Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 2, Episode 19 - Don't Look at Me - full transcript

Lynette is called in to her kids' school as Parker has gone from being obsessed with Dinosaurs to being obsessed with female nudity. Carlos and Gabrielle must go to court to get custody of ...

Previously on... Desperate housewives

sounds to me as if someone'slet go of his rage.

- Maybe I have.
- Well,i haven'T.

Felicia took matters into her own hands.

You want me to call offthe wedding,I'll do it.

I'll do whatever you want.

Karl put the ball in susan's court...

with your D.U.I. Charge,it could get ugly.

While andrew tried to take bree to court...

- there's a father.
- He's a kid!

Gabrielle and carlos took the baby...

the papers aren't valid anymore.

Do you really wanna leave this beautiful little girl

with that white trash freak show?

And ran with it.

louisa pate believed in the power of shame.

As a teacher,she had found that the best way to control unruly students

was to instill a strong sense of shame...

in their parents.

I left trisha alonewith the school hamster for only five minutes.

In this boxis all that's left of patches.

For show and tell,timmy decidedto bring in something

from your husband's collection of nazi memorabilia.

Billy's been threateningto beat up the other kids for their milk money.

We found the proceedsin his cubby.

Of course,mrs. Pate also knew when it came to unruly children,

some parents had more reason to be ashamed...

than others.


your message saidthat parker had been involved in
some sortof serious incident.

What--what kindof incident?

Yesterday afternoon,

parker offered a cookieto cindy lou peeples
if she wouldshow him her vagina.

What kind of cookie?

What does that matter?

Oh,it doesn'T.

I'm just stalling

becauseI am completely mortified.

The kids were in a broom closet.

Our janitor walked in on them just as cindy was lifting up her pinafore.

Oh,my goodness.

I'm sure you've noticedhow obsessive parker can be.

A certain subjectwill catch his interest,

and that's all he'll talk aboutfor weeks and weeks.

Oh,right.That happened with dinosaurs.

Oh,yes,we all rememberhis dinosaur phase.

More fondly now than ever.

so you thinkthat now he's obsessed with...

what's underneaththe pinafore. Yes.

Look,I thinkhe's just developed a normal curiosityabout the human body.

You need to talk to him.

Remind him what's appropriateand what isn'T.

Of course.I will talk to him.

I'll talk to himtill I'm blue in the face.

I promise.

Take care.

Yes,louisa pate believed in the power of shame.

She always believed,when someone has that power...

so,mrs. Peeples,

you'll never guess what your daughter is willingto do for a gingersnap.

It's a shame not to use it.

Desperate housewives
Season 2 Episode 19

It had been six weeks

since andrew van de kamp had declared war

on his mother bree.

The final battle was about to be waged at the fairview county courthouse.

Bree knew it was about to get bloody.

What she didn't know was...

the calvary was on its way...


Whether she wanted them there or not.


Oh,thank god I found you.

This place is a maze.

What are you doing here?

Well,your father and I got a call last night from danielle,

and she said that andrew was taking you to court.

I mean,to say that we were shocked would be an understatement.

Hello,I'm eleanor mason,

bree's stepmother.

You're the lawyer? We should talk.

Uh,no,I'm not her lawyer.

Good. The hair had me worried.

Peter is mom's sponsor from A.A.


since when are you in A.A.?

It's a recent development. Where's dad?

In chambers with the judge.

What?! Why?

Everything is fine.

The judge agreed to a postponement.

Oh,thank god!

Luckily,he remembered me.

I spoke once at his law school.

Pardon me,sir,

I'm your daughter's lawyer.

Just so you know,we've been waiting for this hearing for weeks,

son,I've been an attorney for 45 years.

You and I both know how these cases can turn into public spectacles.

Our family is perfectly capable of handling this

- house.
- Dad,you don't understand.

This has gotten really ugly.

That's why we're here.

We're gonna put this family back together.

