Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 4, Episode 11 - Sunday - full transcript

A few skeletons in Kathryn Mayfair's abundant closets are sneaking out, and a surprise wedding ceremony takes place.

Previously on Desperate Housewives...

Bree moved in...

You can stay as long as you want.

- Mike went to rehab...
- I will fix this.

Carlos faced a permanent illness...

She won't leave you
because you lost your sight.

You don't know Gaby.

Dylan had questions about her father...

The only thing you need to know
about that man is he was a monster.

Why would you not tell me that?

And Adam uncovered a secret...

You told me it was all his fault.

Now I find out it was yours.

That one person wished he hadn't.

Katherine Mayfair was not
the kind of woman

who liked to relive the past.

But when her husband Adam left her,

Katherine's life began to unravel.

And the mistakes of her youth

started to flash through her mind.

She thought of Wayne Davis,
the first man she married...

And the first time
he had hit her.

She thought of how
sincerely he apologized...

And how meaningless
his apologies were...

And how she finally decided...

to hit back.

These were the thoughts going
through Katherine's mind....

When her friends
and neighbors arrived...

bearing gifts.

Well, hello there.

- What's all this?
- We brought you muffins.

And jam.

Okay, what's the occasion?

Well, we heard you were
having a rough time.

So we just wanted you to know
that we're here for you.

So word is out that Adam's left me,

And you thought
thatmuffins and jam

would help me pick up the pieces.

The jam was Bree's idea.

I wanted to bring flowers,
and I was shot down. That's all.

Katherine, we didn't come
here to upset you.

No, we thought that you just might
need someone to talk to.

No, you just thought
you'd get the juicy details.

No, we came here.
We wanted to help you,

to fix you lunch
or clean your house.

Or offer up our own houses
for you to clean, If that's your thing.

I'm fine, truly,

And I do appreciate
your concern, but...

you know...

I told them you weren't into jam.

Look, I don't mean to pry.

But given what I know
about you and Adam,

I'm surprised he was
the one to do the leaving.

Well, Bree, the truth is...

I really don't want to talk about it.

I understand, but whatever you do,

don't keep your feelings bottled up.

You've got to let 'em out.

I'll do that.

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Yes, Katherine Mayfair
was not a woman

who liked to relive the past.

But lately, her life
had begun to unravel.

And she couldn't help thinking
of all the mistakes she had made...

And especially...

the ones she had buried.

By Tyno, Wisteria Team
Transcript by Ragbear &

It happened once a week
on Wisteria Lane,

like clockwork.

The faithful would emerge from
their homes in their Sunday best...

With their family Bibles...

And their rosary beads...

And they would head off
to their various houses of worship,

passing by a certain nonbeliever

who had never taken
an interest in their ritual.

But on this day,

Lynette Scavo,
for the first time in her life,

was struck by something...

Something she would later think of

as divine inspiration.

We should go to church.

What? Why? What did we do?

Ah, it's just...

We've been through a lot lately,
And we have a lot to be thankful for.

Don't you think we owe
the big guy a little face time?

Fine, fine. We'll go to church...

next week.

I'm serious.

What's the rush?
God will still be there next Sunday.

The Pistons, on the other hand,
they lose today,

they're gone for good.

So I'm clear,

You can't be bothered
with saving your eternal soul

bcause the Pistons have no defense?

Okay, look.

You didn't grow up
going to church. I did.

My parents dragged me
to St. Anthony's every Sunday.

I've done my time.

Well, I haven't.

I have some questions
I would like answered.

And I don't know anything
about God or Jesus,

and our kids don't either.

You don't have to go to church
to learn that stuff.

I know about Jesus.


He's the guy
who helps out Santa Claus.

Get dressed, kids.

We're going to church.

I don't want to be late.

Services don't start 30.

Yes, but I'm sure Edna Fletcher
has been there since 9:00,

kissing up to Reverend Sykes.

- Is this about the ladies' auxiliary?
- Damn right.

Please, such language on a Sunday.

Sorry, but I have to make sure that
he doesn't let her chair that committee.

How could he? You plan every pancake
breakfast. You organize every bake sale.

You'd be a saint if our church
believed in that hogwash.

And all the while,
where was Edna?

Lounging around in Zimbabwe
in the peace corps.

- She won't let any of us forget it.
- Well, I wouldn't worry.

Edna's "curing the village
of dysentery" story

has long since lost its novelty.

Lynette, hi. You look pretty.
What are you all dressed up for?

Well, I decided I should
go to church today.

