Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Japan: The Past - full transcript

Continuing in Japan, Scott and Justin seek the peace of nature by taking a late-night ferry to the island of Miyajima and camping among the hundreds of native deer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(barrel clicks)

(film rattles)

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] I love Japan.

It's this crazy theme park of a country.

Japan is not one enormous, sprawling city.

You can get away from it if you want to.

You can get out in the mountains,

you see some natural Japan
that's still left to see.

- [Justin] Time to do some camping,

get in the water, have some fun.

(uplifting ambient music)

- [Scott] Justin and I
are dropping everything

and just gonna travel
the world for a year.

- [Justin] I gave up quite
a bit of stuff to do this.

I just always thought there's
definitely something missing,

like traveling.

- [Scott] That travel bug gets in you,

and it's got you.

One whole year goes by in a blink.

(suspenseful music)

- [Scott] It's time to
just slow down and relax,

and coming out here into the mountains,

to Koyasan is just the
perfect place to do it.

- [Justin] When it comes
to these road trips,

sometimes you make a wrong turn,

and it's usually for the best.

You travel down the road less traveled.

Places that people don't get to go to

and it just becomes
something for yourself.

You know, when you're stuck
in a train or a plane,

you have to go in a certain direction,

but the freedom of having a car is

you can go wherever you
want, whenever you want.

- [Scott] Our friend Neel's
along for the ride with us.

He's gonna act as a tour guide

and a little bit of a translator as well.

(mysterious electronic music)

Just on the outskirts of Koyasan,

we saw this cemetery off
to the side of the road,

and this thing is enormous.

It just keeps going and going and going.

Before I came to Japan,

I expected this futuristic city

that just went from coast to coast,

north and south, nothing
but wall-to-wall people.

This is a real escape from the big cities

like Osaka and Tokyo that we've
spent most of our time in.

- [Justin] Am I close?

Am I all the way around?

- No.

- Any idea what the sake is for?

- They put whatever the person's

favorite food or drink
was on the grave sites,

so they never go thirsty.

So like, mine will be covered in sake.

- And rum.

- [Neel] And pizza.

(crowd chattering in Japanese)

(funky electronic music)

- I have a feeling that this
is like cleansing of some sort

'cause all water always means cleansing,

so I figure, just,

I don't know why it would
be cleansing these guys

because these guys

are maybe just showing respect,

I don't know.

Do what that guy's doing.

- [Scott] I have a soft spot for Japan.

It's strange and new and different.

It's a real cultural experience.

(dark ambient music)

We just saw this hawk carrying
a snake in its talons,

and then finally, it
just dropped the snake,

and this hawk just took off.

Two wildlife sightings in one.

- [Justin] There's a
place that we found online

that we really wanna camp tonight.

It's close by, so hopefully,

it's not too hard to find,

and it should be a really nice drive

to get there through the mountains.

- There was a fork in the road here,

and the GPS didn't tell
me which way to go,

so I just pulled over,

I'm just trying to figure out

which way is which.
(GPS speaking in Japanese)

- [Justin] I'm kinda promoting Scott

from the big brother to the father figure

or even the grandpa of travel

'cause (giggles) he
seriously could do anything

and everything.

- [Scott] What?

- [Neel] Oh, geez.

It's gonna be a big detour.

What do you think, Justin?

- The road is closed.
(GPS beeping)

Where was the GPS on that one?

- [Justin] We got a flat?

- Road's closed.
- No.

- [Justin] Oh, the road's closed.

- Probably doubling back all the way

to where we started from.

(GPS beeping)
Unless GPS master Scott

can figure out an alternate route.

- I don't know if I woulda been a big help

if I was awake or not, but...

- [Neel] You wouldn't have.

- It's gonna be a bit of a
hike to get back to Koyasan

in order for us to take a new route

to get around this.
(GPS beeping)

This GPS is a lot smarter
than I gave it credit for.

We turned around to start backtracking

and get automatically updated

and knew that there was construction there

and has already programmed
a detour around it.

Oh, there's some monkeys

that have just taken off up this fencing

that prevents the rock slides.

- There's one right there.


This is where I say goodbye.

- Back and join your family?

- [Justin] I'm outta here.

- Monkey see, monkey do.

(playful music)

- [Justin] (laughs) Ow!

