Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 11, Episode 1 - Episode #11.1 - full transcript

When a seemingly simple kidnapping ends in murder, Neville and the team must work out what went wrong and how someone ended up dead.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

I'm not sure I can do this.

We have to.

Mia, look at me.
We'll get through this,

together, I promise you.


Hello, Gabriel.

We've got the money.

Good. Get it ready.
I'll call again in ten minutes.

Ten minutes isn't long enough.

If you want to see your daughter
alive, you'll do exactly as I say.


Sorry, not now, Vivienne.

Wait at home.

And pray for us.

I've got the money.

The full 50,000? Used notes only?

Yes, yes. Just tell me that
Clarissa's all right.

Listen carefully, once this call is
over, leave your phone behind.

I find any kind of phone on you,
she dies.

You short-change me or you involve
the police,

she dies.

Drive out to Bellaroux Cove.

There's a bin there.
Leave the bag of money inside it.

Then take the coastal road south.
After two miles,

you'll see a phone box on
your right.

Park up and wait.

I'll call when I've got
the money and your daughter's free.


Oh, God.

Baby. You all right?

Mum. It's all right.
You're safe now. Where's Dad?

Sir? Sir?!

Oh, hey, Florence.

What are you doing? I'm hoovering.


Yeah, the sand gets everywhere.

Sir, there's been a murder.

Oh, what? Really?
Where and... Well, I mean...

Ah! Harry!

What happened?

I think I've just hoovered Harry!

No. Yes. Oh, no, Harry...
Harry, are you OK?

Sir. I think he's in there.

Oh, Harry, I'm so sorry,
mate, are you OK?

OK, well, I'd better get all this
dust washed off,

otherwise it'll be hive city before
you can say boo to a goose.

Are you writing a quiz?

Oh, did I not mention?

The Commissioner's hosting
a charity quiz night at

the Yacht Club tomorrow,

asked me to come up with
the questions for him.

OK, I'm ready, shall we...?

I was in the middle of
a date when the call came in,

although I did look pretty cool when
I had to run out of

the restaurant.

I hope you paid your share.

I'll maybe text her in a minute.

So, I have secured the scene,

established the perimeter

and interviewed
the paramedics who found the body,

all at the same time
and all on my own.

Yeah, don't worry, Marlon.

I've spoken to the Commissioner,
help is on the way.

It's cool. I aced it.

Looks nasty. So, what do we know?

An emergency call was made from this
phone at 4:59pm.

The caller identified himself as
Gabriel Taylor,

said he'd been stabbed.

Operator said he was
losing consciousness

and that's when they reckon
Mr Taylor passed away.

So, our time of death is 4:59.

And the paramedics arrived
at 5:20pm.

Cause of death appears to be a
single blow by a sharp implement.

There's no trail of blood leading to
the body,

which suggests he was stabbed here
at the phone box.

Did the paramedics have
an opinion on the wound?

Er, only that it's deep -

they reckon the victim would have
bled out fast.

Any sign of the murder weapon?

I've looked, can't find it.

Appears to be a lot of blood on
the victim's right hand -

presumably his own.

Oh, God. That's my husband...

Madam, I'm going to have
to ask you to move away.

What happened? No, let me see him.

Madam... Please,
you don't understand...!

Yesterday, we got an envelope
through the door.

It had a USB drive inside

and when we put it in our computer,
there was a video.

Someone had kidnapped
Clarissa, our daughter.

Then we got a call telling us
we had to get together $50,000.

Used notes only.

Yes, yes, just tell me that
Clarissa's all right.

Did you recognise the voice?

It was distorted.
And then he call again today,

telling Gabriel he had to drop
the money off at Bellaroux Cove.

You didn't go with your husband?

He had to do it on his own.

And where were you
while all this was going on?

I was at home.
I didn't know what to do.

And then a van drove up
and Clarissa was returned to me.

And what time was this?

It was a minute after five.

I thought it was finally over,

but when Gabriel didn't come home...

The kidnapper said he wasn't
allowed to have his phone.

So I drove here

to see if he was all right,
and the rest you know.

I was out running yesterday.

A van pulled up and a man got out,

grabbed me and shoved me
in the back.

What time was this?

In the morning, 11...?

Where did it happen?

On a road in the hills.

Can you describe this man?