Whatever it takes.

and that's when mr. And mrs. Solis,

fearing for the welfare of this helpless child,

fled the hospital.

You mean,they kidnapped her.

Well,technically,that's true,but

given the situation that led up to the rescue...


Your honor,yes,

in retrospect,the plan was a little bit rash,not entirely well thought out.


can we object to that?

But the child is safe,your honor.

And all we ask the court is to allow baby lily

a lifetime of the care and love she has been receiving

from the solises.

As much as your story tugs at my heart,

there is the issue of parental rights.

What does the state have to say about this?

We have located the biological father-- mr. Dale helm.

Unfortunately,uh,circumstances require that he be out of town.

He's in fort lauderdale today.

On business?

Spring break,actually.

Mr. Helm is a high school student.


In between keg stands,

did the father happen to mention if he plans to waive parental rights?

I've left a number of voice mails,

but the only response I've gotten is a text message

that says

this "blows his mind" and he's extremely "bummed out."

All right...

mr. And mrs. Solis,

since you actually want lily,

it seems you're the lesser of two evils.

I'm granting you temporary custody until

we can get a straight answer from the birth father.

Thank you,

uh,your honor.

In the meantime,try not to steal any more babies.

Oh,we just needed the one.


Um,could you put the crayons down for a second?

We need to talk.

So I spoke to your teacher today,

and she told me about the...

cookie deal you made with cindy lou.

Oh. Are you mad?

no,not exactly.

I'm just...

I'm trying to understand why you...

did that.

Tommy keenan told me babies come from down there.

It doesn't sound right to me.


actually,he's kinda right. He's got the concept down.

That's weird.

How's a baby get in there?

Daddy will be home from his business trip in a few days.

Why don't you wait for him?

- Okay. - Okay.

Or I can ask tommy's brother.

He's 14,

and he knows everything.

And then the mommy and the daddy,

because they love each other so much,

they hug.

Real tight.

And,uh,a seed is magically implanted.

and nine months later...

a baby is born. Here.

What kind of seed?

Oh,that's not important.

I don't believe you.

Parker,I'm your mother.

Mothers don't lie to their sons.

Now go wash your hands or santa's not gonna bring youanything for christmas.

I just saw edie drive off.

How long is she gonna be gone?

I don't know.She just went to show a house.


What's the problem?

You mauled mein edie's bed last night.

I think that deservesa conversation.

Well,what's there to talkabout? I'm just a fool in love.

Oh,no!You don't mean that.

Yes,I do.

Look,I realizemy timing's a little off.

a little?


the helium hasn't evengone out of the balloons from your engagement party.


when are you gonna tell edie?

Tell her what?

- That the wedding's off.
- Is it?

- Well,isn't it?
- It's up to you.

Are... are you saying...

that you're gonnago through with this wedding...

unless I tell you not to?

Just give me a commitment,susie Q.,

And I'll put a bullet in edie.

This is insane!

Come on.

All thiscan be yours again.

Just say the word...

and I let go.

Oh,no!No,don't you dare!

You know you want me to.Just say it,susie Q.



zach,I'm going to the drugstore.

I'll be back in 20 minutes.

Whoa! Oh!


I was making cookies,and iheard the most sickening thud.

Are you okay?


shortening on my doorstep.


That's the last thingyou'd want on your front porch.

It's meant for baking.

She's so adorable

and I just love the name Lily

it wasmy grandmother's name.

So how you holding up?You must be exhausted.

You know,I'm a little tired, but it's not too bad.

Oh,wait a couple months. She'll startsleeping through the night.

Oh,honey,please.Do I look like a masochist?

Firs thing tomorrow,I'm hiringa nanny and a night nurse.

No,we're not.

my husband,the comedian.

I'm serious. I don't wantsome stranger raising our baby.

Well,you guys are busy.We should go.

No,it's okay.I'll win this battle later.

We are not gonna besome yuppie couple pawning off our kid on otherpeople.

- End of discussion. - Yeah,you should go.


