Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Jordan - full transcript

After landing in Jordan, Scott and Justin are greeted by their friend Ibrahim who is getting married in a few weeks. They spend a night in the desert with the Bedouins and travel to Petra and the gulf of Aqaba.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(mechanical whirring)

(bright music)

- [Scott] We've gone from
the far West Coast of Canada

to the middle East.

Jordan is a peaceful oasis in
an otherwise volatile region,

surrounded by Iraq, Saudi
Arabia, Israel, Syria

and the West Bank.

In a region this diverse, we
have no idea what to expect.

(bright upbeat music)

(bright ambient music)

Justin and I are dropping everything

and just gonna travel
the world for a year.

- I gave up quite a bit
of stuff to do this.

I just always thought

there's definitely something
missing like traveling.

- [Scott] That travel bug gets in you

and it's got you.

- [Justin] One whole
year goes by in a blink.

(bright music)

(bright ambient music)

- [Scott] We've come to Jordan

for my good friend Ibrahim's wedding.

But for the next few weeks,

he's gonna show us everything
there is to see about Jordan.

- Hey, how was the flight?

- [Justin] Yeah not too bad.

You're less than two weeks

from your wedding now, is that right?

- Geez man, I'm gonna sign my life away.

I didn't sleep since last night.

We've been just like doing the invitations

and you know planning the
painting to the house.

You need to go and see the house.

You wanna roll?

All right, let's do it.

(upbeat music)

- It's slowly starting to sink in,

like just being on the road

and seeing this kind of landscape now.

This is the Middle East.

- Now I know guys what
you're thinking, you're like,

"Oh man, what the heck are
we doing in this place?"

This is a war zone, fuck.

That's not the case.

You are here and you will know,

you will see how beautiful
and safe this place is.

(bright music)

I didn't sleep all night
because my fiance's sister,

she lives in Toronto
and she arrived at 2AM.

To meet with my family and her family.

Geez man, I can't believe I'm doing it.

I can't believe it.

(bright ambient music)

(speaks in Arabic)

(upbeat music)

(traders speaking in Arabic)

- $3, I got all these cherries.

We were all starting
to get a little hungry.

(upbeat music)

- Fanta, falafel sandwich.

Justin's falafel sandwich.

Two more Fantas is one Dinar.

So a $1.15.

(upbeat music)

- That's great falafel.

- So we're at a place
called the King Hussein Club

and this is where the reception, I think,

is going to be for, for the wedding.

- [Ibrahim] Everything
is gonna be outdoor.

The only thing that's happening indoor

would be in the minute
when I get with Rawan,

at 7:15 with Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is the photographer.

(speaks in Arabic)

- I'm so confused.

(both speak in Arabic)

He's clearly nervous.

He was nervous when we got here,

he was nervous walking around.

He keeps rapport at his wife
like, "Yes, no, I'm cool.

I'm in control."

I think he's scared shitless.

- If I ever get married,
it's not gonna be like this.

It's gonna be something so, so crazy.

- [Justin] So crazy.
- So crazy.

People will be like

remember when we went to that wedding,

that was insane.

That doesn't, doesn't make any sense,

but it has so much fun.

I mean funerals even can be even funner.

(bright music)

Ibrahim has taken time
off his busy schedule

of planning his wedding,

to take us on his favorite hike in Jordan,

the Wadi Mujib.

It's supposed to be a hike
up waterfalls pretty much

to a giant waterfall.

What kind of wildlife
do you have out here?

- Some snakes in the wilderness.

You don't see those very often

but except in the summertime

- We just saw a snake

and it's poisonous,

and I'm not too psyched
on poisonous snakes.

- And you definitely need to watch out

for some of the falling rocks too.

- Oh really?
- Yeah.

- [Scott] You ought to keep going, man.

- Psyched.

(upbeat music)

The hike itself was pretty intense.

The water was pretty strong.

- [Scott] The water was really warm.

So it was like being in a bath.

- Bird shit on me.

Is it big, is it a lot of shit?

