Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 7, Episode 13 - I'm Still Here - full transcript

Lynette feels her mother is marrying for the wrong reasons; Susan tries to befriend a fellow patient; Carlos gets concerned over Gabrielle's interactions with her doll.

Previously on...

Keith moved in with Bree.

Susan came to grips with her future.

Dialysis until they find me a donor.

- Well, that won't take very long, will it?
- Three to five years.

In grief over losing
her biological daughter...

Grace no longer exists,
and that is the last time

you will mention her name in this house!

Gaby sought comfort from an unusual source.

- And there were some surprises...
- Somebody lose a gun?

Including a long lost son...

- You didn't mention your mother-in-law.
- My mother-in-law?

And a shocking revelation for Paul.

Felicia Tillman has gone
to some extraordinary lengths

to cause you harm.

Paul Young had made a discovery...

his wife was a liar.

She had lied with every smile,

with every caress,

and with every kiss.

Yes, Paul now knew
their entire marriage was a fraud.

The only thing he didn't know...

Hey there.

Was how he would punish her.

You're packing?

I thought you weren't
coming home until tomorrow.

I talked the doctor
into letting me out early.

I'm glad. I really need you right now.

Things on the street
have been getting very strange.

Beth, things on that street
have always been very strange.

Well, yes, but...

Remember I told you
how Bree was inviting me over

- for drinks with the other women?
- And I told you not to go.

Well, I should've listened.

Turns out they're trying to frame me.

Frame you?

While I was there,

I found a gun under my sofa cushion.

It was a 38...

The same caliber the police
said you were shot with.

They must've planted it there.

- And the gun just magically appeared?
- Yes.

I'm sure Bree's going to
turn it over to the police,

and they're going to think I shot you.


you don't have to worry about
what anyone else thinks.

I know the truth.

Hey, here's an idea.

Why don't we take a trip?

A trip?

We need to get away.

We'll go somewhere... secluded.


That sounds like heaven.


Paul had no choice but to punish his wife...

I love you.

Because some lies...

are unforgiveable.

We are reminded every spring...

with every rose that blooms,

with every sunflower that blossoms,

with every lily that buds.

The world is a beautiful place.

Sadly, it is filled
with people who do ugly things...


That woman who just drove away...
who was she?

Uh... a friend.

You're friends with Barbara Fairchild,

the interior designer?


Or should I say, the inferior designer?

Hey, Renee.

How could you hire Barbara Fairchild

when you know I just started
my own interior design firm?

Uh... we're not hiring her.

Oh? Why you holding swatches?

And people think you're the smart one.

Look, you know
we just adopted a little girl.

Well, we hired Barbara to decorate her room.

- Well, why not hire me?
- You're not exactly maternal.

We-we wanted this room
to be pink and nurturing,

and your style seems more
like chrome and glass and...


Look who's back to being the smart one.

Look, Fairchild is a hack.
Whatever she quoted you,

I'll come in 2 days earlier
and 20% cheaper.

- Barbara is kind of expensive.
- Done.

I'll get started right away.

Just so you know,
our daughter gets here in a week.

And just so you know,
I'm as maternal as the next woman.


Hi, honey. You want some lunch?

No, I want an explanation.
I just got our credit card bill.

$840 at Miss Charlotte's doll academy?

Did I say lunch?

I meant sex. Do you want some sex?

Why are you buying our kids fancy toys?

Last week, Juanita used her doll's leg

to scrape peanut butter out of the jar.

Okay, the doll wasn't for Juanita.

It's for...

Bob and Lee, for the little girl
they're adopting.

You spent $800 on a gift?

It made me feel good, okay?
For the first time in weeks,

I'm not staying in bed
till 2:00 in the afternoon

or staying up all night sobbing.

So I went a little crazy on the credit card.

- Just let me be happy.
- But $800?!

Carlos, if you get this worked up now,

you'll have no place to go

when the bill for
the platinum card comes in.

Uh, excuse me? Hi.

I'm looking for Keith Watson.

His roommate told me he moved here.

Uh, yes, but he's not
available at the moment.

