Departures (2008–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - North Korea: The musical - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(wheel spinning)

(upbeat music)

- [Gentleman Speaking]
We're in a place that,

you never expect to find yourself.

To open the window and
look out onto North Korea,

still boggles my mind,

even though we're days into the trip now.

Our guides, Kim and Che have
definitely warmed up to us.

And because of that,

I think it's an open up
part of this country.

Now we're gonna have a chance

to dive into some of the culture.

Every step of this world trip

has taken us further away from home,

to places we never expected to see.

Two years ago, I would
never have understood,

how much this journey would change me.

(upbeat music)

This is why we travel.

This is the reason that we're out here.

(upbeat music)

(faced paced music)

When Justin and I graduated
from our high school,

10 years ago,

we never thought we would be setting foot

back in our high school ever again.

Certainly not one to North Korea.

- Yeah I'm getting old I'm getting old,

I know, I know, I know.


(faced paced music)


Beat the camera man's head up.

Are you all right?

(faced paced music)

Oh yeah.

Thinks could look good
but the ball goes up.

Actually should get my fingers checked.

If you actually noticed-

- We still got more reset coming.


- Doing good, doing good, doing good.

(people laughing)

- Oh boy.

(faced paced music)

- [camera man] gotta go.

- Gotta go.

- Recess is officially over,

and now we actually have
to go into the school

and learn something.

- Were in trouble 'cause were late.

- You're in trouble 'cause
look how dirty you are.

We are in too much at recess,

so now, we're in school and we
had to do kind of detention.

Which would actually be good for us

because they're gonna try to teach us

all the words that we need to learn

that we haven't learned yet.

Detention but it's probably for the best.

- Hello everybody.

- Hello, hello.

- Hello, hello.

- [Teacher] Take your seats.

Goodmorning class, in Korea
(speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language)

- You say (speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

- [Student] (speaking
in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language) laughs,

(speaking in foreign language).

- [Teacher] Very good.

(students clapping)

You, try.

- (speaking in foreign language).

- [gentleman] Perfect.

- You must be careful in the lesson.

In Korean (speaking in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

- I'm sorry means,(speaking
in foreign language).

- (speaking in foreign language).

(students clapping)

- Whatever.

- [gentleman] We had a chance
to go to a secondary school.

So we're joking around and having fun,

and they're laughing and we're laughing,

and it was awesome because,

having interactions with the kids,

they could see that we weren't
any kind of threat at all.

We were just there to have fun.

In those moments I'm looking for

there's just the real moments.

And I think that's something amazing.

- [gentleman] Concerts where the lesson.

- Teacher will kick
you're ass of the class,

- Just to see if they are good.

Do we have a chalk?

Okay that's a bird.

- [Teacher] That's a bird?

- Come up here.

(stick knocking)


- Camera.

- Those glasses.

In Canada, we play ice hockey, ice hockey.

- [gentleman] What do you play?

- I play I've played football.

- [gentleman] Football.

- I play I've played volleyball.

- [gentleman] Volleyball

- I play basket very well.

- [gentleman] Very good okay.

What's this?

- Football.

- Goal.

5 England ohh.

(students laughing)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- [Man] Goodbye.

- Bye.

(band music)

(singing in foreign language)

(faced paced music)

(audience clapping)

(singing in foreign language)

(audience clapping)

(drum beats)

- She's regretting meeting me.

(upbeat music)

(singing in foreign language)

It's almost seems like we're
judges at a talent competition.

We've got the two washed up,

somewhat celebrities from South America.

And then we got the
the British snippy guy.

- Yeah.

When you get to schools like this,

you gonna get a lot of that.

Even restaurants you're gonna
get a lot of performance,

and it's very much part of their culture.

Everyone here plays an instrument.

Everyone apart from one person.

Your parents tried to teach you the...

- Accordion.

- [man] Accordion and you're
about as good as well.

You're both as good as a chocolate teapot.

Not, much good.

- There is that snippy British
guy you're looking for.

- Its a disgrace.

Do you play an instrument?

- [woman] No.

- No.

Everyone here is immensely talented.

[gentleman] Everyone here
is immense at something.

It's standard.

It's what I expect.

Every time I come to a school,

people will stand up and sing.

I just expect that.