Can you wipe it off?

Just wipe it off, it's just shit.

- The hike's good, it's a little wet.

So we're gonna have to
put the camera in here.

(bright music)

(Justin laughs)

- There's shit on your back.

- Did they just shit on me?

- There's shit on your back.

(bright music)

- [Scott] When we finally
made it to the end,

the waterfall was really, really cool.

- Just went straight into it

and the water just pounding on your head.

- Hugging the sidewall

and getting in behind it,

and just feeling the
water pound down on you.

(bright music)

Just left the Wadi Mujib.

We're heading up to Mount Nebo

and apparently Mount Nebo,

that's where Moses was buried.

- [Ibrahim] We've done within just what,

40 minutes or so from 400
meters below sea level

to 700 meters above sea level.

- [Scott] Regardless of your religion,

it's an important site.

It's arguably one of the
holiest sites on earth.

The history here is staggering

and we just wanted to have a look.

- After the death of Moses
his successor, Joshua

continued the journey with
the children of Israel.

From this spot all the way down towards

the Jordan Valley and off to Jericho.

And that was 3000 years ago.

It's amazing.

- [Scott] The history that
surrounds this whole area,

I mean it's kind of the center point

to so many civilizations
and so many religions.

You know, I don't think you
necessarily have to fall

into any of them in particular
to really appreciate it.

- [Ibrahim] It's a message
for all, wherever you are,

whatever your religious background is.

I, I appreciate this
place very much, yeah.

- [Justin] We hadn't
had a really good lunch

probably somewhat closer to
a more traditional lunch.

- This is what I call Jordanian Viagra.

- You're gonna use that
on your wedding night?

Eat that stuff on your wedding night?

- Yeah, I'm gonna eat the whole thing.

(bright music)

- My roast sounds really good.

- [Ibrahim] It is my favorite restaurant.

I love the food, I enjoy
every second of it man.

- Stupid gap in my teeth.

- Don't you ever get married.

See why I'm tired

it's not because of work,

it's because I'm getting married.

- It's about a three hour drive to Petra

and hopefully just see
some sites on the way.

But for the most part we gotta,

we gotta drive and make miles.

(bright music)

(upbeat music)

Before we knew it, we
were on the road again

and it was a good three hour drive

South down the King's highway.

(upbeat music)

- I'm not feeling good, it's like,

I feel like crap.

How's a dude eat a bowl of chocolate

before I went to bed so.

So Bob the chocolate.

More like the chocolate,
it was the chocolate.

My goal is not to shit my
pants the next two hours.

- Well I personally have
encountered a camel spider.

Two of them, as a matter of fact,

it was this big.

- This spider.

- Yeah, this big, you see.

Yeah, well, yeah, so your face.

- Snakes, spiders,


ex-girlfriends hit them all.

- Not surprised.
- They're poisonous.

- Well, yeah, I think you
would be hospitalized.

- Sweet.

- Petra is gotta be one of the most famous

or at least one of the most
well-known sites of Jordan.

Would you agree?

- It's been always famous
for hundreds of years

and this city was lost in time actually.

Many movies were filmed
down in Petra by the way,

including the famous
Indiana Jones back in 1998.

- Indiana Jones.

- We'd be halfway to three
quarters of the way down

to the treasury, through the Sikh.

The walls get so high

they start to kind of
converge on each other.

(ambient music)

- [Ibrahim] There's been
a common mistake worldwide

about why it's called the treasury.

It's not a treasury.

It has nothing to do with any treasures.

It is a tomb.

- [Scott] Like the great wall
of China, like the pyramids.

This is truly a man-made
wonder of the world.

(upbeat music)

- [Justin] I was just told that
he likes drinking Coca-Cola

so we're going to get him a Coke.

(bright music)

(camel grunts)

That's awesome.

This is the first time I
ever gave a camel Coke.

- [Scott] Now Ibrahim has hooked us up

with another connection of his.

He seems to know the whole country.

Bishar will be your host tonight

and his son Shari will take you tomorrow

to do serious hiking.