Can I give him a message, miss...

Sorry. I'm Amber James.

I just need to talk to him about something.

It's kind of important.

Well, I would be happy
to tell him what it's regarding

if you... tell me... what it's regarding.

We're just... old friends.

I'm at the Fairview motor inn.
Could you ask him to come by?

Why exactly would he be doing that?

You're... kind of
a nosy landlady, aren't you?

I'm not his landlady. I'm his girlfriend.

So he...

lives here with you?


Yeah, of... of course he does.

Of course he does.

Are you all right?

Um, yeah, I'm fine.

You know what? Don't even, uh,
don't even tell him I came by.

There's no message. Sorry to disturb you.

Okay, you're all set.

The dialysis will take six hours.

- If you need anything,
just hit the call button.
- Will do.



I'm Susan.

It's my first time in here.


Sounds like you've been
coming here for a while.

Four years.

Any tips for a newbie?

Like, which nurse has the shakes

or where do they hide the good painkillers?

Look, nothing personal,

but I don't want to be your dialysis buddy.

I wanna sit here and
play scrabble on my phone

while this... while
this machine washes my blood.

So you don't want to talk or be friendly

or keep each other company?

Sad, isn't it?

You know, Dick...

sometimes when I meet people, they say,

"you don't seem like a Susan."

But you...

Why are you putting out
those ugly candlesticks?

Oh. Who gave them to me?

Yay! Grandma's coming.

Yep, and your brother
just pulled up with her.

This could be your last chance
to run screaming from the room.

Why? I love grandma.

I do, too, sweetie. It's just...

I can only take her in small doses,

and unfortunately, your grandma
doesn't come in small doses.


Easy over the threshold!
You're not transporting meat.

Okay, grandma, enjoy your visit.

She's going back in a cab.

Mom! Hi!

Oh, my gosh! What happened to your foot?

Oh, I-I broke it a month ago.
Uh, thanks for checking in.

Oh, I'm sorry.
We've just been so busy, and...

Penny, look, your grandma's here.

Give her a kiss.

Hey, look at you. You're getting buds!

Be thankful she didn't yell it to you

as you were getting on the bus.

So... uh, what's new?

Well... actually, um,
I started an interior design business.

Do you remember my friend Renee?

I'm getting married.

What? Married?

To who?

Frank Kaminski.

We met in water aerobics
at the retirement community.

Only man in the pool.
I was lucky to get him.

This is kind of a shock.

I didn't even know you were dating.

So... when's the wedding?


This saturday?

Uh, and you're just telling me now?

Well, maybe if you visited

- more often...
- More often. I know.

I know. So...

do I get to meet him?

I mean, if you're going
to make this kind of commitment...

What? You wanna make sure
his intentions are honorable?

Lynette, I hate to break this to you.

I am not a virgin.

Mom... I want to meet him.

All right, come by tomorrow,
and we'll squeeze you in

between "Nothing to do"
and "Waiting for death."

- Are you all right?
- What?

You were yelling in your sleep.


Yes, you were shouting out, "Amber! Amber!"

what could that mean?

I'm... I'm doing a painting job.

I'm thinking about, uh...

Shades of yellow that go in the kitchen.

Nope. Definitely not a color.
Sounded like a name... Amber.

Know anyone by that name?

I once had a girlfriend named Amber.

Did you?

And at this time I'd like to point out

that dreaming of an old girlfriend

is not cheating.

Well... when was this?

You never told me about her.

I-I don't know. Seven years ago?

Seven years?

Was it serious?

We lived together...

for, uh, three years.

So you were in love with her.

Well... yeah,

until she left me.

So she left you.

You miss her?

I tend to not dwell on people
who stomped on my heart.

Now if you don't mind,
I'm gonna go back to sleep

so I can dream about you.

It's so great visiting
a retirement village...

2 regular parking spaces, 48 handicapped.

Hey, mom. Mwah.


This is Frank.

It is so nice to meet you, Frank.

Call me "dad."

Wouldn't it be awful if I was that guy?