He kept me in a locked room
with no windows.

I didn't think I'd get out alive.

You don't have any idea
who it might have been?

Or why the kidnapper might
want to harm your dad?

Gabriel took him his money,

we did everything he asked of us,
why did he have to kill my husband?

Hey. I got your text.
Are you... Are you all right?

It's going to be OK, baby.

Jason Clarke, her boyfriend.

Good evening, sir.

Good evening, Inspector, DS Cassell,

Officer Pryce.

I've just heard about
Gabriel Taylor, terrible business.

Did you know him, sir?

We met a few times,
mostly through the church.

He was a very devout man.
I hear his daughter was kidnapped?

Yes, sir.

It's a bit of a puzzler,
if I'm honest.

Hmm. He and his wife
came across from Jamaica

a number of years ago -
they run a successful beach club.

So not the kind

of family you'd expect
to be involved in a kidnapping?

Let alone murder. Hmm.

I contacted Sergeant
Hooper's replacement -

I'm sure you could use
an extra pair of hands,

sooner rather than later.

That's great news.
Thank you. Oh, yes, yes.

Sergeant Thomas
is new to Saint-Marie.

So I expect you all

to help her settle in
quickly and efficiently.

Ah, I can do that for you, Mr P.

It's "sir" or "Commissioner"...

..Officer Pryce.

Never "Mr P".

I hear you.

I was just trying it on
for size, you know.

Well, don't.



Yes, sir, the kidnapper made
a proof-of-life video.

I'm just about to watch it.

Mum. Dad. Please...

Just do what he asks.

If you don't pay the money,
he says he'll...


Just do what he wants!

You know what's bothering me?
Something Mrs Taylor said.

Gabriel took him his money.
We did everything he asked of us.

Why did the kidnapper have
to kill Gabriel?

He wanted him dead?

No, he wanted $50,000.
And he got it.

Or he wouldn't have released
Clarissa back to her family.


Mr and Mrs Taylor did precisely
what the kidnapper asked.

They left the right money,

they didn't contact the police,

they followed the kidnapper's
instructions to the letter.

So why was it necessary
to murder Gabriel Taylor?

It's for the Commissioner's quiz
at the yacht club tomorrow.

Ah, oui.

I shall be there myself. Yes.

The Inspector wants me
to be his guinea pig,

as he calls it, so he can test
the questions on me.

So...there are eight
separate rounds.

Ten questions in each.

So, basically,
we're going to be here all night.

I'll keep the drinks coming.
Ne t'inquiete pas.

Merci beaucoup.

And, erm,

has there been any more
mention know what?

No, not since the call at
Christmas - he's said nothing.

He still doesn't know I heard him.

And what about you?

How do you feel about it, about him?

I mean, he's such a good
friend, that...

..I think that's how I'd like
to keep things between us.

And it's been a few weeks now,
so maybe he was just lonely.



That's quite some moves you've
got there, Officer Pryce.

Oh, you made me jump.

Apologies. Sergeant Naomi Thomas.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

Oh, you're the new Sarge.

That's me, reporting for duty.

Ah, well,

the Commissioner said that
I should welcome you

to Saint-Marie, since you've
never been here before.

So...welcome to Saint-Marie!

Thank you, Officer Pryce.

Hey. Call me Marlon.

Marlon it is.

So, any reason why you were
skulking behind those boards?

You were not waiting to jump
out on me, were you, hmm?

No, I wouldn't do that.
Not on my first day.

I was getting them ready
for the morning briefing.

I came in early

and acquainted myself
with the case file.

So I think I'm pretty much
up to speed.



I've... I've never seen

the whiteboards looking like
that before.

Well, I always say,
if you're doing a task,

no matter how small,
you do it the best you can.

So how's your morning been so far?

Any particular reason
why you're running late?

The briefing note said it's

an 8:30 start here
on Saint-Marie, so...

Well, erm, well,
I was on time -

running early, actually.

And I popped into
Smokey Abrahams' place

to get some breakfast

and there was an incident
that I had to deal with.

What kind of incident?

Oh, oh, a pretty big one, yeah.

But, you know,
I worked the ol' Marlon magic

and got the situation under
control. So...

Well, good for you for
dealing with it, Marlon.

