Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Episode #7.5 - full transcript

The island is celebrating its Day of the Dead, which literally lives up to its name when Daisy Anderson, organizer of a charity auction at the local yacht club, is murdered after sending a ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Finn, I'm going to the
auction at the yacht club now.

- Are you sure you won't come?
- Positive.

Fine. I'll see you later.

The dance represents an
offering to Baron Leve.

Who is this Baron fella?

- He's the master of the dead
during Fete Mouri. - Tu vois?

That's Baron Leve over there.

- Oh, right.
- The infamous top hat and skull face.

Fantastic. Dwayne!

Everything OK? You look haunted.

It's Darlene. She's got her niece
staying with her for the whole week.

- This is a bad thing?
- You haven't met her, chief.

Uncle Dwayne, can I have a coconut ice?

How can I possibly say no to you, Elise?

And after, can we join the
parade, please, Uncle Dwayne?

Of course we can!

I don't suppose you've seen Dwayne?

That way.

There you go, sir.

So tell me more about this Baron Leve.

Is he somebody I should be scared of?

Oh, I'd say so, sir.

On Fete Mouri, it's claimed
he returns to the living world

in search of a companion to
join him in the afterlife.


Ca va? Hello.

Selwyn, old boy.

So pleased you could make it.

Delighted to be here, Hugh.

Always happy to support local charities.

Oh, indeed. I really must get
you aboard the boat this year.

Don't worry, we won't do
anything so vulgar as sailing it.

Let me get you a drink.

Rum, comme d'habitude, for our noble
officer of the law, please, Antoine.

I'm so glad you could make it.

- Ah, Catherine!
- Charlotte!

- Lovely to see you.
- Thank you for inviting me.

I feel honoured to be here.

Nonsense, we're the honoured ones.

Having the mayor herself
to host our auction.

I just hope I raise enough money.

Oh, you've no worries there.

We're a generous lot at the yacht club.

Hugh, sweetie.

Have you seen Daisy? She and Finn
really ought to be here by now.

Not seen hide nor hair
of her since this morning.

Hi, Catherine.

Let's go and look at the prizes.

So, Dwayne, what happened to Elise?

Darlene's taken her home for dinner.

Thank goodness.

You know, sometimes I don't really
think I've earned my evening beer.

But this one?

- Most definitely.
- Excuse me.

- You're the police, right?
- Can we help you at all?

It's my wife. I think she's been murdered.

I saw a message had been left on
my answerphone, so I played it.

It was Daisy, and...

.. something's happened
to her, something awful.

'Message received,

Thursday, 1st February, 2018, at 4.57pm.

What are you doing? Put the knife down.

Please, put it down.

Get off me! No!

How could someone do that to her?

Well, we don't know
anything for certain yet.

Do you have any idea where Daisy
was supposed to be this afternoon?

At the yacht club. She's a member.

There was some charity event on there.

And so when was the last time you saw her?

Just after four.

That's when she left for the club.

And apart from this
message left at 4.57pm,

did you hear from her
or see her after that?

No. I assumed she was at the
clubhouse enjoying herself.

Right. If Mrs Anderson was last
seen heading for the yacht club,

then we start the search there.

Dwayne, JP. Finn, I want you to
wait here until we have some news.

DS Cassell will stay with
you and look after you, OK?

Sold to Charlotte Hamilton for 1,000.

Now on to our next lot,

a course of private lessons with the
yacht club's own sailing instructor

Adam Warner. Adam, where are you?

I'll open the bidding myself. 200.

300. 400.

Excuse me, Commissioner.

- Inspector?
- I'm sorry to bother you.

Can you spare a minute?

Come on. Ten...

.. 11...

Daisy Anderson?

- I know her. - We believe
someone attacked her with a knife.

Selwyn, what's going on?

It's Daisy. We're concerned
something may have happened to her,

but, as far as we're aware, she
didn't make it to the auction.

No, although I'm sure someone said

they saw her car parked out at the front.

Of course. It's locked.

If her car's here, in
theory, she must be as well.

OK, let's search the place.

Dwayne, JP, you take inside.

Commissioner, if you wouldn't
mind pitching in with the troops,

- perhaps we could search the grounds.
- Glad to be of help, Inspector.


It's Daisy Anderson.

DS Cassell.

Oh, I see.

I'll let him know.

I'm really sorry.

We don't need a postmortem
to tell us she was stabbed.

Single stroke to the chest.

One and a half inch blade,
by the looks of things.


Defensive wounds to her forearms

would suggest she put
up some sort of a fight.

Poor girl.

Make-up, car keys, mobile phone.

Last call was made this afternoon to Finn.


Yeah. Tallies with the message
left on his answerphone.

We were all inside taking
part in the auction then.

So if she did scream for help,
that's why nobody heard her.

She probably reached for
her phone in desperation.

This little posy, I saw others
wearing it at the carnival.

Is it a Fete Mouri thing?

