Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 11 - Who Can Say What's True? - full transcript

With Carlos still in rehab, Gaby asks for Lynette's help in wooing a high-stakes company to sign with her husband's firm; Renee talks Bree into getting out of the house and having some fun ...

Previously on...

Susan left town with a secret agenda.

Where are you off to?

I'm just visiting some family.

Well, have a good trip.

Carlos was headed back to rehab.

You just worry about getting better.

I can hold down the fort, no problem.

Tom's trip with
his girlfriend was encouraged.

I think you should go to Paris.

And Bree received another
mysterious letter.

It's always easy to know
who our friends are.

They're the ones who tell us
when we look ridiculous...

or when we're deluding ourselves...

or when we've had enough.

But only the best of friends
will tell you the truth,

even when they know...

What the hell is this?

It will upset you.

That's what I found in my mailbox.

"You're welcome"? I don't understand.

Don't you recognize the stationery?

It's the same as Mary Alice's letter,

and I got it right after Chuck's funeral.

You think this is who killed Chuck?

Well, it's the only logical explanation.

There's nothing logical about any of this.

Don't you remember the first note?

Yeah, whoever wrote
that was threatening us.

Exactly. So now all of a sudden,

this person who "Knows what we did"

and is "Going to tell"
is now killing cops for us?

Doesn't make sense.

Yeah, but the timing.

It is weird.

So what's the deal with us?

What do you mean?

Are we still mad at each other?

I think so.

Okay. Just asking.

Well, what are we gonna do about this?

What can we do?
We don't know who wrote it.

We don't know what they want.

We don't know what they're gonna do next.

Is there anything we do know?

Well... we know who these
letters are being sent to.

What's that supposed to mean?

You're the one who keeps
finding these things.

You tell me.

I don't like your accusatory tone.

Well, I'd use a different tone,

- but I'm trying to accuse you of something.
- Gaby!

You have to admit, Bree,
there does seem to be a link

between you and
Mr. Creepy letter writing guy.

I don't believe this.

Why else would they keep
sending you the notes?

Why not send copies to all of us?

This is not about me.

And if you two are gonna
just sit there and blame me

for the actions of some
psychopath, then...

I'm just gonna go home.

I say we forgive each other
and just stay mad at Bree.


Yes, only your friends
will tell you the truth.

So when they warn you
about someone suspicious,

maybe you should listen to them.

Susan Delfino was on a mission,

and she had planned it
down to the last detail.

She brought the proper identification,

she mapped out the correct route,

and she brought plenty
of cash for emergencies.

But the one small detail
she hadn't planned...

was what to do once she got there.

Mike, I've got a problem.

Oh, what's wrong?
You can't find the house?

No, I'm standing in front of it right now.

Then what's the problem?

I have no idea how to get inside.

You just spent an entire day on a plane.

You didn't give this any thought at all?

I was going to, and then I got caught up

in an in-flight movie.

It was about a dolphin

who joins an inner city
water polo team, and...


Oh, my God.

This was the stupidest
idea ever, wasn't it?

No, you did this because
you're a good person.

Honey, just leave some
flowers and come back home.

I can't. I came here for a reason.

I have to make sure that
Alejandro's family is okay.

I just need to figure out some
cover story to get in there.

You're a little early!

Oh, couldn't want to take
the first look, could you?


Oh, relax. I'm okay with early birds.

Connie Thomas, Thomas realty.

Officially, the open house
doesn't start for an hour,

but if you help me lay out
the finger sandwiches,

I'll let you sneak
the first peek. Come on!

Mike, I've gotta go.
I'm about to buy a house.

Listen, all I'm asking
for is an extension.

Once I get a model unit open,

these condos are gonna
be selling like crazy.

Hi. What's going on?

Hey, I was sitting over at Bree's,

and I thought... I miss him.

Yeah, I miss you, too.

But I can get the numbers for you.

Hold on. Here.

Uh, did you hear me? I said I miss you.

Uh, that's my girlfriend. Just... j...

Hey. I don't miss people.

I forget them.

I ignore them. I verbally abuse them,

but I am definitely not a
missing-people kind of person.

Can you hang on for a second?

Listen, I love that you miss me,
but I'm really busy right now.

Talk later. Hey, you still there?

Yeah, I've got the numbers right here.

Yeah. Yeah.

Let me tell you what
the man from down under

who will never again be
down under just did to me.

What's wrong?


Oh, god, it's like pulling teeth.

I saw you talking to Gaby and Lynette.

Did they say something to upset you?

