Departures (2008–…): Season 3, Episode 15 - Indonesia: A home away - full transcript

For three years, Scott and Justin have travelled the globe, experiencing so many people's homes, while getting further away from their own. In their friend Oka's home island of Bali, the guys witness both spiritual and illegal asp...

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(upbeat music)

- [Justin] Oka is pretty connected here.

I think we found a really great person

to explore this country with.

Because of that,

we're gonna see a lot
of really unique things.

- [Scott] I think Oka is
really looking forward

to his home and we're definitely
looking forward to it too.

(upbeat serene music)

- [Justin] Every step of this world trip

has taken us further away from home,

to places we never expected to see.

(upbeat serene music)

Two years ago,

I would never have understood how much

this journey would change me.

(upbeat serene music)

- [Scott] This is why we travel.

This is the reason that we're out here.

(plane engine roaring)
(upbeat music)

(uplifting music)

- [Justin] We've been so lucky

to have Oka take us around his country,

and now take us deeper inside
his own home island of Bali.

(uplifting music)

- It's important for Oka,

now that he's back on Balinese soil,

to come to temple and say a prayer,

and just for us to have safe journey,

kind of just a blessing, a cleansing,

and obviously see a big
part of Balinese culture

which is visiting Hindu temple.

- This is really beautiful.

- Thank you.

I'm very glad you know,
that you guys here,

and can see, you know, part of,

you know, what my life here in Bali.

- Some of these people
here from your village?

- Yeah, this is my sister.

This is my sister.
- Hello. (laughs)

- All these people are
come from my village.

They bring us offering for our,

you know, for us to have a safe journey.

- You brought half of your village to us?

- Yeah.
- That's fantastic.

(uplifting music)

You realize just how
important home is to Oka.

He's been gone for a few
days to see us in Java.

The second he comes home
they welcomed him in.

It felt like he had been gone for a year.

He welcomed us just as
warmly with a blessing

and with a sense of spirituality.

Everywhere we go in the world

family seems to be so close and so tight

and they have such a better
relationship because of it.

And here, obviously, it's no different.

- [Justin] They're praying
and just being there with him

and his family and taking it easy.

And it was first time

that we actually slowed down a little bit

and caught her breath

and just kind of appreciate where we were

and what we were doing and who we with.

(uplifting music)

- My mom and my people from the village

bring us this fruit and
food offered to temple.

- All right.
- Yeah.

- Home cooking.
- Home cooking.

- [Scott] Good to be home.

- Good to be home.

Home sweet home.

(upbeat folk music)

- [Justin] Oka is a pretty deep guy.

He's got such a great heart.

Finding a guy like that to show you around

is one in a million.

- We're just gonna go inland.

We get their island life,
very laid back, take it easy,

life at the center of Bali.

- [Justin] Center of paradise?

- Center of paradise.
- [Scott] It was really nice

to have the temple experience
with him and his family

and those sort of surroundings

and just have a moment to breathe

with the kind of attention to
life and love and spirituality

that's here.

I think that's why a lot of
people end up coming to Bali.

It's a very peaceful place.

A place that you don't want to leave.

(upbeat music)
(rooster crowing)

(indistinct chatter)

(rooster crowing)

- These things woke me up this morning.

- They have been waking
us up for three years.

- Nothing worse than the morning

than wake up to that. (crowing)

- Where at Beringkit market.

And this is one of the
biggest markets in the area.

Only happens twice a week.

There's all kinds of
animals all over this area.

It's filling up really quick.

(chicks cheeping)

- Hi, hey you.

You're the cutest thing in the world.

I go call him Billy Idol.

(chicks cheeping)

(group chattering)

- You see all these guys here.

They bring out their roosters
here for cockfighting.

None of the fighting is done here,

but this is where people
come and train and buy

these roosters.

Can you pick out a good
fighter gotta winner?

- Yeah, you gotta look at the leg,

and when the chest,

when they (crowing) like that.

And then you can tell.

But then when you touch,

you can tell how tight
they're muscle is inside.

- [Justin] I noticed that
there's a couple of them

that they're opening up the cages

and they're kind of
provoking them a little bit.

- They can check from the
way they behave and thing,

how mad they can get.

