Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 4, Episode 13 - Hello, Little Girl - full transcript

Bree and Katherine decide to become business partners, and Mike discovers the truth about the accident that almost killed him.

Previously on desperate housewives.

Dylan and katherine raised
their profile

And attracted the attention
of an unwanted admirer.

Mike made
a surprising request...

do you think
you can forgive me?

Which brought orson's guilt
to the surface.

- I'm sorry, mike.
- Oh, you're sleepwalking.

I'm sorry i ran you over, mike.

Gaby was learning to deal
with carlos being blind...

i'm sorry for what
i'm putting you through.

If it for anyone but you,
it wouldn't be worth it.

And lynette worried...

it's rick's place--
Totally went up in flames.

That jealousy could drive tom
to an act of violence.

The thing you have
to know about lynette scavo

Is that she had always trusted
her husband tom,

Mostly because she could
always tell when he was lying.

Sometimes he would ask her
to repeat the question...

Did i eat... your ice cream?
Is that what you're asking?

Or he would use odd words
he had never used before...

oh, i think it looks...


Or his voice
would get higher...

I guess she's pretty. I mean...

i didn't really notice.

Clearly, tom scavo was
at a distinct disadvantage

When lying to his wife.

And on this particular morning,

That's exactly what lynette...

was unting on.

Whatcha doing?

I am onesing
for a cup of coffee,

But the stupid burner
is acting up again.

Need a little caffeine fix?


Too much booze last night.
I'm really draggin'.

The open bar is no longer
your friend, huh?

Guess not.

But they were pouring
top-Shelf stuff,

And i couldn't resist.

Is that where you were during
bree's acceptance speech--

Doing free shots at the bar?

No. Uh,

I think that's when i snuck out
to the car to listen to the game.

- You go alone?
- Well,

I would've invited carlos, except...

obviously, he can't really
sneak around anymore, so...


I was thinkin',

If anyone asks
about that fire at rick's,

It'd be good if you had someone
to account for where you were.

Why would it matter?
I didn't start the fire.

Right, right.

It's just...
if anyone thinks you did,

It'd be handy if y could
prove them wrong, wouldn't it?

You think i did it.


One stupid brick,
and now i'm an arsonist?

No, no. Of course not.
It's just,

If the police came here
to ask us about the brick,

They're probably gonna
ask us about the fire,

So you might
wanna be ready.

Listen to me, lynette.

As mad as i have been
at rick,

I had absolutely nothing
to do with this fire.

We're fine.


- Good.
- Uh-Huh.

Lynette scavo had always
trusted her husband.

She had no idea that trust...

was about to go up in flames.

Desperate housewives 413

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Everyone breaks the rules
now and again,

And when they do,
they always have an excuse...

like the neighbor whose
own trash was already full...

or the blonde who forgot
to eat her breakfast...

or the employee who needed
an advance on his salary...

it's true--

Everyone has a reason
for not following the rules...

even the people who
are meant to enforce them.

Cense and registration,

Well, what did i do?
I wasn't speeding.

There's a construction zone back
there. You failed to slow down.

Are you sure? I didn't
see a sign or anything.

You wanna step out
of the car, please?

You're not gonna give me
a ticket, are you?

My mom will kill me.

Where do you go to school?

Fairview high.

Pretty necklace.

Oh, thanks.

Listen, i'm really sorry
about the construction zone.

I would have slowed down
if i had seen the sign, i swear.

I'll tell you what.

I'll let you go
with a warning.

Just pay more attention
next time, okay?

Thank you. That's very nice
of you. Thank you.

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That's everything,
i guess.

Well, if you forgot something,
you can just come back for it,

Or... you could just
not leave.

Oh, that's so sweet, but...

our house
is livable again--

The downstairs anyway--

And we have imposed
long enough.

Besides, mike is
comingome tonight,

And you're gonna need
the house to yourselves.

Well, before you go,
i just want to say that, um...

having you here
these last few weeks--

Susan, i'm just going
across the street.

There's no need to act
like a silent movie heroine.

I know.

I just... i can't stop now.

I broke the seal.

Well, um, as much as i appreciate

This naked display of emotion,

You know how this sort of thing
makes me uncomfortable.

