Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 2 - Making the Connection - full transcript

Tom no longer has to fall for Lynette's dirty trick to make him play 'bad cop' and she refuses to, so Parker gets to attend a dubious, unsupervised party and they rival to rescue him. Gaby ...

Previously on...


Renee was charmed by the new neighbor.


Trying to protect Gaby,
Carlos committed murder.

We are never gonna be able
to tell anybody about this.

Are you gonna be able to live with that?

And the women swore to keep the secret.

But then Bree received a warning.

When I was alive,

Bree Van De Kamp was one
of my closest friends.

Maybe that's because we
had so much in common.

Like Bree, I also received
a menacing letter...

One that threatened to
shatter the perfect life

I had worked so hard to create.

You see, I had once committed
a desperate act of my own.

And despite my best
efforts to conceal it,

someone found out and
was determined to expose me.

I thought about telling my friends.

But I decided not to burden them.

I had hoped that with one final act,

I could consign my deeds to history.

But I had forgotten that history...

has a way of repeating itself.

Something interesting?

No. No, just a... letter...

from a friend who I haven't,
uh, heard from in a while.

You okay?

I'm fine.

I'm just annoyed

because the, uh, postman left me
Gaby's water bill again.

You go in. I'll just
put it back in the box.

All right.

Oh, Karen.

You scared me. What are
you doing out so late?

What am I, a cat?
I'm allowed to be out past 10:00.

I'm sorry. Have you seen
anyone near my mailbox?

What's the problem?

I just... got a letter.

An obscene letter.

That's all?

You oughta be happy that someone
still finds you obscene.

Last week, I got called
"Sir" three times.

Karen! This is serious.

I need to find out who put
this letter in my mailbox.

Wow, you're really shaken up.

Yes, I am.

This is very upsetting,

and I don't know what I'm going to do.

It's just a note, Bree. Let it go.

Yes, Bree Van De Kamp and
I had so much in common.

We shared similar lives.

And now Bree found herself praying

that we wouldn't share a similar fate.

In the divided world of the suburbs,

everyone is looking
for a way to connect.

They fend off loneliness
with casual conversation.

They share old treasures
with a young friend.

They help a neighbor
make a difficult move.

But for Carlos and Gaby Solis,

the only connection that mattered

was the romantic one.

And when it came to maintaining it,

Gaby was willing to
pull out all the stops.

What are we celebrating?

A new record. It's been
38 days since we last had sex,

and that streak is ending tonight.

Seriously, it's been that long?

38 days.

That's like three years in hoo-hah time.

Sweetie, I would love to,

but I have way too much work to do.

Unh-unh. No, no. No excuses.

I changed the sheets, shaved my legs,

and dumped the kids at McCluskey's,

so drop your pants,
cowboy, and saddle up.

Yes, ma'am.


Don't feel bad.
It happens to lots of men.

Not to me. Not to us.

Well, it has been 38 days.

Maybe the poor little
guy forgot what to do.

Not helping.


Listen, you've been under
a lot of stress lately.

So relax.

How about I give you a nice massage,

we finish the champagne,
and later we try again?

Gaby, thanks, but it's
not gonna work, okay?

Like Carlos, Susan Delfino was
also feeling disconnected.

Her guilt made the world
a strange and scary place...

where she could be
exposed at any moment.

Hey! Hold it right there!

I know what you did.


Yeah, and you're not
getting away with it.

You thought you could walk
out with a case of soda

and no one would notice?

Oh. Uh...

I-I forgot those were down there.

Yeah. Right. I've never
heard that one before.

Ma'am, I'm gonna ask you
to step away from the cart

and keep your hands where I can see 'em.

Everything okay here?

If you consider larceny okay.

Mrs. Delfino,

on behalf of Fairview market,
I'd like to apologize for Kevin.

Seems we're all paying the price

for his rejection from
the police academy.

Oh, well, excuse me for not
wanting to live in a world

where people can commit crimes

without suffering the consequences.

You are a criminal.

I've known Mrs. Delfino for years.

She pays for the grapes
she eats in the produce section.

She would never do anything bad.

Sure, I would.


You don't know me at all.

I'm a very bad person.
I did a horrible thing.

I deserve to be punished.

Let me cuff her. I have cuffs.
I brought 'em from home.

No one's getting cuffed.

Just... pay for the soda
next time you come in.

No, no, no. No,
you need to march me inside

- and make me pay now.
- Mrs. Delfino...

I'm serious.

Make an example of me
to deter other criminals.