That's what they look for.

- It's legal here.

- Yeah. Oh, no.

(both laughing)

- And it's very popular, you say-

- Oh, very popular.
- Very, very popular.

- [Justin] Is there betting?

- Yeah, men with their cock,
you know, you know. (laughs)

- Is there any other type
of finding they do, like?

- Oh yeah, there's one actually, you know.

You can go to that, you
know, a cricket fight.

- [Justin] Cricket fight?

- Yeah.

- [Scott] Cricket?
- Cricket, you know.

- Like grasshopper.

They fight?

- Yeah.

They fight and they fuss.

They're like Speedy Gonzales.

- I don't know how keen I'd
be to just go to a cockfight.

As from what I've heard it's a bit bloody

but cricket fight I'd
be willing to see that.

- [Justin] Do the crickets to get hurt?

- No, not really.

As soon as they get hurt they run away.

So in the end no one die.

- Cricket is that legal?

- Gray area. (chuckles)

- This I've got to see.

Cricket fighting.

Can we see it today?

- Yeah, we got to see it today.

(roosters crowing)

(upbeat music)

- All we can think about
now is this cricket fighting

and these that's all I can think about.

(Oka laughs)

- It's awesome.

You guys sit down and make
the cricket get angry,

and then they just pull their glass,

and then they fight pa, pa, pa, pa.

- So you're gonna show
us how it's done first.

- Yeah, we show you how to do
the cricket fight in my house.

And then we go to the arena.

- We are at Oka's house here.

And soon as you walk in

you have all these different buildings.

A place for your mother to stay
'cause you take care of her.

You have your own place.

You have a guest bedroom.

You have a natural spring.

A workshop.

A place for your kids to stay.

It just keeps going on and on and on.

This is my temple.

We do the blessing for the village.

The village come here to get holy water

and blessing from my family.

This is not fully done yet.

This is all by design.

I'm a woodcarver originally.

- [Justin] We got a first look at how much

of a born artist Oka is really is.

His sense of design and his abilities

to curve to do pottery are unbelievable.

That passion for art and his family

and the passion for spirituality

really goes into the home that he's made.

(upbeat music)

- Bali this house is a family house.

We have a yard in the
middle where the kid play

everybody can watch.

So every house can watch insider show

but we also have the privacy.

- It's kinda like you
have your own village

within the village.

- I know it.

- I guess this is very typically colonies.

- They show fairly open,
but with wall around it.

- Not many people have
their own temple though.

- They have.

- Really?

- Every house in Bali
have their own temple.

We believe when we are in the world,

heaven and hell are here.

So we have to create our own heaven.

It's not just up there, here as well.

So we have a spirit globe sanctuary.

- All of these elements that
go into your home are just,

it ties the family to this property.

- We all need a home.

And in the end we all go home.

This is your team. (laughs)

(crickets chirping)

- So we have the fighting crickets here.

They're getting all excited now.

They know it's go time.

- (laughs) I can't believe that I'm seeing

these little pens.

It's like a miniaturized version
of like gladiator fighting.

- This is my neighbor.

He's a master in the cricket,

- Cricket master.

- Yeah, cricket master.

(cricket chirping)

- What does he look for in a cricket?

- They look on their movement.

A bit of a sound and aggressiveness.

And then you can tell

how they just jump, jump, jump like that.

This was only by invitation.

Otherwise you won't be allowed to be in.

So my man was able to invite
you to come to this fight.

And then we have to go in a hurry.

- We'll just take a cricket,
I guess, and get going then.

- Yeah, but this is betting.

This is not just a game, is betting.

- Okay. (chuckles)

- Serious business.
- Yeah, serious business.

You to just, you know.

(cricket chirping)

Put in front of their mouth (mumbles).

- Whoa, this guy here.

He just, the way he's behaving.

I don't know. I like his odds.

Everybody's saying he's a little crazy.

He's not making any noise.

Is not chirping.

He just keeps flicking around

and maybe that quickness
and a little bit of crazy

is gonna make him a winner.

(cricket chirping)

- Well, the one I'm gonna
go for is the cricket

with the loudest,

- The loudest one.

- The loudest noise.

(cricket chirping)
- [Oka] Choose this.