Tom said the same thing.

Anyway, since you're the most
religious person I know,

I was wondering if you would
take us to your church.

I would love that. We're leaving
right now. You can follow us.

Great! Just give me a second
to sell Tom on the idea.

- You know, he was raised Catholic.
- Don't go Catholic.

All that standing and kneeling
and genuflecting.

I go for worship, not a workout.

Not to mention the incense,
which smells good at first

until you feel your breakfast
coming back up.

Well, I'll be right back.

This is so exciting.
I'm going to church.

By the way, what am I now?



Thank you.
Thank you for coming.

Oh, shoot.

Did I miss mass?
Was it at 9:00?

Yes, Gabrielle.
9:00 mass is still at 9:00.

That's good to know.

Father, can I talk to you?

Of course. I've actually been
expecting you to come by.


Well, I thought you might need some
comforting after your husband's death.

Oh, that.

Yeah, I was a little blue,

- The good news is, I've bounced back.
- Really?

Okay, this may come
as a little shock to you...

but guess who's
getting married again?

And I was thinking, maybe
you could perform the ceremony.

Is Tuesday good for you?

Victor's only been
dead two weeks.

Yeah, I know,
but I'm no good single.

Honestly, I don't know how you do it.

Well, who is this man?
Did you just meet him?

No, no, no, no. It's Carlos.

I didn't know you two
were even speaking.

Oh, yeah. We bumped into
each other a few months ago,

And we just fell in love
all over again.

A few months ago?

But you were married
six months ago.

You are just determined
to make this awkward, aren't ya?

Okay, look, in the eyes of the church,
Carlos and I were never divorced.

the affair was with Victor,

And God smote him.

So we're good.

All right, yes,
I've been a bad Catholic.

Enough with the guilt thing.
Are you gonna marry us or not?

Fine, as long as you promise

to stay married to Carlos
for the rest of your life.


But if I don't, I promise you,
I will change religions.

Thank you.

- Sorry.
- No, this is good.

Accountants always appreciate
when people take the time

to develop a sophisticated
filing system.

Are you always this sarcastic
with your clients?

Nope, just my favorite cousin.

I so appreciate you helping us out.

Mike would be doing our taxes,
but he's off...

Getting better.

Mom told me.
Besides, I'm happy to have the work.

Yeah, I was sorry to hear
about your job.

You know, ever since N.A.F.T.A.,

corporate outsourcing has been
the bane of the american worker.

Is that right?

I heard somebody say that on N.P.R.,
and I just keep repeating it to people.

Actually, I wish I could blame losing
my job on N.A.F.T.A.,

but it really has more
to do with Chloe.

My boss' daughter.

I don't know why he got so mad.
I mean, she was 18.

Okay, so back to these receipts.

What is it about a girl
in a cheerleader outfit?

Done catching up.
All about accounting now.

Come on. You're acting
like I'm some sort of creep.

No, I know you're not.

I mean, 18's legal.

I checked with a lawyer
before I did anything.

These receipts are self-explanatory.
I'd even know why I'm here.

This is the nourishment
each soul requires

to go from acorn to oak.

And this is what should bring us
peace in our hearts.

The blessed knowledge
that God's love for us

is as sure as the sunlight.

And that it is always shining.

We only need see it.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Now if you'll take out your hymnals

and turn to page 335.

What are you doing?

- I've got a question about his sermon.
- What?

- No. Put your hand down.
- It'll just take a sec.

Lynette, please,
we don't do that here.

Yes, can I help you?

Hi. I'm Lynette Scavo.
I'm a friend of Bree Hodge.

And your sermon was lovely,

Especially the part
about the trees.

Thank you.

But here's where you lost me:

"God's love is as sure
as the sunlight."

Yes, absolutely.

There. You have your answer.
Now sit.

The reason I ask is,
there are wars all over the world,

and it seems like every month,

some dumb-ass walks into a school
and starts shooting children.

So I'm thinking, God's love?

Not so sure.

Did she just say "dumb-ss"?

The eternal question:

"Why do bad things
happen to good people?"

What you have to remember is,
God gave us free will.

Much of the evil in the world
is brought on by man himself.

Oh, Lord.

Yes, Lynette?

Okay, I give you that one.

But what about the tornado that just
happened? You can't blame man for that.

Get the keys ready.
We'll slip out the back.

You bring up a big
theological issue,

one that deserves
a lot more time to explore.

Why don't you come to our
Tuesday night Bible study?

We can discuss it then.

