Departures (2008–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Mongolia: Meals and Wheels - full transcript

The guys stay with the Tsatsaan Reindeer tribe for a couple more days before the long trek back to Ulaan Bator. Scott and Justin stop along the way at a complete strangers ger (traditional Mongolian tent) where the three are invited in for fermented yaks-milk and some mix of goat organ soup. Craving adventure of a different variety, they rent ATV's and drive freely into the Gobi desert. Camping at night, and driving by day, the trio discover the ultimate idea of freedom, before running into various trouble on the road.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(wheels locking)

(upbeat music)

- [Justin] We have tracked
our way through Mongolia

to be with the Tsaatan reindeer tribe.

- [Scott] To see the way these people live

is very inspirational.

They don't have things that
aren't an absolute necessity.

- [Justin] My lost luggage now

actually seems pretty trite in comparison,

and it's helped me to have
a bit of a new outlook.

(gentle music)

As we make our way to the Gobi Desert,

it's gonna be different pace

and we're gonna probably see
a lot more based on that.

(upbeat music)

After traveling the world for a year,

Justin and I were charged
with a whole new energy.

- [Justin] As I have furthered
away from my old life,

I started to realize that
this is where I need to be.

This is now my lifestyle.

(gentle music)

- [Scott] One day, I hope to
say that I've seen the world

but that day is not here yet.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music continues)

I don't really have any clothes

my bag never showed up.

Being here in Mongolia
for this amount of time,

it's impossible to not pick
up the way these people live

and how little you need to get by.

May not have a change of
clothes (water splashing),

but it doesn't mean I have to
live completely like a hobo.

(gentle music)

I can't bath down at the river down there

because it's against
kind of Shaman belief.

So in order to do any kind of bird bath,

I've got to fetch water and bath up here

which I don't really care at this point

I just need to get clean.

(water splashing)

(upbeat music)

- The kids have offered us a chance

to join them in a reindeer race

and the race is from here to the camp.

So all the kids are kind
of professionals at this.

I mean, it's kind of the rookies.

- My reindeer does not seem

like he's interested
in racing at all today.

(Justin imitates engine revving)

All of these kids have
slight weight advantage.

- Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Joe, fast,

Joe move!

- Come on!

(indistinct muttering)

(upbeat music)

I'm far too heavy for this poor guy.

At least to be racing.

- Plus these kids are professional.

- Yeah, it was definitely
a weight advantage.

- Oh now he wants to go (chuckles).

- Justin and I came in probably

a pretty close to a tie for last place.

I can't say who finished last.

- [Andre] I did, I finished last.

- Andre finished last (chuckles).

(upbeat music)

They just started to take
apart this teepee here.

I don't really know why,

but they're completely
disassembling this teepee

and they're loading everything
up onto the reindeer.

(gentle music)

- It's always easy taking things apart.

- You could break down this camp and move

in a matter of an hour and a half I think.

They've already got half
of this stuff lashed

onto the reindeer.

(gentle music)

- A month from now,

they will be moving to their winter camp.

And unfortunately, we're not gonna be here

in a month from now,

so they're just showing us
how fast they can take down

and set up one teepee.

If they are on a real move,

the whole camp will move together.

- So they're gonna take this stuff

and go across the river here
and come back to right here.

- Mhh.

(gentle music)

This reindeer over here is actually

like acting as a baby carriage.

It has baby supplies on it,

but also inside, there's a
wooden frame built as a cradle.

They move camp four times a year

but despite that, it seems like an awful

lot of trouble just to show
us how this stuff is done.

(upbeat music)

- So this is kind of like the caravan.

We got lead up front with the baby

and then they got me
with most of the tarps

then we have Scott behind

who's got the chimney and the oven.

(upbeat music)

- Well, this may be just a demonstration

since we really haven't traveled

more than about 500 meters from camp.

The thing is, is there
still is sort of a sense

of urgency here

'cause the weather is moving in.

So this thing better go off fast.

(upbeat music)

And that's that.

Aside from moving in the baby
and a couple of essentials

like food and blankets and stuff,

it looks pretty much the way
it did a few minutes ago.

So I mean-

(Justin clapping)

An incredible process.

- That is really, really impressive.

- [Scott] And I think we're
gonna actually put them

to the test pretty soon too.

- [Justin] We'll see
how waterproof they are.

(upbeat music)

(kid laughing)

- [Scott] There he is.