The biggest one make the loudest noise.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Let's do it.
- Let's do it, let's go.

(dramatic music)

(cricket chirping)
(upbeat jazz music)

- We're actually on our
way to cricket fighting.

It's kind of an underground thing.

And where we are right now is
like kind of a side of town

and they have been waiting
for us to come and do this.

So we've got some money

that we're gonna do some gambling with.

And we're actually see some
cricket fighting happen.

You got your money?

- I got some betting money.

We better win otherwise
we're not eating tonight.

(upbeat jazz music)

(speaking in foreign language )

- It's weird, it feels
like I'm actually going

to track down a rave or something.

We're just kind of waiting.

We were told to go to
one spot in narrow window

and another spot in the shade
and plugging a phone call

and the next day, five, 10 minutes

and probably go to the next spot.

- (laughs) Does it seem ridiculous though?

Cause it's not like all
these cops are going bust out

like, you know, the bushes in the jungle

and be like, "This is
a bus! This is a bus!

Give us all the crickets."

(group chattering)
(motorbike engine revving)

- Here comes the parsi.

(motorbike engine revving)

These guys are bad ass.

They're all so shifty yet
they're also friendly,

they're all like, "Hello, hello?"

(upbeat hiphop music)

This is way more remote

than I would've thought we've thought.

We've brought them back
to their natural habitat

to try to evoke that wild
sense from the cricket

to really draw the primitive nature

of this primeval need
to kill another cricket

or at least send him packing
in the other direction.

- We've actually been
warned if the cops come,

this is not, I'm not even joking.

The cops come we all have
to split up and run away.

They have actually had people
on cell phones on the lookout,

scanning this area to make
sure no police are gonna come.

So the police do come and we have to run.

(upbeat hiphop music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(cricket chirping)
(group chattering)

There is a lot of tension
in the air right now.

I'm nervous for my cricket.

Hope he's gonna hang in there.

- My cricket, little fate.

He's undefeated in his whole lifetime.

- My cricket is the Rocky.

- [Scott] (laughs) Rocky?

- Yeah.

Okay, Well I'll call mine Tyson,

'cause mine's a little-
- A little bit misunderstood.

- Yeah.
- Just say that.

- [Scott] Okay, what are they up to here?

(cricket chirping)

- They have to compare the teeth

and the size and everything.

(man speaking in foreign language)

To be able to have an equal size.

(dramatic music)

- [Justin] Are you nervous?

Do you need Tyson's up?

- I know, Tyson Jr.

I hope he doesn't bite the
other guy's antenna's clean off.

If he gets a little crazy.

(dramatic music)


(group chattering)

- Come on, come on.

(group cheering)
(cricket chirping)

- Oh.
- Crazy.

(group cheering)

- He lost.

That was a good fight Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson lost.

- Tyson didn't eat too good.

Tyson might be a washed-up fighter.

Let's see how fatal is gonna do.

(man speaking in foreign language)

(group chattering)
(cricket chirping)

(dramatic music)

- Here he goes.

(group cheering)

- No!

- [Scott] He run out of the ring.

- Oh no, the ultimate disgrace.

He left the ring.

He ran from the ring.

- Fatal!

- Well, Justin and I are out of pocket,

About 100,0000 now.

- He ran out the ring.

He ran out completely.

- I've never seen that before.

In all my years of cricket fights

I've never seen someone leave the ring.

- That's my bet now, to my Rocky.

(group chattering)

- Big money now.

- Oka, can we bet?

- Yeah, you can bet.

- Bet and go home.

- 50, 50, yes.

(group chattering)
- [Justin] Come on Oka.

- All right Oka, let's do it.

You are our last hope.

(dramatic music)
(cricket chirping)

- Come on, let's go.

- [Oka] Yep.

- Yeah! (laughs)

(men cheering)

(group chattering in foreign language)

- Oh no we.

- Oh no, we walked with what we came with.

- We're broke.

(both laughing)

- Big day gambling at the cricket fights.

- New Rocky just born.

- The Bali beast.

- Bali beast.

- See as the whole thing.

Tyson went down, fatal went down,

but the underdog,

- Rocky.
- The Rocky Bali. (laughs)

- Rocky Bali boa.