Good luck.

put down the burrito.

What is all this crapabout me not getting help?

Look,a brand-new babyneeds to bond with its mother.

The church knows it,scienceknows it,nature knows it.

We have the money. What is wrongwith getting a little help?

Then I'll be ableto relax once in a while,

and I'll be ableto be a better mother.

You wanna bea better mother?

Do what my mam* did--

make sacrifices.

My mam* worked her fingers to the bone for me.

And that's what put herin an early grave!

Well,thatand the hit-and-run thing.

look,I don't know whyyou want to be emancipated,

and I don't know what you'vebeen doing to drive him crazy.

Bottom line--

it's over.

It's now time for you twoto kiss and make up.

And just howare we supposed to do that?

Here's a thought...

just look each otherin the eye and say,

"I forgive you."

that's your solution?

It's actuallya technique invented by this dutch therapist.

I saw him on tv.

He says,if you verbalize forgiveness,

the brain can trick the heartinto letting go of resentment.

It really works. I did itwith our cleaning lady.

Um,I'm sorry,dad,but I thinkmy relationship with andrew

- is just a bit more complicatedthan--
- would it kill youto at least try?

I'll do it...

for you,grandpa.

That's my boy.




so,um,who goes first?

Either or.Doesn't matter.


I forgive you.


I forgive you.

That wasn't so hard,was it?

Now don't expectto feel differently right away.

It takes a while.

It took me a weekto forgive esperanza.

But now she's like family again.

Family who stole from us.

So let's get backto the way we were,

and forget all this nonsenseabout emancipation.


well,grandpa,I'm--I'm stillgonna need my trust fund.

You see,I-I can't live in a place where I...

I don't feel safe.

What are you talking about?

Well,could you livewith a woman who hits you?

- Bree!
- I slapped him once,and he deserved it.

Well,I just asked herto stop drinking.

You were drinking?

She's in A.A.Her sponsor has long hair.

Andrew,I find your concern ironic,

given how tanked you werewhen you ran over our neighbor's motherwith your car.

Is she okay?

She's dead!


mom watched as her boyfriendcommitted suicide.

And he was the same guy who killed dad!

Andrew falsely accused meof molestation...

in a mall!

You know,the technique works best if you don't talk right away.

Okay,let's go.

I don't wannabe late for the movie.

Oh,those are pretty.Who sent those?


"Say the word and I'm yours.Love,karl."

Mom,I knew this would happen when you started hanging around together,

all of your old feeling sresurfacing.

No,his feelings.

He's the one with the feelings,not me.


Okay,don't "uh-huh" me. You'renot old enough to do that.

Oh,no?Well,how do you like this--

I'm not gonna go to the movies with you.

You're gonna make mego by myself?

Well,you could alwaysask dad to go.

In fact,if you love him so much, why don't you marry him?

Oh,wait,you already did. Twice.

Oh,you know what? I think we're gonna needsome napkins with this.

Oh,okay,I'll go back.


My ex-boyfriend's here.If he sees me alone,I'll die.

I'm begging you,please,act like you know me.

Susan? Hey!

Mike,hi! what a surprise.

How are ya?Good.

Oh!God,I--I'm being so rude.

Um,mike,I-I want you to meet...

orson hodge.

Nice to meet you,mike.

Wow,I can't believe I'm finally seeingthe man himself in the flesh.

So... how'd you two meet?

Oh,god,I've beenher dentist for years.

but last week,I was looking in her mouth

and decidedto stick my tongue in it.

I'll see ya,susan.

thank you so muchfor helping me out.

Hey,I'm great in a crisis.

well,I definitely pickedthe right person to sit next to.

Actually,is this seat taken?

- No.
- Okay,you can sharemy popcorn.


this is becky.

I'll probably be sharing her popcorn.

I'll just waittill the lights go out, and then I'll...

while I get this going,can you bring out the buns?


- what the hell?- You all right?

