Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Episode #7.1 - full transcript

It's the first full case for DI Jack Mooney on the Island, and he's convinced a woman's apparent suicide is murder.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Who knew a seating plan
could be this hard?

I don't even know
who half these people are.

Thank you, Rita. No problem, sir.

I might have guessed I'd find my
best man at the bar. Dad! Stephen.

How's the blushing bride?


Well, I've a few pre-wedding
jitters, but I'll be fine.

17 hotels in our portfolio
and you had to choose this one.

It's like the entire island
moves at quarter speed.

Karen, darling,
I couldn't care less.

I'm not here to work,
I'm here for my wedding.

Now, is everything set with
the welcome drinks? Daddy?


I am so sorry! Oh, I wanted to be
here when you arrived.

But I was just
so stressed from that plane.

I literally had to get some Reiki.

This is what you're marrying into,

Not too late to make a run for it.


I mean, I may as well have not
brought my phone at all.

There is totes no service.

People just think
I've fallen off the earth.


And don't get me started

on the bridesmaid's dress
they're making me wear.

I'm going to look like
an overripe plum.

It's basically horrendous.


Your shirt, Mr Marston.
Thank you so much.

Audrey, you're a life-saver.


Oh, thank you very much.
How are you? Lovely to see you.

I'm glad you could come. It's
lovely, thank you. Where's Diane?

She'll be down in a minute.
The band are far too loud.

I have to talk to Oliver.
Your band is perfect.

Everything's perfect, so for once
stop fussing and have a drink, OK?

We're so pleased
to welcome so many dear friends

and family to the Marston Hotel,
Saint Marie.

I just want to talk you
briefly through

the running order for tomorrow.

The wedding will start at 10:30
in the morning. Don't be late.

Mr Marston. Is everything all right?


Diane? Let me in.

I can't, I'm sorry!

..passed her...


Excuse me.





Oh! Oh!

Suspect has entered the market.

Blue T-shirt.

Got him.

Blue T-shirt.

10 o'clock.

OK, so, that's one teaspoon
of turmeric

and three teaspoons of chilli paste.

No, Jack, it's three teaspoons of

one teaspoon of chilli paste.
Oh, right!

You wouldn't want to get that wrong,
now, would you?

Blow your head clean off.
Not just your head!




Stop, police!

Hey! Hey, wait! Come here!


Melon curry.

Who'd have thought
it was even a thing?

Who tried it first?

Can I get you a drink?

I'm on duty.

Oh, just a small one.


Where is he? I don't know. OK...

Now, Catherine,
are you sure it isn't too big?

I mean, there's only the two of us,
you know that.

It will be fine, trust me.
It's very heavy.

Here, would you hold this
for a sec? You're under arrest.

But then you look like
a bright young man,
you probably guessed as much.

What with the handcuffs and all.

You got him.


I don't know.

what can I do for you?


Be right there.

Right, lock this fella up. Meet me
at the Marston Hotel. Yes, sir.

And bring the melon too, would you?


Half an hour ago, a woman named
Diane Smith appears to have

thrown herself off her own balcony.

Appears to have?

There's no reason to
believe it wasn't suicide.

And what makes it especially tragic
is that Miss Smith was due to

marry Philip Marston
tomorrow morning.

This is his hotel? One of them.

Philip is an old friend
of Saint Marie.

He employs about 100 islanders,

..I need to be reassured that this
matter will be handled with speed,

discretion, tact and dignity.

Don't you worry, Commissioner.

Discretion, tact and dignity
are my middle names.

I mean, not really.
It's actually Fintan.

After the little-known St Fintan...

You don't need to know that.
It's fine.

So, Mr Marston's booked out
the whole hotel for the wedding?

And all the guests were here
in the terrace when Diane fell?

Yes, regrettably many of our guests
and several of my staff.

And you were out here yourself
keeping an eye on things?

No, I was heading towards my office.

I actually passed Mr Marston
on his way upstairs.

We'll need a list of
who's staying in which room.

I'm afraid we don't usually
release that information.

It would violate our guest privacy.

I'm guessing you don't usually have

guests chucking themselves
off your balconies.

Now, Diane's balcony,
which one would that be?

317, on the third floor.

Anything else, I assure you,
my staff will be happy to help.

Now, if you'll excuse me... Right.

Poor woman.

So far, sir, the injuries
are as expected.


Well, that's intriguing. Sir?

Nail varnish. Yeah,
but only on the one thumb.

Is that a thing?

A thing?

A womanly thing?

Having one nail a different colour
to the rest,

or using your bra
as a makeshift pocket?

Not that I know of, sir.

But it's a bit odd, don't you think?


Dwayne, JP, you can release
the body.

We should have a word with
Mr Marston.

Huh? You all right? Yes.

You keep on looking around.
What is it?

Good policing, JP! Always alert!

