Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 5, Episode 22 - Marry Me a Little - full transcript

Susan and Jackson announce their engagement to everyone, which has Mike feeling uneasy about it and debates with himself a future with Katherine on proposing marriage as well. Dave becomes ...

Previously on
Desperate Housewives.

Hey, Dave, is that the bathroom?

No. I think that's it there.

Okay, thanks.

Dave tried to eliminate
a witness to murder...


But Jackson survived...

I bought MJ a fishing pole.

We're not gonna be able
to make it this weekend.

I'm kind of getting married.


- I thought I heard you out here.
- Jackson.

Forcing him
to change his plans.

I'm a middle-aged guy...

Tom was searching...

...and I don't know
what I want to do with my life.

We're rich again! Hallelujah!

Gabby's life
returned to normal...

We're going to be us again,
the old Carlos and Gabby.

I'm gonna make sure
that you walk away from this marriage

with your assets intact.
Now, to accomplish this...

And Bree agreed
to protect what she felt was hers.

I'm capable of doing
whatever needs to be done.

The lawyer arrived
just after sundown.

He checked to make sure
no one was watching,

then he hurried to the front door
where his client was waiting.

As she poured him the scotch
he requested,

the client began to wonder exactly
how he planned to hide her assets

from the husband she was divorcing.

The lawyer suggested
some creative accounting.

His client agreed.

He suggested a secret bank account.
She agreed.

He suggested a second set of books.
She agreed.

And then the lawyer looked deep
into his client's eyes

and made one final suggestion

that she was completely
unprepared for.

You want me to rob my own house?

Not exactly. I was thinking
we hire my friend Tony to do it.

Absolutely not. I am all up

for a little creative accounting
and some secret bank accounts,

but hiring some thug to stage
a break-in?

It's a community property state, babe.

Orson's going to get half of everything,

including your jewelry,
your artwork, your antiques.

Wouldn't it be easier
to just have him killed?

As your lawyer, I can't condone that.
That said, I have a cousin...

I was kidding!

So was I. Loosen up, freckles.

Well, I just never know with you.
And don't call me "Freckles."

Look, if you're not
comfortable with Tony,

why don't we do the job ourselves?

I bet you'd look hot in a ski mask.

You are repugnant,
and this conversation is over.

Fine. But since I'm charging you
for the full hour,

let me make it worth your while.

- Sit down and close your eyes.
- What? No.

Just humor me, come on.

Now, I want you to picture Orson
after the divorce.

He owns half of your business,
half of your assets. You see it?

Go on.

Now, I want you to picture
Orson dating some young bimbo,

and don't kid yourself,
he will get a bimbo.

Now picture
your favorite strand of pearls

dangling in the 24-year-old cleavage
of the said bimbo,

while she's using your first-edition
Robert Frost as a coaster,

and your 19th-century
French crystal vase as an ashtray.

If you can live with that, I will leave.

And with that, the client
offered a suggestion of her own...

We should probably break a window
to make it look more real.

And the lawyer agreed.

Masks. You can find
them in any home.

Some are used once a year
to scare the neighbors.

Some are needed
for the occasional chore.

Some are applied
every other Thursday.

Then there's the kind of mask
some men wear every day.

It's a friendly smile designed
to hide the most wicked of intentions.

Hey, MJ. Is your mom home?

She's inside talking to Jackson.


So, what do you think of Jackson?

I like him. He buys me comic books.

Yeah, he's a good guy.

He was very brave that night
during that fire at the nightclub.

Does he ever talk about that fire?
Or anybody he saw that night?

Have the police stopped by
to ask him any questions?

- Lf they do, would you let me know?
- Why?

Well, I want to make sure they're
being nice to our friend, Jackson,

because he's such a good guy.

It is such a stunning piece.
It's simple and elegant, don't you think?

I mean, I know it was expensive

but you can't put a price tag on beauty,
am I right?

So when Daddy finds out
how much I spent,

would it be okay
if I used you as a human shield?

You know,
I should really get you tested.


Hey! Did you have a fun play date
with Heather?

She got a canopy bed. I want one.

We just bought you a bed.
It's not even a year old.

I don't like it anymore.
I want to sleep under a canopy.

Then go move in with Heather,
because I'm not getting you one.

Why not? We're rich.

- Who told you that?
- I heard you telling Aunt Bree,

since Daddy got his new job,
we're rolling in money.

Well, Mommy shouldn't have said that.