This isn't lighter fluid.It's gasoline.


How'd that get in there?

How do you think?

Something smells goodover there.

Well,I don't understand.

Is she trying to kill you?

No,she's tryingto piss me off.


I'm not sure yet,

but I do knowI'm not gonna play along.

We got plenty of burgersif you want to pop over.

And bring your appetite.

gaby,the baby.

No,I got up twice already.It's your turn.

Gaby,I have severaljob interviews tomorrow. I need my sleep.

What about my sleep?

You sleepwhen the baby sleeps.

Every 40 minutes? When am I supposedto have a life?

What are you whining about?

You know,xiao-mei doesall the housework around here.

All you have to dois take care of the baby.



wake up.

Mrs. Solis?

Something wrong?

the baby won't stop crying, and I haven't sleptfor two days.

Will you please take lily for a while?

oh,come on. I won't make youdo windows tomorrow.


What do I do?

Well,she's a baby.You hold her.

You bounce her and, I don't know,maybe sing a little something.


Oh,and xiao-mei,

mr. Solis does not need to know about this,okay?

- Okay. - Okay.

yeah,honey,can youtake that downstairs?

Thank you.

Eleanor,I thought you'd gone to bed.

Oh,no,not yet.I had to do my hair now.

There's never enough timein the morning.


There's somethingI have to discuss with you.

Your father and ihave decided to take andrew back to rhode islandwith us.


And whose idea was that?


But henry and I feelit's the right thing to do.

Absolutely not.

If we leave him here,

the two of youwill wind up in court,

and I'm notgoing to allow that.

Do you really think that I am enjoying airingmy dirty laundry in public?

This whole situationis mortifying.

But I can't back downbecause he is my son,

and I need more timeto get through to him.

You never give up.

I've always admired thatabout you.

When you were a kid,

you used to makethese peanut butter cookies that were god-awful.

But you kept baking them,

and you kept forcing everyoneto eat them.

you were so determinedto get them right.

My mother didn't thinkthey were awful.

When I made those same cookiesfor her,

she loved them.

Well,some peoplepraise children even whenthey don't deserve it.

Oh,but not you.

With you,I had to work forevery kind word I ever got.

Well,you always resented mebecause of my high standards.


I resented you because those were kick-asspeanut butter cookies.

We're taking andrew.


he hates you,bree.

Your own son.

You know,part of being an adult is admitting

that you've failed, and then moving on...

with grace.

Do you really think that I ama failure as a parent?

well,I'd love to lieand say something supportive,

but as you pointed out,

that was moreyour mother's thing.


So sorry.I just take break.

Oh,no,xiao-mei,that's okay.

That's okay. I know you were up all nightwith the baby,

and I reallyappreciate it.

You know,I'm very grateful for everythingyou've been doing for lily.

So to thank you,I bought youa gift certificate to my spa.

And you can take a whole day offand just really pamper yourself.

- Really?- Mm-hmm.

Thank you!

Oh,thank you!

Oh,you're welcome.

All right,lily needsto be bathed and put to bed.

I don't wanna missmy yoga class.

Hi. Hi,pretty girl.

Oh,yes,mommy has to go.

Mommy has to go,

so she can stay pretty and thinand you can be proud of her.

motherhoodis such a blessing.

I hope you getto experience it one day.

becauseit's not a big deal!

- "it's not a big deal"? Okay!
- It's not that far away.

- Right. Oh,it's notthat far away?
- Dude,it--whatever,okay?

You didn't even care to tell me before?Bye.

justin,what happened?

Andrew just told me he'smoving in with his grandparents.

They live so far away, I'm never gonnasee him anymore.

I'm so sorry. I know that you're good friends.

We're more than friends,mrs. Van de kamp.

I love him.




Yes.I'd be curious to know just what it isyou see in him.

Well,when my parentsfirst heard I was gay, they kicked me out.

They said I had debasedthe entire family

and that they couldn'tlove me anymore until I changed.

