Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 13 - Is This What You Call Love? - full transcript

Susan is in for a shock when daughter Julie pays a visit and shows up six months pregnant; Bree's alcohol consumption and lust for men continues to dominate and ruin her life; Lynette's ...

Previously on
"Desperate Housewives"...

I'm done feeling sorry
for myself.

Lynette made an announcement.

I need to start dating again.

- But her first attempt...
- Oh, the salmon looks good.

At a steak house?

Was a disaster.

The stress of covering up a crime...

You told us that as long
as we trusted each other,

everything would be fine.
You're on your own!

Drove a wedge between
Bree and her friends...

A night out is exactly what
you need to lift your spirits.

Leading her back to an old addiction

and down at very dangerous path.

Being in love can bring
out the worst in people.

They may become stingy...

Or hostile...

Or simply indifferent.

But in the beginning when
love is still a promise,

people bring their best to the table.

Here's to second chances.

Oh, here's to you
for giving me a second chance.

I really... didn't expect you
to be so nice on the phone.

I guess you were charmed
by my groveling.

But now
I'm kind of in a pickle.

I spent the last week

about the crazy bitch
I went out with.

Now I have to go back
and tell everyone

this is one of the best dates
of my life.

Aw, that's so sweet.

Ah, not so fast.
We haven't had dessert yet.

We still could blow it.

I hadn't thought of that.

Well... how about we get
outta here?

We could have dessert
at my place.

That sounds great.

So I have half an apple pie.

I've got some
of those little pudding cups,

and I think there are some ice
cream sandwiches in the freezer.


Come on.
Who can resist a pudding cup?

No, I-it's just...

I didn't realize that you
actually invited me over here

for... dessert.

Oh. Dessert.

You thought I meant...


Right. That's... why
you ran all those red lights.

I figured you had
a sweet tooth.


So just the three choices?

I think so.

Don't get me wrong.
I love dessert... both kinds.

It's just so soon,

and it's only our second date.

Only the first one
that's gone well...

I get it. No problem.

Plus there's a certain...
Amount of prep work involved

that I would have done
had I known

we were thinking of...
and I didn't make my bed,

and there are no clean towels.

I misunderstood.

And now I've made you
feel uncomfortable.

- I'm so sorry.
- No.

We had a great night.


I look forward
to doing it again.

Oh, yes. Sounds good.


Just... please don't think
that this means

I never wanna have sex with you,
'cause you're great,

and... and sex is great.
I love sex.

I always have.
I was a total whore in college.

All right, well, I guess
this is good night, then.

Okay. Good night.

Yes, the promise of love can
bring out the best in us...

Unless we find that we're
a little out of practice.

After a disaster,

every housewife has her
own way of coping.

Some turn to drink...

Some turn to sweets...

And some turn to the people
they trust the most.

So then I said I'd love
to have sex with him,

but I'm not sure I'm ready yet,
and now we're going to have

this awkward thing
hanging over us.

Nobody expects you to hop
right into bed with someone new.

Why not? Tom did.

I'm just trying to motivate her.

To do what?

Have random sex
with the first guy she meets?

You don't wanna be that girl.

Yeah, because that sounds
like too much fun.

Susan, Lynette is pushing 50.

With a very long stick.

Point is, she should be
out there getting some

while she's still limber enough
to enjoy it.

Are you supposed
to be on my side here?

Of course.

First things first...
do you really like this guy?

Yeah, I think I do.

Then what's the problem?

Well, for starters,
I'm a little rusty.

It's been a while.

The last guy who saw me naked

told me not to wait so long
between pap smears.


Okay, you're putting
too much pressure on yourself,

and if you really
like this guy,

you should take it slow.

Yeah, but not too slow.

You're starting
a new relationship,

and sex is a big part of it.

You don't buy a car
without giving it a test drive.

So drive this guy, Lynette.
Drive him hard.

So... how much longer
is Carlos gonna be in rehab?

141/2 days.

I don't know.
The first time with somebody

is always awkward and weird.

And exciting and great.

Come on.
In 20 years of marriage,

you never fantasized
about being with someone else.

Constantly. Sometimes during.

Well, here's your chance.

I guess this is the upside

to having
your marriage collapse.

Okay. I just have to figure out
how to make my first move.

I know who could
give you some tips.

Oh, my God.
Is that another one?

