Di4ri (2022): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

Missing a week at the end of the school year and everything is perfect - or almost. The only thing left to do is save the school, but how?


Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Yeah, that's right. We're dating.

And everyone knows.

What'll they say?

Well, who cares? I'm happy.

Come on, Grimo.

It's over, man.



Make sure that you study!


Have a good day, kids.


Guys, I gotta tell you something.

Quick, hurry up, shut the door.

You think it's fair
the school's getting shut down?

And they're separating us?
I really don't.

What are we, boxes they can move
from one place to another?

We should rebel.

I want to fight for our class.

Let's force the principal
to let us stay in Marina Piccola.

Okay, but how?

He's totally mental.

Does he want a revolution?

- We'd be expelled.
- It doesn't make sense.

- What about the teachers? What can we do?
- We shouldn't talk about it here.

- True! Arianna's right.
- Well, how do we do it?

- No one wants...
- Exactly. It's not a great idea.

None of us want to move
to Marina Grande either,

but what about the teachers?

that's what I've been saying....

Whoa. Pietro is right!

We have to resist. I'm with him.

Who else is with us?

- I'm with you.
- Me too.

- Me too.
- I do. I mean...

- Yeah.
- Yeah, me...

Okay. Okay. All right, come on.

We'll see you all this afternoon.

- Up at the track.
- Okay.

- So we can talk about it. Okay?
- All right.

- Fine.
- Oh. And...

- Okay. I can cancel...
- Have any of you ever

camped out somewhere?

- Camped out?
- Of course.

- What are you talking about?
- Uh, no.

We should occupy the school.

We won't leave the classroom until
they promise the school won't close.

- But they're gonna put us all in prison.
- Life sentence, dude!

They wouldn't do that.
We would get reported.

- Or suspended, at most.
- Oh, Mommy, I'm so scared!

What's important
is that we make a lot of noise.

We need the attention
of the local TV station.

Don't worry.

If you wanna wreak havoc,
I'm an expert. The number one.

- We could get in trouble with the police.
- No way, girl.

How exciting would that be,
helicopters flying over our school?

All the TV stations reporting live.

Like in action movies!

That sounds terrible.

- Crazy.
- It won't work.

- Hmm.
- I don't think so.

Hey, yeah, it will work.

We just have to assign jobs
and stay on it.

- Yeah. She's right.
- Yeah, let's do it.

Yeah. Come on,
let's occupy the school!

We should start planning, you guys.

I'm turning into a revolutionary.









Whoa! Whoa! One at
a time, one at a time!

Write this down, okay. Giulio's
bringing flashlights and candles.

- You never know, right?
- You never know what?

- Really, candles?
- What if there's a blackout?

- Or if we want a romantic atmosphere.
- Aw! So cute!

- Okay.
- I have a sleeping bag.

Oh, so do I. We have two, then!

- Mirko, what are you gonna bring?
- Something to play music!

- Yeah, let's dance!
- Hey, and some canned food.

And let's get chips, okay?

- Everybody likes chips. Write that down.
- Okay.

Maybe spray paint? To make a sign?

- Great idea!
- We could hang it out of the classroom.

And I'll bring some pizza.

Well, a lot of pizza.

- Like, a buttload of pizza.
- Okay.

- All right! Write that down.
- Yeah, okay, okay!

He said a "buttload" of pizza.

Yeah. A buttload.

Oh, and stuffed animals.

- Stuffed animals?
- Really?

- I can't sleep without one.
- Aw!

- What can I say?
- Sweet!


Where are we going to keep
all these things?

Somewhere the teachers
will definitely not find it.

- That's right.
- How about the bathroom?

In the bathroom? No way.

- The storage closet?
- Yeah.

It's full of boxes. We can fill them up,
so it's hidden in plain sight.

Guys! Guys! Here comes the teacher!

- Go! Run, run, run!
- Everybody, sit down. Come on.

Oh my God!

Good morning!

Good morning, kids.

What is happening today?
Everyone's already seated?

This is my first time
occupying a school.

Another new thing for the new Livia.

Let's hope for the best.

Aren't you guys excited
about the occupation?

- Yes, I'm super excited!
- Super!

My God!

Whoa, Dani, what is it?

Nico messaged.