- Okay.

He's gonna take us from
the New Bedouin City

to the monastery, which
apparently is just as beautiful

as the treasury is.

I met a lot of cool people,
get a little glimpse

of the people who live there today,

and they are descendants of
those original inhabitants,

and those original artisans
who did all of that work.

(upbeat acoustic music)

- This better not be a mirage

'cause I'd really like
to use the bathroom.

(upbeat music)

It's got pus in it but it's not, it's not,

nothing's going on, it's
just stomach's pain.

- You need to stick to
straight yogurt and rice.

All right and you need the rest.

We started three and we're down to two.

(upbeat music)

It's not Vatian art.

(speaks in Arabic)

Roman art, oh that's not Vatian.

- [Scott] Roman, not Vatian.

("Big Plans" by Sunriser)

- Well it's history.

♪ Not a day goes by ♪

♪ Without a little miserable find ♪

- Justin.

- I bet that he can hear us from up here.

- [Scott] You know you really get an idea

that this thing was a functional city

at one point.

Ibrahim told us 25,000 people

at one point would've lived there.

♪ Oh my big plans and
then miserable finds me ♪

♪ Not a day goes by ♪

(upbeat music)

Ibrahim's just on the phone.

He seems a bit flustered

or pissed off or confused

or all of the above.

(Ibrahim sighs)

Sounds like someone's maybe passed away

on his fiance's side.

I think needless to say

that's probably gonna throw a wrench

into the gears of the wedding.

If not put it off completely.

- Geez that is not happening.

- [Scott] He had to leave.

and so I ended up going
Petra alone pretty much.

(upbeat music)

Despite the downs for everyone else.

It's been a really good day for me

to be able to come in here

and explore Petra and see
it for the first time.

Especially within the sunlight.

(bells tolling)

- Come we'll try one more donkey,

to the monastery.

- [Scott] We're going with Shadi.

- You know Shadi?
- [Scott] Yeah.

- My brother Shadi.

(engine roars)

- A terrible life for a donkey.

(upbeat music)

(door knocks)

- Wilson.
- How're you doing?

- Just laid down,

my stomach was turning and stuff.

And then it actually just stopped.

And then I just, just, just
sweating profusely sweating

and just sweating everything out.

And then after that I
woke up and had a shower.

- Justin is all ready to go

and he's going to be
coming with us tomorrow.

And I know he was really gutted

that he couldn't see the rest of Petra.

He just sort of had to breeze through it

on his way out on the bus.

So I think it's gonna be
great to do this hike tomorrow

for him to get an even more
rare experience of Petra.

And I'm even more stoked

that Ibrahim is going
ahead with the wedding.

DJ sorted, lighting systems sorted.

- We're on schedule.

- That's awesome news.

- We're on man, we're on.

- [Scott] Petra kitchen is
a really unique restaurant

where you actually get to prepare

and cook your own
traditional Jordanian food

before you eat it.

- All right, kids, come on.

Let's go to work, come on.

- As far as the cliche, worst
job in the kitchen goes,

is peeling potatoes,

cutting tomatoes, is at least a step up.

- We'll be cooking good stuff tonight.

Otherwise you're out of this restaurant.

Now this is too big.

It's too big, man.

- You're going to have a mutiny
on your hands pretty soon.

- I haven't ate anything all day,

'cause my stomach is so upset.

So I drink this beer.

I can get pun trashed
a couple of beers so.

- So we should all have a
lot of fun in a few hours.

(upbeat music)

- No, I don't like that,

out of my kitchen, come
on out of my kitchen.

- I quit, I quit.

I'm making somebody sick.

(knife chopping)

Scott's in charge of the food,

I'm in charge of the drinks.

(knife chopping)

(upbeat music)

Listen we gotta go with flavor here.

Now we're cooking with steam.

Beer makes everything tastes better.

- You know, we have to
pay for those beers man.

(upbeat music)

My tomato sauce is getting rave reviews.