It's from a plant called jatropha.

It's meant to ward off evil beings.

Hang on. There's something
wedged behind the flowers.

A butterfly.

May I?

I'm something of a lepidopterist.

Butterflies. A hobby
of mine since childhood.

- Oh. - It's a Pieridae,
a yellow passion.

But it shouldn't be here.

- What do you mean, sir?
- I mean, it shouldn't be anywhere.

The yellow passion emerges from
the chrysalis in early summer.

It lives about six weeks.

It would have died six months ago.

Well, then, why was it lodged
in the victim's clothing?

Inspector, this is Hugh Davenport,

chairman here at the yacht club.

And this is Charlotte Hamilton,
club secretary and treasurer.

Please, don't worry,

I'm going to try and keep
this as brief as possible.

Finn, could I trouble you to go
over Mrs Anderson's movements this

afternoon just one more time?


Daisy got back from setting up the
auction at the club around three,

showered, got changed,
left again just after four.

And how was she, in good spirits?

Yeah, I suppose.

- She was fine. - Nothing out of
the ordinary about her behaviour?

Daisy seemed really upbeat when she
was with us at the club earlier.

The three of us spent the morning
preparing the function room.

And Finn, if you don't mind me asking,

why did you not want to
come with her this afternoon?

This place, it's not
really my scene, you know?

So you went to the
festival in town instead?

Must've got there around half four.

Had a beer at Ziggy's bar.

Which is where you picked
up the answerphone message?

Yeah. That's when I came to find you guys.

Can any of you think of a reason why

someone might want to do this to Daisy?

I mean,

she hardly knew anyone on the island.

Just her mates at the club.

Finn and Daisy moved here
less than a year ago.

That's why Daisy joined the
club, to make new friends.

Must have been someone got
into the club, don't you think?

Yeah. I suppose it must. Thank you.

Well, thanks for your cooperation.

I really do appreciate your
help at this sensitive time.

I almost forgot -- did Daisy have

anything at all to do with butterflies,

- collect them or anything?
- No.

- Why?
- It's probably nothing.

Ah, chief, the crime scene's been

processed and the body's been released.

Good stuff. JP, did you get
to search Mrs Anderson's car?

- Yes, I did. - Find anything
that might lead to our killer?

Well, the only thing I found is this.

It was shoved in the
back of the glove box.

It's from Boutique Fleur.

Probably means it's expensive.

Well, I'll have to take your word for it.

Let's get it back to the station.

There's nothing else you'd
like us to do now, chief?

I'm afraid so, Dwayne.

There are 40 plus guests waiting
to have their statements taken and

- photographs. - So we won't be getting
back to the festival any time soon,

- then?
- Sorry, not a chance.


If there's nothing else you need him for,

I've said Mr Anderson can go home now.

Of course. Thanks again.

Can I see her?

I'll do it.

Florence, how was he, Finn, you
know, when you broke the news?

As you'd expect, devastated.

Just something about him. It's
been bothering me ever since

he came up to us at Catherine's
bar. It's what he said...

- It's my wife. - That he thought
his wife had been murdered.

- And?
- Well, up to that point,

he didn't know for sure that
she had been murdered, did he?

The thing is, in the phone
message that we listened to,

you could hear Daisy being attacked,

but there was nothing
definite to say she was dead.

Well, maybe he made an assumption.

Yeah, but do you not find that

relatives tend to cling to the idea that

their loved ones are still alive?

They're not willing to entertain the
possibility that they might be dead.

- Almost always the case.
- That's true.

So why was Finn so ready to leap to

the conclusion that his
wife had been murdered?

You think he knew she was already dead?

I'm just saying, in my
book, it's suspicious.

Harry? Your breakfast, it's on the table.


Come on.

Stop your messing. I know
you're here somewhere.

Not like you not to eat your breakfast.

Ah, there you are.

He's definitely a bit
green around the gills.

Isn't he supposed to be that
colour, being he's a lizard?

I suppose he does look a bit...

- Peaky?
- Exactly, sir, yes, peaky.

Well, listen, let's keep
him here under observation,

and if the symptoms get worse...

We will put the little
fella out of his misery.

No, Dwayne, we'll take him to the vet.

- Vet? - In the meantime, we've
got a murder case to solve.

He's going to take a lizard to the vet?

I've seen everything now.

Now, yesterday, just after four o'clock,

Daisy Anderson left her house and

drove to the Saint Marie yacht club...

.. to attend their Fete
Mouri charity auction.

Now, at 4.57 exactly,

a message was left from her mobile
onto her husband's answerphone,

and in it she was heard being
attacked by someone with a knife.

Her body was then discovered
by the commissioner and myself,

at 6.15 of the same evening.

So, between leaving her house
here and being stabbed here,

something drew our victim's attention

to the yacht club lookout point.

Now, our job is to work out who

lured poor Daisy Anderson to her death.