They make it look so easy.

Can I still come back on the trip?


I just wanted to live in
the trees with the monkeys.

- Just picking up some supplies

for camping tonight and get some charcoal

and some lighter fluid and a shovel

to hopefully dig our own
onsen in the river bed.

An onsen is the Japanese word

for a naturally-occurring hot spring

that they use as a public bath.

They occur in just about every city,

town, and village in the whole of Japan.

(upbeat hip hop music)

- Dude, all you need is one of these, man.

It's all (imitating rake).

- Yeah, right.

That's like the same price,

it's an all metal one there.

- [Justin] Can we get Donkey Kong mallet?

- Every time we go shopping for supplies,

you get sidetracked.

- [Justin] My idea of having fun

and Scott's idea of having
fun are two different things,

and I always kinda get nervous
when Scott takes the reins

and is in control of the situation

as far as what we're doing.

- We're gonna use this

to dig our own onsen in a river bed

that's hopefully just down the street.

I'll attempt to ask for directions,

see how successful that goes.

(upbeat ambient music)

- Keep your eyes peeled for a campground

where there's more outdoor onsens.

That's awesome.

(intense electronic music)


Five bucks, that's it?

- [Neel] Yeah.

- Wow.
- We can find cheaper

somewhere else. (laughs)

(lighthearted music)
(water sloshing)

- Is the water cold?

- Yeah.

- The water's cold.

- Apparently the theory is

if you dig a hole here,

the ground is, what?

What's that big word you used?

- Geothermal.

- Geothermically heated.

Keep digging!

- The river itself is kind of warm,

but, I mean, I just dug a small hole,

and it's not like it's hot.

- [Justin] All I've been hearing today is

him talking about onsen, onsen, onsen,

so that's Scott's thing.

- [Scott] It's not hot.

I love the onsen experience,

It's a great place to unwind,

and it's a huge part of Japanese culture.

It's something that I find very relaxing

and something that I wish was
incorporated in more places.

It's not hot.

It's not hot.

I don't get it.
(shovel clanks)

- [Justin] All right, yeah,

let's set up tents.
- Well, we should set up camp

before it gets dark.

- Yeah.

Or before it rains.
- Yeah.

I don't know if this onsen thing

is gonna work out or not,

but there's for sure onsens in town,

so we're getting in an onsen.

It may not be tonight,

it might be in the morning,

but we're getting in an onsen regardless.

Whether it's indoor,
outdoor, I don't care,

onsen's happening.

(playful music)
(crickets chirping)

We bought this bag of chopsticks

because that was the only dry
wood we could find in town.

This thing is roaring already.

I don't know how long
this burns for though,

we've got another one of those.

We've also got some flammable gel

in case we need it as well,

but we should probably get that

and the lighter away from the fire.

Cheers, boys.

(crickets chirping)

Japan has the perfect natural setting

to be a camper's heaven,

but at the same time,

the campgrounds that they do
have are very well-serviced.

These are the washing machines.

Here's your beer vending machine.

Tea, every fruit juice you could imagine,

coffee, telephone, cigarettes, bathroom.

That's Justin.

We're gonna head down this way
and see how far we need to go

before we can dig our own onsen.

(cheerful music)
(shovel clanks)

(birds cawing)

- [Justin] Pterodactyls.

- [Scott] Magically, all of a sudden,

there's like pockets of hot Earth.

And this is better than any
indoor onsen I've ever done.

Getting in and out of the water there,

I wish we could have
stayed there for days.

- [Justin] I tried doing a belly flop.

I thought I was doing it,

but apparently they said I wasn't,

but Neel nailed one,

and it looked pretty sharp.

The water was just really, really warm.

It's just like getting in a hot tub.

- [Scott] Talk about recharging,

that's the way to recharge.

(upbeat ambient music)

We stopped to put some gas in the tank.

As soon as I pulled over,

as you can see behind me,

they just sprang to it and
started wiping the car down

and filling it up.

It's the kind of service

you used to get at a service station,

I think probably back in the 1950s.

- This is probably the best service

I've ever gotten my whole entire life.

He washed all the windows
and he washed this strip

that was just a little bit showing.

(woman speaks in Japanese)

(Scott speaks in Japanese)

- [Justin] They help out.

