Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 13 - What If It's Him? - full transcript

My name is Detective Brett Hopper.

And this is the day that
changes everything.

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder.

Who the hell are you, people?

My girlfriend Rita will be in danger.

I know all this
because I am living the same day...

over, and over again.

The day is the same,
but different things happen.

The pieces are finally coming together.

They wanted me to set up a meeting.

- What's it about?
- Corruption at city hall.

Why Garza was murdered.

He cut a deal.
He was supposed to testify againt Booth.

Why I was framed.

Garza sent me two packages.

from one of my father's old cases.

Everyone around me
is somehow tied to this.

Shelten... It's been a while.

You're asking me to lie.

You've had four years of practice.

What the hell are you doing here, D.?

I need five minutes.

But until yesterday,

I was missing a couple of key players.

They arraigned some lawyer.
His name is Barry Coldburn.

Booth, Detweiler. Spivak?

Now, it's time to finish it.

Great minds, uh?

I love you.

I love you too.

There's something I need to tell you.

It's about my brother Billy.

Billy was sure we'd go to jail
for what we did to Dad.

Freaked out.

I did the only thing
that I could think of.

I called Chad.

I can't let this hang over me anymore.

I think I should go to the police
and tell them what I did.

No, not today.

It's too dangerous. Call your brother,
tell him to get out of town.

These people are serious.

What are you saying?
These are the same people that are...

framing you for Garza's murder?

I think it all revolves
around a case this judge is building.

The grand jury's supposed
to convene tomorrow.

And Garza was supposed to testify.
I think that's why...

he was killed.

But what does that have to do with us?

I don't know. But...

If we're gonna get through this,
we're gonna need some help.

- Thanks for coming.
- Not a problem.

Pleasant surprise.

Everything alright?

Cream, two sugars, right?

Real nice of you using Rita
to embush me.

She told me everything.

About Billy. Her father.

How you helped them out with the body.

I'm sorry, Chad. I...

I just... I couldn't lie to him anymore.

I would have done the same thing.


Just hear him out.

- What do you want from me, Hopper?
- Those guys you dealt with back then.

The same guys are messing with me now.

Something really big is about to happen.

And it deals with politicians...


crooked cops...

Today's the day
I'm gonna bring it all down.

I'm asking,

are you in?

I'm listening.

There's a case going
before the grand jury tomorrow,

investigating corruption in city hall.

But there's a Robbery/Homicide Detective
named Spivak. You know him?

A real pain in the ass. What about him?

Subpoenas are being issued in this case.

His name is on the list.

Wanna be part of this?

Look into Spivak.

What makes you think I'll help you
of all people?

The sniper was gonna shoot you,
but I pushed you out of the way.

- Why did you do it?
- We were friends once. Partners.

I know we got our issues, but...

at the end of the day,
I think you're a good cop.

A good man.

I think we should tell him about Garza.

The A.D.A. that got killed last night?

Brett's being framed for his murder.

OK, I'm on my way.

I'd love to explain, but I gotta go.

You can't just say you're wanted
for killing a public official

and expect to walk away.

I forgot to make this phone call.

- No, I can't let you go.
- Get out of my way.

You talked a good game
about corruption and dirty cops,

but you failed to mention
that you're wanted for murder.

- You don't understand.
- I have to do this.

Let's go down to the station.

Easy. If you're innocent,
you got nothing to worry about.

Margo, wait.

Don't move.

Give it up, pal.

- No place left to run.
- Right.

- Freeze!
- Margo, don't get in the car.

OK, give me twenty minutes.

Stop the bus!

I'm a police officer.

Yeah! But what the hell, are you crazy?

Get out of the bus,
you'll have a stroke.

Pal, I don't know
what the hell you are thinking.

This bus is about to crash,
he's gonna have a stroke any second.

- What did you say?
- This is insane!

- I gotta hit you outta here.
- Please, just calm down.

Rita, call 911, now!

- Easy.
- We got him.

I think he's having a stroke!

Hold on, sir.

You gotta stand up.

What are you doing?

Do some digging,
you'll find Spivak's the inside man.

Promise me you'll go to the hospital
and stay there.

I need to know you're safe.

- I can't.
- Promise me.

Don't leave until I say.

- All right?
- I promise.


May I help you?

Yes, Detective Brett Hopper. LAPD.

I'm looking for Margo Clarke.

She stepped away.

Are you Judge Nitzberg?