So, Dwayne, what do we
have so far on our victim?

32 years of age,
originally from Wiltshire.

Now, up until two years ago, she
was working as a personal trainer.

That's how she met her husband.

He was a member of a
gym she was working at.

- Finn Anderson.
- The man's really rich.

He created a download game.

It was so popular that
just over a year ago

he sold it to a social media
company for £7 million.

Seven million for a game?

The world's gone bonkers, JB.

Finn and Daisy got married
when he sold the company

and moved to the island
shortly after that.

Now, her millionaire husband
is our only suspect so far.

But he claims he was in Ziggy's
bar at the time of the murder.

Well, we went to Ziggy's bar
early in the morning, sir,

and we can confirm that Finn was
seen arriving at the bar at 4.30pm.

And was seen leaving, looking
worried, just before 5.30pm.

- You're sure about this?
- 100% positive.

100%. That's pretty conclusive.

So, if Finn Anderson was seen at a bar

in Honore between 4.30pm

to 5.30, well,

then he couldn't very well have

killed his wife at the yacht
club two miles away at 4.57pm,

could he?

So, if it wasn't Finn who killed her,

it must have been one of the
witnesses we questioned last night.

No way. We interviewed
over 40 people in that room

and not one of them said
they saw anybody leave.

Well, what about CCTV?

Well, there's one camera in reception.

I checked the footage
but it doesn't even show

the entrance of the function room.

Right. Well, why don't you lads
head over to Mr and Mrs Anderson's

house and see what you can find there?

- Yes, chief.
- Yes, sir.

- Sarge.
- Well, Florence.

- What's the story?
- The bracelet JP found in the victim's car.

- What about it? - It was obviously
a gift and it's very expensive.

So, why was it just pushed to the
back of the glove compartment?

- Like it was unwanted.
- Exactly.

So, I went to Boutique Fleur and

asked them to give me all
the details they had for

the sale of the bracelet.

- And? - It was sold two weeks ago
for 395 to a guy called Adam Warner.

Adam Warner.

Adam Warner.


He's the club sailing instructor.

Yeah. So what's he doing
giving one of its female members

400 pieces of jewellery?

I mean, I suppose.

Yeah, there was a brief dalliance

- of sorts between myself and
Mrs Anderson. - Dalliance.

And what does that mean,
playing footsie under the table?

We slept together. A
handful of times or so.

It was a physical thing,
you know, no more than that.

So, why the expensive present?

Just being gentlemanly, I suppose.

Look, I admit, I liked
Daisy. She was a good sort.

But we both knew what we were
doing was never going to last.

- I'm not sure I believe you, Adam.
- I don't know what you mean.

I mean, I just find it hard
to believe that a young man

like yourself, earning what, 200 a week...

- 210, actually.
- I stand corrected.

Would spend half his monthly
salary on a gift for a lady

unless he had very strong
feelings for the said lady.

All right, yeah.

I did have feelings for Daisy.

She wasn't like the other members,

banging on about their
bank accounts and BMWs.

I thought she felt the same about me.

Until I gave her that.

Her face when she opened it.

She wasn't impressed?

Told me there and then
it was over between us,

that we'd obviously got crossed wires.

Felt like I'd made a total fool of myself.

Tell me, when was this exactly?

A couple of weeks ago.

She switched instructors the next
day after that, she just blanked me.

Must have hurt. Made you angry.


You don't think I did it, do you?

You wouldn't be the first to
kill someone over a broken heart.

So, our victim had an affair,
albeit a short-lived one.

Finn never mentioned that, did he?

- Maybe he didn't know.
- Or maybe he did.

Had a feeling he was hiding something,

perhaps it's the fact he had motive.

We need to talk to him.

Now, is it me or did Mr Davenport
run off like a scalded cat

- at the sight of us?
- I'll see if I can find out what he was up to.

Hi. I'm a police officer, investigating...


Mr Davenport was asking the receptionist

for yesterday's recordings
from the CCTV camera.

Did she say why he wanted them?

Just that he seemed really keen
to get his hands on the discs.

I thought it might be worth taking a look.

Good idea.

Come on, let's go and see what Finn
Anderson has to say for himself.

You don't mind, do you?

No, no, you dig in, there.

Looks lovely.

- Would you like a slice?
- Are you sure you don't mind?

All right.

So, we were just wondering,

can you tell us how were things
between yourself and your wife

over the past couple of months?

I think we can take it from that pause
that things weren't exactly rosy.

No. I mean, we were having a rough patch.

- You were arguing?
- Sometimes.

What about?

I'm not very outgoing, you know.

I just like staying in, playing
computer games and stuff.

I think she felt she sometimes
wanted a bit more from life.

And tell me now, Finn,
do you think that's why

your wife started
sleeping with another man?

A-ha! You see, you hesitated again.

You gave yourself away, which
tells me you already knew.

She told me a few days ago,

said she was sorry but that
maybe it was a wake-up call

that we needed to make some
changes in our marriage.