But andrew--

he said that i should be ashamed of them,

'cause they were too stupidto know how great I was.

That's the thingabout andrew.

He doesn't take crapfrom anyone. How can you notlove someone like that?

You know,it never ceases to amaze me

how people can turn their backson their own family.

I mean--but it happensevery day,doesn't it?

I guess.

You know,justin,if youwould be willing to help,

I'm pretty sure that I could find a wayto keep andrew from moving.

What do you say?

I'm home.

- Oh,hi. - Hey,mrs. Mccluskey.

So how did everything go?


Penny fussed a bit.

I think her molars are coming in.


And the twinsfought over the remote. There's nothing new there.


here's the big news--

parker offered me a fudgsicleif I would show him my vagina.

Oh,good god,lynette,relax.I didn't do it.

I just got thisout of the freezer a second ago.

Apparently,parker wanted to puta sunflower seed inside me

and see if a baby would grow.

Where do kids get this stuff?

Oh... that was me.

He was asking aboutthe birds and the bees, and I

fudgeda few of the details.

Well,he's only 7 years old.

I don't think he needsto know everything yet.

I don't wanna rob himof his innocence.

Well,now,that's where you're wrong.

You get 'emwhen they're young.

Give themall the gory details.

And then when they're goodand disgusted,you shame 'em.

Excuse me?

You tell themsex is dirty and wrong and he shouldn'ttalk about it,

and if he does,he's going straight to hell.

that is ridiculous.

Spoken likea true liberal idiot.

No,I'm notgonna shame my son.

Mm,I'm telling ya,it works.

It keeps peoplein their place,

it keeps parentsfrom being humiliated,

and it keeps me fromhaving to spend the afternoon talking about my woo-woo.

In your haste to duck out beforethe credits rolled,you...

oh,my god!Oh,thank you so much.

I stuck a card in there,

just in case you ever wanted to purposely sit next to meat a movie,so...

orson,I'm flattered.Uh,really.

you--you don't wanna date me.

I-I mean,my love life is justso complicated right now.

Well... no,I won't bore youwith the details.

So the ex-boyfriend has no ideayou're secretly married to the ex-husband,

who still loves you,

but unless you give hima reason not to,

is gonna marrythe neighborhood slut?

Did I call edie a slut?

Well,that's overstating it.Edie's not a slut.

She's just... popularwith indiscriminate men.


yes,those arethe relevant players.


Now I'm absolutelyhorrified that I'm about to saywhat I'm about to say,

but there's nobody else I cantalk to who won't judge me.

And sinceyou're a complete stranger, I'll probablynever see you again

unless I randomlyrun into you on the street,

in which case,you'll ignore me'cause you know how crazy I am.

So here goes...

I'm having feelingsfor karl again.

does that make mea terrible person?

You wantmy unvarnished opinion?

Lay it on me.

It doesn't make youa terrible person,

but it does make you A...

well... a sucker.

This karl's a coward.

He wants you to be the heavyand take all the responsibility.

If you're having feelingsfor a guy like that, I say run

...far,far away.

He lives three houses down.

Hmm.Well,good luck to you,then.

but like I said,if you'reinterested in a tooth whitening,

my card'sstill in your wallet.



I'm late to meetmrs. Van de kamp.

I'll be backin a little while.

bree...I'm so sorry I'm late.

Oh,honey,it's all right.

I mean,with the new baby at home, I'm surprisedyou made it at all.

Ooh,I'll have a drink.Anything with an umbrella.

So tell me,how are you doing?

I mean,your entire worldmust be turned upside down.

You must be exhausted.

You know,it's been challenging,but I-I soldier on. (Chuckles)

so what about you?You look so rested.

I just got a massageat misty spring.

Things have beena little tense at home, and I needed an hourto relax.

Good for you.I love that spa.

oh,by the way,while I was there, I saw your,uh,

your housekeeper.


Oh,no,you must be mistaken. I just left her.