Let's hope there's not an
incident tomorrow morning.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there
won't be one, Sergeant Thomas.

The kidnapper picked a good
location for the drop-off.

It's remote, secluded...

..there's only one road through...

..and there's a lot of bushes
around to help shield the view.

Not much chance of finding
any witnesses out here.

Except maybe the council workers
who emptied that bin.

Of course. The bin men. Ha!

Morning Florence.

Morning, sir.

I understand our new
sergeant has arrived.

Oh, that's excellent timing,

because I think I've figured out
who the kidnapper is.

Good morning.

Sergeant Thomas, I presume. I'm
Detective Inspector Neville Parker.


looking forward to working with you.

Hi. Nice to meet you,
I'm DS Cassell.

Don't worry about him. He's...

Oh, you'll find out.

So the pathology report's arrived.

I've printed out copies
for all of us.

Er, I showed her where
we keep the staples.

Excellent work,
Sergeant Thomas, and Marlon.

OK, time of death 5pm, which fits.

The victim died from
a single knife wound,

there was significant internal
bleeding and the murder weapon...

Was a knife, six inches long,

one-inch wide
and with a serrated edge -

possibly a kitchen knife.

The description suggests it could
look something like this.


Sir, what do you mean, you know
who kidnapped Clarissa?

Really? That's some quick work.
You see,

I couldn't stop watching
the video last night.

But it wasn't until
I checked the drop-off of

the money that I was finally able

to put two and two together.

Have a look at this -
or...or, rather, listen to this.

RECORDING: If you don't pay
the money, he says he'll...

You hear that?

That's the beeping of

a lorry reversing,
and soon after that...

Just do what he wants! can just about hear
glass smashing.


That is the sound
of bins being collected.

The bin men?

Yeah. And once I realised
they were in the area,

all I had to do was check
the timestamp on

the video file,
a quick call to the council

to cross-reference where the waste
disposal vehicles were at that time,

and then it was just
a matter of finding out

who lived on that street.

Only one name jumped out at me.

Jason Clarke. Clarissa's boyfriend.

You're right.

It was me.

So the kidnap was fake?

We just wanted to get away,
to escape.

We never meant it to end like this.

Does Clarissa know you're here?

Escape from what? I noticed
a bit of tension last night

with Mia, when you turned up.

Clarissa's parents think
I'm not good enough for her.

A bad influence. But I've got plans,

big plans.
I'm going to make it in America.

As what? A DJ.

Which is why you needed the money,
to set up your new life?

We thought it was funny.

Just do what he wants.

Recording the video.

"Just do what he wants"!

So it was you who made the calls?

Then take the coastal road south.

I'll give you a call when I've got
the money and your daughter's free.

Used a voice distorter.

All right, talk me through
what happened yesterday.

I borrowed a friend's van,
made the calls.

Then me and Clarissa drove up
to Bellaroux Cove,

where Gabriel had left the money.

Just like I'd asked him to.

I went and got the money.

Clarissa kept look-out.

What time was this?

4:30, 4:40, something like that.

Then we drove to Clarissa's home.

I can't believe we did it!

After that, Clarissa was with her
mum and I went straight back

to my house, which is when
I called the phone box

to tell Gabriel he could go home.

But I couldn't get through.

After Clarissa texted, I...

I realised why.

Look, we did a stupid thing.

It was crazy, I can see that now.

We never meant for anyone
to get hurt,

we had nothing to do
with Gabriel's death.


We understand your parents didn't
approve of your relationship

with Jason.

They never liked him.

Just cos his family
don't go to church...

It's more than that, Clarissa.
And you know it is...


You and Dad did everything
you could to keep us apart.

And now look what's happened.

Many teenagers argue
with their parents -

they don't steal from them
and plan to skip the country.

You were going to leave Saint-Marie?

I love him.

I just had to be with him,
away from you both.

We just wanted the best for you.

That's all you ever wanted.
Best school.

Best grades.

Everything has to be
so damn perfect.

You know, he said
if my grades ever dropped,

he'd send me to a convent school
in Guadeloupe.

That's how hard he was on me,
shouting at me all the time.

Was he ever violent?

Only in words,
but it was getting worse.

I thought maybe one day he might...

He was stressed, running
the business. We both were.

Clarissa, I'm going to need you
to be really honest with us.