Everywhere I go now,
I feel like the Queen.

The smell of wet paint
and musicians everywhere.

- For a solid week, we
are treated like royalty.

- Come on you Queens let's get going.

(audience clapping)

(drum beats)

(upbeat music)

- [man] Good morning.

Today were actually going to
the West coast of the country.

We have the all delights,

what you need Of course,
for a fun-packed holiday.

One of the lad's asked,

is it possible to see a
water bottling factory?

Well, it is.

- Yah water bottle.

- Yes, yes.

- I love water bottles.

- Water.

Am gonna drink so much
water when I get there,

I gonna drink all the water.

I can't wait.

- It's gonna happen
today, today is my day.

Are you excited about
the water bottle factory?

- Ahhh, yes kind off.

- This is almost better than that

cardboard box factory went to.

Half as exciting.

- Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, let's not dishonor

the cardboard box factory.

- The water bottle factory, Oh my Lord.

- Oh my Lord.

I'm a English learner so...


- You doing good.

You speak better English than I do

'cause I can't speak English.

- What did you say?

- Why are we here?

It's almost why I should go

and probably climb Mount
Everest 'cause it's there,

but that's takes a hell
of a lot of effort.

Whereas seeing a water bottle factory

is sort of relatively easy.

- I would Agree to that statement.

I wouldn't really agree to that.

- I mean, it's not really a question

I think anyone can answer.

Why are we visiting it?

Because it's here

(upbeat music)

- Wash the bottles.

Warm the bottle, the
surface of the bottle.

Here's the label machine.

The bottles, they hit the box here.

- Got this technical
schematic of how to put

pure water into a bottle.

Look at this thing.

It looks like they're making parts

for space shuttle or something.

Can we see the real thing?

- Yes.

(upbeat music)

- Here's where the real magic happens.

- [man] Is that a bottle?

- That Is actually pretty cool.

Can I have one of these?

So what happens here.

The I'm assuming this gets heated up

to a point where it just,

when there's put air
into it and it blows up,

it forms the way they want it.

I know everything about this.

- Goes through here, this
where a heater bottles,

six by six, a pressure machine,

32 pass called the pressure.

(upbeat music)

The machine for arranging the bottles.

Then it goes up for injection.

There's the water into the bottle.

- This bottle now has water inside it.

Now it would be safe to
call this a water bottle

instead of just the bottle.

And the water bottle will
continue on to the next process.

- This sign up here.

What does that sign?

- Lets us make every piece of the product

for our country and people.

- Can get lid.

- These are the assembled boxes,

which marks the end of your tour.

The bottles would go into the boxes

after being filled with water.

And that concludes the tour
of the water bottle plant.

And I've learned a lot
about water bottles.

- Again for the vertical.

- Fun's over

- Back to reality.

- This is a press conference,

about our findings on water.


- Seven years ago, we set off on a journey

to explore wonderful
countries and meet the people

and exchange friendship.

This visit to Cancer Water factory

has been extremely rewarding

and we wish the company much success

and hope to be invited in
the glorious mineral water

in our home countries.

- Fantastic.

Thank you very much.

- A lot of joking

about visiting a water bottle factory.

They've decided to show
us things that seem

to have recurring themes

about being industrious and
being successful in agriculture.

- This country did suffer
severely in the Korean war

and there's more and the
Palm used in this war,

than in Vietnam.

Everything you go to is about the success

and the rebuilding of
a country, basically,

as they say from the ashes.

So for them to suddenly come up with an

industrial achievement like this to them,

it's very exciting and
that, they're proud of it.

They aren't going to see a country that

is trying to instill not only in yourself,

but into you, this work
ethic that we are building,

to create the perfect revolution

and the revolution is going on.

Now they're trying to create the society,

that is absolutely the top,

of this independence is
massively important to them.

That's a beautiful job of water.

(upbeat music)

- We're just excited.

We've come to a cooperative farm here as

with everything else.

There's a statue here
to pay tribute to first,

before we get to see the
cooperative farm itself.

- This corporate farm was
visited by our president gamers.

So 85 times.

(speaking in foreign language)

- HE led this corporate farm
to become the mother farm

of the country in
comprehensive mechanization.

- [man] The strangest tour of
a farm I've ever had so far.

