Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 8 - Suspicion Song - full transcript

Detective Chuck Vance begins harassing Bree as his suspicions about her involvement in the disappearance of Alejandro grow; after using the murder of Gaby's stepfather as inspiration for her art school projects, Susan must find a ...

Previously on...

Detective Vance got aggressive...

Have you seen this man?

But Ben came to the rescue.

It's pretty hard to build
a case without a body.

I'll take care of it.

And Mike got rid of the body.

But so many secrets led
to a falling-out...

- We're done.
- Don't you think you're overreacting?

I don't think she is.

And Susan expressed her anger
the only way she knew how.

There is nothing more peaceful

than the sounds of Wisteria lane at night.

Whether it's the murmur of
a neighbor's television...

the hum of the street lamps...

or the songs of the night birds...

Wisteria lane is so peaceful

that even the slightest disturbance...

can be very alarming.


There's an intruder in my home.

I'm at 4355 Wisteria lane. Please hurry.

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Oh, my god.


Hello, Bree.

What are you doing here?

I could have shot you.

I heard your call over the radio.

When I got here,
the door was wide open, so...

I'm just gonna have a look around.

If you don't mind putting
the gun in your pocket

while I do.

So tell me again what you heard.

Um, a loud bang and then some footsteps,

like, um, like someone
had forced their way in.

Are you sure you didn't

accidentally leave the door open?

I'm positive I locked it.

Well, I don't know what to tell you.

Maybe it was just some drifter
looking for a few bucks,

and you scared him off.

We don't get a lot of
drifters around here.

Except for that guy we saw

right out front a few months ago.

The one who turned up as a missing person?

I told you, I don't remember
anything about that.

And yet you're positive
you locked your door

before you went to bed last night.

It's funny, the things we remember

and the things we don't.

Are you interrogating me?

No, of course not.

You're a victim.

And why would you say that?

Because it's obvious to
me what's going on here.

Someone's sending you a message.

What kind of message?

Maybe they think you're hiding something.

Maybe they're trying to rattle you,

hoping you'll slip up.

Or maybe they just don't want you

to feel safe in your own home.

Yes, there's nothing more peaceful

than a night on Wisteria lane.

But I wouldn't lose any
sleep over this, Bree.

I'll be keeping an eye on you.

Until someone comes along...

and disturbs the peace.

In a stressful world,

we can all be forgiven for
having a few weaknesses.

Some of us are lured by a sweet treat...

others, by a sad face.

And still others,
by the pull of a great novel.

But Gabrielle Solis was about to discover

that some weaknesses...

Is he yours?

Aren't so easy to forgive.

Depends. Is he drunk?

Unless he throws up in
cabs when he's sober?

I'm so sorry.

Here's 20 bucks for the ride

and another 20 for your upholstery.

This will make you feel better.

Oh, it smells like hot sauce.

Yeah, it's a mexican hangover cure.

It's the only thing
I inherited from my family

that's actually worth anything.

I'm really sorry about all this.

I thought it would get better
after Ben did what he did, but...

it hasn't.

Maybe we need to get you help,

like rehab or something.

I'm not addicted, Gaby.

It's just when I'm stressed,
this is what I do.

Really? You were stressed on
the golf course this morning?

It was work,

and there's always
drinking when it's work.

We're golfing with a client... beer.

We're hammering out a deal... wine.

We make the deal... champagne.

Well, maybe you need to take
a little time away from work.

Dry out. Kick-start your sobriety.

I am the C.E.O. If I do that,
the whole place will fall apart.

And if you don't, you'll fall apart.

Maybe you're right.

But I can't do it today.
I got payroll to sign.

But you're sweating bourbon.
You're not going anywhere.

I'll go in and I'll sign it for you.

You can't sign my name.

Oh, please, I forge your
signature all the time.

How else do you think
I got that platinum card?

Wow, I must be in bad shape.

I don't even have the energy to get mad.

Well, with any luck,
you'll forget I said it.