- This tomato sauce has
a bit of a bite to it.

I like it.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Woke up early, in the
middle of nine o'clock today

and we're doing a hike to the monastery.

- Ibrahim has kind of chickened out on us.

I think we've worn him down a little bit.

To be honest, I think he's
just planning out his wedding,

now that we know it's a go.

So he's hooked us up with
his good friend Shadi.

Shadi is taking us up to the monastery.

We've got Alex, we've got Ken,

Canadian friends coming with us as well.

We'll see if the, the hour and a half

to two hour hike is
actually an hour and a half

to two hour hike.

Or if that's just more for local Bedouin

and for us sorry ass Canadians,

it takes maybe three, four hours.

(upbeat music)

(goats bleating)

(upbeat music)

- It was supposed to be a two hour hike.

And we haven't made it halfway

and second it's an hour and a half.

I thought two hours
maybe was an hour there

and an hour back,

so I only bought water
for a two hour hike.

- Is there a snake in here?

- No snakes is a good sign.

(upbeat music)

- The landscape here,
it's a lot more rugged

and it looks a lot more
off the beaten path.

Shadi told us

that he doesn't really take
a lot of tourists this way.

So we're seeing a lot of what

most people don't get to
see aside from the Bedouin.

- Breathtaking.

'Cause I kinda lost my breath,

getting up here.

(upbeat music)

- You guys filming that?
- [Scott] Yeah.

Filming this stuff like.
- That's scary shit.

- Well we've taken a lot
longer than most people do

to do this trip.

I think we're kinda taking our time,

which kinda goes to show you

how out of shape we are.

I think we're kind of
just around the bend now

from the monastery.

So hopefully it's gonna be a good payoff.

- And I hope they have ice cream.

Ice cream.

(upbeat music)

It's time to explore.

(upbeat music)

- After four hours of coming around

the long way around the mountain.

We could have just come up the short way.


- Why didn't you tell me that?

- The hike itself was fantastic enough,

but to be guided by Shadi

totally set the mood of what we were doing

and where we were.

(flute piping)

Shadi has sent us with some of his family.

I think we're going out to Little Petra,

but I don't know.

I know that we're,

we're gonna stay with them

and put our trust in them for the evening.

- I thought that was Little Petra.

- No, no, no, that's Bedouin Village.

(upbeat music)

So apparently this is where
we're making camp tonight.

(guitar strumming)

Shadi showed up

and his friends and his cousins and uncles

and it was the real deal.

(singing in Arabic)

- This is a really rare
opportunity for us to be out here

and doing this with these guys, you know.

And their buddy was
having a going away party

'cause he's going to Switzerland.

So they invited singers, it
was like one last hurrah.

You couldn't have got a better
snapshot of real culture.

So you're the one going to Switzerland.

- She's a girl.

Maybe she will be my wife in the future.

She's now my girlfriend.

(all laughing)


All the guys they're
very good friend of me.

From the best of friend i have,

we're born together.

I miss him so much

'cause I'm leaving.

- [Scott] People are the
same everywhere, you know.

We do the exact same thing.

We've got a buddy who's
leaving the country.

We throw him a going away party.

And this is exactly what they were doing.

And we were really

really lucky to be a part of that.

(singing in Arabic)

Dinner has been served officially.

Chicken and potatoes
just came out of the fire

and we're just able to eat
and drink and talk as we wish.

(upbeat music)

Cheers to Shadi for the meal.

- I came out here and it
was underneath the stars

and I was just like, this is insane.

- Yeah.

- I'm so glad I was a part of it.

- Yes.

- It's been one hell of
a night that's for sure.

- I'm gonna hit the hay.

Gonna see what uh.
- [Justin] Tomorrow.

- The sunrise is like in the desert.

- [Justin] Yeah, yeah.

(bright music)

(upbeat music)

- No scorpion.

(upbeat music)

No scorpion.

(engine revving)

Sheik, nice to meet ya.

(engine revving)

(upbeat music)

He's got a cross on his head or something.

