up to everything ready for me too.

Oh well.

Good morning!

I'm sorry, Livia.

- No worries. We're all good.
- Wow! You did all this!

No, stop! Hey!

What a surprise!

Happy birthday!

- Birthday girl!
- All right!

Thank you.

- Mom, break the candle.
- You're right.

- And make a wish.
- Here.

And speaking of wishes,
this Friday is my triathlon.

You're coming, right?

- Sure, sweetie, we'll both come.
- Of course.

- Here.
- Mm, that's great,

because Friday
there are parent-teacher conferences.

Oh, really? Hmm, well, hopefully,
no nasty surprises this time.

Yeah. Let's hope.

What's wrong?

What is it?

Wait. Are you sure you didn't put salt
and not sugar in the cake?

- Hey, don't worry. It's fine, honey.
- Yeah, it happens!

And now I ruined it..

Come on.
Who cares? Who cares?

Who cares?

Am I really worried I ruined
Mom's birthday just because of that?

Please. I just made it unforgettable!

The one birthday with the salt cake.

Why don't I feel better, then?

I overthink stuff all the time.
But I can't help it.

- Hey, Livia.
- Hey, Dani.

So? News yet?

- News about...
- Mirko.

I don't know.

I sent him a thousand texts,
and he never replied.

Well, just find him and talk about it.

No, Livia. I don't want to,
not after what happened.

But you kissed, right?
And he didn't pull away.

So what?

He's not responding for another reason.

You know what it is? He's not into me.

- I can feel it.
- Come on. What are you saying?

It's just that I'm being ignored.

He just won't respond.

If he liked me, he wouldn't do that.
No, I know he wouldn't.

Hey, come on. You're
just overthinking it.

I'm so scared.

Stop it, Daniele. Don't worry.


- Let's go to class.
- All right.

- Don't stress.
- Okay, I won't.


- Morning, dude.
- Hi, girls.

- Hey.
- Hey, hey.

- What's up?
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You think we'll have a math test today?

No, I don't think we will.

- Listen, Mirko, about Friday...
- Dani...


We should just be friends.

Yeah, friends. Sure, yeah.

You think we'll have a lesson
or a test?

A lesson, I think.
Especially since no one's prepared.

Well, I am.


- Good morning, kids.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

The set of elephants without trunks,
on the other hand, is an empty set.


- I have no clue what she's saying.
- Hey, guys!

Remember that on Thursday,
you're presenting your tech projects.

Now, you've had two months,

so I'm expecting a lot from all of you.

- Okay?
- Okay...

- Goodbye.
- Bye, Miss Caselli. See you tomorrow.


Ari! Ari!?

- Huh?
- I have an app that's so sick. Ari?

Yes, what?

This app will make me famous, and rich,
and we're gonna get married.

Your app project, huh?

Well, if you like animals,
it's gonna blow your mind.

Yeah, sure I do. I really like animals.

Just not the insects.

Anyway. You'll see.

I need to figure out
how to help Daniele.

Come on, Livia, think.


- I don't know what to do.
- It's easy. You're friends, right?

It's not easy.
Livia, I'm crazy about the guy.

Maybe I could help him
with his tech project.

- That would seem clingy, though, huh?
- Yeah, sorta.

Hey! Hey. Livia. Livia!

- Hey, Silverio.
- Hi.

Look, I made something.

"The triathlon champion is my cousin."

Do you like it?

Ugh! Someone send help.

- Yeah.
- I'm your biggest fan, cuz!

- Hey, you should put it on right now.
- No!

No, well, you can't use it until I run.

- Let's fold it up nice and go to class.
- Uh, okay.

So, you get how it works? Is it clear?

- Yeah, just send it.
- Okay.


And you're sure that it all works?

Hey, Giulio, just chill out.
It's an A+ app.

Hey, I don't care about the grade.

I just want to impress Arianna.

And you will.

But don't forget,
you owe me pizza for 30 days.

- Fifteen.
- Twenty-five.

- Twenty.
- All right, deal.

