Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 14 - Get Out of My Life - full transcript

Susan discovers the identity Julie's baby's father; Orson makes it his duty to nurse Bree back to health; Mike informs Renee of Ben's dire circumstances with a loan shark.

Previously on...

Ben took money from a loan shark.

If you're not good for it,

I understand that pretty
girlfriend of yours is loaded.

Julie had more then
one surprise for Susan.

I'm giving it up for adoption.


You slammed your doors in my face!

Bree rejected her friends.

Let go of me!

But it was Orson who came to her rescue.

Your friends called me.

Orson Hodge had always known one thing...

Bree Van de Kamp was
the perfect woman for him.

When he was sick,
she nursed him back to health.

When he was arrested,

she promised to wait for him.

And when he suffered a terrible injury,

she did everything he couldn't.

So now that Bree was suffering,

Orson intended to care for her.

I've found that whatever the problem,

a cup of tea always makes
things a little better.

Thank you.

To think, if you hadn't been there,

what that terrible man might've done...

Don't think about that.

You're safe now. I'm here.

You really are a good friend.

Perhaps my only one.

What a thing to say.

You're still close with Gabrielle,
Lynette, and Susan, aren't you?

Is something wrong?

We're estranged.


I thought the four of
you were inseparable.

I know, but something happened
a few months ago, and...


After everything we've been through,

I promise you can trust me.

I don't want you to know.

You're the only one who
still believes in me.

And I always will.

Please, I can see this is tearing you up.

For your own good tell me.

About six months ago...

we threw a dinner part

but before the guests arrived at Gaby's,

something terrible happened.

Orson, I understand you're shocked,
but please talk to me.

I am shocked.

You agree help cover up Carlos' crime,

and then they just abandon you?
How can your friends do that?

You're angry at them?


They took advantage of you
and then hung you out to dry.

It's appalling.

So even after hearing what I've done,

you still believe in me?

Yes, Orson Hodge knew that Bree
was the perfect woman for him.

And now that he had her back...

I believe in you more than ever.

He had no intention of letting her go.

Lynette Scavo had discovered

the silver lining of separation...

shared custody.

For three glorious days a week,

she had no child demanding her attention...

no one to set an example for...

and plenty of time to exercise.

But Lynette forgot that when
it comes to being a mother,

you can run...

Hey, mom!

But you can never hide.

Hey, guys. What's going on?

Nothing. Jeez, do we need
a reason to bring flowers

to the woman who gave us life?

Suitcases? Why are there suitcases?

Okay, we had a little
disagreement with our landlord,

and we were kind of evicted.

No! No! No! No! No!

Go away! You are not moving back here.

Mom, come on...

I spent 18 years getting you out of here.

There's no damn way
I'm letting you back in.

Okay, mom.

We understand.

Yeah, we have to learn to live on our own.


Come on! Just for a week.

I know you guys.
A week would turn into a year,

a year into 20,

and pretty soon, you're
taking me off the respirator,

saying "It's what mom would've wanted."

Please let us in.
We're children of divorce.

Exactly. Go to your dad's.

But we like you so much more.

Don't give me that.

No, seriously, dad has
that stupid girlfriend.

And he's been so unfair to you.

You had me at "Stupid girlfriend."

Hey, sweetie. Whatcha doing?

Oh, the adoption agency sent me
a few more couples to check out.

Okay, that guy's got serial killer eyes.

Oh, he does not. That's from the flash.

Fine. You want your baby to be on the run.

Any other choices?

I like them.

Oh, gay couple.

Uh, that's not a man.

Oh, too bad. They're great with kids.

Okay, that's it. Nobody's ever
gonna be good enough for you.

So you've totally ruled out keeping it?

Yes, totally.

And I get no say in the matter?

Now you're talkin'.

You need to stop hassling her.

I just wish there was something I could do

to keep her from giving this baby away.

Hey, what if I talk to the father?


No, does he even know
that she's doing this?

Maybe if I find him,

I tell him, and then he'll stop her.

That's a very bad idea.

- Says you.
- What do your friends think?

I don't know. Not allowed to tell them.

Julie wants to keep this a big secret.

So you are the only one
I'm allowed to talk to,

and I would really appreciate
it if you would agree with me.

Look, this is killing me, too.

But it's her decision.

You keep pushing her,

it's not just a grandkid
you're gonna lose.

Girls, let's go home now.

All right, I'm gonna count to three.



two and a half...

two and three-quarters...

You don't know any more fractions, do you?

