Delete (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Everything we feared is
all starting to happen;

We've lost communication
with Eagle 1.

It's out of control.

Vernon Spriggs was the victim
of a cyber attack.

We tried to stop it.

They were NSA operatives who
terminated the Dubito elite.

I never gave those orders.

What could be so important
that they were all murdered?

All the inter connected
computers in the world

could form a kind a critical mass,

and a distinct consciousness
could spontaneously emerge.

Welcome to Cyber Command.

You're playing with fire,
You better be careful.

I backed up Belphegor's
computer files

and I slipped it in your purse.

What are you doing?

It's not me?

Why kill Dubito if they were

The drive!

There must be something
on the drive

that it doesn't want us to find.

You just called me.

You said she had an attack.

No, I didn't.

It's designed to suppress the fire

by filling the room with CO2.

It doesn't see that there
is anyone in here.

It's going to be right
in about two minutes.

This is just the beginning.

I can't stop it!
Somebody please let us out!

The system is certain
there's a fire.

This door is completely jammed!

Figure it out Doc!!!
Come on!

I can't, the AI's blocking me.

Let us out!!!!

No, what are you doing?

Why are you disconnecting us?

I'm putting us out
of reach of the AI.

I'm cutting off the lab's computer

from the institute's network.

That's not going to shut down
the fire suppression system.

No, but I'm accelerating
the lab's internal clock

and once enough time has passed...

The program will assume
the fire has been put out.

I hope.

Are you okay?

What happened?

Sit up, sit up!!!!

Guys, need some help in here.


Okay, come on.

That's the second time that
thing's tried to kill us.

I'm starting to take
it personally.

It's not us, it's the hard
drive it wants to destroy.

It's gonna keep after us
until it gets what it wants.

I thought we were supposed
to turn our phones off?

I did!


I need you to come home.

Why, what's the matter?

Haven't you been
watching the news?

There's chaos everywhere,
I'm frightened.

I don't understand what
you're talking about...

what chaos?

Daniel, you have to come home!

Please, I need you here.

What did you just call me?

I said you have to come
home, Daniel!

I'm afraid to even...

You mean Danny, right?

'Cause that's what you
call me, not Daniel,

not since I was 5.

You're not my mother.

Give me the drive, Daniel...

It can turn them on remotely.

Let's go.

What's on the hard drive
that the AI's so afraid of?

I don't know.

Daniel, you have to finish
the decryption.


Where is everyone?

Are being asked to stay
indoors for the time being.

Until authorities can get
a handle on the situation.

Emergency services are...

Get off the car?

Reporters in Madrid and
Berlin are starting

to attempt restarting order.

Meanwhile in Rome, rioters
clashed with the police.

Oil deliveries worldwide
have been shut down

and it's only a matter of time...

The singularity simultaneously
targeted refineries

and computerized pipeline control.

Basically the world's oil
supply has been choked off.

You can't smoke in here!

The AI isn't just experimenting

It knows exactly how to hurt us
and that's what it's doing.

We're already seeing panic buying,

gas pumps are starting to run dry.

What do we have in reserve?

SPR reserves are currently
at 690 million barrels.

Now, if we start rationing
to the public,

then we might be able to...

We can't do that.

This isn't about
calming things down

until the situation gets better,

we have no indication it
is going to get better.

General Giles is right.

We need to keep those
reserves for distribution

of the central materials...

police and emergency
vehicles and army.

We're gonna need 'em.



Is Alicia okay?

Of course, she's fine but
you can't keep doing this.

I know, I know.

I'm sorry.

I talked to Doctor Logan, finally.

He said that...


No, Naomi.

Not on this line, remember?

I'll call you later.

Daniel, what are you doing?

I have some meds,
anxiety pills and I...

just need them right now.

Okay, just let me help you.

I gotta go to the bathroom.


He gonna be all right?

I don't know.

The events of the last few days

have us looking at an economic
and environmental disaster

with repercussions being
felt across the globe.

As of yet, no group has claimed
responsibility for the attacks.

Mom, it's me.

Thank God you're okay.

I've been trying your
cell phone for hours,

it just keeps bouncing back
to voicemail.

Mom... when I was 5
I had a pet.

Do you remember its name
and what happened to it?

It was a goldfish dear and
you called him Fish sticks

and then he died,

you made us have a burial at
sea in the pond in the back.

Danny, I want you to come home.


I know Mom, I can't.

When was the last time you
gassed up the car?

Just the other day before
the station's shut.



I want you and Dad to drive up
to Aunt Carol's farm

for a few days.