- Fine. Take her in.
- Copy that.

Yep. Did the crime. Doing the time.

Dead man walking.

So what's the damage?

An arm and a leg? Just an arm?

Not even a finger.
It's a cracked fitting.

I swapped it out. It's no charge.

Really? The first guy I called

said I had to re-pipe the whole house.

Oh, it's a scam.

These pipes are top-of-the-line copper.

The guy that put 'em in did a great job.

How do you know? It was me.

You just saved me 10 grand.

No wonder people say such
good things about you.


What are neighbors for?

Need anything else, just holler.

Actually, there is one thing.

I'm a real estate developer,

about to break ground on a new project,

and, uh, I'm looking for some help...

local guys that I can trust.

You interested?

Hey, Mike. Got a minute?

Um... Hey, Renee.

We're friends, right?


Oh, come on. You fixed
my toilet for free.

Um, that wasn't free. I sent you a bill.

You just haven't paid it.

Ahh. Anyway, look, here's the deal.

Uh, Ben likes me.
He just doesn't know it yet.

Now I need to find that
thing that we connect on.

You've been on the inside.
What can you tell me about him?

Well, he's got copper pipes.

Something personal.

I saw a box of cheerios...
and a coffeemaker.

He must like coffee.
Unless it's for guests.

Oh, my god. I got more
out of the cable guy,

and he's deaf.

Does he have any photos?
Artwork? Think, Delfino, think!


Okay. Um...

There was this plaque from the mayor...

Something about his
work with the elderly.


He likes the elderly?

Well, I like the elderly.

Since when?

Oh. Old people are adorable.

I love their little raisin faces

and those tennis balls
they put on their walkers.

Thanks for the tip...



Hey, how was your day?

Awesome. Dad's hotel is so cool.

We went swimming in
the pool and played marco polo

and cannonballed off the diving board.

Why don't we have a pool?

And then we got hamburgers
and french fries

and super-sized cherry cola slushies.

Ah. Sugar and caffeine.

I guess you figured
they were too young for meth?

It's just a slushie.

On a school night.
She's gonna be up till 2:00 A.M.

Just 'cause you couldn't say "No."

You're blowing this out of proportion.

Who wants to play mega monopoly?

It's just like regular
monopoly but with more stuff.

You just keep playing and playing

and playing and playing and playing...

Yeah. Way out of proportion.

Look, now that we're really separated,

I refuse to be the bad guy all the time.

You have got to learn to say "No."

I say it.

Tonight when we walked
past the pet shop,

they wanted a spider monkey.
I said "No."

I'm serious. Things are different now.

I'm not gonna let this
be the house of pain

while you're living it up
at the MTV beach house.

You're right.

Things are different now.

For instance, I used to have to
stand here and listen to this.

But now I'm thinking... no.

Hey, look at that. I'm getting
pretty good at this "No" thing.

It's bad enough when we weren't
even trying to have sex,

but to try and fail?

Well, do you think it
might have something to do

with the stress Carlos is under?

We're all under stress.
You know what's stressful?

Is not having sex for 39 1/2 days.

You're sounding a little callous.

I don't mean to. It's just,
sex is important to us.

Even in our toughest times,
it's what always held us together.

If we don't have that,
I'm worried what will happen to us.

I get that.

So... come on, girls.

How can I spice things
up in the bedroom?

Is this actually happening?

Gabrielle Solis is
asking us for sex tips?

I know! It's the apocalypse.

Well, if you don't mind harsh lighting

and blatant misogyny,
you can always watch a porno.

Watched one. Filmed one. Next.

This may shock you,

but sometimes Mike and I
like doing it in public.

Huh. Those of us who wandered

by Santa's workshop at
the Christmas carnival...

Not that shocked.

You could try role-playing.

Once, I dressed up in
a french maid's costume,

and Orson pretended to
be a stubborn stain,

and why is everybody looking at me?

Seriously, guys, I need some new moves.

Well, there's this one mom at school...

and I promised
I wouldn't use her name...

Betty Cunningham...
who hired a stripper to teach her

how to give her husband a lap dance.

Well, I don't know what
a stripper could teach me,

but it's worth a shot.

You really think that's gonna work?

Why wouldn't it?

Because... I get where
Carlos is coming from.

This kind of guilt can
really mess with your head.

Something you wanna talk about?

Okay, the other day,

I accidentally took a case
of soda from the supermarket,

and the security guard
started yelling at me.

And at first, I was like, "No,"

but then I was like "Yes, I deserve it."