Sorry to intrude, but DI Mooney

and DS Cassell just need to ask a
few brief questions as a formality.

It should take only a moment. Sure.

Go ahead.

What do you need to know?

So, you're Mr Marston's son?

And these are my sisters...
Karen and Perl.

Thank you, Stephen,
we can speak for ourselves.

Well, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I just need to ask you
if there was anything about Diane's

behaviour that suggested she might
be about to take her own life.


She, uh...


She sent me this.

"I can't live with myself.
I'm sorry."

Any idea what she was referring to?

There was a pretty brutal article in
one of the UK papers this morning.

Apparently Diane got knocked up
when she was, like, 15 or whatever,

and then just, like,
totes abandoned the baby.


It was, er...

It was years ago but...

..she'd never forgiven herself.

Right. And the article
brought it all back again?

Yeah. Totes.

So, Mr Marston, after
you received the text,

you raced back to the room,
room... 317.


When I got there,
the door was on the chain.

And I, er, I begged her to
let me in and she shouted...

I can't, I'm sorry!

I barged the door open.

But it was too late.

I can't do this now.

Are we done, Inspector? Yeah.

Just one last thing, er,
if you don't mind.

Where were you all
at the moment Diane died?

Erm, I was in my room,
getting ready for the party

when I heard screaming.

I went onto my balcony
and saw Diane's body,

I rushed straight
down to Dad's room.


Pearl was already there with Dad.

You were with your father
when he broke in?

I got there just after.

I was in my room,
across the corridor...


..when I heard...

..all the noise.

Oh, God.


And what about you, Miss Marston?

I was at the party...

We're so pleased to welcome...

..saying a few words.

So there was definitely nobody
else in the room with Diane?

You heard Daddy,

she was deffo alone and the door
was basically locked.

Look, 130 of our friends and family
just witnessed Diane's death,

all right? You can ask any one
of them what happened.

Now, please, could you
leave us alone to grieve?

This is it, room 317. Hm.

And that's Pearl's room there?

She'd locked herself in all right.

She was barely more than
a child herself.

But why dig up the story now,
30 years later?

Here's the text to Philip.

"I can't live with myself.
I'm sorry."

Sent at 5:55pm.

Florence, you're a woman.
Yes, sir, I am.

From what I recall
of my wife's dressing table,

leaving a lid off
a nail varnish bottle,

I mean, that's practically a crime.

Of course.

The liquid sets if you don't
screw the lid down tight.

It becomes... How do you say it?

Gloopy. Gloopy, exactly.

So if she was planning
to kill herself,

surely she would've taken a little
bit more time to finish her nails.

I mean, look around.

She was a tidy person.

Not the sort of woman
to leave a cap unscrewed.

But if she was interrupted...

You don't think it was a suicide.

I'm convinced Diane Smith
was murdered.

Because of one fingernail.


No-one seems to have seen anything.

I mean, how is that even poss...?

Dwayne, what are you doing?

I'm not here.

What are you talking about?
I said I'm not here.

But you are, I can see you.

Not as long as that woman's
coming this way you can't.

Now, act natural.

Dwayne Myers, is that you?

I'm sorry, Dwayne who?

He's behind that bush.

Nope, nothing in there, JP.

Oh, Audrey.

Fancy seeing you here.

So...'s you been keeping
these last few years?

Tell that man that if I never
see him again, it'll be too soon.

I get it now.

She's the reason you've been
acting so weird since we got here.

No way, Sherlock,
you worked it out.

What's she got against you?

Let's just say we have history.

Now, let's get out of here and fast.

You are saying, despite all
evidence to the contrary,

you don't believe Diane
took her own life. No.

And just so I am clear,

you have no concrete evidence
to support this theory?

Not as yet, no.

Philip Marston confirmed that
the door was locked on the inside

and Diane was alone.

It seems pretty clear to me.

I think it's time to wrap this up.

Trust me, Commissioner,
I'd love to knock it on the head

and get back to the shack and
discover the joys of melon curry,

but what if Diane Smith
was murdered?

And, to be honest, I don't know
if I could live with that.

On your head be it,
Detective Inspector.

Commissioner. OK, we're all
done here, nothing to report,

see you at the station. Hold on,
Dwayne, we're changing tack.

This is now a murder investigation.


Are you sure about this? Oh, yes.

Diane Smith's room is now
a potential crime scene.

I need a full forensic sweep.
There's a head maid...

Audrey, I think her name is,
she'll help you get set up in there.

Where you going?

You heard the man,
go and speak to Audrey.

He asked you.

Well, I'm delegating.

FLORENCE: We have 130 guests, do we
need to consider them all suspects?

It's likely whoever killed Diane
wanted to stop this wedding

at all costs.

Who'd be most affected
by her becoming a Marston?

One of the immediate family.

Has to be.

Karen was on the terrace
giving a speech.