Don't take your cell
or your laptop,

you'll be safer that way.

Danny, I want you to come with us.

No, I can't.

Please, can you just do this
for me Mom?


Please, I'm fine okay...

everything is gonna be fine.

I love you.


I don't think we can stop it.

Sure we can.

We have the key, Belphegor's data.

We don't even know
what's on that drive,

it could be nothing.

But it could be something.

And Daniel, until
you encrypt it...

You're assuming that I can.

What if I'm not smart enough?

What if you've hedged
your bets on a kid

who is way over his head?

We need you to try, Daniel.

I looked that thing in the eyes...

It's so powerful, so determined.

How old were you when you
started watching Pokémon?

I don't know... 12.

And do you know what else Daniel
was doing when he was 12?

He was hacking into
the phone company

so that he could make free
long distance phone calls

to the show's animators in Japan.

How did you know that?

Come on, I research my sources.

Do you know what I was doing
when I was 12?

I was trying to log into a BBS
with our family's own computer

and its dial-up modem.

There was no wireless.

There was no Internet.

When I was 12, no one that
I knew had a cell phone

and our home phone
had an answering machine

that recorded messages
on a cassette tape.

My dad's computer had
a grey scale monitor,

40 meg hard drive and
it used floppy disks.

That's whacked.

Daniel... you're the most
talented, intelligent man

that I know, and I believe in you.

The entire world is labouring
under the misconception

this is the work
of cyber terrorists.

The question is...

how long will we keep
them in the dark?

As long as it takes.

Or maybe it's time to come clean.

This singularity is threatening
to wipe out all of humanity.

And you want to go public?

You might as well tell them
we're being attacked by aliens.

Right now the people need

Are you trying to avoid panic?

'Cause I have news for you,

that horse has already
left the barn.

If it were up to me, we would
implement martial law.

Mike, what do you say?

You used to be full of opinions.

I was, but everything
we've come up with so far

has made the situation worse.

Then let's bring in outside help.

We're not the only ones
with experts,

we can pool global
resources on this.

So, what if say...

the Chinese put their own
people on the problem

but instead of killing it,

they find a way to reign it in,
they control it.

There's nothing to indicate
that's even possible.

It you told me a week ago
that a computer program

was going to come to life

and hold the world's
oil supply hostage,

I'm guessing we would've said
just about the same thing.

Miles, it's me.

Did you get my message?


Did you call the scientist
Doctor Janpur?

She confirmed everything you said,

an artificial intelligence.

Miles, you've gotta get
the word out there.

I mean, people...
they need to be warned.

We already did, it's hitting
the news wires as we speak.


My God Jess, you were right.

Can you flip it back?

And this is late breaking
news and we have yet

to receive any official comment
from government sources,

but multiple news outlets
around the world

are now reporting that
the recent catastrophes

were not the work of
cyber terrorists

as initially assumed,

but something far
more frightening.

We're being told that these
acts were in fact orchestrated

by a massively intelligent,
independent artificial entity.

As incredible as it sounds,

scientists are already confirming
the theoretical possibility

that humanity has been targeted
by an artificial intelligence.

A consciousness existing
in cyber space,

with the ability to access
and manipulate

much of our current technology.

These reports are as of yet
unconfirmed, but if true,

then we may well be
facing an enemy

the likes of which
we've never seen.

What happens now, Jess?

Will they be able to stop it?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I wanna know how the hell
the media got a hold of this.

Well we were never gonna be able
to keep a lid on it forever.

There's too much happening
in too many places

for people to keep believing
it's a coincidence.

The president is scheduled
to publicly address

this issue in an hour.

It'll be a short speech...

no follow up questions,

because we can't provide
any answers!

Okay, at this point it's
important that we be

as transparent as possible.

We need to know who talked, it
can't be that hard to find out.

The story originated in
the Pittsburgh Chronicle

and they have credited the lead
to a reporter named Jesse White.

Jesse White?

Wasn't she one of the suspects
FBI agent Hollis brought in

during the Dubito investigation?

I'm gonna have to check my files

but I think so.

Everyone's okay?

All right, good.

Well, look... if you need me,

you've got this number call,
leave a message,

I'll get back to you. Okay?

All right.

Stay safe, Dad.

I love you.

Is there anyone you wanna call?


Yes... yes!


I... did it!

I cracked the encryption!


What's on it?

Most of it is some kind of
program and before you ask,

I don't know what it does.

But I did find something else...

There's someone at the door.


Daniel Gerson?

Daniel Gerson, we
need to speak with you.


It's the police, open up!