(man speaks in Japanese)

(Scott and Neel speak in Japanese)

- Never in my life have
I seen a gas station

that stops traffic for you to
get back onto the road again.

- Welcome to Japan.

(upbeat music)

- I'm kinda getting a little bit homesick.

The good days are good and the bad days,

you know, they're not so good,

and you do get sad and you miss people.

We're doing this now and
there's no turning back,

so you know, luckily,

I got Scott here and
Andre and Neel and stuff

to bring my spirits up and I
do the same for those guys.

We're all doing this together.

(intense music)

- [Scott] Renting a car has
its upsides and downsides.

It allows you a certain freedom

to get places you would
normally never be able to go.

The downside is when you make mistakes,

you have no one else
to blame but yourself.

Sometimes, those mistakes,

sometimes, those dead ends and wrong turns

end up being the best part of the trip.

- [Justin] Yeah, yeah.

- [Neel] Yup, that's it.

- Apparently where we
were gonna camp tonight,

the land's been sold.

Basically nowhere to sleep right now.

I'm gonna go see if we
can pull that chain off

and then can just pull
the car right back here,

it'd be hidden.

Yeah, go get the car, dude.

- So the decision was
to park the car in tight

and set up camp.

If someone comes, they come,

we're only gonna be here for the night

and off early in the morning.

- [Scott] We don't really
feel like paying for a hotel

or going anywhere else
after driving this far.

- Yeah, we couldn't even
have a fire or anything.

We just kinda set up camp and
then went straight to bed.

No one will know we're here.

I woke up to a truck driving by.

They stopped and they talked to me like,

hey, blah blah blah blah blah,

another language,

and I'm just kind of like, "Yeah, yeah."

(upbeat hip hop music)

- [Scott] The car has to be back today,

so we gotta get back to Osaka.

- Easy in, easy out.

Neel has decided to split ways.

He's gonna go back to Osaka
and visit some friends,

and we're gonna keep going further south,

and hopefully, we meet up
with him later on in the trip.

- We just dropped off the car,

and kinda sad to see it go.

It gave us a lot of freedom
and got us to a lot of places

that we wouldn't otherwise have gotten to.

- Me, you in the backseat.

Keeping it real.

- Yep, we did our best.

(bright rock music)

- We're now back down
to just the two of us,

oh, three of us.

- Just the two, three of us.

- [Scott] Neel's gonna stay behind.

We are off now to Hiroshima,

and it's a constant travel south.

(calm ambient music)

August 6th, 1945.

The first atomic bomb used.

It exploded just southeast, I believe,

of this building.

This was pretty much
the only building left

within two to four kilometer radius.

The rest of the city around it,

completely rebuilt, obviously,

and blossomed into any
other kind of Japanese city.

I was always a bit of a World War II buff.

I just love to read the stories about it,

it's so easy to lose touch

of what happened even 50 years ago.

- Pretty evil moment in
history of mankind, really.

- [Scott] Survivors of the
explosion are dwindling.

Survivors of the war are dwindling,

veterans are dwindling.

There's a lot of respect here
and I'm glad that there is,

and I'm glad that there's so
much work that goes into this

and keeping it this way

because as every year passes,

it's gonna be more and more important

to have something like this around.

- [Justin] When you go around
the world seeing stuff,

it can't all be laughs and
good times and stuff, you know?

Sometimes you gotta sit back
and go see things like this

and hope that something like
this never happens again.

- [Scott] After leaving Hiroshima,

we took a short train ride,

a couple of stops into kinda the suburbs,

and you get off at this
one stop for Miyajima,

and there's a JR Ferry there.

Everything shuts down around six o'clock

because that's when most
of the tourists have left.

You come across at night
and there's nobody.

You feel like you're
almost in a ghost town.

(calm rock music)

- We come to the station

and there's this deer in the station.

This is a pretty cool place, dude.

- There are deer everywhere here.

- That deer has the only map in this city,

and look at him, he's just eating it up!

Can you at least give us directions

how to get to the campsite?

We can call him Black Socks.

Hey, Black Socks, are you a raccoon?

Are you a Fox?

I got nothing to give you.

Give me a noodle, dude.

Don't bite me.

Okay, just chill out.

I'll get you some more. (tongue clicks)

- I'm sitting here sweating my balls off,

aching my back so that
you can feed some raccoon.