All right, that is it, smart-ass.

I am calling your father.

And you better watch out,

because this phone has a whup-ass app.

Hi, sweetie. I am just
getting ready to meditate.

Can I call you back?

No! No, no, no. Enough
nurturing your inner child.

I need you to come home

and whack a couple of your outer ones.

I can't come home until
my treatment is complete.

That's another 16 days.

In 16 days, I can't guarantee

you're gonna have
children to come home to.

You wouldn't believe the things
that are going through my mind.


I'm just saying, I've got rocks,
they've got backpacks,

and there's a lake on the way to school.

Look... I know that
it has been tough on you

with me being in rehab.

You have no idea. I am losing my mind.

I'm looking after your business,

I'm running the house,

I'm trying to keep the girls in line.

Let me talk to Juanita.

Juanita, talk to your father.

Hey, daddy.

Anything biting?

Karen kicked me out.

Oh, my god. What happened?

I don't know.

Seems like everything
I do lately gets her mad.

"Lately"? She's a grouchy old lady.

That's why we love and fear her.

Nah, this is different.

I think it's gonna take
a while for her to cool down.

And in the meantime, I got no place to go.

Yeah. Well, you know,
it's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.

Not for me.

I slept there once.

Woke up at 2:00 in the morning
with a guy massaging my feet.

Well, at least she gave me my fishing pole

so I won't starve to death.

The church has a koi pond, right?

There's that frontier spirit.

Okay, Gaby. It's obvious
you're not picking up my hints.

No, I am. I'm just ignoring them.

Look, I'd offer you a room at my place,

but my kids are young and loud...

And I'm old and deaf. It's perfect.

Thanks, Gaby.

I'd ask Bree if I could crash with her,

but she's got Orson over there.

You need to be helping
your mother out more.

You know, helping around the house...

Thanks, honey. You've been a big help.

- I gotta call the girls. Bye.
- Gaby!


I saw you through the window

and just had to come out to say hello.


You're back.

I am back.

Keenly observed, Susan.

She just meant it's unexpected,

seeing you after all this time.

Building a ramp.

You and Bree...

Gonna be spending more time together? Yes.

As you know, she's been going
through a rough patch of late.

The other night, she was at a bar,

and there was an incident.

An incident?

Something unpleasant with
an aggressive stranger.

She's fine.

Thank god I happened to be driving by.

Thank god is right.

But as you can imagine,
she's still a little shaken up,

so I'm gonna be spending some time here

until the dust settles.

Can we see her?

You know, I don't think
she's up for that yet.

I'm not surprised.

Yeah, last time we saw her,

it didn't go so well.

Will you at least tell her
we love her and we're here for her?

I'll be sure to relay the message.

- Thanks.
- Bye.

Who were you, uh, talking to?

Just the men installing my ramp.

Now how about I make us some lunch?

No, you've gotta deliver
that cement tomorrow.

Look, I don't know why Ben didn't pay you,

but I drove back to the site.

I'm gonna find your check,
and I'll get it to you tonight.


Hey, this is private property!

What the hell?!

Damn it, Mike.
Why'd you have to come back?

Are you out of your mind?

This doesn't concern you.

You almost killed me, so I say it does.

I'm in over my head with this loan shark,

and his late fee comes with a crowbar.

Sorry... some of this equipment blows up,

the insurance company
writes me a big check,

and I'm able to keep
my knees a little longer.

That's fraud, Ben.

I know what it's called.
I just didn't know what else to do.

Well, not this.

Then what? 'cause I've been trying

to fix this for weeks, Mike,
but it just keeps getting worse.

I've lost every cent I have.

I've lost Renee.

I've... I've screwed everything up.

Are you okay?

My chest feels tight.
That's not good, is it?

No, it's not.

Let's get you to the hospital. Come on.



I see the twins are home.

Really? What gave it away?

Guys! Get your boxers off the table!

They're not mine.

Me neither. I'm wearing...

Oh, wait.

Be right down.

I swear, they're like termites.

Just when I think I've
gotten rid of 'em...

At least they come back to
you when they're in trouble.

And that's a good thing?


Because they listen to you.

They let you help them.

They don't keep
their problems secret for six months

and then completely shut you out,

ignoring all your advice.

What's wrong?

I'm not supposed to tell you...

that Julie's pregnant,

and she's giving the baby up for adoption.

Wow. Where's the dad in all this?

"Who's the dad?" is more like it.

She won't tell me anything.

I'm sorry.