I don't want to discuss it.

They suggested botox, didn't they?

No. Why would you say that?

You're having wine before lunch.

That's what I did the first time
someone said I needed botox.

Yes, I am upset, but it's private,

and I wanna process it... privately.

Ohh, keeping stuff inside
is how you ended up

in that motel with a gun.

Relax. I am no longer suicidal.

You don't wanna talk? Fine.

But I'm not gonna let you sit
here for the next few days

moping about god knows what.

We're going out.


I know all sorts of naughty places

filled with all sorts of naughty men.

Be ready to leave by 8:00
and try to wear something

that doesn't scream "Frigid schoolmarm."

No! No, no, listen to me.

I don't wanna go out.
I don't wanna talk about my feelings,

and I don't want you here anymore,
so please...

go home.

Another glass of wine?

It's just, I've never seen you drink.

You know what? You're right.
I could use a night out.


Yes, but my wardrobe is a bit frosty.

Do you think you could
run back to your house

and find something in your closet for me?

Something sexy.

Absolutely. Oh, Bree, you'll see.

A night out is exactly what
you need to lift your spirits.

I'm tired.

I know, sweetie.

Trying to teach you
the value of hard work.

If you're wondering why
I'm pushing the leaves

over to Ms. Kinsky's house,

it's 'cause I'm trying to teach her

the value of hard work, too.

Mrs. Solis, hello.

Hey... Carlos' secretary.


Marilyn, of course. Yes. I knew that.

What can I do for you, Marilyn?

I was in the neighborhood,

and I thought I'd bring by Mr. Solis' mail.

- Thank you.
- By the way,

any chance that tomorrow
he can get out of his...


Why do you need Carlos?
He's been trying to land

this british firm as a client for months.

They're in town for a couple of days,

and I think a little wining and dining

would seal the deal.

Well, I don't think it's a good idea to

spring Carlos out of rehab for "Wining."

Isn't there someone else
who can meet with them?

What about the old guy?

Robert? He retired.

Oh. Oh! How about the fat chick?

Celeste? Maternity leave.

The nerve of these people.

Sorry, Marilyn. You win some,
you lose some, right?

Except in this case,

we're losing a $90 million account.

$90 million?

And you think all it will take
is a little wining and dining?

Why don't you go ahead
and set up that meeting?

I have an idea.

Okay, I'll get right on it.

Do you know why the owners are selling?

That's a bit of a scandal.

I really shouldn't say.


The husband disappeared four months ago,

and he hasn't been heard from since.

I think it's drugs or maybe another woman.

Could be anything.

Poor child.


Oh, but you got the "Poor" part right.

The wife had to take a second job,

and now she still can't
even make ends meet.


Tell the buyers how desperate we are.

That'll jack up the sale price.

Oh. Mrs. Sanchez, so sorry.

I didn't realize you
were coming back so soon.

I bet.

By the way, you dropped some
of your flyers on my lawn.

Oh, I should get those. Excuse me.

It's not completely her fault.
I was sort of... prying.


Are you sorry enough to buy my house?

Oh, well, uh... actually, I was...

looking for something a little larger.

Well, that's too bad.

Maybe, uh, there's something
that I can do for you.

Because... I am a
collector of Americana...

and some of your fabulous knickknacks

have really caught my eye.

I have fabulous knickknacks?

You sure do.

Like-like this, for instance.

Those are Legos.

I know what they are.

But what you don't know

is that these are... phase one Legos.

Very rare.

I would love to buy them

if you're willing to sell.


'Cause I got, like,
a whole coffee can full of those.

That's... jackpot.

Oh! I-I, um, I will take them all.

Hey, Marisa!


This lady's buying all your old Legos.

You still have that box
full of headless barbies?

Oh! Oh, that's okay. I'm good. Uh...

here... is your check.

Oh, I think you added an extra zero.

That's because I...
I wanna do something to help.

You know, because of your... situation.

Look, whatever my realtor said,

you don't gotta feel sorry for me.

I know my husband will come back.

But... on the off chance
that he... doesn't,

please, take my check.

Okay. Thank you.

But stop giving me the sad eyes.

Ramon does this sort
of thing all the time.

He goes on a little bender,
then comes home,

but mostly, he's a good
husband and a loving father.

Well, thank you again.

It was a...

pleasure doing business with you.

You've really helped us out.

Wow, that smells great.

Where'd you learn to make a pot pie?

I looked it up on a little place
you kids call the internet.

This is nice, huh?

Perfect family dinner.

It's doing it again.