Yes, why?

I'm here
about the grand jury hearing tomorrow.

Damien Ortiz,
he's my confidential informant.

And I know
that he was testifying for you.

So was Garza.

Who sent you, Booth?

No, sir. We're on the same side.

Booth framed me for Garza's murder.

You can tell Booth and his cronies
I will not be intimidated.

This grand jury investigation
will proceed with or without Garza.

That's good.

See, that's why I'm here. Sir,

Garza sent me two packages.

Evidence linked to a homicide
that my father worked.

Evidence that leads right back to Booth.

- Garza sent you evidence?
- Yes, sir.

In case something would happen to him,
I guess I was his...

insurance policy.

And somebody found out.

Now, did anybody else know
that he was gonna testify...


I can't risk discussing the details.

Your Honor, I just need to know
if I'm on the right track.

Who else knew?


No one.

The warrant was sealed, but...

But what?

Last night, he called
and said he was having second thoughts.

- Garza called you last night?
- He was scared,

he said that his wife kept telling him
how dangerous these people are.

So Mrs. Garza was trying
to talk him out of testifying.

- She's in on this. With Booth.
- What?

She claimed
that she saw me murder her husband.

She's the key witness against me.


- Why?
- I don't know but if...

if Garza told her about the packages,

and she told Booth...

She's the connection.

She betrayed her husband.

That's how Booth found out about me.

That's why I'm being framed.

Now, this grand jury...

Do you have enough
to bring down Booth without Garza?

I don't know.
We've had to postpone the hearing.

But the other presiding judges and I
are going to

need to see if we can continue.

- When's the meeting?
- It hasn't been set yet.

Let's say I can break Mrs. Garza.

Is she just as valuable to you
as her husband?

- You think you can do that?
- Yes.

But I need a favor from you.

I surrender.

- Jenny.
- Brett.

Everything's gonna be OK.

- Can you give us a sec?
- Yeah.

Make it fast.

Everything is in here,
just like you wanted.

All this...

- Is it about Dad? Why--
- Yes.

I know it's been eating you up inside
for a long time.

Why he killed himself.

But you need to realize

you're not Dad.

Hopper, we gotta move.

Thanks, sister.

Look, I'm only doing this
because Judge Nitzberg called

- and vouched for you.
- You're doing the right thing.

I'd better be.

You screw this up and I'm running
a desk for the next ten years.

- Where is she?
- Inside, with your partner.

- You've got ten minutes.
- Alright.

- I'll wait for you.
- Alright.

Oh God. It's him.

That's the man that killed my husband!

Be quiet. Save your breath.

I know you're in on it.

Framing me for your husband's murder.

Why is he here?

This man is a killer.

He's innocent till proven guilty.

Why did you do it?

Did Booth have something on you?

This is ridiculous.

They found a gun in his apartment.

She's got a point.

Give me a favor, go down to SID,

grab hold of ballistics and prints
for the murder weapon.

Someone's gonna fake the results.

- You sure about all this?
- I'm sure.

Now we're gonna start
at the very beginning.

Don't... touch the bubble head.

The detective who just left...
Spivak. What was he doing down here?

It's a simple question.

Was the gun in my right hand
or in my left?

- I'm not...
- Right or left?

You said I was standing
over your husband's body with the gun.

- Which hand was it in?
- I demand to see a lawyer.

Did I leave out the back or the front?

- I don't know.
- You don't know because I wasn't there!

Did you even know
what your husband had on Booth?

I do.

He sent it to me.

I don't know what you're talking about.

That's Isabella Contreras.

Booth had her killed.


One to the head, two to the chest.

Sound familiar?

That's his M.O.

What the hell is this?

Booth didn't tell you about Isabella,
did he?

I've known Tobias for 25 years.

He's an honorable man.

How dare you?

You let a murder suspect into a room
with our only eye witness?

I got a call from a presiding judge
who vouched for Hopper.

- What judge?
- Nitzberg.

See, the sad thing about this
is that when a woman's pregnant,

they do a separate autopsy...

on the fetus.

See, that's the man
that you're trying to protect.

- It's not possible.
- He got a girl pregnant,

and then killed her
to save his own career.

Tobias would never...


I had it all wrong.

Here I thought
he was blackmailing you...

That's not what happened.

You were sleeping with him.

You realize what you've done?

Mrs. Garza's testimony is tainted,

we'll be lucky if anything she says
is admissible in court.

