Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 5, Episode 12 - Connect! Connect! - full transcript

Dave bunks in at Mike's after being thrown out by Edie, who ends up locked in a basement with Susan. Meanwhile, Katherine puts Mike on the hot seat by mentioning her offer to move away. Bree's future "son-in-law" Alex, defends Orson when she belittles his purchase savvy. Lynette finds out where her son, Porter, is hiding, which brings her face-to-face concerning the issues between her and her estranged mother Stella. Also, Gabrielle seeks to control her two unruly daughters when Carlos' new job keep him away long hours.

Previously on Desperate Housewives.

A call was made.

- Sweetie, where are you?
- I don't want to tell you.

But if Porter doesn't show up for court,
we're going to lose our restaurant!

A guy threatens to kill your son,
and that's what you're worried about?

And as one love affair
blossomed, another...

You were married before?

She's dead.

I want you out of my house.

Withered on the vine.

Mike Delfino has to pay
for taking you away from me.

I want him to lose what I lost.

It had been a
long journey for David Williams.

And though it began years ago,
he remembered every step of it.

Walking outside his front door to find
a policeman with news of a car crash.

Running into the hospital only to be
told his wife and daughter had died.

No! No!

Being dragged into a
psychiatric facility

after his mental breakdown.


Strolling into a hotel,
weeks after being released,

and bumping into a beautiful blonde.

Marching down the aisle
with the woman who, as it turned out,

once lived on the same street
with the man who had killed his family.

But his bride was now unhappy.

And Dave Williams was worried

that his dream of revenge
had been destroyed.

Luckily for Dave, fate was about
to take some steps of its own.

- Hey, Dave! What's going on?
- Edie and I had a fight.

Take it you're giving her time
to calm down?

No, I think I'm looking for a place
to stay while she's looking for a lawyer.

Oh, man. I want to say something
helpful, but all I got is, "That sucks."

That it does.

So where are you headed?

Well, it's such a nice night, I thought
I'd walk to that motel on the interstate.

Might as well enjoy the stars
while my life falls apart.

It's getting late. So...

Hey, why don't you stay with me?

Really? I... I wouldn't want to impose.

Dave, you saved my life.

I owe you.

Well, now that you mention it,
I guess you do.

Come on in.

And just like that,

Dave's dream of revenge
was salvaged.

Lead the way, roomie.

And he started to feel
his long journey would soon be over.

At 9:02
the next morning,

Edie Williams began calling
her friends to let them know

something humiliating
had happened to her.

By 9:06, her friends
had begun to arrive

just so they could hear
the juicy details.

So he was married before.
You don't kick a man out for that.

No, but you do for never mentioning it.

And especially
when I laid out my entire past.

Emphasis on the word "laid."

Exactly. Gabby gets it.

Well, maybe they were only together
a short time,

and she didn't mean anything to him.

I doubt it, since he walks around
muttering to her ghost.

You know what would lift your spirits?
We should all do a spa weekend.

- Yeah.
- Let's do that.

Oh. I appreciate the offer,

but I think I'm better off
getting lost in my work.

Well, maybe I can help you.
Think you can rent my house out?


Jackson got a teaching job
at the college in Riverton,

and I'm going with him.

Wait. You're moving?

I know it's sudden,
but I feel really good about this,

and it's only two hours away,

so it'll still be like
we're practically next door.

I am so happy for you.
But we're going to miss you.

Oh. Don't worry about us.
Jackson is so great.

You are making the right choice.

Absolutely. Come here, you.

I can't believe
you're leaving.


When you're done here,
you want to come do my lawn?

Well, I figured since Mike's letting me
crash here, it's the least I could do.

Well, that's very nice and brave.
Mike takes a lot of pride in his yard.

- Yeah.
- Look at his roses.

Every time I walk by here
I just want to steal one.

- Here, let me cut you one.
- Oh, no. Couldn't. He wouldn't like that.

- Hey, you. What's up?
- Not much.

Got a call from Dylan.

Her husband's traveling more
for his business

and she doesn't have anybody
to help her with the baby.

She's trying to push me
to move out to Baltimore.

So, what'd you say?

Just that I'd think about it.
What do you think I should do?

Well, if she really needs your help,
I guess you should help her.

Well, I don't know that she needs it.
Honestly, I think she's just lonely.

Of course, it would be nice to be closer.

But is that a good enough reason
to uproot my whole life here?

What do you think?

I'm not sure. It's up to you.

