Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

A quartet of Poole's university friends comes to the island and, whilst they are playing charades, Poole is murdered. Shambling inspector Humphrey Goodman arrives from England to lead the investigation and does not impress the locals with his clumsiness. He is surprised when the four suspects claim they did not know Poole worked on the island but then lawyer Angela Birkett confesses that she planned it as she had always had a crush on Poole, though he preferred Sasha, now married to abrasive James Moore. The other suspect, hard up Roger Sadler, bears a grudge against the victim from over a quarter of a century ago. However, using old photos of the group from their student days, Goodman wins his spurs and solves the case - though he is stunned when his wife rings to say she is leaving him.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we go, gang!

A little Kir Royal.

Lovely! Well, here we are!

Hello, everyone!

Oh, here he is!

Sorry, the, um... Well, the door was
open, so I just... so I let myself in.

Well, this is fun!

But it's possible?


He could be having a... you know,
a good time.

At a party?

Mm! Ah! Right then, Rich.
What are you drinking?

Any chance of a cup of tea or...?

I'll get you one.

Thank you.

Put a sparkler in it, Sasha.

'But it's a reunion!'


So it's his old college friends. And?

And they'll be talking about the good
old days, you know?

When they were young and crazy and...
And... And...

'And what?' 'And the stuff they did
and the fun they had.'

I really can't believe you're here.

Sorry, could you excuse me,
just for a moment?

'We could go up there
and rescue him.' 'How?'

Drive up there
and say there's an emergency.

Tell him that we
found his sense of humour!

'I know, everyone!'

Roger? Yup? Richard?
Let's all play charades!

Yeah! I'll get a paper and pen.

Actually, I've, um... I've got
a bit of a headache coming on.

I think I'm going to just
stop out here.

Oh, come on, RP!
Don't be such a bore!

Come on, man!
You can't sit outside all day!

Dinner? Er... eat?

Um, consume? Mud?

Some brown... Mound? Chow? Scoff?
Hill? Hill?

Look, you're never going to get it.

Angie's brain isn't wired the same
as ours, is it, me old duck?

Er, pancake? Look!


Er... er... Mound? Wiping it?

Jamie's right.
Ange, Ange, what is it?

It's a pie!

A pie? What was that bit?

That bit was the lid of the pie,
the pie lid, the pastry pie lid!

Which film is pie?

Life Of Pi!
I got it ten minutes ago!

Then why didn't you say something?

And miss you swinging your arms
around like a demented windmill?

That was far more amusing.

Thank you, Ange, but that is quite
enough charades for me!

Got a good mind to join old misery
guts on the veranda there.

He's been out there for an hour.

He never liked party games.

But still,
it's not much of a reunion, is it?

Even for RP, sitting on your own,
reading a damn book!

Come on! Who wants a cocktail?

Ooh, I don't think I should.
They're so strong.

For Christ's sake, Ange! Lighten up!

Come on, Ange! We owe it to
our younger selves

to get totally wrecked!

What about Richard?
He's missing all the fun.

Nothing new there, then!

Look, we've... We've taken him out
some food and some drink.

He'll be fine.

Do your worst, barman!
Certainly shall.

Roger's making more cocktails.
Would you like one?

Mm! Where's the ice pick?
It was here a second ago.


No, we still don't know
when the body will be released.

No, no, no, no. Of course not.
And we will.

I promise.

OK, bye.

His parents?

Do we have anything new?

Nothing from the door to door.

And no-one could have approached
by car because I checked the traffic

CCTV camera at the bottom of the
hill, which leads up to the house.

We've got the chief's cab going
up there at 4.50pm

and then coming back down empty
ten minutes later.

The next car to go
up there was ours.

What about you guys?

I'm going through the chief's
current caseload. Nothing so far.

And I'm still trying to see who's
just been released from prison.

Prison? Caseloads?
We're wasting our time!

Excuse me? I'm telling you.

There's no way the killer was
an intruder from outside.

Come on! We've all seen that villa.

The whole place is
perched on the edge of a cliff.

The only way out onto that veranda
is from inside the house.

OK! So we're back where we
started again.

Yes! The four people already
at the house.

University friends
he hadn't seen in 25 years.

Makes no sense.

Good morning, team.

Sir. Sir?

So... I imagine it's difficult to
think straight in the circumstances.

A little, Sir. Yes.

It, um... It occurred to me
that you may need a little help.

Any extra officers you can
get over here...

How about just one to begin with?

Your new inspector.