- That's not a raccoon.
(Scott grumbles)

That's a fox raccoon.

That's all I got, dude.

That's it, dude.

'Kay bye, Black Socks.

- [Scott] The camp site was

on the opposite side of the island.

- [Justin] Holy shit!

(crickets chirping)
All you see is

all these deer eyes just glowing.

Just gonna leave my shirt off.

It's so hot.

I've just been a sponge just
absorbing all this sweat.

- I'm glad I've got my own tent.

(cheerful music)

The whole world is your
personal petting zoo.

- I love animals.

I'm like, what's up, deer?

It's like, yeah, I'm just chilling.

I'm like, yeah, that's
what I'm talking about.


It's like, where you staying?

I'm like, campsite.

It's like, Dog, why didn't you call me

when you got in town?

I'm like, hey, I ain't got no cell,

he's like, aw snap!

(Justin chuckles)

- Different strokes for different folks.

- You put these in your
stomach for the day,

they ain't going nowhere,

and it'll last all day.

- [Scott] (chuckles) We'll see.

- [Justin] Look at that.

(bright music)

- [Scott] Nicely done.

- Delicious.

Scrumptious almost.

- Miyajima is a real tourist hotspot,

and you've gotta know that coming here.

From this level, the torii
is what you wanna see

and take your pictures of.

The only other goal I
have for this place is

to get to the top and see the view,

and to do that by trying to avoid the,

you know-
- Shit show?

- Yeah, and there's monkeys
up there sometimes too,

so, there's apparently a way to hike up it

instead of taking the cable car.

- [Justin] Yeah.

- [Scott] I don't know if this
is gonna be the easiest hike,

especially with this kind
of humidity and stuff

that's still lingering in the air.

- Do we even have any water?

- No, but if I know Japan,

we won't ever be more than
about a hundred meters away

from a vending machine.

- [Justin] Neel gave us the
heads up if we came up here

that there's this trail to hit up.

- [Scott] It'd be nice just to have a bit

of a challenge and see
something new and different

in order to get to the top.

(lighthearted music)

Not so bad.

We're almost there.

- I thought those pancakes
would last me longer,

but they didn't.

The pancakes do nothing.

Water'd help right now.

- [Scott] Another 1.5 to the top.

- Where's the monkeys?

Where are the monkeys?

- That's the good news.

We're past the halfway point now.

1.1 to the top, 1.4 to the bottom.

Do it for the monkeys.

I guarantee you, at the top,

there's gonna be water.

The hike up these stairs
started off easy enough,

but you multiply that by
the kilometer and a half

that it is to the top,
and it gets really tiring.

(bright guitar music)

- There better be monkeys up here.

(people chattering)

All they got is green
tea and carbonated water.

Carbonated water.

Who drinks carbonated water?

There's no water, dude.

- There's good news and bad news.

The bad news is this isn't the top.

The good news is it's
not that much further,

and there's probably
something else up there

you can get actual water from.

(Justin sighs)
(bright rock music)

You can't get a view like that anywhere,

and it just feels that much more rewarding

having walked all the way up
and you see all these people

who've just come off the cable car

and you kinda think,

ah, you know, well,

sure, it's easy to take
the car ride to the top,

but I earned this view.

You know, we're watching
this military ship come by,

and then within seconds you can see

all this cloud just
eat up the entire view.

- One question for ya,

where are my monkeys?

- I don't know.

Sometimes you come up here
and you don't see them at all.

If you want, we can walk all the way down,

then maybe we'll have
more luck seeing monkeys,

but if you wanna take the rope car down,

then hopefully there's somewhere

between here and the rope car.

- [Justin] Do they run the rope car?

- [Scott] They probably do.

(intercom announcer speaking in Japanese)

- Hey!
(girls screaming)

- We pretty much seen and done

what we wanted to do on Miyajima,

and we're heading south again.

I had all my stuff in one locker

on this side of the terminal,

and Justin had all of
his stuff on that side,

and Andre had all of
his stuff on that side.

And I went to get my stuff.

I brought it in here out of the rain,

and Andre's like, "Where's Justin?"

I'm like, "I haven't seen him

since we went to our lockers."

Long and the short of
it is Justin is missing.

