Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 11 - What If He Walks Away? - full transcript

Hopper decides to give up and just enjoy his day instead of trying to solve it. This attempt uncovers some new problems.

My name is Detective Brett Hopper.

And this is the day
that changes everything.

You're under arrest for the murder
of assistant D.A. Alberto Garza.

I will be framed for murder.

Who the hell are you people?

My girlfriend Rita will be in danger.

I know all this
because I'm living the same day...

... over and over again.

The day is the same,
but different things happen.

Someone went a long way to set me up.

Konrad Deitweiler,

Tobias Booth...

But I finally discovered
who really killed Garza.

Miguel Dominguez...

A gang member
who's supposed to be in prison.

My informant, Damien,
helped me track him down.

You gotta tell me about Dominguez!

Whose address is this?

And I caught the killer.

- I cleared my name...
- You're a free man!

I thought this was over.
I thought I'd escaped the day...

You wanna watch the sun rise with me?

...but I didn't.

So now, I'm wondering what comes next...

and if anything I do even matters.

Day Break 1x11
What if he walks away?

Hey, Andrea. What's up? Rehab? Waow...

Yeah, I know.
And he's really lucky to have you.

Hey, Damien. It's me.

I know. I know about the safehouse.

I have a lead on some people
who I think did this.

And I won't be able to make
the 9 o'clock,

but tell your niece
I said happy birthday.

My name is Brett Hopper.
You sent me a package, you're in danger.

Stay away from Baxter,
skip the morning swim

and get out of town, Eva.

Then, it's gonna be okay.

Yes, I know about the briefcase.

No, listen.
Don't even stop for coffee, Margo.

Why? Because if you don't,
you're gonna get hit by a bus!

Who are you talking to?


Just people.

What is it?

Never does it get sick of it?

Sick of what?

I don't know. Just...
talk to the same people,

doing the same things...

Doing to the same places...

Sure I do.

Not everybody I work with
is a ray of sunshine.

That's the job.

People count on us.

What's the quote ?

85% of life is just showing off?

I don't know. Some days...

Some days, I really hate this job.

Man up, Preisser, nobody likes a whiner.

Did you hear how that cop
talked to me back there?

He was totally disrespectful.

If you joined the IA to make friends,
you're a bonehead with the enemy.

Cops are gonna take shots at us.

If you ground it up now,

that guy's still gonna be running

parking tickets
when you make lieutenant.

Hey, Hippo!

Take that last nutty bar.

I won't sue you.

Hey fellas, question:

when did you stopped caring?

Excuse me?

No, for real, you used to be cops,
you used to stand for something.

Used to help people.

What happened?


Why did you just give up?

We're tourists.

It's a serious question.

How does it feel

to be dead inside?

Do yourself a favor, alright?

Walk away.

Right now, just walk away.


That's sound a better idea.

Thanks guys.

Hey, baby.

I thought you left.

Let's blow off the work for a day.

- What?
- Yeah.

Call in, take a vacation day.

Oh, we shouldn't.

Come on.

- Should we?
- Just one single day.

We could be here tomorrow.

Look, in ten years...

what'll you remember?

A day doing the same old thing?

Or a day getting crazy with me.

How crazy?

You like?

Yeah, I like!


Maybe we should stay
somewhere less expensive.

My friend knows
this nice motel off the street.

Baby, if we're gonna do this,
we gotta do it right.

What is gotten into you today?

Just felt it was time for a break.

You know what I love about Vegas?

Free drinks and hot chicks?

It's unpredictable...

You gotta deal the cards, roll the dice.

Anything can happen.

- Come on.
- You got a history, here,

you don't want me to listen.
It's not that unpredictable.

Pretty much everyone leaves
the standard loser.

Not us, baby.

Not today.

Five hundred dollar?

And that's for a regular suite?

Last minute avaibility is limited.

How much for your best suite?

The presidential suite starts
at five thousand dollars a night.

We don't have that kind of money.

We're gonna be right back, Amy.