It's like his license plate number.

When you're going through
all the military checkpoints,

there's like snipers set up
on the hills and stuff so.

- That's awesome.

(upbeat music)

- Shotgun beers.

- Me on the other hand, I'm gonna stay dry

'cause we're in a fucking desert.

(upbeat music)

- What do you think of this?

- Obviously it's a pretty short climb.

- I bet you have beer I
could do this in 45 seconds.

- You're on.
- 45 seconds.

I can get to the top of this.

- I think he's gonna lose
and I'm gonna get a beer.

That's what I think.

(upbeat music)

(feet stomping)

(upbeat music)

49 seconds dude.

- Whatever.

- I'd like a tall boy of a,

something expensive.

He did do it in 29 seconds not 49 seconds.

So he actually nailed it.

So I guess I gotta buy him a beer

but I'm gonna enjoy it as long as I can.

(upbeat rock music)

We've been blasting around out here

for a couple of hours now,

and we've got this beautiful
vertical dune in front of us.

Are you come with us?

- Been there I've done it.

No thank you.

You guys go have fun.

- Are you gonna do any
of these things with us?

Or you're just gonna point and shoot

and say, "Okay, go do that, go do that?" .

- Alright, you got me.

I'm doing it.

- Let's do it.

- Go.

(Justin laughing)

- Bye-bye Justin.

- They can be tired within
about 10 seconds, watch.

Legs are burning,

they're getting sore, getting sore

and yeah.

Scott, you make it to that rock.

(Justin laughing)

Exactly why I didn't do it.

Ever hear of that story uh,

the tortoise and the hare.

(Justin laughs)

(upbeat music)

Speed master.

Yeah, who the winner?


- I think I swallowed a lot of dirt.

- Poopy pants, losers.

- That is harder than it looks.

(bright music)

- Whoa, shit.

(bright ambient music)

- This is sort of an entrance

to more of a desert camp

that we're gonna be staying the night at.

So we're stopping from one van

and loading everything into

a bit more of a rugged four by four

that could get us out to,

I'm guessing where we're
gonna spend the night so.

- You're standing in camel shit.

- No I'm not.
- [Justin] No I bet you are.

- [Scott] Where?

- [Ibrahim] Obviously it's an old vehicle,

but it's okay in the desert.

It can get you to anywhere you wanna get.

And the driver is only 16 years old

and by law you're not allowed

to drive any vehicle if you're not 18.

But hey, this is desert man.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

- See the time on there.
- 29.

Seriously it was 29 seconds.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- To the Wadi Rum.

They just served us the,

the enormous plate of both
chicken, lamb, potatoes, onions.

All of the stuff that's
been cooked underground

with the charcoal.

Well it's certainly the
best underground food

I've ever eaten.

- The best underground
restaurant I ever ate at.

- [Scott] Tonight we're gonna
sleep out here in the desert

and there's absolutely
nothing around us, but Petra.

(distant chatter)

(bright music)

We're uh, just getting up here

at our, our campsite.

In our Bedouin tents.

- Hello, alarm, hello Scott.

I haven't taken a shit in three days so

right now is a big moment for me.

- You need to see the big trash bag,

full of cans of beer bottles.

If you just pour all these bottles

you're gonna turn the
desert into an ocean.

Guess who drank it?


(upbeat guitar music)

- It really adds to the atmosphere

that we're bombing around in these 1960s,

1970s Toyota Land Cruisers,
these just invincible vehicles.

And they're just absolute
shit kicker vehicles.

They're awesome.

We're about maybe 20 minutes away

from where we were camping last night.

We just stopped in the
Bedouin town of Wadi Rum,

the actual village of Wadi Rum.

We actually just stopped to get some fuel.

- I love that smell.

- Yeah so do I.

(bright music)

(Justin howls)

(bright music)

We stopped at this Bedouin camp

and we've been invited in

and we're just out of the sun this way.

And we're just out here to experience

what the Wadi Rum is all about.

- [Ibrahim] Come here boy.

