Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

Teen-aged postulate Therese is killed in a fire at the island convent,apparently caused by her smoking, the door to her room being locked from the inside. Poole,however,suspects foul play ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Be careful, Therese!

No sign of Therese?

Late again, I shouldn't wonder.

I'll go.



Therese! Therese! Therese!

Oi! Out!

C'mon, shoo! Out! Out!

Come on,
or it'll be roast chicken for dinner

and I won't be gentle
with the stuffing!

Did you sleep with your door open?

It's the only way I can get
a through-draft
in this godforsaken sweatbox.

Eyes on you, sir. Keep walking.

Oh, charming!

You're here early. There's been
a fire at Le Couvent du Sacre-Coeur.

Ah, ah, ah, English please.
My house, my rules.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart.

A postulant nun has died from smoke
inhalation. Oh, really?

Cause of the fire?

According to the fire department,
it was started by a cigarette.

The nun was smoking in her cell!

The proverbial smoking nun, eh?
Excuse me? Nothing.

Typical Caribbean, though.
Even the nuns are laid back.

Don't you think that is odd?
A nun that smokes?

On this island,
I wouldn't be surprised

if she was making sangria
with the communion wine.

She was a woman of God.

Behind their saintly exterior,
nuns have a heart of stone.

Appearances can be deceptive.

Yes, indeed.

Anyway, let me shave and dress
and we'll head up to the convent.

Oh, for crying out loud!

Don't you have chickens in London?

Yes, we do.

Wrapped in cellophane.

Boiled egg and sergeants.
I saw it in an English movie once.

Soldiers. Actually called
boiled egg and soldiers.

Well, eat up.

More like London?

It's exactly like London.

Good day.

Are you OK?

Yeah, fine.

Can I help you?

I'm Detective Sergeant
Camille Bordey.
This is Detective Inspector Poole.

I'm still in shock. Poor Therese.

If only I could have got there
sooner. What do you mean?

I discovered the fire.

Her door was locked
so Father John broke it down.

Through the smoke we could see her
lying on her bed,

head on her pillow.

It was just like she was asleep.

Let's get her out of here.

Quickly! Oh, Therese!

I tried to revive her.
But it was no use.

I'm sure you did everything
you could.

Father John had better
be our first port of call.

Of course. It's hit him quite hard.

Like all of us.
We're like a little family here.

I'll show you the way.

I keep saying to myself,
"Keep busy, keep busy."

Yes, of course.

It, er, must be a shock.

Father, forgive the question

but is it usual for the nuns
here to smoke?

You have to understand

Therese was a postulant nun, she'd
been here less than six months.

She hadn't taken holy orders yet.

Postulancy being
a sort of trial period

before you actually commit yourself?

and it's a big transition to make,

giving up nearly all contact
with the outside world.

No possessions. No money,
but the cigarettes.

We knew it was a struggle for her.

And she always smoked
when she was upset.

It seems odd that she didn't
wake up when the fire started.

That's another tragedy,
she took sleeping pills, you see.

Found it hard to sleep.
And where did she get the pills?

Sister Marguerite
whom you met outside just now.

She runs the infirmary here.
She's a trained nurse.

Did you notice anything suspicious
this morning?

Anything unusual?
Unusual? Out of the ordinary?

Well, not this morning,
but I haven't seen her...

but some of the nuns
came to me saying,

they'd seen some sort of
phantom nun.

A phantom nun?

A person who is not a sister
in the convent, but dressed as one.

Sorry to interrupt.
I didn't know you had company.

This is Sister Anne,
our Mother Superior.

Father, what a mess!

I'm always clearing up after him!
I just came to see how you were.

She's with our Lord and Saviour now.
You know that, Father.

Bury your sadness
in his loving heart.

Father John was just telling us
about your, er, "phantom nun"?

Stuff and nonsense.
So you haven't seen her?

Of course not. She doesn't exist.

Father John seems very tired now,
perhaps I could help you instead?

I'm not made of stone,
I do my grieving in private.

I need to keep myself together.

God is in the detail
and the details need my attention,

death or no death.

Even with the Holy Spring.
The Holy Spring?

The convent has water
that is said to heal, sir.

They do heal, my dear.

And it's getting quite famous now,
isn't it?

Yes. People are coming
from all over in the hope of a cure.

Even Canada. So people cast aside
medical science

to come and splash themselves
with water?

Ah! A cynic.

Call me old fashioned,
but I simply have a healthy respect
for scientific proof.

Proof enough for you?

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.

I drank of the waters,
I bathed in the waters.

By last year I was cancer-free
and have been ever since.

Living proof, you might say.

Might help that rash of yours.