I know. What happened
to the blond guy from last week?

Blond guy? The guy I saw had
dark hair and a sports car.

The guy I saw
drove a motorcycle.

What is that,
five guys in a week?

Is she starting
a basketball team?

Should we be worried about her?

After the way she treated us,

She's not our problem anymore.

Who are these women
staring at us?

Nobody I know.

Juanita, why do you insist
on giving out Valentine cupcakes

when I bought you a box
of perfectly good cards?

Store-bought cards are lame.

Who cares? I could be
watching TV right now

instead of trying to cram
the name "Harrison"

onto a cupcake.

I wish daddy was here.
He always helps me with stuff.

You really miss him, huh?

Yeah. Why'd he have to go
to stupid Europe, anyway?

Well, you know, business trips
are very important.

That's why they call them...
Business trips.

But he's never
been gone this long.

It feels like forever.

I know, but when he gets home,

gonna be great again.

Do you have any more
of those sprinkles?

You're spending a lot of time
on that one cupcake.

Is it for someone special?

No, it's for nobody.

Juanita, what's his name?

He doesn't have a name.

Ha! So you admit he exists.


His name is Ryan Vayo.

He's so cool.
He can dislocate his shoulder

so it looks like
he was in a car accident.

Mm. You and me...
we go for the bad boys.

So I just want it to be special.
Do you think that's dumb?

No. I think you need
more candy hearts.

Hey, I've been, uh,
I've been meaning to ask.

Do we have any cereal?

It's for Julie.

For the rest of her life?

When she was a kid,

our favorite thing
was to have cereal dinner.

But I couldn't remember
her favorite, so I got 'em all.

I can't believe
it's been six months

since she's been home.

Yeah. Why the visit?

I think she just misses
her mom.

She sounded a little blue
on the phone.

Well, we should think of
some stuff to cheer her up.

Way ahead of you.

We are gonna do all the things

she loved to do
when she was a kid.

Oh, hey. Do we still have
that trampoline in the garage?

She would jump on that thing
for hours.

I would be up in my room,

and her head would keep
popping up in the window.

"Hi, mom. Hi, mom.
Hi, mom."

- Hi, mom.
- Oh! Julie.

Hi. Hey, Mike.

Hey, kiddo.
You look great.

Oh, you do.
You look wonderful.

Can I get you something?

Uh, yeah, sure, some water.

- Oh.
- Here.

We are gonna have
so much fun this week.

I thought we'd start
at the amusement park

with some high-risk
roller coastering.

Uh... Susan?

And then I am gonna take you

to my kick-ass
kickboxing class.

Yeah... uh, babe?

And to top it off,

Mike is gonna dig out that
trampoline so that you can...

oh, my God!


I don't think we're gonna be
needing that trampoline.

Oh, my God.

You're... pregnant.

Yeah. Six months.

You didn't even tell me
you were in a relationship.

Oh, God.

Is there something wrong
with the guy?

I'm gonna hate him, aren't I?

No, 'cause...
You're not gonna meet him.

It was just kind of
a casual thing,

and he's not really interested
in following through.

I was right.
I do hate him.

And you're okay with that?

Mm, yeah.

Yeah, I am.

Then we are, too.

Of course.

And we are gonna be here
for you.

You can move back home,

and Mike and I will help
take care of the baby.

Oh, my God. I can't believe
I didn't even ask.

Is it a boy or a girl?

It doesn't matter.

I'm giving it up for adoption.


No, you're not.

Mom, look at my life.

I-I live
in a crappy apartment.

I'm working part-time
while I finish my PHD.

But you always said
you wanted children.

Yeah, with a husband.

I'm not in a place
to do this right now.

No, no, no. Slow down.
We need to think this through.

I already have.

And I'm working
with this agency,

and they set up a meeting
with a great couple

who doesn't live
too far from here.

Oh, God.

I'm supposed to meet them
tomorrow night,

and they wanna meet you, too,
to learn about my background.

So that's why you came home...
not just to break my heart.

Okay, well, guess what?
No one is meeting anyone,

and no one is going to
give away this baby.


Mom, you just said
you'd be there for me.

I really need your support.


Okay, I'll do it.
We'll have them over for dinner.

Thank you.

Happy sucky Valentine's day.

What happened?

Ryan didn't like your cupcake?

He ate it, but he didn't
even give me a card.

