Di4ri (2022): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

Livia is done with the boys, she prefers to concentrate on the triathlon final - but this will not stop Pietro who wants to try to conquer her.


Oh, I can't decide between these two.
I mean, this color looks great on me.


But I'm not really feeling the style.


But then this one... no.

Oh, hey, Livia!

- Are you listening to me?
- Yeah. Yep.

Which one is cuter?

Don't be like that.

Yeah, but I've tried
the whole closet on.

What about that?
That one would look amazing on me.


Did he really think
I would forgive this?

I'm done with him. This time, for good.


Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.



Matteo and I are done for good...

and what's weird is
I don't feel bad at all.

In fact, I should've dumped him earlier.

Now I have more time for my friends,

and more time to train
for the triathlon finals.

Did I really stand up for Matteo
in front of the others?

How could I let him fool me like that?

Easy, really.
I thought I was doing the right thing.

"You should trust him.
He's your boyfriend."

How stupid was I?

He's not worth it.

I'd rather take the long way.


Okay, guys, we're almost
there. Stay focused, please.

That's weird.
I turned mine in before Monica.

Ah, that's why.

Giulio and Monica friends.
Who would've thought?

Right when they're about to separate us,
we seem to be coming together.

Monica! Uh, Monica.


- I need help with the last answer.
- No.

- Please!
- I said no.

Well, sort of.

In this case,
Monica and Isabel won't budge.

Never help Arianna and her friends.

- Why not? What's the big deal?
- No, I said no.

Arianna, be quiet!

Guys, there's not much time left.
Please, stay on task.

Giulio! Giulio.

I need to get the last answer.

Yo, Silv?. Give this to Arianna.


You're eating right now?

- Uh-huh.
- Does that seem normal?

Sorry. I... I was starving.

Now, you finish the quiz.

The eating's gotta stop.

Are you nuts?

Get it to her!
No! Not in your pocket!

Once again, Sir Giulio
the Knight has saved Princess Arianna.

Did you copy everything?

The paper was unreadable.
If you made me fail this test, I...

I don't know what I'll do to you!
You hear me?

You don't get it, man.

The nicer you are, the meaner she'll be.

That's true.
There are other girls on the island.

For me, there aren't.

You're a lost cause.

No I'm not, dude.

Wait a sec. Why don't you give me
some tips on how to win over Arianna?

What do I know about
winning over Arianna?

Uh, it's just...

she can't stand you,
and you can't stand her,

so you're the exact opposite, right?

If you tell me what you like in a guy...

I'll do the opposite.

- Yeah, you should tell us.
- Uh-huh.

You guys are ridiculous.

But I am too, for listening to them.


Giulio and Pietro
never take anything seriously,

whether it's failing oral tests,
or heartbreaks.

- There's something genius about that.
- Livia!


- What now?
- Why won't you answer my messages?

Why are you avoiding me?

I have nothing to say.

But I do.


Please give me another chance?

I know I messed up.

But it was because
I was afraid of losing you.

No, listen, really. Just leave me alone.

- For real? So we're finished?
- Mm-hmm.

When you change your mind
about me, don't call.

I don't know if he acts like that because
he loves me, or because of his pride.

But hey, you know what?

Who cares, right?

You did what?

I signed up for a ballet class.

Are you kidding?

No, I'm serious.

- Look man, that's...
- Hiding again, cockroaches?

- Who's a cockroach?
- You, of course.

You went too far
with the graffiti thing.

You made a big deal of it,
when it was just a prank.

- What's goin' on?
- A prank?

- You got me suspended.
- I don't care.

- Stop it, dude.
- Or what?

- Don't mess with me. I'm sick of you, man.
- Hey, guys, calm down.

- Mind your own business.
- Whoa!

- Yo! Don't touch him!
- Why? What are you gonna do?

Stop it!

- Stop it!
- Guys!

You're dead, man.

You're dead, man.
You're dead, man...

I never wanted you dating my cousin.

- Man, I'm gonna...
- Matteo.


It's official.
Silverio is now my hero.

How could I think that it would work
between me and Matteo?

I'm done with boys.

I want to focus on sports.

I've listened to his songs,
and they're great and all, but...

he doesn't want anyone to hear them
because he's insecure.

