Deepa & Anoop (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

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[elephant trumpeting]

♪ Right this way,
enjoy your stay ♪

♪ Here at Mango Manor ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ We all say a perfect day's
when we are all together ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ Come on in and join the fun ♪

♪ Plenty of room for everyone ♪

♪ Need some help?
Our family's here ♪

♪ Ready, set, go,
let's give a cheer! ♪

♪ Namaste, we'll turn your day ♪

♪ From good to great,
come celebrate ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

- ♪ I'm Deepa, he's Anoop! ♪
- [trumpeting]

[Deepa] Perfect For Par-nani!


[Deepa] Ready, Anoop?

[Anoop trumpeting]

It's Veena Ballerina time!

Hit it, Naani-ji!


[Deepa laughing]




[hiccupping, playing sour note]

- Oh!
- Huh?

That last note sounded
pretty funny, Naani-ji!

Not music.

Only… [hiccupping]


[Grandpa] Mail time!

We just got a letter,
and guess who it's from?

Your mother!

She's coming to Mango Manor!
All the way from India!

Ma is coming here?

Ooh! Bahut achha!

Oh, ho! Oh, happiness!

Naani-ji, I never thought of
you as having a mother before!

Beta, everyone has a mother.

And I can't believe I
finally get to see my Ma!

Oh, it's been so long!

And according to this
letter, she'll be here…

oh, here it is…




Oh… but it's not like Ma
to not tell us sooner.

Did she not send an email?

No, no.

I would have definitely
read such an important...

Oh ho.

Oh, is that what's been
flashing for two weeks?


Oh, no matter!

I have missed my Ma so much,
and I can't wait to see her!

Everything must be Ati Uttam!

Ati Uttam?

That means everything must
be perfect for Par-nani!

She's a tough
cookie. You'll see.

Oh, there is so much to do to
get ready before she arrives!

[doorbell rings]

Hai hai! She's here!

Ooh… Come, come!

[doorbell ringing]

We must look our
best for Par-nani!

Line up!


Are you okay, Naani-ji?

That's another big hiccup!

Look, everyone, it's…



Namaste, Betiyaa.

Deepa! Come meet your Par-nani!

Namaste, Par-nani!


Comb your hair!

Tuck in your shirt!

Stand up straight!

Wipe up that drool!

I am very tired after
my very long trip.

I would like a good nap…

and then I'll have my usual...

A piece of Love Cake, a mango
lassi, and some veena music.

Acha, Ma. It will all be...

- -waiting for you after your nap.


I will go nap now.

Right this way, Grandma-ji.

[Anoop trumpeting]

[Naani-ji fussing]

I've never seen Naani-ji
look so nervous!

[Naani-ji] So much to prepare!

And for Par-nani, all must be…

Ati Uttam!

We know. Perfect.

And we're ready to help!


- [hiccupping]
- [squawking]

- [hiccupping]
- [squawking]

Love Cake is your Par-nani's
favorite after-nap snack.

Come on, now, you
two. Stir, stir, stir!

- [hiccupping]
- [squawking]


- [hiccupping]
- [squawking]




- [hiccupping]
- [squawking]

Your hiccups are
getting out of control!

Oh, never mind that.

Let's see that batter!

[tasting] Now off to the oven!

Par-nani is gonna
love this Love Cake!

[timer dinging]

An Ati Uttam Love Cake!


[cake deflating]


Ohh! Arre Baap Re! Oh no!

[trumpeting a question]

[Deepa whispers]
You're right, Anoop.

It does kinda look
like Par-nani.

Hai hai hai!

Par-nani's Love Cake is no good,

and I still have to make
mango lassi and play veena!

Naani-ji never
acts this worried.

She's sorta making me dizzy!

I need that, oh…


…but how can I do those things
with these rotten hiccups?


Don't worry, I know
just what to do.

Anoop and I will make the
mango lassi and fix the cake

while you try to get
rid of your hiccups!

[inhaling slowly]

[exhaling contentedly]

Oh, this yoga breathing
should take care of my…

[hiccupping] …hiccups.

It's an ancient cure.


How's it going in there?

Got milk, yogurt, and sugar,
and we're ready to lassi!

Good! For mango lassi,
you have to use four…

[hiccupping] …or five mangoes!

Did she say 45 mangoes?



Got 'em!

Now for the perfect lassi,

your Par-nani insists you
must blend it very well,

making sure to use all the juice
and the pulp from the mango!



This is gonna be a
lot of work, Anoop.