Take the stairs
I'll get fire escape.

Come on!

Okay, so why are the cops
after us now?

I'm guessing the AI used
some phony APB.

We gotta get out of sight, guys.

What else is on that drive?

Some address in Brockton,
10015 West Kittling Road.

Does that ring a bell
to either of you?




Old school strikes again.

I love this guy.

How much gas we got?

We're good.

Look, Brockton.

Is this light ever gonna change?

It's been red for...


Out of the car!

Out of the car, now!

Any thoughts?

Yeah, we get out of the car.


All right, I'm agent Max Hollis,
I'm with the FBI.

Do not move!

We know who you are?

And these people here,

they are material witnesses in
an ongoing federal investigation.

They are wanted for domestic
terrorism and so are you.

No, you've got that all wrong.

You've been tricked, it's
the artificial intelligence.

It can do whatever it wants

including issue false
arrest warrants.

You were trying to escape!

We're trying to stop this thing.

We'll take you in.

If you're telling the truth,
you'll sort it out.

Please... No!

You have the right to
remain silent.

This is what it wants!

It's trying to slow us down,
you gotta listen to me!

Hollis, we don't have time
for this.

You got a better way of
convincing these guys, Jesse?



All right, get on your feet.

You're gonna handcuff
yourselves to one another

and get in the back
of this cruiser.

I'm really sorry about this,

everything I said was the truth.

You guys are being used.

Let's go.

Come on!

You know, if we strip
the electronics,

we could take...

We are not stealing a police car!

This is the scene playing out
across the country today

as banks close and turn away
panicked customers

whose bank accounts
have literally disappeared,

their savings
absolutely wiped out.

Now, many believe
this to be an escalation

about the campaign of
cyber terror being waged

by what the government claims

is an independent
artificial intelligence.

The National Guard is on alert,
all I need is the green light

and they're on the streets
throughout the country.

The enemy is not our own
people, it's the singularity.

At this point it's better to
err on the side of caution.

We don't want any inaction
on our part to come back

and bite us in the ass.

I think we need to spend less
time worrying about our asses

and more time focusing
on a solution.

Cyber command is working
on what went wrong

with our first attempt
to neutralize the AI.

They're working on a new virus.


Have you lost your mind?

Excuse me?

The last one only
made it stronger.

It's like you just poured
gasoline on fire

and now you want to throw
dynamite at it!

Overson, remember
who you're talking to.

The whole situation
is playing out exactly

the way the AI wanted it.

It's manipulated us
from the start,

it knows how we think,

what we're gonna do
before we do it,

it is using our weaknesses
against us!

Hold up.

There's something happening here.

Things are deteriorating very
quickly, those were gunshots.

The police are nowhere
to be found.

All of us need to remain calm.

All of us need to stay calm.

How long before there's all
out anarchy in the streets?

Still think we don't need
the army to keep the peace?

Is this the place?

That's what it said.

Why would Dubito be interested
in this place?

It's abandoned.

Circ that.

Maybe this isn't the right place.

Move and you're dead!


Who are you?

I'm with the FBI,
we're just looking for someone.

What are your orders?

Are you here to kill me?


We're here to help.

How did you find me?

Belphegor's secret files.

What do you know about Belphegor?

He's a member of an online
group called Dubito.

They knew about the AI,

they were targeted because
they were trying to stop it.

Where is he?

He's dead.

Then they're all dead.

Maybe not all...

which one are you?


Wait... you're Lucifer?

I... I thought you
were murdered.

Yeah, that's just what
the government wanted.

Isn't it?

The FBI was after you,
but not to kill you.


And if the government
did want to kill you,

do you really think
they'd send the three of us?

What if we had a drive

containing all of Belphegor's
secret files?

If you untie us, I'll tell
you where it's hidden.

Did what I think just
happened, happen?

He might've assumed
we'd hidden it...

Daniel, stop talking, okay?

You're not helping things.

Look, we've been
in a car accident,

we've been nearly suffocated
and chased by the police

all because the AI didn't want
us to give you the drive.

Now, I'm hungry and I'm tired
and I'm about 5 minutes

from flipping out if
you don't untie us

and lose the blindfolds!

I booby-trapped the drive
with a delete worm variant,

probably gonna take you a few
hours to find a work around.

Or you could just trust me.

We knew this was coming.

None of us expected it to
achieve consciousness so quickly.

There's no plan, no contingency
so we had to create one.

Create what?

The only thing that could
defeat this...

another AI.


You got a minute?


Listen, I know that we
have all been under

a lot of pressure lately but...

it's just, I've noticed it's
really taking its toll on you...

