Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Streng - full transcript

(foreboding mystical theme)

- All is prepared?
- Yes my lord.

- You can rely on your man in the Citadel?

- I'm certain.

- Our new grandmaster.

What's his name?

- Payen de Montidier.

Called back from Mount Rema

especially to rule the Citadel.

We know very little about him.

- It's of no matter.

Don't stand about.

Get going.

At last a force that
even Ivanhoe cannot stop.

(foreboding music)

(chains clinking)

(chorus singing)

(exciting adventure music)

(metal clanging)

(heavy knocking)

- Who's there?

- [Man] we're from the
mainland, traveling to island.

But a storm is coming.

- Commander De Greel.

- Falco.

I serve Prince John.

- De Greel.

Commander of this garrison
of Templar knights.


You seek shelter with
us, yet I see no storm.

- Because there is none.

- What is the meaning of this?

- Where is Streng?

- Who?
- You know who I mean!

- Don't tell them.

- Bring him.


(keys clanging)


You served us well.

- I serve no one.


- I hate spies.

Lead the way, scum.

(foreboding music)


The most terrifying killer
the world has ever seen.

Free him.

Let him go.

(metal creaking)

- Why have you freed me?
- So you can kill Ivanhoe.

- At last.

Allow me.

(metal swishing)

(swords clanging)


- We don't have much time.

- There is something here I want.

(door crashing)

(soft organ music)

(ice breaking)

- What is it?

- Ice alloy.


A tiny scratch is enough
to freeze your blood.

With this,

I will kill Ivanhoe.

(men grunting)

(crowd laughing)

(suspenseful music)


(men groaning)

- Hey!


- Well done, Ivanhoe.

- You have the makings of a
champion wrestler, you know.

- So long as I know enough
not to make a fool of myself.

- Enough?

You could be the best in England.

- You taught me well, my friend.


- Good riddance.

You played your part well.

You can go.

- The plan works, as I expected.

Streng is sprung,

and not a flicker of
suspicion from that fool Falco

or his master Prince John.

- The Streng is no longer our problem.

- No, no.

He's Ivanhoe's now.

And England's.

But we must play it softly, De Greel.

I have no wish to suffer the same fate

as my predecessor Philippe Temill.

The loss of Ka was a disaster,

and we may yet have to
deal with this Ivanhoe.

If he interferes with our plans.

- Where is Ivanhoe?

- Patience.

I think we're about to find out.

- Next time, lads.

- You wish your father Cedric,

and Edwin of Stringburn well.

- I will.

And thank you for all your good food,

and your good company.



and your good sport. (moaning)

it'll be good to see my father again.

- Yes his birthday should
be a joyous occasion.

- Mm.

All he really wants is
to spend one birthday

before he dies free from Norman rule.

It's a shame Rowena's
preposterous and cannot be there.

- Yes it is a same.

(suspenseful music)

- I am Streng.

Where is Ivanhoe?

- Why do you want him?
- Why?

For this.

(men groaning)

- What devil is this
you've brought to England?

- The devil himself.

Now quiet, fool.


- You said Ivanhoe would be there.

- He was, I saw him!

Then let us try the tavern.

Where his little companion
can always be found.

- Take me there.

- Ivanhoe.

- Wait, did you hear something?

- No.

- A far off echo.

Somebody calling my name.

- I heard nothing.
- Come on.

(horses breathing heavily)

What happened?
- Streng.

- Who or what is Streng?

- We have to warn the Saxons.


(majestic music)

- He had better be there.

- I'm sure.

- Pray he is.


- Father.
- Ivanhoe, my son.

- What's wrong?
- We must warn

the Saxon settlements,
everyone is in danger.

- Friends, just because
we haven't been invited

to the party doesn't mean to say

we can't drink a toast or three,

to our friends in the castle.

So here's to Cedric of
Rutherwood, on his birthday.


- I'm looking for Ivanhoe.

- What are you all staring at me for?

- Where is Ivanhoe?

(intense music)


Where is he?

(intense music)


- Ivanhoe!

(breathing heavily)



- I saw him go this way.

- Find him.
- Can't be far.

(suspenseful music)

- [Woman] Come on this way.

Hurry inside.

- Hurry up.
- If you go inside,

there's more room over there.

Go inside.

- It's only a matter of time I fear.

Bar the gates!

Open them to no one.
- Wait.