We need to fill this whole
bin with mango juice!

Get ready to start squishin'!



- Om…
- [juicing sounds in the background]

We've got the cake, and
we've got the mango lassi.

All set for Par-nani's
veena concert.

How does it look?

Oh, it's beautiful, Deepa!

Thank you all for your help.

Hear that?

I don't hear anything.

Exactly! No hiccups.

Oh! My yoga cure is working!

Oh! Ma! You're awake!

Ah, I am.

And now I would like to
hear some veena music.

You got it, Par-nani!

Come sit over here, please.



Oh no! Naani-ji's
hiccups are back!





Naani-ji's in trouble, Anoop!

What she needs is a distraction.

[snapping fingers] It's
Veena Ballerina time!









Ooh! What's this all about?


Rad moves!

[hiccupping] [trumpeting]



And now it's mango lassi time!



45 mangoes all
squished to perfection!

Hoo! And it wasn't easy!

Mango lassi… in a basket?

I don't see it.


Oh no, it leaked out!

I guess the bin's
made for mangoes,

not mango lassis.

Aw. Well, I hope you at
least have Love Cake.


There is a problem, Ma.

The Love Cake…

…isn't just any Love Cake!


It's a super-special one,
made just for you, Par-nani!

[Par-nani] Hm…

[Deepa] See? It
looks just like you!

You think I look like that?


I do look yummy!

I wanted everything Ati Uttam,
just perfect for you, Ma.


Oh, Betiyaa.

I know I have my ways.

But you don't need to work
so hard to impress me!

I'm just happy to see you and
spend time with my family.

But my hiccups
ruined everything.



Remember what we say in India?

If you have the hiccups,

it means you are missing
someone very much. [chuckling]

We missed you a lot, Ma.

My daughter, granddaughter,
and great-granddaughter.


♪ To see my family I
hopped on an plane ♪


♪ My sweet, loving Ma
You're always on my brain ♪


♪ And with Par-Nani here The
family's together again! ♪

♪ Hiccup it up Hiccup it up ♪

♪ Hic hic hiccup
Hiccup it up ♪

♪ Loved ones far
away Is not easy ♪


♪ And if you have hiccups
You miss them terribly ♪


♪ So if you hic Don't
think you're sick ♪

♪ Just sing along with me ♪

Hic… up!

♪ Hiccup it up Hiccup it up ♪

♪ Hic hic hiccup
Hiccup it up! ♪



See? I missed you, too, Betiyaa!

Ah, thank you, Anoop. [munching]



Ati Uttam! A perfect Love Cake!

[laughing happily]


[Deepa] Play It Safe!

- [laughing]
- [trumpeting]

I can't wait to give Pintu and Raki
these bracelets for Raksha Bandhan!

[trumpeting a question]

Oh, Raksha Bandhan's a ceremony

where sisters give their brothers
bracelets called "rakhis."

It means we promise
to protect each other.


Ah-ah-ah, Anoop!

We need to save those ladoos for
when it's time for the ceremony!

[Mama] It's time
for the ceremony!

Just one for now, Anoop.


[laughing] Uh… whoa!


Happy Raksha Bandhan!


Let's see…

do we have everything we need
to celebrate our siblings?

Ladoos, diya, kumkum, rice…

And I made rakhis!

Let's get started!

A rakhi for Raki!

Ha ha!


And one for you.

[gasping] Sisters get one too?

This year, we're switching up the
tradition a bit in our family.

You've got my back,
I've got yours.

Thanks, Raki!

And now one for Pintu!

Thanks, Mama!


I'll protect you at
all times, little bro!


[trumpeting sadly]

And of course one for Anoop,

my other brother!

[trumpeting joyfully]





♪ When I tie this bracelet on ♪

♪ We know what to do ♪

♪ I will always have your back ♪

♪ We'll always have yours too! ♪

♪ Sisters and brothers ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! Protect each other ♪

♪ Sisters and brothers ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! ♪

♪ Every day! ♪

♪ Whenever we need protecting ♪

♪ We're by each other's side! ♪

♪ To show you just
how much I care ♪

♪ Is why this bracelet's tied ♪

♪ Oh, sisters and brothers ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! Protect each other ♪

♪ Sisters and brothers ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! Every day! ♪

♪ Sisters and brothers ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! Protect each other ♪

♪ Sisters and brothers ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! Every day! ♪


- [trumpeting]
- [laughing]


Hey, who's up for a game of
Bouncy Bunny Elephant Hop?