Your husband would tell you everything.

But he didn't know
that you were rolling over

and whispering those same secrets

into Booth's ear.

- You have no right.
- You basically let the killer in,

let the killer put a bullet
in your husband's head.

- I don't have to hear this from you.
- Garza flipped on Booth,

finally listened to his conscience,

finally found the strength to say no.

Alberto was weak!

He got what he deserved!

You have no idea...

what I sacrificed...

Did she just say what I think she did?

I put in too much time,

too many years to let it all die.

Because Alberto lacked the strength

to do whatever it takes.

He was nothing without me.

Hopper didn't do it.

- Are you happy now?
- We gotta get Booth down here, now.

Yeah, we do, make the call.


just received the word.

I know.

What do you want me to do?

Cooperate fully.

Let them do their song and dance.

I'll get you out of there in an hour.

I mean about Julissa Garza,
she knows enough to implicate me.

I'll handle Julissa.

But we have a more pressing problem.

Detective Hopper.

- I'll talk to Detweiler.
- Talk to everyone.

Detweiler, Nick Vukovic,

Torrez and all his people.

I understand.

Hopper will be dead
before the day is over.

The important thing...

is that nothing derails tomorrow.

We have to send a clear message
as to who exactly runs this city.

I understand completely.

I'll be sure to pass that along.

No. Thank you, sir.

Damn shame.

Someone you know betrays you.

Makes you wonder
who you gotta really trust.*gotta/can ?

What are you talking about?

I just got word:

Hopper's the one who gave you up
at the safe house.


You sure?

I wish I wasn't.

Kills me
to be the one who tell you, kid.


Good news and bad news.

Found the body in the bathtub
over your apartment, so that checks out.

But there was no one at that address
on Via Ombra.


They must have moved Margo
somewhere else.

They said she had to set up a meeting
for tomorrow.

A group of judges.

If this is as big as you're claiming,

it could lead to dozens of arrests.

Prison officials, city councilmen,
federal prosecutors, ex-cops.

Not just ex-cops.

Active duty too.

What do you got?

I can't prove anything yet.

I'm gonna see if we got anything
on this... Konrad Detweiler.


That's a hell of a story, Hopper.

Everybody out to get at you.

You are to get me too ?


No, I'm just doing my job!

Does that include
planting a weapon at my place

doctoring ballistics
and faking finger prints?

Nobody's here, it's just you and me.

Admit it.

The apple
doesn't fall far from the tree,

you're just like your old man.

- The ego, the sheer eye dance...
- Watch your mouth!

My father was a good cop.

He was a dirty cop.

And he dragged down
a lot of good people with him.

Who do you think you're playing,
Spivak, you're not sleek.

I know about the grand jury.

The subpoena.

My father did what he had to do
to protect his family.

What's your excuse?

You don't know a damn thing, Hopper.
Nick Vukovic is my ex-partner.

- Nick?
- That's right.

And your dad turned him
into the traitor he is today.

- Get the facts straight. It's the--
- That's a lot of crap, Hopper!

Talked to my guys in county.

You wanna see this.

Jackets on Fencik and Buchalter.

Ex-deputies, just like Hopper said.

You're gonna move on that, or what?

Got a present for you too.

SID found your finger prints
on the Garza murder weapon,

- just like you said.
- Who else has seen this report?

No one.

It was on top of Rednazki's inbox,
still sealed.

You stole it?

Borrowed it.

Either way,
it shouldn't have been there.

Any idea who gave it to us?

I have a pretty good guess.
What's up with the widow?

Mrs. G.? She lawyered up already,
she's on her way home.

Who's the suitor?

The best defense guy in the city.

- Barry Coldburn.
- Yeah, how do you know?

That just makes sense.

- Catch up with me later.
- All right.

- Hello?
- Detective Hopper,

this is Judge Nitzberg.

Your Honor, is everything OK?

Well, I'm not sure.

Margo never came back from lunch,
but she left me a voice mail.

You never saw her after I left?

No, but she called to set a meeting
for me with the other presiding judges.

- Is this about the grand jury?
- Yes.

They grabbed me at work. Two of them.

They wanted me to set up a meeting.

At the courthouse.

- When's the meeting?
- Nine o'clock.

- Nine o'clock tonight?
- No, tomorrow morning.


It's a long way away. I gotta go.

I'll take him up, fellows.

Sorry, elevator's full.