Stephen was in his room
getting ready...

Dad, there's something I need to...

Pearl was in her bathroom...

Dad. Mm-hm...

Sorry, love, yes? What is it?

Are you going to be working
all night? It's just...

What time is it?
You must be starving.

I'm so sorry, love.

The plan was I was going to
try this new recipe

I got from Catherine,
melon curry. Ooh.

If you can believe that!

But I had to use the melon
to arrest the drug mule

and Florence thinks
it might be evidence so...

I'm not even going to ask. Wise.

Tell you what, why don't we go out?
OK. Come on.

So, what's on your mind?

You remember our summer
holidays on the west coast,

how I never wanted them to end?

Yeah, your mum and I had to
practically force you into the car.

And you were crying the whole way
back to London.

Then the next day, you're with
your friends, happy as Larry again.

What made you think of that?

This arrived this morning.

They need to know if I'm going to
defer my place for another year.


And when do you need to decide by?


Well, there's no decision
to be made.

You're far too smart to waste that
brain of yours sitting on a beach.

When will you need to leave?

There's a flight from Guadeloupe
the day after tomorrow.


I thought you were going
to say a couple of months.

Where will you stay?
You'll need money.

Well, Auntie Eileen says I can stay
with her until I find a flat-share.

Sounds like you've got it
all worked out.

Catherine, guess
whose brilliant daughter

is about to take up
her place at university?

You're leaving us? No.

Well, I'll be back in the holidays.

Your father is going to miss you.

Er, are you joking?

I've had enough of her cramping
my style and getting under my feet.

Thought she'd never leave.

All right, thanks anyway.

Yeah, appreciate your time.

You immoral, spineless,
parasitic, bottom-feeding hack.

That was the journalist who wrote
the story about Diane?

Journalist is too polite a word
for what he is.

Not a shred of remorse.

He said the story came from
an anonymous tip-off,

just landed on his desk.

Someone is trying to discredit
Diane, but why?

Maybe they wanted
to drive her to suicide.

Or maybe they wanted to give her a
motive to make it look like suicide.

Sir, are you all right?

You seem a little... edgy.

Do I? Sorry, no.

I'm fine.

I mean, Siobhan's leaving
the island tomorrow.


It's a good thing.
She's going to uni

and I'm happy for her, I really am.

Yeah, really, really happy for her.

Right, we're dealing with
a family of billionaires.

Let's not overlook the obvious.
Dwayne, JP, see what you can glean

about the personal finances
of these five. Yes, sir.

Right, what do we have
so far about Diane Smith?

Only child, parents died years ago.

She joined the Marston Group
as the head of HR three years ago.

Before then, she worked
in a number of hotels in London.

Her CV's pretty impressive though.

Always getting promoted,
working her way up.

A grafter. A workaholic.

She even arranged an appointment
the morning of her wedding, sir.

With who?

"Chris C - 9:30"?

Could've been about
the wedding preparations. Maybe.

Well, let's find out
who this Chris C is.

Right, even though we don't yet
have a how, the question is,

why did one of these people
want Diane Smith to die

the night before her wedding?

That is if we really believe
it was a murder.

Oh, ye of little faith.
Dwayne, I'll tell you what.

Prove me wrong, you'll never
have to buy me a beer again.

You're on.

What about the children's mother,
the first Mrs Marston?

Died 15 years ago. Cancer.

Karen is the oldest.

She became managing director
of the Marston Group

when she was 20 years old.

People now see it as much as
her company as her father's.

When I was 20 I was eating banana
sandwiches and watching Crackerjack!

Stephen is the company's
global brand ambassador which,

as far as I can tell,

means he travels the world, staying
as a guest in his own hotels.

And what about her, Pearl,
the youngest?

Left school at 16.

Tried her hand as an actress,
did a few bit parts

and some modelling work.

In other words,
she lives off her rich daddy.

Totes. It means totally,
I checked with Siobhan.

Although, sir, there is a rota
in Miss Smith's papers

for Pearl Marston to do work
experience in the group's hotel.

Oh, sounds like Daddy's
putting his foot down.

And there's something else. We ran
a PNC check and five weeks ago,

Diane Smith called the police

when a woman was banging
on her door, shouting abuse.

Who was doing the shouting?

Pearl Marston.

This won't take long, will it?

If I don't get this massage soon
I am literally going to die.

Oh, sorry about that.
But can you tell me,

how did you feel about Diane
becoming your stepmother?

She was never going to be that.

That's what you were arguing about

the day you turned up
on her doorstep.

That was nothing.

I mean, she totes overreacted
and it wasn't like I was a threat.

Well, she must've felt threatened.
Why would she call the police?

To show me up to Dad.

Diane never liked me.

She thought I was lazy just because
I don't have a job or whatevs.

So she thought you should go
to work for the family firm.

I do work for the family firm.

I'm a Marston.