We're gonna get on this boat

and see if he's on the other side.

(intercom announcer speaking in Japanese)

A, I'm exhausted from that hike.

I'm hungry, feel gross.

It's pouring rain leaving Miyajima,

and now I've lost Justin.

Maybe he's on that boat.

Hi, Justin.

I hate you.

- [Intercom Announcer]
Thank you for sailing

with JR West Ferries today.

- [Andre] You see him?

- Not yet.

- Howdy, boys!

Did I get you scared there for a second?

- [Scott] I wasn't scared, I was just mad.

- Were you mad?

- Why would he leave?

Why would he just go
straight for the boat?

- I'm like, well, maybe they're down

by the dock, right?

So I got my pass out,
went through the pass.

Right, I'm walking down the dock,

and all of a sudden it just started going,

beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.

I'm like, aw, shit!

They're probably on there.

So I just started booking it on there.

I get on, I run around the thing,

and I'm like, they're not on here.

And then it just starts moving away

and I'm like... (chuckles)

(Scott chuckles)

Everybody's all freaking out,

but I'm alive.

(bright electronic music)

- That's the plane that we're taking

for a one hour flight
from here to Okinawa.

The good news is we know we're
hooking back up with Neel,

which means we get our
translator/tour guide back.

We are in Okinawa now,

and if the view from the
plane is any indicator,

it looks like a pretty sweet spot.

- I'm looking for the big cat. (growls)

- There he is, down there.

- I just gotta call my friend,

we'll figure out how to get to her place.

- [Scott] We're meeting up
with Paul and Catherine,

two of Neel's friends
down here in Okinawa,

and they're gonna show us
a little bit of the sights,

smells, and even tastes of Okinawa.

(upbeat hip hop music)

(Paul and Catherine speak in Japanese)

- [Catherine] It's not bad.

- You can taste the snake.

- There's a perfect thing
for that little lady at home.

- [Justin] Well, I got
you this cool wallet here.

You can put your makeup
in there and everything.

- [Neel] You know, Justin,

it's not too late for Mother's Day.

(Justin chuckles)

- [Catherine] In Okinawa,
Goya's really, really famous.

- Goya.
- And it's known

for being super, super bitter.

Like really, really bitter.

So some people really, really love it,

and some people really, really hate it.

- I guess we'll try it.

- Can I get you some more snake liquor?

- This is it here,

and it looks like an
enormous pickle or something.

- [Neel] You can get it in a bottle.

- [Justin] One, two, three, go.

(Justin coughs)

(Neel speaks in Japanese)

(women laughing)

- Cameraman's idea to do that,

so we're like, we're not walking away

without making him taste it.

He's like, "You guys gotta drink it!"

So, now.

- It looks so refreshing.

- [Scott] Good, stop.

- [Justin] No, stop, stop.

Tell me what it tastes like.

- It's all right, actually.

It tastes like,

you ever eat raw green peas?

(coughs) oh, there it is!

(everyone laughs)

- [Scott] After World War II,

when this entire island was
carpet bombed and obliterated,

they had nothing,

and they had to eat
anything they could find,

which was every single part
of the animals they still had.

- [Justin] You can buy his face!

- [Scott] This, where I come from,

is a mask for Halloween.

It's very nice.

(woman speaks in Japanese)
(Catherine giggles)

- That's the pig face.

- What is that?
- Heart.

- [Catherine And Paul] This is heart.

- [Scott] What was the other one?

- [Catherine And Neel] Face.

- [Scott] I'm more of a
face guy before the heart.

- Okay, have at it.

- Oh, they're pretty good!

- Mm, this is good!

- So far.

- That is-
- Spicy!

- Surprisingly.
- Here!

(Catherine speaks in Japanese)

- [Justin] I'm gonna go
for this one, I guess.

(Catherine laughs)

(playful music)

(Catherine groans)

- [Andre] You got my face.

- (stammers) That's what
I'm eating right now, dude.

- I want it.

(Justin laughs)

- It's putting it down,
like I can't swallow.

- Oh, it's okay.

Once you got it about here.
(Justin laughs)

It just slides, the gravity does the rest,

but the funny thing is
she just keeps handing new

snouts and entrails to
the meal. (chuckles)

(upbeat music)

- [Neel] Just getting a rental car

to explore the island a little better

than you would be able to by bus.

