Delightfully Deceitful (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

(Delightfully Deceitful)

(All people, organizations, locations, and incidents...)

(in this drama are fictitious.)

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Meet Surprise's gifted little girl,

Lee Ro Um!

Hwang Dong Yeon,

born November 12, 1974.

He's a car mechanic.

His family is Kang Ye Eun, father Hwang In Cheol,

mother Jeong Ae Sook.

Sajo Elementary School, Gaon Middle School,

Gayang High School, Gayang University graduate.

Currently works at Jiyong Automobile.

(Upholding Law and Order)

(Episode 1)

(Remorseful Attitude)

(Correcting the Future)

Get up.

Get up.

I said get up.

Get up, you witch!

Do you not hear me,

darn wench?

Are you deaf?

Did you stuff your ears with toilet paper?

What are you looking at?

Get up and help us clean!

What's the matter?

Hello, sir.

Everyone else is up sweeping and wiping,

but one witch is sitting still as if she's some noble.


That one right...

Who do you mean?

You just got here two hours ago.

If you cause a fuss already,

the only other place for you is solitary confinement.

I bet you'll hate that real bad.

Don't get on anyone's nerves.

(Hepeful correction for a brighter future)

- That darn bast... - Don't.

She's here for murdering her parents.

(Park and Cue Law Firm)

Do I know Han Moo Young the lawyer?

Of all the lawyers I know,

he's the best.

Why do you think...

people keep bringing their cases to him?

I don't know.

"To defend."

It's a great word.

"To help others..."

"with their speech."

A card sharp who bet their wrist...

on a game and won one million dollars.

With 16 priors, he's addicted to gambling,

and he's a con man.

Wouldn't that guarantee him a prison sentence?


despite that...

If your lawyer...

is Han Moo Young, that changes everything.


- Yes? - Are you a card sharp?



What does a card sharp do?

When gambling,

I use slight of hand to con others.

Then on April 11, did you use your skills...

as a card sharp against the victim?


And you were aware that it would be considered fraud.


I rest my case.


- Yes. - Did you use your skills...

in the first half of the game?

No, the latter half of the game.


Let's compare the 1st and 2nd half of the game.

Please pay attention to Ms. Jung and the defendant's little finger.

Ms. Jung was wearing the ring during the first half of the game,

but the defendant was wearing it in the second half of the game.

Was that ring a part of your card tricks?


Of course, it wasn't.

That ring...

was a token of love, not a tool.

The defendant has been accused of a six-figure gambling fraud,

but here's something we should be really curious about.

The question is why, not how he did it.

Who was it for?

As you all saw in the video,

in the first half of the game, Ms. Jung lost a million dollars.

The victim even mentioned...

a physical rights waiver to Ms. Jung and threatened her.

The video clearly shows it.


Is it true that Ms. Jung gave you the ring during the break?

- Yes. - Why did she do that?

She said to remember her as I might not be able to see her again.

Did you not think you'd be put in danger...

if you used your skills and got caught?

I knew that, but I really wanted...

to win some money and clear her debt for her.

That was the moment when the defendant decided...

to use his skills as a card sharp, which he hadn't used...

for ten years.

He did not do it for his personal financial gain,

nor was it a gambling addict's reckless act.

He instinctively wanted to protect the woman he loves.

That was the motivation behind his decision to use his skills.

The defendant is guilty of fraud.

Ergo, the defendant is sentenced to two years in prison.

Even though he engaged in illegal gambling,

he did not commit fraud with malicious intent.

Hence, the court has decided to suspend his sentence...

for three years.

(Defense Counsel, Defendant)

Lawyer Han Moo Young.

I'm Woo Young Ki.

You turned a crime drama into a romance.

How did you come up with the idea?

Do you take public speaking classes or something?

I've made it clear to you that I don't want to do any interviews.

Well, we are a small local newspaper,

but I can guarantee you that you'll be on the first page.