I'm promoting the brand
every time I post online.

What did she think
I was going to do,

put on a uniform and serve people?

She couldn't let it go,
you know what I mean?


I mean, totally.

Pearl, what do you think might have
driven Diane to take her own life?

It was the article.

That's what tipped her
over the edge, wasn't it?

Well, possibly an unfortunate
choice of words,

under the circumstances.

Thanks. Understood.

That was Dwayne.

There is no sign of a Chris C
on the guest list,

in Diane's phone
or on the hotel staff. Hm.

They've also been looking into
the Marston finances,

but their accountants are
refusing to disclose anything.

Well, you don't get to be this rich

without knowing how to
hide your assets.

Who else would have access
to this information?

Maybe their lawyers. Yes, exactly.

The family's lawyer was on
the guest list for the wedding.

Bet he's kicking his heels
by the pool right now.

You should go and talk to him.
Why me?

Because I've just noticed
something vitally important.

Look, Florence, "Vasco da Gama".


"Marco Polo." Come on.

Where are we going?
To find Christopher Columbus.

Would you excuse me a moment?

The morning of her death
Diane had a note in her diary,

"Chris C, 9:30."

Chris C wasn't who she was meeting,
it was where.

Christopher Columbus suite.
So, my question to you, sir, is,

who booked the room for that
time, who was Diane meeting?

I'm afraid there was no meeting.

You haven't even checked the system.

As general manager,

I personally oversaw
every last detail of this wedding.

I know what was scheduled
in every room in the hotel,

down to the last minute.

And I can assure you there was no
meeting in that room at that time.

Oh, I see.

Well, we'll just have to
take your word for it. Thanks.

Do you believe him?
Not for one second.

So come on, Dwayne,
the suspense is killing me.

You have got to tell me what
happened between you and Audrey.

And which Audrey would this be?

You know, "If I never see that man
again, it'll be too soon" Audrey.

Oh, that Audrey. Mm.

So, is she an old girlfriend?

Girlfriend is too strong a word, OK?

We went out with each other
for a couple of months

around 10 years ago, that is all.

Boy, that woman is angry.

I mean, what did you do to her?
I don't know!

You don't? No, seriously.
I have no idea.

I mean, I can understand her
being upset at losing me,

she's only human.

But this woman went crazy.

She went around telling anyone
who would listen that if she ever

saw me again, she would cut off
parts of me I'd rather keep.

Well, if that was me,

I'd want to know what
I'd done to upset her.

JP, whenever a woman is concerned,

don't ever ask them why they're
angry. It never ends well.

Ah, perfect timing.


..after I had no luck with
the Marston accountants,

I decided to run a check on all the
currency exchanges on the island.

Smart thinking, Dwayne.
And I just received this.

Three days before the death
of Miss Smith, Stephen Marston

took $20,000 out of
the bureau de change in Port Louis

on the other side of the island.
$20,000, that's a lot of cash.

Drive over there,
find out what you can. Will do.

Oh, sir, the PM's in.

Great, what does it say?

"Massive blunt force trauma
to the head and neck -

"consistent with a fall
from a considerable height."

There's no mention
of any other abrasions

or cuts to the skin pre-mortem?

No fibres or skin under
her fingernails?

No defence wounds? No, sir.

So, nothing that suggests
she was pushed, hey?

Nothing that proves she wasn't.

I don't know what you thought
you were playing at.

Pearl is a child, a sensitive child.

She's just lost her stepmother
for God's sake,

and there you are making all kinds
of insinuations... All I want,

Mr Marston, is to make absolutely
sure we know the full truth.

Now, I believe Diane deserves
nothing less.

We know what happened. I was there.
I saw it with my own two eyes.

You knew Diane, I didn't.

But from what little I do know,

I struggle to believe that
she would take her own life

because of some rubbish
written in a newspaper.

Oh, it wasn't just the article,
it was...

..30 years of guilt and shame
she'd been holding in... Mr Marston,

forgive me, now the last thing I
want to do is add to your suffering.

All Diane ever wanted was
to bring this family together.

I'm a very wealthy man.

But she couldn't care less
about the money.

She loved me in spite of it,
not because of it.

And she was prepared
to take it all on,

the name, the attention, my kids.
It can't have been easy for her.

No, it wasn't, it was bloody awful,
but she hung on in there.

And they all came to love her
in the end.

Even Pearl.

Although, I understand
they were arguing

over Pearl joining the company.

You have children?

I have a daughter.
Then you'll know all too well

the delicate balance between doing
what they want and doing what's

best for them in the long term, and
Diane understood that, just as I do.

Of course. Now, I know you think
you have a job to do

but this family has suffered enough.

Diane took her own life,
end of story.

So you will drop this
investigation right now.

Glad we understand each other.

What was he doing here?
Erm... Nothing, no. Just...

He just wanted to know how
the investigation was going, yes.