Lose the entourage.

I'm sorry, have we met?

I don't know what you got planned,
but it's over.

Yeah, we broke Mrs. Garza.

You're that detective. Right?

You forgot to tell her
about Isabella Contreras.

How you killed the young woman.

And her unborn child.

Your unborn child.

You think this is the first time

I've been threatened by a detective
named Hopper?

Your father made threats too,
and look how that ended.

You don't talk about him.

Suit yourself.

But you two have a lot more in common
than you might think.

I have bad news for you, Detective.

I'll be out of here in an hour
and you'll end up

with a bullet in your head,
just like your old man.

And just like him,

you'll never see it coming.

Didn't you hear me from the lobby?

What's wrong?

I need you to tell me everything

that you remember about Dad's death.

- Why?
- I know it's hard,

it's just... It's really important.

Tell me exactly what you saw
when you found him.

It was a mess.

I walked in,


I saw his body.

I tried calling Mom, tried calling you.

And then I got hold of Nick.

What did he say?

He was shocked.

But he came right away.
He called the police.

He handled everything.

He really saved me, that day.

Maybe you should talk to him.

Why are you asking me about this now?

I don't think dad killed himself.

I think he was murdered.


- Who?
- Wait, let me call Nick.

Nick, it's Hopper. Where are you?

- Yeah?
- Hi, Hopper.

What do you want?

Just heard the good news, word is
you've been cleared of the Garza mess.

Yeah, thanks. Listen man,
I got to meet somebody, so...

Gotta hand it to you,
I thought they had you cold.

Well, with your prints
all over the murder weapon....

- Wait, what did you just say?
- Nothing.

Just trying to figure how the killer
got your prints

on the gun that hit Garza.

Wait. How did...

Heard you've been doing
a lot of talking, Hop.

- Tell me about it.
- Where is Nick?

I'm gonna need some answers first.

Do you believe in d?j? vu?

Can't leave today... Over and over...

I'm reminded of another time,
another place,

and a different Detective Hopper.

Dad shot himself.

Where did you drag my father into?

He came to me!

You'll end up
with a bullet in your head,

just like your old man.

And just like him,

you'll never see it coming.

Brett. Oh my God!
We've been trying to reach you.

Yeah, baby, I'm sorry, I'm...

I'm OK.

I was so worried.

I thought after everything
that happened...

No, I'm all right. You just hold tight.

This morning, when you weren't here,
I called the station.

Wait, hold on, What d'you...

What did you just say?

I said I called the station.

No, before that. Before that.

Did you say this morning?

Yeah. Brett, what's going on?

You sound really strange.

- Rita, what time is it?
- What? I don't know.

What time is it?

Ten after seven.

It's tomorrow.

I don't understand it, how...

it happened. I don't know...

What do you mean? What happened?

No. All this stuff...

All this stuff happened yesterday,
but it's like it's finally...

The city's about
to go up in flames, Hop.

You have no idea how big this is,
do you?

They grabbed me at work.

They wanted me to set up a meeting.

- When's the meeting?
- Tomorrow morning.


It's a long way away.

It's like yesterday's thing
was a set-up.

Yesterday was a set up until...

Baby, I get out of here, all right?

Wait. Where are you?
Chad's been asking for you.

- When?
- This morning.

He's on his way over right now.

I trust no one, so are you.

No, but we have a problem.

Hopper knows about Rita's Dad.

- And how did that happen?
- Does it matter?

I've given you what you wanted.

You need to take care of them.

She won't say anything,
it's Hopper we...

You need to take care of them.

Not going there.

Yes. Yes, we are.

A reckoning has come today, Sergeant.

Our slates are being wiped clean.

I'll kill you right now.

She'd still die.

I'm afraid you have a decision to make.

Hi. You reached
the offices
of Alan Nitzberg.

Neither his Honou
nor his assistant, Margo...

My fellow Justices of the Court,

our legal system is under attack, today.

The death of Alberto Garza

was just a warning shot.

It was a sign that said:

"No one is safe."

It was a sign that said:

"We run the System,

"we will intimidate you,
we will disgrace you,

"we will find your darkest secrets."

These men,

led by councilman Tobias Booth,

try to tell me
how the System is running,

that I'd better get on board.

I told the councilman

his version of justice isn't mine.

Isn't ours.

This isn't about justice.

It's about a corrupt few
controling the many.

This is about power.

My friends,

this is where we draw the line,

and make our last stand.