I'm Woo Young Ki. I have that much power.

If you don't get any media exposure with that face,

it's such a waste.

Fine. I'll be sure not to include...

any provocative nicknames such as Vampire.

You're not getting it, are you?

There will be no interview, so no need to worry about what to write.


I heard he was rude.

What? Rude?

I heard the rumors. Vampire.


I'm sorry.

- It's okay. - You were going to the restroom.

Go on.

Hasn't Byeol grown a lot?

Byeol's dad's appeal trial is today.

That's great.

It's "great?"

Do you know how my life has been for the past three years?

You said you'd help us through this difficult fight,

then gave up on him.

I heard he was very cold and heartless.

And he picks and chooses his clients.

(My son died a year after he was adopted.)

(At age 18, Myung Hoon couldn't even go to school.)

So clearly, he won't take on my case.

Well, you're right.

Ms. Park, what is this?

I'll find out for you.

Mr. Han Moo Young.


Did the trial go well?

Yes, he got a suspended sentence.

I knew it.

I've told you about him. He is Chairman Jung's younger son.

Are you familiar with my case?

You know, the taxi driver.

It's not that hand.


In your first statement, you said you hurt your right hand.

You should wear the cast on your right hand.

Come with me.

He's taking on my case?

I thought he was picky with his clients.

Right, you fit the bill.

He always picks clients like you.

How long do you think it'll take?

You'll see it on the news soon.

(Psychiatrist Mo Jae In)

Do people still call you by those nicknames?

Vampire, for example.

- Yes. - How does it make you feel?

With the job rotation program in place,

anyone can get a field position.

And the company has the right to assign employees...

according to the company's needs.

He had an office job. You forced him to accept the field position...

and treated him unfairly for four years.

Plaintiff's counsel. What are you doing now?

We never treated him unfairly.

He was an odd one for being unable to handle what everyone else does.

What? "An odd one?"

Are you done talking?

You used him! Then when you were in a pickle,

you threatened to fire him when he did nothing wrong!

Plaintiff's counsel is defaming the witness...

with his reckless, abstract remarks.

Who is defaming whom here?

Plaintiff's counsel, please calm down.

We're examining the witness at the moment.

He was a responsible man.

Do you not know...

how hard he worked...

for the past ten years?

For shameless people like you,

he went through...

How many times have you fainted...

in the past six months?

Will you quit being a lawyer after this case?

You've done enough.

Against a former prosecutor who's now working for that big company.


Are big companies allowed to kill people after using them?

I'll fight to the end.

Byeol's mother is also...

No, you shouldn't. Moo Young.

You need to drop this for your own sake.

And stop.

Stop calling your clients like that.

Sure, it's great and admirable to sympathize with your clients.

But you need to live too, you know?

Only then can you help them.

I'm not saying you can't help them at all now.

You don't have to only help people in need...

to be a true lawyer.

I've found someone who can help them.

And I'm trying to find another doctor for you.

Let's get you treated first. Please.

I should accept it.


- My gosh. - Goodness.

There's nothing I loathe more...

than people who disrespect their parents.

I may have killed my husband,

but I still paid for my parents' trip.

Do you know that?

You ungrateful wench.


(My son died a year after he was adopted.)

(At age 18, Myung Hoon couldn't even go to school.)

Are you looking for Seo Gye Sook?

The adoptive parents...

sued her for defamation.

With Cho and Son Law Firm.

I heard from the prosecutor, and there was no evidence.

If the case is closed at this rate,

she won't be able to do anything.

People ask,

"Why did she put a grown son up for adoption?"

"She should have known better about this cold world."

His adoptive parents...

paid 2,000 dollars a month for Myung Hoon's insurance.

Last year only,

they took out about 13 or 15 insurance policies.

Some of them were the exact same policies.

Fishy, right?

So what? It's all circumstantial.

They claimed that they raised him with their biological children,

and while their kids were looking all plump,

Myung Hoon was so skinny.