Oh, who cares about him?

Plenty of other people
gave you valentines.

Like Jacob.

"Dear Juanita, my parents...
Made me write this.

You smell like Ham."

Well, you like Ham.

I like Ryan.
Why doesn't he like me?

What's wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you.
You are wonderful. Come here.


Hey, sweetie, are you sure
Ryan didn't give you a card?


Maybe you should
double-check your backpack.

He could have slipped it in
when you weren't looking.

Why would he do that?

Boys are weird.
Take a look.

Pen, pen, pen, pen.


What are you doing?

Hey, what's, uh, what's that?


That thing that just
fell out of your backpack.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
It's from him.

"Happy Valentine's day.
X.O.X.O. Ryan."

What's "X.O.X.O."?

Hugs and kisses.

Hugs and kisses?
Oh, he does like me.

I'm going to call him.

No, no, no, you can't do that!

- Don't do that!
- And why not?

Because boys don't like it

when girls tell them
they like them.

Then how will he know?

Oh, sweetie,
he knows, you know,

so neither of you
need to say it.

It's much more romantic
this way.

I'm serious.
Don't talk to him, ever.

It'll wreck the relationship.

But... if we don't talk,

what kind of relationship
is that?

The very best kind.

Oh, my God. Is this...

Chocolate? He's perfect!

Susan, this was delicious.

Ah, just a little something
I whipped up.

A toast to Julie and Susan
for inviting us

into your beautiful home,
and offering us

this amazing gift of life.

You're not drinking, Debbie?

Oh. I'm abstaining in a show
of solidarity with Julie.

I may not be able to carry
my own baby,

but I can support
the woman who is.

Oh, that's sweet.
But word of advice...

drop that plan when the doctor
starts talking episiotomy.


- Susan, I can't believe how great you're being about this.
- Yeah.

It's wonderful that
your mother is so supportive.

Yeah, well, she understands
how this is going to be

so much better for everyone.

Absolutely. Can't think of
a better home for this baby

than with the two of you.


Julie, do you mind
getting the dessert?

Oh, sure.

And, Debbie, if you're peeing
in solidarity with me,

then, uh, that's where
I'll be heading first.


You have done
an incredible job with her.

She seems great.

Yeah. She's having
one of her good days.

Her good days?

Yeah. Seems Dr. Cohen finally
got her meds perfectly balanced.

It's why I'm letting her
use a knife tonight.

Wait. Meds?
She never mentioned anything

on her application about...

mental illness?


Grandma used to say
our family tree

grew nothing but bananas...

Before she hung herself.

I think legally she had
to disclose this to us.

Oh, don't talk to Julie
about legal.

Then we'll have to see
all of her jail tattoos.


Um... what else
didn't she tell us?

I don't know.

Did she tell you
she can hold her hand

over an open flame
without crying?

Yeah, her eyes water,

but she just keeps laughing
and laughing.

But it's not all her fault.

I should've stopped drinking
when I was pregnant,

but I likes my wine.

I'm back.
Who's ready for dessert?

You don't have to do that.

Still not talking to me, huh?

I'm channeling my anger
into cleaning.

Well, I was going to apologize,

but maybe I should wait
until you tackle the bathroom.

You do realize that
scaring those people off

doesn't change anything.

I'm healthy. I'm white.
I'm a year away from my PHD.

You can't imagine how many
people want this baby.

Including me.

I'm sorry.
It's my grandchild.

And I know that you think
you have thought this all out,

but until you have held
that baby in your arms,

you have no idea
what you're giving up.

I'm going to bed.

No, please, hear me out.

You're scared. I get it.

But you can do this.

I don't wanna be
a single mother!

Why can't you respect that?

It's not so bad
being a single mother.

We had a great time.

We were like best friends.

Remember? We would have
cereal for dinner,

and we'd stay up
in my bed all night,

telling each other our secrets.

It's funny you remember it
that way,

because I don't.

I was 12, mom.

I slept in your bed
because you couldn't handle

looking at the empty side.

And how about those fun drives
past dad's apartment

to see if he was
bringing anyone home?

And the only reason
we had cereal dinner

was because that's
the only food I could make,

since you were too upset
to cook.

Uh... wow.


I had no idea.

That is why I don't wanna
have this baby on my own.

Because I already raised
a child...


What are you staring at?

Shh. Don't talk.