- And what did you say?
- I agreed. We both needed to try harder.

Then why did you not
mention this yesterday?

I guess it didn't cross my mind.

You know it wasn't me, right?

I was in a bar when Daisy was killed.

We know, we already checked.

Do you think maybe I
should take his temperature?

There must be a thermometer
in the first aid kit.

Do you even know what a lizard's
temperature is supposed to be?

Fair point, Florence.

Where would I stick it?

Maybe I'll just give him some fresh water.

Good idea. If he's still like
this by the end of the day,

we'll take him to the vet.

All right, let's stick our suspect
number two up on the whiteboard.

Though after speaking
to Finn Anderson again,

I'm even more convinced that he's our man.

But if it's him, we still
have no idea how he was able

to stab Daisy at the yacht club.

When he was seen at the exact time
it happened in a bar full of people.

And if it wasn't him, then how
could anyone else have done it

when the rest of our suspects were
seen at the auction when it happened?

Oh, sir. The CCTV from the club reception.

Ah, yes. JP, we believe
there's something on it

that Hugh Davenport
doesn't want us to see.

We just don't know what.

OK. I'll go through it.

And go back as far as you can
on the day of the murder,

we know that Hugh and Daisy were there
together getting the club ready.

I'll help Dwayne sort through the items
we recovered from the victim's study.

Great. And while you're at that,

I think I'll pay a visit
to our local mayor.

She knows who's who at the yacht club.

So, as host of the auction, I'd take
it you'd a good view of the room,

seeing who was coming or going.

- Yes. - I was on stage
through the whole thing.

Sold, 25!

I could see everyone.

Right. And did anyone leave the room
between the time the auction started

at 4.30pm and when we turned up?


There was something I wanted
to tell you about, though.

About Daisy Anderson.

Oh, yes?

Two weeks ago, Daisy was alone at the bar,

going over some papers.

It's so hot today.

She ordered a drink, and
was asking me what I knew

- about a charity called...
- Project Saint Marie.

I told her I'd never heard of it.

She looked puzzled.

Said I must have got it wrong.

But it's part of my job as mayor to
be across all the island charities

and there's no such thing
as Project Saint Marie.

And what would this have
to do with the yacht club?

I saw that the papers she was going
over had the club logo at the top.

Daisy saw I'd noticed and covered them up.

What sort of papers, could you tell?

It looked like they were
from the club's accounts.

And Daisy was definitely troubled?


Saint Marie National Bank never
heard of Project Saint Marie,

let alone have an account
registered in that name.

What about the cooperative?

They have a business account, set
up two years ago in that name,

receives 1,000 a month
in untaxed donations.

It's not a registered
charity on the island?

It's basically a cover for the
account holder's personal finance.

They are funnelling money from the
yacht club into their own account

under the pretence of
charitable donations.

Whose name is the account in?

Wait for it.

Club secretary and treasurer,
Charlotte Hamilton no less.

Afternoon, Inspector.

Afternoon, Mrs Hamilton.

Very impressive. Do you have a moment?

Yes, of course. How can I help?

Well, might be better if we went inside.

I see. Well, do come in.

Lovely place you've got here.

- Thank you.
- Takes some upkeep, I imagine.

Well, I have help. And I've lived
in this house ever since I moved

to the island with my husband,

so there's a fair few memories
I'm not quite ready to let go of.

And when did he pass away, your husband,

if you don't mind me asking?

Four years ago.


Sorry about that.

So, did he not leave you much
in his inheritance, then?

- I beg your pardon?
- It's just...

.. I've been trying to work out why
you're fleecing the yacht club.

For what is it, 1,000 every month?

What on earth are you talking about?

Does Project Saint Marie
mean anything to you?

I imagine you might prefer
something a little stronger.

Yes, I think I rather would, do you mind?

- I don't suppose you...
- No, you're grand.

May I ask how you found out?

Mrs Anderson was seen
studying the club accounts

and overheard asking questions
about Project Saint Marie.

You were right about my husband.

He was a banker. Liked taking
risks, ended up taking one too many.

He left me with very little.

Which is why you stole
money from the club.

I didn't st...

I didn't think anyone would notice.

I'm the treasurer, so I oversee
where all the money is allocated.

Nobody has ever shown the least interest.

But then Mrs Henderson did.

As soon as Daisy arrived,

she threw herself into
everything to do with the club.

Including its charity work?


Could you not just have
got yourself a job?

Doing what? I have a reputation to
uphold, I'm the club's secretary,

its treasurer. People respect me.

I can hardly be seen manning the
checkout in the local minimart.

I assume Daisy finding out
the truth had you worried.

Could be charged with theft, fraud.

I was go... Well, I am going
to pay all the money back.

I'm selling what I can.

Paintings, furniture.

It's why I was washing down the speedboat.

I admit, I haven't acted with much
dignity this past couple of years.