Why are you saying this?


Why are you telling me this?

I thought you'd be curious.

You've been staring at where Ms. Seo used to stand...

for five minutes.


Are you leaving?


(Park and Cue Law Firm)


("The True Culprit of the Murder in Geumseong")

No way!

Ms. Park, you know about this, right?

The murder in Geumseong?


Breaking news.

Ye, who was arrested for carrying an illegal weapon last month,

turned out to be the true culprit...

of the controversial murder in Geumseong.

The problem is...

that the formerly accused person has been in prison for ten years.

The teenage girl,

who was up for a public trial just because it was parricide,

had been falsely accused...

and been in prison for over ten years.

The investigation, arrest,

and imprisonment all turned out to be futile.

Reporter Kim Eun Young has the details.

(Sample test workbook)

It feels fake.

What do you mean? Your behaviors?

The fact that I'm a lawyer.

It's already been three years...

since I've wasted my life and prolonged it with drugs.

Providing legal service to your clients as an attorney...

sounds quite worthwhile to me.


Why do you think the current state feels worthless to you?

There must be a reason.

My clients...

don't exactly need me.

Nor are they the ones that truly need help.

February, 2012.

A bungalow at a campsite in Geumseong was found burnt.

Inside the bungalow were two bodies of a married couple,

shot in the heads and scorched black.

The suspect was...

their only daughter, Lee Ro Um.

Lee Ro Um was on the scene...

and arrested on the spot for murder and arson.

You've been staring at where Ms. Seo used to stand...

for five minutes.

On the other hand...

The murderer was...

sentenced to 15 years in prison,

the maximum sentence in juvenile court.

Ten years have passed after that,

we have the true culprit of the Geumseong murder.

It was Ye,

who was arrested for carrying illegal weapons last month.

The National Forensic Service found a correlation...

between Ye's gun and the bullets...

found on the murder scene in Geumseong 11 years ago.

Ms. Lee, who was referred to as a genius,

was falsely accused of parricide...

and had to be imprisoned for a decade.

(Death Certificate)

("The Biological Mother on a One-Man Protest")

("The Biological Mother on a One-Man Protest")

(Criminal conduct)

Then, who are the ones that truly need your help?

There's a woman who's been protesting for a month.

A mother who lost her son.

Why do you think she's in your head?

Do you empathize with her?

Do you want to help her?

You'll tell me to look away again.

As I've told you last time,

disregard or repression,

whatever you want to call it, is not the outcome of this treatment.

It's the process.

You are...

currently in the process,

so let's focus on your therapy rather than helping others.

("The Biological Mother on a One-Man Protest")

We're putting up the summary...

of the process of Ye's arrest.

Last July,

the police were tipped off of illegal possession of weapons.

- They searched Ye's house... - Are you watching this again?

- Yes. - and found a revolver.

Surprisingly enough,

- the married couple who were... - I wonder who'll take the case.

Good for them, right?

The police, then,

- arrested Ye. - It'll be a public defender, right?

On the day of the murder in Geumseong...

- Would you like some work? - No.

Ye admitted...

to arson and murder ten years ago.


Why me?

Why does it have to be me?

Who else will take it in this tiny office?

A teenage girl wasted ten years of her life in prison...

for parricide.

The true culprit is a total scumbag.

What kind of madman agrees to defend that guy?

Did you call the CEO a madman?


I must have accepted it for a reason.

I checked, and everyone was busy, except for you.

Moo Young is free!

Why am I taking this?

Moo Young is busy too.

This is favoritism!

Is Moo Young your son or what?

I won't have to favor anyone if you do your job properly.

What are you doing?

- Bring it. - You...

I ought to...

You little...


Do you want to smack me? Go ahead.

- Come on. - Gosh.

- You little punk. - Let's go.

Go ahead.

I could beat you up.

- I should just... - Bring it.

- Bring it on. - I only need five seconds.

I'll take it.