How did you get on with the lawyer?

He'd been in the sun
drinking cocktails since breakfast,

so it wasn't hard
to get him talking.

I even persuaded him to print out a
copy of this on the hotel computer.

What's this? A prenuptial agreement.

Apparently it caused
a big family rift.

Diane refused to sign it
with Philip's blessing.

So who did want her to sign it?

Who had this drawn up
in the first place?

The managing director,
Karen Marston.

Afternoon, Miss Marston.
Can we have a word?

Not right now, I'm on a timer.

Ah, it's police business,
I'm afraid.

You could always run besides me.

You must be joking, we'd need a
team of paramedics and an ambulance.

So, they tell me that you're the
real brains of the Marston clan.

You've met my siblings,
I'm the only brains.

So it all rests on you.

Quite a burden to have
thrust upon you at the age of 22.

I dragged Dad kicking
and screaming into the 21st century.

When I started, we were still
serving fish finger and chips

in the restaurants,

now we have three Michelin stars
across the group.

You must be very proud of what
you've achieved. I am.

And Diane wasn't
just your father's fiancee,

she was also your head of HR.
I hired her.

So you trusted her enough to take
a key role in your business. Yes.

Yeah, but not enough to
let your father marry her

without signing a prenup.

It wasn't personal.

I have a duty to protect our
company, to protect my father.

Did he need protecting?

He was leaving himself wide open.
He was leaving us wide open.

Yet he took her side.
Now, that must've been hurtful.

You've given your whole life
to this company

and he was prepared to risk
everything for her -

a woman you'd hired.

I don't know what you're implying
but I suggest you tread carefully.

This conversation's on tape
and we have excellent lawyers.

I can't believe
she threatened to sue you

just because she didn't like
your questions. What a family.

Well, you know what they say.

If you want to know what
God thinks of money,

look at who he gives it too.

Dwayne, JP, how did you get on
at Port Louis?

Well, sir,
we went to the bureau de change

and the lady actually remembers
serving Stephen Marston.

When he got the 20,000,

he got back into the taxi
and drove off.

Any idea where he went?

We found the taxi driver he used.

He took him to an address
up in the hills,

number 4 Rue du Plessis,

but no-one was in.
Who lives at 4 Rue du Plessis?

Well, it's owned by a woman
called Julie Francois

but we checked the address
and no-one was home.

Well, whoever she is,
why was Stephen delivering $20,000?


Mmm. Or did she play
some part in Diane's death?

Either way, let's try her house
again in the morning.

So, this is Siobhan's
last night on the island.


I hope you're planning
something special, you know?

Send her back to London with
a Caribbean glow. Oh, yeah.

I thought I might make dinner
at the shack.

I've got this great recipe
for melon curry.


All due respect, I think you
can do a bit better than that.

Which part? The melon curry or...?

Both. The whole thing.

What do you suggest?
I mean, Siobhan said she wanted

to do something that captures
the essence of the Caribbean.

Dwayne? Dwayne.

How can she still be angry
after ten years?

Who holds a grudge that long?

What did I do?

Well, if the thing
is still bothering you,

why don't you go and talk to her?

Are you mad? You saw the way
she was looking at me.

If looks could kill, my photo
would be up on that white board

right now with the inspector
circling her name.

Then suit yourself. OK?
As long as you're happy

to go the rest of your life
never knowing the truth.

You're going to miss her.

It's a funny old thing.

I knew it was coming,

just... don't think I admitted
to myself it'd be so soon.

I was the same with Camille.

You spend all this time
teaching them to be independent

and then wonder why
they want to leave.

The fact is it's not us who cut
the apron strings, it's them.

You're right.

Siobhan's been independent
since she was about three years old.

I'm the one who... Well,

I've never lived on my own before,
put it that way.

Dad, it's your turn.

Oh, no, I don't think so.
Come on, Dad. Be brave.

Limbo's not really my area.



I think I've broken my spine.


Oh, sir.

How are you? Here, sit down.

Oh, thanks, Florence, but it's
actually less painful to stand.

So, I've been searching
through Diane's laptop.

It's all work files.

I just checked a CV for Oliver
Fitzwarren, the hotel manager,

and look...

Before this job,
he'd never worked in a hotel.

Looks like he's a failed banker.
So how did he get the gig?

He and Stephen Marston
were at school together.

Jobs for the boys.


Commissioner. Good morning.

To what do we owe the...?

Are you quite all right?
Fine. Thank you.

Yes. Just a slight
limbo related injury.

Speaking of low bars,

would you mind explaining
why I spent much of last night

talking Philip Marston out of
launching an official complaint?

Come on. That's absurd.


No, no, no, no.

What is absurd is that

even when Mr Marston
asked you to step back

you persisted
in haranguing his children

with these baseless theories.

Haranguing? That's...
No, that's completely unfair now.