I thought at the bank you said

you're only seeking out
a few hundred for this trip.

- How much is that?
- Just got to make one bet. That's it.

Since when did you become
the big gambler?

I want you to get us some drinks,
and I'll meet you at the bar.

OK, but don't go crazy,
that's all the cash we have.

I got you.


OK, can I make a bet on the Dodger game?

Sir, this is Las Vegas.

What kind of odds can you get me
on a bet that's like, let's say...

Dodge over the Giants, 11-10.

Seven run, Dodger rally
about the bottom of the... 9th.

I take it you like long shots.

How much did you put down?

- All of it.
- What?

You gambled 6 runs
in the bottom of the 9th.

It's OK.

They'll come back.

Oh, it looks like he got it!

What did happen?

Pretty one homerun to left
after a naughty fast ball.

Keep watching, it's good.

Oh my god, you win !

Look at this place!

Look at the view!

So this is how the other 1% lives.

- You hungry?
- No...

You spoiled me enough.

It's been the most amazing day.

I still don't know how you did it.

I don't know. I guess...

luck finally came my way.


fake New York...

Fake Italy...

Do you think next time
when we come here

we can stay at fake Paris?

Why do we gotta setup for fake anything?

If you could go anywhere...

in the all world.

Where would it be? New York...

- Paris...
- Mexico.

I used to go down there
when I was a kid.

Those pelicanos...

it was magical.

DAY 2(del vo)

- No way!
- What?

Of all the places in Mexico,
I used to come here when I as a kid.

For real?

Right before my parents split,
we used to come down every spring,

me and my brother used to swim
and play here all week.

What are the chances of that happening?

What's up hot mama?

We should, like, just move here.

It sounds good to me.

I think you're kidding, city boy.

You can never leave LA.
You'd miss all the excitement of home.

Actually I could get used to this.

As long as you're with me.

- Buenos dias, se?or, se?orita.
- Hey, what's happening?

- What's this thing called again?
- Abahablast.

What's in it?

Well, a concoction of rhum,
tequila, brandy,

triple-sec, orange, and pineapple,

cranberry and a special
secret ingredient.

You want some?

No, thanks.
I like my liquor like I like my pizza.

Less than three ingredients.

- You've got some, and leave a little.
- Yeah.

This is amazing.

I could do this every day.

Maybe we should...

DAY 3 (del vo)

Buenos dias se?or, se?orita.

Thank you!

- What is thing called again?
- Abahablast.

What's in it?

Well, a concoction of rhum,
tequila, brandy, triple-sec, and...

What's the secret ingredient?

It wouldn't be a secret if I told you.

This is so amazing.

I could do this every day.

DAY 4 (del vo)

What is this thing called again?


It's got rhum, tequila, brandy,

Triple-sec, orange, cranberry,

and the secret ingredient is
pomegranate juice.

How could you possibly know all that?

I don't know.
I just knew it.

This is amazing.

I could do this every day.

Buenos dias se?or, se?orita.

Buenos dias se?or...

This is amazing.

I could do this everyday.

... do this everyday.

... everyday.

This is amazing.
I could do this every day.

You know, for someone
who suggested this trip,

you don't seem very happy to be here.

I am.
It's great.

- I love it here.
- No, you don't.

I can tell.

What's going on Brett?

I don't know,
I'm just not feeling this place anymore.

We just got here this morning.

What if I told you that...

A surfer dude is gonna eat sand
in about like 5 seconds.

- How could you even...
- Just watch.


Yeah. His name is Spence, he works
for an overnight shipping company.

He got caught smoking weed on the job,
so they fired him yesterday.

Are you making this up?

The waitress, that's about
to bring us here Abahablast.

Ask her... if she left her curling
iron on this morning.

Buenos dias se?or, se?orita.

Ask her.

You left your curling iron on
this morning.

Oh, my God!

Don't worry,
her house isn't gonna burn down,

she just left a mark on the sink.

How could you even know that?