Jason said you both
have nothing to do

with your father's murder.
Is he telling the truth?

Yes, of course he is.

I think we may have
a problem, Florence.

Is it your shoe?

No, not a problem with my shoe.
A problem with our murder case.


Well, now that we know
the kidnap was a fake,

we can be sure that the only
four people who knew about

the kidnapping plan
were Gabriel Taylor...

Hmm. And Mia, Clarissa and Jason.

And they all swear blind
that they never told another soul.

Which means that,

if they were the only three that
knew about the kidnapping plan...

Then that means they were
the only people who knew

Gabriel would be waiting
at the phone box.

Yeah. So unless it was just
a random drive-by stabbing -

which I seriously doubt -

one of those three must have
killed Gabriel Taylor.

But the problem is,
they all have alibis.

OK, look.

The Taylor house is here

and all the way over here
is the phone box -

it's miles away. There's no way
someone could have stabbed

the victim here, just before five,

and then made it all
the way back there for 5:01 -

it's just not possible.

So if none of them could
have done it, then who did?

Unless there's
someone else out there,

someone who knew Gabriel,
knew he'd be at

the phone box at 5pm,

and wanted him dead.


Oh, hey, guys,
any luck with the van?

No sign of the murder weapon.

And not a single drop
of blood, either.

So maybe there is
a fourth player in this game.

Someone who we've yet to identify...

You have a cheek turning up here.
But, Mrs Taylor, I just...

Well, you can't.
Stay away from my daughter.

OK, tomorrow first thing.

Naomi, Marlon, can you go down to
the beach club, please?

Speak with the staff.

If it's not one of those
three that killed him,

just see if you can find anyone else
who might have a motive.

Yes, sir. Florence, I think it's
time we did some digging into

Gabriel's background -
finances, business associates,

anything that might
throw up a suspect. Sir.


Ooh, sir. Wow, you look very smart.

Thank you, DS Cassell.

I came to check in on
Sergeant Thomas' first day.

The Inspector and Detective Sergeant

are making me feel
very welcome, Sir.

Er, Marlon, too, of course.

I expected nothing less.
If you have any concerns,

or need help in any way,
don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you, sir.

Sir, I assume you'll be wanting
these quiz questions.

Why would I want those?

Because you're hosting
the quiz tonight.

But you're doing that, Inspector.
I'm sorry, what?

I asked you to host a quiz night.
And you said you'd be honoured.

Sir, I... I...

I'm not very good
at expressing myself.

I... I get, erm, tongue-tied.

I'm asking you to read out
a few questions,

not deliver a Shakespeare soliloquy.

It's a very important evening
for the Yacht Club, Inspector.

For charity.

For me, personally.

I'll be there, sir. Good.

What can I get you, madam?

A glass of wine and a Coke, please.

The soft drink for Neville?

So he can stay focused.

Oh? Make that a rum and Coke -

For his nerves.

Testing, testing.



Welcome to the quiz.

Don't worry,

I haven't given the Commissioner all

the answers in advance.
He asked me to,

but I said no.
Sorry, it was just a joke.

Erm, I haven't -
he didn't really ask.

Erm, I gave them to
the Lady Mayoress instead.

That was just another joke, so,
erm, obviously, hopefully...

So, there will be eight rounds,
ten questions in each.

Pens at the ready? Round one.

What's the only letter of

the alphabet not used in any
of the USA state names?

OK, the results are in

and I fear my joke earlier
about being bribed by

a senior island official may have
been somewhat misplaced.

Because the winner is, in fact,
Mayor of Honore, Catherine Bordey.

We did it, sir. Yeah, we did.

Well done.

We did. Is it really hot in here?

Are you feeling all right?


Was... Was there alcohol
in that Coca Cola?

Yes. Catherine thought it
would help your nerves.

Oh, see, I may have popped

a couple of extra-strength
antihistamines... stop me coming out in hives
when I get nervous.

And I think the alcohol may be
reacting with the histy-antamine.


Maybe we should get you home.

Yeah, yeah.



There you...


It feels like I'm floating.

Am I floating?

No, you're lying on your bed.
Ahh, ha!

Do you want me to take off your
shoes? No, no, no, no.

You've already done more than enough

and I don't just mean tonight.

I mean all the time.

