Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 7 - What If He's Not Alone? - full transcript

Hopper discovers a fellow traveler who has some valuable information..

My name is Detective Brett Hopper

And this is the day
that changes everything...

Freeze! Your hands up!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant DA Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder...

Who the hell are you people ?

My girlfriend Rita will be in danger.

I know all this because I am living
the same day,

over and over again.

The day is the same,
but different things happen.

I thought it'd be different this time.
Didn't you?

We taste the same!
We all taste just like chicken!

Every day I get another chance.

For every decision,
there's a consequence.

Before he died, Garza sent me evidence

for an old murder case,
one my father worked on.

This girl can lead me to the truth.

Mr. Detweiler got Isabella the job.

And I thought I found the guy behind it.

I wanna know why the hell
you're doing this to me.

But he works for someone else.

I don't know who,
but I have his license plate.

How the hell shall I proceed?

Kill them all.

Now, I have to find out who he is.

Somebody's tense.

Scratch your face.

Are you growing a beard or something?

No, I guess I haven't had time to shave.

I thought you shaved it yesterday.

What happened, here?


Did I say something wrong?

Sometimes, I just can't take
the same questions, you know ?

If you wanna grow a full beard,

it's fine by me. Bring it on!

Baby, what's going on with you?

Come on, tell me.

You wanna tell me about it?
What's going on?

Why is this happening?

I just wanna know what happened
to the man...

There's a lot
you're not telling me.

I just feel stuck.


- What, like... with us?
- With everything.

Well, last time I checked,
I'm part of everything.

- Is not you, okay?
-Okay. So what is it?


I thought I found the bad guy
in this case I'm working.

But it turns out he works
for somebody that's even worse.

And I don't know who is he,

what he looks like
and I don't know his name.

All I got is a licence plate number.

But it's not you.

This is something
I gotta figure out by myself.

They're not going to be happy.

You allowed Hopper
to make contact with you.

He knows much more
than he's letting off.

Oh yes, this is Detective Choi.

I need you to run
a licence plate for me, please.


Do you have an address on that?

- Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
- Deliveries are around back.

Let's do this one more time.

I have a question.

Those cars out front, who uses them?

All of the cars are licenced
to the Santayana Club

for the exclusive use of our members.

Well, I'm interested
in Conrad Detweiler.

Who drives him?

This is a private club, sir.
I'm afraid I can't divulge that info...

Can't or won't ?

The director of operations
handles all tranportation matters.

If you'll excuse me.


Excuse me, sir.

Lloyd, please.

Okay. Lloyd, I need to know
where the director's office is, please.

You a new member, sir?

Yeah. I'm planning on joining.
I just need one of these guys

to sponsor me.

Do that and your first drink's on me.

Director's office is to the left.

I got you one of the best
criminal defense attorney

in the state. Barry Coldburn.

Can I help you?

I hope not.

Terry, report. I want your status.
Have you stopped the suspect?

Soltis, hallway is clear.

I don't see this guy anywhere.

Excuse me, what are you doing in here?

Sir, I'm detective Brett Hopper.

- If you have a moment, I'd like--
- I'm so sorry, detective.

You are in the wrong place, everyone
else is upstairs in the dinner room.

Did you see anyone else in my office?

No, should I have?

Everything this morning has been
so unexpected.

You never know
what you're gonna wake up to.

It's him.

That's the man that killed my husband.

Stay with Mrs Garza.
The uniforms come with me!

Emergency exit is that way.


We all taste just like chicken!

That was different.

It's you!

You okay?

I take your call again!

Stop running now!

Hey, that's our guy, get him!

- Spivak.
- Mrs Garza IDed Hopper.

She did that last night, dude.

No, she did it in person.
Hopper was here, at the club.

- What he was doing there?
- I didn't have time to ask.

Look, he got away but we have
his truck so he's not going far.

Get Mrs Garza down here.
I want her under protective custody.

Do you think
Hopper wanted to get to her?

She's the only eye witness.
What do you think?