The app suggests synonyms
based on nouns and syllables,

which is vital if you're writing rap.

- So I could rap with this app too?
- Yeah.

Cool. Well, um, have you tried it yet?

Uh, no.

And it freezes sometimes, so...

It could be an issue with the code.

- What's yours about?
- Uh, mine?

Well, check it out.

I created an app

where, uh, we can post videos, photos,

- and even memes.
- That's rad.

It's perfect if you're shy like me.

That's why I like you so much.

I can't help it.


I don't feel the way that you do.

Maybe we shouldn't hang out together,
give it some time.



Well, I should go, right?

You'd like that.

As soon as I leave this room,
everyone is ready to judge me.

But when I'm, here,
I can do whatever I want,

and nobody bothers me.

? E che ci posso fare?

Hey, Dani.

No, wait. Slow down. I don't understand.

Sis, I need your help
with something important.

Wait, what did you say to him?

Come on, please, please, please!
It's life or death!

Sorry, Dani. Just a sec.

- Can it wait? I'm on the phone.
- No. Hurry, please!

Uh, I gotta call you back. Sorry.

There's a party tonight and I don't know
what to wear. My new dress or a top?

I need to learn to say no.



Hi, Dani.

How come you're here?

Uh, Mirko asked me
if we could switch our seats.

- Oh, okay.
- Good morning.

- Morning.
- Morning.

How's it going, guys?

Before we get started,
I wanted to let you know

that the board approved
our trip to Rome.

Yes, Rome! Hey, Dani!
We're going to Rome!

- Don't make me regret it!
- Really?


Okay, open your books to page 44.

- Silverio?
- Yes.

Will you start reading, please?

"Of the old flame forthwith the greater
horn began to roll, murmuring..."

So Mirko's like my sister.

He doesn't care if what he does
hurts people.

Dude, you have to learn it
if you wanna hang with us.

- Come on.
- No, watch.

Whoa, bam, bam.

- Yeah.
- That's right, man.

Yeah, that's the stuff!

I'm gonna tell him
what I think about him.

- "Mirko, you're so selfish. Shame on you."
- Ooh!

- You feel that.
- Uh, hi.


Hey, you coming to see me on Friday?

- Yeah, sure.
- Sure.

Did you know that
Mirko is rooting for Lucia?

- Oh no!
- No.

- Come on, dude!
- How can you support Lucia?

Bad friend, man.

I can't believe you're always
hanging with us,

- and not rooting for Livia?
- Come on!

- What did you...
- I'll make him change his mind.

Yeah, talk to this guy.

Livia! Why did you say that?

Look, that's not how you treat a friend.
With Daniele, you know?

You think you know everything.
Well, you don't.

I am being his friend.

And I did what I did because
we shouldn't hang out for a while.

And it's my business.

- Anything else?
- Well, yeah.

Forget it.


I couldn't do it.
I couldn't just speak up.

Why do I always bail like this?

Pig grunting.

Donkey braying.

See? My hair doesn't have split ends.
Yours does.

- Okay, sure.
- Hey, girls. I'm gonna study for a minute.

See you later.

- See you later.
- Ari.

I have the salon tomorrow.

Remember that genius app
I was telling you all about?

Check it out. Here's a sneak peek.

It's this crazy app
that recognizes the sounds of animals.

Just pull up a video
and I'll let you try it out.

All right, let's see.

- Donkey braying.
- What?

- Donkey braying.
- Oh, wait.

Did you hear that? I'm a donkey?
Giulio, that's not funny at all!

Donkey braying.

- Donkey braying.
- Stop it!

- Stop the stupid app. Turn it off.
- Donkey braying.

- Donkey braying.
- You clown! And you, don't giggle!

He's making me look like a joke.

- Donkey braying.
- Go away! Get outta here, weirdo.

- Wait, but...
- Stop it!

Donkey braying.

- Kill the app!
- Donkey braying...



With my app,
everyone can write their own notes.

For example, here's one on humanism,

and then if I want to, I can save it
in the "History" column right here.

When you need to, you can review them,

and even download all of your notes.