Okay, we all take turns
being a bouncy bunny,

and hop over the
stuffed elephant.

Hmm. [laughing]

Ha! Mm.

Your turn, Anoop.




Ha ha, my turn!

Bouncy bunny elephant!

Hop hop!

Ooh… [landing]

Pintu! Are you okay?


Oh no! Anoop, Pintu
has a boo-boo!



All better!


And he's off again.

Hmm, Anoop, we've gotta protect
Pintu every second of the day!

I won't let him get hurt again!


Which is why we'll be…



The Safety Squad!


The world can be
a dangerous place,

but the Safety Squad
will do whatever it takes

to keep Pintu…


…safe and sound!

[trumpeting in agreement]

- [giggling]
- [snoring]

[Munjal stirs]


Again! Again! Again!

Look, Anoop! There's
danger everywhere.

Those blocks have sharp corners!

And Pintu could trip on
the edge of this rug!



Nice one!


Without the rug,

Pintu could slip on
these shiny floors.

Hmm… [gasping] I
know just what to do!


Baba's two-sided sticky
tape should do it!

It sticks to the
floor and your feet!



Pintu slipping and falling?

Ha! Not on Safety Squad's watch!

- Huh?
- [tricycle bell ringing]


Look... whoa!


Pintu could accidentally crash
his tricycle into this plant!

[trumpeting in alarm]

Or ride over a guest
key, get a flat tire,

and skid out of control!


You see a fan.

I see a wind so strong, it could
blow my little brother away!

[trumpeting in alarm]

[Pintu giggling]

Don't worry, Anoop.

Safety Squad's…

on the job!


If we can just make Pintu
stay in one safe area,

we'll be able to protect him.

We'll create the safety zone!


Good work, partner!

Protecting Pintu just
got a little easier!



Oh no! Where'd he go?

Pintu? Huh?

[gasping] He must have escaped.

Safety Squad alert!

[blowing whistle]

[elevator bell dings]

He's headed upstairs!

[elevator dinging]


- Pintu!
- [tricycle bell ringing]


[Raki] Oh, man! I'm in trouble!

Hear that? Raki's in trouble!


[video game noises]

Hey, Deepa.

Looks like Raki's okay.

I think he'll be safe
here for a long time.

We gotta focus on the brother
who needs the most protection…

- Pintu!
- [tricycle bell ringing]

[elevator bell dinging]

He's headed downstairs!

[Pintu humming]

[Munjal] Hmm.

Pintu sure is lucky he
has us to protect him!

With the sitting room and
the dining room blocked off,

he'll stay safe and
sound right here!

[Munjal] Ah…

[Pintu giggling]

That boy needs to have some fun…

away from my napping area.

I have a plan to
distract Deepa and Anoop

so this toddler can pedal free…

but I'm going to
need a disguise…

and a banana.

Did somebody say "banana"?


Anoop, Pintu got out again?!

Pintu, slow down!
It's dangerous!

[panting] When did you
learn to run this fast?

A triple flip?

Awesome! But not safe!

We gotta stop him, Anoop!

- Oo oo ah ah!
- Maruti?

Anoop, we've been tricked!

Pintu might be out there somewhere
without us to protect him!

[Munjal straining]

Ride free, young man!


Pintu gonna play outside!


There he is!

We've gotta protect him!

Okay… new idea.

This time, we mean business!

That's one good thing about living
in a bed and breakfast, Anoop.

Plenty of pillows!



Snack time!

Deepa? Anoop?

I've got nice warm
chapatis for you!

[gasping] Pintu?




Oh, no, ya don't, Pintu.

The kitchen is not
in the safety zone!

- Deepa, we must talk.
- Whoa!

Sure, Naani-ji!

Anoop, keep an eye
on you-know-who.


I appreciate your intentions,
but maybe they're a bit too much.

What do you mean?

We're totally on top of
helping him stay safe!

But you're also stopping him
from doing anything he enjoys.




Beta, do you remember when you
used to jump off the front step?

I was a flying fairy!

Oh, but then I fell down.

You always held
my hand after that

so I wouldn't fall.

Exactly, but you still
jumped off that step.

So if Pintu falls
while having fun?

I'll be there to help him.


[Deepa] Pintu!

Who wants to play Bouncy
Bunny Elephant Hop?

[Pintu] Yeah!

Bouncy Bunny... whoa…


Bouncy Bunny Elephant Hop!

You can do it, Pintu!

Bouncy Bunny Elephant!



I did it!

[Deepa] Brothers
and sisters forever!