Set a perimeter.
I get more uniforms down there.

Already on it.

So is Shelten getting
his back waxed in there or what?

The sergeant will see you
when he's ready.

Just saying I got a Vietnamese girl

who can get him speed already
in under 20 minutes.


You haven't eard yet, have you?

Heard what?

About your partner...

You know Hopper's wanted
for de Garza's murder, right?

What are you talking about?

What murder?

You got to get that?

Come on, come on.

If they think by keeping me here
all day,

that's gonna change my story,
they're wrong.

I know it's rough. These guys
can't afford to make any mistakes.

- There was so many eyes watching.
- Brett was with me all night, Chad.

There's no way
he could have killed anyone.

I know...

But I've heard
they have conflicting testimony.

What? From who?

- Who is that?
- This none of your damned business.

- What's this?
- A search warrant.

For Ms Shelton apartment.

I don't care how sick this kid is!

Fire him! Yes, today!

Police business, I need this laptop.

Sit down!

There you are...
Now let's see who you hang out with.

Don't !

Trust me, you don't wanna be found dead,

How did you guys manage to find me
without your little tracking device ?

Let me guess, now we're gonna take

a little trip to the quarry
to visit Detweiler.

Oh aren't you the shady paddy?

Don't even think about...

Don't kill me! Please!

- Yeah?
- Hopper, where the hell are you?

Believe me, you don't wanna know.

What if other people wanna know?

Their hust saying you tried
to kill Ms Garza at some club...

Well, that's not what happened.
I didn't even know she was there.

I went looking for a list of suspects
of people who framed me, Andrea.

I don't know what you're talking about.

But they have half the force out there
looking for you.

Word is, you killed
two ex-deputies.


You said they were two ex-cops?

Focus, Hopper!

Tell me what happened.

They threatened me,
but I did not shoot them.

Well, who the hell did?

There was someone on the top
of the building on the roof top.

So now you've got a garding angel
with a snipe rifle.

Do you hear yourself?

Did you call to give me a hard time
or to help me out?

We need to talk.

You're making it very hard
to be your friend right now.


Hey, this is Rita.

Leave a message.

Just charged it...

- I need to find my brother.
- Yeah, yeah, let's go.

Why are you doing this to me?

Here you go.

Chad, I told you I'm not hungry.

Come on, we could be here a while.
You got to keep your strength out.

I did some asking around,
it turns out that's Garza's wife.


- The guy...
- Yeah, the one Hopper whacked.


Word is, she's homicide ace in the hall.

Says she saw Hopper do the deed.

It's how they got the warrant

- in the 1st place.
- That's not possible.

Well, don't kill the messenger!

What are you doing? Rita! Hey, no!
That's a witness! No you can't!

Kill the lights.

I got blood.

Looks like somebody
forgot to go to the cleaners.

- Get this to the SID. Put a rush on it.
- Right away, sir.


- This doesn't fell right.
- How's that?

A decorated cop decides
to kill a man he never met.

And stashes the gun at his place

and leaves a bloody shirt
right around his girlfriend's apartment?

Leave the room, guys.

Don't ever question a case
in front of anyone else.

When I see something hinky,
I'm not gonna keep quiet about it.

Hopper's too smart

- to do some this stupid...
- All killers make mistakes.

Even the smart ones,
especially the smart ones.

They all think they're not getting

get caught but they always do.
So get used to it: Hopper's the guy...

- You have a problem?
- No...

No problem.

Just sounds like you wanna nail Hopper

more than you wanna catch
Garza's killer.

- Yeah?
- Brett?

Rita. Thank God.

Are you OK? I've been so worried.

Yeah, I know, I'm sorry.

Listen, now I know they're telling you
all sorts of things about me.

They have an eyewitness, Brett.
The wife.

Yeah, I know.

- How do you know?
- I just know. She's lying.

And what about the shirt?

- What shirt?
- Your shirt.

The one they found in my apartment.
With blood on it.