- [Man] Rocky Bali boa. (laughs)

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

(car engine revving)

(upbeat music)

- We are picking up Oka's
best friend Sebastian.

We kinda got off of the
main road a little bit.

And now we're just kinda
taking this dirt road.

He's built this place.

It's probably one of the most
beautiful spots of the country

you've seen so far.

And he's just happy to live off the grid.

So, we're gonna pick
him up 'cause he's one

of your best friend.
- Best friend

We both love art very much.

We love to travel.

It's very laid back.

And then that's why I would like to,

guys to meet him.

- Is he off the grid completely

like no power, no nothing.
- Completely, no electricity.

No nothing.
- Wow

Just live green.

If not my best friend I
wouldn't dare to come. (laughs)

(feet thumping)

(men chattering)

- Justin.

Nice to meet you Justin.

- Scott.

How are you?
- Good.

- [Andre] Andre.

(both laughing)

- [Scott] When we turned off the road

I figured we're almost there,
but yeah, quite hidden.

- Pretty hidden.

(both laughing)
- Quiet.

- [Scott] How long have you had the place?

- [Sebastian] Three years now.

- And you did it yourself?

- Yeah.
- Wow.

(serene music)
(feet thumping)

(Sebastian, Scott and Justine chattering)

- This is incredible.

(serene music)

It's all you need.

You just need somewhere to shower,

a bathroom and somewhere to sleep.

And you said you did
most of this yourself?

Like you-
- Yeah.

- How much would it cost to
build something like this?

- The would itself, it's
gonna cost like 20,000 now.

- Have you felt any earthquakes

or anything while you're here?

- Like a month ago there was one.

When it happened in Sumatra we
felt it here. It was like 6.8

I think.
- It was six point something.

- It was really strong.

I mean, I had to run out.
- We had to run away.

- Like where would you run to?

- Well, I just run

outside the house. (chuckles)
- Just get out of here.

Cause the house started to go like this

and I just ran out.

I was just standing and then
the whole thing was like

duh, duh, duh, duh.

(both laughing)

- Did it make you think twice about like,

should I be here or are you
just be like this is part of it?

- I feel safer in the countryside.

If something's like it's gonna happen,

I feel safer here than in the city.

- So you've set up a budget

for $300 for a month.
- Yeah, $3 or $400 a month.

I can actually stay here
and eat all my products

and all that kind of
stuff, and it's cheaper.

But then if I leave and go out one night

then I can spend in a lot of money.

(both laughing)

- Spend that in the night.

- So basically when you're
hanging out with him

your expenses just go
right through the roof.

(both laughing)

You found a perfect place
and you've created like,

you know what I mean,

like this Zen hoax.

- You can live like a
king with very little.

That's what you kind of realize.

- Where'd you prepare
all your meals and stuff?

- Let me take her down to
the kitchen It's just here.

(serene music)

- So many islands here.

There's like around 17,000 islands.

- So many islands.

So many islands.

- Is there any islands, you
know, maybe three or four

that you would suggest,

like ah, definitely check these ones out.

- Yeah, we love Sumba.

- Sumba is an impressive one

'cause you have these tribes there

and it's really, it's
very different from here,

and it's not built up at all.

It's still very, very traditional.

It's quite amazing.

- [Scott] You've been before there?

- Yeah, I've been like twice.

- So how did the people differ

from say Bali or Java
what we've seen already.

- Most people get around on horseback.

- Wow.
- So it's that good?

- Yeah, all walking.

- So when do we leave?

(Scott, Sebastian, Oka
and Justine laughing)

It's interesting where life will take you.

And as long as you have an open mind

and you're willing to try new things

and not be afraid of taking risks,

the sky's the limit.

- [Justine] Sebastian is
pretty interesting person.

He has found a piece of
paradise for himself.

He lives a very simple but amazing life.

(serene music)

- [Justin] Having a chance
to spend time with him

and see what he's accomplished
and see his passion

it just stirs up all these ideas,

these dreams of paradise and
live in a very peaceful life.

(serene music)

- [Scott] It's taken
Sebastian a number of years

just to find this place that
he wants to make a home.

I think is a real reflection of who he is

and what he wants to achieve.