Great, right?

- He says he's coming to visit.
- That's awesome!

- Aren't you stoked?
- That's so great!

I know I should be glad,

but I'm panicking.

What's the problem?

It's one thing
to date long-distance,

but being together is something else.

I don't know, I've never had
a relationship until now.

I'm afraid he'll...
he'll realize that he doesn't like me.

And I'm scared
I might realize that as well.

But... I'm positive
that when you see him in front of you,

every doubt you have will go away.

- Right. Come on, don't you worry.
- Yeah.



Come on!



- No, wait a minute.
- Are you sure that'll work?

It always does in movies, right?

Girls, come on, hurry!

Hang on, try again.

- That didn't work.
- What are you looking for over there?

Um... it's...

We were doing an investigation.

- Yes, an investigation about, um...
- The...

We were trying to figure out
if they'd fixed the lock.

Yes, right, and...

- it's working, so... great!
- Mm-hmm!

- They fixed it.
- Of course it works.

I'm actually the one who fixed it.

- Oh, right.
- Well...

Are you telling me the truth?

Okay, I'll tell you what.

I saw and heard nothing.

Keep going with your investigation.


Come on! Open it, you got it!

- Come on, wow!
- Get in, quick!

Let's hide the stuff!

Let's empty the backpacks.

There's an empty box.
Let's put everything in here.

All right, hurry up!

When are you coming
to claim your prize, huh, champ?

Stop it.

Hey, if you're dating Livia,
it's thanks to the bet we made.

- Huh?
- Keep it down!

You got a big mouth, dude.

- Well, do you admit it?
- Fine, I admit it. Okay?

I kissed Livia to win the bet with you.

What, you want me to thank you?
Thank you, Giulio.

I kissed her for our bet. So?

I never would've thought that you'd
manage to kiss both Livia and Arianna.

But I learned something important.

I should never bet against you.

Well, I'm with her now
because I really do like her.

- And the bet has nothing to do with it.
- What a romantic you've become.




- Hi, Dani!
- Hey!

Shouldn't you be with Nico?

I just told him I can't see him
because I have to study.

What's the matter?

Just the thought of seeing him
is making me anxious.

No, why don't you stop?
Call him and meet up.

No, no way.


- Oh, hey! Nico.
- Hey.

How's it goin'? Finally, we get to meet!

- What are you doing?
- Recording the wave sounds.

Oh, cool. I bet it's for a song.

So, I guess Daniele told you?

Yeah, he talks about you a lot.

Well, uh, when we were still talking.

You guys aren't speaking anymore?

He's so busy lately.

I just texted him
and he said he had to study.

I'm afraid I'm gonna get hurt again.

But he's not like Mirko.
And everything is different.

Your relationship is way stronger,

I mean, ever since you met him,
you guys speak every day.

Just let go. Trust me.
Like I did with Pietro.

Hey, have you ever occupied a school?

What? Isn't that something
people do in college?

Yeah, maybe.

But don't make any plans tomorrow.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- See ya!
- Later!


So, today marks the end of a...

a long and difficult,

but important year, I mean, right?


And we thought it would be better
if everyone said goodbye here.

- In your classroom.
- Saying goodbye? I don't think so.

Remember, kids,
that what you do here today,

is the foundation for your future.

So, with that, see you next year
over at Marina Grande.

We'll give you a few minutes by
yourselves to say your goodbyes.

Come on, why the long faces?

They didn't understand anything.

Yeah, guys!

- Yeah, let's hear it, kids!
- Come on, everybody!

[teacher It's okay, guys.

- Okay, goodbye.
- Goodbye.

See you next year.

- Silverio, help me out!
- Okay, we're all clear!

- Ready? Go!
- Go, go, go.

- Excuse me. Let's put this up.
- Gotta move fast.

Ale, help me with the desk.
This one here.

- Awesome, and then...
- Come and get that.

- Watch out, guys.
- Come on!

- Come on in, hurry!
- Come on!

- Quick, shut the door!
- Guys, close the door!

Yo, Pietro! Help me out.
Let's block the door, man.

- Pass it to me.
- Hold this.

All right.

Wow, what are these?

Light this up, guys.

Jeez, look at the line!

I want some pizza!

- Mmm.
- Okay, guys, well, now what?