But I can assure you I haven't sunk
to the depths of committing murder

in order to solve my financial problems.

And then there were three.

Charlotte Hamilton, Adam
Warner and Finn Anderson.

They all have motives.

And all of them have alibis.

Adam and Charlotte were
inside the clubhouse.

And Finn was at a bar in town.

Which means none of
them could have done it,

- so if it wasn't one of
them, then who? - And why?

Why did Daisy Henderson
have to die yesterday?

And while we're asking questions
with unfathomable answers,

can someone also tell me what
this little chap was doing

at our crime scene? I went online
and the commissioner was right.

This type of butterfly should
have been deep in hibernation.

Or whatever it is butterflies do.

So what was it doing tucked under
our victim's posy of flowers?

Sir, I've got something for you.

OK. I've been checking through the
CCTV at the reception, like you asked,

and just before one o'clock, Hugh
and Daisy can be seen leaving.

Just before they go, they
stop and talk for a moment.


Whatever he said, she clearly
didn't like it, at all.

Chief, if it's any help,

my Auntie Jean has been
hearing impaired since birth

but she's a real dab hand at reading lips.

Really? And do you think she'd be up
for looking at the footage for us?

Help solve a murder case?

She'd be over the moon.

Great. Well, first thing tomorrow,
we'll see if Dwayne's Auntie Jean

can work out exactly what Hugh
said to upset Daisy Anderson.

Until then, I say we call it a day.


OK, Harry. Enough's enough.

Time to get you to the vet's.

You're not coming, Dwayne?

I might stay a while, do
some paperwork, you know?



Look, if I give it an hour or so
before I go over to Darlene's house,

Elise will be asleep which
means I don't have to spend

any time with her, OK?


- Coming. - I'm really sorry I
couldn't get here earlier, Darlene.

I'm afraid we've got a really demanding
murder investigation going on.


Sounds like you earned this.

Thank you.

Wait, you're not joining me?

I need something a bit stronger.


Everything all right?

I'm just a bit tired, that's all.

I didn't get a wink of sleep last night.

Elise kept waking up with nightmares.

I think taking her to Fete
Mouri wasn't the best idea.

Auntie Darlene...

.. I can't sleep, I'm scared.

Oh, darling.

Why don't you go back to bed?

I will come read you a story, OK?

Go on.

Look. If Elise is scared,
and you're tired,

why don't I go in there and tell
her the story and you stay here

and finish your rum, hmm?

- You sure?
- Of course.

I mean, who better than Officer Dwayne
Myers to go in and reassure her?

So when Carlton got back
to the hideout on the beach,

he saw Beatrice was there waiting for him.

And she did not look happy.

Elise, your Auntie Darlene tells me
you've been having some nightmares.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

Well, let me tell you a real story.

When I was young, and I had a bad dream,

I would draw a picture of
whatever was frightening me.

Fold the paper over, and
throw it into the bin.

And if I did that, all the bad
thoughts would go away, guaranteed.

So, if you ever have another
bad dream, you do that.

- OK?
- OK.

Where were we?

"There you are," said Beatrice!

"I've been waiting here all day."

- Morning, sir.
- Morning, Florence.

How did things go at the vet's?

He said Harry's definitely not well.

And I did the right thing bringing him in.

The thing about lizards,
they're small and fragile.

If anything goes wrong,
well, not much you can do.

Anyway, he's kept Harry in overnight,

said he'd call me this morning
and let me know what's happening.

I'm sorry, sir.

Just can't believe...

I mean, he's just a
lizard, for Pete's sake.

Maybe he's more than that.

Like it or not, perhaps Harry's
become a part of your new life here.


All I know is sitting here
moping's not going to help.

So come on, let's see what
Dwayne's Auntie Jean's got for us.

Amazing, Auntie.

JP, how are we getting on?

Auntie Jean is basically amazing.

She managed to tell us everything
that Hugh Davenport said

to Mrs Anderson on the CCTV footage.

Brilliant, does it give us anything?

If you ask me, sir, Mr Davenport
is a nasty piece of work.

- How so? - Well, we think
he was blackmailing Daisy.

You see, he'd somehow found out
about her affair with Adam Warner.

Said he'd tell her husband
unless, and I quote,

"We can come to some kind of arrangement."

- Meaning? - Well, he says it
while he was stroking her cheek.

I think he was blackmailing
her to sleep with him, sir.

Creepy old lech.

We need to talk to him.

Here, give these to Auntie Jean.


You're after these, I
believe, Mr Davenport.

I thought I'd just check
to see if there was any sign

of who might have killed Mrs Anderson.

So it wasn't because you
wanted to destroy the evidence

of your conversation with
Daisy the day she was killed?

Conversation? We...

We spoke about quite a bit that day.

About club stuff and such.

The conversation in which
you promised not to reveal

Mrs Anderson's affair with Alan
Warner in return for sexual favours.

Ringing any bells, Hugh?