You've yet to show me
a single piece of evidence

which suggests Diane Smith
didn't take her own life.

We're working on it.
We just need a bit more time.

Unless you present me with something
tangible by the end of the day

I'm overruling you
and closing this case down.

Is that clear?

Yes, sir.


..please tell me you have something.

I have something.

Thanks, but that didn't help.

No, I really have something.

I found it in a folder
marked "wedding admin".

At first, I thought it was music
cos it's a sound file, but listen.

RECORDING: There's nothing
to worry about.

I assure you the situation's in
hand. No, I'm not having this.

We'll sort it out when
I'm there, Saturday morning.

That's the day of your...
It'll only take ten minutes

for you to sign the statement
and don't even think about trying

to get out of it or I'll call
the police. I assure you...

We can assume that's Diane Smith's
voice, but who is she talking to?

That's clearly Oliver,
the manager of the hotel

and Stephen's old school friend.

"I assure you."
It's practically a catchphrase.

Although it's not very reassuring.

JP. Morning, sir.

Me and Dwayne are back at
Julie Francois' house

and it's still all locked up but
we found a neighbour who knows her.

She says that she lives here
on her own.

And - check this - she works
at the Marston hotel as a maid.

Why would Stephen be visiting
a hotel maid with $20,000?

It's a hell of a tip.

Dwayne's got an ex-girlfriend
there, Audrey Lefevre,

and I bet she'll give us every
information that we need to know

about Miss Francois
if we ask nicely.

Oh, you do, do you? Mm.

That's perfect. You two see what you
can get on Julie Francois. Yes, sir.

RECORDING: The situation's in hand.
No, I am not having this.

We'll sort it out
when I'm there, Saturday morning.

That's the day of your...

I assume this was to take place
in the Christopher Columbus suite.

Look, I assure you,
there's nothing untoward here.

It's just we...

..we take the privacy of
our guests very seriously.


..we've done a bit
of background on you.

Fired from your last job
for insider trading.

You only got this one because an
old school chum pulled some strings.

I'm an outstanding GM.

This place is like
a well oiled machine.

You realise lying to a police
officer is a criminal offence.

All right, look,
it wasn't about me. It was... was about Stephen.

What was the statement
she wanted you to sign?

She was trying to bring
formal charges against him.

Her own fiance's son!
I refused to sign.

Unlike Diane, I'm loyal.

What kind of charges?

The last time Stephen was here,

he had an encounter
with one of our maids.

It was just Stephen being Stephen.

She blew it out of all proportion.

Sexual harassment.

This maid, was her name,
by any chance, Julie Francois?

Did Stephen Marston know that
his future stepmother was about to

bring a charge of sexual harassment
against him?

Of course he did.

Well, I must say, you both look
a bit overdressed for the seaside.

You could at least loosen your tie.

Oh, Monique, drinks for my guests
here. Anything they want.

Thanks, but we're not your guests.

Right, of course.
You're on duty. Too bad.

Mm! Still, though,
drop by any time, mention my name,

you'll be looked after.

You know what I was wondering?

What exactly does
a global brand ambassador do.

Much as it sounds.
They call it snagging in the trade.

I make sure everything's
up to scratch,

from the cocktails to the curtains.

You mean you get to help yourself to
whatever you fancy - food, drinks...


Like Julie Francois for example.

All right, whatever you've heard,
it wasn't how she said.

No? No.

You didn't try to
force yourself on her?

No, I... Look, I wasn't
trying to frighten her.

It was just a bit of fun.
I was drunk. It was...

Oh, well, that makes it fine.

You were aware that Diane was
trying to bring charges against you?

Bless her. Diane was typical HR.
Such a stickler for procedure.

Had she told your father?


He'd have taken it in his stride.
He's a man of the world.

Are you sure about that? Because it
strikes me that assaulting maids

is not exactly on-brand.

If this had come out,
you'd have lost your job.

If you can call it a job.
Let's say lifestyle.

We know what you were willing
to do to buy Julie's silence -

pay $20,000.

But how were you planning
to silence Diane?

No. No, I didn't.

All right, we had our differences
but I did not want her to die.

Karen, the eldest daughter.

Frustrated by Diane's refusal
to sign a prenup,

scared of losing half her company.

But that would only happen
if they divorced

and there's nothing to suggest
that was on the cards.

Not to mention the 130 witnesses
that can place her at the party.

Stephen, the son.

Desperate to contain
a sexual assault charge.

But he tried to buy Julie off.

Pearl, the youngest daughter.

Even I'd be hard pushed to
suggest a fear of work experience

as a motive for murder.

Sir, even if we had a motive,

we still come back to
the same question.

Diane was alone in her room
with the door on the chain.

She sent a final text message.

Philip heard her call out and...

An entire hotel worth of guests
saw her land on the terrace.

I know, I know, I know.