We've got over 17,000
islands to choose from,

so Sumba is an island
that is lesser traveled

and maybe a little bit more wild.

And that's certainly the draw for us.

But the sounds of things,

and Sebastian is eager to go to Sumba.

Anyway, we'll really be in good hands

and we'll really get a good experience

out of a very different
portion of Indonesia.

(serene music)

(gentle music)

Sumba feels like a world
away from Bali already.

Just arriving here and
seeing the landscape.

The lack of roads and the lack of people,

it's nothing like Java,

it's nothing like Bali,

and that's the beauty of island hopping

in a place like Indonesia.

(gentle music)

- It's been a long day
just to get to this point.

We spent the whole day just
flying and driving to get here.

Tomorrow some guys are gonna
come pick us up on horseback

and take us into this tribe.

- Somebody has one of
those islands in Indonesia

where you're gonna have
one of the most true

and traditional tribal cultures

that's left in all the islands.

So we're hoping to get a
good view of that tomorrow.

(gentle music)
(cricket chirping)

- I don't know.

I'm really looking forward
to this next couple of days.

You've ever been out
here before, have you?

So this is all new to you, right?

- Yeah, very new for me.

And then it's just very
exciting for me to be here.

When I got here, I feel like, you know,

this is some part of Bali 20 years ago.

You know, when I was
a kid, we do the fire.

There's no electric.

Is in my village only 1972,
I saw the first electric.

So to be here with you guys,

I mean, this is like, I mean, you know,

bring back a lot of memories.

I'm really looking forward
to see this village.

(soft music)
(air whooshing)

- The sun is up and we're
finally getting a look

at this beach in this island.

And you can see for miles and miles,

it's just big, blue ocean.

And this nice white sandy beach.

We're rushing ahead into the hills

and stay with the tribe tonight.

Sebastian is arranged to have
an overnight stay with them

and just take part in their daily life.

(soft music)

- The guys have just
showed up with the horses

that we're gonna be
taking into the village

we're gonna stay at tonight.

(soft music)

I've heard that these horses
can be a bit finickity.

- They're all stallions.

- Oh really?
- Yes.

So you have to keep them a
bit far away from each other.


The calmer you are and
the more relaxed they are

the more, the easier.

At the beginning there'll
be a bit like this,

but then as soon as they feel relaxed

just let them a little bit loose.

You can easily get them excited.

So try and keep them as calm as possible.

You should just take it really slow.

I think that would be a good idea.

And I think the journey there
is gonna be just as good

as when you get there.

So you have got to enjoy
the journey getting there,

not thinking that's what we're
going to see in the village.

I think we have to really enjoy

every single step of the way.

(horse neighing)
(upbeat music)

- Hopefully he stays this calm
through the next few hours.

Otherwise it's going to be a long walk.

(upbeat music)

- I'm very lucky I got
the most calm horse.

It's going to be a very
exciting day today.

(upbeat music)

- Sumba, is so incredibly different

than the other islands we've seen.

It feels like Sumba floated
4,000 miles over to the ocean.

It was left alone.

It just feels forgotten.

(upbeat music)

We just came up over the ridge.

I didn't even know this was here.

This is the village.

We were just down there before.

(upbeat music)

This is unbelievable
how one island developed

the way it did

and another is seemingly
not developed at all.

These horses were like a
time machine back 500 years.

(Dato speaking is foreign language)

- Pretty awesome. (laughs)
- Awesome. (laughs)

- Yeah.

- Scott.

- I'm Dota, welcome.

- Dota.

- Justin.

- Yeah, welcome to (mumbles).

- Everyone in the village knows
that we were coming today?

- No.
- No, surprise?

- Yeah, surprise.

They don't know.

- Do they like visitors?

- Yeah, they like, they like
(speaks in foreign language)

(both laughing).

- (speaks in foreign
language) means white people.

- White people.
- Yeah.

- We're more red now from-
- Read and white, right?

(men laughing)

- There's red.

There's some red and there's some white.

- Dato, are there any important rules

that we should know to show
respect or to not offend anyone?

(Dato speaking in foreign language)

- As you see that's
symbol stone, stone arcs.

- Is it a burial area?