London speaks very highly of him.

Hello! Hello!

Morning. Commissioner.


Well, at least I think it's morning.
Are we in front or behind here?

Er... Anyway, sorry if I'm late.
Or... Or... Or early.

Thank you. Team, may I introduce

Detective Inspector Humphrey

Dwayne, Fidel. Help
the inspector in with his luggage.

Yes, Sir. Thank you.

This is Detective Sergeant
Camille Bordey.

It's a real pleasure to meet you,

although I'm sorry it's
not in better circumstances.

This must be a terrible
time for you all.

Yes, it is.

Sergeant Fidel Best
and Officer Dwayne Myers.

Sergeant Bordey, perhaps you will
bring the inspector up to speed?

Sir, it...

Yes, sir.

if there's anything you need....

Thank you, Sir.



Right. Er... This is me, is it?



Um, actually...

This'll be great.

Yes. Lovely.

So where are these friends now?

We moved them to a local hotel so we
could preserve the crime scene.


OK. So we have Angela Birkett.

She's a lawyer currently living in
Bristol. Unmarried.

Then we have husband and wife
James and Sasha Moore.

He's a financial advisor...

..and she ran her own computer
software company. Ran, past tense?

Yes. She sold the company seven
years ago for a small fortune.

And finally, we have Roger Sadler.

Here alone, but married with three
children. He's an estate agent.

They all arrived on the island
five days ago.

And all of them went to university
with the inspector? Yes, Sir.

And you found the body where?

Hot, isn't it?

Could you bear to talk me
through it?


The other guests were inside that
room, playing games,

according to their statements.

Inspector Poole come out at
5.20pm with a book. He sat here.

With his back to the house? Yes, Sir.


About an hour later, Angela Birkett
came outside to ask

if he wanted a cocktail.

It was then that she found him,
with an ice pick in his chest.

OK. Forensics?

The only prints we've managed to
lift from the murder weapon
all belong to the witnesses.

All four of them? Yes, Sir.

They all used the ice pick at one
time or another.

Anything else?

Yes, Sir.

We have an empty tea cup

and an empty bowl with
remnants of potato chips

he was eating on the table.

And the book was on the floor,
which is a bit of a puzzle.

How so?

It was in French.

The inspector didn't speak French?



You said they were playing games?

Um, yes. Charades.

Cocktails there.


So Inspector Poole was pretty
much in full view the whole time

he was out there.

And we're sure there's no other way
out onto the veranda?

Nope. You've got to come
through the house.

Ah. So in effect, any intruder would
have had to pass the other

guests as they played charades.

And who took the statements? I did.

Firstly to Sasha Moore,
the lady in the blue...

Where him gone?


Yeah, I was just...

Carry on.

OK, right. Um...

I, er...

I'd like background checks on those,
er, old friends.

Yes, we've done that. Police
records, financial checks? Yes.

Good, excellent.
Er, you can fill me in later.

Right. I think it's time we spoke to
Richard's old chums, don't you?

Thank you.

Am I seeing things or did
he fall out of the window?

Um... yes.

Yes, he did.

The hotel is
just around the headland.


Gosh, that takes some beating!

What does?

You're so beautiful.

Sorry, IT is so beautiful!
Not you, you're not. God, no! IT is.

Beautiful. The sea and everything,
palm trees,

sand, the whole Caribbean vibe.
Am I talking too much?

Yes. Sorry. I do that a lot.

It's the silence, you see.
I always think it's my fault.

Sally, my wife, says I have a
pathological need to fill it.

She's right, of course.
She always is.

She generally just puts a finger
to my lips or says "Shut up",

you know, so feel free to... either.

You really don't want me here,
do you? No.

I'm not here to
take his place, you know, Camille.

I'm not here to be him.

I don't expect anything,
any consideration. I'm just here.

And while I'm here, I promise
I will do everything I can to find

out what happened to your friend.

Because that's what he was,
not just your colleague.

I'm sorry for your loss. I truly am.

But the thing is, I have a feeling
I may need some help,

and a great deal of it.

You can decide if you like me

And if I don't?

Ah. Good point. Don't
really have an answer for that.

There's a whole list of things I'm
not very good at.

But I am a good detective.

And right now,

more than anything, I want to catch
the person who murdered your friend.

So maybe, just for now,

it's enough that we both want
the same thing.

You're wet.

Yes, I am.

It will dry as we walk.

Hello. Good morning.

I'm sorry to put you through this

but I'm DI Goodman. DS Bordey
you already know.