(upbeat music)

(rain pouring)

They got luck finally running with feet,

god of the sun and sky.

I'm sure they need a little bit of rain.

We've been really lucky up to this point

of having no rain at all.

So it has to come sometime.

(thunder revving)

(woman singing in Mongolian)

(all laughing and clapping)

- She is singing about one man,

who doesn't have any teeth,

he is very easy going man.

(all laughing)

- The surrounding families have come in

and have been singing for us

and it's been something special.

- And it was nice that
for once they came here

we didn't have to go around
or go searching for it

they brought the party to us.

(children singing in Mongolian)

(all laughing and clapping)

(man singing in Mongolian)

This style of singing apparently
is only heard in the Taiga

like where we are in Northern Mongolia.

So, unique to hear.

Another unique experience
out here (chuckles).

- That's-

- Something you're not
gonna hear anywhere else.

- No, that's amazing, man.

- I could probably do that too

if I had a few more of
those newspaper cigarettes.

(indistinct muttering)

(woman speaking in Mongolian)

- [Justin] They came in with a storm

and they left with a storm.

(Sara speaking in Mongolian)

(woman speaking in Mongolian)

(Sara laughs)

It is very rude of us not to offer

the older woman here some vodka.

(woman speaking in Mongolian)

(Sara speaking in Mongolian)

- [Sara] She said it's
very delicious, it's sweet.

(speaking in Mongolian)

- It's Chinggis.

- [Justin] Chinggis has
rarely disappointed.

(woman speaking in Mongolian)

- She said that she's very happy

and she wishes you all
the best in your life.

- Could you tell her

that she was very, very, very good singer.

(woman speaking in Mongolian)

- [Sara] She took bronze medal,

- Oh!

(Sara muttering)

- [Both] Oh, Wow!

- [Scott] So we are looking
at the bronze medalist.

(all laughs)

- [Justin] Good day, show's over.

- Yes, and she's happy.

- The 73 year old woman outshine,

and outdrink the best of women

this little town they have here.

- She's the last one to leave the party.

- Yeah, she was rock and roll all the way

all the way.

(gentle music)

- Today, we'll start the
long trek out of here.

And I'm glad that it's
such a trek to get out here

and see the sunshine,

because if it were any easier

this could all very easily get spoiled.

(gentle music)

- Goodbye, thank you-
- Bye.

- For everything.

(upbeat music)

- The nomadic way of life
is so beautifully simple.

And they're happy, and
they have loving families

and they have all those aspects

of life that we all seem to
ultimately want to get to.

(gentle music)

We talk about freedoms in other countries

and living in a free world.

Mongolia I think exemplifies that so well

because it's a country built
to explore a country built

with awe boundaries, free
to roam wherever you want

and everyone does.

(gentle music)

(upbeat music)

As a token of bugs for guiding
us all the way back here

we've decided to give a couple

of these tribes on a ride
into a nearby village.

(upbeat music)

Most of these ridges and
fairy crossing this far North

are actually privately owned and operated.

And if your are all alone at a weird hour

then you'll have to wake up

the owner who lives in this
case, in the little house

on the other side of the river.

So we'll see how it goes.

- Well, the nature is angry right now.

(upbeat music)

(indistinct muttering)

(car engine revving)
(upbeat music)

(Justin groaning)

- Mongolia!


(man laughing)

(car engine revving)

(indistinct muttering)

(car engine revving)

Mother nature, (indistinct) today I think.

(indistinct muttering)

I wanna get in there like I
understand what they're saying

they're working as a team, right?

And they're speaking Mongolian.

So like, I'll get in there

and I'm playing like fingers chopped up.

- They're wedging the whole ramp closer.

- There you go, push!

(upbeat music)

- Good thing we brought these guys along

in our ride back to town

because if not-
- Yeah.

- We would sit over there
(humming) what do we do now?

(car engine revving)

(upbeat music)

(group laughing)

(upbeat music)

(both men groaning)

(all laughing)

Okay, that's enough, he is next.

(upbeat music)

(group laughing and cheering)

- I guess as a success, you
make it across the bridge

and you have a little wrestle.

- Yes.

- It's called Mongolian.

- Mongolian style, right there.

- Yeah (laughs).

(indistinct muttering)

- [Scott] Excuse me.
(door bangs)

(upbeat music)

Tell them, thank you
so much for allowing us

into their property and
showing us how they live.