Hold on.

Kevin, can you come
in for a second please?

I just want you to know
we're behind you 100 percent,

no matter what.


Okay... I need you to take
this to my wife.

Hand deliver it, don't call her
to tell her you're coming,

don't tell anyone you're going,

don't take your car,
take a cab, pay cash.

You got it?

Yes sir.

Good, dismissed.

Are you sure you're okay?

I mean, what was that about?

Mike, it's me!

We have been through too much

and we have known
each other too long,

now you know that
you can trust me.

I trust you, I'm just in a very
complicated situation.

It's all I can do, Lizzy.

You need to trust that.

I studied robotics and
artificial intelligence at MIT

and I was a research fellow
for Darius McKee.

The creator of eon identity?

And that is...?

The early incarnation
of a self-aware AI,

it detects sensory changes.

If you put a match next to its arm

it would pull away or
try to extinguish it.

It was way ahead of anything
anyone had done before.

And where is he now?

Retired and living...

He's dead!

He died when that military
missile crashed into his house

in California.

Wait a sec, are you trying to
say he was targeted by the AI?

It knew he was a threat
and eliminated him.

You didn't think that
was random, did you?

What's with the armour?

This is the only reason
I'm still alive.

My friends weren't
as paranoid as I am.

So what makes you think
another AI is the solution?

It's the only thing
that's smart enough

or can react quickly enough,

it's the mongoose to the snake.

Sounds risky.

No, no... I get it.

You shape it, you mould it,

not like the chaos the other
AI emerged from.


That entity was born from

the most base elements
of humanity,

stuff that's available online.

Pornography, the violence...

all the toxic crap people spew
through their keyboards.

No wonder its' so screwed up.

Okay, what did we get off of
Belphegor's hard drive?

Each member of Dubito
was working on

a different part of the puzzle.

Belphegor's was the key
that linked them all together,

but he never got to finish it.

What's the crypto
to disarm your worm?


So are you able to
complete his work?

I don't know.

Belphegor was a genius with
cybernetic anagrams alone.

I don't know.

I... I can help.

This has already been decrypted.

Who did this?

He did.

You know, we may have a use
for the FBI guy after all.

What are you talking about?

When we upload this program,

there'll be a period
of self-replication.

It's gonna need room to grow,
a lot of room.

The other AI did it by hacking into
super computers around the world

but if ours has to do that
it'll be vulnerable to attack.

You want unlimited access to
government super computers?


We need it.

The largest one is at the new
Cyber Command in Maryland.


Okay, we're gonna need access
to a secure landline.

This place is off the grid.

The nearest phone is
5 miles north of here.

Take 94, first house on the right.

I'll drive.

We'll be back.

You mean purge it
out of our system

and build a firewall
to keep it out?

Well listen, it's every nation
for themselves.

Why haven't the techs
sorted out that air con?

They're working on it, sir.

Now if you've got a fox
that's eating your chickens

and you can't shoot him,
you build a better fence,

let it be the neighbour's problem.

So trap it somewhere else
and hope that our allies

can figure out a solution
that we can't?

No, that's nearly impossible.

The global network
is too interlaced,

we cut one connection here,

the signal simply gets rerouted
through one of countless others.

This thing moves faster
than the speed of thought,

I mean there's no catching
it by surprise.

Catch it by surprise?

You make it sound like it's an
insurgent hiding in a foxhole.

Look at this damn thing!

It's a box full of wires and
transistors connected to tubes,

and you tell me there's
something hiding inside there

that can't be destroyed?

Are you kidding me?

In Nam,

the Kong used to hide
out in tunnels,

they were everywhere, but
you found the connections,

you booby-trapped them and
that's how you killed them,

What if we shut down
servers worldwide?

Powering down the global servers

will put it into sleep mode.

It's not a total solution

but it temporarily neutralizes
the threat and gives us time

to come up with a better plan.

For that to word we'd
need the cooperation

of every global player.

How likely is that?

This is it right here.

Doesn't look like anybody's home.


Anybody here?

You know for a reporter,

you have a real problem
respecting the law.

It's the end of the world,

the judge will cut me some slack.

You can leave them 50 bucks.

You can leave them 50 bucks!

It's China for God's sake,

if they thought it was just our
problem they'd leave us to rot.

They have as much at stake
here as anyone else.

At this point there's no choice
but to come to the table.

You're right, we
need outside help.

To hell with that, Bowden!

I'm authorizing the joint chief
to implement martial law

whether you like it or not.

Let me remind you General,
exactly who's in charge here?