Father John said you tried
to unlock Therese's door. Yes.

Yes, I think she must have locked it
because she was smoking in there -

she knew we'd disapprove.

I couldn't get my key in the lock,
because hers was inside.

I tried to force my key
into the lock...

Right, you go and talk
to the other nuns.

Ask them about the discovery of the
fire and this so-called phantom nun.

I'll join Fidel in the cell.

You sure you'll be all right
on your own?

I'll be fine. Are you coming?

I'll pray for you.

So what was she like,
this Therese?

She was young, only 18.

Brought up in an orphanage,
in France.

I'm afraid she picked up
some bad habits.

Bad habits!



What sort of bad habits?

Alcohol. Chewing gum.
Those cigarettes of hers.

I said to her,
"They'll kill you one day."

I tried to come down hard on her,

I shouldn't say this, but Father
John had a bit of soft spot for her.

In what way?

He allowed her things
to "facilitate the transition".

I have errands to run.
Can I help you with anything else?

No, no, no, that'll be all,
thank you.


They're just creepy, aren't they?

All this for a cigarette.

Or was it?

Therese was found
with her head on the pillow,

as if she'd been asleep, right?

Well, if her head was on her pillow

and she was lying flat on her back,

how come the fire started
at this end of the bed?

So what are you saying, sir?

I'm saying that she didn't smoke
the cigarette that killed her.

Then who did? No-one.

Someone planted it to make
all this look like an accident.

who would want to murder a nun?

Anyone who'd seen
The Sound Of Music more than once?

No, sir, it's impossible.
She was in here alone.

Look, the window is sealed, right?

And the door was locked,
but from the inside.

You see,
the key is still in the lock.

No-one could have got in
to start a fire and back out again.

And what about this?

She had cigarettes in her room.

That just proves she was a smoker,
we already knew that.

This mattress is old,
pre-any kind of fire regulation.

The smoke would've killed her
in minutes.

I think the killer knew that.

But how did they get in?
And out again.

If you're going to make Sergeant,

you're going to have to learn
to think outside the box.

Or in this case,
think outside the cell.

Oh, for Christ's sake!

You all right, sir? No!

What's that?

One of our dead nun's bad habits.

Nuns, habits.

Fidel, I want you to conduct
a thorough forensic search.

Pay particular attention
to the door.

OK, I'll start by dusting for prints.

Dwayne, we'll need exclusion prints
from the sisters and Father John.

Yes, sir. Then help Fidel
complete the search in here.

I want every inch covered.

Camille wants you outside.

Says she has something
you have to see.

This? This is what I had to see?

The water is said to be miraculous.


I don't suppose it removes gum?

Holy Water? There's no such
thing as Holy Water. Look, look.

See? No miracle. Still there.

And just to clear this up,
this is heat-related psoriasis,

not a stigmata.

My cousin went to Lourdes.

She was deaf in one ear.

After bathing in the water,
she could hear again.

Well the water probably dislodged
the wax or cleaned the ear out.

Could have been achieved just as
easily under a bathroom tap.

That's for the boiled egg.

Now we're even.



Sister Marguerite now.

Of course. How are you? I'm fine.

Well, apart from... Yes.

It's so terrible.
But I'm determined to be strong.

You have to be at times like these.

I learnt that the hard way.

Of course you did.

But enough about me.
I suppose you're married now?


No, still young, free and single.

Well, free and single at any rate!

Dip your thumb in the ink for me.

There's nothing to worry about.

We just have to eliminate certain
prints from the inquiry.

Good to see you again, Elodie.


Any prints?

It's hard to get much, sir.

There are partial prints on Therese,
but nothing else on the lock
and key.

How about the cigarette packet
we found in the room?

No, there were no prints
there at all.

Making it very unlikely
they were her cigarettes.

Must have been planted in the room.

I spoke to the sisters at the convent
about the phantom nun like you said.

And could she walk through walls?
Unseal windows?

No, but some of them
said they'd seen a figure

walking about the convent
who wasn't one of them.

Well, was it vaguely human?
OK, what is it with you and nuns?

Hey! Look what I found when I did
the final sweep of Therese's room.

It was hidden behind
a loose panel in her cell.

It's just like The Count Of Monte
Cristo. Like what?

A secret hiding place
in a prisoner's cell,

only his was behind a loose stone
in the fireplace.

Have you read the book?

No, no, we tended to concentrate
on the classics at school.

Dickens, Trolloppe, Eliot...
Yes, it is a classic.

Yeah, in France. Slightly different.

Ah. A one-way ticket to France,
leaving next week.

Looks like our prisoner
was planning to escape.