(Sara speaking in Mongolian)

(men speaking in Mongolian)

- They're happy to meet you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Thank you very much.

(upbeat music)

(car engine revving)

(gentle music)

We just stopped for lunch
at Sara's cousins ger.

The ger is like the more
traditional Mongolian style

tent house that you see dotted

all over the countryside.

(gentle music)

So what do they do?

Are they taking the tripe from the goat?

- Yeah, now we are preparing,

after this day is put on pot,

make a fire, and it will be waited.

- Now that they've slaughtered this goat

they're preparing different parts of it.

And they have a lot of their organs laid

out on this one tray

and they have a kettle
of some of the blood,

which they're filling part

of the stomach and intestine with.

Now they use everything
which everybody seems to do

around the world, except us back home.

(upbeat music)

- Most of the times when we eat something

is best off we don't
see how it was prepared.

We just see the final product.

But luckily enough, we
came in a little bit early

and we're seeing how they're preparing it.

You just kept promising
me through our travels,

eventually we will go to the
country, that vegan fudge.

(water splashing)

(upbeat music)

So this is the ger of the newlyweds.

- It looks really nice actually

and this is the nicest
one I've seen (chuckles).

(upbeat music)

This is a glass of?

- Yoga, yak yoga.

- Yak yoga.
- Yak yoga.

- So this clear alcohol
comes from yak yoga?

- [Sara] Yeah, yeah.

- Do I drink the whole thing?

- Yes you should drink, three times.

- [Justin] This whole thing three times?

- Yes, you can.

- No, there's no way.

Three of this?

- Yeah, you should say
the awesome(laughs).

- [Scott] That's insane.

- It's only 11 O'clock in the morning.

Since that a crowd is brewing-

- One of the oldest Mongolian traditions

is get the foreigner drunk.

(gentle music)

It's almost like drinking a chemical

or a fuel or something
is just something to it.

That's not typical alcoholic flavor.

Ready for two more?

- [Andre] Yes.

- Ready for three more?

- I don't even know what
that one tastes like.

- There's not much to it.

- [Andre] I'm feeling
pretty fuzzy actually.

- (laughs) Drinks feeling fuzzy.

(gentle music)

- It's bizarre, you know
what I mean, the flavor?

- Let's seize again.

Drinking this bizzare poison or something.

- Oh my God, started to
feel it a little bit.

There's no way I'm having
three glasses of this

no way, I don't care.

If I'm rude, I have had
enough good karma in my side.

I've eaten the weirdest things for customs

and there's no way.

- You got it, dude.

- [Scott] No.

(upbeat music)

Walking's interesting now.

Cheers, oh, I'm just choosy (laughs).

(glass clinking)

(Scott laughing)

(men speaking in Mongolian)

(gentle music)

- Evil stuff.

- [Justin] Drink my friend drink.

- We've got to be careful.

- I can't talk.

- Andre sorry, Scott

this guy said that you should sing.

- You can't make up customs as you go.

- This is a song drink.

- You're totally making up rules
and that's not fair at all.

- Go.

- I don't know any royalty-free songs.

♪ Thank you for giving us a lovely drink ♪

♪ It's wonderful ♪

♪ And I'm getting plowed ♪

♪ For the long journey home ♪

(group cheering and clapping)

(upbeat music)

- I just see hid my glass
it's under the bench.

- [Scott] And that was like-

- That's where (indistinct).

(Sara laughing)

They found, that's classy.

He's like, "I know where it is, I saw it."

He ran over and he's like, "Here it is."

Oh, there it is, I thought I lost it.

- Cheers to someone filming
the rest of this show.

- My glass is closing.

(gentle music)

(Andre groans)

- No please, no please.

- [Scott] That's the six glasses.

(funky music)

(man speaking in Mongolian)

- I am being like a guy who talks loud

I should talk and slapped
her, don't yell at me.

- Shut up.

- Don't yell at me talk softer.

(indistinct muttering)

- Oh my God, Dre.

- This is all about getting

our camera man home alive.

(all laughs)

It's over, it's over.


(all laughs)

Oh no, no (laughs).

Congratulations, you just won it.

- [Scott] I just wore it.

Well, it's poured all over the place.

(both laughs)

Do it, do it.

Wow, good for Andre.

You guys did really well.

I barely made my three.

You guys did four plus.

Andre I think he did seven or eight.