"I deserve to be punished."

It felt right to be publicly
humiliated like that,

and why is everybody looking at me?

'Cause there's a bucket of crazy
where your head used to be.

So now I'm crazy.

I thought you said I could
talk to you about this stuff.

You can,

and we appreciate what
you're grappling with,

but you cannot go around
attracting attention like that.

It's not safe.


So knock it off and go
get me some more coffee!

What? She likes to be yelled at.

Hey, you.

Uh, I thought you were, uh, at work.

I pronounce the city of Fairview

safe enough to have lunch with my girl.

Oh, that would be lovely,

but I have something
I need to do. Shoot.

Oh, yeah? Like what?


Unless it's a... it's a big secret.

Is it a big secret?


I'm sorry. You're right. I...

You don't owe me any explanations.

I just... I just need
to know that we're okay.


My feelings for you have not changed,

just my schedule for the day.


Well, that's good,

because suspicion can be
a great trait in police work,

but it's horrible in a relationship.

Just ask my ex.

I never wanna be that guy again.

Hello there, Karen.


What happened to "Liver spot"
or "6 feet under"

or one of your other cute nicknames?

No, no, I can't come in!

I'm just dropping off
another home-cooked meal!

What meal? What the hell
are you yelling for?

Just lift the napkin.

50 bucks. What's the catch?

Don't look now,
but do you see Ben over there?

Mm. Subtle.

Anyway, he has a soft
spot for old people,

and as far as he knows, so do I.

No, no, your crinkled little smile

is thanks enough for me.

Are you petting me?

Just say nice things about me to Ben.

Tell him I bring you meals,
that kind of stuff.

Well, it's a pretty big
favor for 50 bucks.

Considering I don't like you,
I'll do it for $100.


Tomorrow I'll bring you a
c-note and a jell-o mold. Deal?

Oh, Renee.

Bless your heart. You're so good to me.

No, you're the one who enriches my life.

The joy I get...

Hands off. He's gone.

Oh, my god.

You think I sent this?

You have any idea how
this makes me feel?

Forgive me. I didn't
think it was possible

to damage the self-esteem of a murderer.

A confessed murderer.

And this-this is
the only way you can see me?

Paul! Paul.


I'm sorry. I've just been
so panicked since I got it.

It has the exact same wording as
the letter Mary Alice received.


That's very weird.

But why are you so worked up about it?

I believe Mary Alice
got a little worked up

when she got hers.

But she was hiding something.
You aren't.


Of course not.

It's obviously just a cruel prank,

but I still wanna know
who's responsible.

It had to be someone who
knew about the original note.

Well, let's see.
Obviously there's Martha Huber.

Obviously she didn't send it.

Then there's you,

Susan, Lynette, Gaby.

I assume you've already asked them.

Uh, actually, I-I haven't
mentioned it to the girls yet.

I-I still haven't figured
out exactly what it is.

Well, whatever it is,

don't keep it to yourself.

If Mary Alice had shared
her note with you girls...

things might have turned out...

a whole different way.

You know it's recycling day.


So it looks like you're about

to put kitchen garbage
in your recycling bin.

Oh. I hope I don't get punished.

Oh, here I am, dropping a turkey carcass

in with the recycling.

And here I am, not giving a crap.

Uh-oh. You got me.

Can I bum one?

My old lady made me quit.




Thank god. Those were from last week.

Hello. Uh, Ben, isn't it?


Uh, listen, uh,

I was just talking to Mrs. McCluskey,

and I gotta say, I really misjudged you.

- Oh?
- Yeah.

She was telling me all
the ways you've helped her.

Well, I like to think
I'm doing god's work,

you know, until he takes her
in her sleep or what have you.

Yeah, I don't know if you knew this,

but I'm quite involved
with seniors myself.

Get out! Look at us,
having things in common.


So is there something
else I can help you with?

Actually, yes. Are you free tonight?

Hey, buddy.

What are you thinking
for dinner tonight?

Mexican? Chinese?

Actually, there's a
party at Rich Cohen's

I was hoping to go to.

Yeah? Don't hope too hard.

Why not?

Remember when Rich turned 13?

It was the only bar mitzvah
ever shut down by the police.

I don't trust his parents.

Well, if you makes you feel better,
they're out of town.

Ooh, an unsupervised party? Even better.

We're just gonna be

eating pizza and watching
movies and stuff,

and Rich's older brother will be there.

Perfect. Someone to buy the beer.

So you're saying "No"? Again?