I can't help it.

My hormones
are in overdrive.

Didn't you get that way
when you were pregnant?

No. Never.

Really? Not even when
you heard an acoustic guitar?

No. Never.

Oh, i just can't
control myself like that.

Oh, sure, you can.

Whenever i feel my emotions
getting the best of me,

I simply picture
an empty box,

And i take whatever i'm feeling
and put that in the box,

And then i picture myself
putting the box away

In a big, empty closet
and closing the door.

Then if i have time, i go back

And open the box and

Deal with the emotion...

in private, like a lady.


I'm gonna try that.

So you don't think
i act like a lady?

Prove me wrong, sweetie.

Prove me wrong.

All right.

Come on, girl.

Okay, carlos,
here's the harness.

There you are!

Oh, you must be roxy!

Aren't you the cutest thing! Oh!

Okay, not too close.
It's silk.

Gaby, this is steve. He's the
head trainer at the dog school.

Ah, nice to meet you.

How much he enjoyed
taking classes with roxy.

Well, they make a great team.

Well, i have got a million questions
about this little lifesaver here.

Okay, shoot.

Okay, hypothetical situation--

Carlos and i are
sitting on the couch.

I'm doing my nails.
He's whining for the remote.

How do i get roxy
to fetch it for him?

She's serious.


Roxy doesn't do that.

Um, her job is to get carlos
from point "a" to point "b"

As safely as possible.

I get that, but surely
she's trained to do other stuff,

You know, like find his keys
or turn off the radio

Or lick up his spills.

Yeah, and after that, she can go
solve crimes with shaggy and the gang.

Don't ve me i saw a collie on tv
who could push a lawn mower.

Do you have one of those?
Gaby, roxy's fantastic.

Really? Well, for a dog
who's supposed to help us,

She sounds kind of limited.

Sorry, but it's true.

She's not here to help us.
She's here to help me,

Which you would know if you had bothered
to show up to the spouses' orientation.

Well, i'm sorry. I was on my
hands and knees that day,

Scouring the bathroom floor

Because you fused
to pee like a girl.


any other questions?

No, it's crystal clear.

Carlos gets
a new best friend,

And i get to check
the sofa for ticks.

Yay for gaby!

Did i exaggerate?

Actually, you were kin

Oh, it feels good to take
a shower in my own house.

At you doing?

In honor of you coming home, we
are making your favorite meal--

Steak and mashed potatoes.

Oh, that sounds great.
For future reference,

My favorite is
potatoes au gratin. Mmm.

Since when?

Since always.
Since i was 3. Hmm.

You could say "au gratin"
when you were 3?

Oh, it's fine. Susan,
mashed is great, too.

It's not your favorite?

What are you doing?
Excuse me.

I have to put something in a box
and stick it in the closet.


Oh. Got it.

Pretty much anything
sets her off these days.

Uh, which is why

I haven't told her...

told her what?
Something wrong?

Well, when bree and orson
were staying with us,

This weird thing happened.

Oh, yeah. Naked orson?
I heard.

Must have been
quite a show.

this was the next night.

He was sleepwalking, and he said
something kinda strange.

But like i said, he was asleep,
so it's probably nothing.

Julie, what'd he say?

He said...

"i'm sorry i ran over mike."

- What?
- It's crazy, right?

Why would
he say something like that?

He didn't even know you
when that happened.

Yeah, you're right.
It's crazy.

Yeah, that's what i figured.

Okay, well, i'm gonna go check
on mom and make sure she's okay.

We don't need any more drama
in this house.

Yeah, i agree.

How's the move going?

Need an extra pair of hands?

No, thanks.
We're almost done.

Okay, well,
i won't get in your way then.

Let me just run something
by you.

I got a call today from a couple

Who loved
our work on the founder's ball.

- Oh, how sweet.
- Yes,

And they want to hire us
to do their anniversary party.

Hire us?
But we're not a business.

We could be.
Think about it.

We do the exact same thing
we did at the ball,

Only this time, we walk away
with a big, fat check.

Katherine, need i remind you we
nearly came to blows over floral choices?