Great. Livia, that's brilliant.



All right, uh, my app
can identify animal sounds.

Interesting. Quite useful for school.

Uh, so, we'll try it.

I'll play a video of an
animal to test it. Here we go.


Elephant trumpeting.

Giulio, is this a joke?

No, Miss, that's not right.

- Can I try again?
- Go ahead.


Elephant trumpeting.

If it's not a joke,
you messed up, as usual.

No, but I fixed it, and it was right.

This is version 2.0. I don't get it.

- Obviously. Now sit down. Thanks, Giulio.
- Nice try, Giulio!



So, I, uh... I developed this project,
so that we can keep in touch,

and we can all sort of stick together.

I just thought that next year,
at Marina Grande,

even if we're separated,

as classmates, we could still exchange
photos, thoughts, and even messages.

Daniele's hurt because of Mirko.

That way, our class can stay in touch.

If they want.

Dani, we can't stand to see you so sad.

Yeah, forget him. And one day,

he'll really regret it.

It's all my fault.
I ruined our friendship.

I'm sorry, Dani,
but if he was really your friend,

he would never treat you like that.

For example, think about Isa and I.

She does a lot of stupid things,

but you would never see me move to
another desk or ignore her, would you?

Hey! Don't you dare!

Hey, it's all right.

If Mirko is the true friend
you think he is, things will work out.

- You just need time.
- Time.

Well, the way he
treated you wasn't right.

He could just be the wrong guy.

What the heck did I say?

Jeez. I say stupid stuff.

Mm, well, it's getting late.
I should go.

Daniele deserves
someone better than Mirko.

He's sincere, brave, and loyal.

Maybe it's hard for him
not to have someone.

I mean, being alone is not the best,

but sometimes, it happens.



Hey, Giulio. Today, before we go home,
we're gonna watch Livia's race.

Damn it!

Well, just the end of it.
It's part of my strategy.

No, I meant this. It never works.

- How do you do it?
- I have a gift.

Pig grunting.

Turns on by itself. I know, it sucks.

I left my phone in the bathroom
this morning.

And when I got back,

there were about five notifications

that said "wolf howling."

It thought a toilet flushing
was a wolf howl?

Yeah, but it's a work in progress, so...

You know, we'll make a few changes.

Wait, you're not coming?

You both have to go
to her conference?

Whatever, it's just a race.

Yeah, I'm the understanding, mature one.

Listen, I can't hear you very well,
so can I call back?

Yeah, bye.

Really, for once, couldn't they have
asked Elisa to be the mature one?

- Hey, Livia.
- Hey, Monica.

- Race time?
- Yeah, about to head there.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

I'm coming back from recess.

But I'll see you later, though.
And we're all coming to see you.

You'll be there, at least.

- Why? Who won't be?
- My parents, as usual, have other things.

Mm, like what?

It's just that my dumb sister
could fail the year again.

I'm sorry. You know...

Just be strong,
and for sure, we'll figure it out.

Wolf, wolf.

No, I said, "We'll figure it out."

No, Monica. A wolf.

Don't move. Stay still.

That's, like... howl-arious.

- This is no time to joke.
- I know, I know. Sorry.

- Don't move. Just stay still.
- Okay.

- Where do we go?
- The closet on the left.

- Closet on the left. Closet on the left...
- On three.

- Okay. Hold on.
- Okay.

One... two...

Three! Three!

Go on! Get in!

Hurry, hurry!

- Oh my God, an actual wolf.
- What the heck is a wolf doing at school!

- I don't get it! How did he get in?
- At school?

Oh, jeez!

Here. Take this...

How do we get... What do we do here?

- I mean, he's at the door!
- Monica?

- What?
- This is the door handle.

The door handle?

- Oh, man! That's the handle!
- It's the handle!


No one is gonna hear us now.
Everyone's upstairs.

- What do we do?
- I don't know!

We shouldn't do anything.
It'll make him nervous.

- He'll be nervous!
- Yes, right, okay. Uh...

Uh... I'll use my phone.
Your phone, yes! Call someone!