This one, I have been working
on with practises.

"Sorry, that one sank like a dive-bomber
at operation metal horn."

Sorry, that one sank like a dive-bomber
at operation metal horn.

- Thank guys.
- All right, take care, man.

- You're scaring me.
- That's ok.

I'm just living the same day
over and over and over again.

- What?
- Come get a drink with me at the bar.

There're some things I need to tell you.

I mean, at first, I thought that I...

There was something wrong with me.

I got an MRI, I spoke with a doctor.

He didn't find anything.

You're saying that we've
done this 12 times.

Same beach, same hotel.

A place you came, as a kid.

But here's the thing: I know how happy
this place makes you.

But I just...

I just... I can't take it anymore.

So you pick up another spot,
and we go there tomorrow.

Anywhere. No problem.

So while we're living large in Mexico,
you're accused of murder in L.A.

- Yeah.
- And you know who's framing you.

And these people back home,
they're getting hurt, every day.

Yeah, but like I said,

the day...

It resets itself every day.

Look. I used to think
that if kept doing these things,

if I could solve the case,

if I could find the real killer,

if I could keep
everybody from getting hurt.

I used to think
that I could fix the day.

But I...

I did all that stuff.
Over and over again. And I...

The day kept repeating,
so it doesn't matter.

I decided,

if I can't do anything to change it...

that I'm just gonna...

I'm just gonna take care of you.
I'm just gonna make you happy.

But you lied to me.

This trip, this day.
It's just been a... one big lie.

- Wait, it's not "one big lie".
- What did you expect would happen

when you told me this?
Why are you telling me this now?

Because I'm tired of pretending
I'm having fun.

Just pretending.


That's not what I meant.

I've known it for a while.
I just don't have the word.

What did you say?

Everything about this is wrong!

What about those people
in LA who need you?


It doesn't matter.
They don't matter, it keeps...

It matters to me!

Well, it's not gonna matter
tomorrow morning.

Because, you're gonna...
forget we even had this conversation.

You wanna bet?

Hey baby, I got an idea!

Why don't we...

take the day off?

You're suprised? Sounds like stuff
I wouldn't normally do.

Why don't we...

go to the desert,

San Francisco?

What you think?

Same floor, let's go!


Move, move.

Sir, if you're here,
please identify yourself.

Move, move!


Clear after search, detective.

Guess at least you're free to check
the rest of the building, doesn't it?

You know what I think?

Police must come out here all the time.

Nobody comes out of
the houses to watch.

Cops is second nature in our days.
Too much reality on TV.

Go. Drive.

Wow, partner.

I think you jumped into the wrong car.

Shut up, I know who you both are.
Fencik, Buchalter.

You've been following me for weeks,

I wish I knew what you're talking about.

Look, we could drive or we could all go
talk to the cops, right now.

- Maybe that's a good idea.
- We can both tell 'em

you're ex-sheriff deputies.

That you two are involved
in the Garza murder.

They'd love to
find out who killed the guy

in the tub above my appartment.

Do yourself a favor: get out of the car,

- and walk away.
- Or we can call Detweiler.

Or maybe Booth?

Tell 'em what a big mess you've
been making of this whole thing.

What do you say?

How about you?

- Let's go.
- Attaboy!

I said put Shelten on the line.

He's not here right now.

And when he's done torturing some
beat cop, have him give me a call.

Well, perhaps it'd be best
if you left a message.

Tell him thanks for nothing.

sending us on a wild goose chase.

Alright, now you're gonna tell me...

You're gonna tell me where Rita is.

- Who?
- My girlfriend Rita,

the girl you've been following.



You got a good taste.

A girl nice to wake up next to.

Shut up!

It's gonna be OK.
We get down on the station,

all this guy is gonna do is asking
a couple of questions about Hopper.

Billy, calm down. What's wrong?

Look, I can't, not today.

- Who is it?
- It's Billy.

What kind of trouble is he in now?

Billy, just slow down,
you're not making any sense.