What do we do next?

- Yeah.
- We wait here for the storm to roll in.

- Whoo!
- Yeah! Whoo!

- So much fun!
- {Pietro] Hey, help me move this.

- Look at what's in here!
- Open the closet.

- Sh! Be quiet.
- Shut up!

- Kids, what are you doing?
- What do you want, Paolo?

Paolo, we're tired of them
treating us like packages, okay?

We won't take it anymore.
We're not leaving. This is our school.

How many of you are in there?

Who cares?
We won't go to that stupid place.

- No way!
- No way!

All right, well,
it seems like a nice prank, guys.

It's not a joke!

Look, if you open this door now,

I'll leave and pretend
I was never here, okay?

Not even Paolo takes us seriously.

We have to make ourselves heard,
and raise our voices, like Pietro says.

- In 2D we stay!
- We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

Looks like today is gonna be a fun day.

We're not going away!

Maggi! What is happening?

You come out of that classroom now,
or this will end badly.

We're not leaving. We're occupying.

Occupying? What do you mean, occupying?

We're staying right here.

We refuse to be split
into different classes.

I already gave you my word I'd try my best
to keep your class all together next year.

Okay? Now, you guys can't do this!

You don't even get it, Principal!

We want to go to school here,
in Marina Piccola.

Marina Grande? We won't go there.

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

- Whoo! Come on, guys.
- Yeah!

- Yeah! Whoo!
- We're not going there!

What are we gonna do, sir?

What are we gonna do?

What can we do? We have to negotiate.

No way. I'll personally
call their parents

to inform them that their kids are risking
failing the year as a disciplinary action.

That'll teach 'em.

Hey, let's, uh, make some banners
with the spray paint we brought.

And we can paint them all blue.

Why blue? Let's do red!

- Yeah.
- You can see red better.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I agree with Giulio.

Yeah, me too.
I think we should paint it red.

Okay, red, then.
But what should we write on them?

Let's put our slogan.
"In 2D we stay, we're not going away."

- Mm... No, Isa.
- Well, then, what?

Um, what about...
"Hands off the school"?

Everybody has gone crazy, including me.

Michele. You know what?

Uh, what?

Since you're not doing it,

I guess I'll be the one to ask you out.

Uh... um...

I can't, I'm sorry.

Oh, why not?
Don't you want to go out with me?

No, well of course, yeah.

It's just that, when all this is over,
I'm definitely gonna be grounded for life.

So what? It won't be forever.
And my offer will still be there.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

- Is he losing it?
- Um, are you okay?

- Yes!
- Yeah, he's crazy.

As soon as they let me out,

the island's most gorgeous girl
will be waiting for me!

But are you okay?

- Yes.
- He's crazy.

- He's a little crazy.
- We're not going out for 20 years.

I think
that's a little excessive!

Aren't you scared that
you'll be grounded?

No, we're doing what's right.

For us, not for the adults.

I don't think
they'll go to all that trouble.

I'm telling you, this is unacceptable.

I will not hesitate to punish
everyone that's inside, okay?

I can't believe this.

- If we stick together...
- They cannot split us up.

That's right, we have to stick together.

- Wanna see the principal's face.
- Long live 2D!


I love that.

Okay? I kissed Livia
to win the bet with you. Satisfied?

What, you want me to thank you?
Thank you, Giulio.

I kissed her for our bet. So?

I learned
something important.

- I should never bet against you.
- I can hardly wait.

What should we write
on this banner?

- To fight for the school...
- If we don't wanna do the slogan...

Hold on, Livia.


Wait. Hey, what's up?

Is it really true
that our kiss was just about a bet?

Uh, well, I...

Look, I don't...

It's not...

Hey, Giulio made me do it, okay?
I didn't want to...

Listen, I can explain.

Pietro, don't even bother.
I don't want to hear anything about it.

And, you know...

You're even worse than Matteo.


- So that's how you feel?
- Guys, what's going on?

- I'm leaving.
- What?

- What?
- What? Why? Where are you going?

- Are you serious?
- I don't wanna stay here.

You do what you want.

- Pietro, what is this?
- What are you saying?

- Livia, where are you going?
- Just leave me alone.

Come on.