Well, sure. I'm easy. Thanks.

Hi. What's up?

Julie and I have a study date.

And my Mom wants to apologize
for being rude...


- Is this about the other day?
- Yes.

You were just trying to help.

I shouldn't have
reacted the way I did.

Please. After what
you've been through,

no one is judging.
Come on in.

I'll put on some coffee.

This is my cousin Tim.
Tim, this is the neighbors.

Mrs. Davis?

Nobody's called me that in years.

Do we know each other?

Oh, of course you do.
That's right!

This is my cousin Timmy.

He stayed with us that summer
that he went to band camp.

Yes. I remember.

Gosh, you're all grown up.
It's nice to see you again.

You, too.

Hold it. Is this little Dylan?

Can you believe it?

The last time I saw you,
you were pulling a wagon.

- How old are you now?
- I turn 18 next week.



Julie, Dylan's here! Study time!

I'm sorry.

That was probably a little louder
than it needed to be.

Edie, is that you?

Oh, my God.

You knew it was me just
from the sound of my footsteps?

No, from your perfume.

I smelled it the moment
you hit the parking lot.

Look, there's no reason to be pissy.

I'm here to do something nice.


I feel bad about the whole
losing-all-of-your-money thing.

Even though we know tornado,
clearly not my fault.

Anyway, I thought maybe this...

would help.

It's the diamond bracelet
you gave me.

It must be worth thousands of dollars.

Do you think you still
have the receipt for it?

I think I threw it out.

You said it was from Cartier, right?
I'm sure they have some sort of record.

Actually, the box was from cartier.

The bracelet's from...

a swap meet.

Hold it.

Are you saying

that those diamonds
are cubic zirconias?

If we're lucky.

You son of a bitch.
I gave you my heart,

and all you could give me
was fake jewelry?

I'm sorry.
I never thought you'd find out.

I just spat on one
of your jell-o cubes.

Happy hunting.

Hey, you.

How long it's gonna be
until Carlos gets his sight back?

Because I have a 2-word sentence
to say to him,

and there's a hand gesture
that goes along with it.

I don't know.

Mr. Solis' condition is very serious.

- Serious? What's wrong?
- Well...

You know, you should really talk
to the doctor about this.

I don't even think
his girlfriend knows.

You mean Gaby?

I'm sorry. I said too much already.

Please don't tell me that's your lunch.

Yeah, I'm sort of on a budget.

No, no, no. If you're
gonna give quality care,

you're gonna need
some quality food.

Now I know of this great,
little French bistro.

It's the perfect place for lunch...

and conversation.

"Your father was murdered."


I know.

Are you sure your aunt knew what
she was writing? She was pretty sick.

No, she had it together,
even on that last day.

I remember aunt Lily really
wanted to tell me something,

and then my mom just
came in and stopped her.

Does your mom know you found this?

No, and I'm not gonna tell her either.

Why give her another
chance to lie to me?

That's why I'm going to Adam.

I can trust him to tell me the truth.

I just don't get it.

I mean, why would your mom lie
about your Dad being murdered?

Are you serious?

She's the one who killed him.

Hi, babe.

I'm about to do something
that's gonna make you very happy.

Great, but close the curtain first.

Last time, the nurse almost walked in
when you were about to...

I have a priest with me.


Is there something
the doctors aren't telling me?

No, no, no.
I wanted it to be a surprise,

but we're getting married!

Father, hit it.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered
here in the presence of...

What's the rush?

I don't know. Just after everything
we've been through,

there's nothing in our way now.

We can finally be together.

And I really need that.

I need a happy ending, Carlos.

So what do you say?
Will you marry me?


Holy matrimony. Bring it on.

Before we get started, there's
something that I need to tell you...

in private.

Okay, he's gone. What's up?

Look, I haven't been completely honest
with you about the extent of my injury.


The doctor says...

I might not get my sight back.

For three months. Four, tops.

I just want to make sure
that you can handle that.

That's... a really long time.

But for better or worse, right?


Okay, padre.

We're ready. Let's take it from the top.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered
here in the sight of God

to join this man and this woman
in the holy sacrament of matrimony.

You're out of milk.
You want me to pick some up?

No, that's okay. It can wait.

I don't mind. I could use
a little air anyway.

Where's that milk?

I thought you didn't want any.

I'm having a baby.

I can't give birth with
brittle bones. Go!


Hey, church buddy.
Look what I got.

You bought a Bible.

and I'm breaking her in tonight.

Nothing like that new Bible smell.