- [Oka] It's all burial.

- [Scott] All the middle?

- With a permission we can come there,

but only for the man.

- Okay.

- Woman not allowed.
- So no Justin?

- Yeah.

- So it's a very sacred spot.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

(children chattering)

- When you come into a village

I remember last time we had
to eat like some betel nut.

- You can chew the betel nut, of course.

Tradition of Sumba.

(feet thumping)

- (laughs) Betel nut.

I know how it tastes like.

- Have you tried it?
- Oh yeah.

Scott got away the last time.

- In PNG I was able to escape this.

I was able to avoid it.

But as the very first impression
that they're getting of me

is how I accept their culture.

I think it would be
pretty rude to not try it.

- You chew together.

When you keep lime not
swallow the juice right?

You can spit it out the juice.

Juice like Sumba lipstick.

- Sumba lipstick.
(Oka laughing)

- Later is coming red.

(Oka laughing)

Now we start.


(upbeat music)

Spit it out.

Spit out the lime.

And the juice.


(Scott laughing)

- It's good right?
- Awesome.

Oh yeah.

There's that taste I suddenly forgot.

- Can get you high too.

- Oh yeah, really been tripping out soon.

(Oka and Dato laughing)

(upbeat music)

- Can you see that, like lipstick right?

- I have swallowed some.

- [Tota] You swallowed the juice, right?

- Yeah.

- I think it also wakes
you up a little bit.

- Before I came here I
had a really bad headache.

Now, I don't actually have a headache.

I don't know if this has
got to do with the lime or-

- We're circling back in time that's why.

- Oh maybe.
- We're still going back

in time. (laughs)

- Here is my son.

- [Scott] Ah, what's his name?

- Geoffrey.

- Geoffrey, number six.

- Six kids!
- Six kids!

- Oh no.

Last one.

Last one.
- The last night.

(Scott, Dato and Oka laughing)

- If no have son, your sad.

(Sebastian and Oka laughing)

- If no son, you keep trying.

Seven, eight, nine, 10. (laughs)

- If no son with first the wife,

you find another wife.

You know in Lamboya,

one man had seven wives.

- One for every day of the week I guess.

(Dato, Scott, Oka, Sebastian
and Justin laughing)

- [Sebastian] That's good.

- [Dato] That's good right?

(upbeat music)

This a place for kill-
- Sacrificial?

- Yes, sacrifice some water bubble here.

- For what reason do you sacrifice?

- Somebody die, or when
you build a new house,

traditional house.

Yeah, we make big ceremony.

- How long did it take to
build one of these houses?

- Two months or three months.

- I'm dying to ask you
to turn over the sword.

- This just for the men.

The men must find a woodpile for cooking

and soccer pass if you have ceremony.

And then if you build a house

we use this to cut something
like bamboo or wood.

If you find a bad guy,

(Dato, Scott, Oka, Sebastian
and Justin laughing)

you use this.

- Like I know like in Bali

if a husband can go to the wedding

the wife will marry the knife.

No one represents the family.

Is there anything similar like that?

- Yes, same in Sumba.

(Dato and Oka speaks in foreign language)

- They pass it, you know,
the heritage to generation.

He get it from his parents.
He take it from his parents.

He pass it to the son.

- Did you use that knife to
make sure you have no more kids?

(Dato, Scott, Oka, Sebastian
and Justin laughing)

(upbeat music)
(birds chirping)

(water sprinkling)

- Very clean water.

This is from the well,

maybe from there like per kilometer.

- Your village is very
lucky to have clean water.

- We're lucky.

The foundation look after us.

- Before they had to walk like
miles away to get the water.

And now, because of this Sumba Foundation

they can now get water much easier.

- But we need water tank,
and school, mosquito net.

So many people, The Sumba Foundation help

like clinical mosquito
net a lot of children die.

Right now is malaria is going down,

not so many children die.

We're lucky.

(gentle music)
(pot thumping)

(pigs slurping)

(woman speaking in foreign language)

(gentle music)

- I'm just noticing it's very laid back,

is there things that
people do during the day

to keep yourself busy?

- If the rain come the
people is busy in apartment

and then garden.

They grow something.

If no rain just relax in the house

because it's hot.