We just want to ask you
a few more questions.

Um, when can
we all go back to the villa?

And you are?

I'm James Moore. And this is
my wife, Sasha.

Er, the villa is, er,
still a crime scene, I'm afraid.

We're moving as quickly as we can.

I don't want to go back there.


Roger Sadler.

Look, um,
we've given our statements.

I'm not sure what else
we can tell you.

I take it you're not suggesting
we're involved in any way?

We haven't ruled out anything yet.

Come on! We haven't seen
the man for 25 years!

I mean, I know
he wasn't everyone's cup of tea,

but why would any of us
want him dead?

We didn't even know
he was on the island.

But I thought this was a reunion.

Yes, it is. Um, well, we always said
we'd do a little

something for our 25th anniversary.

So why wasn't DI Poole invited?

Well, none of us have really
kept in contact with Richard

since university.

'Until, that is, we were
in your local market the other day,

'and there he was.
Richard bloody Poole! I mean...'

What are you all doing here?

What an amazing coincidence.

Yes! Wasn't it?

Um... Then could I ask, er...

Who organised the holiday? I did.

And, um,
out of all the possible holiday

destinations in the world, why
on earth did you choose Saint-Marie?

Someone mentioned it to me when
I was trying to set up the reunion.

Was it you, James?
You'd been here on a golf trip?

Me? No. God, no. No, I'd... I'd
never heard of this place.

Oh, it must have been you, then,

Didn't you say you
had your cosmetic surgery here?

No, that was St Lucia, darling.

And please don't give up
a girl's secrets!

Do you know what? I must've read
about it, then, in a holiday
supplement or something.

Anyway, it stuck in my mind for some
reason. So...

So you bumped into Richard,
invited him to your villa?

I mean, it was a reunion we were
having and, well, we didn't know

he was here, but once we did,
well... Well, how could we not?

Indeed. So how come he ended up
sitting alone on the veranda?

It's no mystery. We wanted to
play charades and he didn't.

Got a bit of a headache. Oh, come
on, RP! Don't be such a bore!

'And then over the next hour,
I understand that, um,

'some of you went out to the
veranda to see him.'

'I went to check that he was all

'And he asked me
for another cup of tea.'

'And then I think I took him
out a bowl of crisps.'

'Then I took the tea out.'

I'll just take the old boy this.

'How long were you outside for?'

Half a minute.
Just delivered the tea, really.

Speak to him at all?

Er, yes. I asked if he wanted
to come and join the game.

He, er... He said he'd rather not
and, um...

and then I went back inside.

I think I was probably the last
one out there.

'Yeah, I was doing the barbecue.

'I went out a couple of times to see
if the coals were hot.'

'Did you talk to Richard?'

'No, no, anywhere near him.
I was by the barbecue

'the whole, whole time.'

You know, the truth is, the rest
of us were always in that main room.

There must have been an intruder.

Someone must have got into that
area unnoticed, somehow.

Despite the fact that you weren't
expecting to meet him here,

once you had, I take it you
all got along OK?

Of course we did. Yes, yes.

OK. I think that's
all for now. Thanks for your time.

Oh, just one more thing.

That book he was reading,
where did that come from?

He brought that with him. He showed
it to you, didn't he, Sasha?

Yes, that's right. Ya. He, um...

He said he picked it
up from a book shop along the way.

Strange thing to do,
don't you think?

Bring a book to a party?
Well, not for Richard.

Thank you.

'So the question is, '

what are the odds of booking
a holiday 4,000 miles

away, and a reunion, no less, then
when you arrive,

you discover someone you all
happened to go to university with?

Where are my notes?

Ah! Thank you.

So the point is...

..if any one of them

knew Richard was in Saint-Marie,
then it suggests that his

'murder was premeditated.'

They wouldn't have sent him
if he didn't know what he was doing.

Fidel, we're talking about a man who
fell out of a window!

Yes, but...

Yes, that is true. Well, look.

You weren't too keen on Inspector
Poole when he came out, either.

We should just give him a chance.
That's all I'm saying.

Well, he's no chief, not in my book.

Dwayne, no-one is going to take
the inspector's place.

Not for me. And if he was here,
I know what he'd say.

Me too. "Turn up the air con!"


He'd tell us
to be as professional as we can

and to help the new inspector
because that's why we're here.

We're police officers. Mm-hm. We can
grieve in our own time. Mm-hm.

And to turn the air con up.