No, you can't.


You said he was busy.

Mr. Cho.

Do me a favor instead.

Whatever you say.


(Blood Sausage Soup)

Ms. Seo Gye Sook?

I'm a lawyer from Park and Cue Law Firm.

My name's Cho Jae Hoon.

(Park and Cue, Lawyer Cho Jae Hoon)

I'm Lawyer Han Moo Young.

You were arrested for possession of an illegally converted firearm,

and when a prosecutor questioned you about the Geumseong case,

you confessed.

- Is that true? - Yes.

Will you tell me about the case?

I did kill them.


Well, just because I wanted to?

Did you never want to kill someone?

Only very few actually take action.

Don't I get a lighter sentence for turning myself in?

If you want me to cry in court, I will. How's that?

And write remorseful letters.

(Lee Ro Um, evidence of arson)

- Why did you do it? - What?

Why did you involve the victims' daughter?

I involved her?

If you set fire to the place to hide evidence,

why did you get the help of the victims' daughter?

It was her parents' cremation.

She should do her filial duty.

How many years do you think I'll get?

Can I not get below ten years?

What? Is it that hard?

Darn it.

Are you a cheap lawyer?

How many years will you ask for?

Are you talking to me?

Ye Chung Sik's case.

How many years will you ask for?

Hang on. Ye Chung Sik... What's he in for?

Murdering the couple in Geumseong.

The daughter's doing time for parricide.

- How many years? - What's going on?

Aren't I the prosecutor?

How many years? Tell me.

You look like you want the death sentence.

You have the look of a judge.

Can't you ask for the death sentence?

The daughter was given the maximum sentence ten years ago.

Your sense of justice beats the Minister of Justice's.


Stop right there, Mr. Han.

I know a bit about you.

I heard a lot, you see.

You're famous.

I heard you were overly sensitive.

I wasn't sensitive. I was overly sympathetic.

My gosh.

Are you your old self again? Unable to separate work and life?

I'm warning you. You must've heard...

that I don't stop at anything to get what I want.

Can I go?

You'll do what?

You can't do it.

You can't.

(Reenactment Report)

(Geumseong Police Station)

Your symptoms are invading your official capacity.

You're not making rational decisions.

What you're about to do...

is career suicide.

It's already too late.

A teenage girl wasted ten years of her life in prison...

for parricide.

Then, who are the ones that truly need your help?

(Gyeongjin Detention)

We'll play a recording we obtained.

(Ye Chung Sik, Lawyer Han)

I did kill them.

If you want me to cry in court, I will. How's that?

And write remorseful letters.

Why did you involve the victims' daughter?

It was her parents' cremation.

She should do her filial duty.

(Ye Chung Sik, Lawyer Han)

The lawyer released this recording.

The recording enraged the public...

Didn't you think it would hurt your defense?

Was it an emotional decision?

Ye, the actual killer of the Geumseong couple,

was sentenced to life in prison.

Now the public's interest...

has shifted to Ye's lawyer.

The press believes the recording the lawyer released...

affected the sentence.

According to the recording, Ye's act was not just...

- cruel and intentional... - What a loony.

The couple's daughter Lee, who was just 18 at the time,

was forced to set fire to the scene.

Lee was framed not only of...

her parents' murder but of arson as well.

Reporter Kim Seok Pil has the details.

("Lawyer of Geumseong Case Releases Shocking Recording")

Lee will turn 28 this October,

but she didn't spend the last ten years peacefully.

Some years were added to her sentence.

It seems she'll be...

let off on probation for those charges.

What were the extra years for?

I'm not a search engine.

Step away from me.

(Cold Drinks)

What was that?

I'll read out the sentence for Defendant Lee Ro Um.

During the 2012 investigation, Defendant Lee Ro Um...

was coerced by the detectives...

and confessed to the murders.

The defendant's confession...

corresponded to objective evidence from the crime scene...

and the state of the victims' bodies...