And I feel more like a health
inspector going through

something than I do a tourist.

On the surface,It seems very,

very dry to be doing what we're doing.

But to be honest, it's incredible.

You don't get this anymore.

This is a look into a
country and a society

that just does not exist

anywhere else in this planet any longer.

- (speaking in foreign language)

- That's paid was used by our
presidents to hype the farmer.

- It's fascinating to
be able to come through

and see what they want to show us.

What they feel is important

to show us what they're proud of.

- When our president came,

her son was fisting this farm in 1958,

he was sitting on this
straw mat with the farmers.

He said that when they
said close to charter,

then we can understand

and we can develop the relation smell.

So he searched with the farmers

as the user paper is to do.

- This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

to get a snapshot at a society

that may not be around much longer.

And if it is, it's still going to be

really the only one in the world.

- I guess that was a tour of the farm.

Can kinda just kind of
started tuning everything out.

I thought we're going
to see a pharma thing

and see some animals.

I thought we're going to see the workers

and stuff like that.

But none of that.

It was a lot of information,

but it was going in one ear

and out the other and halfway through

and just whatever I was
just taking pictures.

- The funny thing with this
continuing trend of this kind

of being the weirdest
farm I've ever visited,

because it's a cooperative.

There are a lot of people here.

There's over a thousand farmers

and their families that live here.

Their kids go to school here,

and there's a kindergarten
here that we're going

to pop in on and visit,

which should be a fun time.

(upbeat music)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- (speaking in foreign language)

- The kids usually eat the stuff.

I'm going to crack one kid.

I'm gonna make one kid smile.

- (speaking in foreign language)

- This pan of half one, mom.

- Bye, bye.

- We have more kids coming up.

All I'm looking for is the reaction from

one kid to that last group,

they're in a lesson and
they were so focused.

Let's see if we can get a
reaction out of these kids.

- (singing in foreign language)

(upbeat music)

- (singing in foreign language)

- (singing in foreign language)

- (singing in foreign language)

- Every other time I've
done anything with kids.

It's always been smiles from here, here.

Here they were very disciplined.

Kids are on their best behaviors.

I understand that,

but I thought I'd at least get a couple

of smiles out of them.

I figured, if I brought that Panda hack,

that should be a pretty
easy way of interacting

with the children.

But me coming in as a, I'll
just not going to fly that well,

but I thought for sure,

I get some reactions out of the kids.

- (singing in foreign language)

- So this farm has the 1000 hectares

and the pedophiles is 600 acres.

So they're expected to purchase nine tons

and a half from every Hector.

- (speaking in foreign language)

- So at the end of the
September, September,

we finished the harvest Finished.

- [Man] Oh, I wasn't listening.

Can you do it one more time?

- One more time.

- Can you tell the candor?

- So Germany, pandas in the farming field,

the the pads are like me as Ken work

and we produce the rice.

But we don't need the rice.

Although we we liked the bamboo a lot.

- Are you in a Jew or something?

- No, no.

I skipped it from the zoo
because I've, on the bus now.

It's the Pando group.

- This farm isn't so bad after all.

(singing in foreign language)

- In the city, there's not much traffic.

And how here, we have
a highway at 16 lanes

and we're the only vehicle on it.

- And they put it down to
basically oil shortages.

And again, that's to them,

it's the American locates
and also basic restrictions

on goods getting in
from the outside world.

But they have to be an
extremely environmentally

and ecologically friendly company.

- You have a buddy on here.

- Oh my God.

I know that's normal I'm covered in those.

- Best $9 I've ever spent.

(upbeat music)

- Where at what are the conference?

Four or five around the city.

And this is the manual day one.

I am sure we will find some rides

of absolute delight Ryan's of death.

- It looks like the
scariest rides in the world.

You're defying death just
to getting on these things.

- I don't know if I
should have a tennis shot

before I should get on any of them or,

write a wheel right now.

This is my favorite FunFair park on earth.

And you're laughing at it.

And this is your punishment.

- (speaking in foreign language)

- By the way, this thing
you're on kids here as well.

This is a space training program.

- There is no like actual
like harness or anything.

- Gonna be thrown up beside
the squash through the edges.

- Oh my God.

- Don't put your hand
on the cage because you

and your skin gets sucked into this,

sucked into the Gates.