You know what's really funny? What?
And the new guy's just as...

I think we have to rule out
an intruder.

If someone had managed to reach
the villa unseen and they also

somehow managed to commit murder
in plain view of four witnesses

and then escape, I don't believe it.


So we're left with four friends.

Then if you haven't set eyes
on someone for 25 years,

how could you ever have a
motive to kill them?

Maybe they was all in it together.


But then I find the notion of four
old university friends

conspiring to travel all this way to
murder someone after all this

time, is just as unlikely
as our ghostly intruder.

Fox, goose and a bag of beans.

I beg your pardon? The puzzle!
Fox, goose and a bag of beans.

Once upon a time, a farmer went to
a market and he bought a fox,

a goose and a bag of beans.

But to get them home,
he had to cross a river by boat.

But the boat was
so small it would only carry him

and one of the things he bought.

If he took the beans,
the fox would eat the goose.

If he took the fox,
the goose would eat the beans.

So how did he get them
all across the river?

Yes. Now, in our version,

Angela Birkett went out first to
ask him if he needed anything.

He asked for a cup of tea.

Then Sasha took him
out a bowl of crisps.

So assuming that Sasha would have
noticed him being dead,

we therefore have to accept that
Angela didn't kill him.

Then the crisp bowl being empty

clearly suggests that he was alive
to eat them after Sasha had left.

So we must assume that she didn't
kill him, either.

Next out was her husband, James,
who took him the cup of tea.

Which was also drunk, so that means
James didn't kill him, either.

Unless Richard didn't drink the tea
and the killer threw it away.

No. Forensics showed traces
of Richard's saliva in the cup.

So he drank the tea after James
left, leaving only

Roger as a possible suspect.

And yet, he's the only one of them

who never went near Richard
at any time.

Or so he says. True. And then
there's the damn book.

Yes! Take the goose!

You take the goose because the fox
won't eat the beans! Yes.

But then if he takes the fox out
next, the goose will eat the beans.

No, that's not right.

If he takes the fox out next,
it will eat the goose

when he goes back for the beans.
If he takes out the beans next,

the goose will eat them
when he goes back for the fox.

The bottom line is none of them
had a motive.

It makes no sense.


Oh, um... It was a long flight.

I could really use
a change of clothes.

Does anyone know where I'm staying?

We treated it as a secondary
crime scene,

so everything of Richard has been
taken away.

You know, I really wouldn't mind
booking into a B&B or something.

It must be quite tough,
having someone else stay here.

A little, yes,

but if you stay on Saint-Marie,
this will be your home, so... Yes.

Will your wife be coming?


In a week or so, I think. Er, yes.
She's had to hang on.

We're renting out our house in the
UK, so she's dealing with that.

Yes, a bit of a loss
without her, really.

You must be.

Er... There's an immersion
heater for hot water.

The switch is just beside it.

Anything else, just ask.

Quick shower and a change.
Half an hour?

I'll be outside.

Better? Much better!

There was a lizard in the bathroom.

Harry. He comes with the house.

Ah! Sitting tenant?

He likes bugs smashed up with fruit.

I'll do my best.

This French novel Richard was
supposedly reading, do you know it?

Yes. Le Rouge Et Le Noir.
We studied it at school.

Le Rouge Et Le Noir.

It's the story of, um...
of a carpenter's son, Julien Sorel.

He rises up through French
society in the 19th century.

It's a satire.

Can you think of any reason why that
would be of interest to Richard?


And even if it was,
he couldn't read French,

so the book would have been
useless to him.

Then why take it to a party?

Bonjour. Oh, hello.

La poste pour Monsieur Poole.

No, don't worry. I'll...
I'll take it.

It doesn't say who it's from.

It's from the UK.

Yeah. I wonder who sent it.

Oh, Sir? I've had a preliminary
report back from the pathologist.

Ah. Right. Yes. It confirms what
we already suspected.

The ice pick entered the body
through the third and fourth ribs.

It punctured the right
ventricle of the heart.

Death would have been pretty

And the, er, background checks.
You said you'd done them?

That's right. We have. Now, Angela
Birkett has her own law practice.

She appears to be doing very
well out of it.

Roger Sadler is an estate agent
based in Kent.

He seems to be the least well-off.

Now, Mr
and Mrs Moore are worth a bomb.

She sold her software company
business in 2007 for 18 million!

The Moores moved to Spain seven
years ago after Mrs Moore was

involved in a road traffic accident.

Really? A bad one?