You make it sound so sordid.

You know, when I came out
to the Caribbean? 1974.

I was chief engineer for the oilfields

off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago.

By the time I retired, I was rich.

But I had never stopped to find someone

to share my life with.

And here was a young woman you
thought you could manipulate.

She wasn't blameless.

She was the one that was sleeping around.

OK. So it's her own fault
she was blackmailed?

It wasn't blackmail.

No? Threatening to reveal
her secret if she didn't do

your grubby bidding, what was it?

Well, I wasn't going to
go through with it, was I?

I was just trying it on, that's all.

Tell me, Hugh, what did she
say when she left here,

at the end of the conversation?

- What do you mean? - I mean, did she
threaten to tell the club officials

or go to the police?

Do you mean, did she say something
that might give me reason

- to murder her? - Yeah.
- Don't be ridiculous.

She told me where to go,
that's about the sum of it.

And just to be clear, as she walked away,

I just thought to myself,

"Well, there goes another one."

Mr Davenport is clearly a horrible person,

but I don't think he sees
what he did as wrong,

so would he commit murder over it?


Sorry, Florence, I was listening.
And I quite agree, I don't think

he has a clue how
appallingly he's behaved.

What is it, sir,
something's bothering you?

There's a gap in our timeline.

I don't know why I didn't
pick up on it before.

- What do you mean? - Well, the
CCTV of Hugh and Daisy's conversation

shows her leaving the clubhouse at 1pm...


.. on the day of her murder.

But when we questioned Finn
the same day, he told us...

Daisy got back from setting up the
auction at the club around three.

That's a whole two hours unaccounted for.

You're right, sir.

- So where did she go?
- I mean, it could be anywhere on the island.

Sat nav.

OK, let's see. Here we go.

Recent destinations.

The last journey programmed in.

Four minutes past one, two days ago.

Just when she was leaving the yacht
club after speaking with Hugh.

Hugh Davenport.

35 Rue Dauphin, mean anything?

Let me find out.

Here we are, 35 Rue Dauphin is a
business address, Johnson & Bird.

They're a solicitors who
specialise in family law.

So Daisy Anderson went to see a
solicitor the afternoon she was killed?

A visit to a solicitor specialising
in family law when her own marriage

wasn't in the best of nick?

Well, it's got to be filing for divorce.

You wait right there, OK?



Darlene, what you doing here?

I was clearing out Elise's room...

.. when I find this in her bin.

I think I know why she's
been having these nightmares.


Wasn't Daisy Anderson wearing
a black and white dress

- when she was murdered?
- Mm.

It also looks a hell of a lot like Finn.

Now, Elise, you're sure
this is what you saw?

And it was here in the town when...
when the big festival was going on?

I'd run and hid from Uncle Dwayne
because I wanted a coconut ice.

And then you saw a man looking like
this and he was holding a knife

up to a lady looking like this?

You're being so brave, Elise.

Now, my last question, Elise,

and then I'm sure your Auntie
Darlene is going to buy you

the biggest coconut ice you've ever seen.

Can you remember where this happened?

Right, let's spread out.


JP, do your thing.

Yeah, it's blood, sir.

So potentially this is where
Daisy Anderson was killed.

And it looks like you were
right, it was Finn who did it.

Dwayne, JP, I want samples of
this blood sent to the lab ASAP.

But if the murder happened
here and Elise witnessed it

just before she was taken
home at half three...

.. that's an hour and a half
before the voice message was left,

when we heard Daisy being killed.

I know, I can't figure it out either.

But if we've got the time of death wrong,

and it was earlier than
we thought, well, then,

that means Finn Anderson
no longer has an alibi.

It means he could have done it after all.

What do you mean you've got
a witness who saw me do it?

Someone saw you stabbing Daisy
Anderson in an alleyway in Honore

- at 3.30 two days ago.
- That's impossible.

Her body was found at the yacht club
and it was three minutes to five.

We've also found evidence
of blood in an alleyway,

which we're convinced
will prove to be Daisy's.

And there's something else we found.

Yeah, it's been a busy
old day for us, Finn.

Daisy was filing for divorce.

- I didn't know that.
- You see, you did it again, you paused.

If you want us to believe you didn't know,

you need to come straight out
with it, really sell it to us,

like this is the first time you
heard any mention of divorce.

Now, I'll tell you what I think happened,

and you feel free to tell me
if I've got it right or wrong.

I think Daisy didn't leave your
house at four, as you suggested.

I think it was earlier than that.

Some time around three.

But something stopped her.

And I'll hazard a guess that
she decided to come back,

as you two had unfinished business.

Now, we know things have
been strained between you.

A lot of arguing. Daisy had an affair.

And that afternoon she'd gone to
a solicitor to discuss divorce.

And according to him, she said
she was going to speak to you

about it the same day.

And I imagine you probably didn't want to.

You probably knew what was coming.