You know, right when Julie was born,

they took her away to
give her a vitamin shot,

and that was the longest hour of my life.

And now she's talking about
giving the baby away for good.

I mean, she just has no idea
how hard that's gonna be.

Do you want me to talk to her?

She might react differently
to someone who's not her mom.


In fact, you can't even
tell her I told you.

Julie doesn't want anyone
knowing she's pregnant.

Oh, mornin'. How'd you sleep?

Terribly. I'd ask you, but I already know.

How can someone use the bathroom
five times in one night?

Heart of a lion,

bladder of a fruit fly.

Well, you do know they make
bathrobes with belts on them?

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to let the old komodo dragon

peek out of the cage.

Don't mention it...

ever again.

Girls, school starts in 20 minutes.

Why aren't you dressed?

'Cause then we'd be ready,

then we'd have to go, and we hate school.

Here. I made breakfast.

Ooh. Toast.

Let me know when your cookbook comes out.


Let's talk about how
we're getting you off my couch

and back with the lady you love.
What's our plan?

Doesn't look good.
I've been calling all morning.

She doesn't even pick up the phone.

Roy, you've got to put
some effort into it.

Woo her. March over there
and sweep her off her feet.

I don't think it's gonna work.

No, no, here's what doesn't work...

me being awakened at 2:00
A.M. by that pep talk

you give your dragon when
you're trying to pee.

You want me out.

I'm sorry.

It's just, my life's really
stressful right now.

No apologies.

It was very kind of you to take me in.

I'm sure I can find another place to stay.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
I told you to get dressed!

I don't wanna.

Damn it, girls! Listen to your mother.

You can't talk to me like that.
You're not my dad.

Exactly. So I don't give
a crap if you live or die.

Here. You see the notches on this belt?

Thos are all the men I killed in Korea.

First time, it was a little rough,

but after that,
you develop a taste for blood.

So listen up, soldiers.

You are gonna march up those stairs,

put on your school gear,
and be back down by 8:00 sharp.

Is that clear?

All right. Now move!

Well, I guess I better go start packing.

No! No, no, no, no.

I can't send a war
veteran out on the street.

As long as America is free,
you have a place here.

Let me finish.

See, this is why I didn't tell you.

I knew you were gonna freak.

Because it's not your decision.

I don't care if you're the father.

Okay, you know what?
I'm not doing this on the phone.

Just meet me at the coffee
cup in half an hour.


You using this chair?

Uh, no, go ahead.

Mrs. Delfino?

Oh, Porter. Shh.

I don't want to Julie to know I'm here.

Why not?

Oh, she's meeting a guy.

I need to find out who it is.

Oh, hey, Porter.

Over here.


Oh, my god.

You're the guy.

Porter Scavo is
the father of my grandchild.


I can't believe you spied on me.

And I can't believe you shacked up

- with a kid you used to babysit.
- Can I just say something?

Are you two in a relationship?

Oh, god, no. Never in a million years.

I can hear you!

We ran into each other at a bar, okay?

And I-I'd just broken up with Wwill,

and I was feeling really depressed,

and Porter bought me a few drinks.

And then we went back to my place and...

Apparently, forgot everything
I taught you about condoms.


It broke.

What'd you expect? It's Porter Scavo.

He probably found it on
the floor of a movie theater.


Well, you better get used to it.

This snot-nosed kid,

the boy who got
his head stuck in our fence,

is the father of your baby.

No, the father will be an adoptive parent

who has gone through extensive interviews

- and a background check.
- Both of you, stop.

No more fighting. All this
stress is bad for my baby.

Your baby?

Yeah. I wanna keep it.

You do?


Oh, I was just doing some research online.

You might want to eat
something called folic acid,

- or the baby could have a weird head.
- You can't be serious.

There is no way
we are raising a baby together.

Then I'll do it myself.

Oh, please. You can't do that.

Well, uh, legally...

he can.

I mean, fathers do have rights.

Mom, what are you doing?

Nothing. I'm just reminding Porter

that he does have a say in this

and letting him know that
if he wants to raise the baby,

he'll have my support

And unlimitebabysitting.

No! No, no, no.
This is none of your business.

Stay out of it!

Porter, if you're serious about this,
I will help you.

Just tell me what you need.

Thank you.

Could you tell my mom?

Oh, hey.

I brought those contracts.
Your secretary says

to sign them so I can
bring 'em back tomorrow.

Aw. Thanks, babe.

Listen, I want you to understand

I get how much you've had
to do with me in here.