I know, I just thought
you might have an opinion.

Oh, shoot.
I'm expecting a call from a supplier.

I'll... I'll talk to you later.

On second thought,
I'm sure he won't even notice it's gone.

Of course, this new landscaping will
require an updated irrigation system,

which I'm happy to take care of.

Bree, you bought us a house.
We can't let you do all this, too.

Nonsense. It's a small price to pay
to make your home more beautiful.

- I insist.
- Yes!

It's going to be here tomorrow!

- Orson, take it easy.
- Impossible.

Soon I, the grill master,
will christen a brand new barbecue.

You seem pretty excited about a grill.

Oh. It's so much more than that,
young man.

This is the Prairie Fire Turbo.

It's 122,000 BTUs
of charbroiling power. Look out, cattle.

You think you're excited,

just imagine the salesman
who overcharged you.

Well, Bree, I got a very good deal.

He only thinks he got a good deal

because the salesman threw
in one of those "Kiss the Cook" hats.

And the temperature-sensing
barbecue fork.

- Well, that sounds good.
- Yeah.

Don't encourage him.
Orson is a horrible negotiator.

He's never met a sticker price
he didn't like.

- No, Bree, that's...
- It's true.

There's a reason the local car dealers

send you a fruit basket
every Christmas. Now, hush.

- Bree, could you please not do that?
- Do... Do what?

It's just, when you talk
to your husband that way,

it really pushes a button for me.

My mom used to do that
and it drove my dad away.

I think he was tired
of being emasculated.

Did I mention it has
a rear-mounted rotisserie rack?

What exactly
are you saying, Alex?

I'm saying, if you're going
to be rude to your husband,

could you just not do it in front of me?

- So, a rotisserie, huh?
- Yeah.

Good for chicken, rolled roasts,
legs of lamb.

This thing is so advanced,
I could probably use it to make soup.

I'm sorry. Daddy has to work.

Carlos, what is going on?
You're going to miss your plane.

They're upset.
They're not used to me being away.

Oh, for God's sake, girls.
It's not like he's going off to war.

He's going to be back tomorrow.

Why can't Daddy work here?

Because Daddy has a new job
that's going to make us lots of money.

We don't need lots of money.

Hey, what did I say
about that kind of language?

Look. Girls, Daddy is going
to be home tomorrow in time for dinner.

You can call me whenever you want.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

And the best part is,

you get to spend a whole day
with just Mommy.

- Oh. Hello, Mr. Fishman.
- I'm coming in. Watch the wheels.

Boy, you just had
to put a rug here, huh?

- Uh, is everything okay?
- It's about your damn son.

- Porter?
- How the hell do I know?

He's got red hair and he's got
a face you just want to slap.

And he's driving my sister crazy.

- What are you talking about?
- At the retirement home.

Your kid has been staying
in your mom's room.


Muriel thought he was just visiting,
but he's been there for a week.


Now, the rules clearly state,
no visiting after dark.

Tom, I know where Porter is.
He's hiding at my mother's.

Oh. Hiding, my ass.
He's not hiding. He's living there.

- He even stole my sister's orange juice.
- I'll take care of it.

Thank you. Call Bob.

Tell him we can make
the hearing tomorrow.

Nobody can sleep there because
he's got that TV blaring all night long.

Look, Tom. I can't talk now.
Just call Bob.

I'm going over there now. Okay, bye.

Parker, I'm gonna be back in an hour.
Mr. Fishman, thank you so much.

Well, don't just stand there.
Make me a sandwich.

Uh. One more thing.

Could you see about
having the basement cleared out?

Yeah, the last time we went down there
it was filled with mildewed boxes.

Oh, I'll take care of that.

There's nothing worse than having
old junk around.


Case in point.


Edie! Do you not hear me?

Yeah, I heard you.
Why do you think I kept walking?

Looks like the mailman switched
our mail again. Do you have mine?

Yeah, it's in my garbage.

Come by and grab it
at your convenience.

What is wrong with you?

I asked everyone over this morning

because I had this huge thing
to share about kicking my husband out.

And you prance in with your,

"Me and Jackson are moving
to a fairy castle!"

I'm sorry,
I thought we gave your latest breakup

the three seconds of shock it deserved.

- Get the hell out of here.
- Gladly.

- What have you done?
- Nothing. It's locked.

- Do you have a key?
- In my purse,

which I left in the kitchen.
Does anyone know you're here?