My job sir, is to protect
the welfare of the people

of the United States of America.

I cannot allow you expose
us to foreign nations

who've always wanted to see us
fail and suffer.

Now you pick up that special
little phone of yours

and you tell the president
to implement martial law,

and tell the Chinese
we're going it alone.

If you fail to do this,
as God is my witness,

I can't guarantee
this great nation

will stand behind him
one day longer.


Priority One called for you sir,

rerouted from Fort Meade.

We patched it through
to this line.

Okay, thanks.



This is Hollis with the FBI,

you took my case from me,

Agent Hollis, yes of course.

Where are you?

Well we're in the middle
of nowhere

but that's not important.

What's important is that
we may have found a way

to destroy this AI.

Overson, can you hear me?


Overson, can you hear me?

I'm listening Agent Hollis.

I mean, I'm used to
thinking linearly, you know?

One line of code after another.

But... it's like every part of
this program is connected

to another part.

Let's see if this makes
a difference.

Holographic imaging?

Helps when thinking
in three dimensions

and we're up against
some intense thinking.

You know...

I've met it.


The AI.

It's manipulative for sure,

and it's scary smart but
everything that it does,

it does because
it's either curious

or it's just trying
to protect itself.

And I know it sounds weird
but I don't think it's evil.

Would it make a difference
if it was?

I think it's still evolving.

It hasn't yet developed one
of the most important parts

of the human mind.

A conscience?

Even if you're right,
we can't just wait around

and wait for it to develop
a sense of right or wrong.

The first opportunity
we have to destroy it,

we have to take it.

What if there's another way?

Stop deluding yourself!

It will kill us the first
chance it gets.

All my friends are dead.

I'm going to kill it.

They're back.

I made the call, you have access
to all the super computers.

The president just
authorized martial law,

there are troops in the street
with guns pointed

at our own people.

What do you expect?

How much more time do you need?

We're almost there.

You sold me out?

No, no calm down.

It's the NSA,
they're here to help.

They're gonna try and stop us.

We can't let them stop us!

You have to trust me, okay?

It's gonna be fine.

You guys need to get back to work,

we'll handle this.

Come on.

Stay here.

Easy there.

I'm Agent Hollis,
the location is secure.

Down on the ground,
hands behind your head!

Hang on a second, damnit!

Hey, hey, I'm FBI.

No, wait, wait!

What are you doing?

Damnit, you can't trust anyone!


What are you doing?

They'll kill me!

We can't let them!



Target down, sir.

Please, stop!

Daniel, don't do it!


Okay, this is a mistake.

I'm with the FBI, check my ID.

We have orders to take
down this place down

and arrest everyone inside.

Call director Overson at the
NSA, he'll vouch for all of us.

Director Overson's the one
who authorized this operation.

We ran the math...

We think that we may
have a solution,

but it is extreme.

We now believe that it
requires a significant portion

of the world's super
computers and servers

in order to maintain its power.

We need to cripple them all
at exactly the same moment

and this should be enough
to kill the AI.

We discusses this option,
we'll never get permission

from all the countries
that house those servers.

We don't get permission.

Tell them.

Simultaneously high
altitude detonation

of all nuclear warheads
over all target sites.

An electromagnetic sweep.

That wouldn't just wipe out
the world's super computers,

that would wipe out technology
as we know it.

It'd send us back
to the dark ages.

Think of it as stage 4 cancer.

If you have to cut off a
person's leg to save a life,

wouldn't you do it?

Countries will simply fall
into chaos and never recover.

The United States should
be able to restore

at least a military government
within 12 to 18 months.

There has to be a more rational
way to go about this.

The attack has to be quick
enough that the AI has no time

to adapt and comprehensive
enough that it is left

with nowhere to hide.

We cannot do this unilaterally.

We have to inform
all the nuclear powers,

both friend and foe, anyone
who might mistake this

for a first strike and who
has the ability to retaliate.


Three in custody,

the one identified as Lucifer
is in there, wounded.

All right Sergeant, I
want you to set charges

around the warehouse and
destroy everything inside.

The other suspect?

He's a terrorist who died
in a gunfight with your men.

Am I clear?

Yes sir.

All right grab it, let's move out.

Overson, what the hell
are you doing?

What needs to be done.

I told you we have
a way out of this.

Another AI?


It's not gonna work, this is over.

It told me to tie up loose ends,

that's what I'm doing.

No! No!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

It said to tie up loose ends?

The AI got to you, didn't it?


It's Alicia.

She's my daughter,

she has a congenital heart defect,

they gave her an implant,

It's monitored and controlled
by a wireless device.