But I talked to my counselor,

and he said that I don't
have to do the full 16 days.

I can get out a few days early,
help out with the girls.

Oh, honey, you don't worry about that.


Because yesterday on the phone,

you had that whole drowning fantasy.

I know, but I got help at home.

- What, a nanny?
- Better. A sergeant.

I got Roy.

McCluskey kicked him out,
so I took him in.

You wouldn't believe how
he's getting the girls in line.

McCluskey kicked him out? why?

Who knows? By the way,
big oil stain in the garage?

He had the girls in there all afternoon.

It's gone!

Wow. Those two seemed so
perfect for each other.

And it's perfect for me!

Roy's a genius.

Simply by yelling at the girls

and threatening 'em with violence,

he has made our home a happy place.

But aren't you the least bit interested

in what drove them apart?

I know what's gonna drive us apart...

If you keep asking
those kinds of questions!

Hey, I, uh, I need to
talk to you about Ben.

After what he did to me, I don't care.

He's in the hospital.

He is?

What happened?

He started having chest pains.

They say it's not a heart attack,

but they want to monitor
him for a couple days.

But Ben's a young guy. He's healthy.

Why is he having chest pains?

Oh, he's been under a lot of stress.

Oh, is it the money thing?

Yeah. It's worse than you think.

He's in pretty deep to this... guy.

Guy? What kind of guy?

Let's just say he's not
exactly a licensed banker,

which is what I wanted
to talk to you about.

Ben's in trouble.

This is nice.

It's like you never left,

like all of those terrible things

I told you about never happened,

and we've been here in this kitchen,


It does feel very comfortable.

We're like a pair of old jeans.

Well, we can only assume,
since neither one of us

has ever owned a pair of old jeans.

I want to run something by you.

Of course.

Given everything
you've been through lately,

how would you feel about
a change of scenery?

How big of a change?


- My aunt recently passed.
- Oh.

Ah, no need for sympathy.
She was a wretched woman.

She left her coastal cabin to me.

Well, it might be nice to
get away for a couple weeks.

Yes. And if you like it,

maybe we could make it more permanent,

you know, move there.

Are you talking about us
getting back together?

Because I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

All I'm talking about is a fresh start,

a new chapter in your life.

I don't know, Orson.
It's such a massive change.

I'd be saying good-bye to all my friends.

You mean the women who involved
you in a murder cover-up

and then abandoned you?

Well, in all fairness, they did attempt

that intervention I told you about.

Mm-hmm. And yet they haven't
come by since, have they?

Come on.

Come to the cabin.

Just for a few weeks,
to see if you like it.

You know what? Let's do it.


I'll book the flight.

How's the sauce?

It's all coming together perfectly.

What was that for?

For giving me the day off.

I was able to hit the entire
left side of the mall.

And if you're willing to
keep torturing my kids,

tomorrow I'll hit the right side.

Hi, mom.

What's all this?

The girls and I tackled
that dead tree out back.

I taught them some basic
forestry procedure.

The older one is pretty good with an ax.

You might want to keep an eye on that.

Well, I can't thank you enough.

You are absolutely welcome to stay here...

for the next 16 days.

Yeah, well, I don't know if
I'm gonna make it that long.

I'm thinking about begging
Karen to take me back.


I really miss her.

No, you don't.

I mean, what's there to miss?

You know, the foul moods and the nagging

and the...

Yeah, she can be a little gruff.

And god knows I got my own baggage.

But today, when I was telling the girls

we could have a cozy fire tonight,

all I could think about
was having one with Karen.

Well... I...

I... think you just need
to get your mind off her.

You know what would help?
A nice, long bath.

Yeah. Come on. Come on.

You can, uh, use my lavender bath salts.

Oh, I do like lavender.

That reminds me of a funny story.


Okay, into the bath. Chop chop.

Karen! Is that for me? How thoughtful.

No, it's for Roy,
kind of a peace offering.

No. I mean, don't back down.

I've only lived with the guy for one day,

and I can tell he's a handful.

Well, the truth is, I'm the handful,

and I really need to talk to him.

I have to clear the air
about a few things.

Mm. Uh, I don't think that's gonna work.

Why not? Is he still angry?


Yeah, he took an ax to
a tree in my backyard.

He just kept hacking at it

and muttering "Take that,
Karen!" under his breath.

- Really?
- Yeah,

you should go and look.
Nothing left but a stump.



You know what? Don't worry.
You let me work on him.

I bet you he'll come around in,

I don't know, 16 days.