So you walked out of there,

insisting you were going to the festival.

But Daisy came with you.

She forced you to listen
to what she had to say.


It's over. OK?

It's over.

And I imagine you didn't take
too kindly to hearing that Daisy

was leaving you. Because there's
one thing I've come to learn

about you, Finn, you don't like
not having things your own way.

On top of which, if Daisy did leave you,

she'd take a share of your £7 million.

I can imagine that made you angry.

So in the heat of the moment,
you got your hands on a knife.

And when you were out of sight from
the crowds, you stabbed your wife.

What are you do...?

Killing her stone dead.

So, Finn, am I right?

If it was me and I stabbed her
in that alleyway, explain this --

how come she was found at the yacht club?

I assume you moved her body.

In the middle of Honore on
the day of the festival.

You guys were there, you saw
the place, it was heaving.

How did I manage to take
a body across the street

and into a boot of a
car and not get caught?

I don't know what it was
that your witness saw,

but it wasn't me killing Daisy.

From the start, one suspect has
been the main focus of our attention,

- Finn Anderson.
- He's lied to us more than once.

We know Daisy had betrayed him
and was also about to abandon him.

He's steeped in motive.

On top of which we have a
witness who claims she saw him

stabbing Daisy during
the festival in Honore.

So why haven't we arrested him, then?

Because if Finn murdered his wife
at the festival in Honore at 3.30,

then we still have no idea how he
managed to move the body two miles

across the island to the yacht club.

And there's something else I've
realised doesn't make any sense.

The answerphone message, where
we hear Daisy being stabbed.

- What about it? - Well, there's
no noise in the background.

If the murder took place in town, we
would have heard the festival going on!

You're right, sir, we would.

I'll get it, sir.

So if Daisy wasn't killed
at the festival by Finn,

then it must have
happened at the yacht club,

which brings us back to the
three members we've found so far

- who have motives.
- Sir, it's the vet.




OK. Thank you.

He's on the mend.

They still have no idea
what was wrong with him,

it was touch and go there for a while.

My little fella fought it
off and he pulled through.

- That's a relief.
- Yeah, that's great news, sir.

Oh, yes, and the little lizard
gets to fight another day.


The little lizard lives
to fight another day.

I just said that.

He fought it off and pulled through.

Are you all right, sir?

But that's what happens at
the Fete Mouri, isn't it?

The dead come back to life, don't they?

Of course they do. I don't know why
it's taken me so long to realise it.

Get off!

And she valued our friendship.

You make it sound so sordid.

She wasn't like the other members,

banging on about their
bank accounts and BMWs.

Are you OK, sir? You know who did it?

Florence, I do. And what's
more, I know where they did it.

OK, so which one was it, sir?

Was Daisy Anderson murdered
in the alleyway in the town

during the festival or
up at the yacht club?

Neither, JP. It happened
somewhere else entirely.

Tradition has it that the
leaves of the Jatropha plant

carry mystic powers to
ward off evil spirits.

Now sadly this old Saint Marie custom
is no more than folklore, a myth,

because despite wearing this,
someone who's sitting here right now

plunged the knife deep into Daisy
Anderson's heart and killed her.

So which one of you did it?

At every turn during this investigation,

the evidence we uncovered
kept bringing us back to Finn.

First it was the fact that
he neglected to tell us

about Daisy's infidelity.

But then we discovered that
Daisy had been to see a solicitor

and told Finn she wanted a divorce.

Yes, and the final nail in his
coffin, we found a witness,

who saw him attack Daisy with a
knife in an alleyway in Honore

during the recent festivities.

Except if Finn was the
man seen stabbing Daisy,

at 3.30 the afternoon of
the Fete Mouri festival,

then how come we've got an
answerphone recording of the murder

taking place an hour and
a half later at 4.57pm?

It's baffling.

Message received Thursday
1st February 2018 at 4.57pm.

What are you doing?

Put the knife down.

Please, put it down.

Get off me!


So who was it? Come on!

Who was it wielding the
knife when that was recorded?

Who was it who stabbed and killed Daisy?

It was you, Charlotte, wasn't it?

I'm sorry, you...

- You think it was me?
- You murdered Daisy Anderson in cold blood.

I'm going to tell you how it happened.

Strange as it may sound, Finn
did attempt to kill Daisy,

in the alleyway that afternoon,
but he didn't succeed.

Now, we know Daisy had
defensive wounds on her arms.

She must have lashed out,
tried to protect herself.

Must have hurt.

Caused her to cry out in pain.

And in that moment, as she looked
at you, terrified and bewildered,

I think you suddenly realised
what you were doing, Finn.

Because I think at heart you're
a weak person, aren't you?

You said yourself that
you don't find life easy.

You'd much rather sit at home and
eat pizza and play computer games.

So when it comes to doing
something that requires bravado,

like trying to kill someone, for example,

I don't think you were up to it.

And in that moment, Daisy
saw her chance to escape.