I'm sure some of you feel

I've been too hard on you
these past few weeks.

I think I speak for all of
us when I say "All of us."

Well, after today,
you will long for the mother's milk

that has been my criticism.

Please meet our special guest,
my art dealer

and the owner of the Bergman gallery...

Felix Bergman.

I smell fear and mediocrity.

Oh, god.

It's like someone left Andre
in the dryer too long.

Felix has agreed to evaluate your work,

give honest feedback,

and teach you the business of art.

So... what do you call this piece?

"A celebration of the female nude."

This is why I don't sleep with women.

It's repulsive.

Well, it's not a literal...

Mind drifting, eyelids drooping, and...

I'm gone.

He's not a critic.
He's a little ball of hate.

Oh, god.

No art student's portfolio
would be complete

without the obligatory squares
and circles colliding,

or what I like to call
man's inhumanity to art.

Well, Amy's one of my
most promising students.

I find her work to be bold,
defiant, and dazzlingly layered.

You're shtupping her, aren't you?

Regardless, I just think that
there's a place for her work.

I think you may be right.

Found it.

So... what do you have for me?

The same thing you have for us... contempt.

- Excuse me?
- We get it.

You're a super sophisticated
art snob who hates everything.

- Well, guess what? I'm not playing.
- Susan...

No. I am not getting my teeth kicked in

just because your mother
didn't breast-feed you.

Go play your game with someone else.

Look, if you wanna be
a professional artist,

you need to develop a thick skin.

Did you paint this?

Yes, I did, and I have no interest

in hearing what you think of it.

Well, that's too bad,
because I think it's brilliant.

- Really?
- Really?

It's original.

Dark, brooding. It tells a story.

I'm totally drawn in.

Congratulations, Andre.

I do believe you've struck artist.

Yeah, I suppose she shows promise.

She may amount to something one day.

One day?

This girl has arrived.

In fact, she reminds me of a young... you.

Now, now...

where's that thick skin
you were crowing about?

And for the den, Franklin
wants a southwestern look.

You know, navajo rugs, red chili peppers,

chairs made of horns.

Southwestern. Fun.

And bound to come back in style
since it's been out so long.

We can't wait to work with you, Cindy.

Yes. All we need is a $5,000 deposit,

and then I will saddle up,
mosey into town,

and rustle up that wagon wheel table.

What's the date today?

Oh, the 13th.

13th? No, can't be.

Yes. Why?

It's my wedding anniversary. 22 years.

Congratulations. 22 years.
What is that... copper? brass?

Separation, in my case.

Oh. I'm sorry. I saw your ring,
and I just assumed that...

Yeah. Still wearing it,

- even though we're hanging on by a thread.
- You poor thing.

Yes, we're all devastated.
Would you like a pen?

I remember what my mother said to me

on my wedding day.

It's bad luck to get married on the 13th,

and for 21 years,
Tom and I have been laughing

about how wrong she was.

Not this year.

Yeah, make it out Perry-Scavo designs.

Well, don't give up, Lynette.

It's never too late.

Yeah. I think his girlfriend might disagree

with you on that one...
His beautiful doctor girlfriend.

That's P-E-R-R...

Now you listen to me.

My Franklin and I almost
split up two years ago.

He was getting bored, and I could see

he was about to pronounce
our marriage dead,

but then I said, "No."


"No." Splitting up wasn't an option.

I had waited too long to find this man.

I wasn't going down without a fight.

So what'd you do?

I changed.

I got a new 'do, new wardrobe.

Franklin liked the new Cindy so much,

he started to change, too.

That's amazing.

You know what? Just sign it.
We have a stamp.

I will go to the tile yard

to see if they have those adobe shingles.

You wanna check on the fabric?

Do you think I fought enough?

Lynette, you're taking marriage advice

from a woman who wants coyote sconces?

I'm serious. Am I giving up
on my marriage too easily?

No! I think you knew when
it was time to call it quits.