She's at home working.

Are you sure? I was talkingto her in the steam room for about 20 minutes.

- What? - Yeah,

apparently you gave hera gift certificate.


Lily,mommy's coming!

Oh,thank god!Oh,honey,I'm so sorry.

I'm never gonnaleave you again. Oh!

Yes. Yes.

I'm home!

My interview got canceled.

oh,that's my little girl.

Your chakra lining up nicefor mommy?

That's my girl.

hey,let me take her off your chest so you can do your yoga.

No! No,no,no.We're doing just fine.

Aren't we,lily?

bridezilla's got meauditioning wedding bands,

and I'm clueless aboutedie's taste in music.

What do you thinkof these guys?

That's why you brought me down here?

Karl,you made it sound likeit was an emergency.

It is! I need to have somebodyto dance with

so I can see if these guys have the powerto help me get my groove on.


Oh,that's right.

You like it laid-backand romantic,don't you?

Guys,can we playsomething mellow?

No,don't bother,'cause I'm going.


- you are so beautiful...
- that was nota coincidence.

This was playingthe night we first kissed.

it's our song. Remember?

I remember.

I also remember that you are planningon marrying someone else.

Not if you don'twant me to.

Come on,susie Q.

I can see you stillhave feelings for me,

and I know I havenever stopped loving you.

Okay,you want the truth?

I don't knowhow I feel about you,

but I keep looking at you,

trying to see if you've changed,if you've grown up.

You know what I see?

I see the same weak coward that walked out on methree years ago.

Of course I've changed.

I don't think so.

so I think you shouldprobably stay with edie.

and the band is good.

You should hire 'em.

what the hell?

For god's sakes...

what the hellare you doing in there?!

This is my house.What are you doing?

We're tenting for termites.We got a work order.

Signed by who?


I've never been so embarrassedin my whole life.

They're supposedto be tenting my house.

I must've writtenthe address down wrong.

muchachos,mi casa est* aqu?

You've taken it too farthis time.

These little mind gamesare gonna stop

right now!

and ifthey don't,whatcha gonna do?

Blow out your brainslike your wife did?

- ahh!
- hey,hey!

- Hey,you okay?
- Did you hear that?

He assaulted mefor an honest mistake.

God knows what would've happenedif you hadn't been here.

Let go!

I talked to mrs. Mccluskey,and for god's sakes,parker,

you can't ask people things like that.



it's rude.

I said "please."

Well,that doesn't matter!

You gotta quit talkingto people about their bodies,

and about where,you know,babies come from.

- Why?
- because it's notan appropriate subject.


Because it's not.

- Why? - Ugh!

Because it's dirty and wrong, and I'll wash your mouth outwith soap! That's why.

In that moment,

lynette saw a look on her son's face she had never seen before...

and she thought of the look he had on his face

when he had become obsessed with dinosaurs...

obsessed with baseball

and obsessed with trains.

And it occurred to lynette

she didn't need to shame her son.

All he needed was a brand-new obsession.

But I thought you saidwe couldn't have a puppy.


it turns outwe really needed one.

You can go and play.

And though she didn't know it at the time,

it would be another three years

before parker scavo would ever ask about sex again.

Karl. What's going on?

Uh,I'm on my wayto a motel.

I-I just wanted to let you knowthat the wedding is off.

It is?

I told edieI wasn't in love with her--

at least,not in the waythat she deserves.


Why did you changeyour mind?

I mean,I hope it wasn't because of me,because I told you--

it wasn't for you.


You were right.

I have been a coward.

I was a coward three years ago

when I walked out on the two most important peoplein my life.

And I was being a cowardwith edie.

I mean,to even consider marrying her

when I know what real passionand real love feels like.

Anyway,I-I-I just thoughtI'd let you know.


you look pretty beat up.

why--why don't you...why don't you come in and...

we'll crack opena bottle of wine.

Come on.

All right,here we go.

This is the lastof andrew's things.

