Day Break (2006–2007): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

A Los Angeles police officer falsely accused of murder flees from the law to find out who framed him.

You need new pillows.

My pillows rule,
and you know it.

You know, we could stay
at your place tonight.


We'll see how the day goes.

Sigalert on the northbound 405
at the 10

due to an overturned semi.

It spilled over a hundred
cases of diapers

all across the lanes of traffic.

- Somebody's tense.
- Sure.

Keep going.
I'll get over it.

You've been working too hard.

This coming from a girl
who works four double shifts

in five days??

Hey, life of nurse.

Life of a cop.


let's just take a drive
up the coast...

Blow off the world for a day.

I got a meeting with
internal affairs at 3?:00.

- This is about Andrea??
- Yeah.

How serious is it??

Serious enough.

I'd hate to lose another partner

somebody's got
a personal ax to grind.

You think Chad has something
to do with it??

Ah, no.


your business
is your business,

and me bringing up my ex-husband
in the shower just...

that wasn't right, so...
I'll never do it again.

I didn't mean to break your...
your palm tree thing.

My mom gave it to me.

I'm sorry.

Where can I- where can I get you
a new one??

This cute little place
in Palm Springs.

I think it's called
a gas station.


I know things
haven't been exactly-

No, everything's...

all good, all right??
I'll call you at the hospital??

- All right.
- Be safe.

Give Rambis a hug for me.


I've got a dozen e-mails
to return,

a conference call that starts,
like, now.

And the note says...


You want me
in Burbank by 8?:00??

That's in 20 minutes.
I'm in Venice.

Oh, gosh.


Oh, it's okay, ma'am.
I'm a cop.

Thank you, officer.

Excuse me, ma'am.

- yeah, there's a traffic jam on the 405.
- Miss.

- I don't know some diapers or some...
- Excuse me, miss.

You dropped this.

- Somebody call 9-1-1.
- Oh, my God?!

Are you okay??

My car?!

My car?!

Mr. Harper,

your dog bark
very hard last night.

Oh, sorry about that,
Mr. Zeitoun.

You have a leak
from upstairs.

My wife say plumbers come.

- Now we have leak.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- You have leak. We have leak.



Psycho dog,

did you make this mess??

All right, all right,
I get it. Give me this.

You have nine messages.

Message one.

Message two.


Sis, I got six hang ups from you
last night. What's goin'on??

Nothing. We just...
we just had a little,

problem with the phone.
But it's okay now.

You sure??
You sound kinda rattled??

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

it's... we're just late for school.

So we'll talk later, okay??

Message seven.

Damn it, where you at??
It's me, Damien.

Turn on your cell phone.

They hit the safe house, Hop.

You need to come get my ass.

Hands up?!

Easy?! Easy?!
I'm a cop.

I'm a cop?!

Okay, all right.
Okay, I'm relaxed.

- I'm relaxed. I'm relaxed.
- Detective brett hopper??

Yeah. Get these guys
off of me.

Can't. You're under arrest for
the murder of assistant D.A. Alberto garza.

- What??
- "You have the right to remain silent.

"If you give up the right
to remain silent, anything you say can

- Have a seat.
- Before y'all apologize

for breaking down my door,

I want to see the warrant.

'Cause you had to have more
than some lame-ass anonymous tip

to get a judge to sign off
on that kind of a blitz.

Well, they told us
you'd puff up.

I'm Detective Choi.

- Detective Spivak.
- I've had the pleasure.

Look, you know what we do in here,
all the tactics, the back and forth,

so I'm coming straight at you.

What did you have against Garza??

You gotta be kidding, right??

We've got the murder weapon
with your prints on it.

All right, well, a gun's
easy enough to plant.

Prints are doable, too,
a little tougher. Where'd you get it??

Where do you think we got it??

I don't know, but chances are,
whoever gave you the gun

is in on it.
Now tell me where you got it.

Your place.

Your closet.

The closet??

Pretty stupid move, man.

Why would you hang on
to something like that??