That's just it.

I'm quitting,

instead of not taking "No" for an answer.

Look, you and Tom tried to make it work,

and you couldndn't.

Now he's moved on.

And you are an amazing woman

with your whole life ahead of you.

So take off that wedding ring.

Go live it.

Hey, Gaby, do you have a minute?

Oh. Now's not really a-a good time.

Why don't we talk tomorrow?

Oh, please. I don't know
who else to turn to.

Susan won't return my phone calls,

and when I went to Lynette's,
she pretended she wasn't home.

Yeah. Okay.

How did things get so bad so quickly?

This morning, I was all set
to make food for poker night,

and then I remembered.

No poker night.

I feel like I've lost the life I had.

First, my family and now my friends.

Who knows if Susan or Lynette
will ever speak to me again?

They'll cool off once
they realize we're in the clear.

What if we're not in the clear?

What do you mean?

The body's 8 feet under dirt and concrete.

No body, no crime.

I know, but... well...

Chuck came by yesterday.

Chuck? What did he want?

Oh. Hey.

Babe, do we have any aspirin?


Um... are you feeling better?

Is he...

I thought he stopped drinking.

Me, too.

Oh, Gaby, I'm so sorry.

He keeps saying it's because of work,

but I know it's the guilt
still eating away at him.

I just don't understand
how drinking helps.

I do.

Sometimes a drink feels like
the only friend you have left.

Well, I just thank god
this ordeal is behind us.

We all need to move on.

You're right.

I'm gonna go.

You never told me what Chuck wanted.

Oh. Uh, what else?

He wanted to get back together again.

Oh, god. Please tell me you said no.

Of course I did.

Oh, and, Bree?

Never think you lost me
as a friend, 'cause...

you're my rock.

Oh! Hey, Marilyn.

Oh, Mrs. Solis, thank god.

I've been trying to reach Carlos,

and it keeps going to voice mail.

Oh, it's okay. No need to bother Carlos.

I'm here to sign the payroll.

This isn't about the payroll.

Frank Sweeney,
one of our biggest clients...

he's on his way here,
and he did not sound happy.

I'm gonna try Carlos again.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. I, uh...

I don't wanna stress out Carlos.

He's home with the flu. Besides, I'm here.

How does that help?

I know Frank Sweeney.

He grabbed my ass at the Christmas party.

Actually, a lot of guys did.
That was a good party.

Yes, it was.

Leave this guy to me.

I know I'm setting women's
lib back 20 years,

but I can do this.

So, Frank...

it's been forever.

When's the last time
we've seen each other?

Uh... I'm not sure.

I am.

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way ♪

I-is Carlos coming in?
I really need to speak with him.

Well, aren't you all business?

Ooh, and all muscle, too.

Does Carlos even know I'm here?

I mean, if he doesn't take
an $80 million account seriously...

No, no, of course he takes it seriously.

What are you doing?

In my modeling days,

we called this "The money-maker."

Well, now it looks like a neck spasm.

Look, where is Carlos?

I don't know what kind of
business he's running here,

but if he thinks he can pawn
his clients off on his wife...

No, no, no, no.

We understand you've
been a little unhappy,

and we... want you to
know you've been heard.

I haven't said anything yet.

Knock, knock.

Mr. Sweeney, sir.
Heard you were in the building.

Just wanted to make sure you
were being taken care of.

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

No, no, please, interrupt,
whoever you are.

Geoffrey Mathers. Senior account manager.

I understand you have some
concerns about the market.

I do have three or four
real-world solutions

to protect your money in this economy.

That is, if you'd like to hear them.

Actually, that's what
I came in to talk about today.

Well, of course it is.

I was just getting to it.

But, uh, seems like Geoffrey
here has a handle on things,

so, please, join us, Geoffrey.

Have a seat, sir.

So I noticed you aren't
using derivatives...

That was fun. I like Felix.

I thought you were annoying
when you were cheerful,

but this smugness is much worse.