They're saying
it's a match to that man Garza.

Wait. That's...

That's never happened before...

Maybe you should think about
turning yourself in.

Really, you don't think I did this?


Did somebody gets to you?
What's happening?

Brett, we can get you helped.

I mean it's best for everyone.

What do you mean? What are you talking
about,"we"? Who's "we"?

Give yourself up, Hopper.

It's the only chance you have right now.

- Yeah, I got to go.
- Brett, please.

DAY 2 (del vo)

Did I say something wrong?

Are you even listening?

- Sorry, what?
- What is it with you, Brett?

You woke up and made conversation
to dump out a hamper.

You wouldn't understand.

How must I understand, Brett,
if you won't even talk to me?

Because, I've told you already.

- When?
- Yesterday.

And the yesterday before that.

And the yesterday before that.

It's not your fault, I just...

- What are you talking about?
- I wish somebody

would remember something, anything
that I told them, anything that I said.

In 20 seconds that phone is gonna ring
and it's gonna be Andrea.

She's gonna call and tell me
that she's taking Eddie

to rehad because he started using again.

Now, at first Eddie was killed,
but then I changed the day.

Alright, so...

Right now,
honestly I'm just trying to...

- Are you okay?
- No, I definitly am not ok.

Hey, Andrea.

Yeah, he is here. Can he call you back?

You're totaly freaking me out.

- This is some kind of...
- I'm sorry, I really am.

I can't have this conversation today.

I see you...

What are you doing here?

You're not supposed to be in here.

- Why the hell are you following me?
- I'm always here!

You're the new guy, I'm here every day.

- "I'm here every day"?
- I mean today.

Only a different "today".

- Look, I don't have time to explain.
- You know what? I think you do!

No way.

- You can never believe me. Nobody does.
- Try me.

I don't even understand.

- Spit it out!
- It's always today!

Over and over!
And I'm stuck in it, okay?


You're happy?

Say that again.

I know how it sounds.

You're saying it's the same day

that it's repeating?

Go ahead, laugh.

I've to get back to work.

Director dude's gonna show up
and there isn't much time.

Do you recognize me?

I don't know.

- Should I?
- Come on, man.

It's important.

Why? Why do you care?

Because the same thing
is happening to me too.

Very funny.

You make fun of the cripple kid.
You want my lunch money?

I'm not joking, you've seen me before,
haven't you?

At the police station.

I tell them I'm looking for my brother.

But everyday, it's the same.

It's the same for me too.

I wake up in the same place, same time

same damn bird,
same damn Dodger game!

The Dodgers...

- Do they win?
- Yes.

They rally in the bottom of the neith.


It's okay.

He is a very close fan of mister Garza.

He just heard what happened, sorry man.

Of course,
I... just need to get my day planner.

He just lost one of his best friends.

Just give us a minute, please!

Of course.

Come on, we got to get out of here man,
too many cops around.

But I'm not finished!

Finished with what?

It's a membership list.

The man who took my brother
belongs to this club.

So your brother's missing?

Not missing. They took him.

But I've been coming here everyday,
trying to find the guy that did it.

What's his name?

I don't know. I know what he looks like.

With glasses.

So you just come here everyday
and hope he just shows up?

No, I've got a plan, I'm not an idiot!

I'm memorizing the membership list

Names, addresses, the whole enchilada!

I'm already up to the end of this.

Here a better plan.

- Mr. Summer?
- I know this is a delicate situation.

And I'm pleased the club can
offer our members

a safe respite in their time of need.

Your point.

We have an extremely demanding

I cannot afford having one of your
detectives coming into my office.

Our people are all here in this room.

I beg to differ. This...

African American gentleman
just flashed me

his badge and kicked me out!

Show me.

This is Choi.
Keep a detail on Mrs. Garza

and lock down the building.

How long has this been happening to you?

- What?
- The day. Repeating.

I didn't have this.

I don't know anymore.

How about you?

Three weeks.


That's the... That's the magic number.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me...