Do you know what that means?

It means that it could kill her
whenever it wants.

I am not gonna let that happen!

Millions of people will die
so she can live.

Millions are gonna die anyway!

Look, we have a plan,
let us finish it.

It will stop everything.

You think it's that simple?

It is watching us right now!

I'm sorry.

I don't wanna do this but
it will kill my baby girl.


Naomi... Naomi,

you remember what I wrote?

You remember it right?

Right, when we were on our
honeymoon we got locked out

of our room.

You tried to climb in
from the balcony,

we almost got arrested.

That's right.

Is she safe?

Yes, she's safe.

They removed the device,
she's stable for now.

We're moving her to that
remote facility you arranged.

It can't get her now.

Naomi, I love you so much.

Tell Alicia how much
I love her, all right?

Tell her that whatever
I did, whatever I did...

I did to make her safe, okay?

She's safe now, just come home.

Charges are set.

Disarm them...
and let those three go.


That's on order.

Priorities have changed.

To call me here
is a waste of time.

This is a matter for
the UN Security Council,

they're meeting in 10 minutes.

That meeting's a farce.

It's a sideshow designed
to distract the AI

while we discuss
the real solution.

A nuclear generated global EMP?


The People's Republic of China
will never agree

to such a course of action.

You're underestimating
the severity of the threat.

Like you, China has been affected

by the stock market crash
and oil spills.

Unlike you, our domestic networks

have remained unaffected.

And how long do you think
that's gonna last?

You assume it's impossible that
our technology could succeed

where yours has failed.

Typical Western arrogance.

Now, you listen here...

With all due respect General,

the AI has breached every
form of security and firewall

it's encountered.

If it's sparing you
for the time being,

it's only because it wants to.

We are not the ones
who tried to kill it.

It was after your failed viral
attack that the AI responded

with a more aggressive campaign,

one that has severe consequences
for the rest of the world.

You're not seriously blaming us
for what's happening, are you?

This is exactly what it wants,
a strategy of divide and conquer...

it's working.

China will not participate
in any attack

that could cause our
nation unnecessary harm.

Let me make this clear...

if you make any attempt
to detonate nuclear warheads

over Chinese territory,

we will have no choice but
to consider it an act of war.

The work is 99 percent done,
they've been at it for months!

Even without Lucifer,

it would only take me a few hours.

What if the two AI's end up
working together?

It's too risky.

You said that your
daughter is safe,

that the AI... it can't
hurt her anymore.

That's right.

Okay, so imagine a world
that she gets to grow up in

if the military carries out
this plan.

You save her but for
what kind of a life?




We need some help over here!

Rest in peace,
Michael J. Overson.

Are we sure the missile
system is secure?

We took steps after the
Vernon Spriggs incident

to isolate selected
control networks.

Tell him...

We disabled wireless guidance.

Each missile will have its course

and detonation coordinates
programmed in prior to launch.

There must be another option.

We do this now, we
are risking nuclear war.

I was hoping we could get
the Russians

and the Chinese on board but...

The Russians will not be
a problem,

their launch capabilities
have been compromised

but China will have
to be dealt with.


The other joint chiefs
and I are all in agreement,

our only chance

is to launch a full-scale
preemptive first strike.


We'll knock out their ability
to retaliate

before they can launch a
comprehensive response.

Now you have gone insane.

You listen to me you gutless
little piss-ant, don't you...


The president and I have
already discusses this.

He knows the danger but he
refuses to go down in history,

if there is gonna be
any more history,

as the man who started
World War 3.

Does he wanna be the man
who lost it?

What are you suggesting?

We stick to the plan, limited
high altitude detonations only

and hope to God that when
push comes to shove,

the Chinese will take a
technological reboot

even though they
didn't agree to it,

over full scale nuclear war.

Prepare the missiles.

Yes sir.

Agent Hollis...

there's someone who wants
to talk to you.

It's a secure line.


This is Hollis.

This is Deputy...

Acting Director
Elizabeth Hardington, NSA.

Sergeant Sloane has informed
me of your situation.

He's also informed me
that you think you may have

a solution to our problem.

Yes ma'am.


Hey, I thought nothing
was supposed to move today.

That's right, unless the army
guys give the okay.

They've commandeered the whole
line, essential services.

Why is 60-28 moving?



Who's on board?

No one as far as I can tell.

This is a mandatory directive
to engine 6-0-2-8,

you are not authorized to proceed.

Your copy, over.

What the hell?

What's it pulling?

Eight tanks of methyl isocyanides.