Sasha Moore was fine
but her sister, Helen Reed,

was driving and she was killed.

This is interesting.

What is?

It looks like his university album.

Look, there's Sasha.

The gang.

Richard and Sasha again.

There's James.

And there's Richard.
Angela Birkett is behind him, look.


It's... I can't see Roger Sadler.

Yes, it's their graduation photo.
But why is it all here?

Maybe he wanted to show his friends.

Who sent it?

Um... his mother.

"Dearest Richard, hope what you're
looking for is here. Love, Mum."

"Hope what you're looking for is
here." What was he looking for?

Looks like his diary.

Ah, well, that could tell us
something important.

I should read it.

Sir, I've got something!

There is a series of deleted
e-mails to

and from the UK from Angela Birkett.

It looks like she's inviting him
to their reunion, look.

if you don't want to come to the UK,

"maybe I can persuade
the others to come to Saint-Marie."

So there was no coincidence.
She knew he was here all along!

She lied to us.

Because I loved him.

He was never interested in me,

no matter how much of a fool
I made of myself.

With respect,
doesn't explain why you lied to me.

The others didn't know that
Richard was here.

It was bad enough at university.
They were always teasing me,

saying I was obsessed. They called
me "Richard's little bunny boiler".

If they knew I'd brought them
all out here, just because...

Well, it wouldn't have been a proper
reunion, not without Richard!

Um... Could you excuse me,
just for a moment?

'You're saying you were
never in a relationship with him?'

'He only ever had eyes for Sasha.'

Sasha Moore?

He helped her with her dissertation.

You know, they were...
They were rarely apart.

Must have been quite some reunion
when she saw him.


'I thought she was rather
cool with him.

'I suppose it was probably for
James's benefit.'

James used to get a little bit
jealous now and again but I think

that's why he kept sniping at him.
You know, he was arguing with him.


The day we bumped into Richard, we...

we all went to this
place for lunch.

'I couldn't hear what
they were saying.

'James said it was
because Richard insisted on leaving

'a tip, even though
the service was rubbish.

'But I... I just feel it was bound to
be something about Sasha.'

I'm sorry I lied.
I didn't mean any harm.

I really did love Richard.

I couldn't have done anything to harm
him. I really...

I couldn't.

You OK?

It's so sad, you know,

reading about someone's dreams,
how they see their future,

knowing that most of it will never

I miss him.

I know.

Ah! Dwayne said I'd find you here.

Yes. This is my mother, Catherine.
Maman, this is our new inspector.

Humphrey. Enchante.

Welcome to Saint-Marie.

Thank you.

And this is my mother's bar.

Can I get you anything? Oh!


Tea? Heavens, no!
It must be 100 degrees!

Um, I would
like, please... Surprise me.

May I? Of course. Thank you.

Is there, er, anything in Richard's
diary that might help us?

Well, it seems that Richard
was in love with Sasha Reed.

They were just friends, right?
That's what Angela Birkett said.

Yes, they were. But it's clear
Richard wanted more than that.

And she also has a boyfriend.

James Moore.

Who hates their friendship.

But Sasha always sticks
up for Richard.

And makes James hate him
even more, I'd imagine.

Sasha's sister, Helen,
was a year below them.

When Richard left, she told him
he wasn't being fair with Sasha.

He realised it was true and
he decided he'd never see her again.

Ah, Catherine! Thank you.
Er... What is it?

A rum made on the island.
The locals swear by it.

Mm, excellent! Um...

No, your first drink is on me.

Thank you.

Well, bottoms up!

No, you should...



Yes, Fidel?

So I spoke to the staff at the
Palm Court, and there was a waitress

who said she saw the argument
between James and Richard.

Go on.

Well, the way waitress put it, um,

James was being very aggressive
and she heard the name Sasha.

I think we need to speak to
James Moore again, don't you?

People really drink that?

Well, I do. Right.


Oh, for heaven's sake! How many
times do we have to do all this?

Only as long as it takes for you
to tell us the truth.

We have a witness who overheard
the argument you had with Richard

at the lunch
and it wasn't about the tip, was it?

Yeah, and while you're
thinking about that, you can

tell us about the relationship
you had with him at university.

Look, what is all this, eh?

You resented the time
he spent with Sasha.

How the hell do you know that?

Are you saying it isn't true?

You know, he was like a fly.

He was always buzzing around her.

She wasn't remotely
interested in him, of course,

but the damn fool was
infatuated with her.

And it never went any further?