Just when Aunt Bree started bragging
about her new Prada bag,

Mommy kind of lost it.

Whatever. I want a canopy,
and you got to get me one.

I don't have to get you anything,
and stop acting like a spoiled brat.

I am not spending a fortune on a bed
you don't need.

Oh! But you can spend
millions of dollars on a stupid vase?

That vase is not stupid.

Is that vase stupid?

Okay, you know what?
This conversation is over.

Go to your room.

You, too, bobble head.

Okay, my clothes are in the closet.

I'm going to put my toothbrush
in the bathroom.

Just leave the toilet seat up,

and the immigration people
will totally think we're married.

You know, I don't know how
I'm gonna thank you for doing this.

Actually, I did think of one way
you could repay me.

- You got it.
- No, not like that.

No, I was thinking that after
our quickie courthouse ceremony,

you could buy me a cake.

I love wedding cake. It's the one part
of marriage that never lets you down.

Well, I can do you better than that.

How about I throw us
a big engagement party?


Well, we're not having a wedding,

and we're gonna need
pictures of something

to put in our photo album as evidence.

Okay. Yeah, I guess that could be fun.

While our friends are toasting
to our everlasting happiness,

we can yell, "Surprise! It's all a sham.
Thanks for the crock pot."

No, no, no.
We can't tell anybody this is a fake.

The whole thing could blow up.

Can I at least tell the girls?

No way. I mean,
they don't call her "Gabby" for nothing.


Fake marriage is complicated.

I know I'm asking a lot, Susan.

No, no, it's okay. I want to do this.

Truth is, I miss you.

The house has been kind of lonely
since you left.

I hear you loud and clear.

Not that lonely.

- What are you doing?
- Thinking.

Well, think inside. I made pork chops.

Aren't you going to ask me
about my job interview?

- Right. How'd that go?
- Okay.

Until the 30-year-old
who was interviewing me

asked me if I'd ever used Twittering
as part of a marketing campaign.

- And what'd you say?
- Nothing.

Because I don't know
what Twittering is.

It's a social networking tool
where you send instant updates

to anybody who signs up for them.

So you knew about this,
and yet you kept it from me.

I didn't keep it from you.

It's just one of those tech things
that you don't care about.

It's for young people.

And I am a dinosaur
marching into the tar pit.

I didn't say that.

You're not gonna get
a whole lot of sympathy from me.

I just went through
the same thing, remember?

Yeah, but you didn't tell me
how bad it was.

That's another thing you kept from me.

Fifty guys showed up for that one job,

and I was 10 years older
than every single one of them.

I could hear them Twittering
as I left the room.

I think you mean "tittering."

Sorry. Please don't hit me.

I heard a door slam shut today, Lynette.
It's official, my time has passed.

I am no longer relevant.

For God's sakes, knock it off.

I am not gonna let you feel
sorry for yourself.

You are Tom Scavo, damn it.


Sorry, I got nothing else.
Come inside and eat your pork.

This place smells funny.
I don't want to be here.

Well, you should've thought about that

before you started acting
like such a diva. Now sit down.

- Father Crowley.
- This is a surprise.

What brings you to our soup kitchen?

Well, I want Juanita
to work with the poor.

I want to teach her to be grateful
for how good she has it.

Well, we can always use a hand,
and four hands, well, that's a blessing.

Me? No, no, not me.
I'm not really dressed for ladling,

but I could stand by the condiment bar
and spritz people with my Chanel.

And you say
Juanita is a little ungrateful?


Fran Shulman?


It's Gabrielle Solis
from the tennis club.

Of course.

Wow, it's been years.

Last time I saw you was at that
charity fashion show. Wasn't that fun?

Yes, yes, it was.

So what are you doing here?
Are you volunteering?

Not exactly.

Me either.
My daughter's gotten so snooty,

I am forcing her to spend time
with the great unwashed.

You want to ditch this place
for a cappuccino?

Actually, I'm here to eat.

It's Susan.

Great, we don't see enough of her.

And she's not alone.

Hey, Jackson. Long time, no see.
What's going on?

We sort of have an announcement.

We're getting married.

Oh, my God.

This is such great news!

So, when's the date?


Whoa. Well, that's kind of sudden.

Well, when you know, you know.
Why wait?

And we're having
a little engagement party on Friday,

and you're both invited.

A party? Count us in. I can't think
of a better reason to celebrate.

Have you told MJ yet?

Yeah. He was on board
when he found out there was cake.