I think it's ourcreative friction
that makes us a great team.

I think it's our creative friction
that nearly caused me to poison you.

All right, look, bree,??

With adam out of the house,
i really need the money.

I sympathize. I do,
but i have a new baby,

And it's really more work than
i care to take on right now.

I understand.

Guess i'll
just do it myself then.

Excuse me?

Now did you take pictures of
those table settings you designed?

I'd love to get copies.
The couple raved about them.

Yeah, sure.

You know, i don't
really think it's fair

That you should profit
from something that i designed.

You're right. It would only be fair
if i asked you to do this with me,

Which i did, and you said no.
So on we go.

I hope you don't mind if i serve
your cinnamon apple crumble.

That is a cherished recipe
from my grandmother.

Well, w it's a cherished recipe
from catering by katherine.

i see what's going on here.

This is shameless
emotional blackmail.



it worked beautifully.

I'm in.

No more doggy treats.
She's had enough.

But she's been so good.

Yeah? Well, when she learns
how to make granite sparkle,

She can have more.

I'm giving her a treat.

Carlos, i said no.

Fine. One treat.

That's it.
Those things are expensive,

And until your disability kicks in,
we have to tighten our belts.

So i guess that means you won't
be getting your hair done anymore.

Carlos, remember
what my fingers look like?

Just picture the middle one
all by itself.

Besides, you're the one
who married me for my looks.

Well, i'm blind now,

So as long as you
use deodorant, i'm good.

Do you have any idea how selfish
you sound right now?

Just because you're blind,
the world should suffer?

I'm just saying, you know,
$300 visits to mr. Francois--

Carlos, i'm getting
my hair done! End of discussion!

What are you barking at?
You got your damn treat.

You know, if we really
want to save money,

You could cut down
on those cuban cigars.

Or... here's a thought.
You could get a job.

Why don't you get a job?

Doing what?

Put flags on pencils
and sell them at the airport.

What do i care?
Just get out of my kitchen.

What is this about?

I don't know. I guess she
doesn't like it when you smack me.

Oh, so now i can't hit
my own husband in my own house?

Look, we can cut corners??

But i am not gonna skimp when
it comes to my dog.

Roxy, come.

Hey, neighbor.

Oh, mike. Hey.

Welcome back.

You're looking well.

Yeah, well, you know me.



What you looking for?

A hammer.

We're putting
some of the pictures back up.

This it?

Thanks, buddy.

You got a minute?

Uh, actually,
uh, bree's waiting--

Waiting for me.

You said something to julie
when you were sleepwalking.

I did?

Yeah, and i need you
to clear it up.

Are you the guy
that ran me over?


i'm so sorry.

I'm so...

no way.

That mutt is
not sleeping in our bed!

She's clean. It's okay.

No. No, it's not.
I read the pamphlet steve left.

These dogs are
not allowed on furniture.

I know. I...

i just think it's good for a dog
to sleep with its master.

It helps us bond.

Well, if you ever want
to bond with my boobs again,

You'll get her off!

You're being selfish.

We can
put her at the foot of the bed.

Carlos, no!

She doesn't like it
when you yell at me, remember?

You're right, baby.
I'm sorry.

Let me try it this way.

You listen to me,
you blind son of a bitch.

If you don't get this mangy, 6-Nippled,
cujo wannabe off my satin sheets,

You n't just need a dog
to get around.

You'll need a motorized wheelchair
that you steer with your tongue.


Carlos, i mean it.

Who's it gonna be--
Me or the dog?

Maternity lingerie--

Yeah, right.

Why don't they just call it
what it really is?

A pup tent to hide
your stretch marks.

Oh, actually, if it's okay,

I'm really not in the mood
right now. I'm sorry.

I understand.


You just don't want to be crushed
under the weight of a repulsive cow.

- That is not it.
- No, i get it.

i knew this day was coming.

I just didn't know it would be
a day when i was so horny.

Honey, i still find you
incredibly sexy.

It's me. I. ..

I just got a lot
on my mind right now.

Oh. What's going on?

I found out something

I didn't want to tell you,

you can tell me anything.

That's what we talked about
in all those sessions with the doctor.

