Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 3 - What If He Lets Her Go? - full transcript

Brett manages to prevent a crash, but in the process loses Rita with some unexpected consequences, and he uncovers a betrayal.

My name is detective Brett Hopper,

and this is the day
that changes everything.

Put your hands up?!

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder...

Who the hell are you people??

My girlfriend Rita
will be in danger.

I know all this because
I am living the same day...

over and over again.

The day is the same, but
different things happen.

Every decision I make
has a consequence.

I could save a stranger's life...
or not.

I didn't go for coffee.
I could try to run...

or hide.

But the next morning, I feel
the pain of the day before.

Every day I get another chance.

This mess you're in...

have anything to do with the fact you
been looking into the latin disciples??

We flipped this kid Damien Ortiz
against the disciples,

now he's on the run.

Every day,
I get another clue.

Hopper, you should have received
a package today. It's important.

Today, I have to get
that package.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

- Are you okay??
- Yeah, I'm fine.

What are you doing??

- Just a sec.
- Brett.

I'm just gonna take a shower.

Me, too.
I'll scrub your back.

Sounds great, baby.

Will you just let me in?? Come on.
Come on. Come on. Open up.


I thought we were gonna
take a shower together.

I was... we were, but I was thinking
maybe I would take the day off today.

You never take the day off.

Yeah, well, I thought
maybe we could hang out.

- Baby, I gotta work.
- Well, you could take the day off, too.

I can't do that.

Come on, come on.
It'll be fun.


Oh, no.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay.
- No. It's not okay.

I know that your mother
gave this to you.

Okay. I'm gonna make
this up to you. I promise.

We can go anywhere
you want to go today. Anywere.



Okay. Okay, cool.
I'm just gonna drop by my place

and pick up a package,
and we'll be good. Cool. Let's go.

- You said anywhere, right??
- Huh?? Oh, yep. Yep.

Okay. Mexico.

Mex... what??

Let's go down to Rosarito Beach.

I know this great lobster shack
right off the highway.

Six beers for a buck.

Okay. Sure. Sounds great.

Miss... you dropped this.

You want some coffee??


This will be the most
incredible by far...

Excuse me, ma'am.


- Hold on. What's the problem??
- Can I see some I.D., please??

- What for??
- Just a police investigation.

We're questioning
potential witnesses.

I didn't see anything.
And I have a morning meeting that's...

I'm sure he'll understand.
Can I please see your identification??


Wait. Just calm down.
What's wrong??

Look, I can't.
Not today. Not now.

Just... please just stop calling me.
I just... I can't. I'm sorry.

I just... I can't.

Okay. And this judge Nitzberg...

he's your supervisor.

Look, I've given you
my address, my cell phone.

I mean, what more do you want??

Thank you.
That'll be all, ma'am.

My car?!
My car?!

- Where you going??
- In the bus. I'm gonna go help'em.

- Rita...
- Call 9-1-1, okay??

W ait.
We had plans.

I'm sorry. We're just gonna
have to play hooky another day.

Okay, but wait.
We don't have to cancel.

The E. M. T. S are gonna come.
They'll take over.

Brett, what is going on??

- Nothing.
- Nothing??

Nothing?? First you take the day off,
then you don't want me to go to work.

Now you want me to leave
a major accident scene??

You are acting really strange.

What has gotten into you??

They played me
some voice mail.

A woman talking about some
package they sent to you.

They think it has something
to do with Garza.

I'm gonna go help those people,
and then I'm going to the hospital.

Okay, but stay there.
Don't leave.

Okay?? I'm gonna meet you
after I go to my place.

Don't leave the hospital?!

- Mr. Hopper.
- Mr. Zeitoun.

- I need to speak to you.
- I know, I know.

The dog's been barking. There's a
leak upstairs. A plumber came, right??

Yes. That's... yes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

What is this, a joke??

You think this is funny??

- Is he talking to us??
- Nah. No way he made us.

Is this what you want??

Huh?? Come and get it?!

- No, he's definitely talking to us.
- Yup.

Let's start two large-bore I. V. S,
normal saline, wide open.

And I want you to page Dr. Kim.
I think she might have tension pneumo.

Rita, you've got a visitor.


- You changed your hair.
- Six months ago.