There's someone coming.

It's Odo.

- [Rebecca] Come on.

Come on, come on boy.

In you go.

(doors creaking)

(breathing heavily)

- Ivanhoe.

There's a madman after you.

- He's after you?

- And he doesn't care who
he kills along the way.

Come on Odo.

- This is where we lost the little man.


- This is where you lost him.

- Yeah, yeah, I lost him.

No, don't!
- Wait.

Where does this path lead?

- To Edwin of Stringburn's castle.

- Take us there.

The dwarf will run to
Ivanhoe for protection.

- Look you can't fight him alone.

(blade sharpening)

- I want Ivanhoe.

- He's here.

- Yes.

Be careful, my son.

- Come and fight, Ivanhoe.

- So why is he after you?

- I killed his brother.

- So he wants revenge?

- It was war.

During the Crusades he was a mercenary.

He fought mostly for the Sarsons.

After the death of his
brother he became so deranged

not even the Sarsons could control him.

- Then what?

- The last I heard he was
captured by the Templar Knights.

- Come and fight, Ivanhoe!

- I have no desire to fight you, Streng.

That war is over.
- Never!

I was prepared for your cowardice.

Fight, Ivanhoe.

Or I shall cut off her head.

- I have no choice.

- Let me get my men to help you.

- It's too dangerous.

He will disappear into the
woods, pick them off one by one.

No, this is a battle I must fight alone.

(courageous music)

(doors creaking)

(swords swishing)

(swords clanging)

- Ooh.

(swords clanging)


- We must help him.


- For my brother.

- No!

- Rebecca!

She can't be.
- Just stop.

Ice alloy.

Her blood is frozen.

- What, is she dead?

- As good as, I fear.

- Is there nothing we can do?

- This dagger would have to be substituted

with a dagger made of fire alloy.

- Well, is there such a thing?

- Ice alloy can only be
cast from a fire alloy mold.

- Where would it be?
- wherever Streng

got the ice alloy dagger from.

(mournful music)

This trunk must be placed
in your deepest vault

so that Rebecca may be
kept as cold as possible.

- I understand.

- Don't have long.

Perhaps two days, at most.

Once her body starts to warm
and that ice alloy dagger melts

all will be lost.

- We have to find out
where the Templar Knights

were holding Streng.

- I have an idea.

(crows cawing)

(people talking)

- Where was Streng held?
- Speak.

- The Citadel.

At Rockmoor Island.

- That's just up the coast.

- Let's go.

(adventurous music)

- What is it?
- Ivanhoe.

- Old man.

Can you carry us across to the Citadel?

Come on, Odo!


- They're making for Rockmoor.

- I never thought I would return there.

- Get him a horse.

- Yours will do.

(horse neighs)

(heavy knocking)

- I must speak with your
commander immediately.

- Tell Commander De Greel.


Please, do come in.

- I hope your commander
can see us immediately.

There is much at stake.

- Commander De Greel.

- Ivanhoe, what a pleasure
to renew our acquaintance.

- De Greel.

- Visitors are few and far
between in this lonely place,

and we seldom have one so distinguished.

What brings you to our humble sanctum?

- I've come to ask your help.

- (laughing) Surely not!

The mighty Ivanhoe needs
the help of no man.

- I don't have time for
your games, De Greel.

- Oh pity.

We could do with some diversion.

Could we not?

- Indeed. (laughing)

- This is a matter of life and death.

- Who's life?

Who's death?

- Someone very important to me.

- The red-haired girl?
- Yes.


There is no time to waste.

I must have the fire alloy
dagger you keep here.

- The fire alloy dagger?

So, you've encountered
the redoubtable Streng.

- Yes.

And now I must save her
from his bloody handiwork.

- Very well.

But I wonder, does the word, 'please'

exist in your vocabulary?


- Please.

- (chuckles) Very well.

Follow me.

(foreboding music)

- [Ivanhoe] So how did
Streng manage to escape?

- Oh, he was freed.
- By whom?

- A Normand called Falco.

- Falco?

Could your men not have prevented it?

- Why should they?

- Why?
- We wanted him to escape.

Take them!

- [Ivanhoe] Odo, down!

I should've known, De Greel.

(swords clashing)

- What have I done now?

- Take them!

- [Cedric] What can we do for her?

- [Friar] Nothing more, I fear.