Somebody broke into my place
and put that gun there.

Now the neighbor said something
about a plumber,

- and my dog was going crazy, so-
- Why'd you do it, Hopper??

Was it personal, or did Garza
have something on you??

All right, you guys aren't...

According to the newspapers,
Garza was hit

sometime last night, right??

Well, I was with somebody
last night. Rita Shelton.

She's a nurse at Westside.

So I got an alibi.

I've never even met Garza, so...

- you got no motive.
- How about murder-for-hire??

I want my lawyer and a phone.

After you're booked,
like everyone else.

Look into the camera, please.

Thank you very much.
You can step away.


Hang on.
That's my partner.

- Hopper, what's goin'on??
- I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine.

I've got to get to my brother?!

They put me on leave.

So before you go telling certain
people things

- you think-
- Andrea, hello?? Fingerprints, mug shot.

I'm a little busy right now.

Let's go, detective.

You are a lucky man, Hopper. I got you
one of the best criminal defense attorneys

in the state. Barry Colburn. He'll meet you
at the courts'building for arraignment.

Come on, Baxter.
You gotta do better than that.

Now flex some federal muscle
and get me outta here.

I'm doing the best I can. Been on the phone
all morning. Nobody's giving an inch

not the D.A.'S office, not L.A.P.D.

I'm a cop with a clean record
and an alibi.

- How is this happening??
- Hey, I know you're pissed.

But this hurts me, too.
Damien is on the run,

and you're the only one he trusts.
This case hinges on his testimony.

Well, I'm sorry for being
so insensitive.

Seriously, Hopper. How am I supposed
to find my star witness without you??

Did you see Damien last night??

Did you talk to him??
Give me something.

All right, he left a message on my machine.
He wants me to come get him.

Where is he??
What happened at the safe house??

Focus, Baxter.
I'm the one in jail.

Now I can't help you or Damien
unless you get me outta here.

- Let's go.
- Why did you kill Garza??

Why did you kill Garza,
detective Hopper??

Detective Hopper, this way?!
Was it murder-for-hire??

Baxter tried to put in
a good word for you

with the L.A. County D.A.,

- But Garza was one of theirs.
- All right, Colburn-

- Barry.
- Where's Rita??

We can't find her.

What do you mean, you can't find her.
did you check the hospital??

She's not at the hospital,
she's not in her apartment,

she's not answering her cell.
The cops are looking for her,

- and I've got my people out in the street.
- Colburn,

your first and last priority
as of right now

Rita Shelton.
Do you understand me??


Oh, by the way,

pulled in a couple of favors and got you
some time with your sister.

Jen, where is she??

I'll see you in there, Hopper.

Oh, my god.

- Are you okay??
- Yeah, I'm gonna be fine. I'm fine.

- They said they found a gun.
- No. Well, they did.

- Someone else put it there.
- Who would put-

I don't know. It doesn't matter
because I have an alibi.

Rita Shelton.

Wait, you and Rita,
as in Chad's wife??

Well, ex-wife, but...

and you didn't tell me.

Well, Jen, we haven't been
talking as much as we-

never mind about that. I wanna know about
those six hang ups from last night.

And don't give me that mess
about the phones.

- I told you it was nothing.
- Is everything ok between you and Randall??

- Of course.
- Jen, I...

- I'm gonna kill him.
- Who you killin'now??



You're lookin'well.

Come on, partner.

Time to face the music.

Boy, you know, cops will pull
a lot of crazy stunts

to weasel out of a meeting
with internal affairs.

But committing a murder,
that definitely wins a prize,

huh, Hopper??

You have an ugly smile.
People say that about you,

especially women.

We'll meet you up on four, guys.

I need a little quality time
with my old partner here.

I said we'll you up on four.

Come on.

You get the score
of the dodger game??

I know Andrea is a dirty cop.
You're gonna help me prove it.

Yeah, I got a few other things
on my mind right now

besides what my partner
may or may not be into.