It looks nice. Although I liked it
when you had that layered thing.

Chad, I'm working.
What are you doing here??

Can't a guy stop by
check on his ex-wife??


Well, then I'll cut right to it.
You seen Hopper lately??

How's that
any of your business??

It became my business when your
boyfriend murdered Alberto Garza.

What are you talking about??

Assistant D.A.
got hit last night.

Hopper's the prime suspect.

There's a warrant
out for his arrest.

There must be some mistake.

Yeah, kind of hard to believe.
You think you know someone,

and then they go
and do something crazy.

Brett didn't kill anyone.

I hear different.

Sorry to be the one to tell you,
but Hopper's in real trouble.

There are a couple guys downtown
wanna talk to you about it.

Look, you don't have to go,

but it might be helpful...

for Hopper's sake.

Hi, Hopper.

I know this is a reach for you,
but don't do anything stupid.

- Rita, we need to leave.
- Brett...

Yeah, that's a good plan. She's gonna
go on the run with a fugitive.

You gotta come with me, all right??
It's the only way I can protect you.

The only one she needs
protection from is you, buddy.

Sweetheart, call 9-1-1. I got a guy
here with a gun in my back.

Whatever he's saying,
I didn't do it. I didn't kill Garza.

You gotta believe me.

Brett, just put the gun down.

Better listen to her, Hopper.
Hole's getting deeper.

Shut up?! Honey, listen,
I know this looks crazy.

I know I don't have the right
to ask you this, but I am.

You gotta come with me. I'll explain
everything later. Just please

come with me.


That was real sweet, but you're under
arrest. I'm gonna have to take you in.

Not today.


- Whiskey sour.
- You got it.

A little early for that,
don't you think??

- Hopper, what are you doing here??
- I'm here looking for you.

- They say you killed...
- Garza. Yeah, I know.

I also know that they offered
you a deal to flip on me

in exchange for amnesty
on your I.A. investigation.

I never agreed to...

- How the hell did you know that??
- Just hear me out, all right??

That's all I'm asking.

Message eight...

Hopper, you should have
received a package today.

It's important. Don't let anyone know
you have it. You'll be contacted...


Homicide already
played me that.

Who, the hardy boys??

They're pretty hot and heavy on that
package. They think it's tied to Garza.

Yeah, well, so do I.

- And this is what was inside??
- Yeah.

Why would someone send you
a busted up hourglass??

I don't know. But that's why I need
you to run a trace on my home phone.

Incoming calls
for the last 12 hours.

If I can find the woman who left that
message, maybe I can get some answers.

How do you know I won't
just turn this into them,

make all my problems go away??


I don't know.
I just got a feeling.

Shelton, heard you had Hopper
but you let him go.

But you brought
his girlfriend in, right??

Yeah, where is she??

She's busy. She'll come in
on her own time.

Busy?? I thought you said you
had an in with her. Guess not.

- Give the guy a break. It's his wife.
- Ex-wife.

Right, that's gotta suck.

Keep laughing. You two
are heading into a wall.

Yeah?? How's that??

You'll never get Andrea Battle
to flip on Hopper.

Really?? Well, who do you think
she'd rather deal with, I.A. or us??

Message on your answering machine
came from a blocked number.

- What kind of a block??
- Law enforcement.

- Did you bypass it??
- Gimme some credit.

The call came from the home
of a U.S. Attorney, Nathan Baxter.

- What happened at the safe house??
- Focus, Baxter.

Is he a friend of yours??

What's going on, Hopper??

That U.S. Attorney's putting together
a case against the latin disciples.

Yeah, I heard about the rumors.
What's that got to do with you??

Baxter contacted me about
an L.D. informant I'm running,

Damien Ortiz. I got him to flip
against the disciples,

had him all holed up
in a safe house, but

something happened
and the whole thing went south.

Turned me against my own only
so you could sell my ass out??

I didn't sell you out.

And what, you thought you'd just
tell me about it at trial??

No. I know I shouldn't have
kept you in the dark.

I know it was a mistake.

Yeah, damn right,
it was a mistake.

Anything else you're
not telling me, partner??

Yeah, but you wouldn't
believe me.

You got an address on Baxter??

I got blood.

Yeah, I do, too.


- You know her??
- No.

But I think she's the woman
who called me about the package.