So... Frank, um,
I've just been dying to meet you, and...

Just a sec. Hey, muchacho.

We've been waiting ten minutes for our menu.

What do I got to do to get you
to hurry it over, build a fence?

Hey, it's a menu, not a high school diploma.

I'm sure you can find one somewhere.

Oh, yeah. You were saying something?

Lynette's been dying to meet you.

She has so many questions.

Oh, go ahead. I got time
to kill while I'm waiting

for Pancho Villa to get my menu.

Okay. Uh... I was just wondering,

what made you decide
to propose to my mother?

I love her. What do you think?

Aw. What a short... angry story.

Frank... is very to the point.

That's what first attracted me to him.

- Oh.
- What else you need to know?

Um, have you ever been married before?

Three times... two dead and two left me.

Oh, wait a minute. That's four.
Yeah, then make it four.

Now... you done grilling me?

Yes. I think I've learned
everything I need to know.

- Hi, Gaby.
- Hey, Karen.

I wanted to get the name
of that chinese place

you and Roy are always raving about.

Come on in. I'll get you the address.

Carlos is a little grumpy

- since the credit card bills came in.
- Hmm.

I figured a little M.S.G.
should calm him down.

I've got a menu here somewhere.

I never noticed that before.


That doll.

Oh, Adelaide. Heck,
I've had her since forever.

She was my best friend growing up.

I couldn't bear to toss her,
so there she is.

I didn't know you were into dolls.

I'm not really into them.
Oh! Here's the menu.

Where did, uh, that come from?

I carry her around with me.

You do?

Mm-hmm. Her name's princess Valerie.

Oh! Look! They could be sisters.


Oh, I have an idea.

Miss Charlotte's doll academy,
where I got Valerie,

has this tearoom.

It is beautiful.
All of us should go sometime.

By all of us, you mean the dolls?

Of course. Should I make a reservation?

Well... maybe.

I'm kinda curious to see
where this all goes.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Oh, no!

What's wrong?

I said "No mayo," Like, 15 times.

I'll trade with you. Do you want my salad?

Uh, let me check. Nope, still got a penis.

I want my hamburger the way I ordered it.

- I'll get you a new one.
- I got tee time in ten minutes.

So go!

It'll be waiting for you at the condo,
wrapped in foil,

with an ice cold beer when you get there.

You're... you're so good to me.

See you at the wedding, Lorraine.

So what do you think?

Well, he's quite a...

I wouldn't even know where to...
Okay, he's gone.

- How can you marry that jerk?
- Lynette!

I mean it. He's abrasive,
obnoxious, borderline racist...

No, he crossed the border of racist.

He lives in racist.
You cannot seriously love him.

I don't.

You... you don't?

Then why are you marrying him?

Because he's loaded,

and he hates his kids,
and he's got a bad ticker.

And when he kicks the bucket,
I get everything.

You're marrying him for his money?

Please. I married for love three times

and ended up brokenhearted and piss-poor.

And by the way,

he's getting something out of this, too.

You wanna know how I really broke my foot?


What are you doing up?
Is everything all right?

Couldn't sleep.

I've just been... sitting here, thinking.

About what?

I have so much hatred inside me...

from my neighbors who betrayed me...

for my son who disowned me.

For whoever tried to kill me.

I'm tired of hating people,

but I don't know how to stop.

What a thing to say.

Stop being so hard on yourself.

You're a decent man.

You just need to focus on
what's good in your life.

What is that again?

Well, for starters, me.

I do think about you... all the time.

From the first moment I met you,

all I wanted was for you to love me.

And... here we are.

Here we are.

You're just tired.

Come back to bed.

All right.

Tomorrow we can talk about our trip.

We need to decide where we're going.

Yes, about that...

I booked us a cabin in the woods.

Cabin? Oh, that sounds... rustic.

I need to go somewhere far away

where nobody can find us.


You can be happy, Paul.

You just need to identify
what's negative in your life...

and then get rid of it.

That sounds like a plan.

Hey, Karen. Gaby's in the kitchen.

Actually, I wanna talk to you about Gaby.