- Hopefully, we'll be
outta here a little along,

not too shortly and on
our way to the beach

or somewhere nice.

- [Scott] You really feel
like you're someplace

far, far away from typical Japan,

and I love that surprise factor.

A hidden portion or something new,

and if it wasn't for the language,

if you just drifted ashore here,

you would probably never
know that this was Japanese.

(bright ambient music)

Well, we left Catherine and Paul behind

'cause they had to work,

but they had suggested
Hiji Waterfalls here,

so we're going to have a look.

Great view.

- [Justin] It shakes, eh?

- It's insanely hot right now.

It makes sense.

It is, for all intents and purposes,

a tropical island.

To put it into geographic perspective,

it's on the same latitude
as Miami and Bermuda.


(cheerful music)
(singers vocalizing)

- That was a pretty easy hike,

but it's super, super humid.

So it's just really, really hot,

and worked up a pretty good sweat,

and all I'm thinking right
now is jumping in that water.

(lighthearted music)

- On Yagaji Island,

apparently this little
island just off the shore

has some pretty decent beaches.

We're looking for a place to camp,

and we're looking for a place

to catch a nice sunset, so...

- [Justin] Hot women.

- Sorry?
- And hot women.

Hot local chicks.

The big cat.

I don't even know why
I call him the big cat.

I like hanging out with that guy.

Guy's real fun.

He gets a lot of my jokes,

which is really, really good.

It honestly feels like
I'm back home in Hawaii.

Just the weather, the water,

the sand, the beaches.

You know, enjoying your
friends, enjoying life.

This is what it comes down to.




and what was the other one?

Dance, friends, flirt.

Dance, friends.


One was dance, flirt.

What was the other one?

Oh, chill.

Life is all about four things to me.




Oh, shit.

Chill, dance, friends, and flirt.

That's all I need in life.

(calm ambient music)
(crickets chirping)

- Doing the road trip thing

with two friends that I
went to high school with

on some little tropical Japanese island

off the southern coast of
Japan is pretty unreal.

The sunrise this morning was gorgeous.

I never pictured Japan
in this kind of context,

and having Neel back was
such a great surprise,

such a great re-addition to the team.

We're gonna see a bit
more of Okinawa today,

and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm not usually the museum kind of guy,

but the fact that this has
the world's largest aquarium

is pretty intriguing.

(calm ambient music)

(upbeat rock music)

Another day in paradise.

The weather's great and
the scenery's great.

I think Neel's really enjoying himself.

Quietly sitting in the back seat

and just enjoying the view, I think,

and maybe for Justin and I,

we lose sight of some of
this stuff quite easily

just because we get to
do this all the time,

or we're committed to doing
this for an entire year.

With Neel, he has that ticking clock,

and he knows he has to go
back within a few days now,

and so every minute, every second counts.

He's just enjoying his time here.

It's that laid back attitude
that's really contagious

and really fitting for
Okinawa, I think, too.

Even simple tasks in Japan can end up

being a little bit of a challenge.

Right now, I just need to
fill up the tank with fuel.

The friendly Japanese
machine is talking at me,

but the problem is
there's obviously regular,

premium, and supreme or whatever.

I don't know which one is which.

(machine speaks in Japanese)

- In the interest of
trying to save some money.


(machine speaks in Japanese)
- Shit, which one's which?

Just smell it, smell it.

See what it smells like it.

If it smells like diesel, it's diesel.

- No, no, no, they're all gas,

but they're just different octanes.

Don't worry, boys, it's under control.

(machine beeps)

(machine speaks in Japanese)

- Press the green button.

(machine beeps)

Now put the money in.

- [Scott] You think so?

- [Neel] Yeah, that's
what that thing's saying.

(machine speaks in Japanese)

- Now I think I'm getting somewhere.

- There you go.

- Get somethin'.


(machine speaks in Japanese)

- Yeah, receipt-o.

Now where's my change-o?

- Somehow ripped him off
a dollar and four cents.

- In the end, if all I lost was $1.04,

it's better than I
thought in the beginning,

I thought maybe I wasn't
gonna get any gas at all.

So, we'll just fill up the
rest at some other place.

(car engine rumbles)

- Oh, shit!
(Justin laughs)

(suspenseful music)

- I think we might've just
put diesel in this thing.