The killer shot her once in the back.
She was running away.

Yeah, if I can get here earlier
tomorrow, I might be able to help her,

- maybe get some information.
- What the hell are you talking about??

Something's happening today,

something big,
and I'm at the center of it.

I don't know how. I don't know why.
I don't know who's pulling the strings.

But somehow
all of this is tied together.

Damien, Baxter, Garza

and now this dead woman.

- You think this is a conspiracy??
- Yes, and I'm the fall guy.

Two years we've
been together, right??

Two years?? I've never even
had a boyfriend last that long.

We used to finish
each other's sentences.

Now you're running
investigations behind my back,

talking about some conspiracy
against you. I mean,

- I wanna believe you...
- You don't believe me, do you??

You lied to me.

I'll give you a half-hour
before I call this in.

All right.

Hey, hopper??

Who else you been lying to??

I already told you,
I'm not going to the station.

And I'm not talking to anyone
about Brett, least of all you, Chad.

Yeah, I got that loud and clear.
I'm not here on police business.

- Then why are you here??
- Well, it's must've been a rough day.

I thought you might
need a ride home.

You're kidding, right??

Yeah, forget it. Bad idea.

I'll call you a cab.
Just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Are you... okay??

Just let me take you home.

Well, thank you.

Yeah, no problem.

Chad, don't.

I'm not gonna try anything.

I thought you might
want me to check your place.


I'm worried about you, what,
with Hopper out there somewhere.

No, I'm just saying,
he's armed and dangerous...

- Brett would never hurt me.
- Not on purpose.

Things can go sideways.
I mean, I've seen it.

A couple years ago, cops were serving
a warrant on this cripple in Tarzana,

- the guy pulls a gun...
- And they shot him.

Turns out they had
the wrong address, right??

You forget,
I know all your stories.

- Yeah, I guess you do.
- Yeah, I do.

Well, look, if you want,
I can stay over.

on the couch, of course.

Thank you for the ride, Chad.

Let's just leave it at that.


Oh, hey, Buck.

Yeah, I think I can
still make that.

Where'd you say that bar was??

It's the place on Los Feliz.

I'll see you there.

- What happened to your shoulder??
- I'm okay. I'm okay.

- You're bleeding. Let me see.
- Rita, I'm fine.

I just came by to make sure
that you got here safely.

Chad drove me home.


Yeah, he was worried that maybe you'd
gone off the deep end or something.

Listen, I promise I will tell you
everything. I just...

I don't have the time
right now, all right??

Then you're gonna make time.

I have been worried sick,

and Chad says you've been
accused of murder??

Since when do you start
believing everything Chad says??

When you put a gun on him.

You came to the hospital, a place
where I work, and brought a gun.

And now you don't
wanna talk about it??

You won't understand.

God, I want to understand?!

But you are scaring me, Brett.

I just want to know what happened to
the man I went to bed with last night.

Look, I know that I should
not have come here tonight.

And I'm sorry, but I just...
I wanted to make sure that you...

you were all right.

I'm not all right.

Please... please just go.


Stop?! Stop?! Stop?!

If you think that first step's a bitch,
wait till the next one. Damien...

Hell no.

Fellas, look, I know I forgot
to call Damien. I know that.

You know, I missed my 9?:00.
I realize that. I just...

I've been, like...
like, crazy, crazy busy.

You get that, right??

So we cool??


I can explain.

- I can explain.
- Too bad.

The time for explaining's over.

I thought we had a deal.
I help you, you help me.

- Win-win for everyone, right??
- Yes,

- and you did...
- I put myself out there for you?!

- You did the right thing?!
- You think so??

You wanna know what happened to the last dude
in my hood who snitched on a rival banger??

Let me guess. He got taken
to an abandoned parking structure??

Nah, man,

he got territory.

Got rid of the competition,
scored 12 blocks all his own,

upped his production by 150%.

The dude was making
five figures a week.

He got treated right.


I let you talk me into
ratting out my boys,

let you stick me in
some safe house, and then

- I almost get my ass shot off.
- Damien, you gotta believe me

I wanna believe you,
Hopper, I really do.

Only I can't find you.
You don't return my calls.

And when I reach out to you,
you blow me off.

I'm sorry.
I've been a little busy.