You're right.

But if i tell you,

You have to promise to let me
handle this my own way.

Who could that be
at this hour?


What on earth?

You are never to come
near my family ever again!

- Do you understand?
- What are you talking about?

Do you hear me, orson?!

Damn it. Susan, i--

I told you
to let me handle this.

Will someone please tell me??

So you don't know that
your husband tried to kill mike?


Look, i explained this
to mike.

I panicked.
I was trying--

Trying to protect your mother?
I know. Who cares?

You drove the car,
you ran him over,

And you left him for dead!

Susan, let's go.

And the worst part...

all this time,
you pretended to be our friend.

If there was one thing
gabrielle solis would not tolerate,

It was a rival,

Whether she walked
onwo legs...

or four.

So when gabrielle crept
into her bedroom that morning,

She'd made up her mind...

the bitch had to go.


look what i've got.

Come on. Come on.


Okay, let's go.

Let's go, roxy.

Let's go, roxy. Let's go.

Let's go in the car.

Hey there, dylan.

Don't you remember me?

I'm the cop who didn't give you
a ticket yesterday.

Um, yeah, i remember.

Would it be okay
if i sat down?

I just want to have
a little chat with you.


Don't worry.
You're not in trouble.

Actually, i can't stay.

I'm meeting my friend julie
at the mall, so i--

Look, i'm--I'm not trying
to scare you. I just...

i just want to talk.

Talk about what?

How's your mom doing?

You know my mom?

Oh, yeah.

a couple of days ago,

I saw a picture of you
and kathy in the paper,

And i did a background check,

And i found out that you're living
back at your aunt's place.

When you left yesterday,
i was parked down the street.

You followed me?

So when you pulled me over,

- That was--
- I lied to you.

You weren't speeding.

I'm sorry.

I just had to meet you.

Who are you?

I'm wayne davis.

I'm your father.

Roxy, this way.
Um, excuse me for a second.

Uh, mrs. Solis,
what are you doing here?

Uh, i'm bringing roxy back.

Uh, what?

Shame, isn't it?

I mean, i personally adored
the little angel,

But she and carlos
just did not get along.


Well, sorry it didn't work out.
I gotta run.

Tell carlos i'll call him
about another dog.

Oh, well, actually,
we found one.

From where? We're the only
guide dog school in the area.

Well, that's it. It's not a dog.

We got him
a seeing... eye... monkey.

He's amazing.

Not only can he call 9-1-1,
he can toast a bagel.


Roxy, what the heck happened
back there?


Roxy! Roxy, stop!

Gaby, where were you?
Where's roxy?

Oh, carlos, i'm afraid
i have some bad news.

What? At happened?

Well, you know how you like it
when i read you the box scores?

When i went out
to get the paper--

Ly thinking
of making you happy--

Gaby, where's my dog?

She ran away.

When i opened the door, she saw
a squirrel, and she took off.

She's gone?
Well, you gotta go find her.

Where do you think i've been?
There's no sign of her anywhere.

Yeah, i'm sure you looked
really, really hard.

How dare you. I have looked from
one end of town to the other,

And i'm telling you,
she's nowhere to be found.

But since you love her so much,
i'm gonna keep looking.

Was that roxy?

I'm not sure.
Why don't i go look?

No. Oh, wow.
It's the scavo dog...

way down in their yard.

I guess it's true--

Lose one sense,
all the others get heightened.

Okay, you get that.
I'm gonna go find your dog.

Come on, you stupid mutt.

Gaby, you still here?

still no sign of roxy.

But don't worry.
I'm on the case.


That was steve
from the guide dog place.

You want a piece of pie
or somethin'?

Yeah, i'm not ngry either.

I don't know
what to say to you.

You don't have
to say anything.

I'm having
a good time just looking at you.

You have my nose.

Bet you didn't know that,

My mom says we left
because you used to beat her.

Is that true?

i hit her a couple times.

So you admit it?

What, did you think i was gonna lie
and tell you that i was a great husband?

'Cause i wasn't.

But you gotta know, there's
two sides to every story,

And i swear to god, your mom
gave as good as she got.

I mean,
you believe me, right?

I don't know.