No, it's not. Everything's perfect.

It's flickering, mom.

Had to happen while dad
was in Paris, right?

Hey! What's that supposed to mean?

I can handle it.
I'll just do what your dad does.

What does your dad do?

He goes to the circuit box and...
jiggles something.

I can do that.

You know exactly what he
jiggles or... Never mind.

I'll do it.


- You're making it worse.
- Wait, wait.

This is it. This is definitely it.

Well, it stopped flickering.

What time is it in Paris?

No. We are not going to call your dad.

We just need some flashlights.

Where does your dad keep the flashlights?


Hi, Mike. Everything okay?

Well, I, uh, I just bounced a check.


and it was to buy bats for M.J.'s
little league team, so...

- Embarrassing.
- Exactly.

So I called my bank to tear 'em a new one,

and they told me my last paycheck

was returned for insufficient funds...


Oh. Look, uh...

Let me cover that for you.

I'm sorry about that.
I don't know what could have happened.

I just switched banks.

Maybe there was some kind of
problem with the transfer.

You sure that's it?

I know the condo project's
going a little slow.

Is everything okay?

Absolutely. Nothing to worry about. Here.

Grab the kids a few extra bats.

Oh, no, I don't need a tip.
Uh, just-just my pay.

Did you fix it?

No, but I figured out it's not the light,

so I'm going over the blueprints

to find out where the real problem is.

Or you could just call an electrician.

Why do that?

I went on the internet.
I did a little research.

And other than a few
electrocution stories,

it doesn't sound that hard.

Seems like a lot of work.

All dad had to do was... jiggle something.

You know, the jiggle is just a band-aid.

That was your dad's
approach to everything.

Just patch it up and pretend it's fixed.

That's why we've had these
problems all these years.

The light. I'm talking about the light.

At least the doorbell's working again.

Hey! How are you?

That's the "Hey" that means
"I need something."

No, come on. This is important.

Okay, Carlos is away, and I need
some help with his business,

and you're the only friend
I have who knows this stuff.

- What stuff?
- I don't know.

Some big british company.

Bennett something.

The Bennett group?

Yeah! See? You get it.

Anyway, they're on the verge
of signing with Carlos,

and since he's not "Free,"

I thought I'd take 'em to
dinner and close the deal.

You? How would you even
know what to talk about?

Hey, that's where you come in.

You used to work for Carlos.

Maybe you can give me a few pointers.

I have spent my life learning
about the world of finance.

I can't just teach it to
you in a couple of weeks.

Could you teach it to
me in a couple hours?

'Cause the meeting's tomorrow.

- Gaby.
- I'm a fast learner, I swear.

And from what I understand,
the deal's as good as done.

This is just a formality.

Okay. Fine.

Come back tonight after the kids are done.

I'll do my best.

- Oh, you're the greatest.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, could you at least bring...

Bring some wine.
I'm one step ahead of you.

I was going to say Carlos' files.

Oh, jeez. Those are at his office,

and that's all the way across town.



I don't suppose the bartender
has any anti-bacterial wipes.

You can ask again, but I don't think so.

Will you stop?

The fun of a place like this is
getting germs on your elbows.

I don't understand why anyone

would want to come to a dive like this.

You say "Dive" like it's a bad word.

Look around. People are having fun.

Now look in that mirror, hmm? Not fun.

Why are you so uptight?

Well, compared to you,
a woman who paid for our drinks

by... showing off the Bronte sisters.

The Bronte sisters?

Jeez. Even your boob jokes are repressed.

What happened to you?

Nothing happened to me.

Well, someone made you this way.
Was it your mother?

My mother passed away when I was 10.

Ohh. That explains it.

Remember my mom died
when I was a kid, too.

When parents die,
you can go one of two ways...

Daddy's little girl or
daddy's little nightmare.

Well, I suppose my father did
have certain expectations.

He... raised me to be a lady,

and I've done my best to make him proud.

Mm, hello, repression.

Well, I'm glad that
he insisted on good behavior.

Your dad is not here, Bree.

No one's gonna tell him if you cut loose,

have a little fun.

You look hot in my dress.

Be bad. Be naughty. Hit on a stranger.

I wouldn't take a breath
mint from these people...

As if any of them would have one.

Fine. Sit here alone like daddy wanted.

I'm mad at Ben.

I need to work out those issues

with strange men on the dance floor.

You're gonna leave me
sitting here by myself?

It's a dive, Bree. Dive in.

The main thing that distinguishes you

from a corporate firm
is custom benchmarking.