- Help!
- Somebody help me!

Let me out of here!

Juanita, it's time for your bath.

I'm watching my movie.

You've seen it a hundred times.

She loses her shoe, the prince finds it,
end of story. Let's go.

I'll go when I'm ready.

- Hey! It's not finished!
- It is for you. Now move.

Juanita Solis, I am not kidding.

Okay, that does it. Juanita.

If you think I'm not going
to drag you to the bathroom,

you are sadly mistaken.

- You're never going to make it.
- Oh, yes, I will.

My rage is fueling me
in ways you can't imagine.

What's wrong?

My rage just needs to catch its breath.

Okay. Okay.

I am willing to forget this entire incident

if you just go jump in that bath tub
right now. What do you say?

I am going to scrub
that smug look right off your face.

Oh, my back!

Where is he?

I'm sorry, have we met?

Wait. You're the girl
who stuck me here three years ago.

You come by every Christmas
and look at your watch

while I unwrap the socks
you bought me on the drive over.

Do you know what's going on
with Porter? The fire? The arrest?

Yes, I read the newspapers.

Everybody's crying
for that poor kid's blood.

No, no, we have this great lawyer.

He thinks he can get
the case thrown out.

Oh, really? I didn't realize that.

Porter, come out from under the bed!

Mommy is here to take care of you.
Just like she took care of me.

Okay, I know you're mad.

I know we have a lot
to hash out between us.

But don't take your hate for me
out on your grandson.

- Now where is he?
- He's safe.

I heard Muriel Fishman
rat me out to her brother,

so I made sure that Porter cleared out.

Mom, this is wrong. Please.

Sucks to feel powerless,
doesn't it, Lynette?

Please! Help!


Wow, I'm getting
a really unpleasant picture

of what you're like
in the old sackarooni.

Face it, Mayer. We're stuck.

I've got to get out.

I'm supposed to be meeting
the moving company.


Keep talking about how you're going
to move away and be with Jackson.

I hear stupidity makes time go faster.

So now, me wanting to be
with the man I love is stupid?

And needy. And pathetic.
And kind of hilarious.

But there's one thing it's not, Mayer,
that's unexpected.

What are you getting at?

Have you ever in your life
been without a man?

Of course I have.

- When?
- I don't know. I'm not sure.

- What are you doing?
- Making a calendar.


Oh. Come on.
We've got nothing but time,

and I assume you don't want
to make out, so... First boyfriend?

Todd Shaffer. I was 14.

And why did you
and Hot Toddy break up?

He dumped me during math class.

And how long did it take you
to start dating somebody else?

This is a stupid exercise. I refuse to...

- When was it?
- Lunch. It was lunch.

You know,
I'm feeling a bit randy tonight.

What do you say we make a little love?

Well, we've got 15 minutes
until the news is on. Why not?

I still can't get over the way Alex
behaved this morning.

I've never heard such nonsense.

Don't you think so?

Well, I thought the manner
in which Alex

- made his point was inappropriate.
- But?

Well, I wouldn't say it was nonsense.
You can be a little tough sometimes.

Tough? That's not a word
I would use to describe myself.

Nobody blames you, Bree.

You run a business.
You have to be formidable.

Sometimes, if that frame of mind
carries over into your personal life,

- it's only to be expected.
- I don't think I do that.

I know you don't.
But it's not worth getting upset about.

Andrew and I are used to it.

And I'm sure, in time,
Alex will get used to it, too.

Now, on to more pleasant things.

Even though it's my turn,
I don't mind if you're on top.

I think we forgot one.


Didn't you date somebody
after you stole Karl away from me?

Ron... Dr. Ron.

- Are we done?
- Yep. Here it is.

The history of your love life.

Proof that you can't be happy
without a man.

This is not proof of anything.

Seven boyfriends through
high school and college.

Only 41 days single.
What does that tell you?

- My grades sucked?
- It's a cry for help, Mayer.

And it doesn't get much better

into the many decades
of your adulthood.

Hey, I was single for several months
after Karl. And after Mike.

But that wasn't of your choosing.
They dumped you.

I know. It's hard to look in the mirror.

Have you ever looked
in your mirror, Edie?

You're famous for the number
of men you've conquered.

- Thank you.
- That's not a compliment, you tramp!

Okay, I am not going
to take relationship tips

from a woman who has hooked up with,
what is it, over a thousand men?

Okay, that's true. I enjoyed the '80s.

But the difference is
I go after men because I want them.