You know what?

This was a mistake.
I should go.

Go? We just got here.

Look, i didn't track you down
to cause any problem

I only wanted to make sure that
your mom raised you properly,

And now i see that she did.
I mean, you're...

you're spectacular.

That's what i needed...

to know that you're okay

that a little part of you
looks just like me.

How can you just walk away?

'Cause i'm not the same jerk
i used to be.

Sure, i'd like to have
a relationship with you,

But if your mom is still scared
of me after all these years, uh...


I don't want
to upset her again.

I don't haveo tell her.


She doesn't have to know
that i saw you.

Oh, that's...

i don't know about that.

It's just that i have
so many questions, and...

i don't think
we'd be hurting anybody

If we just sat
and talked for a while.

And we'd keep this
from your mom?




Darlin', bring me back
that dessert menu.

I wanna have a slice of pie
with my daughter.

Uh, i think we might
be out of candles.

I don't think so.
Check under the bar.


How's it goin'?

"How's it goin'"?

It's goin' pretty bad.

I didn't mean to. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry-- Sorry for your troubles.

Oh, that's touching, man.


So did you just come here
to bust my hump,

Or is there something
i can help you with?

Actually, you can help me.

You can help me figure out
what the hell these were doing

By the back door
of my torched restaurant.

How should i know?

So that's how
you're gonna play this?

No candles here. I'm--
I'm gonna go check in the back.


Look, i can see you're upset,

But i'm not the guy
you're looking for.

You know i respect you...

hey, andrew.
What do you need?

Uh, i'm looking for candles,

And--And that guy rick's

Oh, my god!

Stop it!
What are you doing?

Stop. Hey, easy. Easy.
Just stop it!

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Andrew, do something!

Do something!

Stop it! Stop!

Oh, for god sakes,
what is the matter with you?

What are you, 12 years old?
Stop it.


So when are you guys gonna
finish grilling my husband?

It won't be much longer, ma'am.

You know, in spite of
everything that's happened,

It's really good
to see you again.

It makes me realize
how much i miss you.

If you insist on questioning my husband
about a crime he didn't commit,

You should at least
have all the facts.

Okay. You've got my attention.

Well, for starters,

Mr. Coletti
opened his restaurant

To get back at me because i
wouldn't have an affair with him.

- Honey.
- Oh,

So you're saying your husband had
two motives for setting the fire?

No. I am saying that if anyone
had an ax to grind, it's rk.

Maybe he set the fire himself
soe could blame my husband.

I was at the gym.
You can call my trainer.

And tom was at
the founder's ball with me.

We have witnesses that say
he disappeared for a while.

I told you, i was in the car
listening to the basketball game.

That's true. I saw him.

I was mad that he ditched me,

So i went to drag his
ass back inside.

But when i saw him
shoutingt the radio,

I decided i'll just wait

And make his life miserable
when we get home.

So unless there's a law

Again schoosing lebron james
over your wife,

I think we're done here.

All right.

So that's it? Y-You're
just gonna let him go?

Look, we don't have enough
evidence to hold him, sir.

Because his wife
provided him an alibi?

Come on, man.

Rick, look.

You know me.

If tom had done
something like this,

Do you really think
i would protect him?


You know, you didn't have
to make up that story for me.

Didn't i?
'Cause it kinda seemed

Like they had you
against the ropes in there.

Well, that would only be
a problem if i were guilty,

And clearly, i'm not, right?

God, you don't
believe me, do you?

Sure, i do. It must've been
some other random maniac

With a grudge against rick
who burned down his restaurant.

So you're calling me a liar?

That's what you're doing.
You're saying i lied.

Well, it wouldn't be you
lied about the brick,

And you were pretty smooth,
too. Hell, i bought it.

Yeah, just like i bought your story
about never sleeping with rick.

Excuse me?

- "Oh, look at me, rick.
You know me, rick."
- Okay.

God, i felt like telling
you guys to get a room.

Okay, you are angry,
so i'm gonna let that one pass,

And i'm gonna say this
for e very last time.

Nothing happened
between me and rick.


I didn't set that fire.

You see? I can talk slow, too.