What's that? A printed list
of names and numbers.

Any of them mean anything to you?

Dwayne, we need to find the people
on here -

find out their connection
to Therese. Look.

Another packet.

But these are a different brand
to the ones we found in her room.

Why would you hide one packet
and not the other?

Because, as I thought,
the other packet was planted.

Gum! But this is unopened.

Then where did the gum come from
that was stuck to my shoe?

Another old packet?
Yeah, but why be so careless?

She knew gum was frowned upon,
why just leave it on the floor?

Maybe she was going to pick it up
in the morning.

She couldn't have known
someone was going to murder her.

Don't forget she was just
a teenage girl, after all.

"If you speak, I will silence you.
Vengeance is mine; I will repay."

Romans 12, verse 19.

A teenage girl who knew too much?

It's been such a shock for all of us

and I just wondered
if you wanted to talk?

When I need to talk,
I talk to the Lord.

Which was what I was doing
when you knocked, so...

Of course, Reverend Mother.
Forgive me.

Anything back on that list of names?

Maybe one of them wanted Therese
silenced for some reason? Dwayne?

Nothing yet, chief.

Remember, Therese often slept late
because of sleeping pills
administered by Sister Marguerite.

You think she upped the dose to
ensure she slept through the fire?

No, it was Elodie
who tried to save her.

Elodie? Sorry - Sister Marguerite.

She changed her name
when she took Holy Orders.

The lengths women will go
to avoid you, Dwayne.

It wasn't like that.

We used to hang out, fool around,
you know.

But her parents died when
she was 21. Motor boat accident.

She never got over it.

Then, not long after,
she joined the convent.

You think she can be happy?

You mean, without you?

Dwayne, she married Christ.
You could never compete -

not with the miracles
and the father-in-law.

Ah, but does he have
my killer smile?

OK. Thank you.

OK, thank you.

The plane ticket we found
in Therese's box was paid for in cash

a week ago by a Michael Lannon.

He bought two tickets to Paris-Orly -
one for Therese and one for him.

Right, so they were planning
to leave the island together.

Good work, Camille.
Right then, who is Michael Lannon?

Check all residents with that name,

all passenger lists
in and out of Saint Marie.

I want him found.

I've put the word out
on Michael Lannon.

If he's on the island, he won't be
able to stay hidden for long.

So, come on,
what is it with you and nuns?


You've been strange all day,
you nearly jumped out of your skin

when Sister Anne entered
Father John's office.

She just startled me, that's all.

Look, I don't want to talk about it.

It's something in your childhood,
isn't it?

Catholic school? Altar boy...

Look, if you must know,

the House Mother
at my boarding school was a nun.

Sister Benedict.
Imagine Geoff Capes in a wimple.

Geoff who? It doesn't matter.

Anyway she used to terrorise us
with spot checks, day and night -

nails, teeth, underpants...

Underpants? I still have nightmares
where I wake up

seeing her mole-ridden face
in mine... Sir...

You know she had this slipper,
she used to beat us. Sir.

I had thighs like corned beef
for almost my entire childhood...
Sir, I...

I know - they're brides of Christ.
But some are bad through
and through. They are evil!


Don't worry.
I didn't bring my slipper.

Hi. Everything all right?

Yes, there's just something I forgot
to tell you about last night.

Sister Marguerite said Therese was
afraid of something outside this bar.

Yes, it was funny.

What was it she saw?

Not what, but who.

Daryl Dexter. A businessman,

but no-one can tell me
what sort of business he's in.

Then why would a nun be scared
of him? Or even know him?

Do you know where he lives?

Er, excuse me.

We're looking for Mr Sexter.
Dexter. Dexter.

So nuns and girls in bikini
make you nervous.

Or is it just women in general?

Women don't make me nervous.

Good God.

Mr Dexter?

Detective Inspector Poole.
This is Detective Sergeant Bordey.

Detectives, glad you could make it.

Erm, would you excuse us
for a moment?

We're investigating
the death of a young woman...

Perhaps we can discuss
any business you have in private.

I'd appreciate that. This way.

I'm sure there's some mistake.
Why would anyone be scared of me?

But we have a witness who says
she was scared when she saw you.

Very scared.

Then your witness is mistaken.

Did you know Therese -
the girl who was killed?

Not personally, no.
But I barely go up to the convent.

Just the odd meeting.
What kind of meeting?

Sorry, I thought you knew.

I run a PR company,
I've just taken them on as clients.

Since when do convents need PR?

Since they discovered
they have a Holy Spring.

It has the potential
to transform their fortunes. How so?

The amount of revenue
this could generate for the convent
could be quite phenomenal.

For a price.