Okay. Just wanna make sure this isn't
all happening too fast for him.

You know kids.
They need a little time to adjust.

Kids are resilient. He'll be fine.
I'm just so excited.

Well, we wanted you two
to be the first to know.

We should probably get going.
Got a few more neighbors to shock.

Well, we are just so happy for you.

Yeah. Congratulations.

Now, if we're going with the damask
for the settee,

then I strongly suggest
that we do the couch in the chenille.

The only word I understood there
was "couch."

I'll explain it to him later.

Good, because they're only going
to hold this fabric for a couple of days.

Well, I am off. Isn't that vase divine?

I am so glad you like it.

I thought we were
just trying out the vase.

- I'll explain it to him later.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Can you believe this?

Seven years ago,
Evelyn did Fran's house.

Now, no house.

That's crazy.
You ask Fran what happened?

No, I didn't want to embarrass her.

You met her in line for free soup,

how much more embarrassed
could she get?

Remember that dinner party she gave?

She had 20 place settings
of Tiffany china.

How does this happen to someone
who has Tiffany china?

This is $200 a yard.
Tell Fran to save us a place in line.

I bet I know what happened.
She drank it away.

That one New Year's Eve where she
got so plowed she fell in the koi pond?

Where she landed on you,
Drunkie Sue.

Everybody was hammered at that party.

Well, then it must have been
a gambling problem.

Based on what?

She never missed bingo night
at lmmaculate Heart,

and she was Lutheran.

You really think
she bingo'd her house away?

I don't know.
There has to be some reason.

You don't fall that far that fast without
making some really stupid choices.

Why are you getting so angry?

It was Tiffany china, Carlos.

There's the man
that ruined my fishing trip.

- Sorry about that, Dave.
- No worries.

Hey, I am so happy for you and Susan.


So how've you been?

We haven't had a chance to talk
since, I don't know, probably the fire.

Yeah. You were the big hero.

I was the doofus
that got stuck in the men's room.

That was a hell of a night.
Sure would like to forget that.

Yeah, me, too.

Unfortunately, I have to go down
and talk to the cops on Tuesday.


Yeah, I went down to city hall
to get my marriage certificate,

and I ran into one of the detectives
from that night,

and apparently they've been trying
to get in touch with me.

So, now I get to go down there
the day after my wedding.

Some honeymoon, huh?

Wow. Those guys really know
how to put a crimp in your day.

So, did they say what they wanted
to talk to you about?

I guess they just want to know
if I saw anything suspicious.

Hmm. Did you?

No. I mean, I was backstage.

I was headed to the men's room,
and I ran into...

I am so sorry.

No, don't worry about it,
I'll take care of it.

I mean, there's got to be
a mop around here somewhere.

- That's not coming out.
- Bree can get rid of that in a jiffy.

Now where did she go?

Okay, show time.

Wipe your feet first.
I just had the carpets cleaned.

Just because we're thieves
doesn't mean we need to be untidy.

- Are we stealing this?
- Yes. As I recall, it's quite valuable.

- What about this?
- God, no.

That's Orson's
"Dental Innovator of the Year" award.

I've always hated that thing. Oh, dear.

What are you doing?

I took some of my silver off the mantel
and it threw off the balance.

Yeah, you're right. Let me help.

There, balance restored.

Was that necessary?

This place has to look like
it was ransacked by robbers,

not someone's personal shopper!

Fine. But do you have to do it
with such relish?

Hey, you're not paying me
to just go through the motions.

Speaking of which, are you nailing
Orson like we discussed?

That is none of your business.

Well, we have to make sure
he doesn't suspect anything.

I do the bare minimum.
No more, no less.

So is he just missionary?

He seems like
a strictly missionary kind of guy.

- Must you be so crude?
- Must you always be such a priss?

You freak out at the mention of sex,
you never want to make a mess,

you suppress every spontaneous urge
you ever have.

Man, it must be exhausting being you.

Yes, being a lady takes effort.

Well, maybe give it a rest
once in a while.

Might surprise you how good it feels.

You want to be a Neanderthal, Karl,
that's your choice.

I prefer to behave
with class and dignity.

Now, may we please finish
robbing my home?

Bill Brown!

It's Tom Scavo.

Tom! Oh, my God.

What are you doing here?

Well, Jackson and I are
in the same soccer league.

Lynette, this is Bill Brown. We were
roommates freshman year in college.

- Really?
- Yeah.