Well, can you give this to him anyhow?

It's french apple. It's his favorite.

I will make sure he gets it.


Make this disappear.

If you insist.



You okay?

They say they want to run more tests,
but I'm fine.

Well, you look like crap.

Thanks. So other than boosting my spirits,

uh, what are you here for?

Mike told me you borrowed
money from a loan shark.

Mike should learn to keep his mouth shut.

Look, I don't want
you reading anything into this.

I just don't want to see you dead,

from that guy or stress.

So how much do you need?

From you? Not a cent.

Ben, don't be stupid.

You're in trouble. I can help you.

You want to help me?

Wait till I get myself out of this mess,

then let me come back to you

and apologize to you for what I did,

then allow me to propose to you again...

this time as the kind of man you deserve.


I mean it. I'm still crazy about you.

That's terrific.

But if you don't pay those
thugs what you owe them,

they're gonna disassemble you.

And if we're getting back together,

I want the whole package,

not just parts.

Well, don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.


You're doing a hell of a job.

Is there a better way
to wake up from a nap

then to the smell of
fresh-baked croissants?

The question is rhetorical,
but the answer is still no.

I've left some for you.

These are for the girls.

The girls?

Yes. I've been doing some thinking,

and it's time for reconciliation.

What a good heart you have, my dear.

But you also have a good head,

and maybe you should give
this a second thought.

No, I've given it a lot of thought,

and there's blame enough for
all four of us in what happened.

Beside if you think about it,
they actually help save me.


By calling you.

You told me so yourself
that night outside the bar.

And if they hadn't, who knows
what might have happened to me?

Well, I-I suppose one could
make that argument, but...

But nothing. I am gonna thank them

for bringing you back into my life

and tell them about our trip together.

And besides,

it's time one of us made the first move.

They already did.

I'm sorry?

They came by the other day when
I was outside checking the ramp.

I didn't tell you because...

it was an unkind visit.

What are you talking about?

At first, I thought they were here

to apologize for how they treated you.

But then the comments started...

how you "Deserve" what happened

and how they regret calling me

because now I was "Stuck" with you.

They said those things?

And more.


I swore I wasn't gonna tell you, Bree,

but I couldn't let you humiliate yourself

by extending kindness to
people so undeserving of it.

No, I'm glad you didn't hide it from me.

You're always trying to
protect me, aren't you?

Lynette, oh, I'm so glad
you could come over.

Oh, you said you wanted to talk.
What's going on?

Come sit down.

Put your feet up.

Have a cookie.


Look at us,

beings friends...

eating cookies.

Can you imagine us being even
closer than we are right now?

Um... I think we're pretty close already.

I'm just saying,

wouldn't it be great if we were family?

Okay, Susan, if you need
a ride to the airport...

No, not that.

I just want to share some amazing news...

about our children.


No! No! No! He can't be having a baby!

Here! Honey, breathe into this!

Okay. It's gonna be okay.

Julie's gonna give
the baby up for adoption.

I don't know why people do this.

Uh, actually, in a very mature move,

Porter says he wants to keep the baby.


Yeah. He wants to raise it himself.

He can't raise a baby!

He can't even take care of himself.

All he eats are frozen waffles...
still frozen!

Okay, you just need to calm down.

No, what I need is...
is a time machine to go back there

so I can slap some sense into that idiot.

In fact, I'm gonna do
the slapping part right now.

No, no, no, no. You...
you can't be mad at Porter.

I mean, you should've heard the way

he was talking about the baby.
He's so excited.

Yeah, and he'll stay
excited for about a week,

just like he did with the puppy
we gave him in fifth grade.

- Know what happened to that puppy?
- No.

No one does. And...
and what was Julie thinking?


Yeah, she should have some sense.
She's getting a PhD.

My kid eats waffsicles.

You're missing the point here.

- Your son...
- Yeah.

And my daughter... they made this
sweet little baby together,

and we could help raise it.

Oh. I... I already have
a sweet little baby,

who is only months away from day care.

I am not going right
back to the beginning.

I see.

You're afraid of being inconvenienced,

so you want to give
the baby away to strangers.


I want to give that baby away

to people who are ready to be parents.

It's better for Porter,
it's better for Julie,

And it's sure as hell
better for that baby.

- Hey!
- Look at what I'm doing.

- Pay attention to me. Tell me I'm great.
- What is happening?

I'm thirsty. I want a glass of water now!

Water! Water! Water!

Oh. You're a baby. I get it.

No, Porter, you don't get it.