A percentage. That's what this
little get-together is in aid of.

To stimulate initial interest.

And there's talk about
the Holy Spring
being sanctified by the Vatican.

Now, if that happens,
the sky's the limit.

Does the name "Michael Lannon"
mean anything to you?

Can't say that it does, no.

And do you recognise
any of these names?

We found them in Therese's room.

No. Are you sure? Take your time.

Look, I know you're only doing
your job,

but I'm trying to do mine, and this
isn't exactly good for business.

So, if you don't mind.

That man is obsessed with money.
And promoting a Holy Spring,

with women in bikinis.
I wonder what Sister Anne would say?

Do not mention bikinis and
Sister Anne in the same sentence!

Conjures up a very powerful image.

Hang on, Camille. What?

I saw a photo of that woman
on his desk.

I think I know her from somewhere.

You know her like that? Drive. Yeah.

So, Daryl Dexter
is suspect number one.

He obviously knew Therese.
Why else would she be scared of him?

Yes, he lied about knowing her.
So, what does he have to hide?

Maybe he and Therese were lovers?

Maybe he's the Michael Lannon
who bought the plane tickets?

I haven't found anyone
of that name on the island yet.

But Daryl has a lover, remember?
The woman we saw at the villa.

Doesn't mean he can't have another
one. Yes, but, if they were lovers,

why was she so scared of him
during the procession?

Maybe she was going to tell his
girlfriend about their relationship?

So he sent the threatening letter
to silence her?

It's rubbish, isn't it.

Any joy on that list of names?

Maybe there's a connection
to Daryl Dexter there?

Fidel's on the case.

Something else came up here.

I've just spoken to the orphanage
in Strasbourg where Therese grew up.

They say she wasn't a religious
girl. Quite the opposite in fact -

boys, drugs, petty theft.

So, not the obvious candidate
to join a convent?

Ah, but that's not all.

When I was looking
for their telephone number,

I went onto the orphanage website.

They have a gallery going back years

and had photographs of their
celebrations for the Pope's visit
to Strasbourg in 1988.

Therese wasn't born in 1988.

It's not Therese.


In here.

Sorry to disturb you, Father.

Ah, part of your PR campaign?
I met Daryl Dexter earlier.

I know people doubt his motives,

but with his help, I'm sure we can
save the convent. Save it?

Well, each year, costs rise,
donations dwindle.

You mean your future
here is in doubt?

In this house, yes.
There's talk of it being sold.

Many old convents
are turned into hotels these days.

Of course, the nuns can find homes
in other convents.

I'm sure the church
would find a home for me somewhere.

Yeah, where were you before here?
Oh, many places.

Lyon, Limerick, Ghana. Strasbourg?

I was a priest there,
many years ago.

Attached to the orphanage
where Therese spent her childhood.

But, erm,
you didn't think to tell us that?

I didn't think it was relevant.
It was 20-odd years ago.

I was long gone
before she was there.

And also, it was a difficult time.
I don't want to go into it.

Well, I'm sure the diocese
in Strasbourg can tell us?

Old sins make long shadows,
isn't that what they say?

Ah. Ginette Pascal.

For once, I was just a man,
not a man of God.

I would have left
the priesthood for her,

but the church found out.

They didn't want a scandal
and so I was sent away.

Not that it stopped the sisters here
finding out.

Oh, the orphanage told
one of my officers that Therese
wasn't a religious girl.

So why did she want to become a nun?

She'd spent her whole life
inside an institution,

and quite simply didn't know
how to exist outside of one.

A prisoner? Of sorts.

Even to the extent
that she hid things in her cell?

We found a box,
hidden behind a secret panel.

Like The Count Of Monte Cristo.


No, no, no, no, no. Oh, bugger!

Ah! Great minds. You thought
you'd get an early start too?


What's that?

Ah, your Count Of Monte Cristo.

Ah! And?

Quite a man.

But, most importantly, it got me
to thinking about locked cells

and how you get through solid walls.

Well, Edmund Dantes used a tunnel.

Yes, but we found no tunnel.

So, how else could someone
get out of a locked room

after starting the fire?

Anyone from the convent
would've known the place
like the back of their hand.

Yes, speaking of which...

Still waiting on that miracle.

Father John. He didn't mention
the orphanage connection.

He didn't know her back then.

Yeah, but we know he had an eye
for the ladies.

Maybe Therese was his lover.

His motive to kill her?

She threatened to expose the affair?

He couldn't survive
a second scandal?

But Daryl Dexter,
he's still our main suspect.

He lied about knowing Therese,
and she was terrified of him.

Ah, yes, but he didn't have access
to the nuns' living quarters.