That's why you're in this yellow area.

As long as you're not in
the blue area, you're fine.

But keep waiting for them to.

- Something across the big doorway.



- What the hell was that.

- We're flying on DPRK space outfit.

It of course, with some cannons.

- I want to have plan would be crashed.


I'll shut up now.

(upbeat music)

- I checked the oil first early.

- It seems an order bug.

- Not too bad.

- Wheelie.


- She's a blank surfing book.

I do it during the week.

- We'll pay for the damages

- Safety first.

(upbeat music)

- They never actually comes to a stop.

Like it's still rocking
and that's when you,



- I didn't think you could
add any more thrilled to this,

but apparently you can.

And it won't stop.

- I hope you're okay have fan.

- Exit down the ramp into your right

and enjoy the rest of your day at DPI.

(upbeat music)

- This is one of the classic
Carney games of all time.

And I would expect more from myself,

a little bit more accurately.

(paintball gun shoot)

(paintball gun shoot)

- [man] You start off
playing this shooting game.

We were just trying to figure out who

was the better shot out the group of us.

At one point,

I'm just shooting the gun and this one guy

and nowhere comes up and
he kind of challenged me

to a competition.

So the competition got pretty intense

because he would make a shot

that I'd make shot and
went back and forth,

back and forth.

We got down to the last
shot and took it and he won.

Big congratulations
got our pictures taken.

What was interesting was that he's goes

one more shot, one more shot.

And I'm like, okay.

And then I go, but we're going to do it

with our eyes shot.

Plant the gun, took the
shot without looking.

And I hit two targets.

They became really competitive.

And you just kind of stiff on the cameras.

Like, nah, you can't don't
kill me taking this shot.

Cause he knew he couldn't do it.

- Nice to see friendly
farm with caught guns.

- Yeah.

- Beautiful.

- That was great.

No, that was fine.

- Quite serious.

We just start off just as fun,

goofing around.

Fun at the fun fair.


(upbeat music)

- Guidebooks would say this
is a non-working match.

It's purely for show.

And have you ever been here?

So the eight o'clock at
rush hour in the morning,

then you can ask.

And where do we end up
at the end the night?

- I've never known.

I think we're going from
glory to unification Roe

to glory stage press purchase station.

- Hey, so we've got
prosperity to Billerica.

- Fair enough.

It may seem bizarre to be at a Metro,

but it sort of fits the theme

of big grand things that
are being shown off,

as part of natural fry.

Station names seem pretty interesting.

We have glory, we have prosperity,.

- Glory torch, victory,
reunification, paradise,

or three innovation and restoration.

- Form for the subway,
here is a hundred meters,

a hundred feet, a hundred
meters underground that's

because I figured if
they ever got attacked,

this would be a safe
place for people to go in.

Case bombs are being dropped on the city.

- I've heard people say

that people will look at you and that,

especially with a camera,

they'll just keep their
heads down and keep going.

It's pure because everywhere
we've gone so far,

you smile and wave at
people and they wave back.

(upbeat music)

- And these people and
just everyday activity.

It's pretty interesting
to me and people watching

is a big part of travel for me.

This is one of the few
chances on this trip so far,

we've been able to just observe daily life

and that's a treat.

(upbeat music)

- So this is Gloria and
you've got fireworks above us.

So you've got big torches and the sides.

And of course, then you got my back too.

(upbeat music)

Very Good.


That's Mr. Bowman Famous model

Foreheads and she'll
have, and there's just,

it's a, it's a modern fashion in the West.

Maybe fashionable to be Harry
and slightly overweight.

- This is the children's
palace in killing yang.

It's huge.

The whole building is over
300,000 square meters.

So it's a huge, huge
complex for kids to be able

to come here, afterschool,

do different types of art,
music, crafts, and sports,

whatever it is.

(upbeat music)


- Smoke on the water.

- You kind of got a whirlwind
tour of this place so far,

and now we've been whisked into here just

in time to see a performance of some sort

of other kids are going to put.

(upbeat music)

- So unwavering belief
in the jujitsu ideology,

the isolation that they have
here in schools like this,

maybe it's one of them.

Maybe it's all of the put together,

but there's an incredibly
intact culture here in DPRK.