Yeah, you can, you guys
can sit there no problem.

- Let's go.

- We can sit in front?

- You can sit there.

- [Scott] On top?

- Yeah, on top.

- Where your people are there.

- The grave.

- Yeah.

- It's okay?
- Yeah, it's okay.

- Okay.

- This my grandpa and grandma.

- The whole family.
- The whole family here.

- It's okay to sit on here.

- Yeah, no problem.

It's okay.

- All his family born here and also die.

They live near the house.

They eat with them.

Wash them all the time.

And they, you know, they do
activity with all of them.

It's like they are around all the time.

- Do they use it for functional use

so that those ancestors are still a part

of daily life?
- Yeah, yeah.

Because the body is part of the ground.

We want from my mother we
bring it back to her mother.

(gentle music)
(fire crackling)

- It's refreshing to see

that there are still parts
of the earth you can go visit

that are like this.

- We're living in the
most interesting time.

We have like full development,

and we have still this
kind of way of life.

From the two at the moment
that we can learn from both.

(men chattering)

We are lucky 'cause we have a choice.

Maybe they don't have the choice

but I think we can learn
so much more from them

than they can learn from us.

- These people are very, very friendly,

and whenever a guest
comes and stays with them,

they make an offering.

So what they've offered
us is two chickens.

That's kinda awkward to see the chicken

like flap his wings while is on fire.

- That's basically the food
maybe for a whole family

and they've just killed
two chicken for us.

So that's like a great honor.

- They have to remove
everything in their gut

so they can tell if
it's good thing tonight.

- Yeah, we pull all this.

We pray.

We kill a pig or chicken.

You see this one.

What do you call this one?

- The gut inside.
- Is good.

- Very, very good.
- Very, very, very good.

Full of fortune.

- Yeah.

(men clapping)

(men speaking in foreign language)

- [Scott] I came to the
realization being in that village

that my perspective on a lot the world

has changed in three years.

(men speaking in foreign language)

I used to say a lot of things early on

about how different and
unique this is from home.

And now I find that I go to these places

and I start to feel comfortable.

Instead of noticing differences

I noticed similarities.

And I'm glad to see
that that's the mindset

coming out of it.

(firewood crackling)

Oka is proud of us for what we were doing.

We're on this epic journey
experiencing all we can

but now I'm kinda questioning

what is it we're looking for?

Where's the finish line?

What's the dream?

We're living it, but what's the end goal?

- That's fresh, but it just
gets stuck in my teeth.

(Justin laughing)

(gentle music)

- I've still got 44 layers of sweat.

I'm really not gonna sleep well

if I don't kinda shower down.

So, bucket shower.

You'll notice that this is
another one of the tombs

where they've got the
bucket of shower water,

and some soap.

I've brought my own soap.

It might be weird for me,

but it's totally acceptable for them

to kind of lighten up
my personal bubble here.

So if you wouldn't mind,

I would like to have a bucket
shower in privacy please,

and not on display

for the whole community to see.

(gentle music)
(chicks cheeping)

- Good sleep.

Earplugs saved the day.

Really lots of bushy commotion

last night I couldn't hear anything.

So I slept good.

(gentle music)
(chicks cheeping)

(Justin yawning)

- Did you sleep well
on a bamboo last night?

- I slept good, I slept good, really good.

(gentle music)
(birds chirping)

- I had the best sleep
in weeks last night.

- Yeah.

I can't explain it either.

I don't know why exactly. And
the bugs didn't bother me.

We had the nets up,

but just sleeping on the bamboo.

- I have not had good sleep
for five weeks. (chuckles)

- Last night was pretty good?
- Last night was pretty good.

(Oka laughing)

- There we go.

(Dato speaking in foreign language)

(both laughing)
- You sleep well last night?

- Yeah, really, really well.

- Nicely?
- Yeah.

- I went straight out and
slept the whole night.

- Yeah, nice on the bamboo, yeah?

- Yeah, no, it's really good.

- I slept so good last night.

- Yeah.

- Justin, you needed to sleep well,

'cause you're always
waking the latest. (laughs)

- Oh yeah.

I'm big on sleep.