I'm not saying no.
I'm saying ask your dad.

Hey! I'm just dropping off a check.

Hang on a sec. Parker has
something he wants to ask you.


Can I go to a party at
Rich Cohen's house tonight?

What did your mom say?

His mom said he should ask his dad.

Oh. Well... H-his parents
are gonna be there, right?

Nope. No parents.

And... Rich Cohen...

didn't something happen
at his bar mitzvah?

Lots of things happened...
drinking, pot smoking,

the whittaker girl got pregnant.

It sounds like you already
made up your mind here.

No, no, no.

I have not made up my mind.
It is entirely up to you.

You hear that, dad? Entirely up to you.

Well... I-it seems like
your mom doesn't think

this is a good idea...

I didn't say that.

I don't not think it's a good idea.

Oh, so you do do think it's a good idea.

I don't not think it's not...
not... a good idea.

Okay, I'm confused.

Well, if your mom's not saying "No,"

I'm not saying "No" either.

Oh! Well, if your dad's not saying "No,"

I'm sure as hell not going to say "No."

So is that a "Yes"?

Well... it's not a "No."


Are you sure this thing is safe?

My son plays fireman
on mine all the time.

Do you wanna see a picture?

Let's not make this sadder than it is.

All right, so my husband's having
a little problem In the bedroom.

With his wiener?

Yes, with his... wiener.

Well, you can relax,
because I'm like a doctor,

and I see this problem all
the time with older women.

"Older"? Excuse me.

I don't think our ages
are that far apart.

When were you born?


Me, too. All right, enough chitchat.

Give me a taste of what
I'm gonna learn here.

Okay. I'd do ya.

Let me try.

That was kind of advanced.

I was thinking maybe we could
start with something simple,

Like grinding on a chair.

Okay, will you stop
treating me like a grandma?

I do yoga and zumba and kickboxing.

I'm in excellent shape.


Not bad.

Okay, now ass up, legs out,

and remember, slow is sexy.

Oh, my god.

Okay. Uh... A little
harder than it looks.

No worries.
You'll pick it up in no time.

Six months tops.

What?! I can't wait that long.

I need your moves, your body...

My ass, but basically
I need to be you by tonight.

Hey, what are you doing tonight?

I'm headlining at Double D's.

If I triple your pay,

would you mind being
the opening act here?

Ben, I don't know how the food is,

but I already love this restaurant.

We are the youngest people here.

Oh, this isn't a restaurant.

This is the senior center.

Welcome to the Ben
Faulkner function room.

We're not eating here, are we?

No, no, we're serving.

We can eat afterwards if there are,
you know, leftovers.

Oh, fun.

Uh, but I'm... I'm a
little underdressed.

There you go.

There. Now you're perfect.

Gaby, F.Y.I., guys who used to be blind

don't enjoy reliving it.

Relax. You're gonna love this.

Now just sit back

and get ready for takeoff.


Wow. You've been working out.

I have... but that's not my ass.

It's a professional's.

Meet Dakota.

What the hell? What is this?

A gift from your wife.
I work at Double D's,

out by the interstate.

Not the one by the airport
that had the hepatitis scare.

You hired a stripper.

Only as a warm-up act.

Then later on, she'll clear out,

and it's just you and
me for the main event.

Nope. Not doing this.

Hang on. Idea. Sit down.

Oh! Okay. What are you doing?

I don't...

Oh, my god. He's right.

Your body... it's like a dolphin.

Give it a little spank.

Nothing will fix his problem quicker

than a little girl-on-girl action.

My "problem."

You told her.

Okay, quick. Make out with me.

Do you have any idea how
embarrassing this is for me?

Thank you, doctor. You can go now.

How could you do that to me?

Try to get our sex life back on track?

Carlos, even at our worst,

this is the one thing
that's always worked for us.

I just want us to get back to normal.

We're never going back to normal!

Don't you understand that?!

What I did...

you can't wish it away.

It is with me all the time,

whether I'm awake

or asleep...

or trying to make love to you.

I'm sorry. I just wish there
was something I could do.

There's not.

What's that?

I don't know.

Is it good?

Let me clue you in on something.

Food is usually either good or free.

How come you're dressed so fancy?

Because I'm on a date with
that hot Aussie over there.

He just failed to mention
what the date was.

Ben brought you to sling
food dressed like that?

Honey, I think he's messing with you.

I hope you had a good laugh.

Be thankful I shoved that on your head.

There was another option.

Renee, stop.