Yeah, this whole "murdering
the assistant D.A." thing.

- it's a real shame, isn't it??
- You know this thing screams setup from

- from, like a mile away.
- Setup?? No, they got you cold, man.

Weapon, prints...

but you got an alibi, right??

Been spending a lot of time
with her lately.

When you gonna make an honest woman
of her, get married already??

Tell the truth. It bugs you
she kept my last name, doesn't it??

You need a breath mint.

Here's what I don't understand.

You don't want to break some unspoken

by turning in your partner,
yet you got no problem sleeping with

- another man's wife??
- You were divorced,

and we weren't partners anymore.

You expect me to believe
those years we rolled together,

- you never-
- It never happened, Chad.


How is she these days,
my little Rita??

It's been a while, but there's
certain things you just never forget.

You know, like in the shower.

you better watch it, convict.

You play this right,
I can help you.

But you screw with me...


Why do I get the feeling you
know more than you're telling??

Because I do.

And due to the severity
of the crime

and the physical evidence
against the suspect,

the county requests no bail.

- We ask-
- Your honor, the District Attorney's office

has been made aware of
an exculpatory witness

- who can attest my client's whereabouts-
- a witness that we can't locate at this time

your honor. We consider the suspect
to be a danger

- and a flight risk, and we ask-
- flight risk??

He's a decorated 12-year veteran
of the department.

Veteran or not, the people are pursuing
a charge of first-degree murder.

Very well.
People's request is granted.

Suspect will be held without bail
and remanded to county jail.

Preliminary hearing is set
for a week from today,

whether or not this witness
has been produced.


Find Rita.

...these series in the books.
A single here, a double there,

and the Dodgers
pull off an amazing

7- run rally in the 9th

to beat the Giants 11-10.

Folks, it just doesn't get
any better than this.

What is this??

Where am I??

Chad, is that you??

Is this how internal affairs
is running things now??

Now that's enough
questions, detective Hopper.

You're going to admit to killing

Alberto Garza.



the assistant D.A.
You're going to confess.

I'm not gonna do a damn thing.
Who the hell are you people??

you know, you really need
to get over

this tough guy persona.
It's not going to help you here.

Show him.

You know firsthand how
dangerous this city can be.

Anything can happen
to anyone.

- Rita.
- Random acts of assault and battery,



I'm gonna kill you?!

I'm gonna kill you?!

- I will kill you?!
- Calm down.

There's more.


Don't worry. Your sister
and the kids are okay.

I swear to God,

I will find you.


whatever you do
is your choice, detective,

but just remember,

for every decision...

- I'm gonna kill you.
- There's a consequence.


Just a mild sedative.

We'd like you to...


Sleep on it.








What was that for??

I had the worst nightmare.

It was so real.

Are you okay??

Yeah. Yeah. I just...
I feel a little sore.

Brett, what's wrong??

You ever have a d?j? vu??

Yeah. Gives me the creeps
when that happens.

...on the freeways today.

Starting out, out here
on the westside,

we've got a sigalert
on the northbound 405 at the 10

due to an overturned semi.

- It spilled over a hundred cases of...
- diapers.

All across
the lanes of traffic...


Baby, you don't...
you don't look so good.

I need a shower.

Slow down.

- What happened??
- Oh, my side.

Did I shave last night??

No. Why??

What happened??
I gotta go walk Rambis.

You gotta be kidding me.

You have nine messages.

- Message seven.
- Damn it, where you at??

- It's me, Damien.
- Turn on your cell phone?!

Yes, Rita Shelton.

When she gets in,
tell her not to go any-

Jen, stay at home with the kids
today. Don't go to school.

- Call me at the second where you got it.
- Your place?!

I need a patrol car
right outside her apartment.

In your closet.

- It's pretty stupid move, man.
- ... the murder weapon with your prints on it.

Why would you hang on
to something like that??

My name??

Detective Spivak.

he just dropped it
in the water.

Rita Shelton.
Where is she??

- I'm sorry, sir, you need to wait.
- I'm detective Hopper. I called earlier.