- When I said smell it?

- Yeah, I know, I know.

I didn't smell it though.

Yeah, it's diesel.

It's diesel.

I'm sure of it.

Okay, it has to go up on a
hoist and it has to be drained.


- My Japanese better be good
enough to fix us this one.

- Why does every pump have diesel?

- I'll have to look up how to say

we put diesel in this car.

- How do you even tell
people what we just did?

- (speaks in Japanese), which
means I'm a stupid foreigner.

- [Justin] We could be here for like

three, four hours, man.

I have no idea.

- We have rental car.


We are in car now.

Car broke down.

Maybe engine, we don't know.

- Kaputski. (chuckles)

- Where?


Why police office?

But why?

No accident.

- The cops are here now.

This just got interesting.

- No, no accident.
- No accident.

- We no accident.

Just won't (imitates car engine).

We said, "No accident."

He said, "Police?"

I said, "No police."

(man speaks in Japanese)

- No.


- Can you call the rental
company to say no accident?

(car ignition rattling)

(man speaks in Japanese)

- I guess all is well that ends well.

- We got a cab back here into Naha City,

so we're just gonna stay

with Catherine and Paul again tonight.

Have a crack at the beach life tomorrow,

I guess, then.

A year from now, I'll go home,

there'll be some Japanese
bill in the mail.

(Justin chuckles)

(calm hip hop music)

We are going to Zamami Island.

The weather looks beautiful again.

Another day in paradise here in Okinawa.

Looking really forward to
getting off the main island

and over to some more uncharted territory.

And we're taking the
first boat of the day,

we're taking the last boat home,

so we're gonna try to maximize
our time on the island.

- While Scott was buying
tickets to get on a boat,

I found my buddy.

- I like Scott.

- It started out as a
weird day because Justin,

he almost made us late for the ferry

because he had to go
buy this dolphin puppet.

I don't know why.

- His name's Yoshi.

- My name's Yoshi.

- Everything you buy in
Japan you call Yoshi.

- You called your dinner last night Yoshi.

- [Yoshi] You called your
dinner last night Yoshi.

(Neel chuckles)

- He was so into this puppet for the day.

After a while, I just
started laughing it off,

and that's Justin.

(boat rumbling)

(water sloshing)

- Oh! We should get loaded
tonight and get wasted.

- All right, but can you
stop talking to me now?

Is that cool?


(Justin laughs)

(calm electronic music)
(waves sloshing)

- Found a little beach here.

The water is super, super, super clear.

A beautiful, beautiful blue,

and we're waiting for
Scott and Neel to show up.

And it's just me and Yoshi.

Right, Yoshi?

- Yeah, these guys are
taking forever to get here,

I don't know what the problem is.

They're being a bunch of idiots.

It took you losers so long to get here.

- That stupid puppet.

- Neel's feeling him, I loved him.

- I wanna go a walk in the water.

- What's wrong with you?

- He knew I didn't want
that puppet around.

- He was like, "What did
you bring this puppet for?

This is stupid!"

- He has the most uncanny
attachment to animals,

both artificial and real.

- Yeah!

- It's a puppet, man.

This is funny, this is funny shit.

Scott's really hoping I get rid of Yoshi,

and Yoshi doesn't come with
us for the rest of the trip.

- I don't think Scott
really likes me that much.

- I will rip it in half and
throw it into the ocean.

We just wanted to get away
from the crowd a little bit.

You know, we came out from the main island

to get away from it all.

(upbeat music)

- People coming over there.

Gonna look like an idiot,

hold on a second.

I'm gonna tell Scott
I'm bringing him with me

for the rest of the year just
to get a reaction out of him.

- Can't imagine he has a
lot of room in his pack

to bring a puppet around
the world with him.

God, I hope he doesn't.

(bright music)

Got a little hermit crab here.

All right, we'll put him back.

There he goes.

Off to buy MoonPies and penny whistles.

(wind howling)
(water sloshing)

To Japan and to Okinawa.


(Yoshi gurgles)

Cheers to you, man.

- Yeah!
- Translator,

you got us out of trouble.

- When I get back and I'm in the office,

I'm just typing away and just thinking,

I'll be like, wow, this
was an intense trip.