God, you look fantastic.
You haven't aged a day.

- Hey, right back at you.
- Liar. You didn't even recognize me.

Back up a second.
You guys were classmates?

- Yeah.
- Meaning you were in the same class

at the same time?

That's what "classmates" means,
Lynette. We're the same age.

Actually, I think I'm six months older.

You're older?
I'm sorry, I just cannot believe

that they're out of stuffed mushrooms.
Excuse me.

Okay, my wife's annoying,
but she is right. What's your secret?

What is it, diet? Exercise?

You eat a bowl of stem cells
every morning?

Come on, what's going on, Peter Pan?

Okay, you really want to know?

Hi! This is for you and Jackson.

How sweet.
And heavy! Score.

Yeah, well,
we can afford to be generous,

now that I'm off the hook for alimony.

Yeah. What?

You're getting remarried. So I can stop
sending that check every month.

Everybody gets a gift.

Right. Score for you.
Can I talk to you for a sec?


Thank you.

You get alimony? I thought
you were too proud to take alimony.

I was too proud to admit it.

I'm not too proud to take it.
I need that money, Jackson.

Well I... I can try to chip in.

Chip in? It's not a birthday cake
for Shirley in accounting.

It's mortgage and food and insurance.

I'm sorry, but I can't marry you.

No, Susan. They'll send me back.

It's Canada, not Iran. It's like
America with free health insurance.

Okay, I know this is important to you,

but I depend on that check
every month.

And I know you do. I just can't believe
that I finally found a job that I love,

and now I've just got to give it up.

Well, look, maybe I could talk to Mike.

I could see
if we could work something out.

- You'd do that?
- I'll try.

Don't think he's not going to want
his gift back.

And it was really heavy, too.

So, you thought my friend Bill looked
pretty fantastic, huh?

Okay, I went a little overboard.

You know me, two margaritas
and I need a muzzle.

No, I completely agree with you.
He looks really young.

I know, right?
He must take care of himself.

Actually, he told me his secret,

and I'm thinking
of doing the same thing.

- No, you're not having plastic surgery.
- It's my face.

We live in a community property state,
so half that face is mine.

Fine, you know what,
you get the half below the nose.

But these wrinkles up here?
All going away.

Tom, men don't need plastic surgery.
They look better as they age.

Really? Because you couldn't stop
talking about how great Bill looked.

"You guys were classmates? You mean
the same class at the same time?"

Okay, that's
a lousy impression of me.

Look, Bill said it really gave him
a leg up in job interviews,

and I could use that right now.

You don't need a face lift.

What if I went out and got a boob job

and came home with
big, giant, sideshow boobs?

How would you like that?

I'd learn to live with it somehow.

You're not doing this.
We can't afford it.

It's an investment in our future.
We can't afford not to.

I'm calling the doctor
and making an appointment.

If you want, I can also get
a price check on a pair of...

I'm not getting a boob job.

You seem tense. Why don't I make you
a nice cup of Earl Grey...

Oh, dear God.

Orson, we've been robbed.

It wasn't me. I swear.

Excuse me.

No cuts. Back of the line.

Relax, I already ate dinner at home.

In my box under the bridge.

Fran. God. I was afraid
I wouldn't find you here.

Lucky you. I'm still poor.

I feel bad I ducked out so fast
the other day,

and I've been thinking about you a lot,
and I just... I really want to help.

Well, thank you. Thank you.

Now, I just wanna make sure
that you're not gonna, you know...

Drinking was never my problem,

I didn't think so.
You were always so classy.

$20, $40, $60... Was it drugs?

- No, I never did drugs.
- Good to know.

$80, $ 100... Because gambling
is bad enough without being high.

I never gambled
a day in my life, Gabby.

Well, then what the hell happened?

This doesn't make sense.
I was at your house.

You had such lovely things.

Yes, Mark and I lived really well,
probably a little too well,

but we were young and we thought
we had time to save for the future...

Then he died.

Mark died?

I didn't know.

He was sick a really long time.
He couldn't work. He lost his insurance.

By the time he passed away,
we were completely wiped out.

Fran, I'm so sorry.

You didn't have any family to turn to?
Any friends?

No family.

And, as it turns out,
not too many friends either.

Look, Gabby, I know you came here
wanting to find out

what I did to make this all happen,
but the truth is,

we're all just an accident
or a tumor or a bad investment away

from standing in line for free soup.

Thank you.

I don't agree, Fran.

You know, Carlos went blind
for five years.