How could he have got in
to start the fire unnoticed?

Maybe he is the phantom nun? Hmm.

Did you look into
Sister Marguerite's family's deaths?

Yes. No suspicious circumstances.
Also, the autopsy report is back.

Sleeping pills
were found in Therese's system,

but no more than the prescribed dose.

Sister Marguerite did not drug her.

She's still first on the scene
though. Could she have done
something to the lock?

Is there is a way to trip it,
do you think?

Or could someone maybe have
turned the key from the outside
somehow to lock it?


We've spoken to all the people
on the list of names
from Sister Therese's room.

And? They were all cured
by the waters of the Holy Spring.

Cured? I find that hard to believe.
No, no, they all swear it.

Except one. Bomba Dupuis.

An old drunk, lives by the port.

And after a few rum punches courtesy
of the Saint Marie Police Force...

Wait, wait, you saying
you got a potential witness drunk?

He said he was paid to say
he was cured. 200.

So Therese was paying people
to endorse the Holy Spring.

No. Not Therese. Daryl Dexter.

Thank you for seeing us.

No problem. Can I get you a drink?
Something fizzy?

No, thank you.
Oh. Well, you don't mind if I do?

Not at all.

I have this imported myself.

The stuff they sell here
gets delivered

and then sits on a sun-drenched dock
for hours before being collected.

It makes it practically undrinkable.

Must be a nightmare.

It was really Daryl we wanted to see.

Oh, well, he's off on business,
I'm afraid.

What's the nature
of your relationship with Mr Dexter?

We're engaged!


It means congratulations.

I've been grinning like a
school girl ever since he asked me.

It's ridiculous at my age, I know.

How involved are you
in his business dealings?

Oh, very.

We're a partnership.

I'm very excited
about the Holy Spring.

You see, the pool might be in
the convent, but I own the land
where the spring finds its source.

You own the land? Yes,
it was left to me many years ago.

Well, we thought it was worthless
but then a nun gets cured,

and then others.

I'm hoping to sell it
to the Vatican, once the waters
have been sanctified.

At a great profit, I presume?

Well, certainly enough to keep me
in, erm, imported champagne.

You are aware that a nun was found
at the convent, dead in her room?

I know. Isn't it dreadful?

Were you also aware
that the same nun had discovered

that Daryl had been bribing people
to make bogus claims

about being cured by the spring?

Well, I... I really can't imagine
that that's true.

We have at least one witness.
A witness?

Do you mind if I join you? I, er,
I've been trying to give up but...

Yes, of course.

I really should be good. Look, can
we get back to the bribes? Bribes?

Are you implying that Daryl and I

are somehow involved in...?
That's just ridiculous.

I know exactly when the fire broke
out in the convent

and I can tell you, Daryl
and I were together that morning.

So if you'd just like
to let yourself out...

Since when do you smoke?

Since I wanted to see whether Laura
smokes the same cigarettes

we found in Therese's room.

And she does.

Good work. Pardon? Come on.

Come on. Haven't got all day.

I'll come back later.

Can you think of any reason
why anyone would want to attack you?

Some of the silverware on the altar
might be worth stealing, I suppose.

But nothing was stolen.

We found these. Grown here.

Rosary beads.

Not the conventional weapon
we encounter,

which rather suggests
it was someone from the convent.

Can't believe
what you're insinuating.

Sister Anne, if you don't help us,

the attacker may strike again.

Therese is dead.

One of the other sisters
may be in danger or you may not be

so lucky next time.

I've survived cancer
and I have survived this.

And mark my words,
it has nothing to do with luck.

God has saved me twice.
He obviously has some plan for me.

I brought you some tea.
I was just...

I couldn't drink it.

Well, if it's going spare...

Why won't she talk? I don't know. But
I know why she didn't drink the tea.

I think they make it
with your Holy Water. Thank you.

Hey, isn't that Dexter's car?

Mr Dexter!

Inspector. Sergeant Bordey.

This really isn't the best time
to talk. And, to be honest,

I've told you everything I know.

Not quite everything.

You failed to mention that
you've been bribing people
to say they've been cured.

I have no need to bribe anyone.
These waters cure people.

That's not what our witness says.
Well, your witness is wrong.

I don't think so.

I think Therese knew
what you were doing

so you sent her
a threatening letter. This again?

I barely knew the girl, so why would
I sent her a Bible-spouting letter?

How do you know the letter
quoted the Bible?

He said so.

No, he didn't.

Therese had less commitments
than the other nuns.

She had time on her hands.

One day...

One day, she saw me
giving money to one of the pilgrims.

Next thing I know,
a list of contacts
has gone missing from my car.