Open every door, every closet,
every bathroom stall.

Hey man...

Dude, what did you do to me?

Nothing. You blacked out.

I hate that.

Happens a lot.

That's freaky.

I fall asleep one place
and wake up somewhere else.

Especially after they sticked me
with that needle.

They stick you with a needle?


Relax. Just a mild sedative.

- Did they take you to a quarry?
- No. Some kind of lab.

That's were they grabbed my brother.

Since they though that I was asleep.

But I heard Forasz
talking about this

fancy schmaltzy club that he belongs to.

And I... I've just got
the name onto my brain.

- The Santyana Club.
- Go back. Who's Forasz?

That's how everybody called him.
The son of a bitch took my brother.

I'm telling that there is
a conspiracy going on here.

Detweiler, he is the one
who injected me.

He's only a middle mouse, man,
but I want the man on top.

- That dude is a member here too.
- Yeah.

You think that we're both looking
for the same guy?

If I'm right, his name is right here.

Give me the key of that door.

This is so great.

We can buy them together. We'd be like
Butch and Sundance, Bonnie and Clyde!

Ok, it's just... nice not to be alone.

Alright, come here.

You gotta stay right here.

- What's your name?
- Hopper.

- Like the painter, that's cool.
- I'm Jared.

Do you have any idea
why this is happening?

No, and i don't know
how to make it stop.

How did you, like,

handle it?

The only way I know how,

be a cop.

How do you manage
to do those things in pen?

Practice I guess.

Help me out.
Do you know Conrad Detweiler?

Sorry. I can't help you.

I'm more interested
in who he hangs with.

It's important.


you can help me with something, though.

73 across.

Sir. I wouldn't.

The emergency exit is that way.

Get in man, get in.

M. Colburn, Detective Brett Hopper.

We have a mutual acquaintance.

Nathan Baxter.


Hey, drive !

You're the one the cops are after
for the Garza murder.

How do you know that ?

Small club, word gets around...

You shouldn't believe
everything you hear.

Actually I'm being framed
by members of your club.

It's a very serious charge.

That's why I need a good lawyer
to help me prove it.

Come on. You didn't jump in my car

to hire me as your defense attorney.

You got in because you need
a quick get away

My retainers starts at $30000

How is an honest cops supposed
to come up with cash like that?

You're right.

Gimme a dollar.

You are now protected
on the attorney-client privilege.

What about your fee?

Oh, I can make ten times that
on the book too.

Let's go to my office.

So you telling me you were
with Hopper all night.

He went to bed with me,
he woke up next me.

I don't know how to be any clearer.

I appreciate that
and I wanna believe you, really.

You know...

When I ran your drivers licence, some

interesting information came up.

- That's not relevent.
- I was hoping you might have learned

a few things since 2002
like telling the truth.

I said she's done talking to you.

This is a homicide investigation.

And I'm not sure you want her booked
as an accessory.

She stays.

Come on.

I thought that went away.
How would he know that?

They're just bluffing.
Don't worry about it, I took care of it.

This is Jared Pryor.

He claims he was with Hopper
this morning.

Yeah, but we can't talk about it...

It's him and me are the same.

- The same ?
- You know, peas in a pod.

Flies in the ointment.

Can you tell us why you
and Detective Hopper

were at the Santayana club ?


...can't really say.

But if you know who Detweiler,
working for, let me know.


- Who's that ?
- Do you know where Hopper is now ?


He's looking for the man
who's making
it today

over and over again! We both are!

Yeah, well...

Good luck with that.

Now as my lawyer, you have full access
to the evidence against me, right ?

Well, we're get into that.

But first, there are a few ground rules.

Don't talk to anyone about the case.

No wives, girlfriends,

that could make them
potential witnesses in a trial.

And don't talk to the press
about anything.

Do you have a publicist?

All right,
I could recommend one for you.

This case is gonna be
trialed in the media...

Hopper shouldn't have receive
the package yet, it's important.

This hourglass
was found next to a dead body.