Why not?

You'll ruin our relationship.

Oh, we don't have
a relationship.

Right, that's why
you gave me the X-O's.

X-O's? What's that mean?

I'll show you.

Sexual harassment?
Are you kidding me?

She's a 9-year-old
with a crush,

not a presidential hopeful.

Regardless, here at oakridge,

we have a zero tolerance policy
for unwanted advances.

Honey, I was a model. I know
all about unwanted advances.

Try being being stuck in a limo
with a tipsy David Lee roth.

Your daughter forced this boy
to the ground and kissed him

against his will.

Oh, and we all know how much
boys hate being kissed.

He cried for 20 minutes.

He could barely tell me
what happened.

Oh, so he's a snitch
and a crybaby.

That kid's not gonna last
a day in high school.

Mrs. Solis, I don't think
you realize the gravity

of this situation.

I mean, it's not like
when we were kids.

Hey, hey, cotton top,
you and I are not the same age.

You need to talk
to your daughter,

because if she
so much as glances

in that boy's direction again,

we will have no choice
but to expel her.




I don't usually do this, but I'm
feeling rather bold tonight.

Can I buy you a drink?


Matt, drink for my friend here.

What's your poison?

Whiskey, straight up.

I'm Bree, by the way.


Nice to meet you, Jerry.

Not much of a talker, huh?

Well, that's okay.
I will ask all the questions.

What do you do for a living,

I'm a roofer.

Same thing I was two nights ago

when you took me home.


Jerry, I'm so sorry. Ohh!
It's just so dark in here,

and I...

it's okay. It happens,
especially with this crowd.

Well, I can assure you that
I will not forget you twice.

Is there, uh, any way
I can make it up to you?

Well, I, uh...

I do remember the other night.


And, yeah, you have
several ways.

Well, then, um...

Let's not waste any time.

Hey, kid. Want a beer?
Oh, right.


It's so weird to remember
being a kid here and...

Now to be...

Yeah, I'll bet.

Imagine how weird it is
for your mom.

I get that.

I just wish she'd...

Julie, if you're about to wish

that your mom would stop trying
to figure out your life for you,

you're about to waste a wish.

Sounded like you were
kinda rough on her last night.

I was.

She told you, huh?

The fact that she didn't tell me
is how I knew it was rough.

I was just really angry.

It's like she doesn't realize
this whole thing

is killing me, too.

No, believe me, she does.

That's why she won't
stay out of it.

Well, it's not making it
any easier on me.

When it comes to her kids,

your mom has one gear, Julie...

love. That's it.

And if you sort through
all the times in your life

that she drove you nuts,

what she did, what she said,
or how she acted...

You're gonna find love.

I know.

And... as far as flaws
in a mom go...

That's a pretty good one.

What's the big deal?

I kissed him.
It's a free country.

Well, some people at school
think that's inappropriate

to do on the playground.

Oh. Well, I know a spot
at the park where we can kiss.

No, no, no,
no kissing Ryan anywhere.

But that's how it works.

First, kissing,
then get married,

then he buys me presents.

Oh, my God.
You are my daughter.


Uh, I don't think
Ryan likes you like that.

What do you mean?
He sent me a Valentine.

Actually, he didn't.

I did.

I signed his name, and I let you
think it was from him.

It's just when
you didn't get a Valentine,

you seemed so upset,

and I just wanted
to see you happy again.

I'm sorry, Juanita.

I hate seeing you
sad like this.

I'm not sad. I'm mad.

You always lie to me.

I don't lie to you.

Okay, then, where's daddy?

'Cause I know
he's not in Europe.

How do you know that?

I can tell.
I'm not a kid anymore.

I know when
you're hiding stuff.


You're growing up so fast.

Oh, honey, a part of me
still sees you

as this cute little baby
I used to bathe in the sink.

But every day you're getting
stronger and smarter.

So maybe I don't need
to protect you quite so much.

Why don't we get some cupcakes?

You and I are gonna have
a little talk.


What are you doing?

Don't worry.
I'm putting them away.

Aw. Remember these?

No, mom, I was 1.

I had a pair that matched.

People would always look at us.

Because you were a grown woman
in pink striped overalls.

They probably thought we were
a Christian singing group.

They'd say
we looked sweet together.

I wouldn't trade that memory
for anything.

I know this is hard.