- I need to see her now.
- She's not here now.

What do you mean she's not here??
Her shift started at 8?:00.

She called in and said
she was taking a vacation day.

A vacation day?? She never said
anything to me about-

Out of the way.

Massive trauma to her head,
internal bleeding, multiple fractures.

- What happened??
- Bus crash.

Driver had a stroke,
went out of control.


you dropped this.

- Crash cart ready.
- Move her into bay three.

I didn't go for coffee.

This is not a request.
You will sit in my office

until you learn to...

B rett??

What are you doing here??


I'm gonna kill him.

You're dismissed.

Don't you ever touch
my sister again.

From the assignment
last night,

who can tell me what country

Jules Verne was referring to??

Brett, what are you doing here??

- Security to first floor west.
- I can't find Rita.

She's missing, so they're probably
watching you.

Rita who??

Never mind.

You're in danger.
I need you to get the kids,

get in a car and just drive.
Don't tell me where you're going.

- Don't tell Randall. But it's gotta be now.
- What is wrong with you??

- You're acting really crazy.
- There isn't any time?!

- What is this about, brett??
- Just do what I say

and go far away from here.

What did you do??

- Just go. Go.
- Go get the kids.

What if I pull the wrong block??

Then we start the game over,
all right??



Thanks for coming.

Didn't think you'd call,
considering the circumstances.

Well, believe me, I didn't have
anyone else to turn.

Good to know
you think so highly of me.

I didn't mean it like that.

Listen, I need you to do me a favor
in case I get caught again.

What do you mean??

Never mind.
I need your help.

I can't find Rita, and I think
that she may be in danger.

Now look, I know that you got
your own troubles to deal with right now,

- butI didn't say anything to I.A. about what-
- let's just stick to your problem, okay??

Tell me what happened with Garza.


Why would you ask me...

I'm sorry.

Move?! Get out of my way?!
Get out of my way?!


Move?! Move?!

I got him.

We got him.
Suspect's on the Westbound train.

Cover all exits.

Doors closing.

Doors closing.

Doors closing.

Great minds, huh??

Might as well tattoo the word "guilty"
right across your forehead.

I know I'm clean.

Y'all ain't got nothing.

How about the murder weapon??

I don't know what you talking about.


So you're saying the dive teams won't find
anything off the Santa Monica pier?? the water.

oh, I think we hit a nerve.

Who's feeding you this crap??

- Who's your source??
- You're not asking the questions, Hopper.

We are.
Now why did you kill Garza??

You wanted the phone.

- Message seven.
- Damn it, where you at??

It's me, Damien.
Turn on your cell phone?!

They hit the safe house, Hop.

You need to come get my ass?!

Look, I'll be layin'low where
you first got it all started,

you know what I'm saying??

Meet me there at 9?:00
tomorrow night.

Ah, that's tonight.

- Message eight.
- All right, time's up.

Hopper, you should have
received a package today.

- Let's go.
- It's important. Don't let anyone-

Bad engouh you're in here
for murder.

You had to kick the crap out
of your brother-in-law, too??

It felt necessary and good.

Well, that's great.

Anyway, I spoke
to your sister. And...

she's trying to get him
to drop the charges,

- but he's pretty pissed off.
- Wait, she's still with him??

Yeah, at the hospital.

They're still picking the glass
out of his back.

Okay, listen, Colburn...

I need you to do me a favor
and get my sister and her kids

someplace safe.

- Why??
- Please don't ask me questions. Just do it.

- What about you??
- Don't worry about me.

- I'll get out of here soon enough.
- Yeah, that's what they all say.

Stinkin'dodgers, down six runs
going into the ninth.

I had to turn it off.
Meet you up on four, guys.

I need a little quality time
with my old partner here.

Don't worry, fellas.

I'll be gentle.

You want to know a secret, Chad??

The dodgers rally in the ninth.

They win.

Where is Rita??

You are itching
for a toe tag, aren't ya??