Like I said,
she wasn't interested in him.

Then why, even after 20, 25 years,

were you still jealous of him?

That's what the argument
was about, wasn't it? Sasha?

I didn't take kindly to the way
he was looking at my wife

and I told him as much.

Is that what you wanted?
It's a start.

All right. I admit it.

I get twitchy when men look at
Sasha. And when we all met up,

I thought Richard was being
over-familiar with her.

It was like being back at university
and I...

I just snapped.

You just leave Sasha alone!

You seem to be an intelligent
man, Inspector.

Do you seriously believe that
I would murder a policeman

because of the way
he was looking at my wife?

I don't trust him. Nor do I.
Doesn't mean he's our killer.

Yes, then who is?

I saw you talking to James. Yes.

He's a good man.

He just gets angry sometimes.

And jealous?

OK. Richard and I...

Richard was...

..funny. You know, eccentric.

He was one of my best friends.

But I never felt the way he did.

You know, it's funny.
It's only now that he's gone...

..that I realise how much I've
been missing him.


..I just wanted to tell
you about James.


Cup of tea, cup of tea, tea.

'Hi, you're through to Sally. I'm
not here right now

'but please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.'

Hello, my darling. Here safe.

At least I've hit the ground

so there's no time for jet lag yet.

People are nice and, er, it is very
beautiful. Love you.


OK, well,
thank you very much for that.

That was the dean's secretary
at the university they all attended.

It bugged me as to why Roger Sadler
is not in the graduation

photograph, so she pulled his file
for me. And?

Simple. He never graduated.
Roger was thrown out of university.

What for?

Cheating in his exams.
And it gets better.

He was reported to the dean
by Richard Poole.

You looking for me?

Yes, we are.

We understand that you were thrown
out of university for cheating

on your exams.

It's a matter of public record.
Why bring it up now?

You didn't think to tell us?

I hardly see how it's relevant!

It's relevant because it was Richard
who reported you, wasn't it?

Is that true?

You really expect us
to believe you didn't know?

Well, I didn't. Well, it was...

25 years ago. I honestly had no idea.

Now, if you don't mind...

You're lying!

I beg your pardon?

We've got Richard's diary.

He's written about how you cheated,
how he confronted you

and you begged him not to tell,
didn't you?

I can arrest you and you can read
it for yourself at the police

station if you prefer.

Yes, all right, all right!
Richard wouldn't listen.

I... I pleaded with him not to,
but he went to the dean anyway.

And in that very moment,
my life was ruined.

When I was booted out of Cambridge,
I felt my life had come to

an end and maybe I'd have
happily killed him then.

But that was
a quarter of a century ago.

I've moved on since then.

Look, if you really think I'm
the killer, then arrest me.

But first you going to have to prove
to me how I'm supposed to have done it.

I've got three witnesses who say I never
went near him in his bloody chair all night!

None of that was actually in
Richard's diary, was it? No.

Rouge Et Le Noir...

..Speak French...

It's getting late.

You should get some sleep.

We're so close. We have to be!

And yet, WHY did he have to die?

Well, good night, Sir.
Yes. Good night, Camille.

'Hi, you're through to Sally. I'm
not here right now

'but please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.'

OK, everyone. We are missing


All four of them
had access to the murder weapon.

Doesn't help. Opportunity.

Um, they all went out onto
the veranda at one point or another.

Doesn't help, either,

but at least neither means nor
opportunity rules any of them out.

Which brings us back to the one
thing we keep coming back to.


Yes, but do we really believe someone
waited all that time to kill him?

We don't believe there was an
intruder, either. No.

Then something must have happened
after they arrived in Saint-Marie,
something that provided a motive.

You know what really confuses me?

Why kill him at the villa?
And why that night?

The man lives in a shack on a beach,
miles from anyone.

Why not kill him there?

You're right!
He was murdered at a party.

It's as though the killer felt
they had no choice,

that Richard Poole had to die
that evening! Why?

Perhaps he was about to
expose one of them.

Yes! That's it! That's it!
A ticking clock!

He knew something, didn't he?
Or, at the very least, suspected it.

That's why he sent
home for these things.

He believed that something in here
would confirm what he discovered.

But what? Come on!

Right. There's a flight into Paris
leaving at three

and a connecting flight into London.
They've got seats if we want them.

What about the police?

Well, we've answered
all their bloody questions.

They can't stop us from going home.
Come on.

Ange? Come on.

I've just spoken to a clerk
at Angela Birkett's law practice.