And I'm really sorry
for the way I went off on you.

No. I'm the one
who should apologize.

I had no right to lie
to those people.

And I know that I made mistakes
with you... a lot of them.

I guess I just told myself
it was okay

because you turned out
so great.

You did the best you could.

I know that.

You're a great mom.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Because no matter
how hard it was...

You're always
the best thing in my life.

Mom, I've given this
a lot of thought.

And it's the toughest decision

I've ever had to make.

But I've made it.

I understand.

I'm just trying
to do what's best for her.


It's a girl.

Hey, you.

Sorry I'm late.
Stupid traffic.

We should get a move on if we're
gonna make our reservations.

No. No, no, we have time.
Come on in.

So can I, um,
get you anything before we go?

Coffee or a drink or...


We haven't eaten yet.

I know. I'm talking
about... dessert.

I'm not falling for this again.

Are you talking about...

sex. I'm talking about sex.
Would you like to have sex?

- Now?
- Mm.

You said the kids are
at your ex's all night.

We could still go to dinner.

No, no, no, no, 'cause then

it'll be hanging
over our heads all night,

and I'll be drinking too much

and laughing too hard
at your jokes,

and I really don't have
any more reasons,

so could we please
just go have sex?


I was kinda hoping that
we could leave that on.

Five kids. Trust me.
It's better off.

Oh, you have
nothing to worry about.

You look amazing.

Tell you what.

I turn the bedside lamp on,

and you get the candles.

How about...
I'll see your bedside lamp...

And I'll raise you..
A floor lamp?

Unh-unh. Floor lamp's out.

I'm not going over 25 watts.

Uh, how about...

Closet light on...

And I'll crack the door, and...


Get to keep the candles?

Sorry. That's as high
as I can go this round.

Then I'm all in.




What is going on?

I couldn't understand
your message.

That's what you left
on my machine.

Can you use your words, please?

Is this about your date
with Frank last night?

Grunt once for a "yes,"
twice for "no."

Did you have sex with him?

Sort of.

Sort of? What does that mean?

I don't wanna talk about it.

This is ridiculous.

You called me over.
Now tell me what happened.

I cried.

Oh, no. When? After?

Right in the middle.

God. Is there
any way he didn't notice?

I blew my nose in the sheets.

Kinda hard to ignore.

What made you cry?

I opened my eyes,
and... and I saw him...

this lovely man I have
a really nice time with...

and I realized...

My marriage is over.

Now didn't you realize that

when Tom took his girlfriend
to Europe?

No, I didn't,

because that was Tom,
and I kept thinking,

"boy, Tom's moving on,"
but this is me.

This is really happening to me.

Love bites, doesn't it?

What did, uh, Frank do?

He was really sweet.

Handed me a box of kleenex,
said all the right things.

But trust me,
I'm never seeing him again.

Well, think of it this way.

It cost you one guy
to face the truth.

Your marriage is over.

Now you can move on
just like Tom.

Yippee for me.


I'm gonna tell you
the same thing I told Bree

when I took her out drinking.

The only way to live life
is wildly.


You took Bree out drinking?

Yeah. Why?

Is that bad?

How the hell could Renee
take her out drinking?!

Doesn't she know
Bree's an alcoholic?

I have known Renee a long time,

and she's not exactly what
you'd call a detail person.

At least this helps explain

the way
Bree's been acting lately.

I don't know. There's not
enough booze in the world

to justify the skeezes
coming out of that house.

How could we not know this?

'Cause we're not
speaking to her,

you know,
'cause of what she did.

I was so mad. I thought
I'd stay mad a long time,

but now,
knowing that she's hurting...

It just seems mean.


I miss her.
I miss us being us.

So whatever happened,
we need to put it behind us

and go help Bree.

Do you think we can
get through to her?

I don't know,
but we have to try.

Uh, you sure
this is your house?

What the hell?

Wow. Booze, loose morals,
and now swearing?

Too late.
There's no Bree left.

Why are you in my house?

This is an intervention, Bree.

This isn't for tv, is it?
'Cause I'm married.

I was gonna tell you.

An intervention?
You've gotta be kidding me.

We're your friends.
We wanna help.

Get out! All of you!

Not you.


Talk to us, sweetie.
Why are you behaving like this?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

It's not like we can't see
what's going on.

We know you're drinking again.