Oh, why would I be smug?

Just because he called me the young you?

Guess that makes you the,
uh... ooh, old you.

He can be a touch theatrical.

I wouldn't take his praise too seriously.

Oh, I would.

I think this time I may have
laid it on a little too thin.

I have not been this excited

since I discovered Andre doing
caricatures at The Pier.

They weren't caricatures.

They were images of
the american grotesque.

Uh-huh, and if you bought two,
you got a free churro.

I am not surprised
he didn't tell me about you.

I'm sure he saw you in his rearview mirror

gaining on him,
and it scared him to death.

Why would a professional
like Andre be threatened by...

Oh, what did you call me?

"A silly, bored housewife
unburdened by talent."

- You are a housewife?
- Mm.

I love it!

You're like a-a sexy,
suburban Georgia O'Keeffe...

without all the pesky vaginas.

I can sell the heck out of
this story at my gallery.

What? Uh, wait.

You wanna show my painng in public?

Welcome to the big time!

No, no, no, no. That, uh,
no, that can't happen.

My dear, do you understand
what an opportunity this is?

Hundreds of people will see your work.

I'm sorry. I'm-I'm-I'm flattered,

and, uh, thank you for your offer.

Um, but I can't.


My pleasure, Frank, and I'm serious.

You call me anytime.

Yeah, Frank, great talking to you.

Ohh. Thank god you got here.

I was 30 seconds away
from flashing him a boob.

It was nothing.

Carlos has done a lot
for me over the years.

Is he okay?

Yeah, yeah. He's just got the flu.


'Cause he usually comes running

the second Sweeney pops into town,

and I don't think
the flu would keep him away.

Mrs. Solis...

your husband has been like a father to me.

I really wanna help if I can.


He's been going through a rough time,

and, well, he's been drinking a lot.

So he's gonna be staying home
for the next week or two,

trying to pull himself together.

That poor guy. Well, don't worry.

You go home and you take care of him.

I'll take care of things here.

- Really?
- Just get him better.

We need him back.

Thank you.

You're a good kid. And you know what?

I'm telling Carlos you deserve a raise.

Can you tell him when he's sober?

Yeah. Yeah.

Lynette Scavo?

Yes. Wow. These are beautiful.

Someone must be thinking of you.

- Have a good one.
- Thanks.

Who sent flowers?

Just your aunt Renee.

That was nice.


A little unexpected, but very, very nice.

Hey, honey, how was your day?

Daytime TV sucks.

Just a bunch of women

sitting around, talking about menopause

and things they don't eat anymore.

You did record that, right?


So how'd it go at the office?

Took you a long time to sign the payroll.

Well, it wasn't just that.

People were asking where you were.

So what'd you say?
I told them you had the flu

and you were very comfortable staying home

because you had a great staff,
which you do, by the way.

- Yeah, who'd you talk to?
- Bunch of people.

Um, Steve, Marilyn, Geoffrey...



Guy probably started doing
cartwheels as soon as you left.

What? Why would you say that?

He's a snake.

Well, you mean like a... a nice snake.

No, like a backstabber.

His contract's up at the end of the month,

and I'm not keeping him on,

so he's trying to poach
my biggest clients.

Wow. What a day.

I really need a drink.


You threw out all the booze
when I quit, remember?

Oh, please, there's a bottle of chardonnay

in the tank of the guest toilet.

It's like you don't know me at all.

Lynette, it's me!

Come on in!

♪ Ta-da ♪

Oh, my god. Look at your hair!

Do you like it?

- Is it permanent?
- No.

Then I love it!

Especially if it means

you're finally ready to put
yourself out there again.

Not so much out there as...
back there... with Tom.

Oh, Lynette.

Stop it with that.

He's moved on.

Then why did he send me
flowers for our anniversary?

"Love always, Tom."

Well, I don't get it.
Isn't he seeing Jane?

Yeah, but... maybe with
the anniversary coming up,

he started thinking about it

and... he wants to give it another try.

