Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Shadowraiths - full transcript

(suspenseful music)

(man groans)

(Mordour chanting in foreign language)

- Umbra.

(liquid squelches)


- [Eleanor] If the baron is dead,

then we must retrieve certain documents,

which he was bringing to me.

- I will find him, my lady.

- Thank you, Ivanhoe.

I know I can trust you.

(Mordour yells)

- Welcome.

- Father.

(triumphant music)

(Prince John laughs)

- Oh, what is it with this Baron Dubois?

You're telling me he not only survived

the sinking of his ship but
then managed to get to shore.

- We have had word of that, sire, yes.

Though I believe all
other lives were lost.

- Well, get going.

Find Dubois.

- Yes, sire.

- Then dispatch them to me immediately.

- Them, sire?

- Do I have to explain everything myself?

I want the documents
that Dubois is carrying.

- And the baron himself?

- I don't care what method
you use to kill him,

the important thing is that the documents

he's carrying never reach the queen.

- Mordour, what are you doing
about my little problem?

- To which particular little problem

are you referring, sire?

- Why are you standing?

Don't you know who I am?

You should be on your knees before me.

- Are we to kneel?

I thought humans walked upright.

- (laughs) Sire, may I introduce

Pallidus and Umbra.

They're shadowraiths, sire.

I've managed to transmogrify
them into human form.

- Yes, yes, very nice.

But enough silly games, Mordour.

I've a crisis on my hands.

My throne is under threat.

- Under threat?

From its rightful king, sire.

- Don't get clever with me, Mordour.

I want to know what you're doing

to find Dubois and those damn documents.

I don't want the queen reading

that I've been attempting
to kill my brother.

It shows me in such a bad light.

- I'm sending my
shadowraiths after Ivanhoe.

I happen--

- But there's Dubois that I want.

- I happen to know that Ivanhoe
is searching for Dubois,

and I would venture to suggest

that he's far more likely
to find him than Falco is.

These two will track Ivanhoe,

Ivanhoe tracks Dubois,

and we net them both and the
documents in one fell swoop.

- Not bad, but do you
really think these two

are up to killing Ivanhoe and Dubois?

They look like they need
a bit of fattening up--

(shadowraiths screeching)

(Mordour chanting in foreign language)

What's wrong with them?

What are they?

- They fear the fire,
sire, it can kill them.

(suspenseful music)

- [Rebecca] One beer, no more.

We've still got a long way to go

before we meet up with Ivanhoe.

- We've been riding for
one day and half a night.

I don't know if I'll have the strength

to put a tankard to my parched lips,

but I'll give it a go.

(tavern patrons angrily chattering)

That wasn't quite what I meant.

- Looks like those two need our help.

- I knew you'd say that.

Rebecca, oi, Rebecca!

- Stay close to us, we'll
get you out of here.

(men grunting)

Come on.

- Oh!

What happened back there, anyway?

- I don't know, we are foreign

to your people and their ways.

- They're a rough lot, but they're

usually very friendly to strangers.

- Perhaps we offended them
in some way, I don't know.

- Well, you're welcome to ride with us

as long as our paths lead
in the same direction.

(Odo clears throat)

- We're supposed to be
on a secret mission.

- Where are you headed?

- To the coast at first light.

- If we could just
travel with you that far,

we would be very grateful.

- Good, then let's get some rest.

Good night, Odo.

(Odo growls)

(Umbra whimpers)

(suspenseful music)

(leaves rustling)

(steel sings)

(swords clanking)

- Dubois, thank god, I've
been searching for you.

My god, you're badly injured.

- Get off, leave me, I'm all right.

What are you doing here?

- The queen sent me.

- What did she tell you?

- That you were bringing her documents,

that she feared for your safety.

- You must help me get to the queen.

Do what you can for this.

Yes, I know it looks bad, but just

patch it so I can ride.

(Odo groans)

(Umbra sighs)

(shadowraith screeches)

(Odo screams)

- What happened?

- I don't know.

The sound of the horses woke
me and I came to calm them,

and then he just screamed and fainted.

- [Rebecca] Odo, Odo.

- (gasps) She, she was this huge monster.

Rebecca, I saw her.

- I'm sorry, my friend can
be a little imaginative.

- I've never imagined anything in my life.

Rebecca, listen to me.

- Come on.

I'm sorry, Umbra.

- You'd rather take her word than mine?

- It could've been the
shadows playing a trick.

- Oh yes, shadows, huge,
man-eating shadows.

(dramatic music)

- Baron, Baron.

Come on, Baron.

We're nearly there.
(Dubois groans)

- Leave me, leave me.