How's she doing lately?

Well, you know, we went
through kind of a rough patch,

but I think she's coming around now.

Yeah? Well, think again.

Girls, dinner's ready!
I made your favorite...

What are you doing here?



Jeez! You scared me.

This wasn't a gift for Bob and Lee, was it?

Why'd you lie to me?

Because I knew you wouldn't understand.

You spent $800 on a doll for yourself.

Y-you're right. I-I don't understand.

Oh, please.

Like this is any crazier
than your collections.

A steroid freak hits
a baseball over a fence,

and you paid thousands of dollars for it.

Yeah, well, I don't carry it around with me

- or take it to tea.
- Okay, first of all,

Mrs. McCluskey has a big mouth.

Second, the doll makes me happy.
What do you care?

Gaby, I want you to be happy,

but this is not about a doll.

You know what? I don't want
to talk about this anymore.

This is clearly about Grace.

No! No! No!

We're not supposed to talk about her!

That was your rule!

I'm going to get ready for dinner.

Hey, Susan.

I kept her warm for ya.

Thanks, Ethan. Hey,
how was your history final?

Aced it. Thank you for studying with me.

- No problem. I'll see you thursday.
- Yeah.



Look, I know you don't wanna talk,

but I thought it would be
more fun to play with me

than with your phone.

Thanks, but I'll take the phone.

You know, this whole experience

is miserable and isolating enough.

I don't understand
why you wanna make it worse

by ignoring someone
who's going through the same ordeal.

Susan, did you ever see the old war movie

where the fresh young kid
comes in all bright-eyed,

and the old vet
won't give him the time of day?

I hate war movies.


What about the one

where the girl moves to a different town,

and the mean cheerleader at her new school

doesn't wanna hang out with her?

Go on.

I'm the mean cheerleader. Okay?

And I'm letting you know
we're not going to be friends.

You know, I can see why you're frustrated.

Waiting for a transplant is brutal.

I-I get that.

But that doesn't mean that
you can't try to stay positive

while you wait for the good news.

The good news?

When this beeper goes off,
that means someone died.

That's what we're waiting for...
for some poor son of a bitch

who didn't use a helmet
or a seat belt to die.

We're waiting for a doctor to ask a family

who, moments earlier,
lost someone they loved

to let them harvest their organs.

And then we're waiting to see who gets them.

That's what we do. We wait for tragedy

and then cross our fingers that it's us

they wake up at 2:00 in the morning

with the good news.


I know your intentions are good,

but you don't have to distract me

or entertain me or comfort me.

I wasn't trying to comfort... you.

- Hi, Amber.
- What are you doing here?

Well, you seemed so upset
when you came over,

and obviously it involves Keith,

or you wouldn't have come looking for him,

and so naturally I'm concerned.

Everything's fine. It's not a big deal.

Anyway, I'm...

sort of in the middle of packing, so...

Mommy, I can't find my ball.

Charlie, I'll be with you in a second, okay?

How old is Charlie?


Keith and I would be great for a while

and then not so great.

I had actually moved out before
I realized I was pregnant.

So why didn't you tell Keith?

I had actually decided to give up the baby,

and I knew he would try
and talk me out of it.

Then I changed my mind
the moment I saw Charlie.

After that, it just never
felt right to come back

and ambush him with a kid.

And yet... here you are, ambushing.

It's just... Charlie is at that age

where he's starting
to ask a lot of questions,

and I'm running out of ways to be vague.

So Charlie is the only reason you came?


Maybe I... was kind of wondering

if Keith would still be...

But I'm glad he's happy.

You seem really great.

I know I owe it to Charlie to tell Keith.

It's just... I don't think I can do it.

Would you like me to?

You would do that?

I think I have to.

Now, it's not exactly finished yet.

I'm still waiting on a few pieces,

and the curtains are on back order.

Don't worry. I'm sure it's amazing.

But you did keep the receipts, right?

Oh, my god.

It's exactly the room
I wanted when I was growing up.

I mean, the only thing that's missing is...

baby unicorns!

So... you like it?