It's actually a great
thing to see the amount

of emphasis that's put on the children

and the arts and music.

This emphasis is going
to allow North Korea

to keep its culture for
generations to come.

(singing in foreign language)


(upbeat music)

- The stadium is Cato sun stadium,

and it's where all the
football matches sort

of take place.

And the stadium we're going to

is the highest capacity in the world.

It's the Mayday stadiums, 150,000 seats

- But it's 150,000.

And you'll see, over a
hundred thousand to film is

in it for the mass game.

- What time does the mass games?

- Ahh 7.30.

(upbeat music)

- [man] When you hear the
more understanding you get for

how fiercely proud North Koreans are,

but they're so proud of these games

that they actually open
up the country more

than any other time of the year.

- And this is unbelievable.

Just watching some of the kids

go through warm-up routines
with these flashcards,

these color cards and the whole other side

of the stadium.

Here are people holding cards.

- The pixel on your television, right?

Well imagine every
little pixel is a child.

There's this thing of that.

This is here we go.

This is Epic.

(soft music)

- What better way to experience a culture

that very few people
ever get to witness than

to go see the mass games.

(soft music)

It tells a very powerful
story of DPR case history

from the time of Japanese occupation

in the early 19 hundreds,

all the way through to
present day paying homage

to the great leader kimial sung

and the current leader, Kim Jong Neal.

(soft music)

- Somewhere between 80 and
a hundred thousand people

performing in unison.

It's a mix of martial arts, music,

life theater, gymnastics, dance.

It's all of this stuff mixed
together into honestly,

one of the most incredible live
shows you will ever witness.

- [Man] Within an hour and a half.

No one's making any errors.

The mint starts to a minute
and it's pure perfection.

We watch one person.

We watch what they're doing.

They're running over here.

They're doing this flipping or spinning.

And that's one person of like.


- Will I ever seen anything
like this ever again?

I don't think so.

And I thought to myself,

this would be probably the coolest thing

I'm ever going to see.

And then it tops anything
I could ever imagine.


- [Man] There's been a growing struggle

over the past three years

of travel to find places
that are still pure

in a way as untouched as possible.

And knowing how rare experience
like this is in the world.

This is the kind of
destination you strive for.

(upbeat music)

- Last, Well, ultimate still
loses one ball together,

but we're off right here.

We got everything.

Let's let's get out.

Let's get outta here.

- We got a train to catch back to Beijing.

It's going to take us the
better part of 24 hours.

But at least this morning,

you don't to come along
with us in the journey.

- To China on vacation to Canada.

- You ever find yourself in Canada.

You have to look us up.

You're you're more than
welcome to stay with us,

anytime you want.

- Is I'd rather be picked
up by rate big dog.

Oh, sorry.



Best driver.

Best driver and all of DPRK.

Thank you very much.

- Got a gift here.

You had to take care of them though.

You got to feed them at least twice a day.

Can't get water on them.

Can't feed them after
midnight and lots of whiskey.

He likes if the whiskey ban please,

one last time.

Take care of this one,

which is the most fun.


Oh yeah.

The postmark.

I feel like I spent my
holidays during his,

during your stay.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, Mr.


Thank you very much.

Even I have to say after
16 years of travel,

this is one famous.

Remember goodbye, Lance
actually popped out.

I have to say,

thankfully it went in the
maybe pile a maybe pile.

Maybe that was the best
idea for the whole trip.

All right, bye guys.

One last one.

Our visit to the DPRK

was everything I hoped it would be

indefinitely worth the efforts
of getting there because

of the other side of the coin that we saw

and most of all,

to be an ambassador for the outside world.

I think there's a lot of appreciation

on seeing us there and
showing our interest

and our respect for their culture,

especially with the younger generation

that can work wonders.

Definitely what Nick has
been doing over the course

of 15 years,

striving to bring the right people in

is definitely making an
impact to have a chance

to understand what makes
this place so unique.

Not too many people have that opportunity.

We are a lucky few.

How do you explain anything?

You can't explain a country like this.

You can only experience it.

I'm glad I got to see

with my own eyes and walk
away with an experience

of a lifetime In a few hours,

are trains going to be
arriving back into Beijing?

We're going to have to rush to the airport

to catch our flight.

Did your car to Indonesia.