Let them know you provide
superior customer service,

even though your responsibilities
are not fiduciary.

Ooh, "Fiduciary." I love how that sounds.

Can you spell it for me?

- Well, let me explain it first.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Your explanations take forever.
Just spell it.

Gaby, you can't write
down a bunch of buzzwords

and read them off a piece
of paper at the meeting.

Good point. I should
hide a piece of paper.

Or you could actually buckle down

and learn the concepts.

It's just fancy lingo.
You throw it around.

You sound smart. Clients are happy.

I mean, who really understands this stuff?

- Everybody.
- Really?

Everybody? Okay. Hey, Penny.

What is "Fiduciary" mean?

Um, I think it's like someone
who's allowed to manage

to someone else's money... like...
a bank or something.

Okay. Guess who's going
to their prom alone.

Look, can we take a break?
We've been at this for hours.

43 minutes.

Well, it feels like hours.

Just give me a couple more smart words,
and we'll be done.

What happens when they have a question?

You can't just spout off a bunch
of terms you don't understand.

Of course I can.

You think when I was
a spokesmodel at car shows

I knew what rack and pinion steering was?

I didn't have to, 'cause I had charm.

And a tight little dress that
barely covered your hoo-ha.

I wonder if I still fit into that dress.

Well, here's a thought.

How about for once in your
life you apply yourself?

What does that mean?

It means for as long as I've known you,

you have been skating by
on your looks and charm.

For as long as you've known me?

Wow, you've been holding
on to that for a long time.

Tell me I'm wrong.

No, Lynette, I can't.

No one can tell you you're wrong,
'cause you're always right.

Okay. What does that mean?
It means you're a know-it-all.

I have never once heard you
say the words "I don't know."

Well, get ready to,

because I don't know why
I agreed to help you.

This is a complete waste of my time.

It's a bigger waste of my time,

'cause listening to you, time goes slower.

Good luck at your meeting.

Yeah, well, thanks for nothing.
What a fi-douche.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Oh, lord. I was hoping
you'd take it from there.

I have absolutely no
idea what to say next.

Uh... sorry. Neither do I.

Well, hey, look at that.

We already have something in common.

Hey. You using this?

Well, it looks like we might
have to make a commitment here.

You ready to take that step?

Sorry. I'm afraid this chair's taken.

- I'm Bree, by the way.
- Bradley.

So what is a man wearing
a custom-made suit

doing in a place like this?

Uh, well, actually, I'm not
supposed to be in a place like this.

I'm supposed to be across
town at the four seasons

attending my high school reunion.

Oh, and you decided not to go.

No, no, I went, for about,
uh, six minutes.

Ah, all these people full of regrets

trying to recapture their glory days.

I was about to blow my brains out.

That sound crazy?

Not as much as you might think.

I sometimes think I married
him just to lose my virginity.

I've never said that to anyone.

I can't believe I just told
that to a total stranger.

I don't know why everyone's so
afraid of telling their secrets.

It's freeing, isn't it?

Yeah, you're right. You know,
I think there's a lot of things

I've been afraid of for no good reason,

like pigeons and cilantro.

Well, I don't have any pigeons
or cilantro at my house.

You know, I'm-I'm sorry.

I-I bet you're too much of a lady

to go home with somebody
you just met at a bar.

Yes, a lady usually likes to know a man

a little bit longer.

All right, that's long enough. Let's go.

It's Marisa, right?

Uh, I'm Susan. I don't
know if you remember me

from the open house.

My mom's inside. I'll go get her.

No, no, um, actually.
I wanted to talk to you alone,

if that's okay.


I, uh...

I wanna ask you about your dad.


Stepdad. Right.

He wasn't a very good man, was he?

When your mom mentioned him,

I noticed the look on your face,
and I had this feeling that

maybe there was a problem
between you two.

I don't wanna talk about this.

It's okay.

I know him a little bit, enough to know...

the kind of person he is.

You can tell me.

Did he ever hurt you?


I know that you just met me,
and this must seem very strange.

But I came here...

because I know what he did.

And even though I can't
take away the pain,

I can promise you one thing.

Your stepfather will never hurt you again.

How can you know that?

I just know.

He is never... coming back.

I promise.

Oh, my, a pool, too?

I wish I'd known. I would
have brought my bathing suit.

This is wonderful, by the way.

Yeah, it was one of my favorites.

I picked it up on a wine tasting trip

through the south of France last summer.

It's got a nice...

Well, I guess you like it, too.