What are you gonna do?

Well, I got Penny's keys
to his apartment, and...

Oh, I get it.

He gets home. You meet him at the door

wearing nothing but
whipped cream and a smile.

No. I'm gonna put a bottle
of scotch on his nightstand.

That is our anniversary thing.

He sends me flowers, I give him scotch.

Oh, now I get it.

You get him all liquored up,
and then you undress him.

No, Renee, no sex.

Okay, I don't get it.

I was thinking maybe
he sees the outfit, the hair,

and he realizes I've changed,

and then... maybe he wants to change, too.

Are you sure that's what you want?

All I know is we have been
walking away from each other

since this thing started,
and this is the first time

he's taken a step toward me.

I think I have to take a step, too.

Well... you look... amazing.

I hope it works.

Thanks. I do, too.

And if it doesn't,

I know this really hot thing you can do

with a dinner mint and a feather.

No sex.

How are we even friends?

You're an idiot.

And that's why
you're not getting any coffee.

Susan, hanging your paintings in a gallery

is a major opportunity.

Listen to me.

I consider myself a mentor to you.

What? You have insulted and discouraged me

since the day we met.

What else does a mentor do?

Okay, fine, you got me.

I don't care about you. I care about me.

You came over just to tell me that?

I teach to support my painting.

If one of my students does well,

maybe I can teach at a better college,

like one that doesn't have a major

in air conditioning repair.

Look... if you taught me anything,

it's that the only gallery that matters

is the one in here.

Was that a tuesday?

Because I drink at lunch on tuesdays.

I made those paintings for me,
and no matter what you say,

I'm not sharing them with anyone.

You're scared.


You're afraid of being judged.


You're right.

I'm a big, old scaredy cat,

fear of rejection, never felt good enough,

blah, blah, blah.

Happy? Bye-bye.

So did you get me the paintings?

No, she still won't do it.

But you know what they say.

Some are born great.
Some achieve greatness,

and others have greatness
thrust upon them.

Looks like it's time to start thrusting.

If you're spying on me,
you're not very good at it.

Oh, I thought I was pretty
good when I followed you

to the gardening store on Euclid.

And that stop you made for frozen yogurt...

our little secret.

Isn't stalking illegal?

We cops like to call it surveillance.

Stay. I'm not done with you.

This guy... the one you say
you don't remember seeing.

You think you might
remember seeing his car?

- His car?
- Yeah.

A silver ford focus,

just like the one you and Gaby

were dropping back to her aunt Shirley

The day I pulled you over.

What are the odds?

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

You wanna hear another coincidence?

The missing guy's from Oklahoma city.

Wasn't Gaby's aunt a big fan
of the Oklahoma city RedHawks?

I don't know what personality deficiency

causes you to act this way,
but I feel compelled

to inform you how utterly
unattractive it makes you.

Fine. You don't wanna answer my questions?

Maybe Gaby does.

You leave Gaby out of this.
Carlos has been sick.

She has her hands full.

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Well, I'm patient.

I can talk to her later.


I've been a cop for a long time,

and I can always feel when
I'm getting close to the truth.

You wanna hear a wild guess?

If it would allow me
to get on with my day,

I would be delighted.

Something happened with this guy...

something bad and permanent.

Now I don't think you did it,

but I think you know who did.

It's probably one of your friends,

and you, being Bree, are protecting them.

I do protect my friends,

and I would do anything
for them... anything.

They're the one thing in
my life that have never failed me,

and I will never fail them.

And against that, you are powerless.

Now I am tired of your little
guesses and your games,

so if you wanna charge me with something,

I suggest you take out your cuffs.

If not, you get the hell off my street.

You scum!

Oh, not you, Mr. Sweeney.
Good to see you again.

Mrs. Solis...

We're sort of in the middle
of something here.

Yeah, I know.

You're in the middle of
stealing my husband's client

while sitting at
his desk in front of a photo

of his wife and kids.