- You've been busy??
- Yes.

The city's about to go up
in flames, Hop.

There are deals being cut right
now that I'm not...

What are you talking about, deals??

What deals??

You have no idea
how big this is, do you??

Well, tell me.

You haven't earned that.

See, on the street,
all you got is your word.

There's no contracts,
no lawyers.

You break your word,
there's a price to pay...


what's in the back??


You remember Baxter, right??

You two chotas were the only ones
who knew about that safe house.

So one of you is gonna die tonight.

- You're making a big mistake.
- You made the mistake?!

Somebody gave you up
at the safe house,

but it wasn't Baxter,
it wasn't me,

all right??

We've been set up, man.

- Set up??
- Yes.

- By who??
- I don't know, but I'm a figure that out.

I just need a little bit more time.

Just a little bit more time, Damien.

Can you do that??

I'm-a find out who's behind this.

You got my word on that.

You know what, Hop??

I believe you.

We're done.

I see you again,

and you're dead, too.


Hey, you're up early.

- Are you okay??
- Yeah, I'm fine.

What's wrong??
Are you mad at me??

Nice grab.

Yeah, I was just I was just lucky.

Look, I'm sorry. I just got a...
I got a lot going on right now.

You want to talk about it??



Yeah, yeah, I do actually...

I have this... this case, and

there's a witness

and the witness
has a... a hit out

on her.

And I need to protect her.

But if I do, then I won't have time
for the case.

- Don't you have help??
- No,

it's complicated.

So if you don't protect her,
will she get hurt??

I don't know.

Well, I think it's obvious.

The only way to protect her
is to get to the bottom of it, right??

Solve the case
wouldn't that make her safe??

I hope so.

Solve the case.

What was that for??

Just for being you.


if Chad calls,

talk to him.

Okay, and this judge Nitzberg...

This is Margo.

Hey, uh, where the hell are you??

- Who's this??
- The meeting got pushed up.

- You're late?!
- I didn't hear about this.

No, Nitzberg is looking for you.
He's really upset.

Oh, okay.
Give me 20 minutes.

You gotta get here right now.
And don't stop for coffee?!

Okay, I'll be right there.

I said, don't stop for coffee?!

Yes, sir, will do.


So we wait.

Was... was he pissed
about the guy in the tub??

What do you think??

You know what a one-bedroom
runs in this neighborhood??

I don't know, $1,200??

That's ludicrous.

- What, are you moving here??
- No.

So what do you care??

Morning, boys.
Ah, don't do that.

- Can we help you with something??
- You can start by putting your hands

where I can see'em.


why are you following me??

- We're just sitting here.
- And videotaping me??

- We're tourists.
- Yeah,

know any good places
to eat around here??

Now I know you've been following
my girlfriend

and my sister.
I know about the guy in the quarry.

I wanna speak to him, right now.

All right, listen,
you got us, okay??

I'm just gonna reach for my phone.

- Yeah, it's me again.
- Hey, who the hell are you??

- Move, I got a shot?!
- Don't shoot?!

- I can get him. Just move.
- Don't shoot?!

I got him.

Get out?!
Come on, move away?!


The balls on that guy.

Wanna go back??

No, we gotta call it in.

Where's your phone??

An assistant D.A.
got hit last night.

Hopper's a prime suspect.

There's a warrant out
for his arrest.

There must be some mistake.

Yeah, it's kinda hard to believe.
You think you know someone,

- then they do something crazy like that.
- Chad, Brett didn't kill anyone.

I hear it different.

Sorry to be the one to tell you.

Hopper's in real trouble.

There are a couple guys downtown
wanna talk to you about it.

Look, you don't have to go,

but it might be helpful...

for Hopper's sake.


Just let me get my bag.

- Hopper, what are you doing here??
- Where is she??

- Where's who??
- The girl, Baxter.

What... I don't know what
you're talking about.

5'7", dark hair, blue eyes,

- legs that won't quit.
- How do you...

What?? Are you following me??


Hey, did you call me??

- Was it you??
- What??

You called and left me a message
about this package.

You said it was very important.

- You're Hopper??
- Yeah.

He told me to call you.
He said that you'd understand.

Who told you to call me??



Did he send me this package??


He's here. Hopper... he's at my house
right now.