Be good enough to call the
Commissioner, would you, Florence?

Tell him...

..the Diane Smith case is closed.


Looks like I'll never have to

buy another beer
for the rest of my life.

Here. You shouldn't be doing that.
It's fine.

I'm a big girl.
I can carry my own suitcases.

You won't forget to feed Harry?

Who's Harry?
I know you love him really.

Let's just say we've come to
an understanding.

I mash up his mango and he doesn't
sneak up on me in the shower,

when I'm most vulnerable.

Besides, the more I look at him,

the more he remains me
of your Auntie Bridget.


No. Beady eyes and bandy legs.

And the sneaking up on me
in the shower.

Going to miss you.

I'll miss you too.

Listen, you don't need
to come with me to the airport.

No, I'd like to, of course. Why?

Either way, we've got to
say goodbye.

It's nicer to do it here than in
some horrible departure lounge.

Text me as soon as you land.
I will. Yeah. Don't forget now.

I love you, Dad.
Oh, shut up. Don't start me off.

Love you too, kiddo.

This is Jack and Siobhan.

We're not here
so please leave a message.


This is Selwyn Patterson.

I just spoke to DS Cassell

and I gather you closed
the Diane Smith case.

I'm glad you saw sense in the end.


Oh. She's gone, my scaly friend.

Skedaddled. Flown the coop.

Oh, well.

You're hungry?

Well, that's not
my problem now, is it?

Fine. All right.

But just a snack.

It's like she was never here.

She was never here.

I was in my room,
getting ready for the party.

I barged the door open.

I was in my room
across the corridor.

I was at the party.

Where is it?

Look, Florence!

It's in the room list.

Look at the numbers.

Do you see it yet?

I'm sorry, sir. See what?

Who killed Diane Smith.

Afternoon. DI Mooney would like
you all to join him on the terrace.

Oh, for God's sake. What is it now?

There's some fresh information
about the death of Miss Smith.

Well, I can't come, I've got
a Pilates class. No, no. Come on.

Let's hear what he has to say
for himself this time.

You go if you want.

I've had enough of that man
and his ridiculous theories.

I need to check on
the refurb in Miami.

Where is Karen?

She was called away to a meeting
at the last minute. Miami.

Police! Stop!


Let me... go!



Ah, fair play to you, Florence.

What the hell's going on?
Selwyn, what is this?

Why is my daughter in handcuffs?
I was wondering about that.

I apologise for the delay.

I find it always holds things up

when one of your suspects
tries to do a runner.

Suspect? I hope you're not
implying that my daughter...

I'm not implying anything,
Mr Marston.

I'm stating clearly
and categorically

and for the avoidance of doubt

that Diane Smith's killer is
sitting right here.

Killer? What?

We all know, the night she died,
Diane was troubled

after a nasty story appeared in the
British press, dragging up her past.

We can only imagine her state
of mind as she was getting ready,

sitting there,
steeling herself to face everyone,

painting her fingernails.

She only managed to paint one nail,

her left thumb,

when there was a knock on the door.

As she got up to answer it,

she didn't even replace
the lid on the bottle,

thinking she'd be back any second
to finish the job.

But that wasn't to be

because the person
at the door had other plans -


So who was it?

Who was it who knocked at the door?

It was Pearl.

Sweet, wide-eyed Pearl,

who I assume not only hired a PI
to dig up the dirt on Diane

but then leaked the story
to a carefully chosen tabloid.

What are you talking about?
Pearl's not capable...

Selwyn, do something about this.

Carry on, Inspector.

I suppose you're
going to tell us next

it was Pearl
who pushed her off the balcony.

Well, close, but not quite.

She WAS pushed,
only it wasn't Pearl.

It was you, wasn't it, Stephen?

What? You're insane.

That's ludicrous.

Diane was alone in the room,
the door was locked, I was there.

Yes, you were, but the point is,
you see, she wasn't.

The killer was never in the room
and neither was the victim.

And you're saying that's me,
that I'm the killer?

Yeah, one of them,
along with your accomplices.

Well, your two sisters.

I've got 130 witnesses

who will confirm
I was downstairs at the party.

Well, of course you were,
but that was all part of the plan,

to distract everyone's
attention away

from what was happening above you.

We're so pleased to welcome
so many dear friends and family.

Karen, tell him he's wrong.

Now, look, I have no idea
what Pearl said to Diane

when she knocked on the door.

She must have spun her a story

about Stephen needing to see her
urgently, a matter of life or death,

which indeed it was.

Stephen needs to see you, now.

With Diana out of the room, Pearl
set about her part of the plan.

She chained the door behind her

and then, using Diane's phone,

sent a text message to her father.

After years of wanting
to be an actress,

Pearl finally found
the perfect role.


It wasn't Diane who called out,
"I can't, I'm sorry!"

It was Pearl, imitating her voice.

I can't, I'm sorry!