- Mm.
- Anyway, enough with Mirko.

Hey, listen. When are you gonna
book your tickets for the ferry?

Well, wouldn't it be more fun
if I made it a surprise?

- I don't know.
- Huh?

- Hey.
- Hey, Livia.

Say hi to Nico!

- Hey, Nico!
- Hi, Livia.

When are you coming to visit us?

That's still a secret.

Well, I have to go, guys.

- Yeah, we do too. See you later!
- Bye!

How are you feeling?


And light, too!

- What are you doing?
- Come on, let's go!

I wish I felt like Daniele too.
I wish I could just be myself.


Let's recap.
First you calculate the parentheses,

then the brackets,
and finally the braces.

So, we start with the first parentheses

and find the LCM of two and three,
and that's six...

And in the second parentheses,
we calculate between 51 and six.

That's 102. And then...

- 102, yep. And then we...
- Girls, be serious.

Isa's always the first to mess around,

but you, Miss Perfect,
should be more serious about studying.

You're picking on me?
But look at the way she's lying in bed!

My bed, I'll add.

No, Monica, really, you go too fast.
I can't keep up with you.

Yeah. You should slow down.

All right. I feel you.
Should we continue tomorrow?

Brilliant idea!

All right. What should we do? Should we
meet up with the others at the caf??

Brilliant! Are you coming?

If there's one thing
I want to do right now,

it's hanging at the
caf? with my friends.

- No, I'm not coming.
- Why not?

Finals are close and I know myself.

I have to stay on track.

- I think I'll just go for a walk.
- Mm. Are you really sure?

I am.

- All right.
- Isa, will you please tell Daniele?

- We can just head to the beach.
- All right.





I have to focus on the triathlon.

I'm good at swimming
and I can handle biking.

- The problem is running.
- Hey, Livia!

- I have to train more.
- Wait.


Listen, um, I had something to ask you.


How's your sister doing?

My sister?

Yeah, I mean, how does it work
with her father and her family?

She visits now and then.
And sometimes she complains.

But that's normal after a divorce.
Why do you ask?

It's nothing.

Uh, my parents...

They're splitting up?

Not sure.

But they're definitely taking a break.

My dad left the house.

Well, hey.
Maybe it could help them sort it out.

It's just that

whenever they argued,
it... it sucked, yeah,

but them splitting up is harder.

I know. But it'll all be fine.

Hey, let's see
if you improved on your biking.

You're the one with a triathlon to win,
not me.



Ugh, girls, look at those two.

She just broke up with Matteo
and she's flirting with Pietro.

Can you imagine if she gets with him
and beats you in the triathlon?

No, that's never gonna happen.


Put your hands together.

Lock your fingers, like it's a basket.

- Like this?
- Yes. Don't move. Good.

All right.

Yesterday, I saw this video
that might help.

It said to bend your
knees at 30 degrees...

and your throwing hand,

that arm should be
perpendicular to the ball.

Didn't you and Matteo, like...
go out last year?

- Well, yeah.
- They dated for at least two weeks.

Do you still like him?

What's that got to do with anything?

You should go ask him out.
Livia will be jealous.

The other hand should be next to it,
but just below it,

to help aim perfectly.

That'll make my shots
super accurate. So...

Are you ready?

Uh... well.

Yeah. Super accurate.

Hey, look at that.

You're so cute today.


Do you want to hang out?

Seriously, Lucia?

So, Matteo's a jerk!
What they said was true.

- I'll be in class.
- We're coming.


This is a scheme of Arianna's,
I know it is.

- A scheme, dude?
- Yes, to make Livia jealous.

So she's distracted and nervous
for tomorrow's race.

- In favor of Lucia.
- Dude, you're crazy.

Arianna is twisted.
I know her well.

You wanna make a bet?

Stop it, man.

Okay. Should we hit class?

- Let's go.
- Yeah.


Before I dismiss you all,
I'll return your tests.

Take a look at them and then we'll talk.

Just know that,
apart from Monica, as usual,

well, this time,

the best were Pietro and Giulio.

- What a surprise!
- What?

- Huh?
- I think...

- I got an A!
- Oh, you too?

Giulio. Giulio!

How come I only got a D+?

Not my fault if you can't cheat.


- Okay, goodbye!
- We did it, dude! Well done.