You go after them
because you need them.

- That is not much of a distinction.
- Yes, it is.

You have holes in your heart that
can only be filled by a pair of trousers.

Face it, Mayer. You're weak.

Porter wasn't there.
And she won't tell me where he is.

Did you tell her
that he could end up in jail?

Of course I did.

Lynette, you're really upset.
Just hang up and come home.

She's so angry at me.

She's never going to tell us
where he is.

Lynette? Lynette!

- We need to find Lynette Scavo.
- Let me check.

This is all my fault.

She was so worked up
when she left my room.

I'm not finding a Lynette Scavo.

Oh, my God.
Does that mean she's dead?

No. No.

It means she outsmarted her mom.

My God, Porter!
We missed you so much.

I don't understand.
I thought you were in an accident.

No, sweetie.
I was driving home last night,

talking with your dad on the phone,

and two cars in front of me
had an accident.

And I thought,
"Damn, that could be me."

And then I thought, "That could be me."

You scared the hell out of me.

We are sorry,
but we had to get you back.

You've got to be in court by 5:00.

- No. I don't want to go to jail.
- Porter, listen to me.

Bob talked to the judge.

He thinks he can get them
to drop the charges.

I don't know if I should believe you.

You're going to have to.

- Okay.
- Great. Come on. Let's go.

That was a rotten thing
you did, Lynette.

I thought you were dead.

Yeah, well, what can I tell you?
I learned from the best.

Celia! Juanita! I am not going to ask
you again to pick up these clothes.

You've got until the count of three.

One. Two. Three.

You can hear me, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

All right, that's it.
I'm calling your father.

Ooh, you are going to get it now.

He is going to tear into you...
It is going to be a bloodbath.

Hey, babe. What's up?

- It's your children. They've run amok.
- What?

Now that you've gone back to work,
they won't listen to me.

They know you're not in the next room
ready to drop the hammer. Help me!

How? I'm in a meeting.

Oh. Okay. I'm going to put you
on speaker,

and I want you to rip them a new one.

I'm with clients.
I don't have time for this.

- But...
- I've got to go.

Carlos! Carlos?

I think he hung up, Mommy.
Can you bring us a lemonade?

- Hi, Mike.
- Hey. Sorry I'm late.

- Where's Katherine?
- Headache. She sends her regrets.


- You mind if I grab a beer?
- Yeah. In the test kitchen.

Beer sounds good.
I think I'll grab one, too. Excuse me.

- So, Katherine not feeling well, huh?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I think she also might be
a little miffed with me.

This about Baltimore?

It's not that I want her to go.
Because I don't.

Well, why don't you tell her?

I don't want to be the guy that comes
between her and her daughter.

Not to mention, her grandchild.


I thought this was because,

I don't know, maybe you're still
hung up on your ex-wife.

Susan? No. No, that's over.

You sure?

Most guys I talk to, they say
they only really fall in love once.

And even if it doesn't work,
they spend the rest of their lives

thinking about the one that they lost.

Always wondered if that's
how you felt about Susan.

Why would you wonder
about something like that?

I don't know. You...
You're my friend. I care about you.

Well, no.

In fact, I think I might be
falling in love with Katherine.

Did you just use the "L" word?

See, I didn't realize it was that serious.

Well, to be honest, it didn't really
hit me until she said she might leave.

Where are our guests?
The food's going to get cold.

- I'll go find them.
- And bring some steak sauce.

Oh. You're not going
to need any sauce with these babies.

They are seasoned to perfection.

Bring it.

Well, there's no sense in waiting.
Dig in.

Oh, dear. Are they overcooked?

No. They're well done.
That's the way I like them.

- Bree? What do you think?
- I really couldn't say.

You couldn't say
if your meat is overcooked?

No. I wouldn't want to upset anyone.

Well, don't worry. You won't upset me.

I don't think she was referring to you.

Well, it's just that grilling
is such a manly pastime.

If I suggested that Orson somehow
failed to produce the perfect steak,

you might see it
as another example of emasculation.

I see. You're not going
to let that go, are you?

Well, for all I know,
telling Orson his steak tastes

like charcoal might be de-balling him.

You know, Bree, you can make
your point and still be nice.

You know what else
would be nice, Alex?

Showing gratitude when people
have been generous with you.

Don't listen to her, Alex.

She's not mad at you.
She's mad at me and the meat.

Gratitude? What do you mean by that?

I mean, I bought you a house.