Ever since I got here, you've been
so...kind to me, Florence, so kind.

I really do care about you,
you know?

So, so much.

You're just so...

You're so lovely.

You're so lovely.

I'll see you in the morning.

You're so lovely, Florence.

Night-night, Florence.

So, what we have here is

a Royal Enfield Bullet 500
with a Watsonian Squire sidecar.

It's a bit of a beast,
but...I reckon I've mastered it.

There you go.

I mean...

..that's assuming that
I'll be driving,

what with you being senior to me.

Of course she wants me
in the sidecar.

Listen, it's quite a devil to...


Morning, Florence.

Morning, sir. You feeling OK?

Never slept better in my life.

And I can only apologise
for my behaviour last night.

No, it's my fault.
I shouldn't have given you the rum.

No... No, you were
just trying to help.

But I can't help
but be conscious that

I may have somewhat over-shared
a little.

I'm so sorry, Florence.

Sir, you've nothing
to apologise for.

And don't worry, I realise you...


You should probably get that.

DS Cassell. I see.
And you're sending that over now?

OK, thank you.

Sir, that was
the authorities in Jamaica.

I got in touch to see if they had
anything on Mr and Mrs Taylor

before they moved here. And... seems Mia Taylor
has served time in prison.


They've emailed me her records
and, apparently,

back in 1997, she was
sentenced for three years.

What for?

Possession, dealing drugs,
fencing stolen goods.

So how did she come to marry

churchgoing Christian
Gabriel Taylor?

I was in my teens when I fell in
with some bad company.

I was an addict.
Prison was almost a relief.

It gave me a chance to get clean.

When I got out, I met Gabriel.

He was part of a outreach programme.

He said he could still see
the good in me.

I can't tell you
how much that meant.

He said we could start
a new life together.

So you came to Saint-Marie?


And since then...?

We've had our rough patches.
All marriages do.

You and he argued?

He was a proud man,
a very moral man.

And that sometimes
made him difficult.

But Gabriel gave me
the second chance

and the family that
I never thought I would get.

Sir, sorry to interrupt,
but could we have a word?

One moment.

I spoke to a waiter and he said,
about ten days ago

he saw a man argue with Mr Taylor.

He remembers because
it got pretty heated.

They went into Mr Taylor's office
for a short while,

and when the man came out,
he looked like thunder.

The waiter hadn't seen him before

but he's in his 40s,

and he had a scar on
the left-hand side of his face.

Mrs Taylor,

did your husband ever mention
arguing with a man

with a scar across his face?


But there's something else,
isn't there?

It's not possible.

Well, how about you tell us,
and we'll decide?

Back in Jamaica, I was...

There was a guy
called Otis Benjamin.

He got the scar in a street fight.

Otis Benjamin.
I'll get onto Immigration.


But there's no way he could
be on the island.

He's been in prison in Jamaica
for the last 20 years.

Can you think of any reason
why he might have wanted

to harm your husband?

It was Gabriel who turned Otis
in to the police,

to keep him away from me.

What was your relationship
with Mr Benjamin?

He was my boyfriend,

my dealer,
but those days are long gone.

Sir. Otis Benjamin
arrived 12 days ago.

They're sending the address
he put on his landing card.

Otis Benjamin?
Saint-Marie Police.

Mr Benjamin, what are
you doing on the island?

I came to see Gabriel Taylor.

Why now? I couldn't before,
because I was in prison.

What for?

Armed robbery.

Did you manage to meet
with Mr Taylor?

Mm-hm, at that fancy club of his.

What happened?

I told him some home truths.

About how I knew the only reason
I was in prison was

because of him.
And I wanted compensation.

And we argued, but him
so full of himself,

wouldn't give me a cent.

That must have been frustrating.

Didn't mean that I killed him.

Oh, so you know about that, do you?

Of course I knew -
it was all on the news.

Who was it? Mia, right?

You reckon?

She were pretty fiery
when I knew her, you know.

Sir, we found this in the kitchen.

It's six inches long,
one-inch wide,

and it has a serrated edge.

This is not my house.

It's rented.

And that is not my knife.

Where were you two nights ago,
Mr Benjamin?

What time?


I was in the Blue Dolphin Bar
that afternoon,

watching a basketball
match on the TV.