Oh, my goodness. I've never
done anything like that before.

Well, here's to trying new things.

You know what?

I just thought of something
else I've never tried before.

This is so crazy.
I'm in a pool. I'm naked.

And I love it.

Well, get ready to love it even more.

Our very own... floating bar.

You know what?

I just thought of something else
I've never done in a pool before.

Oh, crap.

Did someone just break into the house?

Yeah. Me.

Is someone out there?

What's happening?

It's a funny story. He's my boss.
I'm his assistant.

We need to get out of here.

You're an assistant? Aren't you over 40?

Jeez, you're worse than
those people at my reunion!


Mr. Jacobs, you'll be happy to know

that I have watered your plants
and picked up your suits.

Oh, and your, uh, daughter called.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm sorry. I thought you weren't
gonna be back till Monday.

Oh, you two have a lot to talk about.

Could I trouble you for a towel?

So you thought in the meantime

you could take over my house, my pool,

my pants?!

Speaking of clothes,
I'd love to be wearing some

from that pile right there.

Who are you?

Ooh. Uh, I can assure you,
I never do this sort of thing.

Just get out!

You have a lovely, lovely home.

Whoa, no, we're not
done with that one yet.

Don't know what to tell you.

Lease hasn't been paid,
and I got sent to take it back.

Guy with the funny accent
asked me to wait a half-hour

while he meets with some, uh, bankers.

Mike, hey. Private meeting.

Yeah, do me a favor, bud.
Step back outside.

Are you crazy?

Well, it's just a
stop-gap loan. No worries.

- Who is this guy?
- Sorry, pal.

The deal's off.
He's not taking your money.

If he's a friend, I suggest you urgently

get the hell out of my face.

Mike, I'm not asking you. I'm telling you.

Mind your own business.

Ben, when you're dead or on the lam

because you can't pay them back,
and trust me,

you will never be able to pay them back...

I'm gonna lose my job.
That is my business.

You can go.

"Mike," was it?


Yeah. Mike.

My whole life, money's been
the boot on my throat, you know?

When I was a kid, when I was
a young guy starting out,

and even now when I'm supposedly
some sort of a success.

Yeah, it's a pain in the ass.

Even Renee, as rich as she is,
still complains about it.

Yeah, yeah, she, uh,
she divorced some athlete

or something, right?

Some athlete? Try Doug Perry.

The New York Yankee.

Oh. Sorry, mate.

If she divorced a cricket player,

I might recognize the name.

If she divorced a cricket player,

she wouldn't have gotten $12 million.


Uh... yeah.

Yeah, yeah, another.

Well, Gaby, we are very fond of
Carlos and everyone at global,

but help me out here.

How can I tell our board
we're going with your firm

instead of a larger one
with a longer track record?

Four words... "Open-architecture
investment platform."

So as opposed to tightly
controlling our portfolio,

you would open it up to
a number of asset managers.

Isn't that what I just said?

So where do you see
the greatest opportunity for growth?

Five words...

debt management and emerging markets.

Yes, because the I.M.F.
has vowed to support those economies.

We like what we're hearing, Gaby.

Two words... me, too.

Oh. Sorry.

It's my daughter.

Juanita, I'm in a business meeting.

Yes, I have business meetings.

Since now. What do you want?

No, you cannot give your sister a haircut.

Oh, okay. Well, I'll fix it later.

Just don't let her look in any mirrors.

Sorry about that. Where were we?

Well, I was just about
to ask you your opinion

of the long-term viability of the euro.

Ah, well...

Where's my menu?

- The waiter took it.
- What? Wait.

We haven't even ordered yet.

Oh, the chef is creating
a tasting menu for us.

Isn't that nice?

No! No, no. I... need my menu.

Come on. Gotta be in here.

Reservation under commerson.

Oh. Here. Sit wherever you want.

Is there a problem, Gaby?

No. Uh...

No, no. No problem.

Everything is fine.

Enough business talk. Let's just eat.

Oh, no, I love this stuff.

In fact, I am going to pick
your brain for the entire meal.


So you were just about
to tell us your feelings

about the future of
a unified european currency.


Hey, how was practice?

Coach is an idiot.

You still can't fix it?

Well, I'm sure I could, but you know,

I'm starting to like it that way.

Gives the place ambiance.


Like a flickering candle.


Can you come up here?

Yes, honey?

What did you do?

I was trying to fix the
light in the kitchen.

And now my wall has
a huge hole bashed in it?

Hey, hey, don't get all high and mighty.

There are several walls in this house

That have huge holes bashed in them.