- Okinawa is like my home away from home.

It's like I'm back in Hawaii.

Girls here are gorgeous.


The bar has now been risen in my,

for girls.

(Scott laughs)
- Risen.

- No, no, no, let me say that again.

The bar has been risen to a level.

- [Scott] Raised!

- You say potato, I see tomato, man.

Doesn't matter.

- I've just got him speaking Japanese,

and now I gotta reteach English.

- [Justin] You say potato, I say tomato.

- Risen, I don't care, man.
(Justin laughs)

- [Justin] The grammar police here.

(calm rock music)

- I think Japan for me
is gonna be a country

that I'm looking forward
to coming back and seeing.

The one thing I'm not
gonna miss is the food.

Sushi, fish, yeah, not my style,

but there are a lot of aspects of Japan

that are really touching,

and there's been a lot of great moments.

- [Scott] I feel like I'm ready to move on

and see something new now,

and yet there's still a whole lot of Japan

that I want to come back and see.

We're on the way back to
Tokyo to catch a flight out,

but before we do, we've got
one more stop we've gotta make.

We're down here in Harajuku
on our last day in Tokyo.

- Ah! What's up Scott?

How's your day going, buddy?
- Justin has decided

to torment the poor locals

here in Harajuku with Yoshi.
- Ooh!

- Who's gonna shut up

while I finish my soundbite.
- Stop it! (grumbles)

- Harajuku is important for
tourists for two reasons.

Number one, it's a cool fashion district,

and on Sundays, if you're lucky enough

to be here on a Sunday like we are,

there's quite the congregation

of the unusual and the bizarre.

They're weird-looking,

and that's why people come down here.

It almost looks like Halloween down here.

(upbeat electronic music)

I don't know why you're here.

- [Yoshi] Do you know where Justin went?

He hasn't been around all day.

- Yeah, no.

He clearly lost his mind
and went to go look for it.

- Scott's just upset 'cause
I'll steal his thunder.

Stealing the show.

- So, Yoshi is gonna take
you through Harajuku.

Take it away, Yoshi!

(cheerful music)

- Oh, thank you so much.

(girl laughs)


Is that a free hug?

I love you!


(Yoshi growling)
(girl exclaims)

Nice pretty girl!

(Scott laughs)

- I'm Yoshi.
- Yoshi?

- Yoshi!
- Yoshi!

- What are you guys doing?

Don't be afraid of me! (yelps)
- Oh!

- Yoshi is not happy with you right now.

He's not pleased.

- Yoshi.

Yoshi, Why am I even calling him by...

That stupid puppet!

You gotta get rid of him after this trip.

- We're buddies, right?

- Yeah.
- For life.

- Until the end of Japan.

(Scott laughs)
- Soulmates!

Scott said I can come on the trip!

(Yoshi squealing)
- I don't want

to touch you anymore.

You're a son of a bitch and I hate you.

(Yoshi babbling)
I will not!

- I will not!
- Just one kiss.

- No.
- On the lips.

- No.
- Just, no tongue!

- No.
- Come on, man, seriously.

- No, Yoshi!

Enough Yoshi. (laughs)

- [Neel] All right, guys.

- [Scott] This is where we leave you.

Big Cat.
- Big Cat.

- You guys have a good trip, man.

- Yeah, man.

Any chance you can quit
your job and come with us?

- No.

- If I give this to you,

you're not gonna throw it
on the ground, are you?

- Travel safe, eh?
- Okay.

- Take care, man.

- All right.

- It's sad to see him go.

I'm talking about Yoshi.

- [Scott] This trip accomplished

I think exactly what we could've hoped.

Give us time to wind down a little bit,

slow the pace down, and recover.

- [Justin] We did a lot of things

that Scott's never done before,

and we got to experience a
whole 'nother side of Japan.

- [Scott] I think it's only fair that

when you go to someone else's country,

you live by their terms
and their standards,

their rules, their culture,

maybe for a split second,

you completely immerse yourself in that,

and you are Japanese or you are Jordanian,

or you are whatever it is,

or as close as you can ever get.

(cheerful music)

- [Justin] Well, we're
leaving the island of Japan

to go to the Cook Islands.

We're gonna indulge ourself
in the Polynesian culture

and see what kind of trouble
we can get ourselves into.