Wait a minute. That's not me.

That's me and my girlfriend...
in Belize...

with our dog.

What kind of man puts his
photos on another man's desk?!

Or takes his dog to Belize?

I'll tell you what kind of man...

the kind that shows up for meetings,

unlike your husband.

I told you, he's got the flu.

Gaby, I think Mr. Sweeney
deserves to know the truth.

Fine. I'll tell him.

Carlos is a drunk.

He isn't here because he drinks too much

and he's unable to perform
the responsibilities

that come with the job.

You know what?

Carlos will get sober,
but you will always be

just a... lowlife son of a bitch.

Is this true?


I need to speak to him... right now.

Carlos, Carlos, wake up.

Wake up!

Mm, babe, I was just dreaming about you.

You were wearing that little black number.

Carlos! Mr. Sweeney's here.


Hello, Carlos.

Mr. Sweeney.

Mr. Sweeney...

- Yeah.
- In our house.

And I'm in pajamas, covered in chips.

He knows what's going on.

I'm sorry.

Um... look, I am, uh, really sorry.

I had a rough couple days,

but I'm fine now. You can count on me.

You see this?

14 years sober.

But there was a time when I was standing

right where you're standing.

The only thing that got me back together

was admitting I had a
problem and going to rehab.

No, uh, that's not where I am.

I mean...

I know it looks bad,
but trust me, I'm fine.

Hmm, well, you can tell yourself that.

But it's time for you to make a choice.

Either throw away everything
you've worked for,

including your family,

or take back control of your life.

Honey, I think you should go.

I know a great place... the place I went.

I can call tomorrow and get
everything set up for you.

It's gonna be okay, sweetie.

I'm sorry. That waiter was
totally flirting with you.

He was not.

Oh, please, he kept asking
you how your potato was.

I mean, look, it's a potato.
How many ways can it go wrong?

Jared was just being attentive.

Oh, oh, now it's Jared.

I didn't realize you two
were on a first-name basis.

You know what?

- I like seeing you jealous.
- I'm not jealous.

He just spent so much time at our table,

he should have split the bill with me.


Nah. Jared only got to bring you a potato.


got to bring you home.

Oh, stop! Stop! Stop,
stop, stop! I'm here!

- Oh, my god.
- Lynette! What the hell?

- Oh, my god!
- I'm sorry!

- What is she doing here?
- Yeah, what are you doing here?

I didn't... I didn't think... I wasn't...

I think she's on a bender.

No, no! I just...

What? You just what?


Why don't I give you guys some privacy?

As ironic as that sounds right now.

I'll be at Chloe's.

Please tell me this is
the first time you have done this.

I just wanted to bring you
your scotch, you know?

For our anniversary.


Yes. I got the flowers you sent me.

Oh, my god.


You... remember 12 years ago
when I forgot our anniversary?

I felt so awful,

I placed a standing order at the florist.

I wanted to make sure you
got flowers every year.

- Oh, god.
- I'm so sorry.

No. No. Honest mistake.

It w-will never happen again.

I am canceling it first thing tomorrow.


I'm going to go.


Your hair looks nice.

Thank you.

You made it.

Oh, Felix was nice enough
to invite me to the opening.

It's the least I could do.

Susan, that's art.


There's a lot of people here.

Yep. And before the night's over,

I believe they'll all
be talking about you.


I did something,

and you're gonna thank me for it.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god.

You're welcome.

What did you do?

Well, you seemed so terrified
about displaying your work.

I figured I'd rip off
the band-aid for you.

And see? You're a hit.

Don't forget who made you.

Sweetie, can I help you?

Nope. Don't mind me. I'm just...

adjusting the...

That is really stuck on good, huh?

What are you doing?

Andre submitted these without my consent.

They were meant to be private.
I really want them back.

Oh, jeez! How many screws
have you got in there?

Stop it!

The only way they're coming
down is if somebody buys them.