- That goat is only seven days old.

- [Ibrahim] In three
months he'll be good lunch.

There's only one thing I'm thinking about.

It's my wedding.

No clubbing anymore.

No just hangouts for
dinner with your wife.

Fine dining, red wine.

Dramatic evenings, candle light.

I hate these stuff.

- No shotgunning beers
in the desert though?

- [Ibrahim] I don't think so.

Come home drunk to my
wife, she'll kick me out.

- Four days left until the wedding.

And I think it's really
starting to sink in now.

- When you get married, do you remember,

this good friendship?

Do you remember your friend,
Ibrahim from the old days.

(bright ambient music)

(upbeat music)

- How many times does
this flat tire happen?

All the time.
- Yeah, every time.

(metal nut clanking)

(jack arm clanking)

(nuts clanking)

- Thanks for helping
us with the tire, man.

(upbeat music)

- It doesn't really seem like

we've accomplished much
today or made many miles.

And we really haven't made many miles

but we've just stopped
when we wanted to stop,

and where we wanted to stop.

You know, when the moment's
great, you just stay there.

You stay with it.

- Come here, come see this place.

You gotta check this out.

This is insane.

- Three days before the final countdown.

Six o'clock in the morning.

We're still out here in the desert.

I'm counting every second,

can't wait to get back on the touches.

It's critical man.

- [Scott] Ibrahim has to head back

to Amman for pressing wedding plans,

but he's hooked us up with his
fiance's really good friend,

Gisele from Brazil.

And she's gonna show us

a bit of Jordan from her perspective.

- How high we go?

- [Pilot] We can go up to 14,000.

- Wow.

- Gisele is a crazy, crazy Brazilian chic.

And she's gonna be a lot fun.

- You curious?
- No I'm not curious,

it's just because every time

that you walk you're
just showing everything.

- Hey can you hear me out.
- So you just need to fix it.

- I'm in the desert.

Keep looking.

- I'm not looking, you keep showing.

- I haven't even noticed.

I haven't even noticed.

- Right.

- She's a real princess too.

- Because it's Brazil.

(Justin laughs)

(upbeat music)

- That was quite the ride.

Actually it was a perfect landing.

- Loved it, loved it.

Skydiving will be next one.

(bright ambient music)

- After days and days in the desert,

the Gulf of Aqaba just looms

like this oasis on the horizon.

You wanna see something funny?

I went to the bank machine
and I asked for 400 JD.

(all laughing)

I thought I broke the machine.

It just goes.


It was doing that for like 10 minutes.

I'm like, Oh no.

And then finally like whoa.

(upbeat music)

(Gisele screaming)
(water splashing)

- Wow, wow, wow.

(upbeat music)

Gisele is crazy.

I was trying to get on

and she won't even let me sit down.

And she just took off.

I was on there sideways
and she goes full speed,

and then cranks it.

- That was money well spent brother.

- Heck yeah.

- A lot of pain now in my
arms, but it was fantastic.

- Crazy driver, nuts.

Crazy Brazilian driver.

- No I, I'm always a very good driver.

- Look what you did to this.

- No, no, no that wasn't me.

- Seeing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba

from a Sea-Doo is one thing.

But to leave here without
getting under the water

would have been a real shame.

(bright ambient music)

We were on this beautiful, beautiful coast

in coral reef waters

and snorkeling with an
incredible sea life.

I'd been looking forward
to the snorkeling.

Even since we were planning out the trip.

One of the highlights of my trip so far

was doing that snorkeling.

(bright ambient music)

(upbeat music)

After we left Aqaba,

it was just sort of a quick dream sequence

of driving across the country.

(upbeat music)

And we stopped along the way

and you get these little postcard snippets

of the real life of Jordan as well.

You know, you stop at
some dust bowl little town

in the middle of the desert.

(upbeat music)

We've stopped at Jerash

because it's the best
preserved Roman ruins,

outside of Rome.

The reenactments at Jerash can be

a little bit cheesy and touristy

but just try to keep Justin
away from a chariot race.