Who is behind this, huh??!

- Who's watching?? Where's Rita??
- You are certifiable.

I'll make sure you end up
on death row.

You believe
in second chances, Andrea??

You cut a deal with I.A.
to bring me in, yes or no??

I'm not proud of it, okay.

But I.A. Is convinced
I'm taking a payoff from-

- Are you??
- No?!

You shouldn't keep that thing under
your mattress. I found it in 30 seconds.

What are you doing
in my home, Hopper??

I need to know
if I can trust you...

if we're still partners.


You've been giving your partner
the cold shoulder the last six months.

Now you're wanted for murder,
and you're telling me Rita's missing.

- What the hell is going on with you??
- I don't know. I'm...

I'm just trying
to get control of this day.

This day is over.

You gotta worry about tomorrow.

This... mess you're in...

have anything to do with the fact you've been
looking into the latin disciples??

- Where did you hear that??
- Don't worry. I haven't told anyone.

I'm working this case
for the U.S. Attorney's office.

It's strictly confidential.

We flipped this kid, Damien Ortiz,
against the disciples.

- Trial's tomorrow. Now he's on the run.
- If they're after this kid,

- they're gonna get to him.
- Hopefully not before I do.

Think the disciples
have something to do

- with Rita going missing??
- That's what I'm gonna find out.

I need you
to search her place for me,

check for signs of a struggle,

- run a trace on-
- cell pho, yeah.

Done this before.

Does that mean
you're gonna help me??

You're gonna need this.


Where you headed??

I'm going clubbing.

I'm Damien's 9?:00.

Come on through.

Arms out to your side.

Turn around.

What do you got here??



Oh, no.
Listen, wait, wait, wait.

You don't wanna do this, okay??

Get Damien, and we can
discuss this like men.

Stop, stop?!

you think that first step's a bitch??
Wait till the next one.

Turned me against my own only
so you could sell my ass out??

I didn't sell you out.

- Tell me what happened.
- You know what happened.

Your safe house
was a death trap.

Why would I be here helping you
while I'm on the run for murder??

- Murder??
- Yeah.

- Hey, yo, who you playin'?
- Hey, hey, don't you watch the news??

I'm wanted for killing
an assistant D.A.

You gotta tell me exactly
what happened, D., All right??

'Cause only a handful of people
knew where we were hiding you.

Yeah, well,
somebody said something, eh??

'Cause them feds that's supposed to be
looking out for me, protecting my ass,

are long gone.

I wake up, don't hear nobody in the house.
Check the window??

All the cars are gone.

See some skinheaded fools
coming my way...

- strapped.
- Wait, skinheads??

- Not disciples??
- Nah,

some good ol'hog-ridin'boys.

Look, I ain't no fool, Hop.

I figure the L. D.'s farmed it out,
make it look like some other crew.

All right, did any of these disciples
say anything about Garza

- or me??
- You??

Nah, this is bigger
than you or some D.A., Man.

- I need names, Damien.
- You're crazy.

Our deal's off, Hop.
You on your own.

Just give me one name, D.

Forget about feds,
forget about Baxter, all right??

I will personally find you
protection myself.

- Nah, man. I don't think so.
- You're making a mistake.

Just give me a-

you people know you just blew away
a federal witness??

Or is that part of the plan??

Forget the kid. We have business
to discuss, detective Hopper.

Yeah, yeah, I know.
I know what you're capable of.

I know you can get at Rita

and my sister and her kids.

But if you want me
to take the fall for Garza,

you better not touch them.
You understand me??

How did you know
this was about Garza??

You're the one behind
the curtain. You tell me.

I need to know how you came
to this information.

What are you talking about??
You told me last time I was here.

You think this is a game??

Oh, no.

Okay, listen, listen,

I'll do whatever you tell me.
Just don't hurt them?!

A little late for that.



- For every decision...
- No.

There's a consequence.


Tell me why this is happening?!


Just a mild sedative.

We'd like you to...

Sleep on it.

But remember,