Oh, we love it. Thank you, Renee.

It's everything we'd hoped for.

How did you put this together so quickly?

Oh, it was easy.

I've been thinking about
this room for 20 years.


There was a time when
I thought I might have kids.

I used to imagine the kind of room

I'd want my daughter to have. Mm.

Right down to the last detail.

I never knew you thought about kids.

Well, that was a long time ago.

It's never too late.
Heck, if we can adopt...

Excuse me. I've gotta find that painter.

This is not the color
we agreed on for the trim.

I can't do it. I can't be a party to this.

I can't wheel her down
the aisle to marry some jackass

she doesn't even love.

Lynette, you have to do this.

Besides, you know,
think of what's at stake now.

What are you talking about?

Well, you know,
how can I put this delicately?

I mean, today your mother has money.

Someday soon she will die.

The day after that,
Tom and Lynette have money.

That's a horrible thing to say.

Well, just saying,
you've always wanted to put Paige

in private school,
and I've always wanted to know

what it's like to sleep on a yacht.

You're lucky you're holding the baby.

Lynette, in all seriousness,
it's your mother's wedding day.

If you don't support her,

you're gonna ruin your relationship.



They're playing my song.

Are you ready to wheel me down?

Lynette! Lynette!


What are you doing?

Okay, here's the thing.
I can't let you do this.

Who asked you?

You can't marry an obnoxious jerk like that.

Mom, you want me to visit more often?

That is never gonna happen
if you're with him.

And think about the example

you are setting your grandchildren...

marrying a guy for his money.

Now, look, Tom and I have a little savings...

Lynette, I know Frank's
a bit of an acquired taste.


he needs me.

Nobody needs me anymore.

Your sisters are always busy.

I never see you.

I try to see you as much as I can, but...

I know.

Your family needs you.

And Frank... needs me.

Why didn't you tell me this?

Why did you let me think
it was all about the money?

I guess it was easier to say that

than to admit how... useless and...

lonely I feel.


Hello? We're trying
to have a wedding out here.

Oh, sorry! My daughter doesn't think
you're good enough for me.

She's right. Now hurry it up.

This church is in one of
those ethnic neighborhoods,

and I'm worried about the car.

Renee, there is someone
we'd like you to meet.

This is our daughter.

- Hello.
- We just picked her up from the airport,

and we wanted you to be

the first person on the lane to meet her.

Oh, you didn't have to do that.

We know.

I think I'm gonna start
getting her settled in.

- Say good-bye to Mrs. Perry.
- Bye.

Come on.

She's absolutely precious.

Yeah. We're very lucky.

Listen, can I ask you for a favor?

Lee, you know I don't like
sentences that start that way.

Bob and I have been thinking,
and even though I know

we are gonna be great fathers,
there may be times

that Jenny needs to talk
to a woman about... stuff.

And on those rare occasions,
I was wondering if we

could bring her over here.



Great. I will go tell our daughter

that if she needs anything,

she can count on her old auntie Renee.

And if she ever calls me "Old auntie,"
I will kick her.

Got it. Sorry.

Those are beautiful, Susan.

Thank you, Ethan.

Don't worry. They're not for you.

They're for people
who still possess an ounce of humanity.

Whatever you say, Pollyanna.
But if I see any mylar balloons

with-with dogs wearing stethoscopes,

I'm filing a complaint.

Why are you always so miserable?

It's called anger, Susan.

I'm sure you have it, too,

right underneath that
"Hang in there, kitty" smile.

- Hey, Dick, take it easy.
- It's okay, Ethan.

Fine. You're angry. The rest of us aren't.

So stop dragging us
into your circle of self-pity.

Ugh. Come on.

It's me.

I'm so happy for you.

Thank you.

I gotta go call my mom.


Ready, Susan?


Actually, um, i-if it's okay, I'm gonna...

sit over here today.


What are you doing?

Leaving a note for the gardener.

If he has any more problems
with those sprinklers,

I want him to know that
we'll be at the cabin.

Oh. Good idea.

Beth, I think we should bring
some extra blankets.