- Now enough, they continue on with us

until they get to where they're going.

- Exactly, they haven't said
precisely where they are going.


- My sister and I are most
grateful for your help.

We are strangers in your land.

- It's the least we can do,

after the way my countrymen
have treated you.

We must move on, are you ready?


(Odo sighs)

- Get this to the queen, Ivanhoe.

My honor depends on it.

- See that you follow your instructions.

(lips smack)

Ah, Mordour, what news
from your creatures?

- Oh, nothing but good news, sire.

They've won the confidence of
Ivanhoe's companion, Rebecca.

Soon she will lead them to Ivanhoe himself

and then the good Baron Dubois.

- [Dubois] Where am I?

- All is well, Baron.

We're in a woodsman's hut, I
am to meet my friends here.

- Documents.

- I kept them safe for you.

You can complete the
task you set yourself.

- And I thank you for this, Ivanhoe.

- And the queen would not thank me

for leaving her faithful companion to die.

- How very thoughtful.

Do you really believe
that any one of our lives

is more important than
the throne of England?

- Sometimes a man must make a decision

based on what he feels.

- I'll kill anyone, Ivanhoe,

who gets between me and my queen's wishes.

- I am not your enemy, Dubois.

Not for now.

- But you give me your word
that if the time comes,

you'll do what is necessary.

(loon tremolos)

- Your friend doesn't trust us, does he?

- It's just the way he is.

- You don't share his doubts.

- Of course not.

- Well, perhaps you should.

(Umbra sighs)
(shadowraith screeches)

(Rebecca gasps)

It feels good to return to human form.

The pleasures of the flesh, you might say.

My brother and I take
pleasure in being human,

just as you will feel the pleasure

of becoming a shadowraith.

- No.

- Don't you feel it, Rebecca?

The darkness inside you calling.

Feel it, Rebecca, give in to it.

- No!

- I've planted a seed
inside you, let it grow.

Become one with the darkness.

(Rebecca sobbing)

(shadowraith screeching)

- What was that?

- Nothing.

The wind in the trees.

- You see?

The darkness is inside all of us.

I merely helped you to embrace it, sister.

(shadowraith screeches)

- What have you done to her?

- Stop fussing, Odo, I'm fine,

but it's time we found Ivanhoe.

- You gave me your word, Ivanhoe,

and now you have no choice.

(horse whinnies)

- [Ivanhoe] Someone's coming.

- (panting) Come on, Chester, go on.

Get, go on.

- Odo, where's Rebecca?

- Back there with them.

- Them?


Who are they?

- You might well ask.

- They were accosted in a
tavern and we helped them.

I let them ride with us.

- They're not what they seem.

She's a great shadow monster thing,

and lord knows what he is.

Rebecca just can't see it.

- That's nonsense--

- Stop it.

Rebecca, I need you to tend
to Dubois, he's badly wounded.

- I'll see to him.

- They're evil, those two.

- We didn't mean to bring
any bad feeling amongst you.

- Especially not when Rebecca
has been so welcoming.

- I'm afraid you can't stay here with us.

- Yes.

- Rebecca, good to see you again.

- And you, Baron, you're
a sight for sore eyes.

- Odo will escort you
to the nearest village.

(Odo sputters)

Go on.
(Dubois yells)

(shadowraith screeches)

Where's Rebecca?

- This is her, this is
what she'd turned into.

Kill it, Ivanhoe.

- I can't, Rebecca's in there somewhere.

- I wonder what could be happening.

- Keep away from me,
don't come any closer.

(shadowraiths screeching)


Get back, or I'll light
you up like a bonfire.

I know you're afraid of flame,
I saw you at the campsite.

(shadowraith screeches)

The bad news is there's two
more of those things outside.

- What's the good news?

- They're scared of this.

- Good work, Odo, hold it off.

I'll get Baron out.

- Oh, don't leave me here on my own.

- Go on, Odo, don't forget,
Rebecca's in there somewhere.

- Oh, sorry, Rebecca.

- Come on.

Run, run.

(suspenseful music)

(Dubois groans)

(shadowraiths screech)

- [Odo] We're not going to make it.

- Get down.

- What?
- Get down!

We can't outrun them.

(Odo gasps)

(Odo whimpers)

(shadowraith screeches)

- I never thought I'd be
frightened of Rebecca.

- Come on.

- Did you get the horses?

- They're tethered nearby.

I found these, I'll make a brew.

It'll help ease your pain.

- Human flesh, how strange it seems.

- Once you have hunted the
night in the shape of a shadow.