Now you got 3 minutes, start talking.

Tell me about this hourglass.

- It's from the club. What does that...
- Shut up! I'm asking the questions.

- Who else has one?
- Everyone on the board.

- What board?
- I can't tell you if I can't breathe.

The Santayana board of directors.

Every member of the board

past and present, gets an hourglass
when they're voted in.

Kind of an inside joke.

Keep them from
talking too long at meetings.

Would you mind telling me what is
so important about a damn hourglass?

It's the second one
I've seen just like it.

- The 1st was sent to me by Garza.
- But you said you didn't know him.

I never event met the guy.

I don't know why he sent it.

But it's evidence
in a 15 year old murder case.

Isabella Contreras.
I think she worked at your club

and was killed by one of your members.

What has an old murder case
have to do with Garza?

I don't know but
it's all connected to this club.

That's why you saw me there,
I was after this.

- A list of members.
- And you suspect them, don't you?

Yeah, one or more
of these men is a killer.

If you're right,
and I hardly doubt that you are,

you've narrowed it down
to the 400 of the richest

most powerful people in the city.

How many of them are on the board
of the directors? A couple dozen?

Yes, sounds right.

- Who are they?
- You really want to know?

All right.

Here Robert Diminico.
He's the deputy mayor.

Winston Wales, philantropist.

Giselle Mack
runs the city art's foundation.

Seth Bath.

Alex Forasz.

Here's your friend Garza.

Wait. Go back.


I heard Forasz talking about this...

this fancy schmaltzy club
that he belongs to.

Good luck, detective!

The DA is gonna be pushing hard
on this one!

Why don't you just let me push back?

I'll make some calls,
see how strong that case is.


Next time...

No choking...


- Hopper!
- Hey, Andrea. I need you to run a check

on an Alexander Forasz.

See if he has a jacket.
- Hopper, what is going on?

There's a board out on you.
Robbery, homicides.

I know. I killed Garza
and went after his wife,

and I did a bunch of bad stuff.

How can you be so damn flip about this?

Because I don't have the time.
you always end up helping me in the end,

so could we just skip to that, please ?

I always help you?
What am I, your secretary?

No, you're my partner.

All right, you have to give me a second,

this hasn't exactly been my easiest day.

Yeah, well, you and me both.

- What was that name again?
- Forasz.


Alexander Forasz.

Okay, I've got a hit.

But he's clean.
Not even a parking ticket.

What's the hit?

He filed a restraining order against
some guy named Jared Pryor.

I'm Jared.

Is this helping?

Yeah. Do you have an adress for Forasz?

I did some asking around,
it turns out that's Garza's wife.

What are you doing?

You can't just...

That's a witness! You can't just...

Thank you.

I know you're in a lot of pain
and I'm...

I'm so sorry.

But you're wrong about him.


Brett Hopper couldn't have killed
your husband. He was with me all night.

Who are you?

I'm his girlfriend.

Alberto was my husband.

We were married for twenty-two years.

- I'm so sorry.
- I heard his name first.

Your boyfriend.

Alberto said it...


Clear as I am saying it to you.

And then I heard...

I came downstairs but he was...

Alberto was liying there.

I saw him.

Standing over my husband, with a gun.

I saw his face.

Detective Hopper?

Barry Coldburn.

We've got problems.

Can you be a little more specific
or is that on my dollar bills?

Well, to begin,

they've got the murder weapon
with your prints,

your shirt, with Garza's blood on it,

not to mention the eyewitness,
Garza's wife.

- She's lying.
- It doesn't matter.

The prosecution puts
the grieving widow on the stand,

you might as well start
planning the menu for your last meal.

Look, the cops are in on this,
on all levels. Witnesses lie,

lab results get doctored.

If you're saying to me
an entire system is against you,

that this is one big conspiracy,

let me warn you,
juries don't take kindly to the C word.

- I know how this sounds.
- Do you?

If you're laying pipe
for an insanity defense...