She grabbed the knife and ran.

Stay away. Stay back!

The question is, where, or
rather who, did Daisy run to?

You must have been shocked when she
arrived at your house, Charlotte.

With her arms bloody, a knife in her hand.

But as she told you what happened, I think
you sensed an opportunity presenting itself.

An opportunity to deal with two of
your problems in one fell swoop.

To get rid of the one person
who knew about the money

you'd stolen from the club.

And also to make yourself
financially secure again.

So you made your decision,

you were going to finish the
job that Finn had started.

So what did you do? You grabbed
your phone and, I assume,

under the pretence of calling the police,

you pressed record on the voice memo app.

And I imagine poor, trusting Daisy,

she had no idea that her life was
in danger until it was too late.

What are you doing? Put the knife down.

Please, put it down. Get off me!


Next, you needed to find
Finn, am I right, Finn?

Finn, don't.

I was headed home. I was
desperate to find Daisy.

Try and sort it. Charlotte was
already at the house waiting.

She told me Daisy had come to her,
told her how I tried to kill her.

Daisy was going to get me
arrested for attempted murder.

And if she divorced me...

.. I'd be left with nothing.

So then I take it she told you
she'd sorted everything out?

Daisy was no longer a problem.

All you had to do was play along.

And with Finn committing to the plan,

Charlotte, you moved on to the next stage.

Establishing your alibi.

And seeing as you were supposed to
be at a party at the yacht club,

you decided that was where
you'd have to do it.

But how to transport the body?

So what were you really up
to the day after the murder

when we called around?

You were cleaning, all
right, that's for sure,

but it wasn't the boat that
you were interested in.

It was the tarpaulin
that was bothering you.

Because that's how you
transported the body, isn't it?

Which explains one of the
oddities of this investigation.

How come a long dead butterfly
ended up at the crime scene?

You see, it must have crawled under
the tarpaulin many months previously

and died.

But that afternoon it got
rolled up with the body.

It was then a simple matter to
drive to the club in Daisy's car...

.. and straight to the lookout point...

.. where you dumped the body
before returning to the clubhouse.

We assume you hid the tarpaulin
somewhere you could later retrieve it.

All you had to do then was establish
an apparent time of death.

Easy enough for someone who had the
foresight to record the whole murder.

You'd already made sure to
bring Daisy's phone with you

and you were wearing gloves as
part of your extravagant outfit.

Now it was just a question of
calling Finn with Daisy's phone,

as previously arranged with him,
and when it went to voicemail,

pressing play on your own phone.

And then all that was left was for
Finn to find us, play the message,

and for you to return Daisy's
phone to her possession.

It was you who steered us towards
Daisy's car in the club car park

while we were out looking for her.

And when we went to find it, the car,

I imagine you seized your moment
to nip back to Daisy's body,

and return the phone.

I don't understand.

Why would Charlotte do all this
for Finn, why would she help him?

It's an excellent question, Hugh,

and I think Finn can
help us to answer that.

Money. She wanted money.

£1 million.

Simple, really.

Money. Boring old money.

That's what it boils down to.

That's what Charlotte has
lived for most of her life.

The luxuries it brings.

Lovely place you've got here.

The status it gives you.

I have a reputation to uphold.

You wanted back the
comfortable, affluent life

to which you'd become accustomed.

And you found a way to do it.

By killing an entirely innocent woman.

Arrest them both, would you?

Finn for attempted murder.

Charlotte, full charge.

You pathetic...

Charlotte Hamilton, I'm
arresting you for murder.

Be good to have him back, Florence.

It really wasn't the same without him.

And I'm sure Harry agrees.

Welcome home, buddy.

You feeling better?

I'll go get us a couple
of beers to celebrate.

Give you both a moment.

You know, you really had me worried there.

I know, it's probably my
fault for overfeeding you,

but you don't have to eat everything
you see on the plate, do you?

Now, the vet says you've
got to go on a diet.


This is our little secret, OK?

Go on, off you scuttle, enjoy yourself.


You're right. Harry,
he is a part of my life.

Don't know when it happened, but...

.. I'm starting to feel
like I belong here.

I think you do, sir.

So this afternoon I want to focus

on the healing power of the breath.

Enjoy your swim, my love.

Enjoy your meditation.

- Daniel?
- Wait here.

He's dead.

His belt, it's the exact same
width as the marks on his neck.

This one, it's missing a belt.

This speech I've got to make
for the commissioner's award.

It's driving me mad. How am
I supposed to make a speech

about someone I hardly know?

Believe by Daniel Friend.
It's really fascinating.

It says that if there's
something you want in life,

there are these visualisation
exercises you can use.

I'm just trying to get a
sense of you as a civilian

as well as a commissioner.

What do you look like when
you take off your uniform?

Excuse me?

If I close my eyes and I visualise
Tino walking round the bend.

What I've willed to happen
should actually happen.

Maybe you should try another book.