We're in position.


It's all yours.

Make it ugly.

You OK?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Look, Rita. This is gonna sound crazy,
but you're in danger.

We need to leave.
We need to get out of town right now.


Those people that helped us out
with your dad,

they're gonna come after us.

They made unacceptable demands.

How do you know that?

Because they told me.

I tried to talk them out of it.
I did something for them.

Look, I'm just trying
to take care of you, here.

Don't stop on my account.

No, for real.
I can't wait to hear the rest.

So, it wasn't Spivak.

It was you.

You switched the ballistics
and the prints.

What are you talking about?

Andrea got to the results
before anybody else saw them at SID.

So the only person that would have known
that those were my prints on the gun...

was the person who planted the report.

Is that true, Chad?

I understand what you did
with Rita's father,

so they threatened you with that.

But something tells me
that's not why you set me up.

- Brett, don't...
- Rita, please.

I think you did it 'cause you wanted to.

I think you set me up because Rita
is with me and not with you.

You never deserved her.

You still don't.

I don't know what you see
in this back stabbing son of a bitch.

He stole you away from me.


He didn't steel me.

You lost me.

Don't say that.

Did you hear what she said?

You lost her.

It's on you, Chad.

And always has been.

Oh, my God!

Stop it!

It's over.

Barry Coldburn.

Sorry, have we met?

Brett Hopper. I think you heard of me.

You were that cop.

The one who was accused
of killing Garza.

What can I do for you?

I know what you did.

You're not gonna get away with it.

Putting a hand on the judges,

killing Garza,

framing me...

Those are some pretty outlandish
charges, detective.

Do you have even a shred of evidence
to support them?

Not yet.

But it's no coincidence
your name keeps popping up.

The Santyana Club,
your connection to Booth...

Mrs. Garza...

You even defended my girlfriend
four years ago.


- How did I do?
- You made it go away,

just like you make
all your problems go away...

until this time.

Something went wrong.

Judge Nitzberg.

Hypothetical situation:

Let's say you're the top cop
in the department.

Under your regime, crime is down,
streets are safer,

and bad guys get put away.

How hard would you fight
to keep it that way?

If it were you, Hopper,

if this was your city,

would you let other men,

lesser men,

dictate how justice's
supposed to be carried out?

Would you let them take apart a system
that's been in place for decades?

A system that works?

That you built?

Would you let one man ruin all that?

You brought this whole thing down
because one judge said no to you?


You don't care about Nitzberg
or Garza or any of this.

Why don't you ask me the question
you came to ask?

What question is that?

You wanna know what happened
to you father.

I know what happened to my father.

He was murdered.

But who did it?

My professional opinion
as a defense attorney:

homicides are mostly committed
by those closest to the victim.

A spouse, a sibling...

A partner...

That person often feels soon guilt.

Gets close to the family,

helps them out in their time of need.

Do you know anyone
who fits that description, detective?

It's one hell of a city.

I think you'll find
that the system works...

just as it is.

The fact that your name was cleared
proves my point.

And now, if you'll forgive me,

my family is waiting for me.


This isn't over.

Today, it is.



Gotta say I judged you wrong,
last night.

I got some bad intel.

I heard you sold me out.

Something didn't feel right.

So I had a little chat with Baxter.

Turns out, you and me,
we both got played.

I could have told you that.

I know that, now.

I could have ended you, Hop.

But I didn't.

I wanna believe in the family, now.

So I want a clean slate.

Make piece.

I brought you something.

Get out.

I don't know what's going on.

See, this chota,
he tried to sell me out to Booth,

then turn us against each other.

So I say he's lost his right to breathe.

- What do you think?
- Don't listen to him, Brett!

- You know me!
- I know you killed him, Nick.

- What? Are you crazy?
- Why did you do it?

Please, Brett, it's not what you think.

Why did you do it?

It was the Contreras case.

He was gonna bring it all down!

You put the gun in his mouth.

He had no idea
what those people are capable of!

They would have killed your mom!

- Your sister!
- You pulled the trigger.

- I did it for you.
- No you didn't!

You did it for you.

I had no choice!

There's always a choice.

Where are you going?

Brett! Don't leave!

Think of you fa...

I do.

Every day.

Hey, buddy!


Take this.

What made you wanna

finally stay at your place?

I thought we could use a change.

You need new pillows.

- Well...
- Seriously.

Really. Really?