That's not what this is.
I'm being framed.

Yeah, maybe... but as your attorney,
I have to advise you.

The evidence against you is...

extremely compelling.

If you want my best advise, take a plea.

I can probably get you murder II.

That's fifteen to life,
but no chances of the death penalty

So, thanks. Thanks for helping me out.

I have to be really careful.

Sorry, man.

Okay, I confess!

I killed Alberto Garza.

- Alright?
- No, you didn't, you idiot!

Where is Detweiler?

On the swing set?

You've been playing in the wrong park!

I know he's answered to somebody
at the club, is that you?

Forget about the Santayana Club.

You won't get any answers there.

But where am I supposed to look?

A little closer to home.

Thanks, that's helpful!

Your old man was on the right track
with the girl.

My old man?

What are you talking about ?

Here, smart guy...

Figure it out!

For the zip ties.

Who are you, guys?

Think of us as...

friends of your father.

DAY 3 (del vo)

Somebody's tense.

What's wrong?


We went to bed last night,

and everything was fine.
What happened?

Did you have a nightmare or something?

The worst ever.

That's okay.

It's just a dream.

Yeah, Jen, it's me, we need to talk.

It's... about Dad.

I'm wondering if you have any
of his old stuff?

I'll call you back later today.


Get in, man. Get in.

Why are we here?

Do you know a man named
Alexander Forasz?


Maybe. I...

I think so. I am not sure.

He took a restraining order
out against you.

Yeah, well, that's because
I almost caught him.

But he got away!

You think he's the one
who took my brother?

The one that we're looking for?

That's the reason we're here.

Come on.

I can't do this.

Could you just...
You know, while I stay here?

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.



LAPD. I'd like to as some questions
about a Jared Pryor.

You know, I have
a restraining order against him.

Yes, that's why I'm here.

Please, sir, it's important.

Would you like some coffee, detective...


I thought you might know that.

How do you know Jared Pryor?

It's complicated.

I'm sure it is.
Did Detweiler introduce you?

- Who?
- Did you meet to the Santayana Club?

A club?

- How do you know I belong to the club?
- What did you do to Jared?

- What did you do with his brother?
- Nothing!

- Who the hell are you?
- I was his surgeon!

His surgeon?

Jared was...

He was a successful bond trader

for one of the largest firm
in the whole world,

until his seizures
just got out of control.


- From what?
- Temporal lobe epilepsy.

Jared had one of the worst cases
we'd ever seen.

It got so drastic
he just couldn't function.

We had to perform surgery.

Like in brain surgery?

Yes, sir. We saved his life.

But there were side effects.

Hallucinations, black-outs,

even sufferance from
hyperactive episodes of d?ja-vu


It's that feeling that you're
reliving a moment over and over.

Yeah. I think I've heard of it.

Jared will have
multiples episodes of this every day.

So he latches on to what's familiar.

He'll repeat routines,

he'll go
to the same place
day after day. He will have...

sudden bursts of memory.

That's there is just so much
about the brain that...

we don't understand.

Like the memory of his brother.

- What happen to his brother?
- Well, he died.

Cancer more than a year ago, but see,
Jared doesn't remember.

As far as he's concerned,
his brother was alive

when he went into surgery
and gone when he woke up, so...

In a sens, yeah...

I'm responsible.

I took the memory of his brother
away from him and

that's why he comes after me.

He actually believes that

he is a victim of some sort
of grand conspiracy and

that I'm, some king of lean leader.

How would somebody know
if they had this...


Other than the seizures? They...

They probably wouldn't but...


He's not who I thought he was.

He want's to talk to you though.
He'll tell you everything.

Did you find my brother?

No, but Forasz said he'll...

He'll tell you where he is.

Thank you.

For what?

You're the first person
that believe in me.

The first one that really understood.

I've been alone, for so long.

Anyway, I owe you an apology.

I shouldn't have treated you
the way that I did.

Don't worry about it.

We're good.

Still, I'm sorry I bit you.