- But don't worry, you're like us now.

- Yes.

I'm like you.

(Rebecca moans)

- You know a lot about herbs.

- I had a good teacher.

- You're a good man, Ivanhoe.

At least that's what the queen believes.

- And you, Baron?

- (laughs) I believe the
time has come for you

to take these documents
to her and leave me here.

- I told you, Baron, I will not--

- I don't ask, I insist.

- What do you intend to do, kill me?

Rather defeats the
purpose, don't you think?

- It's true, it accomplishes nothing.

But you'd do it if I was dead, right?

- What's occurring?

- Nothing, the baron
and I were just having

a philosophical discussion
about the value of life.

Get some sleep, both of
you, we leave at dawn.

(dogs barking)
(dogs howling)

We must leave.

- Don't worry, it's just
someone out hunting.

- What do you think they're hunting?

- [Odo] Oh, some poor animal.

- [Ivanhoe] Come on, Baron.

- You can tell from the
sound of their baying

they're closing in for the kill.

They've got the scent of
blood in their nostrils.

- Really.

(dramatic music)

- Wait for me, Ivanhoe.

(dogs barking)

- It's your scent they're after, Baron.

Ride on, I'll find Odo.

- Get, ha.

- I swear, I can feel the
breath of those bloodhounds,

they're that close, Ivanhoe.

- The Baron's blood they've got scent of.

Don't follow us or the
hounds'll be onto you.

Ride across the wind, go on, go on.

(Ivanhoe clicks)
(horse nickers)

(sword sings)

- Who're you who rides uninvited

on the Lord Balfour's estate?

- And who are you who sets
hunting dogs on innocent men?

- How do I know you're innocent men?

Who's that you stand guard over?

- What's going on here?

- Well, what are you waiting
for, help this injured man.

- It's Dubois, I know this man.

- My lord, the hounds
caught scent of blood

and pursued him and his friend.

- [Balfour] My hounds did this?

- No, sire, he was injured already.

- My humble apologies, good sir.

My castle is close by.

I'll have one of the men ride
ahead to alert a physician.

Come, sir, we must attend to your friend.

Setting my hounds on
visitors is not my usual

style of greeting, I assure you.

Please, you must allow me to make amends.

Come now, we must waste no more time.

Your friend looks gravely ill.

(Dubois grunts)

- Where am I?

- Don't worry, Baron,
your papers are safe.

You've been hanging onto them
for a whole day and a night.

- A day and a night?

Where's Ivanhoe?

- Where I should be, out
searching for Rebecca.

- (sighs) Rebecca.

Where are you?

(Mordour chanting in foreign language)

- What is this?

There should only be two of you.

- We have taken a leaf
from your book, Father.

- We have begotten a child,
another like ourselves.

- You fools.

Do you think you can
control one such as her?

- We have had a certain amount
of success so far, Father.

- Rebecca has embraced
the darkness within her.

She has taken on the shape
and powers of a shadowraith.

It comes quite naturally
to her, doesn't it, dear?

- Yes.

- Tell Father what you most
want in the world, Rebecca.

- To kill Ivanhoe.

- So, no luck.

- No.

(dramatic music)

- Ivanhoe, I couldn't stop the baron!

- A day and a night and I've been here

while the queen waits for
these, and you let me sleep.

- You weren't sleeping,
you were close to death.

- Why won't you listen,
my life means nothing.

You should've taken these,
instead you waste time.

- Careful, Dubois, someone
I care about is missing

and in the hands of those creatures.

I've been searching day and night for her.

Besides, we couldn't wrench
the documents from your grasp.

Not without cutting your hands off.

- [Dubois] Then you should've cut.

- And furthermore, the
queen is on her way here.

- What?

The queen is traveling
in this dangerous land?

To collect that which I
should've brought to her, you--

- Hostile land, Baron, surely

you're not referring to my property.

- Lord Balfour, I did not
realize this was your castle.

- No, but now you do, you must realize

that my dear friend Queen Eleanor

will be perfectly safe here.

- Indeed, sir, the queen knows

you are one of her most
trustworthy subjects.

- I'm pleased to see you
looking so much better.

You were gravely ill, my friend.

I believe you owe your
life to Ivanhoe, Baron.

- As soon as the queen arrives,

I must resume my search for Rebecca.

- When does the queen arrive?

- Very shortly, my men were just about

to ride out to meet her.

- Oh, then I will ride with them.

- Ivanhoe has already said that

he will go and I have agreed.

Go now and escort the queen to the castle.

Dubois will stay here.

You, my friend, need rest, hmm?

- You expect me to believe that you

would really harm Ivanhoe?