Took a little
bit of the old Dwayne love dust,

but she told me that Angela hasn't
been in any kind of relationship

since she started there
eight years ago.

What is the "Dwayne love dust"?

Don't ask!

The police report from the traffic
accident that Sasha Moore was

involved in, Sir.

Seems like a lorry had a puncture,
swerved into two lanes.

Her sister was driving,
but there was nothing she could do.
Helen was killed instantly.

OK. Thanks, Fidel.

And only Roger Sadler and Angela
Birkett had social network sites.

Bit about the reunion but... OK!

Enough of the information overload!

Let's keep it simple. The mementos.

Why did he need the stuff
he sent for?

And the book. Come on!

Why take a book to a party?

What was he up to?

It's like he's testing us.

Yes, well, you know, that would be
the chief all over, Sir.

'And the book was on the floor,
which is a bit of a puzzle.

'It was in French.' Testing!

It looks like things
from his time at university.

'Haven't seen the man for 25 years!'

He helped her with her dissertation.

But no, of course! Of course!
Testing us!

Honore Police Station?

Bloody hell! You got something?

That was the hotel, the reunion
party's checking out.

What?! We need to stop them!

Yes! Stop them!


Look at this.

What am I looking at?

Name at the top. Got the who, just
need the how.

Where's the Jeep? Huh?

There's no Jeep? Camille took it.

What do we do, then?

Oh... no!




Got it.

What are they all doing here?

This is the part where you expose
the killer.

In front of everyone?

It's how Richard did it.

Really? Yes.

Look, can someone tell us what the
bloody hell is going on,

because we all have a plane to catch.
We've answered all your questions.

Ah, no, you've answered some of

Some I haven't asked yet.


You know, bizarrely, I'm the only
one who never met Richard Poole.

But during this case, I... I feel as

I've got to know him... a little.

Mostly by the effect he had on those
around him.

But it seems we all forgot one very
crucial thing...

he was a detective.

A good one.

I think he made a discovery, had a
theory about what he discovered

and then sent home for evidence to
corroborate that theory.

And in doing so, he has in
essence... solved his own murder.

You know, the biggest problem we had
was establishing a motive.

Why kill someone you haven't seen
for 25 years?

It... it simply can't be any of us,

we were in sight of each other the
whole time!

Apart from Roger when he went out
to light the barbecue.

Now... now hold on a second, I didn't
bloody kill anyone,

I didn't go anywhere near him. No,
you didn't.

What? I said you didn't kill Richard

Oh, right, good.

Thank you.

Then there were three.

I can't bear this! I've told you all
I know,

I wouldn't have hurt Richard, you all
know that!

I-I-I... I loved him.

And I believe you.

And then there were two.

You see... it was a little like the
goose, the fox and the beans...

working out who did what, when... and
in what order.

First, Angela checked he was all

Why don't you come in, Richard, it'll
be fun?

She asked him if he wanted another
cup of tea.

But when she left him, we believe he
was still alive.

Then a little later, you took him
out his bowl of crisps.

Remind me... who was it who suggested
playing charades that night?

It was you, wasn't it, Sash?

It might have been. Why?

Why, because it was well known
Richard hated playing games,

so how better for his killer to
isolate him from the group.

Yes, you needed him to be on his own
away from the others, didn't you?

So that you could murder him.


No! That can't be right.

Richard was still alive when Sasha
came back inside.

H-H-He drank the tea, he ate the

Not quite, cos Sasha had an




..when Richard asked you for another
cup of tea,

did you take the old cup back into
the house?

I don't think so. Cos you did, didn't

When you took him out his crisps.

And you didn't take him out a new
cup of tea, did you?

You took him out the old one. I'll
just take His Lordship this.

All done to establish an alibi... for
your wife.

You see the "how"...was reasonably

once we knew that one of you
committed the murder,

but it was the "why"...the "why"
that was the most elusive.

Why would anyone kill an old friend
they hadn't seen for 25 years?

In fact, by this logic, Sasha was
our least likely suspect.

After all, she and Richard were best
mates in college.

But that's how...

that's how I knew it had to be you
who wielded the ice pick.

Richard Poole wasn't killed by an
old friend

as we've been thinking all along.

He was killed by a relative

What are you talking about?

Because you're not Sasha Moore...'re Helen Reed... her sister.

Only one year separated two sisters,
Sasha and Helen Reed.

Both attended the same university.

In the police file from the road traffic
accident you were both involved in,

there's a police report showing an
earlier conviction for shoplifting.