What happened?

Someone found the body.

It must be tough keeping tabs
on a girl like that.

Don't open your mouth again.

- I'm just saying...
- What are you just saying?

Your girlfriend has a secret,
that's all.

You don't know
what the hell you're talking about.

Like you said, we've been following her.

Taping her.

Maybe we know things that you don't.

Give me that video camera.

Give me the bag too.

Don't try to think cute.

How long have you been following me?


What are you doing?

Stop the car!


You should've walked
when you had the chance.

Maybe we should call this in.

I'm making an executive decision.

Why did you get in the car?


How are you feeling, kid?

What did you dragged my father into?

Your dad and I...

... were told to make the case go away.

Uncle Nick?

What the hell are you doing here?

I've still got eyes and ears
at the station.

I know all about your little situation.

Who's this shooter?

He's not a shooter, he's a friend.

I can count the number of guys
on the force I trust on one hand.

Hippo's three of 'em.

He heard they were setting you up
on this Garza thing so...

I told him to stay close.

Your old man was on the right track
with the girl.

He's with you.

You're not just keeping an eye on me.

You want me
to look in the Contreras murder.

The Jane Doe from 15 years ago.

- Where did you hear about th...
- I know...

already, Nick.

I know that Booth made the call
to kill Isabella Contreras.

I know Dominguez pulled the trigger
and I know that you and my father...

I know that you and my father
took money to make this case go away.

When did you find all this out?


Don't judge him, Brett.

Everything your old man did was
to protect you,

your mum, your sister.

It was never about the money.

Well, then what was it about?

What your stake in all this?

We might wanna sit down.

I don't want to sit down.

I want to get this interview over.
Where the hell is Chad?

- I don't know, he's not here.
- So, where is he?

None of your business.

I'll be conducting the interview.

Consider me Shelten.

Now for the day.

Not till you gain a hundred pounds
and grow a pair.

I know about Danny Yan.

Strip club. Bank withdrawals.

Call me when Shelten's back.

I will be out the rest of the day.

For the night or by the hour?

- Excuse me?
- We're looking for a guy.

Name of Billie Foster.

Sorry, can't help ya.

What room?

The only way I've managed to stay alive
in this thing is to stay out of it.

But you didn't stay out of it,
you saved my ass today.

I helped you out
because I owed your old man.

There's more to it than that.

What's your bee with Tobias Booth?

Me and him...

We don't exactly see eye to eye.

You wanna take him down.

You really think
I'd do some that stupid?

No, that's just my job, isn't it, Nick?

You want me to get to Booth?

I didn't pick you, son.

- They did.
- Why?

Booth's vindictive.


If he set you up for this,
he thinks you can bring him down.

So the question is :

What can you prove?

I can prove that Dominguez
isn't in prison,

that he hit Garza last night.

What do you got?

Dominguez's print on the gun
that killed Garza.

They tried to plant it in my place

but there's evidence of a stakeout
in the apartment above mine.

Holes drilled in the floor.

Surveillance wires.

A dead body in the tub.

Can you tie any of it back to Booth?

There were chain of corruption
that would make your head spin.

Crooked cops, federal prosecutors,
prison officials.

I've waited in 15 years
for this to blow up in Booth's face.

Well, you should've come clean
a long time ago.

None of this would be happening.

I took the money, Brett.

This son of a bitch had me.

And I wasn't going
to piss away my life the way...

What? Say it!

Like my father?


Here's what we do.

We get on my boat,

go fishing in Baha
for a couple of months.

- While the heat died down.
- Can't do it, I can't leave, not today.

I gotta find my girl before they do.

This girlfriend.

You trust her?

Rita? Yeah!

Of course.

You watch yourself, Brett.

I had Hippo get your truck for you.

Any word?

I checked the station. Put a bulletin
on her place like you asked.

The lady at the hospital said
Rita took a vacation day.

Vacation day?

What d'you mean she's not here?
She started at 8.

She called in,
said she was taking a day off.