(children chattering)

(children laughing)

(children speaking in foreign language)

- Time to roll out.

Sun's getting high again

which means temperatures
are getting up there

and it's gonna be a long way back.

Short and sweet as always eh?

- I'm ready to go.

This season gonna get hotter by the minute

so we should start pressing on.

(pig squealing)

- Hi, Dato, thank you very,

very much.
- Thank you for coming.

You're welcome, I hope you come back

next time.
- Yeah, pretty soon.

- I hope you come back next time.

- Yeah.

(Oka speaking in foreign language)

- I hope you come back next time.

- Please tell the village
thank you from all of us

for allowing us in,

'cause it's,

everyone was very nice to us. (chuckles)

Felt very welcomed.

- Yeah, okay bye.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

(both laughing)

(Oka and Dato speaking
in foreign language)

- Take care.

- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Yeah, you're welcome.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- Bye.

(serene music)

- There is so much beauty out there,

but the longer you're away from your home,

the more you appreciate it.

And the more you realize
that it's all the same

but you can't understand that

unless you come out here and do it.

(serene music)

We're pretty lucky that we
got to a good one when we did.

I think it was probably
in the back of Oka's mind

to push and get us here in time

because it's his father's
birthday tonight.

It's a pretty big deal,

especially because Oka's father

is really a well-respected
man in the community.

They don't really speak about it much

and they kind of sweep it under the rug

and they live quite simply.

(serene music)
(cricket chirping)

He's taught Oka a lot of
spirituality and good advice.

- To be able to travel up to the sky

you have to give up
your all excess baggage.

"If want to reach the top I
have to travel light", he said,

because we live like in a mountain.

When you wanna reach the top

there is no much space for
anybody else only but you.

Once you down here,

you make so many friends,

but getting older getting less

because is only the one
who really stick with you.

I tell you that someday
you reached your top

you'll be alone.

My father always say, do your own things.

When you're young, travel, do something,

make mistakes because you
can have lots of time to fix,

but someday when you're older
try not to make mistake.

Try to speak the truth,

even though people don't get it,

at least you speak the truth,

but when you're young, you
make mistakes no problem.

Just do what you have to do.

Reach your goal but dream big dream.

Dream as big as you can.

(uplifting serene music)

- [Scott] After spending
the last week with them,

we've really seen how much
of a passionate guy Oka is.

And I'm really glad that
we've connected with them.

It'd be one of these
people who opens the door

and welcomes us into everything
private about their life,

their family, and their
religion and all of these things

that means so much to them.

And that means a lot to me.

(uplifting serene music)

- [Justin] Seeing Oka and the
way he has created this home

and this bit of paradise it motivates you,

and it makes the transition

into that stage of my life a lot easier

when you see the way people
have devoted their life

into something that they're
very passionate about.

(uplifting serene music)

- Three years ago, I wasn't
ready to settle down.

There was something out there pushing me

but at the same time

I still look towards where I wanna be

and what I want to accomplish

and who I want to spend it with.

(uplifting serene music)

You must get a lot of good
advice from your dad then?

- He advised me in different way.

He gave me so much freedom.

He said, "To be able to love Bali

you have to go out, see
it from the distance.

How do you know you love Bali
if you don't go out of Bali?"

So that's why people are have experience

because they're traveling.

This is how travel is so good,

but you've got to remember
someday you have to go home.

(gentle music)

- [Justin] I see a lot of the world,

and I've seen a lot of places,

and I am looking more
into creating a home,

a place where I could start a family.

I left what I've created for myself

and I've moved on and I've
become a better person

because of it.

Now just searches on for that place

where I'm gonna plant my roots

and start the next chapter of my life.

(air whooshing)

- [Scott] Oka has a very beautiful
way of looking at things.

The view of life being the journey.

Set goals and dreams and
if you get those goals

that's a bonus,

but the real joy of life is living it.

Maybe I never needed a goal for this trip.

It was just to experience,
to grow, to learn,

to travel around and
meet people face to face

and live a life with them.

And I think it makes
you more understanding

and more respectful of
the world that we live in.

(upbeat music)

In a few hours, we'll be
touching down on Australian soil.

Once you've seen all seven
continents of the earth,

what's next?

(upbeat music)