So you're... coming to bible study.

Yeah, and I hope
the Reverend's ready,

Cause I got about a zillion
questions for him.

I realize you don't have much
experience with churches,

so this really isn't your fault.

What isn't my fault?

Well, last Sunday,
when you kept raising your hand...

We don't really do that.

The church isn't
a place for questions.

It's a place for answers.

But how do you get the answers

If you don't ask the questions?

Typically, we sit there
and let the preacher preach,

and eventually,
our questions are answered,

and no one is humiliated.

I'm sorry.
Did I embarrass you on Sunday?

Well, it's just that in our church,

people don't talk back
to the minister.

What if I need to?

What if that's the kind
of church I'm looking for?

Well, then maybe you should
explore other options.

I mean, if you really enjoy
talking ck to the pulpit,

why don't you try that
gospel church by the airport?


Or the unitarians.

From what I hear,
those folks are "anything goes."

Hey, Adam. It's Dylan.

I waited at your hotel all day,
but you never came back.

You have to call me.
I found this note that aunt Lily wrote.

Mom threw it in the fireplace,
but I fished it out,

and I have to talk to you.

Call me on my cell,
not at home, 'cause I...

She doesn't know anything.
I can hear it in her voice.

But she's got the note.

Maybe a few burnt pieces.

Trust me,
all she's got are questions.

Well, I could refuse to see her.

Yeah, 'cause that won't
arouse her suspicion.

You are going to ask her
to come here,

And then you're gonna find out exactly
what she knows and what she doesn't.

After all these years, maybe it would be
easier to finally tell her the truth.

And you would just wave good-bye
as they cart me off to jail?

She wouldn't call the police.

Seriously, I think you two
have a great relationship.

Then you have not
been paying attention.

Give me a chance to get home,
then call her and set up a time to meet.


You know...

When you called me tonight,

I was half hoping you missed me.


I miss you.

I'm so terribly lonely.

You know I don't
do well on my own.

Is there any chance we could...

get past this,
and you could come back home?

I will talk to Dylan.

I will provide you one last alibi.

After that, I'm done.

- Are you guys outta here?
- Yes, I'm gonna run some errands,

and Orson's gonna take
Benjamin to the park.

Actually, I thought I might
take him to the museum.

You know how much
Benjamin loves matisse.

Benjamin doesn't love matisse.
He loves purple.

Please stop trying to turn
our son into an intellectual.

If you saw how her first
two turned out,

You'd understand how important it is
for me to fight the Van de Kamp D.N.A.

Hey, it's Tim.
It was great seeing you the other day.

Yeah, I can't stop thinking
about you either.

So listen,
I've got the whole place to myself.

You wanna come over?

Hey, Gaby.

I heard you and Carlos
got married yesterday.

Guess this means you win.

It wasn't a competition,

but, yeah, I guess I did.

Yeah, but I think
it's all for the best.

After all, I could have never been
The hero that you're about to be.

Hero? Why am I a hero?

Committing your life
to a man who's blind?

My God, you're gonna have
to do everything for him.

Dress him, shave him,
lead him to the bathroom,

pray that his aim is halfway decent.

It's not a big deal.

Carlos is gonna get his sight back
in three months. Four, tops.

Is that what he told you?

You poor, gullible fool.

What are you talking about?

I hate to be the one
to tell you this,

but I talked to the nurse,
and she said that his condition is...

What's the word?

Oh, yeah.


- I don't believe you.
- Call the doctor if you'd like.

And apparently,
he was begging Carlos to tell you.

No, no, no.
This can't be true.

Look on the bright side.
Women who are married to blind guys

don't have to worry about
makeup or getting fat.

Are you sure you didn't
already know about this?

Okay, I'm calling Dr. Dunlap.

You do that.

Oh, and by the way,

Congrats on your big win.

So how's your occupational
therapy going?

Do they still have you scrubbing
pots in the kitchen?

No, no. Once they found out
I'm a professional plumber,

I got promoted
to scrubbing toilets.

Maybe you won't mind doing a little
scrubbing when you come home next week.

Actually, the doctors
kinda frown on that.

They encourage us to leave
that stuff behind.

It doesn't have to be toilets.
It could be sinks, bathtubs.

You're making me
wanna use, Susan.

This junkie thing's awesome.

Oh, I forgot. Tim has some
questions about the taxes.

- Do you mind talking to him?
- No, I don't mind.

Though I can't believe he'd have trouble
with your cookie tin filing system.


Hey, Tim, I've got Mike here.
Do you want to talk to him?