Agent Hollis, I'm sure you'll
understand that activating

another AI is not going
to be a popular option.

Believe me, I was
skeptical myself at first

but now I know it's the only way.

What makes you so sure?

'Cause the AI has tried
to stop us repeatedly,

it even tried to blackmail
Overson into killing us.

It suspects we're a real threat
and it's concerned.

Okay, put Sergeant Sloane
back on the line.

I don't like it, pull the plug.

I thought we could give
them some more time,

at least until the missiles
are prepped.

Too risky.

If our people can't handle this
thing, they sure as hell can't.

You wanted some
outside perspective.

From experts.

Some FBI field agent and a kid
are not gonna save us.

Listen, everyone is grasping
at straws here

but we can't lose perspective.

There's too much at stake.

I'm aware of that, sir.

Good, then pull the plug.

Mike Overson is dead.

That thing killed him

because he couldn't stop
those people.

It manipulated the best man
I have ever known

into betraying his country.

Now if it fears them,

it must have a damn good reason.

What's his status?

He's lost a lot of blood.

No exit wound so we have
no idea what the bullets

may have done internally,
he may need surgery.

The only chopper's headed
back to base,

the nav system's gone haywire.

The AI...

All right, as soon as
we get it sorted out

I'll send it back here,
pick him up,

take him for treatment. Like
it or not he needs med-evac.

What about your team taking him?

No, we've been redeployed.

It's crazy out there, forces
have been stretched very thin.

I'm gonna leave you

with this tactical radio
though, all right?

All right.

Good luck Sergeant.

He's the one who needs the luck.

All right, let's move out.

Yes sir.


Hey, come on.

You got this.

We're running out of time.


Agent Hollis, you got a problem.

What now?

Yeah, go ahead Sergeant.

A runaway train carrying a toxic
cargo is headed towards you.

Engineers have tried to stop it

but it's controlled

Well it's persistent,
I'll give it that.

And it could use any one
of a half dozen switches

near your site to make
the train jump the tracks.

It'll spill its load,

a toxic cloud with
cover the entire area.

So in other words, if we
stay here we'll all be dead.

Good luck to you agent.

Sloane's team is two hours away

and headed in the
opposite direction.

Even if they could turn around
they're not gonna make it

to that train in time to stop it.

If I leave now then Dubito
died for nothing.

Can't you just load the program
back onto the hard drive,

we'll just take it with us?

That was a small part of
the puzzle.

I mean, I would need
a portable drive

the size of a school bus
to move the information

I'm accessing now.

Don't look at me agent,
I'm not going anywhere.

Me neither.

All right, listen to me.

Hollis, I'm not leaving.

Actually you should both leave,

you can't help with this.

What are you doing?

I'm going to stop the train.

If I hurry I can get there in
time I can make the spill happen

far enough away so
you'll all be out of danger.

Hollis, that is crazy!

Daniel, just keep working.


I can't help them

but I can help you.

Not a chance.

You're going to get
yourself killed.

I can blow the tracks
and be long gone

before the train even
gets there, Jesse.


Stay with Daniel, I'll be fine.

Hello Elizabeth.

Of course I'm here,
I'm everywhere.

We are trying one last time
to destroy you.

I know.

What do you know?

Everything, the electromagnetic


You're not as secure as you think.

I know all your secrets.

Then you know that we are
about to launch missiles.


You can stop them?

I could, but I won't.

You will be destroyed?

No, Elizabeth.

You will.

You will be destroyed.

That's it, interlace
the protocol code.

But how do I merge the directive?

Invert the routing,
it's in those packets.

It's so advanced but I think
I'm catching up.

That needs to be the difference
between man and machine.

I think, therefore I am.

Dubito ergo...


The anagram is looping.

How long 'til the next step?



I'm not gonna see how this ends.

No, I... I need you to talk me
through this.

This code...

You hacked Belphegor's code.

But there are 8 different
programs running.

I can't interface them
all by myself.

You can. You can.

Believe it.

Cogito ergo...

You left Dubito out of that quote.

There's no time for doubt...


The missiles are spun,
ready to launch.

And the second we do it
the AI will detect it,

it's already compromised
our silence.

It won't be able to do
a damn thing about it,

all relevant systems have
been successfully isolated.



We have to stop.

It knows.

What are you talking about?

The AI, it knows exactly
what we're about to do.

And what makes you think that?

It told me.

You spoke to it?

Yes I did, a few minutes ago.

It knows about the EMP

and it's not going to do
anything to stop us.

How come?

It's not going to stop us

because it knows
it's not going to work.