- My men will pack the
outside of this vault

with blocks of ice in sackcloth.

- Good.

That will help a little,
as the frozen dagger

becomes more and more fragile.

- Strenge irony.

That which may have killed her,

is now the one thing that may save her.

- Don't let us down, Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe will not let you down.

(suspenseful music)

(mouse squeaking)

- You couldn't get me
better cheese, could you?

(man groaning)

- Hurry, Ivanhoe, hurry!


- This what you're after?

- Why are you doing this?

- Streng will continue to cause mayhem.

No one will be safe, and then led,

by our Templar Grandmaster,
Payen de Montidier,

England will be for the taking.

- So why imprison me?

- Well having escaped,
Streng now so conveniently

fallen into our hands,

perhaps we can use you
as a bargaining tool.

To trade with the Saxons.

- You'll pay for this, De Greel.

- Well I think not!

(metal clanging)

- Do you come here often?

Me neither.

Still, a change is as good as the rest.

- Ivanhoe in our hands?

How fortunate.

So England will be ours for the taking.

To Ivanhoe.


(metal clanging)

(men talking)

(foreboding music)


(door creaking)


- Ivanhoe.

Surely not.

That would be,

too easy.

It is Ivanhoe! (maniacal laughter)

Too easy.

Too easy.

(Ivanhoe breathing heavily)


(men talking and laughing)

- Where is Patrice?

You two, find him.

- I want to enjoy watching you die.

Slowly. (maniacal laughter)

(men grunting)

(dark music)

- Oh you're right.

Toasted goat cheese washed
down with a mug of mead

would be very acceptable.


Oh no, oh no please!

- It's me.
- Ivanhoe!


He's too tall.



(men talking and laughing)

- The fire alloy dagger, De Greel.

I want it now.

- Help!

- Back off.

Back off, or I kill him.
- He will.

He will!

- Odo!


Now I have even less time.

Where is it!


Where is it!

- It's down there.
- go!

Go on.


(distant shouting)

Go on!

Where is it?

Is it here?

You open it.

(moaning and muttering)

open that one.

- Why not this one?
- It's booby-trapped.


let's go.
- Where?

Oh no.
- Go.

Go, go!

(Odo screaming)

- All of my men are out
looking for Ivanhoe.

- Hope and pray.

That's all we can do now.

- Come on.

Come on, quickly.

We're running out of time.

(marching drums)

- What do they want?

- I don't like the look of this.

- Neither do I.

- Cedric of Rutherwood,
Edwin of Stringburn,

show yourselves before I torch the place.

- Falco?

To what do we owe this

unexpected pleasure?
- Lock them up.

We'll surprise Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe's returning?

- Yes, Cedric, good news.

You'll see your son again.

Unfortunately not alive.

This time he won't escape Streng.

(marching drums)

- What is it?
- Streng will follow.

There's no time to waste.

- You'll never defeat us.

- Odo.

(swords clanging)

you have to get down to the vaults!

- Ivanhoe?

- Yes, yes.

(metal clanging)


- Go, Odo!

Lock it.

(men groaning)

Bolt it.
- Yes, I will, I will.

- Quick!


(swords clanging)

- Oh, look out!

(metal clinking)

- Well done, Odo.

Come on, that won't hold him for long.

We've got to find Rebecca.

- This way!

We moved her when we saw Falco coming.

And luckily before Streng arrived.



- In here.

- Rebecca.

- You must fit it inside the other one.

- Do it!

Only you can.

(gentle music)

Too late.

- It doesn't work, it failed.

- I'm so sorry my son.

(soft music)

(Ivanhoe sighs)

(Rebecca gasps)

- What happened?

- Quick, come on.

Look out, look out!

- Son!

(swords clanging)

(suspenseful music)


(maniacal laughter)

- It is over.

- Well done, Ivanhoe.
- my son.

- The important thing is you're alright.

- [Odo] Here's to Cedric of
Rutherwood on his birthday!

- So how do you feel now?

- Strangely rested.

- Must've been that long sleep you had.

- No, it's um, (clears
throat) something else.

- Yes?

- I had a dream that you kissed me.

- Well,

the mind can play peculiar tricks.


- You stupid fool!


Streng is dead.

The dagger is gone.

And what has the order got to show for it?

Do not fail me again!


your time will come, Ivanhoe.

(adventurous music)