We went broke,
we almost lost our house,

but we worked our asses off
and we made it back.

So just because you survived that,

you think you've crossed
some kind of finish line

- and nothing bad can happen again?
- Well, no, but...

Listen, I hope it works out for you.

I hope you never lose
that big, beautiful home of yours.

God knows I wish I'd appreciated mine
more while I had it.

Thank you again.

Remind me again when you're getting
your teeth cleaned?

The 14th?

And the 15th we have tickets to
that play that you're dragging me to?

Yes. Why?

I'm just trying to figure out when
would be a good time to get married.

I'm sorry, what did you just...

I know, I know. Not the most
romantic proposal in the world.

I shouldn't have led
with the teeth cleaning.

I feel I can overlook that.

So is that a yes?

Yes, it's a yes.

- Wow. What brought this on?
- It just seemed like the right time.

Mike, I'm so happy.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I understand taking things,

but why smash something
you're going to leave behind?

They're robbers, dear,
not personal shoppers.

Yeah, well,
whoever did this should be shot.

Well, I wonder if the victims of
your kleptomania felt the same way.

You know what?
You're absolutely right.

I never realized what my stealing put
people through. Maybe this is karma.

What is that?

It's a picture of the mask they stole.
I drew it from memory.


Remember where we got it?

- Was it Florence?
- Venice.

We walked past that little shop
under the bridge,

and you saw it in the window.

Oh! That's right.

You told me you'd been wearing
a mask all your life,

but with me, you felt...

Like I could finally take it off
and be myself.


Anyway, I faxed it
to the shop in Venice,

they said they could make a new one.

I should have it for you
in about a month.

I can't believe
you went to all that trouble.

Well, you must not know
how much you mean to me.

Hello? Hi, Dave.

No, of course not, what's on your mind?

Well, I figure it was time
to get back to work,

so I put together a speaking tour.
Seattle, Portland, my usual route.

- Work? Are you sure it's not too soon?
- Well, I have to do it eventually.

Anyway, I was hoping you could
check in on the house now and then.

Of course.

Someone's at my door,
let me get rid of them.

- Hey, Katherine. Is Mike here?
- No. He's at work.

Shoot. Well, can you tell him to call me
as soon as he gets back?


- Is everything okay?
- Well...

Okay, you know what, Mike's
probably gonna tell you anyway,

so just don't tell anyone else, okay?

There's not a problem
with the wedding, is there?

It's still on, right?

It depends.

Jackson and I are only getting married
because he needs his green card...


...and then I realized
that I would lose my alimony,

so unless Mike will keep paying me,
I can't get married.

You have to.

I mean, poor Jackson. I... I would
hate to see him deported back to...

- Where's he from?
- Canada.

We can't have that.
If you want, I could talk to Mike for you.

That would be great. Just tell him
I need an answer quickly,

because the wedding is Monday.

Well, don't cancel anything yet.
You'll have your answer tonight.


Sorry, Dave. Dave?

- Hey.
- Hey, Lynette, how's it going?

My husband wants to spend money
we don't have

on a facelift he doesn't need.
So, not great.

Hmm. Tell him to be careful.

Have you seen Bruce in payroll?
He just went in for a little nip and tuck.

And? How's he look?

Like he's standing in a wind tunnel.

- Really? Poor Bruce.
- Yeah.

What's his extension?

And I'm thinking
I may have acted rashly.

I mean, every marriage has
its rough patches.

Orson loves me,
and deep down he's a good man.

If I stick with this,
maybe we can make it work.

- Are you even listening to me?
- Don't need to. Heard it all before.


I've been doing this 20 years.

And trust me,
every woman gets cold feet.

"Am I making a mistake?
Was he really that bad?

"Maybe I could try harder."

And I'm going to tell you
what I tell them.

You're not making a mistake.
He really is that bad.

And no matter how hard you try,
he's still gonna be the same jerk

that sent you into this office
in the first place.

So I'm just like everyone else and
you know everything I'm going to say.

Yep. I even know the stuff
you're not going to say.

- I doubt that.
- Let me give it a shot.

You've been thinking, "What happens
if I walk away from Orson

"and everything
I invested in this relationship?

"Will I ever find another man?"

Will you spend
the rest of your life alone?


In the ballpark.

Well, you listen to me.
You've got nothing to worry about.

You're a beautiful,
elegant, classy woman,

and there's no way
you're gonna end up alone.

And do you say that
to every woman, too?