You'd think you'd show me
a little respect.

You're bringing up the house?

Well, why not? It was a fairly
grand gesture on my part.

Yes, and one that apparently
comes with strings.

If by strings, you mean I won't let you

be rude to me in my own house,
then yes.

You know what,

I think I'm going to have
to decline your grand gesture.

Keep the house.

What's wrong?

Orson burnt the steaks.

Susan, how can you tell if pickles
have botulism?

What the hell,
I shoot the stuff into my forehead.

Forget it. I'd rather starve
for a day or two.

By then you'll be dead and I can use
your remains as a source of protein.

Oh. Come on. That was funny.

You know, maybe I do
feel incomplete without a man.

But I wouldn't trade places
with you for anything.

You want to know why?

No. But I'm trapped,
so knock yourself out.

It's the way you are with men.

They're like tissues.

You use one and toss it away,
and then you're on to the next one.

At least I'm looking for something real.

So, you think this
"happy ending" crap

that you believe in is real?

Please, I know what men are really like.


Well, when I was 16,
my dad had an affair

with this woman
who had a 10-year-old daughter.

And one day he told my mom and me
that he was leaving us for them.

Oh, my God.

No talking.

A week later,
he comes to the house to get his stuff.

And my mom didn't want to see him,
so we went to the movies.

Now, I had this
horse figurine collection,

plastic, glass, ceramics,
hundreds of them.

Anyway, we come back
from the movies

and my dad had taken all his stuff.

So, I go into my bedroom
and something seems different.

And then I realize
all of my horses are gone.

My mom called my dad and screamed.

And all he said was
I was too old for them,

and that his girlfriend's daughter
would appreciate them more.

Can you believe that? What a fungus.

Oh, God, are you crying?

It's just... Now I get it.

Get what?

All these years I have judged you,
and it is not your fault.

Come here.

You are the way you are
because of your father.


Edie! What the hell?

Don't psychoanalyze me, you simp!

I was just trying to tell you
how selfish men are!

And I was just trying to be nice,

and give you a free pass
for being such a big slut!



Okay, girls, pick up your toys and
put them in the basket before dinner.

Dinner's not for two hours.


I've had enough of your crap.
Now pick up these toys.


Okay, Juanita, what is going on here?
Why are you being so difficult?

When Daddy asks you
to do something, you just do it.

That's because I love Daddy more.


- Everything okay, Mrs. Solis?
- Yeah. Just my kids.

They really know how
to push my buttons.

Oh, yeah, I've got a couple monsters
at home, too.

The key is you've got
to be the bigger monster.

Well, unfortunately,
they're not afraid of me.

Oh. That's bad. Fear is the foundation
of all good parenting.

You've got to practice your big voice.
"Finish that broccoli now!"

- See how that works?
- Yeah, it's very effective.


Hey, you got an extra 15 minutes?

Do it! Faster! Faster! Faster!
I want to see this place sparkle!


It's out of my hands, girls.

Word got out that you were disobeying,
and they sent Reggie over.

Who sent Reggie over?

Well, I know how much you love him,
but it was your daddy.

Enough chatter! Keep moving!

When they're done,
you want me to make them vacuum?

- Lf you wouldn't mind.
- No.

- Guess.
- Come on, Edie. I said I was sorry.



Wrong! March!

Man, you're bad at this.


Hey, Mrs. Williams.
I didn't know you were down here.

Thank God!
We've been locked in here all night.

Really? Good thing I came by
to check the rat traps then.

I'm glad I forgot about those until now.

Uh. Mayer.

I would appreciate it if you wouldn't
talk about what we talked about.

- I wasn't planning to.
- Good. Because I'll deny it if you do.

- I won't.
- And I'll kill you.

Goodbye, Edie.

Oh. I'll bring your mail over
when I get home.


Hey, Mom.

I just came by to tell you that the judge

threw out Porter's case
for lack of evidence.

Isn't that great?

Mom, I did not put you in here
to punish you.

I didn't have a choice.

- You had a choice.
- No, I didn't.

From the moment Glen died,
you were out of control.

It's true.
You lost all that money in Vegas.

You started drinking again.

And how many times
did I go to your condo

only to find you asleep on the sofa
with a cigarette in your mouth?

No. I won't apologize
for bringing you here.

I did it because I love you.

Then why don't you come visit me?

It's not a very pleasant experience.

So I yell a little.

So I toss a few curse words your way.
Big deal.