She set fire to the scene,

further damaging the victims' bodies.

Based on the details of the crime and the method she used,

we believe the nature of the crime is grave and serious.

We have no choice but to give a sentence...

that fits the gravity of the crime.

Our court...

give the defendant the following sentence.

This is the sentence.

Defendant Lee Ro Um...

is sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Defendant Lee Ro Um is not guilty.


It's from your lawyer.

(Seowon Prison)

You're not my lawyer.

I thought you wouldn't want to wear the clothes from that day.

Who would think so?

Someone like me.

Don't mind it. It's an illness.

I'm glad you were cleared.

You had a rough time.


Excuse me!

- Can I have ramyeon? - Sure.

I've been...

running around like a headless chicken...

to stop the disciplinary committee,

while you leisurely...

went there to meet that woman.

What did you do to her?

Nothing happened.

That woman...

Hey, she hired you.

- What? - The damage suit.

- She wants you to represent her. - Me?

Why me?

Of course, she'd want to hire you.

You betrayed your client and saved her.

She knows you're a pushover.

Since this has already happened,

we'll say we're all about fighting for justice.

I'll be sure to stop the disciplinary committee,

so you need to pull this off no matter what.

(Legal Services Request, Suit for Damages)

(Defendant: Lee Ro Um)

I'm Han Moo Young.


Are you cold?

A little.

I don't have other clothes, so...

You gave me this too, remember?

Then, first...


Thank you.

Have you ordered yet?

No, how do I...

- That one. - This here?

I'll go order something for us.

Take what you like.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

It's been so long since the last time someone treated me this nicely.

No one helped me.

Seriously, no one believed me.

While being behind bars for ten years...

because of something I didn't even do,

I was always scared...

and lonely.

In there, I had to find a way to survive...

every single day.

Thank you.

You can do it.

You don't need me.

Even if you tackle this alone, you'll win.

People call me...

a witch.

They say I'm evil.

They say similar things about you too.

"Cold-blooded Vampire."

You chose justice over your own reputation...

and gave clothes to someone like me...

who has no family or friends.

Anyone can say things.

I believe...

that actions speak louder than words.

So how was it?

You risked your career to help her.

Do you think it was worth it?

Dr. Mo.


You said...

there was a certain type of people I should avoid at all costs.


People who are unable to sympathize with others' emotions...

and habitually lie.

And they do whatever it takes...

to achieve their goals.

Antisocial personality disorder.

They're also called sociopaths or psychopaths.

They target kind people...

and know exactly what to do to use them.

Highly empathetic people like yourself...

make perfect prey...

for them.

(I'm Han Moo Young from Park and Cue Law Firm.)

(Lee Ro Um, on a special watch list)

Hello, is this Ms. No?

So you want to know about her?

I didn't even know that her name was Lee Ro Un.

It's Lee Ro Um.

I don't care.

I didn't even want to know her name.

People talk about psychopaths often these days.

Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure she's a psychopath.

You think so?

On her first day,

she stabbed a correctional officer in his neck.

There you are.

Finish all your food.

You need some curves.

Finish all your food.

Eat everything on your plates!

Finish your side dishes too.

Don't leave a single grain of rice.

Let's not waste food.

Eat everything...

Why did she do that?

No reason.

He told her to eat everything, and she stabbed him.

You don't believe me, do you?

Right, she's very pretty.

I think that's why all the officers favored her.

But she was young back then.

I mean, she's probably changed.

Look at me. Who knew...

I'd get married and have kids?

(Hopeful Future With Seowon Prison)


I'm Han Moo Young.

Panic attack?

Don't get me started.

If you move, I'll let this drip.

If you scream,

the same thing will happen.

This is a clear, toxic, flammable liquid.

Namely, methanol.

Once absorbed into the body,

it turns into a substance called formaldehyde.

It can lead to loss of sight or death.

"Maeil Encyclopedia," Book 3, Page 259, Paragraph 2, Line 3.