Can I do that later?
I'm sort of taking a nap.

What was that?
Is someone there?

What? No. No.

No one's here.

Really? Cause it sounded like a girl.

No, it was just the TV.

I thought you were taking a nap.

The TV helps me sleep.

Tell Mike I'll call him later.

I've gotta go.

What? You just got here.

I know, but this visit
was really more for Julie.

- For me?
- Yeah, you're going to college soon,

and I want him to tell you
about the dangers of drugs.

Scare her straight, Mike.

Honey, you down here?

Yes, sweetheart.

I'm in the kitchen making dinner.

Smells good.

It's a new recipe for beef stew.

I think you're gonna love it.

Why don't we let that simmer?

During my nap,
I had the filthiest little dream.

I was kinda hoping maybe we could...

Skip straight to dessert?


What do you say?

I'd say I'm one step ahead of you.

I have already slipped into
my pink lace teddy,

and I'm wearing those whore-y
pumps that you love.

I like that image.
Where are you?

I'm right here, babe.

I'm sorry. I forgot that was open.

Let's do it over here, on the table.

Can you give me a hand?

Can't. My legs are in the air.

Just follow the sound of my voice.

There you go.

I'm over here, sweetie.

Son of a bitch!

I meant to move that.

Hang on. Let me just pull
my panties up so I can help you.

Okay. Here.

Let's go do it over here.

Damn it! What the hell is going on?!

I'll tell you what's going on.

"In three months. Four, tops."

"Uh-oh" is right,
you blind bastard!

All right, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have lied!

I think it was a fantastic plan.

I mean, there's no way
I ever would have figured out

that I was married to
a permanently blind guy!

All right, I just thought
that by the time you did,

You'd be used to the idea,

and maybe then
you wouldn't leave me.

Leave you?

Do you really think
I'm that shallow?

Gaby, I'm poor and I'm blind,

And let's face it. There is nothing
about that that is your type.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Yes, the truth would
have freaked me out,

but I would have come around.

If you had just had
a little faith in me,

I could have proven
I was up for the challenge,

but you robbed me of that chance.

- I'm sorry.
- Good.

To avoid future confusion,
I love you,

and I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.

Gaby, this is not going to be easy.

I know,
but like I said,

"For better or for worse."

Think you can forgive me?

I'll work on it.

While you're working on it,
mind if I dig into some of that stew?


Get off that poor girl right now!

I finished your taxes.

What the hell is going on here?

Susan, I'm so sorry.

I know what you've been
going through emotionally,

so you don't have to apologize.

And by the way,
your boob is out.

- You, on the other hand...
- I know. I know.

I don't understand you.
Is this something you do?

You worm your way
into a neighborhood

with the promise
of free tax preparation,

And then you jump on the nearest
middle-aged divorc?e?

It's not like that.
She came over for some drinks,

and we got to talking
and started reminiscing,

and all these old feelings
came rushing back.

Nice try, Timmy.
Like I'm really going to believe that.

Shame on you. Just... shame!

What do you mean, "old feelings"?

Do we really need to get into this?

What do you have to reminisce about?

He was here for a week
when he was 16.

What could you two have even...

Oh, my God, you slept together.

Before you get some
sordid image in your head...

- She took my virginity.
- Do you have to say it like that?

That's how I said it to every
single guy at band camp.

Shame on you!

His mother trusted me
to take care of him,

and you swoop in like
some swooping, sex-craved...

For God sakes, Tim!
Pull up the blanket!

You can't blame it on Katherine.
I knew exactly what I was doing.

I don't want to hear this.
I'm done with both of you.

If anybody needs me,
I'll be at the mall...

buying sheets.

Good morning.
I'll see you after service.

Good morning, Reverend. I brought
your favorite, blueberry scones.

Thank you, Bree.

By the way, I'm sorry I've taken
so long to make a decision

about the ladies' auxiliary.

Is that happening now?
I'd forgotten all about it.

So is your delightful neighbor coming?

The one with all the questions?

I thought she annoyed you.

No, I found her refreshing.

It's like I always say.

Church is not a place for answers.

It's a place for questions.

You don't say that.

I've never heard you say that,
not once.

Yes, well, anyway, I want
to thank you for taking the initiative.

New members are crucial
to the health of this church.

I won't forget you brought them...
or these.

Thank you, Reverend, and I'm sure
the Scavos will be here soon.

Why did you say that?
You know they went to Catholic church.

Which is just down the street.
I'll be right back.