? Stavo solo togliendo il mare

- Livia, what's going on?
- What the principal said.

We're occupying the school. That's it.

Well, they are. I'm not.

I'm proud of you, honey.


I'm sorry about this whole mess
with Livia.

Don't worry.


They're just kids.
They'll be coming out soon.

There's no reason for this ordeal.

This is what happens
when you neglect your family.

Your kids get in trouble.

Really? And you? Where were you?

So, they called our parents. Whatever!
Relax, calm down!

You guys, let's put a stop to this!

- No way! It's better if...
- But, dude...

We've come this far.
You can't give up now.

We have a team,

but we need a captain.

Daniele? It's for you.

- If they find him here I'm in trouble.
- Don't open it, Mirko, please! Stop!

- We'll get in trouble!
- Whoa!

- Daniele, come help me!
- Guys. Yeah, guys, calm down.

- Who knows who's outside that door?
- It's Paolo.

- See? It's Paolo.
- Come on in.

Guys, he's on our side.

- What are you doing here?
- I spoke to Mirko.

He told me everything.

- And I wasn't leaving you alone.
- I'm so glad you came.

- Giulio, why did you let him in?
- Oh, come on!

Paolo, leave now! No!


- What is he doing here?
- He can't...

- He should go.
- He's our friend!

- I don't know what that even means...
- Hey, guys!

He cares as much as we do
that we stay here.

He could be a spy!

A spy? Are you kidding?

- What are you saying?
- Come on!

- He's not a spy!
- I really should thank you.

- For what?
- I called my son.

- He's a spy! Get him outta here!
- It went great. Just like you said.

He's not!

Don't worry, kids. I'm going now, okay?

No. He stays here.

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

- In 2D we stay! We're not going away!
- Don't worry about it, Livia.

You always were the most mature
and responsible student in class.

And it means after summer, you'll be
the only one moving up to third year.

You did great not getting involved
or being influenced by anyone.

Great job, hon.

Listen, maybe you could reason with them.
It would be a shame to fail like that.

Why don't you try speaking
with your classmates?

- Maybe you can get them out.
- Yeah. Why don't you try it?

You're such a good girl.

- What?
- Yes.

- So should I go back in?
- Yes. Give it a try!

Okay, I will.

Good girl. Wonderful.

Wonderful. Wonderful, Livia.

Wonderful. Great.

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

Whoa, wait!

- What do you want?
- It's Livia.

- It's Livia!
- Open it! Come on, open it.

- Livia, you're back! Finally.
- What happened?

- What did they tell you?
- They sent me here to speak with you.

What'd they say?

Guys, it's the principal.

He wants to fail everyone.

- Fail us?
- Jeez!

- How can he do that?
- Are you serious?

- No way.
- Yes, fail.

Some of the teachers will help you out,
but you need to leave now.

Guys, it's stupid, really.

Anyway, you can't stay here forever.

Are you kidding?

We'll stay here. As a group.

- That's right.
- Yeah, who... who cares about the teachers?

Yeah! Tell 'em, Monica!

- Yeah!
- We are not going to move.

Did you hear,
Little Miss Perfect?

You go back, and tell
them we won't move.

Pietro, my mother, the principal...

What do I care what they expect from me?

I'm with you guys.

- Yes!
- Hey, she's with us!

We have to stick together.

Hey, so, Giulio,

where are the banner
and the spray paints?

There. Why?

Get them out?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah!

- Yes!
- All right.

Aw, yeah!


I'll deal with you later.

- Hey, right here.
- Perfect, perfect.

- Lay it right over there.
- Here.

- Just pull it tight.
- Lay it down there.

- This is good.
- Aah.

- Okay, cool.
- Here's the paint.

- I want one.
- Thanks.

So, you guys,
what do you think we should write?


Well, don't we all agree,

it should be something in protest?

- Yes, but non-violent.
- Yes, exactly. Silverio is right.

- Absolutely.
- Something constructive, like...

- Guys, guys...
- Yes, of course.

I know what to write.

Pass me that end.

- Got it.
- That's right.

Lay it down.

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay!
We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

- In 2D we stay! We're not going away!
- I don't know how this will end.

- This is my class, No one can divide us.
- We're not going away!

In 2D we stay! We're not going away!

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.