The list we found in her cell.

She came to me
and said she knew what I was doing

and was going to tell Father John
if I didn't stop the bribes.

I panicked.

So you killed her?

No. I threatened her.

I just threatened her.

I admit maybe I was over the top
with the Bible bit,

but I thought it was
a language she'd understand.

But I did not kill her.
That's ridiculous.

Anyway, I was with Laura
at the time of the fire.

So she was keen to point out.

Have you been here
at the convent all morning?

Most of it. Why?

So you were here when Sister Anne
was attacked?


Is she all right? She's fine.

Despite someone trying to strangle
her. Did she know your secret?

Was she going to expose you?

Sister Anne? She's the
poster girl for the Holy Spring.

She, at least, has been cured.
Why would I want her dead?

So, Therese's discovery of bribes
must be what she was

going to tell
Father John about before she died.

Only someone made sure
she didn't get the chance.

Have we got anything back from the UK
on Laura or Daryl yet?

Nothing yet, sir.

But I finished asking for prints
on the rosary beads

we found in the chapel.

So? Any prints?

Yes, only partial ones.
Sister Marguerite's.

Need a hand?

I've been at this for hours.

I'm really sorry to have to ask,

but we found your prints
on the rosary.

That's because they're my beads,

But why were they in the chapel?

I must have left them there
when I ran out of confession.

You ran out of confession?

I wanted to confess
what I'd been thinking about.

Which is?


So I've still got it, then?

Still got a massive ego.

No, no, what I mean is
I've been thinking about what

life would have been like
if I'd not come here.

I thought I should confess,
but when it came to it

I thought Father John had a lot
to deal with at the moment.

You've got nothing to confess
as far as I can see.

Maybe not.

But when God took my parents,
I wanted a family so badly,

and maybe I came here
for the wrong reasons.

You happy here, Elodie?


Except when my bike gets
a puncture.

Dwayne. The nun.


That's her. The phantom nun.


Hey, stop! Police!

Ouch! Stop!


Sir, you need to see this.
What the hell's going on here?

Mr Dexter.

Darling, are you all right?
You have no right bringing her here.

And what's the charge, hm?
Come on, darling, we're going.

Just a couple of questions
before you go, Sheila.

Just got this from CID in England.

We had them run background checks
on both of you.

Sweetheart? What's going on?

They know Laura as Sheila Parker,

a Sussex-based nurse accused
of killing her elderly patient.

What was it the press dubbed you?
The Angel of Death?

It's not how it sounds.
He was in pain.

You left him the wherewithal
to administer a lethal injection,

promptly benefited from his will.
Well, I was never convicted.

It never even went to trial.

Leaving a lot of
unanswered questions

and you are a very rich woman.

You even inherited the land
you now own on Saint Marie.

Is this true? I'm not a murderer.

This was all a long time ago.

It has absolutely nothing to do
with what's going on now.

Tell us, what is going on now?
What were you doing at the convent?

I can't say. Were you at the convent
the morning of the fire?

You know I wasn't.

Tell them, Daryl.
I'm not lying for you now.

We weren't together that night.

I was on the other side
of the island on business.

So neither of you has an alibi
for that morning, then.

Lock them both up.
What? What for?

We can detain you for questioning
on suspicion of murder.

You killed that man
in London for his money.

Did you do the same
to that poor nun?

He was my patient!

His stomach was riddled with cancer.

He asked me, begged me,
to end his suffering.

I can't believe a word you say.
What about you, then?

Where were you when the fire
started at the convent?

I don't have to answer to you.

I don't even know who you are.

So, why would Laura Masters
make regular visits to the convent?

She was spotted there
numerous times before the murder.

To plan how she intended
to kill Therese.

Then why was she there today?

To finish the job on Sister Anne.
I managed to find it, sir.

What's inside?

Looks like... Medical stuff.
Medical supplies?

Do you think
she was going to kill again?

No, I think this time
she was planning to save a life.

I'm sorry I was
so short with you before.

It's understandable,
given what you've been through.

How are you feeling?
My neck is still a little sore.

No, I'm sorry, the cancer.

Cancer? That's gone, you know that.

Has it?

Sister Anne, would you remove
your wimple and veil for me?


that is not permitted by the
dictates of my convent or my faith.

Or is it because
it would betray your secret?

You don't have any hair, do you?

From the chemotherapy
you're receiving for the cancer

you're still suffering from.

Laura Masters has just admitted
to me that she comes to

the convent periodically
to administer further treatment,

dressed as a nun
to avoid suspicion.

What must you think of me?

It didn't start as a lie, really.