Not you.

- What are you doing here?
- I was gonna ask the same of you.

Why are you in a Catholic church?

- Because we're Catholic.
- Oh, please.

Mowing your lawn in a Notre Dame
sweatshirt doesn't make you Catholic.

You're Presbyterian now.
Come on. Let's go.

Weren't you the one who said
I should explore other churches?

I meant sample, like a buffet.

You take a little plate of everything,
then you sit down for the main course,

which is across the street
at the Presbyterian church.

No. I just put 10 bucks
in the collection plate,

and I'm gonna get my money's worth.

- Is there a problem?
- No, no problem.

Just talking to my friend.

She's trying to poach her.

I am not!

My friend's just a little confused.

She forgot that she's Presbyterian
and wandered into the wrong church.

I'm not presbyterian.
I'm a free agent.

And if you're open to a little
Q and A, you've got me.

Lynette, please.

Can't we just go outside
and talk for a moment?

Okay, what gives?

I was at the service this morning,

and it's just not
the same without you.

And I am... up for the head
of the ladies' auxiliary,

and Reverend Sykes was so impressed that
I brought a new family into church so...

If you don't come back, then...

- Then you won't get what you want?
- Well, yes.

Well, forget it.

Let someone else help you
with your power grab.

You were the one who came to me.
You sought me out.

Yes, and do you know why?

Because out of all my friends,
you are the one who had real faith.

You had an actual
relationship with God.

At least, that's what I thought.

Because I have had
a rough few months. Okay?

But I know you've had
rough times, too,

And I always assumed that your faith
had helped you get through them.

I envied you that,
to be honest.

It did. It did help me.


Okay. How?

It just did.

That's not a good answer.

I have been through
cancer and a tornado,

and I don't know why I survived,
and so many other people didn't.

I don't understand, and I need to.

Lynette, why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you ask?

Oh, that's right.
You don't like asking questions.

Hey, Lynette.

Hi there.


wanted to tell you that I'm out of
the running for the ladies' auxiliary.

I told Reverend Sykes
to give it to Edna Fletcher.

She was in the peace corps, you know.

That's nice of you.

I suppose. I just wanted
to let you know that.

And also to... apologize.

You don't have to do that.

Yes, I do. You were right.
Faith shouldn't be blind.

You don't threaten it
by asking questions.

You make it stronger,
and I lost sight of that.

Well, maybe a little.

And it meant a lot that you came
to me for guidance, and...

I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you.

I want you to have faith
in me and our friendship.


There are some things
that are easy to believe in.

How's catholicism going, by the way?

Well, if you ever
wanna try us again...

Well, I'm pretty comfortable
with the Catholics.

They're the only ones who don't
judge me for having so many kids.

Okay, so I have to ask.

This thing that happened
with you and Katherine 12 years ago...

Was it an ongoing affair?

No, it was just the one time,

And I think she felt pretty
guilty about it afterwards.

She told me not
to come around anymore.

So you didn't go back?

It's weird. I tried to.

It was the last night of my visit.

I thought if I brought her
some flowers,

maybe I could get
something going, you know?

But when I got up to the front door,
I heard all this yelling.

I went around to the window just
to get a look at what was going on...

And I could see she was having
a fight with someone.

I was about to rush in and help her

when I saw Katherine
pick up this candlestick

and just wail on him.

He went down pretty hard.

Katherine was just standing over him
with this look in her eye.

It scared the hell out of me,

so I got out of there.

I left the next morning
and never talked to Katherine again.

So... this man,
who do you think it was?

Don't know.

I sort of got the impression
he was her ex-husband.

- Does she ever talk about him?
- Not really.

Have you seen him lately?


Ever since I can remember,
I've had this feeling

that something's not right.

Weird dreams that don't
seem like dreams at all.

People telling me I forgot things

that I know I would've remembered.

And now finally,

I find a sentence
on a piece of paper...

that could explain all of it

and prove that I am not crazy.

And the best that
you can come up with

is that aunt Lily was losing it

and she didn't know
what she was writing?

I need the truth, Adam.


The truth, Dylan...

is that...

your mother
didn't kill your father.

And she loves you more
than you will ever know.

Faith is a belief in something

that cannot be proven.

So we trust in the words

of the only father
we've ever known.

We believe the promises
of the woman who shares our bed.

We rely on the example
of dear friends

who help us to be better people.

Yes, we all want to believe
in those we are closest to,

But where there is doubt,

our faith begins to vanish...

And fear rushes in to take its place.