(Justin cheering)

- That was pretty fast there.

- Figured you got a little
bit of a headstart there.

(Justin giggles)

(Gisele cheering)

(upbeat music)

- Nicely done.
(all clapping)

Like five or 10 minutes
walking around inside here,

you so easily become desensitized

to the fact that this is

like a 2000 year old Roman ruin.

(upbeat music)

(Muezzin calling)

- You go to these places

and your imagination goes nuts.

You kinda look at it, just like,

what did this look like
when it was brand new?

Back home right now,
I'd just be getting up,

getting ready to go to work

and start thinking of all
the people I work with.

And how much they just got
me so upset and so mad.

How frustrating my work was.

And then.

Then I quit my job.

It was just,

so peaceful.

We're about to run out of time here.

And I'm just thinking like,
I really don't wanna leave.

- Ibrahim is probably

dumping in his pants right now.

I think it's gonna be really cool to,

to see a wedding of a different culture.

There's gonna be people there
from all over the world.

So I think it's gonna be
a really eclectic wedding,

and I'm really looking forward to it.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

We're in the middle of
the old Downtown of Amman.

We're down here because

we have nothing to wear to the wedding.

Gisele is here because
she's our fashion police.

- I decide on what they're going to wear.

- I'm not big on suits.

- Did you try this one?

- It seems so big.

- Try the other one that
uh, Justin was wearing.

(upbeat music)

- My shoulder's broad.

- We need some color here.

And that is going to be perfect.

(both murmuring)

- No it's fun.

I love doing it.

The guys are looking hot, so it's cool.

- I'm pretty happy.

I mean, it all happened kind of quickly,

but at the same time I'm happy.

- You know, it's our guy's shop.

In and out.

- For everything it's 70 JD.

So we're basically paying

about a hundred bucks for
jacket, pants, tie, socks.

Um, shirt.

The whole deal.

- I can assure you

that you guys are going to look good

because at the end of the day,

you are going to be with me in the party.

(car horn blaring)

Shut up.


- [Scott] Justin was walking
past this tire shop here,

and he saw this sign, a BF Goodrich sign.

- 1970 Hemi Cuda.

That's the car I'm building back home.

This car is a big deal to me

because there's something in me.

Like I talk to my dad on the phone.

I sometimes you don't know what to say,

but having this car

we always have something to talk about.

You know what I mean?

It just brought me and my
dad a lot, really close.

So, this car means a lot to me.

- Here's the hospitality

these people hard at work.

- [Justin] I know it's just like,

I ask them to sell it to me

and they're like, "We'll
just give it to you."

I'm like, "No, I can buy it,"

and they're like, "No
we'll just give it to you."

These people are so nice,
I mean this is, this is,

what I'm talking about being so friendly.

- [Scott] It was at that moment

that it really hit home for him.

It really touched him on
a level that, you know,

he was very appreciative of
how well they treated him.

So I think that meant a lot to him.

- [Justin] Check out this claw game.

You can actually win cigarettes.

- If they're trying for the teddy bear,

they might, they might be disappointed

to end up with a pack of cigarettes.

- Yay, mine were reds.

- That's ridiculous.

(coins clanking)

(bright music)

I think you lost.

- What is this thing, I
just wouldn't stop moving.

- [Scott] Just up to nine o'clock,

the night before the wedding.

Ibrahim's getting his shave on.

Getting his haircut on.

- Deep shit over here, man.

It's better than waxing,
but it's way painful.

(upbeat music)

- That's crazy.

- That's nuts.

- Ouch shit.

Ouch shit, ah.


- So good when it's not happening to you.

- Uh.

- We went to Ibrahim's
apartment for the first time.

A lot still needed to be done

in order for his place to
be ready for, you know,

when he goes home with his
wife for the first time.

- My contractors, they,

they exceeded the deadlines

and they were, the house
should be done a week ago.

- [Scott] So we were
helping with his friends

and family to pitch in.

- See why I adore it and it's fantastic.