Kudos, we should get you some water.

- And there's the sunlight.

Can't be anything past 12
o'clock at this moment.

Oh man.

- Stop yelling.

- This whole pit stop was
just like, kind of like,

"Hey do you guys feel
like having some lunch?

I have some family nearby.

We'll have something to eat.

My (indistinct) delicious."

(Justin humming)

Aren't we talk about something.

And now it's 12 o'clock

and we're completely bombed
and we have to eat intestines.

(funky music)

Man, my mouth's watering, it's
more like I need a bucket.

- I just think that red bucket

looks like a transport truck hit a sheep.

Back at home, that's all
the stuff we don't eat.

That's just us being wasteful

'cause if you eat it all,
then it will go a lot further.

- I don't even eat dark meat.

Can you tell them that I
can't eat that whole bucket.

- If you taste this you are very lucky.

- Okay, what is this here, lung?

- [Sara] Lung.

- [Justin] Lung okay.

- [Sara] Lung.

(both laughs)

- Oh, It's tasty.

- Not bad.

- Oh, this is tremendous.

- [Scott] I'm just
saying this isn't as bad

I didn't saying, mhh that's delicious.

(gentle music)

- No, not good.

- Our driver loves this stuff.

(Sara speaking in Mongolian)

What is this?

- [Sara] Kidney.

- Oh, it's tremendous.

It's absolutely stupendous.

- Better than the lung.

(gentle music)

- Oh my God, what is that?

- It's blood.

- Is that like cooked blood?

- Yes, we'll it's a raw blood.

- Oh, obvious that is not raw

because that is not red.

- Then what is it?

- [Justin] I don't know.
- Blood wet in.

And it made it into chocolate.

- [Justin] So this is the blood?

- [Scott] Yeah, you got more blood.

I've got some blood and I've got some-

- Kind of shave off some of my blood.

Look, come on and get rid of some of it.

- [Scott] Oh, yeah, look at
how much cow's stomach I got.

- [Sara] Sheep blood.

- Mmh, I know.

- Sheep's blood.

- [Justin] Just swallow.

There it goes, try a little bit of it.

- Blood?

Mmh, try a bit of that.

What is this?

I love it.

What is this, kidney?

It's kind of not feel very good.

(Sara speaking in Mongolian)

- [Scott] It's the head game, isn't it?

- It's the head game.

(Sara speaking in Mongolian)

I'm not used to it, but it's good.

- You come into this situation and be like

"I can never eat that"

and I'm like, "Well try it."

You might like it you might not.

The actual goat's blood,

wasn't as bad as the lung.

- So why are you giving me help for?

I eat something that I didn't want say

that's delicious, stupid

is there anything like that?

- [Justin] You didn't say that.

- I did not.

(men muttering)

(car door banging)

(car engine revving)

We have like 10 hours on
our bumpy, bumpy road.

Do you think my stomach is full

with drink and food?

- [Justin] And organs.

- And organs (chuckles).

(upbeat music)

We said goodbye to her guide Sara

and we're leaving Moron on a small plane.

We'll head back to Ulaanbaatar

and take another flight
out to the Gobi Desert.

(gentle music)

The other thing too is we're
stopping in Ulaanbaatar,

hopefully, hopefully,
after the last week or so

my bag has arrived in Ulaanbaatar.

I've kind of grown accustomed

to wearing your clothes to be honest

and you are still Andre, comfortable.

(upbeat music)

There it is.

I don't know why my bag

wants to just travel without me.

I've got to change the
clothes for the Gobi.

I've got a tent, I can
sleep in in the desert.

I got a sleeping bag, a grill mat,

I have got a toothbrush, got deodorant,

flashlight, clean underwear.

(upbeat music)

We're in Dalanzadgad, which
is this tiny little speck

of a town in the middle
of the South Gobi desert

and we've completely flipped extremes.

We've gone from the extreme North

to the extreme South of Mongolia.

Since there's no other way to
really get around this desert

other than chartering a Jeep

or having a helicopter

we've decided to invent our own methods.

- This is the greatest
idea ever (chuckles).

This idea of buying a new one

I don't think there's
many of these in Mongolia.

I just can't wait.

(upbeat music)

- This is Gana,

she will be accompanying
Andre in our support vehicle.

And yes you gonna kind
of translate for us.

- Yeah, (chuckles).

(gentle music)

- There we go.