The game finished at five o'clock,

I remember. That's when
I decided to come back here.

So, if Gabriel was killed
at five o'clock,

then I have a alibi, don't I?

Otis Benjamin
definitely had motive.

The knife suggests he had means.

Now we just have to prove
he had opportunity.

Sir? The owner of the bar says he
remembers Otis Benjamin

because of his scar.

But he didn't leave there until
after the match, at 5pm.

So his alibi still stands?

Along with the other three suspects,

who were all at the Taylor house
when he was murdered.

That gives us four suspects -

none of whom were anywhere
near the phone box

at the time Gabriel was stabbed.

Sir, you there?

Oh, hey, Florence.

Evening, sir. You didn't
come to Catherine's bar.

No. Just trying
to anaesthetise myself

to the embarrassment of yesterday.

I keep playing it over in my head.

I really am sorry.

You already said that.

And you don't need to be.

I assume that's why you're here.

I was thrown by what you said.

But it made me realise
how much I cared about you

and how important you were
to a friend.


I love you as a friend

and as someone I want to
always be in my life.


But no more than that?

I mean it when I say
I care about you,

so how could I not
tell you the truth?

Even if it makes you hate me.


..I could never hate you.


Well, I'll be damned.



Sergeant Thomas.
Sergeant Thomas! Morning!

Sir... I must have...


I am so sorry, sir.

No, no, no, that's fine, but, erm,

I don't want to be
ungentlemanly about this, but...

..could you sort that out, please?

Of course, sir.

It's just, I'm not...

I'm not all that good
with chickens, you see.

Officer Pryce mentioned
you have some allergies.

No, it's not that -

I just don't like the look
of their feet, you know?

Sir, there's a chicken on your desk.

Yeah, we're aware of that,
Marlon, thank you.


Looks like it might have done
its business here, sir.

I'll clean it up for you, ASAP.

No, no, that's fine.
Marlon can do that.


How did this even happen?

I think Sergeant Thomas was up last
night burning the midnight oil.

I think she fell asleep
at her desk.

Again, I am so sorry, sir.

But I stayed here late
to follow up a lead and...

No, no, it's fine. Did the...
the lead bear any fruit?

Well, I was going through
Mrs Taylor's phone records,

trying to identify
everyone she calls,

and one of the numbers belongs to

a woman called Delores Watson.

When I looked her up, I
saw that you pulled her in

for selling prescription drugs last
year. So I went and talked to her.

In the middle of the night?

It was barely 1am.

She told me Mia has been
buying pills from her -

anti-depressants, downers, uppers,
a whole medicine cabinet.

So she's fallen off the wagon?

It gets worse. Three weeks ago,
Gabriel visited Delores,

told her that if she sold
his wife one more pill,

he'd turn her in to the police.

And we know he had a temper on him.

Maybe he would've
taken it out on Mia.

And now he's dead.

Gabriel always feared

I'd not changed my ways.

Checking up on me,
going through my possessions.

He would say he made
the wrong choice marrying me

and having Clarissa.

Taking a pill or two would take
the edge off my guilt... fear.

You feared him?

He never did anything, but...

..I could see it in his eyes.

He wanted to.

And then he found out.

He found some pills.

He went crazy,

threatened to throw me out
and take Clarissa away from me.

I told him I'd stop.

I begged him to believe me, but...

..he wouldn't listen.

But now you're free of him.

You OK, Sarge?

Keep wondering what the Inspector
must think of me right now,

turning the station
into a chicken coop.

Hey, you got the big lead, though -

that's going to go on your
permanent record.

So why were you here all night long?

This job, it's important to me.


This is my first murder case.

Come again?

Where I worked before coming here,
there weren't many homicides.

In fact...there were none.

Where are you from, again?



Little baby Barnabus, the smallest
island in the Caribbean.

I was born there.

I only left to go to police college.

This is my first posting since
I got my sergeant stripes.

Being here, doing this...'s all I've ever dreamed of.

And one day, I swear to you

I'm going to work my way up
and make it as a detective.


Er, the lab results from
the knife we found at Otis's house

have come through.

It's the exact same size
as the murder weapon.

And get this - they found traces

of Gabriel Taylor's blood
on the handle.

Otis Benjamin is our killer.

Maybe we should wait until
the others get here.

We can't risk him getting away.