The guys work, the girls just chill,

and with some whisky.

No, it's all looking good.

- All my good friends are here,

and that by itself means a lot to me.

- I make the drinks now.

- [Scott] We all have
different jobs to do.

You know, we're cleaning
and wiping down the dust

from the cupboards that
have just been put in.

Moving furniture in, putting
up decorations and things.

And at the same time, we're
enjoying each other's company

and telling jokes and
we have music blasting

and Gisele was dancing
around with Ibrahim's mom.

- Hi Canada.

Hi, hi Canada.

Hi, hi.

(both laughing)

- They stink badly,

they are wearing the
same clothes for 10 days.

Let's wash you, let's wash you.

- You're not washing me, I'm not a,

I'm not a dog, I'm not a dog.

- The fact that you're both here,

that means a lot to me.

- [Justin] Dude.

- I was stressed out
all day, but it's gone.

(bright music)

- Good friend.

- Justin my man.

Hey Scotty.

- [Justin] I've never seen
Ibrahim that stressed out.

Could be a lot of stresses
he just piles on himself but.

Any little detail,

but that's a wedding, I guess
so he's gotta be perfect.

(upbeat drumming)

(upbeat pipe music)

(bright music)

(speaks in Arabic)

(joyous ululations)

(bright music)

(upbeat drumming)

- Starting in his family's house

and then going to his
wife's family's house,

and picking her up

in a ceremony that happened there,

and then going on to the club.

That was all a real eye opener for me.

It's seeing a whole new style of wedding.

And then of course
Ibrahim's individual touches

like the Roman warriors

and they're fighting each other.

And then he shows up,
you know, at the end,

as like the victorious gladiator,

his wife comes to him

you know, across the
battlefield sort of thing.

I mean, it was just a crazy wedding.

(bright ambient music)

Every time you leave a country,
you leave people behind

and you leave experiences behind.

But the age we live in is
telephones and MSNs and emails

and stuff like that.

So nobody's really left behind.

- I don't want to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye is not good.

- Make new friends and keep the old,

those connections just allow you

to kind of connect the
dots all over the world,

from continent to continent,

and country to country.

So that's why we do this.

- Jordan will be your second home.

My house is open to you anytime.

All right you need to fuck off now.

- [Scott] Okay.

(all laughing)

- Later bro.
- All right great.

- Take care (laughs).
- Be good.

- Awesome.

- Love you guys.

Have a safe trip.

(bright acoustic music)

- I hate saying goodbye to people.

Bye buddy.

- Goodbye my friend, see you, okay.

- I guess when it comes to goodbyes

the driver was the one
that I started tearing up

because I'll never ever
see that guy ever again.

You know what I mean?

He's a driver so he's
always there for you.

(Justin laughs)

To pick you up so he's always there.

- You know with Gisele, we
have a contact for Brazil.

- It'd be kinda cool to see her again

if she wanted to show us around so.

- [Scott] Okay bye.
- Bye, have a good trip.

- [Scott] Have a safe flight tomorrow.

- Thank you, I will.

- [Scott] Sun setting
here at the dead sea.

Jordan is a gorgeous country.

And despite all of the
visual beauty of Jordan,

what makes this country
memorable is the people.

- If I could sum up Jordan in one word

it would be friendly.

- We were welcomed into people's homes,

people's families, people's
traditions, cultures

and it's that warmth, that acceptance,

that is gonna make Jordan stay with me

for the rest of my life.

And that's what I'm gonna go home

and tell people about.

- I really don't wanna go.

I mean we met some really
really awesome people here.

Man you just gotta come here

and check this out.

- Now we leave Jordan behind

and it's off to a new experience.

We're going to hop on a plane

and we're gone again.

- We gotta go again on a
plane and get out of here.

I don't want to but I gotta.

- We've left new friends
and old traditions in Jordan

and we're going to India,

in time for the single
biggest religious festival

of the year.

We'll experience Diwali firsthand

with our friend Monica
and her entire family.

(upbeat music)