(gentle music)

And this is our driver, loads his back.

- How are you, your name?

- Muko.

- Muko?

Scott, you know the desert quite well?

- Yes.

- Yes, what's this thing.

- [Gana] It's a helmet
- Oh.

(all laughing)

- You said black.

- I changed my mind.

- You said black.

- Yeah, then I saw it
was kind of weird looking

and I'm like, "I don't
want the green one."

(upbeat music)

(motor engine revving)

(upbeat music)

(motor engine revving)
(upbeat music)

(motor engine revving)

What we wanna do before we leave Mongolia,

we want to live somewhat
nomadically or as best we can

and to take on the Gobi Desert in that way

I think is the perfect opportunity.

(motor engine revving)

♪ Sun is beaming under ♪

♪ It's burning like my brain ♪

- [Scott] They'll do I guess,

now if we have to do the Gobi like this.

I'll stop for somehow, just
as I know he hates this.

- I had a ride on cloth
the next couple of days

and I got keep Scott happy, so here I am.

- Prompts buddy.

(upbeat music)

(motor engine revving)

I'm filthy and I don't care.

- I can't believe we're
gonna be doing this

for the next couple of days.

- We've had them for about an hour

and the sun's just setting (chuckles)

and we can't get off of
cloud nine right now.

- We've got about 60
miles to make up today

and we were driving in the dark.

- This could become a trend

and we could just end
up traveling the rest

of the world by ATV I think.

- It's hard, but I wanna end this

'cause I wanna get my clock.

(upbeat music)

We had just finished an
hour and a half of riding

in the dark and it kicked our ass.

The best part is that tomorrow
we have 10 hours of riding.

(upbeat music)

- This is kind of our base camp one.

From here, we really
get into the good stuff

and deep into the desert.

That's ahead of us, open desert.

(upbeat music)

- I already got like
all this music lined up

for when I'm going to
listen to in this ride

going heavy metal today boys and girls

we're going heavy metal.

(high energy rock music)

(gentle music)

- There it seem to attract
a bit of attention.

- [Justin] I don't think
at this point in the desert

they probably get to
see them all that often.

(man speaking in Mongolian)

- You wanna sit up on there?

(Scott imitates engine revving)

(kid imitates engine revving)

(Scott imitates engine revving)

- Well done.

(kid muttering)

(both laughing)

(kid imitates engine revving)

It's so natural (laughs).

(motor engine revving)

(kid imitates engine revving)

- [Justin] Push that.

(gentle music)

(upbeat music)

There's been a couple
of really cool sections

on this ride, like through this Canyon.

♪ Desert sign ♪

♪ Shifting here ♪

♪ Pure in strength ♪

- [Scott] It was a nice
change just to cool down

like these cliffs

where in the winter there's actually

an ice glacier in the desert

is now melted into what's left
of a little bit of a stream.

And it's just bizarre to be blasting

through this creek thinking
you're in the Gobi Desert.

(singing in foreign language)

Just as the last light is leaving the sky,

we make our own camp.

(gentle music)

(upbeat music)

Having been in the Sahara
only a few months ago,

and then being here in the
Gobi is kind of surreal

and these are two of the
world's most notoriously barren

and cruel deserts.

Every time you go out, every
time we're gonna face a desert,

we're gonna know a
little bit more about it

and be a little bit more prepared.

And I like that.

I mean, that's why we travel.

Be able to apply these
lessons in a multitude

of different ways.

Who knows maybe I'll
end up teaching someone

how to fill a goat's stomach with blood

and boil it and eat it.

I probably won't, but I could.

All that aside, you wake up

and the first thing that
goes through your head

is I can't wait to get going.

(upbeat music)

Like The Sahara, The
Gobi changes constantly.

And there's a lot of different terrain.

If I was at home, I
wouldn't be able to do a lot

of this stuff.

You know, just open it up
for kilometers and kilometers

and kilometers, not see
anyone for hours at a time.

(upbeat music)

We just stopped for a quick water break

and to check out

probably what's gonna be
the last of the sand dunes

that we're gonna see in the Gobi.

There's a river that comes
through here that feeds this area

and kind of makes it quite green.

So it's impressive to
just see these plains

backways where we're even seeing trees

that lead right up to the sand dunes.

(man speaking in Mongolian)

- We should just start
charging a few more rides,

make up a bit more for gas.

(Scott imitates engine revving)

- It's kind of ironic.