Why? So you can mock me some more?

I wasn't mocking you.

Okay, but I mean,
you did kinda deserve it...

I mean, your whole
"I heart old people" thing.

I was trying to find
something we had in common,

and now I know we have
nothing in common.

You're a good person who
does things like this,

and... I'm me.

You're not a good person?

No, Ben, I'm not.

Because truthfully,
doing charity makes me nauseous.

Yeah, me, too.


Makes me uncomfortable, too,
but I know why that is.

Do you?

I don't want to talk about this.

Why? You afraid of saying
something truthful?

When my mom... died,

I was bounced around from
relative to relative,

most of them dirt-poor.

We were on the receiving
end of a lot of charity.

I spent plenty of time
in places like this.

And I hated it.

They hand you something...

a, uh, a dented can of
food or an ugly shirt.

And someone tells you,
"Say 'thank you' to the nice lady."

And you do, but secretly,
you wanna scream, "I hate you."

I know what it's like to claw
your way out of something.

Look at us...

having things in common.

It's about time.

Is there a problem, officer?

Yeah. You're parked in a fire zone.

Oh! Darn the luck, I am.

Well, sounds like
somebody's gonna be slapped

with a pretty steep fine.

Yeah, I should write you a ticket.

But if you promise not to do it again,

I'll let you off with a warning.

What? Why would you do that?

- 'Cause I'm a new dad.
- Oh, jeez.

Abigail Dorothy Brovka,
8 pounds, 6 ounces.

I'm just so happy,

filled with love.

Anything short of a triple murder,

and I'm pretty much
looking the other way.

No, no. No, don't look the other way.

No, look this way.

Laws have been broken.
There must be consequences.

I just wanna get home to my baby.

I mean, look at her, all wrapped up

like the tastiest little
burrito in Fairview.

- Oh, look at that.
- Yeah.

Ah, well...

That was not cool.

Now fortunately for you,
I always carry a backup.

Are you kidding me?

What do I have to do
to get arrested here?

Lady, people like you
used to drive me nuts.

But nothing can faze me now
that this sweet little girl's

come into my life.

Well, that sweet little girl...
she's got dumbo ears.

Ma'am, you can turn around

and put your hands behind your back.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.

Hey, Mike.

Um, I, uh, I've got a bit of a problem.

Maybe you can help me out with it.

I can try. What's the problem?


How am I supposed to hire you
when I can't get you bonded?

Who knew? Mike Delfino, suburban dad,

guy who keeps the neatest
lawn on the block,

Ex con?


And you were gonna mention this when?

Look, I'm sorry. It's not
something I tend to lead with

when I meet somebody.

'cause you're not that guy anymore.

That's right.

A bad cop tried to rape your girlfriend,

and you fought him to protect her.

Tell me why you wouldn't
wanna be that guy anymore.

It was a long time ago.

I was a kid,

and I've learned life's a lot
more complicated than I thought.

Nah. Nah.

Life is brutally simple.

Life is getting what you want
and protecting who you love...

and everything else is weakness.

A guy like you...

guy like you knows it.

Ben, if this is all just to
tell me you can't use me,

I understand.

No, no, no, no, I didn't say that.

I said I couldn't bond you.

I can definitely use you.

I hope you've cooled off a bit.

Yeah. Well, uh,
spending a few hours in a cell

with a drunk transvestite
will do that to you.

Your baby's cute, by the way.

I swear she'll grow into those ears.

Thanks. The guy you called
to pick you up is here.

Carlos, thanks for coming.

I couldn't call Mike, and, uh,

I didn't wanna upset the girls, so...

You okay?

They told me you assaulted
a motorcycle cop.

Actually, it was just a motorcycle.

That doesn't sound like you.

I've been...

in this weird place lately.

I keep doing things,
hoping to get caught.

Does it help?

For five minutes.

And then I just feel guilty again.

I just don't know how to
pull myself out of this.

I get it.

Gaby keeps pushing me to act
like everything is normal.

I guess we're just supposed
to stuff everything down

and move on.

But that's impossible.

The girls are playing poker

and acting like things are fine,
and they're not.

It is nice to be able
to talk about this.


It is.

Do you wanna get some coffee?

Sounds good.

Parker, it's me.

It's getting late. Is everything okay?

Everything is fine, m'lady.

Who's this?


If this is a booty call,
Toph is ready to fill in.

Where is Parker?

I don't know, man.

It's kind of

a "Lord of the flies" situation here.

So... are we hooking up or what?