Wait... Hold on.

I memorized...

all the volumes of the encyclopedia at the age of five.

The book you tore?

I could memorize it if I wanted to.

Do you know why I'm doing this?

Because I haven't finished memorizing that book yet.

Please spare me.

I beg you. It'll never happen again.

I'm sorry.

Spare me.

I'll use the honorifics.

I'll do anything. Give me your laundry too.

I beg you.


That new inmate was a woman who collected the insurance...

after making her ex-husbands go blind.

She got a taste of her own medicine,

and she was horrified.

How did she acquire methanol?

It was water.

We don't keep ethanol nor methanol in our prison.


she was already too terrified to figure out it was water.

She even claimed that she smelled alcohol.

Even after Lee Ro Um was released,

she slept with her eyes open, so she got drugs for insomnia.

Even if she tore up her book,

what kind of psychopath pulls such a prank?

They're all saying that she's not the culprit, right?

You must know better...

as you defended the true culprit.

I still think that she killed her own parents.

You must have heard.

She turned herself in at first. If she hadn't done it,

why would a girl with an IQ score of 180 volunteer...

to go to prison? What's to gain from it?

That's what I think.

I would never know, though.

Maybe she bought off a fake criminal.

Does not obey the social norms,


impulsive, aggressive, hostile, reckless,

lack of conscience.

Do you think there are a lot of those in prison?

Well, there aren't as many as you think.

But I can tell you for sure that Ro Um had those qualities.

She never got to lose her yellow name tag during her sentence...

because she was too dangerous.

Well, she's in the hands of her probation officer now.

Lee Ro Um, October 17, 1994.

Your probation officer...

His name is Ko Yo Han.

Just a second.

Ms. Lee Ro Um?

That's him.

She's been registered as of September 8.

What are you doing?

- Pardon? - Why did you just scan me?

Am I on probation or something?

I'm the probation officer, not you.

Lee Ro Um.

Do you live in a studio?



You can go.

I'll see you in front of your house at 8pm tonight.

Excuse me?


Do you have other plans?

Tonight at 8pm,

I'll see you in front of your house. And buy a phone before that.



(Parricide, arson)

(Habitual liar, actions before words)

(Seoyoung Studio)

Hi. Please put me through to Lee Ro Um in Room 309.

She left?


I know what you're going to say.

"Why would a girl who wasted ten years in prison..."

"and is on probation go to gamble?"

Be quiet and watch me.

This isn't gambling.

(Hyunji Stationery)

Oh, this is the one!

Let's go.



Take one.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

You're welcome.

Your bags.



Excuse me.

Hello. How may I help you?

- Your name, sir? - I'm Shin Bo Sung.


Officer Gu Sae Rom from Hyosung Nambu Police Station.

I'm in the Intellectual Crime Investigation Squad.

There's stolen property in the nearby vintage jewelry shops,

so I'm collecting evidence.

Have you dealt with any goods that seemed stolen this year?

What? No, I haven't.

We only accept jewelry from identified people.

Keep pressing...

until he succumbs.

Haven't you heard of Kim Woo Young, Cha Yo Hwan, and Park Jae Hyuk?

They stabbed a pedestrian in Busan.


No. I've never heard of them.

I honestly don't know anything, Officer.

Mr. Shin Bo Sung, let me identify you first.

Please give me your ID.

Oh, sure.

Here you go.

(Shin Bo Sung)

I'll have to cross-reference the lists of goods.

Will you show me your ledger for the first half of the year?

The first half of the year? Okay.

(Purse, leather bag...)

(Mesh bag, leather purse...)

You may be one of their victims.

Please cooperate.

Grab a highlighter, and mark it if there's a match.

Okay. Just a second.

(August 29, Homework)

(Wash hands every day, don't catch a cold...)

I'm ready.

May 30, Gustav Numbering Zero Bag, black.

May 15, Evi's Two-piece Dress, Fur.