They're interested in my ride

and I'm interested in their ride.

These are the biggest
camels I've ever seen.

And they got two humps,
which is kind of cool.

But they look really mean
like I kind of struck one

and it just stood grounded.

(upbeat music)

(camel grunting)

(upbeat music)

(camel grunting)

I just wanna fix your hump.

Oh my God, it's heavy.

It's heavy I know.

I wanna ride on this camels.

Let's see if we could strike a deal here.

(Gana speaking in Mongolian)

- She said okay, and
he's gonna ride the ATV.

- Okay deal, deal (laughing).

(gentle music)

(camel grunting)

- Is he friendly?

(Gana speaking in Mongolian)

(camel grunting)

(laughs) It's big dude.

See, this is more practical

it's like double hump.

Can you sit right in the groove.

(camel grunting)

Oh shit.

(camel grunting)

(Justin laughs)

At least she has
something I can hold on to

let's go see Scott.

(camel grunting)

- I think the guy you made the deal with

he can't wait to get going.

(camel grunting)

- Jo jo jo jo, oh!

(camel grunting)

Jo jo jo jo (laughing).

(camel grunting)

(Justin imitates engine revving)

Break, break, break.

(upbeat music)

(motor engine revving)

Ask him how many camels
to trade for that quad.

(Gana speaking in Mongolian)

- [Gana] Eight camels.

- [Justin] Eight camels?
- [Gana] Yeah.

- Eight camels.

Think of the possibilities for each.

- I don't think the rental
company would be too happy

if we came back with, here you go,

eight camels.
- [Gana] Eight camels.

(upbeat music)

- I could feel the quad just
polling and not behaving

like the quad that I left.

I'm like, I think that
tyres is going flat.

Tryna pull over and yeah, it's going flat.

There is certainly no store around here

that sells ATV tyres.

- We should trade those camels.

- It wouldn't have done any good.

You were gonna trade your ATV.

This one's still would have went flat.

We would have the eight camels
and an ATV with a flat tyre.

- Yeah, but at least we can get

around with four camels each.

- [Scott] Yeah, I suppose.

(upbeat music)

I love how the desert just brings

out the most incredible ingenuity.

We've seen it time and time again

from The Sahara and then here as well.

(car engine revving)

- That is pretty slick.

I want to see him put it back on now

that's the trick.

- He just goes in reverse.

He's just pulled the tyre off

and now he's managed to
put a little patch kid in.

(pressure pumping)

Tyres back on, we gonna have to be careful

and ride out the next
120K just on the road.

No more off-road stuff
and it should be okay.

(motor engine revving)
(upbeat music)

I don't know What I did to deserve this

but now I've got another
flat on the other side.

Justin is just coming back

sure to get a kick out of this.

(motor engine revving)

- You've been taking it pretty easy

ever since you got that first flag

and I always just been beating the snot

out of this thing.

(gentle music)

You can't patch it here.

- It's bigger than the other one

so you've got to take it into

the next town to get
patch and bring it back.

- If we get mugged or die

tell the world our story.

Andre, tell the world our story.

(gentle music)

(motor engine revving)

(gentle music)

Eh, heh!

(gentle music)

(Scott muttering)

(gentle music)

(pressure pump hissing)

(gentle music)

- We couldn't find that
extra patch from there,

so we came here to buy
the patch from this shop.

I don't know whether they have or not.

(gentle music)

They don't have the small one

and it's too big.

I think there's no other shops here

and don't know what to do.

(upbeat music)

- This is the panorama
of what's around us.

Nothing, this is the state
of my rear axle and tyres

and now rock.

Thank you, Justin for
knocking that bottle over,

that helps immensely.

(gentle music)

- [Gana] At last we found inner tubes.

(gentle music)

(upbeat music)

- It's okay, all right,

welcome back, I trust you have
some repaired tyres for me.

Was it a big ordeal?

- Yeah, a little bit.

Just push off this clock, a little more.

Okay, good job.

- [Scott] I'm just glad that it worked out

but now I'm so paranoid to even drive it.

- Have we not learned anything?

Taking it easy, being safe

get you two flat tyres.

(Scott chuckles)

(gentle music)

(upbeat music)

- We were talking with Gana about,

can we still see fossil somewhere

other than going to a museum?

And she said the driver
used to actually drive

an Italian paleontologist
out in certain parts

of these cliffs to look
for dinosaur bones.