Excuse me, excuse me.
I'm looking for my son,

Parker Scavo... I'm hoping you know him.

Keg stand! Keg stand!
Keg stand! Keg stand!

And now I'm hoping you don't.

Keg stand! Keg stand!
Keg stand! Keg stand!

Whoa, hold on. This is a private party.

Uh, I'll just be a minute.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you, some kind of narc?

No, I'm just looking for my son,
I swear. I'm not a narc.

Exactly what a narc would say.

Step aside, kid.

Lady, I said no.

Listen to me. My son is here somewhere,

and he is probably drunk
and probably terrified,

and I have got to find him.

Sorry. There's no way we're
letting a narc into our party.

I am not... Ugh!


Would a narc do this?


Keg stand! Keg stand! Keg stand!
Keg stand! Keg stand!


Uh... Tom!

This isn't what it looks like.
I haven't been drinking.

I mean, a little.
What are you doing here?

Parker called me to pick him up

- because he drank too much.
- Where is he?

He's in the car. He sent me
back because he lost his phone.

Is he okay?

He's covered in puke,
which I'm hoping is-is his.

Oh, god.

This is your fault for
letting him come here.

My fault? You could have stopped him.

Oh, please. You knew it was a bad idea.

You were just too busy testing me.

No, I was giving you a chance
to stand up and be a father.

Now we've got a 16-year-old son

we have to clean off with a garden hose.

I guess you showed me.

He asleep?

Yeah. I thought

let him sober up before we punish him.

I know I shouldn't have
let him go tonight.

But right now saying "Yes"

is the only move I've got.


What is this?

Some kind of game you're trying to win?

Lynette, you have no idea
what this is like for me.

For 20 years, I had
the same bedtime ritual.

I-I brushed my teeth,
and I'd go look at each kid sleeping,

and no matter what crap
happened during the day,

I knew the things that
mattered were okay.

Now my ritual...

I brush my teeth.

So, yes.

I'm doing everything I can
to make the little time

that I spend with them
the best part of their week.

Wow. You're succeeding.

When I see them sprint out to the car,

so excited to see daddy,

part of me thinks, great.

They're okay with this,
and part of me thinks...

oh, crap.

I'm losing them to you.

So you're trying to win, too.


I just...

I understand how you feel.

And the only way we're
gonna get through this

Is if we stop worrying about...

who wins.

I'm sorry to burden you with this,

but I just couldn't keep
it to myself anymore.

Why not? Why did you have to tell me?

Repression is, like, your thing.

Okay, let's-let's say someone knows.

They're not asking us for money.

They're not trying to blackmail us.

I say until they tell us what they want,

we just act like everything's normal.

Except I'm drinking a lot more.

You don't think we
should tell the others?

Well, we can't tell Susan.
She's already flipping out.

You're right.
And we shouldn't tell Lynette,

given what's going on in her marriage.

Or Carlos, given what's
going on in mine.

So you don't think
we should do anything?

Well, there is one thing
I've been telling you

you need to do. Get rid of Chuck!

You're right. I should, but, um...

But what?

This is gonna sound strange.

He makes me feel safe.

Safe? Yeah, I do think that's strange,

especially now that some lunatic knows.

But you've got to end this,
and you've got to end it now.


Now isn't that funny?

I was just thinking to myself,

"How am I gonna wash
my back in the shower?"

And then you walk in.

Serendipity, huh?

Sorry. I'm gonna pass.


Is, um...

something on your mind?

It can wait.

- Bree...
- Go ahead. Take your shower.


I have a collect call

from Fairview correctional institution.

Will you accept the charges?


Bree, it's Paul Young.

I've been thinking about
what you asked me...

You know, who might have known
about Mary Alice's note.


When I confessed to
the murder of Martha Huber,

I mentioned the letter to the police.

Well, do you remember who
these policemen were?

The main detective was a tall guy

with a short name like,
uh, Pence or Vince.

Was it Vance? Chuck Vance?

Yes, that's it.

I have to go.

Okay. I know that was
the shortest shower

I've ever taken, but I...

I really didn't like
the look on your face before.

Be honest with me, Bree.

Are you about to break up with me?

Of course not.

In fact, let's get
you back in that shower.

Yes, in the divided
world of the suburbs,

everyone is looking for some
way to make a connection.

Some seek to connect by
focusing on a greater good...

Some by revealing a common history...

Some by sharing a pain

no one else can heal.

Then there are those

Who once sought to make a connection...

that they now want
desperately to escape.