And you thought I wouldn't notice

if you... covered it
with a unicorn poster?

Well, Parker, you didn't notice
when I was bald from chemo,

so, yeah, it was worth a shot.

Why is there a map of Canada on my wall?

Oh, my god!

I don't wanna see into his room!

It's bad enough hearing
what goes on in there.

Shut up. I'm not the one
who practices kissing

with a stuffed dolphin.

Hey, hey!

Mom, what happened?

I was looking for a thing
called the secondary fuse box,

which is supposed to be in the wall,

but it turns out the
internet can be wrong.


Mom, we told you two days ago,
just call an electrician.


No. I have to be able to figure this out.

Your father is gone,

and lots of things like
this are going to happen,

and I need to know how to fix them.

If I had known he was
going to really leave,

then I would have had
him teach me this stuff

while he was still here!


should go get dinner ready.

I'm sorry. I don't have
time for you right now.

I'm on the phone.

I don't see a phone.

Yeah. It's just my boyfriend.

She'll call you back.

I'm sorry.

And no matter how busy I was,
I should've made time for you.

How much did the wine cost?


Okay, you're sorry.

I gotta be honest.

I was worried you were
losing interest in me.

Lose interest in you?


you got everything a man could want.

I'm busy.

Too busy for Bourbon?

Or ice cream?

Hey, we can make a Bourbon float.

Okay. Terrible idea.
I just came to say you were right.

I am a pain-in-the-ass know-it-all,
and I am sorry.

You were right, too.

Bourbon float's a terrible idea.

But an Amaretto float...

It's just so typical.
You came to me for help,

but instead, I gave you a lecture,

and when you wouldn't do what I said,

- I kicked you out.
- It's okay.

No, it's not.

I have been doing this to Tom forever...

till he got fed up and left.

I really don't want that to
happen with my friends, too.

Honey, I deserved it. You're right.

I do fake my way through life

by batting my eyes and looking pretty.

And the problem is,
I can't do that anymore.

Right. Because you're getting older.

No, 'cause Carlos is gone.

Oh, sorry.

I just have all these responsibilities.

I have to grow up.

Well, he should be back in a few weeks.

What if he isn't?
What if he can't kick this thing?

Then I'm gonna be on my own,
and I am helpless on my own.

And that's why I came to you.

I just wanted someone
to take care of things

so I wouldn't have to.

I wanted you to be my Carlos.

I just miss him so much.

I miss Tom, too.

But at least we have each other.

We're gonna get through this.

How do you know?


I know everything, remember?


You look exhausted.

I am. I was gonna sleep
on the plane, but...

But they had a movie about a parrot

that coaches an inner city debate team?

Hey, I haven't heard that in a while.

It's nice.

Oh, this trip, Mike...
it did what I needed it to do.

Oh, I'm glad.


I think this whole Alejandro
nightmare is finally over.

Please don't cancel the card.
My husband's been out of town,

but I have some money now,

and I can make
the minimum payment tomorrow.

Thank you.

Marry a rich man, Marisa,

because the only thing guaranteed in life

is that the bills will never stop.

Maybe you should sell his motorcycle.

Your stepfather loves that thing.
He'd kill me.

But... what if he never comes back?

Of course he's coming back.
Why would you even say that?

Did he contact you?


Then what?

Tell me.

That woman who bought all that stuff...

She came to talk to me.

It was weird, but
she promised he'd never come back.

How would she know?

That's what she said.

And she seemed pretty sure about it.

Turns out the car was his boss', too.

I had to walk a mile and
a half to the bus stop.

Have you ever taken a bus at
1:00 in the morning, Renee?

It makes you stop believing in god.

Okay, Bree, I get it.

And did I mention that I was soaking wet?

Three times.

Good, because I wanna be very clear

just how your advice worked out.

Can I say something?

I... think you had a blast.

Why would you say that?

I can see it in your eyes.

You're telling me about
this horrible story,

but you love telling it.

That is... ridiculous.

Although... I suppose it was...

a little exhilarating.

Yes, good friends are the ones

who tell us the truth about ourselves.

Look at you. You're a bad, bad girl.

Even when the truth might be something

we're reluctant to admit...

that we still have a great deal to learn...

that we sometimes need to ask for help...

that we may be overlooking
a golden opportunity.

Yes, hearing the truth

can often set us on a different path.

Hey there. Can I buy you another drink?

But we never know...

You can buy me breakfast.

Where that path might take us...

or who might be watching.

Re-synced by Vingrau