When I was first diagnosed
with cancer,

I started to drink
of the Holy Spring.

When I returned to the hospital,
they told me that the tumour

had shrunk. I was overjoyed.

I knew that God had a purpose
for me - to save the convent.

People would believe now,
truly believe.

The Holy Spring
would be our salvation.

But after three months,
I went back to the hospital just for

a routine check-up and the doctors
told me that the tumour
had returned.

I couldn't believe it.
But Daryl said we needn't back out.

He told me about Laura Masters
being a cancer nurse,

and that she would help me.
I didn't want to lie.

But I felt it was what God wanted.

People were coming
to the convent in such numbers

and God's word was spreading.

I felt that the ends
would justify the means.

Then Therese found out about your
little fraud, so you killed her.

What? No!

You had the opportunity to come into
her room on the morning of the fire.

No, what are you talking about? What
about me? Somebody tried to kill me!

How do you account for that?

I know I lied, Lord forgive me,

but do I look like
a murderer to you?

You know,
I really thought we had our killer.

I was sure Sister Anne
killed Therese

to detect the fake spring
from being revealed.

I thought when I confronted her
she'd confess,

tell me how she did it,
say three Hail Marys, case closed.

How did someone
get in and out of that room?

I'm sorry. That's OK.

I agree with Sister Anne.
Who attacked her?

It doesn't make sense.

Maybe that's it. That's what?

We've been assuming the same person
who killed Therese

tried to kill Sister Anne.
But if you look at the crimes,

they're very different.
The first one was clearly planned.

The planted cigarettes,
the locked room?

But the second, well, the attacker
just grabbed some rosary beads

that were left lying around
after confession.


Yes, straight after confession.

You know, sir,
that cancer business was brilliant.

Really. How did you work it out?

Well, remember, Fidel,

things aren't always
as they appear on the surface.

Especially when disguised
by a veil and a wimple.


Or made to look like something else.

Excuse me.

Got it. Got what? Soot.

On the inside of this lock.

I think I know why.
Come on, work to be done.

Thank you.

Michael Lannon. Oui. En quelle annee?

You're right,
this wasn't in the fire.

So, someone put it in afterwards.

A Strasbourg. Je remercie.

You still haven't got into that? No.

You think you can do any better?

I may have a way.

Uh, Dwayne, are you sure that...?

And we are in.

You found what you're looking for?

I've found exactly
what I'm looking for.

And I've found Michael Lannon.

Apologies for interrupting.
If you could just take a seat.

If I must.

Sorry for the disturbance.

But I'm sure you are all anxious
to know who killed Therese.

Almost from the start,

it seemed clear that this case
was about the Holy Spring,

and the fact that Therese knew
it was a fraud.

A fraud? Yes.

I'm sorry to say that any cures
you might have heard about

are all false.

And so much rested on that staying
a secret for so many.

But like everything in this case,

nothing was as it seemed upon
first appearance.

This case isn't
about the Holy Spirit at all.

And I realised that
with the help of the good book...

The Count of Monte Cristo,
where nothing is as it seems.

The mad priest isn't really mad,
and, well, the count is no count

but one Edmond Dantes,

just as Laura Masters
is really Sheila Parker,

Sister Marguerite
is really Elodie Francois,

and Father John
is in fact Michael Lannon.

You told me everyone has a weakness
and yours was a woman -

Ginette Pascal, in Strasbourg.

So you were sent away,
far from temptation,

and the woman you loved,
to here, Saint Marie.

Then Therese arrived, and
the two of you began a relationship.

You soon decided to leave together,

so you bought
two plane tickets to France.

As you were going to leave
the priesthood, you booked them

under the name you had before you
took Holy Orders. Michael Lannon.

We found out your birth name
from the diocese in Strasbourg.

But someone discovered
your plan to leave,

someone who couldn't let you make
the same mistake again.

Someone who felt they had to stop
you making a fool of yourself,

throwing everything away
for a woman.

And that's what you did,
isn't it, Sister Anne?

That's why you killed Therese.
Because you feared they were lovers.

Father John, Mother Superior.

You're almost like
an old married couple.

You clean up after him,
you nag him...

Indeed, in your own way,
you love him.

You knew the mistake
he'd made in Strasbourg

and you couldn't let his weakness
destroy the relationship you had.

You also knew that the scandal
would destroy the convent.

So you had to get rid of Therese.

But how to make her death
look accidental?

God really is in the details.

That is what you always say,
isn't it, Reverend Mother?

Therese took sleeping pills,
often making her late for chapel,

and she was also a smoker,

giving you the perfect means
to make her death look accidental.