Come on.

I don't know how he found out,
but he's upstairs right now.

Hello?? Hello??

Did you hear what I just said??
Hopper is here.


Those guys for yours,
They work for you??

- Who??
- The guys you were calling.

- The ones who have been following me.
- What?? No...

- those guys are squeezing me.
- You're gonna tell me everything.

- They'll kill me.
- I'll kill you?!



Just answer their questions

They're not after you.

Remember, I got your back.

I'll be all right, Chad.

You're Jennifer,
right, Brett's sister??

- Yeah.
- Rita, right??

Yeah. I just want you to know
that everything's gonna be okay.

Brett was with me last night.

With you??
But I thought...

so you two...

- It's complicated.
- Yeah.

I've been trying to get a number
for your mom.

Oh, that's not a good idea.
She and Brett don't really talk anymore.

Real tight family you got there, huh??

Listen, if I hear anything,
I'm gonna give you a call.

I'm sure he's okay.

Thank you.


You gotta call Damien.

You're making a big mistake.

- You're making... Call Damien?!
- Help.


Where are they taking us??
What are they gonna do??

You don't want to know.

We gotta get outta here, Hopper.
We gotta get out.

Damien knows you sold him out.

- What?? No, I would never do that.
- Shut up.

Don't waste your breath.

He knows.

Now your only hope of
getting out of here is me,

so you better start talking.

I never got their names.
They came to me a couple of days ago.

Two men said they wanted
information about Damien.

Why Damien??

- Why Damien??!
- The latin disciples

are getting into contract killings.
Damien knows names.

What does that have
to do with Garza or me??

I have no idea.
I swear.

Damien was my informant,

and you used me to get at him.

I didn't want to.
They held a gun to my head.

- Me or him?? I'm gonna pick me.
- I vouched for you, man.

I guaranteed Damien his life.

Hey, Damien knew exactly
what he was getting into.

In case you forgot, Hopper,
Damien is the bad guy.

I don't care who he is.

- I gave him my word.
- Will you grow up, Hopper??

Damien's a killer
and a drug dealer.

- He's getting exactly what he deserves.
- Oh, okay.

Well, you're gonna get
exactly what you deserve.

Because when we reach
that parking structure,

Damien's gonna put a bullet

in your head.

So you're telling us you were
with Hopper last night??


And he never went out,
maybe went for a walk??

I was with him all night.

Well, I appreciate that, and
I want to believe you, I really do.

You know, when we ran
your driver's license,

some interesting information
came up.

That's not relevant.

We were just wondering if Mr. Shelton
could clarify a few things.

I mean, this isn't the first time
that she's been involved

in a questionable incident.

Not going there.
Move along.

Chad, if this is all too much
for you, you can go.

I go, she goes.

Next question.

Any idea where Hopper is now??

Who was she??


The girl.
You seem pretty upset about her.

Of course I'm upset about her. I got
my own problems to deal with right now.

What was her name??

Her name was Ava Reese.

I met her at the courthouse
a couple of weeks ago.

What's her connection to Garza??

She worked for him.
What the hell does it matter...

Thank God,
it's you guys.

Sorry, Hopper.

You took my phone.


Thank you for the ride, Chad.

And thank you for sticking up
for me back there.

Oh, hey, what's in your background
is your business, not theirs.

Your secret's safe with me.

And yours with me.

What secret is that??

That you're not always
such a hard-ass.

Look, if you want,
I could stay over...

on the couch, of course...

and keep an eye on things.

Let me at least walk you up.
If you feel okay, I'll go.

No, I don't want to keep you.
I'm sure you have plans tonight.

No, I'm just gonna
meet this guy in a bar.

I can reschedule.


- Hey, it's me.
- Oh, thank God. Are you okay??

Yeah, I'm fine.

Where are you??

It's probably best I don't say.
They could be tapping your phone.

They asked me a lot of questions.
They said terrible things about you.

None of it's true.

I'm sorry they put you
through all that.

I just called to make sure
you were safe.


everything okay??

I love you.

I love you, too.

When will I see you again??


I'll see you tomorrow.

- Rita??
- Hopper, I need your help.

I've done something terrible.



Synchro : Seth Cohen et Dingo
Trad : Jayson.sosweet et Csivore