Which was around the time

Sasha founded her computer software

Unlike her, you were unemployed,
you had no money.

And even years later, after your
much more successful sister

sold her company for a small
fortune, you were still struggling.

What happened after that car

Two sisters both injured, one

Was there some confusion about who
was who?

Did someone ask you if you were

Was the opportunity just too good to

Had the affair with her sister
already started?

Or did it begin once she got control
of your dead wife's fortune?

This... is the real Sasha.

Full of life and joy, about to
marry her college sweetheart, James.

And this is you. You already looked
a bit like your sister,

but helped on with a touch of
cosmetic surgery...

Didn't you say you had your cosmetic
surgery here?

No, that was St Lucia, darling.

None of you had seen each other for

so when Angie called up and asked
you to attend the reunion,

you thought you'd be able to get
away with it.

Until you bumped into Richard. What
are you all doing here?!

Yes, Richard, not only a detective,

but someone who knew the real Sasha
better than all of you.

I think he was on to you from the start.
It's no wonder you were cold with him,

you hardly knew him at all. And when
you lost your temper with him,

you were not being jealous,

you were simply trying to prevent
him from speaking to Sasha.

In the end there are two pieces of
damning evidence.

This is the book Richard brought
with him that night.

You said you hadn't read it.
I haven't read it.

Which is rather the point.

This is a photograph taken from the
box Richard sent home for.

I believe it's a photograph
celebrating Sasha's dissertation.

It's very hard to see with the naked
eye, but... if you look closely,

you can see a copy of the finished
dissertation in front of Sasha.

Le Rouge Et Le Noir.

Which is why Richard was holding a
book we know he couldn't read,

he brought it with him that night as
a final test

to confirm his suspicion that you
were not the Sasha he knew.

Found it in the market.

Do you know it?

No... I don't know it.

When you realised Richard Poole was
on to you... He knows. decided to kill him.

Trust me, he knows.

I'll do it.

All of which... I suppose, may be
regarded as circumstantial...

..until we see this.

Helen Reed's shoplifting conviction.

The prints on this

match the exclusion prints you gave
us after the murder,

leading me to make only one

which is why Richard had to die
and he had to die that evening.

You had to protect your secret.


Sorry about that.



Nice one.


He'd still be alive, wouldn't he,
if I hadn't brought her here?

Well done, sir. Well done to all of
us, Fidel.

I'm sure the Inspector would've been
proud of you.

Yes, I'm sure he would have.

There is just one thing still
bothering me. Yes?

The fox, the goose and the bag of
beans. Ah! Well, you see,

you take the goose over first and
then go back for the beans...

Yes, but then won't the goose eat the
beans when you go back for the fox? No.

And here's the clever bit.

When you go back for the fox, you
take the beans with you.

I'm sorry, you take the goose with
you. I think.

Well, I'd better start writing up my

Ah, erm... where are all my bits
of... paper and stuff.


I put them on your desk, Sir.


Good night. Yes, er... yes,
good night, Camille.

Only the Chief could have solved his
own murder.

Just so you know, his body has been

they'll fly him home tomorrow.

He was a good man. Well, if he's
going home,

I say we have a remembrance service
right here tonight.

I'm going to remember him till I
fall over.


To the Chief!

Where you going? It's the
Commissioner's round!

I'll be back!


We were having a drink... come and
join us.

That's really sweet of you, but
er... I shouldn't.

Why not? Well, you all need to spend
a bit of time

to say goodbye to Richard in your
own way.

It'd be a bit awkward if I was

I need to unpack.

If I can find a taxi.


I'll see you tomorrow.

Bye, Camille.

'Hello, Humph, it's me.

'God, I usually hate these things, but
now I'm rather pleased you're not there.

'Look, The thing is, Humph, I...
Well... I'm not coming.

'I never was.

'And I know I should have had this
conversation before you left,

'but I'm a terrible coward and this
just seemed...

'Look, the thing is... I don't love
you any more, not really.

'So there, I've said it.

'And I'm so sorry, I truly am!

'And this... this may well turn out
to be the biggest mistake of my
life, but it's how I feel.

'You'll be OK, won't you, Humph?'


The day she's satisfied is the day
she dies.

Right. Thea! Call an ambulance!

A stand-in was killed after only a
few weeks on a film set.

It's my fault she was out here.

This is not the not the act of a

Your wife... she arrives tomorrow.
Yes, of course.

Stop the car!