It... It's just he's...
He's quite scary, you know.

We just need a plan, that's it.

Mr Benjamin, Saint-Marie Police...

Oh, sorry, sorry. Mr Benjamin,
we just want to speak with you.

Mr Benjamin!

Do not start that car!

Get out of the

You're under arrest, turn around.

Look, I told you I didn't do it.

Come on, Mr Benjamin.

I didn't kill him.

Then why were you in possession of
the knife

that was used to
kill Gabriel Taylor?

When I went to see Gabriel,
I took a knife with me -

that is all, I wanted to scare him.

Don't think I don't
know what you did.

Get out my office. When I pull
it on him, he moved so fast,

he had me up against the wall
before I could stop him.

There was such a rage in him.

Him took the knife from me
and told me to get out.

Gabriel had your knife?

Then tell us how you got it back.

The next day,

I went back to the club
and put a tracker on him car.

You did what?!

I was in prison for 20 years...

..while him got rich,
stole my girl.

I wasn't going to let him slip away.

The night he died, I was checking
on him location, in the bar.

And when I see the car stop,

I reckoned it was my chance
to show him I meant business.

When I arrived,
him was already dead.

I could see him been killed
with my knife.

I couldn't leave it at the scene -
it had my fingerprints all over it.

That's when I heard ambulance and
got out of there as fast as I could.

When I got back, I washed the knife
and put it back in the drawer.

I thought it was all over.

One moment...

One moment.

Gabriel took the knife with him?

But why?
Who was he planning to meet?

The kidnapper?

He was expecting a call from
the kidnapper, not to meet him.

But who else could have been
at the phone box?

No-one - the only
other people in the case

were miles away at the time.

There's something else.

If Otis is telling the truth
and he's not the killer,

that means whoever did it
left the knife in Gabriel.

There's no trail of blood
leading to the body,

which suggests he was stabbed here
at the phone box.

Is that it?

It's been in front of our eyes
the whole time.

What has?
Is it something in the picture?

No! No, it's something
that's NOT in the picture.


But who could have done it?

Then a van drove up and...
Clarissa was returned to me.

Where's Dad?

I went and got the money.
Clarissa kept look-out.

The game finish at five o'clock,
I remember.

And suddenly it all makes sense!

But why the phone box?

The kidnapper said he wasn't
allowed to have his phone.

Of course! Ha!


What's going on?

Hold on.

Sir, have you figured out
who the killer is?

You know what, Marlon?

I think I have.

That's what's going on.

Now, this has been a hugely
challenging case,

not least because every time we
found someone with a motive,

they just as quickly revealed
a watertight alibi.

You don't think one of us did it?

I'm afraid I do.

Oh, thank you, Naomi, Marlon.

This is mad, we were all together.

Yes, you were.
And yet, also, you weren't.

Otherwise, you wouldn't
have had an opportunity

to have killed your father -
would you, Clarissa?


That's crazy.

After we got the bag of money,
we came straight here!

That's true, which means,
as I finally realised,

Gabriel must have been
killed at a different time.

And a different location.

Or possibly both.

Are you saying someone moved him
body after he was knifed?

Got it in one.

And the person who moved
Gabriel's body was...

..Gabriel himself.

You're just talking nonsense now.

This is the photo we had of Gabriel.

As you can see, he's wearing a
wooden rosary on his right wrist.

I assume, as a man of faith,
he wore it all the time?


But, by the time he died,
he was no longer wearing it.

I picked up one of his wooden
rosary beads in my shoe,

but where did I find it?
That's the question.

It only made sense when we realised

it was Gabriel who had
the knife that night.


I think Gabriel believed he knew who
had taken his daughter from him.

Otis here. He was wrong,
but that's what he thought.

And that's why
he took the knife with him.

The last time their paths had
crossed, 20 years ago in Jamaica,

Gabriel had sent Otis to prison
to protect his wife-to-be, Mia.

Now I think, this time,
to protect his daughter,

he was prepared to go
a step further.

Before the drop-off,
he made sure he was armed.

He then left the money -
as he'd been asked to.

But he didn't go
straight to the phone box.

Instead, he made sure he and his
car were hidden, and he waited.

I can only imagine
how shocked he was when he saw

the van pull up and Jason get out.

But here's the crucial point.