Carlos asked me to pick up
some doggy treats for roxy.

He called you?
Why didn't he ask me?

Oh, i think you were busy
at the time...

kidnapping his guide dog.

Classy, by the way.

Don't judge me.

You don't know
this hound from hell.

I raise my voice a teensy bit,
and she barks,

Or i give carlos a little smack,
and she growls.

Well, i have an idea.

Why don't you not
do those things?

Thanks for the biscuits, edie.

No, i'm serious.

There was always
a certain... sick charm

To the way you used
to abuse carlos.

But now that he's blind,
it's just sick.

We're fine. This is who we are.
This is our relationship.

Well, ur relationship
has to change, gaby,

Because he's changed.

Not that much.
Just his eyes.

Mm, no. I know carlos. He's proud.

He's gonna pretend that he can
still go toe-To-Toe with you

As if he was the same man
that he always was.

But he's not, and he
will never admit that.

Are you done with your armchair
analysis, 3-Divorce annie?

Sure. But if you're not
gonna treat carlos right,

There are plenty of
other womenout t ???

I think i proved that.

Why don't
you come inside?

I can't come out my front door
every day and see that man.

We have to move.



i know this is difficult,

But before you start
putting up "for sale" signs,

Let's just take a step back.

Take a step back from what?
He tried to murder you.

I know what orson did
was horrible, but...

i've decided
to forgive him.

How can you do that?
He put you in a coma.

I sat there day after day,
wondering if you were gonna live.

As far as i'm concerned,
orson can go to hell.

Well, i've talked to him. Trust me,

He's already been there.

Well, that's not enough.

He should pay for what he did.
He should go to prison.

And what, leave bree
without a husband

And benjamin without a dad?
You don't want tha


i've done some pretty horrible
things in my life,

But you forgave me

Because you knew how
much i regretted 'em.

I really believe
he's sorry for what he did.

So now i have
to forgive him

I've just got to.


i also understand
if you can't.

Hey, you guys know you're not
supposed to be out of bed.

How come daddy's sleeping
on the couch again?

Come here.

Come on.


Mommy and daddy
are sort of... fighting,

But we're working through it.

What are you fighting about?

Oh, something he did
that made mommy really mad.

Can we talk to you
about something?

Yes, of course.

The other day
at the pizza place...

We heard daddy say that man
wanted to take you away from us.

Oh, sweetie, i am so sorry.

I bet that really
scared you, didn't it?


So when you went
to that party,

We got on our bikes
and de down to his restaurant.

You did what?

We just wanted him
to go away.

That's why we set the fire.

So please don't be mad at daddy.

Oh, my god.

Mike says i need
to forgive orson...

And he's right.

I have to find a way
to make peace with all of this.

But you need to understand,

It's gonna be one of the
hardest things i've ever done.

And like most things
in my life,

I probably won't do it
with much elegance or grace.

So if i don't come over
to your house for coffee...

if i don't smile
when the two of you walk by,

Just please know
that i still love you.

And for forgiving orson...

just be patient.

I'll get there.

I think it's admirable that
you wanna forgive orson...

because i can't.

Whatcha doin'?

Working on the menu for the event
that bree and i are catering.

I have to stop now to...

pick up the invitations at
the printer's beforehey close.

I can do that for you.

- It's okay, sweetie.
- No, i want to.

Maybe i could pick up some
dinner for us on the way back.

You know, mrs. Hoskins' daughter
became nice like this once...

right before she brought
home a boy named slash.

I'm being nice because i've
been a pain lately, and...

with adam gone,
we need to be a team.

It's just us now.


It's just...

it's like you turned
into this lovely young woman

When i wasn't looking.


We have to stop at the printer
on the way to dinner.

Whatever you say,

The truth is,

Everyone breaks the rules
now and then...

well, what you've you
been doing?

Never thinking for one second
they might get caught.

...some things disappear.

Like, that happened
to me like...

but if they do,

They simply ask
for forgiveness.

And most of the time,
they receive it.

But some acts are so wicked,

They demand only
our condemnation.

How do people avoid
such a fate?

Well... the trick is

Knowing which rules
are made to be broken...

and which rules...

are not.