May 27, Nectar Theodore Scarf.

(May 27, Nectar Theodore Scarf.)

Not that one. The one behind that.

Yes, that.

On May 15,

you got a set of jewelry.

The shoes...

I'll take them for now.

I need to check the sizes.

I told you.

This isn't gambling.

It's conning.

Wait, then...

From the far right.

Third paragraph, fourth line.

"In Busan on the 11th,"

"a homeless man was caught stealing,"

"and an arrest warrant was issued."

- Yes. She got it right again. - Oh, my.

- You're crazy. - This is just...

- It's incredible. - Geniuses exist.

You won a million dollars doing this?

A long time ago, in the US.

No way...

The funny thing is,

Royal Casino has no rules to prevent card counters.

So before flying back,

I came over to have some fun.

Talk to her.

Let's talk about you.

How much did you win?

It's more like we donated.

Come on, that's heartbreaking.

I should get going.

Come on.

Keep what I said between us.

I'll give you a gift.


Can we...

sponsor you to play a few games?

We happened to cross paths.

Can't we have some fun too?


In Blackjack, the first round...

affects the second round.

When the same deck is used,

the longer the games go on and the more cards are played,

the more data you have to use to your advantage.

In other words, you know what card will come next.

Of course, you must memorize all the cards that were played.

And do some math.

Let me correct myself.

Now this is no longer a con.


I need you to come with us.

Why? I'm on a roll.

Come with us.


I'm not playing with my money.

Talk to them. Go on.

No. We met only today.

- What's she on about? - What's wrong with her?

I think she's a con artist.

- She is. - Isn't she?

Come with us quietly.

We'll retrieve the chips you used.

Come with us.

Let go.

Let go of me.

Take her.

Let go! What are you doing?

As I told you. It's not a con.

The casino can't sue me.

They have no choice but to hope...

I'll cut a deal and walk.

Will this be enough?

We'll pay you in cash.

Would you mind taking it...

and leaving the casino?

The addresses are on each bag.

Tell them that Hyosung Nambu Police Station...

appreciates their help.

(Seoyoung Studio)

You took a taxi.

Did you play golf?

I worked part-time as a caddie.

They got me the cab.

Don't caddies usually stay at the club?

- It was short-term. - For how much?

A hundred dollars.

That's such a strange number.

It's so very strange.

Let's see inside.

Open the bag.

It'll be your caddie gear.

The bag.

Open it.

What for?

Stop it.

It's invasion of privacy.

I'm Han Moo Young, Ms. Lee's lawyer.

Give the bag to her.

I'm Ko Yo Han, her probation officer.

What right do you have to give orders?

Do you have the legal right to seize...

and search the belongings of your charge?

If there's a danger the charge will break the rules,

the probation officer...

Name the said danger.

To be honest, I don't know how Lee got out.

They must've released her because the media was going crazy.

Regardless of what she did in prison.


being on probation means the punishment was delayed.

It doesn't mean she was cleared.

She's a criminal.

To me, Lee herself is a source of danger.

Keep an eye on her.

Not just winning in court,

but making sure your client doesn't break the law...

is your duty...

as a person in the legal field.

I'll do that.



here's your dear client's dear belongings.

Call me on your phone tomorrow.


I'll do that.

I didn't mean you.

I'll do that.

Fine, then.

I'll see you again at this time tomorrow.

Your caddie job.

Sign an employment contract...

and report to me.

You asked if it was worth it.

It might be.

I know...

the woman.

(Delightfully Deceitful)

(We thank Kim Woo Seok and Kim Han Na for their special appearances.)

Did you kill them?

Why are you asking me that when you said you believed me?

Did you buy a cell phone?

Stop bothering me.

I discovered something interesting.

"Jeokmok Kids."

That man, Shin Ki Ho, worked at Red Eyes Foundation in the past.

Do you think this is a wise thing to do?

Even if someone in a hospice facility dies,

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