Jason and Clarissa
were together the whole time.

Apart from one moment - not long,
just a few seconds, maybe -

when Jason was distracted by
a bag containing $50,000.

And that was the moment Gabriel -
knife in hand -

armed and ready, tried to
find out who the other person in

the van was.

And was shocked to discover
it was his own daughter.

Now, imagine you're Clarissa.

Your dad's just uncovered your plan.
You're not going to get your money

and you're not going to escape
with the love of your life.

In that moment,
you knew it was all over.

Your dad would never forgive you.
He'd control you, forever.

So Clarissa acted on raw instinct.

She grabbed the knife, snapping
her dad's rosary in the tussle.

And she stabbed him.

It was then just a matter
of pushing him away...

..making sure Jason suspected
nothing when he returned

with the money a few seconds later.

But your dad wasn't quite dead yet.

Gabriel knew he needed
an ambulance - and fast.

But he didn't have his phone on him.

It had been one of
the kidnapper's demands.

But he did know where
the nearest phone box was,

so he drove there.

Not because the
kidnapper told him to.

But because he needed
to call an ambulance.

He still had a knife in his stomach

and, while it continued
to remain there,

it would stem the bleeding
that would be coming out of

the wound - for a while, at least.

I can't even imagine the strength
he needed to make it.

But, after the drive,

by the time he arrived at
the phone box,

the knife had done its damage,

and his life was ebbing away.

Emergency Services.

Need an ambulance. Gabriel Taylor.

Sergeant Thomas?

You were right, sir.

We checked where the money was
dropped off at Bellaroux Cove.

We found the rest of Mr Taylor's
rosary in the dirt.

You didn't set out to commit
murder that night, Clarissa.

But when Gabriel found out
the truth about you,

you had to make a choice between
the love you felt for Jason

and the hate you felt
for your father.

And you chose hate.

Let's go.

And what about Mr Benjamin?

Well, since he's no doubt in serious
violation of his parole,

I think we'd best return him
to the Jamaican authorities.

Good evening, sir.

Good evening, everyone,

I hear congratulations are in order.

Sir. And I should say, Sergeant
Thomas' contribution

proved absolutely crucial
to solving the case.

Good work, Sergeant. Thank you, sir.

Oh, and Inspector...
I should let you know... were such
a triumph last night,

I've been fielding calls from
a number of people

who want you to run
their quiz nights.

Er, sir, I... I don't know...

I, of course,
said yes on your behalf.

Seeing as it's for charity.

When you say "many calls"...


I'm sorry, I've got to take this.

Selwyn Patterson.

Drinks? Yes, please.

Cool, can I have a hand?

Now, Naomi,

may I introduce you to...

..Catherine, who owns
the best bar on the island.

Thank you, Marlon.

She's also technically
our boss,

because Catherine is
the Mayor of Honore.

Pleased to meet you.

And you, Naomi.

And it also means we get discounts!

Don't listen to him.

If you need anything,
Naomi, let me know.

Starting with snacks, hmm?

So... was it - your first
murder investigation?

It was...

..amazing, Marlon.

Like, I'm finally doing what
I've always wanted to.

And do you know what's
my favourite bit of it all?


Realising I have such a good partner
helping me.

I reckon we're going to make
a really good team, Marlon Pryce.

Just as long as you don't let any
more chickens in the station.

So...are we going to be OK?

Oh, yeah.


Of course.


Everything all right, sir?

News of Otis Benjamin -

he flew back to Jamaica
this evening,

to meet with his parole officers.

That was the local police...

..letting me know that
he was found on a beach...

..shot dead.

They wanted to know if
we had any intel on him.

Nothing that would specifically
suggest a reason

for someone to murder him, sir.

That's what I thought.

It's somewhat strange.

But it's in their hands now.

Not ours. There's no more we can do.

This is me brother, Bradley.

He's over visiting.

Desreta here is our club president.

Jake! Something's
happened to your uncle.

He's behaving differently at
work, too. Things are...awkward.

Connor Faircroft being the prime
suspect in his brother's murder.

Someone's setting me up here.

I got this.

I swear to ya,
I didn't kill Bradley.

There must be plenty of other
members you'd rather play with, sir.

There are.

I just wanted things
to go back to the way

they used to be between
us - friends!