Anything can happen to anyone.

- Is it possible?
- No, something's wrong.

What about Chad, did you speak to him?

That's the funny thing,
he's MIA since this morning.

Hasn't checked in
with his minions all day.

This is odd jumble, something's...

- Something's different here.
- What do you mean?

That's enough... Did you...

- Did you sell me out?
- Put your hands where we can see 'em!

Did you sell me out?

- Backward !
- OK, OK!

- Turn around, turn around!
- By the right.

Did you follow me here?

Brett Hopper, you're under arrest
for the murder of Alberto Garza.

I didn't do it, and I can prove it.

You're also under arrest
for the murder of Chad and Rita Shelten.


What did you say?

Come on, you heard me.

Sit down.

Sit down or I'm gonna sit you down.


Try and sit me down!

Come on, look.

We're all cops here.

Now we wanna hear
your side of the story.

There is no story,
because I didn't do anything.

I'm sure you've got an alibi
to back that up, right?

Yeah, he's halfway to Baha, by now.

How convenient.

Wanna know what I think happened?

Thrill me.

I think you killed Garza
then you ran home

to your girlfriend
for a little wine down

when she booted your ass out.

And she called her old boy toy Shelten,

so you followed her to the motel.


What's the name of the motel?

You busted in
on your gal pal and Shelten

just as they were playing
seven minutes in heaven.

Coming off the rage with Garza,

- You gave 'em both what they deserved.
- What was the name of the motel?

You should know it.

You left you .9mm at the crime scene.

I told you.

I didn't execute anybody.

That's probably
a guy named Miguel Dominguez.

You know Dominguez?

No, but it's funny
you should say "execute".

OK, Garza, you did him cold.

But these two?

Not so neat.

You shot Shelten, five times.

You shot your girldfriend another three.

I don't want to see that.

That's what I call a crime with passion.

I don't want to see those.

- Real shame.
- Stop it.

She's quite a looker.

I need backup!

Attacking an RHD detective.

Not exactly the best way
to prove your innocence.

I already proved 'em my innocence.

When did you do that?

It doesn't matter.

None of it matters.

How can you say that?

I didn't think this day
could get any worse.

But it did.

And I tried to changed it...

but Rita still died.

And now I'm scared...

... that tomorrow is gonna come.

And she still gonna be dead.

You cannot do that.

Nobody can.

See, you just have to do what's right.

Punish the people who did this.

You don't understand.

I understand just fine.

You're giving up.

Stop saying that.

I am trapped...


... this thing.

Hopper, what the hell happened to you?

You have no idea.

Then give me an idea!

You don't have all the answers!

Or you wouldn't be there,

- feeling sorry for yourself!
- Andrea, please.

So pull yourself together
and give me something.

OK? Anything.

Look at me.

You're not alone here.

But I need you to help me.

If you think of anything
that can get you out of here.

I know where there
is an other dead body.

In a bathtub.

Let me see what I can do.

It's right in here.

But you said there was a body here.

It was.

There was.


All right, come in, come on.
Come, hurry.

What's going on, Hop'?

They cleaned it all up.

Cleaned what up?

It was Pelican Bay.

It seems Miguel Dominguez
is resting comfortably

in his cell where he's been
for the last 15 years.

Let me speek to him.

The man who knew the warden.
A guy named Mangle.

Detweiler did not send you.

I spent 12 years under that man
since the...

You can't speak to him, he's in on it.

So now, the warden's part
of the conspiracy too?

Uncle Nick?

You did this!

You told them
everything I had on Dominguez.

You cleaned up that mess!

I didn't clean up anybody's mess!

Now calm down and hear me out.

They killed Rita!

I didn't have anything to do with that.

Do you forget who saved your ass today?

Hey, what's going on in there?

It's OK.

We're all right in here.

So what is this uncle Nick?

You're here to save me or sell me out?

You don't understand, kid.

I don't call the shots.

I'm just middle management.

A conduit for information.