Therese kept her cigarettes
well hidden,

but I'm sure it was easy enough
to steal a packet

of Laura Masters'
cigarettes from her bag

during one of her visits
to the convent.

You couldn't risk Therese waking up

and smelling the smoke by placing
the cigarettes too close

to her face, so you placed it
at the foot of the bed,

assuming that any evidence
would be destroyed in the fire.

As the cigarette slowly burned down,

it gave you just enough time
to lock the door from the outside.

You then took some gum,
which you placed in the lock,

so, to the casual observer, it would
look like the key was still in it.

As the fire took hold,
you only pretended to try

and unlock the door.

As the door was broken down, you knew
all attention would be on Therese.

As everyone rushed to save her,

you put the key in the lock,
dislodging the gum inside.

But a tiny piece of the silver paper
remained inside,

betraying your method.

As did the gum -

stuck to my shoe, which,
with DNA testing,

will prove you're the killer.

No! Someone tried to kill her, too.

Yeah, I'm glad you brought that up.

Because it was that very attack
that led us to identify

Sister Anne as the killer.
The attack took place here,

just after confession.

Of course,
I can't know what was said,

but I can guess by what happened
soon afterwards.

Father, I cannot tell you
the nature of my sin.

Only know I did it to protect you.

To stop you making
the same mistake again.

Father John couldn't
go to the police

because he was bound by the
confidentiality of the confessional.

Sister Anne must have known who
attacked her but could say nothing,

as it would expose her as a murderer.

Both bound by silence.

I can't lie any more, child.
Not here.

Not before God. It's true.

I had to save Father John
from himself.

That pretty little thing
had turned his head.

You all saw that, didn't you?

If he'd left with her
as he planned to,

I would have been left alone.

God gave me strength while
you were at your weakest.

But I loved her.

No, not love. Lust.
That's all it was. Just as before.

The only real love is here,
the family.

She was family.

She was a devil!
No, Sister, she really was family.


Therese, who called Father John
Father every day,

was being deceptively literal.

Wasn't she, Father John?

She was my daughter.

Your daughter?

The daughter from his relationship
with Ginette Pascal,

back in Strasberg.

When Therese turned 18,

she was able to find out
who her real parents were.

Mother, Ginette Pascal.

Father, Michael Lannon.

Ginette died in childbirth.

I couldn't claim the baby as my own,

so I made sure to place her
in the orphanage where I worked.

But I was sent away,

far from my own flesh and blood.

That's why she came here.

So she could get to know me.

Then, one day, she told me
the truth. Who she was.

I was overjoyed.

Now she's gone. Forever.

Why didn't you tell me?

For the same reason you didn't
tell me about the fake spring.

To save the convent.

I would have welcomed her
if I'd known!

Would you?
I would've done anything for you.

Oh, please, forgive me.

Please. Please.

Only God can truly forgive.

It really was like they were married.

Poor woman. Poor woman?

She lied, manipulated and ultimately
killed to get what she wanted.

Don't be fooled
by the little old nun act.

Nothing is really what it appears.
Exactly. Hm.

Well, are we going
to arrest them for fraud?

Unfortunately not.
We don't have enough evidence.

Now I suppose you want me
to hold up my left hand

and show you that my psoriasis
has been miraculously cured. What?

I don't believe it! It worked?

No, it's that one.

Honestly, Camille,

sometimes your faith
in the unscientific astounds me.

So, I'm guessing this case has done
nothing to ease your nun phobia.

If I never see another nun again,
it'll be too soon.

Relax. I'm not here
to check your underpants.

Have you two been talking?
I have, actually.

I thought Sister Marguerite
could help you with your problem.

I... I don't have a problem
with anybody.

I just had some difficult
experiences at school.

I'm just not the praying type.
That's OK.

You don't need prayer
to make this work.

Cortical steroids,
for your psoriasis.

For my psoriasis? Mm hm.

Science, you see.
Not divine intervention.

No offence. None taken.

I'll drive you back
to the convent. OK.

And I'll go and get us
some more drinks.

Nothing for me.

I'm going to head up as well,
actually. OK. Good night, sir.

Yes, because you've got to get back

to your monastic existence,
your cell?

No, I have a book to finish.

I want to find out
if the Count of Monte Cristo

ever gets off that bloody island.

Might provide me with a bit of hope.

Well, I can tell you he does.

Ah, fantastic!

Yeah, but it takes him 40 years.

Fidel, I think I might need
that drink after all.


Her name was Valerie Dupris.

Apparently, her husband had
just left her for a younger woman.

Our clientele are rich,
important people.

They insist on total discretion.

Join me in theatre and I'll do my
best to answer your questions there.

Hold this for me, would you.