- I will obliterate him.

- I believe you might at that.

Ah, my children are calling,
they wish to return.

- We have found the documents, Father.

- At the castle of a
human called Lord Balfour.

- And Ivanhoe is there as well.

- Excellent news.

Time for you to depart, then.

And while you're at it, you may as well

slaughter everyone in the castle.

It'll be good practice for you.


(swords singing)

(men yelling)

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

- Fighting you is always a pleasure.

- Don't overdo it, Falco.


- Halt!

I am your queen, I say halt your fighting!

- Lower your weapons.

I said lower them!

- Falco, isn't it, my son John's man?

- Yes, ma'am.

- What is the meaning of this?

- I--

- Do you act for Prince
John in this attack

on Ivanhoe and my friend
Lord Balfour's men?

- Well.

No, ma'am.

- Well, my son will hear of this.

Return to him immediately.


How is Baron Dubois?

- Much improved, ma'am.

- Take me to him.

- Night is coming.

- Night is our time, sister.

- The time for killing.

- Let it begin.

- I trust you are well, Your Highness.

- I'll be better when I've seen

with my own eyes that the baron is safe.

- Oh fear not, we are all safe here, come.

- [Rebecca] Let me have him.

- No, save your strength for Ivanhoe.

- Go and find him, sister.

We will seek out the documents.

- Leave this one to me.

(shadowraith screeches)
(man yells)

- Baron, I am most pleased to see you.

I did think we might never meet again.

- I'm sorry I could not get to you sooner.

I have the documents
you charged me to get.

- They may prove that my son John

has plotted to kill his brother, Richard.

For a mother, what worse
horror can there be?

(Ivanhoe gasps)

- The queen.

- I suppose there is no point
in delaying any further.

(Eleanor yells)

- [Dubois] Back!

- Give me those papers.

Do it!

- Take your hands off the queen.

- Don't do anything or
I'll slice her throat.

Hand them over!

- These documents are worthless to you,

as is your life when I get hold of you.

- Rebecca.

Do you know who I am?

- Oh, yes.

(shadowraith screeches)

- Stop following me, or I'll--

- You'll what?

You harm the queen, you
won't even live to know it.

- Don't come any closer.

- You trust me, majesty?

- Completely, always.

- Be silent!

- Do what you must, Baron.

- That's better.

(man grunts)

- [Dubois] Silence is all yours, friend.

(Odo gasps)

- Here, you can have it. (screams)

(shadowraith screeches)

- It's all over now, majesty-

- Where is it? (sputters)

(Eleanor screams)

- Take the queen to safety,
I'll deal with this.

- [Odo] If you insist.

Your majesty, please.

(shadowraith screeches)

- [Ivanhoe] Dubois!

- [Dubois] Help me kill this thing.

- They fear fire, Baron.

(Dubois yells)


(shadowraith screeches)

They obviously came this way.

- Could be waiting for us.

- Then we'll be ready for them.

(Pallidus wails)

- That's one of them.

- It doesn't sound very pleased.

(fire cracks)

- Look for me in the shadows,
not in the firelight.

- Rebecca.

- [Dubois] Kill her, Ivanhoe.

- Yes, Ivanhoe, kill me.

- If you don't, I will.

- Don't.

- You're fighting over me?

How exciting.

- Umbra is dead, they killed her.

(Rebecca growls)

- No.

- [Rebecca] Yes.

- Rebecca, I know you can
overcome this enchantment.

- Do you? (laughs)

- [Ivanhoe] Yes.

- Is this what my sister died for?

- Give them to me.

- Is this what you want?

Go and get them, and burn with them.

(Dubois yells)

- [Ivanhoe] I know it's
still you, Rebecca.

- No, Ivanhoe, kill her.

(shadowraith screeches)

- It's still you, otherwise you would've

killed me when you had the chance.

- That is a mistake that I'll rectify.

(shadowraith screeches)

- No.

Diana, help me.

- Ivanhoe. (giggles)

- Welcome back, Rebecca.

Baron, what brings you here?

- I come to show my gratitude.

- Really?

I never thought I'd hear
such words from you.

- Queen Eleanor commanded me

to thank you for saving my life.

- Then please tell her majesty,

Baron, that she's most welcome.

- I spared her life when
she was still our enemy.

Just like you saved mine, huh?

A life for a life, we're even.

- I have no argument
with you there, Baron.

(gentle music)

- What did the baron have to say?

- He wanted to make sure that he

wasn't indebted to me, that
he'd repaid me in full.

- And had he?

- Absolutely.

(triumphant music)