No. I mean,
I get some real uggos in here.

You know, the kind that are gonna die
alone and get eaten by their cats?


So, are we back in business?

Send me the papers
when they're ready.

Honey, I'm glad you're home.

I brought someone home from work
I want you to meet.

Yeah, it turns out
he got the same procedure

that you're thinking about getting,

so I thought maybe
you could chat him up about it.

- So you're finally onboard with this?
- Well, like you said, it's your face.

Come on. I'm dying for you
to meet Bruce.

Bruce, I want you to meet
my husband, Tom. Tom, this is Bruce.

Hi. Tom.

So, Lynette tells me you're thinking
about having a little elective surgery.

Did she?

Now you may not be able to tell,
but I've had work done.

Really? Have they finished?

- Yeah.
- Tommy.

Now I should warn you that after
they operate, it looks a little weird.


I was wondering about that, yeah.

But eventually it settles. Like this.


Isn't it exciting, Tom? In a few weeks,
you are gonna look just like Bruce.

Hey, if you want,
I'll give you the name of my surgeon.

Yes, I definitely want
the name of the guy who did that.

Lynette, Bruce looks like
he could use something to drink,

and I know that I sure could.

Could... Could you excuse us
for a sec?

Very clever, Lynette,
inviting The Joker over to scare me.

I wanted you to see the face
they don't put in the brochure.

I will be having my work done
by a reputable surgeon.

Bruce looks like his was done
by a bear.

But that's my point. You don't know
how these things will turn out.

Well, I am willing to take that risk.
I'm doing it.

Why are you being so stubborn?

Why do you care so much?

Because I don't wanna
have plastic surgery.


Tom, if you're unsatisfied
with your looks,

someday you're gonna be
unsatisfied with mine.

No, no.

Yes. You are going to look at me
someday with your brand new face

and say, "When did she get so old?"

We won't look like
we belong together anymore.

Lynette, I'm just talking
about getting rid of a few wrinkles.

But I don't see your wrinkles, Tom.
I see our whole life together.

This is you worrying about
how you're going to provide for us.

This is Penny falling out of
the tree house and breaking her arm.

This is my cancer.

These are the millions of laughs that
got us through all those tough times.

It's like a map of our marriage,
and I don't want to lose it.

And if it keeps me from getting a job?

You're going to get a job,

and it'll be because
they're impressed by your experience,

not your wrinkle-free face.

I know exactly what you mean
because I love your face, too.

- And this wrinkle here, that's when...
- This isn't about me, Tom.

Come on.

Hey, good news. Looks like
we're getting fake married after all.


Yeah, Mike agreed
to keep paying me alimony.

He just sent me a text.

- Man, that's a relief.
- And unbelievably generous.

I'm gonna send him
a thank you right now.

You're welcome.

You know, I really can't tell you

how much I appreciate
you doing this for me, Susan.

And I promise, as long as I'm here,

I'll pitch in around the house,
run errands,

you know, just like a real husband.

And clearly
you've never been married before.

Well, you know,
just because this is a fake marriage,

doesn't mean it can't be wonderful.

Well, I've been in some real marriages
that weren't, so maybe you're right.

Look, cans!

You can't have a wedding
without cans and signage.

Sweet! Let's get to the carwash
on our way to the courthouse.


- Jackson Braddock?
- Yes?

We're with lmmigration.

You're in the country
on an expired visa.

- You're gonna have to come with us.
- No, no, no.

- This way please.
- You can't take him now!

- Right this way.
- Ma'am, I need you to step back.

Susan, there's a business card on
the dresser with an attorney's number.

Would you call him for me, please?

Please, can't this wait?
We're about to get married.

Not today, you're not.

What's going on? Who are these guys?

Lmmigration agents, and I think they're
sending Jackson back to Canada.


May I speak
with Bree Van De Kamp?

She's not in at the moment.
Can I take a message?

Yeah, this is Sheila
with Weston Brothers Storage.

It's about the storage unit
she just rented.

Storage unit?

Yeah, we overcharged her
on the deposit.

Tell her not to worry, we're gonna
deduct it from her next bill.

- Okay. Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Everyone wears
some kind of mask.

So you must look closely
to find the truth that lies beneath.


Some conceal anxiety
about growing older.

Some hide fears of financial ruin.

Others cover up a love
that continues to linger.

And then there are those
who let their mask slip.

If you look into their eyes,
you'll see who they really are

and exactly what they're capable of.