And what about all these men?
We know about that, too.

Wow, can't hide anything
from you girls, huh?

And did you also know
I tried to kill myself?


Oh, my God.

How'd that little nugget
of information

slip past my nearest
and dearest friends?

If this is a joke,
it's not funny.

It's not a joke.

I checked into a motel room

with nothing but a bottle
and a gun.

And you're wrong, Susan.
It is funny...

funny that the women
standing here before me...

Professing to be
my supportive friends...

- Are the reason that I was in that motel room.
- Bree, stop.

No! Don't give me
this "friends" nonsense.

All I ever was to you
was the organizer,

the problem solver,

a leader when you needed one,

which is exactly what I was
that horrible night

when we buried your stepfather.

And I was so grateful for that.

Liar! All of you, liars!

Because as soon
as it got rough,

as soon as there was
any trouble,

it all became my fault,

and off you went.

We had no idea.
I wish you would have told us.

Oh, I tried.

But even when I came
to you to apologize,

you slammed your doors
in my face!

Okay, fine, you're right.

We did. We screwed up.
We let this pull us apart,

but that's not gonna happen

Because no matter what
you think,

- we love you, Bree.
- We'll do whatever it takes.

We just want things to be back
the way they were.

Well, I don't.


What's all this?

Well, this I something
I recently discovered

called pizza.

I think you're gonna like it.

I'm sorry.
Did we have plans?

Nope. This is more
of a stealth date.

Every time we made plans,
there's been too much pressure.

So I figured,
maybe things would be better

if we sneak up on each other.

Do you have some unresolved
mother issues or something?

Well, actually, my mother
and I get along quite well.

Why do you ask?

Because that's the only reason
I can think of

of why you would
keep coming back here.

Oh, I can think of another.
I like you.

You do remember I cried
in the middle of sex, right?

Lynette, you lived
with the same guy for 20 years.

It only makes sense
that he'd be in your head.

And frankly, I'd think twice
about you if he weren't.

Is it weird to say "Frankly"
when your name is Frank?

Not until now.

Look, I'm a guy.

So obviously,
I'm a complete idiot.

But the one thing I do know

is that if you're lucky enough
to meet someone

who's sexy, smart, and funny,
and who actually likes you,

you give that person
all the time they need.

Now where's your corkscrew?

Uh, middle drawer on the right.

Hey, hey.


Mmm. Mmm, mmm, mnh-mnh.

I know you're more
comfortable like this.

Leave it on.

Evening, Bree.

The usual?

I suppose it has become
"the usual," hasn't it?

Yes, please.


You know, I got a thing
for redheads.

Wanna see it?


It's Bree, right?

Listen, I just came here
to have a drink.

I really don't feel
like talking.


Well... it wasn't the chance
to have a conversation

that brought me over.

I beg your pardon?

I know what you come here for.
We can stop the game.

We can stop everything,

including this
unfortunate encounter.

Now please leave me alone.


Wait, wait. So... so suddenly
you're some high-class lady?

Hmm? Give me a break.

Everybody in this bar
knows what you are.

You want me
to start a tab for you?


No, I don't. I have to go.

I'll drive.

Please give me my keys.

Come on, Bree.
I see some of the dirtbags

you drag out of this place.
What? I don't make the cut?

No, you're vile.

Now give me my keys
and get away from me.

Whoa. This is
a new low for me.

I'm not good enough
for the town pump.

You know what?

- I think we'll take my car.
- Aah!

I'm not going anywhere
with you!

Get your hands off of me!

- You like a fight, huh? I can play rough.
- Aah!

Let go of me.
Let go!

You heard her.

Let go.


Hello, Bree.
We'll catch up in a moment.

If you're smart,

you'll step away from her

and go back to the hole
you crawled out of.

Buddy, I got a rule about
not hitting guys in wheelchairs,

but you... you're begging
for an Asterisk.

Turn it off!

I also have pepper spray.

- Orson, what are you doing here? How did you...
- Your friends called me.

They said you were
going through a rough time.

Orson, I've made
such a mess of my life.

Don't worry, dear.

The one thing you and I
were always good at

was cleaning things up.

Yes, love can bring
out the best in us...

The confidence to move on...

The courage to tell the truth...

The strength to keep hoping...

But sometimes what surprises us most

isn't what love brings out...

But who it brings back.

Re-synced by Vingrau