Yeah, you mean you're Booth's bitch.

Booth is a monster and if I could,

- I'd put a bullet in his head.
- Don't give me that.

Every single thing I told you
about Dominguez

you ran and told Booth, didn't you?

Didn't you?

I'm sorry.


When he-- I didn't have the choice.

When it came down to you or them,

well, I picked me.

See, Booth may have his grand agenda

but I got one on my own too.

- Survival.
- You were my father's partner.

Spent Chritmas with us.

Bought Jen her first bike.

You sat at our table.

How could you do this?

Do you have any idea
how powerful these people are?

If they wanted to,

they could drag you
right out of this cell

- and make you disappear.
- But they won't.

They need a fall guy.

That's why I'm here.

To make you an offer.

You do your time,

peacefully, mouth shut.

And I can garantee your safety.

Nobody in here would touch you.

You'd be out in seven years.

I'm begging you, kid.

- Give it up.
- I gave up already.

But the day just got worse.

And I'm paying for it.

You think this is bad?

Think of the alternative,

the people you love.

Booth can get to them.

Look at you.

Coming up in here like you're family,
like you care,

You're no better than Detweiler
or Booth.

So take your little offer
and shove it up your ass.

It's easy to say now.

But eventually,

they'll own you.

Just like they do me.

And your dad.

Your girlfriend.

What did you say?

What are you talking about?

Everybody's got secrets, kid.

My assets,

Kinda irrelevant now, isn't it?

What are you talking about?

What do you know about Rita?

Some days, I really hate my job.

Man up, Preisser,
nobody likes a whiner.

Did you hear how the cop
talk to me back there?

It was totally disrespectful.

Chad, it's me.

Rita, everything OK?


No, no, it's not.

What's wrong?

- Talk to me.
- It's Brett.

- This morning he...
- Did he do something to you?

No, no, it's nothing like that.

I wish I knew how to explain it...

Don't forget Hopper's a cop.

He may be expecting us,
don't take any chances.

Did you say Hopper?

We're going to his appartment,
I just got the warrant.

- For what?
- Murder of a D.A, Alberto Garza.

Hold on a second.
Rita, is Hopper there? Is he with you?

Yeah, he's in the shower.

Listen to me, I want you
to get out of there, right now.

- What's going on?
- He's wanted for the murder

of a guy named Alberto Garza,
get out of there.

Change your plans.

Hopper's not at his place.

You called Chad?

Does he know I'm here?

He must have called SWAT.

Why him?

Why did you call Chad?

- I don't know.
- Think, there must be some reason.

I don't...

I woke up this morning.

- I just had this feeling.
- What kind of a feeling?

Something different.

Like something was wrong.

You're keeping something from me?

A secret?

A secret?

Like the one you're keeping from me,

Chad said you're accused of murder.

That all thing is a set-up.

You have to believe me when
I say I did not kill Garza.

How did you know it was Garza?

- You were here with me all last night,
you know I couldn't have done this.

Everything about this is... wrong.

And maybe I've known for a while,

and I just... didn't have the word.

No, I wanna protect you,
I wanna keep you safe!

I don't feel safe, right now.

Rita, please.

I'm not the one
that's different this morning.

It's you.

You're not the same guy
I went to sleep with last night.

You should go.

No, I'm not leaving.

Then you can explain everything
to the cops when they get here.

Glad you could make it.

You and me both.

Those skinheads were to smoke my ass
back at the safehouse.

Thanks for the heads up.

Least I can do.

I still can't believe Hopper
and Baxter set me up.

They gonna answer for that.

We got bigger problems.

Garza got wacked last night.

So, what does that mean?

They're making their move.

And neither one of us is
gonna like where that's going.

This whole town's going up in flames.

So, I say we take 'em out now.

Torrez, Booth,
all the lot of them.

First, we talk.

We gotta be smart.

So what, you gonna have
a sit-down with Booth ?

Not with Booth.

I'm going above him.

Straight to the man at the top.