Once we tape up these boxes,we can start loading the car.

I'm proud of you,bree.

You're being awfully bigabout this.

Well,I have to admit,I was a bit upset at first.

But then it hit me.

You're his grandparents. You should bond,

get to know the real andrew.

oh,dad,I-I forgot to warn you.

These are someof andrew's adult videos.

I don't approve,but boys will be boys.

Oh,henry,stop looking at that filth.

I don't get it.

Where are the women?

What are you talking about?

This is all just a bunch of...

naked men.

Sweet mother of god.What the hell are they doing?

I don't know,and I don'teven know what I'm looking at.

Henry,this is pornographyfor ho-homosexuals.

Oh,shoot! I wish youhadn't gone through that.

Now we have to havean unpleasant conversation,

and we were havingsuch a nice time.


is andrew... gay?

Oh,dad,andrew hates labels.

I'm sure it's just a phase.

Excuse me,

but he has a magazine titled"leather daddies in love."

That does not sound likea phase to me.

Maybe not,but it's no longer my concern now that he'll be livingwith you.

We have to havea serious talk.

Let's don't freak outabout this.

The dutch therapist says--

forget the dutch therapist!In the kitchen!


hey,where's grandma and grandpa?

I need to startloading up my stuff.

Oh,they,uh,they already left.

Wait... they left?

Without me?

Uh,yeah,they wrote you a letter.

It seems they came acrosssome personal items of yours that, um,

upset them.

They're taking awaymy trust fund?

They can't do that!

Well,actually they can.

I mean,it's their money todispense with as they see fit.

I knowit doesn't seem fair,but--

no,it's really unfair. In fact,it sucks.

What--what am I supposedto do now?

Well,now that you can't affordto become emancipated,

I guess you're gonnahave to stay here with me.

Andrew,we can make this work.

We just haveto let go of our anger.


Oh,I,um,had a chance to have a nice chatwith justin the other day.

He really seems very sweet.

I've invited him overfor dinner tonight. I hope you don't mind.

Now I wish I hadn'ttorched our wedding photos.

who would've thought, after everythingthat's happened,

that we would'veended up back here again?

It's beenone hell of a ride,huh?


so how do you feel now?

About us?

I feel good.

I feel happy.

You're not havingsecond thoughts?

I can't believe you actuallywant to talk about feelings.

You really have changed.

Hey,this is the new karl,baby.

He's not afraid to cry.




yeah,he's here.

Hold on.

how doesshe know you're here?

I don't know.

hi. Ahem.

Yeah,I just came by to helpjulie with her civics homework.


Okay,I'll take care of it.What kind of juice do you want?

Right. Bye,bye.

Are you getting juicefor her?

Yeah,just one carton.

You rippedthe woman's heart out.

Why would she want juicefrom you?

Okay. now don't freak out,

but this breakup issort of a work in progress.

She doesn't know?

Will you calm down?I can explain.

So if edie doesn't know,then that means that you just cheatedon her...

with me!

You made me the other woman!

Please don't be angry.

I tried to break up with her,

but because I wasn't sureyou wanted me back,

the words just wouldn'tcome out of my mouth.

Now that I know thatyou want me and love me again,

it's a done deal.

get out of my house,you miserable son of a bitch!

can't we talk about this?

No,just get out!Get out!


Our marriage was garbage!

- Stupid,disgusting pile of garbage!
- No,no,don't say that.

And I regret everything that came of it!Don't do this right now.

Ugh! Except you,honey.You're my rock.

Ooh,out! Get out!


I promise you I'm gonna break upwith edie and make this right.

I'll call you when it's done.

Don't bother!I won't pick up.

we've all done something in our lives we're ashamed of.

Some of us have fallen for the wrong man.

Some have let go of the right woman.

There are those who have humiliated their parents...

and those who have failed their children.

Yes, we've all made mistakes that diminish us

and those we love.

But there is redemption

if we try to learn from those mistakes...