Later, teach!


And, so?

Well, you can do better.

Okay, but my time?

You really want to know
the minutes and seconds exactly?

- Mm-hmm.
- What do you care?

What do I care?

The time is crucial.

Don't sweat it. Just focus on running.

Come on, show me the time.

Oops, I reset it.

One more lap?


Say when.

Now breathe. Free your mind,

- And...
- Do you like Pietro?

- Isa! Why are you asking?
- Just asking!

- But now? I'm trying to train!
- I was just asking.


Yeah, okay, run away!

You'll have to admit it eventually!



Testing, one, two...

What is he doing?

He created a radio station
to do a commentary of the race.

- Is she gonna win?
- Yeah, of course she can win.

- Sure.
- Welcome, welcome.

We're here, today
at the Marina Piccola stadium,

to watch the triathlon finals.

- Livia, this isn't you.
- So we're finished.

- When you change your mind, don't call.
- What have you done to your hair?

Do a nice neat ponytail,
so you look better.

- Come here, Miss Perfect.
- You think you know everything.

So we're finished.
When you change your mind, don't call.

Little Miss Perfect...
Little Miss Perfect...

Enough of that!

I'm the only one that matters.
I don't care what people say.

I'm only here for myself.



Here they are, we can now see
the athletes getting onto the track.

- Come on, Livia!
- You got this!

Lucia is heading the race,
followed by Livia.

You've got this, baby! You're amazing!


- Come on, Livia!
- You can do it!

- Lucia has the victory at hand.
- Go, Livia!

Into the final lap.

It's time to prove to myself
who the real Livia is...

Go, Livia, keep
fighting! You're the best!

I'm not Little Miss Perfect.

I don't need a boyfriend to feel good.

And I don't necessarily need
to be liked by everyone.

- You can do it! Come on!
- I just wanna win.

Go, Livia!

Fight, Livia, don't give up!


- Livia! Livia!
- Yeah, come on!

Livia! Go, honey, go, go!

Go! Yeah, Livia!

- Livia wins the final!
- Yeah!

- Miss Courageous, let's go!
- You're the best!

Yeah, Livia!

Yes! Honey, yes!

Do you ever think that you're
living the happiest moment of your life?

That's how I'm feeling right now.


Don't look at it for too long,

It could melt, you know?

You were incredible.

For a minute there,
I feared that you would lose, but then...

You guys!

It's crazy! Larissa Iapichino!

- Hi!
- Hi!



Uh, for that medal there.

- Oh.
- I saw you on the triathlon race.

- Yes.
- Very well done, you're a great athlete.

Thank you! Girls, she, uh... was
the Italian junior long jump champion.

Yeah, uh,
she set the under-20 world record.

Why don't you take a picture together?

Yeah, sure! We can use my phone.

- May I...
- Sure!

If this is a dream, don't wake me up.

Okay, done.

Maybe we'll meet at the Olympics.

I'm really not sure about sticking
with the triathlon.

Well, sure, I like it, but...

I want to focus on just one event.

Mm, well, I really understand.

The important thing
is that you do what you really love,

not what everyone else wants.

Whether it's running, cycling,
jumping or swimming,

it's your choice.

Do only what you want to do.

Anyway, girls, I'm gonna go now.

I wish you luck! See you later.

- Thanks, see you!
- Bye!

She's right. I have to learn
what I really want to do,

and stop doing what's expected of me.


Do you mind
if I walk back home with Pietro?

- No, but don't be late. Bye, Pietro.
- Have a good evening.

- You're still here?
- Yes.

I wanted to congratulate you.

You were amazing. I knew you would win.

Well, I did not.

But now I do. And I don't care
about Matteo and Lucia.


Um, what if we, uh... go celebrate?

Wait a sec. Are you asking me out?


I am.

Now what do I do?
I can't just start running.

I have to be honest,
with him and also with myself.

Livia, I really like you.

Yeah, but we're friends, Pietro.

And it's great to have you as a friend.

What happened?

She said it's great
to have me as a friend.

No! She friend-zoned you?

Okay, just chill.

Yeah, but, dude, you got friend-zoned.

Come on, let's go.

All right...
But you got friend-zoned!

Shut up.

I really think
you're gonna lose this bet.

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