- Isa attacking, and Pietro...
- Guys!

Have you seen Livia?
The race is starting. Where is she?

- I don't know, she just left.
- Well, she's not at the gym.

When I called her phone,
she didn't answer.

It must be turned off.

Anyway, if you see her,

I can wait, at most, ten minutes,
then I have to go with Lucia.

- Silve, do you know anything?
- No.

- What's going on?
- Hang on a minute.




Guys! Where are you going?

I don't have any service.

Now what?

I don't know. Nothing.

We're stuck in here.

Not here.

- Nope. Where else?
- I don't know. The other classrooms?

- All right, yeah.
- Come on.

Not here.

What now?

I don't know. Let's try downstairs.

Okay, let's go.

I'm sorry, Livia.

No, don't be. It's not your fault.

Aren't you upset about the race?

Well, yeah, of course I am,
but what can I do?

Wow, you're so mature.
If it was me, I'd be crying right now.

No, Monica, not you too.

And yeah, I really wanna cry!

If you don't get there
in time, then what?

Nothing. I'd be disqualified.


Wolf howling.

- So?
- I checked the bathroom. No luck.

- Not even in the hallway?
- Whoa! Is that a wolf?

- Whoa, that's a real wolf.
- Yes!

It's a wolf?

Is that Giulio?

You know what this means?


I got a working app!

Man, shut it!

- Giulio! Guys!
- Guys!

Open the door!

Yeah, we're gonna get you out of there.
Do something!

Uh, hey, guys, it's just a dog.

What? No, that's a wolf.

- No, it's a dog. It's...
- Are you nuts? Stay here.

It's a Czech Wolfdog.
It must've escaped.

- Yeah! As a wolf!
- It's a dog. Let me handle this.

- No, Silverio. Be careful!
- Come here!

Hey, no worries, guys.
It's not dangerous.

- You sure?
- It'll eat you.

- Go help him.
- No way! Have you lost your mind?

Hey! Here!

Come on.

Go! Open it!


- Hey.
- Guys, careful!

- There's a wolf in the hall.
- No, Silverio's got it.


The handle is broken.

Okay. On three, just push really,
really hard against the door.

- Okay.
- One...

- Two...
- Three!

Guys, where's the wolf?

No, it's just a dog.

- What?
- Yeah.

- Livia, what about your race?
- I'm late! I need to go now!

- Pietro remembered my race?
- Let's go!

We'll see you in a bit.

And Silverio?

Let's leave these two alone.
Love is in the air.

We're now in the final round

of this
interscholastic triathlon competition.

- The top three ranked athletes advance...
- Go, Livia!

- ...to the championship semifinals.
- Yeah, Livia!

The finals will be held right
on the Galileo Field in Marina Piccola.

- You know, dude, this thing with the wolf...
- Lucia, run!

...scored you a thousand
points with Livia.

What? You afraid of losing?

- No!
- Number three, Lucia Colasanti, leads.

Following just a few meters behind

- is number five, Livia Mancini.
- Livia! Come on!

And finally, Donatella Grandi
and Angelica Pellegrini.

- This will be a hard-fought podium.
- Oh no! She's so close! There she is.

I can't give up. Come on!

I have to finish
in the top three to qualify.

And we're at the finish line.
The race is over!

- Whoo! Livia!
- In first place is Lucia Colasanti.

In second, we have Livia Mancini,

- and in third, Angelica Pellegrini.
- Yeah!

- The three Galileo athletes on the podium.
- Livia!

We'll see them in the semifinals.

Of course,
I would've preferred to beat Lucia.

Livia, you were so great!

Well, it was second place.

You did great.

How did you beat her?

I didn't. I came in second.

Really? But you sprinted
really fast at the last second...

A little more, and I would have won.

You'll win the next one. Okay?

- Mm.
- Maybe later we can go somewhere...

Look at him,
flirting with those dingbats.

I don't care about Pietro.

He wants Arianna? He's free to have her.

So after this, you wanna
go for some ice cream?

Yeah, sure.

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