It might get cold.
Would you mind grabbing a couple?

Not at all.

Detectives. Everything okay?

I'm sure your wife told you
a gun was recently discovered

at Bree van de Kamp's house.

Yes, apparently it was the same caliber

that I was shot with.

Bree seems to think
your wife planted it there,

hoping to implicate some of
her friends in your shooting.

What an imagination she has.

So you've never seen this before?

Mr. Young?


You seemed to have quite a reaction there.

I'm not comfortable
around firearms, that's all.

Well, just to be clear,

you do not believe
this belongs to your wife.

Detectives, I know for
a fact this is not Beth's gun.

Good day.

Should we take two blankets or three?

Forget the blankets. The trip's off.

What? Why?

I got a call. There's a problem
with the cabin.

Oh, shoot.

And I was so looking forward to it.

Trust me, Beth.

I think you dodged a bullet here.

Mmm. I don't know what
you do to this chicken,

but it's the best thing
that I've ever had. Mmm.

So I, um, stopped by Bob and Lee's house.

They're so excited about
finally becoming fathers.

Which got me to thinking,

I know you had said

that you were okay with
not being able to have a child.

Is that... still the case?

Uh, yeah.

That didn't sound very convincing.

It's kind of a weird question.

Okay, well, let me rephrase it.

If you had the chance to be a father,
would you take it?

Bree, where is this coming from?
I thought we dealt with this.

Well, I just wanna make sure.
I don't want you to see

Bob and Lee with their child
and start to have regrets.

What do you want me to say?

All right, there was a time
in my life when I thought,

yeah. Yeah. I'd love to be a dad,
but then I met you.

I'm just saying... if you had the choice...

I don't.

This is really good chicken.


I'm sorry.

He doesn't even wanna meet Charlie?

Well, you have to understand
that after six years,

Keith feels that it would be
too difficult for everyone.

Why did I wait so long?

Again, I am so sorry.

Oh, no. You don't have to do that.

Please. Keith and I feel that
we really need to do something.

So please... take it.

Sorry. I had to show
the sitter how to work the TV.

Now where is this chinese pl... aah!

You put her in a car seat?

Oh. Well, she's expensive,
and the way you drive...

Honey, I've been thinking.

Maybe we should go see a therapist together.

I don't need a therapist.

I think you do.
Maybe I haven't been fair to you.

But you do really need
to talk to someone about this.

Carlos, I'm not crazy.

Well, then should I change
the reservation to three?

Don't be ridiculous.
She's not gonna sit with us.

She fits right in my bag.

This doesn't look like
a place you'd put a restaurant.

No, it looks like a place you'd bury a body.

Will you please just put the address

- into the navigation system?
- For the tenth time, I don't need it.

- I know where Oak Park is.
- Carlos, I'm starving!

I will not think you're weak
if you use a navigation system!

Fine. I'll use it.

I'd much rather listen to that
annoying voice than that one.

What's the address?

- Okay. It's 1-1-9...
- Get out of the car!

Oh, god! Okay, okay, take it easy, man.

Now! Get out. We're doing it. Be cool.

Uh, can you hold on?

- What do you mean, hold on?!
Get the hell out of the car!
- Gaby!

I gotta get my baby!

Oh, crap. Just...

- It's a doll! What are you
trying to pull, bitch?!
- Oh, god.

- Get out before I put a bullet in you!
- No!

Gaby! Get out!

- I can't get the buckle!
- Gaby, come on!

I can't get the buckle!
I can't get the buckle! Get... uhh!

No! Ohh! My baby! My baby! My baby!

My baby! Gaby!

It's not Grace!

Whoa. What are you doing to your roses?

Pruning them.

Looks like you're killing them.

I know it looks bad,

but sometimes you have to be ruthless

if you want something beautiful
to keep growing.

The world is filled
with people who do ugly things.

Why do they act this way?

Some lie to keep from losing what they love.

Some lash out because they fear the future.

Some put up walls because they have regrets.

Yes, everyone has a reason
for the ugly things they do...

and once we find out why...

then we can try to stop them.