And she said that, yeah,

there's still a lot of
evidence of them out here.

(gentle music)

Bayanzag or the flaming cliffs
made famous in the 1920s,

when the Roy Chapman Andrews
discovered huge deposits

of dinosaur bones became one

of the most renowned dinosaur
bone deposits in the world.

99% of all the dinosaur
remnants have now been extracted

from the ground here,

but just slow things down

and let the imagination run
wild for a bit, it's fun.

It's something we don't really
get to do all that often.

These three pieces are from the dinosaur.

Just looks like rock, it feels like rock.

(gentle music)

Looks like what could
be another piece here.

(gentle music)

I am far from a paleontologist.

But you would think that a lot

of these things wouldn't
have been overlooked

and petrified bones could look like rocks,

but there's a lot of things around here

that then look like bones.

- Undeniably a bone.

- (laughs) This is a chicken bone, dude.

Well, if that's a dinosaur bone,

then this is a dinosaur too.

(gentle music)

I'm not convinced that
I find something, dude.

- This is that same sort of style

I only suppose that could
be part of a bone as well.

- This could be something
because it's been eroded.

This all been eroded by the water.

So you never know.

It's in there.

- Over the ridge there, these two items

were about this far apart
from each other in the ground

they both have what appears
to be missing in the middle.

Again it could be convincing.

- [Justin] What kind of
dinosaur do you think it is?

Maybe a Whiskey Saurus or something.

Come on, whiskey saurus.

I don't know what I found.

I found something, I like to
think it's the dinosaur bone

and it may not be.

- 90% imagination and 10%
rock makes a dinosaur bone.

- [Scott] I don't know what that is.

- That's a bone, I don't care.

It happened again I am
not a paleontologist,

or anything like that.

I see drastic park couple of times, so

Scott I found something

I don't know what it is.

(gentle music)

You can see that shape again

where it rounds off

and then a hole here
for nerves, for tendons.

- Oh dude, I just don't know.

It just seemed like such
a bizarre oblong shapes.

- To actually get my magic
as you come back like

"Oh my gosh, dinosaur bone"

and you're digging, you're pulling it up

and you're naming it

and the guy big kick out of it.

And I don't know, it could be real.

I think Scott thinks it's fake.

- I have to have proof

and until I do, I didn't
really buy into it.

And Justin, he's a dreamer

and that's a really good thing

that's far from a bad trait.

In fact, I wish I was
more of a dreamer as well.

(upbeat music)

I got them, I got them, I got them.

I knew we were gonna find
conclusive evidence here.

That's a dinosaur.

It's funny how reptiles
probably haven't changed a heck

of a lot since the dinosaur times,

aside from the fact that
they're probably a lot smaller

and can't kill me now.

(upbeat music)

Mongolia shocked me every second.

And I think that today, this might be

the most beautiful country
I've ever seen in my life.

(upbeat music)

It's a never ending Mecca
for exploration and camping.

And there's so much change in
diversity, it's untraveled.

There's not a lot of
travelers tourists here.

As well as there's not a
lot of even Mongolians here.

There's only two and a half
million people in an area

the size of Alaska and it's all yours.

Do you want to go there?

Go there, here, wherever.

You wanna camp four miles that way?

set up a tent, go for it.

- [Justin] I just don't think
people think of Mongolia

as a place to go and to travel to

and it's unfortunate.

It's one of these places in the world

that I think a lot of people
need to come and check out.

- [Scott] From here we go
right back to the airport,

we leave the ATVs behind

and that's it.

And we say goodbye at the Gobi

and we say goodbye to Mongolia.

- We're going somewhere else.

If you wanna know yet
tune in the next week.

That's how it works around here.

- Iceland.

- Iceland it is, might as well (chuckles).

(bike engine revving)

- [Justin] If you want to see a country

that's totally gonna blow your mind

then you better book a trip to Mongolia

because it's something
you need to see now.

The people there are fighting as hard

as they can to keep that
country the way it is.

I hope it stays like that
for the rest of the eternity.

(gentle music)

(upbeat music)

Even though my body is saying

stay in the desert it feels nice and warm,

we are heading Iceland.

These trips are always about change

and there's no bigger change

than leaving a desert for
the land of ice and fire.

Iceland is a world away from Mongolia

and it's gonna have its own extremes.

And I know mother nature
is already waiting for us.

(upbeat music)