Last time I came,
you threw pudding at me.

I'm an angry old woman, Lynette.
What do you expect?

Here's a thought, stop being angry.


I can't make a friend in this place
without having them drop dead

of a stroke five minutes later.

I feel like hell.

Every time I look in the mirror,
I want to scream.

My anger is all I've got left, baby.

If I let go of that, it's over. I know it.
The ball game will be over.

The ball game is going to end
whether you like it or not.

I would like to be here with you
for whatever time you have left.

But for that to happen,
things have to change.

Would you come visit me more often?

At least twice a week.
And sometimes I'd bring the kids.

I'd like that.

You know, they turned out really good.

How did you learn
how to be such a good mom?

I have no idea.

Well, now that you're here,

why don't you stay
and we can talk a while?

- Okay.
- Get my flask out of the drawer.

Hey, I can't be nice, forgiving
and sober all at the same time.


- Daddy!
- Daddy!

Missed you guys.

Wow, you're really helping
Mommy, huh? That's great.

The scary man told us we had to.

We don't even know the guy!
He left a flier in our mailbox.

You let him do your parenting?

Hey, you're the one who told me
to get creative.

This wasn't what I meant!

Easy for you to say.

They told me
they love you more than me.

And when I was running things,
they said they loved you more.


- Oh.
- So don't get your feelings hurt.

And stop asking strangers
to discipline our kids.

Well, I wouldn't have to
if you would do it.

So you want me to go to work all day,
go out on business trips,

and what little time I have here
with the girls,

you want me to spend
screaming at them?

Just for the first 15 minutes
after you walk in the door.

- Then it's Carlos time.
- Forget it.

This was the arrangement you wanted.
You made me take this job.

I just wanted us to have a normal life.

Well, guess what, sweetie?

Dad's unhappy at work,
Mom's home with the screaming kids.

You've got one.

Oh, good. You're back.

Can we talk?

If it's about work, yes.

If it's about what happened
at the barbecue, no.

Fine. Then as my employee,
I authorize a five-minute break

so we can talk about
my son's boyfriend

and his absurd overreaction
this afternoon.

That's it. I'm out of here.

Andrew, please. You were there.
Alex started the whole thing.

You need to tell him
to stop criticizing me.

I'm not getting in the middle of this.

If you have a problem with Alex,
you tell him.

I tried. He won't listen to me.

Don't you mean "obey"?

He's not your son,

he's not your husband,
he's not your employee...

Not everyone has to listen to you.

I'll do this tomorrow.

I got the flowers.

- They were from you, right?
- Oh, yeah.

I just have a minute. And I don't want
to get into a whole thing with you.

This won't take long.

I don't want to fight anymore.
Please, just take the house.

I don't know how else to say this.

What happened yesterday
is going to happen again.

It's not going to be the last time
we fight, because that's who we are.

Let's not make it worse
by living on top of each other.


I'm going to tell you something
I haven't told anybody.

Not Orson, not Andrew, just you.

I know that I've changed
since my business took off,

but I didn't want to admit it.

I've watched myself become selfish,
impatient, rude.

I was never the type
to suffer fools gladly,

but now I seem
to find fools everywhere.

And I don't want to be that way.

I need someone
who isn't afraid to speak out,

to call me out when I cross those lines.

And I would love it if you
would be that person.

Did my mother-in-law just
give me permission to criticize her?

Yes, I did.

I'm a lucky guy.


Listen, I'm not happy
about you lying to me.

But I think what we have is real, and,
well, I'm not ready to throw it away.


Don't tell anyone,
but I'm at the point in my life

where I could use a happy ending.

I'll get my stuff.


- Jackson, hi. Do you have a sec?
- Sure, is something wrong?

No, nothing's wrong. I just...
We need to talk about this move.

At 5: 15 that afternoon,

Edie Williams began
calling her friends

to inform them that her husband
had come home.

Sadly, she never got through
to any of them.

Gabrielle never picked up.

She was too busy
watching her children

being told they had
to obey their mother.

And trying not to smile.

Lynette wasn't home
when Edie called.

She was with her mother,

laughing and sharing stories
about the old days,

and enjoying every minute of it.

Bree was outside showing
her future son-in-law color samples

for the home she had bought him,

and smiling politely
when they disagreed.

And Susan, well, she didn't answer

because she was sitting
in her favorite chair with a cup of tea,

learning to enjoy,
for the first time in her life,

what it was like to be alone.