You took a gamble that your father,
in his panic,

wouldn't spot the difference.

See, it's all a matter of perception

and that's why Philip didn't
catch the killer red-handed

when he smashed his way into
the room only seconds later

because the only person in the room
at that moment was you.

You were in the bathroom... Diane?

..when you heard the commotion,
but not your own.

You were in Diane's bathroom,

simply hiding until Philip
had gone out onto the balcony.


This doesn't make any sense.
If... if...

..if Diane wasn't even in the room
then how exactly did she die?

It's a good question, Mr Marston...

..which I'm coming to right now.

As best man,

Stephen was tasked with
the allocation of the rooms.

Now, the room you shared with Diane
was room 317 on the third floor.

But Stephen's room was 417,

directly above you
on the fourth floor.

Knowing that Pearl would send
Diane up to see him,

Stephen waited for her to arrive.

Diane. I can't stay...

Then I imagine all you had to do was

provoke her into some
sort of an argument...

..say, about Julie Francois,

and then somehow cajole her
out onto the balcony,

until you heard the signal from
the room below - four little words.

PEARL: I can't, I'm sorry!

And with everyone watching
Karen make her speech,

no-one saw it happen.


It was Pearl's idea.

Karen, tell them it was...
Shut up! Shut up!

You knew the autopsy
wouldn't be able to tell us

whether Diane fell from
the third floor or the fourth

as long as you sold the illusion
that Diane was in her room

and that everyone else only arrived
after your dad had broken in.

Dad! Dad!

Who would believe that any of you
could have been behind the murder,

let alone all three of you.

None of you are denying it.

Tell him it's a lie. Tell him!


We didn't want her.

A friend of mine said recently

it's not the parents
who cut the apron strings.

She was right.

There comes a moment when
most children, they feel the need

to find their own lives.

None of you three ever did.

Now, why would you, when you had
everything you ever wanted on tap?

And when you spend your life
in a series of hotels

with your name on it,
the Marston family name,

there's one word
that you never hear,

until Diane Smith
came into your lives.

For the first time
you heard the word "no".

Each of you had a reason
to feel threatened by Diane.

She wasn't going to forget
about a sexual assault charge

or let you sidestep getting a job

or let you pressure her
into signing a prenup.

Diane wasn't going to be
bought or bullied.

So you reacted the way
all spoilt children do.

Except it wasn't just your toys
you threw out of the pram.

Take them away.

I'll catch up with you.

So you arrested them. Yes.

Audrey, whatever he was in the past,

the Dwayne Myers I know now
is a good man.

OK, what's he done so bad
that you can't forgive him?

While you were dating her you
also had a fling with her sister?

Dorothy is Audrey's sister?

And her auntie!

Wait, wait. Alice is her auntie?

Oh, Lord.

No wonder the woman
never forgave you, Dwayne,

if you were working your way
through her whole family.

Hey, hold on a minute.
That's a bit harsh.

Harsh? You know how she found out?

How? Because you gave them all
identical bracelets.

Well, Turtle Pete had a good deal
going on - buy one, get two free.

And she didn't say anything about
her cousin Valerie in Sandy Bay?



Are you going to be OK?

Oh, I think so, sir.

I should probably scold you for
endangering yourself and a suspect.

I should probably apologise
for doubting you.

Oh, well.
What do you say we call it quits?

Excellent work, Detective Inspector.

I believe you just raised the bar.

Thank you, sir.

I have to ask.

How did you...? Oh, well, she just
painted one thumbnail, you see,

and she'd left the lid off the pot,
which, of course, makes it gloopy.


Ah, well, nice work, chief.

I never doubted you.

I appreciate that, Dwayne.

Looks like you'll be buying
the beers from now on.

Wait, no. That's not what we agreed.


I'm parched.



A bet's a bet.

Good man, yourself. Come in.


So, we were just passing and
we thought you might be hungry.

Well, that's very thoughtful of you.

I'm never going to be able
to manage all that on my own.

Don't worry about that, sir. OK.


I thought cos it's your
first night without Siobhan,

I would keep you company
with a bowl of... What else?

No, it's not!

Wow. That's amazing, Catherine.
Come in. Come in.


When did that happen?


OK, drinks all round.

One more for Audrey.

Hey, that's not funny.

Melon curry. Who'd have thought?



It's amazing. Oh, really?

Oh! Let's try this.

You all ready, ladies and gents?
Your table awaits.

An American poker player

just dropped dead
in the middle of a game.

With Florence out of action,
I might need you to step up.

I've just had a promotion.

As Detective. Acting detective.

And this tournament, it's
a big deal? You better believe it.

The winner goes home
with $3 million.

The paramedics suspect poisoning.

The four of us,
five if you count the dealer,

were alone at that table
for an hour and a half.

Why would I want to kill Bobby
Rodrigues? Besides the $3 million?