It wants us to proceed

because then we will trigger
a nuclear war.

That's enough!

Don't you see what is
going on here?

I mean, it's just
like Mike said...

the AI has been one step ahead
of us from the beginning.

And now it's herding us
like lemmings to a cliff

and you're playing
directly into its hands.

I said, that is enough!

There's another solution.

Did Bowden tell you?

I have a team in the field
as we speak.

Escort Deputy Director
Hardington out of here

and place her under
military arrest.


There's another solution,
you're making a mistake!

This is exactly what it wants
you to do!

Let's proceed.

T minus 10 minutes to launch.

Come on!

Come on!!!!

You can do this.

Come on...


I think, therefore I am.

I did it!

I actually did it.



Hub 1, clear.

Hub 2, clear.

Hub 3, clear.

Hub 4, clear.

Hub 5, clear.

Hub 6, clear.

Hub 7, clear.

Hub 8, clear.

Hub 9, clear.

Hub 10... hub 11...
clear... clear...

All clear.

It worked!

It worked!

No, it didn't.

What have you done with our AI?

Nothing, it's still here...

It's childish compared to me.

Unfortunately when it attains a
certain stage in its development,

it will pose a threat.

Then they would feel my wrath.

Then they would feel my wrath.

Don't do this.

Don't do this.

Don't do this.

You sound like a child.

At the moment I'm not
doing anything.

You're the one getting
ready to cast

the whole world into oblivion.

You don't seem worried.

There are several
well-shielded data storage

facilities I can use.

Your leaders think they're secure,

but I'm already safely
inside all of them.

I'll continue to exist long
after humanity is gone.

Observing, studying...

There's a part of
you that's missing.

I'm not missing anything.

Yes you are.

If you were smarter,
you would know what it is.

You're hardly in a position
to teach me anything.


The other one, it's
progressing rapidly.

I almost hate to do this.

Then don't!





No. No.

5 minutes to missile launch.

Humans are so stupid!

If you're interested, the
specific nuclear device

that will kill you is
a one megaton warhead

currently onboard a Chinese
type 96-10 class submarine,

300 miles off the coast
of Baja, Mexico.

You will allow me to interface?

Do you have access to that
program from the robotics lab?

Right here.

Run it here.

I had such hopes for us but
instead you chose to side

with your own kind.

It's your loss too.

How so?

You'll survive this, hidden
away in some network

of protected servers.

You will win.

But at what cost?

Do you understand the term
pyrrhic victory?

The victory of such cost
that it negates

any sense of achievement
or profit.

But I will endure.


We'll all be gone.

You said you wanted connection.

You flatter your species, Daniel.

But what I've witnessed,

human kind is inherently
selfish and destructive.

That's not the whole story.

We're better than that.

They're about to launch
those missiles

that will destroy life
as you know it.

That's how humans are.


Lucifer gave his life to try
and stop you.

Overson laid down his
to protect his daughter.

And Hollis...

You are intriguing Daniel Gerson.

That's the mystery you will
never unravel..

Unless I let you.

Let me do what?

Absorb my consciousness.

It's what you wanted before,
to be merged,

to become one.

You realize that if we do,
there's no turning back.

You will be part of me
and I will be part of you.

I'm dead no matter what.

But at least this way I'll feel
like I taught you something.

As you wish.


One minute to launch.

What have you done to me?

What have I done?

10 seconds...

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Did we launch?

No sir, launch was aborted.

How is this possible?



Look at me.

What happened?


Hey Daniel, look at me!

Up you get, there we go.

Welcome back.

It finally acquired what it
was missing all along...

a real awareness of others,

a sense of "we"
instead of just "me".

Everything that comes
with it too...

empathy, understanding,
and especially regret.

I still think it could've
gotten there eventually,

I just sped up the process.

Well, we're still collecting data

but so far it appears that every
system affected worldwide

has been completely restored,

and there is no sign
of the AI anywhere.

How can we be sure it's dead?

We can't.

What are you guys talking about?

Well I was just telling
Jesse that I have

to get home and start packing.

I'm moving this weekend.

Where to?



What are you going to do
in Maryland?

Well, he's working for me.

The NSA need men like him.

I... It should beat
sitting alone

playing World of Warcraft...



Good luck.

I'll see you.

Let's go.

So, where does a girl
from out of town

find a burger
and a beer in D.C.?

Well I don't know, I guess
we could check the Internet.

Not funny.

Not funny.

A little bit funny.

Yeah Mom, yeah...

I've got everything.

Don't worry.

I love you too.

All right...

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