When this baby comes,
it's gonna want food and clothes

and a home to live in,

because babies are selfish that way.

I think I can handle it.

Are you serious?

You've never been able
to commit to anything.

Maybe if Julie was giving
birth to a video game

or a new porn site,

but there is no way in hell
you are ready for this!

- Can I talk now?
- Yes, go ahead, but if I happen

to roll my eyes and snort,
just know I was provoked.

Everything you said is true.

I-I'm not ready for this.

I have $17 in my checking account

and no clue how to write a resume.

Yeah, a couple days ago,
that didn't bother me,

but now it's all I can think about.

Well, you're gonna have
to do more than think.

I will. I'll get a job.
I'll take... I'll take classes.

I'll do whatever it takes.


Okay, that's great, but...

when you are a parent,

there is so much you are
gonna have to give up.

Your whole life just...

It is gonna change forever.

It already has.

She's not even born yet,
and I can't believe

how much I'm dying to... see her.


I love her.

I really, really love her.

I hope you're happy,
Porter hired a lawyer.

He wants to raise the baby.

Hey, is that such a terrible thing?

I mean, he's not gonna be doing
it on his own. I'll help.

You think that makes it better?

Now when I come home,
I'll have to see her.

Do you have any idea how
painful that's gonna be?

I just...

want to forget this ever happened.

Julie, it's your daughter.

You're never gonna forget.

You don't know that.

Yes, I do,

because I've had a daughter.

You can't possibly understand
this until you have one, too,

but every single day
that you're not with me,

I think about you.

I wonder what you're doing,

I worry if you're safe,

and I hope you are happy.


This was my decision to make,

and you took it away.

I can't forgive you for that.

Oh, there you are.
I can't get Celia to take a bath.

Do you still have that dummy grenade?

You okay?

I just didn't think
it was gonna end like this.

After all these years,

I thought I'd finally found the one.

Oh, it's just a rough patch.

You two will come out of
this stronger than ever.

I don't know about that.

At my age, falling in love

is not about all that drama
you young people go through.

It's about finding
the one who'll be there,

holding your hands, at the end.

I thought...

Karen would be that person for me.

But I-I guess I was wrong.

So we got your M.R.I. back,

and I'm afraid the results
are not what we'd hoped for.

The cancer is back.

It's metastasized to the brain.

So the drugs have stopped working, huh?

I'm afraid so.

But we'll start you

on an aggressive course
of radiation right away,

and there are new therapies we can try.

Thanks for giving it to me straight.


We've been through this before,

and you are a fighter,

but this is gonna be tough.

You're gonna need a lot
of support from Roy.

Actually, uh, Roy's out of the picture.

He and I split.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm not.

He had to watch his first
wife get sick and die.

He doesn't need
to go through that again.

Trust me.

This is for the best.

If you don't mind,

I'd like to just pay the entire bill today

and close out this account.

And, uh, I assume
you'll honor our agreement

to keep this just between you and me.

Yeah, sure.

You have a lovely home.

I can tell you like the finer things.

You were married to that yankee, right?

I heard he cheated on you.

Man, you must have cleaned
up in that divorce.

It always amazes me how much power

is in this little piece of paper.

I mean, with it,
all your problems disappear.

Without it,

your aussie friend...

he ends up begging one of my guys

not to shoot him in the kneecap.

Uh, you... have your money.

Are we done?

Sure, we're done.

Normally, I'd never take a check

but you seem like a classy lady,

and I know where you live.

I remember this.

I bought it for you in Milan.


It's one of my favorites.

Much too fussy for where we're going.

You want to stick with more comfortable,
casual things, Bree.

Is everything okay?

Yes. It's just that I don't think

I've ever seen you this confident.

Well, I'm not the same
man I was two years ago.

I've let go of a lot,

changed my life completely.

How did you do that?

Well, it started when
I learned to drive again.

- Really?
- Mm.

I know it sounds strange,

but for me, in my condition,
that freedom changed everything.

Driving was a way

for me to move forward with my life,

to let go of the past.

Being on the road gave
me a new perspective.

I started to see the silver lining

in even the worst situations.

I learned to be calmer,

more patient.

I even began spending more time in nature.

And I started reaching out to old friends.

It took time,

but little by little, I became a new man.

What an inspiring story.

Perhaps when we're in Maine,

you can help me start
the process of changing my life.

Oh, Bree, don't you see?

The process has already started for you.

I suppose it has.

Trust me, darling.

You won't believe where
it's going to end up.