Felix, please, please give them back.

No one can see these!

Oh, you are clever.

Creating a scene like a crazy artist.

There is not a person in this room

who isn't looking this way.

You're a genius.

No! No, I'm not a genius. I swear.

I just need the paintings!

Keep it up. Keep it up.

I'm gonna grab the photographer
from the "Sentinel."

The crazier, the better.

Oh, her mind has snapped. Oh!

Stupid art!

Bree, it's Susan. I know
we're not talking right now,

but I really need you... and Gaby..

and your checkbooks.

Susan, this isn't art.
It's an illustrated confession!

It's like a kid's book.

"Meet Dick and Jane. See Jane kill Dick."

"See Jane bury Dick. Run, Jane, run!"

Oh, I swear I didn't know.

He just took them out of
the classroom and put them up.

Well, we have to get
them down immediately.

Hello, ladies. Are you enjoying the art?

Yes, so much so, that we would like to buy

this whole series of paintings.

- And take them home with us.
- Immediately.

Uh, ordinarily, I would place

a-a sticker on the work that says "Sold,"

and then I would contact
you when the show's over.

Yeah, well, you heard the lady.
We gotta have these paintings,

and we gotta have 'em now. So how much?

Well... oh. Well, if you're
gonna buy the whole series,

I suppose I can trim
a little off the price.

$10,000 should cover it.

$10,000 for my art?

I mean, seems a little steep.

Yeah. She painted my kids
a mural of monkeys playing soccer

for a bottle of wine.

Fine. We'll take 'em.

Congratulations, Mrs. Delfino.

You are officially sold out,

thanks to this lovely lesbian couple.

- Oh, we're not...
- You know what? This is not the time.

Oh, we'll start pulling the pieces down.

I'm so sorry.

Tomorrow I'm back to
monkeys and squirrels.

You bought these?

Yep. They're ours, so stop looking at 'em.

You really have a good eye.

Yes. They're so powerful.

It's clearly an allegory
for the bludgeoning

and burying of the middle
class in this country.

Oh, I don't know.

All I see is four women who
killed a guy with a candlestick

and dumped his body in the woods.

But then again...

what do I know about art?

Chuck, you followed me here?

Why would he be following you?

Yeah, what's going on?

I'm just trying to get a little culture.

Susan, you painted these?


Bravo. They are... amazing.

I-I mean, this one, for example,

I me, I'm-I'm getting
shivers just looking at it.

And... is it me...

or do those women look familiar?

And the short one kind
of looks like you, Gaby.

And, uh, there's you, Susan,

and your friend Lynette,

and pretty one with the red hair...

well... who else but Bree?

It's a work of art.

I'm sure it's open to interpretation.

No, I'm pretty certain it's you.

What I can't figure out is...

who's that?

Susan, you painted it.

You can't tell me who that
dead body might represent?


Any theories?

Maybe a certain...
missing person from Oklahoma?

Okay, what the hell is he talking about?

I am this close to putting this together,

but you know what?

I think I'm gonna take my time,

because I want to enjoy
watching the ice princess melt.


What is he talking about?

Alejandro... somebody reported him missing,

and Chuck thinks we're connected.

Oh, god.

Is that why he was at
your house the other day?

- Yes.
- But I asked you about that.

Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause you're going through
such a hard time with Carlos.

I didn't wanna burden you.

God, Bree. More secrets?

What did you think you were doing?

I was protecting you.

I've been protecting all of you.

Ever since that night,

I am the one trying to
keep this thing together!

Yeah, well, great job.

There's the woman of the hour.

How do you feel?

I never wanted people
to see these paintings.

I feel...


Then congratulations.

You're finally an artist.

Yes, there comes a time when
we must expose our weaknesses...

when our secrets can no
longer remain private...

when our solitude can
no longer be denied...

when our pain can no longer be ignored...

but sometimes we feel so alone...

that a weakness
we thought we'd overcome...

suddenly becomes too strong to fight.